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2023.03.30 05:58 barnaby-jones Black Voters Urge Supreme Court to Affirm Win in South Carolina Redistricting Case

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2023.03.30 05:58 keletr14 Should I see a lawyer or accept money offered by Insurance company after a car wreck?

I was rear ended 2 days ago. (Location: South Carolina) I have never been in any sort of a collision, ever. the person admitted fault and immediately started a claim on their phone. I have already been contacted by their insurance company.
I was hit in a car pool line while wearing my seatbelt at an elementary school while I had been stopped for 15-30 seconds. My 5 year old unbuckled herself, and got her backpack on and was about to get out. I had my neck slightly turned looking at her and then we were hit. My daughter was pushed forward and then fell back into the seat and hit her head.
The speed limit is 10 MPH in the car pool line. There was very little traffic at this time and the person who hit me was able to drive in from the main entrance of the school to the front of the carpool line without having a reason to stop (like stopped cars in front of her) up until the front where drop off is. I don’t know what speed she was going but she was absolutely not going anywhere near 10. And it was uphill. Everyone that has seen my car has estimated she was probably going between 25-35 and is absolutely shocked at the amount of damaged that occurred in a car line.
I do have a front dash camera that recorded the accident and you can tell I was hit pretty hard and my car was pushed toward about 10 feet (uphill, with my foot on the break If that matters). The other driver Told me at different points they had no idea what happened, then they said they were turned around handing their child their bookbag, and then later said they accidentally hit the gas instead of the breaks.
My car is significantly more damaged than hers is. I wouldn’t say it’s severe damage but it’s significant. No one from the insurance company has seen it yet. My bumper is caved in and my trunk/back hatch is crinkled, cracked, and uneven (my car is an SUV) her car was larger than mine and the front bumper is slightly popped off and was cut across like a foot. No one’s Airbags went off and the cars are still drivable.
Instantly after being hit my head and neck started hurting. We waited for a police report and I got one. I immediately took both of my children to their doctor. My oldest (5) who was standing up getting their backpack on was complaining about a headache. The doctor said one pupil was slightly larger than the other and that we needed to keep an eye on it and immediately bring her to the ER if there was any other concerning behavior. Another doctor was called in for a second opinion and also agreed the pupils were not the same size. My daughter has a bump on her head where she hit. The area around her eye is now bruised a little bit. (I did take photos). The pediatrician said my 2 year old seemed normal. I then went to urgent care. They said my neck was inflamed and sprained. The diagnosis sheet said I had acute back pain and to follow up in 2 weeks. I was prescribed 2 things (I don’t remember what at the moment) and I picked them up same day from the pharmacy.
I am in a lot of pain still. Even with cream, heating pad, and prescription medicine. My neck hurts, my shoulders hurt, my back hurts bad, my knees hurt, under my arms hurt, my tailbone hurts and my ears are ringing off and on.
The person at fault insurance company (USAA) called me today. They offered me $7,000 total for injury ($2500 for me, $2500 for my child that was injured, $1500 for my child that doesn’t seem to be injured, and $500 as a “buffer”). I am a little concerned because I was told that the buffer money could be used if I was contacted with extra bills from medical Insurance, but that I shouldn’t be. I said I wasn’t ready to make a decision at the moment. She asked me if I had a different amount in mind. I said I wasn’t ready to discuss that. She also offered to give me the money and pay for any additional medial treatment we needed in the future. I still stated I wasn’t ready to make a decision and she is planning on calling me back next week.
I am having multiple family members and friends tell me I need to at least see a lawyer for a free consult. I do think I am planning on doing that. Other family members and friends are telling me I should counter a little higher and not risk wasting a bunch of time for only a little more $, which is the only reason I am reluctant. I don’t plan on signing anything until I’m 100% sure we are all ok long term. Nothing at all has been done besides an auto body shop is supposed to call me to set up an appointment to get my car in. Thank you in advance for any advice.
I am absolutely horrified thinking about how this could’ve ended if the person had hit me 30-45 seconds later when my kid would’ve been getting out of the car.
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2023.03.30 05:35 No_Appearance8369 breaking my lease

