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Golf Classifieds - Buy & Sell Golf Equipment

2011.06.25 02:43 emptyvoices Golf Classifieds - Buy & Sell Golf Equipment


2017.08.02 10:19 BEARD_LICE GNARPM

The world's worst car show with Mike Tornabene.

2022.04.25 00:11 leftylibra Menopositive

There's got to be some positives to menopause...right?

2023.06.04 16:34 marcop87 Mounjaro or Trulicity?

Hi everyone,
I’m a 275lbs male, 37 years. 6’ 3”. I carry most of my weight around my stomach area and have recently started TRT due to a moderate testosterone level. Please note I’m not diabetic but it is hereditary on my father’s side of the family.
Due to my work schedule and family demands, it’s difficult to exercise during the early afternoon on a daily or consistent basis.
How long did it take some of you all to lose 30 to 40 lbs on Mounjaro? My doctor usually recommends Trulicty but I’ll like to plead to her my preference for Mounjaro if it is more effective in weight loss.
Your experiences would be appreciated.
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2023.06.04 16:30 RaptorO-1 Is this blood or from a blueberry?

Gave my dog a blueberry this morning and on our walk shortly after he pooped this. Is this from the blueberry or do I need to go to the emergency vet?
• Species: dog
• Age: 10 months
• Sex/Neuter status: M/ not neutered
• Breed: corgi
• Body weight: 27 lbs
• History: n/a
• Clinical signs: red in stool
• Duration: 1 once
• Your general location: east coast
• Links to any test results, X-rays, vet reports etc. that you have: n/a
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2023.06.04 16:28 doranm09 Suzuki signature Sunday

Suzuki signature Sunday submitted by doranm09 to hockeycards [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 16:19 FullOnYogi Relatively new runner. Want to run first marathon next year.

I am in my mid 30s and I never ran before in my life. I am 6'2 and on Jan 1 was 300 pounds (very obese). I got sick of being fat and decided to give running a shot for the first time in my life, thanks to the encouragement of a few friends who run a lot. I have dropped 25 pounds since then (currently at 275 lbs)
I started running on Jan 1 2023 with my first 5k with a very slow 16min/mile. I quickly went on to do a 10k with a pace of about 14.5min/mile.
I found that I actually enjoyed running. I even attempted a run/walk half marathon (pace of about 16min/mile). My fastest 5k so far is a little over 13 min/mile.
While I was enjoying running, I found out that I have almost qualified for the NY Marathon in November 2024 (so, more than a year from now).
I really want to run the NY marathon. How would you all recommend I do it? What should I focus on for the next year?
  1. Continue to loose weight? My long term target is < 200 pounds. But that could take a while
  2. Focus on improving pace first? One of my goals is to run a 5k < 30 mins
  3. Focus on improving stamina first? I want to be able to run 5k without stopping
  4. Specific workouts I can incorporate?
Thank you
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2023.06.04 16:14 AlexRyang Cabin Zero 28L Classic

Has anyone used this bag before and if so, what are your thoughts/opinions? I have a few concerns, namely, the stated volume of the Class 28L does not match with the dimensions (15.4” x 11.6” x 7.9” is 23 liters), it lacks stowable straps and a hip belt, and I am uncertain on the material quality for the price.
I carry a 15 inch engineering laptop for work, would this support it?
I was just on a flight that they were making people check their carryon bags, so I am interested in trying to pare down my packing list to fit in an underseat bag. But my computer is, honestly, a gigantic pain to have to lug around.
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2023.06.04 16:11 Coffygrier Blaine’s Charizard.

Blaine’s Charizard.
Hello! I’m wanting to check that this card is real. Thank you!
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2023.06.04 15:59 inslrn What’s your dating app “I’m sick of”?

I normally don’t do this but it needs to be said. Hopefully others can relate and add to it too. The #1 thing that I’m sick of is the worldliness. I’m a guy and the amount of worldliness on Christian dating apps is downright scary. I know there’s going to be a lot of downvoting (let the down arrow mashing begin! :/) but it needs to be called out, and hopefully it can help Christian women who it applies to to stop so you can be godly and attract godly men. Also women, what needs to be called out about us guys. What are you sick of?
In no particular order…
Ok I’m done. There’s probably way more that I’ve come across but I’ll stop here and hopefully others chime in. But I genuinely hope this does help us all to find our husband or wife out there in this crazy world.
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2023.06.04 15:58 w0ke_up day 3 for me

