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(Selling) M3gan, A Man Called Otto, Puss in Boots The Last Wish, The Old Way, Walking Dead Season 11, Rocky 4 Film Collection, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Black Panther Wakanda Forever, Empire of Light, Spider-Man 8 Film Collection, MCU Films, Disney, Universal Rewards $3 each and many m

2023.03.30 19:16 ChaotixSux (Selling) M3gan, A Man Called Otto, Puss in Boots The Last Wish, The Old Way, Walking Dead Season 11, Rocky 4 Film Collection, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Black Panther Wakanda Forever, Empire of Light, Spider-Man 8 Film Collection, MCU Films, Disney, Universal Rewards $3 each and many m

Please let me know if you're interested in bundle deals, willing to work price down for multiples. Cash App/Venmo/Paypal (No FF unfortunately) accepted! Price firm for single codes
Prices and format are listed in the post and can be hard to view if you are viewing from the mobile app, please scroll over to view them

My Universal Rewards movies available at $3 a piece or 2 for $5, please check here for the available movies, this changes monthly.

Name Price Format
A Knight's Tale $3 HD
A24 Horror 5 Film Collection (Hereditary, X, The Witch, Green Room, It Comes At Night) $18 HD
Aladdin (2019) $5 4K
Aladdin (1992) $4 HD
Alien $4 HD
Aliens $4 HD
Alien 3 $4 HD
Alien Resurrection $4 HD
Alien: Covenant $4 HD
Prometheus (Alien) $4 HD
Annihilation $3 HD
Apocalypse Now $4 HD
Aqua Teen Forever Plantasm $5 HD
Avengers Age of Ultron $4 HD
Avengers Infinity War $4 HD
Avengers Endgame $6 4K
Babylon $9 HD
Back to the Future Trilogy $15 4K
Bad Grandpa $3 HD
The Bad Guys $6 4K
Banshees of Inisherin $6 HD
The Batman $4 HD
Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice $6 4K
Batman and Superman Battle of the Super Sons $5 HD
Belly $6 4K
Big Hero 6 $4 HD
Black Adam $7 4K
Black Adam $5 HD
Black Panther Wakanda Forever $5 HD
Blacklight $5 HD
Bob's Burgers Movie $4 HD
Bodies, Bodies, Bodies $5 HD
Bohemian Rhapsody $6 4K
Boss Baby Family Business $6 4K
Bullet Train $4 HD
Casablanca $6 4K
Captain Marvel $6 4K
Cars 3 $6 4K
Chaos Walking $6 4K
Chaos Walking $4 HD
Clerks 3 $5 HD
Clockwork Orange $6 4K
Cold Pursuit $4 HD
Coco $4 HD
Conjuring 3 Film Collection $12 HD
The Croods: A New Age $6 4K
Cruella $6 4K
Cruella $4 HD
Daddy's Home 2 $3 HD
DC League of Superpets $4 HD
Deadpool $4 HD
Deadpool 2 $4 HD
The Dentist (1996) & The Dentist 2 Brace Yourself (1998) $8 HD
Detective Knight Independence $5 HD
Dirty Dancing $6 4K
Doctor Strange $4 HD
Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness $6 4K
Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness $4 HD
Don't Worry Darling $5 HD
Downtown Abbey A New Era $4 HD
Dreamwork 10 Movie Collection $20 HD
Dumbo (2019) $5 4K
Dumbo (2019) $3 HD
Dune $6 4K
E.T The Extra-Terrestrial $6 4K
Elvis $5 HD
Empire of Light $5 HD
Escape from LA $6 4K
Eternals $6 4K
The Expendables 1-3 Movie Collection $8 HD
The Fabelmans $6 HD
Fast & Furious 8 Film Collection $16 HD
Fast & Furious 9 Film Collection $20 HD
Fast and the Furious $5 4K
Fate of the Furious $3 HD
The Forever Purge $6 4K
Friday the 13th (1980) $4 HD
Frozen $4 HD
Frozen II $4 HD
Game of Thrones House of the Dragon Season 1 $8 4K
Game of Thrones House of the Dragon Season 1 $6 HD
Ghosts Season 1 $6 HD
Ghostbusters $4 HD
Ghostbusters II $4 HD
Ghostbusters Afterlife $4 HD
Godzilla (2014) $6 4K
The Good Dinosaur $4 HD
Guardians of the Galaxy $4 HD
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 $4 HD
Haloween (2019) $6 4K
Halloween Ends $7 4K
Halloween Kills $6 4K
Hellraiser Judgment $3 HD
Highlander $6 4K
Hitman's Bodyguard $6 4K
Hitman's Wife Bodyguard $6 4K
Hocus Pocus $3 HD
The House with a Clock in its Walls $4 HD
How to Train Your Dragon $3 HD
How to Train Your Dragon 2 $3 HD
Hunger Games $2 HD
Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1 $4 4K
Hunt for Red October $6 4K
I Wanna Dance With Somebody $6 HD
Incredibles 2 $5 4K
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Infinite $6 4K
Invisible Man (2020) $3 HD
Jaws $6 4K
John Wick 1 & 2 Combo Pack $6 HD
John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum $4 HD
Judy $4 HD
Jungle Book $3 HD
Jungle Cruise $5 4K
Jupiter's Ascending $5 4K
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom $6 4K
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Jurassic World 6 Movie Collection $18 HD
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Justice League (2017) $6 4K
Justice Society World War II $6 4K
Kin $6 4K
Kingsman: The Secret Service $3 HD
Lady and the Tramp $3 HD
Leon the Professional $3 HD
Lightyear $6 4K
Lion King (2019) $5 4K
Lion King (1994) $6 4K
Lion King (1994) $4 HD
The Little Mermaid $3 HD
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow $3 HD
The Lost City $4 HD
The Lost City $6 4K
Love and Monsters $6 4K
Luca $6 4K
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile $4 HD
A Man Called Otto $4 SD
A Man Called Otto $8 HD
Man on the Moon $4 HD
Matrix 4 Film Collection $12 HD
Matrix 4 Film Collection $8 SD
Matrix Resurrections $6 4K
Monster Hunter $5 4K
M3gan $9 HD
Men $5 HD
Minions The Rise of Gru $7 4K
Minions The Rise of Gru $5 HD
Minions 2 Movie Collection $8 HD
Mission Impossible: Fallout $6 4K
Mitchells vs the Machines $4 HD
Moonfall $4 HD
Morbius $5 4K
Morbius $3 HD
Mulan $3 HD
Mulan 2 $3 HD
Mulan (2020) $6 4K
The Mule $5 4K
The Mule $3 HD
Neighbors $3 HD
The Nevers Season 1 Part 1 $6 HD
No Time to Die (iTunes only) $5 4K
The Northman $5 HD
Old $4 HD
The Old Way $6 HD
Onward $6 4K
Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension $3 HD
Peter Pan Return To Never Land $3 HD
Peter Rabbit 1 & 2 $5 HD
Pitch Perfect $3 HD
Pitch Perfect 2 $3 HD
Pixar Short Films Collections Vol 3 $3 HD
War for the Planet of the Apes $3 HD
Pocahontas $3 HD
Pocahontas 2 $3 HD
Predator 4-Pack $12 HD
Prey for the Devil $5 HD
Princess and the Frog $4 HD
The Protege $4 HD
Puss in Boots The Last Wish $8 HD
Rambo 5 Film Collection $15 HD
Raya and the Last Dragon $4 HD
Reservoir Dogs $6 4K
Rocky 4 Film Collection $22 4K
Ron Gone Wrong $4 HD
Rumble $4 HD
Secret Headquarters $5 HD
Secret Life of Pets $3 HD
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings $6 4K
Silent Night, Deadly Night Collection $10 HD
Sing $3 HD
Sing Two Pack (Sing 1 and 2) $6 HD
Sing 2 $6 4K
Smile $7 4K
Smile $5 HD
Sonic the Hedgehog $4 HD
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 $6 4K
Soul $6 4K
Snake Eyes GI Joe Origins $6 4K
Snow White & The Huntsman $4 4K
Space Jam A New Legacy $5 4K
Spider-Man $4 HD
Spider-Man 2 $4 HD
Spider-Man 3 $4 HD
Amazing Spider-Man $4 HD
Amazing Spider-Man 2 $4 HD
Spider-Man Homecoming $4 HD
Spider-Man Far From Home $4 HD
Spider-Man No Way Home $4 HD
Spirit Untamed: The Movie $4 HD
Star Trek (2009) $3 HD
Star Trek Into Darkness $3 HD
Star Trek Beyond $3 HD
Star Trek The Motion Picture $6 4K
Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan $6 4K
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Star Trek IV The Voyage Home $6 4K
Star Wars The Last Jedi $4 4K
Straight Outta Compton $3 HD
Strange World $6 HD
Suicide Squad (2016) $6 4K
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) $3 HD
Thor Dark World $4 HD
Thor Ragnarok $4 HD
Thor Love and Thunder $6 4K
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Till (iTunes Only) $5 HD
To Kill A Mockingbird $3 HD
Top Gun $6 4K
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Training Day $6 4K
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Turning Red $4 HD
Uncharted $6 4K
Underwold Rise of the Lycans $3 HD
Untouchables $6 4K
Venom $4 HD
Vivo $4 HD
Voyagers $6 4K
The Walking Dead Season 11 $10 HD
West Side Story (2021) $6 4K
Wolf of Wall Street $4 HD
Wonder Woman $6 4K
Wonder Woman 1984 $6 4K
Wreck It Ralph $4 HD
Wreck It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet $6 4K
The following movies are the current Universal Rewards and are $3 each
Bring it On HD
The Break Up HD
The Bourne Ultimatum 4K
Cat in the Hat HD
Charlie St Cloud HD
8 Mile 4K
Get Him to the Greek HD
Liar Liar HD
Mallrats HD
Meet the Parents HD
Popstar Never Stop Never Stopping HD
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2023.03.30 19:10 ItzFlexyBoi drop your creepiest urban legend stories

like the Serbian dancing lady
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2023.03.30 19:02 GainNoone4679 Melissa’s Engagement Storyline