I need advice. I'm in north carolina and in October I signed a lease with my ex-boyfriend (long story...) and our close friend. I won't go into the specifics but it lasted for about a month and I moved into my parent's house after already being out of their home for 2 years. At first, I was paying my portion equally even though I wasn't living there but things have gone south quickly and I want to get out of the lease. They still plan on living there and they are extremely mad at me for wanting to get out of the lease but I don't care. My relationship with my ex is extremely toxic and unhealthy for me to be around so much as I am moving 10 states away to go live with my brother because I can't handle the stress anymore. How do I go about doing this? I'm only 20 years old and I've read over the lease a million times and none of it makes sense to me. I want to move all of my stuff out, hand in my keys, and call it done but I know it isn't that simple. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
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2023.03.30 05:35 CharlotteDTF Wife was SA’d at work

We are located in South Carolina.
My wife works in a hospital around multiple doctors. She called me crying after she left work tonight (I’m at work all night) saying she was groped by a doctor and he was humping her while she was bent over getting something he dropped.
She has been SA’d by an ex-boyfriend before and this is her biggest fear and I can’t believe it happened.
Looking for advice on how to proceed tomorrow. Who to contact at her job (her boss? HR?) and kind of just general advice. Thank you
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2023.03.30 05:25 leavekitkatbe Help me pick a bag! (And evaluate my packing list)

Hi all, I want to try one bagging for the first time! I’m a “mom purse” type person (you name it and I have it on me) but tend to travel with minimal luggage— in the past I’ve done weeklong trips with a carry on spinner and a small purse. To save on airline fees, I want to do my next trip out of a single backpack— I’m planning a 2 month solo backpacking trip through eastern and western Europe next April/May. In order to spread out my purchases and avoid buying all my travel gear in a lump sum next March, I’m trying to get my packing list set up now and would love to get you ladies’ experienced eyes on it. I also could use some advice on which backpack to choose— I have a few in mind but am not sure yet what size I’ll be needing for all of this stuff.
Some context on my travel style and trip: My itinerary isn’t set in stone yet but it’ll be a pretty full spread (some I know for sure I want to check out are Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Czechia, and Romania). I plan to spend the whole thing in hostels. I’ll eat out a few times a week but try to do a lot of free breakfasts/grocery store meals cooked in the hostel kitchens. I plan to handwash my clothes in sinks. I’ll be taking budget airlines, trains, and/or buses depending on what’s cheapest, so ideally I’d love a bag that could fit as a personal item but carry-on compliant is fine. I’ll probably try a few mild hikes but most of this trip will be city sightseeing, art museums, etc. so nothing too athletic is required. I am very sensitive to illness so unfortunately I’ll have to take a fair amount of medications. Lastly, I get cold very easily but pass out when I get overheated so layers are key, but I’ve lived in the American south for about 12 years now and am not used to dressing for the cold so I’m not sure if the clothes for this list are sufficient.
Here is the list so far: Clothes - 3 dresses* - 2 tank tops - 1 long sleeve tee - 1 long sleeve button up - 1 cardigan - 1 pair leggings - 1 pair flowy pants - 1 silk nightgown - 1 packable down/polyester hooded puffer (about the size of a Yeti cup) - 6 pair underwear - 1 pair tights - 1 bra - 3 pair merino socks - 1 pair Skechers walking sneakers - 1 pair Reef Water Vista sandals - Hat/scarf/gloves* - Bathing suit*
Tech - Phone - iPad - Apple Pencil - AirPods - Universal adapter* - 2x lightning cables - Power bank - Power bank cord - AirTag* - Mini tripod*
Toiletry/Bath/Laundry - 2 in 1 hair bar (my hair isn’t fussy lol) - Ivory bar soap (face and body) - Mini toothpaste - Folding toothbrush - Full size deodorant - Menstrual cup - Mini lotion - Lip balm - Mini hairbrush - Mini dry shampoo - Mini hairspray - Mini sea salt hair spritz - Hand sanitizer - Eyebrow pencil - Mascara - Lipstick
Health and Safety - Keychain alarm - Asthma Inhaler - Face mask* - Condoms/dental dams (never know!) - Tube of Wysi Wipes (tablets which turn into wet wipes when moistened) - Mini sewing kit - First aid kit - Pillbox (Ibuprofen, Ibuprofen PM, Migraine meds, Pepto/Imodium*, antihistamine, Azo) - Glucose tabs - Bandaids - Tweezers (double as a beauty product for plucking my eyebrows) - Antibiotic ointment - Bug Bite Thing
Laundry - Turkish towel (acts as a towel, shawl, scarf, travel blanket, bunk bed privacy curtain) - Clothesline - Tide pen - Sink stopper - Tupperware of wash powder - Mini washboard* - Dry bag for dirties
Packing/Safety - Portable luggage scale* - Bagail compression packing cubes - 2x Matador flatpack soap cases - Sea to Summit ultralight small hanging toiletry bag
Food - Roll up water bottle - Travel utensil set - Fozzils snapfold bowl - Mini spice containers with salt, pepper, and garlic powder (way cheaper and smaller than buying full size once there!)
Misc - Folding daypack/sling bag - Pillowcase - Earplugs - Sleep mask - Spiralbound travel notebook - Accordion coupon folder for scrapbook mementos - Foldable grocery tote - Lock - Hook (for hanging the bag from things like bathroom stall doors etc.) - Deck of cards* - Wallet - Passport - Debit/credit cards - SIM card - Vax card - Cash - Pen
Continued in comments— thank you so much in advance for your help!
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2023.03.30 05:23 philsphan26 What parts of South Jersey to move to?

