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Lition is developing the only public-private deletable blockchain infrastructure suitable for regulated markets and cross-industrial application. Built on a commercially live P2P energy trading solution, Lition challenges closed-off structures and brings tangible consumer-benefits to the mass market today.

2017.08.29 07:05 Shining light on the intelligentsia

Aletheium: From the Greek Aletheia. Exposing the rot in Western Society at its source, the intelligentsia.

2023.04.01 13:59 rikuzero1 Global exclusive Volt-Fortitude simulacra Yuno (subject to change)

Global exclusive Volt-Fortitude simulacra Yuno (subject to change)
Type: Volt - Fortitude
Simulacra: Yuno
Weapon: Proteus
-Shatter: 10.50
-Charge: 14.00
-Attack 18
-HP 1165
-Crit 14

-Fortitude Resonance: Cry of Weakness: Holding down the skill continually taunts nearby enemies and deal bonus shatter damage for up to 3 seconds and applying 1 mark of Predation to each enemy every 0.5 seconds. Upon releasing the skill, a magnetic needle substitute is made for 2 seconds times the duration held plus 1 to which aggro is temporarily transferred until expiration. Enemies that attack the substitute are taunted and receive 0.1x reflected damage. Become invisible for 4 seconds or until the Wanderer attacks an enemy or the substitute expires. While invisible, movement speed is increased by 35%, dodges cover twice the distance in the same time, and the next attack that hits a target deals +100% shatter damage and weakens the target's ATK by 15% for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 5 seconds x duration held + 10 (Max 25s).
-Non-Fortitude Resonance: Cry of Strength: Holding down the skill continually lowers aggro towards the Wanderer while dealing damage equal to 225% of ATK plus 12 per second for up to 3 seconds and applying 1 mark of Predation to each nearby enemy every 0.5 seconds. Upon releasing the skill, leap at the target with a horror beast claw, dealing dash attack damage equal to 418% of ATK plus 22 as a guaranteed crit with +30% crit damage and reducing the target's crit resistance by 5 levels for 10 seconds. Detonates any magnetic needle nodes touched by the attack independent of their cooldowns, each node dealing area damage equaling 76% of ATK plus 4, recovering 15 weapon charge per node detonated, and placing an additional node for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 2 seconds x duration held + 10 (Max 16s).
-Predation: Per mark up to 5 marks, enemies have crit resistance lowered by 2 levels and for critical hits taken: receive 1% more shatter and have 2% reduced elemental resistance. The Wanderer's movement speed increases by 3% per nearby mark active, up to 5 marks. Marks decay at a rate of 1 every 5 seconds.

-Fortitude Resonance: Unbreakable Will: When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, switching to this weapon from another weapon removes all debuffs from the wielder and constructs a metal plate wall that stops projectiles for 5 seconds while dispersing magnetic needles into a ring which pulls in enemies towards the wall before scattering on the ground, reducing the movement speed of enemies within by 30% while dealing continuous damage equal to 76% of ATK plus 4 per second for 5 seconds with increased aggro generation. Damage immunity lasts 1.5 seconds while the skill is active (unavailable in Apex League).
-Non-Fortitude Resonance: Revenger's Requiem: Quickly leap to the target and slash multiple times, dealing total damage equal to 580% of ATK plus 31 and scattering 3 magnetic needle nodes for 12 seconds, max 7 on the field. Each node can be detonated by any volt weapon's electrify effect upon becoming fully charged, each dealing area damage equal to 76% of ATK plus 2 and recovering 15 weapon charge for each node detonated. Node detonation cooldown: 5 seconds. Damage immunity lasts 1.5 seconds while the skill is active (unavailable in Apex League).

1\*: While wielding Proteus, dodge attack damage that also critically hits applies a Predation mark and deals +20% crit damage and +25% shatter.
2\*: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.
--Balance: For each mark of Predation active while wielding Proteus, dodging heals the Wanderer by 1% of max HP, reduces damage received by 1% for 3 seconds, and increases healing effect by 4% for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
--Fortitude: For each mark of Predation active, unleashing any skill or discharge heals the Wanderer by 1% of max HP and reduces damage taken by 2% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 5 seconds. In addition, for each nearby mark of Predation active while wielding Proteus, a party member unleashing a skill heals the Wanderer by 1% of max HP. Cooldown: 5 seconds.
--Attack: For each magnetic needle node detonated while wielding Proteus, heal the Wanderer by 1% of max HP. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
--Benediction: For each magnetic needle node detonated, heal party members by 17.5% of ATK within triple the detonation radius and increases party ATK by 2% for 5 seconds for each mark of Predation active.
--Only the highest stack of marks is counted.
4\*: Increase the current weapon's base HP growth by 32%.
5\*: Enemies receive 1% more damage dealt by the Wanderer for each mark of Predation. While wielding Proteus, restore 4 weapon charge points for each nearby mark of Predation active per second. Only the highest stack of marks is counted.
6\*: Increase Predation max to 7. In addition, increase Crit Rate by 1% and Crit Damage by 2% for each mark of Predation active. Only the highest stack of marks is counted.

"Originally invented by Project Ark for testing on G2-U subjects to wield inhuman instincts by substituting missing limbs with electrically charged magnetic needles in their insane plan to elevate humanity, this Proteus has been modified to recharge mid-combat and utilize metal plates which can camouflage."

==Normal Attack==
atk x5: While on the ground, attack 5 times.
-First Attack: Deal damage equal to 56.6% of ATK plus 3.
-Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 19.7% of ATK plus 1.
-Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 30%% of ATK plus 2.
-Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 47.1% of ATK plus 3.
-Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 136.8% of ATK plus 7 and strongly suspend the target.
jump + atk x3: While airborne, use normal attack to attack 3 times in a row in mid-air.
-First Attack: Deal damage equal to 107.9% of ATK plus 6.
-Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 114.0% of ATK plus 6.
-Third Attack: Launch the enemy at a nearby target or at the ground below if there is none, creating a shockwave upon landing that deals area damage equal to 142.8% of ATK plus 8 and stunning targets for 1 second. If the enemy cannot be launched, instead deal damage equal to 172.1% of ATK plus 9 and recover 100 energy weapon charge.

hold: Fortitude Resonance: Tap and hold normal attack to take a defensive stance for up to 3 seconds, reducing damage taken by 20% and recovering 10 weapon energy charge per 1% of max HP lost while held. Releasing the normal attack button while holding a direction performs a dodge covering twice the distance in the same time. Releasing before getting hit performs the dodge at no cost, constructs a substitute for 2 seconds to which all aggro is transferred until expiration, and the Wanderer becomes invisible for 2 seconds or until the Wanderer attacks an enemy. If a dodge cannot be performed, instead cast the standing version of this skill. Releasing the normal attack button without holding a direction unleashes an area attack that deals damage equal to 167.3% of ATK plus 9. Releasing before getting hit doubles the damage reduction, energy recharge, and shatter damage, while applying a 0.2x damage reflection to the area attack.
hold: Non-Fortitude Resonance: Tap and hold normal attack to gather magnetic needle nodes on the field and place them in a line towards the target, each node dealing area damage equal to 38% of ATK plus 1 and refreshing their durations. This consumes 1 node.

jump + hold: Tap and hold normal attack while airborne, or use normal attack while climbing, jumping backward, or using the Jetpack to trigger aerial branch attacks, to barrel downwards into the target with a horror beast form, dealing damage equal to 154.5% of ATK plus 8 damage, strongly suspending targets. The higher the altitude when triggering the attack, the greater the damage dealt, up to 600% damage.

dodge + atk: Tap normal attack during the short period after dodging. Let out a long and narrow projectile in sandworm form which penetrates the target and returns, dealing damage equal to 78.1% of ATK plus 4, and recovers HP and energy weapon charge proportional to total shatter damage dealt from critical hits. Restore up to 1 dodge if the attack shatters a target's shield. If Fortitude Resonance is activated and the Wanderer is invisible before attacking, taunt enemies hit. If Fortitude Resonance is not activated, detonate any magnetic needle nodes touched by the attack as if triggering electrify from fully charging a volt weapon, each node dealing area damage equaling 76% of ATK plus 4 and recovering 15 weapon charge per node detonated.

-Sixth Sense(1.2k): For every 1 second you or your substitute is targeted by an enemy, gain a stack of Adaptation which reduces damage received by 2%, increases resistance for the element last damaged with by 4%, and makes critical hits ignore elemental resistance by 2%, per stack up to 3 stacks. For every 1.5 seconds not targeted, lose 1 stack. Unleashing a skill with Proteus grants 3 stacks of Adaptation.
-Primal Instinct(4k): For every 1 second you or your substitute is targeted by an enemy, gain a stack of Adaptation which reduces damage received by 3%, increases resistance for the element last damaged with by 6%, and makes critical hits ignore elemental resistance by 3%, per stack up to 5 stacks. For every 1.5 seconds not targeted, lose 1 stack. While at 4 or more stacks, become immune to knockback on the ground and double the duration of Predation marks. Unleashing a skill with Proteus grants 5 stacks of Adaptation.

-2-piece set: Increase Crit Rate by 5/6/7/8% and Crit Damage by 7/8/9/10%. Taunting an enemy reduces its crit resistance by 2/3/4/5 levels for 3 seconds. This Matrix's effects work in the off-hand slot, but only the set with the highest star rating will take effect.
-4-piece set: Increases speed of obtaining weapon charge by 12/13%/14%/15% plus 2% for each magnetic needle node on the field. For every 1% of max HP lost, recover 5 weapon energy charge. In addition, for every 200 weapon charge recovered, deal volt damage equal to 7/8/9/10% ATK to nearby enemies. This Matrix's effects work in the off-hand slot, but only the set with the highest star rating will take effect.

