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2023.04.01 13:39 Used_Salad3785 What is the optimal way to get police check in Kuwait?

Hi, my agent has informed me that I will receive my civil ID this week. I am not sure what is the proper way to get my police check. I was told I can use the app called Kuwait mobile ID or Sahel to do it. I can also go to ministry of department to apply in person. May I ask which way should I proceed?
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2023.04.01 13:30 MantaRayCODM S4 characters list!

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2023.04.01 13:26 Forsaken-Garlic4818 money diary: I‘m 28, live in Boston, make roughly $70k as a 👩🏼‍🏫 and everyone is ragey at work this week! (emoji-style baby)

part 1: net worth
positive net worth
category #shesworthsomething
💹 15,700 Roth IRA, not much but it’s honest work. I wasn’t able to contribute last year but sent $1400 this month. Don’t think I will max this year but will do what I can.
📱 1,400 457, not even sure why I contribute to this ($50/paycheck)
📈 25,100 Pension – cash value not super relevant here. 11% mandated contribution
💰 7,100 checking
🤑 3,000 HYSA @ 4.25%
➕ 52,300 we keep it positive around here
category oops, she’s in debt again
💷 -45,203 Private student loan @ 4.79%, paid biweekly but sending extra $
💸 -72,957 Undergrad Stafford + grad @ 5.2%. halfway done with PSLF!
➖ 118,160 😬 (but it looks worse on paper!)
category ah, but what about the house?
🏡 362,000 Purchase price, spring 2022, ginormous (income-restricted) condo
💸 -317,026.81 Mortgage #1 balance @ 2.75%
♊ -23,431.95 Mortgage #2 balance @ 0%, down-payment assistance paid in full at end of mortgage or resale
➕ 21,541.24 Equity including both mortgages, since not including #2 feels disingenuous
NET WORTH: -45,672.46
part 2: income
Nothing exciting here as a public school teacher. My salary is fixed and the entire internet can figure out exactly how much I make. Next year I will apply to be a new teacher mentor to move over a lane (6% raise while I do the job). We won a great raise in our last contract so we can finally be paid almost as much as everyone around us!
This is my 5th year teaching but am on step 6 of 11 due to a full year internship.
read my paycheck and weep
pay schedule: 24 paychecks a year (NOT 26), biweekly Fridays with the exception of holidays and the final day of school, where you receive paychecks 22, 23, 24 and are expected to make that last late June through early September
each paycheck is different, so let’s do paycheck #1
💹 2,935.83 gross
💊 -37.14 medicare (but not SS)
👩🏼‍⚕️ -325.65 PPO, I get sick often and in unexpected places
🦷 -42.97 dental
👓 -5.91 vision
📱 -50 457 contribution
🚕 -184.19 federal withholding
🚖 -114.32 state withholding
📈 -322.94 pension withholding
➕ 1,852.71 behold, how little of my take home I get to actually enjoy
Now paycheck #2
💹 2,935.83 gross
💊 -48.01 medicare (but not SS)
📱 -50 457 contribution
🚕 -323.86 federal withholding
🚖 -151.79 state withholding
📈 -322.94 pension withholding
💪🏼 -87 union power, baby
➕ 1,952.23 Also known at work as “the good paycheck”
For those keeping track at home, my monthly gross is typically 5,871.66 and my net is typically 3,804.94
Why typically?
part 3: please enjoy my emoji'd YNAB categories
category 💲 PAY DEM BILLZ
🏡 1343.38 Putting the PIT in mortgage…or something like that. The other I is paid separately
⛲ 167 HOA
🔐 68.16 Was not required to have insurance at closing. Don’t be stupid like me.
🎓 0 fed loans, thanks Grandpa Joe. I think this will be about $250/m when it starts up again. PSLF date late 2028
⛽ 31 YNAB tells me this is my average since moving to my house. Grateful to have big windows and a “put a sweater on” childhood upbringing – touched the heat twice this year
🔌 50 Averaged to include spicy hot summer months (it was 34 this month)
💻 39.95 interwebs
🏫 412.92 Private loan, paid biweekly (so if it’s a rare 3 payment month it’s more). The minimum monthly payment is something like $316, but I’m sending an extra $50 to get some benefit from the power of compound interest. 4.79% is not a make or break rate. Payoff 2034 but hope this can happen sooner.
📰 12.50 NYT Academic rate
🚊 90 Monthly pass
🍿 15.99 Somebody needs to pay the HBO Max
2234.43 Assigned this month

category 💲 important semi-regular expenses
🎁 20 Averaged gifts and donations, we have a special scholarship at work
⛲ 167 HOA
👗 0 I haven’t bought new clothes in a while and it’s starting to show.
🤸🏼‍♀️ 85 trampoline class
👩🏼‍⚕️ 60 YNAB tells me my average is 60/mo, but this is overinflated due to an MRI in November that I will only have to do once more time. I’m usually at the urgent care or a specialist doctor 1x/month (this month: a UTI), so it’s more like 30
🪑 40 Hard to quantify. Since I moved in, I had a free couch moved ($200), bought a very nice TV ($750), a vacuum ($250), filters for vacuum ($30), and the world’s nicest washer ($1900). So YNAB is telling me a horrifying $400/mo, but let’s call it 40 going forward
🌷 0 I was a good urban balcony gardener, but no balcony. Waiting for a community garden spot, hopefully next year
🍉 250 Includes booze and small household things (TP, paper towels, dish soap)
🥾 30 Am avid hiker and rollerblader. Averaged cost of trip incidentals like carpool or snacks, admission to roller rink
💊 55 3 lifesaving medicines (25/mo + 10/mo + 30 as needed) + 10 for whatever medicine needed for illness of the month (10 for antibiotics this month). Every year I get a new epi-pen for 10 or 30. This month was more like 85 because my pharmacy accidentally sent me a med I have plenty of.
500 rough guesstimate

monthly 💲 annual 💲 annual expenses (save early, save often)
🤑 3.95 🕛47.33 Splitting YNAB with a friend on the new family plan
💇🏼‍♀️ 22.50 🕛 270 2x curly haircuts a year (cut + tip)
🩰 127.78 🕛 1150 Pair of opening weekend orchestra tickets + donor perks + volunteer dues
🌴 55 🕛 650 My part of family vacation with parents
🕶 33.33 🕛 400 Annual eye visit (exam + contact fitting + 12 months contacts)
📦 11.59 🕛 139 prime shipping, no car in a store desert + my mom likes videos
🎄 50 🕛 600 I love Christmas
💸 ? 🕛 6500 Roth IRA, we’re getting aspirational. I sent $1400 this month because it was a 3 paycheck month. Going to try to max and see how far I get.
🦷 86.35 🕛 2250 Saving ½ of estimated costs for Invisalign – never had braces as a kid and now my teeth are pretty bad. Hoping to start May 2024. There is unfortunately no savings for paying everything upfront so I’m saving ½ now and expecting a monthly payment around 150/mo during the treatment.
➖390.50 🕛 4,686 Ignoring the Roth IRA

category 💲 very big savings
🌆 428.57 3k goal by August 2023 (current balance: 850), “No August pay” – we don’t get paid in August and the first week of September so setting aside money specifically for this without feeling guilty for draining my emergency fund
🕐 300 (181.82 since I’m ahead) Homeowner’s 1% Warchest, it’s exactly what it sounds like. For any and all home expenses (things breaking or projects). Current balance: 2k
🛑 140.91 Building back EF, goal is 3k by December 2023 (current balance: 1.7k). I know this is low but my job is hilariously stable. I will try to add another month in 2024.