Budget of 350k . What parts of south Jersey would you look at ? I hear cherry hill, Williams town, Washington twp are some good ones .
In terms of that —What areas in cherry hill , Williams town or Washington township should I focus on when looking at houses to buy? I hear there are some parts within these areas to stay away from (like everywhere) but not familiar with the area enough to know.
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2023.03.30 04:43 middleout Hosting a luxe wedding without having luxe decor/theming? Am I overthinking this?

Not a true big budget bride so I unfortunately don’t have a full service planner helping me with this process. But I feel like people on this sub are so knowledgeable and experienced haha Especially in the area of going all out for your guests.
So even though we’re not having a black tie wedding, we’re borrowing a lot of elements from typical black tie weddings in terms of guest experience because we want people to feel like we really splurged on them. The only thing we’re really missing is a live band for the reception. But the style of wedding decor we keep coming back to is the fun, eclectic, colorful stuff. I posted on the main sub so this might sound repetitive to some of you, but a bunch of my pins on my Pinterest board are literally described as Wes Anderson inspired hahaha Non-traditional wedding attire, weird silly decor, etc.
I’ve been super stressed about my wedding “vibes” being all over the place, but will the luxurious touches (professionally designed signage and table decor, live ceremony music, open bar, passed champagne and apps in abundance, etc) shine through and automatically elevate the rest of the wedding? Or is there no way around tweed and flower crowns being too whimsical/casual to also leave people feeling like they had a luxurious experience?
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2023.03.30 04:42 thisguyranzore Upstate South Carolina Seeding

Hey ya'll, I'm new to the area and looking for some advice on starting a lawn from seed. I had a patio project in my backyard recently, and all of my pre-existing grass is gone thank to said project. I'm approaching the point where I have to decide on the type of grass to get/seed. My parents recently did a re-grade of their lawn, in the same area, and they used tall fescue to seed in the winter months. The seed took great and it's lush and green right now, but summer hasn't even started yet so we'll see how it holds. My concern with seeding tall fescue is that it won't hold in the summer. I've heard that bermuda is a pain to seed and that it takes forever. I really don't want to go the sod route, as I'm trying to stay on a budget. What are my options? Can I seed tall fescue, and some bermuda at the same time with the hopeful goal to have the fescue germinate quickly and then the bermuda will eventually overrun it? Any advice would be great, thanks in advance!

TLDR: I want to seed my backyard, which is currently a bunch of dirt and I'm getting screened topsoil delivered to seed grass on, and I'm looking for the type of grass to use, and the best way to do it. Could I do tall fescue with bermuda mixed as a quick turn-around and then overseed bermuda in the summefall?
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2023.03.30 04:35 BuddyFun6572 LLM Mid-season motivation

