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2023.03.30 06:10 LocationOk1668 How can I run MySQL without an XAMPP server?

You can run MySQL on your computer without using XAMPP server by installing MySQL server directly on your computer. Here are the general steps:
  1. Download the MySQL installer from the MySQL website (
  2. Run the installer and follow the prompts to install MySQL server on your computer. During the installation process, you will be prompted to set a root password for the MySQL server.
  3. Once the installation is complete, you can start the MySQL server using the command prompt or terminal. On Windows, you can open the Command Prompt and type "mysql -u root -p" to start the MySQL server and log in using the root password you set during the installation process. On Linux or macOS, you can open the terminal and type "mysql -u root -p" to start the MySQL server and log in using the root password.
  4. Once you are logged in to the MySQL server, you can create and manage databases, tables, and users using SQL commands.
It's important to note that running a MySQL server directly on your computer can be more challenging than using a pre-configured solution like XAMPP. You may need to configure your firewall settings and set up port forwarding if you want to make your MySQL server accessible from other computers. Additionally, you will need to manage updates and security patches manually to ensure the security and reliability of your MySQL server.
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2023.03.30 06:10 WarKittyKat Being labelled a child abuser for existing by people who would never care about actual abuse

I'm a trans man. I'm surrounded by rhetoric talking about how dangerous people like me are to children. Being told that just wearing men's clothes in public and using a male name and male pronouns are somehow forcing sexual content on any children who may be around. Merely being told the fact that people like me exist is treated as grounds to get CPS involved.

And the thing is, I also know how little many of these same people care about actual abuse. I know how much my mother's abuse was treated as completely normal because "you're both girls" and therefore nothing bad could possibly have happened. Because it's totally ok for an adult woman to be obsessing over a teenager's naked body as long as they both got an F on their birth certificates when they were born. (Not that there probably wouldn't have been a different excuse if my abuser was male, but that's the one I got.) Even therapists made excuses for her because she seemed like such a good mother and instead told me my problems would go away if I'd just act more like a cisgender neurotypical girl.

How am I suddenly in a world where my mother is an upstanding member of society just because she married a man and had a kid and enough money to keep anyone from caring what happened to that kid, while I'm the one who's a danger to children because my pronouns don't match my birth certificate?
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2023.03.30 06:09 SnooBooks3187 how does my male saiyan build look for competive pvp anything better i can use?

how does my male saiyan build look for competive pvp anything better i can use?

should i go for better?
with the trasfermation it already nulifies the dowside of this
this is what i use
i even have a combo if i stamina break i do the triangle square triangle into destructive frature and back to triangle sqeuare trinagle and after that they are ko but if they are still alive i can do it before there stamina recover super god shock flash- best counter so thats why i have that super god fist i mean its pretty good also after i do square and triangle i can do this for a solid 6k witch is half there bar burst charge because im pretty sure that what i should use unless i need divinty release spirit and justice because its the best strike ults awoken self explaintory evasive tbh idk what the best thought? and its not damage i look for out of it
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2023.03.30 06:09 ExaggeratingOr What happened here? Does it count?

I said no stop don't a hundred times when he was touching my knee. (But I kept sitting next to him with his arm around me. I could have left and did not.)Then he suddenly started kissing me and fingering me at the same time(wearing a dress)
I went with it and it was a physical experience that I engaged with. I had not wanted to do it and felt really upset and surprised and defeated but the physical aspect was intense and there was a physical response. I didn't want to do it but frankly he had some kind of skill. It was dark and then I realized it wasn't his finger anymore it was his tiny penis. He had taken off his clothes and started doing that to me while I was distracted. (Yes I was THAT distracted.) I realized and stopped it. (So I could have stopped the fingering but I didn't). I don't know how to defend myself but tbh i feel like because of his tiny penis he learned some kind of approach. He's also in medicine. At the time tbh I was thinking about how he must have learned anatomy in a relevant way. This sounds like a fucking gross fanfic. I'm trying to write this in a way that shows my conflict without making creeps happy but whatever. It was a fucking tormented extreme good/traumatic thing that ruined my ability to trust anyone since.
The problem is that in my memory, the manual phase was a highly highly positive thing memorably so. It's like it's own perfect physical moment that exists separate from any of the trauma or violation or negativity. In that moment I just was thinking we were now in a relationship and everything was good and I was so happy. It's like a memory that's totally separate from him or any of it. You know you have those physical positive memorable things you look back on. Ugh. I can't tell anyone this irl.
The cops seemed really interested when I told them my verbal no about my knee before the thing started. But they didn't have much response about him putting his penis in afterwards.(i did not tell them details about the manual aspect other than it went on for an unknown amount of time and my eyes were closed) I didn't consent to any of it at the start but I did end up kind of consenting to the fingering bc I was responding a lot physically and I was trying to tell myself it wasn't that bad and all that crap.
Why do people think there's some grey area of that meaning I consented to an unprotected micropenis? He knew he raped me afterwards. But many other people minimized it and i was told I sent mixed messages. I know I did not consent to penis. Maybe I ended up nonverbally consenting to Mormon teenager games but that's so so different. Even though movies act like kissing means sex. There are so many stages in my mind. So many check-ins that you do with eye contact. You do them slowly so the person can pull away or move forward. I fucking hate him. I tried talking to therapists but I got bad ones who shamed me.
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2023.03.30 06:09 shoopdagoose What's the best way to get dye off of the disc?

