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2023.03.30 07:15 wishdroplet Are vibrating strings the intersections of spinning spheres ?

We're wondering whether the Calabi-Yau spaces of string theory could possibly reduce to a single sphere of a very large number of dimensions, as outlined in this longer post we wrote:
Please don't mistake it for a scientific paper :) It's written very much in common prose, and much of it is guesses at best due to insufficient knowledge. Here is an excerpt of the introduction:
We’ve spent a lot of time assuming the latent form of the universe is a small, spinning sphere; that all particles and all points in the supposed vacuum of space share a common center; that high school math is all that is needed to relate basic physics to the sensory frequencies of color and note; that the golden ratio pervades all; and also that — here is the key — this “sphere theory” has duality with string theory.
This last point we understand only superfluously, but we tend to imagine a dedicated string enthusiast would intrinsically. In other words, we suspect a string theorist would easily recognize sphere theory in string theory, but we know the reverse is not true. We’d like to test this, but how ?
One way would be to become a string theorist. We can try, but it doesn’t seem very efficient, and we’ll never carry as much knowledge as thousands of others already do, not to mention sustaining this superposition is lonely and exhausting ! Is the sphere real or not already ? Maybe this will someday be our thesis to defend, but that sounds like so much work !
Another way is to find a string theorist. So how do we do that ? Quora ? Reddit ? Are there any string enthusiasts out there who would like to take a shot at explaining why this would or wouldn’t be possible, or whether there is or isn’t anything new here ? We’d really appreciate that.
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2023.03.30 07:15 fazlan98 CIMA part qualified in London

I’m an international student, graduated with bachelors and started CIMA on the side. I haven’t got any finance related experience so far which is why it’s taking so hard to find a job plus the visa requirement for me going forward.
I am projected to complete CIMA by May 2023( doing it through self study and i am running out of time as my current visa expires on July 2023.
What will be a best advice for me land on a job in UK?
If there’s anything, would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.30 07:13 SyncTheSquirrel Pre CFI Training Weather Theory Tips

Hey guys, I want to get ahead of the game before I go out and do my CFI training at an accelerated program over the summer. Anyways, one of my weakest spots is weather theory (and or anything basically related to weather) of course I know how to distinguish bad weather from good weather but I lack the knowledge to explain it in further detail. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on stuff I could use to build my knowledge on weather. I would prefer videos as I feel like I could understand and take in more information from them rather than reading from a book but if a book/website has great information to which I could understand, I will give it a shot. Even though the term “weather theory” isn’t really specified in the PTS (they say “weather information” in which I believe is being able to depict information from multiple weather charts and sources) I would still want to build a general knowledge just in case they catch me off guard and tell me to explain what different fronts are and what they do.
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2023.03.30 07:13 webdev20 How to Create an Anonymous Email: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today's digital age, protecting your online privacy has become more important than ever. One of the simplest ways to keep your identity hidden is by using an anonymous email address. In this article, we will explain what anonymous email is and provide a step-by-step guide on how to create one.

What is an Anonymous Email?

An anonymous email address is an email account that doesn't reveal your real name or any other identifiable information. It is often used to send emails that you don't want to be traced back to you, such as sensitive information or messages that could put your privacy at risk.

Creating an Anonymous Email Account

Step 1: Choose an Anonymous Email Provider
The first step in creating an anonymous email is choosing a provider that values your privacy. Some of the most popular anonymous email providers include ProtonMail, Tutanota, and Hushmail. These providers offer end-to-end encryption, meaning that only the sender and recipient can read the message.
Step 2: Sign Up for an Account
Once you've selected your provider, the next step is to sign up for an account. During the registration process, you will be asked to provide an email address, username, and password. It is important to choose a username that doesn't reveal your real name or any personal information.
Step 3: Verify Your Account
After you've created your account, you will need to verify it. This can usually be done by clicking a link in an email that the provider sends to you. Verification is necessary to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the account and to prevent spam and fraud.
Step 4: Customize Your Settings
Now that your account is verified, you can customize your settings to further protect your privacy. You may want to adjust your privacy settings to ensure that your email address isn't shared with third parties.
Step 5: Start Using Your Anonymous Email
Congratulations, you've successfully created an anonymous email account! You can now start using your new email address to send and receive messages without revealing your true identity.

