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2023.03.30 07:19 TheeSinisterAngel Passive Aggressive Farmasi Hun says she’ll pray for me

Passive Aggressive Farmasi Hun says she’ll pray for me
I commented on her post to warn any new people coming onto this post that thought it was valid.
She tagged her team at the bottom of her comment (I guess for them to back up it's not a scam). Way to send your downlines into battle lol.
I did give her props for not deleting my comment because that's pretty ballsy. I respect that.
Side note: Her Farmasi team seemed to be the answer to everything, huh?
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2023.03.30 07:18 Throwaway-912873465 Processing this for the first time and questioning if it was covert sexual abuse.

I started having a lot of flashbacks recently about comments and things my dad would do that made me feel uncomfortable and brought up a lot of shame, so I started journaling and then it all kind of started floating up to the surface. I have felt anger and resentment towards my dad since I was a child. I don't know if he has NPD, but he definitely has narcissistic traits. I don’t feel comfortable being around my dad, hugging him or wearing anything that may cause attention/a glance from him. For some reason a part of me is wanting to deny that any of this was out of the ordinary and I’m being overdramatic. But I know that my feelings of being uncomfortable around my dad are coming from somewhere.

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2023.03.30 07:17 SuperElderberry1726 Rant

I just wish u could live like normal people sometimes. Like tonight for example my bf went out with his friends and I was supposed to go with but I forgot my ID and would have had to be home by 9 anyway (event started at 6) and obviously everyone is having a great time and he’s just informed me that they’re going to go to their (very well off) friends house to keep the party going and won’t be coming home tonight and it just makes me feel so sad. I’m just sitting at home alone and I love me some alone time don’t get me wrong but not when I was planning on being out and having at least a few hours of a good time. I’m only 22 I’ve been sick my whole life and I just want to experience living too yk? Instead of watching it all go by.
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2023.03.30 07:17 FairAd1920 When a new holland t9 tracks is on sale used for 200k

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2023.03.30 07:17 nunatak16 6 day loop in the WP Fold

