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2023.05.29 17:50 LearningAndLiving12 Why does x^3 + 8x^2 + 20x + 15 give us only one correct real solution when using the rational root theorem and not three?

So we have a cubic x3 + 8x2 + 20x + 15, when I use the rational root theorem I get the factors ±1, ±3, ±5, ±15. Then I plug those numbers into the function, and we will get f(1)=44, f(-1)=2, f(3)=174, f(-3)=0, f(5)=-10, f(-5)=440, f(15)=5490, f(-15)=-1860. So x+3 is one solution. But when we graph the cubic we get three roots. What is the reason for this? Is this because the other two has decimals? Do I need to factorize the cubic equation x3 + 8x2 + 20x + 15 = 0 in order to find the remaining two roots? Are there any other ways to solve this equation with fewer steps, if possible?
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2023.05.29 17:50 jfgjfgjkuiyyt Watch NBA Live Stream Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 7 Online Free Reddit

Jaren Jackson Jr. has been a defensive monster since coming back from foot surgery, something obvious by the eye test but backed up by impressive stats: 3.1 blocks and a steal a game, opposing players are shooting 44% on shots he contests and when he is on the court the Grizzlies have. 106.8 defensive rating (which would be best in the league by more than three points). He is the frontrunner for Defensive Player of the Year right now.

NBA Live Stream Heat vs Celtics Game 7

That led to a conspiracy theory post on Reddit about how the Memphis scorekeeper is padding Jackson’s stats, calling his numbers fraudulent. The post went viral — we all love to think we’re in on something nobody else knows — and has gotten to the point some Las Vegas sportsbooks have taken down Defensive Player of the Year betting.

The conspiracy theory does not hold water. At all.

The NBA pushed back on that theory by reminding people that all NBA stats are audited in real-time by someone watching the video in Secaucus (rebound or blocked shots being changed during a game is not uncommon because of this).

“In order to ensure the integrity of our game statistics, auditors, independent of the statisticians on-site, review all plays and stats decisions in real-time during NBA games,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank told NBC Sports. “If changes are necessary, they are made at that time or following a postgame review. All of the plays questioned in the post on Memphis games were scored consistently within the rules set forth by the NBA statisticians manual.”

Reddit has now labeled the post “Misleading.”
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2023.05.29 17:50 coolbrze77 Fear, Anxiety, Hate & the current conservative world

Fear, Anxiety, Hate & the current conservative world
I myself was a registered Republican for 30+ years. After moving to and living in the great state of Massachusetts I personally saw the benefit of moving away from the conservative fear based mindset. After 9/11 many people, out of a real fear moved towards the right. I was in MA then. As time passed it became more clear to me that the liberally implemented policies were in fact in the interest of the people. I had the best health care in my life in MA. I’ve lived in NY, MA, FL & IL. MassHealth is what the National Healthcare system was based on. Ironically in liberal MA it works way better than nationally for overtly obvious reasons. $5 script co pays, $0 office visits. They have it down. It was also the least stressful time for me so my conservative values weren’t being gaslit or triggered which provided me clarity. Now unenrolled I see all the fear and anxiety coupled with ignorance fed to the right by disinformation, misinfo and outright lies. That said I am not saying it doesn’t exist on the left side. However on the right they are much more absolutely susceptible and negatively affected by it. Below is an article from Psychology Today. It attempts to break down the ‘why’ conservatives are drawn to fear like a ‘moth to a flame’.
Peer-reviewed research shows that conservatives are generally more sensitive to threat. While this threat-bias can distort reality, fuel irrational fears, and make one more vulnerable to fear-mongering politicians, it could also promote hypervigilance, perhaps making one better prepared to handle an immediate threat.
(All numbered topics below are expanded upon in the source article)
  1. Conservatives tend to focus on the negative.
  2. Conservatives have a stronger physiological response to threats.
  3. Conservatives fear new experiences.
  4. Conservatives’ brains are more reactive to fear.
Empirical evidence suggests that conservatives and liberals don’t just have different outlooks and opinions—they also have different brains. This means that our choice of political affiliation and overall worldview may not really be all that much of a choice. Still, we must work to understand these psychological and biological distinctions so that we can ultimately use this knowledge to work together and find middle ground. Such information may also make us less vulnerable to those who want to exploit these dispositions for their own selfish agendas by using tactics like fear-mongering.
You can change. I’m living proof.
Source material:
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2023.05.29 17:49 Neat-Trade-1111 [30M] Odd, frequent bowel movements after vacation