Tips for Using an Anonymous Email Account
In conclusion, creating an anonymous email account is a simple and effective way to protect your online privacy. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create an account that doesn't reveal your real name or any other identifiable information. Remember to use your account responsibly and take extra precautions when sending sensitive information.

Related Articles -
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2023.03.30 07:12 k_stew32 HK FACTORY

We are HK Factory! Thank you for your interest in joining! Here is the link to our Discord: We are a casual guild focused on keeping the game fun and helping each other progress while being active We do ask that players are relatively active every 72 hours (with room for exception with notice in Discord), participating in both TB and TW, and friendly! We auto-launch all heroic raids at 4PM EST with a 1 day join window Currently between 10-13 stars in Hoth TBs Historically 20+ Stars in each Hoth TB and 4 Star record in DS Geo 5-1 record in last 6 applicable TWs
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2023.03.30 07:12 k_stew32 HK FACTORY

We are HK Factory! Thank you for your interest in joining! Here is the link to our Discord: We are a casual guild focused on keeping the game fun and helping each other progress while being active We do ask that players are relatively active every 72 hours (with room for exception with notice in Discord), participating in both TB and TW, and friendly! We auto-launch all heroic raids at 4PM EST with a 1 day join window Currently between 10-13 stars in Hoth TBs Historically 20+ Stars in each Hoth TB and 4 Star record in DS Geo 5-1 record in last 6 applicable TWs
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2023.03.30 07:12 DmWild_Bill How do i involve a player who wont play there role...

I have a relatively new player (30f) playing a Changeling Rogue. I feel like its difficult to involve her character as she wont attempt to sneak often and is timid to change using her changeling features. She definitely has a good time playing and we're about to go into session 4 I just really feel like it's important to give her character a chance to feel important. I feel like she often tries to avoid confrontation yes she is very invested into figuring out why things are the way they are she's very deductive one of her character traits and nearly a flaw is that she must help animals her character just seems to love animals any ideas on how I could get this player more involved
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2023.03.30 07:11 Nolinikki First-time interested home buyer and I have literally no idea where to start

Me and my family are looking to buy a home in the future (ideally later this year), but I have no idea how to even start or who to talk to (or what kind of lender to use - my bank has generally had poor interest rates).
We have a combined income of ~160k, and enough savings to put down an alright down payment on a house. We also have relatively low debt (Almost paid off the car and my remaining college loan is only around 10k). The area we're interested in is pretty close to our current apartment and the houses we were looking at are in the 300-500k range. But I don't actually know where to start, or what to avoid. We've been using Zillow to price things out.
So, questions:
  1. What is a good down payment? Is 10% good, or 20%? Or is it really more 'whatever you can afford'?
  2. How do I find good lenders? My bank is wells fargo, and their offer for my car loan was terrible. Should I find a local credit union, or is there some source for house loans superior to shopping around banks? My credit score is good, around 740.
  3. Some of my friends have gotten absolutely fucked by homes that looked good but turned out to have terrible issues that weren't discovered until after the purchase. What's the best way to avoid that? Is it just 'get an inspection done' or is there more to it?
  4. What do I use to find homes? Zillow? Other websites? Realtors?
  5. What does the haggling process look like? Or is that even a thing today?
  6. How much should I set aside for 'extra expenses'? Inspections and such? What happens if a sale doesn't go through because of a failed inspection or similar?
  7. What am I forgetting? What are the pitfalls I need to avoid?
Thanks for any help y'all can give, and I'm happy to read any resources y'all can offer.
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2023.03.30 07:11 autotldr The White House on Ukraine's use of US military aid: "We do not see any egregious violations" - Родинний затишок

