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2018.08.26 05:29 Nidowott Cayde-6

A subreddit dedicated to the best NPC from Destiny, Cayde-6

2013.02.18 06:46 Destiny 2

All about Destiny 2: The epic, online-only looter-shooter MMO from Bungie, which launched in September of 2017.

2014.12.31 00:04 Sparkatiz Destiny Sherpa

Most of us are aware that it can be difficult for a new player to find a group to do their first raid. /fireteams moves fast & can be hard to pick through at times. is full of people who require you to have experience, a specific level, or weapons and can be discouraging to new players. And some people like to play sherpa. I would like to bring raid sherpas, and raid newbies together in a clean, organized fashion. One place for both types of people to go without any run around.

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2023.03.22 07:47 mama_m0nster Wearable Breast Pumps

I hate pumping. I think that it's because I'm stuck in one spot and with a 9m old baby literally on the verge of walking it's very hard to be stuck like that.
I was wondering if anybody has any brand or model recommendations. The only brand I am not willing to buy is Willow. I don't have that much to drop on pumps.
I do want 2 so I can pump at the same time, so preferably a set option would be nice. I would like something fairly easy to use but also effective if possible. (I have heard that they generally don't work as well as a more traditional pump but I will be keeping that as well for some pumps) I also am hoping I can find something that has parts that are fairly easy to find.
Any suggestions would be amazing!
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2023.03.22 07:47 Addicted2Gacha Ranked Match (PVP) endless loading issue?

Hey everyone! With the rank match preseason now in session, there were some instances where I'd be ready for a song, but the other player would still have their status shown as "preparing." This would go on for seemingly an endless amount of time; I've waited at least 5-10 minutes whenever this happens, and the match still wouldn't start, even when the prep timer hits 0. The other person is still shown as "preparing." I can't purposefully disconnect either, because I've done so and I first faced a 2 minute ban, and then a 10 minute ban because the game probably just registers the fact that I'm the one leaving. And I can't be expected not to leave either, because after waiting for 10 minutes and the match still hasn't started, I'm sure most people would disconnect themselves at that point anyway. However, I'm worried that if this issue keeps occuring then I'll face even longer penalties, or worse, my account will be suspended. I've had successful matches, but out of the 6 matches I've had, this has occured twice, so I'm worried to push my luck and have it happen again. I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue? Thanks so much!
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2023.03.22 07:47 momotime123 Website Contribution Opportunity - The Biology Breakdown!

For BioChem students!
Hi everyone!
My friend and I have launched a website which aims to simplify and summarise published Biology/Biochem research papers for people that have a weaker background in the subject. You can check it out here. We're looking for volunteers to write for the website - if you're interested, please feel free to fill the contact form, email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or reply on this thread!
Just an FYI, we have two options for people who are interested:
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  2. You can be a guest writer: here you can give articles whenever you want as inconsistently, but you won’t be a part of the official team, only your name will be at be bottom of the articles you write. Also remember that this option won’t really get you as much CV credit.
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2023.03.22 07:47 tutuseris What's a depressed person to do for the rest of his life?

Hi everyone, I'm 30 years old, I've been on and off meds, in and out of therapy for more then a decade. All these while I have been working full time as I didn't come from a very privileged background,( I have some peers haunted by similar afflictions who can afford not to work for a year or more). Although things have gotten better for me over the years, I still face challenges. The problems I struggle with as a working adult is usually attendance related, late coming; or MCs, ALs when my mood dips and it is difficult for me to get out of bed. (I don't exceed my leaves or MCs in a year of course). And when I do usually miss work it is of course unplanned. And people do know that I do my work just that sometimes I'm not around. There just isn't much flexible arrangements that can be made to adjust hours even if I ask for less renumeration in the industry I work in. Here are my questions:
  1. Does anyone has any suggestions what kind of job would be suitable for me ?
  2. Is it common for people to be reprimanded over high MCs and leaves (Thought it was something employees are entitled to?
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2023.03.22 07:47 Not_that_Diffusion For Intel, AMD GPU, Mac or Windows Users, Try Linux, it's fast and stable

First Part

This is not a tutorial just some personal experience.
When I just started out using stable diffusion on my intel AMD Mac, I got a decent speed of 1.2-1.8it/s, which takes 30-40s for a 512x512 image 25 steps no control net, is fine for an AMD 6800xt, I guess.
Things get worse when I try to use high resolution 1024x1024, with ControlNet, it takes 5-10 minutes for a single image.
After some google, I decided to give Linux a try, because it has ROCm 5.4.2, which supports AMD GPU acceleration on Linux. Now I can get about 5-5.7it/s for 512x51225 steps
you may follow this if you have Radeon RX 6000 series GPU, and know a thing or two about using the terminal.
  1. First, you need to install Linux, dual boot is a good choice. I use Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon, 5.15 kernel, this is mandatory, and you can also choose Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS or Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS.
  2. Follow this guide by tech-practice to install ROCm 5.4.2. Anaconda, etc. you can stop at around 28 minutes mark, as I'm a tech-noob, i can only handle WebUI.
  3. Please be careful there is a typo in his video(around 23:00 into his video): use this: export HSA_OVERRIDE_GFX_VERSION=10.3.0
  4. Also do remember this virtual environment name you set: like in his video is py39torchamd. cause every time you use stable diffusion webui, you should activate this environment in terminal first.
  5. Now it's time to install WebUI, choose a location you want, open the terminal inside the folder, just right-click inside the folder, choose open in terminal

#First clone the webui to your folder git clone #then install dependence for wenbui pip install -r stable-diffusion-webui/requirements_versions.txt pip install -r stable-diffusion-webui/requirements.txt 
  1. After everything is set, To launch Webui, go to the WebUI folder, right-click, open in terminal

    First you need to activte the virtual envrioment you set:

    conda activate (the name you set for the virtual envitoment)

    then luanch the webui with some bootarguments, mine is below,you may need to adjust accroiding to your hardware.

    python --upcast-sampling --opt-sub-quad-attention --medvram
  2. now, hopefully, you are good to go. or maybe not, you'll run into some weird shit. just google it.