Recently vacationed in Mexico for 4 nights. Typically when I travel, my bowel movements get out of sync. During my trip, I only had two very small bowel movements. Since returning on May 25th, I've had some odd symptoms. The first day or two, I felt a little nauseous, had 3-4 bowel movements a day, and some general discomfort in the abdominal area. Since then, the nausea has gone away, but usually in the first few hours of every day, I'll have anywhere from 3-5 bowel movements. The first few are typically normal looking, but the last few are more like diarrhea (but not completely liquid) and very dark in color, though not tar-like.
My guess is that I picked up some sort of stomach bug there. It's been almost 6 days now. Would it be a good idea to see a doctor at this point or just ride it out for a few more days?
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2023.05.29 17:48 vites70 [For Sale] Buy 1, get 1 15% off. Free Shipping - Soundstracks, Foals, Doves, Stereophonics, Neil Young, Jethro Tull, Steve Miller, The Doors, Alice Cooper, Grateful Dead, Eagles, Mazy Star, Supergrass & many more.

Free Shipping in the USA
America - Hideaway NM/NM $10
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Sting – The Complete Studio Collection NM/EX (Volume 1) $340
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Velvet Starlings - Technicolor Shakedown NM/EX $16
Paul Weller With Jules Buckley & The BBC Symphony Orchestra ‎– An Orchestrated Songbook NM/NM $30
Neil Young ‎– Songs For Judy NM/NM $20
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - World Record (clear vinyl) NM/NM $30
You Said Strange ‎– Salvation Prayer NM/VG+ $25
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2023.05.29 17:47 Boring-Mouse-2676 Maintenance Advice - Remote Start

Here we go. Hey y’all, I’ve been having a lot of problems with my car and I wanted to see if anyone had ideas for me. To start, I had a remote starter installed through Best Buy 2 years ago when I lived in MN. Never had any issues with it till after I moved. It started with the starter fob not starting my car, could still unlock it with the fob for a few weeks after that point. I brought it into my local Best Buy and he said the people who installed it originally forgot a certain wire/cord. Got it put in, didn’t have any issues with it for two weeks. Then it stopped working again and the Best Buy mechanic said we should try replacing the starteinstalling a new one/ ect. While waiting for the new company to send the replacement I had to use my Subaru fob to open/start the car. No problem except that the fob won’t work even after battery replacement. The horn/factory alarm goes off every time we do unlock with the key. So I went to Subaru dealership to see if I can get the normal key fixed and they said the Best Buy guys “Butchered” my wiring harness and the entire thing had to be replaced for $3,000. We held off because we’re going to get the new starter installed once it comes in to Best Buy. Skip to just recently, got the new starter installed installed and it WORKED for a week before it stopped completely again. Skip again to yesterday I brought it in to Best Buy, he got the starter to work only when you held down the button to unlock, wait 3 seconds and THEN hold to start it. Otherwise it doesn’t work at all. Which already was strange to me. He started it for me multiple times, everything was fine. I left and went home. Hours later I went to go pick my husband up and the alarm went off when I UNLOCKED with the fob (could hear the doors physically unlocking) but when I tried to turn the car on to turn the alarm off it didn’t work so I had to start it with the starter. Even then it would turn on but all the dashboard warning lights came on, it stayed running fine for 3 second before I heard the engine sputter and then die. Tried it again and now the car won’t start AT ALL. Geek Squad told me to call today and talk to someone. Will they fix it if the wiring was messed up by their technician? Will they pay for the tow truck cause I sure can’t? Will they pay for Subaru to fix it or just do another hack job and make it worse? It’s been a real headache. Any advice is welcomed. I hope I explained things well enough it’s been a mess. I’ll update when I talk to someone today. Thank you!
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2023.05.29 17:47 iconic_jordd Can anyone tell me about my married life? Gay male

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2023.05.29 17:46 Educational_Big_1435 AITA My Wife and I having Problems

My Wife and I are recently married (as in last 6 months). And fairly young (both 20) but we’ve recently been having problems when it comes to our emotional availability in the relationship. My wife didn’t really have a childhood, she was forced at a really young age to raise her own siblings. And this in part lead her to never really partying into her high school years. Now, we live on our own. And nobodies there to be taken care of, so she is understandably letting loose. She works at a bar, and seems to drink everyday she works there. Seldom times does she come home not messed up on something. And it’s beginning to feel extremely draining to our relationship. She saids she’s in a depressive episode. And goes out to escape the feelings. It’s gotten to the point where she’s out 3-4 times a week, sleeping out 1-2 times a week, and even when she doesn’t go out after work. She comes home messed up, or requires me to pick her up. I love her with all my heart, but I’m at my breaking point. I’ve confessed all these feelings to her and she basically tells me she doesn’t care. I’m being controlling, and projecting. And she’s going to continue to do what she what’s. AITA for feeling like our relationship requires her to be present more? Am I being over controlling? Thanks
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2023.05.29 17:46 XxHybridFreakxX How does max tip work?