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 0%. (I'm a bot)
The White House does not see any evidence of improper use of US military aid provided to Ukraine.
In direct speech: "When it comes to the use of military assistance provided to Ukraine, we have not seen any evidence of any egregious violations."
Details: Kirby also stated that Ukraine shares US concerns about ensuring proper accountability and transparency in the use of American equipment.
"We all strive for as much oversight and accountability as possible. Equipment and systems purchased with taxpayer funds are being delivered to Ukraine, but this is war. During a battle, it's impossible to predict the movement of every unit that a soldier takes into combat," he added.
In January, auditors from the United States arrived in Kyiv to ensure accountability for American military and financial aid.
On March 29, the US Agency for International Development announced that inspectors had found no evidence of serious violations related to the use of American military aid.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Ukraine#1 military#2 American#3 accountability#4 aid#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.30 07:10 Sorin61 Randomised Clinical Trial of Combined L-Carnitine Supplement and Exercise on Biochemical Markers and Exercise Performance: A Systematic Review [03 -2023]

Aim and design: L-carnitine supplementation combined with exercise may enhance metabolic responses and improve exercise performance. Thus, this systematic review article aims to identify the effects of the L-carnitine supplement on biochemical markers, and exercise performance when combined with exercise.
Data Sources: The articles are screened and reviewed based on titles, abstracts and keywords. Only peer-reviewed studies written in the English language, dated January 2000 to March 2021, were considered in this review.
Review Methods: The PRISMA method is used for this study. PubMed, EBSCOHost, SpringerLINK, and Scopus databases were used to systematically search.
Results: From a search 731 articles, 12 articles were identified related to effect of L-carnitine intake with exercises on biochemical markers and exercise performance. Studies showed that L-carnitine supplementation can be consumed daily during aerobic or anaerobic exercises by different population including patients. Its combination could improve serum lipid profiles, antioxidant properties, markers of metabolic, oxidative stress, and inflammatory, and exercise performance.
Conclusion: and Impact: This review provides information regarding the beneficial effects of L-carnitine supplement with recommended dosages and exercise prescriptions on overall body health in human.
Note: if you liked the article, please click Join (if you haven't already) on the front page to encourage the effort and support free private enterprise. Thank you!
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2023.03.30 07:10 SabrinaTeenageBitch Kim K/Lena the Plug

Kim K/Lena the Plug
I acknowledge that this is completely irrelevant, but I went on a deep dive today and wanted to share my thoughts. Does anyone here keep up with Lena Nersesian (she’s Armenian!) aka Lena the Plug? She is engaged to Adam22, who hosts a rap/hip hop podcast called No Jumper. I don’t really watch or listen to No Jumper, but I like Lena’s YouTube content because she can be super relatable. To my knowledge, she makes content for OnlyFans and has a huge social media presence. Lena has also been known for her big butt, she recently came out and admitted that she had a BBL before she was famous and I was SHOCKED. She had posted a few videos about her boob job(s) in the past, so it would make sense that she also had a fat transfer. I’m wondering if the influencer girlies are about to start being more transparent with their surgeries and other cosmetic enhancements. Kim could take a few notes. She has some ties to the KJs through Adam22 (went to Sunday Service and met KimYe, also has a pic on IG with Travis Barker)
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2023.03.30 07:10 DahmerMeUp Newly Joined ! Having a thought ?

Hey ! I’ve poked around in this sub before but haven’t joined until now.
I’m also kind of new to Reddit and I’m not really sure where to put this out there…
I have been dealing with some other mental health stuff (OCD related) but void all of that, I have had this deep deep deep desire to never speak to anyone in my family again. Both my mom and my dads side is just a small group of us. Dad and his gf, my grandmother, and my moms side is just her, my brother, his wife, and their kid.
My dads side of the family has always been rocky, but my mom and her side I have always had a wonderful relationship with. But despite all of that, I just want to never speak to them again. I get REALLY upset by these thoughts because my mom never did anything wrong and I don’t want to hurt her.
I’ve always hated the ‘obligation’ that comes with family. But I always heard of people wanting to go no contact for more… ‘legit’ reasons such as other actual family issues. But for me, it’s less of that.
Idk, it’s hard for me to articulate the thought and I was wondering if anyone could possibly relate.
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2023.03.30 07:10 Old_Club7981 FireTEAM and Application Question

