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2023.06.04 15:37 working_2021 I really need some serious help

This is going to be all over the place. Before I start I want to give a little background on me. I spent my last 4 years chronically online in the celebrity obsessed cesspool of twitter. It has ruined my life. I wake up everyday seeing the life of rich kids, their sudden fame, talents and them getting signed to big fashion brands only just a few weeks into their career. Then I look back at my life and see the amount of mundane boring stuff I've to do to make a living here. My life is so so painfully boring compared to them. I have this vision that life is supposed to be easy and colorful, so I feel something is wrong with mine.
I've college entrance exam in 7 months and it's too little time because so many people are competing for so little seats. There are people who have started studying since like 8th or 9th grade. I've finished 12th and would be preparing for it in the next 7 months. Im so insecure and I feel like I would not be able to clear it. My dad is spending a lot of money on my coaching.

The main problem is I am not able to study for the past 3 days. I got my grades of the first mock test and I only scored 52/100 even though I tried my best. The fact that there was only one chapter make it even worse. I lost all motivation thereafter.

I graduated high school with straight As. But so did half of the class so the grades have no meaning. To top that my dad is really strict. He actually wanted me to study medicine but I hate being a doctor so I picked Engineering. I want to do it but yesterday I was watching the lectures and the only thing going inside my head is "this stuff is so damn boring" over and over that I couldn't focus.

I've this pipe dream of becoming a music producer but there's no career for it in this small remote village and my dad is against me learning any kind of art. I asked him for a two day leave on my vacation to study a little synth design he beat me up instead and made me join a 1 month entrance coaching centre.
2 days before I was asking a simple doubt regarding my subject and this person said I'll be never be able to clear the exam. I tried to take that as a challenge but I kinda gave up.
I have no hope regarding my future. I open my books and zone out. I watch the lectures and think about how boring it is. I think about the number of college seats available and the number of kids who are already really well prepared for it.

I don't know how to move forward from this
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2023.06.04 15:37 kawaiibeibi for the first time in Spotify's history Alive is no longer the most streamed song

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2023.06.04 15:37 ARSENAL_DAILYNEWS Arsenal 22/23 Season Review

Arsenal 22/23 A Season Review Part 1 Of 3: August-World Cup: A Stunning Start.
After a blistering start to the season, Arsenal had now managed just 4 goals in their previous 5 games, they needed to find their shooting boots again and quickly. They had the opportunity to do that at home to Nottingham Forest, but it didn’t look likely when Bukayo Saka was forced to leave the field, having been unable to shake off an early knock he picked up from the usual defensive treatment he received. Though even in the brief time he was on the field, Saka did notch an assist finding the head of Martinelli to give Arsenal a 1-0 lead. For the rest of the first half though, Arsenal struggled to re-find the killer instinct that had deserted them recently. In the second half, it returned, with Saka’s replacement Reiss-Nelson, on for his first league minutes of the season getting his first goal of the campaign, which will have done much-needed wonders for his confidence. 3 minutes later and Nelson had his second with Arsenal really flourishing now, the volleyed finish coming from a Jesus cross after a neat link-up between him and Ødegaard. 5 minutes later and Partey added yet more gloss to the scoreline, giving Nelson an easy assist, as this goal was all about the Ghanaian midfielder’s excellent strike, of a similar calibre to his one against Tottenham. Jesus got his second assist of the day when Ødegaard made it 5, twinkle-toeing his way into the box before letting fly into the top corner. This concluded Arsenal’s busy month of October which saw them in action nine times. Xhaka’s 3 goals in October took his total for the season up to 4, and he picked up the Arsenal player of the month for a second consecutive month.
Arsenal began November by bringing to a close their Europa League group campaign against FC Zurich, knowing a win would secure them top spot. Zurich was merely playing for pride, their chances of progressing were already over. Tierney gave Arsenal the lead in the 17th minute with a fine strike from outside the box, expert technique from the left-back giving the keeper no chance. Arsenal’s old problems returned however with their failure to kill the game, by passing up good chances in both halves. In the end, they had to sweat somewhat for their win, holding on whilst Zurich pushed desperately for a famous equaliser. Arsenal held firm though and with 5 wins from 6 games, they had secured their path through and knew they now wouldn’t have to worry about the Europa League again until March.
Next up for Arsenal was a trip to Stamford Bridge to face Graham Potter’s Chelsea, whose woes were just beginning, having lost 4-1 at his former club Brighton the previous week. Arsenal made all of the first-half chances, dominating possession. The best chance came with a move that began in Arsenal’s own penalty area, with sharp one-touch passing they were in Chelsea’s half in seconds, with the ball reaching Martinelli down the left flank, he cut inside and was inches away from finding the unmarked head of Gabriel Jesus. Had Jesus been able to connect, it would have gone down as surely the finest team goal of the season.
The second half continued in the same vein, with Arsenal’s press suffocating the Chelsea players, forcing them to give up possession time and time again. The visitors continued to push for an opening goal, and it eventually came just past the hour-mark when Saka’s corner beat everyone and looked to be on its way straight in until Gabriel made sure by hitting it into the roof of the net from on the goalline. Arsenal managed 14 shots to Chelsea’s 5 and should have won by more, but as 1-0 wins go away at Stamford Bridge, it could not have been much more comfortable or straightforward. On the rare occasions, Chelsea reached the final third, they had no idea how to progress the ball in order to create a dangerous situation and Arsenal was content to see the game out for an excellent away victory.
Arsenal’s time in the Carabao Cup was short-lived, ending just as it began at home to Brighton in the 3rd round. Nketiah gave Arsenal the lead, but it lasted just 7 minutes when former Gunner Danny Welbeck equalised from the spot. 2 unanswered second-half goals from Mitoma and Lamptey ensured Arsenal’s exit, but there was a feeling from many that the club had bigger targets this season than the League Cup. Due to the first-ever winter World Cup, the Premier League would be halted for six weeks after Arsenal’s 14th league game of the season, which would be away at Wolves. Earlier that day City had slipped up at home to Brentford, this presented Arsenal with a great opportunity to go into the World Cup 5 points clear at the top. The best chance of the first half went to Jesus after he’d done brilliantly to make room for a shot in the box. However his luck in front of goal had deserted him, this being his 11th appearance without a goal, his last one coming against Spurs. As usual, though, he was one of Arsenal’s best performers in the first half, with Saka and Martinelli more subdued than usual. Perhaps understandably, they seemed to be somewhat preoccupied with thoughts of the World Cup, and with it now so close they didn’t seem keen to risk injury with their usual dribbling runs.
So in the second half Arsenal needed someone to step up, and that man was Martin Ødegaard. With Norway having failed to qualify for the World Cup, Arsenal was his one and only focus, and he delivered a captain’s performance. The opening goal came when a clever pass from Jesus found Vieira who had replaced the unwell Xhaka, he squared it across the six-yard box having drawn the goalkeeper out, and Ødegaard beat Saka to the tap-in. The Norwegian made sure of the win with a quarter of an hour to go when good play from Martinelli allowed him to backheel a pass through to Zinchenko who was unmarked in the box, his cross was cleared as far as Martinelli who forced a save from Sa, but he could do nothing about Ødegaard’s follow-up, his touch and shot leaving the keeper with no chance.
There had been reluctance from some, Arsenal fans or otherwise to accept the team as a true title contender. This was a club that after all had not even qualified for the Champions League in 5 years. As well they had the youngest manager and youngest team in the league. However, more and more doubters were turning into believers as Arsenal backed up a win over Spurs by beating Liverpool, and went away to Chelsea and won. Now due to the World Cup being played mid-season, Arsenal would sit 5 points clear of the rest on Christmas Day, and at this point, their title credentials could no longer be denied. They had won 12 of a possible 14, and when the chance to go into World Cup 5 clearly came up, they held their nerve and got the job done away from home. The World Cup gave me the chance to reflect on the season Arsenal had thus far and it had undoubtedly been an outstanding one, with all reasonable expectations surpassed. This mid-point gave time to assess Arsenal’s key individual performers in the Premier League and there had been many stand-outs in that regard.

