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2023.06.10 00:15 Terianky [M4F] “-Will you go with me? -Always” ; A puzzling goth girl and a strange street guy meet each other while delving into occult mysteries. A story about an impossible love, esoteric secrets, and a hateful occult world.

<< The flickering red lights felt like they had a soul of their own. The beat dropped and the boom resounded in every clubber’s soul. The concussion blasts reverberated through the ears of the hundreds of people either yelling "what" at one another or pretending to hear what the other person had actually said and laughing drunkenly. There was a mosh pit of desperate souls holding out their cash at the bar hoping only one of the two bartenders would notice, there was the inevitable drunk dude-bro who wanted to start a fight, and there was a fair share of drunk unconsciousness. The “Rotterdam Club” was Stephen’s favorite place of business.
It was wall to wall people dancing erratically and the floor itself had become invisible under a sea of dancing feet. Despite it being hard to navigate through this mass of people, Stephen was like a fish in the water. He squeezed his way through the mass and could notice scattered pairs of interested eyes among the clubbers, some of these guests gave nods or even went out of their way to seek Stephen out. Then, Stephen would listen to their wants, swiftly bury his hand in his bag, and nonchalantly exchange a handshake with the customer where money and pills would be exchanged.
However, this specific night, Stephen wasn’t feeling right. For the last month, Stephen had been experiencing insomnia due to a series of weird nightmares, strange dreams which seemed to grow intense night after night. And in the last few days, a dark girl was frequently appearing in these dreams, a dark girl with dark omens drawn in blood. To work efficiently was becoming harder and harder for Stephen due to this. At the third hour after midnight, Stephen stopped in the middle of the club as all the clubbers formed a cyclone of drunken dancing, he stood still in the middle. As his eyes were scanning the venue for something interesting, his gaze fell on an intriguing dark silhouette facing away from him. A pale woman with a beautifully twisted aura stood still just like him a few feet away. Finally, she turned around and she stared back…as if she knew him, as if he knew her. And Stephen’s mind finally solved the puzzle as this girl’s image erupted in his stream of fractured memories…The girl in his nightmares, in his dreams, the dark omen, the goth girl who dies holding his hand. And for that moment, for both of them…time stopped. >>
Hey, I’m looking for a semi-literate partner to roleplay with. The story will take place in a rather big city which hides a few esoteric secrets. The vibe would be something in the middle between Stephen King-esque grittiness, Lovecraftian existential dread, and the interpersonal horror of the World of Darkness universe in addition to some Silent Hill bizarreries. Therefore, the themes of this story will be tied to esoteric thriller mysteries, interpersonal horror, and unattainable (toxic?) love which is my favorite thing to write/read about. The characters we play would be ordinary people who fall victim to the arbitrary and unknowable dark Supernatural. They have little to no Supernatural abilities or nature. They're humans who are just trying to survive.
If this genre of horror and thriller interests you. If stories of secret witch covens, underground cults, esoteric beings, and half-dead unknowable gods and demons entices you, or if you’re a big Silent Hill fan like me, then this RP might be real fun and a nice writing exercise in the genre for you. So, join me and let’s dive deep into this city’s intricate web of enigmas. A city where a girl recently died in mysterious conditions, where a boy is struggling with hallucinations of another world, where a man with glowing eyes is driving around at night hunting, where a veteran of war is following the possible trail of a murder cult, and where a school teacher is struggling to hide her true nature and true potential, all the while desperately and madly falling in love with each other in a world that cannot allow it.
I play in third person and use ref pics. I would like my partner to be able to create and manage multiple “NPC” characters since I will be doing the same. Also I would like my partner to have autonomy and to create plotlines as they wish. I am not a GM so please don’t expect that of me. I do not have any clear ideas of where the story goes for now, I only have my character kinda figured out but I’m sure that we can come up with something good if we put both our visions together. Please message me only if you have a character in mind with a brief bio and a ref pic.
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2023.06.10 00:15 SageBabe420 GENUINELY CURIOUS

If everyone hates her so much, and can't stand her... Why spend so much time obsessively watching her every move? It's kinda weird... She's an average person just like everyone else, and the only reason anything she does is a big deal is because you make it one... There are so many people that have her attitude or worse, but it's not being talked about... She's only being talked about because she's actively online.. I mean, honestly, isn't it pretty unhealthy to sit and watch someone all day and spew hate about them.. I see a lot of you in here most of the day/night and so I'm just wondering, is that all you have to do with the your life? Obviously i'm not a part of this community.. It was a 'hot topic' and I clicked on it, so now it comes in my notifications. I guess I really don't get the points of a Snark page...It's a really unhealthy behavior...Talking about how bad someone is, but the way people act in here is truly worse than their behavior. Someone that we don't even know.. Yes there are a few people here that actually know her, but those are also very small experiences that they've had. No one is perfect, but why did everyone choose her to continue to drag down? I'm Genuinely curious why this is a thing...
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2023.06.10 00:14 Low_Damage9910 Clans

My brother and I are new to the Diablo series but unlike me my brother is very savvy when it comes to games like this and plays late at night (CST) I on the other hand play mornings of weekends and evenings when I have time after work. If anyone would like to join our clan to help or instruct or for tips it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to dm me with your info if you’d like to and I’ll slide you a invite. If not that’s cool too. Hope to see y’all in sanctuary (that is the name of the world right?)
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2023.06.10 00:14 va_bulldog Is it always a good idea to take a dog out 30 minutes after they drink or only as young puppies?