It's been a few years since I last had to use Lyft. I used it for three rides over the last couple of days. I always make sure to tip well. But for some reason all three of the trips have only let me tip up to a maximum of $5. There is no option for a custom tip or anything like that. It just gave four options to pick from. No tip, $3, $4, or $5. Granted the trips weren't very long and weren't very far with each of them being only three or four miles. But it still seems weird to me that I can't tip more than $5 on a $10 fare. Can anyone explain to me how the maximum amount you're allowed to tip is calculated or how lyft comes up with these tipping figures?
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2023.05.29 17:45 Darmanarya Hunting pack chapter 4

((Work was so slow today I wrote this all on my phone. Will be adding the chapter change buttons later as a result. Hope you all enjoy this! Also: credit, as always and as deserved, goes to u/SpacePaladin15 for the good universe of "Nature of Predators" and community! Also shoutout to "Nature of Giants" creator u/Acceptable_Egg5560 for giving me a good example to use as a cameo!))
Memory transcript subject: Krakotl exterminator team leader Taita
Date [standardized human time]: October 20, 2136
I am an exterminator.
I am told I am one of the best.
My office has plenty of awards that were given to me.
I have done jobs many thought impossible.
But above all I am professional.
I must look at every case with as little emotion as possible to ensure that I can protect the most people possible. Heat should come from my flamer, not my heart or head. I must not let mindless beliefs and superstition rule me unlike those brAHKING IDIOTS IN DAWN CREEK WHO JUMP AT ANYT-
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
I am an exterminator.
I must be professional.
The attempted purge of the human world was, to me, all wrong. The humans have shown very few predatory behaviors and are far more advanced than the Yotul were. Some records indicate that a significant portion of their population was even becoming plant only by choice pre-contact. Not only that but the exterminator fleet carried out their duties with a zeal that was unfitting for exterminators. They abandoned those in need to pursue a kill. That is predatory and is against what we swore to purge.
I should be angry at the humans. They led the Arxur to attack us, but at the same time I must acknowledge if a parent leaves their child alone near predators then the parent would be detained for such a horrible act. How was the fleet's behavior any different?
I stared at the chat program in front of me.
Venlil male. Skip
Yotul female. Skip
Krakotl male. Skip
I needed to learn more about humans. I had to. I always tried my hardest to learn and study the predators I purged to make sure I could be as efficient as possible. It was my research that discovered the Bahrulet were just prey that had a spike in predator disease in males every cycle rather than them being predators. It was me that figured out it was a koloshian tsking apart yotul rather than a predator with a taste for the species.
And here it was. A chance i could find a predator I could talk to. A predator I could ask questions about. As an exterminator team lead I managed to pull some strings and get my copy of the chat program decensored a good bit so I could ask questions.
Professional ones.
No stupid ones like "Are you going to eat me?" Or anything of the sort. I didn't believe the theories that humans were mind controlling the Venlil or that they were faking. On such a scale it would be impossible! Besides, as skittish as the Venlil were I doubt one of their brains could stay conscious long enough to be brainwashed if a human tried it. Besides. I watched the videos from the cradle. I would trade all my feathers for just ONE exterminator as tough and devoted as those humans were. You can't fake that kind of passion when protecting something from a predator.
I wanted to know how their kind hunted in the past. Why? Why was I going to ask such a predatory question? If I knew then perhaps our purges could go smoother. Identify where a predator could strike, what they looked for, how to better kill to make sure none got away.
Professional. Questions.
But… I also just felt wrong about what happened on Earth. I wanted to find out for myself if such an extreme purge was really justified. I mean, I know it probably wasn't, but I needed to learn more before I made up my mind.
Venlil female. Skip
Krokotl male. Looking for female. Skip and block
Koloshian. Skip
Venlil male. Skip
Dossur female. Skip
I breathed out. I was told there would be humans on this app now! Sure, most humans would probably not be too interested after… that. And most were probably skipping me because I was a krakotl female. My kind did just purge a large number of theirs. B-
Human male.
Oh. He didn't skip me? "54rhuman?" Rather basic username, but their names are probably highly restricted. My talon hovered over "accept." Did I really want to do this? Yes. I had to.
Firedird: Are you really a human?
54rhuman: yup! Was rejected from the first batch of exchange due to my interests and diet. Picked up this app since I HAD to meet some aliens.
Firebird: What is your job?
54rhuman: I work IT. Can't say much beyond that. Fairly boring. U?
I froze. My username was a hint, but maybe the human just thought I was being "cool." Should I lie? No. Professionalism. If I wanted him to tell me the truth I had to tell the truth.
Firebird: dont leave please. Exterminator team lead.
There was a long pause, but he didn't leave.
Firebird: still there?
54rhuman: yup! Just has to sneak a few pictures of my guest. He is sleeping hard next to me. Cool! Always wanted to talk to an exterminator.
Firebird:what? Even after what we did?
54rhuman: hey. It was one group of exterminators, and a krakotl, but fuck it. Not everyone in a group is the same. Besides! You are the feds version of the police! Cant all be bad.
I read the reply. Then again. Then again.
What we did was wrong.
54rhuman: besides. I feel horrible for your kind about the arxur. I know it saved us, but it still feels wrong.
There was the empathy that the reports I read outlined.
The fleet was wrong.
Firebird: I… ok. Do you mind if I ask questions? They might be a bit sensitive, but I always wanted to ask a predator questions.
54rhuman: not all humans are really predators, so be careful with that name, but gotta admit it fits me some. Ask away!
What to ask first? Speh. Lets just go for the simple one.
Firebird: do humans have something like exterminators?
54r human: yup! Multiple different groups actually with one actually called the same thing. We have a bunch of animals on earth. Some just cause lots of problems like eating our food or spreading disease while some kill us.
Oh what the BRAHKT would hunt a human!? A predator predator was a thought I did not want to think about. Professionalism be damned!
54rhuman: I am actually in one of the groups as a side job and hobby. It is what got me rejected from the first exchange batch. We don't use fire though. We find that cruel.
Cruel? I tilted my head as my feathers ruffled out. I had to know why this human thought our methods were cruel!
Firebird: How is it cruel? It kills the predator and ensures there is nothing left to cause issues. No decaying body, no spread of predator, no drawing in other predators, and more.
54rhuman: Humans find it to be far too long and painful of a death. While some humans do believe in destroying truly horrific things with fire, its often seen as the most extreme method. Huh. Thought this would get censored.
Firebird: I am an exterminator team leader. Chatting with me has reduced censorship due to what I know.
54rhuman: Fair. We just try to use things like guns and other devices to make sure the death is quick and painless and as clean as possible. We dont like being cruel by causing lots of pain.
If that was true some exterminators had more predator disease than this human!
54rhuman: ah shit my guest is waking up! Bet they are hungry so need to get them something to eat. They look so cute asleep as well, wanna hug em'! Friending so we can talk later! Bye!
Chat partner disconnected.
54rhuman wants to be friends! Accept? Yes! Ignore.
I just… sat there staring at the screen. The human was nice and every bit lined up with what I heard. He replied quicker than I did so it wasn't like he had time to come up with a lie either. My claw tapped "accept." My eyes looked up to the poster of "The Exterminators" hanging on my wall. It was signed by the whole cast as a thank you for some of my cases inspiring a couple of their episodes.
The purge order was wrong. It had to be! Fully based on nothing but fear, superstition, and probably even predator disease!
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2023.05.29 17:44 SevoosMinecraft Disable all the annoying stuff and suggestions!