Second part

Get high res images on an AMD GPU machine. this is my personal workflow and may be useful for someone.
1: DO NOT use hires.Fix, it's extremely slow. You better offer to set the initial image resolution to 768x768, 512x768,1024x1024, (or 1536x512 if the vram can handle it.)
2: You can use TiledVAE, but i use chaiNNer for my image upscale.
  1. To use chaiNNer for Upscale with GPU acceleration, first install chaiNNEr and all 3 dependencies: pytorch, NCNN, ONNX. No command lines needed to install these, once you open chaiNNEr, you will find a download button on top right corner.
  2. Download upscale models like RealESRGAN_x4plus.pth, RealESRGAN_x4plus_anime_6B.pth
  3. Convert this pytorch model to NCNN model in chaiNNer.
  4. Now you can upscale to 4K,6K images blazing fast with AMD GPU acceleration.

That will be all. Happy diffusion.
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2023.03.22 07:47 _dudz Few immortals, which is best? For PVP/PVE

I realise these probably aren’t the best of rolls but it’s all I managed to get in the short time I could farm this weekend.
Any of these worth hanging on to for PVP & PVE?
  1. Corkscrew/Full bore. Alloy mag/Appended mag. Pep motion. Hatchling. Reload MW
  2. Smallbore/Fluted. Alloy mag/Flared mag. Surplus. Target lock. Range MW
  3. Smallbore/Polygonal. Armour piercing/Flared mag. Pep motion. Killing wind. Handling MW
  4. Fluted/Polygonal. Ext mag/Armour piercing. Threat detector. Kill clip. Stability MW
  5. Arrowhead/Fluted. High cal/Light mag. Surplus. Hatchling. Handling MW
  6. Arrowhead/Fullbore. Ext mag/Alloy mag. Dynamic sway. Focused fury. Handling MW
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2023.03.22 07:47 Zunthus (ESPR part 2) Frozen Corridors event discussion (MAJOR spoilers up to ch 9.5)

I'll rant before I proceed to the questions as usual lol
Regina and Edel moments in these events, especially the last part was, *chef's kiss* lol
Rivet put it exactly:
this is why i love the trio lol
Luna is also very interesting in the aspect that she's a shadow, a C.O., and yet doesn't crave for bloodlust/eating humans, but she also isn't the nicest person like Lyudmila too (although I'm pretty sure if she wasn't under Maestra she seems kind and playful enough) I really wonder about her backstory on how she became the Trumpeter of Elysium
It's really great on the world building that not all good C.O.s/shadows are always on our side, there are beings like Luna as well, she really doesn't want to fight - it's even mentioned in her skill description lol
Shena and Carmen kept mentioning as well that Maestra changed alot (pretty sure it's due to Revenant in her), or else should would have been alot lot MORE ruthless and coldblooded

Can't have enough of Elizabeth and Horizon roasting each other lol
Really great episode and felt like it's Avengers assembled moment again (wasn't anticipating it because I felt like they just did it not too long ago in the Carnival event) although this is very welcome, and pretty much is like a direct sequel to the Carnival event but tied in with other sidestories&main ones

Felt so good for being able to read this lol


  1. Is the MacCready estate in the counterside? Why would Regina's lost ice powers turned into the monster "Chaser" otherwise? Since the story explained that the Counterside effects could manifest in whatever the living being inside is?

  1. what's this "Ritual" that Edel's preparing for Regina? (the one she had the Elysium group help "perform") The one that takes place at the factory in the middle of the sea (in which I understood as it was where Prwyden institute held a large fraction of the Lake of Knowledge that we saw Eliz&Roy's CG looking at it)

  1. i understood that this "Ritual" that Edel prepared for Regina failed? or at least wasn't used..? (as in she didn't partake in it, since she went back home and got new awakened powers herself, or is all of this some kind of Edel's plans? But she doesn't seem to know how Regina is about to threat her with suiciding)

  1. what was the intro/first scene where we first got to use A.Regina? Is this her performing the procedures to become the President back at her home or was this the part where she came back after awakening and is going to confront Edel after her escape

  1. So Regina died (or is very near of death) back when Harab was controling her back in the strega/A.Yuna's event right?

  1. the 666 people that sacrificed for Regina, were they there because they want to give back Regina's kindness to them during her VP times, or was it Edel's command as the acting president, or a mix of both?

  1. I don't get the law stuff, but why did the Dean of Law let Regina go at the estate? I know she had a grudge because her younger sister was sacrificed, but she too was willing to give Regina a chance to change the Society?

  1. Regina did really write a letter to contain herself right? Knowing that she'll likely forget/supress memories again? (she was really devastated about the meeting it spurred many events after that huh....)

  1. In the end, what factors made it possible for the "awakened" version of Regina? The ritual she performed back in her house, her bloodline being super powerful from the start, her resolve? (usually in other events they got a powerful artifact, tech level 5 gear, or activated/gain control of the qliphoth factors,etc - what was Regina's?)

  1. And why did somehow in the process her emotions were "frozen"? (how? magic/ritual stuff?)

  1. I'm quite confused on Agnes's stance in all of this, so she's secretly trying to get rid of the Society? or have some kind of grudge? or she just wants it to change to a bettemore less people sacrificing like Regina?

  1. Is Sylkie's personality really her original self or the version Regina "imagined" Slykie would be?

  1. Did A.Regina acquire the Lake of Knowledge in the end? or just a big part of it?

  1. I wonder where's A.Regina when the Qliphoth game began and after it started for a while, I remembered in ch9 and/or 9.5 Edel was with Serapel aiding the Knights of Redemption (or was that the period she's still recovering?) and her role in ep10 (if she does appear)

  1. When Edel and Maestra mentioned "thorn" does that mean Revenant? (this implies alot that she's still alive, but inside Maestra) and looks like at the end of this event Maestra already decided on getting rid of Revenant..(can't wait for Carnival part 2.......!!! Also awakened Chris lol!!!!)