category 💲 fun money!
💻 50 Laptop replacement, just chucking money in there. I’d like to buy a Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5i since I love the 2 in 1 form factor. Currently have 100/600
🚝 70 (paused) Travel fund contribution, but full at 350. BFF getting married in VT in August so hoping to turn it into a girl’s weekend with another BFF
🎮 65 (paused) General video game fund – keep it topped up at 65 in case a new game drops OR if multiple games go on sale. I try to only buy games on deep sale
🎮 12.99 Final Fantasy XIV sub, I’ll retire someday
👯‍♀️ 50 Anything with friends, including eating out with them. usually 100 in the summer
🍦 30 “eating out” aka solo treats for myself (breakfast at dunks, small treats)
🎊 10 events happening that we want to go to not already covered, averaged.
➖ 202.99 Not including travel and video games since that’s topped up
If you add up the categories, I’m in the red and I’m well aware of it – not for much longer though, as I’m saving really aggressively. 😊
part 4: el diario
Day 1 – Saturday
🌅 gotta get dad to the ballet! 4.80
👯‍♀️ brunch with daddy-o before the ballet, I provide the tickets but he pays for brunch. his wallet is hurting because he only just got paid at his new job, so I kick in 20
👀 because brunch is attached to a swanky hotel and it’s PAX east wknd. 0 for free entertainment
🥤 my father requests a water bottle before the show. 6
🩰 don q, my 3rd time and dad’s 1st. Very good, but very long. 0 because these are volunteer comps
🚊 & 👋🏼
🧼 the casita before the week starts
total: 30.80
Day 2 – Sunday
💤 lazy Sunday morning (dw, I’m still up at 6). Read the NYT cover to cover then play 🎮
🚊 meeting a friend of a friend to help her do taxes but I’m early
📖 it’s gorgeous out so I photosynthesize in the BPL courtyard with my book club book
⛔ the wifi is too slow for us to do taxes so we pack up and 🚶🏼‍♀️ down newbury st until we settle at trident
👯‍♀️ I supervise her taxes, and eat a late lunch (grilled cheese w/ avo and tomato). 22.15
🍉 make the mistake of dragging this poor girl with me to the postage stamp sized TJ’s. and it’s 5:15. one does not shop here so much as get in line at the beginning & pick what you want as you go. a tall person fetches me frozen arepas. I come in right on budget so I’m pleased. 57.52
👋🏼 & 🚊 home to plan my week and decompress with 🎮 and 📖
Total: 79.67
Day 3 – Monday
🌅 it’s just before 6 and birds are happy, but now I am taking the 🚍 to work
🌉 stuck on the bus with my BOSS because a 🚢 is passing through the drawbridge. at least we can now fill out 90 second walk from the bus to dunks with acceptable new england small talk subjects (weather, transit, and sports) before she dips to get coffee
😡 the youth, because tomorrow & wednesday are standardized testing. sorry kids, I don’t make the schedule!
🙏🏼 “my plan is to read the questions carefully and ask God to help me know” – A+ testing strategy
✌🏼 2:30 and on my way home
🤸🏼‍♀️ take the 🚊 to go to bounce (0, see monthly expenses) and catch up with bounce buddy M.
🚶🏼‍♀️ walk with M. to the 🚊, go home for 🍜, 🚿, 📖, 🎮
Total: 0
Day 4 – Tuesday
🌅 hello, happy birds as I walk to the 🚍
🔥 the computers are not charged for testing. teenagers have been divested of all electronics and are not allowed to talk to each other. mayhem approaching in 3 … 2 … 1 …
🤬 nonstatus (male) colleague uses a work group text thread to refer to an unknown female colleague as the b-word. mayhem continues
❓ 2 hour (!) meeting after work due to snow day cancellations. male colleague doubles down on his comment before storming out. brain is mush
🚍 I remember nothing
🔐 as I am politely informed by my e-mail 68.16
👩🏼‍🍳 white bean & tomato stew & watch abbott elementary because it’s cathartic
🗣📕 ballet book club on zoom! we just finished a book about martha graham so we talk about it (I’m hosting next time about james whiteside)
total: 68.16
Day 5 – Wednesday
🌅 please go away, very loud mourning dove
🍎 computers are charged, the youth are not. Mr. Insult has decided not to come to work today (probably for the best?)
🤬 is there something in the water?! another nonstatus teacher informs me that two of my students are talking to each other in the hallway and are not following her instructions which tbh is a day that ends in Y. important context: her instruction is in English and they only understand Spanish. I send them back to their testing rooms and she says, “when students ignore me and continue to speak in a language they know I don’t understand, they are being assholes” UM! GOODBYE!!!
😡 before I say something I regret I turn heel and inform my boss of this interaction. she takes a breath and thanks me for letting her know
😤 this is me taking a calming inhale / exhale before returning to staring at children
🏹 when I am proctoring (read: not allowed to read, grade, do work, browse the interweb), I like to imagine how the hunger games would go down if these kids were in it. the odds are in this room’s favor overall.
👩🏼‍🏫 these miserable youth are forced into a half day of classes, so we conference about grades and I let them have some free time
🏕 run weekly outdoors club for the youth. one student informs me a teacher refuses to sign a permission slip & doesn’t know why. make mental note to find this person and politely inquire. students make a great poster of images from our last trip and practice map skills
✌🏼 at 3:30 to get the 🚂 to then get on the 🚊 to go to 🤸🏼‍♀️ … it sounds awful but it all goes pleasantly smoothly, especially given how the T has been. class is great, lots of one-legged kicking on the trampoline. this is my 2nd week in a row of going from 2x class a week to 3x and it’s a tough adjustment. 0
🚶🏼‍♀️ to the 🚊 with M., who can’t make it to class on Friday – sad!
💊 the medicine I didn’t ask for but keeps coming has arrived. Note to self to call pharmacy and ask them to stop, but says 0 refills. Not a total waste because I KNOW I will get bronchitis again & need this. 10
🍿 paid for to keep my mother happy 15.99
🍴 eat leftover stew and 📞 my mother and best friend T. to debrief this very strange day
🎮 and 📖 before bed
Total: 25.99
Day 6 – Thursday
🌅 ahoy! Run into coworker D. on the 🚍 who gets coffee at dunks. I am feeling weak and acquire some 🥑🍞 3.69
🤝🏼 find this teacher who refuses to sign permission slip (who is also new). his reasons are very valid and we agree on conditions the student needs to fulfill to attend trip. hooray, adults being civil!
🤬 that’s it, something is in the water. two best friends in 3rd hour begin a heated verbal altercation about … a girl? in the middle of my class?? One kid takes off so I call security to let them know he would benefit from a check-in. the other student begins texting threats to his buddy and goes off on me when I tell him to stop. what is happening?!
👼🏼 boy returns with security at end of class, so I walk him to dean to process. 35 minutes later dean says everything is gucci and no more problems. hormones, man.
✌🏼 please get me out of here
💻 bill is paid 39.95
👵🏼 our weekly call (she is my only grandparent and is not doing well)
👨🏼 weekly call with father, who still likes his new job
🍜 leftover stew and Mandalorian with my 👩🏼 (we live text each other). finally, a good space battle!
🎮 and 📖 to decompress along with a long hot 🚿
total: 43.64
Day 7 – Friday
🌅 I don’t think I can do this today.
🧘🏼‍♀️ It has been such a frustrating week (there was another incident that happened that I can’t even reference due to state law/FERPA) that was incredibly traumatic and draining.
📱 to best friend T. and work friend R. to ask what they would do. Both endorse me taking a day off after this wild week.
🎮 and 📖 along with some stretching. 📞 with best friend E. to catch up on her wedding prep and life
🤑 payday! Good paycheck since it’s the 3rd of the month, but it might be missing hours from club. I won’t know until I see my paystub on Monday. +2,183.48 (+50 to 457, +322.94 to pension)
💸 ah, but it’s also the 31st. easy come, easy go 🏡 (1343.38) and ⛲ (167)
🚊 to 🤸🏼‍♀️ to a really 🔥 class. Learn the name of the girl next to me on Fridays who also brings her inhaler and it turns out we’re both teachers!
🍦 take a nice mozzarella sandwich home from tatte 13.97
🚊, 🍴, 🚿, 📖, 🎮
Total: 1,524.35
Grand totals:
reflection: typical week money-wise in terms of reflecting my non-house spending – I’m saving really aggressively right now and don’t have a lot of money for discretionary spending. Even if I did, I’m very much a homebody during the work week. My job is probably more stressful than most as a baseline but this week was truly unbelievably bad. Still, looking through the week and taking time to step back I realize just how quality my support network is and for that I'm very grateful.
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2023.04.01 13:25 RealMuthaFG Solution that fixed my stutters

I have a 1060 6gb, i5 11400, 16gb ram 3200mhz and everything is OK (temps, bios updated, game bar disabled, performance mode etc...)... But I get frequent micro-stutters in ALL games (e. g fortnite, gta 5, call of duty, no man sky)
I had the idea to downgrade my gpu driver to other version... and it mostly worked... like fewer stutters(very very noticeable difference).
How it's this possible?
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2023.04.01 13:22 an_average_crow DON’T LOOK AT PEOPLE’S WINDOWS

