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How real is Adobe's financial report?

2023.03.30 05:20 JoseRedditSan How real is Adobe's financial report?

When almost every major tech company are reporting declining profit, slowing down business and planning to layoff people, there is one tech company that confidently acquire its competitor with 2x the market price, say it is not going to lay off people and report record high quarterly profit.
A few friends of mine working in Adobe ML team saying that many production team reaching to them more frequently and urgently than before since 1 year ago, possibly due to diminishing effect of the promotions, including email promo, webpage promo, and media ads, on attracting new customers. This is in fact a very bad sign of the business.
However, on the other hand, the company still generously spend money in different ways, such as trying to acquire another company, stock refresh (150~300k for senior level positions), and building new constructions.
(The following words in the quotation block are some subjective opinion from my friends working in Adobe, which may or may not be the fact. The readers should decide to trust it or not carefully.)
As an insider employee, I appears to me that Adobe Inc. is forging its financial report, as it is too good to be true. Financial Analyst doesn't know how the company runs and only looks at historical stock price, they have no idea how corrupted the company is and easily trust the numbers on the report. Indeed, the internal teams, including the BU(business units), the DS/ML/AI team, make up numbers to exaggerate their credits/contributions. I am not saying that the numbers on the financial report are produced in the same way; the CFO and his/her team should be more careful than the BU or DS/ML/AI teams. However, at least I could no longer trust the financial report 100%, and don't dare to hold my RSU/ESPP in the long run.
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2023.03.30 05:19 Elliott1970 The Old Fisherman

He sits by the riverbank, Rod in hand, line cast, Eyes focused on the water, His heart beating fast.
The sun shines down on him, Warming his wrinkled face, And as he waits patiently, He enters a peaceful space.
His hands rough and calloused, From years spent in the sun, But his eyes still shine with joy, For fishing is his passion.
He feels the tug on his line, And his heart skips a beat, Reeling in his catch with care, The fish is a real treat.
His love for this sport, Runs deep within his soul, And as he sits by the river, He feels completely whole.
The water flows around him, Rippling with each passing breeze, And as the fisherman casts his line, He's at peace with the world, at ease.
For him, this is a moment of freedom, A time to be one with nature, And as he casts his line once more, He's lost in the river's capture.
So here's to the old fisherman, A master of his craft, May his lines always be tight, And his heart always be full, to the last.
© Elliott R Palme
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2023.03.30 05:14 Grand_Pomelo5330 The parallel world of severe asthma

