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Farmers - One who cultivates a farm; a husbandman (large or small)

2012.11.08 01:31 lajaw Farmers - One who cultivates a farm; a husbandman (large or small)

One who cultivates a farm; a husbandman

2013.10.16 06:45 achilleshightops blackmagic pocket/micro cinema camera

This is where everything and anything related to BlackMagic Design's Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC), Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC), Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K), Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (BMPCC 6K) and Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro (BMPCC 6K Pro) will be posted.

2015.08.20 08:56 critropolitan Fiction too brief to follow a conventional structure.

We encourage scenes and vignettes of evocative, poignant, or amusing quality. Keep them short - a brief paragraph, a couple of sentences, or even a single poignant sentence. “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn” - a six word 'novel' by Ernest Hemingway serving as an example of extremely short fiction.

2023.03.21 11:21 Icy-Conflict-3942 Best Automatic Lead Generation Tool Why are automated lead generation tools so popular? LeadFoxy Tool

Automatic lead generation tools have become increasingly popular because they provide small businesses with a simple and effective way to generate leads and grow their customer base. These tools use sophisticated algorithms and data analysis to identify potential customers and engage with them in a personalized way, which can result in higher conversion rates and increased sales. Automatic lead generation tools can also save businesses time and resources by automating repetitive tasks, such as lead nurturing and follow-up, and providing real-time data and insights to help businesses make data-driven decisions. Additionally, automatic lead generation tools can scale with the business, allowing small businesses to grow and expand their customer base without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness.

Best Automatic Lead Generation Tool : LeadFoxy

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2023.03.21 11:20 Pure_Economics_4931 Best Lead Generation strategies In Digital Marketing Best Lead Generation Website LeadFoxy Website

Lead generation strategies in digital marketing involve leveraging various online channels and tactics to attract, engage, and convert potential customers into leads. These strategies may include creating compelling content, optimizing websites for search engines, running targeted advertising campaigns, using social media to build relationships and engage with followers, and leveraging email marketing to nurture leads and drive sales. By combining these strategies and tactics, businesses can create a holistic approach to lead generation that reaches their target audience at every stage of the buyer journey. Effective lead generation strategies in digital marketing require a deep understanding of the target audience and a commitment to continuous testing and optimization to improve results over time.

Best Lead Generation Website : LeadFoxy

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2023.03.21 11:20 Puzzled-Shock1944 Best Lead Generation Tool For Small Business Best Lead Generation Tool LeadFoxy Tool

Lead generation tools are essential for small businesses as they provide effective and efficient ways to identify, track, and engage potential customers. These tools can help automate and streamline the lead generation process, allowing small businesses to save time and resources while still reaching a wider audience. From email marketing platforms to social media management tools, lead generation tools can help small businesses to create and execute targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience. By leveraging these tools, small businesses can improve their overall marketing effectiveness and achieve their sales and revenue goals.

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2023.03.21 11:19 Creative_Radish_1210 3 things that can affect markets today 💜

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2023.03.21 11:19 nazluffy How to offer for a house? Pre-approval and negotiation questions.

Hi everyone,
I've been actively looking for a house in Sydney and have put down an offer, but I'm still not sure how the process works. I have two main questions that I hope some of you can help me with.

My broker submitted the application to the bank for pre-approval about 3-4 weeks ago, but we still haven't received our pre-approval yet. Our broker guarantees that we can make any offer and bring back the signed contract of sale, after which he can push the bank to process our application straight away. My question is: isn't that too risky? My broker said that St. George only works on applications that need final approval, so our application keeps getting pushed back. Should we still make an offer and sign a contract even though we don't have the pre-approval yet?

The offer
We've been putting down offers for houses, but they keep getting overbid. My question is: how does the offenegotiation process work? From my understanding, we offer over the phone/paper, and the agent brings all the offers to the vendors. Assuming the vendor picks the highest offer, will the agent call us back for negotiation? My plan was to offer low and then negotiate higher, but what if we don't have a chance to negotiate in this market? How do we trust the agent, assuming that they come back and say that they have a higher offer?

Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.21 11:19 ctlw_23 As psionic clone army ascendant, is eater of the world worth it?

