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Artwork by ©️ Jak Nola.

2023.05.01 08:16 shop-inkedone Artwork by ©️ Jak Nola.

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2023.02.02 06:07 Gelocreggikraft Jak Nola, New Zealand

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Sunday, January 15, 2023
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[FRESH VIDEO] A$AP Rocky - Angels link +930 visionaryredditor
[FRESH] Jadakiss - Hustle, Repeat (feat Swizz Beatz) link +41 Vlaji
Monday, January 16, 2023
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[Fresh Video] Lupe Fiasco- PRESCIOUS THINGS link +297 K_Prime
[FRESH VIDEO] The Weeknd - Nothing is Lost (You Give Me Strength) link +85 visionaryredditor
[FRESH] B. Cool-Aid - Cnt Go Back link +34 rudebwoyyyyyyy
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
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[FRESH VIDEO] Drake - Jumbotron Shit Poppin link +724 NatMcMahan
[FRESH VIDEO] Drake - Jumbotron Shit Poppin (Official Music Video) link +40 Usernamesin2016LUL
[FRESH ALBUM] Papo2004 - PAP on P.E.D’s link +30 justouttoday
[FRESH] KXNG Crooked I - B.C. II link +27 RodgerRamrod
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
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[FRESH] A$AP Rocky - Same Problems? link +1617 TheJakInDaBox
[FRESH VIDEO] Freddie Gibbs - Rabbit Vision link +234 NatMcMahan
[FRESH VIDEO] SAINT MERCATØR - Da Biggest Bird link +96 Spacewolfe
[FRESH EP] Kota the Friend- Lyrics to GO, Vol. 4 link +93 NugPacino
[FRESH] Marlon Craft - I Still Don't Cry link +81 hewholovestits
[FRESH] Nyck Caution - The Blood We Shed link +33 FLAC_Harlow
[FRESH] Dean Blunt - NOLA Freestyle link +30 tough_-gong
[FRESH] RXKNephew - Yeezy Boots (prod. BAGWELL50K) link +28 gurdijak
Thursday, January 19, 2023
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[FRESH) J. Cole - Procrastination (Broke) link +3247 faygofiles
[FRESH] Joey Bada$$ - UMI Says (Mos Def cover for Like a Version) link +332 salsalion
[FRESH VIDEO] Ab-Soul - It Be Like That ft. SiR link +249 grizzsaw12
[FRESH] Headie One - Martin's Sofa link +168 abucalves
[FRESH] Skrillex & Bobby Raps - Leave Me Like This link +129 DropWatcher
[FRESH VIDEO] Kali Uchis - I Wish you Roses (Official Music Video) link +63 ad287
[FRESH ALBUM] BigBabyGucci- Homesick link +55 Eazy_E1992
[FRESH] The Kid Laroi - I Can’t Go Back To The Way It Was (Intro) link +53 nolimitnolimits
[FRESH VIDEO] Lil Durk & Future - Mad Max link +40 YoungProduct
[FRESH VIDEO] NEMS, Ghostface Killah & Scram Jones - DON'T EVER DISRESPECT ME link +29 ripphog
Friday, January 20, 2023
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[FRESH ALBUM] Trippie Redd - Mansion Musik link +859 SussySophie_
[FRESH ALBUM] Boldy James & RichGains - Indiana Jones link +628 HoundOfJustice
[FRESH EP] Ice Spice - Like...? link +541 HHHRobot
[FRESH ALBUM] Chiddy Bang - Lunch link +331 johnfuckskennedy
[FRESH ALBUM) Oddisee - To What End link +280 JacDG
[FRESH] Ed Sheeran - F64 | SBTV (Jamal Edwards Tribute) link +215 Sorcery-Sorcery
[FRESH] Trippie Redd & Juice WRLD - KNIGHTCRAWLER link +180 yourpinkheartislivid
[FRESH VIDEO] Pi'erre Bourne - DJ In the Car link +139 RafiakaMacakaDirk
[FRESH ALBUM] Soulection - Soulection Takeover: 2K23 Edition (featuring Monte Booker, Sango, and more) link +133 RafiakaMacakaDirk
[FRESH] Jasiah (feat. Denzel Curry, midwxst, Matt Ox) KILLERS AND ROBBERS link +130 Skoepa
[FRESH] Trippie Redd & Travis Scott - KRZY TRAIN link +98 Kallemacd
[FRESH EP] Tha God Fahim & NicoJP- Chess Moves link +70 NugPacino
[FRESH VIDEO] Trippie Redd – ATLANTIS (feat. Chief Keef) link +63 BOUNTYBOOTreddit
[FRESH EP] Drippin So Pretty & Lil Tracy - Pray link +38 AltforHHH
[FRESH VIDEO] Macklemore & DJ Premier - Heroes link +38 vardyparty16
[FRESH VIDEO] Since99 - Good Ol' Talk With God link +38 Irishfan117
[FRESH ALBUM] Bobby J From Rockaway x Nef - Radio Days link +36 bobbyjfromrockaway
[FRESH EP] Autumn! - ##B4GC3##B4GC3 link +34 AltforHHH
[FRESH] Macklemore - HEROES (feat. DJ Premier) link +28 Kallemacd
[FRESH] Boldy James, RichGains, Jonathan Chapman, Gue Wop - 8 Days link +28 jeremicci
Saturday, January 21, 2023
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[FRESH] Rich The Kid, Famous Dex, Jay Critch - Where's Dexter link +300 markoxpolo
[FRESH VIDEO] Desiigner - Bigger and Bigger link +190 gurdijak
[FRESH] Kali Uchis - I Wish You Roses link +140 kappa23
[FRESH] Da$H - No Sun | Gem Sessions Performance link +34 Hu3yKnewTHen
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2022.12.15 00:40 exfishie *Note: this is PUBLIC info* Screenshots of Erik’s likes on Facebook. Does anyone else remember her mentioning that there was infidelity early in their relationship?…. 👀👀