  1. does the artifact that is in Curian have something to do with the Elysium? since Shena mentioned it and seemed pretty shock about it when she saw Curian

  1., seeing how G.A.P. bird aiding Regina so much, A.Regina, the current president is at least on our side....right? at least on the part to contain/limit Edel's movement...somehow..? (I'm confused on what we/the CEO gains from this whole event, other than spying in the movements of Society)

  1. Edel's obviously heads over heals for Regina, but what do you think of how Regina viewed Edel? I'm still kinda both happy and confused about this lol

awakened Regina : from sub to dom

A very long event, 7 chapters to read, had so much fun with this! (I read for like 4-5 hours, gradually, I'm a slow reader - enjoyed every single of its moment!)
I really wonder who are the characters with potential for being awakened units next...(after A.Lyudmila)
Last but not the least, playable Heydrich when?
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2023.03.22 07:47 Savi321 Does Tipping Also Affect the 75% Spend Limit?

Now, I have learned quite recently that we are heavily penalized if we spend the distributed Moons over the specified limit of 25%. That is, if you have 1000 Moons you can spend up to 250 Moons without inviting the wrath of the Moon kingdom.
Any spend over the specified limit will invite a penalty in the order of the spent Moons. To avoid the complication of putting down the formulae and the details (simply because it is too much for me), and confusing everyone, I will move on to my question.
Two things come to mind.
  1. Does giving off moons to the liquidity pool above the specified 25% invite penalty? And
  2. What do you think about tipping? Does tipping over the 25% limit invite a penalty?
All the learned long-time moon-loving souls of this sub, please do enlighten.
Now, if you have 1000 Moons, you really don't have to worry about tipping as you can tip up to 250 Moons. But what if I have 40 Moons and end up spending 11 Moons in tips? What happens then since I have breached the 25% cap? Curious.
Disclaimer: Definitely not financial advice.
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2023.03.22 07:46 AISecurius Hook technology for offensive and defensive confrontation

Hook technology for offensive and defensive confrontation
The principle of sameness and struggle of contradiction applies to almost all offensive and defensive confrontations.
In the last issue, we published How to ensure the uniqueness of device fingerprints when hardware attributes are no longer used as the identifier of device fingerprints". In the article, we introduced the evolution of hardware ID as the basic attribute of device fingerprint - that is, when hardware attribute is no longer used as the unique attribute of device fingerprint, in order to ensure the uniqueness of device fingerprint needs to add more identification criteria and dynamic variable algorithm based on hardware ID, in fact, this is a typical example of attack and defense confrontation .
Let's take another example. For example, in the offensive and defensive confrontation of device fingerprinting, the black and gray industry must "disguise" itself in order to bypass the device fingerprint to carry out attacks. At this point, there are two main ideas for bypassing the black and gray industry.
  1. How to turn a device into multiple devices.
For example, in a swipe scenario, making the app repeatedly think it is a new phone and thus repeatedly receiving the newcomer bonus.
  1. How to turn a device into another device.
For example, in an authentication scenario, the attacker's phone is spoofed to the victim's phone, allowing the app to log into the victim's account and steal funds, user information, etc.
But there is a spear, there is a shield, black and gray industry bypass ideas naturally can not escape the "eyes" of security researchers.
Today, we will talk about the idea of offensive and defensive confrontation with the theme of Hook.

A first look at Hook technology
First, a brief introduction to Hook technology.
Hook technology is a technology widely used in computer offensive and defensive confrontation. It can monitor various event messages in the system or process and intercept messages sent to the target window for processing.
We can simply compare the person using Hook technology to an angler, and Hook technology is like his fishing gear, the events constantly passed in the system is like a swimming fish, the angler through Hook technology will catch the target events he wants (Hook technology is generally directional), then you can modify the events, and then let it run normally, to achieve the purpose of the technical staff. technology is often used in hotfixes online, API hijacking, software cracking and other technical operations.
For example, we commonly use mouse and keyboard, if your computer is Hooked, then it also means that any operation you do is in the hands of the other party.
Hook technology is not only applicable to x86 systems, but also to mobile platform systems based on simple instruction sets, such as cell phones and other devices. Among them, Hook technology for mobile devices mainly focuses on cell phones.
For Android Hook framework, there are three main categories, one is for Native layer, i.e. system layer Hook framework, using PLT/GOT Hook or inline-Hook framework, such as bhook, xhook, yahfa, etc., one is for Java layer Hook framework, such as Xposed, and one is more special Hook framework - Frida, which is designed for the full platform Hook framework for x86 \ x86_64 \ arm \ arm64 architecture of the system, Hook on the iOS side of the main technical implementation through the Frida framework, and Frida in Hook technology implementation on Android also has a lot of audience, but mainly still Xposed class framework, the main reason is that Xposed on Andorid stability is better, and features are easier to hide.
Next, we'll talk about how to use Hook for offensive and defensive confrontation with Xposed and two other Hook frameworks (Edxposed and Lsposed) that iterate on Xposed as the core.
How to do an attack without knowing its attack - how to do an attack with Hook technology?
With the iterative update of Android version, Xposed framework also iterated with the new Hook framework.
At present, the main Hook framework for the Android platform is based on Lsposed, we will use Lsposed to Hook Android applications to see how to use Hook to attack.
First, the normal use of Lsposed requires several pre-requisites.
  • A phone capable of unlocking BootLoaderLock.
  • Prepare the boot.img of your own phone system.
  • Preparing the Lsposed module installation package with the Magisk installation package.
  • A computer with ADB tools installed.
After the above conditions are prepared, you are ready to install and use Lsposed.
Once the installation is complete, we can use Hook to carry out the attack.
The specific process is as follows.
1. Decompile and analyze the target app.
To get the fish on the hook you have to know the properties of the fish. So the first step to successfully install Hook is to decompile and analyze the target app. Here we use jadx-gui to decompile and analyze the app.
actf decompile
Using jadx-gui we can see the decompiled source code. As shown in the figure below, by decompiling the app we arrive at the action it wants to pass the Flag, but note that this information is an uncertain value and we need to verify it further.

actf run results
As you can see from the verification, no matter how many times you click the button, it will only show "Do you really believe in flags when you click?". This message. So, the next step is to take control of our own "catching" process.
2、Write code plug-ins to attack the "weakness" of the target app
At this point, we need to write a Hook plugin, modify some of its parameters, and then you can directly obtain its already calculated MD5 value (MD5 is an encryption algorithm. Also known as: irreversible encryption algorithm. The MD5 value is the password of any file after encryption of the plaintext password, also known as "digital fingerprint", anyone who has made any changes to the file, its MD5 value is the corresponding "digital fingerprint" will change. (Any changes made to the file will result in a change in the MD5 value, the corresponding "digital fingerprint".) What is it.
First we can use Android Studio or Idea with the Android plugin already installed, open a new project and select a project without an interface:.