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
For some background, I am 21. I have Firefighter 1 (IFSAC), HMO & HMA, FFT I & FFT II, EMT-B, and planning on taking my Firefighter 2 soon. Four years of experience in volunteer firefighting, with 3 as an EMT on an ambulance, 1 season contract wildland firefighter, 1 season WFM (FS), and 2 seasons with hotshots (FS). I passed the CPAT (8:50), but now I'm stuck on the fireTEAM test.
Education: BAS Business, AAS Fire Service, and Tech
I am struggling with the FireTEAM test the most. I scored low, and the new grading system is based on the proportions of candidates which is not helpful at all. NTN said that they don't give out score information, and that isn't ethical to contact departments for scores which I understand.
Video (50% better than)
Math (40% better than)
Mechanical (40% better than)
Reading (top third)
I know that this was my first time taking the test so I should really expect to score 95% in every single category, yet I am finding it hard to prep for this exam next time I take it. There are a lot of study guides out there yet the only one that could remotely help me would be through ERGOmetrics.
This is the only challenge that I am facing before I can transition into a career, I'm not a great test taker. I don't think I can stand out at all, especially with low scores, I knew that I wouldn't do too great in the Human Relations video, yet I thought I did well in math and mechanical portions.
Any advice will help,
Thank you for your time
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2023.03.30 07:10 garacus The difference between men and women with rejection and remaining friends

Tbh a little bit of a rant, but I thought I'd post this on this subreddit as I feel most of us men can possibly relate to this?
So both from my own experience and that of others, we've all heard of the friendzone and all, but few seem to talk about the scenario when a guy asks out a girl, she rejects him, he takes it well, but chooses not to remain friends with her temporarily/permanently. I've done this before personally for a number of reasons, but most obviously because it's too painful to see someone you still have feelings for talk about/see in front of you, them dating/having sex/admiring other men etc. And both genders would be lying if they said they'd be fine with this if it's in regards to someone they REALLY/ACTUALLY love (not just a crush/infatuation/lust)
Yet, when dudes peacefully walk away they're said to have left left simply because "they couldn't have sex with her" or "they were only using her" which is a reductive assumption at least, and a sexist assumption against us at worst. Of course some immature guys probably do do this, but at least in my experience both personally and with friends (I can only go off of that) it's anything but that. Tbh if I just liked a girl sexually/as a small crush, I would have far less of an issue remaining friends with her after being rejected, because there's far less heartbreak than when you're in love. Yet men are assumed to be 100% brains in our penises...
Women in their groups though seem supported by their friends, other women, and possibly society when they walk away from a man who might've rejected them though, because of "you go girl" or "he wasn't worth it anyway, he doesn't know how great you really are!"
I understand that it seems, from what I've heard from women I know, friends with, and trawling around reddit that it seems women seem to care more about friendships between opposite genders, and men more on the relationships/sex side between opposite sex friends they now/always had feelings for, which explains the heartbreak and bewilderment on both sides when the man leaves the friendship to spare his feelings (from my perspective) and the woman is left to feel she has been used/not seen as a friend in the first place. I think both sides misunderstand eachother in a tragic way there. But it seems to me that the woman's pov is heeded much more, and the man's just thrown away as if we're selfish evil pricks or something
No, we're not just cavemen with only sex on our mind, yes we do walk away from friendships that we grew to have feelings for because of how painful it is to remain, and yes people are lying if they think it's easy/possible (without considerable mental anguish) to remain as friends with someone we have considerable feelings for.
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2023.03.30 07:09 aromaticsoup2000 Anyone know what the plant is from the new movie Enys Men?