I want to share my story here. I think it may be a warning for those who are gluttonous for a peek into their neighbours' windows.
Here are screenshots of our chat and below is text transcript
Max - Guys, wanna some FF today? - 01:14 AM
SweetHeart90 - I’m waiting for an update, I’d rather go aram - 01:16 AM
Me - Invte me - 01:17 AM
Cleomaniac1 - I pass, I’m fully immersed in TLOU. - 01:17 AM
SweetHeart90 - What episode? - 01:18 AM
Cleomaniac1 - 2 - 01:18 AM
spacEOddity - Strawberry memes ahead :) - 01:19 AM
SweetHeart90 - Fuck off :) - 01:20 AM
Max - D, my man, co-op? - 01:20 AM
spacEOddity - Nope, I have a binocular session today - 01:22 AM
Me - ?? - 01:22 AM
spacEOddity - Viewing the Moon with binoculars - 01:23 AM
Max - Lol, wt for? - 01:23 AM
spacEOddity - Helping niece with classes - 01:24 AM
Me - I bet he’s just peeping neighbours))) - 01:24 AM
spacEOddity - Nope - 01:24 AM
spacEOddity - Thanks for advice though ;) - 01:24 AM
SweetHeart90 - It’s gross, you little creep - 01:25 AM
Cleomaniac1 - WTF, Derek! - 01:25 AM
spacEOddity - What? I don’t see anything interesting anyway - 01:25 AM
Max - Hey D, stop waistin time, deal with ur homestuff asap, join my party, profit - 01:26 AM
spacEOddity - Guys, I see a couple standing near the window - 01:27 AM
SweetHeart90 - Srsly? - 01:27 AM
spacEOddity - Woooooo! They noticed me! They definitely don’t mind :D LOOOOL! - 01:28 AM
That girl is in a night dress, a man standing next to her, lights off, but I still can see them. - 01:29 AM
Cleomaniac1 - Oh, stop, Greg, get him off of this chat. - 01:29 AM
Me - He is an idiot, ignore him - 01:29 AM
spacEOddity - FUCK! GUYS! SHE JUST SUCKED HIM UP! - 01:31 AM
SweetHeart90 - Drunk? - 01:31 AM
spacEOddity - SHE IS WATCHING AT ME AND GRINNING!!!!!!! - 01:34 AM
Max - Lol, she just wnt to suck u to - 01:34 AM
spacEOddity - *uploading photo* - 01:35 AM
Cleomaniac1 - Meeeehh, stop joking. - 01:35 AM
spacEOddity - I’m serious! She disappeared, Icant see her I’m getting off the balcony, I will be calling cops - 01:36 AM
Max - man, if u re joking it’s not funny u know? - 01:40 AM
spacEOddity - Shes trying to break my balcony door, call cops please - 01:40 AM Cleomaniac1 - bboooooooring. - 01:40 AM
SweetHeart90 - Wait, maybe he is serious? - 01:40 AM
Cleomaniac1 - not again, he is just trolling you guys. - 01:41 AM
spacEOddity - Im idiiot i ran into the elevantor and i hear her screaming and laughing, she running after me screams something about hell and lust, i dont want the door open i dont know what to do fuck - 01:42 AM
Me - D, come on - 01:42 AM
Max - if none gonna FF today, Ima going alone - 01:43 AM
Cleomaniac1 - I’m starting new episode, see you tomorrow folks. - 01:49 AM
SweetHeart90 - You mean later today? - 01:50 AM
Cleomaniac1 - Yup! - 01:52 AM
Me- no show from Derek today - 02:12 AM
SweetHeart90 - Guys, I checked Derek, I can’t find him - 09:13 AM
*SweetHeart90 started a call*
Cleomaniac1 - He is not picking up - 09:21 AM
Me - I can't get through either - 09:22 AM
*Cleomaniac1 started a call*
As Cleo dialled for a group call, we saw Derek finally answering. But the relief was short-lived. All we could hear were gruesome cracks and the sound of someone with a high-pitched, inhuman voice muttering chilling words.
"Tasty," the voice whispered, followed by a sickening slurp. "I won't return," the voice growled, filled with malice and hunger. "I will find you all." Cleo's screams filled the call.
As the call abruptly ended, we were left with a haunting image burned into our minds. The image of Derek, torn apart and devoured by a being so terrifying that we couldn't even comprehend its existence.
From that day on, we lived in fear, knowing that there are things in this world beyond our understanding. Things that hunger for us, that crave our flesh and our souls. And we can only hope that we never cross paths with them.
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2023.04.01 13:17 beautifulmind8494 jump start service near me

jump start service near me


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We provide fast and affordable jump-start service in the area and anywhere else within a 35-mile radius. Not just that, but when you call us for a jump-start, our technician will get to you wherever you are in the Chicago Metropolitan Area in 30 minutes or less. We can handle any roadside assistance needed whether it’s light, medium, or heavy-duty because we have the equipment, expertise, and staff to do so. We are also available 24/7 to cater to your needs. So call us today for a jump-start because Naperville Classic Towing is always just around the corner.

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What happens if my car doesn’t start even with a jump-start?
  • If the jump-start doesn’t work, we can offer to tow your car to any location you want.
How long will it take you to get to my location?
  • We will get to you in 30 minutes or less regardless of where you are within the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
How much does it cost to jump-start my car?
  • Regarding this question, please get in touch with us by calling or sending us a message and we will provide you with a straightforward quote.
How can I avoid getting car battery problems?
  • You should ensure that the vehicle charging system is working properly.
  • Make sure that your battery terminals are tightly fitted and not corroded.
  • Check if your battery is firmly held in place.
  • Your car battery should be the right capacity for your vehicle.
  • Most importantly, perform regular battery checks.
How do I contact Naperville Classic Towing for a jump-start?
Even if you’ve done all you can to avoid getting car battery problems, sometimes it can still develop problems due to different reasons. If that’s the case for you, and your car won’t start, call Naperville Classic Towing at 630-392-6844. Our services for jump-start are available in Aurora, Naperville, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet, and all of the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
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2023.04.01 13:13 selcouth96 Anyone have depression (or any mental illness) is also a caregiver? How it feels? How do you manage?