New hook project
Note that when writing Xposed Hook modules, in order to be recognized by the Xposed framework, you need to create a file called xposed_init in your project's assets directory (if you don't have one, you can just create a new assets directory) and with the following contents for your package
name + your main class name.

Package name and main class name

xposed_init configuration
Next, open the AndroidManifest.XML file and fill it with the following content.

AndroidManifest.xml project location

AndroidManifest.xml configuration
After configuring AndroidManifest.xml, we can start writing Xposed Hook module. The details are as shown in the figure.

The location of build.gradle in the project

build.gradle configuration
In Xposed, there are two methods of Hook, one is before and the other is after, and the principle of its implementation is realized by the slot of art, which can add two slots before and after the originally called method, and then go to execute our hook, which can be understood figuratively as the following figure.

Changes in method calls before and after Hook
As we can see from the figure, the target App is mainly composed of two parts, the first is the MainActivity main class, and there are two methods in the class, one is the onCreate method, which is a method of MainActivity initialization, and the second is the getFlag method, this method is also our target, by Hooking this method, we can Through this method, we can know what the MD5 value representing the flag is.
Our idea is to Hook the getFlag method first. Assuming we Hook the getFlag method, we are naturally most concerned about the incoming string value, and the specific Xposed module code is as follows.

Hook module code
In this way we can get the MD5 value we want, and then modify the parameters to achieve control of the app.
How to fight Hook attacks?
As the saying goes, if there is a spear, there is a shield. In response to Hook's attack, a defense has also been derived.
Since Xposed will call a specific ClassLoader when Hooking, then it is possible to detect the Xposed framework by loading the ClassLoader again, for example as follows.

Find ClassLoader
1、Use the system API getInstancesOfClassesMethod to get the ClassLoader, through this way can only get once CL, we can traverse the Classloader used within the App.
  1. After traversing all CLs, we can detect its Hook by its member cache (target Hook method cache).

Get the members of the Hook

Hook members
This detection method relies on the VMDebug.getInstancesOfClassesMethod() function provided by Android system, which only exists on Android 9-11, limiting the application of the solution. Moreover, as a counter-detection method, this key function can also be hooked by Xposed, and you only need to control the return of this function to complete the counter-detection.
In addition to the ClassLoader way to fight against Xposed Hook, there are other kinds of more traditional countermeasures, but they all have corresponding countermeasures, and the top image product has a unique countermeasure, and additional anti-detection and countermeasure technology, which can more accurately identify Hook risks.
Of course, at a deeper level, we can also use Hook technology to bring traditional Web attack techniques to the mobile side, and conduct offensive and defensive exercises in the mobile side to complement the skill tree as a red team, as well as against Hook technology and attackers to safeguard their own App security.
Overall, the offensive and defensive confrontation is a protracted war, requiring the continued efforts of security vendors.
In terms of offensive and defensive confrontation, based on years of technical accumulation, Top Elephant has achieved comprehensive security protection for Android, iOS, H5 and applets, effectively defending against debugging, injection, multiple opening, memory Dump, emulator, secondary packaging and log leakage and other attack threats. The unique "honeypot" function protects 16 kinds of data and files of Android, provides 7 kinds of encryption forms, and takes the lead in supporting source code free reinforcement for iOS.
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2023.03.22 07:46 xd3v1lry Giving Away Free Duelist Cup Wins

Giving Away Free Duelist Cup Wins
I'm currently rank 14, there's only four days left of DC, and I don't care to go beyond rank 15 unless I'm exceptionally lucky. Still, I wanna get at least another 20 duels in to cap out my mission rewards, but no freakin' way I'm dueling 20 times. Inspired by a reddit post I saw a few days ago, I decided to change my name to "freewin4u" and give out free wins lol.
I'm typing out this reddit post and doing some work as I speak, while playing out the duels on a second screen. I just pass when it's my turn and switch my card activations off until the game is over. It's still annoying that people are taking forever to build their combos, but at least I'm more amused than anything when I look back at my duel screen a couple of minutes later and they still haven't entered their battle phase.
...Is what I was planning to do for at least 6 or 7 games, but on my 4th game, a dark magician player couldn't OTK me on turn 3 (even though I passed my turn 2 without doing anything), I passed my turn 4 without doing anything, went to the washroom and came back only to see that the player surrendered on turn 5 :(((
(But not before going for game with their 0 atk magician's soul, which I discovered upon watching the replay to figure out what on earth had happened)
Now that I'm one win away from advancing to rank 15, I have no choice but to stop giving away free wins :(
Who is lowtierdonnn and why did you ruin my plans!??
Whyyyyyy did you surrender :(
Magicians' Souls' valiant last stand
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2023.03.22 07:45 douglassdimmadome Am I crazy?