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2022.12.10 06:30 angel14072007 Jak_nola

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2022.12.10 06:24 angel14072007 ~ Samsara protector; continuous flow of life and death. Beautiful painting by jak_nola

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2022.04.06 21:48 DoctorDueDiligence AACR 2022 Selinexor Megathread + AACR Overview + Drug Development

I'm on the mend from an illness, but wanted to post this, and others can post if they would like to as well. I wanted to talk about AACR
Link to Selinexor AACR Abstracts
AACR, or American Association for Cancer Research, is a nonprofit that hosts as annual meeting that is really where science meets practitioners. Think of oncology drug development as a continuum. At the beginning you have in vitro (think petri dish) treatment of cancer cell lines in a dish, then infecting mice in vivo (alive) and trying different agents on them, then all the way at the end you have large human phase 3 trials, drug approval, and real world evidence. AACR focuses heavily on the beginning part of drug development.
Why is this useful to a biotech investor? Mainly because it allows you to peer down the tunnel so to speak, and see what is happening, what is coming, and what may be useful in the future.
Scientists are truly the unsung heroes of Oncology, they usually don't get the limelight, the pay, or the recognition they deserve, and usually they're sacrificing a lot of mice.
10,000 foot view: Just because a new agent works in a petri dish / mouse model does not mean it will work in a human, not to mention side effects must be taken into account. However if it is an established drug, side effect profile known, and has multiple papers to back up that indication, it may be a consideration for a research doctor who wants to do an Investigator Initiated Study/Trial (IIS/IIT for short - this is what you will see on clinicaltrials.gov) which is typically one site, but sometimes a few sites. It is to see if there is a signal in human trials, and is usually a limited number of patients. Again this is one more step towards the final goal of drug development.

Example of Drug Development in regards to AACR IIT Company Sponsored Trial (CST)
AACR: Signal Hypothesis of "Nuclear–Cytoplasmic Transport Is a Therapeutic Target in Myelofibrosis" which means XPO1 (selinexoeltanexor) targeting may be of benefit in this disease state.
IIT: Dr. Tantravahi at Huntsman in SLC is like, hey this sounds like it's worth checking out, let me see if I write a grant to the company, they will pay me to research this. They did. He reported out some data at ASH 2021 and he did an interview about it.
CST: The company liked the results from the Phase 2 IIT, and decided to do additional studies in this disease state. There are two trials going on right now in Myelofibrosis -
If anyone is in NOLA for the meeting and needs restaurant reccs beyond Cafe Du Monde, feel free to ask in the comments!
I plan on linking a few of the abstracts, breaking it down, and giving my thoughts.
Dr. DD
Link to Free Newsletter Sign-up (infrequent)
PS Not Financial Advice!
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2021.10.15 21:26 o0hhhnoo0o Jak Nola always gets me with how stunning she is