I'm stencil dye-ing, here!...again.
What's the best solution for getting all the remaining dye off the disc so it can't leech/leak onto other discs touching it?
Using idye poly and water for hot dipping.
Cleaning with dawn soap and water with the vinyl still on has helped, but when I go to remove the vinyl residue with goo-gone or isopropyl alcohol (70%)...I'm spreading dye to where it shouldn't be! This results in a poor looking flight plate with the dye clouding up what is not supposed to be dyed.
Is there a different product or process I could use?
Any help is appreciated.
I might try harsher cleaners before removing the vinyl...but I'm tired of ruining good hot dips with my bad post-dip processes.
I am thankful for the feedback/suggestion given on previous posts of mine, and I am hoping for more info gems.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.30 06:09 GGreyman Wasteland Medic Animations Request

Anybody willing and able to add the animations from the Immersive Animation Framework (by UrbanRanger88) to Wasteland Medic?
Wasteland Medic is great with Wasteland Ballistics and it uses many of the same health items and the animations would be perfect for the compress, splint kit, Med kit, etc.
Thank you in advance to anyone willing to add this patch to it!
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2023.03.30 06:09 Sponholz Honest question here, Galactus or Thanos?

So, yeah, I know this is probably been asked a LOT, but I did search, and honestly didn't found nothing that wasn't somewhat biased.
But, here we go, I am saving 6k Tokens, with currently Galactus pinned at the store.
I do want to ask the pros and cons of getting him and/or unpinning and getting Thanos instead.
Shuri is currently the best deck at the game, and is also super telegraphed on it's plays, same thing can be said about Galactus.
Why is Galactus considered that bad?
For those that have all the needed cards for the deck to be consistent (specially Knull), isn't it a good deck to play with?
I am really on the fence here. He appears to be awesome and fun to play with, unique play style, on the strategy side and with the amount of Wave decks going on, disguising Galactus on some Wave shell can be a fun thing to do.
Thanks in advance for anyone that replies.
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2023.03.30 06:09 EXPLRWater Recent pick-ups

Recent pick-ups
I recently got back into wanting to collect Skylanders now that I have income of my own.
I started with some of the SSA variants as there wasn't a close enough Toys R Us near my house growing up, and we played our Skylander games on the Wii up until superchargers which is when we got our Wii U, We never owned a 3DS or anything from the 3DS family until a year ago. earlier in the week on the 24th I purchased the four variants for SSA, it was a buy three get one free offer on ebay totaling $47.92 and they arrived the 27th and I happened to purchased Spry on the 27th off of WhatNot and he arrived today for $4.32. As of right now I'm pretty happy with the result for a first time ebay purchase, this definitely help towards my goal of completing my SSA collection. I'll keep you guys that are interested in my journey updated, if you feel generous and want to help and sell me some or point me in the direction of a good seller for SSA figures please it will be much apricated
The legendaries and Dark Spyro
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2023.03.30 06:09 Agile_Virus_7868 I don't really know where to continue from here and I feel like my writing is sloppy, any advice?