When I first watched Dance Moms and saw the fights in season 2 about Melissa’s engagement to Greg I didn’t think much of it. However, now I realize how ridiculous it was for Melissa to not want the cast to talk about when she’s the one who decided to wear the ring in the first place. If you don’t want something to be discussed on national tv then don’t draw attention to it. Why wear the ring in front of the producers and moms? Also, her getting mad at the moms was so immature, just tell them off camera why you can’t take about and don’t wear your ring, don’t throw a fit and call them jealous when they’re the ones who are doing their jobs and haven’t been married 3 different times.
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2023.03.30 18:59 nicodies local willam finally comes clean (not clickbait)

if you can’t write fan fiction about yourself how in the hell are you gonna write it about someone else
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2023.03.30 18:54 radsnotrad i finally came out to my parents

I’m almost 20 and moved out of my parents house as soon as i turned 18. my parents are separated so i had to go through the process twice. they’ve always been relatively supportive. in high school (before i started transitioning, still using she/her pronouns) i came out as gay, my dad, mom, and step mom were 100% supportive, my step dad on the other hand not so much. my mom accidentally outed me to him and he would say some pretty homophobic stuff when i wasn’t around and was just an asshole. i stopped talking to him and my mom for about 2.5 years and when we rekindled out relationship he was like a new man. 100% support no questions asked, but since starting my transition i’ve been nervous for him to find out.
i told my dad and step mom first. they were a little shocked but overall super supportive. my step mom just didn’t want me to regret this in the future (which is very understandable to me, im gonna be like this the rest of my life it’s a big decision). i told my mom on her own and she definitely needed time to process it but she’s doing good. i asked her to tell my step dad for me since i was scared of his reaction. she told him sunday and it was rough on him the first day but he went to work and talked to one of his coworkers who has a gay daughter and asked what he should do. she gave him some good advice and said “boss there’s nothing you can do but love and support them. you can’t change their mind you just gotta be there for them” and he spent the whole day just researching and learning which meant a lot to me.
there’s such a huge weight off my shoulders now that my parents know. i’m kinda nervous to see my step dad since he knows now but i don’t think it’ll be bad, maybe a little awkward if anything. sorry this post was long, just wanted to celebrate this small victory :)
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2023.03.30 18:45 souperdouperstripper Went to a baby shower I was worried about being miserable at, actually had fun.

I posted here the other week about going to a joint baby shower for three people, and how I straight up did not want to go and felt like I wouldn’t be able to pretend to have fun. Thankfully I didn’t have to pretend, because I actually ended up having a good time. One of my friends brought her month-ish old daughter, who I didn’t hold because I don’t like holding babies, but she was small and didn’t cry at all and quite precious to look at. There was alcohol for the non-pregnant people, and the shower was held at a dance studio so we played some games with the gear we had around and had to perform dance moves with balloons under our shirts. I was waddling around doing the “baby walk” and that got a good laugh out of everyone.
This is all to say that I surprised myself, and I realized I don’t have to let my doom-and-gloom mentality surrounding children and pregnancy get in the way of celebrating my friends who are genuinely excited to be new moms. It was while I was there that I started to feel at peace with the inevitable change my friendship with my best friend will face when she has kids of her own, which I also talked about in my last post. It’s okay for us to want different things out of life and I refuse to love her less for the path she’s choosing. I will still be offering to let her live vicariously through me as a person who gets to do whatever they want all the time because they don’t have kids😂
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2023.03.30 18:45 Ok-Pension8101 My coworker's mother is harassing me

Throwaway account. I do not give permission for anyone to repost this anywhere.
Tl;dr: My coworker's mother seems to blame me for her daughter's work problems, is shit-talking about me to volunteers at my work, has been passive aggressively terrorizing me in person and via email for more than a week now, and I can't do anything about it until leadership is ready to step in.
A newly hired person at my (33F) workplace (24F) has found herself in trouble due to causing conflict with our boss (60ishF) and several other coworkers. I don't know all the details, but I do know she had a meeting with higher ups to discuss it. Previously, we were very friendly and I enjoyed working with her, even discussing personal things like how we both got migraines and one of my biggest triggers is artificial scents from candles and perfume, etc., and how I've even had to leave work because of it. I promise this is relevant later.
Since the meeting she has shut down entirely, and only communicates through official email and Slack, going so far as to shut down the start of any verbal conversation about WORK while AT WORK. I think she's on a PIP, and she has had two assignments removed from her plate as a result. It's been a mess, but that's not even the biggest problem.
Guess who inherited one of those assignments. Yours truly.
But, first, some more context:
Even though she's fairly new, we already know her mother (55ish?). She comes in regularly. Picks her up for lunch, has lunch at her desk, just "drops by." They talk on the phone constantly. They even live together. She has even joined one of our volunteer committees (we are a nonprofit children's charity)....a committee her daughter is the designated staff person for. Or was, anyway.
Up until now, this woman has been very personable and polite, even coming into my office and complimenting me on things and telling me how thankful she was that I was kind to her daughter. It's weird as hell that she's here all the time, but she hadn't caused any problems. Anyway, this committee has met a few times and the mother has been relatively quiet. She, along with 4 others including my coworker, broke off into a subcommittee to work on getting sponsorships. No problem. All of us go ahead and get to work on our respective tasks on our respective committees.
That brings us up to my coworker's disciplinary situation, which happened last week. The committee in question was removed from her and given to me. Awkward, but that's what happens when you fuck around, right? The boss was kind about it though, and didn't throw her under the bus when letting the rest of the committee know about the change. She came out of it looking fine. Regardless, at this point the coworker goes into shutdown mode as mentioned above, barely speaking to us.
As no meetings are coming up soon, I simply continued doing what I was already doing. I didn't even address the full committee after my boss made the announcement because I needed to finish some other work before figuring out how to move forward. So I continued working on my tasks, and sent that work to the individual subcommittees I was doing the work for so I can get their feedback. All good, got some great feedback.
Then I started getting emails from my coworker's mom. Several per day. Emails telling me how to and how not to do things. Thinly veiled criticism about work I had done FOR OTHER SUBCOMMITTEES that was already approved by those subcommittee members and my boss. I guess my coworker sent her those things. The emails keep coming. The tone is "politely hostile" if you know what I mean. Lots of smile emojis. The occasional, "but you're the expert so I know you'll do a great job!" peppered in. Sometimes they are sent to me only, sometimes my coworker is CC'd, sometimes other committee members are, sometimes just my boss.
Then she starts telling me she has changes for me to make on the work I did for the subcommittee she is on. (Note: No individual committee member should be instructing staff on what to do, ever. For big decisions, the subcommittee as a whole is supposed to make a recommendation to the oversight committee. For small things, to the staff member in charge.)
Anyway, she continues to send emails telling me there are "changes" I need to make. I tried to be polite and asked her to share her recommendations with me. She continues emailing about how important it is that I correct the work I did but will not tell me what those changes are. At this point I asked my coworker if she knew what her mother was talking about. I wanted to finish all that work so I could move on to other things. My coworker looked at me and in a high-pitched voice with doe eyes and a fake smile says "Oh! I don't know! You'll have to ask her!" and then refused to speak to me further. Fine.
The next day there's a meeting for the subcommittee the mother is on. I had a conflict and did not attend. I asked my coworker to please review the work I did at the meeting and to bring back their recommendations. In her high-pitched fake voice, she quickly agreed. Just before she went to the meeting, I reminded her about the feedback again. She, again, cheerfully agreed.
I continue to get passive aggressive emails from the mother that evening. In one, she asks me for an editable copy of the work I did so she can "annotate it." Mind you, there are less than 100 words on this document. A list of recommendations would have sufficed, and so I asked her to do that instead. She follows up with a statement about how she is following "all the rules of being on a committee" and tells me what those rules are and insinuates that I'm the one who's out of bounds. This is now a pattern with her: Responding to emails without answering anything, and instead talking about things unrelated or only loosely related.
The next day I get a call from another volunteer (F mid-40s) on the subcommittee. She asks me if I can get lunch. She needs to talk to me about the meeting.
Apparently, my coworker did not invite any other subcommittee members to the meeting -- only her. During the meeting, the mother trash talked how the oversight committee was doing things and how awful it was last year. She then pulled out work I'd done for a different subcommittee and started raking me over the coals about how awful it was and how stupid I was to do things the way I did, and how she's going to bring this to the oversight committee so they can force me to change it. Fun fact: the subcommittee the work was actually for had already approved it, and I even got praise from several of them.
She goes on to tell me that after an hour, nothing had been accomplished. I asked her if they at least looked at the work I had asked my coworker to present to them -- the work that needed all the "changes." She had no idea what I was talking about. She then told me she was uncomfortable with the mother's behavior and would be stepping down from her volunteer role because of it.
Afterward I got back to the office I got an email from my coworker saying she needed to discuss "changes" with me. So I go to her office and ask her. She shuts me down. Rudely refuses to speak to me other than she will only talk through email and she won't do it until the next day. (Why did you start the conversation at all then???) I was already pissed off, but now I'm seething. Obviously I'm being strung along by these people.
I had 2 panic attacks over the weekend. I spoke to my boss, caught her up on everything, and she assured me she would deal with the boundary stomping.
Monday is quiet.
On Tuesday morning another email is in my inbox. The mother tells me I need to do something and I need to do it ASAP. I do not respond. Instead I forwarded it to my boss. Boss responded to the mother telling her firmly but politely to back off. Not 2 minutes later I hear my coworker answer her cell phone. For nearly 10 minutes all I hear is "mmhmm, yes, mmhmm." After hanging up, she stomps through the office and snarks at another coworker who got in her line of fire. It was her mom on the phone. Had to be. She calls her constantly.
Coworker then leaves for lunch and is gone for more than two hours. When she comes back, guess who is with her? Mother. I assume she will not speak to me as our email interaction that morning was not positive.
Instead, she walks straight into my office. Before she's even in the room I get smacked in the face with an incredibly strong stench. Like rotting gardenias and ethanol. Like cheap perfume. It WAS cheap perfume, and she was DRENCHED in it. I cannot overstate how strong the smell was. Usually she would sit in the chair across from my desk, but this time the leaned over my desk, hovering over me. I was literally coughing it was so bad. She smiled and complimented me on all my work and prattled on about the committee for almost 5 minutes. I was trapped. I felt a migraine coming on.
I've been near this women dozens of times. She doesn't wear perfume. Ever. This is personal. It has to be.
At this point I start to think I might be fucking crazy so I talk to another coworker (M50ish) who has watched all this go down. He is the one who greets visitors, but he cannot see the door from his office, so he has to get up and walk out to the lobby to see who it is. All staff and regular visitors, like the mother, announce themselves so he doesn't have to jump up every time.
He immediately says I'm not crazy, and shares his own experience with this woman. He asked her to donate to our charity (you're supposed to be a donor if you're on a committee), and she responded by glaring at him and stalking off. When she stopped in several days later, she did not announce herself, forcing my coworker to get up and walk down to the lobby. She hasn't announced herself since.
At this point I'm positive I'm dealing with someone who is completely unhinged.
This morning I opened my inbox and found two early-morning emails from the mother. She (with smile emojis) said she was looking for information on our website about the committee she is currently sitting on, but that all the information was incorrect because it was from last year. She sent several screenshots of places on our website that were "wrong." She sent these to me AND my boss. I'm in charge of the website and she knows it.
What was she looking at? Old blog posts. News announcements about last year that were dated last year and published last year. They are supposed to be there.
This woman was purposefully digging for something--at six in the morning, mind you--to get me in trouble with my boss.
I feel like I'm in crazyland. I've told my boss that I refuse to work with this woman and will no longer respond to her. I've been assured she will be dealt with, but told it can't happen immediately because higher ups have to get involved and they aren't immediately available.
So I guess I'm just sitting her waiting to see how she tries to fuck with me next. This is impacting my ability to focus at work, which is especially problematic now that I have to take over my coworker's assignment. This sucks.
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2023.03.30 18:43 No-Reflection-2342 AITA I (30F) told my best friend (29F) that she was changing her goals to fit the new guy she's "not" trying to date. She hung up on me and we haven't spoken since.