Let me preface with i have been dealing with a lot of mental issues recently such as (anxiety, depression, PTSD, and as of today bipolar disorder) and writing this down really helps me process my emotions and think about how I could’ve been better.
The story begins when I [M23] matched with some cute girl wearing elf ears on bumble [F20]. At the time she seemed fun and different and I actually thought I might like her, which was rare because practically every other girl I’ve matched with I never really had too much interest in and was only talking to to pass the time or maybe get lucky. We talked for a little and I felt like we really hit it off. Eventually i got her number / snapchat and we proceeded to talk and try to plan a date. This went on for about month but my crippling anxiety kept getting in the way and I always chickened out because of the fear of being rejected or even worse the fear of falling in love. I knew that i would be moving in the near future and didn’t want to get attached to someone that would be living 300 miles away.
I then moved and went on with my life but still sometimes snap chatted or texted her on occasion. Eventually she started showing more and more interest and over the next 2 months our conversations got longer and more personal. We started chatting on discord and holy shit I don’t know if i was just desperate and craved the attention from a woman or what but she made me feel special. Over the next couple of weeks we played started playing some video games together such as Call of duty and Sims, where we were decorating a house together. It was so strange because she would show me all this attention give off all of the signs that she was interested and then go spotty for an evening or a couple days and leave me on delivered. I get it people have real lives and I know women can play games sometimes but I kind of thought she liked me enough to be like “hey can’t talk tonight” or “I’m busy”. So there I am falling head over heels for this girl frantically waiting the next text and getting emotionally attached too when I still wasn’t sure if the feelings were reciprocated.
Eventually the time comes and I ask if she wants to do something over the weekend and that I was going to drive the distance to take her out on a date. She agreed and said she’s free on Sunday so I grew some balls and actually committed and drove down that Friday afternoon to hangout with a friend. I asked her if she was busy that night and she responded with no because she was sore from the gym which I thought was a lame excuse and got me overthinking. Saturday comes and she’s not answering at all and I have a mental breakdown and drive home that night. During my drive she answers but I was already halfway and told my friend who’s couch I was sleeping on that I was going home, so I made up an excuse and said there was a family emergency and needed to go home.
The next week was even better was talked more and I told her that I coming back specifically so I can finally meet her and take her on a date. I asked when she was free and she said Saturday and Sunday so I was like cool I’ll be there, booked a hotel room with some credit card points and on drove down there on that Friday night. Saturday morning rolls around and I’m super nervous we talk and she asks to postpone the date a couple hours I immediately thought the worst and was already considering going back home.
BUT IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, we met up at a local mall, talked on a bench for a while, then went and got smoothies, then continued talking in my car for another several hours before she had to go to some previous commitment. She was pretty open about previous traumas so I really wanted to respect her boundaries and not try anything that would come off as too aggressive or like all I wanted was sex because it wasn’t. Right before she got out of my car she said “can I kiss you” and I literally lunged at her from my seat to hers kissing her multiple times before she left and I stayed in my car smiling for a good 10 minutes thinking well I guess the date went well.
I went back to my hotel room and eventually texted her that I had a great time and I want to see her again tomorrow. she responds with the worst thing imaginable “I’m drunk can’t hangout with you tomorrow.” So there I was I just went from the happiest I’ve been in years to thinking well I blew it and I’m never going to see this girl again in my life. So I did what any desperate man would do and I told her exactly how I felt, saying that she was pretty much my favorite person that I talked to and legitimately just wanted to make her happy. and she responded with that’s cute but I like you too, but then said she wanted to see me again, then wouldn’t answer again. This was not very reassuring so I went kind of manic and drove home listening to angry music wishing I was dead. I actually got pulled over and the cop asked if I was ok because I was going 25 over in the pouring rain.
Monday comes and we go back to our normal routine of talking and playing video games together, Tuesday she ignored me for most of the day, and Wednesday back to normal. So on Thursday I told her how I felt again and she said I was being insecure. I apologized and was like ok not gonna be so obsessive because it’s not attractive and makes me seems needy. But fuck all I wanted in this world was her and she knew that. I actually sent her a message on Snapchat pretty much saying that exact thing and she ignored it for 20 hours……
At this point I was sure she didn’t have feelings back so I blocked her on snap so I could have some peace of mind and get out of purgatory. We then got into an argument over text and started name calling each other and being very personal with our attacks. I tried to apologize later that night but she was not having it at all and was still very angry with me understandably since I blocked her first and yet needed closure. The next day I said some things that I really really really wish I could take back but said it anyways and then blocked her on text so we had no more ways to communicate. I then sat on it for a couple of days and apologized again and pretty much fessed up to all my wrong doings and admitted that I acted out and that I had mental illnesses, but know I will not get a response and that it is time to move on. I have so many questions though since I’m still confused, upset, and sad.
Based on all that, Did I get too attached to someone I barely knew? Does it seem like she was ever actually interested in me or was she just leading me on? How can I prevent this from happening again? Would you give me another chance if you were her?
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2023.03.22 07:45 Apprehensive-Win-357 Now it makes sense /s

Now it makes sense /s
What's this guy on
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2023.03.22 07:45 Fernanda-gir GlobaI Info Research Report on Supply and Demand Analysis and Development Prospects of Global Cam Position Sensor Market by 2023-2029

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This report is a detailed and comprehensive analysis for global Cam Position Sensor market. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses are presented by company, by region & country, by Type and by Application. As the market is constantly changing, this report explores the competition, supply and demand trends, as well as key factors that contribute to its changing demands across many markets. Company profiles and product examples of selected competitors, along with market share estimates of some of the selected leaders for the year 2023, are provided.
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Chapter 1, to describe Cam Position Sensor product scope, market overview, market estimation caveats and base year. Chapter 2, to profile the top manufacturers of Cam Position Sensor, with price, sales, revenue and global market share of Cam Position Sensor from 2018 to 2023. Chapter 3, the Cam Position Sensor competitive situation, sales quantity, revenue and global market share of top manufacturers are analyzed emphatically by landscape contrast. Chapter 4, the Cam Position Sensor breakdown data are shown at the regional level, to show the sales quantity, consumption value and growth by regions, from 2018 to 2029. Chapter 5 and 6, to segment the sales by Type and application, with sales market share and growth rate by type, application, from 2018 to 2029. Chapter 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, to break the sales data at the country level, with sales quantity, consumption value and market share for key countries in the world, from 2017 to 2022.and Cam Position Sensor market forecast, by regions, type and application, with sales and revenue, from 2024 to 2029. Chapter 12, market dynamics, drivers, restraints, trends, Porters Five Forces analysis, and Influence of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine War. Chapter 13, the key raw materials and key suppliers, and industry chain of Cam Position Sensor. Chapter 14 and 15, to describe Cam Position Sensor sales channel, distributors, customers, research findings and conclusion.
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Global Info Research
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2023.03.22 07:45 josephjoaci SPAM THE COCONUT TREE, CHAT!

