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/ExposurePorn is a Safe For Work subreddit in the Safe For Work (SFW) Porn Network. The main focus of /ExposurePorn is to feature photographs that use the long exposure technique at night or during the day to capture stars, the milky way, movements, lights and much more! Great place to find astrophotography, HDR, long-exposures, light photography, and night photography!

2020.07.13 12:54 FireAction - Firefighter action videos

Reddit fucked around and reddit found out. After being here since 2009, I received a permanent suspension for a comment that was basically "Grow up, kiddo. No reason to cry this much over that." It was a little rude, yes. But worth of a permanent ban from reddit? I don't think so. Reddit won't remove the suspension, so here's the biggest fuck you to reddit I can make. I've taken so much shit for this community, and now I'm done taking shit. Fuck you, reddit.

2019.01.26 20:08 Left4pillz Rarethreats

For all the rarest threats across the web.

2023.03.25 03:19 _SilverSong_ I’d like to become a doctor-- but i faint at the sight of blood

Hi, I'm a student looking into possible career paths, and one of which that I have a lot of interest in is healthcare-specifically diagnostics and not surgery or psychology. The largest issue is that I have vasovagal (neurocarciogenic) syncope, this basically renders me either very ill or unconscious when I interact with high heat or blood -- big problem if you a doctor.
This has been a major issue in biology courses when asked to do dissections. In addition, I’ve also: nearly fainted durning blood tests, ear piercings, cooking sausage, and even breaking a raw chicken bone. Neadless to say it would be problem if I was In medicine. To be clear -- I am not afraid of blood, I can see it and be okay, but if I have to cut through flesh, or interact with it, I will get very ill, my blood pressure will drop, and this only stops after I remove myself from the situation. I really believe in safe exposure therapy, and have tried but failed to “push through it” and found my body became to weak to stand, and my senses severly impaired. The internet provides no treatment other than avoidence, and I intend to ask further questions from a doctor.
But, from a really young age I have always loved to understand the world around me; especially when it comes to medicine. I tried to predict and understand the why the doctor was doing this, or what made each wire different at the orthodontist. I tend to be someone others come to for medical help, and have been right a large number of times about my own, and others conditions. (not in an annoying way I swear) This extends to mental health a well, although I am beyond certain I would not like a career in that field. I already spent hours being a therapist to the adults around me as a child, and am not looking for a repeat.
My main interests in medicine are to do with the diagnosis of disease, conditions, or disorders. I don't have much interest in issues that are immediately obvious like broken bones, or large wounds, nor of heart issues. Basically anything you would commonly see in an energency room. But, cancer, degenerative diseases, infections, paraites, allergies, things that are less physical I could see myself realistically woking with. ( yes I know that these have physical symptoms too, but they can't be fixed with stitches)
As far as the stress and lifestyle goes, they are both things I would excell at. I understand my limits, am very capable as functioning and good decision making with little to no sleep. I am quite adapted and capable of managing my own and others stress. Above all else, I am extreemly determined, and have the patience and calmness required to achieve what I would like to. I feel that no one is capable of predicting how death in the medical field will effect them, so I have little to say about that.
I have all the required grades and classes to get into medicine, and am currently accepted into nearly every school I have applied to under life sciences or social sciences. This was always more of a question then a future -- however I am starting to see myself pursing something like this.
All of this to say: do you think I could realistically be in medicine? What specialty? How might I deal with my condition? Are there any medical jobs involving diagnosis that does not see blood?
Thank you for reading over all of this. Let me know what you think Reddit!
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2023.03.25 03:15 oskarn91 Samsung Galaxy S4 - "Can't load Android system. Your data may be corrupt."

PLEASE HELP! How to fix "Can’t load Android System your data may be corrupt" error without losing my data ?
I have Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition (GT-I9515/L), I've been using LineageOS starting with this video
Today the built-in updater showed me that there is newer version so I clicked to update, then after installation my phone restarted and showed me this error, I know that there is still my data on the phone so how can I roll back these changes and just get this android working on any version? :(
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2023.03.25 03:14 somerandomguyuno This is a Killer DLC that I think would be GREAT but no one has ever thought off before

On god Yoshikage Kira would make for a very cool killer he can have differnt addons that give him different parts of his abilities kinda like freddy like for example Stray cat Bubble, Normal Bomb (which would be a one shot down but hard to place) Coin bombs(trap bombs), sheer heart attack for a chasing tool and flashlights could redirect it and Bites the Dust could be kinda like tombstone. and give him his bare hands as his basic weapon as he strangled his victims before he had killer queen or knife because he killed Remis dog with knife IDK i think It would work PERFECTLY. you can even give him voicelines like occasionally he will say Im going to need some wine after this because he occasionally drinks and whenever I survivor dc's he can be like I swear i'll pick up smoking because of you WE GOTTA GET THE DEVS ATTENTION MAN THIS WOULD BE SICCKKKK
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2023.03.25 03:12 in-shambles- Just took my first ever Adhd meds.