Hi all. This will be long sorry for the long vent.
I have been battling depression since a very young age for a lot of traumatic reasons.
When Covid hit I started to feel very unwell and depression for the first time took full control of me and made me not being able to take care of myself. I don’t know how I managed to do it since I was all alone in this journey, I was alone and did not have money to seek therapy, and it took me two years to be able to get back to my feet again and finally go out to live and start living. I remember there was days I cried over my muscles hurt for not moving from the bed but I did yoga in bed and cried during the sessions but I kept moving until I stood up again.
I started to bath more often, cook proper food, workout regularly and did many things in those two years until I started being able to work again.
Six month ago I did the first step and got myself into a job, it was extremely hard to go, having depression makes everything difficult. talking take energy, moving takes energy, seeing takes energy, and hearing takes energy, but I kept fighting and pushing myself to go so I can finally go seek the help I need and be able to pay for therapy.
But life does not give me a break, and one day right before my first day at work my dad had a suspected stroke and that changed everything. I needed to pose my healing and focus with my dad. Our family is not big and we don’t make much money, so I started to save some money for the therapy and kept the majority to my father for his recovery process.
Everything was going great and I was helping him along of trying to keep myself steady, and not go into another relapse, it was hard but manageable.
Until last December, after three month of his suspected stroke he got a real stroke which lead him to making his left side half paralysed temporarily and the doctor told us it will take a long time for him be able to walk and move this left hands again maybe never.
After that, for the past three month I am a caregiver to my dad, not the primary because we have a home nurse for 12 hours who help my dad with going to physiotherapy, and bath and cleaning. But after the nurse I am the second. I take care of almost everything every single day. cleaning the house, prepare food, cooking, grocery, check medical appointments, prepare medication, laundry, dishes, and basically anything that my dad needs + work and sleep deprived.
My sister take care of some other stuff as well and sometimes she help me with my part but since I have depression and I already need help, anything I do that may seem easy take 10 times effort for me.
This leaded to another self neglect loop. With depression I always say to everyone you need to sacrifice something to be able/have energy to do something else. For example I something sacrifice making food for myself to have energy to make my dad his favourite food and so on. I can’t do both since it takes a lot of energy to do anything.
Right now I am mess, I go to work with messy hair, not focused, I barely move and I can’t take proper care of myself. Doing so means I will not take care of my dad.
I also feel very guilty that I don’t spend my weekend with him anymore or talk to him much. I used to wait for the weekend or after work to stay and talk with him and be with him, but now and for three weeks all I do is making sure he have his favourite show on, ate dinner, talk to him for few hours and then go to bed and scroll my phone till going to sleep. And on my weekend all I do is stay in bed not being able to move just prepare the house for the next week and prepare his stuff and that’s it, I go to my room and don’t spend anytime with him due to being exhausted to talk or communicate in anyway and he started to tell me you don’t want to spend time with me. This is why it took me two years to work again, depression was so strong to the point I couldn’t get out of bed to shower so imagine how it feels now. I am burning myself but I find it not enough because he need more better care. He deserves attention 24 hours. Which I can’t give.
Right now I don’t watch my food, or sleep, or workout, or do anything that is needed to fight depression. And after three month I started to break. My dad need emotional, physical, and financial care. Which I gave it all for 6 month now. But I broke down today when I saw that I have almost zero dollar on my saving account and that means all of my savings for therapy is gone. I am 26 and still didn’t start living my life properly due to depression and having a very traumatic life, but when I did an attempt the one person I care about fell down and this is killing me slowly.
I don’t know what I should do but I know I can’t keep going like that. I need help myself.
I need to mention, I saved my dad on September when he had the suspected stroke, he was going to very dangerous area that may have harmed him, my dad is overweight and I am very small and fatigued most of the time, but that day I was in a depressive episode which made my body extremely weak, but I managed to grab him and pull him into the nearest room and look ourself in it and called the emergency. This experience made my depression worse but I had to numb myself for my dad, to be able to help him. The second time it was also me who was there, I was also alone with him and not feeling well again, I didn’t feel that he is well something was off but this time I called my sister and we managed to let him inside the car and then it was a stroke. Another trauma.
I feel that my life is just trauma. I don’t remember anytime I was doing well without pain no never.
I feel that by the time I am forty I will be more sick due to neglecting myself so badly and that will lead to a circle of being sick or taking care of someone who is sick. My dad is 72, I am 26, but it feels I am way older. Trauma aged me and not in a good way. I always felt like I am the parent for my dad and now it is even more with the stroke.
I feel bad for my dad and my life and selfish for thinking about myself and for having depression that makes me not being able to give more to my dad.
He needs me emotionally. And for someone who is drained this is impossible and I hate that.
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2023.04.01 13:10 Milihasan Fuel delivery near me

Fuel delivery near me

Classic Towing offers Diesel, Fuel, and Gasoline Delivery in Naperville and throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area

When your fuel gauge gets near the dreaded “E”, you might think it’s a good idea to try and push it to the limit and see how far it gets you. Well, if you’re already near your destination and there’s a gas station nearby then by all means, go for it. But more often than not, pushing your car to the limit when it’s already running on fumes will end up badly for you. Well, if you ever wind up in the middle of a highway with an empty tank, you’re in luck because we provide diesel, fuel, and gasoline delivery in Naperville and anywhere in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

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Run Out of Gas? Call Us for Fuel, Diesel, and Gasoline Delivery Service
So you tried to Seinfeld your car and push the gauge farther than it has ever gone before but it didn't quite work out for you? It was an awesome try, but now it is time to call Classic Towing and request fuel or gasoline delivery! We deliver anywhere in Naperville or the Chicago Metropolitan Area. If your vehicle has run out of gas, we can bring you 5 gallons to get you to the nearest gas station. Using Google Maps, our dispatchers can provide you the address and directions to the nearest filling station. So when you run out of gas and need fuel fast, call Classic Towing for affordable gasoline delivery.
Do you need diesel fuel delivery in Naperville? What about gasoline delivery in Aurora, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, or anywhere else in the Chicago Metropolitan Area? Look no further and make Classic Towing your first choice for fuel delivery service in Naperville and all throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
Why choose us? Classic Towing is the right company with its decades-long proven track record of professional and expert service in Naperville and its surrounding areas. We provide fast and affordable gasoline delivery in Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Lemont, Bolingbrook, and on all major highways in Illinois. We can have a fuel delivery service truck anywhere, in the Chicago Metropolitan area, in about 30 minutes or less. We have the equipment, expertise, and staff to handle any emergency fuel delivery job, may it be light-, medium-, or heavy-duty, 24 hours-a-day and 7 days-a-week!
Need Up to 55 Gallons of Diesel Fuel? We Deliver 24/7
Unlike regular vehicles, big ones require a lot more fuel. And if your commercial vehicle runs out of gas while it’s on the road, you don’t have to worry about getting more fuel because we can deliver some for you. Classic Towing provides diesel delivery for semi-trucks, box trucks, big rig tractor-trailers, or any other commercial truck that runs out of diesel fuel in Illinois. We provide fast and reliable diesel delivery service using our 55-gallon DOT-approved storage tank and an electronic metered pump to deliver your diesel fuel. We will deliver any amount of diesel from 1 gallon to 55 gallons based on your need.

If your truck requires new fuel filters, just let us know. We may have one in stock or can acquire one at the parts store or truck stop. We will need the year, make, model, and VIN in order to obtain the proper filter. So, let Classic Towing’s 24-hour diesel fuel delivery service help you get back on your way. We provide high-quality diesel fuel, both on the road and off-road at construction sites. We deliver diesel fuel when you need it most. Don’t delay your trip any longer. Call Classic Towing today. Being near the I-88 and I-355, I-88 and I-294, and the I-55 and I-80 junctions, we offer fast response with our diesel delivery service on all major highways and trucking areas including Naperville, Joliet, Bolingbrook, Aurora, Lemont, Elwood, McCook, Chicago, and all throughout Illinois. We offer fast, reliable diesel delivery all at a competitive price.
Classic Towing - Low-cost, Reliable, Damage-free

Experiencing Diesel Gelling? Unfreeze and Thaw it Out Now!

If your truck is experiencing diesel gelling, Classic Towing can help unfreeze your system. We will bring out Diesel 911, Howes anti-gel treatment, and change the required filters. If necessary, we can even gently heat the fuel system and oil pan.
Diesel fuel gelling happens when the paraffin that is usually present in diesel starts to solidify when the temperature drops. At 32 degrees, the wax in liquid form will crystallize and leave the fuel tank clouded. At 10-15 degrees, it will finally start to gel and clog the tank and fuel filters.
There are several signs that can tell you that your diesel has already gelled. One of these is when you are having trouble starting your engine. Diesel fuel gelling clogs the fuel lines and fuel filters, preventing the fuel to pass through them. This phenomenon then prevents the engine from starting. Another sign is when there is a difference in the fuel rail pressure. This is likely the cause of problems like sluggish performance and inability to accelerate properly. Call Classic Towing today. We are available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to solve your diesel gelling issues
We service all major highways with our fuel delivery service, including I-88, I-355, I-294, I-55, I-290, I-80, I-94, I-90, and I-57. So if you need diesel, fuel, or gasoline delivery in Naperville or anywhere in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, call us today.
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2023.04.01 13:09 athertop Old ACT version - calendar is displaying smaller than usual

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2023.04.01 13:07 PuReeSportsOrg PuRe eSports

PuRe eSports is a part of the organisation that we are hopeful to get started as soon as possible.
If you are interested in playing in an eSports team to one day make it as a pro in your chosen game then this could be the place for you, we are currently looking for a Call of Duty team.
We can’t just have anyone so unfortunately we are just looking for players that are looking to go pro and believe they are good enough to do so, either send us a message or comment with your name, GamerTag, the device you play on and your ranked play rank, then we will take it from there.
Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t picked because we will soon have our community PuRe Gaming page up and running to cater all your other gaming needs.
(We will reply to as many people as possible)
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2023.04.01 13:06 MrBuckBuck (Extra Kispert) Fun facts & stats from the Wizards' 109-116 L the Orlando Magic