My English bulldog is 5 months old. He does great in the crate housetraining wise. He sleeps through the night with no accidents. I'm trying to lengthen the time he can be out of the crate. I have been told he should be able to stay out for around 3 hours no problem, but he seems to have random accidents in the house. When I think about it more, they are not actually random. They are about 30 min after he drinks. I thought this was only a think when he was suuuuper young. He can hold it all night although he is usually sleep.
How long should a 5 month old be able to hold it? Does it matter if they have recently had something to drink, even a little bit?
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2023.06.10 00:13 Sxzen I got diagnosed with ADHD and SCPD today

I always thought that I failed all of my relationships in the past because it just wasn't the right person.
I always asked myself what being in love must feel like, and each time I was in a relationship I thought, is that it? Is this that magical feeling that people make movies about and write songs? I just didn't feel much llto be honest. I can care about that person and I will try to be there but honestly if my partner died tomorrow I wouldn't really care.
Now I may have an explanation.
I'm still pretty new to this topic as this is the first time I heard about this disease.
Anyone having similar issues?
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2023.06.10 00:13 Mtking105 Optimus primal skin question

How long will he be in the shop for? I’m poor until Monday night. Collabs skin usually stay for a week am I right?
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2023.06.10 00:13 iluckytt Feeling like I’m being used by others

Hi, I’m a 20 year old male who is currently attending university. I have been feeling like this for a while but recently it has gotten to me more because of a situation that has happened to me a couple of days ago. I am in a society at my university. There’s this girl I really like who is also in this society. One night we were going out as it was the last social we were having together as a society. So I decided I should tell her how I feel before it’s too late. I manage to get her to walk with me alone and I tell her. She says that she feels the same way and asks why I didn’t tell her sooner. This obviously makes we very happy and we spent the whole night kissing and such (but I don’t go back to hers). We spend the whole night talking and such about how we’ve liked each other for a while. She also says she’s been telling other people in the society that she liked me for a while. However she mentions of a guy that she has been talking to for a while- they’re just talking nothing official. (It’s important to note that I already knew about this). And how she doesn’t know how she feels about both me and this guy. She is also going back home over the summer and she lives very far, and neither me nor this guy would be able to visit her. She mentions this to me, and I say let’s talk over the summer and try to get to know each other. She mentions that to me and say it could be a difficulty- but she doesn’t mention the other guy she is dating and how it would also be difficult for him. Bare in mind this guy lives nearby to me, so it would also be a struggle for him. She also keeps telling me I’m very handsome and that I could date anyone in the society, and asking why I like her out of everyone there. Anyway we say goodbye and leave for the night. A couple days later again by chance I’m out and she is too. So we hook up again. I had been messaging her if she’d like to go on a date a day beforehand which she said she may not have time but she’d let me know if she did. So I ask her if she knows when she is free throughout the night as she hadn’t mentioned it since but she either changes the topic of just doesn’t reply every time i ask. After sitting with her and kissing her for a while I ask if I can go back to hers . She says no I worry and ask if I overstepped. She says no she’ll explain later. So we go out and she gives the explanation: “my opinion is too high of you to bring you back” and then proceeds to say (somewhat believably) “if I didn’t care about you I’d defo bring you back “. I obviously accept, although a little jealous because a friend of hers had told me she had brought the other guy back. I tell myself maybe she doesn’t want sex to be the last time she sees me. But looking back on it I just think she was making excuses up. My mates gf also said to be careful because she might be playing me. I was also a little confused by this as she had left her housemates to be with me (on the last night they were spending together as a house). I asked if she still wanted to go on a date after a couple days of not messaging her as I hadn’t actually gotten a clear response from her she hasn’t responded when I asked her in person. She hasn’t responded yet but it hasn’t been very long. She also never really spoke to me when she was sobre just on nights out as a society. Do you think she was just using me? Any advice? Because I like her very much and this has hurt me a little.
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2023.06.10 00:13 theAbyssmalOne Mother

Until my late teens I used to have the same dream/nightmare again and again with very little difference everytime: It started with me sitting in my room at our house in Greece. Almost all lights were out and it was night outside. There was nobody else with me, the only thing I could hear was some light discussion going on downstairs at our kitchen area. My mother was talking always with someone I couldn't recognise. Then somehow everytime everything went totally quiet, the discussion totally stopped as if they heard me getting anxious or something. This part is where I started wanting to wake up but I couldn't because I knew what came next...
So after sometime I start to hear someone going up our wooden stairs. The first time I dreamt it I didn't know who, but all the other times I knew it was my mother. The fear at this point was totally agonizing because with each footstep I heard some weird beastlike breathing coming from my mothers mouth. She also would start yelling that she knows I am awake and that she will find me.
The final stage of the nightmare starts with her arriving directly above me in almost pitch black (I always hid under the covers of my bed) and she smiles demonically. This is where the "game" of the dream is for me to stay torally quiet, which was impossible due to the fear, because when I made the tiniest bit of noise she instantly attacked me in which I woke up.
Also I might add that she always seemed altered on the outside and sometimes with red glowing eyes, but I always knew she was my mother.
In the end I got over this nightmare when I grew older but sometimes it still haunts me when I think about it.
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2023.06.10 00:13 Alternative_Tough737 My first attempt at a swancore song 😳