3.7 brings a change to its effect by increasing naval capcity, fire rate (around 7-15%) and army damage (25-50%) which varies depending on the progress you have made.
Say, I got a RP as full militarized game (Fanatic Militarism+spiritual+clone army ascendant). I chose to form convenant with eater of the world in kind of a late midgame. I bullied former overpowered empire (who had about 6 vassals but no one loved him so everybody just joined the rebels via secret fealty) before the formation so my fleets were stronger than everyone. Then one year passed. And then came the punishing bonus , +100% army upkeep and +100% ship upkeep if not at war brought my economy from credit gain of 1k to -2k, alloy from +400 to -144, etc. I really didn't want to declare war and conquered everybody because it would be lonely in late game (I prefer still seeing everybody around) but my treasury would be gone in like 3 years without declaring war to someone for sure.
So, in your opinion, is it really worth it to form the convenant?
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2023.03.21 11:19 TouyaK1999 Omori and Creed 3: "You can't run from your past"

"You can't run from your past"
After looking at Creed 3's movie poster tagline and understanding the story, I found that the movie and Omori have a similar main theme: overcoming guilt. Creed 3 managed to convey the struggle of forgiving ourselves and showed some parallels that really reminded me of Omori.
Seeing Adonis "Donnie" Creed and Damian Anderson's relationship reminded me of Sunny and Basil's friendship after Mari's death. The two stories started on the premise of how covering up the crime of one's best friend lead to a broken friendship. At the aftermath of both coverups, one of them gets to live their dreams (figuratively and literally) while the other is left alone to face the harsh reality after covering up the other's crime. Sunny became a shut-in for four years, living in a dream world where everything is okay and Mari never died. Meanwhile, Basil was left alone with overwhelming guilt over the coverup of their crime and faced bullying due to the constant anxiety he displayed from surpressing his guilt.
In Creed 3, Donnie and Damian once lived together in a group home where they bonded and became best friends. However, they also lived together with an abusive caregiver named Leon. One day, Donnie and Damian met Leon and his friends in front of a liquor store. They got into an argument that escalated into a brawl after Donnie punched Leon. In a moment of panic, Damian pulled out a gun just as policemen arrived to stop their brawl. Everyone, including Donnie, managed to run away while Damian got send to prison. Damian took the fall for Donnie and went to prison for 15 years. However, Donnie never checked on Damian during his time in prison and instead lived the dream that Damian was aiming for: becoming a legendary boxer.
When he was released from prison, Damian used his connection with Donnie to get him a boxing fight for the world heavyweight title. However, after Damian won the title, it turned out that he only wanted to spite Donnie for abandoning him by telling the world just how much of a fraud he is for letting him rot in prison. Damian felt betrayed by Donnie because he took a fall for Donnie's crime and yet he left him alone in prison for 15 years while Donnie got to enjoy his life as a legendary boxer.
Damian's anger towards Donnie's abandonment of him paralleled Basil's feeling of being betrayed by Sunny. After Basil covered up Mari's death as suicide, they promised each other to always be there for one another. However Sunny chose to indulge in escapism as Basil was left alone to deal with the aftermath of their coverup. When they finally met again after four years, Basil's slowly deteriorating mental health finally snapped after he learned that Sunny will leave him soon.
Fortunately, Donnie only got a blackeye from Damian's heavyweight punch while Sunny got his eye gouged out from Basil's garden shears.
There is even sort of truth sequence in Creed 3 where Donnie opened up to his wife, Bianca, on how his friendship with Damian got strained. It turns out that during Damian's time in prison, Donnie lived with a new caregiver named Mary. Mary hide away the letters that Damian had been sending to Donnie for 15 years because she thought that Damian was a bad influence for him. This was why Donnie never bothered to check on Damian because he thought Damian never bothered to contact him in the first place. It was also revealed that Donnie was ridden with immense guilt because he felt that Damian's arrest was his fault. He even tried blocking out the memory of Damian's arrest by not contacting him during those 15 years.
Donnie trying to block out his memory behind Damian's arrest because of the guilt he felt from it parallels what happened to Sunny after Mari's death. For four years, Sunny avoided any form of reminders that Mari is dead by holing up in his house. However, Sunny and Donnie got a wake up call to remember their respective truths. Sunny finally stepping out of his home and see how Mari's death affected his friend group. Meanwhile, Donnie finally remembered the truth of Damian's arrest after seeing Damian, his best friend, became bitter and despised him because his guilt prevented him to be there for Damian during his time in prison.
Finally, Omori and Creed 3's peak moment is Sunny and Donnie overcoming their respective guilt. Just like Sunny's final battle with Omori, the penultimate moment of Creed 3 is Donnie's boxing fight against Damian. Moments leading up to their fight, Damian really channeled his inner Omori and tells the world just how much of an awful person Donnie is and how Apollo Creed (legendary boxer and Donnie's father) would have been ashamed of him. Omori did that too against Sunny when he berrated him and told him that Sunny's friends would only hate him once they know the reason behind Sunny's guilt.
Donnie's fight symbolyzes his complicated feelings he had over what happened to him and Damian: shame and guilt over abandoning his best friend and taking away what could have been Damian's career as a pro boxer because he got imprisoned. Donnie's fight mirrors Sunny's feeling towards how he took away his friends' happiness and the future that they could have with Mari. Finally Donnie persisted and overcome his fear and guilt over what happened to Damian, just like the Duet moment where Sunny finally forgive himself.
At the end of the movie, Donnie and Damian finally reconciled and forgive each other. In Omori, Sunny managed to forgive himself and tried to reconnect with his friends by telling them the true reason behind Mari's death.
Both Omori and Creed 3's protagonists managed to forgive themselves over the guilt they suffered for years. The parallels between this movie and Omori managed to challenge the stereotype that fighters, especially boxers, are hardened men with no emotional baggage. Overall, you should definitely give Creed 3 a try if you are a fan of boxing and Omori.
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2023.03.21 11:18 Polar-Fuchs Looking for similar games 🎮