The Fold (or Reef further north) is a very long wrinkle in the earth in Utah. Steep, rugged and remote this loop is centered around the southern end of the Fold with weird domes and spires on the east side and dramatic sandstone canyons cutting into the long sloping west side.
The route focused on climbing the two high points in the area in addition to linking a series of hard to get in and out of canyons, all while doing a big loop.
On the 70 mile route we found no maintained trails but did follow a game path for an hour or so on day 4. We saw no one else, despite this is the busy hiking season in the canyons.
Driving the last two hours to our east side start we encountered only four vehicles, a couple of which were a tow truck pulling out a wanna-be overlander. As Brian like to say when bouncing us across some remote mesa in his beat up Ford Exploder: “Overlanding? It’s called car camping. Been doing it forever“.
The trailhead was decided for us when the road ahead suddenly was completely washed out by a flash flood from the day before. We loaded our packs and soon descended steeply into the significant crevice of HC Canyon before the 2000’ climb to a divide in the Fold. Eventually down in the canyons on the other side things got complex.
Several days later we again emerged on top of the Fold but much farther north. After a day and a half traversing the lofty spine we picked our way down a remote part with striking arches and deep pools to finish off.
Planned with GE and Caltopo the route pays homage the great Steve Allen by linking parts of three of his adventures with some home brewed lines on the map.
The difficulty felt moderate; YMMV. We have a good amount of experience with one mile-an-hour terrain on the Plateau. Hauling and lowering packs is second nature and a willingness to solo fourth class with exposure is often just a deep breath away. The main challenge on this one is dead accurate navigation and constant focus while off trail’ing for 10 hours a day. Going solo would have been outside my comfort zone due to remoteness and lack of help with the dog, because, as Charlie Brown knows well: If my dog can't go - I'm not going.
Hardest isolated moves was the exit of F Canyon via a steep fifth class wall above slippery Moqui steps. The longest rope assisted obstacle was 70’ tall and a day earlier.
My dog took it all in stride, so maybe it all wasn’t so bad.
Water is always a serious planning concern on the Plateau. This trip was sketched out years ago and laid dormant on my computer waiting for the conditions that came together this late March: a couple of big spring storms covered the area with flash floods followed by an unseasonably cold high pressure: potholes and canyon bottoms got filled with water before we arrived and highs in the low forties kept it there for the entire trip. There was snow in the deep shade of the incredible mile long ledge walk 800’ above GC Canyon.
Our TPW was around thirty pounds. That included newly built framed packs for testing, 80’ of 6mm rope, a brick of a film camera and some real coffee brewing luxuries boosted by a sack of heavy cream powder.
While we shared a 9x9 mid between three six foot plus guys and a dog, each of us did bring a white gas kitchen and the delicious food choices were individually packed, but carefully traded. To see us thru the cold evenings we took turns making pots of Mormon tea with raisins. All these core-warming hot drinks and elaborate dinners consumed a whopping 20 ounces of fuel per person.
Pro Bars and Lenny & Larry Complete cookies, in addition to salami, cheese, Fritos and torts completed the picture.
We used aqua mira as the silty post flood water would have killed a filter immediately. Cooking water needed no treating.
In packing our layers all us under estimated the wind and day-time biting cold, especially the conditions on top of the Fold. We even got hit with a couple of squally snow storms on the day long traverse from Cliff to Hall.
Lows hit the teens despite keeping all camps out of the deep canyon bottoms with their notorious pooling of cold air. Sharing a well sealed tent, wearing pretty much everything and eating a solid high fat diet gave us reasonable comfort with our non-quilts, aka sleeping bags, rated in the high twenties.
Phone/GPS navigation in this sort of complex terrain was indispensable. I loaded all phones with the route on 7.5 quads plus springs and known pothole waypoints. I also added pics of the appropriate pages from Allen’s book. We had three big power banks and spare charging cables, plus the redundancy of two capable apps with different map sets: iHike and MapOut. No single paper map covered the whole route so we didn’t bring any; also no one owned an emergency satellite beacon.
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2023.03.30 07:16 Arwplotroustnopetung Most grammatically correct NBA headline

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2023.03.30 07:16 Throwaway10005415 Apology to a former Teacher and the school Principal

I'm in therapy and I'm trying to make ammends for some things I did as a child. These memories still bother me and I would like to put them behind me. I would like to apologize to my former Teacher and The school Principal. This happened in I think grade 6. What I did is I was on a school trip to downtown. I dont know why I did it, but I snuck away from the school trip at the end and I took the subway home. I didn"t tell anyone that I was doing that. I obviously created a huge amount of chaos for everyone, but especially for the teacher, Mrs C. This happened a long time ago. I assume they have both passed away.
Dear Mrs C and Principal
I want to apologize for leaveing the school trip. I know that I caused a lot of chaos doing that. I want to apologize to Mrs C especially. I know I caused a lot of worry and concern for you. I am sorry that I did that to you. I don't know why I did it. It had nothing to do with you. I don't want to make excuses for my actions, but I did have a chaotic home life and I think I didn't have enough guidance and discipline. I was just a little boy who didn"t have a good up bringing. Please forgive that littleboy. He meant no harm
I truly apologize
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2023.03.30 07:16 goldenrule05 My 35 year old friend wants to have a home birth with only herself and her partner. No midwife because they “push their own agenda”. First pregnancy for her.

She lives in a rural area and I do not like this plan. She is in the medical field but wants to be as natural as possible. Also no ultrasounds. No tests of any kind for the whole pregnancy. Is this not a bad idea?!??
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2023.03.30 07:15 Holiday-Ability-260 How would u deal with this cheapskate?