Ok, last night I actually slept great so that is nice. The lack of appetite is definitely showing itself as I have begun to drop weight rapidly again (5 lbs in a few days and I am not overweight). The last time I quit for a while I also lost a lot of weight without realizing it may have been related to not smoking. I of course just chalked it up to me exercising more lol. Last night whilst on a walk with my wife I said “I’m just not sure I know how to drive this body without weed in it.
It may sound odd and I guess it is and odd statement… but it is true. For years it (my body) has had weed coursing through its veins. All subsystems were used to it, not just my brain. Now I have removed it cold turkey and things need to adjust. I will try to pay attention to what my body is telling me that it needs to regulate. Well except for weed of course. That is not an option. I am going to start with some vitamin supplements and more fruits in my diet. See how that works and then adjust in a week or so. Continuous improvement. Onward and upward.
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2023.06.04 15:56 gingerbread5466 ADF, Working Out, Carbs/Weight loss.

I have a few questions on Alternate Day Fasting, working out, carbs/weight loss.
I have been doing ADF for a few weeks now. I started with fasting one day and doing 18:6/keto on my feast days. I was losing weight steadily, about 2-3 lbs per week. Then, about 2 weeks ago, I added walking 1.5 miles a day. I also changed my diet to low carb (40-50 carbs) 18:6 and increased my calories eaten to TDEE on feast days the last few days. I started to add weightlifting and some cardio (rowing and bike) to my routine last Thursday. I weighed myself this morning and I haven’t lost weight in 2 weeks. I should be losing weight because of my calorie deficit (or so I believe), but I’m wondering if I will gain some weight now because of my lifting weights regardless of my calorie deficit. I’m also wondering if switching to low carb and increasing my calorie intake is going to hurt my weight loss, as well. I want to be physically healthy and will continue with my weightlifting and cardio, but weight loss is a priority. For those of you on ADF and working out what has been your experience as far as weight loss? Do you think I should go back to keto and decrease my calories to 1200 on my feast days to keep losing weight? Thanks for your feedback!
I appreciate all the support the community has given me in my weight loss journey. Keep on keeping on everyone!
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2023.06.04 15:54 kooper2023 Switch to Ozempic from Mounjaro?

52yo female here. I have been on Mounjaro for 4 months and am down 40 lbs. No T2, but predisposed and A-1 C is boarderline and climbing each year. Started at 205 (I am 5’5”). I would like to lose 15 more pounds. I have been paying for MJ out of pocket (1100-1250/mo) due to Tri-care denial for medication. My Dr has just suggested Ozempic and insurance will pay. Dilemma is that I can pay for Mounjaro OOP for one more month and know it will work for another 8 lbs. or move to Ozempic and Hope over the next year it helps my bodies ‘set’ point and I eventually lose the next 15 lbs. Any suggestions or anyone have history with switching?
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2023.06.04 15:54 ubuntulord101 My plan to bulk up after my cut

I'm currently 6'3½ (192 cm) and weigh 197 lbs (89.5 kg) at about 17-18% BF.
My plan is to cut down to 10% BF where my weight would be roughly 81-82 kg and lean bulk after that.
Bulking plan: • 3100 calories / day (slowly increase with time) • BMR is 2300 / day • Walk 10k steps / day (burn 500 cals) • Caloric surplus of ~300 per day (about 0.7 lbs weight gain per week)
I have been lifting for a bit more than 2 years. With my lean bulking plan, is it realistic for the added mass to be muscle in a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio to fat?
I will of course train 5-6 days a week, each time like it's my last.
From my calculations, if I can lean bulk for 2 years and add muscle at that rate, I will be 15% BF and almost 110 kg, which would rock!
More experienced lifters and bulkers, please tell me what you think.
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2023.06.04 15:47 Brandyscloset9 So happy with my progress

Hi everyone. I'm normally don't ever brag about anything because that's certainly not how I am but I just had to share how happy I am with my weight loss. I was thinking of raising from. 25 to. 50 because I feel so bloated. I'm also going through menopause, I'm 53 years old. I haven't had my period in almost a year and 4 days ago I got it and I feel so bloated and so much water retention, which is why I was thinking of raising my dosage. I was so nervous to get on the scale this morning and I'm so happy. I lost almost 4 lbs in 2 weeks . So I'm not going to raise it up. I've been so careful with what I've been eating too. . No bread, no cakes, candy. I have to remind myself to eat so I've been eating a lot of protein. I not hungry at dinner but I eat a little. I've also been walking on my lunch hour every day at work . So I'm guessing lifestyle changes really make a difference. Just wanted to share that. :) Thank you
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2023.06.04 15:45 Oatsy_EDC Noveske 11.5 build