Arsenal Player Ratings Up To The 2022 World Cup Break:

Ramsdale 8/10- His reliability and quality with the ball at his feet is essential to the way Arsenal play, and there are few better in the country when playing out from the back than the young English keeper. His standout performance came against Leeds, with his back against the wall, he refused to concede a goal.
White 9/10- After a good first season at centre-back, White went up another gear in this right-back slot, showing excellent quality with the ball at his feet, and the defensive side of his game was never found wanting either. Arsenal’s November player of the month.
Saliba 9/10- It was thought the young centre-half was special before he’d even kicked a Premier League ball, but he somehow managed to exceed expectations in his first 14 league games in Arsenal colours. The club’s best defender in the first part of the season.
Gabriel 8/10- He began the season with a few sloppy mistakes, but quickly got up to the level of his teammates. A goal at Chelsea and a big performance at Wolves ensured Arsenal went into the break sitting pretty at the top.
Zinchenko 7/10- Sadly the Ukrainian was injured for half of Arsenal’s league games, but when available Zinchenko demonstrated some of his quality, with the promise of more to come.
Tomiyasu & Tierney 7/10- As reliable as you could wish your full-back deputies to be, injuries meant they were often called upon, especially the Japanese International, and he was always up to the task be it in his more accustomed right-back position, or when deputising at left-back.
Partey 9/10- Injuries in previous seasons had prevented Partey from ever really hitting his top level, his performances in the first part of this season showed the midfielders considerable class this campaign however. 2 outstanding goals vs Forest and most memorably Spurs were the icing on the cake.
Xhaka 9/10- Fairly or unfairly Xhaka seemed to typify much of what was wrong with Arsenal between 2016 and 2021, too often he appeared an average midfielder in an average side. Here he was reborn, in a new role which gave him more of an attacking license, he was contributing goals, and assists and Arsenal fans were seeing the leadership qualities of a man loving his football.
Ødegaard 9/10- After making his loan move permanent in the previous summer, the captain has continued to prove himself one of Arsenal’s best signings in recent times. Possessing the quality of Ozil without the flakiness, Ødegaard has rightfully become a real fan favourite.
Vieira 5/10- The 22-year-old arrived from FC Porto for £30M. Scored a beauty on his first league start, but often struggled with the pace and physicality of the league and brief substitute appearances have not given him much time to adapt. Finished with some grounds for optimism after coming on in the first half away at Wolves for the unwell Xhaka and performing reasonably well.
Saka 9/10- The darling of the Arsenal faithful, Saka has received rough treatment from opposition full-backs and little protection from match officials, but he is too brave, determined and talented to let this stop him from scoring, assisting and tormenting almost at will. He seems to be improving on an almost monthly basis which is scary.
Martinelli 9/10- Quickly formed a devastating partnership with fellow Brazilian Gabriel Jesus. His directness, pace, hunger and finishing qualities made him just as difficult to stop as Saka in the opening part of the season.
Jesus 9/10- He’s a striker who went 11 games without a goal, yet his contributions to the team are so vital he remained un-droppable. That is the uniqueness of Jesus, for the goals may have dried up, but his quality never did. Match after match, he was relentless in his refusal to give opposing defences a minute of peace. His technical ability has been the key ingredient in lifting Arsenal up to another level. Along with Saliba, Arsenal’s best player of the first part of the season.
Arteta 10/10- The managers’ contribution cannot go unmentioned. He has demanded high standards and set the conditions which have enabled them to be realised. This has led a club that has been outside the Champions League for five years to set a pace that not even Guardiola’s City could match. He has been the catalyst in making a divided and despondent fanbase the most passionately engaged in the league, uniting everyone behind his players and staff.
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2023.06.04 15:37 Delicious_Carpet_389 I(30M) am having doubt about my 6 years old relationship with my partner (29F)

Hi all.
I met my partner over 6 years ago. We were both traveling&working in Japan and things happened really fast. We were both working at the same farm where we also lived at. We clicked really fast and had a lot of fun. We were over 50 people there sharing 2 people bedrooms. We decided to "move in" together to have more intimacy. Everything was going great. It's like we were in a bubble. In a different time and space zone, working at this place and enjoying free time with a bunch of people from all over the world.
But everything has an end. The job was done and we had to go back to reality. Her visa in Japan was done but not mine. She wanted to have some vacation before heading home so I followed her in Vietnam and we had a magical 2 weeks there. I then went back to Japan to continue working and she went home back in Germany.
After 4 months apart, I decided to come back home in Greece. We then decided to give it a shot and I dropped it all to go and live in Germany where I have been leaving since. It has been though. I had to go through a lot of shitty jobs and it has been hard to make "real friends" as I was communiting a lot and.... germans have a hard shell to break before you can call them good friends. But now I have joined a big company where I was able to climb and get a really good job. I enjoy it very much even though I work a lot but I met wonderful people there and I get to learn a lot from it.
During our time in Japan, our intimacy was going great. We were getting to know each other in a more intimate way. But after moving to Germany, it really wasn't the same. We would(are) doing it only every month/couple month. I don't know if it was the months apart in such early stage of the relationship but we talked about it and thought it was just a phase and things would get better. It didn't. We hardly have those intimates moment anymore and that for years and I can't explain why. We both love each other, we hardly ever fight, we talk, we spend a lot of time together. There is no resentment at all from neither side. We really do love each other company but this lack of intimacy is slowly destroying our relationship. The problem comes from me, I think. I'm not as driven as I used to be. I put it on being tired or stressed from work but I think those are just excuses (though sometimes true) of a bigger problem.
During the first years in Germany I felt very lonely even though we had each other. I have always loved to spend time with friends and family but they were all so far, out of reach. I made some friends here at the begining but nothing like the ones back home. Which maybe made me feel like I didn't have a home no more ? Until I met some people at work. People I really managed to connect and I haven't felt happier for years. But it also make me feel so bad. I am together with who I though was the love of my life. The only person I would ever need, my partner and my best friend. Those years of feeling lonely had created a gap between us and made me ask myself so many questions which I think created a wall.
And... I met this other Greek person(F) at work. A person that I connected with instently. We share the same humour, the same interests, I haven't had that much fun with someone maybe... ever. And I have to admit that I have a crush.. Nothing happened ! I would never betray my partner but I do feel attracted to this other person and I feel awfull about it.
I am so lost. I do love my partner, she is a fantastic person with tons of qualities. She is loving, a strong women, deidacted and she tought me so much. I just don't really know what to do. Breaking up came across my mind, even before I met this new person, but I just don't want to break her heart.. I'm also in another country where I have now made a life. Breaking up means going home, back in Greece ? Should I quit my job and move back ? Do I want to stay here without her in my life ?
I hope you can all give me some guidance onto what I should do.
tldr: Should I stay with my partner or stop it ?
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2023.06.04 15:37 FilipinaMorena Things I noticed about the Indians in the Philippines