I'm just looking for advice on where to take this and if it's even good. I don't know what direction to head in after this. Should it be fantasy or more reality like? I started writing this probably about a year ago, I really like the idea that's going on, but I don't know where to go from here. As you can probably tell from my writing, I'm a huge amateur, so it would be great if you could read it and give feedback and tips. It's going to be a bit messy because I haven't reread it much, but it's right below here.
Chapter 1
It’s the same as any other day, I live a pretty basic life, in fact, scarily basic. I’m a normal 16-year-old high school student. I slave away at my schoolwork and then come home and play video games. Just rinse and repeat all of that and that’s my life at the moment. I’m currently just staring at my ceiling right now trying to force myself to go to sleep, because I know I'll hate myself tomorrow for not getting any. I guess that’s the downside of staying up all night and sleeping all day on the weekend. I turn around and force my eyes shut trying to drift away. After what felt like hours of just laying there, I finally fell asleep.
I wake up and realize I’m late for school. I get up, put my clothes on and run out the door, sprinting towards my school. It’s pretty handy when your school is only a 15-minute jog. As I'm running I realize how quiet it is. I stand there with the void of sound only illuminated by my ragged breath. I start looking around till I see something strange. A gummy bear, just over a foot tall, and it looks like it’s staring at me. As I'm walking towards it I see it start animating as it shifts towards me. I look at the abnormally large gummy bear and crouch down next to it. As I look at it, it responds by looking at me with cute sparkling eyes. I reach my hand to pet it and all of a sudden there is a sharp burning pain going throughout my entire body. As I stare at the gummy bear I see its cute eyes replaced with eyes that look drowned is blood, and razor sharp teeth holding something. As I try to focus my eyes with the burning pain I see what looks like a finger. I finally look down towards the source of the pain and see a hand covered in a sea of crimson red with 4 fingers. I take a step back and then realize I'm surrounded by the same bloodshot eyes gummy bears baring their teeth at me. As I try to process what's happening, suddenly the same yellow gummy bear dyed in my blood leaps towards my leg, my reaction causes it to go flying with a kick with all my strength which shakes off in an instant. Suddenly like a hallucination coming undone my vision flickers as it reveals corpses sprayed across the ground like crumbs, and the gummy bears reveal their true appearance. A swamp green creature with fur covering its back like a hedgehog and the same razer teeth and blood filled eyes. As the creatures start closing in on me, I and everything around me, is now covered by a shadow that looms over as far as I can see. I look towards where the sun was and see nothing but a deep black surface…. Or is it even a surface? I can't tell what it is but what I know for a fact are those familiar blood filled eyes stared into my very soul….. No, my very being of existence, everything I've ever known or loved was being peeped at by this…. thing. I stood there with a single tear stretching across my face as I accepted my fate.
Chapter 2
Is this the 100th time? No, it may be well over the triple digits, at least that's what it felt like. I lost count an eternity ago. It looks like every time I die I restart the day in my bed, with the time always the same on my alarm clock. I've tried almost everything I can think of. I've tried knives, guns, bats but they've all produced the same result, dying. Hell, I've even tried to stay in my room but one thing that never changed is the feeling of being watched. I realized that I'm under something like a hallucination that makes me unable to truly see what things are like. It seems something like an ability that the creatures I've called gremlins (I’ve neither the creativity nor the energy to be unique right now) use to give their prey a sense of safety, although in the 5 senses it seems it can only change sight. It also seems that they can only change it to an extent, for example, they can't seem to reanimate organisms, although that might be because they can't reproduce their speech. But I do know that they can't make themselves just disappear, and it seems their go-to form is a gummy bear. I've done extensive research on them and here is where I'm at.
Their biggest weakness I found so far seems to be blunt weapons. I don't know the reason as I can't exactly dissect them, but it seems that knives and guns don't work nearly as well. Part of the reason that I do know it is that the gremlins have an extremely fast regeneration rate in which they can heal gunshot wounds in only 15 seconds. I think blunt weapons work because they crush their internal organs if you swing hard enough. It seems like their durability to attacks is surprisingly low, maybe because they've evolved without needing a lot of durability because of their regen. I think that swords would work well if you just cut them in half, or at least almost in half. I've no way to test that as I have no way to get close enough to them with my knife without losing some fingers. But by far the most important thing I've found out is how to get out of the illusion. It seems if i focus some type of energy into your eyes the illusion becomes undone. I can do it right now without the need of outside sources, but it is a lot easier with pain. But even after all those retries and all that research one thing, I still know nothing about is that thing in the sky. I still don't even know how to describe its irregular body color, because when I look at it, it just looks like nothing. I feel as if for the first time I've seen nothing. Not the surrounding air, no that has tiny little gas particles everywhere. But when I look at its body it reflects no light, I can't seem to focus on its body, and it doesn't even have any sense of the depth of it. It looks like it tore a section of reality itself and its peering into my world in a state of nothing. Although one thing I am sure about is its eyes. What seems like a hundred feet in circumference all it does is watch, it hasn't made any movements as I've been killed or killed the gremlins it just stays put staring at me, like I’m a source of entertainment. But besides my research, I'm currently in my kitchen looking for something to use to try and kill the gremlins. As I'm looking for something I smell something I've become quite acquainted with over the past hundreds of restarts.