Have a little dilemma, hoping someone with more Noveske experience can assist..
I’ve got my first Noveske lower, it’s a gen 3.. I love the look of complete gen 3 n4’s, but I don’t love the handguard length options lol. I’m wanting to build an 11.5 sbr, and wanted to maintain a full Noveske build, but 11.1” handguard is just too long and 9.15” is just too short.
Do I have any good options aesthetically? Anyone cut down a 11.1 a little (like 1/4 inch) for it to work? Anyone gone with other options / have pictures?
submitted by Oatsy_EDC to NoveskeAndQ [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 15:37 reinainblood FAQ: Exercise during pregnancy

This tends to be a topic with widely varied opinions and can bring up lots of guilt/shame emotions, so let’s start this discussion with a quick mod note:
While many REs and OBs still dole out incredibly conservative restrictions with regards to exercise in pregnancy (such as not lifting over 10 lbs, not letting heart rate go over 140, etc) which imply that exercise increases the risk of pregnancy loss, there’s no good evidence to support that. There’s also no evidence (to my knowledge) that choosing NOT to exercise increases risk of pregnancy loss, either. The IFBabies sub is generally of the mindset that pregnancy losses are not caused by any action of the gestational parent, so let’s please be sensitive with our words around that topic. Comments like “my cousin walked up 2 flights of stairs and miscarried the next day, never take the stairs!” will be reported and removed.
Side note: u/reinainblood is a certified prenatal and postpartum strength coach, and while obviously she cannot give medical advice, she is here to answer questions about modifying strength training programs for pregnancy if you have any. Also, totally willing to calm your fears about lifting your toddler or carrying your groceries into your house, as these tend to be common themes we see in the first trimester threads.
Here are some links that may be helpful!
Strength Training: https://www.girlsgonestrong.com/blog/category/pregnancy/ CrossFit-style workouts with lots of modification options for pregnancy (paid membership): https://streetparking.com Meg Squats’ Plus One pregnancy strength training program/app (paid membership): https://www.plus1pregnancy.com Running during pregnancy: https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a20791033/a-runners-guide-to-training-through-pregnancy/ Yoga with Adriene prenatal series (paid): https://do.yogawithadriene.com/prenatal-yoga fitpregnancy
Ok! Let’s talk about WORKING OUT!
1) What was your thing pre-pregnancy, in terms of exercise? If you didn’t really work out before pregnancy but decided to start during, what did you choose and why?
2) If you were given different rules by your RE and OB (for example, RE says nothing but walking, OB says you can run a marathon if you’re already training for one) and you chose to return to exercise, what time during your pregnancy did you start again? Did you ease back into things and gradually get back to what you had been doing pre-pregnancy or did you totally choose something new to do?
3) What resources did you find helpful for exercise during pregnancy? If you work out at home, are there any YouTube channels, online programs or Instagram/TT accounts you are really digging?
4) For postpartum folks, same question as above but for postpartum and pelvic floor rehab stuff. This should be a topic for another FAQ but please share if you found anything specific helpful for returning to exercise postpartum!
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2023.06.04 15:37 ARSENAL_DAILYNEWS Arsenal 22/23 Season Review