So I got my Dulwich Hamlet game going and aiming for PL. Tactics is set, I've found the best use of my squad, no more room for long time loans and I'm 15 games in and got a comfortable lead of 7 points in Van. South.
What do I do know? What do you guys do? I just want the season to end to advance and rebuild. I feel like I lack motivation since player development is just not necessary and I can't scout anything outside Van. South/North without paying a lot since it's outside of my scouting budget. I just want to hit that instant result button but I can't accept losses by doing so if I'm thinking that if I just would have manage the game myself we would have won.
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2023.03.30 04:13 flyingbaginwind174 Best places to live in South Carolina

Hello my girlfriend and I are looking to move to South Carolina and get an apartment, we are wondering what are the best towns close to the ocean(max25 minute drive) and the safest and most cost effective!
Thanks I’m advance!
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2023.03.30 04:03 Historical_Rise5358 24/M/USA

Hello all,
Looking to making some interesting conversation with interesting people. I’m not the greatest at introductions but i’ll give it a go. My name is Ian. I’m from South Carolina but currently living farrrrr from there. I’m a veteran and am currently working as firefightemedic. In the process of completing my degree. I would consider myself more on the introverted side but i do like to get out and have a good time as well. Some of my hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, Gym, video gaming(PC), cooking, and learning about the most random things I see on youtube lol. Most of my friends have since moved on elsewhere in life so im bored all the time now. I’m pretty nerdy although I may not look it. I may come off as shy or reserved as first but don’t let that stop you from being yourself when talking to me. Nothing you say will weird me out either 😂. Definitely hmu if you play cod or rocket league! Open to DMs, Email, snail mail, smoke signals.
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2023.03.30 03:51 Head_Estate_3944 Wow "the best" order ever

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2023.03.30 03:44 Over-Lack5665 Please explain this........

For residential customers, production and consumption of electricity will be netted on a monthly basis within each time-of-use period. However, any electricity exported to the grid by the customer during critical peak pricing hours will be netted against energy supplied to the customer during on-peak hours, rather than critical peak hours. Any excess kilowatt-hours (kWh) remaining at the end of the month, regardless of time of delivery, will be credited at a utility-specific rate. For 2023, those rates are: $0.0270 per kWh for Duke Energy Carolinas, $0.0230 per kWh for Duke Energy Progress, and $0.03363 per kWh for Dominion Energy South Carolina.
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2023.03.30 03:16 Superliminal96 Every base scenario, ranked