I googled how many Indians are in the Philippines and some sources are saying they're in millions just like the Chinese. That is both the legal and illegal immigrants. While there's only about 3,500 Filipinos in India.
I think it's a little bit unfair that there are millions of them in our country while they consume the natural resources in our country and grab the making money opportunities in our country but the Filipinos aren't getting those same things from India.
I thought I'd make a list of the things I noticed about them:
1) I live in a small town somewhere in Laguna and I noticed that the Indian population here has increased in such a small amount of time.
2) They get the college slots that are usually meant for the Filipino students who have been in the waiting list. Sometimes I even see that these Indians would get scholarships from the local government.
3) They get hired in jobs that are usually meant for the freshly graduate Filipinos.
4) They get the cheap dormitories or cheap rental spaces that are usually for the Filipinos who are on a tight budget.
5) Indian men has impregnated Filipinas and would leave them. It's very rare for me to see an Indian man who is in a long time serious relationship with a Filipina in the Philippines. While there are so many other men from other countries who would end up with a Filipina and live in the Philippines and are so proud of it.
6) They are not that friendly. A lot of them are arrogant. They always walk around like they own the place. They ride their brand new cars and brand new motorcycles like they have more rights than the locals. While Filipinos are usually very respectful towards their Indian culture and their country. Of course not "all of them" are like that but there are enough Indians in the Philippines who acts like that to the point that it's noticeable.
7) Their population in the Philippines hasn't stopped increasing and that means, the crimes that they commit in the Philippines has also increased. During the height of pandemic in 2020, I remember reading an article about a 14 year old Filipina who was raped by 2 Indian nationals. The 2 Indian national forced the minor to do what they want her to do because the minor's parents owed them money. That brings me to the next subject...
8) The never ending 5-6 lending scheme. I know that there are so many Filipinos who would say that this is a good thing and it benefits Filipinos. But I have never seen a Filipino who got richer because of borrowing money from an Indian national. While I have seen so many Indian nationals that got richer because of this 5-6 lending scheme. So who is really winning at the end of the day?
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2023.06.04 15:35 Dirtclodkoolaid Josh Bloom

Dear PROP/CDC, Here's What Happens When You Over-Restrict Pills: More Deaths. Nice Going. By Josh Bloom — December 12, 2018 No Explanation Needed. Photo: winsomeaunt.blogspot [1] If Shakespeare were alive today he would be hard-pressed to come up with a script that could match the tragedy that has been imposed on this country by self-appointed drug experts, bureaucrats, self-serving politicians, and various other fools. It's that bad. And it was largely preventable.
So, let's all congratulate the CDC for sticking its nose where it should not have been and the P hysicians Responsible for Opioid Prohibition (1) for creating a mess that we will not be getting out of anytime soon.
A new report [2] from in the December 12th National Vital Statistics Reports (NVSR) confirms what patient pain advocates and I have been saying all along - that we've been fighting the wrong war (against prescription opioid analgesics) and, in doing so, managed to screw two things up at the same time. 1. Pain patients are suffering 2. More people, not fewer, are dying
One can only hope that the press, which has been pathetically inept in its coverage of the "opioid crisis," which is really the "fentanyl crisis," might pay attention to the new report and possibly start to get the story right. But don't get your hopes up. To do so would entail not only reading the report but also, understanding what it says.
I'll make it easy for them. As I've written repeatedly, pills are not the real problem (See No, Vicodin Is Not The Real Killer In The Opioid Crisis [3]and The Opioid Epidemic In 6 Charts Designed To Deceive You [4]); it is the difficulty of obtaining them that is now. The NVSR makes this painfully obvious.
Here's why. In 2011 (Table 1), there were 41,340 overdose deaths from all drugs - legal, illegal, prescription, and over the counter. Oxycodone was the primary cause of OD deaths (5,587, 13.5% of total). But a closer look at Table 1 reveals some interesting facts. Table 1. The 15 drugs responsible for most overdose deaths in 2011. Source: National Vital Statistics Reports A closer look at Table 1 (I added the notes in color) reveals some interesting trends. Although oxycodone leads the pack with 5,587 deaths, illegal drugs, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, killed twice as many people (and alcohol killed 80,000). The number for heroin is almost certainly too low, probably by a lot. This is because heroin is rapidly metabolized to morphine, so someone who died from a heroin overdose will also test positive for morphine. Since people on the street generally, don't inject themselves with morphine, it is plausible that most of the morphine overdoses were actually from heroin.
Although two benzodiazepine sedatives, Xanax and Valium are on the list, this is somewhat misleading.
Virtually all of these deaths are a result of concomitant use of alcohol or opioids. It is virtually impossible to kill yourself with Valium alone. In a case study [5], a woman who tried to commit suicide took 2,000 mg of the drug - the equivalent of 400 five milligram pills and walked out of the hospital two days later. (See Can Valium Kill You? [6]).
In high doses, patients may manifest coma, respiratory depression, hypotension, hypothermia, and rhabdomyolysis. Otherwise, benzodiazepines are remarkably safe as single agents. TOXNET [7], Toxicology Data Network Now, let's take a look at the same data for 2016 (Table 2). The changes are startling. Table 2. Overdose deaths from the 15 most common drugs. Note that adding the percentages results in a number considerably higher than 100.
Likewise, adding the number of deaths gives a number greater than 63,632. This is because when multiple drugs are involved they are all counted. The term "fentanyl deaths" almost always means "illicit fentanyl and its analogs, not prescriptions patches. In Table 2, the damage of six years of bad policy becomes evident. Despite a 25% reduction in opioid prescriptions [8] during that time, 22,292 (54%) more people died from drug overdoses, despite the fact that the number of OD deaths from oxycodone (Percocet) and hydrocodone (Vicodin) remained essentially unchanged.
And there's more (and it's really crazy). Note that the number of deaths from diphenhydramine (Benadryl) isn't terribly different from the number from Vicodin. Are we having a "Benadryl Crisis?" And even crazier - look at gabapentin (Neurontin, yellow arrow). Neurontin is being used like crazy (mostly off-label) as an alternative to opioids. Except it doesn't work. But it managed to creep into the Top 15 list. I'm speechless.
So, here's the report card: Restricting prescriptions of opioid analgesics had approximately zero effect on overdose deaths from the pills.
But it did result in incalculable suffering of pain patients. And it also caused more deaths as oxycodone users switched to heroin, something we've known since 2010.
This switch created a huge heroin market, which was filled by fentanyl starting in 2014 (Figure 1). Figure 1. Deaths from illicit fentanyl and its analogs 2014-2017 (blue hatch line). The red circle shows that fentanyl overdose deaths were rare before 2014 but were by far the major cause of death (green circle) in 2017. Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse [9]. If this is not an example of an abysmal policy then nothing is. Yet, despite this overwhelming evidence, we still hear crap like this: When you talk about opioid pain medicines, we’re essentially talking about heroin pills Andrew Kolodny, Executive director of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing. 2017?????? [10] No, Andrew, we're not. Read this article and then try to make that same statement with a straight face.
The false narrative of prescriptions doing the killing persists despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The longer it persists, more pain patients will suffer and more people will die.
These charts are not lying. Too bad I can't say the same about others. NOTE: (1) I changed the name of the group to something more accurate. So sue me. COPYRIGHT © 1978-2016 BY THE AMERICAN COUNCIL ON SCIENCE AND HEALTH Source URL:
https://www.acsh.org/news/2018/12/12/dear-propcdc-heres-what-happens-when-you-over- restrict-pills-more-deaths-nice-going-13663
[1] http://winsomeaunt.blogspot.com/2012/02/enough-already.html
[2] https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsnvsr67/nvsr67_09-508.pdf
[3] https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/04/12/no-vicodin-not-real-killer-opioid-crisis-11123
[4] https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/10/12/opioid-epidemic-6-charts-designed-deceive-you-11935
[5] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/357765
[6] https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/01/04/can-valium-kill-you-10675
[7] https://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/sis/search/a?dbs+hsdb:@[email protected]+7207
[8] https://www.aafp.org/news/health-of-the-public/20180425opioidstudy.html
[9] https://www.drugabuse.gov/related-topics/trends-statistics/overdose-death-rates
[10] https://www.cjonline.com/business/local/2017-08-29/it-s-coming-kansas-health-professionals-leaders- consider-opioid-crisis
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2023.06.04 15:35 Substantial_Crow_656 My Nen Ability