As I look around, I realize I'm still in the hallucination state and can't see what's happening, so I look around the kitchen to try and find something to get me out of it. I consider chopping off a finger, but I know I'm not brave enough for that yet. I then see a lemon and decide to try that out. I slice open the lemon and squeeze the juice into both my eyes. I clench my eyelids down as the burning sensation bounces around in my eyes. After about 30 seconds I open my eyes and look around and I finally see what I've avoided finding this entire time, my mom. As I stare at the soulless corpse, I see what's left of my mom. It seems like the gremlins bit almost completely through her throat and completely ate her arm. I fall to my knees and tears start running down my face. All the emotions I've been holding back set in, the loneliness, the sadness, the anger, the hopelessness, all finally break out of the cage I've locked them in and are taking control of my thoughts.
My voice comes out coarsely, barely audible.
I break down. My sobs echoing throughout the empty house. My head caked in her blood as I rested it on her chest. After ten minutes I lay there, out of tears. I've realized, This isn't some fun game where I get to defeat some enemies or some comic where I get a cool superpower and defeat an evil villain. No this is real life. And even if I defeated all the gremlins, there's still that thing in the sky. And even if theoretically I defeat that, there's nothing left, no friends, no family. Soon enough the power plants will shut down, I'll run out of electricity, water, everything. Assuming there are any survivors besides me I don't know where they are, and with that, there's no way to even carry on humanity. And if I live my life until let's say I'm 70 and best-case scenario there's another human who's a girl, who becomes my wife and we become the new Adam and Eve. I’ll still die eventually and when that happens, I'll restart. This isn't some fun cool superpower, no this is a curse, I've been cursed with this by something, and it has seemingly no end. I pick up the knife lying beside me and hold it against my throat. I realize there's no point in that and just drop it. I get up and walk outside, with tons of those gremlins outside my door they start leaping towards me, gnawing my skin and bones until there's nothing left, before my eyes give out, I still see in the sky, that eye staring at me. As I fall and close my eyes. I subconsciously let out a smile. After all this time the only thing that proves my existence, the only thing I've come to have as a friend is pain. And as my friend sores throughout my body, I can't help but laugh. A laugh comes out of my blood-filled throat, a laugh I could only think of coming from a psychopath. That laugh rings throughout my head as everything goes black. A familiar feeling. Death.
Chapter 3
I open my eyes once again staring at my pale ceiling, everything's the same. I figure there’s no point in trying right now. I could lie here for however many lives I wanted. Nothing would change. I close my eyes again trying to shut myself off from the world. After a while of lying there, I heard something coming up the stairs. It’s a bit early but the gremlins have come again. Although it was strange. I only heard one pair of footsteps coming up. Maybe for some reason, it hasn't told its friends it found me. And then something even weirder happened, the door opened, and on the other side of the doorway was something that looked exactly like my mom.
“Shane! What are you still doing in bed? School started over an hour ago!”
Shane… Shane…
My Mom used to call me that. Everyone used to call me that.
“What's wrong?”
It started speaking. The figure that looked like my mom has started speaking and it knows my name.
“Mom, is that you?”
I said with tears streaming down my face. My Mom, with a worried look plastered on her face, asked me.
“Of course, it’s me, what's wrong? Did something happen?”
“Just a nightmare “
I said with my face moist with tears. Although I know, that was no nightmare. Nightmares are dreams that never last that long. I felt it, I felt everything going on. Especially the pain, that pain was the most real thing I've ever experienced.
“Well just because you had a nightmare doesn’t mean you get to skip out on school.”
She sighed with a frown on her face.
School…. I forgot that it even existed.
“Alright Mom, just let me get ready and I’ll be down in 5.”
“Okay Shane, breakfast will be ready downstairs.”
My Mom left me alone and I sat there in disbelief.
Is this real, am I in another dream? Is this a dream and the other world is reality?
Well, thinking won't solve anything but I'm glad I'm out of that hellhole, even if it's temporarily. I quickly get ready and put on my backpack. My Mom made me some eggs on toast, and I headed out the door. It feels great, I heard the birds chirping, and my neighbor mowing his lawn. And no smell of blood. But one thing hasn't changed. Someone is watching me. I look in the sky, but a blanket of blue covers the vast plain. I shake it off, I’m probably still paranoid from the dream. I take a deep breath and continue on my way.
After around 30 minutes walking i finally arrive at school
Why didn’t I just take my bike?
I sigh and open the front doors to the school. I walked into the front office and as my pass was printing the office lady started speaking.
“There are 20 minutes left of the first block, so I’d hurry up.”
“Alright, thanks Mrs. Garcia”
“Anytime, now hurry up.”
That’s Mrs. Garcia. She lives near me, and I frequently do Jobs for her like Pet sitting and lawn mowing. She's kinda like a grandma I've never had.
I arrive at class and knock on the door. My classmate lets me in and as I walk towards my desk and see a familiar face frowning at me.
“Where have you been? You haven’t been responding to my texts, I was worried.”
I smile and look at her face. I still don’t know how I managed to get a girlfriend as beautiful as Katie, even after these past months of dating. I’m definitely glad I built up the courage to ask her out.
“Yeah sorry, I overslept and kind of forgot to check my phone.”
Katie makes a bitter face then sighs.
“I’ll forgive you now, but don't let it happen again.”
“Yes ma’am”
I sit down next to her and try to pay as much attention as I can, but my mind always ends up wavering from the subject. Before I know it I’m either on my phone or trying to talk to Katie, which she interrupts with a stare and shushes me. Finally, what feels like hours later I’m out of the block. I pick up my bag and say my goodbyes, then I trial off to second block. As I’m walking, I just can't take my mind off what happened. I can’t figure out whether it's a dream or reality, it’s almost as if I was trapped inside some kind of simulation for years, or even decades. I also don't know whether I should tell Katie or not or even any of my other frie-
My thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking into my shoulder. I look at the perpetrator to see who it is and my mind is relieved.
“Shane! What was that for? Trying to knock me over?”
I look at my friend and scoff, me and Jake and I have been friends since middle school, sometimes he’s a bit too much for me but he's a good person. He has a similar build to me but instead he has blonde hair and blue eyes in contrast to my brown hair and amber eyes. We’re also racing to see who will reach 6 feet first, we’re currently tied at around 5 '11.
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2023.03.30 06:09 Aglanthia VSR reasonable accommodation question for HR

