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2023.03.21 06:08 ImTheCreator2 The Storyteller might solve a mystery from FNaF Help Wanted

Ok, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought about this, but I'm sure I haven't seen people discuss it.
Well uh... so, for a brief recap: In the story of The Storyteller we get to see how Fazbear Entertainment purposefully slipped up a tiger head that used to belong to an animatronic tied to the protagonists backstory and the Mimic itself and all of that, using it's code to likely cheapen the process of what they are doing (this story is at the end of the day a jab on Artificial Intelligence being used as a replacement for real people).
Ok, so what is so interesting about all of this? Is actually the fact that they wanted to keep as a secret what exactly were they using for this technology: the tiger head; this was clearly because they didn't want Edwin to know about it, so they didn't allow him (and others too) to know more than surface level stuff. And this is particularly what makes me want to point this out, because something similar seems to have happened in Help Wanted, now if you remember it is made as a point that Fazbear Entertainment decided to give old stuff to the developing team to speed up the work by scanning it, this clearly being what caused the game to get infected in the first place, this also comes alongside the fact that all of this will eventually get stolen by some unknown individual, yet later down the line Fazbear itself will then give the Funtime Service, some old stuff for them to scan which will also cause the system to get infected.
Now I think it is obvious what I'm trying to get with this, while this was heavily debated and is still I don't think Fazbear Entertainment was actively trying to bring back Afton as much as they just wanted to use this technology without Edwin noticing. It also may explain why was the Mimic endo send to the Pizzaplex at the beginning of the first epilogue, remember the construction team took it for themselves to work with but it wasn't meant to, since it was sent alongside the other animatronics, might be just a wild assumption but considering everything? I think is likely he was meant to be Glamrock Bonnie, Fazbear was going to use it to be cheap like they always do but shenanigans happened, maybe this is why we haven't seen Glamrock Bonnie in year one Pizzaplex, but that part is just speculation, so who knows.
So yeah, in conclusion (TLDR): I doubt Fazbear Entertainment is actively working with Afton or that there is a third party moving the pieces, at least not when it comes to everything Mimic/Glitchtrap stuff, is just Fazbear Entertainment trying to get the most use out of the technology they have at the moment, being why they will go to use both the Mimic1 AI and the endoskeleton.
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2023.03.20 03:08 TypeLX_ Some of the theories I started believing recently.