Anyone know what the plant is from the new movie Enys Men?
Funny request but I just saw the new arthouse horror movie Enys Men where a botanist goes crazy studying a rare plant (relatable.) I just wanted to know what the real thing is lol. The movie was filmed “around the disused tin mines of West Penwith.” (United Kingdom) I feel like it could totally be a prop flower but again just curious. I can’t find any up close pics but it was a white flower with 7 petals and long, bright pink stamens and orange gland-looking things in the middle.
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2023.03.30 07:09 Sweet_Source2124 Waste in Oman

So according to the ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources 560 tonnes of food is wasted in Oman per year worth approximately 60 million Omani Rials. From personal experience I would think that much of that waste came from overabundance of food in every social function ever especially weddings. Let’s assume that instead of wasting food we invest the money that would have been spent and get a %5 return (which is a relatively easy return on investment to get): After 30 years of investing 60 million a year to get an average of %5 the Omani economy will be OMR4 billion bigger. To give some context, Oman currently has a GDP of USD$88 billion which is approximately OMR34 billion. This is one small thing in the Omani culture that could have a huge impact on the broader economy, the same thing can be said about 100 other things in the Omani culture. This is just mind blowing to me, what do you think?
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2023.03.30 07:08 bootlegbongos My girlfriend recently broke up with me in a really petty way

I've been dating someone for the past 6-7ish months with someone slightly older than me by about a year. We had gotten into a few arguments about a few things ( like the fact she didn't show that much love or affection towards me, i.e hugging, cuddling, kissing ) and a few disagreements or slip ups here and there but after a small break from one another, I had reformed myself into a much better person. I used to feel incredibly suicidal whenever I couldn't see her because of something like school or the roads, but after the break I had improved myself immensely ( i didn't feel suicidal or angry when i couldn't see her ). I thought we were happy, the last time I saw her I had set up a small date night for us. I got her favorite candy, ice cream for us to share, a 2 liter bottle of her favorite mountain dew flavor, stuff like that. She only took the candy and didn't care for the ice cream, and she ended up forgetting the soda. No big deal, right? Wrong. The next day she's acting weirdly socially awkward towards me over text, more awkward than she usually is. I asked her what was up and she said it was nothing, and pressed me on why I asked the question. She had said something like " no? why would you think there's something wrong? " and I had just assumed I was being paranoid or clingy. She also kept on breaking away from our conversations, but she did respond to my ' I love you ' text, and responded with (of course) ' I love you too '. I had assumed she was just busy with something and I went to bed relatively late, and fell asleep around midnight. The next morning I woke up around 8AM, went to my computer and checked my messages. There, in my Discord application, was a half-assed break up message. She stated that my behavior was ' abusive ' and that most of the people she knew (friends, teachers, family members) agreed so. I *have* had some verbal outbursts towards her but they were relatively rare and mostly induced due to the fact I hadn't eaten or if something shitty was going on in my life, but I never struck her. I never tried to intentionally hurt her verbally or physically, and I always offered her support and love every day. She then stated that I would be arrested I wasn't the age I am now due to the fact I had touched her bare chest a few times without her verbal consent. I don't know if I'm the asshole here or not but she never told me not to. The last time I did so I did ask for consent, and she said no. I respected her boundaries and didn't do so, but in her breakup text she stated that I *never* asked if I could, which is false. Going slightly off topic here, my life had practically revolved around her due to the fact she made me happy and kept me going as a human being. Sure, we had our mishaps but I thought we were happy. I was pretty self destructive and sometimes suicidal ( i no longer am as of writing this ) and wasn't very happy with myself, but she kept me going. When she broke up with me, however, she had blocked all forms of communication with me, not giving me a chance to say goodbye to her. We were both happy ( or at least i thought so ), and I had expected a more formal in-person break up, but no. She broke up with me and only provided a few valid points. She called me a narcissist in a small almost tiktok styled video, and displayed the exact opposite of me being narcissistic. She showed me hating on myself, me showing love and gratitude, borderline worship towards her and a few online tests she took regarding if I was emotionally abusive. She never consulted me about this and swept all of the love and support I showed towards her during all the trying times in her life, and broke up with me in the middle of the night without giving me a chance to say goodbye. The day after this I had an emotional breakdown, screaming, crying, wailing for her while I was in the fetal position, shaking on the floor in my parents' room. I went to the emergency room minutes afterwards. My eyes had hurt with sharp pain due to all of the crying, my hands were shaking and twitchy. The doctors calmed me down, and after I think 5ish hours I was discharged from the hospital, not at all caring about her, which is my current state of emotion. I don't know if I'm a dipshit here but my mother is livid towards her and her parents. I know that she loved me and I know that I loved her as well, which is what really breaks my heart here. In the break up message, she stated I hadn't changed which put me on my knees. I know I've changed, I haven't thought about hurting myself since last night. I still don't know if I'm entirely in the right, which is why I posted this here to dump about what's going on with me. I don't want any advice or input about this, I just know that I'm done with her, and I hope she can find someone else she can emotionally ruin.
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2023.03.30 07:07 Crystal_Princess2020 My 18f professor 35f is going to accuse me of plagarisim