So some background. I am a 100% disabled vet with some serious back and hip problems. I have a background in social work doing eligibility determinations for TANF, SNAP, and Medicaid. I want to apply for the VSR since I think I would be really good at it. The only problem is the closest office is 2 hrs away. How bad would it be if I applied and took an offer then dropped the RA for remote? Is that even an option? Would it be better to discuss it during an interview? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.30 06:09 DougDante Disabled father has a child support obligation which exceeds his modest monthly income

Disabled father has a child support obligation which exceeds his modest monthly income
Here is my reply to this father in the hopes that it helps other disabled parents and their children.
I'm not an attorney and this is not legal advice.
"(2)The maximum part of the aggregate disposable earnings of an individual for any workweek which is subject to garnishment to enforce any order for the support of any person shall not exceed—...specified in clause (B) shall be deemed to be 65 per centum,:
15 U.S. Code § 1673 - Restriction on garnishment
Your pay may include no disposable earnings, which means your income is ineligible for garnishment:
Therefore, if the pay period is weekly and disposable earnings are $217.50 ($7.25 × 30) or less, there can be no garnishment. If disposable earnings are more than $217.50 but less than $290 ($7.25 × 40), the amount above $217.50 can be garnished. If disposable earnings are $290 or more, a maximum of 25% can be garnished. When pay periods cover more than one week, multiples of the weekly restrictions must be used to calculate the maximum amounts that may be garnished. The table and examples at the end of this fact sheet illustrate these amounts.
$435.00 or less:
$471.25 or less:
$942.50 or less:
State child support, parenting time, and child protection, and elder abuse are all primarily funded under federal law Title IV-D and Title IV-E. Consider filing complaints.
HHS Office of Inspector General
Phone. 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477)
HHS Office of Civil Rights
Department of Justice Civil Rights
The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, created in 1957 by the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, works to uphold the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans, particularly some of the most vulnerable members of our society. The Division enforces federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, religion, familial status and national origin.
I would contact the court and request a court appointed attorney and/or self service forms and requests a relief from judgement and/or child support modification reflecting the legal rights to which I am entitled.
It does your children no good to have a parent who starves to death, and it's not consistent with what I understand the law to be.
I wish you the best of luck in your search for justice.
Tweet and gettr with me to seek justice:
Disabled father has a child support obligation which exceeds his modest monthly income. Fix @OIGatHHS @HHSOCR @USDOL @POTUS @GOPHELP #disabled #childsupport #fathersrights
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2023.03.30 06:09 Nervous-Seat8700 My wife of 13 years divorced me after she cheated and blames me