FINALLY, REDDIT FIXED THE BUG THAT PREVENTED ME LETS ME FROM UPDATING MY DRAFT POSTS (I had to use other methods that were way less comfortable)!
A song for the current mood - my favorite rap song!
  1. The Wizards are now on a 34-43.The Wizards fell to 3 games behind the Bulls now, as the Bulls won 121-91 the Hornets (37-40 records). The Bulls remain in the 10th seed & the Wizards are in the 11th seed. If the Wizards lose the next game & the Bulls win, the Wizards will be officially out of the play-in tournament & therefore the playoffs. Why? There are currently 5 games left to the season, and if the Bulls win & the Wizards lose, the gap goes up to 4 games. BUT, the Wizards & the Bulls record is 2-2 tie during the regular season , and according to rules since none of the teams are even close to lead their division, we go by the Conference record, and the Bulls have a significantly better conference record of 26-23 vs. 20-28 by the Wizards - a gap the Wizards cannot close.
  2. The Wizards are currently 18-20 at home games & 16-23 at road games.
  3. The Wizards are now 18-22 in the year 2023 (17W & 22 L) - from 16-21 to 34-43.
  4. The Wizards are now 6-13 since the All-Star break.
  5. The Wizards are now 5-9 without Kyle Kuzma.
  6. The Wizards are now 13-17 since the trade with Rui Hachimura (12 W & 17 L). Before the trade, the Wizards were 17-13 (17 W & 13 L) with him (in games he played), and 3-13 (3 W & 13 L) in games he wasn't playing.Overall, the Wizards were a 20-26 record before this trade.
  7. The season series between the two teams ended up in a 2-2 tie.The Wizards won the first two & lost the last two - both teams won home & away game against each other this season.
  8. The Wizards lost 6 out of their last 8 games, and 9 losses out of their last 12 games.
  9. The Magic won the Wizards in 2 straight games, after losing the previous 7 games to the Wizards.
  10. It was the 135th regular-season meeting between the Washington Wizards & the Orlando Magic (102 as the Washington Wizards & 33 as the Washington Bullets).
  11. The historical head-to-head matchup during the regular season - Washington Wizards vs. the Orlando Magic: 60-74 to the Orlando Magic.
  12. The Magic won 4 out of their last 5 games & 5 out of their last 7 games.
  13. The Wizards were 0/10 from 3 in the 4th quarter until Corey Kispert made his only field goal attempt in the 4th quarter (1/1 from 3PT), with his 9th 3-pointer of the game. Overall, tthe Wizards were 5/23 from FG (21.7%), 1/11 from 3PT (9.1%) & 2/3 from FT in the 4th quarter.
  14. The Wizards had 5 out of their 12 turnovers in the 4t hquarter.
  15. None of the Wizards players went to the free throw line more than 3 times tonight.
  16. The Wizards were 10/12 (83.3%) from the free throw line, whereas the Magic went there 26 times & made 20 of them (76.9%) - they actually made more free throws than what the Wizards attempted.
  17. All but 2 players in Orlando had at least a single block tonight - Gary Harris, Markelle Fultz, Goga Bitadze & Cole Anthony had 2 blocks each, Wendell Carter Jr., Jalen Suggs & Franz Wagner had 1 block each, and Paolo Banchero led with 3 blocks. Only Caleb Houstan & Moritz Wagner didn't have a single block tonight on their part.
  18. The Orlando Magic had a season-high of 14 blocks tonight. Until then, they had 10 blocks 3 times (once again the Wizards). That's the most blocks they had in a single game since November 3rd, 2010 - 128-86 W over the Minnesota Timberwolves.
  19. The Orlando Magic had 6 blocks in the 4th quarter alone!
  20. The Victims list: Deni Avdija, Daniel Gafford & Johnny Davis got blocked 3 times each, Anthony gill got blocked twice. Wright, Goodwin & Kispert got blocked once each. The Block list & videos.
  21. The Wizards attempted 50 3-pointers tonight - that's the most they tried this season in a single game (they had 46 3PA on Noverber 18th, 2022 - in the 107-106 W over the Heat)
  22. The Wizards attempted 105 field goals attempts - that's more 17 field goal attempts than the MAgic had tonight (88).
  23. The Wizards also made 3 fewer field goals despite taking so many shots. The Magic made 44 field goals out of 88 attempts (50%).
  24. The Wizards were 39.0% from the field tonight (41/105) - that's their 4th worst this season & the 5th time overall this season. It's also the 5th worst FG% a team shot vs. the Magic this season.
  25. It's the 2nd time this season the Wizards end a game with a result 109-116 - both of them (including tonight) were losses. The last one was 109-116 L to the Toronto Raptors on March 4th, 2023.
  26. The Wizards had 96 points in the first 3 quarters, but scored only 13 points in the 4th vs. 31 points by the Magic.
  27. The Orlando Magic had a 2-0 lead in the 1st quarter & since then the Wizards held the lead, the score was tied once in the 4th since that 2-0. Cole Anthony made it 105-103, with 5:51 remaining the 4th quarter & the Wizards never returned since.
  28. None of the Wizards played scored more than 4 points in the 4th quarter, which was belonged to Delon Wright.
  29. It's the first time since January 25th, 2023, that the Wizards shot below 40% from the field, since the 108-103 W over the Rockets.
  30. The Wizards had 9 more offensive boards than the Magic tonight (15 vs. 6), and 5 offensive boards vs. just 1 by the Magic in the 4th- still lost.
  31. The Magic dominated the Wizards in the paint, with 58 points in the paint vs. 42 points in the paint by the Wizards.
  32. The Wizards dominated the 2nd chance points, with what seems as a season-high of 28 2nd chance points vs. 11 2nd chance points by the Magic.
  33. The Wizards dominated the fastbreak points with 19 fastbreak points vs. just 8 fastbreak points by the Magic.
  1. Bradley Beal missed his 27th game of the season after reaching his 50th game of the season - missing his 5th game straight. Kyle Kuzma missed his 13th game of the season, including 12 out of his last 25 games - missing his 6th straight.Both players missed together 5 consecutive games after tonight. Kristaps Porzingis missed his 12th game of the season, 3rd time due to Non-Covid Illness.
  2. It's the first time this season that none of the trio, KP, Kuzma & Beal played tonight - all of them were out in the same game, for the first time this season.
  3. Daniel Gafford returned after missing a single game, which was his 3rd missed game overall this season.
  4. Deni Avdija became the Wizards' player with the most games, missing only 2 games this season. Daniel Gafford was tied for 2nd with him until he got injured & didn't play the previous game. If Deni keeps on playing all the remaining games, he'll finish as the Wizards' Iron Man for the 2nd straight season, playing the most games among all Wizards players. Not only that, it will be his 2nd straight season with 80 games or more (didn't miss a single game this season). Deni Avdija has yet to miss a game in the year 2023.
  5. Corey Kispert has yet to miss a single game since his absence in the first 8 games due to a groin injury, he is the Wizards' player with the most consecutive games played without missing a single game - 69 (nice!) games after tonight's game!
  6. Delon started for the 12th time this season out of 47 GP (including tonight).Corey Kispert was in the starting lineup for the 40th time this season, while Deni Avdija had his 39th.
  7. It's the first time that Monte Morris, Delon Wright, Corey Kispert & Deni Avdija are all together in the starting lineup. It's the 3rd time (in 3 straight games as well) that Delon Wright, Corey Kispert & Deni Avdija are in the starting lineup, together!
  8. Monte Morris didn't return for the 2nd half, and it was the first time Johnny Davis started the 2nd half!
  9. The Wizards are currently 6-6 - 6 wins & 6 losses when Delon Wright is in the starting lineup.
  10. Paolo Banchero calls an inbound timeout in mid-air! LOL!
  11. Deni Avdija just had a new total points record for a single-season with 6 points tonight & 688 points in total in just 75 games.His previous total points record was 685 points in 82 games