Hi reddit!
My (30F) best friend (29F), we'll call her A, had a horrible breakup a couple years ago. She, obviously, had trouble adjusting to her new life. For instance, she got a new job at the same company as her ex (31M) and his affair partner. Then wondered why she felt outcasted... She finally left that job for a different one to reset her social life.
A found a hottie (26M) to bang at her new job and was seeming really stable and emotionally intelligent. She would tell me she's not ready to date, so it is super casual. But also that she was setting boundaries around newhottie's interactions with other ladies at work. (Exclusive doesn't sound casual to me...) He works in a parallel department, adjacent to her desired field. And told him as such on one of their dates. "Yes that position works for you, but I have a different plan in mind". And then she starts using time at work to learn his field and switch to his department. A sudden change of heart is allowed, so I don't mention anything about it then.
A went back to school and got a degree in her field. She worked really hard and completed something for her own personal gain and ambition. I'm so proud of her.
I get some time off from work so I drive out to visit her to celebrate her new degree! It is around the time of year she got dumped by her cheating ex, and she wasn't sure she'd be up for anything grand. But I said I would come and have whatever style of weekend she wanted.
Meanwhile, newhottie said the "L" word and A absolutely could not cope. Their dynamic changed and she refuses to acknowledge it. In desperate attempts to re-establish a connection with him she starts making huge, expensive, elaborate plans to coax him into joining us while I'm in town. He doesn't come (because why would you meet your fling's best friend? I thought it was casual) and she spends every evening sulking on her phone or crying upstairs. Whatever, it's a weird situation. I love her no matter what.
So, applications for newhottie's department come up last weekend and she's down on herself because she's not ready to apply (she's new to the skills, there was some pressure from her current boss to not apply. Lots of factors). And I say fuck that job, then!
A says to me, "Why is it so bad that I want this?" It caught me off guard. So I said, "It's not bad. You're awesome no matter what and you didn't want that job til you met newhottie anyway." And she flips out and says, "Oh so now I have no drive and it's just boys for me then??!!" And hangs up.
I sent her texts that I adore her, how proud of her I am, and that she will have so many opportunities in her field. That if she wants to talk about it I'll listen without inserting my opinion. Crickets ever since.
Am I the asshole?
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2023.03.30 18:33 postedtoasted56 Should I (28F) also bring my boss (40m) a gift from vacation (there's some context)

Basically I'm a suck up with social anxiety so I'm going to strangers on the internet for advice. To preface all this I work in a very male dominated field, while I work hard to keep professional distance, I am naturally a friendly person.
The situation:
My supervisor Tim (40m) shares an office with another supervisor Rick (60m). Rick isn't my supervisor but very occasionally ill have to speak with him regarding some of his accounts. A couple of months ago we had a large Company meeting. At that time Rick just got back from his vacation. Since I was sitting with him at the meeting he showed me some cheap jewelry he brought back, and gave me (and other guys) some of the jewelry.
Now I'm going on vacation this week. I was thinking of bringing some candy back for Rick from this candy shop I really like (Sees if your from CA) Since he shares an office with my boss, I was thinking it would be polite to also grab my supervisor some candy too.
I know this should be a simple decision, but maybe I am just decision fatigued from planning this vacation!
My mom thinks bringing the candy will score brownie points with my boss. While I have a good working relationship with my boss, again I try to always keep it professional because as a female in this field things can get "misread" easily.
So I just want someone to validate if this is a good or bad idea ... ANY part of it. Lol
Also context, both these men are married, so I don't want to cross any lines.
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2023.03.30 18:13 CryingCars_ That’s nice

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2023.03.30 18:04 kwarner13 Pittsburgh Riverhounds Local Celebrity Appearance Series

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2023.03.30 18:03 MasterBlasterPhD I need help picking a song to dance to with my mom at my wedding. Any suggestions?

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2023.03.30 18:02 erikacearl Denied benefits from Veteran spouse

Hello all, this is from a friend of mine and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction?
“Hey ladies. So I am finally doing the divorce paperwork since I have my taxes. For 6 years my husband said he could not add me as a dependent, and I could not get any benefits from the military, Rather I registered him as a dependent with the district so he can get health care. My mom said I should reach out to someone in the military and try to get those benefits that he had been withholding all these years. Do either of you know if there is anyone I can speak to before filing the paper (someone in the military or military lawyer or something) so that I can get benefits or spousal support even after all this ends?”
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.30 18:01 itspahsgsks I wish my Nmom got arrested already

I saw a video of some lady getting arrested because they have three charges. My mom has the same charges but was never arrested whcih I wish she was. She fucking deserves it. She’s a hazard to the streets. My Nmom only got chnaged but never arrested for driving under the influence, drug possession and another charge of drinking under the influence.
I asked family members about this and they told me she would constant guilt trip her way out of a arrest saying she is a single mom with a disabled father which is true but hoesnlty if she was gone notbing would change. In fact it would get better in the house hold. I’m 18- just graduated hs a year ago. And I’m about to finish my first year of college at home. I don’t need her a she showed no care about me. Yet she has the audacity to act like she needs to be there for her kid. She AINT!!!! She uses me and her sick ex to get out hot the shackles of jail. Fucking bitch looser
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2023.03.30 17:59 RangerFrank Deathworld Commando: Reborn Volume 6 Q&A recap