Some of the theories I started believing recently.
I actually wrote most of this post about a month ago, but this account didn't have enough karma to make a post until now. Give your thoughts or critiques, because I'm sure there will be some disagreements here. Most of these I didn't even believe until recently, but having taken a step back and looked at everything again, these answers seem to make most sense to me for the story.
  1. WillStuffed- I was a big arguer for it being the Puppet (games timeline only) but now I can agree William probably stuffed them in the suits. The Give Gifts Give Life minigame makes more sense to be a predecessor to FNAF3’s Happiest Day minigame, where the Puppet [attempts] to give the children peace.
  2. ShatterVictim - I’ll say it. I don’t think Bite Victim is just possessing Golden Freddy. I see no narrative or thematic reason for Golden Freddy to just randomly have two spirits, it comes completely out of nowhere and really adds nothing to the story. What I do believe however, is that (somehow) pieces of him are inside each of the original five animatronics. This is actually much cleaner than it might seem, because it actually creates good storytelling from FNAF2 onward.
  • Give Gifts Give Life in FNAF2 shows us the Puppet trying to cheer up the original spirits using giftboxes, before resorting to giving them life with their masks. Golden Freddy's spirit and his jumpscare appears right at the end; the point of this minigame was to show how none of them will find peace unless all five of them are together, making Golden Freddy problematic.
  • Happiest Day in FNAF3 shows us a successful version of GGGL. You can play that minigame on Night 1, but only Cassidy will be there. You can't complete it until all five kids get cake, are wearing their masks, and have been reunited.
  • FNAF4 and World then attempted to continue this narrative by answering a simple question: why? Why do they need to be together to be free? The answer to that is the Bite Victim, its his memories from 4 that the other five children are stuck inside in FNAF3, in FNAF World putting him back together is synonymous with bringing the missing children together by setting up Happiest Day.
  • Sister Location and FFPS take a literal approach to this theme of 'putting the pieces together,' by having William literally melt the robots together [hey, does this mean its William or Charlotte who said "I will put you back together"? Heh...)
  1. Timeline Order of the Deaths - Bite Victim -> Charlotte -> Elizabeth -> Missing Children -> The Rest
  • Bite Victim - Spring[?] of 1983 I don't think he's the catalyst for everything William has done but I still believe hes the first main death. Two of the reasons I think this is the case is because of my take on Midnight Motorist (lower down), and because of FNAF4's Halloween Update. I think the reason Scott is so adamant on the Halloween Update being non-canon is actually really simple: because BV can't die on Halloween. Why? Well...
  • Charlotte - ... because Charlotte dies on Halloween 1983. This is supported by the novels, the connections between Midnight Motorist and Curse of Dreadbear, etc. Something probably happened during "Fallfest 1983," and since it apparently can't be BV, then its probably Charlotte.
  • Elizabeth - June 1985 - Yeah this'll also be a controversial take. Remember the FNAF3 tapes? Phone Guy says the suits shouldn't be used because of an "unfortunate incident at the sister location involving multiple simultaneous springlock failures." Do you think that maybe... JUST MAYBE... the Springlock Suit from the sister location might be the same Springlock Suit from Sister Location? Shortly after that tape, Phone Guy has to warn employees not to bring customers into the safe room, and that somebody touched Spring Bonnie, and then subsequently they seal off the wall. That obviously alludes to ....
  • The Missing Children's Incident - June 26th, 1985 - Since the Springlock failure happened at Circus Baby's, it had to coincide with Elizabeth's death; and since this happens immediately before Phone Guy's tapes that allude to the MCI, then I think the MCI simply comes after Elizabeth's death.
    • I also like this order because each of these events have a corresponding "ironic parallel," all of which seem to happen in the exact opposite order: [Follow Me, Michael's Scooping, Henry's Trap, and Happiest Day]
  1. WillPlush - Since I believe BV died first, the Plush can't be Charlotte. I think it's Shadow Freddy / William; William being the one who said "I will put you back together." There's too many connections to William for me to just say "oh it was Charlotte who somehow became this child's plush for some reason"
  • William ends up pulling through with that, given he literally puts BV back together through MoltenMCI.
    • I know saying its William will be unpopular, but really everything we know about the Plush has some connection to William. Sister Location connects the Plush and the phrase "I will put you back together" to William; The Silver Eyes connects Happiest Day to William (even though that's a whole can of worms). William and Charlie are just dramatic foils of each other.
  • The Plush also seems to be pretty malevolent prior to Night 6, because it actively tells the BV that whatever he's afraid of about the animatronics is true, making him more afraid. Scott practically confirmed that whatever BV is afraid of was something he misunderstood, so the Plush is just making it worse for some reason, which is why I think it's Shadow Freddy.
    • Narratively, I think this is the best solution because Shadow Freddy is literally the final boss of FNAF4, he's the reason Mike has his nightmares; Shadow Freddy being prevalent in BV's story ties the nights back to the minigames in a compelling way. More on this topic...
  1. Shadow Freddy - Since I'm talking about it, he absolutely is Nightmare and the cause of Mike's nightmares. The Logbook sets this up too cleanly for this not to be the story Scott was trying to tell. The logbook introduces Mike, Cassidy, and BV. Cassidy asks BV about his own memories, like the plush and the telephone, and Mike makes a drawing alluding to FNAF4's nightmares.
Something that goes overlooked however is the random story prompt about Jeremy Fitzgerald getting followed home during FNAF2. Why is this in the logbook? Because it parallels what prompted Mike's nightmares; Shadow Freddy followed him home.
Does this mean Jeremy also had nightmares? YES WE SEE THEM IN FNAF2 THESE CUTSCENES ARE DREAMS.
I do believe the Logbook is used by Mike in 2023 [not necessarily that it was made in 2023], because FNAF3 would be when Shadow Freddy has an opportunity to latch onto Michael [either during the main game or after the auction at the end]. FNAF3's last night was called "NIGHTMARE MODE" after all. At the very least, the logbook is after SL anyways. Cassidy and BV are probably speaking through the logbook because its their remnant keeping Mike alive; similar to how Carlton had to interact with Brooks' remnant in The Fourth Closet.
  • Cassidy and/or BV might also be somewhat responsible for these nightmares, and I think that parallels nicely with William in UCN, but I'm not so certain with that.
I also wanna say Lefty is based on Shadow Freddy, in universe. I think this should seem obvious just from design ques, but it also makes sense in story. In the Insanity Ending, Lefty's blueprint appears at the same time when Henry says "lured them all back", describing Shadow Freddy. Henry realized what William did, luring the children back to the same place where they died, so Henry decides to do the same thing in his master plan.
Henry lured everyone to the alleyway of FFPS because that's where his daughter died [This is the purpose of Security Puppet; its the same alleyway]. He even used Lefty, who resembles Shadow Freddy, for this plan to make sure his daughter also "returns." This is a cool story detail that I don't think anyone calls out.
  1. FredbearsFFPS - the FFPS pizzeria 100% has to be where Charlotte died, because this is a necessary plot point for the game. Therefore, FFPS also has to either be the first Freddy's, or Fredbear's. I'm leaning towards Fredbear's because that's where she died in the novels, and because of Security Breach.
  2. Midnight Motorist - Alright. Here's my take on Midnight Motorist [credit to Sire Squawks]
  • Orange Guy is William.
  • "Later that Night" does refer to Charlotte's death.
  • Michael is the runaway kid, as BV already died months ago.
  • Henry is the couch guy.
    • This is actually the most important part because if Henry isn't the couch guy, then this minigame is literally pointless.
    • Fruity Maze draws attention to Follow Me which is relevant to the Insanity Ending, and gives a face to the name Susie in the Completion Ending. Security Puppet draws attention to the alley, which is crucial to Henry's plan as described in the Insanity and True Ending, and indicates the Puppet is important. Candy Cadet alludes to MoltenMCI which is relevant to both the Insanity and True Ending.
    • Now... what does Midnight Motorist have to do with ANYTHING in Pizzeria Simulator? Sure, it connects to Security Puppet, but then it tells us nothing of value relevant to FFPS... unless this serves to tell us why Henry wasn't at the restaurant to save his daughter, as he describes in the True Ending.
    • This logic is also why I don't believe AndrewMM anymore, because for the plot of FFPS, introducing another kid who only becomes relevant in UCN just makes it disconnected.
  • This is just tangentially-related, but can I also say that there is absolutely no reason for the Security Puppet to have faceplates, unless Scott is trying to tell us that William made the Puppet. Why would he do that only to kill her a few months later? I don't know, but Scott is hinting to it anyways. "I am the fearful reflection of what you have created," I guess...
  1. StitchlineGames - I still believe StitchlineGames, but I know that's gonna start an argument if I try to bring up any evidence... so why not follow it up with something better-
  2. CassidyTOYSNHK - I also believe Cassidy is TOYSNHK. How do I believe this and StitchlineGames? What about Andrew?
  • Well, I'm like half-convinced Andrew wasn't even real. He was Eleanor all along. Oh yeah totally, the stingers establish that Andrew caused everything, and then makes him vanish, followed by Eleanor showing up and the story just deciding to change its mind and say "It Was Eleanor All Along actually!!!"
  • When Jake and Andrew first talk, Andrew can't see so he asks Jake where they're at, Jake says they're in a dump truck and that there's junk everywhere, Andrew just goes "Figures. Story of my life" and Jake is like "why?" and then Andrew ignores him and NEVER ELABORATES ON THAT. Hmm, if only there was a character with a connection to junkyards...
  • Remember that one line when Jake said "Andrew's voice reminds me of a kid I used to know in school" HE PROBABLY WAS THAT RANDOM KID WHO KNOWS.
Okay. With that out my system...
  1. Security Breach's characters
  • Alright, I'm not as certain with everything from this point onward, but I at least like this narrative.
  • Afton does probably still want to rebuild his family in some twisted way, I'm pretty sure of this. Maybe as brainwashed people, as robots, whatever.
  • We now know for certain due to GGY that not only is Vanessa under Afton's reign, but so was Gregory.
  • Afton wanted both of them to mimic act as his family. Vanessa takes the role of Elizabeth ("Bill right? Your father's name was Bill?"), Gregory takes the role of BV ("The wizard's most favorite apprentice")
  • Why isn't there a human Michael stand-in? Tbh... because he's probably still alive and wrote the code on the wall.
    • Is it not odd that the room that was supposed to reveal the truth about Vanessa and Gregory also has a code describing what Gregory must do in SB; and that Scott randomly decided to make it Michael's room from Sister Location? Seems peculiar to me.
  • Why isn't there a human Ms. Afton stand-in? Tbh... okay I'll give you that one I don't know.
  • I think FuhNaff is right in connecting Gregory's possession to BB World.
  • As to why Gregory isn't possessed during SB, my guess is whoever wrote the wall code freed/reprogrammed him to "save those with soul." (depending on if you think Gregory is a robot which, idk could probably go either way at this point)
  • No idea who Glamrock Freddy or the Blob are... and at this point who knows what the deal is with Glitchtrap/Mimic.
That's all that I can think of, but let me know if I am wrong should elaborate on anything
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2023.03.18 00:30 informationisme Hey kids it's GlamRock Bonnie!💫

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2023.03.17 20:36 Kirby-Fan78 Flair Friday #61

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2023.03.17 00:40 Common-Eggplant749 What if Funtimes weren't originally designed to kidnap children?