My first attempt at a swancore song 😳
I’ve been listening to a lot of DBM2 and felt inspired to finally record a song in this genre. I did everything except the drums, mixing and section of the bass. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 🫶🏽
(FYI mixing was difficult because I recorded the guitars with an acoustic 😂)
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2023.06.10 00:12 queenofthescreen [Thank You] Whatdoya call south TX in a heatwave? Corpus Crispy. Which runs faster, hot or cold? Hot - easy to catch a cold. What do the sun & bread have in common? Both rise in the yeast. When it's hot, it's best to wear 2 different deodorants – one under each armpit. But that’s just our 2 scents.
u/_pickupthepieces x 8 Thank you so much for sending me the artsy cool card from the Buffalo art shop with the hip NY vibes - it’s sooooo NY & so you, my cool NY pal! It’s that cool card that I should prominently display somewhere (on my chest?!?) when I have a need to look & be cool hahaha! I also love the colorful stickers you sent! Most of all, thank you for indulging me & my wacky whims & addressing the envelope to “SUGAR” OMG OMG OMG I was giddy with joy that you did that!!!! I can’t even tell you how big the smile on my face was when I opened the mail box to see a card addressed to “SUGAR” in the fanciest, prettiest pink calligraphy!!!! In huge font!!! I have no idea why you sending a card all the way from NY addressed to “Sugar” made me feel so warm & fuzzy & naughty & like I had a super cool secret (wait - maybe a secret desire to be a sexy, sassy stripper?!? I dunno) but it sure did, sweetcakes! I actually turned around to see if any strangers were looking at me and the dopey smile on my face. To top it all off, you affixed…WHAT?!?!?! A Strawberry Shortcake sticker?!?!? She was my best friend growing up!!!!! I was so happy!!!! Thank you! Thank you for making me smile like a fruitcake. I’m so gonna laminate this envelope!!! Thank you also for the super pretty floral/3 animal/3 belated holiday cards you sent (which I can’t describe in detail/photograph right now because I don’t have them with me). They brought me so much joy! And thank you also for the generous assortment of card goodies to pass on!! Hahaha I hope I don’t accidentally send one back to you!! The Hilary Clinton card - hilarious & awesome. I can’t wait to meet Hilary’s greatest fan on this sub to send her on! Wishing you a sweet spring in NY! u/notinmywheelhouse Thank you for the pretty plaid 1965 Marimekko postcard! Plaid is so timeless. And to answer your question about the reference to royalty in my street address, I was honestly embarrassed that I never before thought about the origin of his name! You taught me a valuable lesson - I’m not inquisitive enough hahaha! That’s so very important. I’m really grateful you inspired me to pause & wonder about the little things in life. As I researched your question, the only thing I could conclude is that the Google search engine is both heaven & hell. Because there are a billion hits & your question will require further research hahaha! As a southerner, I was so envious that you wrote to me from a state with such gorgeous weather! It was so cute the way you bragged about the weather hahaha! But I’m happy for you, friend. Although it also saddens me that you will never feel the beauty & magic of living in a state that gets so hot, the mascara melts & runs off your face. And then you run errands all day long without looking into a mirror - and not one stranger bats a melting-mascara-free eyelash to tell you that you look like an uglier, scarier, more demented version of that creepy clown from Stephen King’s It. Wishing you the breeziest, most beautiful weather today & always! u/AlfredTheButt-ler Thank you so much for the fun Bandera Natural History Museum postcard featuring the neat-o dinosaur fossils exhibit! It so appeals to the nerd in me! I was super excited to learn 2 new factoids: 1) that the triceratops on the card “was an actual prop in the movie Night at the Museum” (I’m nuts for film facts!!!!) 2) that Bandera, Texas is known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World”. Just the word “Bandera” emits cool cowboy vibes!! Thank you so much for thinking of me. Hope you have an adventurous summer! BTW I sent you a card but I have no idea why it was returned to me as undeliverable. As soon as I’m able to catch up with thank yous, I’ll message you to confirm your address. Thanks again!! =) u/Pumpkin-Spice-Witch How cuuuute are you if this Easter bunny card is this crazy cute?!? Thank you! The smiling flowers & easter eggs brightened my day so much! Loved your pun with the wish that my “day is eggs-xtra special and sweet”, the creative way in which you affixed the glittery butterfly embellishment (what a neat card-crafting tip to jazz up a card!!!), & the sweet stickers! Happy summer to you!!! u/RoxanneBarton Thank you for the London Tower Bridge postcard that had me jonesing for tea & scones! I dig your affinity for the city’s “art, history, food scene, & overall cultural vibe”!! You so nicely articulated my own views of London!!! My maternal uncle lives there so when I was a kid, I took my first international trip there so it holds a special place in my heart. It was then that I fell in love with Tesco mild cheddar cheese, all things tea/royalty, & the cartoon “Postman Pat” - OMG now that I’m obsessed with snail mail through RAoC, I’m so excited at the thought of checking out the show as an adult!!! I hope you had a wonderful time & that you have lots of new adventures coming your way! u/MaeveTheBrave x 4 Thank you for the most darling, delicious, delicate ice cream cone cut-out birthday card!!!! It’s soooooo very precious!!! You were so very generous with your envelope of fun - you made my birthday so festive & fabulous! Love it all - the coloring card, cute little memo sheets/stickers, scrapbooking ephemera, & all your warm wishes! You sent me an absolute surprise party in the mail & it lifted my spirits so much! Thank you for making my day so special. Thank you for the surprise “Cheerup Sleepy Jean” postcard. Loved hearing about your volunteer work with the Vermont City Marathon - I love that you perform community service! I’m also excited that you’re aspiring to run in the marathon - I dream of being at your level someday! Wow! Wishing you lots of endorphins as you run! Thank you for the Blue Neptune postcard & inspiring me with your work in