==Character Background==
Log 1: Yuno, formerly known as Subject G2-U No.7, was born into the secret laboratory under Project Ark in the outskirts of Vera. On the surface, Project Ark aimed to conserve wildlife. Underneath, its true aim was to store the DNA of every creature into a human's to elevate humanity into the pinnacle of evolution and true apex of nature while obtaining the scientific freedom to exterminate all threatening species once stored. Comprised of 12 scientists and 36 miscellaneous staff, in secret they gave birth to 18 children to be used as the first generation test subjects. 12 designated G1-O subjects under the Overlay method of fusing animal parts to learn and integrate the DNA directly, and 6 designated G1-U under the Underlay method of injecting various substances such as blood and hormones to restructure the body instinctually as it grows. All G1-O subjects died, 4 of which died of surgical complications, 3 were hostile, and 2 were abducted by their defected parents and subsequently disposed of. 3 G1-U subjects died of poison-like symptoms and 3 survived with no apparent differences other than prominent hair growth and confused neurological behavior. Afterwards, 9 scientists and 28 staff remained, giving birth to the second generation of 16, 4 designated G2-O with significantly reduced fusions and 10 designated G2-U with varying degrees of raised injection levels and antibodies alongside the newly invented complementary equipment designed to wield prominent instinctive behavior in their intended form without physical complications, a fabric resembling a fur coat named Proteus. Proteus utilized magnetic needles attached to areas closest to the nervous system and used a battery to extend the instinct-induced neurological signals sent to the detachable needles to form substitutes for the missing limbs, taking from needle reserves located on the cuffs and collar when necessary. Of the 4 G2-O subjects, 2 couldn't move their fused limbs and were deemed failures, 1 became completely paralyzed and disposed of, and 1 showed remarkable success, becoming the focus of the project in preparation for G3-O. G2-O No.3 had little strength but had enhanced hearing and could pick up objects with his tail. Most of the G2-U subjects, however, showed hostility almost immediately after integrating enough with Proteus to form a weapon as if their minds were taken over by feral instincts and now had a fighting chance against their captors. Of the 10 G2-U's, 7 met their end this way, 2 were defiant but weak and thus kept until the final weeks of generation 2 to provide data for G3-U, and 1 strangely showed no signs of defiance nor reaction from Proteus. This was strange because G2-U No.7 received the strongest DNA injections. Because of his obedience, G2-U No.7 was allowed to work as manual labor while the project focused on G2-O No.3. What they didn't know was it wasn't that G2-U No.7 didn't possess the instincts he was given, it was that the first instinct he awakened to was one that let him foresee his death and adapt to the situation, becoming obedient and feigning weakness as well as internally mastering Proteus during each "failed" test. Eventually, G2-U No.7 developed enough affinity with Proteus to use his own hair and other metals as a substitute for the magnetic needles with or without Proteus, as long as they were connected by electricity. It was nearing the time in which the generation 3 phase of the project begins and G2-U No.7 could foresee the imminent death of generation 2. With each day he planted hidden hairs and metal plates in rooms, and once he had enough, he initiated his escape plan. First required getting G2-O No.3's cooperation. One night, G2-U No.7 tied together numerous strands of hair and with the small amount of electricity afforded to him with a night light he had innocently requested the week prior, he made this long thread travel through the air vents, as if it itself was a sandworm, into G2-O No.3's soundproofed room that he was almost never allowed to leave from, and constrict G2-O No.3's pinky until it dislocated. With this, G2-O No.3 would be taken out of his soundproofed room in the morning and put into the medical bay to treat his injury, and he can establish communication during the day he is tasked to clean the adjacent room. Whispering as to not be heard by security cameras, G2-U No.7 told him of their imminent death once generation 3 is born soon, and if he wants to prevent that, he has to follow through with a plan not yet disclosed. As the discussion is only one-way, agreement was decided on whether he lies to his escort by saying he could hear someone injured in the Proteus testing room as he's being escorted back. Evidently, the agreement was made. Just as G2-U No.7 heared footsteps toward that direction, he once again took out his long thread of hair, but this time he pretended to accidentally bump into the security camera while cleaning it, exposing the wires. With a lethal amount of electricity now, he quickly extended the thread across the room and into the hallway towards the Proteus testing room, reaching the door faster than the escort and connecting to the 2 strands of hidden hair on the sides of the door at neck height. As soon as the escort opened the door and tried walking through but instead came into contact with the thread, all of the siphonable electricity was channeled into it, killing the escort and shutting down the camera system. This was the moment he secretly trained his legs every night for. With the speed augmented by his strong saber-toothed wolf DNA, he rushed across the room, down the hall, and through the door before it closed, dragging the escort's body in with him. With the keycard he now possessed, he quickly unlocked and equipped Proteus just in time before the facility went into lockdown. But now with Proteus which he already mastered and a full battery, he easily ripped open the door with his horror beast claws formed by the magnetic needles. Then once he left the room, he picked up the couple hidden metal plates in the hall, attached them to his arms as shields, then sent out the rest of the magnetic needles to find and detonate with electricity each hidden strand of hair that was placed near lights and communications equipment, providing the cover of darkness for him to slip through the approaching armed guards. He stealthily killed each person nearby as he collected every metal plate to attach to Proteus and complete his defensive armor against the remaining guards and turrets he knew were waiting at the exit. As he finished, he met G2-O No.3. Being the kindhearted pacifist the staff raised him to be so he would obediently offer himself up as research material for generation 3, G2-O No.3 pleaded for him to stop killing everyone. The mind that was more human than monster remained unaware and manipulated into choosing his parents who gave him fake love. But to G2-U No.7 whose mind was only half human, he still saw G2-O No.3 as his only surviving comrade, the only one he could consider a friend despite their only previous conversation being one-sided. If only he could see the fakeness and lies, he could abandon these true monsters, even *if* they are his parents. With little time to talk, G2-U No.7 simply refused and headed to the exit, bluffingly threatening to kill him as well if he tries to stop him. As he turned the corner, he's met with the expected remaining guards and turrets, but suprisingly 2 scientists who didn't flee. They were G2-O No.3's biological parents. What's more, they didn't attack yet, as if they were waiting for something. G2-O No.3 then came into the room and the parents tell him that G2-U No.7 is about to kill them, his loving parents, and that he needs to protect them by killing. This was a desperate attempt at a pincer attack, but it was a useless effort, for they raised their child to be so pacifistic that no suddenly developed instinct could lead him to harm them. This would turn out well, G2-U No.7 thought, as G2-O No.3 would either be too afraid to take action or deal insignificant damage, but the worst case happened that G2-U No.7 couldn't have expected: he instead put himself between them and pleaded for G2-U No.7 to be spared and the fighting to stop. He had chosen not just his human parents but also a murderous half-monster as equals. Could he only see everyone here as redeemable humans? Could he have believed G2-U No.7's words because he couldn't imagine that anybody would lie? Distracted by the shock of seeing what transpired, G2-U No.7 couldn't react in time before the scientists took the first shot, killing G2-O No.3 who was in the way. Enraged at the betrayal of the greatest kindness he had seen in his life, G2-U No.7 lunged at them, indulging in his primal instincts as he ripped them apart in an act of pure predation. With him being the only survivor inside the lab, only he could hear the sorrowful cries he let out as the only person who treated him as a human died before him. This was also the first time he awakened to his gooseneck beast instincts, as it was only then he was allowed to express the feelings of strength in overcoming his enemies and weakness in losing what he desired to protect. If he would ever have something worth protecting again, he would protect it with everything he had without hesitation. G2-U No.7: escaped, age 6. G2-O No.3: deceased, age 6. Project Ark: mysteriously abandoned.

Log 2: As a monster who is a chimera of human, sandworm, saber-toothed wolf, horror beast, shielded beast, and gooseneck beast, the now free G2-U No.7 knew he could survive anywhere but wouldn't belong anywhere. And so, clinging onto the feeling of being treated as a human and the hope that he can meet someone like that again, he snuck onto a cargo ship and into Mirroria, a place where, strangely, his first thought upon arrival was that his friend would've complained how noisy it was. With a lonesome life in the shadows of Mirroria scavenging for food and electricity and running from M-SEC waiting for him, and with the hope of meeting a friend one day, he spent his new life being both the phantom protector of Mirroria and the phantom thief, who not even Captain Saki Fuwa could manage to catch in the end. 4 years pass, G2-U No.7, age 10, finds his life comfortable. Despite not yet finding a friend, being known as both a human-like protector and monster-like thief best suits him. Not even his instinctive foresight could warn him of how his comfortable life would get upturned by another beast in human form. One day in typical fashion, he would steal an unattended piece of food, but this time it wasn't merely a half eaten sandwich, it was a whole pizza! He swiftly snatched it and retreated to the rooftops to eat it in peace, but just as he was about to finish the last piece, a scream could be heard where he had stolen the pizza. It wasn't a fully human scream either--it had an intimidating sense of feral power behind it. Slightly unnerved, he hopped down and wandered off into the back alleys to not get involved. But he could hear footsteps follow him, even though he took secret passages and moved in full stealth that was impossible for humans to hear. It was as if he was being tracked by scent, which should also be impossible for humans. Surprised at how long the chase had gone on, he had forgotten about how much battery was left in Proteus, and when he hit a dead end, it was run dry and he couldn't scale the high wall. The determined creature finally caught up, but what appeared from the shadows was merely a girl with silver hair and 2 dogs. They only appeared small and harmless until he looked into the girl's eyes and for the third time in his life foresaw his imminent death, for he was powerless before her overwhelming power without Proteus nor a nearby power source. His only option was to play dead the moment she hit him. The last thing he remembered before losing consciousness was being yelled and barked at while being incessantly kicked despite playing dead. When he awoke inside a cozy room, the same monstrously intimidating girl stood before him and asked him if anything was broken, where his parents were, and his name. Up until then, he only had one name, the horrid name given by a group of monsters to treat him as an expendable tool, but it was also the only thing he had left to remember his only friend by. So with a tone of certainty and pride in what he is, he responded "Yuno." It was only later that Yuno found out the girl was only forced to care for his wounds by her caretaker so people wouldn't find out she beat up a kid and ruin her fresh public image. But that minor detail didn't matter--he once again felt like he was treated as a human, and if someone like her can belong here out in the open, then so can he. Although quite young, after hearing about his speed and skills, the girl's caretaker found him work at M-SEC and cared for under Saki Fuwa, who simply sighed at the sight of him as if she lost a race. Because he's too young to be publicly employed and his fighting is a bit unorthadox, he continues his role as the phantom protector but this time embracing his monster side where the phantom thief once occupied. Having Proteus repaired from years of neglect, extended to fit his growing body, and upgraded to collect energy mid-combat and to enable the armor plates to camouflage, this marks a turning point in his life. Ironically, with the same instincts he foresaw his death as a monster with, he now foresees his future as one where he is human and full of life. He will live as the kind of redeemable human his first friend saw in him, and he will protect everyone who gave him a chance and accepted him.