First of all, I don't think Microsoft promoting their own programs in their own os should be called advertisment because it's not third-party. Call it whatever you wanna.
  1. Remove various messages from the lockscreen. Settings -> Personaliztion -> Lockscreen -> disable interesting facts and so on. By the way, I recommend setting the lockscreen background the same image that is used for your desktop background. Default ones can be found in C:\Windows\Web;
  2. Disable suggestions like "Control your data with Edge" by going to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer, creating REG_DWORD DisableSearchBoxSuggestions and setting it to 1;
  3. [I haven't experienced that because I had TPM disabled back in the days] To disable recommending upgrading to Windows 11, create key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate and REG_DWORD TargetReleaseVersion afterwards set it to 1;
  4. If you hate Edge, you can uninstall it. To do that, run command prompt as administrator, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\[version_of_numbers]\Installer, run setup --force-uninstall --uninstall --system-level and reboot;
  5. To remove Microsoft promoted programs from the top of the start menu, go to Settings -> Personalization -> Start menu and disable "Show suggestions in the Start menu";
  6. Go to Settings -> Privacy and security -> General and disable "Show me suggested content in Settings";
  7. Unpin every rectangle from the Start menu unless you use those.

Comment what I should add!
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2023.05.29 17:44 rainbowkid8 Chinup Plateu

Hi. So for the past 2 months I (21m, 180, 71.5 kg, lowerbody dominant (actually though) ) have been attempting to increase my chinup count. Current max is 3. I am following an upper lower split of the RR due to recovery issues and needing more volume for lower body. (2 times a week each) I asked for advice 2 months ago and started doing 5x5 in the beginning of my workout of chinups and the rest negatives. However, I stalled after 4 workouts went from 1 1 1 1 0 to 2 2 1 1 1. Then for 2 weeks I kept going at it but nothing changed. I got sick and came back after a 2 week hiatus. I decided to first try 5xamrap chinups and then do the rest of negatives to reach a volume number (25 for instance). In my first workout I did 3 3 2 2 1. In my second howeveer I could not do 3 in the first set. I don't know whats wrong. Maybe recovery issues? I seem to regress. I need your advice. My goal is to get good at chinups and then get good at pullups. Should I increase the volume? Any other exercise other than inverted rows with a backpack? Thanks a lot.
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2023.05.29 17:44 EffinLawnNome High CBD ratio gummy recs?