I wrote an online novel essay for my Latin American class and I submitted it two weeks ago. I just checked blackboard to see what grade I got but it's saying that there is a high risk that I plagiarized my paper.
As in, it's saying it's a 100% match to another paper someone wrote and published!!
I did NOT plagiarize my paper and I have a meeting tmr to meet with my teacher and I am TERRIFIED of whats going to happen. Please any help, tips on what to say, reassurance would be very helpful because I am freaking out.
Tyia 😭
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2023.03.30 07:07 good_joi To those with personal experience regarding Vyvanse, or those who have helpful advice about completing passion projects

I'm not sure how much background information I should give, so I'll admit what I think might be relevant and then go forward with the actual points I want to ask. First a little about the context. Then I'll elaborate about my questions and ask for some guidance.
I grew up diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age, and the medical book has been revised a lot since I was a first grader. I was prescribed Adderal or Ritalin (I'm sorry I don't recall which or what dosage) to help me be more attentive and focused in the classroom, but I was observed as being "zombie-like" while taking it. I was placed in special ed. class for the remainder of my schooling until college, and when I entered high school I stopped taking the medication out of my own decision, with the idea that "I don't know if I need this, I want to try going without it" and my parents respected my decision. I ceased taking it since, and graduated, went to the local community college, and life got messy.
I transitioned from local college to a different college due to life throwing me a curve ball. I was being pushed into a medical school despite having no interest in Surgical Tech and being hemophobic, and the college asked that I get reevaluated for my ADHD diagnosis due to my diagnosis being from such a young age, and the advancement of the medical book that has revisions every so many years. (I'm trying to find what this is but my google-fu is weak and I'm hoping you know which one I'm referring to.) In order to get the special accomodations for someone with special needs (I hated hearing this growing up) I had to go get evaluated again. After a few weeks, they concluded I didn't have enough signs to be diagnosed with ADHD. (Satisfying to hear; I had some special ed teachers tell me plainly that I will never 'overcome' this mental disposition and I was over the moon when the results validated my feelings.)
Although now, many years later, I'm wondering if I do or I don't have ADHD. I'm now conflicted about this more than ever, but that's not the crux of this issue.
Now, the crux: I started taking Vyvanse after learning a little about how it's an alternative to Adderal and Ritalin, and so far I'm not disappointed but I am trying to overcome matters that might be more habit related. If you can give me insight, I'd be very happy. It may not be specific to Vyvanse. It might just be trying to re-learn some functions. Here's what is on my mind right now:
I can get up and function with purpose, but I don't feel like I have a goal to achieve: I'm starting to wake up at reasonable times. Like, 8am, give or take. It's great because I have more time to do things before I go to work in the evening. I have so many projects from years ago that I could put my attention on (writing, painting, working out) but my self-discipline is lacking. I'm motivated and focused, but now how do I hone that on something when I've spent years struggling? What do you do to help yourself accomplish things that you really want to do? For now, I feel satisfied performing the annoying tasks like laundry and cleaning, but for personal tasks of passion, I'm disappointing myself.
I'm thinking this is the primary concern right now. For instance, I also have major depressive disorder and I'm taking an antidepressant prescribed by my doctor on top of Vyvanse.
Before I took these medications, I would barely talk myself out of bed to get to work. Showering, as some of you with depression may know, was hard. Doing anything related to self-maintenance is an uphill struggle. Now I'm taking my dog on walks nearly three times a day before work. Before the medication, I would try to take her to the dog park once a week. Now she goes two, three, sometimes four times a week because my work is in the afternoons into the evening.