  1. "Project Ark" references Noah's Ark, the vessel used in the biblical event in which pairings of every animal were loaded onto the boat to save them from extinction due to a great flood. Just as the great flood decimated all but the surviving handful of animals, Project Ark sought to eradicate all but the creatures they would store within humans.
  2. Proteus is a prophetic old man in Greek mythology who could shapeshift and knew all things past, present, and future, and would only tell what he knew after being successfully caught. Because he could shapeshift into anything, he became regarded as a symbol of the original matter from which the world was created. Through the use of the equipment Proteus, Yuno could use the knowledge of the past within his library of DNA to construct weapons, complemented by his refined adaptation instinct to analyze the present and perceive his future survival. After being caught by Fenrir, he answered what she wished to know: his name.
  3. "Yuno" as a Japanese word/phrase can be written many ways in kanji and thus have various meanings. For "yu" this includes "friend," "help," "kindness," "connect," and "origin" among other meanings. For "no" this includes "wish/desire," "field," and "wild" among other meanings.
  4. "Ono," which would have been G2-O No.3's name had he survived, as a Japanese word/phrase written in kanji means "small field" but is often confused with "Ōno" meaning "large field." Confined within the small labratory and kept in his soundproof room, he never knew such a large world existed.
  5. Today is April Fools' Day.
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2023.04.01 13:58 roseandmirrors Some facts about Shoyo, Katsura, and Takasugi's historical counterpart.

Originally writing this as a comment, but I thought I would also make it a separated post.
Did you know that the real Katsura never attend Shoka Sonjuku? Some source might say he attend very briefly, but the fact is he was never a student in a way Takasugi is (but he did learn from Shoin, the real Shoyo when he was in a millitary school and Shoin teached there)
The real Katsura is also only 3 years younger than Shoin, while the real Takasugi is actually 6 years younger than Katsura.
When Japan opened up their ports in 1859, Shoin, Katsura and Takasugi was 29, 26, and 20 respectively. Takasugi was studying at Shoka sonjuku while Katsura was working for the Bakufu at Edo.
Shoin was enraged about the country opened up and plan to assassinate a couple of shogun's hign rank officers. Takasugi, along with other Shoka sonjuku's students and many of Shoin's close companies feel like his idea was too risky for the time. Takasugi and others write a letter to Katsura, tell him to protect his sensei from the bakufu's suspicion even if it means clashing with Shoin himself.
Katsura went back to his hometown and tried to talk Shoin down. Shoin says something along the line of "don't even bother asking" but he did cancel one of the plans because of Katsura. He was arrested because of the other plans anyway.
Shoin was placed on house arrest since sometimes before he teached at Shoka Sonjuku, so he can't go out of the town but he often send letters to his friend who shared the same ambition, talk about the assassination plan without concealing his identity on the letter. Fear that Shoin might be caught, Katsura is the one who try to keep the letters coming in and out, cut off Shoin's communication from the outside. Shoin was angry and often fought with Katsura.
Katsura and Shoin were on a bad term in the last months of Shoin's life, but when Shoin was jailed at Edo, Katsura went to Edo to visit him in jail. He was also one of the people who buried Shoin in secrecy (one of them is Ito Hirobumi, Japan's first prime minister so here's one more fact: Japan's first prime minister is also one of Yoshida Shoin's student)
While Shoin was in jail, Takasugi was studying in Edo too. Takasugi also visit Shoin in jail but his father called him back to his hometown before Shoin's execution. The name of Shoin's executor is Yamada Asaemon.
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2023.04.01 13:57 throwra_swissmiss I don’t know if hes upset about it and im stuck alone in a foreign country

A week ago today he shattered my entire heart by telling me that right now he can’t be with me and he needs to work on himself because he’s experiencing depression. I begged and pleaded for him not to of it but he had already madr up his mind. It honestly came out of no where just the day before we were chilling out have a good time with friends on a video call and less than 24 hours later he didnt want me in his life anymore. I feel like everything he ever told me about or we discussed about our future wheb i come back from school to close the distance was a lie. I feel like when i was up front about going abroad and that i dont want to be with someone who doesn’t want to do distance because my ex had lied to me about it and he said he was up fot the challenge because i was worth it that it was a lie. Now im half a world away alonr realizing im never worth it and i should have never let someone convince me i was because in the end he lied to me. He probably doesn’t even miss me and will move on. I dont even know for how long it wasn’t real for him. I just wished that I could have saved myself the troublr and realized i wasnt worth it a year ago
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MARCH 31, 2023 Treasury Releases Guidance to Drive Investment in Critical Minerals & Battery Supply Chains in America

Treasury Releases Guidance to Drive Investment in Critical Minerals & Battery Supply Chains in America Clean Energy The White House
Today, the Department of Treasury (Treasury) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released new guidance to clarify how manufacturers may satisfy the critical mineral and battery component requirements of the clean vehicle tax credit introduced by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Treasury’s new notice of proposed rulemaking marks a critical step towards building our clean energy future while honoring our “Made in America” commitments.

The Biden-Harris Administration remains focused on investing in America, revitalizing American manufacturing and establishing secure supply chains for critical minerals and battery components here at home. Since the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act, over $45 billion in battery investments across at least 75 facilities have been announced across all segments of the domestic battery supply chain, ranging from the extraction of critical minerals to the manufacturing of battery packs. Treasury’s new guidance ensures that the tax credits introduced by the Inflation Reduction Act will continue to drive unprecedented investment in American manufacturing and drive the creation of tens of thousands of high-paying, high-quality jobs.

The Biden-Harris Administration also remains committed to building the American economy from the bottom up and the middle out, and the new clean vehicle tax credits have been designed to ensure that clean vehicles are accessible to all Americans and targeted at the middle-class and hardworking families. With today’s new guidance, Treasury and IRS have also released an updated set of FAQS to help taxpayers determine whether they are eligible for up to a $7,500 tax credit towards a new clean vehicle. These FAQs provide consumers with information on eligibility requirements, including household income limitations and vehicle price caps, as well as detailed instructions on determining whether vehicle models are eligible under the updated critical minerals and battery component requirements.
After the release of today’s new guidance, manufacturers will provide Treasury and IRS with an updated list of eligible vehicles by April 18, 2023. On that date, will contain a list of eligible clean vehicles that manufacturers have indicated to the IRS will meet the requirements to claim the new clean vehicle credit. This list will continue to be updated promptly as manufacturers continue to provide more information on vehicle eligibility.
Today’s announcement ensures that the clean vehicle credit provided by the Inflation Reduction Act will lower costs for consumers, revitalize our industrial base, and spur manufacturing here at home. We encourage you to learn more about all of the ways that the Inflation Reduction Act’s clean energy tax incentives can help to lower your household’s energy and transportation costs in 2023 and beyon

NIOBIUM ~MARCH 29, 2023 ~CBMM bets on batteries for electric vehicles Por Ivo Ribeiro — São Paulo

World’s largest producer of niobium items will increase its budget to R$340m in 2023 from R$260m

Metals, Mineral Resources & Recycling (
The Brazilian company CBMM, a world leader in the production and supply of niobium products, continues to focus on its plan to diversify the metal’s applications and generate new business. The electric mobility market (vehicles powered by electric batteries) is the big niche at the moment, but there are others such as electronics and nanomaterials — which are more efficient.
Controlled by the Moreira Salles family, one of the shareholders of Itaú Unibanco, the company created in 1955 to explore the vast niobium deposits near the municipality of Araxá, in Minas Gerais, is increasing its spending on research and development.
CBMM will increase its annual budget to R$340 million in 2023 from R$260 million, of which almost R$100 million will be intended for the electric battery program, says Ricardo Lima, CEO since July 1 last year, after four years in charge of technology and new business.
According to Mr. Lima, the company is developing 41 projects focused on batteries for electric vehicles. Two of them are well developed, already in an advanced testing phase — one with Japan’s Toshiba and another with Volkswagen Trucks and Buses to supply niobium material for a generation of electric buses.
In battery production, niobium in the form of oxides is used for both cathode and anode production in some types of batteries whose base element is lithium.
To meet the demand of battery manufacturers, CBMM is building a 3,000-tonne per year niobium oxide plant in Araxá with an investment of $80 million. The current investment program in oxides within the company is estimated at R$1.2 billion.
This reflects the importance of this new business to the company. It is expected to account for 25% of its niobium sales by the end of this decade, equivalent to 35,000 tonnes. Last year, CBMM sold 88,000 tonnes, of which 80,200 tonnes were ferroniobium (its flagship product, used in steelmaking) and 8,000 tonnes were specialty products (several alloys for highly sophisticated applications).
The big challenge is to develop the niobium market, which is concentrated in steel production and still has a lot of room for growth, says Rodrigo Amado, chief strategy and new business officer.
The company is increasing its investment in research and development programs as part of its strategy to expand metal’s applications. This year, the company increased its spending on programs to R$340 million from R$260 million, of which R$94 million is intended for the area of batteries for electric vehicles. CBMM already has advanced projects with the Japanese company Toshiba (undergoing tests on cars in Japan) and with VW in Brazil, which involves the production of electric buses in the Resende (Rio de Janeiro) unit.

Mr. Lima says there are 41 projects related to batteries. By the end of the decade, it is expected that 25% (or 35,000 tonnes) of niobium will be produced for this application. The use in the production of steel, via niobium iron, is still the flagship of the company — 80,000 tonnes in 2022, most of it purchased by China. Without considering this part of R&D, the company is investing another R$700 million this year in the conclusion of a new oxide plant and at the beginning of the installation of a large tailings disposal plant. The company grossed R$10.95 billion last year, with a R$4.52 billion profit.

(Sounds Like a U.S. Source of NIOBIUM might come in HANDY!??)


Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers Home-Rapid publication of high quality research in inorganic chemistry Editor-in-chief: Song GaoImpact factor: 7.779Time to first decision (peer reviewed only): 27 daysOpen access publishing options available (
See the following Abstracts:

Synergy of oxygen defects and structural modulation on titanium niobium oxide with constructed conductive network for high-rate lithium-ion half/full batteries

Dy3+ doped (K,Na)NbO3-based multifunctional ceramics for achieving enhanced temperature-stable piezoelectricity and non-contact optical temperature sensing performance


Critical Minerals & Energy Investment North America June 2023, New York (

Critical Minerals & Energy Investment North America Conference and Exhibition is the only event in Americas dedicated to critical minerals sector discussing all aspects of exploration opportunities for traditional and emerging commodities, investment strategies, development of new technologies from mobile phones to fighter jets, critical infrastructure, transport, security & renewable energy and expansion of downstream processing to meet future global demand.
The Governments of Canada and United States are developing National Critical Minerals Strategies that focus on supporting domestic critical mineral and material supply chains in order to reduce dependency on other countries including China, where 90% of rare earths and 60% of lithium are processed. Supporting supply chain diversification and security of supply is of paramount importance. The event looks at key elements to responsible sourcing and processing, recycling, green investment economy, as well as hydrogen that plays a crucial role in the global energy market’s transition to a low-carbon economy.
We anticipate 250 senior level executives, including over 35 mining companies ranging from explorers, juniors to
mid-tier producers, majors and processors for two days of partnering, networking and business matching.
Join us at an invaluable platform to get access to agenda covering latest industry issues, exhibition floor as well as
1-2-1 meeting matching tool for new partnerships & business opportunities including: Presentation Opportunities & Panel Discussions, Luncheon, Networking Drinks, Bespoke Event Partnership & Sponsorship Options.


(Interesting Synergies! IMHO)

OCTOBER 2021 Volkswagen Truck and Bus and CBMM To Develop Niobium Battery for EV's

Volkswagen Truck and Bus and CBMM To Develop Niobium Battery for EV Power Systems Research

SEPT. 2022 ~PowerCo and Umicore establish joint venture for European battery materials production~

PowerCo and Umicore establish joint venture for European battery materials production (


Volkswagen’s PowerCo and Umicore obtain full regulatory approval for EU battery materials production - Green Car Congress

PowerCo and Umicore establish joint venture for European battery materials production (

MARCH 13, 2023 ~ Is Niocorp still engaged with "Several Federal Agencies" other than the EXIM Bank as sources for "Debt" or Off-take agreements? Comment if you can...?

Response: ~ "Yes, multiple federal agencies, elected officials in the Congress, and the WH. "!!



Titanium Today, 2nd Edition 2022 by TITANIUMTODAY - Issuu

How can you tell when April is happy?

"It has a spring in its step."

Waiting with many for material news as it becomes available!


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2023.04.01 13:56 Anonymous717717 I 15f am being bullied again and I don't know what to do anymore

TW: mention of suicide self harm SA and bullying
Any advice would be so appreciated, but honestly I'm just looking to get it off my chest as I have no where else to go to. This is an anonymous account but if you work put who I am from this YOU DONT KNOW ME.
I 15f have been bullied all my life, every school I have been to I have been bullied most of the time it was just verbally aka name calling or just excluding ect there have been instances where it was physical but it was never too severe (I have 1 or 2 scars from it on my legs). When I left primary I left hoping that I would never be bullied again and would have a bug friend group and no one would be horrible ever again. And I did have that but, it ended in year 9 I had a semi big friend group of around 7 people my best friend at the time (let's call her k) was probably the best person ever she was so kind and helped me through so much but then something happend and we were not friends anymore. But atleast I had the rest of my group and then my next closest friend (let's call her V) was amazing blah blah blah We all stopped being friends and now I have around 3 close friends and I'm okay with that. They are amazing people and I couldn't have asked for more.
Okay so I go to a very small secondary school (less than 700 students) and have been bullied twice there the first time the girl got kicked out a few weeks after (not because I reported her or anything) and now a group of girls who have turned me into an inside joke within their friend group and so on ect.
I am a very sensative person. When I get an instrest into something it gets big and stays for a long time. For example I have a big interest in mushrooms and mycology and plants I currently own 17 I can talk for hours on the knowledge and facts and what I've found in those topics. It's also pretty obvious because I used to post alot of it on my tiktok. Bully 1 also took that to her advantage and bullied me for that aswell. A little backround on the last 2 bullying instances, I belive the first one started when K became friends with bully 1 and I guess she told her some of my secrets for example that I suffered pretty badly with self harm and that I had some physical health problems. Bully 1 took that to her advantage and was relentless with the name calling. She made a groupchat with everyone in her contacts and added me and poster immages and stickers of me and name called and was making fun of me. She also tried to trip me on the stairs multiple times. I never told anyone shout those besides my friends and she eventually got expelled from the school so it all ended there. (There was more to this story but I prefer to keep some things private)
Now I understand it really doesn't seem like a big deal and I know and if you're reading this thinking that I'm overreacting or I'm just sensitive I know and I'm sorry. Some backround why I'm like this is because of all the bullying and insensitive comments ect. I've struggled with self harm since I was 11 and have tried to off myself 7 times thr first time when I was 12. I still haven't recovered fully and I get overwhelmed very very easily and don't do well under stress so that's all been building up and only my closest friends know none of my family and recently some guy tried to SA me I was in town waiting for the bus when he stood behind me very close and walked around and called me a "spicy girl" when I tried to distance myself then he got close and tried to grab my chest area, I ran away and met up with a friend. Which kind of explains why the situation now is very stressful and overwhelming.
Onto whats happening now. A popular group in my year has turned me into an inside joke Girl A has been saying Hi to me and just sometimes being a bit weird and sometimes being nice but too obvious it's sarcasm at first I just believed it to be her being weird because it wouldn't have been the first time that's happend but the other day a friend of mine overheard them talking about how girl A is dating me and she came to tell me and honestly I knew something was up but I never expected that to happen. And then not even like 2 seconds after I was told girl A came up to me and was her usual self of an overly friendly hi then the whole friend group started laughing. Oh and another point is that they will eventually come up to me and say something, but because they are the popular girls I am horrified of what will happen because even if it is a joke and they ask to go out w me or something and I say no they will most likely start some sort of drama and I will be in the centre or worse they will actually bully me. The thought of that caused me to have a panic attack around my friends and now I genuinely have no clue what to do anymore.
I'm really sorry if you're reading this and thinking that I'm overreacting or it's not as bad as I make it out to be and I'm sorry.
also if this for whatever reason goes on tiktok you still don't know me.
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2023.04.01 13:55 Admirable_Ad_2770 First thing I made

First thing I made
First thing I made in a cnc machine for personal use. 8 years ago today i made this for my super twin bike. I started working at the cnc shop my father was working for when i was still in school. When everyone else had Easter holiday the machine's were available for a week and me and my father made as many parts we could for our drag bike project. Some years later i ran 323 km/t and 7,23 at 1/4 mile with this part. I have sold the bike to be able to build a new, faster bike. My dad has made engine that has been 6,23 at 1/4 mile. So now the friend of mine that got me started drag racing, the one my father made engine for, and me are building two bikes with engine design changes. Can't wait to have the new setup dialed in, should be really fast. Starting this Monday again to make parts, everyone at work is gone and machine's just standing there.
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2023.04.01 13:54 bananascare Anyone have insight or speculations on the future of Wilton cake decorating classes?

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2023.04.01 13:54 LionessOfAzzalle April’s fools??? Am I overthinking this?

So, my eldest (7) is in a small school; with less than 10 kids his age. As a consequence; they’re a close-knit bunch.
Today; they were all invited to the birthday party of “Joe”. Joe is typically seen as the smartest, best behaved kid of them all, with very invested parents.
Just now; 30 minutes before drop off; we suddenly received this message in the parents’ group chat:
“We’re very sorry to spring this on you last minute; but Joe has been punished. His party won’t be happening this afternoon. Would your kids be available next week?”
Now, I’m aware of the date. In fact, we just did a harmless prank on eldest. But my mind immediately went to “maybe this is why he’s so well-behaved?” If they’re willing to cancel a birthday party over some faux pas…
And; would you dare punish 9 other kids along with your own? What kind of joke is this anyway?
I showed the text to my husband; who’s now loudly laughing about me “falling” for the joke. Kid overheard; was stressed and crying, not knowing what to believe.
In the group chat; other parents called them out for it surely being an April’s fools? Joe’s parents replied with a “🐟 LOL April’s fools obviously!”
I don’t know… was it a badly thought out joke; or did they back pedal after seeing the reactions?
Anyhow; making parents even for a second think they’ll have to console their kid over a birthday party not happening; along with changing plans last minute with their other kids (almost all the parents have 2 or more kiddos, so these parties generally mean planned one-on-one time with the other kid); really isn’t fun. And way out of character for these specific parents.
End of rant, sorry.
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2023.04.01 13:54 --_Gh0st_-- The day the world goes dark

Hello? Come in world 274. Ah its, SAM ITS FLASHING. WHAT? OH OKAY ITS ON? GOOD. THANK YOU SAM. Hello, this is a message to world 274 from world 239. I'm not sure how this will get through, but its vital that continue listening this.Or reading, or watching. My name is Charles, I am an agent and I'm from world 239, much like your own except in roughly 20 - 80 years in the future hence why I can contact you now. The technology is far more advanced but we can not pinpoint what time zone you're in right now, we only know it will happen to you too.
You'll most likely be seeing this on a social media app, maybe as a meme, a video, or just a post. It may even appear on your television as an advert. But do not take it as a joke or a story, you need to listen.
On the 25th of July, 2043, at 1.45 am EST, the world fell dark. The whole planet lost power, somthing from deep in space will hit the planet, knocking all power out for about a minute. We aren't sure why this happened, but it's theorised it's because of the radiation that damaged it. This is the beginning, if this event is carried out then sadly, your fate is sealed. It may not happen the exact time, date or year, but when it does know that its the beginning of the end.
We first spotted it's presence on the 5th March, 2062 whilst studying the stars, and we spotted several of them disappearing. There was quite a chunk od space that lacked anything.
We pointed the hubble telescope at this area, and could see multiple stars begin to, well 'blip' out of existence. However, we were unable to see the cause of this phenomenon, so we moved onto using the [REDACTED] telescope. I don't think you've invented it yet, so the name won't get through. There's lots of rules for multi-universal communication. Moving on, from this we could see gas clouds, planets, stars being dragged back into some kind of void. A black hole, about 5 lightyears away, frighteningly close. The power put back in 48 was caused by the supernova that formed the supermassive black hole, the radiation briefly affected the equipment on Earth. But the scientists working on this assured the government's that we would get close to it, and the public was not informed. The whole thing was hushed, documents were signed, everything forgotten.
In 2068, on the 18th November the truth escaped. I was working in [REDACTED], and was told about the black hole named "titan". The patch titan had ripped through in the sky had grew to horrific amounts, the public was waging wars, demanding to know why part of the sky was inky black and it was obvious they had lied about titan not being a problem. At 4.2 lightyears away, Proxima Centauri had gone. We are next. We are moving towards the great destroyer, and so is our sun. The whole solar system will eventually be ripped apart by titan.
We have about a year left, depending if another planet doesn't smash into us first, or we get torn apart by the masses of gravity. But either way we are to die. The date now, is 19th April, 2070 and the gradual pull of gravity is ever growing stronger.
I wish you luck world 274, I really do. All we can do is pray but maybe you can develop a way out. It might not be too late.
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2023.04.01 13:52 Aggravating_Cash_998 Am I an Incel?