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2021.09.07 20:03 StillbornTartare Artist Jak Nola is a work of art herself

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2021.03.31 03:08 JustAnonPerspective Vaccine resources v1

Vaccine Finding Resources Please find below a list of online resources on how to get a vaccine/schedule an appointment broken down by country and state/territory. If you have info/resources that we haven't included in this list, please leave a comment below with relevant links and stating the country/state for which it is applicable. You can also modmail us the resources here. Thank you! Other county/city specific info that you may have is also welcome. If you have questions/comments, feel free to post them below. ##Albania Vaccine info ##Argentina Buenos Aires ##Australia Rollout plan and resources ##Austria Corona-Schutzimpfung Vienna ##Bahrain Vaccine info ##Bangladesh Vaccine registration ##Belgium Vaccine info ##Bulgaria Vaccine info Registration ##Canada Alberta British Columbia (Fraser Health) British Columbia (Appointments for seniors) Toronto Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Northwest Territories - Yellowknife Ontario Ontario resource list Other Northwest Territories Nunavut (only scheduling by phone) PEI Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon Rexall pharmacies (Toronto, Kingston & WindsoEssex) ##Chile Vaccine info ##Colombia Vaccine info ##Croatia Nationwide ##Czechia Vaccine info ##Denmark Vacciner.dk ##Dominican Republic Portal Vacunate ##Estonia vaktsineeri.ee ##Finland Uusimaa (Finnish) Uusuma (English) ##France Nationwide vaccine registration Info regarding vaccination program ##Germany Corona-Impfung ##Greece Vaccine info registration link ##Greenland Vaccine info ##Guatemala Ministry of Health First responders only signup ##Hong Kong Vaccine info ##Hungary vakcinainfo.gov.hu ##Iceland Vaccination info ##India Registration portal App for registration Video on how to register Vaccine info from India ##Indonesia Vaccine info ##Ireland Vaccine info Vaccine portal for healthcare workers Helpline if you do not have a GP ##Israel Vaccine info ##Italy Vaccine info Vaccine info for different regions ##Japan Vaccine info ##Kazakhstan Vaccine info ##Latvia Vaccine info Registration link ##Lebanon Vaccine info ##Lithuania Vaccine info ##Luxembourg Vaccine info + registration ##Malaysia Vaccine info ##Mexico Vaccine info Registration link English instructions ##Netherlands Dutch website English website ##New Zealand Rollout plan & information on groups/how to get a vaccine ##North Macedonia registration Covid and vaccine info ##Norway Koronavaksinasjons-programmet Oslo vaccine locator ##Pakistan Vaccine info ##The Philippines Vaccine info ##Poland Vaccination info Vaccine registration ##Portugal Vaccine info ##Romania Vaccine info ##Russia Vaccination info ##Serbia Nationwide ##Singapore vaccine.gov.sg/ ##Slovakia Vaccine info Registration link ##Slovenia Vaccine info + registration ##South Africa Vaccination info Registration link ##South Korea Vaccination info ##Spain Vaccine info Links to regional health departments ##Sweden 1177.se ##Switzerland Nationwide resources Aargau - waitlist Bern - waitlist Geneva Lucerne - waitlist Vaud ##Thailand Phuket vaccine registration form ##Turkey e-Nabiz vaccine info e-Nabiz app: iOS and Android MHRS vaccine info MHRS app: iOS, Android Vaccine eligibility and daily vaccination status ##Turks and Caicos Vaccine registration ##Ukraine Vaccine info Registration link ##United Arab Emirates Vaccine info and registration ##United Kingdom England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales ##Uruguay Vaccine scheduling Uruguay Sevacuna Coronavirus UY App: iOS, Android @infovacuy on Twitter Via Whatsapp: (098 999 999 -- +598 98 999 999) Help line: 08001919 ##United States of America by state/territory: ###National websites CDC list of participating pharmacies by state findyourvaccine.org vaccinefinder.org vacfind.org vaxxmax.com goodrx.com/covid-19/vaccine Veterans Affairs zocdoc.com/vaccine Vaccine standby list findashot.org getmyvaccine.org vaccinespotter.org Dr. B standby list for leftover vaccines Covid vaccine texts Links to local vaccine hunter groups ###Alabama Alabama Public Health Scheduling Portal CVS Sam's Club Walgreens Walmart ###Alaska Available appointments List of vaccine providers Walgreens Walmart ###Arizona Arizona DHS Portal Albertsons CVS Kroger - Fry's Walgreens ###Arkansas Arkansas DOH Vaccine Site and locations Albertsons CVS Walmart ###California MyTurn VaccinateCA CVS Ralphs Rite Aid Albertsons Walgreens Twitter vaccine alerts Bay Area - Stanford Los Angeles County - Find My Vax LA Orange County Vaccine Resources Megathread by u/SSADNGM San Diego Vaccine Hunters Facebook group ###Colorado Official Vaccination Map Twitter Vaccine Availability Alerts Albertsons CVS Kroger Walgreens Walmart ###Connecticut Connecticut vaccine portal CVS Stop & Shop Walgreens ###Delaware Delaware DPH Vaccine Finder Rite Aid CVS Walgreens ###District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) D.C. vaccination signups Kroger ###Florida Vaccine locator CVS Publix Sam's Club Walgreens Walmart ###Georgia MyVaccine Georgia CVS Kroger Publix Walgreens Walmart District 2 Vaccination Request ###Guam VaccinateGU Get Immunized Guam ###Hawaii Big Island - East Big Island - North Big Island - Hilo Medical Center Kauai Pacific Health clinics in Oahu and Kauai Maui The Queen's Health Systems Kaiser Permanente Safeway CVS More government resources/links ###Idaho