So since part 2 of the FNAF timeline came out, I've been kinda bothered by one thing, and I know Mat has said he is too.
In a GTLive going over the character encyclopedia, he said that his problem was that it makes more sense if Elizabeth dies first, because it explains what the crying child saw that made him scared of the animatronics, and gives Afton more motive to his killings. At the same time, it wouldn't make sense for Baby to be designed to capture and kill children the way we know she did to Elizabeth if Afton wasn't already on a murder spree, which he would have had no motive for at that point. I think I have a solution to that problem that might fix the issue. What if Baby and the other Funtimes weren't designed for kidnapping?
I know that sounds crazy but stick with me. There's something I think we've taken for granted with Security Breach. Throughout the game we get to play as Glamrock Freddy by having Gregory climb into his chest cavity and pilot him from there. This chest cavity is clearly very similar to the ones we see in the Funtimes, except he's not being kidnapped, he's controlling Glamrock. What if that's actually what the Funtimes were intended for too? What if the chest cavities weren't built to kidnap kids, but to let them play as Freddy and friends?
Let's hop to a point in Mat's timeline, right when Freddy's is at it's peak. Business is booming, but Afton isn't happy. He's upset to have to share the success and the spotlight with Henry, so he comes up with an idea: he'll open his own business venture, a Sister Location to Freddy's all under his control and with his characters. That's not enough though. He can't just coexist with Henry's establishment, he has to blow them out the water, but how to do that? Well, the one thing that gave Afton the most joy when he was running his own show was dressing up as Golden Bonnie, becoming the character himself. What if, he could bring that same joy to the kids, not just watching a show, but being a part of it?
He creates the Funtimes and designs them to let kids climb inside and control them, but working alone meant that progress was slow and difficult. Safety features were tough to implement and even harder to test, but it would be worth it if he could bring kids the joy he had, and stick it to Henry once and for all. In his excitement, he reveals the robot suits to his daughter Elizabeth, showing her one he made specially with her in mind. He warns her not to try and play with them yet, as they aren't ready, but with the robot's bright smiling face, it couldn't be that dangerous, right?
One late night, Elizabeth sneaks to her father's workshop to play with the robot. She initiates the start up sequence, but instead of a gentle hand helping her in place, a claw shoots out and violently mashes her into the machinery. Her bones break as she cries out in agony, but no one hears her. By the time Afton finds her, he is too late
As Afton morns the loss of both his daughter and his dream of outshining Henry, he begins to examine the robot that took his daughter from him, and notices that it has taken on Elizabeth's green eyes. As he investigates, he realizes that although his daughter may be gone, there is a remnant of her left behind, something still alive. He would need to know more.
While studying the animatronic, Afton notices his youngest son spying in on him. In order to keep the boy away, and prevent any other insidents, Afton installs a system of nanny cams to monitor his sons.
From there, things go mostly as Mat says. The Crying child dies as a result of Michael's prank. Afton kills Charlie, but this time, not just as an act of revenge on Henry, but also to learn more about agony and remnant. Since he knows the Funtimes can capture and murder kids, that's what he starts using them for. I know it's strange and a bit long winded, but I think it clears up the biggest issue with the second part of the timeline pretty nicely.
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2023.03.16 14:17 dalekofchaos What instrument would Glamrock Foxy use?

We know Glamrock Bonnie uses the Bass Guitar. But if there were a Glamrock Foxy, what instrument would he use?
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2023.03.15 04:07 Tartra [FNaF Security Breach] Ruin's red eyes belonging to Shattered Glamrock Bonnie?

I just watched NotRealName's History of Bonnie , who very casually threw out the idea that the red eyes in the DLC poster could be his. So far, the theories I've heard (especially from GT) are about Vanny, Sun/Moon, maybe the endos... but the idea of it being about Bonnie is brand new to me.
It makes sense! It's complete speculation, but Withered Bonnie was defined by having a ripped-up face and red eyes, which we saw again in the maintenance minigames for Help Wanted, and the Bonnie Bowl picture in Security Breach gives him pink eyes. He's explicitly missing in Security Breach - there's a whole subplot around it that's never resolved - and with the hints towards him either getting attacked by Monty or just disappearing altogether, the idea of him having been thrown down into the trash (where we send Chica, who is on the poster, even if she's melted instead of crushed this time) seems to make sense too.
There's also the Afton connection. If Glamrock Bonnie was partially scrapped for parts for Burntrap - the same way Withered Bonnie was scrapped - then it's back to the 'no face, red eyes' look.
Either way, Bonnie fits the theme of 'ruin' better than most of the other options so far, having been replaced in the band and potentially ruined physically.
There are two sets of eyes in the poster, and I don't have guesses on the other set (although maybe it's a big reunion and we're going to see whatever Foxy variation they had kicking around), but with so many unresolved hints, Bonnie seems like he could easily be one of those pairs of eyes.
Am I completely behind everybody else and this is an old conversation, or are there other thoughts on this too?
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2023.03.14 01:14 Tube-Psycho My FNaF timeline. Let me know wherever I'm wrong (respectfully, please)