Hope this is the place to ask, searched and didn't find anything in the archives:
37 and returning to the fold (quit smoking 15 years ago due to anxiety and motivation issues). I live in a legal state and started enjoying gummies and homemade tincture recreationally about 6 months ago, but I'm still pretty sensitive to THC (10mg gummies spin me out for hours, cut most 5mg doses in half).
I've recently found that I enjoy 1:1 THC:CBD and want to find something with a high CBD % and THC around 2.5mg. Most all of the dispensaries and service folks I talk to are oriented towards max THC and I get the impression they think of CBD as gas station nonsense. Lots of dispensaries in my city, but I really want to just place an order online and go pick it up.
Mostly trying to see if folks have recommendations for 1:3 type edibles or tincture that are going to prioritize body buzz and relaxation over head high.
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2023.05.29 17:43 DMmeCompliments Running Low on Resilience - Growth Beyond Abuse

Isn't it tough, sometimes, for the Mind and Heart to cooperate??
Hey Delhi, I'm a 25 yo guy and I feel Lost. I'm in a pretty bad phase right now. Need your advice, suggestions, and prayers. This is gonna be a long post so plz bear with me. To the mods - I really need to talk about it, it's eating me inside, please don't remove the post.
Being hit by a train of emotions while a slideshow of memories runs in my mind right now. I find it very intriguing how some people do irreparable damage to the person who loves them the most.
My GF of 4.5 yrs, a couple of years younger than me, abused me for 3 yrs before I snapped and walked out. I was tackling Medical and Judicial issues at home in these 3 yrs too, It was like getting battered from every aspect of my existence. I know I shouldn't have stayed there for that long but somehow it felt like it'll all get over someday and I held on. It was my first relationship and I was madly in love, truly. I had met her at a time when she was recovering from her previous breakup but we both liked each other instantaneously and I tried my best to help her get through that phase, from sending pizzas to her place without telling her to unannounced soft toys on the days she was feeling miserable and anxious. I did all that I thought would make me feel better if I was in her position and mental state. Then once we were officially together for 1.5 yrs, the abuse started.
It all started very slowly, she would ask me for help with her assignments, and by help she meant that I should do it for her. I saw it as a gesture of healthy dependency and didn't think much. Traveled to Faridabad from Patel Nagar to "deliver" her assignments at least 10 times, sometimes the assignments were of her elective language - Russian, But no matter the heat or cold, I was always there. Yet somehow, she always managed to nitpick errors in assignments and would yell at me over calls. Initially, I was surprised cuz a reaction of this type wasn't normal, but I shrugged it off thinking maybe I might have messed up somewhere. But every time I tried to perfect my work, I would still get yelled at. She also wouldn't decline advances from other guys and would play along, sometimes even going silent on video calls cuz she was texting other guys. One night I told her that I didn't feel good about it and that since we are in a relationship why does she need to entertain romantic advances from other guys? She brainwashed me into thinking that my concerns were unrealistic and that I "should be okay" with her shenanigans. Then came her final year, Holy Fuck what a year it was, she wanted to do internships so we discussed the details and both of us started to find openings. Around this time, she also wanted to prepare for UPSC and wanted to shift to Rajendra Nagar for coaching and stuff. But it was summer then so I told her "Bht garmi hai, I'll look for rooms and coaching here, aap kitna aana jana karoge Faridabad se yahan and back" (yes I addressed her as aap). Eventually after a lot of sweating and exhaustion, I found a decent place for her, sorted all of her coaching details, and also got her into a paid government internship. Within another day, contacted a moving company, loaded all her stuff in a van, and settled her place here in Rajendra Nagar before she finally shifted here. In my mind, everything was going well between us, except for the occasional yet frequent verbal abuse. I did my graduation from EEE branch and not to boast but I am really good at engineering stuff, On her bday I gifted her an Electronic box, made from scratch by me that would display sweet messages for different moods of her like positivity, motivation (since upsc aspirant), love and sm more stuff. I was suffering from typhoid those days but I still sat at my table coding the software and merging the electronic components, while I was having 102 fever almost every night, cuz her bday was nearing. I always used to say to her "Look I don't have much money to gift you stuff but my most valuable thing - my time, will always be there for you. You're never alone." I guess this gift of mine backfired cuz This is when things started deteriorating. Since we were living close now, I would visit her frequently. One such day I was welcomed with taunts and yelling as to