A little bit of back story is that I met my ex wife when i was 15 and she was 15 And we had that classic friends become lovers kind of relationship. And after 3 years of us first meeting we started dating 1 year later we got married. Her family loved me and my family hated her, and I had an amazing connection with my family but I loved my ex to much to break up with them. After a lot of drama i cut contact with my family and they blocked me on all their social media accounts and yeah i could just make alts i didnt care enough to. I dont even know how old my younger siblings are anymore. Me and my ex stayed in a apartment for a while working low income jobs barely making rent. But we loved each other and we were very intimate and encouraged each other we would make it out of this hole. Eventually we did and she found a higher paying white collar job from a friend that I hadnt meet before. We started moving up and eventually bought our own home. We never wanted children because we felt we never truly got to enjoy a good life with just us until she got that job. A year later and we were still very close and our relationship was still very strong. One day I was shopping for some dinner when i come across one of her friends I recognized from facebook i had never meet this friend in person so I said hi nice to meet you and introduced my name. She didnt recognize me for obvious reasons. I told her my with is friends with her. She then asked “which friend” and to that I responded with “Allison” (not her real name) the moment I said that this woman stared at me blankly, like if she just saw a serial killer or something. She stuttered a bit then said “shes your wife?” I said “yeah what about it?” She stared a bit then sayed out of nowhere “do you know her boss?” I didnt and i replied with that again her face got more and more pale. She looked like she was about to cry I asked her whats wrong and she said “your wife has been sleeping with her boss” I immediately started asking whats her proof and she said that she commonly sees her go into her bosses office regularly and since this friend is next door she can hear everything. Im horrified, i almost drop the groceries im holding. I then check out still confused, questioning everything. When i got home my wife wasnt yet but i just sat on one of the kitchen bar stools with my phone out like i had just been talking to someone. My wife comes into the house shouts “im home” and then walks into the kitchen with me sitting there. She was talking about her day but then saw my blank expression. She looked at me asked whats wrong and when i didnt respond she knew what i had just learned. My wife began crying and screaming at me saying that she had to and thats how she was able to pay for our home for our life. And i just stare. I didnt know what to do everything i built and destroyed for her piled up to nothing. She says that if dont respond that she will file for a divorce. I finally build up enough energy to ask “why, i never asked you to do that for me, for us. I was happy in the place we were when i had you.” She cried some more then told me she is sorry but she knew we needed a better life and while yeah we werent in the best place went to far to make it better. She then said if i hadnt missed out on life changing jobs we could have avoided this. I told her i left my dream job to be with her more. All i wanted everyday was to see her to hug and kiss her. It was long before I sleeped on a couch for a week and that couch eventually turned into a separate apartment. We did get divorced and while her parents reached out to me saying they were sorry i had ignored it. I pushed everyone out of my life people i loved, people i needed and now for the very first time im alone no one with me. I dont think i can or want to make it another year and honestly i just needed a place for someone to know what happened. I know it was out of my control but i passed up on previously good opportunities to make a living because it would separate us. Now i realized i made a mistake. I dont know who is at fault and i dont think i want to.
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2023.03.30 06:09 DJDANIELLEmusic "NEW FRIEND?? MINE!" FNAF SB Craving [SFW]

Hi, I'm 17- Turning 18 in a month, Looking for an rp partner for an adorable craving I had. Current craving is Fnaf Security Breach- Specific characters would be Sunny/Moon
I use an OC, she is aroace so it's more of like a best friend/found family plot. I'm also open to playing any other fnaf character if YOU have an oc you would like paired up with a character.
Rules- No one liners, give me something to work with
No godmodding/Overpowering
Tell me your triggers
Put equal effort into the rp, Especially if doing double plots, when doing double plots I'd like equal effort. There are cases where I will give your plot/oc more attention than my own given the situations don't make that the whole rp if we've agreed on doing double plots.
I may not be good at single plots, if you want me to only play Cannon and for you to be the only oc I will struggle quite a bit since I'm used to having multiple plots going on at once, it helps me keep consistent and detailed replies and helps me know what to really put so I don't get stuck.
OC- Her information will be provided along with photos of her, if there is anything in her file that is triggering, tell me and I will change it for the rp.
Genres- Angst, Drama, Comedy, Fluff, SoL, Adventure and (Sometimes-Depending on if you want it) Romance.
Thats about it! DM me!
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2023.03.30 06:08 Chaotic_CatX Money in checking day of filing