Arsenal 22/23 A Season Review Part 1 Of 3: August-World Cup: A Stunning Start.
After a blistering start to the season, Arsenal had now managed just 4 goals in their previous 5 games, they needed to find their shooting boots again and quickly. They had the opportunity to do that at home to Nottingham Forest, but it didn’t look likely when Bukayo Saka was forced to leave the field, having been unable to shake off an early knock he picked up from the usual defensive treatment he received. Though even in the brief time he was on the field, Saka did notch an assist finding the head of Martinelli to give Arsenal a 1-0 lead. For the rest of the first half though, Arsenal struggled to re-find the killer instinct that had deserted them recently. In the second half, it returned, with Saka’s replacement Reiss-Nelson, on for his first league minutes of the season getting his first goal of the campaign, which will have done much-needed wonders for his confidence. 3 minutes later and Nelson had his second with Arsenal really flourishing now, the volleyed finish coming from a Jesus cross after a neat link-up between him and Ødegaard. 5 minutes later and Partey added yet more gloss to the scoreline, giving Nelson an easy assist, as this goal was all about the Ghanaian midfielder’s excellent strike, of a similar calibre to his one against Tottenham. Jesus got his second assist of the day when Ødegaard made it 5, twinkle-toeing his way into the box before letting fly into the top corner. This concluded Arsenal’s busy month of October which saw them in action nine times. Xhaka’s 3 goals in October took his total for the season up to 4, and he picked up the Arsenal player of the month for a second consecutive month.
Arsenal began November by bringing to a close their Europa League group campaign against FC Zurich, knowing a win would secure them top spot. Zurich was merely playing for pride, their chances of progressing were already over. Tierney gave Arsenal the lead in the 17th minute with a fine strike from outside the box, expert technique from the left-back giving the keeper no chance. Arsenal’s old problems returned however with their failure to kill the game, by passing up good chances in both halves. In the end, they had to sweat somewhat for their win, holding on whilst Zurich pushed desperately for a famous equaliser. Arsenal held firm though and with 5 wins from 6 games, they had secured their path through and knew they now wouldn’t have to worry about the Europa League again until March.
Next up for Arsenal was a trip to Stamford Bridge to face Graham Potter’s Chelsea, whose woes were just beginning, having lost 4-1 at his former club Brighton the previous week. Arsenal made all of the first-half chances, dominating possession. The best chance came with a move that began in Arsenal’s own penalty area, with sharp one-touch passing they were in Chelsea’s half in seconds, with the ball reaching Martinelli down the left flank, he cut inside and was inches away from finding the unmarked head of Gabriel Jesus. Had Jesus been able to connect, it would have gone down as surely the finest team goal of the season.
The second half continued in the same vein, with Arsenal’s press suffocating the Chelsea players, forcing them to give up possession time and time again. The visitors continued to push for an opening goal, and it eventually came just past the hour-mark when Saka’s corner beat everyone and looked to be on its way straight in until Gabriel made sure by hitting it into the roof of the net from on the goalline. Arsenal managed 14 shots to Chelsea’s 5 and should have won by more, but as 1-0 wins go away at Stamford Bridge, it could not have been much more comfortable or straightforward. On the rare occasions, Chelsea reached the final third, they had no idea how to progress the ball in order to create a dangerous situation and Arsenal was content to see the game out for an excellent away victory.
Arsenal’s time in the Carabao Cup was short-lived, ending just as it began at home to Brighton in the 3rd round. Nketiah gave Arsenal the lead, but it lasted just 7 minutes when former Gunner Danny Welbeck equalised from the spot. 2 unanswered second-half goals from Mitoma and Lamptey ensured Arsenal’s exit, but there was a feeling from many that the club had bigger targets this season than the League Cup. Due to the first-ever winter World Cup, the Premier League would be halted for six weeks after Arsenal’s 14th league game of the season, which would be away at Wolves. Earlier that day City had slipped up at home to Brentford, this presented Arsenal with a great opportunity to go into the World Cup 5 points clear at the top. The best chance of the first half went to Jesus after he’d done brilliantly to make room for a shot in the box. However his luck in front of goal had deserted him, this being his 11th appearance without a goal, his last one coming against Spurs. As usual, though, he was one of Arsenal’s best performers in the first half, with Saka and Martinelli more subdued than usual. Perhaps understandably, they seemed to be somewhat preoccupied with thoughts of the World Cup, and with it now so close they didn’t seem keen to risk injury with their usual dribbling runs.
So in the second half Arsenal needed someone to step up, and that man was Martin Ødegaard. With Norway having failed to qualify for the World Cup, Arsenal was his one and only focus, and he delivered a captain’s performance. The opening goal came when a clever pass from Jesus found Vieira who had replaced the unwell Xhaka, he squared it across the six-yard box having drawn the goalkeeper out, and Ødegaard beat Saka to the tap-in. The Norwegian made sure of the win with a quarter of an hour to go when good play from Martinelli allowed him to backheel a pass through to Zinchenko who was unmarked in the box, his cross was cleared as far as Martinelli who forced a save from Sa, but he could do nothing about Ødegaard’s follow-up, his touch and shot leaving the keeper with no chance.
There had been reluctance from some, Arsenal fans or otherwise to accept the team as a true title contender. This was a club that after all had not even qualified for the Champions League in 5 years. As well they had the youngest manager and youngest team in the league. However, more and more doubters were turning into believers as Arsenal backed up a win over Spurs by beating Liverpool, and went away to Chelsea and won. Now due to the World Cup being played mid-season, Arsenal would sit 5 points clear of the rest on Christmas Day, and at this point, their title credentials could no longer be denied. They had won 12 of a possible 14, and when the chance to go into World Cup 5 clearly came up, they held their nerve and got the job done away from home. The World Cup gave me the chance to reflect on the season Arsenal had thus far and it had undoubtedly been an outstanding one, with all reasonable expectations surpassed. This mid-point gave time to assess Arsenal’s key individual performers in the Premier League and there had been many stand-outs in that regard.