Hello everybody
Currently I feel like there are no "good" games anymore like there were "back in the days". This is why I thought I ask reddit.
Games I liked and wish to find something similar (Metroidvanian, Puzzle, Exploration, Platforming, Humor):
Journey to a savage Planet
Supraland (waiting for the DLC's to drop on consoles)
The outer Wilds
High on Life
The Stanley Parable
Quantum Conandrum
Portal 1+2
Games I liked and wish to find something similar (Story, Setting, World):
Fallout Series
The Elder Scrolls Series
Bully Scholarship Edition
We happy Few
Fable Series
Overlord 1+2
Call of Cuthulhu
Life is Strange Series
Ofcoure I played a lot more (170+ games) but those are the ones I really enjoyed the most.
Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
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2023.03.21 11:17 alexaxl Seek: Backpack & Case Designs/ Packing Ideas/ Hacks to ease/ optimize the "Full Electronics Unpack & Spread" required at certain airports

Seek: Backpack & Case Designs/ Packing Ideas/ Hacks to ease/ optimize the "Full Electronics Unpack & Spread" required at certain airports
Recently started travel after long & noticed that in addition to my:
I also have to remove all electronics at airports:
What kinda Design/ Packing hacks have you used/ suggest to make this easie smoothe less hassled?
What I've notices so far, and seek more and different examples / variations on:
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2023.03.21 11:17 MatchDigi Match LB-Link 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switches

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2023.03.21 11:17 Ralfop Bright Eyes Book LED Light The sale of the century is upon you! Grab your Bright Eyes Book LED Light before they are all sold out! The clock is ticking until this sale is over! This fun little book light is perfect for kids’ desks, nightstands, and even in office settings. It’s a great reading

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2023.03.21 11:16 sneakinhysteria Vinted sides with counterfeit product sellers - I had enough of them

Quite surprised how little fucks Vinted gives about enabling organised crime by siding with counterfeit sellers.
I bought an Apple MagSafe phone case from someone in the Netherlands and it first seemed ok. After a few days I started to become suspicious due to the poorer quality compared to my other cases and it turns out, it’s a convincing but still fake product.
Messaged the seller, they responded rude and immediately blocked me.
Vinted doesn’t care because 48hrs passed. Reported seller and Vinted to police, Vinted just said good that I did.
After many poor experiences and the fact that I always end up out of pocket for return shipping when sellers fuck up, I’m not using Vinted again.
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2023.03.21 11:16 atomrandy Approaching 1 year of being undercharged for parking. Best course of a action/chances I get to keep the excess money?

I’m curious how others would handle this situation. I signed an apartment lease 11 months ago (15 month lease) which offered parking services through a 3rd party via an attached garage with a flat rate of $150 per month. If you began parking after the 15th, you’d receive a 50% pro-rated discount for the first month. Knowing this, I strategically moved on on the 16th and received a $75 discount month one.
Each month since month one I’ve received an invoice for $150, a 50% discount, leaving my monthly owed amount at $75. I’ve double/triple checked the paperwork and this prorated amount clearly only applied to the first month, so I can only assume this to be a mistake on the parking services end.
Having setup autopay, I’ve paid the total invoiced amount each month ($75), leaving a $0 outstanding balance. I’ve tracked/budgeted as if I’ve spent the full $150 and put the excess money aside in a HYSA incase they ultimately ask for it back.
Looking into the future, whats the likelihood of the parking company noticing this mistake and requiring me to pay the missing amount? I’m willing to pay it should they request it, but I’m not going to take the initiative to point out their mistake with the off chance I get to pocket the difference. Thoughts on the best long term plan here?
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2023.03.21 11:15 Fluid-Impression-811 Property valuation firm in Dubai