Vaccinate Idaho Crush the Curve Albertsons Kroger Walgreens Walmart ###Illinois Links to Vaccine Sites by IMPACT Illinois Department of Public Health Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, currently open to all veterans eligible to receive care from the VA Hy-Vee Kroger ilvaccine.org CVS Walgreens Telephone Hotline (6am to midnight daily): (833) 621-1284 ###Indiana Official vaccine program CVS Giant Eagle Kroger Walgreens Walmart ###Iowa Vaccine providers by county CVS Hartig Drug HyVee Twitter vaccine alerts ###Kansas Find My Vaccine map Balls Food Pharmacies Dillons Hy-Vee Walgreens Walmart Kansas City Twitter alerts ###Kentucky Vaccination locations Lexington Area Vaccine Sites compiled by u/Viagraine Louisville sign ups Kroger CVS Walgreens ###Louisiana Vaccine locations Albertsons CVS Kroger Walmart NOLA Vaccine Hunters Facebook group ###Maine Vaccine sites MaineHealth Northern Light Health Central Maine Healthcare MaineGeneral York Hospital Hannaford pharmacies Sam's Club Walgreens Walmart ###Maryland Vaccination information Statewide Pre-Registration System for Mass Vaccination Sites Baltimore City Pre-registration CVS Giant Eagle Rite Aid Safeway Walgreens Walmart Maryland Vaccine Hunters Facebook group Twitter alerts ###Massachusetts Vaccine signup vaxfinder.mass.gov CVS Stop & Shop Vaccine Time Twitter alert bot Vaccine Appointment Resources by the CoronavirusMA team ###Michigan Vaccine info Vaccinate West Michigan List of all county providers by the Detroit Free Press Kroger Meijer Rite Aid ###Minnesota Vaccine locations Vaccine Connector Vaccine hotlines HyVee pharmacies Thrifty White pharmacies Walgreens Walmart ###Mississippi Drive-thru vaccinations Vaccination provider map Local healthcare providers Kroger Walgreens Walmart ###Missouri Vaccine providers by county Balls Food Pharmacies CVS Hy-Vee pharmacies Walgreens Walmart Kansas City Twitter alerts St. Louis Twitter alerts St. Louis Vaccine Hunters Facebook group ###Montana Vaccine information Albertsons Walgreens ###Nebraska Vaccination portal Hy-Vee Walmart ###Nevada Information by county Albertsons Kroger Walgreens Walmart ###New Hampshire Vaccine registration Vaccine info Walgreens ###New Jersey Official Vaccine Schedule System CVS Rite Aid ShopRite vaccine info Stop & Shop Walgreens Twitter vaccine alerts Vaccine bot alerts Second Twitter with vaccine alerts Union County Twitter alerts Bergen County Twitter alerts Vaccine Info Facebook group ###New Mexico Vaccine registration system Albertsons Walgreens ###New York Am I Eligible appointment portal TurboVax CVS Rite Aid ShopRite vaccine info Stop & Shop Walgreens TurboVax Twitter alerts ###North Carolina Local Vaccine Providers Find My Vaccine Group CVS Kroger Walgreens ###North Dakota Vaccine locator PrepMod signup system Thrifty White pharmacies Albertsons ###Ohio Get The Shot Discount Drug Mart Giant Eagle Rite Aid CVS Kroger Walgreens ###Oklahoma VaxOKC Vaccine Finder & Alerts Walmart Sam's Club Walgreens Walmart ###Oregon Get Vaccinated Oregon Albertsons Kroger Rite Aid Walgreens ###Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Vaccine Provider Information Walberg Family Pharmacies CVS Giant Eagle Rite Aid ShopRite vaccine info ###Puerto Rico Vaccination centers CVS Walgreens ###Rhode Island Vaccination sign-up CVS Stop & Shop Walgreens ###Samoa Samoa News regularly has information on upcoming vaccination clinics ###South Carolina Vaccine locator CVS Kroger Publix Walgreens Walmart ###South Dakota Vaccine providers by county Hy-Vee Walgreens Walmart ###Tennessee Vaccination registration Vaccine information by county Kroger Walgreens Walmart ###Texas Vaccine availability map Vaccine hub providers Austin resources Albertsons CVS H-E-B Pharmacies Kroger Walgreens WellMed Walmart ###Utah Local health departments List of participating pharmacies List of participating healthcare providers Albertsons CVS Kroger Walgreens Walmart ###Vermont Official scheduling portal CVS Sam's Club Walgreens ###Virgin Islands Official Scheduling Gateway Walgreens ###Virginia Vaccinate Virginia Fairfax County CVS Kroger Rite Aid Walgreens Walmart ###Washington Official Vaccine Locator PrepMod signup system CovidWA Vaccine Finder Fred Meyer and QFC Rite Aid Albertsons CovidWA Twitter alerts Find A Covid Shot Facebook group ###West Virginia Weekly List of Vaccine Clinics Giant Eagle Kroger Walgreens ###Wisconsin Map/List of Vaccine Providers Hy-Vee Kroger Walgreens Walmart ###Wyoming Vaccine Information by County Sam's Club Albertsons Walgreens Walmart ## Volunteer opportunities at vaccination clinics Volunteers at COVID-19 clinics are offered vaccination after volunteering a certain number of hours. Please see their individual websites for more information. California South Dakota Seattle, Washington Texas residents can volunteer in San Antonio either via WellMed or the Texas Medical Reserves If you are having trouble finding a vaccine appointment, many people have had success calling local pharmacies, clinics, Walmart, etc., and being placed on "waste lists" where you will be called in if they have extra vaccine doses at the end of the day (to avoid throwing out unused doses!). Special thanks to u/yourwebcam for starting this project and organizing everything. Thank you to all community members who have helped expand the list with valuable info. Thank you to u/dreamweavur, u/lovememychem, u/adotmatrix, u/ThatsJustUn-American, u/fractalfrog, u/FlyingDutchman1337 and the VacFind and FindYourVaccine communities for providing links and helping put this together.