Arsenal Player Ratings Up To The 2022 World Cup Break:

Ramsdale 8/10- His reliability and quality with the ball at his feet is essential to the way Arsenal play, and there are few better in the country when playing out from the back than the young English keeper. His standout performance came against Leeds, with his back against the wall, he refused to concede a goal.
White 9/10- After a good first season at centre-back, White went up another gear in this right-back slot, showing excellent quality with the ball at his feet, and the defensive side of his game was never found wanting either. Arsenal’s November player of the month.
Saliba 9/10- It was thought the young centre-half was special before he’d even kicked a Premier League ball, but he somehow managed to exceed expectations in his first 14 league games in Arsenal colours. The club’s best defender in the first part of the season.
Gabriel 8/10- He began the season with a few sloppy mistakes, but quickly got up to the level of his teammates. A goal at Chelsea and a big performance at Wolves ensured Arsenal went into the break sitting pretty at the top.
Zinchenko 7/10- Sadly the Ukrainian was injured for half of Arsenal’s league games, but when available Zinchenko demonstrated some of his quality, with the promise of more to come.
Tomiyasu & Tierney 7/10- As reliable as you could wish your full-back deputies to be, injuries meant they were often called upon, especially the Japanese International, and he was always up to the task be it in his more accustomed right-back position, or when deputising at left-back.
Partey 9/10- Injuries in previous seasons had prevented Partey from ever really hitting his top level, his performances in the first part of this season showed the midfielders considerable class this campaign however. 2 outstanding goals vs Forest and most memorably Spurs were the icing on the cake.
Xhaka 9/10- Fairly or unfairly Xhaka seemed to typify much of what was wrong with Arsenal between 2016 and 2021, too often he appeared an average midfielder in an average side. Here he was reborn, in a new role which gave him more of an attacking license, he was contributing goals, and assists and Arsenal fans were seeing the leadership qualities of a man loving his football.
Ødegaard 9/10- After making his loan move permanent in the previous summer, the captain has continued to prove himself one of Arsenal’s best signings in recent times. Possessing the quality of Ozil without the flakiness, Ødegaard has rightfully become a real fan favourite.
Vieira 5/10- The 22-year-old arrived from FC Porto for £30M. Scored a beauty on his first league start, but often struggled with the pace and physicality of the league and brief substitute appearances have not given him much time to adapt. Finished with some grounds for optimism after coming on in the first half away at Wolves for the unwell Xhaka and performing reasonably well.
Saka 9/10- The darling of the Arsenal faithful, Saka has received rough treatment from opposition full-backs and little protection from match officials, but he is too brave, determined and talented to let this stop him from scoring, assisting and tormenting almost at will. He seems to be improving on an almost monthly basis which is scary.
Martinelli 9/10- Quickly formed a devastating partnership with fellow Brazilian Gabriel Jesus. His directness, pace, hunger and finishing qualities made him just as difficult to stop as Saka in the opening part of the season.
Jesus 9/10- He’s a striker who went 11 games without a goal, yet his contributions to the team are so vital he remained un-droppable. That is the uniqueness of Jesus, for the goals may have dried up, but his quality never did. Match after match, he was relentless in his refusal to give opposing defences a minute of peace. His technical ability has been the key ingredient in lifting Arsenal up to another level. Along with Saliba, Arsenal’s best player of the first part of the season.
Arteta 10/10- The managers’ contribution cannot go unmentioned. He has demanded high standards and set the conditions which have enabled them to be realised. This has led a club that has been outside the Champions League for five years to set a pace that not even Guardiola’s City could match. He has been the catalyst in making a divided and despondent fanbase the most passionately engaged in the league, uniting everyone behind his players and staff.
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2023.06.04 15:30 Dswole92 I'm (31M) loosing attraction to my wife (31F)