I just took my first ever adhd meds, Ritalin LA a few mins ago. I'm nervous and excited. I got prescribed with 20mg i don't know if thats strong or what but I guess I'll find out later. Also what does LA mean? It says Ritalin LA???
How was your first time taking adhd meds? Did you feel that "aha" immediately or was it gradual? How was it? I FEEL SO NERVOUS I DONT KNOW IF THIS IS THE MEDICINE OR JUST ME BEING EXCITED NERVOUS.
I had been struggling for a long time unknowingly and just recently got diagnosed. About a year ago? And it made me feel good about myself. That its not my fault. Now i have the chance to experience how being "normal" (whatever normal is to be honest) I'm excited and hopeful that this is going to be it. That i'm not going to get stuck on the things I want to do such as studying and all that because I can do it when I want it with focus now. It won't feel like torturing myself anymore on doing normal things that are hard for me.
ACTUALLY I cried yesterday at the pharmacy. I bought half of the 30 pieces that I need and it was expensive. I'm a sickly person with asthma and rhinitis that have everyday maintenance. Now with my antidepressants and adhd meds my monthly medicine expenses got from 2k to around 6k. I told my friends about this about feeling bad they said its okay because im not well and all that but I cant help but to compute everything. Every expenses for my health even when its needed makes me feel like it wastes my parents money. Parents told me its okay its needednits not just you buying an expensive bag or useless things but are things that concerns your health. I feel super guilty as I'm using my parents money (I'm still dependent on them as im only in college and im in asia) it feels awful to feel happy to get these expensive medicine while using up a lot of money, my parent's money to get better.
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2023.03.25 03:10 Joshguy_55 Is it normal to question your decisions when stressed?

I just wanted to come on here and ask, am I the only one questioning what I'm doing when I get stressed out? Whenever I have moments where I'm overwhelmed with school, I start questioning things like, "should I be taking this major?" "is college for me?" "should I drop out of this class?" But when I'm relaxed, I'm back to my original goals.
Is this normal to feel in college or should I seek help (LOL)? But seriously, if anyone can relate, please let me know.
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2023.03.25 03:09 Kaybubs_ 3 Tables Section - Venting

So the place that I work at has a three table section rule, which isn’t so bad. Occasionally, when the wait demanded, we were allowed more. They’ve been getting stricter about it recently and hired soooo many new servers. So now there’s never even an extra table to take.
The problem is when it’s slow, ur lucky to have even one, when it’s busy there’s still a chance ur section won’t fill up. There’s so many people you can’t even walk in the kitchen. I feel it being over-stimulating while still having nothing to do.
We do get large parties and it’s always the same people who get the “large party section” and those are the only sections that actually make money. I do get that section every now and then and the difference in my tips at the end of the night is astounding. (I’ll also add that one of the people who is always in that section recently became pregnant and can’t run her food, I know it’s petty to be annoyed by this but with everything else I just don’t feel it’s fair. Idc if she OCCASIONALLY has that section but if ur not even able to do all the work let some others also have a chance.)
I also bartend there. They have a bartender who everyone agrees can’t keep up and has an attitude problem. And tho our managers agree the owner doesn’t want to fix the issues (she has seniority and he’s not around much to actually know how bad she can get). Besides her being awful at her job, they now have two bartenders on some nights to help with “sales”. So now both bartenders are working the same long shift and making a third of their normal tips (if anything). (They are doing this because the awful bartender can’t keep on her own and when they assign her a bar back [another server who helps] she abuses the shit out of them. Idk why they’re willing to pay 2x the amount of people for a job that another QUALIFIED person can do alone. Especially since management is always complaining about labor). She also has the most shifts.
The restaurant has picked up in sales but I’m making so much less money. I love the staff but I don’t think I can stay any longer.
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2023.03.25 03:09 MyVermontAccount121 How to keep spammers off my B2C startup