I went out on 2 dates with this guy and noticed his cheap ass ways. During the time between these 2 dates and after the last date, he's been trying to persuade me to either come over or me going over to watch movies and talk which I declined. And he mentioned how he's a homebody and wants to stay home sometimes and also not have to go out to waste so much money. (Mind u it didn't cost much at all for the 2 dates), also I hardly know this dude and told him I'm not comfy yet. So now he made up some bullshit story about how he had some big bills come up and straight up asked that I treat him for the next date. I know it's BS because he has mentioned things he was planning to buy that was very expensive so he for sure isn't broke. And by the way, at this point since I noticed his fakeness, cheapness and possibly a fuckboy, which turned me off so I'm not interested anyway. So now my question is how should I react:
  1. Ghost him
  2. Be like him, act fake and do the slow fade
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2023.03.30 07:15 PMUCan2USA PMU artist moving and need advice

Looking for some clarity. I am a certified aesthetician in Canada and trained with certification in Permanent Make up. Some courses I have taken and completed were American based but I am wondering if my certification would be recognized in the US? I am hoping to have a home business when I move so any clarity would be amazing
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2023.03.30 07:15 reddit1770 Klipsch Speakers

Need assistance chosing speakers for my first home theater system, I'm trying to do 5.2.4, my budget is $2000-2500. BTW, my receiver is Denon X3800h. TIA
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2023.03.30 07:15 CreedsCode Homelab to go

Hi everyone,
I get more and more to travel, flying across Europe. And more coming down the road. I switched from a Desktop to a Laptop for quite a while. And have been thinking about how I manage and access my machines hosted at home. One thought would be to move stuff over to the cloud. But as a home-lab owner, I just prefer everything and anything self-hosted just like most of us here I assume.
I've been brainstorming and having loose thoughts on what a "digital nomadic" setup would be like. I would like some feedback on it. And feel free to share some thoughts and get some discussions going. As I think this could be quite interesting. As this is a specific use case, that could be adopted in future as remote work and travel should be possible with peace of mind, to browse secure the internet, providing access to devices put up at home. And adopting backup solutions that let you sleep at night. Because the "attack" surface is just larger when you are travelling. I don't wanna think about a scenario where my laptop does not turn on anymore. The drive gives up, or my phone gets stolen in a foreign country.
Anyway here are my collected thoughts, that Im adopting over the next months. I am not an expert here, and time is a constraint the focus is on low maintenance and high availability as I depend on this as a freelancer and do not seem fit to outsource this.
Alright, I would start with managing all my devices in a virtual network using Tailscape. It seems easy to set up, the only thing that I don't like is using their client software on my laptop. As I see this as a dependency that I would like to replace with just connecting to the network over using common VPN protocols. such that I'm not depending on the software, and just can use the x app on my phone and laptop. But should keep the simplicity to add devices. So I imagine implementing a machine into Tailscape with OpenVPN on it where I can connect to using a device without depending on the extra installation of software.
Having a way of implementing my home router, for obvious reasons. When devices cannot connect to Tailscape or VPN on their own.
And as backup wise, I have found Acronis. Seems simple and just lets me sleep at night. Maybe you all know better solutions that I can self-host, really looking for some alternatives here.
Looking forwards to the input!
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2023.03.30 07:15 indreamsforevermore It hurts so much and it's also frustrating at the same time.