Contact Vardhman to Buy villa in UAE and Property valuation firm in Dubai! Investing in commercial real estate Luxury penthouses for sale Dubai might imply a variety of things. You may construct a tiny mini-storage facility or invest in a group of vacant warehouses in an office building, a small mall, or even in an industrial park. Each of these properties requires a different set of skills to lease, but in the end, commercial real estate typically has better values than residential property and frequently commands higher rents. https://www.vardhmanrealty.ae/properties-for-buy/dubai/villa
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2023.03.21 11:15 alexaxl Seek: Backpack & Case Designs/ Packing Ideas/ Hacks to ease/ optimize the "Full Electronics Unpack & Spread" required at certain airports

Seek: Backpack & Case Designs/ Packing Ideas/ Hacks to ease/ optimize the "Full Electronics Unpack & Spread" required at certain airports
Recently started travel after long & noticed that in addition to my:
I also have to remove all electronics at airports:
What kinda Design/ Packing hacks have you used/ suggest to make this easie smoothe less hassled?
What I've notices so far, and seek more and different examples / variations on:
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2023.03.21 11:15 sold_myfortune Freebies and promos in IT after Covid - is anyone getting those now?

So I'm wondering how much free stuff is being given away by IT companies these days to get people to buy their software, services, etc.
I know in the .com era it was actually tough for IT managers in big metro areas to pay for meals and they could be wined and dined by salespeople pretty much every night if they wanted. I scored a few nice steak dinners just to talk to recruiters back then and give them the inside scoop on who might be hiring at big companies I was working at.
That seemed to slow down for a while, then picked back up. Around 2013 I started working for a big company that had gone through some corruption scandals so we were forced to turn down any gifts with value over $10. That included all meals and even tickets to six flags, etc that I was offered just to listen to sales pitches. No fun there.
Then covid happened and everything shut down. Now there's a lot of companies that insist on back to the office etc but I'm wondering if they're still trying to do all sales calls over Zoom or have the software and SaaS salespeople gone back to setting up expensive meals and wine and cigars for IT managers with budget to spend?
So what about it IT Directors and execs, has anyone tried to buy your loyalty lately with some free rounds of golf or maybe a technical conference that just happens to be at Disneyworld?
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2023.03.21 11:13 Rahul1499 Realme C55 launching in India today - RecycleDevice Blog

Realme C55 launching in India today - RecycleDevice Blog
Latest Realme C55
Roundup of the Realme C55: Estimated Pricing in India, Online Launch Event Streaming Instructions, Specs, and More
On March 21, the Realme C55 is scheduled to go on sale in India. The forthcoming smartphone is covered in the following information.
Introduction of the Realme C55 in India: What You Should Know On March 21, the Realme C55 will debut as one of India's new low-cost smartphones. The phone's design has leaked ahead of time.
Realme C55 India Launch Set For March 21
The Realme C55 will go on sale in India on March 21 according to Realme's announcement. In Indonesia, the device made its debut on the world stage earlier this month.
Realme C55 Price In India
The realme C55 is anticipated to cost 13,390 in India. The realme C55 is anticipated to launch on March 21, 2023. There will be several colour options for the mobile.
Status Upcoming (Confirmed)
Expected Price Rs. 13390
Expected Launch Date 21st March 2023
Updated On 21st March 2023
Disclaimer: The price and release date shown may be different from the actual product. We cannot guarantee that the above information is 100% correct.