Nen Ability: Royal Convergence
Description: Royal Convergence is a conjuration-based Nen ability that allows the user to summon an army of ants, which grow in size, strength, and abilities based on the amount of aura and skill in conjuration employed. These conjured ants possess the ability to fight on behalf of the user, acting as loyal soldiers in battle. After the battle concludes, the ants gather biomass from defeated enemies or any available source and combine it to create a substance known as Royal Jelly.
Royal Jelly: Royal Jelly is a unique and powerful substance generated by the gathered biomass. It contains a concentrated amalgamation of memories, abilities, skills, lifespans, and physical capabilities. Upon consuming the Royal Jelly, the user gains access to these acquired attributes, allowing for an expansion of their own knowledge, skills, capabilities, and even physical traits.
Assimilation Enhancement: Since the conjured ants are manifested using the user's own Nen, their existence within the Royal Jelly facilitates a seamless assimilation process. By incorporating themselves into the Royal Jelly, the ants willingly merge their abilities, skills, memories, lifespans, and physical capabilities, aiding the user in fully integrating the acquired attributes.
Selective Assimilation: The user has the ability to perceive and select which attributes they wish to accept or decline from the Royal Jelly. They can review the acquired memories, abilities, skills, lifespans, and physical capabilities, and make choices based on their preferences and needs. Furthermore, the user can determine how the acquired physical attributes will affect them, such as choosing whether the muscles of their enemies will make their own muscles big and bulky or lean and dense.
Strength Enhancement: The ants summoned by Royal Convergence gradually increase in size and strength as the user invests more aura into their conjuration. The greater the amount of aura utilized, the larger and more powerful the ants become, granting the user a formidable army to fight alongside them.
Limitations: 1. The size and strength of the ants are directly proportional to the amount of aura used during their conjuration. Exhausting the user's aura reserves may weaken the ants or prevent their summoning until sufficient aura is restored. 2. The acquired attributes from consuming Royal Jelly have a permanent duration and do not diminish over time. The lifespan extension granted by Royal Jelly is limited and subject to the natural limitations of the user's own lifespan. 3. The assimilation process of acquired abilities, skills, memories, lifespan, and physical capabilities through Royal Jelly requires a period of digestion and integration, during which the user may experience temporary side effects or vulnerabilities. 4. The conjured ants have a finite lifespan and cannot be replenished once their duration expires. The user must summon new ants to maintain their army if any perish. 5. The conjured ants can gather biomass from defeated enemies or any available source. They can extract materials and resources from living or non-living beings to create Royal Jelly. 6. The user can selectively choose and separate attributes from the Royal Jelly, vomiting out the unwanted parts. However, this process may cause temporary discomfort or nausea.
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2023.06.04 15:34 Reida8_troll1000 My bf and I are looking for suggestions for rules for a strip version of Mario Party!

These are all the rules we have so far!
Feel free to add anything, but try and avoid explicit stuff, that usually comes after. We’re both guys, but I believe the rules could apply to any couples. If we get enough rules we’ll probably randomize them so each time we play it’s different.
Mario Party
NSFW rules
Start Game: Highest Roller: gets to choose a nickname that the other player must call them for the entire game
Dice Roll 1 Take off an article of clothing (then don’t) 2 Give the other player a kiss (on the lips) 3 Give the other player a kiss, anywhere but the lips 4 FREE NUMBER 5 Swap positions 6 place your hand anywhere on the other player until your turn comes back around, even through minigame 7 gain an article of clothing (or don’t) 8 Put on an accessory grope/put hand somewhere on skin 9 Demand a kiss from the other player, can be anywhere 10 Slap the other players ass as hard as you can
Mini game
Winner gets to choose sitting positions
Tie, whoever pins the other down first wins
2v2 or 1v3 same team, also pin each other down (if you both win)
Bonus ones, most coins is the winner
Red: lose an article of clothing
Blue: Nothing
Bowser:The other Ayer can order you to do anything this turn.
VS: the winner gets to order the other player to do anything or decide to let the other player order them. (Same with duels)
First star: put the chain necklace on the other player and lock the locket, you now own the that player, whisper that to them as you lock it. don’t forget to tug on the chain every now and then to remind them you own them.
2nd :add a new rule both players must follow for the rest of the game when player roles 4
Steal a star: if you’re wearing the chain, you can now break free and you now own the other player, tug on the chain
Steal coins: choose an article of clothing the other player must take off or put on
Dice: all numbers count the way they normally do
Cursed: whoever it’s used on loses an article of clothing
Warp block: Swap positions
Excited to hear what people have for ideas!
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2023.06.04 15:34 Sarcastic_Saviour This is beyond frustrating. All tasks are completed.

This is beyond frustrating. All tasks are completed.
That last 10 points would have gotten me enough BBs to have one last pack.
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2023.06.04 15:34 ARSENAL_DAILYNEWS Arsenal 2022/23 Season Review.