I wrote this after an asthma attack earlier this week, dreading the flare-up that was coming. For the past few years it means weeks of getting back to normal. I'm currently in grad school, and bike mentioned is an ebike, fyi. Always gotta be accessible. It meant a lot to write this, and thought some here would appreciate it too. It's rough, but from the heart.
The parallel world of disability
As my asthma has worsened, I more and more feel like I’m living parallel to the people around me. In Tokyo, with my unusual hours and outsider status as a foreigner, I already felt set apart from society, so the feeling wasn’t so intense. Yes, I might have missed the occasional book club meeting or invitation from a friend, but I didn’t have daily reminders of how my life had to be considered so differently from those surrounding me. Before Tokyo, while asthma was a consideration in my life, it only came up around hikes or when I pulled my inhaler out after running too fast for too long. It set me apart, but only sometimes.
Now, the time I feel most separate is when I open my school email. Today alone I got invitations to:
• The grad student sports day, which I immediately deleted. I haven’t been able to run across the street without thinking for 3 years. There’s no way in hell I could participate.
• A round table with a CEO. I RSVP’d, but with the knowledge that I’ll likely have to email a cancellation to the event coordinator when a flareup extends or starts or I get an asthma attack.
• A Q&A before an event I’m attending. I RSVP’d, but later realized it’s held at a separate venue from the event, about a three-minute walk away. If I’m feeling bad, I won’t be able to go, and if I’m mobile but not great, I’ll have to ride my bike to both locations in order to minimize walking and be able to attend.
• A meeting with a prof today. I had to ask to meet virtually due to an asthma attack around 11am. He said we could reschedule if I wasn’t feeling well, and I had to go into a brief health history so he would know there was a high chance I’d have to cancel a rescheduled appointment as well, so we just went virtual.
• A school event on Saturday where we paint a map of the United States at an elementary school. Yesterday I ran into a classmate promoting it, and had to tell him I can’t RSVP because I have no idea what my health status will be by Saturday, and lo and behold today I had an asthma attack that will likely take a week or more to resolve.
• Employer visits. I haven’t been to one in months because I’ve had to save all my energy for attending classes, or I wouldn’t even be able to do that.
• So many various interesting talks that I don’t even think about attending anymore because I always seem to be sick whenever there’s something I actually want to do.
After my attack, I immediately emailed both the prof I was scheduled to meet and my prof for tomorrow’s class. It’s a public speaking class (I didn’t realize that when I signed up, I thought it was for writing, my effin’ bad), and we’re exchanging speeches with another person before class, so I need to give my prof warning. In addition, the class is held in a building where it takes me three times as long to walk to the class area as anyone else because it’s in the far back. The bathrooms, of course, are by the exit, so I had to hold it for an entire class a couple weeks ago because I wouldn’t be able to make it there, back, present, and still be at all functioning.
I texted some friends about watching a basketball game at a bar on Friday, and then immediately regretted it, realizing that due to the attack today, I’ll probably be housebound until Monday, unless I’m lucky and things improve quickly. Checking the forecast, which is showing turbulent weather, rain, and general changes, there’s probably not a chance in hell. I still haven’t texted them that, actually, I probably can’t do it, because I just don’t want to yet, and it doesn’t matter too much, since we’re already planning on coming to my house to watch a movie anyway, thank God.
I also texted my friend in a student organization to let her know I wasn’t coming to the meeting tonight after all. We’d talked yesterday, with her asking after me, and I told her I’d finally be able to come today after more than a month of absences due to my health. Welp, never mind. I then had to text another friend I’m supposed to meet for dinner tomorrow, and see if she can come to my house for dinner instead. We’re not very close, so it’s a little awkward, but it’d be nice if she’d be down.
Other things I got to experience today:
• Sitting, teeth gritted, fingers dug into my palm for 30 seconds as I got a very painful shot (Tezspire) that will hopefully make this situation a little fucking better. Oh God, I really hope so. I’ll get to keep getting that once a month for who knows how long. (Talking from a week later, it seems like the second dose has made a big difference. My attack recovery took just two days instead of two weeks!)
• Not get napkins at a restaurant because it wasn’t a good idea to add some extra walking as I realized that I really was asthmatic.
• Regret going downstairs to work on homework because going up to the stairs to the bathroom meant that I needed to rest for a good fifteen minutes.
• Struggle through brain fog to be able to do my coursework.
• Feel tight chested just from getting up to pour myself tea.
• Ask my roommate to go pick up a package at the front door because I couldn’t handle it.
I’m sure there’s more I’m just not thinking of. I’ve been trying to be clearer about how severe my illness is. Instead of telling people I have asthma, I’ve been saying “I have severe asthma/I have severe uncontrolled asthma,” and I put some weight on it. It’s been helping. I’ve been extending conversations a little longer when people ask about it. I’m not trying to create pity, but help people understand that it seriously effects my life, and that when I have to be noncommittal, or haven’t been to school, it’s because of a chronic condition that won’t get better quickly.
All of this adds up to feeling like I’m existing parallel to the people around me. They RSVP to events, knowing they’ll attend unless they just don’t want to. They organize sports days without thinking about all the people that don’t have a chance in hell of being able to participate. They don’t think a thing of it when I don’t come to class or am walking slowly in the hall. They feel buoyant to me almost, walking around not thinking if they can make it down the hall without a rest. I understand they have complexities to their lives that I don’t understand, but hearing “feel better” when I know I’m not going to for a week or two, then maybe have a week of feeling ok-ish before another flare-up makes me feel like an alien.
I’ve been able-bodied before. I know how little conception I had of the mental burden disability brings. I know how blithely they take advantage of their bodies. I love my body. It feels like a partner in a war with me, constantly battling against the evils of dust mites and cat hair. We’re united in this journey, but holy fuck are we exhausted. I make it to class, work in hand (or not), and feel so tired knowing I’m going to have to balance caring for myself with my commitments for another week. My conception doesn’t really stretch much further than that, except to hope that in six months, when I’m finally done ramping up with allergy shots, maybe I won’t feel like this. The time between then and now draws out in front of me, joyful and terrifying. Perhaps I’ll start improving? I know I’ll have good times with friends, whether they’re in my house or elsewhere when I’m feeling ok. I know I’ll learn a lot. I also know I’ll face walks up a flight of stairs that will take three minutes. I know that I’ll face classes or meetings or lectures where I have to concentrate to be able to sit up straight, barely able to pay attention while it feels like my scalp is shrinking around my skull and my chest is like a cloud crushed in a vice grip.
That after that class I’ll have to make a thousand little journeys: from seat to door, from door to that tile, to the end of that bench, to that next door, to that little tree, to that fence, to my bike, all with a little rest in between, letting everybody outpace me as they move, unthinking about the miracle of their body’s wellness, forward past me. I’ll probably listen to music –nothing too exciting or my body will try to dance without permission, every extraneous movement a danger beyond the capacity of my lungs – and let myself flow along to the melody in my head, while my feet shuffle ever so slowly along, not lifting them too high so as not to exert any extra energy. Every moment of this is defined by a colossal effort not to panic. My body wants to; IT CAN’T GET AIR! But I have to force my breath to calm, even if it’s shallow, and focus all my concentration on the next small goal. Occasionally, a flash of the daunting journey to bike, to home, to up to my room, and to lying face down in my bed, sparks in my mind, and a strong current of fear and dread runs through me before I tamp it down and keep moving at my snail’s pace, or stand in place, eyes closed, fingers flexing and curling, shoulders tensed, calves tensed, toes curled, as I squeeze the big scary emotions back into a small ball in my core and continue the difficult journey to safety and rest.
Is this a world I knew existed before? No.
Am I happy I know it now? With the tiniest, most empathetic sliver of my heart. This parallel world is mine, and it’s an anguished one. I’ve gotten some good out of it. I’ve gained empathy. I truly understand my own grit and determination and sisu after this. I told my doctor about an asthma attack I remember having in Tokyo: I went too fast up some stairs, took my inhaler and sat, and felt better 30 minutes later. He said, “That must have been scary.” No! I remember that asthma attack so fondly that it has almost a nostalgic golden glow about it. The scary asthma attacks: the panicked gasps while stuck in a door I’m not capable of opening fully, being exhausted in a coffee shop from walking 3 steps to a bathroom, laying back on a hotel bed and my vision blurring to black around the edges, those scare me. Having to walk out of the ER, alone in a foreign country, to flag down a cab, shaky from IV steroids and unsure if I can make the 30 meters, that scares me. Barely being able to walk or talk as soon as the first drop of rain falls, at a zoo, at a temple, teaching class, those times scare me.
Sometimes I realize that the people around me would call an ambulance or have their family rush them to the hospital if they felt the way I do right now. It feels like we’re walking in two worlds. Mine is weighty with the distress I’m currently feeling, or haunted by the specters of disturbing possibilities: a flight of stairs, a sharp hill, a quick run to make the bus, a note held too long in choir, all things that have kept me housebound for days to weeks. Theirs is what I had before: full of joys and worries (just as mine is) but without that constant central dread and weight and worrying and calculation that comes along with my illness. I don’t know whether to envy or hate them.
What I do know is that we exist together and apart. They don’t understand, and I don’t really want them to. They shouldn’t have to. I wouldn’t wish these dark experiences on them, as much as I wish that I didn’t feel so alone in all of it. Perhaps one day I’ll once again be able to blithely join a game of badminton without worrying about whether I have my rescue inhaler in my bag. Maybe I’ll even just be able to RSVP to a lecture without worrying whether I’ll be able to make it there without severe distress. I yearn for that future, which the doctor tells me is possible, but I yearn in tiny, quick jolts. Just an eighth of a second, then back to accepting the reality I’m in at the moment, knowing that it’s too painful to dwell on in case I don’t get better.
In reality, I regretted reading this out loud after writing it because I was worried I’d pushed the limits of what I can handle right now. And cried after getting an email from my prof for tomorrow’s class because she was so kind with her accommodations. This parallel, murky, dark world that makes me so damn appreciate of the people around me, even if they can’t understand.