So big I had to bite the bullet and cut it.
Q: Will there be more Death Commando team scenes (I love these) back in our universe? And will that be going anywhere?
A: Yes, expect them at the end of every volume for the time being. And will they be going anywhere? Yes, they already have, as you can see from chap 151.
Q: Have you thought about commissioning an animator to animate fights? Or even key moments in the story? I've been able to perfectly visualize the movements and attacks, so I think there is a STRONG foundation for someone to make really cool animations.
A: In my dreams, I would love nothing more than to see my story on the silver screen one day. But if anyone has some animation skills and wants to give it a crack, feel free. I won't sue you.
Q: Pineapple on pizza, Yes or no?
A: Yes. They belong together. And anyone who disagrees is a philistine. I don't care if it's your opinion. It's wrong. I mean, look at this gorgeous item of food. My mouth salivates at the thought of this delicacy. Ones can only live life once they have had a Pineapple Chicken Luau pizza from Mountain Mikes.
Q: If talgan can do it, why can’t Kal do it (Power)
A: Idk, you'll have to read to find out :D
A: He killed some to be fair. But more soon.
Q: How does Kal's dragon brother look like him when Kal looks the same as his mother, but the dragon empress is also his mother, I get her being like his magic mother, but I don’t get why the dragon brother looks like him and to an extent Kal's mom.
A: Good question with a lot of possible answers. Is it just Dragon magic? Is Avasta literally just messing with Kal? Maybe. Or is it something more...who knows? But you'll find out eventually.
Q: I guess the biggest is: is, be a brain in a jar hallucinating, or did he really isekai?
A: Does this question have some of you on edge? I hope it does. >:) And honestly, does it matter? Maybe we are all just in a simulation...
Q: I'd really like to know for sure if Kaladin is in a separate universe to his original or not.
A: Well, separate is an obvious no, right? I mean, there has to be some connection for him to end up there, right? Now does this mean the human armada is going to show up...idk, they seem busy right now, so maybe latter :D
Q: This survey feels very polarizing ok, some questions. Wish I could rank 1, 2, 3 on some questions
A: Yeah, that's the point. Giving middle-ground answers wasn't my goal for a lot of my questions. I wanted definite choices that made you choose what you thought was best. Because if I put "no opinion" on questions, people would just choose that instead of giving an answer they had to think about. (Hopefully)
Q: I would love to see more adventure and movement around the world
A: Soon. New city soon?
Q: Are there forgotten schools of magic/none mainstream ones (an example could be a form of necromancy, etc.)?
A: Sure, we already saw one, right? Who's to say there isn't more?
Q: I don't like or dislike stories with poly relationships. It is sometimes just badly done. Do you feel confident you can pull it off?
A: Agreed, most of them are pure fan service. If I were to do it, do I think I could pull it off? If I were to try, I would have to be confident, right?
Q: Are you planning on getting this published in some way, and if so, does keeping what's already available to read available factor into the way you would publish it?
A: Short answer, yes. Publishing this into a book was always my goal. As for keeping it up, it depends on contracts and stuff, which I haven't signed any, so the answer to that is idk. But if I were to take down, say, Vol.1 I would make sure that buying Vol.1 would be worth it with additional content (more chapters/art/side stories) from what was posted.
Q: Where da gabagool at?
A: In mah belly, Tony.
Q: Yes, I'd like the question "how do dungeons work ?" to be answered
A: That's too damn bad. You'll find out before the end of the story, I promise :)
Q: I'd like to see some more of the og world(Earth, Elunari, the stuff) but from a different perspective(ambassador from humanity, human Joe making a living in Elunari space and so on). Can I expect something like this?
A: Then you may like one of my planned new stories :) More on that soon.
Q: What's your opinion about fan stories for DC:R in general?
A: As far as I know, nobodies done one before. Honestly, if you were to ask me and credit me, I think it would be cool. If you didn't, that wouldn't be very cool. If that's something someone out there wants to do, don't be afraid to message me, I don't bite(Unless you hate pineapple on your pizza)
Q: Could we get a family tree for Kaladin?
A: That would be cool. Can anyone make graphics like that? If it's good and high quality, I'll pay.
Q: Was Kaladin's name inspired by the character from Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archives?
A: Hell yeah, it was.
Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness. Journey Before Destination.
Q: Would you consider publishing the world lore in a tabletop RPG friendly format? Possibly a Pathfinder or 5e module?
A: Honestly, that's a lot of work so I have no plans of doing so myself. I would know because the old lore origins of this story started out as a DnD campaign. I have the old documents (although it's hardly finished) and my old script still...idk if you want it. You can have it, I guess. Just join Discord and ask.
Q: Do you plan on having volumes light on slice of life?
A: Yes.
Q: Me and a friend have been reading this together and have had a joking bet going on: Are you or related family members South East Asian?
A: Thanks for reading, both of you. Nope, white as can be from California.
Q: Not a question, but I think you should consider developing Kaladins "family" as people more aggressively. His Brother has so much potential...
A: Agreed. We saw a lot from Kal's father recently, but his brother and mother are lacking. We are going to see Kal's mother's side more soon. As for Dallin, he is in a weird place for me right now as a character. He is too young to fight or train or really "Hang out" with Kaladain. But I have plans for him later (especially when Mila goes to school). I'll try to develop the family as time moves on.
Q: Lin has just as much potential to grow as a person as Kaladin, and putting her into the background spy type of character would be a waste.
A: Agreed again. Lin isn't going anywhere, and she is here to stay. It's much the same with the princesses. They kinda got left out in the middle/end of Vol.6, which sucked but don't worry, they ain't going nowhere.
Q: You've built an amazing foundation for character development, and I think it would elevate your story to push character growth. You have enough characters that making our interactions with them revolve around Kaladin feels very busy.
A: Mmmm...yes and no. This is a first-person story that is about Kaladin. Always has been and always will be. Seeing the characters change should be mainly through the eyes of Kaladin. Going off and say...following Adria for a few chapters for no reason or just to show her character isn't my style or the goal of this story. I'd only really do that for the main characters like say, Sylvia, if she got separated or something. However, I agree that some characters have been at a standstill for some time, characters like Tsarra, Ren, Lauren, and Varnir. We will see some development of them in the coming volumes.
Q: Will we get long time skips (more than 5 years) in the main story?
A: Not that long of a time will be skipped as of right now. However, we shall see some months get cut here and there. Volume 7 will actually start in late winter, almost spring time :) as Vol.6 ended in the dead of winter.
Q: Will Sir Kaladin get more creative with their magic (use earth to build something, test if it can make metals, test if plasma can be use as welding) and then teach people on how to use them creatively (since Bowen isn't doing it)?
A: Yeah, I think so, but probably not in the way you are suggesting. (Kal welding? Why? Idk.) I think Kaladin has already got more creative with his magic. I mean, just look at him in Vol.1 compared to now. He hasn't only gotten "stronger" or "more magic," I think he is far more creative now than he was, which was a big problem for him.
Q: Custom polearm when?
A: And soon. And yes, I know polearms include spears; I just don't like that name. It's a spear, he uses a spear, and I won't hear any complaints.
Q: How wide is your forehead?
A: Idk? 7 inches temple to temple, maybe? Is that big? Is that even how big my forehead is? Idk, I have a big head though.
Q: Will "Kronos" eventually be able to somehow get into the world acting like a boss battle?
A: I mean...he kinda already has, right? Idk, maybe we will see more, maybe we won't. Gonna have to read and find out :D
Q: More Avasta involvement. Sylvie asking dragons why the war with her grandfather
A: Soon, Dragons are coming.
Q: Bowen’s background infrastructure resource.
A: Will be answered fully one day.
Q: Kaladin’s actual relationship position to Telanduth
A: Vol.7
Q: Maybe some family time clearing dungeons & resources used for the orphanages
A: Good idea. I'll be taking it. Or is it already planned...who knows? :P
Q: Just want to say I hope you don’t change too much of the story based on the opinions of us readers. You’re the one who has it all living in your mind. Give us the story your muse demands
A: Never have, never will. If you have gotten this far in my story, just know that it was 100% me. Nobody has swayed me in the slightest, nor will they. And I shall.
Q: If you made the comic, where could one read it?
A: No idea. Tapas? Maybe? Idk, just depends on who gives me a good deal, I guess.
Q: Do you use other stories / mythologies / tales etc. as inspiration or draw ideas from them?
A: Yes, other than Greek and the obvious Roman stuff, I've used Norse, Christian/Catholic faith, and Hindu. I got some Irish folklore coming up in the side story. That should be cool. Good ol stories like The Stormlight Archives, DnD, and all that jazz, along with your more familiar eastern light novel stuff.
Q: How much of yourself do you see in your characters?
A: Almost nothing, tbh. Maybe a bit but that's it. Is that weird? Idk I don't feel like it is. I don't think self-inserting myself into say, Kalaidn would make sense as we have nothing in common. Actually, I take that back. Working out is my self inserting. I wish I was a tall, handsome dark elf with massive muscles. Life is unfair. Maybe I'll get reborn into my own fantasy world one day?
Q: Are there characters that you added, because they remind you of someone else?
A: A lot of characters you are fond of have a high chance of being a real person that I know. (I put them in the story with their permission ofc.)
Q: How do you keep track of the world and the story?
A: All in my head. Seriously, that's how I do it.
Q: Do you feel that the MC has become more reactive than proactive?
A: Great question. Yes, he has, which makes sense. His goals/position have changed. Vol 2-4/5ish, he was going after his family but not anymore. So if he's not actively going out, then it makes sense for things to come to him, right? But don't worry. This state won't last forever. Proactive Kaladin will show some signs in Vol.7.
Q: It feels like this volume had no overall story at all and could easily just be skipped, as there did not seem to be a start, middle, and end.
A: I...I don't even know what to say to this. Did you read the story I wrote? I don't even mean that in a negative way. I'm just curious because I read this and thought it was a troll...which I hope it is. Vol.6 essential. Skipping it would be like skipping the entire culmination of the first half of the story. You would just have to start reading vol.7 after the prologue. Going over why Vol.6 is important would take too long...and as for a beggning=Kal being knighted, revealing himself to the world, middle=family reunion, the fallout with all that drama, end=Kal's birthday and his journey/dark elf business.
Q: How much has the present state of "Deathworld Commando" veered from your original ideas/plot when you first started?
A: Mmmm....not much. This is how I imagined things in august of 2021, at least for the major events, that is. The journey...has been a bit different, though, I guess. Best example? I didn't expect the Dem fight to write out like I thought it did. But I think it turned out 100x better.
Q:Has the feedback from these survey's been impactful towards changing aspects of the story?
A: Changing the story? No. Helpful in gauging reactions? Yes. Is it changing how I do things outside the story? Yes.
Q: Final thought- I don't hate the name of your story, since I found it on HFY, but I feel that if you ever turn it into a book, you may reach a wider audience with a different name. Even just dropping "Deathworld" since that feels pretty specific to HFY.
A: Some food for thought right there. I've had the same idea. But does dropping the "world" in Deathworld really change all that much? I don't think it does. If anything, it might make it more special. And since HFY was my origin site, I think drawing more people to it would be cool.
Q: How much of your fanbase do you expect to lose if Kaladin starts hoeing around in a polyamorous relationship?
A: Sassy. And if Kal started hoeing around? All of them because that would mean I've been killed and replaced by my FBI agent or the CIA. But polyamorous relations aren't hoeing around. So if you left for that, then it is what it is. Especially since it's not even confirmed one way or another.
Q: Which Volume has been your favorite to write?
A: Mmmm...Vol.1 was fun, and so was 6. I also liked 4.
Q: Which reveal did you like best?
A: Ooooo...idk that's hard. Either when Kal revealed his face in Luminar or to Dem and his squad before he murked them. Also, the family reunion was good as well.
Q: I hope the next vol. will not only be combat as I find combat done for 10 chapters straight rather tiering and repetitive if there's nothing to spice things up, Tournament arc especially
A: Uhhh... straight brain-dead combat for chapters on end? Probably not. But lots of fighting. I guess you will have to wait and see what I mean. There will be plenty of the story in those fights, I'm sure of it.
Q: How was YOUR day?
A: Good, now that I'm done with this. This was a whole damn chapter of words. Man, this took way longer than I expected. See you tomorrow.
Before you go! I would like to take this time to thank everyone here at /hfy. As you can see, you guys are my biggest site. And to those of you who have come over from other sites or gone over to others to support me, thank you, I appreciate it.
Thanks for giving this story a try all the way back in 2021, I really appreciate it. It changed my life.
And if you have the time,
And at RoyalRoad, you can leave a review. Reviews are the number 1 way to support me on that site-
Over on Webnovel, you can send me power stones as well as write a review-, And on
Scribblehub you can also leave a review-
Over at Tapas, you can give me a rating and like chapters. Everything helps-
Truly if you have the time, please head over to these additional sites to support me. And don't forget to join Discord and check out Ko-Fi, where you stay up to date and get chapters in advance at varying tiers-
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Justin Bieber Never Say Never Itunes $1.50
Katy Perry Part Of Me HD VD/IT $3 SD VD/IT $1
Kick-Ass 4K VD/IT $5.50
Killer Elite iTunes $3
Killing Lincoln HD MA $4.50
Killing Them Softly HD VD $4.50
Kin HD VD/IT $3.50
Kingsman The Golden Circle 4K MA $5.50
Kingsman The Kings Man HD GP $3.50
Kingsman The Secret Service HD MA $4
Knowing 4K VD $5
Kung Fu Panda 1-3 Film Collection HD MA $12
Kung Fu Panda 3 HD MA $4.50
La La Land 4K VD/IT $5 HD Vudu $3.50
Lady And The Tramp 1955 HD MA $5 HD GP $4.50
Legend Of Hercules 4K VD/IT $5.50
Leprechaun 7 Film Collection HD Vudu $12
Leprechaun Origins HD VD $3
Les Miserables HD MA $3.50
Let Me Explain Kevin Hart HD VD/IT $1.50
Let's Be Cops HD MA $3.50
Life As We Know It Itunes $3.50
Life Of Pi HD MA $3.50 HD Itunes $3
Lightyear 4K MA $5.50 HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Lilo And Stitch HD MA $4.50 HD GP $4
Lilo And Stitch 2 HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Lion HD VD $4
Lion King 1 1/2 HD MA $6 HD GP $5.50
Lion King 1994 4K MA $6 4KIT/HDMA $5 HD GP $4
Lion King 2019 HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Little Mermaid 4K MA $5.50 4KIT/HDMA $4.50 HD GP $4
Little Women 2019 HDMA $4
Logan HDMA/4KIT $3.50
Lone Survivor HD MA $2
Longest Ride HD MA $2.50
Lorax 2012 HD MA $4
Lords Of Salem HD VD $4.50
Lyle Lyle Crocodile HD MA $4.50
Luca HD GP $3
Lucy HD MA $3.50
Madagascar 3 HD MA $3
Madea Big Happy Family Itunes $2.50
Madea Christmas HD VD $3
Madea's Witness Protection VD $3 Itunes $2.50
Maleficent 4K MA $5.50 HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2.50
Maleficent Mistress Of Evil HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $3
Mama Itunes $3.50
Marine 4 HD MA $3
Mary Poppins HD GP $2.50
Mary Poppins Returns 4K MA $5 HD MA $4 HD GP $2
Mechanic Resurrection HD VD/IT $3.50
Megamind HD MA $5.50
Megan Leavey HD MA $3
Men In Black 3 HD MA $4.50
Mickey & Minnie 10 Classic Shorts HD MA $6 HD GP $4
Midway 2019 4K VD/IT $6
Minions 2 Film Collection Minions/Rise Of Gru HD MA $9
Minions 4K MA $6 HD MA $4.50
Minions Rise Of Gru 4K MA $6.50 HD MA $5.50
Missing Link HD MA $4.50
Mission Impossible 1 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/4KIT $4.50
Mission Impossible 2 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD Vudu $4
Mission Impossible 3 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD Vudu $4
Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol 4K VD/IT $5 HD VD/4KIT $4
Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation 4K VD/IT $5 HD VD/4kIT $4
Mission Impossible 6 Fallout 4K VD/IT $5 HD VD/4KIT $4
Mitchell VS The Machines HD MA $5
Moana 4K MA $5.50 HDMA/IT4K $4.50 HD GP $3
Monster High Freaky Fusion HD MA $3
Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Itunes $3
Monster Trucks HD VD/IT $3.50
Monsters University HD MA $5.50 HD GP $4.50
Morbius 4K MA $6 HD MA $5
Mortal Instruments City Of Bones HD MA $4
Mortal Kombat 2021 4K MA $5
Mud HD VD/IT $4.50
Mulan HD MA $5 HD GP $4
Mulan 2 HD MA $5 HD GP $4
Mulan 2020 HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Night At The Museum 1-3 Film Collection HD MA $12
Nightmare Before Christmas HD GP $4
Ninja Assassin HD MA $4
Noah HD VD/IT $3
Norm Of The North HD VD/IT $4
Now You See Me HD VD/IT $2.50
Oblivion HD MA $4
Office Christmas Party HD VD/IT $3.50
Olaf Frozen Adventure HD GP $4.50
Onward HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Overdrive iTunes $3
Oz The Great And Powerful HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Pain And Gain HD Itunes $3.50
Paranormal Activity 2 HD VD/IT $3.50
Paranormal Activity 3 HD VD/IT $2.50
Paranormal Activity 5 Marked Ones HD VD/IT $3.50
Parental Guidance HD MA $3.50
Patriot Games 4K Vudu $5.50
Patriots Day HD VD/IT $3
Peanuts The Movie HD MA $3
Penguins Of Madagascar HD MA $3
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters HD MA $4
Pet Semetary 2019 HD Itunes $3.50
Peter Pan 2 Return To Neverland HD MA $5.50 HD GP $4
Peter Rabbit 2 Film Collection HD MA $7.50
Petes Dragon 2016 HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Pinocchio 1940 HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Pirates Of The Caribbean DMTNT HD MA $3 HD GP $2
Pitch Perfect 4K MA $5 HD MA $2.50
Pitch Perfect 2 4K MA $5 HD MA $2.50
Planes HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Planes Fire And Rescue HD GP $3.50
Planet Of The Apes "Dawn" HD MA $4
Planet Of The Apes "Rise" HD MA $4 ITunes $3
Planet Of The Apes "War" HD MA $4
Preacher Season 1 HD Vudu $5
Predator 2018 HD MA $3.50
Primal HD VD/IT $4.50
Public Enemies ITunes $4
Pulp Fiction 4K VD/IT $6
Queen Of Katwe HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Ralph Breaks The Internet HD GP $3
Rambo 5 Film Collection HD Vudu $14
Rambo 4K VD/IT $5.50
Rambo 3 4K VD/IT $5.50
Rambo First Blood 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/IT $3.50
Rambo First Blood Part 2 4K VD/IT $5.50
Rambo Last Blood 4K VD/IT $5.50
Ramona And Beezus Itunes $4
Raya HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Red 2 HD VD/IT $2.50
Redemption HD VD $3.50
Rescuers HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Rescuers Down Under HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Requiem For A Dream 4K VD/IT $5.50
Ricki And The Flash HD MA $4
Ride Along iTunes $3
Ride Along 2 HD MA $3.50
Rio Itunes $3
Rio 2 HD MA $3.50
Robin Hood Disney HD MA $4 HD GP $3.50
Robin Hood 2018 HD VD $4
Robocop 2014 HD VD $4
Rock Dog 3 HD VD $5.50
Rocketman 4K VD/IT $5.50
Rocky HD VD $4
Rons Gone Wrong HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Rough Cut HD Itunes $4.50
Rush 2013 HD MA $4.50
Saban's Power Rangers 4K VD/IT $6 HD VD/IT $3.50
Safe HD VD/IT $3.50
Safe Haven iTunes $4
Safe House HD MA $4
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen HD MA $4
Same Kind Of Different As Me HD VD/IT $4
Samson HD MA $4
Saw The Complete Movie Collection Vudu $10
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 4K MA $5 HD VD/IT $4
Scream 2 4K VD/IT $5.50
Secret Life Of Walter Mitty HD MA $3.50
Selma HD VD/IT $3
Shang Chi HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Shark Tale HD MA $4.50
Shaun Of The Dead HD MA $4
Shaun The Sheep Movie HD Vudu $4
Sicario HD VD/IT $3.50
Sing 2 Film Collection HD MA $8
Sing HD MA $4
Sinister HD Itunes $4.50
Sisters Unrated HD MA $4
Skyscraper HD MA $3.50
Sleeping Beauty HD MA $5 HD GP $4.50
Snow White And The Huntsman HD MA $4
Snow White And The Seven Dwarves HD MA $4.50 HD GP $4
Sonic The Hedgehog 4K VD/IT $6
Sony Movie Buff Pass Reward HD MA $4
Soul HD MA $4 HD GP $2
Southpaw HD VD $4
Spider-man Tobey 4K MA $6
Spider-man Amazing Spider-Man HD MA $4.50
Spider-man Amazing Spider-Man 2 HD MA $4.50
Spider-man Far From Home HD MA $3
Spider-man Homecoming 4K MA $5.50 HD MA $1
Spider-man Into The Spiderverse HD MA $5
Spider-man No Way Home HD MA $4.50
Spies In Disguise HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron HD MA $5.50
Spontaneous VD/IT $4
Stand Up Guys HD VD $3.50
Star Trek 1 The Original Motion Picture 4K VD/IT $5
Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan 4K VD/IT $5
Star Trek 3 The Search For Spock 4K VD/IT $5
Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home 4K VD/IT $5
Star Trek 2009 HDVD/4KIT $2.50
Star Trek Beyond HDVD/4KIT $2.50
Star Trek Into Darkness HDVD/4KIT $1.50
Star Wars Rogue One 4K MA $6 HD MA $4 HD GP $2.50
Star Wars Solo HD MA $4
Star Wars Ep 4 A New Hope HD GP $4.50
Star Wars Ep 5 Empire Strikes Back HD GP $4.50
Star Wars Ep 7 Force Awaken 4K MA $5 HDMA/4KIT $2 HD GP $1
Star Wars Ep 8 The Last Jedi 4K MA $5 HDMA/4KIT $3 HD GP $1.50
Star Wars Ep 9 Rise Of Skywalker HD GP $2.50
Storks HD MA $4
Straight Outta Compton 2 Film Unrated/Theatrical 4K MA $6
Strange World HD MA $5
Strawberry Shortcake Fun Under the Sun HD MA $4
Suburbicon HD VD/IT $3
Super 8 HD VD/IT $4
Superfly HD MA $3.50
Survive The Night HD VD/IT $4
Taken 2 HD MA $2.50 HD iTunes $2
Tangled HDMA/4KIT $5 HD GP $4
Ted Unrated HD MA $2 Itunes $1.50
Ted Unrated 2 HD iTunes $3.50
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 HD VD/IT $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of Shadows HD VD/IT $4
Terminator Dark Fate 4K VD/IT $4.50 HD VD/IT $3
Terminator Genesis HD VD/IT $3.50
The Art Of Self Defense HD MA $3.50
The Bad Guys HD MA $4.50
The Bank Job HD VD $4
The BFG HD GP $3
The Book Thief HD MA $4.50
The Cabin In The Woods HD VD/IT $4
The Croods HD MA $4
The Curse Of La Llorona HD MA $3.50
The D Train HD VD/IT $4
The Day The Earth Stood Still Itunes $4
The Duff HD VD/IT $3.50
The Emoji Movie HD MA $3
The Family iTunes $4
The Five Year Engagement iTunes $4
The Girl In The Spiders Web HD MA $4
The Girl On The Train HD MA $3
The Good Dinosaur HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
The Greatest Showman HD MA $4
The Gunman HD MA $4
The Heat HD MA $4
The Hunt For Red October 4K Vudu $5.50
The Internship HD MA $4
The Iron Lady HD VD $4
The Last Witch Hunter HD Itunes $4
The Legend Of Hercules HD VD/IT $3.50
The Legend Of Tarzan HD MA $3
The Lost City 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/IT $4.50
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The Menu HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3
The Mummy Scorpion King HD MA $4
The Nut Job HD MA $3.50
The Nut Job 2 HD MA $4
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The Purge 4 Film Collection HD MA $12
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The Raven Itunes $4.50
The Revenant HD MA $4
The Ring HD VD/IT $4
The Rite Itunes $4
The Santa Clause 4K IT/HD MA $5 HD GP $4
The Santa Clause 2 4K IT/HD MA $5 HD GP $4
The Santa Clause 3 4K IT/HD MA $5 HD GP $4
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel HD MA $4
The Secret Life Of Pets 4K MA $5 HD MA $3
The Secret Life Of Pets 2 HD MA $4
The Shack HD VD/IT $4
The Spirit iTunes $4
The Sum Of All Fears 4K VD/IT $5.50
The Sword In The Stone HD GP $5
The Three Stooges The Movie Itunes $4
The Time Travelers Wife SD MA $1.50
The Vanishing HD VD $4
The Warlords HD VD $4
The Warriors Way iTunes $4
The Wedding Ringer HD MA $4
The Wolf On Wall Street HD VD/IT $4
Think Like A Man HD MA $4
This Means War HD ITunes $4
Thor 4K MA $6 4K IT/HD MA $4.50 HD GP $4
Thor Dark World 4K MA $6 4K IT/HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3
Thor Love And Thunder 4K MA $5.50 HD MA $4 HD GP $2.50
Thor Ragnarok 4K MA $5 4K IT/HD MA $3 HD GP $1
Tinkerbell NeverBeast HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy HD MA $4.50
Tomb Raider 2001 4K VD/IT $5.50
Top Gun HD VD/IT $4.50
Total Recall 1990 4K VD/IT $5.50
Tower Heist Itunes $4
Toy Story 4KIT/HDMA $4.50 HD GP $4
Toy Story 2 HD GP $4
Toy Story 4 4KIT/HDMA $4.50 HD GP $3
Toy Story Of Terror HD MA $5
Transformers 4K VD/IT $6.50
Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen 4K VD/IT $6
Transformers Age Extinction 4K VD/IT $6 HD VD $3.50
Transformers Dark Of The Moon 4K VD/IT $6 HD VD $3.50
Transformers The Last Knight 4K VD/IT $6 4K Itunes $5.50 HD VD $3.50
Trauma Center HD VD/IT $3.50
Trolls HD MA $4
Trolls World Tour HD MA $4
True Story HD MA $5
Turbo HD MA $3.50
Turning Red HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 HD VD/IT $1
Uncle Drew HD VD/IT $4
Underworld 3 Film Collection HD MA $10
Underworld Awakening HD MA $3
Underworld Blood Wars 4K MA $5
Universal Rewards March 2023 HD MA $3
Van Wilder 4K Vudu $5.50
Venom HD MA $3
Venom Let There Be Carnage HD MA $4
Vertigo 4K VD/IT $4
Vivo HD MA $4
Walking With Dinosaurs HD iTunes $4
Wanted SD Itunes $2
War Room HD MA $4
Warcraft HD MA $3
Warrior Itunes $4
West Side Story 2021 HD MA $4 HD GP $3
When The Game Stands Tall HD MA $3
While We're Young VD $4
White Boy Rick HD MA $4
White House Down HD MA $3.50
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 4K MA $6 HD GP $4.50
Winnie Pooh A Many Adventures HD MA $4.50
Winnie Pooh A Very Merry Pooh Year HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Wilson HD MA $4
Wolverine 2013 HD MA $4
Wonder HD VD/IT $3.50
Wonder Park HD VD/IT $3.50
World War Z HD VD/IT $4
Wrinkle In Time HDMA/4KIT $4.50
Wrong Turn 2021 HD VD/IT $5
X-Men Apocalypse HDMA/4KIT $4
X-Men Days Of Future Past HDMA/4KIT $4
XXX Return Of Xander Cage 4K IT $5 HD VD/IT $3.50
Zero Dark Thirty HD VD $4
Zeroes And Ones HD MA $3.50
Zootopia HD GP $3
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2023.03.30 17:51 ethicalhearts i lost my grandmother and now i don’t know what to do