Realme C55 Details

Display, Design, and Security
The 6.72-inch Full HD+ display on the Realme C55 supports a resolution of 1080x2400 pixels. The smartphone's screen has a 20:9 aspect ratio for a bigger viewing area, and it has a pixel density of 392 pixels per inch (PPI). The variant likewise has an IPS LCD display screen with a maximum brightness of 680nits. This phone supports face unlock using the selfie camera and features a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for security. The model comes in three different colour schemes: Sun Shower, Rainy Night, and Rainforest.
Performance, Storage, and Triple Camera
Realme's smartphone is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Helio G88 CPU, 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM, and 128GB of internal storage that can be expanded to 1TB using a dedicated memory slot. The smartphone's operating system is Realme UI, which was created on top of Android v13. A dual rear camera system on the phone with a 64MP primary sensor and a 2MP depth lens is in charge of taking pictures. The phone sports an 8MP camera on the front for taking selfies, recording movies, and making video calls.
Battery, Fast Charging, and Connectivity
The 5,000mAh battery in the Realme C55 supports 30W fast charging via the USB Type-C connection. Wi-Fi with ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz, Bluetooth 5.2, Mobile Hotspot, 4G VoLTE, GPS, and A-GPS with GLONASS are among the smartphone's connectivity features. The smartphone also has a light sensor, a proximity sensor, and an accelerometer.

Realme C55 Specifications


Processor Chipset MediaTek Helio G88
Rear Camera Dual (64MP + 2MP)
Internal Memory 128 GB
Screen Size 6.72 inches (17.07 cms)
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh


Chipset MediaTek Helio G88
No Of Cores 8 (Octa Core)
CPU 2GHz, Dual core, Cortex A751.8GHz, Hexa Core, Cortex A55
Architecture 64-bit
Fabrication 12 nm
Graphics Mali-G52 MC2


Height6.52 inches (165.6 mm)
Width2.99 inches (75.9 mm)
Thickness0.31 inches (7.8 mm)
Weight189.5 grams
ColorsSun Shower, Rainy Night, Rainforest
Screen UnlockFingerprint, Face unlock


Resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels
Aspect ratio 20:9
Display Type IPS LCD
Size 6.72 inches (17.07 cms)
Bezel-less display Yes, with Punch-hole
Pixel Density 392 pixels per inch (ppi)
Brightness 680 nits
TouchScreen Yes, Capacitive, Multi-touch
Color Reproduction 16M Colors
Screen to body percentage 86.74 %


Rear camera setup Dual
Rear camera(Primary) 64 MP resolution
Rear camera(Secondary) 2 MP resolutionDepth lens
Front camera setup Single
Front camera(Primary) 8 MP resolution
Flash LED Rear flash
Video Resolution(Rear) 1920x1080 @ 30 fps1280x720 @ 30 fps
Camera Features Auto FlashAuto FocusFace detectionTouch to focus
Shooting Modes Continuous ShootingHigh Dynamic Range mode (HDR)


Type Li-Polymer
Capacity 5000 mAh
Removable No
Fast Charging Yes, Super VOOC, 33W
Charging speed 50 % in 29 minutes (claimed by Brand)
Wireless Charging No


Internal Memory 128 GB
Memory type eMMC 5.1
Expandable Memory Yes, microSD, Up to 1 TB (Dedicated)


Operating System Android v13
Custom UI Realme UI


SIM Configuration Dual SIMSIM1: NanoSIM2: Nano
Network SIM1: 4GSIM2: 4G
SIM1 Bands4G: TD-LTE 2600(band 38) / 2300(band 40) / 2500(band 41) ; FD-LTE 2100(band 1) / 1800(band 3) / 900(band 8) / 850(band 5)
SIM2 Bands4G: TD-LTE 2600(band 38) / 2300(band 40) / 2500(band 41) ; FD-LTE 2100(band 1) / 1800(band 3) / 900(band 8) / 850(band 5)
Voice over LTE(VoLTE) Yes
Wi-Fi Yes, with ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz
Wi-fi features Mobile Hotspot
Bluetooth Bluetooth v5.2
USB USB Type-C, Mass storage device, USB charging
GPS Yes with A-GPS, Glonass
Infrared Yes


Speaker Yes
Audio Jack Yes, 3.5mm
Video Player Yes, Video Formats: MP4


Fingerprint sensor Yes, Side
Face Unlock Yes
Other Sensor Light sensor Proximity sensor Accelerometer
Disclaimer: Specifications shown may be different from the actual product. We cannot guarantee that the information provided on this page is 100% correct. Please check with the retailer before purchasing.you have old mobile phone then sell your old Realme Mobile Phone or any other Smartphone at RecycleDevice for good exchange value.
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2023.03.21 11:13 TheTechie1122 AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2023 Coupon Codes

Hello beautiful people!
I'm back with the coupon codes available for the ongoing Aliexpress Anniversary sale.
This time the site-wide coupons are applicable to the whole website not just selected products. Moreover, I have tried checking if the coupons are applicable with store coupons, coins, and spend and save, and the good news is they are!
Before mentioning the coupon code, I have made a guide on the event (contains affiliate link) and the ongoing promos there. It's on my blog which is mentioned in my profile. Won't add it here due to subreddit rules.
Anyways, here are the coupons.