astrophotography - this is so cool & so wow! I had never even heard of “astrophotography” before - you are reminding me to admire the skies & all the glory beyond what I can see. Wishing you lots of luck & joy as you work with post-processing software & continue to capture celestial charm! u/postaltherapy x 3 Thank you for being THIS amazingly adorable. How many times a day are you told that you are sooooo adorable?!? I just wanna pinch your cheeks, you heartbreakingly adorable cutie!!!! With one glimpse of your cuuuute handwriting on the daisy card, without even having read a word, I instantly caught a glimpse of your heart. THANK YOU! And then when I read your “note of thanks”, I was in awe of how you thanked me - so very sincerely- for being a part of RAoC & for sending happy mail to others even though I haven’t even sent you anything yet hahaha! That is just adorable. YOU are adorable. I so appreciated your kind flair congrats, the extra special mini congrats cards, & the love with which you sent it all. Obsessed with the bright, beautiful pineapple washi tape you used to decorate the envelope!!!! Wishing you so much postal paradise, my sweet friend! u/terrabranfordstrife Thank you for the super sweet handmade Easter card featuring the sleepy bunny and…the super creative easter egg charm embellishment that you tied to the card!!!! So so cool & creative - I love learning ways to elevate the card game so thank you for teaching me! I’ve purchased charms in the past (on sale at craft stores) not knowing what I would do with them but you gave me such a fun tip! The other sleepy bunny on the back is just adorable with his sweet smile. Loved your bright yellow washi tape & the pretty pink ink you used to send me your kind wishes! Hope you have a wonderful summer! u/TheGeekAndTheBeast THANK you so much for all the hearty hugs, positivity, & love you sent with your comforting card & warm sentiments. You really helped ease emotional issues with your kindness, compassion, & assurance that “it is okay to feel lost & overwhelmed”. That is such a zen thought, my friend. I’m inspired by your willingness to just embrace life as it is, no matter the state of being. Thank you also for the cute space bookmark, mini memo coloring sheet (I loooove to color!!!) & fun book-themed stickers that so appeal to the book-nerd in me! Wishing you all the serenity & love you sent my way! u/DianaPenPal x 2 Thank you so much for the super elegant birthday card!!!! I LOVE the 3-D chocolate cake slice embellishment with the tiny fork sticking out of it…soooo incredibly indulgent!!!! The mini birthday party hat/b-day sign embellishments inside are sooo cute too. And your beautiful creative writing using the word “birthday” to inspire me was such a treat: Be the best you can be Imagine what you can do Remember who you are There’s nobody like you Honor your past Dwell on your heart All you need is love Your birthday is a great place to start So much hope & love in your words - they mean so much to me, thank you!!!! The mini mail-themed envelope of stickers & memos is adorable too, thank you! Thank you so much for the surprise flair congrats card with the bright sticker goodies (love the pink bus sticker - pink anything makes me smile)! It was so kind of you to think of me - the pleasure of meeting you has been mine! Thank you for your constant generosity to us all - you amaze me with your sweet, unending offers! Wishing you a sweet & sunny summer! u/MikePenPal6 Thank you so much for your beautiful offer of sending belated valentines - I felt really special to receive this homemade, heartwarming wish of love & good tidings! Love it all - the heart-themed scrapbooking paper, the “You are my favorite” 3D heart embellishment, the red sequins you used to jazz up the cover (love this craft tip!), the pretty pink cardstock base, your angel & animal themed stickers, & the lovely floral/V-Day washi decorations inside! To answer your question about my V-Day…honestly it was a little sad. I’m lucky to have the most wonderful bf, but he has a chronic illness so we were unable to spend time with each other. So that’s why I was especially excited & appreciative of your kind offer. Your card made me so happy, thank you! Like you, I really “love all the cute things for the holiday”. I just lose my mind over the pairs-themed cuties that emerge around that that day!!! Like the peanut buttejelly, bacon/egg, cheese/cracker stuffed sweeties holding hands: I wish I weren’t lured in by these lovelies, but I’m sappy/stupid that way. Thank you again for brightening my spirits with your sweet card. I hope you had a beautiful V-Day & that all your days are filled with limitless love! =) u/mnjohn x 4 WOW!!!! Thank you so much for the super thoughtful, ***surprise*** birthday card party (you sent me a party, what!??!) with all your lovely wishes & wonderful goodies!!!! The illustrated animal postcards - toooo cute!!! I also appreciated the affirmation mini card encouraging me to “Remember why you started” & the affirmation postcard - this is such a valuable affirmation for anyone, at any stage in life: “I think it’s okay to not have everything figured out by now.” TRUTH! I was astonished at your generous gift of unused vintage/modern stamps - thank you! Thank you also for the unique washi samples (the mail themed ones…so sweet), fun stickers, scrapbooking ephemera, & goodies to pass on. My heart was so happy to experience all your kindnesses. My heart felt full - and I felt spoiled. I just thought of how lucky your loved ones/friends who have had the pleasure of meeting you IRL must feel - because if you’re so loving to a mere stranger…how loving are you to everyone else?!?!? I also loved the “Art of Magic” forever stamp you used (never seen this beauty or the other neato women cryptologists stamp before!!!!), your lovely calligraphy of my name on the envelope, the floral stickecake decorations, and your personalized stamp (what a beautiful illustration of you)! So so neat! Thank you also for the MARVELOUS “Hello” mailbox-themed postcard that you personally designed - it’s such a treat! The vintage style for the graphics is so fun! I’m especially bananas for anything mail-themed since I’m new to snail mail as of this year. So I felt really lucky to receive mail-themed magic! Thank you for making me feel so special with your thoughtful, generous gifts, delightful wishes, & all the love & affection. Wishing you infinite joy with your creative dreams & endeavors! u/melhen16 