Working on a dating app MVP. When taking breaks from coding im looking into every bespoke dating app I can find. So, so many of them look sus. So many have a bunch of 5 and 1 star reviews which I assume means they’re buying reviews and the 1 star are the real ones. All of them complain about spammers and bots. And at first my impression was “wow what a shit product” but then it got me thinking about what exact anti-spam tech exists that I can use. I would love to avoid those dreaded 1 star reviews so I would want to know best spam fighting tactics that exist
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2023.03.25 03:09 alias_noa Why league of legends is super rigged

This game is very rigged and has been getting way worse every season since like season 6. People are dumb as shit and they'll tell you it's not, but I'll explain why it is and well most people are stupid so usually the majority are wrong anyway.
Why is it rigged? It's simple. If you won almost all your games, would you keep playing? Or get bored? If you lost all your games, would you keep playing? No. You would quit. That's why it's rigged.
It's rigged in every game mode, even teamfight tactics is rigged. I remember playing TFT early on and it wasn't like this, but now after quitting a long time, I go back in, and if I get 1st place, I get absolutely destroyed all the way through the next game. Even if I get top 4, which is near impossible, I can tell all the way through from beginning to end, everyone there really knows what they are doing compared to the prior game.
It's not like they are slightly better, because I won and I'm moving up MMR. No. They are like 10x better. It's so ridiculously ignorant to disagree with this, yet most league players do. It's so blatantly obvious how rigged it is. Even in blind. Every mode. Probably ARAM but I don't play that mode really but I guarantee it is the same there.
The best game is TFT because if you're good enough, you can still win a lot. I'm not that great at TFT, but there's a limit to how much they can rig it because you don't have teammates. Once the teammates variable is there, you're fucked. There's low iq people, noobs, just the worst of the worst always ready, q'ing up and if you win a game or 2, they'll throw them on your team and put you against the best damn person online right now.
The only thing that annoys me more than these ridiculously rigged games is the fact that people are actually dumb enough to not see it. I have seen it every damn game since season 6 or 7. I saw it before that, but now, in w/e the hell season we are in (I forget), it smacks you in the face in every minute of every game in every game mode.
I'm sorry but...whether I'm good or bad at this game, smart or stupid, etc. You're dumb as shit if you disagree with this. Like I bet you everything I own, and my life, and the lives of everyone I care about you're in the bottom 10% of the world intellectually.
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2023.03.25 03:06 Mo2fast4u Chime - Deposit $200 and Get $100 For Free! Join the Millions and Start Earning Today

Create an account on Chime now and you can receive $100 into your account for doing an ACH Transfer from Plaid or setting up direct deposit. I earned my money instantly after my $200 finished processing (only took 2 days). This is my main bank accounts now, have had a great time with them.
Sign-up here
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2023.03.25 03:06 ThatGirlLana- (F25) Hello! Let’s be the kind of friends where we can rant and vent carefree.

Little about me: I am 5’ 11. I am usually a sarcastic and humorous person, but I can also try to be rational and understanding when I need to be. I have an extreme anger issue. I dislike presumptuous people. My interests and hobbies are makeup, long drive and exploring abandoned places. Looking for humorous, yet wholesome conversations. Say something interesting before saying hi. Thank you!
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2023.03.25 03:05 MutsuoOhmiyaHalLab Information On An Upcoming Disney Smash Bros Style Game. Disney Domination - 2024

Hello everyone, there is information on an upcoming Disney fighting game by the name of Disney Domination. Recently online, the topic surrounding the game became popular due to numerous fake leaks and rumors.
First I want to say, do not listen to or believe the fake images that spread online of this game. Some of those images even included mod of Super Smash Bros. Someone took the game's leaked concept and created fake images with that information.
For one, the game is real, and is slated for a mid to late 2024 release. The project began development all the way back in August of 2017, but was shelved in January of 2018, and then resumed development in November of 2018 after the successful reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
This game was originally just a passion project by a team of about 25-30 people, but as time went on, this number grew all the way up to 240 developers.
This project takes itself seriously, and the story's tone is inspired by games such as Sonic Adventure 2 and even cartoons such as Avatar The Last Airbender.
There is a creepy villain in the game's story mode who goes by the name Inferno, however the protagonists call him Flame Face. I honestly don't understand how a villain like this made it's way into a game featuring Mickey Mouse and Woody, but it is interesting.
When it comes to combat, the game is inspired not by Smash Bros Ultimate, but Smash Bros. Melee. Even though this game focuses primarily on it's casual audience, fighting game veterans will not be disappointed in the slightest.
The project's art style is pretty gritty and realistic with the typical Disney charm, it honestly resembles something made in UE 5 compared to what your used to seeing in platform fighters from what I was told.
The game will launch with 44 characters and 54 stages, despite what previous false rumors have said. Even the original character Inferno (Flame Face) will be playable.
This game is a pretty weird mix up honestly, we have characters like Mickey Mouse (who has gone full blown anime in this game) teaming up with Homer Simpson, while taking down Thanos and Spider-Man. It's bizarre for sure, but that all plays a part into it's charm.
When it comes to modes and casual play, this game is on par with Smash Bros. There is Dominion Rush, Domination Station, Party battles, Stage Creator, Voice chat battles as well as so much more. The game is stacked in terms of content.
When it comes to Disney, I am surprised that they have put this much faith into such a strange concept like this game. It's over the top for sure from what I heard, but if there is really this much effort put behind this game, it may just pay off.
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2023.03.25 03:03 dxdebj After 20 years…I can finally move on.