Value Minimum spend Code
$5 $45 AN5
$9 $75 AN9
$18 $150 AN18
$25 $210 AN25
$35 $290 AN35
The above codes can be used for orders to countries EXCEPT for RU, UZ, AM, KZ, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, ES, FR, BR, KR, US, SA, BH, KW, OM, QA, AE.


Value Minimum spend Code
R$15 R$125 BR15
R$15 R$250 BR30
R$80 R$800 BR80


Value Minimum spend Code
5€ 50€ AEFR05
13€ 100€ AEFR13
30€ 200€ AEFR30
55€ 300€ AEFR55
80€ 400€ AEFR80


Value Minimum spend Code
8€ 50€ AEES08
15€ 100€ AEES15
25€ 150€ AEES25
30€ 200€ AEES30
55€ 300€ AEES55

For the US

Note: Only for new users.
Value Minimum spend Code
$5 $20 USNEW5
$8 $40 USNEW8
$12 $80 USNEW12
$25 $150 USNEW25

Happy shopping!
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2023.03.21 11:13 swisserinstruments Digital Controller - Swisser Instruments

Digital Controller - Swisser Instruments
We are one of the top-notch Digital Controller Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. These products are highly in demand due to their accurate dimensions and longer service life.
Swisser Instruments
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2023.03.21 11:12 lemonpiespecial A messy, long yet quite interesting story of a very sad & lonely girl.