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2023.03.30 05:03 FunFish2618 Persistent Cough After 2x Covid

19F, 5'5", 155lbs, white
Hi all! This might be a bit of a long one, so I apologize in advance.
In September of 2022, I tested positive for Covid-19. Had a nasty cough, sore throat, etc. After 5 days I tested negative, the cough and other symptoms had cleared up and I stopped isolating.
Was fine until the end of December 2022 when I developed another cough. I was coughing for about a month before I decided to go to the doctors. At this time I was taking OTC meds which really did nothing. Day of my drs appointment I decided to test for Covid just to make sure and lo-and-behold, it was positive. Quarantined again for 5 days, tested negative. Went to urgent care as I was still feeling bad and was diagnosed with sinusitis (I did have symptoms such as sinus pressure/headaches) and prescribed Amoxicillin-Clavulanate. The antibiotics cleared up the sinus pressure/headaches but the cough remained.
Went to the doctors -- again -- where they did a chest x-ray. Said that everything looked normal and was prescribed Prednisone and Benzonatate. Again, neither touched the cough at all. After finishing those meds, I went to back to the doctor AGAIN, where he prescribed Zyrtec and an inhaler. I'm sure you can guess where I'm going with this, but it still has done nothing to get rid of my cough.
At this point, my dr has referred me to a pulmonologist. Unfortunately, I am in college and the closest one to me doesn't accept my insurance so I have to wait until I go home. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice for what could be causing this and how I can treat the coughing? It's frankly exhausting -- I cough all day and all night long and I really am tired of it. It also sucks because absolutely nothing has managed to help my cough at all, even for just a few hours, so I never get any relief. So any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.03.30 05:03 pohihihi I don't know what I am to her.

Me (20M) her (21F) We are both college students same course, I initially met her through online we were both irregulars so we got to know each other, sent each other schedules, talked about each other and that normal stuff, our favorite topic until now is our professors namely one we would always bully for being harsh to students. We eventually met and invited me to get donuts to which I declined at first then accepted the next time she asked. We got pretty close, I have no experience with women since high-school since boys and girls were segregated to different buildings, so this was somewhat new. We had a similar class section on 2 subjects, we would always talk non-stop, I don't know why but I don't remember a single moment of us being silent, she was very fun and I liked her. We got into a habit of eating lunch together a few days after she found out we had the same vacant time so we can eat together, she would also stay with me until my last class that is midnight when she can literally go home 4 hours because that's her last class. I had the assumption that she likes me? I am not really good at reading people I think she's just being nice, she showed me to some of her friends, namely one she got close to before last year, even closer than me. Of course I got jealous, they looked close to each other that I felt left out, I had the habit of using my phone whenever both of them are together. They had a long background last year, the guy she is close to recently got to a break up but I don't care, she said IIRC they kissed but I still don't clearly remember or if I misheard. Eventually some month or week later they got into a fight, they never got into a fight last year but now they do, she says he's being toxic to her as if his pride has gotten bigger, she started avoiding him and even told me that he said to her that they shouldn't meet each other anymore, she was okay with it since she claimed that he was toxic. That wasn't the only instance I got jealous, there was this one guy who she came out to when she didn't know how to assess her feelings or get advice to, the dude said long paragraphs saying insights of what he thinks to the other toxic guy. Just met him and they looked like they were close too, I started to think she likes this new guy, and of course me got jealous again. I never got these feelings before because I was always going with the boy's and my friends never got exposed to girls.
I don't know if were close or she likes me but I can elaborate a few reasons, she introduces me to her friends like she initiates it by saying to them that I'm a higher year than them and starts some random introduction for me, she invites me to lunch almost everyday, she invited me to grocery shopping(literally just carry her stuff so people won't think I'm a sissy for not carrying a girl's items) she invited me to go to the mall where we almost spent until evening it was pretty fun, she asked me if I wanted to come pick her from the train station and help her buy some clothes even found out where her dorm was, she asks me when I want to come with her when something comes up, she likes doing touchy things(hold my arm, touch my hand, lean on my shoulder, pull my arm, sit on my leg(I am annoyed when she does this), but the actual first hand hold we did was when we went to the mall, we were about to go home in the evening, we were going down the hall when there were these other teenagers walking slowly in front of us, I held my hand palms forward to the left where she was trying to indicate that we move there, but she held my hand instead for like a few seconds and when I told her "I was trying to say we move to the left" she let go. I wasn't honestly comfortable with her touchy element, I didn't respond when she touches me because I don't really know how to react to it, but one thing is I usually tease her a lot and she would pinch me (alot too)
We got pretty close yeah I could say we got pretty close since we almost see each other all day except weekends where I want to rest, but then everything went to shit when this one guy came. He was in the same course as us, we had the same section as him in 1 subject and she had another 2 subjects with him(3 total) she was curious about this new guy and wanted to talk to him. He talks in few words kind of like an introvert or doesn't want to talk, he had the mysterious aura/ introvert on him that I know women like. She starts to invite her with us to eat lunch, I wasn't happy with it, I am jealous again. Later on she started putting his name in our talks, I was so annoyed and jealous that I lost the mood, we used to be only together but she then brings this guy up. We had our time again one day where we would stay until evening and wait for the school to lock up then leave, went to our usual conversation then when she included his name in the topic I asked "You like him don't you" in a jokingly manner so she wont think I'm jealous she said "is it bad?", then followed up with "he's just an inspiration to me" I felt sluggish and tired after that, I don't know what it's called in love life but It felt really bad, all this time, she just liked someone smart who barely even talks. I know I'm not smart, good-looking, or mysterious, but at least I give her my time, that new dude always wants to go home early when she asked me to invite him to stay until evening at our university. After I asked her that I lost all motivation to talk, and just told her that I have a headache/ sleepy and wanted to go home.
I changed after that, I started to avoid her, I said "I'm not in the mood" and I would just ignore her, she would just ask why and she said sorry to which I said "you did nothing wrong", she tried to make me talk but I just stared somewhere blank so she would think I'm ignoring her. I don't know why I'm ignoring her but I think this is what my friends are saying, you can't always have what you want. So as a way of coping and avoid being more heartbroken I started to completely ignore her so I can forget both of them, I stopped going with her anymore even if she invites me, ignore her texts and such. Why did the guy have to pop in, I hate him.
In the present date, I recently declined them in everything, from going to next class, to lunch, I don't even want to sit next to her, and I even went home even though I have some classes later just because I feel so down.
I really don't know how to assess my feelings right now, I feel like I'm being destructive because of this new guy, can I get some advice on this? I really don't know what to do next other than ignore her.
(I hope she doesn't see this)
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2023.03.30 05:00 Several-Standard1961 Team Specialization? Thoughts anyone?