I fell in love with a polyamorous guy and I'm starting to think it's the worst thing I could have ever done. He's the only person I've ever wanted to spend my entire life with the one person I could be happy with and not need anybody else ever. But I will never be the only one. Plus this man's lack of communication is very frustrating. You will be speaking to him and no word of a lie he will give one, two, or mabye three words as a response.
Sometimes youll even get lucky and get a sentence. On top of that he takes quite a long time in between messages to respond even when he's free. I also feel like the only times he talks to me is when he's in the bathtub, when he goes with his fiance to her boyfriend's house, sometimes when he's at work on breaks or lunch, and sometimes on the bus going home. I also don't have his number and we don't video chat since i live 8 hours away.
Which leaves us to talking over Snapchat and not being able to have full long conversations. Plus when you do talk you will ask him things and he will often not know what to say. It's only when you question the fact that he doesn't know what to say that he will then give kind of an answer. But its very short like 1 sentence.
Also I will try often to tell him things that nobody else has ever said to him before that make him feel special. Very romantic things and this man again will not know what the hell to say. Or when you ask him has anyone ever said that to you before? He'll say his fiance has but not in those exact words she used different words.
Which is honest but at the same time it makes me feel like there's nothing I could say or do that she hasn't already said or done you know? So what's the point of someone getting into a poly relationship with him other than the sex? Which he and I do not do because I do not want sex whatsoever plus how far i live away.
He also told me that our emotional connection is so strong and amazing because of that (no sex) and in a different way then what he has with his fiance. But I'm not going to lie it really hurts knowing that I'll always be second in his life and that everything I say she's already said but differently.
So if he's trying to form a relationship with me how's it going to work with this little of communication. On top of that we were talking earlier while he was at work and he was barley saying anything. I wrote him this big massive 26 page write up about how I felt about him using Samsung Notes. Sent it to him via Snapchat he read it and said he had no words.
But he did send me a bitmoji of him kissing my cheek and that was it. He said sorry was at work and not having a good day. Then told me later on he'd give me a deeper response. Which I know he's not going to do because he always says he'll do things like message me later respond better later and never does.
So I just thought to myself okay I know it's not going to happen but not going to worry about it because I'm used to it by now. Then I responded with is there anything I can do to make it better sorry to hear. What's something your heart needs right now. I will go to the ends of the Earth and back to make your bad day the best is ever been.
Well this man then took 4 hours and 9 minutes to respond and all he had to say was awwww just hearing that helps. Now I don't know why but I literally read it as if he was patting me on the head telling me that. Like that's just the first thing my brain thought of when I read it out loud. I know it probably wasn't meant that way but it's as if he was talking to a kid and patting them on the head you know like aw thanks kiddo.
I mean I don't know how this man can be Poly with anyone when his communication is this poor. Not only that but when you try to talk to him about the whole poly thing and discuss stuff. He pretty much just says we'll see where things go or again he doesn't have an answer and doesn't know what the hell to say. And last but certainly not least he was talking about me his fiance her boyfriend and him all moving in together one day.
But then said If someone else ever comes along another female he would speak to both of us me and fiance about her joining the relationship. Now I haven't said yes to being in a relationship with him yet were taking things slow and everything I mentioned above lack of communication no phone number no video chats it makes it super hard. I mean you can't form a connection with somebody even though he said we did with this little to go off of.
Also if he's going to be bringing more people into this relationship on top of just me and his fiance if I decide to join. I can see things becoming a disaster because of how little he communicates with me. So what's it going to be like with a third woman in the mix plus he works a lot so there's that too. I just honestly don't think either of them him and his fiance knew what the they were getting into or really thought this through just my thoughts though.
Because the day before yesterday he had taken a mental health day off work and went with his fiance to her boyfriend's house. While they were there she gave him two Edibles because she takes them for medical reasons and he was higher than a kite when he was talking to me. He was upstairs she was downstairs and he was telling me I hope she's doing him (her bf).
Because he said something about her being afraid of losing her connection I think it was or closeness with her fiance my guy friend if that made sense. So what I'm taking from that is she's scared to get close to the boyfriend because of that just my interpretation though. Which I get but at the same time if you're so worried about that why bother doing this whole poly thing.
Unless you just make it about the sex so that you never have to worry about losing your strong connection with your partner. But again just my two cents. And the only thing I'm concerned with really is me and anybody else they try to bring into the relationship because I feel like we're going to get hurt. Especially if they're trying to hold on to their connection with each other to keep it strong and then not wanting to get to close to us because of it. But those are just my thoughts what are yours? Is this a good situation to get into?
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2023.03.30 07:15 AmyOlsen2023 Creating a welcoming atmosphere at home