1979: Fredbear's Family Diner opens, run by Henry Emily and William Afton. This location contains two characters, Fredbear and Springbonnie.
1980-82: Fredbear's recieves new characters (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy) and a TV show called Fredbear and Friends
1983: William's son Evan Afton is fatally injured at the hands William's oldest, Michael Afton by placing him in Fredbear's mouth. This is the known as Bite of 83'. This causes Evan to have nightmares of twisted versions of the animatronics he once feared in his old bedroom in a coma-like state at the hospital. These are the events of FNaF 4. Evan dies, and William is furious with Michael and shuts himself off from his family.
1983(cont'd): William grows a seething hatred for children, all in exception for his daughter, Elizabeth Afton. Later that year, he opens Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals, an independent franchise without Henry. The animatronics there are designed with the intention of capturing children. At the opening, he tells Elizabeth to stay away from the Baby animatronic. Disobeying her father, she is offered ice cream by Baby and is taken by her chest cavity and killed, as told through the Sister Location minigame. William is now pushed to his breaking point.
1985: Henry and William open a new location, this time without Fredbear and Springbonnie, called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. William becomes jealous of Henry's daughter, Charlie Emily. After one day Charlie is trapped outside the Pizzeria, William approaches her and murders her outside. She goes on to possess The Puppet. This inspires William to take out his anger on children within the pizzeria. Putting on the old Springbonnie Springlock suit, he lures 5 children, Gabriel, Jeremy, Suzie, Fritz, and Cassidy to the saferoom and murders them. This becomes the first Missing Childrens Incident. William hides the bodies in the animatronics. Henry suspects William of being related to the incident, and fires him. The Puppet gives life to the souls, and they go on to possess Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Fredbear (Golden Freddy) respectively.
1987: Henry reopens Freddy's with new animatronics, retrofitted with facial recognition scanners connected to a criminal database to keep unwanted guests like William out. These are the Toy animatronics. Jeremy Fitzgerald is hired as a nightshift security guard to enhance protection from Afton. Phone Guy explains that they especially want previous employees to stay out. At the end of Jeremy's shift week, Phone Guy reveals that William managed to get in, and murders another group of children. Their agony makes all the animatronics more agressive. He is switched to the dayshift to be the daytime security guard for a birthday party. On this day, Jeremy is bitten in the frontal lobe by Mangle. This is the ever infamous Bite of 87', and this wraps up the events of FNaF 2. The animatronics are scrapped, and yet another location closes.
1993: 6 years after the failure of the previous location, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza attempts to gain traction one once again. The animatronics are redesigned using parts from the old 1985 ones, including their souls transferring to them. A nightshift Security Guard named Mike Shmidt (who may or may not be Michael Afton in disguise) is hired, and the events of the very first Five Nights at Freddy's game take place, including Phone Guy's tragic death. According to old newspaper clippings sometimes spotted in gameplay, William was convinced, but released after lack of evidence. The restaurant eventually closes its doors, and after this William Afton returns to the site to destroy the animatronics carrying his previous victims. The souls then confront a terrified Afton, and in response he hides in his old Springbonnie suit to taunt them. This leads to him setting off the springlocks, crushing him inside the suit, leading to his painful and satisfying demise. After discovering this, the employees seal off the saferoom and abandon the location.
2000s: Somewhere in the early 2000s, most likely around 2002-2004, the gameplay of Sister Location takes place, following Michael Afton taking a job as a maintenance worker at the underground warehouse where the Funtime animatronics reside. During his time, he follows directions given to him by his sister Elizabeth (possessing Circus Baby) on how to survive his job. At the end of the week, it is revealed that Baby tricked him into letting all the animatronics become one, Ennard. They use the scooping room machine to kill Michael and use his body as a skin suit to leave the warehouse, and then vomit themselves out of Michael's body months later. Michael survives this due to the remnant left inside his body.
2023: 30 years after the tragedy of Freddy's, Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction begins construction, using the abandoned pizzeria from 1993 as a base. They hire Michael Afton as a security guard to watch the place before they open. During the week, the employees discover the sealed off saferoom, and upon opening discover Springtrap. The undead corpse of William Afton, given life again through the rotten Springbonnie suit. At the end of the week, Michael ignites the building, burning Springtrap inside and freeing the five children's souls, thus concluding FNaF 3. William, being the absolute madman he is, survives this.
2024: Henry Emily, aware that William remains at the burned down restaurant, creates a plan to once again create a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location one last time, being nearby the remains. Michael Afton once again returns to take a job helping Henry gather the remaining souls, Molten Freddy (Ennard minus Baby), Scrap Baby (Elizabeth), Lefty (containing the Puppet, therefore Charlie), and Scraptrap (William Afton). On the final day, Henry sets the restaurant ablaze, giving one last message to the trapped souls, his daughter, and Afton. "This ends for all of us. End communication." Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator concludes the stories of the children's souls, the son of Afton, the partner of Afton, but not for Afton himself quite yet.
Cassidy, still vengeful against William, creates a personal pergatory for him, forcing him to die to his creations over and over and over again. This is represented by Ultimate Custom Night.
Note: Some of the following entries in the series break the lore established by the earlier ones, suggesting this part might be in an alternate timeline.
2025: A beta tester for the Five Nights at Freddy's Virtual Reality Experience discovers messages hidden in the form of cassette tapes, and upon collecting them all unleashes Glitchtrap, a form of William Afton's consciousness on a chip board. This unfolds in FNaF VR: Help Wanted.
2025(cont'd): Fazbear Entertainment begins their Special Delivery program, sending animatronics to customer's homes. This is the base gameplay for FNaF AR: Special Delivery. Through emails in the code, it is revealed that someone named Vanny is talking to the Glitchtrap entity.
2026: At the Freddy Fazbear Mega Pizzaplex, a child named Gregory travels with Glamrock Freddy hiding from the security guard Vanessa. All the while, avoiding animatronics being programmed to find him. In the true ending of the game, it is revealed that Vanny has helped William Afton return as Burntrap, and Ennard has returned as The Blob. Gregory and Freddy escape the Pizzaplex before it falls. Wrapping up Security Breach and our final game in the timeline.
Game timeline: FNaF 4 > FNaF 2 > FNaF 1 > Sister Location > FNaF 3 > FFPS > Help Wanted > Special Delivery > Security Breach
Not including the books because they aren't fully canon (atleast i don't think they are..?)
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2023.03.13 21:03 EstablishmentGood322 pluszaki z fnaf. the penguin,sun i moon,dj music man,purple guy, glamrock bonnie,pigpatch i orville,lefty,fnaf 1,puppet,fnaf 9

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2023.03.13 17:02 TheChessWar 2 Mini Fnaf Theorys

2 Mini Fnaf Theorys
Mini Theory Number 1: for a while now a common theory was that when glamrock bonnie was destroyed his parts were used to make burntrap and i think the fnaf character encyclopedia confirmed this. across every page from springtrap (spring bonnies page included)and look at animatronic type, all of them are listed as rabbit springlock suit except burn trap being listed as animatronic rabbit. now look at every single page for bonnie and what animatronic type is every bonnie animatronic classified as, animatronic rabbit. this along with other evidence already laid out by people smarter then me leads me to believe burn trap had to have been made from parts from glamrock bonnie.
Mini Theory Number 2 (the stichwraith was made from ballora): for the first time ever a picture of the stichwraith has been showed and he looks weird, not matching either endo 1 or 2 models.
after looking at it for a long enough it is clear what we need. a tall five fingered animatronic with upper legs stronger then lower legs, wires for arms, and justification for having an improved exoskeleton and after looking for a bit of time i think i found our perfect canidate. and its ballora
meeting (almost) all our criteria. a tall five fingered animatronic with upper legs stronger then lower legs, (not shown in this picture) wires for arms, and justification for having an improved exoskeleton. it would also explains why doctor Phineas Taggart used her endoskeleton for agony. canonically this animatronic was built by william to represents his wife, who broke up with him because after their child's death william stopped spending time with the family. which is alot of agony on both parties. now i know there are minor plot like the stichwraith having three toes when ballora doesn't have any or balloras head being filled with wires. but i do have arguments for how those 2 are possible with out debunking the theory (the firsts argument being that mabye ballora could have had that as part of her endoskeleton but having them covered up. and for the second one i believe that maybe Phineas knocked the head of for a different one). but those arguments are knid weak. also vene if this theory was true i have no idea what it would mean for the game lore. do i think this theory is likely, no. do I think it is possible, yes
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2023.03.13 16:50 BlazeWasTaken06 My personal timeline for FNAF

Early to late 30's
Birth of William Afton and Henry Emily
Early to late 50's:
William marries Mrs. Afton
Early to late 60's:
Birth of Micheal Afton
Founding of Fazbear Entertainment and creation of Funtime and Springlock animatronics
Birth of C.C and Fredbear's Family Diner opened to the public
William's discovery of remnant and birth of Elizabeth Afton
1980: Birth of Charlotte Emily and opening of Circus Baby's Pizza World
Early 1983:
Elizabeth's death to Circus Baby and opening of Circus Baby's Entertainment & Rentals
Mid 1983:
The bite of '83 and closing of Fredbear's
Late 1983:
Death of Charlotte Emily and events of FNAF 4
New restaurant, rebranded as "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" Missing Children's Incident, and Henry taking ownership of Fazbear Entertainment
Late 1985:
Events of FNAF Sister Location
Early 1987:
FNAF 2 location opening and second MCI
Late 1987:
Events of FNAF 2
Mid 1993:
Opening of FNAF 1 Location and events of FNAF 1
Late 1993:
William goes to FNAF 1 location and gets Spring-locked and Henry discovering William's crimes
Early 2023:
Events of FNAF 3
Late 2023:
Events of FNAF 6:
Fazbear Entertainment bought out by highest bidder and
Creation of FNAF VR and Glitchtrap, death of Jeremy by Glitchtrap
Events of FNAF VR
Events of FNAF AR
Vanessa transformed into Vanny, pizzaplex opening, interviews by therapists, Disappearance and replacement of Glamrock Bonnie, patient 46 hacking Glamrocks, disappearance of 9 kids and Burntraps creation
Events of Security Breach
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2023.03.13 13:24 Black--Angel The existence of the nightmare animatronics and the connection with Burntrap (theory)