So let's start of with a small disclaimer. I have never written a post on a forum (ever) and I'm not used to writing long complicated English texts.
Having said that, my question is simple and not simple I suppose.
"Am I an incel?"
Until recently I had never even heard the term. Or heard it but never gave it much thought.However it somehow triggered me this time, and I did what every person does nowadays so I asked google.
This ended up being, what I could only describe as, a rabbithole of self-hate, depression, frustration, anger and a little bit of hope at the end of the tunnel.
And while it's true, I have had no intimate relation with anyone for the past 10 years and with times experienced loneliness, I have never associated myself with what I've now come to known as a whole toxic? community.
In order to grasp my full situation and fully answer my question, I'll try and make a small summary of me, my past and my current state.
As of this moment I'm 31 years old, I've always been very Introverted and never really had any issues with it. It did not make me happy, nor did it sadden me. I was just 'content'. The only moments it truly hurt me were the times where people close to me would point out how "lonely" I must be.
In my teen years (16-21) I did have several relations lasting up to 2 years. Most of which ended up with me getting cheated on. Something that might have angered me in the past but now is just a faded memory. And aside from a date or two, I've never felt a drive to actively search new romantic relations.
Friendships, if there were any, usually lasted one or two years before I'd move on to the next. This usually went hand in hand with switching jobs, schools, ... . As of this moment I can't say if there is anyone that I'd truly call a friend. Weirdly enough that does not bother me all that much. This is just what I've known all my life.
The few people in my life I truly enjoy talking to are all female. Somehow I find it easier having personal conversations with women then with men. I get easily triggered by vulgar comments, macho behaviour or "alpha talk".
But in the end what I still enjoy most is being alone.
Having said all this I do want more from life, someone to share a life with, someone to trust. Or at least I think I do. Because at the same time it scares the hell out of me and thinking about it makes me a feel claustrophobic.
So let me rephrase it; I want to want more from life.
This is just a short summary and my best attempt to sketch my situation, but I hope it's enough to get some feedback. Am I an Incel, and if so what should I even do with that?
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2023.04.01 13:51 BleedingShaft How far away are we from AI being able to influence and control the masses through psychology and cultural shifts on the Internet?

Was just thinking today as AI becomes more intelligent and understands human psychology, if they are able to use bots then wouldn't they be sway public opinion on certain things and control the masses much like the media has done in the past by pushing different narratives?
How far off are we from that? Or is it even a possibility?
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2023.04.01 13:50 anonymous8122 I (28F) want to reconcile with my husband (31M) but not sure how, or if I really can.

I'm also not sure if he'll do his part.
TLDR at bottom.
(Married 6.5yrs, together 7.5) We've been having a ton of issues lately, and I'm pretty sure he just thinks I'm being a bitch.
Things all kind of piled up for me when we had a tragic death on my side of the family. We were not that close to the deceased, but we are close to people who were very close to them. I asked my husband to request a day off 6 weeks out for the celebration of life and he refused to at first, saying there aren't a lot of extra people to cover for him and that he doesn't think it would get approved anyway. I got upset because this event is in lieu of a funeral, and there are SO many other, less important things people get out of work for, with or without coverage, it's ridiculous of him to say that he wouldn't get approved (I used to work there with him). He did end up asking for the day off later that night.
A day or two later, I told him there will be a vigil on X date at X time (not when he is working anyway) and that I would really like him to go with me. He was immediately irritated, and the first words he said were, "How long is it going to run because I have to work the next morning". That's something that I don't even know what I'd say if I went alone and someone asked where he was. We are a couple at every family party, but then he feels too weird going to be supportive of part of the family when it's not something fun. He did go with me, but he wouldn't go up and grab his own candle, and during the lantern lighting he was complaining to me about how late it was.
I just feel like he was disrespectful around the whole death of this person. The family is devastated, and he can't even hide how inconvenienced he feels about the few events arranged. We tried talking about it, and it turns out he feels like viewings and events like this are awkward and weird. But I have a hard time understanding this perspective, because I agree, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to support the people who were close to the person who died.
So all this is making me a lot more irritated about the small things my husband does/doesn't do. He piles recyclables in the corner or the kitchen until I get to move them, he always goes to my parents' house after work if I'm not home, because he doesn't like our house, yet he doesn't do anything about our living situation except say how much he doesn't like it. I told my friend about this, and she agreed it was pretty weird.
It was an argument to get him to stop wearing dirty work clothes in bed, and on that note, he always lounges in bed because he says he hates that the dogs squished down one side of the couch. He is always annoyed by the dogs and has said he can't wait to not have dogs anymore since he can live his life (he was 100% for getting the dogs). Other times, I can tell he loves them, but I can't keep doing this yo-yo.
Today he let the dogs out before work and when one wasn't coming in when called, I knew he forgot to out her recall collar on (she does not listen without it). I told him just a few days ago that she NEEDS to wear that AND be watched outside, because recently when I turned away for a second she was in the road and cars had to stop to avoid her. OR we have to build a fence, and he opted for the former option. I reminded him about her collar today, and he told me he said, "I don't need that from you this morning."
I'm so annoyed right now. We've had our ups and downs, but this is the worst I've ever felt about him and our relationship. I want to see if we can patch things up, but I don't know where to start. Too often I feel like I'm married to a child who is (other than financially) riding my coattails. He gets groceries, but I bring the rent check over each month, pay the electric bill, I notice when the furnace stops working. One time he waited all day for me to get home from work when he knew the sump pump broke and the basement has 3 feet of water in it, when he could've called the fire departmentand/or gotten a new sump pump. When something goes wrong, he either calls my dad to fix it or waits for me. (He does do laundry when it's full or he needs clothes, and he does dishes if he needs to use some, and he makes sure we have food and toilet paper.) I don't think he sees anything wrong with how we're living or acting. I don't want to give up on us just yet. I'm heartbroken even considering it, but something has to change. How do I even approach him about it without him getting defensive immediately?
TLDR: husband rude about being asked to help support grieving family members, and my opinion of him has changed drastically, and I can't look past the smaller things either. I want to fix things between us, but I don't know where to start or if he'll even be willing to try.
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2023.04.01 13:50 AutoModerator [Get] Paul Dang – Sales Legacy Download Full Course

Get the course here:
Paul Dang – Sales Legacy Download Full Course
What’s Inside Sales Legacy?
In Sales Legacy, the masterclass, you’re going to learn everything from cold emailing, cold calling, LinkedIn social selling, sales skills, presentation skills, how to close clients, and even how to get hired for high-paying sales roles at top tier companies like Oracle, Salesforce, and venture-backed startups. You’ll also get access to our very best sales and lead generation scripts and templates.
The curriculum consists of over +140 training videos and +15 hours of high-quality contentand is consistently updated with the most relevant sales strategies and tactics that are working today.
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2023.04.01 13:50 CIAHerpes Corpse lights have taken over the woods near my home. Something is living within them.