Arsenal 22/23 A Season Review Part 1 Of 3: August-World Cup: A Stunning Start.
The 2022/23 season is Mikel Arteta’s 3rd full campaign in charge of Arsenal and as well the 3rd of his managerial career. His 1st game in the hot seat came on Boxing Day of 2019, a 1-1 draw at Bournemouth which saw Arsenal drop down a place to 12th in the table. Just a few months into his reign and Arteta was the first high-profile figure in English Football to be diagnosed with Covid-19, the virus which drew the Premier League to a standstill for 3 months and the wider world for a much longer time. It was to empty stadiums which Arsenal played out the remainder of their season which eventually concluded on the 1st of August. An 8th-placed finish was the club’s lowest since 1995. However, there was joy to be found as there so often has been for Arsenal, in the FA Cup. In the one and only Covid FA Cup Final played in front of no spectators Arsenal came from behind to defeat London rivals Chelsea for their record-extending 14th FA Cup, after reaching the final with an unlikely triumph over Manchester City in the semis. Arteta’s first half-season had ended brilliantly and his first full-season started in the same vein with more silverware following as Arsenal defeated Premier League Champions Liverpool to win the Community Shield. Tough times quickly followed and Arteta may have been somewhat grateful for the empty stadiums, as it’s questionable whether the board would have held their nerve and kept faith with such a young manager through this dreadful period had the fans been inside the ground and able to voice their frustrations. On Boxing Day of 2020, not only did Mikel celebrate the 1 year anniversary of his first match in charge, he celebrated a 3-1 victory over Chelsea, his side's first league win for nearly 2 months. It was the first time Saka, Martinelli & Smith Rowe all started a league game together for Arsenal. It was to prove a seminal moment, but it wasn’t enough to move his team up from 15th in the table. It was never so bad again for Arteta and his Arsenal team, with the side eventually settling for a repeat of the previous season’s finish, again coming in 8th. Failure to win the Europa League (exiting the competition to Villarreal in the Semi-Finals, who were incidentally managed by Unai Emery, the manager sacked prior to Arteta taking the job) meant that Arsenal would be without European football for the first time since the 95-96 campaign. And the 21-22 season would begin horribly with Arsenal bottom after 3 matches in which they failed to score and conceded 9 goals. However as the season progressed Arsenal began to find some resilience, quality and self-belief. The sides upheaval came not coincidentally around the time club captain Aubameyang was stripped of that duty before being allowed to depart for Barcelona in the January window. Aubameyang had been the team’s standout performer when winning the FA Cup, but since those performances had seen him rewarded with a new bumper contract which made him by far the club’s best-paid player, his attitude and performance level had become a problem that needed to be dealt with.
More so than any win, it was actually a home defeat to Champions City which perhaps best demonstrated this new Arsenal which was beginning to emerge. They took City on and pushed them all the way only to eventually lose in the 93rd minute, whilst being a man down for the final half-hour with centre-back Gabriel being harshly dismissed. The fight was on with local rivals Tottenham for the final Champions League spot and it was firmly in Arsenal’s hands until a run of 4 defeats in 5 allowed Spurs back into contention. The Gunners appeared to retake control with a run of 4 straight wins before losing tamely away at Spurs and then Newcastle, in the end missing out by 2 points. Throughout the season Arsenal had spells of real high-quality football, and the fans had taken to the project with more passion and belief than they had in the final years of Wenger’s reign or during Unai Emery’s short-lived stint. In the end, though they missed out on the prize of Champions League football due to a combination of injuries to important players and the inexperience of a young group.
Despite the significant setback of missing out on a Champions League spot having held it in their hands for many of the season’s final months, Arsenal still entered the summer of 2022 with plenty of reasons for optimism. Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe had emerged as the real breakout stars of the prior season and Gabriel Martinelli wasn’t too far behind. There had been some clearly smart signings made by the club, in particular, those of Martin Ødegaard and Ben White, signed from Real Madrid and Brighton & Hove Albion respectively. The July purchases of Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko for a combined 75M from Manchester City seemed yet more smart business, in them, they had picked up two quality players with four Premier League winners medals each, and both arriving aged 25 they seemed in the perfect age bracket to become big players for Arsenal not just for the immediate but as well the foreseeable future.
Jesus’ Arsenal debut came in a 5-3 friendly win over FC Nurnberg in which he scored twice. He followed this up with another in a 2-0 win over Everton as Arsenal continued their pre-season with a tour of the USA. Arsenal played 3 matches in America and won all 3, by far the most impressive being a 4-0 trouncing of Chelsea. The Gunners made it 5 pre-season wins from 5 when they returned home the following weekend to beat Sevilla 6-0 at the Emirates, a hattrick from Jesus meaning he had netted 7 goals in his first 5 appearances in Arsenal colours. Arsenal would get the Premier League season underway away at Crystal Palace, under the Friday night lights of Selhurst Park. No Premier League side would have envied them this difficult fixture, Arsenal had experienced just how tough it was 4 months prior when a 3-0 loss away at the ground began a torrid run of results for the Gunners. Arsenal had also begun the previous season away on a Friday night and come unstuck against newly promoted Brentford. Again Arsenal was straight back under the Premier League spotlight to see whether they had grown and matured from such damaging defeats last season. The Arsenal quickly proved they were up to the test, starting right on the front foot and keeping Palace penned back in their own third. Jesus immediately highlighted the new dimension he was going to bring to Arsenal’s attack, when his strength and then neat dribbling fashioned a great chance out of nothing, a chance Martinelli should have done much better with, his side-foot finish going the wrong side of the post with the goal gaping. The Brazilian would make up for it in the 20th minute when a corner was headed into the six-yard box by Zinchenko, who was picked out by Saka to deliver a free header. His head found Martinelli’s and from close range, he was able to notch Arsenal’s first of the league campaign. That was to be the only goal in the game for the next hour, but despite Arsenal’s slender lead they rarely looked in danger of being pegged back. On the instances that keeper Aaron Ramsdale was called into action, he was ready and dealt with Palace’s occasional threats soundly. The game was put beyond Crystal Palace in the 85th minute when Bukayo Saka’s dangerous ball across the six-yard box was headed into his own net by Guehi. This made certain of 3 richly deserved points for the Gunners.
Jamie Carragher for one was particularly impressed with the start Arsenal made to the game saying afterwards: “Arsenal played like a big team. When I say a big team, I’m talking about a Man City or Liverpool, a team who wherever they go, dominate the opposition. I felt like we were watching City or Liverpool in that first 20 minutes, half an hour.” Fellow Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville was more impressed with Arsenal in the second half saying: “The question mark about Arsenal will be whether they’ve got that robustness and resilience, physicality to get through that difficult 15 or 20 minute periods in away matches, and they got through that (tonight) and that impressed me.” Saliba was also singled out for praise with Carragher adding: “He looked the real deal. He adds something, we’ve always felt they were weak, at Brentford last season they got bullied and here last season, his physical stature will certainly help them in tough away games.”