  12. Corey Kispert tied his career-high for points in a single half with 18 points, and had a career-high of 18 points in the 1st half (the previous was 16 points). Source.
  13. Corey Kispert already tied his career-high in 3-pointers made in a game with 6 of them in the first half - 6/9 from 3PT (66.7%). He also had a career-high for 3 pointers in a single half (the previous was 4 3-pointers). Source Fun Fact: Gary Harris scored 6 3-pointers vs. the Wizards in the last game between the two teams (March 21st, 2023 - 112-122 L), and he was 6/9 from 3PT in the entire game. Kispert did it in a single half!
  14. Corey with a career-high of 27 points - all 3s! 9/14 (64.3%) and also 3 rebounds.
  15. That's the 3rd time this month that Corey Kispert ties his career-high or breaking it (he broke it twice).He had a career-high of 26 points a week ago, on March 24, 2023, in the 136-124 W over the Spurs. He also tied his career-high in points (when it was still 25 points) on March 12th, 2023, in the 93-112 L to the 76ers.
  16. All of Corey Kispert's 20+ points games (all were 25+ points) came in the last 10 games.
  17. Corey Kispert with a career-high in 3-pointers made in a single game, with 9 3-pointers & counting!
  18. Corey Kispert scored more 3-pointers tonight than the entire Wizards team, combined - with 9 made 3-pointers out of the Wizards 17 - that's ~53.0% of the total made 3-pointers by the Wizards tonight.
  19. Corey Kispert scored three or more 3-pointers in each of his last 4 games - 23/40 (57.5%).
  20. Corey Kispert scored 15+ points in his last 4 games.
  21. Daniel Gafford had a career-high of 13 rebounds tonight!
  22. Daniel Gafford had a career-high in offensive rebounds, with 7 offensive rebounds tonight!
  23. Paolo Banchero had his 6th 30+ points game of the season, and the 2nd double-double with 30+ points & 10 + rebounds. As well as his 39th 20+ points game of the season.
  24. Paolo Banchero led the Orlando Magic in Points (30), in Rebounds (12), tied for most Off. Rebs (2), led the team in assists (6), led the team in blocks (3), led the team in field goal attempts (17), led the team in free throws made (13), led the team in free throws attempts & tied for the most foul (3).
  25. Paolo Banchero tied his career-high of 3 blocks tonight.
  26. It's the first time this season that Paolo Banchero had a game with 6+ assists & 3+ blocks (6 assists & 3 blocks tonight). It's also his first game in his career with 30+ points, 10+ rebounds, 6+ assists & 3+ blocks.
  27. Markelle Fultz tied his season-high of 25 points, for the 2nd time this season (he got 3 games with 25 points now). His season-high is still the 28 points vs. the Los Angeles Clippers on March 18th, 2023 - 113-108 W.
  28. Markelle Fultz had most efficient night in games he scored 10 or more field goals, with 11/15 (73.3%) from the field tonight.
  29. Markelle Fultz scored 10+ points in his last 14 games.
  30. Similarily, Paolo Banchero scored 11+ points in his last 14 games.
  31. Franz Wanger had his 36th 20+ points game of the season.
  32. Johnny Davis had a career-high of 2 blocks tonight!
  33. Corey Kispert scored 10+ points in 35 games this season - a career-high for 10+ points game for in a single season (He had 30 games like it last year in 77 GP). He was also more efficient at it - 35 10+ points games in 69 GP, so far.
  34. Delon Wright had a season-high of 9 rebounds!
  35. Delon Wright had 21 points tonight - that's his season 2nd best!
  36. Delon Wright had a single steal or more in his last 3 games (1 steal tonight & 2 in each of the last 2 games), after 6 games straight without a single steal!
  37. Deni Avdija had 8+ rebounds in his last 5 games (9 rebounds tonight) and 15+ points & 8+ rebounds in his last 4 games.
  38. Deni Avdija had 3+ assists in his last 8 games.
  39. Deni Avdija streak with 15 points or more ended tonight with just 6 points.
  40. Deni Avdija had his worst shooting game from 3, with 0/6 from 3 (he had 0/5 once this season).
  41. Deni Avdija had his worst game from the field goal (during his career) in game with 2 field goal attempts or more 2/14 (14.3%). He had 2/12 previously vs. the Grizzlies on November 6th, 2022 - 97-103 L. He also had one last season, on January 5th, 2012 - 2/12 from the field in the 111-114 L to the Rockets.
  42. Johnny Davis played for 10 straight games - a career-high.
  43. Johnny Davis had a career-high of 10 3-point attempts, doubling his previous record of 5 3-point attempts. Funny enough, his 5 3-point attempts game was in the last game vs. the Celtics, which he was 1/5 from 3 (20%), like tonight - 2/10 (20%).
  44. Out of 69 GP this season by Kispert, he was 0% from 3PT only 6 times, & 15 times between 0% to 20%, 8 times shooting 33% from 3PT out of 17 games shooting between 20%+ to 40% Overall, he has 39 games shooting 40% or higher this season, including tonight 9/14 (64.3%).
  45. Johnny Davis scored a 3-pointer in 3 games straight is a career-high!
  46. Johnny Davis scored in each of his last 9 games.
  47. Johnny Davis had a career-high of 15 field goal attempts (he had 11 FGA as a career-high until tonight).
  48. Daniel Gafford tied his career-high for rebounds in a single quarter, with 7 rebounds in the 4th (for the 3rd time in his career - 3rd time in his career he got 7 rebounds in the 4th quarter, and he also had it once in the 2nd quarter). Source.
  49. Daniel Gafford tied his season 3rd best with 18 points tonight.
  50. Daniel Gafford had his 9th double-double of the season in points & rebounds - in all the cases he scored in double figures, he also had 10+ rebounds (it's also true for 9+ rebounds - he had twice 9 rebounds this season).
  51. It's the 15th straight game of Deni Avdija without a single block.
  52. Deni Avdija had only one block in his last 21 games. The last block was on March 2nd, 2023 - 119-108 W over the Raptors.
  53. Deni Avdija had offensive rebounds only twice in his last 12 games (he had 3 offensive rebounds, twice, in each of these 2 games), accumulating in the process 74 defensive rebounds & 6 offensive rebounds (including tonight).
  54. Anthony Gill scored in each of his last 7 games, including each of 14 out of the last 15 games - between 2 to 6 points (2 points tonight).
  55. Kendrick Nunn scored 12 points in each of his last 2 games.
  56. Xabier Cooks committed his first foul in his NBA career - an offensive foul%20(B.Taylor)) (resulted in a turnover) - a career-high in personal fouls for him as well - 9:55 left in the 2nd quarter.
  57. Therefore, It took Xabier Cooks exactly 849 seconds (14 minutes & 24 seconds) to commit his first foul in the NBA. I just summed his minutes & multiplied it by 60 for seconds, and then added the seconds from the MP & deduced it from total seconds (1,049 minus 3*60+5 because he fouled after 3 minutes & 5 seconds of playing time in the 2nd quarter). Source.
  58. Xabier Cooks had his first dunk in the NBA.%20(Goodwin%204%20AST))
  59. It's the first time Xabier Cooks played in the 2nd quarter, as he subbed in the break between the 1st & 2nd quarter.
  60. Xabier cooks played in each of the last 3 games - a career-high in straight games played.
  61. Cole Anthony had 10+ points in each of his last 10 games.
  62. Gary Harris had 0 3-pointers tonight, after scoring 6 3-pointers in the last game between the two teams, in the 122-112 W over the Wizards.
  63. It's only the 2nd time this season that Gary Harris finished with 0 points, and the first time this year. It's also the first time this year (2023) that he didn't score a single points in a game. The last time was on November 30th, 2022, in the 108-125 L to the Hawks. It's the first time he got 0 points in 20+ minutes (20:13 tonight) this season. It was also his 2nd most minutes played without scoring a single point during his entire career, which was on March 4th, 2017, with the Nuggets, as they lost 102-112 to the Hornets - 0 points in 21:32 minutes..
The best food we ever had! So far, the Wizards' FO with the best April Fools joke ever - the Wizards ^_^