my [F19] grandmother was sick on and off ever since she got her surgery a few months ago (back in december i believe?? but i may be wrong). she’s been in and out of the hospital since then and was missing family events because she was sick.
the last time me and my sister talked to her, she said she wasn’t feeling well, but was trying not to get sick for our older sister’s baby shower.
we convinced her to go to the ER, and she went into cardiac arrest the next morning. they resuscitated her, and she was in the ICU on life support. my family and i did have hope, but two weeks went by and the hope dwindled.
while i’m in my dorm, i received a call the other day from my mother saying that they made the decision to take her off of life support and that she isn’t doing well. i came home that same night and decided to not return to campus for the rest of the week. when i came home, my mom told me that she had passed.
she basically waited until everyone left the hospital to do so (she was a stubborn lady LOL).
i wasn’t sad at first because i know that she’s not in pain anymore, and she died knowing how much me and my family loved her, but last night and this morning had me in shambles. i literally loved her so much and she didn’t deserve to go out the way she did, and it’s hard seeing my mom in so much pain. she’s hurting so much but trying not to show it.
i don’t know what to do. i don’t wanna go back to school, but almost the end of the semester and if i withdraw now, i’d have to retake the classes all over again. i’m not worried about work because my job is very lenient and they understand, but i just don’t know what to do.
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2023.03.30 17:44 UsedCicada9696 Craigslist Open Forum Article