Arsenal’s first home league game of the season was against Leicester City. The opening goal began with Jesus tormenting Johnny Evans tight to the touchline, after beating him he fed Martinelli who was able to get into the penalty area and find Xhaka, the Swiss international touched it first time back into Jesus who took a touch to steady himself then teased it over the head of Ward in the Leicester goal and into the net. It was an angle he had no right to try from, let alone score from but such was the Brazilian forwards confidence in front of the goal he fancied his chances from anywhere. The goal was nominated for Premier League goal of the month. Jesus got his second to double Arsenal’s advantage in the 35th minute, this time in a much simpler fashion. A corner across the six-yard box was not dealt with, a Leicester head on it only sped up its path to Jesus who was waiting to nod home from practically on the goal line.
Later in the first half, Leicester thought they had a way back into the game when referee Darren England pointed to the spot having judged Ramsdale to have brought down Jamie Vardy. However VAR advised him to check the monitor, and after re-watching the incident it was clear there was no contact made and the penalty decision was reversed. Leicester did still manage to half their deficit early in the second half though, a long ball was flicked on leaving Saliba in a difficult situation to deal with. Ramsdale was advancing but wouldn’t get there first and Vardy was waiting on the French defender’s shoulder, leaving him no alternative but to try and head the ball clear whilst facing his own goal. He only succeeded in diverting it into the net. This could have been a moment when the Arsenal crowd got nervous and frustrated. They had allowed a soft goal and their youngest defender was at fault. However the crowd immediately rallied behind Saliba and his teammates, he and the team needed help putting that mistake behind them and the crowd’s noise in the aftermath of conceding will have been reassuring to the players.
Demonstrating this, Arsenal went straight up the other end and scored, Ward made a meal of a cross, dropping it at the feet of Jesus who squared for Xhaka. The Swiss midfielder was being deployed in a new, more adventurous role where he was spending more time in the opposition box, he got his reward for this new tactic with a simple tap-in from right in front of the goal. Leicester would again reduce the home team’s lead to one however when Iheanacho found Maddison, who was able to shoot straight through Ramsdale. The young English keeper will have been disappointed at being so easily beaten from such an angle, his wide-open legs presenting the opportunity to the Leicester midfielder. Again Arsenal immediately responded to the setback by going up the other end and scoring again. This move began with Martinelli winning the ball back and feeding Ødegaard who moved the ball on to Jesus, who carried it forward before finding Martinelli who shot low from outside the box, he beat the outstretched Ward and hit the bottom corner, with the ball hitting the inside of the post on its way in. It had been a good day at the office for Arsenal and a great day for Gabriel Jesus, though despite scoring 2 and assisting the other 2 of Arsenal’s 4 goals, according to his manager Jesus left the field disappointed because: “he thinks he should have scored 4, that’s the sort of mentality you need. I wouldn’t like to play against him. He’s so mobile, intuitive, sharp and proactive in any moment or phase of the game.”
Arsenal next travelled to newly promoted Bournemouth. It took The Gunners just 5 minutes to take the lead and again it came from the phenomenal centre-forward play of Gabriel Jesus. A loose touch from White saw the ball launch high into the air, the Brazilian reacted first, beautifully controlling the ball whilst at the same time using his considerable body strength to hold off the Bournemouth midfielder, with exceptional balance he then dribbled around two other Bournemouth shirts until he was on the edge of the box facing their defence, with a lovely disguised pass he then fed Martinelli who was free to his left, his shot was saved but it fell straight at the feet of new captain Martin Ødegaard who was on hand to notch his first of the season. Rightfully though the praise went to Jesus with commentator Alan Smith saying: “You won’t see a better example of centre forward play than this.”
Ødegaard had to wait just 6 more minutes for his second of the season, a cross along the floor from White found Jesus who was free, his first touch wasn’t the best but it allowed it to set up nicely for the Norwegian to strike first time, which he duly did and the ball flashed into the net. Early in the second half and Arsenal had a third goal, with Xhaka setting it back to Saliba just inside the penalty area. Saliba struck it beautifully the first time, keeping his shot down under the bar and too perfectly placed for the keeper to do anything about. It was just Saliba’s second goal in senior football but he had finished it with the class and composure of a player who had scored 200. The strike drew Zinchenko to his knees, clutching his head in disbelief at the quality of the finish and unsurprisingly it was voted as Arsenal’s goal of the month. Jesus thought he’d netted Arsenal’s 4th but a VAR check ruled the goal out for offside, so the North Londoners had to settle for a 3-0 win in what had been an excellent away performance.
The Arsenal faced more newly promoted opposition the following week, this time back at home against Fulham for Arteta’s 100th Premier League game in charge. They would be without Zinchenko and Partey who had picked up injuries and were replaced by Tierney and Elneny respectively. The best chance of the first half went to Saka who got beyond his marker to face Leno one-against one, but he was unable to beat the keeper. It would be Fulham who took the lead however with Arsenal falling behind for the first time in the season. From the full-back position, Saka flighted a ball into Gabriel, who unnecessarily played himself into trouble. He never seemed to have the ball truly under his spell, and his second touch invited Mitrovic to try and take it off him, the defender then got his body positioning wrong, and failed to protect the ball allowing the forward to nick it from behind him and then the Serb was able to keep his composure and finish past Ramsdale.
Fulham’s lead lasted just 8 minutes, Martin Ødegaard lodging Arsenal’s response. There was a degree of good fortune about the goal, with a big deflection on the strike. But there was no doubt the Norwegian had deserved it, he was having an outstanding game with all of Arsenal’s danger coming through him. He was constantly creating, with inventive passes and dribbling runs. In this instance, a clever stepover had bought him the space for the shot. Ødegaard continued to lead Arsenal’s push for a winner with he, in particular, deserving to be on the winning side, and the winner did come though not until the 86th minute. Leno failed to deal with a corner, missing his attempted punch clearance and the ball fell at the feet of Gabriel who was able to gain the perfect redemption for his earlier error by securing all 3 points for his side. The goal kept Arsenal at the top of the Premier League as they remained the only team with a 100% record.
Arsenal finished August with another home game, facing Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa. This presented Arsenal with a chance to win their opening 5 league games for the first time since 2004. Saka passed up a golden opportunity to give Arsenal the ideal start when Martinelli’s cross found him completely free at the back post, it was set up perfectly for Saka to hit on the volley, which he did but he got too under the ball and lifted it horribly high and wide from inside the six-yard box. An Arsenal opening goal felt inevitable however and it came on the half-hour mark when Emi Martinez could only push out an Xhaka shot as far as Gabriel Jesus, who was on hand to punish him. Martinez did go someway to redeeming himself later in the half with an excellent stop to deny a brilliant half-volley from Martinelli from 25 yards out.
Arsenal dominated the first half and continued their domination in the second but could not increase their advantage, it was instead Aston Villa who got the second goal of the game, in a somewhat controversial fashion. A corner from Douglas Luiz went straight into the net with Ramsdale unable to reach the ball due to his path being completely blocked by Kamara, who also limited the keepers’ movement by having both arms wrapped around his back. The goal stood but Arsenal cancelled it out in their own way, by going straight up the Villa end and retaking the lead. Saka coolly picked out Martinelli who struck it the first time on the half volley, Martinez clawed desperately at the ball but could not prevent it from going over his goal line and The Gunners were able to see the victory out. Arsenal’s player of the month was unsurprisingly Gabriel Jesus with 3 goals and 3 assists in 5 games. Arsenal’s maximum points after 5 games saw Mikel Arteta pick up Premier League manager of the month.