After 20 years…I can finally move on. submitted by dxdebj to nightof100frights [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 02:59 Onepiece3d2y How to clean inside of chamber???

So I might be nuts but I feel like the inside of my chamber is “chazzed”. I have been soaking it overnight about every 3 days (I only take 1-3 small dabs a day) and I swab out my chamber after every use. While the place where you load looks clean with no chaz; the inside of where the vapor comes out of still looks dirty or chazzed. I would appreciate some feedback on whether I’m just ocd or if there actually is a way to clean this.
Picture of are I’m talking about in comments
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2023.03.25 02:56 BdaGrace Things that have helped me cope (fractured fibula)

While I realize that not everyone has the financial means to afford everything I am about to suggest, take from it what you will. My physically challenged daughter has always said “being disabled is expensive”. But since fracturing my fibula three weeks ago and having my lower leg entrapped by a fiberglass cast, otherwise known as a modern torture advice, I have learned a few things. And bought more than a few things. I have been amazed at how often I have thought “I wish I had something I had that did X”. And there it is on Amazon – something that does X. Disclaimer: I don’t work for Amazon and am not being paid anything for this – it’s just where I found what I needed.
1) Crutches hurt. After a couple of days on them I knew I was in trouble. My hands and underarms were bruised and I was terrified of slipping or falling backwards. And my cat was petrified by them. So I bought a knee scooter. About CAD180 on Amazon. I added a silly-looking basket and a gel cushion to save my knee and my life has been immeasurably improved. The biggest danger now is running over my cat, who is not the slightest bit afraid of it and keeps lying down behind me. I suspect I’ll be able to sell the scooter and its accoutrements when I’m done with it. 2) I was strongly advised at the Fracture Clinic that I should NEVER stick anything down my cast as I could injure my skin with it and possibly cause a dangerous infection. After developing an itch under the cast which resulted in a claustrophobic panic attack, I had my daughter bring me a chopstick. Just having it around calmed me and I rarely used it. Only problem – it’s too short. Back to Amazon. Bought a pair of flexible 18-inch plastic wands with knobbles (technical term) on the ends designed for gently rubbing away itches. No sharp edges and hopefully I’m not stupid enough to keep scratching til I bleed. About CAD20. 3) They also told me not to bother trying to shower. Very risky to get damp inside the cast, as it can cause skin issues and subsequent infection. Use dry shampoo, do my best with a damp washcloth, yadda, yadda. I’m someone who likes to shower once a day, wash my hair at least every other. I was miserable. I found what I can only describe as a giant leg condom on Amazon, with a small rubber hole at the top that snaps tight around the thigh and keeps the water out. (CAD36) But first I wrap a large plastic bag around my cast, tucking it into the top. After that a dishtowel, tucked down the top of the cast as well to absorb any drops that get as far as my leg. The giant condom goes over the top of that. So far I’ve had four showers and the cast has remained perfectly dry. 4) I am lucky enough to have a walk-in shower, and I bought one of those old-people shower stools to sit on under the spray. Works like a charm. 5) The fiberglass of the cast can destroy your bed sheets. I only have one set of sheets and I don’t want them destroyed. To the rescue – cast socks that cover the cast and zip at the top. CAD50 for a set of two. I would venture to suggest that you might get the same, albeit slightly noisier, result from a plastic bag with an elastic band around it. Worth a try. 6) And for anyone in a cold climate worried about frostbitten toes when you’re out and about, they sell a cast sock toe cover with a strap that clips around the heel for about CAD30. It also helps keep the bottom of the cast clean.
So there you go. Hope some of this helps any of you with a similar injury. And if anyone has any other suggestions I’d love to hear them!
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2023.03.25 02:56 Censorship_sucks21 Organizing & maintaining digital photos & vids as a parent... Where do I start?!