Here's a fictional scenario. Let's assume a chapter 7 filier estimated that only $10 would be in his checking account the day of filing. After they filed they realized a small deposit of $90 was deposited into their account a few days earlier than they expected it to be deposited. This deposit from their place of employment which this regular bi weekly income was reported on the petition. So the actual balance the day of filing was approximately $100 not $10. They then panicked and made a $60 cashback withdrawal. Now the fictional debtor is worried they are going to look deceptive which is not a good place to start on day one of filing. Let's assume there is no exemptions for cash in the fliers state. Would this fictional scenario cause an issue being the small amount of money? I would assume it looks deceptive.
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2023.03.30 06:08 kwazi07 Would this look suspect under the Explore rate?

I live near the beach and have a few friends looking to visit and stay at a hotel on the beach for the night, so I booked a hotel with MMP as I would be staying with them.
The day they would be arriving, I have work from 3-11pm. My friends would be coming in late as well, but likely before I get off work. Check in is at 4 and with it being a resort in FL I’m not optimistic for an early check in. Would it look suspicious do arrive at the hotel with my form earlier in the day before my shift and ask them to pre reg me (authorize CC, check MMP form etc) then allow my friend to pick up the keys when the room is ready and they arrive? I have full intention of staying with my friends, I’m not trying to scam the system, but I worry it would look like I’m trying to check them in to not stay there with them.
I’m not trying to get around the rules so any tips on looking less suspicious to the FD (sorting bags, explaining situation over the phone?) would be appreciated!
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2023.03.30 06:08 Striking-Name8116 Facebook marketplace PC

Facebook marketplace PC
Hi I’m looking to buy a prebuilt on marketplace and I was hoping some of you could lmk which build Is better for the price? Or if either of them are any good at all. I’m only looking to do some low end gaming like val + league. It’ll mostly be used for standard schoolwork on chrome apps.
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2023.03.30 06:08 dragonmaster266 Dnd team tournament

I’m an inexperienced dm, I volunteer at a social group, I dm for a group of 5 over 7 sessions then the parties swap
For this set I decided to try running a team tournament, 8 teams in a bracket, each round is a different team based game they’re playing, competing against a team of npcs. Atm I have a bear pit and a maze.
There is one problem I face, what if they lose? I don’t want to use plot armor, one of my ideas was reduce it to 4 teams and have them verse eachother, does anyone have a good way around it that keeps the bracket?
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2023.03.30 06:08 Drblackcobra [Story] I feel like all hope is lost for me

Everything in my life isn’t improving at all. I haven’t accomplished anything in my life and I’m only a high school senior. All of my peers have done great things, like scoring in the 30+ range on the ACT or doing sports. I haven’t done those things at all. I just see success around me and failure within myself. I noticed that there’s a ton of talented people in prestigious universities, like Harvard and Columbia, yet I’m not talented or amazing at all. I genuinely feel like there’s no point in searching for a degree or job since I won’t be happy. People want to help us become successful, but I feel that success itself isn’t just in your job. True success to me is being recognized and appreciated all over the world and being an example for generations to follow. All of my peers will succeed and I won’t. They are so much better than me and smarter than me. They can score well on any practice tests for AP U.S. Government and Politics and AP English Literature and Composition and can even understand the material. This week, we did a practice test for AP English Literature and Composition and they scored higher than me. I got a 11/22, while they scored a 17/24 or even higher but I didn’t see all of their papers. I couldn’t read, speak, or write well and this is what contributed to how stupid I am. I’m a dumb kid since I got a 24 on the ACT, yet by some pure stroke of luck I got accepted into all 5 of the universities that I had applied for. I see success on social media, where they have all of this money, expensive items like cars, clothes, and jewelry, girls, and mansions, yet I’m here with nothing to my name. No achievements that would make me distinguished to the top universities around the world, my peers, and my family. I wanted to do game development, programming, and drawing, but I can’t do those things because I’m not good enough to learn and I’m too slow. I wanted to exercise, but I gave up because I wasn’t improving at all and I’m still skinny at the moment. I now know that nobody doesn’t want to be friends with me since I’m weird and annoying. I don’t even know how to find my SO or feel true love. I’m never going to survive college and I’m never going to survive life. It’s over for me. I’m just tired of being worthless to everyone around me. I’m a failure and I always will be.
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2023.03.30 06:08 whoisabatandaman Anyone have internal transfer rate to McCombs for recent application cycles ?