I've done some thinking, even talked to Redditers, Amino and Facebook users just to get ideas of what my OC's team will look like. I think I've got it figured out, so I'm going to show you guys to see what you have to say.
• Squad Nine — Yūgao Uzuki (Squad Leader). Miscellaneous: Medic-nin. Former ANBU. Sensor Type.
In Naruto Canon, Yūgao served in ANBU under Kakashi Hatake, whom she admitted to viewing as a role model. After the death of her lover Hayate Gekko in the original series, and sometime before the Fourth War in Shippuden, Yugao quit the ANBU and joined the regular forces because of her losing Hayate.
In the anime, Yūgao was shown capable of sealing objects into scrolls. Though the extent of her skills are unknown, due to them not being shown, she's an excellent sensor and tracker. At some point prior to the events of Naruto, she trained under Hayate in various kenjutsu styles and techniques, becoming well-versed in them. Yūgao was shown to be able to use medical ninjutsu and had understanding in basic medical care.
In Hatake: The Talented Child, Kakashi personally requests that the Third Hokage assigns Yūgao as Satoko's Jōnin sensei. First, because of the loss of her mother, Satoko didn't have any female role models in her life to serve as a positive influence. His request is how Satoko ends up in an all-kunoichi team. The second reason, which is a big one, is he trusts Yūgao in the event of Orochimaru trying to make a move for her.
— Satoko Hatake (OC). Kekkei Genkai: Ice Style. Nature(s): Water & Wind.
Through the maternal line, Satoko is a descendant of the Land of Water's Yuki clan, but is a member of Konoha's Hatake clan through her father, Kakashi. In the prologue of Hatake: The Talented Child, she's introduced at three years old training to use the clan kekkei genkai. Even though she has a long ways to go before complete mastery. When she graduates from Konoha's Ninja Academy, she's the youngest Rookie and genin out of the bunch. She's ten upon graduation.
Because of the nature of her kekkei genkai, Satoko will be an all-range fighter; short, mid and long. With her kekkei genkai, she can change the water from a liquid to a solid and reverse, send flurries of ice shards to freeze objects and people at a distance, create mirrors to travel into as well as attack out of, and solidify the water molecules in the air to create swords to attack with, etc.
Her clan's nintaijutsu fighting style allows her to amplify punches and kicks with ice, use water to propel herself, multiple rings of water to surround herself for defense or to use as a cannon, and for water boxing/kickboxing, etc.
Aside from the kekkei genkai, she will be taught to use jutsu from the prerequisite elements: Water and Wind.
— Sakura Haruno. Kekkei Genkai: None. Nature(s): Earth & Fire.
In Naruto Canon, Sakura didn't hail from any clan until she married into the Uchiha. My change with her starts with her parents; Kizashi and Mebuki Haruno, making them immigrants from the Land of Vegetables, where their clan will be originally from. Sakura is the only one of the trio to have been born in Konoha.
The Haruno clan, and thus Sakura, uses a fighting style called Flower Ninja Art (Hana Ninpō). Flower Ninja Art is a subset of ninjutsu and genjutsu involving secret flower-oriented techniques used by the Haruno clan, but because of a war in the Land of Vegetables that forced Kizashi and Mebuki to take refuge in Konoha, it's an almost dead art. Kizashi and Mebuki are former Chūnin level shinobi turned civilian, a condition made by Hiruzen in exchange for allowing them to stay in the village.
In Canon, she was a kunoichi assigned to Squad 7, alongside Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki, under the tutelage of Kakashi Hatake. In Hatake: The Talented Child, her position in Squad 7 is taken by Tenten Fūma, an older kunoichi from a clan of weapon specialists. My reasoning for making this change is this: even though she's listed as one of Konoha's top Rookie kunoichis, second to Ino Yamanaka, her placement in Squad 7 held her back. I'm not saying this to bash her, but I felt Sakura's crush/single minded obsession with Sasuke kept her from taking her training seriously. It also didn't help that her team consisted of an Uchiha and an Uzumaki Jinchuriki.
— Hinata Hyūga. Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan & Gentle Fist. Nature(s): Fire & Lightning.
In Naruto Canon, Hinata was assigned to Kurenai Yuhi's Squad 8, with Kiba Inuzuka (and his ninken Akamaru) and Shino Aburame as teammates. In my fanfic, her position is taken by Hanabi Hyūga, who is aged up to be her fraternal twin sister.
My hopes is by putting her in this squad, under Yūgao, and with my OC as one of her teammates, Hinata gets out of her shell faster than she did in canon. My other hope, and what I'm aiming to work towards, is that Hinata creates the jutsu that she did in flashbacks and in the original series filler arcs. My goal for her is she will develop the Water Senbon (with Satoko's help) and Protection of the 64 Palms either before, or during the Chūnin Exams arc.
Got any thoughts?
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2023.03.30 04:32 Erutious Cold Comfort