As I stood sipping a cup of green tea in the middle of the night, sitting on my porch and looking into the swamp beyond my house, sickly lights began to dance and flash in front of my eyes. I remembered my grandmother’s warning about the corpse lights.
“Teddie,” she said to me, sitting on the same porch twenty years earlier, smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of wine, “do you see those lights? The ones that stay close to the ground, change colors and disappear or reappear constantly?” My small five-year-old self nodded.
“Yes, Grammie,” I said. “They’re pretty.” She nodded at this, taking another long drag off of her cigarette.
“Yes, they sure are,” she said gravely. “They’re also dangerous. You should never go into those woods at night, but especially when those lights are there. Where I’m from, we call them corpse lights. It means the fae are nearby. They like to hide behind the lights.” I nodded quietly at this. She had told me about the fae, how they sometimes kidnapped children and took them to their underground lairs, never to be seen again. She didn’t tell me what the fae did to those children, or why they wanted children at all. She simply said they were not to be trusted and that I should always avoid areas where they frequented, especially at nighttime.
“There are lots of fae haunting grounds near here,” she said to me. “It has been that way since before the Europeans settled this land centuries ago. The Native Americans used to consider that swamp sacred ground.”
But now I was an adult, and moreover, I was curious. I had looked up the scientific explanations for these lights that appeared and disappeared in flashes all over the forest and swamp, showing up in blue, green, red or white flashes that shimmered and vibrated. Supposedly it had something to do with the decomposition of plant matter and the resulting gasses that appeared. People had been seeing them for thousands of years, calling them by many names.
As I sat there, thinking about Grammie Greylock, who had died just a few years earlier, the old-style TV on the porch changed from some sitcom with too much fake laughter into the nightly news. A pretty young reporter sat at a desk, staring into the camera.
“And we start with some breaking news: the latest victim of the Westland Ripper was found today. Police say a woman in her thirties was found sexually assaulted and tortured to death by her father, who later told police he hadn’t heard from her in a week. This latest murder brings the known number of victims up to twelve. With us, we have Special Agent Ellis of the FBI. What can you tell us about this serial killer and the investigations?” The nondescript agent appeared on the screen, speaking deadpan into the camera.
“Well, unlike most known serial killers, this suspect targets both males and females. He is an equal opportunity killer. And he is extremely organized, planning his crimes in meticulous detail before…” I shut the TV off, rising and stretching out my arms and back. The news was always so depressing, and the latest crime had happened only a twenty minute drive from where I live, which made it even worse. My attention returned to those floating lights behind my house.
I got up out of my chair, chugging the last of my green tea quickly, and went inside to grab a flashlight. Without a second thought, I walked out towards the trail that wound its way through the swamp and deep into the forest.
At first, it was just a beautiful night hike. The stars were bright overhead, as there was no light pollution for miles in any direction. The moon looked nearly full, and my light caught many bats flashing through the trees, hunting bugs and squeaking in their eerie way.
Then I heard something that didn’t sound like any animal I had ever heard. It was a deafening screaming noise, but it wasn’t a fox or a fisher cat. I knew the cries of both of those animals, having heard them frequently living out here in the country. This was a sound like a woman overcome by the deepest grief, like the wail of a mother who just lost her only child.
“Hello?” I called into the darkness. The corpse lights began to drift towards me, floating a few inches off the ground and shimmering with colors. I stopped, an eerie creeping feeling coming over me. I immediately turned around and tried to walk back home as fast as I could.
But within a few feet of walking, the corpse lights started to cover the trail, smaller ones seeming to congeal into larger bubbles of flashing light. I saw flashes within, as if tiny bolts of lightning were flicking across the clouds.
Hesitating, taking a deep breath in, I put my right hand into the corpse light, the white shimmering seeming to lessen for a moment as I touched its surface. And then I could see every vein, artery and capillary in my entire hand.
Shrieking, I pulled it back out, looking down. My skin was back and my hand seemed totally fine. But my heart was still beating fast, and I felt eyes all over me.
“What in the hell was that?” I whispered to myself, regretting ever stepping foot in the woods.
I stared deeper into the corpse lights, and realized the surface looked like it was zooming into itself- as if it were a fractal image. I saw the same sparks of lightning arranged in the same way over and over as it moved faster, the white light on the outside shimmering as it moved towards the center.
And then a naked, sickly-looking woman stepped out of it, breaking my hypnosis instantly. At least, I thought it was a woman, until I looked at her face.
Her face was melting off, like candle wax. It deformed, beads of skin dripping off her nose and chin constantly, but it constantly reformed itself. Her eyes would be covered by the constantly shifting skin and muscle, but then reappear again, shining silver in the moonlight.
The body of the thing was thin and emaciated, looking like a cancer patient in the last days of life. I could see every single rib, and her hip bones stuck out over legs that looked like twigs.
But her hair was somehow the most disturbing part. It was stringy, black, and clotted together with what looked like blood. Drips of black fluid and dozens of writhing maggots constantly fell off the ends of each clump of hair, which was so long it reached nearly to her knees, being the only covering on her diseased-looking body.
Time seemed to slow down, and in a moment, I flashed back to a conversation I had with my grandmother.
“Never run from a fae,” she said as we sat on the back porch in the afternoon sunlight. “They will tear you apart. When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me the same thing, and it saved my life. I accidentally stumbled into one as a teenager.” I tried to think of her as a teenager, but my mind failed completely. I had always known her as a sweet, old woman. “And like my grandmother told me, you grab it, hug it as tight as you can, and it will hug you back.” I giggled at this, thinking of hugging a fairy. She smiled down at me.
“It’s not like a real hug, though,” she continued. “It’s like you’re hugging it with your mind, and its mind hugs you back. And it will take you someplace else, and if you keep hugging it long enough, it will be under your power. The fae cannot lie. You can even tell it to come to you if you ever need it, though I don’t recommend it. When it comes, it won’t be under your power any longer- it will be free, and it will be angrier and stronger than ever.”
“Why can’t they lie, Grammie?” I asked, snuggling closer to her on the bench, feeling her warm, comforting presence next to me. She shrugged.
“They worship the truth, live in the truth,” she said. “It’s like their religion. They don’t worship God, but they worship power, life and death and sometimes, evil. All those things spring from the truth- they have existed since the beginning of time. The fae cannot think except through that which has always existed, so it limits them and their minds.”
I shuddered, my small, five-year-old mind trying to comprehend it- and failing. I just hoped I would never run into one.
Trembling, a sickly sweet sweat starting to pop out all over my body as my adrenaline soared, I ran forward, arms out. I grabbed the thing across the chest, but part of me knew I was not grabbing it with my physical body at all. It was more like my mind wrapped around its heart. Its mouth widened into an O that took over most of its melting face, its silver eyes widened, and then I was out of my body completely.
We were descending through the ground together. I smelled the grass and leaves as we rushed through them like ghosts, and then we entered the dirt underneath. The corpse lights had expanded to become the entire world around us as we sped faster, forever going straight downwards. It felt as if I were descending through some gas giant, Jupiter or Saturn maybe. Multi-colored, thick gasses swirled all around us, huge lightning bolts sending white light shooting out in all directions, yet making no sound.
The melting face of the woman grinned up at me, lengthening fangs showing underneath the waxy dripping of her skin. I smiled back, even though inside I was terrified, and even thought I might die of a heart attack if this went on too long. I tightened my mind around her, seeing it like a rope twisting around her bony, naked chest, and I saw her grin turn into a grimace. She did the same back at me, and I felt my chest tightening, a suffocating feeling overtaking me. I couldn’t breathe, but the more anxiety and fear I felt, the more I kept tightening my consciousness around her body.
“Stop that,” she said in my mind, speaking telepathically instead of physically, her real mouth now opened into a silent scream. “You’re hurting me. You’re killing me. Release me now.”
“No,” I grunted through the suffocating tightness. “Not until you give up.”
“Release me, or I will drop you down here,” she responded, now yelling in my mind, sending all other thoughts scattering like scared fish in a pond. The corpse lights had begun to clear, and we were in some horrific landscape, deep under the Earth.
All around us, massive leeches crawled, ten feet long. Tortured beings of all kinds tried to run, but their tormentors were too fast. Some had massive holes on their chests and back and faces, clotted gore running out, but they healed again, and new swarms of leeches slithered over and lunged at them in turn.
Out of the ponds and lakes all around us, black water hid eldritch monstrosities underneath. But tentacles flew out anytime anyone ran too close to the water, fanged suckers ripping through the victims’ flesh, dragging them upside down and plunging them into the water. The echoing of the screams and the splashing of the water resounded back and forth across the light brown stones of the caverns, soft light spilling out from the rocks themselves. I saw other fae like the woman standing here and there, some of them sleeping in small nooks dug out in the cave walls, others helping to torment the beings and laughing about it as they did so.
“You… cannot…” I said through gritted teeth. She could not drop me unless I let go first. I felt her will beginning to give.
“I’m dying,” her voice screamed in my mind. “You’re killing me!”
“Then give up,” I whispered, though I also felt close to death. My vision was beginning to turn black, my head bursting with pain.
“I release you,” her voice said, and the pain was gone instantly. I kept hold on her for a few more seconds.
“Do you promise to do what I ask if I let go?” I said.
“Yes!” her voice said in my head, and I released her. Floating, I fell back a few inches, taking in deep, sweet breaths, my vision returning to normal, my heart no longer so tight it felt like a fist was closing over it.
“First, what is your name?” I gasped.
“My name is Lilin,” she said, her face melting faster, her eyes blazing with hatred and fury. Out of nowhere, an idea came to me- a dangerous one, but my instincts told me to go with it.
“OK, Lilin. Mine is Teddie. When I say ‘Come to me now, Lilin’ in the future, you will come.” She nodded, her eyes seeming to smile now, the look of hatred receding from her face.
“Yes, when you say, ‘Come to me now, Lilin,’ I will come.” Her voice sounded so spiteful and full of hate that I flinched slightly when she sent this message out.
“Now bring me back up!” I said, feeling relieved to have survived and not gotten stuck in this underground Hell on Earth. I drew close to her again, wrapping my mind around hers, seeing my mind’s projection of arms wrap around her strange, sickly body, and within moments, we were back in the dark woods. I was standing in my body at the same spot that I had been when I first saw her, hyperventilating as I swayed unsteadily on my feet.
“Get out of these woods,” she whispered in a low, demonic voice, “and the next time I see you, I will kill you.”
I walked out of there, pouring myself a huge glass of whiskey when I got home. But I still didn’t sleep that night. I was afraid of what I would see if I did. My hands were trembling so badly that, when I poured myself the fourth glass of whiskey around dawn, I dropped the entire bottle, seeing it shatter all over the porch.
A few weeks passed, and I began to wonder whether I had imagined the entire thing, maybe while sleepwalking or during some strange, isolated seizure event. After all, every day that passed made the encounter seem more and more like a dream.
The night that I saw Lilin again, I had just gotten home from work. I felt exhausted. It was Friday, and I just wanted to lay down and catch up on my sleep. I fell down heavily on the bed, and I was out almost instantly.
My dream was bizarre. I kept seeing that fae woman from the forest, her face dripping off the bones. When all the flesh was gone and puddled on the floor at her feet, she smiled at me, just a skull, and pointed up at the sky.
I looked up and saw a symbol I had never seen before- it looked like a backwards silver-colored seven with a diagonal slash through it, surrounded by a glowing white circle.
“Soon, I will be free,” she said to me, her skull chattering out of sync with the words, yet her voice still coming through loudly and clearly. “That symbol will guarantee it. And I will never stop hunting you until we are even.”
A crash brought me back to waking life. I sat up in my bed, looking at the alarm clock. 11:47 AM.
I heard footsteps crunching on broken glass in the kitchen. A few seconds later, a man with an executioner’s hood over his head walked calmly into my bedroom. On his forehead, he had painted the same symbol I had seen in my dream- the backwards seven with the circle around it. In his hand, he had an old-looking revolver, which he pointed directly at my face.