15th: 1964
Despite not being made by Dan Bryan, this scenario is apparently in the base loader due to being the oldest mod. And sorry, it's not good. Riddled with spelling and grammar issues, a significant number of one-answer questions, and results inaccurate to the actual election (e.g. California far too Democratic, Maryland far too Republican). You can claim, as Lyndon Johnson, that you want to gut the Great Society, and it has no effect on the campaign. Badly in need of a remake, and shouldn't be on the default loader at all.
14th: 2016a
With all due respect to Dan Bryan, this shouldn't exist--making a 2016 general election scenario during the primaries meant that the actual events of the campaign, which were a roller coaster ride, are replaced with either generic policy questions or alternate events like a recession or Islamist terrorist attacks, and winning as Trump basically requires RNG handing you at least a couple of these alternate scenarios (which uniformly help you and hurt Clinton). Clinton and Trump's real-life running mates aren't even selectable options. This is, in effect, an alternate history of a more boring 2016 election.
13th: 1860
Arguably the most important and unique election in American history unfortunately makes for a mediocre scenario by its own design. It's difficult to not win with Lincoln outside of intentional sabotage, but his non-presence on the ballot anywhere in the South (and his obvious unpopularity in the border states) means there's literally no room to improve on his real-life performance. "Winning" as Douglas is picking every right answer, with no room for deviation, and hoping you get good RNG in New York to deadlock the electoral college. Realistic, to be sure, but just not that fun.
12th: 2012
The original scenario is infamous for not being particularly good, but as the base for everything that came after it I can't put it below the scenarios I actively dislike. And there are some good qualities to it--the opening questions let you set the tone of your campaign, and there are multiple paths to victory as either Obama or Romney. But whereas newer scenarios and most mods take the tone of a campaign, the vast majority of 2012 consists of policy questions, many of which played little to no role in the real election (forest management? Euthanasia? Come on now), while overlooking things like the debates and only lightly touching on the nature of Obama's aggressive negative campaign centered around Bain Capital. A remake mod would be neat. As has been pointed out, there were also alternate scenarios planned for alternate Republican nominees and third parties, though these were ultimately scrapped.
11th: 1844
The 1844 scenario is alright--it's historically accurate and offers multiple paths (especially as Clay) depending on how you address the big issues of the day (Texas and slave power). Unfortunately, despite how close the election was, it's extremely difficult to win as for some reason (note: I'm only judging these scenarios based on how they play on Normal difficulty), rendering a lot of these strategies moot. You can pick the optimal answers for literally every question for Clay (Polk is a bit friendlier) and still lose to RNG.
10th: 2020
2020 is fine. Bryan is a good writer and there's room for a range of outcomes as both Biden and Trump, and the built-in polling error is a nice touch. Unfortunately, a lot of the questions don't really matter, with answers that are either similar at face value or have near-identical effect (or lack thereof) on the polls. It also kind of under-sells how outrageous 2020 as a year was. The scenarios above it are also just...better.
9th: 2000
2000 is a solid scenario that, like 2020, falls into the trap of having a lot of uninteresting questions that do little to change the electoral standings. Ironically, winning as Bush is (in my experience) more difficult than winning as Gore--even Powell can occasionally cause you to choke due to bleeding to Buchanan, and with the other running mates it always feels like an uphill battle. Not inherently a bad thing but I wish there was more room for movement in what was an election with a lot of seriously contested states.
8th: 1968
I assume this is far lower than anyone else would put it, but hear me out. In real life 1968 was an incredibly fascinating year--the Ted offensive, the assassinations, the Chicago convention, etc., and the 1968 scenario does a pretty good job at showing this off. If I were only ranking the Humphrey side, this would be a lot higher thanks to the range of outcomes you can get. Unfortunately, the Nixon and Wallace sides are a lot less interesting--you run as a moderate conservative as Nixon and tread water until the final RNG hurdle, which is fine but could be better, while as Wallace you can maybe win Tennessee with perfect answers and great RNG, but deadlocking the Electoral College or even winning South Carolina is out of reach even with Thurmond (which is weird, since Nixon probably only won SC in 1968 due to Thurmond's endorsement) and you're probably locked into capping out at just a little better than Wallace did in real life.
7th: 2016
Easily my favorite of Dan's 21st century election scenarios, the final version of 2016 is good all around--multiple paths to win as either Clinton or Trump, RNG that's variable without being either unfair, and unlike the cursed 2016a does a great job of following the events of the 2016 election, with the final few questions throwing you into chaos between the Access Hollywood tapes, the Wikileaks emails, and the Comey letter. Also, you can actually select Tim Kaine and Mike Pence! Wow!
6th: 1896
A fascinating election between two radically different candidates is a recipe for a solid scenario, and 1896 mostly delivers. There are a good mix of campaign and policy questions, differing paths to victory for both Bryan and McKinley, and the scenario is well-written and knows its history. While it's arguably too easy (especially as McKinley, though as Bryan you almost instantly win by "striking a moderate tone" at the beginning) but on the New Campaign Trail site it becomes an actively worse scenario due to the 25 question limit locking some questions behind certain VPs and others (including a very notable one where McKinley can seriously crack open the South by openly siding with the lily-whites), costing it some points and probably the #5 slot.
5th: 1960
A great and well-written scenario with many options to explore, and one of the few where every running mate creates a seriously different map, and one that captures the back-and-forth of this closely-contested election very well. Unfortunately, it's a bit too railroaded on how the many close states ultimately fall, and if RNG significantly alters the real-world map on a Kennedy/Johnson or Nixon/Lodge run, it'll be to your detriment.
4th: 1916
1916 feels like a much better version of 1844--two different candidates, one who needs to hold together opposing factions of the same party, and offering multiple geographic paths to victory with, say, a progressive Hughes or a more hawkish Wilson, while still providing a fair challenge in each case. The worst I can say is that despite the number of close states, most will still settle in the same way that they did in real life unless you either score very well or very poorly.
3rd: 1948
Dan Bryan does the greatest upset of the 20th century justice with a dynamic scenario that lets you either right Dewey's campaign wrongs or follow Truman's plucky path to victory. Alternatively, you can place real challenges on yourself by trying to win as Truman after appeasing the segregationists (thus making Wallace a real factor in key Northern states). I do wish there were more of an upside to the Dewey side, letting him win the landslide that had been forecasted by most pundits, but that can only really be simulated on lower difficulties--as it stands, the upper limit for Dewey on normal is narrowly winning the popular vote and maybe snatching Utah with great RNG.
2nd: 1988
In the real world, the 1988 campaign started as a Dukakis landslide and ended up as a Bush landslide owing mostly to the dynamic and highly negative campaign, and appropriately, 1988 is your canvas. It's easy to follow Bush's real-life path and win a mandate, and equally viable to win comfortably as Dukakis by knowing how to hit back. Running as a more tepid Bush or making Jesse Jackson your running mate also add a twist to this otherwise quite easy but extremely fun scenario.
1st: 1976
As close to perfect as Dan Bryan's scenarios get, 1976 represents an intermediate period in America's political realignment where almost every state was up for grabs (20 states were decided within 5% in real life!) letting you either mirror the real-life results or pursue alternate strategies like a West Coast-focused Carter or a Northeast-focused Ford, where your running mates can help you in one direction or another (though not as much as, say, 1960). The questions perfectly capture the tumultuous campaign which went from a potential 50-state landslide for Carter into a real nailbiter, with both candidates struggling to balance appealing to swing voters while keeping tepid bases on board (especially the Reaganites for Ford). RNG is variable but fair--if you know what you're doing, you should get the result you were aiming for. It gets just about everything right and I struggle to even really nitpick it--for a moment I wondered if an alternate path where Carter doesn't do the Playboy interview would be desirable, but there wouldn't really be any fun to it other than winning a massive landslide. Maybe Connally and Baker should do more to help Ford in the south, but it's not hard to flip Texas or Mississippi anyway. Whatever, it's just great.
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2023.03.30 03:15 No_info_624 I fucking hate the US government and I need to leave this shithole country.