Trigger warning: grooming, narcissistic abuse.
I really wanted to share a little bit of my story cause I feel so overwhelmed and I do not know what to do with my life anymore. I'm so lost. And I've never felt lonelier.
I'm sitting at my computer after waking up with my "situationship'' person next to me (thats a whole another story, but we do have feelings for each other, yet we don't think we should be in a relationship together at this time in life). He asked me how I was this morning and I just burst into tears. I am not ok. That's all I could say and cry.
I took a sick leave from work because I can't motivate myself to work. I feel discardable and unimportant. I work in a very close knit office in a very specific company for 5 years, we are around 10 people in the office and I feel like my colleagues are not interested in me as a person. I feel so worthless and like nobody cares if I open my mouth to say anything. But I also don't care about being involved in the same old repetitive jokes, pretending I care about my colleague's child cause thats the only thing the conversation revolves around (and the same 5 stupid jokes that get repeated every single day). Now I can imagine you saying: well of course you feel like it, you get what you give .... However, would anyone care that I'm struggling daily with suicidal thoughts? Would they care I have found spirituality to search for purpose? Would they care that the salary I receive that 60-70% goes to bills and I can't afford to eat ? NO. As long as it's not small talk bullshit, they don't care or know how to respond. Yet, that's the main thing I'm concerned about. Not about their children's problems with their testicles (yes, the whole office knew that) or how another colleague is going shopping every week and planning her next trip to Italy cause she lives with her parents and can spend her money without paying the same amount of bills a single woman does living alone in the centre of the biggest city in the country (Eastern Europe). I've talked to my boss about a raise cause after 5 years, still living with less than a 1000 euro each month and the prices rising so much ... I can't live with that kind of money anymore. It's funny. All my boss says is: manage your finances better ...
In the past years I've lost most of my friends. My best friend was in love with the guy she set me up with (that's the situationship guy from the beginning) and around 10 months ago she said: "I can't look you in the eye anymore", cried how all she thinks about was the guy she set me up with and we came to a conclusion that this friendship is dead and she does not want to see me again. I said I'll wait for her cause I love her... and today is her birthday, she turns 28. We were best friends for 11 years and even got a stupid matching best friends tattoo back in the day. I still sleep with the teddy bear she gave me on my 19th birthday. When I found her in high school I thought finally ... a friend just for me. Our school mates thought we were lesbians. And we were a team for a while. But before her, for some reason, I've had difficulties to be and feel accepted in the friend group. Before high-school it was always a girl friend group who had a leader and the rest were her pawns. I got sick of being a soldier with no brain and I really wanted an equal part and respect with the whole group. Cause I thought and still think that I'm: real, honest, reliable & loyal af. All they saw was the friend who is not good enough cause I did not want to do always what they did, pursue the same stuff as them, be outside of the box they were putting themselves into. I always was that friend to start hating randomly... cause I let them? I'm not sure.
My family life ... I'd say my closest family is only my grandma and my cousin.. the two people i can actually be real with. I do have a mother, a stepdad and a half-brother 15 years younger. My mother is a covert narcissist. I do not know my biological father. I had a different dad growing up than my younger step-brother. I thought the dad that raised me was my biological father for a very long time until I found out all by myself at 9 y/o that my mother was married with another man that had my last name and voila! The dad that I thought was my real dad adopted me officially after he married my mom. His name is in my birth certificate. I only found that out when I was 20 (thanks again mom). My dad and my mom did not tell me they divorced when i was around 11 ... again, I found it out only by myself cause I was a curious kid. My mother changed boyfriends and then found my stepdad and to gain his house she had to give birth to a son... where my step-brother comes in. I was 15 y/o in the summer I got my step-brother ... and then at the end of the summer I lost my dad in a motorcycle crash. He was my buddy. The one who told me about his adventures on his bike while drinking a glass of light beer and playing cards. We watched movies, listened to music. He was really involved in forming who I am now. He was not perfect but I really felt the fatherly love from him. While my mom ... she only gave a shit when she got something out of me. That I got good grades, she boasted it was because she was smart. When I had my birthday, she celebrated her being so young and still looking so young cause she birthed me when she was 20. She wanted me to be her doll, looking perfect, with clothes she liked and she did not let me play around outside as a kid if I had the pretty clothes on. When I didn't do something she wanted to be done but she didn't ask nicely, just expected it to be done, she stood in the door frame of my tiny room screaming and shouting at me for 40 minutes straight and if i dared to even try to say something, just barely moving my mouth, I got yelled at louder and harder... and then I learned to disassociate. However, after my brother was in the picture, she just didn't give a shit about me as a child with needs. She stopped providing me with clothes and my grandma started helping... after that she said I looked ugly and that nobody would like me. She offered me (offered is a generous statement here, I had no choice) to pay to be a nanny for my brother my whole summer break from school. Yeah, I get it, I got some money, but you have to undertsand, she would give me such little pocket money, I could not even buy a decent lunch at school. I had to be alone with a 1/2 y/o for the whole summer. Every work day. When I should have been outside doing something with friends or making them in the least. People thought my younger brother was my son when I went out with him. Since those 2 summers I decided I will not have children of my own.