Creating a welcoming atmosphere at home
When it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere in the home, scented candles are often seen as a feminine indulgence. But as a man who appreciates the finer things in life, I can tell you that there's nothing wrong with enjoying a good scented candle. And let me tell you, I've found a candle that even the most discerning gentlemen will appreciate.
First off, let's talk about the scents. Unlike the cloyingly sweet or floral fragrances that many candles offer, [insert brand name] offers a range of scents that are masculine and sophisticated. From smoky leather to spicy amber, there's a scent to suit any mood or occasion. And despite being complex and layered, the fragrances are never overpowering - they create a subtle ambiance that's perfect for unwinding after a long day.
Another thing that sets these candles apart is the quality of the ingredients. The scents are created using natural, high-quality materials, and the candles are made using a blend of soy wax and other natural waxes that provide a clean burn. There's no chemical aftertaste or harsh smoke to worry about - just a smooth, even burn that fills the room with a warm glow.
But what really sets [insert brand name] candles apart is their design. The candles come in sleek, modern glass jars with simple, understated labels that won't clash with any decor. And the wooden wicks provide a unique crackling sound that adds an extra layer of relaxation to the candle experience. It's the perfect touch for a cozy night in with a good book or a romantic evening with a special someone.
As a man who appreciates quality, I also appreciate [insert brand name]'s commitment to sustainability. The brand uses ethically-sourced materials and eco-friendly packaging, so I can feel good about using their products in my home.
In conclusion, if you're a man who appreciates the finer things in life, don't be afraid to indulge in a scented candle. And when you do, make sure it's a [insert brand name] candle. The scents are masculine and sophisticated, the qua
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2023.03.30 07:15 ThrowRA_NotNoOne My (29M) girlfriend (33F) of 8 months sort of cheated on me and I willing to move forward, but don’t know if my “demand” is reasonable.

Hello. So about a month ago, my girlfriend and I got in a huge fight and hadn't seen each other for a few weeks. I messed up, by doing something out of character. Not hurting her or cheating on her. Just something that she understandably got mad about.
We were supposed to go on a trip to Canada together with some of her acquaintances. but since the fight, I didn’t feel right going and got my flights refunded.
I texted her I feel like we may be done, and wish we could work things out if she was willing to.
At first she said she may be willing to talk about it. But then she changed her mind a few days before the trip. I asked if she can’t spare 1 hour of her time, should I consider us done. She said, “oh yes” since I’m making it an ultimatum. I said I didn’t mean to, that I just wanted to know if we’re still together or not because of someone who lives in the area of Canada she is visiting and I was worried. Left on read and it was somewhat ambiguous.
This someone was someone she had sexted before we met, but I’ve heard from people that she spoke to about him with. They told me that she seemed really into him and that she always talked about how sexy and cool he was. One time she even cried to me about him, because she realized he used her for validation.
Anyway, she still kept in touch when we dated and I never liked the relationship she had with him, even if it was over text. I felt like she kept in touch with him because she still wanted him even though it would have been long distance.
I would also state that we hadn't had sex since the first time. So her talking to someone who was in another country bothered me because she was (in one way or another) sexually involved with him, but never felt that way towards me. I felt like she was emotionally invested in him more than me, and felt like second choice.
When I brought up my concerns with the relationship, she dismissed my feelings and called me jealous and insecure. Controlling when I asked to limit contact because I sensed that she was probably still into him.
Anyway, in the middle of her trip she called me and started talking about how lonely she was and how she is not enjoying it as much as she would like. She said she got her closure she needed with the guy, and thought she would've never been able to get that if I went. That she feels like she has nothing to come back home to because she is single. I felt bad and didn't want her to feel this way, but I told her I was here for her and never wanted to break up; that I considered us together still.
We met when she got back, and it was like nothing changed. She was okay with being in a relationship with me, and wasn’t even mad about the thing I had done. She was more understanding about it this time.
A week later, I spoke with the friends and apparently she slept with the guy of concern. It happened the night of when they landed. THen she met up with him again the night before they left.
I brought it up to her and she lied initially, saying they only talked. But I told her I am not stupid and know she is lying. She started to cry and had a full blown panic attack. Of course I had to compartmentalize my feelings and tried to console her.
I set up a date to officially talk about things on Friday. I want to talk about things now, but I also want some last good memories before whatever happens happens. By that I mean, Last laughs or whatever.
If I do take her back and decide to stay, we have things that need to be worked on. However, unlike before, I don’t think I can be okay with her being friends with him anymore. So would it be acceptable of me to demand she not talk to guy of concern anymore and cut him off?
I know she may not take it well, but if she says no then I know I was always second choice and never a priority. However, I always thought asking someone to cut someone off was controlling and unreasonable.
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2023.03.30 07:15 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online 🎪 Modded Vehicles for sale 🎪 FURYMODZ