God fucking damn it. The amount of grossly absurd bills being passed in the states is beyond ridiculous. How is nobody pulling the senators out of their position for even having these ideas and genuinely supporting them? Some popular ones are the restrict act, South Carolina‘s death sentence for abortion (because life is so precious), Jim Crow laws and it gets even worse. Although just currently bills, this is incredibly upsetting. Who the hell do these governors think they are? They’re so immature, they want to force their own personal morals onto everybody else. They’re all abunch of one foot in the grave, old assholes who are only harming the generations ahead of them. Why are you guys pushing so hard? It’s not like you won’t die of a heart attack in less than 10 years, you old pieces of shit. These bills are unconstitutional, and the fact that they can even be published and publicly proposed is absurd as it is. Fucking Christ, I hate this country. No wonder why the entire world is laughing at us.
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2023.03.30 03:08 TheHazyHeir MD to OK in September/October - which route to take, what to see? Looking to tent+hammock camp, hike, and kayak as much as possible.

Not too interested in city things except maybe zoos, aquariums, or really cool parks. Hoping to spend about 6 days on the road and then flying back. Thanks in advance for any tips and tidbits!
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2023.03.30 03:02 Lars5621 [Stapleton] South Carolina cornerback Cam Smith, a potential first-round pick, will be taking a Top 30 visit with the #Giants, per sources.

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2023.03.30 03:01 MugShots 20th South Carolina resident charged in Jan. 6 US Capitol riot

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2023.03.30 02:50 ST4MK0S 2023 Mock V1 w/ Writeups