Does anyone have internal transfer rates for recent application cycles ? Also realistically if someone has a 3.9-4.0 gpa, decent resume and then involved in clubs and orgs do they have a fairly high chance of getting in? I talked to a advisor and they mentioned the acceptance rate is low bc there is a lot of applicants with the bare minimum gpa 3.4 and such but if someone has high gpa and good essay they have a high chance. Is anyone here with personal experience of internal transfer ? Pm me please
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2023.03.30 06:08 TheLalaHamiltonian My [29F] boyfriend [29M] of 2 months got me sex toys for my birthday.

I am a virgin, and he knows this. We kissed and cuddled and he did a little touching over my clothes but never further than that. I haven’t initiated or wanted anything beyond that because I feel that we are not emotionally deep enough to do those type of things yet. He has been very respectful of my physical boundaries, but I feel like he is more interested in me physically than emotionally. There have been a good amount of indications of this (such as him being most curious about my sexual aspects and mainly complimenting my appearance), and I thought this was a “guy thing” (this is my first relationship… yes I am a super late bloomer). I brushed it off but this realization really hit me when he got me sex toys for my birthday.
For my birthday I expressed wanting to see cherry blossoms over the weekend. I didn’t care for a gift. Usually I spend a night over the weekends, so on Saturday night, I came over and he made a simple dinner and we watched some shows. He got me a few snacks and a hanging erasable board. I appreciated the gift since I wasn’t expecting anything. The next day we went to see the cherry blossoms. Fast forward to when we get back to his place when evening hits.
When we were about to go to his car so he can drop me off at my place, he said he had another gift for me. It was still in the cardboard box since he said he didn’t have the opportunity to wrap it, but I was still pleasantly surprised.
Until I opened the box.
And saw a picture of a plastic dildo on the packaging.
I never expressed a desire for sex toys or sexual exploration. I was hit with confusion and embarrassment. I looked down and just showed my gratitude and we went home.
After mulling over this gift, I’m more confused and disappointed. Should I be grateful? I kept having thoughts that he was mainly interested in me physically and this gift seemed to reinforce that.
Should I be grateful? I’m still confused. I’m thinking it’s with good intentions but… it’s hard to shake this feeling off. He has asked me at what point would I want to have sex (in a conversation a while back) and that time I didn’t know how to answer other than being in a committed relationship. I’m not sure if he thinks I don’t want to have sex simply because I’m inexperienced but…
I don’t know what to do.
TLDR; Boyfriend of 2 months got me sex toys for my birthday. I’m a virgin and never expressed wanting sex toys/sexual exploration.
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2023.03.30 06:08 ExpressChampionship3 How to get a month a head?

Hi there!
I've decided that I first want to get a month ahead. But I finding it incredibly difficult to find "extra" money to put into next month's funds.
How did you get ahead? And how long did it take you?
For some background I work at a local pizza shop above minimum wage and I average about 900-1,000 dollars per biweekly paycheck. So roughly 2,000 a month give or take. I also live in flagstaff and the cost of living here is insane, so a good chunk of money goes straight to rent, food, transportation, and pet care.
I've used Ynab on and off the past two years, but this year I decided I really need to buckle down and learn to budget. I think I've gotten a good portion of the software and how to use it now. And it already has relived a lot of stress and has helped me not spend money I don't have and make more conscious purchases.
Now I'm fully aware finding a better paying job is an option for my after I graduate this May. However, I've been going to school fulltime for 4 years and I've also worked sometimes even 2 jobs to get through school. So I am burnt the hell out and just want to exist and float for a minute before I force myself to jump into a career.
Any and all advice is greatly welcomed and appreciated
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2023.03.30 06:08 spdflv Work ponies battle: CRKT Pilar Large vs Cokd Steel Tuff Lite

Work ponies battle: CRKT Pilar Large vs Cokd Steel Tuff Lite
I really liked the design and ergonomics of the CS Tuff, so when I found the CRKT for 20$ I got it right away. I like this style for jobs like cutting zip ties, opening and breaking down boxes, cutting ropes and minor wood working. Here's some pros and cons.
Clip: the CRKT can go tip up or down, but only right handed. The CS can only go tip up but is ambidextrous. The opening is clearly superior on the CRKT.
The CS feels better in the hand because of the guard under the choil, the CRKT feels very edgy around the same part and the handle as well.
The CS is made of AUS 8 and the CRKT is 8Cr13Mov, the latter should have a better edge retention but the former is easier to sharpen. The CS is WAY lighter.
Since they're similarly priced, but can usually find the CS for cheaper, I wouldn't buy the CRKT unless it was a good deal such the one I found.
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