"Well, Mrs. Lee, this treatment is experimental, but we feel it will improve your condition. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line, and we can schedule you for the first of the week."
The Doctor tapped the form like a used car salesman trying to sell a sports car with no engine.
The kind of salesman who thinks you're too stupid to look under the hood and too desperate to believe the deal is anything but genuine.
That was the beginning of the end of my life.
My name is Pandora Lee, and this is my story.
Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a debilitating bone disease. The kind that causes your bones to be very weak. My doctor sent me to a specialist, and after running some tests and running up a small fortune in bills, he wanted to try an experimental treatment to harden my bones.
I was hesitant; who wouldn't be, but could I really afford to be in my condition?
The following week I arrived for my first treatment. The waiting room was the same bland area I'd seen a thousand times. The sort of forgetable facade that hides the work that goes on behind that unassuming blue door between the show floor and the butcher's shop. Children moved beads along a wire maze as parents and patients looked through magazines that had been current ten years ago. The smiling face of President Obama looked up from a small table as I sat there, he and Martha Stewart sharing space with Better Homes and Gardens and Highlights magazine.
The magazines were only slightly more interesting than the paperwork on the clipboard I was muddling through, but I tried my best to ignore them.
"Mrs. Lee? We're ready for you. "
A young blonde-haired woman in scrubs called to me, smiling brightly as she led me through that oddly dark blue door and into a hallway of the same color. Despite the buzzing overhead lights, the paint scheme made the whole space look shadowy, and I shuddered as she led me to a little room farther down. She showed me to a small sterile room with only a Gurnee and an IV stand to break up the emptiness. The room was blessedly brighter, a kind of eggshell white that verged on eye-watering, and I stepped inside and handed her my clipboard.
"Please take a seat and get comfortable, Mrs. Lee. The Doctor will be with you shortly."
As I lay there waiting, the clean white paper crinkling under me, I had a gut feeling that this was a bad idea. I chalked it up to nerves, though. It was just another exam, just another series of tests, just another meeting that would end predictably.
I should have listened to my gut.
As the doctor walked in, he smiled his best crest kids grin, and I imagined I could see the spit stains on his teeth. I wish I could tell you that he was an ugly little man, some goblin who scared me or made me wish a nurse had stayed to observe our interaction, but he was actually very plain looking. Thinking back now, I can't tell you anything about him other than his big grin and neat little mustache. It might have been easier if he were a monster, but I guess life is rarely easy.
"Well, Mrs. Lee, as you know, this is still experimental. It's in the early trial phase, you'd honestly be one of our first human trials for the treatment, but we feel you are the perfect candidate."
I stare at him blankly, unsure whether he expects me to be flattered or break into applause.
He looked uncomfortable, clearly not getting the response he was expecting. Calling the pretty blond nurse from earlier, he asked her to strap me down so they could begin, and told me to just relax. The straps were scratchy, the clasps sitting cold against my arm, and I found it hard not to squirm as she slid the IV in. The Doctor reached into the hall and wheeled in a large metal canister. It looked like a fire extinguisher, the old kind that you had to crank, except for the face mask on the end that was undoubtedly going over my face.
He must have noticed my apprehension because the too-big teeth made a return appearance.
"Don't worry, Mrs. Lee. It's all very safe."
He placed the mask over my face, the smell of cleaner mixing with something sickly sweet and acidic.
"Breath deep," he prompted, and as I took my first breath, his voice already sounded as if it were coming to me from the lip of a deep hole, "you will wake up in no time."
Then it all went black, my last memory being that the stuff I breathed in tasted like the smell of the cleaner my mother used when I was young.
Then, I didn't think about anything for a while.
I was floating for a while, my body as light as a feather, and I could have gladly floated in that void forever.
When I dropped back into my body, however, it was worse than any falling dream I'd ever had. I opened my eyes and looked around frantically, my body still splayed across the Gurnee as the canister pumped whatever was in the tank into my lungs. I felt a surge of pain rip through my whole body and jerked fitfully against the restraints. A scream ripped up my lungs, the gas clouding my mouth as I choked on my anguish. The nurse ran in, trying to calm me to no avail.
"Calm down, Mrs. Lee. We don't want you to damage your bones while the treatment is doing its job! The pain is only temporary. The doctor will be in to give you something for it and explain everything."
Her words did nothing for the pain that drilled into my bones, and after what seemed hours, the doctor finally came in. He had a needle in his hand, and the tip slid easily into the IV he filled the saline bag with something. It was cold, the liquid flowing in like ice, but the relief was immediate. I lay back gasping, the sudden lack of pain almost as jarring as the pain had been, and the big smile hovered over me like a specter.
"The first treatment is always the most painful, but it seems to be a success so far! You might have some joint stiffness for a few days, but that is to be expected as the treatment hardens your bones."
As the gas hissed and the ice brought sweet relief to my inflamed bones, I lay there drinking in grateful lungfuls of air. The lack of pain was hard to quantify, but I became aware, over time, that it wasn't just the sudden burning that had gone away. The everyday pain I had gotten used to, the enflamed joints and deep ache of weakened bones, was also gone. It was like someone had flipped a switch in me, and suddenly I was exactly like I had been before. This may seem like a small thing, but when you've lived with the pain, made it a day-to-day part of your life, its absence is like a physical loss. I was like a kid who's had his tooth pulled, my tongue probing at the vacancy where something solid had been before.
When he spoke, I had to shake myself back to reality and ask him to repeat himself.
"We will see you in two weeks for your next treatment. The nurse will give you a prescription when you leave. Take it twice a day in order to keep your body from rejecting the treatment. Understand?"
I nodded, still a little dazed, and agreed to take the pills. I made another appointment with a similarly pretty brunette and took the nondescript little bag she handed me. She smiled, saying they would see me in two weeks, and I headed home.
As I drove home, I expected the pain to rear its head again with every press of the pedal or turn of the wheel. The pain had become like a swarm of gnats, ever-present and buzzing. You never got used to it, but you became accustomed to it. It's never comfortable, but you look forward to the times when it isn't there. Now it was just gone. I was driving with nary a pain or wince, something I hadn't done in years.
I should have been happy, but I kept waiting for it to disappear.
Maybe that makes me a pessimist, but I don't care.
When you live like this long enough, you constantly wait for the other shoe to drop.
I walked into the house, my bones still feeling like nothing so much as normal bones, and took the pills out of the bag. Reading over the label for side effects or warnings, I found nothing but instructions on the outside. No name, no ingredients, no warnings, just eight words in bold font.
Take one pill with food twice a day.
I opened the bottle and let a few of the pills roll out onto my palm. They were white a blue gel capsules, the contents looking like the stuff on top of the Snowcaps my husband always ate at the movies. As they sat in my hand, I noticed that they were oddly cold to the touch, and the feeling reminded me of the way the liquid had felt as it entered my IV. When they didn't immediately appear dangerous or try to bite me, I let them tumble back into the bottle and closed the lid. I set a reminder on my phone for seven am and started fixing dinner. When I went to bed that night, I had already forgotten about them, but as I pulled the blanket around myself, I felt a sudden chill arrow through me.
It should have raised some sort of red flag, but I was still riding the high of moving about my home without any of the pain I'd had earlier that day.
A few hours later, I was woken up by an icy chill going through my body, followed by an intense ache in my joints. As I tried to get up, I felt every bone in my body tighten. It was almost impossible to walk, but after a few minutes, it eased up, and I was able to make it to the bathroom. I figured this was just a side effect of the stiffness the doctor was talking about, and after a warm bath, some of the pain had abated. With some of my mobility returned, I shuffled back to bed, hoping to sleep off the pain until it was time for my first dose of the medication.
The next day, the pain of the night before was just a fleeting memory, and I took my first pill and started getting ready for my day. It usually took me several hours to get my legs to cooperate enough to make breakfast, but today I moved about my kitchen in a way I hadn't in years. My joints felt fluid, my bones were as forgettable as they should be, and when I woke my husband for work around ten, he looked at me a little shocked to find breakfast already on the table and the kitchen dishes cleaned and put away.
"Wow, those treatments really did the trick." he said, taking my hands in his big calloused one, intending to kiss them.
He dropped them in surprise as a shudder ran through him. “Jeez, babe. Your hands are so cold!"
There was worry on his face, but I waved his worries away and told him it was nothing.
"It's just a side effect of the treatment. I'll be fine, sweetie."
Deep down, though, I was worried. I should have called the doctor's office right then and there and told them about my side effects. After the weirdness that had happened the night before, I should have been more concerned, but it all comes back to one thing. Despite the stiffness, despite the cold hands, despite the next two weeks where I sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and hobbled into a warm bath, the intense pain in my bones was all but a distant memory. I would have given anything to be done with pain like that, and it turns out the cost was more than I could have known.
Two weeks later, I arrived at my next appointment. I was curious to see if it hurt the same way it had the time before, but my reasons for going were also twofold. I had taken the last of my pills that morning, and I knew I would need more if I wanted to maintain this lack of joint pain. So, I smiled at the nurse, let them strap me down again, let them slide the needle into my arm, and breathed in the gas like the good doctor told me to.
The treatment was performed the same as the first, but I gritted my teeth through the pain as I waited for him to inject my IV with the sweet icy liquid as the gas did its work. As the straps slid off, I nodded through the closing instructions and shuffled up to the desk to make my appointment and get my pills. I moved as if in a dream, my body feeling strangely heavy as I climbed in my car and drove home.
I jerked awake in my driveway, unsure how I'd arrived home. I had never fallen asleep at the wheel, much less sleep drove home, and the thought made me shiver. I grabbed my prescription as I headed inside, wanting to get as far from the vehicle as possible at that moment. I thought about starting dinner as I trudged in but decided to have a nap instead. It was early still, only mid-afternoon, but I was suddenly exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open, and as I slid into bed with the same clothes I'd left the house in, I thought I was settling in for nothing but a couple of hours of rest.
Ten hours later, I shuddered awake into total darkness as an arctic chill shot through my nerve endings. It was worse than any of the ones before it, and as I tried to climb out of bed, my legs froze up and sent me spilling to the floor. I lay there, unable to bend my legs or arms, only able to pull them towards me like palsied claws.
I was overjoyed when I heard my husband's soft snores from the bed beside me. He would help me, he could get me to the hospital, he could get me into a warm bath, and I opened my mouth to scream his name. My lips trembled as I prepared to cry out for him, but no sound escaped my chilly maw. I gasped weakly, his name lost amongst the short barks of sound while he slept peacefully feet away. I lay there with tears of fear dripping down my face, certain he would wake up the next morning to find me dead. I almost expected to see them freeze against my cheeks, but they did little more than pool beneath my head and wet the side of my face.
I spent that night drifting in and out of my new painful existence. It felt like I lay there for weeks, listening to the contented snores of my spouse as my body was racked with freezing chills. I thought I would die again and again, and as the sun began to rise, I almost wished for it. The colder I became, the less the shivers seemed to blow through me. I still felt them, but my body had stopped responding. I was powerless to move, incapable of doing much besides watching the day begin.
I must have fallen asleep at some point because when my husband yelled my name, my eyes were startled open.
"What...what the hell is," but he seemed to lose his words as he stood over me.
I mouthed at him, asking him to help me, but he looked unsure.
"I don't...I don't know how."
I wanted to ask him what he meant, but instead, he turned to my vanity and fetched a small hand mirror.
I looked back at myself, not sure it was me for a moment. I was looking at a perfect china doll as she lay curled up on the floor. Her skin was a perfect alabaster, broken only by the slight spider cracks that ran through it. As I watched, another chill coursed through me, and I saw the cracks lengthen as my fragile form tried to shiver. I wanted to cry, but I had no tears left.
Instead, I told him to put my phone on text to speak and lay it next to my head.
I wanted him to understand, wanted to explain how this had happened while I could still explain anything.
He did as I asked, saying he would get help, but I don't think help will get here in time.
It took a surprisingly short time to lay all this out, but I can feel the change beginning to affect my face now. My blinks are coming slower and slower, and my throat is beginning to tighten as it stiffens like my skin. My lips have started to flake as I speak, the cracks in my arms likely running through the lips my husband loved to kiss. I'll be nothing but a beautiful statue soon, a curiosity piece for people to speculate over, but with the time I have left, I want people to understand how I came to this point.
I don't know if it was the treatment or the pills, maybe it was even both, but it doesn't appear to be as ready for human trials as they believed.
If they ask you to sign your life away as I did, make sure you know what you're agreeing to.
The short respite from pain isn't worth the hell I find myself in now.
It's getting hard to breathe now. My lungs are laboring to pull in breath, and I can feel the same shivers running through them with each gasping pull. My eyes are fixed forward, my fingers forever locked together, and I fear that every word may be my last. If you make it home, Jason, know I love you, and I'm sorry that this is where we must part.
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2023.03.30 04:03 BrightAd2201 Gallbladder ultrasound results