Arsenal started September with a chance to go 4 points clear of City in 2nd, after just six games. Standing in their way was Manchester United who would be hosting the Gunners at Old Trafford, a ground Arsenal had only won at once in the league since 2006, that one as well being without fans during the Covid season. Arsenal was boosted by the return of Zinchenko but had to start with their 3rd choice midfielder Sambi Lokonga for the Partey role after Elneny had followed the Ghanaian onto the treatment table. Regardless of the blow, Arsenal appeared to have made the ideal start when Saka threaded the needle and put Martinelli clean through on goal. The Brazilian finished brilliantly to give Arsenal the lead, but VAR advised the referee to have a look at a potential foul in the build-up. On review, the referee judged Ødegaard to have won the ball from Eriksen unfairly and chalked the goal off. The intervention made by Lee Mason on VAR was later judged by a Premier League review to be an incorrect one, the minimal contact not penalised in real-time by the ref was judged not to be a clear or obvious error. The review came too little and too late as far as Arsenal were concerned as they’d lost their lead and instead found themselves trailing at half-time after a good move from United culminated in a debut goal for Antony who finished past Ramsdale.
VAR’s intervention in the Arsenal goal was always likely to prove a vital one as remarkably United had not lost at Old Trafford when leading at half-time since 1984. This showed the size of Arsenal’s task going into the second half, but they continued to probe and ask questions of United and they got their equaliser on the hour mark when the ball broke to Saka in the penalty area after Ødegaard had looked to thread one through to Jesus. United dealt with that immediate threat but could only clear as far as Saka who slotted through the legs of Martinez for his first of the season. Arsenal looked to be in the ascendancy, but they were only level for 6 minutes. Overcommitting bodies forward left them without a midfield and after winning it back United was able to counter-attack with Bruno Fernandes who looked and found Rashford in behind the defence and he put United back in front. Arteta reacted immediately by looking to chase the game, giving a debut to summer recruit Fabio Vieira. The changes appeared to backfire however as Arsenal were left with even fewer defensive bodies on the field and in the 75th minute they were cut through once more, with Eriksen and Rashford both left in acres of space as United hit Arsenal once more on the counter-attack. It was a horrible goal for Arsenal to concede, it reminded of the worst years of Wenger with everyone so committed to attacking they had no thought for defending. Arsenal suffered their first defeat of the season going down 3-1.
There were some positives to take in how confidently and capably they had passed the ball around, however, United had defended their penalty area very well and counter-attacked effectively. The frustration for Arsenal was how they had helped them in that regard, by leaving key areas of the midfield devoid of players. Partey had been very badly missed, and to a lesser extent so had Elneny whose defensive intelligence would not have seen him vacate his position as often as Lokonga did. The third goal conceded was perhaps the responsibility of Arteta who had gone all out attack mode too early, given the counter-attacking success United were already enjoying.
Arsenal got the chance to put the defeat behind them 4 days later when they began their Europa League campaign. They were placed in Group A alongside PSV Eindhoven, Bodo/Glimt and FC Zurich, and would kick off against the latter away in Switzerland. Summer signings Matt Turner and Marquinhos made their competitive debuts, and Vieira would make his full debut. Arsenal did some counterattacking of their own in the 16th minute when Vieira found Nketiah who travelled down the wing before playing a great ball across the box which found Marquinhos who expertly finished the first time into the top corner. The hosts equalised on the verge of half-time however when Nketiah was judged to have committed an offence in his own penalty box. The death of the Queen being announced during the first half led to the unusual circumstance of a minute’s silence taking place before the second half. When it did kick off, Arsenal regained the lead in the 62nd minute through Nketiah who was found with a delightful ball by Marquinhos who had made a fine debut. That’s how the score remained. Arsenal would not be in Premier League action that weekend, with their home game against Everton being postponed due to the Queen’s passing. Also delayed was their home game against PSV the following week, so the team were not back in action until 10 days after the Zurich game when they travelled to Brentford.
Arsenal dominated the games opening and took a deserved lead in the 17th minute when Saliba’s header from a corner struck the inside of the post on its way over the line. Just shy of the half-hour mark and Arsenal had their second, again with a header, this time it was Gabriel Jesus who rose to meet Xhaka’s perfectly placed ball. The Gunners then got the ideal start to the second half, when Vieira, making his first start in the Premier League in place of the unavailable Ødegaard, struck a beauty out of nowhere from well outside the box for Arsenal’s September goal of the month. Arsenal was in cruise control, always looking like the more likely team to score whilst barely giving Brentford sight of their goal. In the final minutes, Ethan Nwaneri came on for his Arsenal debut, aged 15 years and 181 days he became the youngest player to ever appear in the Premier League. After the match, Brentford Manager Thomas Frank was one of the first to tip Arsenal for a title challenge saying: “I think they will do brilliantly. I think they compete for the title now.” Xhaka was the resounding winner of Arsenal player of the month picking up 83% of the votes. A once deeply unpopular player, his turnaround best exemplified the strides in the right direction Arsenal were taking.
After the international break, Arsenal returned to action in the North London Derby against hated rivals Tottenham. Arsenal went into the fixture just one point above their opponents. Spurs were content to let Arsenal have possession whilst aiming to contain them and spring counterattacks. They kept Arsenal at bay until the 20th minute when Thomas Partey shot from over 20 yards out and hit it so perfectly that Lloris couldn’t get so much as a fingertip to it, the ball flew past him into the net for Arsenal’s goal of the month. Spurs responded in the 31st minute however after a good counterattack between the front three of Kane, Son and Richarlison saw the latter presented with a chance to cross from inside the penalty area and Arsenal did not effectively deal with the situation, a loose touch from Xhaka put his side back in trouble and Gabriel was panicked into conceding a penalty. Kane stepped up and of course, scored for the 7th time from the spot against Arsenal. This sent the sides in at the break-level pegging.
Arsenal regained the upper hand early in the second half after a shot by Saka was spilt by Lloris to his centre-half Romero who, under pressure from Jesus, looked to return it to the French keeper. Lloris missed the ball, it travelled under his body and then Jesus reacted first to poach it home. Spurs hopes of drawing level for a second time were damaged when Emerson Royal was shown a straight red card in the 62nd minute for a stupid and unnecessarily bad tackle on Martinelli. Arsenal quickly punished this ill discipline getting their third 5 minutes afterwards, with Granit Xhaka rifling past Lloris. At this stage Conte retreated to avoid a hammering, he accepted defeat and took off his offensive players, bringing on defenders to ensure the score line didn’t get embarrassing and Arsenal saw out a comfortable 3-1 derby win. Arsenal next returned to Europa League action putting Bodo/Glimt to the sword with a 3-0 win, goals coming from Nketiah, Holding and Vieira, the latter after brilliant footwork in the box from substitute Jesus.
Next up for Arsenal was another tough test at home against Liverpool. With a win, Arsenal would return to the top of the Premier League. Arsenal had faced Liverpool 4 times the previous season, failing to win any, losing 3 times including twice at home. They had also failed to even score against Liverpool in their last 6 meetings with them, but they needed just 58 seconds on this day, with Saka finding Ødegaard, whose ball between Van Dijk and Alexander Arnold put in Martinelli who finished beyond Alisson. Liverpool recovered well from the nightmare start however and was the better team from that point until they got their deserved equaliser in the 34th minute through Darwin Nunez. It was Arsenal however who went into half-time with the lead when Martinelli led a brilliant counter-attack from a Liverpool set piece, finally taking out both Arnold and Henderson by cutting inside and finding an unmarked Saka who slid in to put his team back in the ascendancy.