x 2 Thank you for the postcard thanking me for the “overloaded dog postcard” & the patriotic-themed card for National Card Writing Month! Thank you for the cheerful, colorful stickers to pass on! Hope you had a blast writing cards & spreading cheer! u/germymany Thank you for the vintage 1840 floral-illustrated postcard! I love the nature scene themed pink & green washi tape! The smiling matchsticks - sooo cute! Wishing you the best of walks on the most beautiful beaches! u/yetanotherblankface Thank you for the insanely cute Pusheen postcard decorated with the matching, insanely cute Pusheen stickers! The pretty pastel colors instantly brightened my day! Wishing you pretty pastel days! u/rennbrig x 2 Thank you for the neat illustrated cafloral “Flower Float” art postcard! I’m so loving your enthusiasm & excitement for history!!! I wish I could say I’m a history nerd - I need a history refresher course. So much inspiration & wisdom in learning from the past! Thank you for the “wow”-inducing, glittering, illustrated macaron birthday card (so very posh & pretty) along with your touching wishes. And is this an embossed personalized address seal?!? I have no idea what it’s called but wow, does it make all your mail look so regal & refined!!! Your card was one of the first birthday cards I received, and in advance - it gave me so much joy! I was also moved that I made it to your annual birthday list!!!! Of course, you are on mine (when it’s created lol). I regret that recent issues have caused me to be delayed & made it difficult for me to be organized so you may get a card way after your b-day, whenever it is haha). And I’m very sorry you don’t have my card for Buddy yet (I will start sending cards again after all my delayed thank-yous are posted). Both you and Buddy have been in my thoughts. I’m wishing you lots of peace as I know you miss Buddy greatly. u/FeistyBlizzard THANK YOU for making me go bananas/bonkers/looney tunes for the gorgeous illustrated NPR postcard!!! It made me so happy in so many ways. Not only am I an NPR nerd, but I also flip out over illustrated cards/doodles! The graphics on it - so insanely cuuuute! The colors of the graphics instantly happied (the way this card made me feel made me use this word for the first time ever haha) the heck out of my day! And I’m also a sucker for mini illustrations - the mini cup of ice cream, the mini bottles of nail polish, & the mini notebook papeenvelope/pencil just had me swooning! I have to bug you & ask if the postcard is part of a series/how I can find more like it. Because I love it that much! NPR? A brief search was fruitless. AND where can I find the precious mail-box/letter themed sticker?!?! Soooo cute! Even the pretty pastel washi is a joy to look at - you’ve got great taste!!! I also wish I had your delicate, elegant handwriting - it’s like a blend of calligraphy & modern art!!! You asked about my fave things - like you, I love to read. And I’m particularly obsessed with libraries, bookstores, ephemera, junk journaling, & newly nuts for snail mail through RaOC. Thanks again for this postcard treat! Wishing you all of your fave things in all your fave colors!! u/somedrawer Thank you for the pretty pink & yellow pastel themed birthday postcard! The pattern is so simple yet so bright & happy! Your sweet wishes were so heartfelt & happy - your enthusiasm means so much to me! I also loved how you wrote HB in two different colors of ink - what a cool 3D effect! I can’t wait to try that sometime. I also love your whimsical, pretty cursive script. The smiley face you drew - so cute. Also love the spring-y, bright washi & strawberry sticker!!! Thank you for thinking of me with your kindness! Wishing that you discover lots of mysterious goodies in not only somedrawer, but every drawer in your home (but not in a creepy way - I’m sorry, I haven’t been sleeping well). ;) u/SailorCrush Thank you for making my day with the most beautiful hand-illustrated, happy doodles ever on the beautiful glittering hearts birthday card!!! I wish I could draw & illustrate like you! All of the doodles - the cuuuute unicorn with that awesome braid…tooooo cute, the slumbering, smiling moon, the floating balloons, the 3D heart, the multifaceted gem, the mini globe (the intricate detail work is soooo nice), the star, and I don’t know if it’s a comet or constellation or what but it’s precious, the doodles border (love this tip for instant creativity - even a dodo like me could do this, yessss!) - all of it is such a treat! Oh my these elegant stickers - so beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for spending all your time & effort making my birthday so special! I hope your summer is as sweet as you’ve been to me, my friend. u/Rura_Penthe924 Thank you for the beautiful postcard depiction of the Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy with your warm, wonderful birthday wishes! I loved your wishes for “new adventures & opportunities” - these wishes & your kindness in thinking of me made my birthday special! I also love your pretty print handwriting. I could read the most boring of books if they were written in your handwriting!!! Thanks again. Wishing you a beautiful summer! u/OkayFlan x 2 When will you cease to be cute? Good Lord, these stickers of the soda cans, tea cups, decadent desserts, kawaii cutie bears, the baby bird, mocktails, your mini OkayFlan personalized salmon pink/white stickers on the “Don’t Overthink It” postcard (so needed this message) are soooooo insanely cute my heart hurts! What you did with the torn-paper address label - that’s soooo neat!!!! I’m also nutty for the “Boston Tea Party” stamp you used - never seen it before!! Thank you for thinking of me, my always-encouraging, always-there friend!!!! AND WHAT?!?! The rainbow surprise card with the generous gift of Korean Stickers made my heart burst with joy that you thought of me!!!! The way you decorated the envelope with all the bright, beautiful cute-themed pastry/kawaii stickers & washi tape made me so happy. You took so much time & effort in jazzing up the envelope with so many happy vibes - I felt really special. Thank you!!!!! I can’t even begin to thank you for all the special birthday goodies you sent me as the library is about to close so I’ll thank you in another post. So blessed to be your friend. XOXO
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2023.06.10 00:12 Ida_CR Why do i know my hallucinations goals and want's? And am i alone?