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2023.03.30 07:15 Geoffryhawk For Sale: Fresh Hatched Blue Bogs, and Weeping Dragon Subspecies adult.

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2023.03.30 07:14 Gaping_Maw Google listing suspended for not meeting quality guidelines.

Self employed, sole income earner for my family (2 kids.).
Business registered since 2017, 5 star rating. Associated website with same name, service based no physical location (address hidden). Council approved home business. Been listed with Google for 6 years.
Suddenly my profile has been suspended.
Have studied guidelines and meet them all.
Have attempted to have rectify via support but was told it does not comply, no reason given.
After hours of research only things I can think of 2 things:
  1. I have another profile for a separate entity at the same address with the same phone number, now updated to have a different number.
  2. My registered business name has my city name in it.
Have posted on the community forum yesterday but no reply as of yet.
Could the points above be the issue? There simply cannot be anything else based on the guidelines.
Have let support know but haven't heard back since initial reply 48hrs ago.
Do they follow up? Worried its automated and they don't actually read the emails!
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2023.03.30 07:14 bluerookiecookie Need some advice on a recent cavity filling

So for some context this is regarding a tooth on my right bottom side second from the back. I was experiencing pain when eating surgery foods so I made an appointment with my dentist.
Dentist said I had a cavity between the last two molars and opted to remove the whole top of the tooth and resculpt it with filling. It has now been almost 12 hours and I’m noticing discomfort which I’ve never had after a filling.
The tooth feels sore and it’s a bit uncomfortable to eat on that side. My bite doesn’t feel uneven but the filled tooth feels smooth and when I bite down I can obviously tell that it’s a filling and not my tooth. Overall just causing some discomfort.
I’m away at college and flew home just to get the cavity filled but had to come right back. Should I attempt to see a different dentist in my college down or just wait it out and see if it feels better in a couple of days? I’m also curious if I should’ve pushed to remove less of the tooth or if his way of removing the top part was necessary?
Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
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2023.03.30 07:14 Kharma7831 Nursing care

Hello- my father is 100% service connected disabled due to multiple myeloma and exposure to agent Orange in Vietnam. He recently got an infection that required an immediate amputation of his leg. He has declined further surgeries. I’m trying to find the best care I can for him. This is my first time navigating through the VA and wow, it is confusing. Can anyone give me some insight on what sort of benefits he could be looking at for nursing care at home? i found a good skilled nursing facility where he can hope to rehab and we can look at hospice if that doesn’t work out. I wish I could take care of him 24/7 at home but my mother is unable to be fully responsible (she can’t lift him)and I have a teenager with autism who needs extra help.
Anyone have any advice?
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2023.03.30 07:14 steakforkx Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Updated Program)