Hi! Mom of 2 here (almost 6 & almost 2) & this question is for other parents who fill their phones w pics of their kids but have found a way to organize & maintain them.
I DESPERATELY need to overhaul my photo (video) system & have no idea where to start.
I'm an Android user w Google photos to back up 15 years worth of pictures & videos. I pay annually for storage & after my youngest was born in 2021 I had to increase from the $30/yr plan to the 2TB $100/yr plan. My issue tho isn't w storage or the cost. Its w how to efficiently utilize the space & effectively maintain it. Its w taking advantage of the ability to print & frame photos that turn out really good, instead of forgetting all about them bc they get lost in the mess.
I have no idea how many photos or videos I have. I'm using 200GB of 2TB & a good amount of that could be deleted. But how do I declutter it? I take pics & vids of my kids daily, multiple times daily, & they don't always turn out, & aren't worth keeping. But its not something I think about deleting in the moment so everyday the hoard just gets bigger & bigger.
I want to go through it all- to delete duplicates, blurry, out of focus, bad lighting pics, ones my 5yo took? Where do I start? Then there's the videos. How do I go through 5 years of videos- sonogram appts, delivery & births, all the newborn firsts, & separate them from the random daily videos that didn't turn out right? Try to get vid of the baby babbling but her sibling runs thru mid recording completely naked... Or the back to back videos trying to get something specific on camera but they don't cooperate. These videos become useless but since I didn't delete them in the moment I now have years worth. How do I go thru them? Decide what to keep & what to delete? Is it going to take the hours on end I imagine it will? How do I organize them once they're decluttered?
And then let's say I'm able to get them cleared out, organized in some fashion? How does one go about maintaining such a system? How do I ensure I won't just be in the same boat 5 years from now? At this point I feel I'm going to need to spend like a full weekend locked in a room alone w lines of 🎱 (jk) or some other speedy 💊 while me kids are asleep so I can focus & even then I know I'll just get distracted watching all the old videos that I'll still never get anything done.
Any help & suggestions are much appreciated.
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2023.03.25 02:52 uuzuumakii none of this feels worth it. tw gym talk im spiralling

i cant stop crying i just want to die so bad. i have worked so hard in the gym lifting weights trying to, despite the insane fear, eat at maintenance or even a surplus of calories at points, high ass protein, really really trying. progressively overloading. everything. but my body still looks so so similar after 3 years. i saw a video today of a woman who said “what 9 months of consistency looks like” and she went from like skinny legs and just small overall to like muscular and curvy which is all i want i have put in 3 Years of consistency and have gotten nowhere near the same growth as she has. i seriously just want to die i just want this to end. im spinning my wheels and chasing chasing chasing chasing something i can never have. and then people tell me im just not trying hard enough. lift heavier eat more. as if its thay simple. when i gain weight it 100% will not go to my legs and glutes or hips it will just make me look worse so i cant bulk i cant cut im battling trying to grow muscle and wanting to starve myself almost all the time and im tired of this agony im built so badly im built like wendy williams i just want this body to go away im so tired of this
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2023.03.25 02:48 Anaphylactic_Cock M/28/6'1 265 to 150 to 168 in about 6 years

M/28/6'1 265 to 150 to 168 in about 6 years
After losing 115 pounds I had zero muscle mass and was weak. So I really wanted to start bulking for the first time in my life. I started lifting weights in October 2022 and I'm honestly not sure if I'm making good progress. I definitely have some body dysmorphia and I can really tell if the added muscle mass is visible.
However, I'm definitely getting much stronger. My first 1rm for bench in October was 80 pounds and I just hit 145 about 2 weeks ago and can do 135 twice. Dumbbell bench from 25 pound dumbbells to 60 pounds.
I feel like I have an extremely small chest although I admittedly don't think I'm eating enough. Any suggestions or questions to improve my physique is much appreciated.
Also, do you notice any muscles that might be a strong spot going forward?
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2023.03.25 02:48 No_Recommendation976 you broke me and i choose to love me