  1. Carolina Panthers - CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State: It's pretty obvious Carolina is looking to go with a QB here after trading up, and Stroud is the safest bet in the class.
  2. Houston Texans - Bryce Young, QB, Alabama: Young has been linked with Houston for a while now, and I think he's a perfect fit for them. While he may have some size concerns, he has more upside than Stroud.
  3. Arizona Cardinals - Will Anderson, DE, Alabama: Personally I think Anderson is the best player in the draft. Reminds me a lot of Von Miller and will be dominant for years, a great replacement for Watt. Could see Arizona trading back if a QB-needy team wants to move up.
  4. Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida: While I'm not sure if Richardson will be a great QB, he has the highest upside of any QB in this draft. If developed correctly, he could be a superstar.
  5. Seattle Seahawks - Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia: There's obviously some concerns with maturity and his performance at his pro day, but he's still one of the best players in the draft. Could definitely see him falling a little but I think he's worth the risk.
  6. Detroit Lions - Tyree Wilson, DE, Tyree Texas Tech: After adding Hutchinson last year, Detroit is likely going to have one of the best defensive line in the league for years to come with this pick. I'm sure they'd prefer Carter if he was available.
  7. Las Vegas Raiders - Will Levis, QB, Kentucky: I think Vegas shot themselves in the foot with Carr and now they need their QB of the future because many people don't think it'll be Jimmy. Levis is clearly the best QB left.
  8. Atlanta Falcons - Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon: Gonzalez was already CB1 and his combine increased his draft stock even more. Clearly the best CB in the draft, I'm jealous he won't be available at 17.
  9. Chicago Bears - Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio State: Johnson is the top tackle in the draft, and it's clear after trading down and acquiring DJ Moore that they need to set up Fields to be as successful as he can be.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles - Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois: While Gonzalez is better, Witherspoon is a damn good prospect and Philly could use some youth at this position.
  11. Tennessee Titans - Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern: It's unclear whether Skoronski will play tackle or guard, but was seen by many as the top tackle for a while. Could also see Tennessee going with a receiver here.
  12. Houston Texans - Jaxon Smith-Njiba, WR, Ohio State: What better way to help your rookie QB than give him the best receiver in the draft? Young is gonna love throwing to JSN and Metchie.
  13. New York Jets - Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia: There's some uncertainty with Becton, so New York decides to go with Jones here. Definitely brings in some great competition.
  14. New England Patriots - Quentin Johnson, WR, TCU: I'll admit I had a tough time with this pick. I could see New England going with a tackle, receiver, or corner here. Johnson was the best player among these three positions but this was not an easy pick.
  15. Green Bay Packers - Myles Murphy, DE, Clemson: I think Murphy will be a great fit for Green Bay, and I think he's been a bit underrated as a prospect.
  16. Washington Commanders - O'Cyrus Torrence, OG, Florida: I had a tough time with this pick too especially with JPJ on the board, but I think Washington would benefit more from Torrence
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers - Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State: I'm really hoping the board falls this way so we could get JPJ. While clearly not CB1 or CB2, he's a great prospect who will flourish in our system. It's an obvious match following his dads footsteps.
  18. Detroit Lions - Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland: In my very first mock I had them taking Gonzalez, but after adding Sutton in free agency, I think they can wait until this pick to grab a corner.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Brian Branch, S, Alabama: Also had a tough time with this pick, but it seems like Tampa could use a safety and Branch is the best in this class by a lot.
  20. Seattle Seahawks - Lukas Van Ness, DE, Iowa: After adding Carter, Seattle adds Van Ness here and makes a huge upgrade to their defensive line.
  21. Miami Dolphins - FORFEITED
  22. Los Angeles Chargers - Jordan Addison, WR, USC: It seems like LA has been asking for a receiver in round 1 for the past few years now, and I think Addison is a perfect fit for them.
  23. Baltimore Ravens - Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College: After all the Lamar drama, I honestly don't know what's gonna happen here. I'm assuming they work something out and add a receiver, but even if they don't they could use some help here.
  24. Minnesota Vikings - Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina: It seems like Minnesota needs/drafts a corner every year. This year doesn't seem any different.
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars - Nolan Smith, DE, Georgia: I wasn't really sure what to do here as Jacksonville has many great options here, but I think Smith would be their best.
  26. New York Giants - Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee: It's pretty clear that NY needs better receivers, and this is the best one left.
  27. Dallas Cowboys - Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson: It's crazy to me how Bresee is falling so much in these mocks. I think he could pretty easily be the best DT in the class, and Dallas would love him at this pick.
  28. Buffalo Bills - Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas: With Torrence gone and many people not wanting a RB here, I think it would be best to find a replacement for Edmunds.
  29. Cincinnati Bengals - Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas: I'm not sure how well this will go over with Bengals fans, but things with Mixon seem unpredictable and Robinson is easily the best RB in the draft. Should be drafted much earlier IMO.
  30. New Orleans Saints - Calijah Kancey, DT, Pittsburgh: Kancey has been shooting up draft boards after his combine and fills a big need in New Orleans. I do think the Donald comparisons are unwarranted though.
  31. Philadelphia Eagles - Mazi Smith, DT, Michigan: It seems like Philly is in a great position to improve their defensive line in this draft, and they do that here.
  32. Kansas City Chiefs - Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma: Kansas City could definitely use a tackle upgrade after losing Orlando Brown, and Harrison is the best available.
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2023.03.30 02:46 brycetheman101 Can I call myself a "Southerner" and identify with Southern culture despite being an atheist and I don't eat Southern Cuisine?