A youtuber I watched asked the following question: If the nightmare animatronics are a figment of either Crying Child's or Michael's imaginations, then why does Burntrap have 5 fingers and not 4? The Glamrocks have 4 fingers and if Bonnie was a Glamrock and the bass player prior to Monty, wouldn't he have had 4 fingers?
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2023.03.13 08:31 SDSEPOfficial I’ve seen this going around, and I’m bored anyway. Try to suggest some characters I would (probably) actively use, also DO NOT SUGGEST THE CHARLIES, OR BOOK BABIES! I’M ALREADY GONNA MAKE THOSE IN A MINUTE :)

I’ve seen this going around, and I’m bored anyway. Try to suggest some characters I would (probably) actively use, also DO NOT SUGGEST THE CHARLIES, OR BOOK BABIES! I’M ALREADY GONNA MAKE THOSE IN A MINUTE :) submitted by SDSEPOfficial to GachaFnaf [link] [comments]

2023.03.12 17:23 dalekofchaos If Glamrock Bonnie and Foxy were in Security Breach instead of Roxy and Monty, how would they work?

What would their personalities be like, what would the worst aspects of their personalities be after being glitched, how would their boss fights go, what would their shattered forms be like and what upgrades would Freddy get from them?
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2023.03.11 08:44 The_Awesome_Red1 My Crack at a FNaF Timeline