Craigslist Open Forum (OpFo) is a discussion forum on Craigslist that can go over a wide range and variety of topics while changing top posts to create threads for a new topic of discussion created by its posters.
Due to Craiglists Politics Forums (Both Politics USA and Politics World Forums), Romantic Advice Forums (RoFo), and Parenting Forums (PaFo) being closed down to new posters in 2018 to cut down on sex trafficking that was instituted by Congress in 2018. (
The remainder of posters from before 2018 and new posters after 2018 have been forced to post to Craigslists Open Forum (Opfo). Craigslist Open Forum has turned into a Politard fest, in addition with leftover creepy old men from Romantic Advice Forum (Rofo) harrassing or begging what few real women are left in Open Forum for tit pics or pics of themself, and if they refuse to post their pics they are called fat, bitches, pigs, or skanks. Some men in grey will ask women about incest or rape.
The women are accused of catfishing while there are some posters that are accused of being the opposite race of what they are. Open Forum lacks logic, reason, and accountability. Open Forum has become consumed with misogyny, misandry, racism, hypocrisy, irony, homophobia, body-shamers, pedophilia thinkers, incest thinkers, people haters, animal haters, scat posters, gore posters, edge lords, and porn addicts.
Craigslist OpFo has become one of the most mentally unhealthy places on the internet. Craigslist OpFo is popular for having lonely degenerates that harrass women for tit pics, harrass women to reply to them by top posting about them with insults, or catty gay men that troll women and men they do not like off of the forum by saying fuck off or go fuck yourself, or go fuck off and die or to shut up or shut the fuck up. Open Forum allows "grey" anonymous posting which encourages flaming, hatred, sockpuppets and obsessive compulsive disordered trolls. Handles are imped (copycatted) if the handles have a an I (eye) as it looks like a lower case (L) in the forum. heehawcalbr_549/drysdale_hathaway1 has been imped the most.
Politard Trolls
Left Wingers
  1. Barn_Sent_Me known for calling Fox News, Fux News and putting in "Save American Democracy ....Vote like a woman fighting for her rights...... always and forever" in his posts and "my friends I ask you". Also calls Donald Trump "Diseased Donald" (See also low level trolls)
  2. Shango1/CovidGal- Shango1 is known for asking questions about open forum conservatives. (See also low level trolls)
3.heehawcallbr_549/drysdale_hathaway1 is known for calling Donald Trump "Orange" and saying he caused lockdowns and insurrections. (see also low level trolls).
A highly profilic narcissitic troll that has been trolling on Craigslist Romantic Advice Forums and Open Forums for over 10 years. Claims he is the true king of opfo. (See also high level trolls).
5.noredwave-a left-winger that wishes death upon Trump.
  1. Tastebud-Orgy-left-winger. Right Wingers
  2. Sullivan77 A highly profilic troll that has been trolling Craigslist Romantic Advice Forums and Open Forums off and on for 10 years. Sullivan77 and Shango1get into politard debates over opfo conservative beliefs and opfo liberal beliefs. (See also high level trolls).
  3. Mickey1800/HorseDickMick- A highly profilic guitar playing troll that had trolled Craiglist Romantic Advice Forums 10 years ago and came back to Craigslist Open Forums in 2021. Mickey is also a talented photographer and artist. He spammed vocaroos about Wabbie because Wabbie kept bringing up Mickey's deceased parents . Mentally unstable scrub as Wabbie calls him. These two get into banter fights over petty things, sometimes including politics. (See also high level trolls).
High Level Trolls
The Master Troll-Stays in grey and renames other trolls with grey handle names that he does not like or tries to make them have meltdowns (dullivan77, Tard1800, DeadDrunk1800, ShitshowThoughtGaL42, SteamPukeGaL, Ryanfgt3). Mickey1800 calls him grilled, or grilledtomato and shares his emails that grilledtomato has sent to him. Known for making multiple handles to sockpuppet in grey dash with. (Handle overwriting).
A highly profilic narcisstic troll that has been trolling on Craigslist Romantic Advice Forums and Open Forums for 10 years. Also known for creating multiple handles to sockpuppet with. Acts like he's still in high school sometimes by saying he has fucked people's moms, especially tries to say that to Mickey most the time.
  1. Mickey1800/HorseDickMick
A highly profilic guitar playing troll, talented photographer and artist that trolled Craigslist Romantic Advice Forums 10 years agao and then came back to Open Forum in 2021. Mentally unstable scrub as Wabbie would call him. These two get into banter fights over petty things, such as Wabbie bringing up Mickey's dead relatives and makes fun of his cars, sometimes including celebrities and politics. Wabbie calls him a drunken scrub, although he does not drink.
  1. Sullivan77
Sullivan is a nice guy, he is mostly a counter-troll to those that troll him. Shango1 and Sullivan get into political debates the most. Wabbie calls him a putz.
  1. Carrie/mynameisonthewall
known for posting pics and videos of herself, including a pic of her boobs. Thinks all greys that mention her are Bridgette.I don’t want anything to do with that wacko < - > 2023-01-06 14:39
But it doesn’t stop her from crying about me every day. I have another longass list of links to send into abuse. That usually shuts her up for awhile - she loses handles over it and has to start the 90 day wait all over again.
I haven’t sent in a list of links in a couple few months so she’s getting rambunctious haha
  1. Bridgette/ridgette_B known for making secret forums to troll Wabbie and Carrie with.
Medium Level Trolls
  1. Laurie current handle unknown-
known for going on about a drama saga involving a guy named Tom she has been in love with for 10 years and claims her sister, Debbie has mental issues and trolls her in grey on the forum.
  1. RyanFire3- known for being rofo asshole who trolled Carrie and rage quit Facebook Rofo.
I got banned from FB RoFo for < RyanFire3 > 03-30 21:40 tearing down Carrie because she is a basal slut. They all *including the admin* PH rallied around her and banned my ass. Funneh thing... I don't NEED them. Liek they need them selves. Bye.
  1. AyameM- known for crossing from Romantic Advice Forums to Open Forums for the past 10 years. Accused of having an OnlyFans. She is not really a troll, but does get trolled a lot.
  2. Kortalus a medium troll that antagonizes by being a know it all and is accused of being a pedo for posting a scantily clad pic of a girl that looked 16 years old. He also posted a pic of his penis.
  3. SteamPunkGaL known for being an obnoxious asshole of a SpamTroll and boosting Sullivan77's account with King Sullivan to antagonize Wabbie. Also known for doing Karen and Edna bits in grey and spamming vocaroos. (See also Shtik Trolls).
  4. ItsmeLD known for writing low-key racist rhetoric and bragging about her husband and horses.
  5. DeltaMuskRat known as the resident Pun King as some would call him. Not really a troll, a nice and funny guy.
8.PlasticBeetle/SmashingBricks known as a pseudo intellectual troll, sometimes makes sense sometimes doesn't. Always ask question, "What about me?"
9.Wendy_Darling23 known for being weird and somewhat obnoxious.
Low Level Trolls
  1. Shango1 other than asking questions about opfo conservatives he also ask random questions that do not give readers much thinking power in order to answer them.
  2. CovidGal-a young racist white girl that asks stupid questions to race bait with or just stupid questions in general.
  3. Barn_Sent_Me- sticks to politarding and claims to have a service record.
  4. heehawcallbr_549/drysdalehathaway1- other than politarding he is known for his faith in Christiany and calling imps that imp him like he's a gay guy as fags. and says to "flag the fag imp, ty".
  5. CakeMonsteCakeZombie- known for saying "cockslap down" and also posted a pic of his penis. (See also shtik trolls).
6 .TittlyLover9000- known for being a porn addict. Posts pics and gifs of women of almost all ages.
Shtik Trolls
  1. CakeMonsteCakeZombie- used to post pics of cakes, now posts pics of his penis and says "cockslap down" repeatedly.
  2. Brazos3- claims to be an 70 year old man with cognitive issues.
  3. WooferBop/WooferVille- dog shtik that buys Apple products.
  4. KittyMcNeal-cat shtik that posts cat pics.
  5. StarshinMoonbeam2-supposedly came from Craigslist Parenting Forum (PaFo) troll. Shtik unknown.
6.VentCent/SteamPunkGaL shtik claims that "Birds aren't Real".
  1. NiceFloridaGirl shtik claims to be an old lady that lives in Florida. Boring personality.
  2. SexayVixxen shtik claims to be an old lady. A bimbo, boring personality.
  3. RyanFire3- shtik claims to smoke weed and drink beer everynight. Past drama between him and Carrie from FB Rofo.
  4. RoyBatty1969-is a boxer with a grown up daughter. Sometimes adds more to conversations. Comes from Rofo.
  5. ItsKCan-seems like a normal person and sometimes adds more to conversations. Comes from Pafo.
  6. chillerman-known for being chill.
  7. swearbear- shtik is being a Karen.
  8. yepper- known for adding more to conversations. Comes from Rofo.
  9. HeliosKorax-known for adding more to conversations. Comes from Rofo.
  10. FlyontheWall-known to try to be somewhat funny and sometimes adds more to conversations. Comes from Rofo.
  11. ambrosejohnson645- claims to be a bisexual retired military man.
  12. 99Xboard-being a politarding forum flooding troll.
19.Hester_Prynne-shtik uknown, talks politics not sure which party they lean.
  1. Feather-Ace-shtik is thinking almost all the other handles are Tauren/Laurie.
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2023.03.30 17:28 KittenDealinMama My Coworker Who Misgenders Me Found My Deadname And Told Everyone