Can someone help me understand if this is considered bad findings? I won’t talk to my Dr. For a few days and I’m being impatient. I never thought my gallbladder was bad until just last week when I went to urgent care for the pain. I always thought I just had really bad indigestion that would keep me up all night at times in horrible pain. Here’s what the results said
GALLBLADDER: Findings: Single 2.3 cm gallstone, Sludge, Contracted. Negative sonographic Murphy sign. Borderline thick gallbladder wall measuring 3 mm. CBD measurement: 2 mm
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2023.03.30 03:53 Hawkeye1621 Always check where you're taking a dump

While I do have my own service stories I figured I'd relay this on told to me by a great man, we'll call him SSG Shawn.
So quick side note, I serve in the Navy so I'm not sure what the Army calls their watch standers so I'm just going to refer to them by our terms.
So as anyone who's been deployed knows, the camp has Roaming Watchstanders at night. What some may not know is that a Roamer will have to escort people to the latrine. This takes place during Desert Shield in Iraq. One night SSG Shawn is on duty as the Roamer, patrolling the camp. He sees a soldier step out of his tent, so naturally he finds out what this guy needs. Turns out it's a Sergeant and he needs to take a late night trip to the latrine, so SSG Shawn escorts him over.
SSG Shawn is standing by, waiting for the guy to be done so he can escort him back. It's dark, cool, and quiet. As he's waiting there he hears some rustling then "What the.. OH FUCK!" SSG Shawn turned in time to see this guy trying to haul ass with his pants around his ankles, trying to escape the wrath of a family of CAMEL SPIDERS! Apparently as this guy was getting settled in he accidentally kicked the web these things were building, and camel spiders aren't the nicest things to begin with.
SSG Shawn was able to deter these things from their prize of rump roast by chucking rocks at them. Eventually the Sergeant was able to carefully finish his business and SSG Shawn was able to get with his patrol, but he was definitely keeping an eye out in case the spiders decided to come back for revenge.
RIP Shawn you were an awesome person.
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2023.03.30 03:51 DigOk2158 I have been battling this panicy cursed for a year and I’m just now realizing