P.S: I will fix typo later!
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2023.04.01 13:01 AutoModerator [Megathread] Seasonal Discussion Thread. Also New Mods Announcement!

Hello Rainbow High Students!

Welcome to the RH Discussion thread! New threads will be created every three months, to make sure that everyone's questions can be answered. Previous threads will be archived.
The discussion threads are to prevent the feed from getting cluttered with frequently asked questions and, low effort content, such as asking which doll to buy, asking for face-up ideas, etc.
Don't be scared to ask questions or for advice! I promise that we have a wonderful and very kind community here that is willing to help you :)

Also, lets all give a Rainbow High welcome to our 5 new mods!

Please welcome u/RK8002077, u/squishythyriod, u/LianaLovesgaming, u/SynapseReaction, and u/jnt003 !
We thank all who applied and appreciate how many of you wanted to join the mod team. Many apologies for the delayed announcement. The new mods started about a month ago, but we wanted to announce them with the seasonal thread, and give them time to get used to their new modding duties.


How do I Clean my Doll's Hair?:
Before washing decide on the hairstyle you want for your doll. This sounds like a no-brainer, but there may be different things you need to do to prep for the hairstyle you want.
If you need help on how to do a hairstyle, search on popular sites such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, our subreddit, and many more! There are a variety of styles, methods, and content creators that can help you create the hairstyle you want.
Here are a few resources to get you started.
How do I Remove Staining / Extra Paint?
There are multiple solutions to remove staining or extra paint. First try washing with plain water with or without plain dish soap. For stubborn stains you can try brush cleaner (such as Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner), 100% Acetone, or Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cream.
How to remove stains from dolls face - Anni Mani Dolls (YouTube)
Please note that acetone and brush cleaners can melt the plastic of the body and eyes.
Whichever method you choose read or watch all instructions first before attempting. Be patient, work slowly, and be sure to wash the doll with plain soap and water when you are finished using any chemicals for paint and stain removal.
My Doll has a Factory Error. How Should I get a Replacement?
If you need to return your doll due to a factory error there are two options. Either return the doll to the original place you purchased it from, or by reaching out to MGA Entertainment directly. If you're in the USA or Canada you also have the option of submitting a warranty claim.
If you decide to submit a warranty claim, you can review a great FAQ by one of our members that can be found here:
https://www.reddit.com/RainbowHigh/comments/sojvnz/submitting_a_warranty_claim_faq/ It's recommended that you read this post before making a warranty claim.
How do I Contact MGA?
Remember to change your region if you are not in USA or Canada.
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2023.04.01 12:59 Prime_Dark_Heroes How to stop overthinking and day dreaming??

It's literally so problematic for me. It's just starts at any time and sometimes ruins my entire mood by some thoughts related to past or future. Some bad things occurred in the past(being teased or bullied) and some fear somewhat related to it about future(like meeting those bully guys or being called by those Nick names in public places).... And literally it totally sucks! (I'm like shy kind of person and I don't have many friends. Have some but not like beat friends. Somewhat I think they just pity me.)
Only during using the mobile, Everything feels comfortable and thoughts are kinda gets out of brain! I think I'm addicted to this device. Like ppl use alcohol to avoid pain!
And this thing bothers me so much and studying is affected because of it.
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2023.04.01 12:54 gizith 5 Best Keypad Mobile Phone Under Rs 700

5 Best Keypad Mobile Phone Under Rs 700
The 5 Best Keypad Mobile Phone Under Rs 700: Keypad phone is still in demand among people. Of course, the 5G network is spreading its wings in India, but still, there is a large population of the country who prefers to use basic mobile phones with buttons. The elders of the house use the phone only for calling and the hard-working brothers also refrain from using touchscreen mobiles. For such people, a keypad phone is the best option. These phones pack in essential features, have solid build quality, and deliver long battery backup that doesn't require frequent charging. If you or someone in your knowledge is looking to buy a new button phone, then further we have given the details of 5 such mobiles available in the market which can be purchased at a price less than Rs.700.
List of 5 Best Button phones under Rs 700:
● IKALL K100
● Snexian Rock 310
● Vox V12 Multimedia Mobile
● Snexian GURU 310

1. IKALL K100

Price: 699/-
In the list of basic mobile phones under Rs 700, this first name comes from the Indian tech brand iCall. This company has launched many feature phones in the market and one of them is Made in India Mobile IKALL K100. This button phone can be bought at a price of Rs.699 only. Talking about its features, IKALL K100 sports a 1.8-inch screen with a 128 x 160 pixels resolution. The T9 keypad is present below the display.
The IKALL K100 is a dual SIM phone with 32MB RAM and 64MB internal storage. MicroSD cards up to 8 GB can also be installed in them. The ikall K100 also comes with an FM radio and music player which can be played through the speaker as well as through the 3.5mm jack. This phone supports a 1,000 mAh battery which is capable of giving long backups. Bluetooth is also available on this phone.

2. Snexian Rock 310

Price: 699/-
This button phone is also being sold in the market for Rs 699 which works on a 2G network. The specialty of this phone is that it also has a 0.3-megapixel rear camera. The camera setup of this phone is also unique which is present in the middle of a large ring and the speaker is given around the lens. Talking about the features of the phone, a 1.77-inch display has been given in it, below which there is a keypad with buttons.
Snexian Rock 310 has 16MB RAM which works in conjunction with Symbian 9.1 OS. For power backup, this feature phone supports a 1,000 mAh battery, which once fully charged lasts for several days. Wireless FM radio is also available in Snexian Rock 310. Along with this, this button phone is also equipped with features like a 3.5mm jack, and an MP3 player. A separate charge light is also provided in the phone. and More
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2023.04.01 12:52 leniwsek Macbook Pro M1

How can I play Call of Duty 2 (2005) on Mac? Is it on Steam and I can just buy it and play or it's not that easy? I will be having Macbook for work mostly but I really wanted to play this game since it's my childhood and I don't have a Windows PC anymore. I need help guys!
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2023.04.01 12:51 weluvmusic Milk & Sugar Miami Sessions 2023 [Milk & Sugar Germany]

Label/Cat#: Milk & Sugar Germany – MSRCD093 Year: 31 March, 2023 Genre: Funky, Club House, Deep House ,Jackin House,House Number of tracks: 32 Playing time: 05:46:04 Audio file format: MP3 Sound quality: 320kbps Size: 432 MB 797MB
Tracklist 1. Milk & Sugar & Barbara Tucker – My Lovin (Milk & Sugar Re-Rub) (05:58) 2. Avicii & Sebastien Drums – My Feelings For You (Mark Knight remix) (06:14) 3. Martin Wright & La Fitte – Ma Ai O (extended mix) (05:42) 4. Soul Avengerz – Heard It All Before (feat Krysten Cummings - Rogers Surgery mix) (07:29) 5. The Cube Guys – Calypso (extended mix) (05:34) 6. Hatiras & Folkness – Dance Avec Moi (original mix) (06:06) 7. David Penn – Dum Dum (original mix) (05:14) 8. Reza & Lawrence Friend – Ungaya (extended mix) (06:15) 9. Sassy B – Set Your Mind Free (extended mix) (05:46) 10. Carol Jiani – Hit'n Run Lover (CASSIMM extended remix) (06:46) 11. Earth N Days – Wait A Minute (Mattei & Omich extended remix) (06:17) 12. Madison Avenue – Don't Call Me Baby (Joshwa extended remix) (05:58) 13. Claptone & APRE – My Night (Ferreck Dawn extended remix) (05:52) 14. T-Bor & Jessica Rhodes – Someone New (extended mix) (06:27) 15. Milk & Sugar – Celebrate (feat Roland Clark - Brokenears extended remix) (06:10) 16. Munk – Deceiver (feat Lizzie Paige - Purple Disco Machine remix) (07:34) 17. Sebb Junior & Sammy Deuce – Throw The Dice (Meines extended remix) (06:21) 18. Cinthie – Keeping Strong (original mix) (06:33) 19. Andre Rizo – Selfish (extended mix) (06:13) 20. Angelo Ferreri & Pietro Over Jack – End Of The Ghetto (original mix) (05:18) 21. Promonova – It's Gonna Be (original mix) (05:45) 22. Nick Curly – Island Letters (05:39) 23. Doc Link & Housego – Bronzeville Nights (Special mix) (07:45) 24. Gorge – Don't Tell Me (extended mix) (06:35) 25. Elisa Elisa – Drum Love (original mix) (07:02) 26. Hardrive – Deep Inside (Todd Edwards remix) (05:42) 27. Rosario Galati – Deep In My Chest (Yves Murasca Private edit) (05:36) 28. Br!tch – Burning (extended mix) (05:43) 29. Chris Rockz – Stop Me (original mix) (08:30) 30. Faithless – Innadadance (feat Suli Breaks & Jazzie B) (04:06)
31. Milk & Sugar - Miami Sessions 2023 (House Nation Mix) [01:19:46] 32. Milk & Sugar - Miami Sessions 2023 (Love Nation Mix) [01:19:37]
Total length: 05:45:32

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2023.04.01 12:50 Nana212 Is this wrongful termination?