My wife and I have been together for two years. I'm very into fitness and staying in shape. My wife likes to go to the gym and wants to lose weight/gain muscle, the only problem is her diet. I constantly tell her to track her calories and it seems like she looses and regains the same 5 lbs over and over again. For reference she is 5'1 at 155lbs, i believe she would look great around 135-140, I don't mind her having a small tummy but currently she has a pretty big fupa and tummy. I love her and do my best to not be shallow but I can't get too into sex anymore. How do I handle this situation? I feel so shallow for being unattracted to her, I also seem to be looking at fit girls at the gym wishing my wife can look close to them
Td;lr : I'm loosing attraction to my wife and it's effecting my sex life with her and making me notice other girls.
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2023.06.04 15:30 Big-Attention-69 What can be done with this Mac? Planning to give to my little sister but I think it's stuck to 2013 lol

What can be done with this Mac? Planning to give to my little sister but I think it's stuck to 2013 lol submitted by Big-Attention-69 to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 15:25 Intelligent_Tomato13 Extremely Debilitating Health Anxiety (found new lump)

M22, 145 lbs, 5’10
Colonoscopy, cystoscopy, 10 + ultrasounds, 1 CT of head, 2 MRI’s of head, more MRI’s, X rays, blood works (ordered by myself), 50+ different doctor appointments (GP’s), and on top of that another 20 specialists for other stuff. Multiple cancer scares (from actual stuff, mostly finding new lumps), always negative outcomes in my head, always something to be anxious for.
I can not deal with this anymore, just 40 minutes ago I found a “lump” in my right upper abdomen, its small, round and feels deep where the liver is, it’s not moving, but it’s not easy to feel and I’m unsure if it’s an actual lump or a muscle stuff, but it’s not on the left side. My first thought is, soft tissue sarcoma or liver cancer and that IF I ignore this I’ll regret not getting it checked because it will turn out to be CANCER stage 4 by the time I go to the doctor. I want to go to the doctor for it, but then again, this is not my issue anymore, lump or not, cancer or not. Something is chemically imbalanced in my fucking brain and this will kill me with stress, just my BP at doctors offices is 180/100 because of stress and anxiety and goes back to normal at home. I don’t want to go to a therapist because they can’t actually help me. This is fucked man.. I can not live like this anymore. If it’s cancer I just wish it could just tell me with REAL signs. Fuck man fuck
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2023.06.04 15:24 BurritoToe First time back squatting (May 2021) vs yesterday

First time back squatting (May 2021) vs yesterday
First clip: 70 lbs/32 kg x 5
Second clip: 225 lbs/102 kg x 5 (3rd set from 5x5)
Writing this in case anyone asks or points it out. Yes, I realize my progress is pretty slow compared to others. This was mostly due to laziness and inconsistencies since I would take months off without touching weights. I also ate in a moderate calorie deficit during my early months of lifting, making progress much harder. Nonetheless, recently managed to bring myself to the gym consistently, so hopefully, I can keep this up.
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2023.06.04 15:22 r3crac BANGGOOD Deals (4.6.2023)!