Originally posted by u/appulfox in TrueOffMyChest on Mar 21, '23, updated March 23rd.
Trigger Warning: Transphobia, bullying in the workplace
Original post
My Coworker Who Misgenders Me Found My Deadname And Told Everyone
So I [24m] just found out some uncomfortable information. So, a while ago, I talked about the lady who had been misgendering me at my job, and she still has been misgendering me, but I've kind of just been putting up with it and ignoring her. Come today, and this really nice pregnant lady that I work with, comes to me at the end of my shift and whispers to me if I'm okay with Ebony (the transphobic coworker) misgendering me and using my dead name.
My heart dropped down to my chest because I knew Ebony was misgendering me, but I didn't know she was using my dead name, let alone even knew what it was. Everyone pretty much calls me Leo. I've only told one person my dead name, and he hates Ebony. The only way that she could have known my dead name is if she was looking over my shoulder while I clock in, or some other way. Either way, that was an invasion of privacy.
I asked the pregnant lady what did she mean by Ebony has been using my dead name, and she tells me that apparently, Ebony had been talking behind my back and had said, "Oh yea, I saw her REAL NAME," and kept saying it and telling the people she was talking to what my dead name was. Not only that, but the other day when I was working, I'd thought that I'd heard her call me by my dead name, but I couldn't tell because I'd only caught a little bit of what she said since I have audio processing issues and she was not fully within earshot. Now I know for a fact that she had.
I ended up going to my boss about this, since he's always been respectful of me and he's going to talk to Ebony. But I'm just so upset and so hurt because who would do this? I've been nothing but nice to her, and I've only tried to be polite to her and she's only been nasty towards me going so far as to tell people private information about myself. Information that I haven't told anybody and that she has no right to tell people. She has no right telling other people's business. And the fact that I had to hear this from somebody else tells me that she knows what she's doing is wrong. If she continues to do this after my boss talks to her, I'm escalating it to HR, I'm not going to tolerate disrespect like this.
EDIT: to clarify the company is UPS, I'm a package handler. All I do when I work there is listen to my music/podcasts and load/unload packages. occasional I engage in conversation with coworkers, but that's a select few, most days I work in silence. she has no viable reason to be harassing me
EDIT 2: someone in the comments was trying to kind of start a bit of a race war so I just want to reiterate that both me and Ebony are black. race has nothing to do with this situation, she's literally just being a bigot. And even if I wasn't trans, this would still be an invasion of privacy. I don't know her like that, why is she trying so hard to get into my business?
EDIT 3 (imsosorry): For those of you that have only something negative to say.... mm I don't care, you're objectively wrong, and I'm not open for discussion about WHY my coworker is terribly in the wrong. And yes my mother and whole family supports me. My dead name is just as dead to them as it is to me and my mother has my current name tattooed onto her. catch this block and argue with the wall :D
OP posts a picture of himself to his profile
EDIT 4: for those wondering if I even pass. I do. I've been happily on testosterone for 2+ years. my voice is decently deep and masculine, I have visible facial hair, and I dress in very baggy clothes. I very much LOOK male. My Face
In the comments:
I agree that I shouldn't have to tolerate this, but I don't really want to escalate it to HR unless she continues to do it after being talked to by my boss. I believe that people can change and, aside from being a nasty transphobe, for the most part she tends to be nice, except to me. I just don't want to cause somebody to lose their job just because of my own comfort
As soon as I found out I went straight to my boss and he said he would take care of it. I'm letting him do that, he's always been respectful of me so I'm trusting him with that. if she continues to misgender me and spread my dead name, then I'll take it to HR
All I do when I go to work is work. most of the time I don't really even talk to anyone, I just do my job and go. if somebody misgenders me I usually politely correct them and they usually end up quickly apologizing and we both go on about our day. The only reason people at work tend to misgender me anyway is because of the fact that she misgenders me. I literally look like a cisgender male. I have a mustache and a beard, the only thing that really gives me away is my chest area since I'm heavy-chested and I sometimes don't wear my binder to work since I sweat. I've asked her two different times very politely if she could stop calling me a girl. she's turned it into an argument both times so I've just put up with it for months. and then she goes and somehow finds my dead name and spreads it around to people. The private information that I never told anyone. I literally only asked for basic respect.
Why don’t you ask her if you can have a chat. Let her know how her behavior makes you feel and that you would like to have a civil work relationship.
OP: I've tried. The first time I tried talking and she made it a fight, the second time, I expressed that it makes me uncomfortable and that I'd like my identity to be respected and for things to be civil, and she treated that like a problem too. She's also bad mouthed trans ppl outside of just me before. She doesn't like trans ppl, so she doesn't like me
Why not just legally change your name? Wouldn't it be easier than having to explain to everyone why your name is different?
OP: that costs money that I currently do not have at the moment. it's not that easy, it's a very extensive process with a LOT of paperwork.
Do they not have an option to allow you to use a "preferred name"?
OP: yea! on all of my documentation except my W2s and the clock in screen, they have "Leo [Last Name]" put in.
What is a dead name? I'm guessing it's your old name before you transformed?
OP: "Before you transformed" pls that's the best phrasing, imma start calling myself a transformer, specifically a decepticon 💀💀
A dead name is the name that a trans person was given at birth. a lot of time, trans ppl change their first name, first socially, then legally.
My manager is reporting this to HR. I have realized that, in most places, this would absolutely be grounds for termination. there's also the fact that she has potentially put me in danger and as a target for even more discrimination by outing me and my dead name. I very much visibly pass as a man since my voice is fairly deep and I have a mustache and beard, so there is no reason she should be doing this and people at my job are constantly confused when she refers to me by the wrong pronouns. I am not the only person who sees this as a problem
In a comment:
This is the message I got from my manager "Report ID is [REDACTED] They advised, I will hear from someone from UPS in the next 3-4 days and the full HR investigation may take 30 days."
2nd Update 2 days later
A transcript of the text between OOP and his coworker (scroll to the 🔴 to skip the transcript):
Hi it's Leo! can you guys send me y'all's experiences with ebony in one or a few messages?
as well as her history of transphobia?
She butted into a Convo I was having that I wasn't even with her about trans suicide, and she just butts in saying she said they should commit suicide cause "They are an affront to God"
She then went on a tangent about the entire community basically also throwing me in and made very clear people like me and you that should just not exist
Safe to say she isn't a very kind person after all, soon as the attention turns to trans and queer people then it gets nasty and "insult Gods plan"
It sucks cause I thought she was cool, but now I can't even look her in the eye without feeling like she's burning a hole into my skull, if you don't like us keep it to yourself. This is work, not a church
So I'd been getting a lot of comments about wanting an update if anything happens so, here's that update! I wanted to update on the original post, but it was already atrociously long, so I linked this one to the OG.
Before I start, WOW I was NOT expecting my post(s) to blow up the way it did. Honestly had to turn my notifications off ;;7;; I'm not equipped for that kind of attention. Thank you to everyone who gave me helpful advice! Onto the update!
So my manager texted me stating that a person from UPS security would be contacting me to schedule a time to discuss things and give my statement. When the person contacted me, I let her know when I'd be available. My manager then stated that he'd need to see me after sort (my shift) so I could grab some forms.
During break, I waved over the nice pregnant lady (we'll call her A) and the coworker whom I had trusted with my deadname (we'll call him T). I'd asked them if they could give me their numbers so they could each detail their own experiences with Ebony. below is a screenshot of T's statement.
Afterwards, I finished my shift and met with my manager who informed me that T had given a statement of his own experiences with Ebony.
I'll admit, I was super super nervous. I HATE conflict, and any time I have dish out consequences, I end up feeling guilty no matter how much the other person deserves it (trauma is a powerful thing).
My manager then sat me down, read me the policy review, and explained that me, him, the UPS security person, and a union steward would sit down with me and take my statement. Funnily enough, my boss mentioned that, usually Ebony would be the person they'd have as the union steward, but he understood that, with this situation, it would be "grossly inappropriate" (his words).
He must've noticed have stressed and antsy I was, because he then highlighted that, he feels that this shouldn't backfire on me since no one has ever come to him with problems about me. He mentioned how he respected the fact that I came to talk to him about this.
I then mentioned how this situation made me extremely nervous and he said that I don't need to be. He mentioned how mine and T's statements about Ebony's behavior lines up with past issues he's had with her (outside of being transphobic, she's very confrontational, a gossip, and tends to be very VERY petty).
He also said that I'm not doing anything wrong and that, whatever happens with her is NOT my fault and that I'm not responsible for her actions. He said he wants to have a safe environment for his employees and to come to him if problems arise from others.
I was then given the paper to write my statement on and the policy review to sign and give to him tomorrow.
I'll be honest.. I'm terrified. I've never done this before. Reported someone to HR, that is.
Verifiably, I am somewhat of a doormat sometimes, and my loved ones tell me that I'm too nice or forgiving (my partner explicitly stating that it took both my mom and him to convince me to escalate this to HR instead of just leaving it at my boss, solely because I just didn't want to be the reason that she possibly loses her job).
All of this being said, I feel some form of confidence as well. My manager told me, before I left his office, that he's proud of me for standing up and advocating for myself. I think I'm proud of me, too, but still scared shitless of the outcome. I'll update with whatever happens!
If you'd like to leave some love and support for our OOP, please do so in the comments here, not on the original post. I will let him know i have shared his story here.
Reminders: This sub does not tolerate homophobia, transphobia or bigotry. DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.03.30 17:16 Luminoustygian Lucy's Prom Date