It all started with a sickness back in March 2022 and something on that day just clicked inside my brain. Felt like my body was shutting down and my brain was melting. Sped to the urgent care and they didn’t look much into it seen my tonsils were a mess and gave me amoxicillin and recommended I see a psychiatrist. I’ve been fighting off accusations that this is all just anxiety.
Since that day I’ve been a lazy panicy lil fuck that can’t do anything I’ve went to the Er countless times, thinking I’ve had everything in the book mainly thoughts would revolve around my stomach being messed up and was diagnosed with gastritis but am told it wouldn’t cause all of this. So I was losing hope cause mental meds only helped so much. Then a year later from the initial sickness, I got sick again with the same symptoms, super achy body lymph nodes very swelled, I swallow and pain shoots up to my left ear, now a lot more fatigued than my new baseline and head just all over the place.
I went to my primary today and he thinks mono so I got the test and I’m fairly certain it is that. I tried taking amoxicillin yesterday and I hope that doesn’t get in the way of the test.
I guess I’m just not too sure where to go from here and to find validate with proof that this sickness has caused the worst year of my life other than with your guys’ experience. Any clarity would be great.
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2023.03.30 03:46 compassionateCactus How long does this last??

I wish I had found this subreddit a few weeks ago. Like everyone else, heard about the wonderful things offered by lion's mane, had been using reishi with good effects. Nothing notably bad. I also got some cordyceps and made capsules of cordyceps/lion's mane as a mushroom guru recommended. That day I had like 100 mini panic attacks and it got worse over the next few days. At the time I was also using Kratom, and I thought it was the kratom causing the issues, so I quit kratom that day. Went to urgent care and they couldn't find any medical reason for the chest pain, palpitations etc. After about a week things stabilized and I thought, oh I'll try lion's mane again. Bad idea, but that is when I realized it really was the lion's mane causing the issue. It's been a week since then and I was feeling a good bit better, but today it all kindof went back to derealization and anxiety and panic symptoms.
I posted on mushroomsupplements and got criticized essentially. Today finally found this subreddit. I really want to know people's experiences in how long this lasted? I hate this feeling.
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2023.03.30 03:40 DJ-Mercy First time I’ve seen the IE this dead for multiple days in a row. AR 25%

First time I’ve seen the IE this dead for multiple days in a row. AR 25%
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2023.03.30 03:28 Srirachacanada Why aren’t these scenarios on mobile?

Why aren’t these scenarios on mobile?
I play mobile and I’m a bit confused why.
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2023.03.30 03:27 Plenty-Suspect6812 Which job should I choose?

Job 1: $76k. 1 hr 15 min commute (ugh) but only two days/week in office. Slightly lighter workload, more welcoming company culture.
Great PTO and benefits - 4 weeks vacation, 5 sick days, fully paid medical & dental premiums AND copays (!!) for employee & dependents (we have two young kids and my husband doesn’t have insurance through his employer, this would save us a lot of $$).
Job 2: $81k. Fully remote. Slightly heaviemore stressful workload, from what I can tell the org culture feels a little coldemore distant but it may just be that all staff is remote.
Benefits: 3 weeks vacation, 10 sick days. Employer pays 90% of health/dental premium for employee; I would have to pay full premiums for my husband and kids if I put them on this plan. We would also pay copays.
I am really stuck! Fully remote is super appealing because my kids are young and in daycare, and the long commute time for #1 will make it very difficult for my husband and I to figure out daycare pick up/drop off. (Although I have some family who may be able to help those days if I ask.)
I’m also wondering if the slightly lower salary for #1 might be made up by the fact that they’re covering all medical costs. With two kids in daycare we’ve been sick a lot and to the doctourgent care frequently this winter. (It’s been pretty terrible actually.)
Any advice?? I am so stuck.
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2023.03.30 03:16 Expensive-Egg-9652 Panoramic X rays ?

Hey guys , 20m here. Recently went to my urgent care dental where they took one bitewing and a panoramic X ray and told me to find an oral surgeon for removal of my wisdom teeth . A week later I did , and on my consultation I tried to bring the previous X rays I had taken with me but was told they couldn’t use those cause it wasn’t “in their system” and they had to take their own. I was really reluctant as I felt this was unnecessary , but this lady was being a total bitch about it and almost seemed upset I didn’t want to take them . It was either take them or leave essentially. Even though I hated the bitch taking the X rays, the actual surgeon was super cool and I wanted to have him do my operation so alas, I bit my tongue and they took another panoramic X ray
As of late I’ve been pretty anxious thinking about how those x rays were kind of unnecessary and how I’ve been subject to extra radiation from the two panoramic within a week of each other. I looked up how often a person should take panoramic x rays and that shit says it’s recommended once every 5 years . Here I am having taken 2 of them within a week of each other. They also told me I have to take a CBCT scan the day of op and that’s even more radiation. I’ve low key been more anxious about all this more than the actual op and was hoping talking with you guys about it can kind of ease my nerves. Wondering if you guys think I should be worried about this ?
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2023.03.30 03:12 charlie_nosurf (25M) Had the flu, now I have a sharp pain that radiates through my upper back when I cough or breathe deeply or move. Pulled muscle?