BANGGOOD Deals Compilation (4.6.2023)!
Check products in compilation image: https://i.imgur.com/X2uk4td.jpeg or https://i.ibb.co/5hFnk0w/fef815f5136c.jpg
-1- 100W USB-A/USB-C to USB-C/iP Cable 2m
🌐 https://bit.ly/42nGZKW
📉 Price: 5.79 USD / Lowest: 5.79 USD
-2- Bakeey M6 Fitness Tracker
🔗 https://bit.ly/3MG4cSM
💥 Price: 6.99 USD / Lowest: 6.99 USD
-3- Wave Induction COB LED Headlight
🌍 https://bit.ly/3OUsqvh
👉 Price: 6.99 USD / Lowest: 7.99 USD
-4- Red 7.4V 1300mAh 2S 25C XT60 RC Battery
🌐 https://bit.ly/42fTNmI
⭕️ Price: 7.48 USD / Lowest: 7.48 USD
📌 Coupon: BGee93d8
-5- RBC Upgraded Metal Upper Lower Swing Arm RC Parts for WPL D12
👌 Price: 8.14 USD / Lowest: 8.14 USD
📌 Coupon: BGe29368
-6- Retekes TR106 Mini Radio
✌️ https://bit.ly/3MLYSNN
✌️ Price: 10.99 USD / Lowest: 10.99 USD
-7- Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Lite
❇️ https://bit.ly/43xBUkq
🔹 Price: 11.99 USD / Lowest: 15.03 USD
-8- SONOFF M5 86 SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch
❇️ https://bit.ly/3S8Yvz0
💣 Price: 12.79 USD / Lowest: 12.79 USD
-9- 10inch LCD Drawing Board Cartoon Graphics Tablet
👉 https://bit.ly/3MRniXG
📉 Price: 12.99 USD / Lowest: 12.99 USD
🎯 Coupon: BG521056
-10- Convoy S2+ SST20 Flashlight
✌️ https://bit.ly/3qrKt21
💲 Price: 12.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-11- Retekes TR104 FM Headset Radio
🌐 https://bit.ly/3nUnThy
💲 Price: 13.49 USD / Lowest: 13.99 USD
-12- Microdrive 256GB TF Memory Card
📌 https://bit.ly/3oMWi2e
🔹 Price: 13.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-13- 12V 6A Intelligent Pulse Car Battery Charger
❗️ https://bit.ly/3dAv7lG
⭕️ Price: 14.99 USD / Lowest: 14.99 USD
👉 Coupon: BGfe81ed
-14- Xiaomi Mijia 10inch Drawing Blackboard Colorful
👌 https://bit.ly/3N9YwlD
⭕️ Price: 17.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-15- H988A 50W 5-Port Desktop Charging Station
🔗 https://bit.ly/3qp60Z8
📉 Price: 18.99 USD / Lowest: 18.99 USD
-16- ImmersionRC Tramp HV 6-18V RC Video Transmitter [HK]
✳️ https://bit.ly/3gItZhg
🥇 Price: 21.99 USD / Lowest: 22.99 USD
-17- LAOTIE 72V Electric Scooter Charger For ES40 Pro TI40 Pro
❇️ https://bit.ly/43ZbQ1Z
👌 Price: 24.99 USD / Lowest: 26.99 USD
📌 Coupon: BG2c88a3
-18- Mohoo Woodworking Sharpening System Honing Guide Sharpening Holder [EU]
📌 https://bit.ly/3oIH66a
👌 Price: 38.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-19- VIOLEWORKS 8 Inch 3000W 88VF Brushless Electric Saw with 2 Batteries [EU]
🌀 https://bit.ly/45Ca2gK
〽️ Price: 40.29 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-20- RSH-SWS001 Tuya Smart WiFi Weather Station
🌍 https://bit.ly/45gryqM
📉 Price: 42.39 USD / Lowest: 42.39 USD
▪️ Coupon: BGXIFD695
-21- Astrolux EA04 4xHP50 12600lm Flashlight
❗️ https://bit.ly/45OdOUC
💰 Price: 46.95 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
✏️ Coupon: BG589b2e
-22- 16 Lines 4D Laser Level with 2 Batteries [EU]
✳️ https://bit.ly/3IVphYn
🥇 Price: 47.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-23- Hiseeu CG6 Outdoors WiFi Solar Camera 3MP
❇️ https://bit.ly/43vFYBI
〽️ Price: 49.82 USD / Lowest: 49.82 USD
❤️ Coupon: BG589b2e
-24- GUUDGO AHD 4-Channel Surveillance Camera Security Kit
✳️ https://bit.ly/3ecAwiN
⭕️ Price: 64.99 USD / Lowest: 64.99 USD
💵 Coupon: BGf408e6
-25- SG PINECONE FOREST 1609 1/16 RC Car
✌️ https://bit.ly/3WJR6J7
⭕️ Price: 65.59 USD / Lowest: 65.59 USD
🔑 Coupon: BG4bd386
-26- SG PINECONE FOREST 1610 RTR 1/16 RC Car
📌 https://bit.ly/3IRQ9bG
⭕️ Price: 69.69 USD / Lowest: 69.69 USD
⏳ Coupon: BG3bcc98
-27- ENJOYWOOD F3 Matrix Detachable Working Panel Set with Fixtures [EU]
❇️ https://bit.ly/3WsPlzG
👉 Price: 69.99 USD / Lowest: 69.99 USD