how the place I found for her is shit and noisy. Being avidly in love and with my problem-solving knack, I made her a sound-absorbing board with egg crates and foam and attached it to her door and window, and bought heavy curtains and rugs for her room too. That night I stayed at her place and we planned to watch LOTR while having pizzas. After a while, she again picked her phone up to which I objected as we were watching the movie and then she got angry and threw my food in the dustbin (i am a slow eater, and she finished fast), before I could even comprehend why she was in such anger, she kicked me in the balls really hard. I collapsed on the floor from pain, this made me furious but I was confused AF, so I waited for the pain to subside while she kept saying how I had made her life hard and how I am a shitty BF and a shitty person. I got up and tried to calm her down and to know the cause but she straight up slapped me hard and started hurling abuses. I stared at her for idk how long but i zoned out, she slapped me twice more but i was suddenly in a flashback of how good things were between us, how i considered her a part of me and literally ebbed myself away to make her feel better... I came back to reality after she switched off the lights and went to sleep. But since there was only 1 bed, she pushed me away and told me i had 2 options, either to stay standing up the whole night or sleep on the floor. I slept on her chair with my head down on the table. Couldn't sleep and tears kept rolling. You guys must know the physical pain we feel in our chest when we cry, add hunger pangs to it and that was me that night. I left her place at 5 AM, sat in the park for a while, and came back to my room barely holding my tears back. I texted her later and called her too but she didn't respond until 4 PM. She told me that she was out with her cousin sister the whole day and sent me pictures of them in a cafe. I looked at the picture and saw her smile, for a second I was like that's a beautiful smile girl and then I thought, how could someone go on a day outing, have fun and celebrate after beating and torturing their loved ones? After that night, slapping and kicking become common. Sometimes it was cuz I didn't wake her up on time and smtyms it was cuz I was talking to Dad for too long and responded to her calls after some delay. But I never, not even once, thought of beating her. I guess I was still being hopeful that it'll all end. One day, it was all going okay and idk what I did or what the trigger was, she started saying that I was cheating on her, I was furious cuz I really hate cheaters and cheating and wouldn't do such stuff even if I was drunk. What ensued was a very brutal debate, again involving physical abuse, I even apologized to her with folded hands to stop beating me and asked her 1 question "Have you forgotten the things I have done for you? Why would I cheat if I am soo invested in you?" To which she replied - "Maine bola tha itna karne ko kya?" Hearing this I froze, mind went blank, it was more than I could take and after she went back to her place I blocked her from everywhere, and also shifted to another place to live in the next 10 days.
Today is my bday and I stayed in the whole day remembering how we used to celebrate each others bdays, and now we are like strangers. She still stays in the same neighbourhood, i see her smtyms too and all i think is how easy it is for some people to move on. Like a breeze, leaving a trail of crumbs of a heart they pulverised. Nowadays when i take my anxiety pills, when i wake up in middle of night because i dreamt of those stuff with my heartbeat racing and sweating even with the AC on, i wonder - Is love like a non-newtonian fluid? If you hold on to it tightly, its strong but the moment you loosen grip it percolates between fingers.. But i was still holdin on tight, how did it percolate then? I didnt deserve such treatment, she hurt me more than she needed to if all she wanted was a breakup.. I wonder, will she remmber me when she looks at her curtains and the door frame and the soft toys that i gave? Cuz i still have kept an oregano packet from when we first met and had pizza at dominos.
I need help. It feels like I am a different person now, I want to unlearn many things that I developed to handle the trauma and still keep myself sane, but I don't know how. I know i cant reverse time but I wish I could format my brain rn. I have been to psychiatrist regarding my anxiety attacks and he told me to give myself time to recover, but its been months and i still feel numb inside. How do i get myself out of this slump? How do i trust people again? How do i know that theres not a rotten heart hiding under a beautiful face? how do i live and not just stay alive? I wish i could talk to god and ask him what my sins were for which i got so punished, naa toh health meri thik rahi, naa toh mann shant raha naa hi neend aati hai.. Kyun?
People, I have been resilient untill now but ab nahi ho raha.. I m running low on it. Kahan se laun himmat? How do i grow out of this state of mine? I have no one to say these too hence yahan bola. Please let me know what i should do as i have hit a dead end.
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2023.05.29 17:43 MiniSiets Could nefazodone improve SSRI-induced insomnia?