So I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. I moved to Wake Forest (the town of Wake Forest not Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem for those of who aren't from NC) back in 2021 and I'm currently 23. So it's about two and a half years since I moved here. It's just north of Raleigh. Despite Raleigh being a big city with a bit of Yankee influence due to people moving down here from the Northeast along with other parts of the country, I still consider myself Southern since it's still in the south and my dad has a big Southern influence. He grew up in Lakeland, Florida which is in the Tampa area which is still considered "Southern" unlike Miami and South Florida. My mom is originally from the Ohio so she's technically considered a Midwesterner but she's lived all most of her life so she's definitely inherited some Southern traits. Growing up, I was always exposed to eating Southern cuisine, Church, High School football, Southern folk music, bluegrass, a little bit of country here and there, has studied my heritage a lot and have read a lot of history about the south despite its ups and downs, and I've gained a lot of the Southern manners and hospitality from my dad's parents since I was closer with them than my mom's parents growing up. My grandfather my dad's side grew up in Anniston, Alabama and everyone he knew considered him to be a true Southern gentleman and my grandmother on my dad's side was from Statesville, North Carolina which is definitely considered a very Southern North Carolina town. I visited her house one time that she grew up in before she met my grandfather and it's very Antebellum looking. Most of my traits and character I inherited from them. I'd also like to mention that when my parents and I would vacation growing up, we would mainly visit parts of the South since we always knew people down here were friendly are and there's a lot of stuff too and stuff we're familiar with in terms of our culture and the hospitality we're looking for. Not hating on anybody who's not Southern, I love and respect everybody but I personally prefer to identify with Southern Culture. It feels awkward calling myself a southerner and identifying with Southern Culture since I've been an Atheist since I was 22 and I have been to church in a year and a half and I know church and Christianity is hardly ingrained into Southern Culture and has been since the South was first founded. I just started being on a diet of strictly healthy meals ever since January, which means none of the sugary or fried or fatty foods we eat down here in the south, despite it being hard at first, I was luckily able to give up junk food and unhealthy food and it's improved my body and my mood a lot and it's definitely made my depression and my anxiety a lot better. Despite this, I embrace pretty much everything about the south except for the cuisine, the religion, and some of the racism that the South still has in the very extremely rural backwards areas. People assume because I'm a yuppie from the city, Raleigh, the fact that I'm an atheist they automatically assume that I'm liberal or that I'm from the Northeast but I'm neither liberal nor am I conservative my family and I are very moderate but I really consider myself apolitical at this point. Most people see me conduct myself as a polite and friendly Southerner with a lot of good manners and mannerisms due to how I was raised and think I'm a stereotypical "Nice Christian Boy" due to the fact I rarely swear and I never smoke, vape, do drugs or alcohol(I gave up drinking for health reasons not religious reasons) and that I always say "Yes Sir" and "Yes Mam" but they're extremely shocked and surprised when I tell them that I'm an atheist and that I don't go to church. Putting that aside, my main question is, can I identify with Southern Culture and call myself "Southerner" or "Southern Gentleman" like my grandfather despite the fact that I'm not religious and I don't eat Southern cuisine? Pretty much everything else about the South I tend to embrace. There might be other stuff out there about the South that I don't agree with, but those two are really the main ones and that I can think of at the top of my head.
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2023.03.30 02:39 Smelly-taint When will the Feds legalize it?

When will the Feds legalize it?
I think once the Feds legalize it, the whole game will change. Bankers can finally get involved.
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2023.03.30 02:23 Then-Permission-4703 Pacific Island traditional clothing

I’ve been asked to coordinate costumes for a (very low-budget) production of South Pacific. This show takes place on a fictional island in the Pacific ocean, in the 1940s. I’m struggling to find resources for traditional Pacific Island clothing, which would have to be hybridized with 1940s clothes anyway. Any resources would be appreciated!
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