✂️ Coupon: BGe2302d
-28- AOMEKIE AO2002 400/70mm Telescope [EU]
✳️ https://bit.ly/42hYSLf
📉 Price: 79.89 USD / Lowest: 79.89 USD
🔖 Coupon: BG589b2e
-29- N-ONE NPad S MT8183 4/64GB 10.1 Inch Android 12 Tablet [EU]
🛒 https://bit.ly/42dcEPq
🔹 Price: 89.99 USD / Lowest: 89.99 USD
📍 Coupon: BG873812
-30- KROAK K-CS02 10.1 Inch 2 Din Android 10.0 Car Stereo Radio [EU]
🌐 https://bit.ly/42kUhYO
🔹 Price: 99.99 USD / Lowest: 99.99 USD
▪️ Coupon: BG82429b
-31- ENJOYWOOD FB2 Engraver Protective Cover [EU]
👌 https://bit.ly/3NagjZL
🚨 Price: 139.99 USD / Lowest: 139.99 USD
❤️ Coupon: BG4b9a32
-32- FNIRSI-1014D Oscilloscope
🌐 https://bit.ly/3MMKJQr
🚨 Price: 139.99 USD / Lowest: 139.99 USD
-33- ThundeaL PG500 1080P Android Projector
🌀 https://bit.ly/3lKwbaw
⭕️ Price: 155.99 USD / Lowest: 155.99 USD
-34- ESCAM WNK718 3MP 8CH PTZ IP Camera System
❗️ https://bit.ly/3oBTV2e
🚨 Price: 199.99 USD / Lowest: 199.99 USD
✂️ Coupon: BG624dbd
-35- KUGOOKIRIN S1 Pro 7.5Ah 36V 350W 8in Electric Scooter [EU]
🌍 https://bit.ly/3IYLPYj
💲 Price: 245.99 USD / Lowest: 245.99 USD
-36- Hopthink HT-T4 350W 36V 7.5Ah Electric Scooter [EU]
〽️ Price: 249.99 USD / Lowest: 249.99 USD
❤️ Coupon: BG876534
-37- AOVOPRO 365GO 6V 7.8Ah 350W 8.5inch Electric Scooter [EU]
🌍 https://bit.ly/43E9ipJ
💰 Price: 275.99 USD / Lowest: 279.99 USD
-38- Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2022 1300T 6/128GB 11.2 Inch Tablet
🛒 https://bit.ly/3NaCkrq
⭕️ Price: 359.99 USD / Lowest: 359.99 USD
❤️ Coupon: BGa3a8d4
-39- Enjoywood CEL-E10 Laser Engraver 10W [EU]
✌️ https://bit.ly/3HQzo09
🔹 Price: 359.99 USD / Lowest: 359.99 USD
✌️ Coupon: BGac2786
-40- TWOTREES TS2 Laser Engraver 450x450mm 10W [EU]
❇️ https://bit.ly/3CAF3Ef
✌️ Price: 379.00 USD / Lowest: 399 USD
-41- BOGIST M5 Pro 11Ah 48V 500W Electric Scooter [EU]
✳️ https://bit.ly/3ABRPSr
✌️ Price: 529.99 USD / Lowest: 539.99 USD
-42- NIU KQi3 Sport 48V 365Wh 300W 9.5inch Electric Scooter [EU]
🌐 https://bit.ly/40K9KkP
✌️ Price: 569.99 USD / Lowest: 569.99 USD
✌️ Coupon: BG40665d
-43- TWOTREES TS2-20W Laser Engraver [EU]
👌 https://bit.ly/3KwrtWh
💲 Price: 649.00 USD / Lowest: 669 USD
-44- Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S ALPD 2400 ANSI Lumens 4k
👉 https://bit.ly/43HESD6
🥇 Price: 989.99 USD / Lowest: 1229.99 USD
-45- BEZIOR M3 48V 10.4Ah 500W Electric Bicycle [EU]
❗️ https://bit.ly/43JJ9WD
💰 Price: 994.01 USD / Lowest: 1049.99 USD
-46- GOGOBEST GM28 36V 10.4Ah 350W Electric Bicycle 27.5inch [EU]
👉 https://bit.ly/43FvPlR
👌 Price: 1090.21 USD / Lowest: 1139.99 USD
-47- Niubility B26 48V 12.5Ah 1000W Electric Bicycle [EU]
📌 https://bit.ly/3qvohUr
💣 Price: 1165.03 USD / Lowest: 1267.19 USD
Products compilation image: https://i.imgur.com/X2uk4td.jpeg or https://i.ibb.co/5hFnk0w/fef815f5136c.jpg
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2023.06.04 15:18 berserknguts Could someone help me authenticate this please?

Could someone help me authenticate this please?
Found a decent deal on a Crystal Lugia but text seems slightly off, could anybody give any insight on authenticating these?
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2023.06.04 15:14 loserboy42069 round cheeks and no jawline ! fix??

having chubby cheeks and zero jaw line is like the bane of my existence. my body is fine at this point, but ive put on ~20-30 lbs since starting T. i kinda assumed this would b normal cuz im more muscular and big like a regular dude, but the cheek bloat covers up all my face bones and i look womanly as hell from the shoulders up. does face fat go away or do i need to lose weight in general? im 23, 1yr on T.
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