Hey guys,
I've tried a number of antidepressants over the past couple years which have dramatically impacted my sleep. I used to be able to sleep 8-10 hours uninterrupted quite consistently for many years, but now can typically only muster 4-5 hours. I can usually squeeze an additional 2-3 hours tacked on by going back to sleep a few minutes later, but I will sporadically wake back up several times over the course of this period. Not as bad as many other insomniacs I suppose, but still quite annoying and frustrating.
These symptoms have only gotten worse as I've continued to try more antidepressants and it's now gotten to the point where I'm really paranoid about trying anything new because I don't want to worsen the condition any further. The only two medications I am considering left are buspirone and nefazodone before calling it a quits on all antidepressants, as the risks are starting to outweigh the potential benefits.
I know that nefazodone doesn't carry any supposed sedative effect to help with sleep, but I suspect that most of my sleep struggles stem from worsening anxiety / depressive symptoms brought on by the other antidepressants not working, so I don't think the cure is just finding something that "makes you feel sleepy" but rather treats the root cause of the issue. Can anyone here perhaps attest to developing poor sleep from other antidepressants and then getting relief from nefazodone?
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2023.05.29 17:43 RaneeDayz 20F genderfluid girl who wanna be friends cuz fuck it [friendship]

Hey names Josh or Neeko or Arihisa (i go by all by all 3)
I'm 20
I like anime, games, music, sleeping, photography,nature, star wars, art, baking, cooking
I have a dark sense of humor so send me offensive memes and what not.
I am a nerd when it comes to military history cause ive always been interested in it.
Huge star wars fan. I love Star wars the old republic, Star Wars the Clone wars, the books, lore, everything. My favorite characters are Ahsoka, Obi-wan, Rex, Darth Revan, Darth Malgus, Arcann, Satele Shan, and my own Swtor character i made named Arihisa.
I listen to music of all types like rap, pop, edm, J-pop, vaporwave,K-pop (this one is very very rare like holy grail rare), screamo rap, R&B, and rock
Favorite Color: Rose Pink
Favorite Games: World of Warships, World of Tanks, Star Wars The Old Republic, GTAV, MechWarrior Online, Borderlands 2, For Honor, War Thunder, Destiny 2 and Apex
Favorite Animes: Tonikaku Kawaii, Non Non Biyori, Jujutsu kaisen, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team, Iron Blooded Orphans, Acchi Kocchi, The Quintessential Quintuplets, Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, Azur Lane, All of Girls Und Panzer, Black Lagoon, DBZ
Favorite Movies: Avatar the way of water, Pacific Rim, Transformers 1-5, Dark Knight, All the Prequel Star wars movies and then The rise of skywalker
Favorite Shows: Regular show, Family guy,The amazing world of gumball, Steven Universe, South Park, The Boondocks
Favorite Food: Orange Chicken and Fried Rice
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2023.05.29 17:43 Agitated_In_Uptown Obligatory Memorial Day Post: Remembering Chicago’s Memorial Day massacre of 1937:

In which Chicago Police murdered ten unarmed labor demonstrators:
  1. Hilding Anderson, 27, Burnham, Illinois (USW Local 65) (died as a result of his injuries June 3, 1937)
  2. Alfred Causey, 43, Chicago, Illinois (USW Local 1010)
  3. Leo Francisco, 17, Chicago, Illinois (Western Union) (died as a result of his injuries June 15, 1937)
  4. Earl Handley, 37, East Chicago, Indiana (USW Local 1010)
  5. Otis Jones, 33, Lincoln, Illinois (USW Local 1033) (died as a result of his injuries June 8, 1937)
  6. Sam Popovich, 45, East Chicago, Indiana (USW Local 1010)
  7. Kenneth Reed, 23, East Chicago, Indiana (USW Local 1010) 8.Joseph Rothmund, 48, Chicago, Illinois (WPA) (died as a result of his injuries May 31, 1937) 9.Anthony Tagliori, 26, Chicago, Illinois (USW Local 1033) (died as a result of his injuries June 1, 1937)
  8. Lee Tisdale, 50, Chicago, Illinois (USW Local 1011) (died as a result of his injuries on June 19, 1937)
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2023.05.29 17:42 iksnet [Stein] My prediction as of the weekend: I think this is it. I sense President of Basketball Operations Bob Myers is poised to walk away from the lucrative offer Warriors owner Joe Lacob has put on the table.

