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2023.06.04 15:26 WonderWmn212 Garden Santa Fe, a seven-story deep underground urban park and shopping/entertainment center in Mexico City; designed by Francisco Martín del Campo and developed by architectural firms Arquitectoma and KMD (2014). Parking levels are below retail/entertainment floors. [701x526]

Garden Santa Fe, a seven-story deep underground urban park and shopping/entertainment center in Mexico City; designed by Francisco Martín del Campo and developed by architectural firms Arquitectoma and KMD (2014). Parking levels are below retail/entertainment floors. [701x526] submitted by WonderWmn212 to u/WonderWmn212 [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 15:10 Suspicious-Youth-176 Kia Sportage

¿Alguien sabe porque uno encuentra suv's como los kia sportage, santa fe, tucson, rav4 a partir de Gs.30.000.000 para arriba? Me está interesando adquirir una suv para uso diario, teniendo en cuenta las lluvias, el empedrado y lo feo de nuestras calles. Actualmente tengo un nissan silphy 2002, pero me llama muchisimo la atencion el precio bajo de esas camionetas, algunos mecanicos dicen que son un clavo, otros dicen que la sportage sale bien, las opiniones son en blanco y negro, si alguien tiene conocimiento de vehiculos, me gustaria que me brinden un poco de luz al respecto para no tirar mi plata. Gracias
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2023.06.04 15:05 mikervg92 Car/Truck diesel engine

It's about horsepower and torque of a car or truck diesel engine. Came across this car Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi with engine output 197hp and 440Nm of torque with 2.2-litre engine, question is how does this small diesel engine can give huge output power compared to 3.2-litre 5 cylinders Duratorq which gave 197hp and 470Nm, just a few pound torque different but 1.0 litres different between them two?
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2023.06.04 14:28 StoneyMalon3y Is it true that Hyundai has a long warranty because they often times have issues?

I have a Santa Fe Sport that was part of a recall, ran into issues back in December that left me without a car for 2 months, and the check engine light regularly comes on despite it being constantly maintained.
I went to check out a Ford Dealer and they have a 60k mile warranty vs. Hyundai’s 150k warranty.
Makes me wonder if that’s the case because Hyundai’s have more issues.
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2023.06.04 14:20 Disastrous-Truck1577 Flashing CEL is the P1326 code.

2017 Santa Fe sport 2.0 So just looking for other people’s adventure with the p1326 code for the knock sensor going off.
Background: I’m second owner have maintained this car to the T since purchase at 33k. At 86k mi the car lost power on the highway I was able to just coast off and exit had it towed to my mechanic who said take it to Hyundai. This car did burn oil a little under 1 quart every 1k which from what I’ve read and heard isn’t enough to get them to do anything. Hyundai said it was an injector it was not. There was no compression in cyl 3. Eventually they discovered a burnt valve which requires replacing the engine. Which was done under my extended warranty. I did some other stuff while they were in there like spark plugs the other injectors just to be safe and know my car will get me where I need to go.
It’s been 1800 miles since, then I went through a car wash, less than a mile later the check engine light is blinking. Luckily I was on my street, I put it in my driveway and read the code p1326. Note: new engine hasn’t burned any/minimal oil, still full on dipstick. Called the warranty people, they paid for my tow back to Hyundai who said they will get to it ASAP. They have been fairly good as a dealership so not trash talking them. Service advisor (same as last time) said they think the sensor is just faulty as it has a new engine already.
So has anyone dealt with anything similar?
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2023.06.04 13:26 AutoModerator karely ruiz y babo colaboración santa fe clan santa fe santa 97 quieres el video xxx pack de santa fe klan y karely ruiz? dale like a mi fijado y te llega la recompensa

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2023.06.04 12:36 Pale_Rest2423 Why rail minister is responsible. My take on odisha accident
Most people dont know that senior official had already alerted about faulty signaling system in february. But our minister didn't pay any attention.
While an initial internal probe by the Indian Railways has found that Friday’s Odisha train accident was likely caused by the failure of the signalling system, officials within the railway board had warned about “serious flaws in the system” and raised concerns on failure of interlocking in February and sought immediate action, according to a letter seen by ThePrint. CAG had already told that railways was ignoring safety in its parliamentary report)