After those 2 summers I met my (now ex) boyfriend. We met on omegle (yikes) when I was 17 (yikes) and he ... was 27 (bigYikes). I was lonely, freshly without a dad, without good long-term friends, my parents paid no attention to me. I was drinking vodka with orange juice in my room alone while searching for friends online. Mostly they were men. But... context is important here. I was a very horny teenager. Like any guy is horny while being 16/17 ... this girl was a pedo's dream. I was very into Lolita aesthetic, I had just freshly read the book too. I'm not gonna lie, I was into older guys cause at that age, no boy who I liked and who was my age paid attention to me. I thought I was ugly. My parents didn't get me braces cause they were too expensive (yet my mom could buy fur coats and go to nice trips) and I felt very insecure with my smile. Yet ... one evening on omegle was what changed my life. I found a chat, the camera was off for him but on for me. He complimented my smile, how I looked. I never got that kind of attention. Then I found out we had our birthday on the same date which felt like a sign. Then we started skyping. After a week I saw his face. TBH, not the most handsome guy but it is not that important for me. He said he got jewellery for me. He also had a girlfriend from my country before which I thought was cool cause he knew the culture then. After a month of chatting and sexting he came to see me. I lied to my mom that I 'd be staying at my friends place for a weekend cause there was a party but I actually went to met him and we were staying at a hotel not too far from my home. The first thing we did was fuck. We did that the whole weekend with a few breaks of going to the movies, to eat and see the old town. After a month he offered me to go to him ... I explained the situation to my mom like this: I met someone, on the internet, he lives in West Europe and wants to invite me to visit. My parents agreed. Imagine that. My mother fucking sold me. At least that's how my grandma calls it. But you know, I didn't think like that when I was 17... I thought I was IN LOVE. But you know why my grandma said my mother sold me? My mother relied on HIM now to get me everything I'd need. Clothes, phones... etc etc. She gave me a symbolic 2 euro pocket money a few days in the week, how generous of her. You know, that's not even the best part yet ... because my dad had died and I was officially his child I got his pension but because I was not 18 y/o my mother got all the money and told me that only like 5 months before I turned 18. The pension was decent. Decent enough for me not to ask anyone for money anymore. Or start saving for university ... my mother spent it all until she decided to tell me she got the money since he had died. And for those few months I knew she could give me maybe 1/3rd of what she got. After I turned 18, I'd get it all then. Well, while she was trying to start a new family, her 17 y/o daughter was fucking a pedo. You gotta understand about me, when I was 17, I did not look like a young adult, I still looked pretty much like a child. I still got the chubby cheeks, I was very slender, barely any womanly features, natural hair. A dream for a guy like that. And the worst part is, I was completely under his spell. I thought finally I'm getting the life I thought I deserved. I saw so many countries and places I only ever dreamed of seeing as a poor Eastern European girl. I finally got that fatherly figure in my life who takes care of me. All of his friends were happy for him to be with such a young and cute girl. I finished high-school while planning going to universities where he lived. I got totally put in a trap where the only person important in my life was him. I worked very hard to arrange everything and to apply for those universities while my best friend, who I mentioned at the start, started ditching school and she partied and started working cause she was also not that well off and I spent my last year of high school basically all alone and later she blamed me for ditching her while I was living with him across Europe. I got into the university. He bought us a place to live between the city of my uni and his work. It was still 2h going in 1 direction 3-4 times a week. I was isolated from my course mates in university. I did not live with them. My only close friend there was him. Besides my bff who barely finished high-school I had no close friends at school. I had tops 2-4 other friends besides her. Rest of my year called me a weird lesbian for some reason. One guy even asked my BFF why I was so weird. I never understood why I was thought of as weird at school. Because I did not have rich/well off parents? Because I did not have the perfect smile? Because I was a bit introverted? I realise now as I am getting older maybe I am on the autism spectre and I do have some problems with maintaining eye-contact but I am not that far on the spectrum I'd say to be impaired really in my communication. Bu that is a side note to this all. I just got perceived as weird for some unexplained reasons. After being in a relationship with him ... a lot of bad stuff emerged. He was a compulsive liar. He chatted with his exes, with other girls he met online all over East-Europe. I found e-mails he sent to other women being signed "Love, forever yours" and said that's how he talks to his friends. The jewellery he got me at the start? He stole it from his mothers (or asked, I'm not sure what was right). He gaslit me to a point where I was paranoid I started snooping every single thing he owned. I checked his amex bills if he was not seeing other women, I saw he was registered in different dating apps. And the crown to this all is: A TEENAGE BOY HE TRAINED IN FOOTBALL ACCUSED HIM OF ASKING FOR SEXUAL FAVOURS IN EXCHANGE OF GOODS. It ruined his reputation, he got raided by the police, his family did not trust him anymore, he got shunned. And I stuck to him 100%, that's how blind I was. Of course I had my questions yet I trusted him so much cause I did not have anyone else. He got a court case, he got public service as a punishment cause they found a weird deleted pic on his computer (that is what he said to me). Furthermore, my friend told me he was chatting with her and her friends behind my back and told them to not tell me... And that was right before I had to move in with him to go to my university. I did it anyway. I did not finish the year in uni. I was burned out from the 4h spending every day in public transport, dealing with his emotional abuse and trying to do all of my uni work which was completely overwhelming. We even got into couples therapy cause I did not know how to trust him anymore. The therapist told me: D, you know what to do by now. And I did. I had to go back home.
That summer we drove back home. I drove back home to a mother who had sold the apartment that was supposed to be mine when i was 18 cause my dad who raised me bought it for my mother and later to be left for me. I had nothing. Just a room in my step-dads family house. He was not my family. However, my mother wanted me to feel that, I did not. I could not. I was too old for that. He knew we did not drive here just for a vacation. He knew that when he drove back alone and I did not come with him to spend more time back home, I would not return later. After 3 weeks of being home without him. I left him. I started to work as a barista. Finally, making some friends, starting new relationships. Doing what I should have been doing. Started to live with my BFF cause I could not stand my mother. I could not stand looking at her treating my brother like he deserved everything he wanted. I am still sick of looking how she coddles him and I am constantly reminded how she could have been like that with me but she just did not see me as a child that needs love from her.
For now, thank you for reading. I feel I lost my point a little. I just really really wanted to share something to the world from my life cause I sit here every day alone smoking too much weed and trying to cope. I do not know if that works anymore. I feel lost & aimless. If you have any questions about me and my life I'll gladly answer them. And I am sorry for the ramble but there is so much I still did not write here. Maybe one day my life will make an interesting book.
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