It's believed that Myers doesn't want to sit down at an interview podium until his decision about staying with the Warriors or walking away from his post is both made and ready to be shared with the public.
As we've covered in multiple recent pieces: Myers wouldn't be exiting over money. It's because he wants a break. I wouldn’t expect the 48-year-old former player agent to rush into a new job with another NBA franchise when Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr all want him to stay with them.
Myers, by all accounts, seeks a respite from the grind after four title runs in nine seasons and appears poised to accede to that impulse despite all the lobbying for him to stay. If my read proves right, Mike Dunleavy Jr. — Golden State's vice president of basketball operations and its former No. 3 overall pick in the 2002 draft — would then take over the Warriors' front office.
Source (Paywall)
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2023.05.29 17:42 jaysornotandhawks 2023 IIHF Men's World Rankings (full chart!), and 2026 Olympic starting points

Source: IIHF.
You won't understand this post unless you understand how the IIHF World Rankings work. Perhaps later today or this week I'll put out a post on how the rankings work, so that I can keep linking back to it rather than having to explain it every year.
Also, Another post about the Women's World Ranking will be put out after their last tournament - Division 1A - is completed in August. Women's Olympic qualification starting points are decided at the end of next year.
The 2023 Men's IIHF season is now over! We now know the official rankings of each team.
Point Values:
Tournament 2022 Ranking Value 2023 Ranking Value
2023 Worlds 100%
2022 Worlds 100% 75%
2022 Olympics 100% 75%
2021 Worlds 75% 50%
2020 Worlds 50% 25%
2019 Worlds 25%
For the cancelled 2020 tournament, points were given based on seed. For 2021, where every division except the top level was cancelled, points were given based on Pre-Championship Report ranking.
Below is the table that includes each team's ranking from this year as well as last year, and the points earned in each individual year.
I've also included a column for Olympic seed, to see who starts where for Olympic qualifying.
Final 2023 IIHF Men's World Rankings:
Final 2023 IIHF Men's World Rankings, top 37 countries
Final 2023 IIHF Men's World Rankings, countries 38-58
And with these rankings, we now see who starts where for Olympic qualifying!
In this post, I'm only going to include the final round of qualification as well as the main Olympic tournament.
Projected Final Round of Men's Olympic Qualification: Each group is hosted by the top seed.
Group D: Group E: Group F:
(9) Latvia (10) Denmark (11) Norway
(14) Austria (13) Kazakhstan (12) France
(15) Slovenia (16) Hungary (17) Great Britain
Qualifier 6 Qualifier 5 Qualifier 4
Qualifiers 4-6 are determined by the teams who finish first in their respective groups in the Third Round of Qualification.
The winners of these three groups will advance as Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2 and Qualifier 3, in the order that they are ranked in the World Ranking (i.e. the highest advancing seed would be Qualifier 1, while the lowest is Qualifier 3). These three teams advance to the...
Men's Olympic Tournament 2026 (Projected Groups):
Group A: Group B: Group C:
(1) Canada (2) Finland (3) USA
(6) Switzerland (5) Sweden (4) Germany
(7) Czechia (8) Slovakia Wild Card 1
Wild Card 4 Wild Card 3 Wild Card 2
... where Wild Cards 1-4 are Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2, Qualifier 3 and host Italy, in the order that they are ranked in the World Ranking (written this way just in case someone ranked below Italy ends up qualifying).
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2023.05.29 17:40 lizfromthebronx Seeking Advice for More Compensation

Had a “bad” experience with a flight a few days ago - quotes because it’s all relative. During pre-boarding, apparently the captain noticed an issue with the aircraft and halted boarding, then made the decision to take it out of service. This ended up leading to an almost 4 hour delay, while they found another aircraft, and then a new crew.
During that almost four hours, there were five gate changes, each on opposite ends of the terminal. Often, as soon as we arrived at the new gate, we were immediately sent back to the gate we had just come from.
Communication from the gate agents was pretty poor - by the end I understood why, bc there was a group of pax who spent the delay getting drunk and belligerent (have never seen so many gate agents and police for a boarding flight before!). But in the beginning they were also not doing a great job of providing updates.
By the time we finally landed at our destination, the car rental counter was closed and no longer helping customers. We had booked a prepaid reservation through a third party, and had to take a taxi to our hotel. The next morning, we took another taxi back to the airport to pick up the car, and found chaos. The line for our rental agency was several hundred people deep , and the people near the front of the line had been waiting for 3-4 hours already. After about 10 minutes, with very little movement and starting to become concerned if they would even have cars by the time we made it through the line, we noticed another agency had no line. We ultimately ended up going with them so we could be on our way (and make it to the important appt we had traveled for in the first place) but had to pay for another car rental.
Based on policy, JB gave us $50 travel credit each. Am I crazy for thinking this is not remotely enough based on the nuances? The flight crew (FA and captain both) made several pointed announcements that pax should call the airline and ask for compensation. I’ve attempted to get more via chat and Twitter and haven’t gotten anywhere. Is calling likely to have any different outcome, or should I reset my expectations and accept that $50 is what I got?
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2023.05.29 17:40 luvss4brooke (:

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2023.05.29 17:40 MaxKepler197 Just picked these up from Walgreens, all FS/FT

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