After MatPat’s videos on the FNaF timeline (so far), I wanted to take a crack at my own. This is what I came up with, and please don’t have a heart attack if something you don’t like is in this timeline. Just bear with me (lol) and save your opinions until you’re done reading (and brace yourself, it’s LONG) Have fun reading
Henry Emily creates a small establishment known as Fredbear’s Singin’ Show, a small restaurant with one singular animatronic, Fredbear. William Afton, a businessman first, robotics expert second, partners with Mr. Emily to create an establishment, Fredbear’s Family Diner, complete with new characters, Fredbear’s new partner and best friend, Spring Bonnie (William's idea), and a bunch of unpopular secondary characters not often seen, known to us as the Mediocre Melodies (Orville, Mr. Hippo, Nedbear, Pigpatch, and Happy Frog)
With the popularity of Fredbear’s comes merchandise and spin-off media. A television show called Fredbear and Friends releases, complete with new characters, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate. Their fame branches out as well, forming into a sister location, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which also gets its own line of toys. They even had their own springlock suits complete with training cassettes. Their popularity also phased out the Mediocre Melodies, as they faded into obscurity. Busy with his work, William has cameras monitor his children, as he has his eldest son Michael watch over his youngest son, the Crying Child, whose Fredbear plush also has a camera of which his father talks to him through, pretending to be Fredbear. Crying Child has a fear of the springlock suits of Fredbear’s, as he believes the people inside them are dead, for what is seen in shadows is easily misunderstood in the mind of a child. But Michael, who is angry that he has to take care of a crybaby, takes out his anger by teasing Crying Child with his fears, culminating in a prank where he and his friends shove Crying Child’s head into Fredbear’s mouth, which ultimately ends with his head being crushed. He eventually dies in the hospital and goes on to possess Fredbear, his body being buried near his house. Before he dies however, William, makes his son a promise. He will put him back together. The Puppet is created to watch the children afterwards. One night, William, grieving, goes to the bar known as Jr.’s to drink the pain away. He drinks until he’s eventually kicked out, having one too many. In his drunken state, he bottles up all his frustrations in one drunken rage, as he’s ready to give Henry a piece of his mind, blaming him for how he feels, how he has all the success, all the admiration, and how their technology killed his son. But when he got there, he was greeted with the sight of Henry's daughter, Charlotte, locked out of Fredbear’s by some bullies. At first seeing this as another problem to fix, William considered an opportunity, an opportunity to make Henry feel how he feels, have him feel his pain; a way to get back at him for everything he claims he has put him through. In a drunken rage, he kills Charlotte outside the establishment and then drives off. The Puppet locates her, and Charlotte goes on to possess it, giving it its distinctive purple tear tracks. Later that night, he sees that Michael has run off, back to Fredbear’s again. This is due to the fact that he feels immense guilt for what he has done to his younger brother, swearing that he sees Fredbear outside his window, haunting him, as if his brother is calling out to him, seeing “It's Me” over and over. William's wife tells him to go easy on him, but that doesn’t stop him from seeing that he’s gone, and that he will not go unpunished. His punishment involves using inventions of his called illusion discs, to make robots of his design appear more monstrous and scare Michael into staying in the house, while he monitored these tests via cameras underneath their house. These are the Nightmare animatronics, which will eventually be repurposed for later. (Michael may view these creatures as a manifestation of his guilt and may not even suspect his father of doing this, which may be what William wants) Upon discovering the death of his daughter, Henry suspected William, but there was no evidence. As Henry spent time to grieve, Afton spent this time improving and growing, forming his own company, Afton Robotics. for side projects, including that underground bunker and the Nightmare project, which took time to execute, after the closing of Fredbear’s. Being buried in his work so much would cause him to be an absent father and husband, eventually leading to a divorce between William and Mrs. Afton who felt cold and alone. Manipulating his children into helping William win the custody battle, Mrs. Afton committed suicide afterwards. Fredbear’s remained open for a while longer, and during that time, the springlock suits experienced “multiple and simultaneous” failures, causing them to be retired and left in the back of Freddy’s as spares, leaving Fredbear in suit mode, the Crying Child being unable to move or see. Shortly after, with all the bad press around Fredbear’s and the lack of suits with relevance to the brand, it closed down.
William, having a taste of what he considered “true freedom” after murdering Henry’s daughter, he felt as if he needed more. Donning the Spring Bonnie suit of old, he lured children to the safe room of Freddy’s. At first, he’s cautious and careful. His first victim is Susie, as he runs over her dog. Saying that he’s with him and still alive (as Spring Bonnie), he lures her to the back and kills her, stuffing her body inside the Chica animatronic. Jeremy was next, as he lured him to the back, killed him, and stuffed him inside of Bonnie. Gabriel was the next one to be lured to the back, as he was murdered and stuffed into Freddy. Fritz was lured and murdered next and stuffed into Foxy. With each death, he was less and less cautious, culminating in a ruthless death with his final victim, Cassidy. He threw a bag over her head and hit her with a shovel until she died. She would not forget her violent death, and William hid her body in the Fredbear suit backstage. The Puppet then gives life to the animatronics, guiding the spirits of the dead children to inhabit them. Cassidy inhabited the Fredbear suit with Crying Child. Unlike Crying Child, she can see through the suit, and creates a ghostlike projection of the Fredbear suit to move around in a sense, creating the ghostlike entity Golden Freddy. Customer complaints started to come in of the animatronics leaking blood and mucus. After an investigation, it was discovered that the five children were murdered by someone wearing a mascot costume. Henry, suspecting William, sees him arrested, but all the evidence is circumstantial at best, and he’s let free. Henry, knowing better deep down, cuts ties with the man and they go their separate ways. Due to the murders, he has the safe rooms sealed away so that children cannot be taken back to them and murdered. Henry closes down Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza eventually due to bad press.
With the closing of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, William sees an opportunity. Why not open his own business while at the same time satisfying his own murderous thirst? Thus, he got to work in his underground bunker. Using the technology of the Nightmare animatronics as a base, he upgraded their technology. While upgrading them, he still used them in the Nightmare project involving Michael. And he gave them all the tools needed to lure and capture children, and distract adults, even keeping their sound illusion discs. These would be the Funtime Animatronics, and they would be used in an establishment known as Circus Baby's Pizza World. The main stars were Circus Baby, based on his loyal daughter Elizabeth, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Funtime Chica, and Ballora (based on his late wife), with side characters including the Bidybabs, Minireenas, and a character known as Balloon Boy (which explains Nightmare Balloon Boy). It was all set to open after a year of planning, but on its first day, Elizabeth got too close to Baby when nobody else was around, and despite her father’s warnings, she was pulled into Baby's torso, and violently killed. William, discovering this, closed the establishment down, saying it was due to a gas leak. After closing down the establishment, he notices something off about Circus Baby, as her blue eyes became green, like Elizabeth’s. Was she still there? If that’s true, what about his victims? Putting this information in the back of his mind just in case, he keeps Baby and the other Funtimes underground in the bunker.
A new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza opens under Henry, without William’s involvement. The animatronics are based off the toy line and have built-in facial recognition software to detect criminals. The Toys consisted of Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Toy Foxy (who would eventually become Mangle), with secondary characters including The Puppet, a repurposed Balloon Boy, and his new counterpart JJ. The old Freddy’s animatronics were also taken here to be used for parts. William catches wind of this and is upset that Henry is trying to cut him out of their work. No. No matter how many times they opened, he would always come back. Was Henry hoping for this? Was he hoping to catch him using the new technology? If that’s the case, it does not work. William takes the job of a day shift security guard and tampered with the animatronic’s facial recognition software. Then, using his Spring Bonnie suit, he killed five more children by luring them to the Parts and Services room. Nobody would suspect a thing because he was the one in charge of the cameras during the day. He didn’t even hide his victims this time, spreading them amongst the restaurant, just to rub it into Henry’s face; more blood on his hands. But after hours, he notices that the old animatronics are moving all on their own, guided by the Puppet. Connecting these details with those of Circus Baby, he contemplated if they really were haunted. Were they trying to stop him? Were they trying to save them? They can’t. It’s too late. The Puppet guides the souls of these new five victims into Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Balloon Boy, and JJ. (I honestly don’t know about Mangle. Several hints in the games elude to him being possessed by Susie’s dog. But one of them has to be excluded because there’s six animatronics and five kids. In UCN, Foxy [representing William] refers to them as “the dog,” so who knows? [Mangle also says that he needs to use the restroom, implying Foxy needs to let her out like a dog] I mean she does bite someone, but one thing at a time. I know people don’t like this theory that much, but it’s the best I have right now) This is also the first location we see the Shadow Animatronics, animatronic-looking beings completely composed of agony. (It’s unknown who the agony of these two belongs to, but there are two possibilities. The first is Shadow Freddy = Cassidy and Shadow Bonnie = Charlotte. The reasoning for this is their behavior. Shadow Freddy guides them to William later on and has the aggressive phrase “I will eat your soul” in FNaF World. This points to the idea that Shadow Freddy is after William. Shadow Bonnie appears more benevolent, helping the children and stopping people from gathering remnant [more on that later]. Helping kids while hindering William, like Charlotte. The second is Shadow Freddy = Crying Child and Shadow Bonnie = Cassidy. Now this one has to do with the technical terms of agony and how it operates, as one thing that effects it is legacy. When you consider how both of them died and the legacy of how these two children viewed the things related to their deaths [Crying Child getting bitten by Fredbear, and Cassidy being killed by Afton in the Spring Bonnie suit], it makes more sense when you think about it. Crying Child feared the Fredbear suit, connecting it with death. So Shadow Freddy would operate not only by how Crying Child saw Fredbear, but by Crying Child's own behavior. The phrase “I will eat your soul” feeding into how he viewed the Fredbear suit [his jaw is even broken in FNaF World] and him guiding the animatronics to the backroom because Crying Child would probably have known where it was. With Cassidy, she saw Spring Bonnie as kind and benevolent until he eventually wasn’t, and this can be reflected in Shadow Bonnie, as he’s helpful to the kids and aggressive in certain instances. They could also be made of the agony of employees who died of springlock failures, but that’s fucking boring) The agony of these new killings also energizes the Paper Pals, as they sometimes move throughout the building, as well as a random endoskeleton. After these murders occurred, the building goes on lockdown and it’s discovered that someone used a yellow suit in the back to kill more children. Before the place closes down, they schedule one more birthday party, where the then night guard Jeremy Fitzgerald gets moved to the day shift and gets his frontal lobe bitten off by Mangle. He miraculously survives. That’s the final nail in the coffin, as the establishment would close down forever after that day. However, Michael (who is at least 18 now) takes the last night shift duty under the fake name “Fritz Smith” to do some digging on what’s going on. He finds out too much however, and tries to tamper with the animatronics in an attempt to free the souls of the dead children. Fazbear Entertainment is onto this however, and fires him to discredit him. He gets fired for tampering with the animatronics, and they even throw in the silly excuse of “odor” to find more of a reason. The second Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closes down, the Toy Animatronics get retired for safety reasons, and the old animatronics are set to be reused in the old establishment for the sake of budget.