If you want Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact us on + 447593882116 (Telegram or WhatsApp).
If you want to run a successful agency and wonder how, look no further than Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator course.
With over 50 hours of step-by-step training, Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator covers EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. It's almost like a plug & play system with plenty of success stories to back it up. From signing clients and running Facebook ads, to building out your team and invoicing, this course has everything you need to know.
Inside the Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course, you'll find:
The Core Curriculum for starting an agency A custom e-learning platform just for agency owners Website templates, funnels, ads, and more Template contracts, sales scripts, and agreements With this course, you'll learn how to:
- Start your agency
- Find leads - Sign clients
- Get paid - Onboard clients
- Manage client communication
... and much more!
To get your hands on Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 447593882116
Reddit DM to u/steakforkx
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.03.30 07:14 AnonGrow- Harassment/threatening property damage

I tried to help this lady out and change her alternator. She posted in a local Facebook group .The bolt stripped, took a couple days. Started the 22nd. The 25th it was freezing rain and snow, I told her at 9 am that I couldn’t come out that day(25th). She ignored it and told me that it was her girls birthday the 26th and she was trying to have it done by then. Then said “oh, I didn’t realize how much snow was out there” after a half hour of me not replying. Nevr once said it was a problem or that I had to be out there or finish it by the 26th.
I replied saying sorry I can’t make it out today around an hour after she sent the “oh” trxt. I said I’ll be out tomorrow(26th) morning. She ignored me all day until 9pm and then threatened to call the police and said it wasn’t going to be worked on tomorrow (26th, her girls birthday.) I replied at midnight when I got off work (phone was in the car being used as a hotspot) saying “I assume you filed a police report? I’m still willing to finish it tomorrow, I told you I’d be out there tomorrow”(26th).
She replied at noon the 26th saying fuck youu dumb fucks and went on another rant, saying it should’ve been done. I replied 20 minutes later saying I can come out an put everything together or finish cutting off the bolt. She ignored me until 6pm and blew up that we didn’t come out when she stated yesterday we couldn’t since it was her girls bday. She said “don’t think you’re coming here.” I replied stating I told you yesterday give me a time to come out or tell me to fuck off and file the report, I assume this is you telling me to fuck off, I won’t be back out there.
I got 10+ more messages and 10+ calls that I ignored since then telling me I need to be out there or the cops will be called, I need to find someone who can finish the job, I need to have it towed to a shop then she threatened to bust up my car on two separate occasions and threatened that she would find me.
She called my friends phone over twenty times a few nights ago from different numbers. He answered the first call and they were screaming at him. He hung up after threatening cps (I really don’t like this but I couldn’t stop him.) She used another account to message me AND MY GIRLFRIEND and I explained the situation like I just wrote out and told her I wouldn’t be back out. serve me the papers.
In my mind, I tried on multiple occasions to make it right. She told me she didn’t want me out there, I took that at face value. Then she constantly ranted about me needing to come fix it, bring someone who can, or tow it to a shop that can.
She now knows where I live. (Complex not the apt #) Tonight I got a call from her right as I got home and then after I went and walked around the parking lot looking at the cars to see if they were there. I got another call after I went inside. I’m going out every half an hour to make sure they aren’t fucking up my car.
I really don’t know what to do. She told me not to come out there, and I didn’t, and then she got pissed that I didn’t. I replied to her multiple times trying to make things right. She ignored me for hours, and then got pissed at me.
!!!! Now she’s saying we lost a bunch of bolts. She saying the bolt for the tie rod end or control arm is missing and it’s hanging off the wheel. We never touched that. She’s also saying we broke multiple parts. We didn’t break anything apart from stripping the nut on the pulley tensioner.
The 20th she posted in the same Facebook group asking for somebody to tow her car to a shop for her. The 22nd I went and picked her up from the motel and drove her to her car at the shop. We then drove with a jump pack underneath the hood to her motel. The shop should have records of what was wrong with the car no?
As soon as she threatened the cops, I knew no matter what I did if I went and touched that car again, she was going to blame me for every single problem down the line. That is why I told her to file a police report or take me to court , after she threatened the cops.
Any insight? She’s called me three times since midnight. Tuesday she messaged me on another account and message my girlfriend. I replied, explaining the situation again telling her I’m not coming back out there. You told me not to, take me to court and serve me papers I am not responding anymore.
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