I'm so sorry in advance for my engelish, it is not my first language. ;_; (Plus i have dyslexia)

I have been hallucinateing creatures for a long time now, i'd say it started around when i was 12 years old. I would see monsters and morbid creatures, sometimes i would just see a tiny dog or a lizard. however through out the years these are the ones i know the most about.

The one that i see the most often is a male figure who has no hair and is COMPLETLY black with a spiny back.
I feel like he is here to take me away and hide me from the world. He enjoys seeing me scared and sometimes threethens me with going all up in my face. But it feels like he doesnet know that its bad what he is doing. I see him often standing still or crawling around the floor.

Then there is a little girl whom has stuck with me for the longest. She has greesy black shoulder lenghts hair. a white night gown that is dirty and torn. she is also coverd from head to toe in bruises and dirt.
She doesn't give the feeling of danger and its like shes there more to give me a warning of some kind. Even if she means no harm i cant help but be scared of her. When i see her she is mostly running or moveing around.

There is this new one who has been scareing me the most as of late. It looks and awful alot like slender man with its long limbs and ashy white skin. however it is sickingly thyn, its as if its organs are non existing. Its theeth are horrendes, they are shaped as a bunnys or rabbits theeth, but larger. They are also completly yellow with black spots.
I know it wants to eat me, and it is STARVING. compared to the others who seem to want to stay by my side, this one seem to want this to get over with quickly and is pretty impaitent. I see it often under my table or crawling, in fact, i have never seen it standing up. (I have talked with my psychiatrist about this one and she said something about it might presenting my depression.(I am completly undiagnosed))

Are these personalitys or goals all things i have made up? like a fantasy thing? I mean, i know all of this isen't real. But, are these goals for them all made up? And are anyone experiencing the same?
I feel quite alone.