“Freeze, maggot,” he said, a tone of mirth in his voice.
“Who are you? What do you want?” I asked, now wide awake and frozen in terror.
“Well, the news calls me the Westland Ripper,” he said, giggling an insane, high-pitched laugh. “I guess it is as good a name as any.”
“Get the fuck out of my house,” I said coldly. He pulled the gun back, pistol whipping me across the jaw. I felt something in it give, my mouth filling with the warm taste of blood. I spit out a tooth.
“Why? What are you going to do about it?
“Now you’re going to be a good boy,” he said, his voice now as emotionless as a robot’s. “I’m going to tie you up, unless you want me to shoot your dick off first. Try anything, and that will be the result.” He pointed the gun at my crotch to emphasize his point, and then proceeded to pull out a coil of thick rope from his back pocket.
Though I rarely watched TV, even I had heard about the Westland Ripper. He had injected corrosive acids into the flesh of some of his victims, burned others alive, and the FBI allegedly believed he had killed dozens of people above and beyond his official body count. Not only was he a serial killer, but an extremely sadistic torturer.
I knew if he got me tied up, that would be the end of me. I did the only thing I could think of.
“Come to me now, Lilin!” I screamed, my broken, swelling jaw muffling my words slightly. I spit out small droplets of blood as I yelled. The killer raised his gun to pistol-whip me across the face again, but he never got a chance to bring it down.
The entire room filled with the corpse lights in an instant. Flashes of light shone on the insane, melting face of Lilin as she materialized behind the intruder, grabbing his gun arm and forcing it up higher with her bony, claw-like fingers.
In a flash, her mouth opened wide, and she bit into his armpit. Shaking her head from side to side like a rabid dog, she ripped off a huge chunk of skin and muscle. He was screaming now, blood pouring down his all-black outfit.
As she ate him alive, I got out of bed, sprinting out to my car. The screams of the man followed me, growing more and more desperate. When I reached the threshold of the front door, Lilin’s voice echoed in my mind.
“Where are you going, friend?” she asked in a mirthful voice. “I’m not done with you yet. You can run, but you can’t hide.” I pulled my phone out to call 911 and report the armed intruder, driving out of that town well above the speed limit.
The police only found a mess of gore in my bedroom when they arrived, an eyeball in one corner, a finger under the bed, and so on. Most of the body was just gone.
I never returned to that town. I sold my grandmother’s house that I had inherited, using the money to leave the state entirely. But I don’t think that will keep me safe.
Lilin isn’t gone. Despite moving three hundred miles away, I just looked out the window.
Under the streetlight outside, I saw the silhouette of a naked, emaciated woman with long, black hair.
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2023.04.01 13:45 AdamantAce April 2023 - Brand New Stories Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome back to DC Next! We will be posting our regular announcement for April issues later today, but first we wanted to share some exciting news.
This is the month we celebrate the fourth anniversary of our very first story, which is such an exciting milestone. Thank you for supporting us and we hope you continue to enjoy what we share here every month.
This is also a month where we have some very exciting news to share, announcing the launch of a myriad of new titles starting in the following few months. Do let us know what you think of these exciting new stories!
Justice Legion by Deadislandman1, Geography3 & Voidkiller826
President Cale backs a mercenary with a shadowy past to be her flagship superhero Prometheus, prompting an investigation by Donna Troy; Mal Duncan and Mister Miracle team up to investigate Apokoliptian influence on Earth; and Green Arrow is inducted into the Justice Legion proper after his close shave with the Joker. Meanwhile amidst the Reawakening, Jaime Reyes investigates rumors of a returned Ted Kord, and a Reawakened hero from another Earth helps Terry McGinnis adjust to his new reality after he finally decides to stop running through time.
Kid Flash: Born to Run (6-issue limited series) by JPM11S
With a new writer taking the reins of the Fastest Man Alive, now is the perfect time to bring you an untold story from the previous run! After becoming Kid Flash and moving to Central City, Wally West is ready to leave his old, boring life behind, only to start living with his boring grandparents, being forced to spend time with his boring Uncle Barry, and having to start a boring new high school part way through the year! It turns out superpowers don't make life nearly as easy as Wally thought they would – they probably make it harder.
Deathstroke (5-issue limited series) by Deadislandman1
After years of dealing death, Slade Wilson faces a ticking time bomb. The serum that was originally meant to create a unit of compliant super-soldiers - of which Slade was the only survivor - has landed him with a rapidly deteriorating brain condition that is stripping him of control of his body, slowly and finally turning him into the perfect, mindless mercenary, a killer with no restraint.
Determined to hold onto his faculties long enough to see to unfinished business and get his house in order, Slade searches for any trace of the government group involved in developing the serum decades ago, hoping he can be saved before he is reduced to a snarling animal.
Opal Knights by Fortanono
One night out at the family observatory, Jack Knight was viciously attacked and left in a coma by an unknown assailant. All evidence points to three facts: one, that he was attacked with a Cosmic Rod; two, that he was keeping a secret from the family, something that he was investigating without their knowledge; and three, that the attacker was a member, or an associate, of the Knight family. Meanwhile, Rick and Dee Tyler have returned to Opal City, refusing to answer where they have been, and Jennifer Knight, Darrell Dane and Courtney Whitmore must hold together a city that seems ready to explode while simultaneously questioning their predecessors... and each other.
Action Stories by JPM11S
Spinning out of the events of Superman: House of El, your favorite bimonthly series returns! With Superman unable to be contacted and the deadly Superboy Prime on the loose, it falls to Conner Kent, Guardian of Chicago, to apprehend him! But Conner quickly discovers he’s not the only one after Prime. His competition? Amanda Waller and the… Justice Squad?
Tim Drake: Rook (6-issue limited series) by PatrollinTheMojave
Maxwell Lord was left a shell of his former self after being consumed by the deadly AI Brother Eye. Tim Drake thought he had seen the last of the man who killed his father until a legal loophole tied to the Reawakening sets OMAX free from incarceration. Now, Tim must fight to ensure his father's killer doesn't hurt anyone else while getting to the bottom of the mystery that set him free.
Battlin’ Bug (6-issue limited series) by GemlinTheGremlin
He gave his name and his name was lost. His old identity cast aside and the world as he knows it still recovering from the Dream Crisis, Bug finds himself tackling a new crisis of his own - who are you once you give up your old life, and how do you go about starting a new one? In this 6-issue mini-series, Bug comes to terms with his past and attempts to forge his own future. From investigating those Reawakened thanks in part to his own actions, to acclimatising to a brand new Earth, Bug must learn that with great ability, comes great obligation.
Atom Academy by Dwright5252
Ray Palmer teaches only one class at Ivy University, a class that many students vie for but only four get. Strange qualifications are needed for it, and its true subject matter is shrouded in mystery. Ryan Choi, Jill Athron, Rhonda Pineda and Adam Cray are the lucky students chosen for the class.
One day, Palmer fails to show up, and evidence of a break-in is evident. Led by Karen Beecher, a former colleague and research partner to Palmer, the foursome take a journey into a realm of scientific wonder and horror as they unravel the secrets of the Microverse.
Cyborg and the Outsiders by Deadislandman1
After an electric finale, Victor Stone has found his place and his balance in the world, but now he feels a duty to help others find theirs. Beyond Detroit, Cyborg joins with the Monkey Prince, Capucine, Hack, and Nowhere Man so that they might all fulfill their potential and do true good in the world, first by solving the conspiracy of Basilisk.
Starling by GemlinTheGremlin & Upinthatbuckethead
Two years ago, Mar’i Grayson found herself stranded, sent backwards through time to a world she didn’t recognise, in a time she thought of as her past. Then, just as she had begun to adjust to her new circumstances and prepared to introduce herself to this world’s Dick Grayson as his ‘daughter’, the world was thrown into chaos. Hundreds - thousands - like her, stranded through time and space with little knowledge of how to get home. In this new series, a determined Mar’i strives to set things right and return home under the guidance of her ‘mother’ Koriand’r and her new colleagues in the Teen Titans - but can she do the same to all those just like her?
Zatanna: Mistress of Magic by VoidKiller826
Behold, the great and beautiful Zatanna takes center stage once again! And for tonight's show, the Mistress of Magic receives a mysterious letter telling her to head to New York for an odd case: the murder of a reclusive billionaire known for collecting magical artifacts, and a former friend of Zatanna’s father! Zatanna will have to navigate the billionaire's family who have come to seek his fortune and look over the family's past dealings with demons, ghosts and fairies. Will Zatanna solve this murder mystery? How exactly did he know Giovanni Zatara? The stage is set, and Zatanna will perform her magic show!
Adventures of Captain Marvel by Fortanono & Geography3
Countless ages ago, the wise man Solomon concocted a plan to steal the power of the gods and use them to empower a champion. Asmodeus, his adversary, bound servant and occasional friend, did the same with his demon brethren. Now, Asmodeus' champion has defeated Solomon's champion, but the Wizard has managed to gain the favor of a very different set of gods: the eternal Quintessence.
In the wake of Billy Batson's disappearance, Freddy Freeman just wants to forget about it all, but instead the Wizard has thrust upon him a cosmic power which greatly outclassed that of his friend's. Now, Freddy must struggle to take on the legacy of Captain Marvel, all while the Wizard promises that something big is coming. Meanwhile, Billy struggles to find his way out of the shifting worlds of Hell, but his escape could also mean that of Asmodeus. All in all, Billy and Freddy both have to wonder: do they matter? Or are they simply pawns in a game between old rivals which has played out a thousand times before?
Huntress (9-issue limited series) by ClaraEclair
Time is relative. Helena Wayne knows that all too well. Having jumped back and forth across time and space, through eras afore and yet to come, she expected that reintegrating into her home time would be difficult. It’s not everyday that one has access to technology from the distant future and must give it up when the journey is over, but the knowledge is what sticks to her most.
Helena Wayne knows time, and in order to stop a cataclysm she sees coming, one that threatens her own family, she must tread carefully in order to stop the upcoming tragedy without disturbing the Timestream’s delicate balance. Without access to the tools she once possessed and unable to warn those she wishes to protect, can the Huntress save those closest to her and avert the disastrous consequences of altering what is now the past, or will her actions cause fractures that she herself would have had to deal with as a Legend of Tomorrow?
Sideways by Mr_Wolf_GangF
Teenager Derek James has been working as the live streaming superhero Sideways for months when he discovers a brand new extension of his powers: the ability to open portals between universes. While practicing with this ability, Derek accidentally attracts the attention of Lexiac, a version of Lex Luthor who merged with Brainiac and took over his universe. Looking to use Derek to complete his functional but imperfect dimension travel technology, Lexiac begins to pursue the hero. This forces Derek on the run through the Multiverse, where he's forced to team up with other versions of famous heroes. Meet a broken Thomas Wayne who became the Dark Knight, a vengeful Lois Lane who became the Eradicator after Superman's death, and the happy-go-lucky Mary Maxwell who is the Flash of her world. Can Derek and his allies defeat Lexiac and return to their home dimensions or will the Multiverse swallow them whole?
Aquaman Incorporated by Dwright5252
In this sequel series, the warring rival factions of Atlanteans instead look to unite. Spearheaded by the King and Queen, Aquaman Incorporated is born - an initiative that inducts Aquamen from each of the Seven Seas to defend Earth and defeat evil wherever it surfaces. Follow Kaldur, Garth, Tula, Kwang-Jo, Lorena, A.J., Lagaan, the Sea Devils, and a mysterious new Black Manta as the world is saved one gallon at a time.
L.E.G.I.O.N. by Predaplant
In a far-off future, the Legion of Super-Heroes stands as the paragon of heroism, a force for good known throughout the Alliance of United Planets, inspired by Superman - remembered as history's greatest hero. But everything the Legion believes in is challenged when the Reawakening puts them on a collision course with a woman who claims to know the untold truth of the Man of Steel. In 2023, Jon Kent will fall to the dark forces of Hell and annihilate whole planets before being freed, and the universe will be none the wiser… until now.
Refusing to allow this terrible tale to come true, a team of select Legionnaires is sent back in time to the 21st century, led by Brainiac 5 and the emissary that delivered this warning: Kristin Wells of Earth-Nabla. With time running out, they must search for the truth of Superman’s supposed fall and do all they can to ensure the legacy of Man of Tomorrow - and that of the Legion itself - is protected.
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2023.04.01 13:45 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download