Nearly three in four of 217 “consequential train accidents” across the country between 2017-18 and 2020-21 were caused by derailments, according to an audit report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG).
The report — Performance Audit on Derailment in Indian Railways — was tabled in Parliament in December 2022. It shows that the major factor responsible for derailments was related to “maintenance of tracks”.
It stated that allotment of funds for track renewal works declined over the years and even these funds were not “fully utilised”.
The report highlighted that allotment of funds for track renewal works declined from Rs 9,607.65 crore (2018-19) to Rs 7,417 crore in 2019-20. “The funds allocated to track renewal works were also not fully utilized,” it said.
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2023.06.04 10:27 Shiyarajhghghtfghhvh This is like the fifth time the game has called my character’s wife a guy I’m so confused

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2023.06.04 09:15 AutoModerator Swap Meet Sunday: Post items for sale, events and wanted listings here.

Every Sunday this will repost as a sticky post. Please use the comment section as a community bulletin board.
Please remember to follow Reddit's rules by not posting personal information. A little common sense goes a long way - please invite people to reach out to you by private message for details.
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2023.06.04 08:41 Marin_isnt_just_cute I thought all Pilgrims never wandering inside the Outpost because they're wanted by the Central government... But look who's here

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2023.06.04 06:32 flattenedpossum Job Offer In Santa Fe - Should I Go For It And Move?

My partner and I are considering a move from CO to Santa Fe later this year. Contingent on a job offer I may be receiving. I've heard things like crime and aiwater quality are concerns and I'm wondering if I really should be reluctant? We've visited SF multiple times and love the atmosphere and access to beautiful places. Should I let these concerns influence my decision, or is what I'm hearing/reading embellished?
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2023.06.04 05:49 Rich_Spinach3424 Seeking tester for beanie

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2023.06.04 05:22 Worried_Reality_9045 The Finale was about sin and repentance

Those who found freedom were in a state of penitence—sorrow or contrition for what they had done or left undone. Barry, a hitman turned actor turned unconvincing family man, reacted to being shot in the chest by his former acting teacher, Gene Cousineau, with total resignation: "Oh wow," he flatly declared, blood spreading through his shirt.
Barry died because he wanted a legacy that was far from the truth. He lived the lie that he was a good person, but he’s never taken responsibility for his crimes. Barry’s obsession with Christianity showed he was only interested in views that aligned with his morals, or lack thereof. However, in his final moments, was he repentant? Was death his freedom from constantly pretending on this earthly plane?
Gene’s biggest sin was knowingly taking blood money from Barry. As a person's life is considered the property of God, Judaism forbids the taking of blood money for the life of a murdered victim. He was literally Judas, but Judas had the decency to end his life after betraying Jesus. Gene betrayed his girlfriend, her father, and his son for blood money. Talking to the journalist was him getting "paid" in notoriety. Trying to get the movie made was also a means of getting more blood money, if not national attention. Gene’s final sin was killing another in cold blood. Barry was no threat at the time of his death and was willing to turn himself in. Now Gene is serving life in prison for his offenses against God.
Sally killed a would-be assassin at the end of Season 3 and spent most of this season racked with guilt and haunted by her PTSD. She became a very depressed, drunk, and useless parent. Confessing her sins to her son after her irrational behavior led them to be abducted changed her relationship with him. She finally acts like a mother and takes Johnny to safety by abandoning Barry instead of seeking him out in peril. Towards the end of the episode, she still seems a bit needy for approval, but she’s avoiding romantic relationships.
By the end of Season 4, Monroe Fuches had evolved from Barry’s bumbling handler into a one-man proprietor of an assassin network. Avuncular Fuches in a tank top and full-body tattoos was very self-aware and transparent about his transformation. Getting beaten up in prison forced Fuches to accept who he was: "a man with no heart," as he declares to NoHo Hank when they stand off in the final episode. However, he’s the first character to repent after having his delusions stripped away. He saves Johnny and forsakes his misguided need for vengeance. Fuches walks off free, but he moves towards the darkness.
The goofy NoHo Hank was forced to abet the death of his lover, Cristobal, and ugly-cry on multiple occasions, but he never accepted responsibility for Cristobal’s murder. Hank’s death was anticlimactic at best, as his final gesture on screen was to reach out to the golden effigy of his slain lover. This golden Cristobal is much like the golden calf of The Ten Commandments: It brings upon a downfall for those who worshipped this lie. Was it Hank’s bizarre delusion that he'd be with Cristobal in the afterlife? If Hank had told the truth, he would have had to continue living without Cristobal. Was he resigned to dying at the end, or was the truth too hard to bear even in his last moments?
People can’t change if they truly don’t want to stop their destructive cycles. Barry put a lot of people in danger by seeking a "normal life" when he knew he was leading an abnormal existence. Barry should have stopped killing and turned himself in. Unfortunately, Barry continuously weaseled his way out of paying for his crimes, to the detriment of others.
Sally was a former victim who reaped the benefits of playing the victim and profited temporarily from distorting the truth. Sally then chased a man who lied to her, put her in harm’s way, verbally abused her, and humiliated her. She had no business staying at Barry’s apartment after she dumped him or going on the run with him. She should have reported killing the biker in self-defense not only to find relief from her guilt but also to stop Barry’s crime spree. It became apparent as she assaulted a coworker in the bathroom that she enjoys danger and was a moth to flame when it came to having dalliances with bad men.
Gene should have given the money Barry gave him to the police. Gene should have honored his girlfriend’s memory by not talking to the reporter behind her father’s back. However, Gene’s very nature is to pretend and to be deceptive. Upon his return from Israel after shooting his son, he claimed to be a new man, but he was still hungry for fame.
Having a life with Cristobal in Santa Fe wasn’t enough for NoHo Hank. NoHo Hank wanted a kingdom, but like all kingdoms, his crumbled into nonexistence. Hank’s fear was his motivation for much of the evil he orchestrated. As a consequence, Hank repeatedly endangered Cristobal’s life to hide his true ambitions and secret relationship. Ultimately, he felt he had to sacrifice Cristobal to save his empire built on sand.
Fuches was an impostor living vicariously through Barry and other men like him. In prison, he finally became his own man. Fuches did change, and he did repent by saving Barry’s son and leaving Barry alone. Fuches and Sally did what the other characters could have done but chose not to— they walked away from the carnage.
Levite, were given a special religious status, conjecturally for slaughtering idolaters of the golden calf during the time of Moses (Ex. 32:25-29).
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2023.06.04 04:32 venuschild333 Why has it been so cold and gloomy?