xQc's focus on negative criticism makes him unable to accept criticism in any shape or form. This motherfucker is so disconnected from reality that he probably didn't know (until today) his editor shits all over other streamers on Twitter (very unhinged shit), even some people He's now on good terms with, in a certain way, damaging his reputation, image, brand, and relationship with other fellow streamers.
Lately, xQc cherry-picks what he takes accountability for (E.g. unpunctuality in general and inconsistency of attitude related to traits in work), creates schedules He can't follow, and gets disappointed when He often fails. Lil bro gets mad at chat for spamming "We don't care LULW" (while He rants about some drama nobody gives a shit about) or "Please, No more TikTok, it's been 2 hours already pepeAgony".
Pointing out any possible tiny flaw involving his habits, actions or capacity to deal with or set boundaries IRL, another massive issue in his life, but He isn't ready for this conversation yet is a no-no that turns you automatically into a parasocial, complaining-Andy or even hate-watcher.
After all, xQc is very successful and has a substantial streamer career. But seeing someone like Minx throwing hers under the bus makes me ponder: is it that hard for him to take a step back, sort things out in his private life and maybe take some time to work on himself and his mental health?
If streaming is inevitably necessary to keep his head in a good place, He doesn't need to take a break but maybe try to stream one day and rest the next.
I am rooting for his best. I really am. But I fear if He doesn't reflect on some aspects, in some years or even in a few months, the stress can become unbearable and make things go downhill in other areas of his life, and nobody wants to see that.
\English is my second language, so if anything I described wasn't clear enough, I beg your pardon.)
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2023.03.22 07:45 AutoModerator [Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass

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You will be able to apply what you learn from them to improve and ensure success in your own campaigns.
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2023.03.22 07:45 titleproblems The Bad Batch (Season 2) - Episode 14 - Discussion Thread!

All season 2 spoilers must be tagged until 14 days after the season finale.
(Spoiler tags are not required inside already spoiler-tagged posts)
Join the Star Wars Television Discord!
Feel free to join the Star Wars Television discord for real time discussions about The Bad Batch and all other Star Wars Television media!
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2023.03.22 07:44 Asleep_ButtCheeks Am I the only one?

I got on medications for bipolar 2, I like them and I don't yeah sure I feel less crazy in a sense but I also feel like a walking zombie at times. It's a love hate relationship at this point, but I know it's something I MUST take for the rest of my life but at times I just I don't do feel like me at times. More of a bleh I the only one who feels like this? Is it normal?
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2023.03.22 07:44 busines-knowledg U-Bolt Manufacturers

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2023.03.22 07:44 Arkadibeast Covid etiquette in Adelaide

So someone chose to go visiting at the hospital my mum works at whilst infected and unmasked, exposing not just the staff but the elderly patients too. Now 8 nurses are down (so far) in that ward, including my mum (she tested positive this morning), and this isn't the first time it's happened. And don't forget- the nurses typically have people they live with too, and this can impact them as well, thus creating a ripple effect.
As you can imagine, having 8 nurses out can seriously throw a ward out of whack and impact patient healthcare, potentially dangerously. I'm sure it's very far from the only healthcare place this has happened in. No matter what our politicians try to make us think, the pandemic is not over, and is more dangerous than ever due to its free-fall spread. Please, if you need to visit someone at hospital, consider taking a RAT test first, and stay home if positive. If negative, put on a proper, well-fitting N95 mask before entering. Our healthcare workers are stretched enough as it is. N95s are on the expensive side, but they are so well worth the investment, and can be reused. There are even some non-traditional but effective options, one of my favourites of which is the Cambridge Mask
If this makes even one person think twice and be mindful of the pandemic, especially in essential places like healthcare areas and grocery stores, I will consider it a success. We're all in this together, and it bodes well to remember that our choices can impact others in one way or the other. Being actively conscientious about Covid by masking and staying home if sick is doing everyone around you a kindness.
Thank you! Knowledge is power, so please consider the resources below:
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2023.03.22 07:44 ClearCounter Malazan Book of The Fallen Analysis and Reactions - House of Chains - Chapters 5-11


Welcome or welcome back! I have decided to tackle the Malazan Book of The Fallen series. Because I think veteran readers will enjoy it, I will write down my reactions and speculations as I move along.
NOTE If I pose questions, I am just sharing the questions I'm thinking in real time at X scene or book. I don't actually wish for commenters to answer them for me unless it is an extreme circumstances (Mixing up characters, misremembering events in previous scenes.)
Gardens of the Moon Deadhouse Gates Memories of Ice House of Chains Prologue - Chapter 4
Wowee, to make up for basically only being with Karsa in the first section, we jump around A LOT in the second one. If I forget to hit a character or event or skip it, remember to please nudge me in the comments so we can talk about it!

Tavore Paran

There isn't much to talk about here because we don't get a lot of reactions out of her, even when Ganoes was revealed to be not a traitor, but also dead, making some of Tavore's questionable actions ultimately unnecessary. I like the way she handled her Fist's at her briefing, giving her orders then dismissing them when they might seek to undermine her, but it also worries me because Fiddler criticized his company commander for refusing to hear his sergeants' thoughts. There seemed to be a bit of a mirroring between the Lieutenant and the Adjunct, both nobleborn untested commanders dismissing their veteran subordinates contributions.
We do see that she is worried about Felisin, so I'm giving her a tentative pass on the whole execute your mother and send your sister to a prison-camp thing.

The Fists

Gamet seems to be suffering from an inferiority complex and/or is being ill used by Tavore, being treated like a household guard captain still, despite being named a Fist. He has a bit of a good moment when he accuses Blistig of orchestrating the omen, then backtracks when he hears Blistig's response.
Blistig is broken from witnessing the end of the Chain of Dogs and his faith in his superiors is probably cracked. He might be a problem.
Tene Baralta - the Red Blades commander, now Fist, seems to be basically the only grounded Fist here, he just wants to get out there and prosecute the war, though in the previous books, Red Blades were acting like raging psychopaths, so he might be a problem too.