The third Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza opens, reusing the same restaurant from ‘83. This location only consists of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate, these versions being remodeled versions of the animatronics from ‘83. Due to the bad history around Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, not many visit the location during its years of operation. Due to the very slow business, the restaurant slowly dies. But during '93, Michael worked as a security guard under the name of “Mike Schmidt,” continuing his quest to undo his father’s heinous misdeeds. He eventually gets fired for similar reasons as his time in the ‘87 location. At this location, he receives a logbook of which he would write in from time to time, keeping it with him for quite some time. Sometimes, Cassidy and Crying Child would communicate with each other, and their paranormal presence would show via writings and alterations in the logbook. He would even relive the trauma he experienced at the hands of the Nightmares in the form of actual nightmares. (Explaining Phone Guys voice being heard in FNaF 4) After the location closes down and starts to show its age, William returns, ready to perform some tests. After coming to the conclusion that the animatronics are in fact haunted, he considered the implications, and what he could do with this knowledge. If a soul could inhabit metal, is that soul essentially living forever? Is there a way to harness the special properties of this haunted metal? Maybe he could live forever. Could he bring his family back to life? Perhaps he and his family could live forever together. Could he put them all back together? He went to work. Breaking into the abandoned building, he reopened the sealed off safe room, and waited for any animatronics that were looking for him to come close. Shadow Freddy guided them to where he was, but their programming in regard to the safe room wouldn’t allow them to come close, allowing Afton to dismantle them when they least expect it. Every night, he would dismantle another animatronic, and melt down their endoskeletons to create a molten substance. He called it “remnant,” the term for when soul and metal fuse; a combination of the living and nonliving. He would then experiment with this substance on the Funtime Animatronics, creating a device known as the Scooper to fill them with remnant. And it was a success, they came to life, though it wasn’t exactly like how Baby was alive. The other Funtimes weren’t all there, while Baby was more collected. It wasn’t true possession, and each injection of remnant didn’t contain the full soul of each child, but rather some of each soul’s essence. He would then inject himself with some of this remnant in hopes that he would achieve eternal life. Did it work? Only time would tell. On the final night, while looking for more remnant for more research, the ghosts of the dead children confronted him, with Cassidy leading the charge. But he had a plan in a situation like this, for he brought his old suit with him. He figured that with the suit, he would have power over them. But due to the water from the old, dripping ceiling, and the age of the suit, the springlocks snap shut, killing him? Henry, knowing of this one way or another, has the reopened safe room boarded up, trapping him in there for 30 years. But little did anybody know, William Afton was not dead. The remnant coursing through his veins kept him alive, but he is now forever fused with his beloved suit, becoming Springtrap. Henry, coming upon his experiments with remnant and the Funtimes, understood what he did with them and to himself and began to devise a plan, one that would bring them all in one place and be freed, ending all the suffering. This plan takes decades to put together.
A horror attraction based on the horrific events connected to the many locations of Fazbear Entertainment opens, known as Fazbear’s Frights. Michael applies for a job here because the spirits are not yet freed for some reason and hopes he can find remnants of the past to help. To his horror, he discovers that his father is still alive, found by other employees of the attraction thinking they bagged a real animatronic. Michael now sees why they have not been freed yet. Their justice has not been had; their murder not yet avenged. Their murderer is still alive. Michael stays working at the attraction, preparing his father’s demise, all the while fending off his father and the hallucinations he can create of Michael’s past experiences in the form of the Phantom Animatronics. While that’s going on, the spirits, led by Charlotte, plan to free themselves and give Crying Child the party he never had after becoming aware of Michael’s intentions. She does this by communicating to him in a form he’s comfortable with, that of the Fredbear plush he once had. After putting the pieces in place. They await Springtrap's demise. Michael burns the establishment down, but before the place fully goes up in smoke, Springtrap informs Michael that Elizabeth is in the underground bunker, and that she needs to be reminded of who she really is. She has to be “put back together” in a sense and regain her memories. After the place burns down, the children have their Happiest Day, ready to return to the afterlife. Crying Child is freed, finally having his party, yet the others aren’t able to go with him. Their bodies are still bound because traces of their souls are still within the Funtime animatronics. Not just that, but Afton is still alive, as the attempt to burn him down with the attraction was shoddy. Now Cassidy was alone in Golden Freddy, as if William hadn’t taken enough from her already. First was her gruesome death, then the second string of murders, then their inability to move on, and now she lost the one she had the strongest bond with. Getting angrier and angrier, she comes to the conclusion that the release of death is too good for someone like Afton.
Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental is a business that Afton opened after injecting the Funtimes with remnant. With this service, the Funtime animatronics could be rented to many places to collect children for more remnant while he continued to scour around the abandoned Freddy’s for more. A client of this rental service is Chica’s Party World, starring the rented out Funtime Chica, never getting the chance to get filled with remnant. Michael becomes an employee here to help Baby remember that she is Elizabeth, and free her. While Baby does know he’s Michael, the others think he’s William and try to kill him, due to the remnant of the dead children within them. (The remnant of Cassidy may also be a reason for the existence of Yenndo, with them possibly being a ghostlike projection caused by Cassidy’s remnant within the Funtimes) After some time, Baby does remember who she truly is, and due to the love of her father and Baby’s murderous programming having already corrupted her soul, she looks to make her father proud. Merging with Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Ballora over the course of Michael’s time there, they become Ennard, and scoop Michael to escape the bunker by using him as a flesh suit, being planned since Michael got there. When they see his body has decayed too much, they eject themselves from him and flee into the sewer. Miraculously however, Michael survives, due to leftover remnant on the Scooper filling him. Sometime later, a disagreement between Baby and the other Funtimes has her booted from the Ennard collective, forming two entities: Scrap Baby and Molten Freddy. While that’s happening, Afton rebuilds as much of himself as he can with whatever’s in the burned remains of the attraction, becoming Scraptrap.
Henry’s plan of ending everything finally comes to fruition, one he hoped would end everything: a fake pizzeria, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. A location with a ventilation system, complete with sealable shafts and a self-igniting system built into the floors that can activate at the push of a button. Two inventions of his were essential in this plan: R.A.S.C., a device that went about the vents playing audio as a means to distract, and L.E.F.T.E (Lefty), a bear animatronic/capturing device meant to pacify and capture the Puppet within itself. He had someone helping him, but they were killed by Scrap Baby. Michael takes the open position, and assists in trapping Scrap Baby, Molten Freddy, Scraptrap, and Lefty in the ventilation system. With everything set, Henry, Michael, and the targets succumb to the fire. Henry dies, the remnant within Michael dissipates, killing him, and the remnant within Molten Freddy dissipates, freeing the souls of four of the dead children. Afton should have died, the remnant within him dissipating, but Cassidy intervenes. She believes at this point that death is too good for Afton, and so, attaches her soul to his. She then spends her time torturing Afton while he’s trapped in an endless nightmare of her design. The Puppet, whose goal is to prevent Afton from doing more evil, does not move on either. Yet with her charred body, she’s helpless, immobile. Baby does succumb to the fire, yet her soul finds a way to remain. (More on that later).
After Henry’s death, Fazbear Entertainment goes from a corporation to an LLC. And with the change in structure comes a change in management. (This next part may ruffle up some feathers, so get ready) Afton, before his death (possibly during the remnant experiments), creates robotic versions of his children, each being in a different stage of life. He starts with Elizabeth, creating four versions of her (Child, Teen, Adult, Middle-Aged) He worked on Crying Child next, but never finished, only creating a robot child version of him. Elizabeth inhabits the Middle-Aged robot and assumes control of the Fazbear Entertainment LLC as the new CEO. Remembering what happened in the fire of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place, she devises a plan. She activates two Elizabeth robots, the teen (Vanny), and the adult (Vanessa) (possibly using William’s agony to energize them), and has them live normal lives, not knowing what they really are, all to set them as chess pieces in the grand plan. She then returns to the burnt Pizza Place and finds Afton and Lefty. She traps Charlotte’s soul in the youngest Elizabeth bot and sees that she is unable to do anything, trapping her. She then tends to her father and tries to revive him. She has a plan. She has an indie developer devise four games based on the events throughout Freddy’s history, and make it seem as if he made up most of what gave Fazbear Entertainment its bad reputation. (They give him a fake family composed of Staff Bots using illusion discs. These discs also give him nightmares [That the CEO wants him to see because the nightmares tell the actual events] that influence what he puts in the game) She then has Silver Parasol Games make a virtual reality game meant to poke fun at these “made up events” to help revive its reputation. But that’s not all. She had circuit boards, ones that were energized by William’s agony. She gave them to the company so that they would use them for the game, creating the digital entity Glitchtrap, a manifestation of his murderous legacy bent on restoring Afton. Glitchtrap then takes over the minds of Vanessa and Vanny so that they become reluctant followers. Cassidy, being aware of this, tries to put a stop to it by entering Fazbear Entertainment’s systems as the C-Virus, which enters the VR game. The game then gets released, and with Fazbear Entertainment’s reputation being restored enough, the CEO gets to work constructing a new restaurant, bigger and better than ever before. This would be the Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, built over the abandoned Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. The Pizzaplex now has new animatronics, the Glamrock Animatronics (Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Bonnie, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf, the Daycare Attendant, and DJ Music Man) that get infected by the Glitchtrap virus, allowing them to serve William’s needs. In order to live again, he needs bodies for more remnant, so a plan is devised. Vanny would act as the new murderer, while Vanessa would act as a security guard to cover for her. They also create a secret path from the Pizzaplex to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place to tend to Afton, using Glamrock Freddy to clear the path. While down there however, Michael's soul inhabit’s Glamrock Freddy. Glamrock Bonnie gets destroyed by Monty, as some of his parts are used to mend and repair Afton’s body. The CEO also has the robot Crying Child (Gregory) activated (again, probably with William’s agony), alongside a new Special Delivery service, with the secret purpose of sending Glitchtrap-infected animatronics to the house of anyone who catches onto their plans, with Gregory being the one who sends them out. He’s also the one who acts like a normal kid and lures the victims for Vanny to kill, and is the one who infected them with Glitchtrap. Vanessa, still having a bit of reluctance, takes therapy (Patient 71). Gregory does to, to make sure none of the therapists get close to any information that can ruin Afton and Elizabeth’s plans (Patient 46). Cassidy, trying to undo their plans, inhabiting the Princess Quest arcade cabinets and becomes the titular Princess character. Charlotte, in her new body, is trapped in a secret room within the Pizzaplex, guarded by endoskeletons. One day, she manages to escape and encounters Gregory while in his secret Post-It room. While there, she snaps Gregory out of their control, while they draw about past memories, even telling him that “He is Afton family.” Before leaving him and fully snapping him out of his delusion, leaving him to think that he’s just some kid, she leaves him with this message: “Break and mend, I built the breath. They hunt now, drawn to life. Not real, still keen. And frit and fraught with thought and zest and gest no blunt woes. Dodge, duck, flash, shoot, crawl, run, crush the vile band. Cry not, try not, do not hold out hope. Your life, your aim, will save those with soul.” This essentially means: “I was the one who gave life to the broken. The Glamrock Animatronics will hunt you now, though not alive, they are controlled. Using all your skills, destroy the animatronics. You and our plan will save lives.” With that, Gregory wakes up, fulfilling the plan without actually knowing it, as if it was drilled into the back of his mind by Charlotte. While Glamrock Freddy performs with the others, he sees Gregory, but Michael’s soul overrides Glitchtrap’s corruption and he crashes. Waking up with Gregory inside him, they interact and team up to get Gregory out of the Pizzaplex. During their time there, Gregory destroys the animatronics and gives their parts to Glamrock Freddy while avoiding Vanessa and Vanny. Knowing that more disappearances will happen if he leaves, Gregory teams up with Glamrock Freddy to face off against Glitchtrap deep below the Pizzaplex. In the remains of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaplex, Glamrock Freddy slowly remembers who he is. Down there, they face off against Afton (now Burntrap), the Shattered Glamrocks, and the Blob (After the fire in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place, the remnant dissipated within Molten Freddy, but the agony left behind by them continued to energize the creature. It snuck around the Pizzaplex, adding parts from old animatronics from Rockstar Row that still contain agony to itself, eventually becoming the Blob). After Gregory and Glamrock Freddy burn the place down again, Afton tries to escape but the Blob finds him and drags him up to the ceiling.
Ruin Speculation
It’s likely that after the fire, the Blob tries to add Afton to itself, only for Afton to take control of the Blob instead, becoming a giant amalgamation of parts. He then possibly captures and infects Glamrock Freddy and captures Gregory, and it’s up to Charlotte (in the child Elizabeth robot) to stop this once and for all (hopefully).