Does anyone know what could possibly be happening that has made the past month miserable weather wise? I’ve lived here 19 years and have never seen Santa Fe so cold, rainy, and cloudy this time of year. I understand we get some cold days before summer really starts but never for this long. It’s like where are our sunshine days???
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2023.06.04 02:16 astrofreq Anyone in Albuquerque or Santa Fe with a Kiesel?

I’d really love to play a thinner and standard neck profile in person just to get an idea? Anyone out there who can help?
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2023.06.04 02:09 dahlwinterle2022 Cheap, clean hotel

Any cheap, clean hotels in Santa Fe? Lately I’m attending a few concerts in Santa Fe, mostly at Buffalo Thunder Casino. It would be nice to not worry about the drive home, but the heck if I’m paying $200+ for a room. All I’ll do is walk-in, strip, shower, fall into bed, wake at dawn and leave. I just want somewhere my vehicle won’t be stolen and I won’t catch anything.
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2023.06.04 02:07 zsmithworks Pope warns of risk of corruption in missionary fundraising after AP ... - Santa Fe New Mexican

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2023.06.04 01:07 kpinvt After the anti-theft upgrade my backup camera stopped working

I own a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe that I brought in to the dealer to get the anti-theft system upgraded and now my backup camera does not work. The dealer wanted $650 just for a new camera, I said no.
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2023.06.04 00:57 No-Distribution3027 30k Santa Fe 2020 Maintenance Help!

I’m a single woman with minimal car knowledge with no family to help me understand this.
My car just hit 30,000 miles on it and I want to service with its 30,000 mile maintenance. My dealership lists the below with the maintenance.
Can someone with experience tell me if all of these are fair assumptions for 30,000 miles? I’m not looking to skimp on maintenance that will keep my car as best as possible. Just want to know if any of these are aggressive.
Oil Change and Tire Rotation, Fuel Injection Service , Brake Fluid Change, Throttle Body Service, Engine Filter, Cabin Filter
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2023.06.04 00:47 Any-Raspberry753 President…. Not!

President…. Not!
i wish i could run for president 🥹🥲
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2023.06.04 00:42 Apart-Fun7133 I can’t find an indication that the memories were positive in this question

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2023.06.04 00:35 SnooBooks9137 2.5T How are they holding up?

Looking at buying a new 2023 santa fe. I know hyundai had issues with their engines in the past, was wondering if anyone had any real life testimonials for how the newer 2.5T are doing?
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