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2020.01.16 18:19 callmearookie Team Review, Guards Dilemma, Ideas (IMO)

I wanted to write something else after this loss against Miami, so I took what I posted yesterday and wrote it better and modified.
I wanna start by analyzing the Marco-Forbes-Lonnie dilemma. What Marco and Forbes do on the court is useless and hurt us and maybe somebody didn't really understood this. I'm not here to say that what I think is correct but I would love to five another view of things.
I mean, they are pretty much the same type of player, they can only shoot 3s and to be real they aren't that good. Forbes can't shoot over other guards, at least starters, or it's rare and also he's really incosistent. One night he can score 20 and then he loses the next game for us. It's not to give him the fault but if one of DW or Lonnie or DJ played more instead of him we would have won and not only this game against Miami, but other ones. So his ineffectiveness might be caused by the fact he is starting, even if I don't know how much better we would be off the bench. Marco...yeah, rarely drains random 3s that help us but he hurts us more than he helps us. Oh, almost forgot, these two guys play zero defense, really, they are like ghosts on the defensive end.
So, what would we do? The first move would be playing DJ and DW way more and start them together. Yeah, cause like this we might solve a lot of current problems. DW showed that, if well served, can drains 3s consistently and also this guy know what defense is. Anyway, DJ and DW are still not 100% confident because of their past injuries so this affect their defense, especially DW, but they still play good Dand maybe together they can "complete themselves". Also from the bench play Patty as always at 1 and Lonnie at 2. Lonnie plays with effort on defence, maybe he's not the best to do it, but he tries and comes out that's good. Forbes and Marco, at this point, are pretty, not at all, useless cause someone else can cover what they do.
So now, that I'm here, I wanna talk about another thing I saw someone disliked: Rudy. Yeah, he bricked yesterday and I'm not even a big fan of him but Pop, imo, plays him wrongly. Rudy is more a SF than a PF so playing him as a 3 might help him being more effective. For example against big guys like Miami tonight might be more difficlut for him to shoot. Anyway I don't really like him too but he, imo, is used wrongly. And pretty much the same thingscan be said about Lyles who should come off the bench and play 4, not 5 where Jak plays from the bench. About him, he has been good for us and I'm good with him coming off the bench, even if he should play more. About DD, I can only say he proved the haters he is a damn star in this league and he is playing like crazy. About LA he has been good for us lately, this game was just difficult being guarded by Bam so I can understand and also he is another one who plays the wrong position sometimes; he is a 4, not a 5. So I quick summary down here.