I regret nothing. I dont regret leaving you. i dont regret hurting you. you hurt me, but thats not why i left. i left because we were broken. we could not coexist without fighting, tension, or silence of unsaid words. i love you. i always did. i hurt you when i tried to love myself as much as i loved you. i've realized now i wasn't fulfilled with you like i am when im single. though i sometimes dwell on the times we were the best for each other, those times are no more. we would fight and rip it apart. while the wound was still fresh and healing, we would "rekindle" which would reconnect us. EVERYTIME WE STARTED FRESH IT DIED A LITTLE FASTER. it took round after round of depression, self doubt, and thinking im a monster that i came to a revelation. you were right. i am amazing. there is nothing wrong with me. however, you were also wrong. you kept telling me "forever and always." that you would love me and never stop. my revelation was you never loved me. you are so consumed with your anxiety, your need to stand out, your need to be seen, and your need for attention that it was never about us. you used me for 2 years and 9 months for your source of happiness. never someone you could be happy with. at first i loved it. i have my own issues with an estranged mother that i need attention like you. i loved how you adored me. in the end, i need you to understand, you are me if you had to live the life i've lived (read that again). i am no better than you. i was not able to sustain being your happiness because i am no better than you. i want you to be happy truly. if it meant my life then that is the cost, but thats always been the case since i met you. i am letting you go because we cannot sustain. we cannot be a family that does laundry and taxes because you would he a detriment to that. i want a stable family. i want to undo my families trauma. i dont see us lasting without adding a different trauma that could cost my childrens lives. be safe. take care of yourself. at this point im delusional because i was so head over heels for you. i still am even though everyone tells me you are wrong for me and you slept with my friend that i introduced you to, i still care about you. that is too heavy a burden to bear when you could just do it again. farewell love. forever and always.
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2023.03.25 02:44 Ok_Tale_2384 Rough day for anyone else?

I dont know why but today I decided i was gonna ✨️mix things up✨️ with my LO's schedule. I dont know why. I thought "hmmm maybe i can make this great thing we already have going better". For context, my LO is 6 months and naps 3 times a day. 1-30minute nap 1-3 hour long nap and another 30 minute nap. It works for us and he sleeps from 9pm-8am great. Today i thought it would be soOOoO smart of me if I skipped his first 30 minute nap and he jusy stayed up a bit longer and continued with his 3 hour nap. That way after all the math added up he could go to sleep 30 minutes earlier. SPOILER ALERT! That didnt happen. Today we were all aboard the hot mess express and everything that could go wrong went wrong. But to TOP it all off- right before i put him to bed i was changing his diaper and for the first time since week 1- he fountain peed on me and my bed. Then promptly fell asleep LOL! It's been a day. Anyone else driving or riding in the struggle bus today?
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2023.03.25 02:41 lukerox22 From a C9 fan, really hoping we can go to MSI together

CLG put up one hell of a performance tonight, and I would love to see what this squad can do internationally.
CLG vs C9 is always a banger, and that series did not disappoint. Hoping we can both go to MSI together after this.
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2023.03.25 02:39 CherryBlackBerry76 14m I just want someone to play games with

I can’t take it I just want friends but it seems like nobody cares about me. I just want someone I can message whenever. I just want to be cared about
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2023.03.25 02:34 BayAreaTechRecruiter [Hiring] Solutions Engineer - Healthcare SaaS IVR Chatbots AI ML

Parlance is a Software as a Service company leveraging intelligent speech technologies to improve the caller experience for leading organizations nationwide. Parlance delivers speech recognition as a managed service. That means we blend intelligent speech technologies, including Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding to transform old-fashioned phone systems into easy-to-navigate speech-driven tools. We modernize and improve the first 30 seconds of every caller’s journey and remove barriers to service. Health systems specifically subscribe to Parlance to improve patient experience and reduce frustration. No more long hold times, no confusing menus, no numbers to press.
As a Solutions Engineer at Parlance, you deliver meaningful results through a partnership with the customer that spans the full solution lifecycle; pre-sales to implementation to optimization and future growth. You will be supported by a knowledgeable team of solutions engineers and software developers to learn and leverage knowledge of contact centers, speech recognition, human factors, and voice user interfaces to build and manage solutions for our customers.
Some of the responsibilities of a Solutions Engineer include the following:
Come work at a company where your voice matters and you can make a real impact beyond your specific job role. You will gain a view of the whole company fostered by open management and a flat organizational structure. Parlance is a team of smart people who care about each other and our customers. We are responsible professionals who operate with integrity and treat people with respect.
The compensation and benefits package at Parlance is designed to put people first:
Parlance is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce. Parlance is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or any other legally protected status.
Work Authorization:
Permanent US work authorization is required
We are currently not able to sponsor visas for this or other roles. Principals only, please.
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