If you have questions, be absolutely free to let me know.
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2023.03.11 07:08 Snartles My Glamrock Foxy and Bonnie designs in the Fazerblast style from a bit ago! Always fun working with this kind of artstyle!

My Glamrock Foxy and Bonnie designs in the Fazerblast style from a bit ago! Always fun working with this kind of artstyle! submitted by Snartles to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2023.03.10 23:43 TailiaCProd Complete List of all the Recipes in the OFFICIAL COOKBOOK + Yet again, new preview!

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2023.03.09 09:03 Dragomuse Security Breach animatronics could be scary

I think the game should have set "missions" where the animatronics become dangerous. To solidify that change. They become not only cruel but more animalistic. Outside these missions. The animatronics are safe. Even as friendly as Freddy. Also, scrap the staff bots.
I'll start with Monty
Monty is an alligator. The way alligators hunt is that they ambush. An alligator will wait until the prey is in striking distance and lunge at it. Keep this in mind. One of his missions takes place in Gator Golf. Maybe there is a mission similar to DJ music man. You need to flip a few switches to activate the stage so you can do something. Yay. Meanwhile, you are locked in Gator Golf. All while Monty is stalking you.
Monty would use the ball pits to hide. Waiting for Gregory to get close before he lunges out at the kid. Giving very little time to react. To survive you need to listen for growls and breathing when you don't see Monty. While also not confusing the ambient growls from the decor as Monty. The loop would be. Check cameras for where the switch may be. Plan a path. Look for Monty on camera. If you see him. Plan accordingly. If you don't. Keep your ears open. Maybe he would have a sound cue to let you know he gave up and is exploring again. I think this incorporates FNAF 4 gameplay into the mix without just being a copy. As you do need to listen, but the method is different. So Monty isn't broken, but also not useless. Monty Golf is still pretty big, and I'm scrapping Staff Bots. I'm having it so he teleports to whatever ball pit or hiding spot that is an adjacent room to the player. Preventing him from unfairly teleporting by Gregory, but still allowing him to be a looming threat. Of course, if looked at on cameras or by Gregory he can't just vanish.
Yes, I did say hiding spots too. While there aren't many that can work to hide him realistically. (Hell even the ball pit is pushing it) I think the idea of him being able to lunge out of photobooths or lockers is terrifying. I don't think there's any in Gator Golf, but its not like we can't have multiple animatronics combine gimmicks as the mission progresses in scope.
Maybe the missions would be set up so you wouldn't know when the "event" started. Have it so the initial part of the mission has you going between Gatot Golf, Bonnie Bowl, and The daycare theater. While mazercise fucking sucks. I do think Silent Hill type puzzles. Where you need to explore to find clues and items to solve puzzles is a good idea. Just....don't do mazercise.
And I did not realize how much I would write. So tell me what you all think. Would this make security breach scary for you? Or at the very least tense? My main goal is to have the glamrocks be threatening even before shattered.
I'll use the feedback when I'm working on Vanny, Vanessa, Chica, Roxy, and even Freddy.
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2023.03.07 06:27 CharmingSet1683 I'm confused about what I should do

what should I draw?
glamrock freddy w. golden freddy music man w. freddy w. bonnie ennard
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2023.03.06 19:18 Snartles My Glamrock Designs that have circulated around the place! Did the Bonnie one way back for one of Dawko's Security Breach videos!

My Glamrock Designs that have circulated around the place! Did the Bonnie one way back for one of Dawko's Security Breach videos! submitted by Snartles to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2023.03.05 23:03 kazekatt My Glamrock Bonnie design (character cut-out style)

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2023.03.05 22:35 CartoonieartStudios Glamrock Bonnie

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