Fiddler is back and he is coming off better than I remember him being in Deadhouse.
He is now basically the Whiskeyjack for a whole new squad of Malazans and he is working hard behind the scenes to make sure the Adjunct Tavore is successful. He has decent moments with everyone, gelling well with all the soldiers.
The best moment was probably when he and Cuttle (an old sapper friend) "drew a line in the sand" and got the recruit-army in formation by blowing up munitions in their faces. Paraphrased from Cuttle "WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS RIGHT OR PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE". Lol
OH and its hinted that if Fidder (or any Bridgeburner) makes it back to Raraku, the dead Bridgeburners will play a role in whatever Ganoes Paran is doing now.

The Quest Storylines

This is basically what I'm calling many of the plot elements introduced in this section. They are
Lostara Yil + Pearl : Quest to find Felisin. Pearl gets credit for digging up the Talon, Lostara is being dragged along for the ride.
Kalam Mekhar : Quest to kill Korbolo Dom and (Reloe)? Cotillion has him do it and he accepts because his wife is mad at him. (He meets the Malazans that escorted Karsa most of the way to Otataral Island, and in the time honored tradition of Malazans, they murdered their officers.)
Apsalar + Crokus/Cutter : Quest to (secure?) the Throne of Shadow, located on a moving island located in the mortal realm. Shadowthrone apparently does not sit it, so it is a fragment that might not be in his possession. I almost thought that ApsalaCrokus was going to fade out of the story, given a happy ending / normal life, but looks like we have more to go. I like the divorce from Crokus to Cutter, in order to protect himself Crokus has crafted a new him to lay all his sins on. All is not well in loveland.
Onrack + Trull : Quest to get the fuck out of this warren (This is the 3rd or 4th time we've had to watch characters try to escape from this shit warren.) Onrack introduces the concept that statues/icons can be inhabited by the powers they represent, then later releases two Hounds of Darkness, who might be the two Paran sent into the Warren of Dark in Gardens. Oh and we finally meet some Tiste Liosan (Light) and they are certain High Elf archetypes (aka dicks).
Karsa Orlong : Quest to do something for the Seven, but really he is probably just looking for a horse and its conveniently in the same direction. Ostensibly Sha'ik's only trustworthy bodyguard, he is leaving her to a pit of snakes. Also we discover that he isn't a Whirlwind follower like he seemed to be in Deadhouse, and he is also getting pretty done with the Seven, if he finds out they are Imass, it might be the last straw.

Book of the Fallen and Death

So I've basically decided at this point that anyone who has died is not really dead until I forget they exist. A LOT of characters have come back from the dead, in full, in spirit, or partially. If a god still wants to use you, you don't die, sometimes you get to become a god, or magic saves you.
List of people who died but are not dead off the top of my head - Tattersail, Bellurdan, Nightchill - Duiker - Ganoes Paran - Toc the Younger - Baudin (If he is the Knight of Death, im 99% sure) probably more but its very late for me, and I'm sleepy

The Whirlwind Rebellion

Things are looking very very very very very bad for this rebellion tbh. Every "officer" except MAYBE L'oric is conspiring to kill each other and/or Sha'ik. Bidithal isn't worth an ounce of slimy scum. Felisin Elder doesn't seem to be commanding well. And its home to the weirdest most complicated conspiracy I think I've seen in a book.
Korbolo Dom's plan A. Betray Malazan forces in Seven Cities, slay half your legion, assist in the uprising B. Allow High Mage Febryl to assassinate Sha'ik C. Allow Tavore Paran to defeat and kill High Mage Febryl and all Whirlwind forces not loyal to Korbolo D. Kill Tavore Paran and her army E. Destroy the rebellion and everyone who resists and return Seven Cities to the Empire F. Return to the Malazan capital, assassinate the Empress, be Emperor.
wow...just wow. I mean, good for you shooting for the stars but....what?????
Speaking of slime, even Felisin Elder couldn't stand Mallick Rell, the Jhistal Priest of Mael, so he has been sent packing. He'll pop up elsewhere, he has to get his just desserts.
The storyline going on between the two sisters opposing each other is cool and I'm down for it. I wonder what Tavore is going to do when she figures out her opponent is Felisin Elder.
Korbolo Dom does have an idea that starts off as good and then tapers off into bad. He wishes the world would be free of gods and magic so that the common man can take control of his own destiny, but then goes on to fantasize about exterminating all the other races and making his way to live the only way to live.

Shadowthrone + Cotillion

I noticed a recognizable lack of Shadow in Memories of Ice but they are back and sticking their fingers in everything again. Cotillion is straight up asking people to go on quests for him, Lostara Yil, Cutter, Kalam, so he is invested in the outcomes of their storylines. He also implies that Shadowthrone is not the master in the relationship and that they are not as unified as previously perceived in the books. There are also implications that their claim on the Shadow Warren is being contested by someone, though Anomander Rake has proprietary claim on the Throne of Shadow, he is protecting it for some reason.
I'm really lost on what their objectives are now, none of these questlines seem to be able to hurt Empress Laseen. Has the Crippled God's recent moves changed their objectives?