Socially, I'm starting to find myself interacting with people more. Before the medications, I was having a hard time speaking to people. I wouldn't interact unless I absolutely needed to. I felt bad or indifferent to the cashier giving me the obligatory "how are you today" and forced myself to engage, out of not wanting to make them feel disrespected. Now I'm not only happy to engage in these small social moments, but I'm making friends with my neighbors?? There's an old man that walks his old dog around my apartment complex a few times a day, and the stray cats follow him along the nature walks (because he feeds them at the end) and now I'm going on walks with him every time I see him go by. My dog loves it, I love it, and now this old man whom I would've never known prior is counting on me to feed the stray kitties when he goes out of state to visit his daughters this coming Easter. Really don't want to let him down, and I'm happy to do it. This isn't a pro or a con, just an observation.
Professionally, I feel less all over the place since I started taking Vyvanse. I know what needs to be done, which task takes priority, and I feel like I'm maximizing myself with time management and my duties. I like doing my job, even when I'm doing extra work, and I'm knocking out the extra workload in a few minutes as opposed to feeling like ugh man, this is going to take forever, I'm just going to sit down and think about how much I don't wanna do XYZ.
I guess it all comes down to not having that sense of obligation when I'm at home. I live alone, and I don't have anyone in my life being a manager to give me any direction. How are you deligating your personal tasks at home? How are you getting the personal projects you want done... done? Taking care of a dog is somewhat similar to a job, because I understand it as this doggo needs her walkies, and she will tell me she wants her walkies, so I'm gonna do the walkies because that's a job assigned to me and I must do it.
I'll edit this later if I need to clarify things, but I think right now that's really the summary of my thoughts and feelings. If you're inclined to ask, I've been on Vyvanse for three weeks, and I've been on Lexapro for almost two years...? I realize there is a potential for something like a Serotonin syndrome that could come into play? If you have personal experience with it, please feel free to chip in about it. I want to know what I'm getting myself into.
A definite con I have observed is I am smoking like... three packs of cigarettes a week (I want to quit, I really do) where as before Vyvanse I was smoking maybe one pack a week, or maybe 1.25 / 1.5 a week if it was a very bad stint at work. (If you have tips to quit smoking, I'd love to hear that, too).
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2023.03.30 07:07 Cici_405 Informal, relaxed, spontaneous and loud. A rant.

First of all, hi beautiful people.
The reason behind this rant is that I was reading a romance book [The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas], and I came across with this part where the best friend describes the protagonist:
“My point is that, sure, he judged you based on only a couple of days,” she patted my back. “But you can come across a little … informal. Relaxed. Spontaneous. Sometimes loud.”
I got angry, I have to admit it. In fact is the third time I got angry with this book, not only because I relate with the protagonist but because I have been treated the same way by misogynistic coworkers (different rant/different chapter), and I have been told, by friends too, how I came across like I'm unprofessional because I'm a social person, because I'm loud, because I'm spontaneous or look too relaxed in the work space.
I guess I'm just upset because I know that is never going to be enough for a woman to be hard working, efficient and thinking outside the box, when is more important that you don't act like the rest of the people which equals your are unprofessional, and I also feel that if it was a man then he is a man who makes himself heard, is efficient and social.
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2023.03.30 07:06 Curious-Chemical7123 Tight timelines and terrible troubles