Sorry for the long post:(
I had a work injury in May 2022 and was placed on restricted duty for work by my doctor. About a month later my manager called me and told me I have to come back to work as there is work that doesn’t require me to be on my feet at all times (technically complying with the doctor’s restrictions). But I was still having pain while working and mentioned it to HR to see if I can get fewer hours, and that’s when I found out the doctor never clear me to go back to work and the duty they assigned me does not entirely comply with the doctor’s order. My manager was scolded by HR and I was sent home with a worker’s compensation check every two weeks until I fully recover.
Fast forward to February 2023, after months of physical therapy and doctor’s visit. My doctor told me I still might need surgery as my leg is not looking good and they will let me know what to do next in the next visit, as the worker’s compensation insurance wouldn’t sign off on the treatment they are getting me. But the next time I went back the doctor told me I’m all better, no surgeries needed and I’m clear to go back to working full time.
At the time I was also dealing with a lot of other health issues so when my manager contact me with my work schedule I mentioned that I wish to switch to work part-time as I have a lot some other health concerns right now and cannot just jump back to work right away. My manager told me that’s ok and just email him about it. I was calling out every day for work for about a week as I was sick.
My manager emailed me to call him a week later and told me we needed to speak on the phone. At the time I also received an email from the HR department stating that I have unapproved leave and if I don’t come back by a specific date then I’m terminated. I called and he let me know that there is no part-time work available for me in the department but there are other departments that have availability. But for me to apply to other departments and get the job, I would need to keep a good relationship with him and at the moment we do not as I have not been able to work full time. If I don’t come back to work full time then I’ll have to resign. I told him I need a bit of time to figure out my schedule to see if I can push to work full time and he told me just let him know. He also told me to stop calling out every day as it is not an approved leave of absence and that I need to give him a reason why I can’t come to work. I told him I have other health problems going on at the moment and that’s why I can’t go back to work right away he told me he understand and not to worry about calling out every day and the email I got since he knows what is going on. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and a bit threatened about the phone call as he keep mentioning that if I don’t come back right away then I’ll have to resign and that we do not have a good relationship for me to transfer to another department.
I scheduled a meeting with another HR manager(the original HR manager left the company) and told her how I was uncomfortable about the phone call and what is going on and that I cannot return to work immediately. She ignore most of the complaints I have about my manager and how he was making me uncomfortable and said that I am cleared by the doctor and I was hired to be a full-time worker so I must come back as a full-time employee.
I tried to push my other health-related issues to be at times that I don’t have work so it would be more manageable for me to go back full-time. But it has been almost a year since I was last at the company so I couldn’t see my schedule and called my manager the date before the termination letter would be sent. He told me I’m supposed to work that day but it’s ok and just use my PTO and submit that day as a sick day so he has it on file that I am trying to come back to work full time, and that he will talk to the HR manager and cancel the termination process. He also told me the next date I have work and was telling me he’ll see me then.
I went back to work and after a couple of hours, my HR manager noticed me and called me into the room and said I was terminated yesterday. I was confused and told her the phone conversation I had with my manager and how he told me he'll talk to her and approved my PTO as a sign of I am trying to come back before the date on the letter. She send me home and later on, I got a call from my manager he completely denied everything he said about he know in trying to come back and told me to submit PTO, and he also told me the reason I was terminated was that I didn't call out for two weeks. I explained that I was following his instructions and he just denied everything.
Would this be considered as wrongful termination?
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2023.04.01 12:50 MichiganYooper Spectrum Mobile Billing Not Staying Linked To Internet Sign In; Doesn’t Recognize I Have Mobile When I Call/Transfers Me To Mobile Sales

I am sick of calling every freaking day. This is why: 1. The mobile billing for my account is not “staying linked” to my internet/tv account. Basically seems like I don’t have mobile. They fix it and it falls off very night. 2. When I dial 611… it isn’t even recognizing that I have a mobile account if I pick mobile option; it just transfers me to sale like I am a new customer. THIS HAD BEEN AN ONGOING ISSUE FOR OVER A MONTH! Tier 3 tech had a ticket opened and said the issue was fixed; so they closed the ticket. Had to open a new ticket with tier 3; 3 days ago. I am irritated and sick of having to call everyday! Is anyone else having this issue or similar? Thanks.
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2023.04.01 12:49 MichiganYooper Mobile Billing Not Staying Linked On App Or On Internet Browser; Ongoing Issue

I am sick of calling every freaking day. This is why: 1. The mobile billing for my account is not “staying linked” to my internet/tv account. Basically seems like I don’t have mobile. They fix it and it falls off very night. 2. When I dial 611… it isn’t even recognizing that I have a mobile account if I pick mobile option; it just transfers me to sale like I am a new customer. THIS HAD BEEN AN ONGOING ISSUE FOR OVER A MONTH! Tier 3 tech had a ticket opened and said the issue was fixed; so they closed the ticket. Had to open a new ticket with tier 3; 3 days ago. I am irritated and sick of having to call everyday! Is anyone else having this issue or similar? Thanks.
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2023.04.01 12:48 Here_WeGo_SportsTime Call of duty Warzone QR code for the Nintendo DS

I don’t care about the rules regarding DS games and didn’t bother reading. I want to play the battle Royale mode and multiplayer on my 3DS. Give QR code
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2023.04.01 12:47 KingofSpain0 Numbers 8

Numbers 8:1-26
The Lord said to Moses, 2 “Speak to Aaron and say to him, ‘When you set up the lamps, see that all seven light up the area in front of the lampstand.’”
3 Aaron did so; he set up the lamps so that they faced forward on the lampstand, just as the Lord commanded Moses. 4 This is how the lampstand was made: It was made of hammered gold—from its base to its blossoms. The lampstand was made exactly like the pattern the Lord had shown Moses.

5 The Lord said to Moses: 6 “Take the Levites from among all the Israelites and make them ceremonially clean. 7 To purify them, do this: Sprinkle the water of cleansing on them; then have them shave their whole bodies and wash their clothes. And so they will purify themselves. 8 Have them take a young bull with its grain offering of the finest flour mixed with olive oil; then you are to take a second young bull for a sin offering. 9 Bring the Levites to the front of the tent of meeting and assemble the whole Israelite community. 10 You are to bring the Levites before the Lord, and the Israelites are to lay their hands on them. 11 Aaron is to present the Levites before the Lord as a wave offering from the Israelites, so that they may be ready to do the work of the Lord.
12 “Then the Levites are to lay their hands on the heads of the bulls, using one for a sin offering to the Lord and the other for a burnt offering, to make atonement for the Levites. 13 Have the Levites stand in front of Aaron and his sons and then present them as a wave offering to the Lord. 14 In this way you are to set the Levites apart from the other Israelites, and the Levites will be mine.
15 “After you have purified the Levites and presented them as a wave offering, they are to come to do their work at the tent of meeting. 16 They are the Israelites who are to be given wholly to me. I have taken them as my own in place of the firstborn, the first male offspring from every Israelite woman. 17 Every firstborn male in Israel, whether human or animal, is mine. When I struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, I set them apart for myself. 18 And I have taken the Levites in place of all the firstborn sons in Israel. 19 From among all the Israelites, I have given the Levites as gifts to Aaron and his sons to do the work at the tent of meeting on behalf of the Israelites and to make atonement for them so that no plague will strike the Israelites when they go near the sanctuary.”
20 Moses, Aaron and the whole Israelite community did with the Levites just as the Lord commanded Moses. 21 The Levites purified themselves and washed their clothes. Then Aaron presented them as a wave offering before the Lord and made atonement for them to purify them. 22 After that, the Levites came to do their work at the tent of meeting under the supervision of Aaron and his sons. They did with the Levites just as the Lord commanded Moses.
23 The Lord said to Moses, 24 “This applies to the Levites: Men twenty-five years old or more shall come to take part in the work at the tent of meeting, 25 but at the age of fifty, they must retire from their regular service and work no longer. 26 They may assist their brothers in performing their duties at the tent of meeting, but they themselves must not do the work. This, then, is how you are to assign the responsibilities of the Levites.”
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