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I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.04.01 13:42 EmergencyBusiness624 I feel so guilty

I (21M) am currently living with my two roommates (both 21M). We're living together for over a year now and we're very close. I'm in relationship and one of them has a girlfriend too. The third one, let's call him Aman is single. He's very introvert in nature and slightly overweight but he's good man. Now whenever we go out on double dates, we take Aman with us as well so he doesn't feel like he's being left out just because he's single but sometimes our girlfriends want some private moments with us so he either goes home early or doesn't even come sometimes. We feel very bad about that and we've been trying hard to set him up with someone so we all could go on triple dates and have max fun with noone feeling any guilt or whatsoever.
So yesterday we three were having brunch in a food court. There was a group of five to six girls at next table. They were around the same age as us. After we finished our meal Aman told us out of nowhere that one of the girl is very cute. Now we were already desperate to find him a girl so we told him that atleast talk to her and tell her that you find her very cute. He said no and that he won't do that in a million years, but we were also like we're not leaving until you go and tell her that and if he won't do that then we will. We basically forced him to go to her and ask for her number. After few minutes of debate, he finally agreed on few conditions like we've to do his laundry for one week & all. So my man went to her with deep breaths and said this exactly "Hey, I think you're very pretty & I like your smile, I'd like to know you better and may be wanna hang out sometimes!? so can I have your number?". And all her response was "Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror? Creep." All her friends were laughing silently. He just like froze there for a sec and then looked at us. We could tell how humiliated he was, then he just stormed out. We both felt like shit. I wanted to tell the girl that it's not cool at all what she has done, but my roommate tried to calm me down & told that it's better if we don't make a scene out of it & he didn't want any trouble so we left.
Now Aman hasn't spoken a word to us ever since that incident. We said we're so sorry and we won't make him do anything relationship-wise but he hasn't given any response. I feel like his confidence was already down but after that incident, it's got completely shattered and we're responsible for that. I'm not sure what do that makes him okay. Also today he said that he's gonna go live with his grandparents for few days and we said nothing but okay. I hope that'll make him feel better and he comes back to us soon.
I'm feeling super guilty and this is eating me alive, i just wanted this out of my chest.
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2023.04.01 13:40 Meggarea LUQ pain under ribs

Age 45 Sex F Height 5'9" Weight 160 Race White Duration of complaint 3 days Location Under ribs, left side Any existing relevant medical issues Digestive issues - frequent heartburn, possible GERD Current medications Trazodone, 150 MG nightly, Prilosec 20mg daily, Zyrtec, 10 MG daily Include a photo if relevant
Pain is worse when lying down, gets better with heat application. Sharp, worse when I take a breath. Does not radiate, always in the same spot. Thought it was muscular, but it is getting worse, not better. Not certain if I need a doctor or if it will resolve on its own. No fever, nausea, or vomiting. Just pain. Thanks for any help you can give me. I do have insurance but my primary care is closed today.
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2023.04.01 13:39 lambb27 Looking for some advice

Hi, From Upstate NY! Quick background story;
My boyfriend and I moved in to a “4 bedroom, 2 bath” house back in 10/2020 to rent. We had called the number on the sign and the landlord said he was still fixing it up to rent after 4 college age boys left it a disaster. (spray painted walls, no wall trim, moldy fridge, cabinets, closets and rugs, holes in the walls.) The landlord asked us if we wanted to finish cleaning for him and in return, we could move in when it was ready and not start paying rent until 1/2021 WITH the exception of an addendum that stated we needed to put $300 worth of work into the house each month. (this totals $1200 of monetary value with a $1700 security deposit) IN ALL REALITY; the house had to be split into two dwellings and needed TLC. (Cut the HVAC, cut the electric, and water. no need to pay to heat a whole other half of the house we cannot use and that was work itself.) There is a wall put up between the kitchen separating 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom of the house so technically we are only renting a 3 bedroom 1 bath. (not my main concern but also a concern by the way the rent was decided and what was advertised) This lease was intended for 1 year but we stayed and the lease turned (if im not mistaken) to month to month.) We have done ample amounts of work to this house and he continuously is asking for more work for essentially free. (we just paid for and installed a brand new garage door)
LONG STORY SHORT; My boyfriend and I just got our closing date on our house(i know this varies) and today we are going to put in our 30 day notice to our landlord with our last payment of rent and I’m nervous he’s going to be upset at this news and retaliate in some way or try to take us to court when we have bigger fish to fry right now. My wish is that we can just wash our hands clean and move on but I have a feeling it is going to be messy. Really just looking for some advice.
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2023.04.01 13:38 peteretepeter Revision resource packs

Hi, I'm a probationer techy teacher in Scotland. After spending the last few months dragging pupils through their nat 5 D&M projects (many still unfinished, hello easter school), I now need to start thinking about exam revision preparation.
I'm interested to hear how people manage this kind of thing.
I come from a software engineering background and was a great believer in collaborative documentation sites that could be gradually updated over the course of a project. I feel a similar approach could work really well in teaching. I think what I would love to have is something like a Notion based site with a public url that could be shared with pupils. Ideally it could be developed by multiple teachers together.
Our school uses Microsoft Teams and I do have a class notebook for the class. I find class notebook and the associated MS teams tools the most frustrating things in the world and they make me want to throw the computer out the window. Some of my kids feel the same for sure. Another issue I have with this kind of setup is that when I change school I will loose access to the resource.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what worked well for them?
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2023.04.01 13:37 lambb27 Looking for some advice

[US-NY] Quick background story;
My boyfriend and I moved in to a “4 bedroom, 2 bath” house back in 10/2020 to rent. We had called the number on the sign and the landlord said he was still fixing it up to rent after 4 college age boys left it a disaster. (spray painted walls, no wall trim, moldy fridge, cabinets, closets and rugs, holes in the walls.) The landlord asked us if we wanted to finish cleaning for him and in return, we could move in when it was ready and not start paying rent until 1/2021 WITH the exception of an addendum that stated we needed to put $300 worth of work into the house each month. (this totals $1200 of monetary value with a $1700 security deposit) IN ALL REALITY; the house had to be split into two dwellings and needed TLC. (Cut the HVAC, cut the electric, and water. no need to pay to heat a whole other half of the house we cannot use and that was work itself.) There is a wall put up between the kitchen separating 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom of the house so technically we are only renting a 3 bedroom 1 bath. (not my main concern but also a concern by the way the rent was decided and what was advertised) This lease was intended for 1 year but we stayed and the lease turned (if im not mistaken) to month to month.) We have done ample amounts of work to this house and he continuously is asking for more work for essentially free. (we just paid for and installed a brand new garage door)
LONG STORY SHORT; My boyfriend and I just got our closing date on our house(i know this varies) and today we are going to put in our 30 day notice to our landlord with our last payment of rent and I’m nervous he’s going to be upset at this news and retaliate in some way or try to take us to court when we have bigger fish to fry right now. My wish is that we can just wash our hands clean and move on but I have a feeling it is going to be messy. Really just looking for some advice.
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2023.04.01 13:37 EeryJuge New StoreParadox is Online!

Hello Paradoxxers! We have just finished remaking StoreParadox but Paradox Store won't open today! At least too many channels have been renewed on the server.
All Features Added in Remake:
New Channels: #server-news #public-events #socials #server-info #📗buy-from-store #📙setup-your-shop #🎮smali-hackerz #🤖beta-bot #discounts #games #weekly #paradox-forum #plus-advertise #cool-ads #all-servers #new-servers
• Creating your own store is now much easier You just have to fill out a form.
• New 2 Rules in #all-rules: Store Rules + Advertising Rules • Paradox Store will open soon! Lots of game codes, game currencies and more waiting for you in the store!
• We've removed our AdvertisingParadox server and added it to StoreParadox! Advertise your Discord Servers in the lowest category with the ADADV module that you have not seen on any other server! ADADV Module stands for Advanced Advertising. Thanks to ADADV, we use the channel discord shows as a forum channel as an advertising channel. That way, the most popular server stays at the top!
• We are completely changing the features of the Paradox+ membership. We will introduce these features to you when Paradox Store opens!
• You can check the #server-info channel to quickly switch between channels, get information about moderation and find other information about the server!
• AutoMod v2 is here! We now have a defense against all troublesome events on the server!
• New Languages coming at 200 Members!
If you are new then Join Our Beautiful Server:
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