Not posting this to collect sympathy but to hear stories of how new fathers navigated there their life before going to their postgrad.
I am in an extremely unique position. My wife and I (30M) move from country to country because of her work. I got my associates online from 2020 to 2021 and had a 3.67 GPA (American GPA) and we moved again but I couldn’t start school until we got done with her training in the states before we arrived in Canada where we now live.
During that one year, we had a child and moved to Canada when she was 30 days old. On my first born’s 34th day of life I started full time at school doing 5 classes. Long story short my first semester here I got a 5.8 CGPA (Canadian) which is like a 3.0 GPA (American). Maybe I am just being crazy or something but this grading culture and the CGPA system here is seriously intimidating me. Canada grades on a 10 point scale and me having a 5.8 makes me feel worthless. Also these professors are telling me that getting 70s on exams is very normal and that I shouldn’t take it to heart. Bro.
My plans are to come back to the states and apply for my masters. I would do a Psy D. but not now since I really want to enjoy being a father until she goes to school. We are only here for two years therefore I am taking 5 classes this coming summer and I plan to do another 5 next year to finish in 2024. Hopefully, I can get into a masters program and they take pity on me being a mess.
Ever since my last two years in the Marine Corps after discovering what an I/O psychologist is I fell in love with the field. Making the workplace function better and become cohesive with both the organization and it’s employees is what I committed to in the Marine Corps and I loved it like none other. I could talk about that all day but that is not my point here.
To note: My funding is not a problem. Which hopefully gets my foot in the door for top tier schools as my funding is 100% paid for.
My question: How were post grad fathers able to juggle doing school full time, be around so your kid at least knows your face, still have time for yourself and the Mrs. AND pull a competitive GPA and GRE? Or, am I just complaining for nothing and need to dig in more?
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2023.03.30 07:06 EqualDot A reflection after 12 years on Reddit…

I discovered Reddit in my last year of college in 2012. I’m now 34, married, with a house and a stable job, but still painfully addicted to the internet and to Reddit specifically.
While I’d describe myself as a relative “normie”, the internet has made me indulge in things that appealed to - and made worse- the more quirky parts of my personality.
Anyway, here’s some things I’ve learned about Reddit over the past decade, and the internet in general, that I hope you’ll find helpful in your journey to breaking free.
Lesson 1: Reddit information is equivalent to fast food - it’s quick, convenient, and probably not good for you.
I’ve scrolled thousands of posts since 2012 and have maybe retained a few random facts on maybe 5% of what I’ve consumed. Everything here is meant to be “here today and gone tomorrow”, which means it’s value in your life is shallow and immediate, but rarely ever lasting.
If anything, I’ve been exposed to things I shouldn’t have been exposed to (there’s a lot of weird subs….) and have had to face real life consequences from going to Reddit for health advice at the peak of my addiction.
Lesson 2: Redditor expertise is usually misinformed
Take everything you read in the main subs (news, politics, even sports) with a massive grain of salt. You will understand this when you see posts about topics you really know about - the best answer to the topic is usually not the top one, it’s actually several responses below or hidden in the replies.
If this is the case for topics you’re familiar with, just think of what you’re taking at face value from top comments as the truth for unfamiliar topics.
You don’t know who is on the other end really giving advice or speaking about a topic.
One of the most insecure, messy, and downright loser-y guys I’ve ever been around in my life was a huge Redditor - he used to talk about how much karma he had from his advice and posts. In reality, the guy barely had anything together in his life and would spend hours on Reddit while eating KD from a saucepan.
And lately, with the onslaught of young users, more often than not if you look up a persons profile after reading their “advice”, you’ll often find them posting on something like /teenagers.
Taking anonymous advice from literal children who have a very limited understanding of the world is not the best way to take in information.
Lesson: there is no FOMO in 2023
Reddit is now pretty mainstream and a lot of legit news outlets and YouTube channels use it to feed their own content.
If you want to stay up to date, just use 1-2 legit media apps to glance at key stories. Trust me, you’re not missing much by not reading a top comment here.
Good luck and AMA if you need.
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