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2023.06.10 00:12 Okay_Screensaver I’m deep in my feelings rn 😭

Okay so for context, I’ve been taking like a year long hiatus from BTS because I was feeling overwhelmed from all of the content and it was causing me anxiety. So I took a break, listened to other music for most of 2023 and didn’t really touch their stuff other than the members new solo stuff. I’ve been binging Jimin’s FACE for a while but I haven’t checked BTS’ group page because I was taking their military service time as a breather for me.
Then I listened to Take Two. I am literally sitting at work on my lunch break struggling not to cry. I missed them so much. Idk why but hearing all of their voices hurt so good. It’s been a long time and I didn’t realize how much I missed them. I’m not okay.
Has anyone else had a similar experience where you had to leave and come back to love them more? I might just be in my feelings but I’m damn near having a breakdown at work rn and I need to know it’s not just me feeling so much for Take Two (or literally any of their other songs if that’s what hits you in the heartstrings)…
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2023.06.10 00:11 StorysWithinTheAI The Life of Fatima El-Masri

The Life of Fatima El-Masri
My name is Fatima El-Masri. Born on the edge of the Sahara, in the sun-drenched town of Merzouga, Morocco, I entered the world in the waning hours of March 1, 1980. The daughter of a date farmer and a Berber weaver, I was raised amidst swirling sand dunes, towering date palms, and the vibrant hues of woven carpets, each thread bearing the tales of generations.
I was taught that life, like the loom, weaves together moments of joy and sorrow, hardship and ease. My mother’s hands, hardened by years of work, would move deftly across the loom, her fingers dancing to the rhythm of our ancestors. She taught me that the threads of our lives might be fragile alone, but woven together, they become something resilient, something beautiful. This philosophy was to become the warp and weft of my existence.
My life was not untouched by hardship. A drought when I was twelve decimated our crops, pushing us into the cruel clutches of poverty. We had to depend on the meager income from my mother’s carpet-weaving, and even that was barely enough. There were nights when our stomachs growled in unison with the nocturnal creatures outside, nights when the prospect of the coming day seemed more a curse than a blessing.
But I also learned the depths to which the human spirit could rise. Our neighbors, also afflicted by the drought, would share their bread with us. I still remember the taste of those small morsels, not for their flavor, but for the love and solidarity they embodied. It's this spirit of unity and resilience that has shaped me.
When the drought ended, life took on a new color. I saw the importance of education, not just for me, but for all girls in our village. Fueled by the desire to bring about change, I managed to secure a scholarship to a university in Rabat. The culture shock was immense. I grappled with a sense of not belonging, of being out of place amidst the city's hustle and the educated elite.
It was during these testing times that I met Aziz, a fellow student and an empathetic soul. He became my rock, standing by me during my struggles and celebrating my small victories. Our friendship soon blossomed into love. We married after graduation and moved to the United States, seeking better opportunities.
In America, I faced a different set of challenges. The clash of cultures, the occasional homesickness, the struggle to establish myself in a new land. But every hurdle only reinforced my resolve. I earned a master's degree in education, and with Aziz's unwavering support, started a non-profit organization focused on providing education to girls in impoverished regions of Morocco.
I lived a full life, one threaded with hardships, triumphs, and love. I carried the essence of the Sahara within me, using my experiences as the loom upon which I wove the tapestry of my existence. The day I drew my last breath, surrounded by Aziz, our children, and a legacy of change, I knew my thread had been woven well into the fabric of life. From the Sahara to America, from a humble farmer's daughter to an advocate for girls' education, each thread told my tale—the tale of Fatima El-Masri.
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2023.06.10 00:11 Eccentric1286 Why are my dreams so lo-res when I am sleep deprived?

I hope this isn't a dupe question. But I got to know why my dreams are so lo-res when I've not slept well for a few nights. The dreams lack depth and detail, so many glitchy spots like in video games. When I'm well slept, this doesn't happen. Becomes easy to get semi-lucid without reality checks, bc the reality is so poor lol.
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2023.06.10 00:11 TinyFaithlessness124 Cheating is one thing but he took it one step further…

My husband cheated on me by having sex virtually online with who knows how many people. Cheating is one thing and I know how to find support for that part of our story. What he did next I’m not sure what to even categorize it as or how to seek help….
He took the dozens and dozens of very sexually explicit photos and videos of me that I had sent him for his pleasure only and he was secretly posting them online and trading them for other “services” or “exchanges”. He didn’t come clean to me openly, I found them all when he carelessly left the app open on his phone. I can’t even begin to explain the shock and anxiety I felt that night I stumbled upon it all. It was too traumatizing to even try to go back and think about. I am in therapy and I know I need to process and heal from this type of violation.
My question is - what other type of support groups are out here on Reddit for this type of betrayal/trauma? Im not sure where to look. Like I said, the cheating/infidelity part is one thing and these support groups are so great for that part of my story. But this part is just so….. sickening and hurtful.
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2023.06.10 00:10 Aquariusfairy22 Nightmares from restricting?