STARTERS 2nd String 3rd String
Dejounte Murray Patty Mills
Derrick White Lonnie Walker IV
DeMar DeRozan Rudy Gay Keldon Johnson
LaMarcus Aldridge Trey Lyles Luka Samanic
Jakob Poeltl
The players I left out are DeMarre Carroll, Bryn Forbes, Marco Belinelli and sadly Chimezie Metu. I think these are the ones tradable. Analyzing by player you will understand what I mean with *tradable*. DeMarre is pretty obvious. Pop doesn't play him at all. He might be good but he is 33 and maybe some contenders would want him more than what we need. Bryn and Marco I analyze before. Sadly Metu cause might leave us this FA. By trading these guys, we can't get a star in return but I think at most a starter. I'm personally focused on player, Favors. If NOLA understand that at the of January can't get to the playoffs, might sell. Favors would bring us a lot of rebounds and plays good D and he is expiring.
SAS get Derrick Favors and Kenrich Williams/Frank Jackson
POR get DeMarre Carroll and Marco Belinelli
MIN get Kent Bazemore
NOLA get Gorgui Dieng and Bryn Forbes and 3 2nds, one second from each team.
It works but it's kinda tricky and maybe I can't value players from other teams so don't judge me a lot for this. My idea is that we get DF (and a filler) especially for rebounding cause it's one of our lacks. POR get some good role players that are better than Bazemore and could help them reach the PO. MIN get a nice guard cause they need one. NOLA get a center, cause they don't really have one, that proved he can be good we KAT isn't out there. His contract is bad but it's only for one season so maybe, if they really want, they can move him this summer. Also they would get a young guard that can only shoot 3s, if they need him... Also we would have a free spot so we could sign a guy like Jeff Green or CJ Miles that can help us with our run to the PO.
Also this draft we have to, no excuses, draft a big. I would love to see us take Vernon Carey Jr.. I can't understand why he is mocked around 20s, but this is good cause he could snag him. Imo, he is a damn beast and he is a low post master so under Timmy might improve even more and his attitude is kinda "Spursy" so watch out.
So that's it. This team needs to be fixed, that's it. We are good.
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2017.09.10 23:39 LH_Premium "Hello" in every Google Translate language