Ahhhh favorite parts are probably the tangled and sordid conspiracies happening in the Whirlwind. We had A LOT of characters this section, and there is a bit of a pattern with the books being mostly a slow burn that ramps up to several major conflicts where all the characters kind of eventually mash together, so this one is sure to be a mess for all involved. In Deadhouse we got character pairings in, in this one we get individual quests and two mega collections of characters heading towards a fight.
TBH though, this was kind of a weaker section compared to all the other ones, a few of the POV characters from previous books don't seem to have any motivation other than "Cotillion asked me to do him a favor and despite no one liking him or Shadowthrone, we said yes." Maybe I'm just cranky.
Favorite character THIS BOOK so far : I don't know, uh, Cuttle, Karsa Orlong, The sergeant that broke a shovel on Karsa's head, Shard or Cord.
Until next time!
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2023.03.22 07:44 Ralle_Pan An update to my custom Aelnar empire for Stellaris (AAR)

An update to my custom Aelnar empire for Stellaris (AAR)
"By Solar flame and Lunar light
Bring us war and kill the night
Away from Halann, the stars are in sight
Purge all worlds, for our birthright"
- High Executioner Lithiel upon learning of the destruction of the Tal'Akkuran High Kingdom
It has been 53 years since the first Aelnari vessels set off to the stars. The Celestial Ascendancy of Aelnar struck out into the space, no longer afflicted with the ever-troublesome Astral Terror that had plunged numerous attempts into ruin. It's ships cutting through the darkness, a mix of blue and teal that soon would herald their arrival to the galaxy.
At first, they were simply in search of ancient precursor ruins, seeking to uncover their ancient past and potentially uncover lost secrets to continue their research, but soon, a lone vessel appeared as they surveyed a nearby system, and the fate of the galaxy would change forever. The Aelnari had encountered the Tal'Akkur, an anthropoid species who were as xenophobic as they were. They however, were not prepared for what was to occur.
High Executioner Lithiel ordered the immediate engagement of the vessel, and a fleet of newly constructed ships set out in search of any alien worlds. The battles were short, the end was bloody. In the end, all that was left was the broken carapices of millions of Tal'Akkur, desperate to save their last world. Upon the conquest of their homeworld, a policy of forced labour was enacted, and millions of Star Elves were moved both to oversee and claim these new worlds.
The conditions were brutal, Millions of Tal'Akkur were forced to mine and farm on what was once their homeworld. Begging for food and basic needs, they were given none. Any revolt was swiftly and brutally put down. For Aelnar, doing this was neither a necessity, nor a mercy. It was the fate of all who would stand in their way, to be used until for as long as they were to live, and to be discarded as a figment of the past once they had all perished, never to be remembered again.
Another empire would share the Tal'Akkur's fate, the Sacrosanct Juvan Order, a xenophilic free haven, structured by a priesthood stalwart in their spirituality, heard rumors of what had happened, and had even been given ample time to prepare since the Aelnari forces were far from the border, but still, they did nothing to stop Aelnar. Perhaps they were overeager in their own defences, perhaps they underestimated the "evil xenos," but in the end their homeworld was endlessly bombarded, their cities overrun, and they too were forced to work in the lands they once called their home.
Then the third empire fell, the Birnathian Alignment, an authoritatian technocratic dictatorship, who perhaps would have been ready to face the Aelnari threat, had they not been preoccupied greedily mining their systems of resources, and instead building their fleet to match the Aelnari. Again in history an empire had been presented with an opportunity to prepare, and again they refused to take it. Their worlds provided a source of immense mineral wealth to the Ascendancy, and just as the Tal'Akkur and the Juvans, they too would be forced to work until they died, and their species would be purged from the galaxy.
Three bloody corpses of three defeated empires lay under Aelnar's feet, and soon a fourth would join them.
The Noranian Galactic Confederacy was the latest of their conquests, a militant empire, they would prove to be the toughest challenge for the Ascendancy. Their hit and run tactics strained the Aelnari forces, their stalwart defences halted the invasions for years, and their sheer tenacity proved a headache for the Ascendancy's leading admirals and generals, but in the end they broke. A devastating push against each of their planets was launched, one by one they fell, an armageddon befalling them as orbital bombardments sought to rain hell upon any and all signs of life, military and civilian alike. Once their last worlds were conquered, High Executioner Lithiel ordered a new "Call of Reflection," harkening back to Aldan under the Precursor Empire, the efforts of the Ascendancy would now be focused internally, as the situation on the homefront grew evermore pressing.
A new innovation heralded by leading Aelnari scientists threatens to plunge the universe into an era of murder, genocide, and war. The Ascendancy has shattered the limits of biological evolution, and now had obtained the power of genetic modification, and perhaps one day even may reach a supposed "Biological Ascension."
A grim prospect for the future, however that is not to say light has been extinguished in the galaxy. Constant warring and pushes for technological innovation on the homefront have strained the Aelnari Fleets, with their most recent victory against the Noranian Galactic Confederacy showing the effectiveness of hit and run tactics, as well as displaying the sheer stalwart resistance offered by the Norani defenders proving almost too much for the Aelnari forces to handle.
Their pursuit of Genetic Perfection has led to the rise of a small subspecies of "Post Star-Elves," who on their homeworld of Kisak Aerie have self-modified themselves to be more resistant to the tundra of their planet, seek to gain greater political autonomy, and indeed they have modified themselves to be able to breed faster, hit harder, and even expand their own lifespans, something many Star Elves in the empire see both as an existential threat, but also a terrifying opportunity to experiment and observe firsthand their possible future.
Lastly, the economy of the Ascendancy lies fragile following war after war. While the material demands are being met, the rapid deterioration of the Aelnari economy has led to a shockingly fast collapse in credit reserves, and Aelnar seems to be on the brink of "running its coffers dry" within the next 20 years if nothing is done.
The fate of the Ascendancy lies uncertain at this pivotal moment. Forces both internal and external could shatter the supposed unstoppable destiny of the Star Elves, but rapid developments and advances could launch them into a new age of prosperity, spelling the end for the rest of the galaxy.
The Celestial Ascendancy of Aelnar 53 years following it's first steps into space
The Celestial Supremacy of Aelnar now indirectly holds roughly a quarter of the Galaxy, and more and as more and more empires are discovered, and the empire seems to be reaching it's limits, the future remains in the balance. Massive Leviathans remain across numerous systems, mysterious gateways lie waiting to be explored, a "machine empire" lies on their northern border, and more and more anomalies and unforeseen consequences litter the empire, threatening to tear it apart bit by bit.
"The Pale Moon of Aelnar may soon Ascend above the Galaxy, but never forget, it may just as likely fade into nothingness against the vastness of the dark that consumes it."
- Last words of a Norani worker to his child
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