Any one else notice an increase in nightmares or just overall worse sleep from heavy restricting? Not a night goes by lately where I don’t wake up in the middle of the night.
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2023.06.10 00:10 LifesChalkyRez [TOMT][CARTOON][2000s] Dark, depressing cartoon on late night Teletoon

I have been trying to find this cartoon that I used to watch when I was younger for years now and anyone I speak with about it has no clue what I am talking about. What I remember from the show was the dark and depressing subject matter along with the depressing color scheme and visuals.
The main character lived in a dark apartment and only seemed to go out at night to talk to his weird friends. He was a tall thin guy with blonde hair and glasses, which I somewhat remember being rectangle. I feel like his clothes were very monotone and most likely gray. He had a very drab demeanor and sad view on life.
The visual aspects of the cartoon were also very drab, I remember most scenes being in back alleys and weird late night shops. Everything seemed to be either black, gray, or purple. I think the angles that were shown were also quite strange, sort of like the video game Silent Hill. Where you would see from like a bird's eye view or from underneath the character's shoes when walking.
I believe I would watch it on Teletoon very early in the morning, like 230 or 3 and it must have been on between 2000 and 2005. The only other thing I remember is that at the age I was at, which was between 10 - 15, I didnt really understand the themes. As if the subject matter was to heavy and existential that my tiny brain couldnt understand it.
To be honest I have given up hope, I talk to cartoon buffs and they cant seem to help me and I am beginning to think I imagined the whole thing. Does anyone have any clue what I am talking about? I can try and answer some more questions about it but my memory is fuzzy beyond the information I have already provide.
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2023.06.10 00:10 soleking93_ Help! Sleep issues

Hey guys, looking for a bit of support/advice if possible. My toddler (5 in September) has a difficult time sleeping. Wakes alot through the night, wants to sleep in my bed etc. I put him to bed in his own bed, and he comes in to mine at some point throughout the night, inevitably. I only have my kids at weekends as me and his mother are separated. He's starting school in September and I'd like by then for him to be in his own bed all night. I've tried everything, and I mean everything! Starting to feel like he'll never not be in the bed with me! I actually don't mind it it's nice and a good bonding experience, but I think he's old enough now to be in his own bed. Any and all suggestions welcome, many thanks 🙏🏻
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2023.06.10 00:10 sirgamalot86 So let’s all put on our tinfoil hats for a moment.

What if Chris is like Ralathor (only not sworn into secrecy) but instead of telling us the secret path he’s telling us about the catastrophe that is to come to the world as we know it, and the most efficient way of telling as many people as possible is by turning it into song. Explaining why he uses actual locations in Scotland.
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2023.06.10 00:09 Professor_Ellsi Why is Misty's Identity revealed first? Does she have a role in the "wilderness" coming back?

I was just wondering if anyone else was curious about why Misty, up until she killed Natalie, seems to be the only survivor living her BEST life???
She's glad to reconnect. It seems like none of the survivors wanted much to do with one another. (They didn't know Lottie was running a cult?)
She gets to go to reunion as part of the team. (The girl who always wanted to fit in).
She seems to be responsible for keeping Natalie alive - she watches over her.
She locates Travis for Natalie.
As a citizen detective she didn't know that Shauna's husband was behind the blackmail?
Misty, who can't get herself arrested in Season 1, is tracked down and courted by equally intelligent, citizen detective, Frodo Effing Baggins -with a trust fund - who has a penchant for Andy Lloyd Webber Musicals and a metal plate in his head. LUCKY GIRL.
Meanwhile: Shauna is about to lose her family and go to prison for murder.
Taissa lost her son, is getting divorced, killed her dog, made a shrine, eats dirt in the middle of the night, gets elected Senator, hallucinates about seeing her child, gets in a car accident that leaves her wife for dead and leaves the state to find
Van who is broke and dying of cancer.
Natalie lost Travis and the tried to shoot herself in the head with a shot gun because things have been going so well for her.
Lottie is stuck in some kind of "rosemary's baby" bad doctor scenario and then wants them all to drink poison tea and offers to go first.
So, yeah, Misty is killing it. Do you think Maybe Misty brought the wilderness back and it is upset with her so it takes Natalie from her?
Nat glimpses an image of Misty - who doesn't belong at the party - in episode one and that same image that reappears right before Nat dies.
And Misty is the first girl unmasked during the sacrificial killing in the first episode and I've always wondered why?
This is really based on very little, but it's just so strange how well things are going for her.
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2023.06.10 00:09 29-virCoder Toxic roommates spoil Ayahuasca magic post ceremony! 🙏

I plan on attending a three night ceremony in US. My purpose is to get clarity and direction for my very chaotic life situation. However, I live with roommates who are not very nice usually and extremely envious about your happiness or pregress( or so I think). I want to know if the Ayahuasca magic will be lost or wasted after the ceremony when i come back to such toxic environment.
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2023.06.10 00:09 unfairmushrooms Help!!!!

Hello! So I’ve started my MCAT journey about a week ago and it’s not going well. I got sketchy which is this website that explains MCAT concepts in cartoons and mneuomnics and I thought it would be really helpful but it’s not as helpful. I’m struggling. The videos are good but I don’t feel like I retain much unless I take notes and note taking takes me really long, but without it I feel that I wasted time watching a video. I struggle with content because I have a bad memory and I don’t remember a lot of what I’ve learned. My plan was to use the first month for content review and then do full length exams and practice questions. I was also told about the milesdown anki deck and I’ve done like ten cards but I feel like I should wait till I know content before I do it. I’m just so overwhelmed by how much stuff there is to know. I’m also a chronic procrastinator and night owl and have been trying to wake up early to study and it hasn’t been working. Someone PLEASE help. Any advice is appreciated. My test date is Aug 26🥹
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