25 / Male / 5’11 / 150 lbs / No smoking / No medications
Had the flu for a week which came with a terrible dry cough. So bad that I couldn’t sleep at night. Now the flu is gone but the cough is still here and I’m still not sleeping. Yesterday I developed an extremely sharp pain in my upper right back near the spine that radiates through my entire right side when I cough. It also appears when I breathe deeply or lean up.
Went to urgent care today and they did a chest xray and ruled out fractured ribs and pneumonia. Lungs seemed healthy. So it seems like a pulled muscle in my back region. Doctor prescribed Naproxen for the pain, Benzonatate (Tessalon Perles) and Albuterol (Ventolin HFA inhaler) for the cough.The pain is so bad that my body cannot physically cough anymore, but I still feel loose mucus in my throat. I’m afraid of eating and needing to cough.
I’m just waiting for those to fill which will hopefully help and I wanted to share my symptoms to see if anyone else has dealt with this. It’s truly one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt.
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2023.03.30 03:09 ConsciousStatus14 Lower back pain

Hi everyone, I’m 23 years old, female, 5’5, 190lbs and ever since 3pm eastern time I've been experiencing lower back pain on the left side only. It's growing slowly but the main pressure and pain is coming from my lower left side on my back. It almost feels like it's bruised inside (kinda like if I were punched 10 times there). It's not tender but it's an aching pain. I tried brushing it off but I went to the rest room at work and there was chunky blood in my inner thigh and I was bleeding onto my underwear. I'm not pregnant and my period doesn't come for 2 more weeks. The internet is giving me scary answers and I'm not sure if I should go to the emergency room or wait till the morning and go to an urgent care clinic.
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2023.03.30 03:08 oatmilk_expired Lower Right Abdominal Pain

29 Y.O Male 176 lbs 5'8 ft NKDA Not on any meds.
I have lower right abdominal pain that began after I ate dinner on Saturday. The pain is dull but is usually in a specific area. The pain goes away occasionally but it always feels like there is something tight in that area. I haven't noticed any blood in my stool. I've been pretty regular (No diarrhea or constipation). I am burping a lot but no matter how much gas I pass the pain doesn't seem to go away. No fever or high temp. I currently have a lot of bloat to my left side. It feels tight and distended in that areas
I saw the urgent care doctor today. They found trace amounts of blood in my urine and are sending it over to the lab for a full work up. The doctor didn't seem to concerned cause she said i was dehydrated but they are gonna check it to be sure. I am getting a full metabolic panel and white blood cell count.
I keep on burping and I feel a lot of gas but when I burp or pass gas I don't feel any relief. I have not been drinking carbonated beverages and I have been attempting to eat foods that don't produce gas. I took gasx but that didn't help.
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2023.03.30 03:07 Frickinoff69 Health anxiety from weed a few years ago

Hi there, I had 1 ER visit for an EKG and one visit to an urgent care center for an EKG due to anxiety caused by weed (once from quitting weed and nicotine simultaneously). I also saw a cardiologist about a year ago right after the urgent care visit. I know, looking back I seem like a psycho for all this but man the anxiety then was crazy. Is any of this disqualifying at MEPS? From what I understand they’ll be able to see doctors visits and hospital visits anyways, so what is my best course of action? For what it’s worth, my anxiety is completely gone, never got prescribed meds for it or anything else, but my PC doctor prescribed me acid reflux meds that I never took. (The acid reflux resolved itself, was probably my body freaking out from withdrawals)
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2023.03.30 03:05 theMindfulMaven Calling all endocrine mama bears and Endocrinologists

I have a 17 year old daughter who is experiencing a myriad of symptoms. It's taken us a lot of years to get to where we are today. As of today, she has a vitamin d level of 11. 8 am cortisol of 8.9 (Gp says this is normal). Inverted twaves on the ekgs, enlarged LVMI, missing menses, light menses, hair growth on face. Last week she thought she had a seizure while napping, experienced loud brain ringing, being unable to move, shaking and felt nauseas and had a bad headache like she's never experienced. Since puberty at 12 she has doubled her weight despite not changing food habits and she is only 5 feet tall. Her exhaustion, chest pain and weakness feel like an emergency to her yet I'm getting nowhere with her physicians. I'd like to know if this is urgent, or if I can chill the f out. Her blood sugar is always low 60's in the morning, bp's 99/79 and 119/104 99/82. Prior to puberty she was an active wrestler, had done gymnastics, ran 5k's and 10k's and now we have a hard time with basic self care, she has a difficult time retaining information. The insomnia is brutal, constipation, facial flushing/burning are daily battles. We've been declined to be seen by endo 2x's. According to endo the referral was incorrect, the gp says she did it right. Any wisdom is welcome. Thank you for reading. We are in WA state.
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2023.03.30 03:05 New-Cover777 My parents say I burp like a man but I don’t care

Ever since I was little I’ve always burped horrendously loud: I think it’s from being raised around teenage/collage aged boys and redneck men in the deserts. By the time I was 9 I could burp with the best of them now that I’m older and with a sturdier diaphragm I get pain in my chest if I try to hold in the bigger ones so I try my best to let them out when I’m alone. My parents have witnessed my bigger burps and they worry I won’t be able to find someone that would put up with them but I simply don’t care because it’s something I can rarely control and a bodily function.
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2023.03.30 02:59 kmodelgirl07 AITA for canceling on going to a concert with my best friend?

My best friend and I have been friends for over 15 years. Even though she (32F) is recently divorced and trying to live up the single life, I (30F) am happily married and do my best to juggle time with my husband and doing things with her.
A tradition we’ve had, since we first became friends is going to concerts together. A couple weeks ago she asked me if I wanted to go with her to see a country music artist who was playing at a popular bavenue in our city. I told her yes, and she even agreed to pay for my ticket as a late birthday present.
The Tuesday before the concert, which was this past Friday night, my ankle started hurting. I brushed it off, as my job requires a lot of walking and I thought that I may have just overdid it for that day. Well, when I woke up Wednesday morning and got out of bed, the pain in my foot and ankle was excruciating; I could not put any weight on it and it was very swollen.
I went to an urgent care where they ruled that I had somehow sprained my ankle. They of course advised me to stay off of it, and if I absolutely had to get around I needed to use crutches or a knee scooter; I already had a pair of crutches from a previous knee surgery. I let her know that evening what was going on and that I would have to see how I felt Friday on going to the concert.
Friday comes around and my foot and ankle are still swollen and causing me pain - like bring me to tears pain, which doesn’t particularly make me want to hobble around on crutches in a crowded bar. So I text her that morning apologizing and even offering to pay her back for my ticket. She has her read receipts on, so she read my message and never responded. I figured she was mad, and I felt bad for canceling so I left it at that - although she found someone to take my place.
It’s almost been a week since, and I have reached out multiple times. Every text I send, she leaves it on read. She won’t return my phone calls, won’t respond to my social media comments, nothing. I’m at a loss of what to do. Should I keep trying to reach out? Should I leave her alone? Am I the asshole for not just sucking it up and going?
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