afrikaans, south africa - Hoe gaan dit met jou?
albanian, albania - Si po ja kalon?
amharic, ethiopia - አንቺ ግን እንዴት ነሽ?
arabic, middle east - كيف هي احوالك؟
armenian, armenia - Ինչպես ես?
azerbaijani, azerbaijan - Necəsən?
bangla, bangladesh - তুমি কেমন আছ?
basque, pyrenees - Nola egiten duzu?
belarusian, belarus - Як твае справы?
bosnian, bosnia and herzegovina - Kako si?
bulgarian, bulgaria - Как си?
burmese, myanmar - sorry, this language is not supported
catalan, catalonia/andorra - Com va?
cebuano, philippines - Giunsa nimo?
chinese simplified, china - 你好吗?
corsican, corsica - Cumu fai?
croatian, croatia - Kako si?
czech, czech republic - Jak se máš?
danish, denmark - Hvordan har du det?
dutch, netherlands - Hoe gaat het?
english, U.S./U.K./Oceania - a little self-explanatory, is it not?
esperanto, global - Kiel vi fartas?
estonian, estonia - Kuidas sul läheb?
filipino, philippines - Paano mo ginagawa?
finnish, finland - Miten menee?
french, france - Comment allez-vous?
galician, spain - Como estás?
georgian, georgia - როგორ ხარ?
german, germany - Wie geht es Ihnen?
greek, greece - Πώς είσαι?
gujarati, india - શુ કરો છો?
haitian creole, haiti - Koman ou ye?
hausa, nigeria - Yaya kake yin?
hawaiian, hawaii - Pehea ʻoe e hana nei?
hebrew, israel - מה שלומך?
hindi, india - आप कैसे हैं?
hmong, china/vietnam - Koj ua dabtsi?
hungarian, hungary - Hogy vagy?
icelandic, iceland - Hvernig hefurðu það?
igbo, nigeria - Kedu ka ị mere?
indonesian, indonesia - Apa kabar?
irish-gaelic, ireland - Conas atá tú?
italian, italy - Come te la passi?
japanese, japan - お元気ですか?
javanese, java - Piye kabarmu?
kannada, india - ನೀವು ಹೇಗೆ ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದೀರಿ?
kazakh, kazakhstan - Қалыңыз қалай?
khmer, cambodia - តើ​អ្នក​សុខសប្បាយជាទេ?
korean, korea - 잘 지내?
kurdish, turkey/iraq/iran/armenia/syria - Rewş çawa ye?
kyrgyz, kyrgyzstan - Кандай жүрөсүң?
lao, laos - ເຈົ້າ​ສະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ບໍ?
latin, rome - Quid agis?
latvian, latvia - Kā tev iet?
lithuanian, lithuania - Kaip tau sekasi?
luxembourgish, luxembourg - Wéi geet et dir?
macedonian, macedonia - Како си?
malagasy, madagascar - Ahoana ny fahasalamana?
malay, malaysia - Bagaimana awak lakukan?
malayalam, india - എങ്ങിനെ ഇരിക്കുന്നു?
maltese, malta - Kif sejjer?
maori, new zealand/cook islands - Pehea koe e mahi ana?
marathi, india - तुम्ही कसे आहात?
mongolia, mongolian - Юу байна да?
nepali, nepal - तपाईलाई कस्तो छ?
norwegian, norway - Hvordan går det?
nyanja, malawi/zambia/mozambique - Zikukuyenderani bwanji?
pashto, afghanistan - څنکه یی؟
persian, persia - حال شما چطور است؟
polish, poland - Jak się masz?
portuguese, portugal - Como vai você?
punjabi, india - ਤੁਸੀਂ ਕਿਵੇਂ ਕਰ ਰਹੇ ਹੋ?
romanian, romania - Ce mai faci?
russian, russia - Как дела?
samoan, samoa - Oa mai oe?
scottish-gaelic, scotland - Ciamar a tha thu?
serbian, serbia - Како си?
shona, zimbabwe/mozambique - Uri kuzviita sei?
sindhi, pakistan - توهان جا ڪهڙا حال آهن؟
sinhala, sri lanka - ඔයාට කොහොම ද?
slovak, slovakia - Ako sa máš?
slovenian, slovenia - Kako si?
somali, somalia - Sidee tahay?
southern sotho, lesotho - U ntse u ea joang?
spanish, mexico/spain - ¿Como estas?
sundanese, java - Kumaha kabar anjeun?
swahili, tanzania/kenya/uganda/DRC - Unafanyaje?
swedish, sweden - Hur mår du?
tajik, tajikistan - Шумо чӣ хел?
tamil, india - நீங்கள் எப்படி செய்கிறீர்கள்?
telugu, india - నువ్వు ఎలా చేస్తున్నావు?
thai, thailand - เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง?
turkish, turkey/cyprus - N'aber?
ukrainian, ukraine - Як справи?
urdu, pakistan - آپ کیسے ہیں؟
uzbek, uzbekistan - Ahvoling yaxshimi?
vietnamese, vietnam - Làm thế nào bạn đang làm gì?
welsh, wales - Sut wyt ti?
western frisian, friesland - Hoe giet it mei dy?
xhosa, south africa - Wenza njani?
yiddish, germany/israel - וויאזוי גייט עס?
yoruba, nigeria - Bawo ni o ṣe n ṣe?
zulu, south africa - Unjani?
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