Lucy's prom date came to pick her up in a black limousine. She'd been waiting for him by her bedroom window.
She sighed as she wondered for how long she had fantasized the dazzling evening that was soon to come.
When her date arrived, he knelt down and gently kissed her her hand.
Lucy giggled as she blushed furiously. Who would've thought that there were still boys who did that in this day and age?
"You look beautiful," He complimented as he escorted her to the ride.
When Lucy got in, she was slightly wistful that her date wasn't Jordan from the swim team, who she'd been crushing on for years.
The boy in front of her was far from a bad date though. With his tousled hair, sincere gaze and deep dimples, there was something to him that made him special.
When his eyes met hers, Lucy was afraid that she'd fallen in love.
To ease her pounding heart, Lucy tried to start a conversation.
"Look!" She said, pointing at the playground they were passing by, "That's where mom used to bring me after school. As a kid, I loved to just climb up that tower and declare myself king. I'd even get into fights with other kids for the title!"
Lucy's date chuckled and replied, "I didn't know that you were so rowdy."
"I was! Though... I couldn't go out much anymore after I was diagnosed..."
Lucy quickly cut herself off before continuing, "I mean, it wasn't that bad... I'm going out for prom, after all!"
Her date simply replied with a smile.
"I think I saw you there before," He said later, when they passed by the town's bowling alley, "Can you tell me more about that?"
"That was where I got my first job!" Lucy exclaimed, "Oh, and you see those shops? I used to spend everything I earned there!"
Lucy couldn't help it. She babbled and rambled on every time they passed by somewhere in the town— About her life, her memories.
Her date didn't complain, merely listening attentively to everything she said.
Lucy was bursting with excitement when they reached her school, ready to step out and immerse herself into the night she had been looking forward to.
But the limousine drove by.
Lucy's heart dropped.
"We're not going to prom, are we?" She asked.
"No, we're not."
At that moment, Lucy remembered. She wasn't waiting for a prom date.
When the limousine stopped, it was already night outside.
Her date stepped out and extended his hand.
"Shall we have a dance before you go?" He invited, face gleaming under the moonlight
Lucy didn't cry when her hand clasped his. There was an odd feeling in her chest.
It wasn't love.
It was acceptance.
Death came to pick her up in a black limousine. She'd been waiting for him by her bedroom window.
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2023.03.30 17:15 moodychickenpooty Love Dance Moms!

So through out the years, i would watch an episode here and there but never watched them in any order. Well now that I’m OBSESSED WITH THE SHOW and now i’m more than half way thru season 4, i have to say season 4 is the most unhinged season i’ve watched this far 🤣 To Kelly, Brooke and Paige leaving, to her mom passing away, to the select team and so much more, like what?!?! 🤣 I love it so much though!
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2023.03.30 17:05 Anon7416 Wedding without narc parents

Hello everyone, l’m (27M) going to be proposing to my girlfriend (26F) of 6 years in May. I just booked the photographer a couple weeks ago and selected the location. That being said, i have been no contact with my insane parents since 2020 (Narc mom and in denial father). My girlfriend has been fully on board and we have been completely on the same page about them since it happened. My main concerns are with the future wedding. My parents are not going to invited since they show no interest in changing their toxic manipulative insane behavior and have done nothing of substance to remedy the situation. I could care less if they are ever in my life again at this point. I have a great relationship with my grandmother, aunt and uncle (who are also on board and understand why i dont talk to them). My main questions are:
  1. Have any of you ever gotten married had a wedding where you or your spouses parents were not invited/did not attend?
  2. Only my close friends know the situation why i dont speak to them. But i want to invite friends/family that have no idea i dont speak to them. How do i avoid awkwardness when they notice or ask where my parents are if that did come up?
  3. I know traditionally my girlfriends father has a dance with his daughter and my mom is supposed to have a dance with me but what if my gf wants to have a dance with her dad and since my mom isnt there would i just not dance with anyone? I mean i dont like dancing anyway but still.
  4. My worst nightmare is them showing up to the wedding uninvited so should i have security outside the wedding making sure only the invited guests attend? I also dont mind having a destination wedding with a small group of people (only immediate family and close friends) My girlfriend told me a while ago she doesnt want to do the whole bridesmaids thing just a best man and maid of honor.
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