Again Liverpool responded well, equalising for a second time early in the second half through Roberto Firmino. From that point on though Arsenal found another level, they searched feverishly for a winning goal, looking to pass Liverpool to death and calving many openings. The noise inside the Emirates had reached deafening decibels as the fans urged their team on. The golden chance came with just under 15 minutes to go when Thiago was judged to have caught the back of Jesus’s foot inside the penalty area, having been beaten to the ball by the striker. Saka stepped up and held his nerve, confidently dispatching an excellent spot kick. Arsenal held out for what was in the end a deserved win after an excellent second-half display. In a decision that had raised a few eyebrows, Tomiyasu had been drafted in for a first league start of the season to go into an unfamiliar left-back position, the move paid dividends as the Japanese international had a fine game up against Mo Salah. The result put Arsenal 14 clear of Liverpool who had endured a dreadful start to the season.
“These are broad shoulders, this is courage. A sporting moment in time. Bukayo Saka.. Such poise! such noise!” – Peter Drury as Saka beats Alisson Becker from the penalty spot.
Four days later Arsenal made it 3 wins from 3 in the Europa, with an away win in Norway on the artificial pitch of Bodo/Glimt. A sole goal from Bukayo Saka was enough after he got on the end of a one-two with Lokonga. His initial shot was blocked by a defender but the ball then deflected in after coming back off the Arsenal winger. Bodo calved out many good chances for themselves but was let down by woeful finishing, squandering chance after chance by blazing high and wide of the target. Arsenal then returned to Premier League action at Elland Road against Leeds, though 40 minutes behind schedule after a power outage just after the game had initially kicked off caused the game to need restarting once power had returned.
Again Saka was the only man to get himself on the scoresheet, his goal coming after Jesus had passed up a golden chance to open the scoring failing to hit the net from close range after Ødegaard had found him with a backheeled flick. Jesus attempted to lift the ball over the keeper, but he lifted it too high and it ended up over the crossbar. Arsenal did not let Leeds off a second time however and punished them after a sloppy cross-field pass from Leeds midfielder Rodrigo only found Saka who headed it into Ødegaard’s path. Ødegaard’s return pass then asked a lot of the winger, but his speed allowed him to reach the ball first. Saka was faced with a tight angle, but it didn’t phase him one bit and he picked out the top corner hitting it high into the roof of the Leeds net.
The second half was full of drama, first when Bamford thought he’d equalised but was instead penalised for a foul on Gabriel. The Leeds striker received a second chance though when Saliba was found guilty of a handball in the box after the referee had checked the monitor. Ramsdale guessed correctly in his dive, but in the end, he wasn’t required as Bamford’s penalty went wide of the post. Arsenal continued to suffer in the second half, struggling to cope with the Leeds onslaught and maintain their slender advantage. Through fatigue and pressure from the home side, Arsenal had lost all ability to pass the ball and could do little else but stay in their own half and try to defend. Ramsdale proved his worth to this Arsenal side with his best performance of the season to date, right when his team needed him most. It appeared as though Arsenal had got the job done when crazily they conceded a second penalty of the half in additional time. Patrick Bamford was nowhere near the ball which was safely back with Ramsdale when Gabriel was penalised for a kick out in the box on the Leeds forward. As well as a penalty, the Brazilian centre-back was also dismissed. However on a VAR review, it was clear that Bamford had fouled Gabriel first, barging him to the floor, so rightfully the decision was reversed and Gabriel’s red card was rescinded. Arsenal held on to a win they’d scarcely deserved and it proved an even bigger win later that day when City lost at Anfield meaning The Gunners stayed 4 points clear after 10 games.
The following Thursday Arsenal were back in action in the Europa League. They were originally scheduled to host Manchester City in the league that mid-week, but the Queens’ death led to the postponement of Arsenal’s fixture with PSV, and it was re-arranged to this game week. Arsenal battered their Dutch visitors, in the end mustering 25 shots to Eindhoven’s 4. As was often the case Saka and Jesus were the standout performers. The young English winger was unstoppable in his direct dribbling runs, unstoppable that is without resorting to fouling, which PSV defenders did time and time again after being skinned by Saka’s great ball control when running at speed. Jesus was similarly dangerous, doing his usual thing of fashioning chances out of nowhere with his quick thinking and somehow even quicker feet. In the end, though the deadlock was broken by Xhaka in the 70th minute when Tomiyasu found him in space 15 yards from the goal. He hit the shot down into the ground and it bobbled just at the right time to go under the keeper and past him.
Next Arsenal travelled to struggling Southampton looking to make it 9 straight wins across the Premier League and Europa. They started fast, and when Xhaka finished off White’s cross with a brilliant volley into the back of the net in the 11th minute, it looked like it would be a case of how many, as it wasn’t the first good chance Arsenal had created. For the first 20 minutes, Southampton couldn’t get out of their own half, Ødegaard cleverly found Jesus with a lifted return pass but his volley was straight at Bazunu in the Saints goal. Jesus was in again after a long ball flighted over the head of Caleta-Car putting the Brazilian clean through until the defender dragged him back using both arms. There seemed to be enough contact for 3 separate penalties in there, but unbelievably the referee Robert Jones didn’t point to the spot and nor did VAR intervene. One of the most inexplicable decisions of the season, and that’s saying something, meant that Arsenal went in at the break only a single goal to the good.
The Southampton defence must have felt encouraged from not being penalised inside the box, as the fouling continued on Jesus outside the box for much of the second half, Lyanco getting away with man-handling Arsenal’s striker time and time again, wrapping both arms around his body whenever the ball was anywhere near the Brazilian. Jones did not however ignore perceived ‘diving’ from Saka showing him a yellow card for simulation, even though there did appear to be some contact. A one-sided refereeing performance and poor finishing from Arsenal allowed the home team back into the game and they got the equalising goal with 25 minutes to go through Armstrong after a swift move cut through Arsenal’s defence. In the 78th minute, Ødegaard thought he’d put Arsenal back in front but Tierney had just carried the ball beyond the line before he was able to cut it back into his captain’s path.
The Gunners had to settle for a point and an end to their winning run, paying the price for not scoring more in the first half. As they began to tire in the second half Southampton calved out some good chances of their own, but there’s no doubt the visitors were also harmed by a dire refereeing performance. The dropped points cut Arsenal’s lead at the top down to two. Another away game followed for The North London side as next they travelled to Eindhoven. With 2 group games remaining, they needed just 1 more win to secure the top spot which would mean they progressed straight through to the final 16, without the need for a playoff game. However Arsenal’s performance was poor, PSV were the better team for 90 minutes and good value for their 2-0 win.
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2023.06.04 15:32 snakeplantzaddy What are Your Affirmations?

What affirms you throughout these days? Members, don’t git weary now
Here are mine, I just wrote some new ones down for this month:
  1. As an act of loving myself and in sheer defiance, I affirm who I am each moment I choose to.
  2. No matter the sacrifice, I will take care of myself and my well-being. 💆🏿‍♀️👩🏾‍🎤💆🏽🧑🏾‍🎤💆🏿‍♂️👨🏾‍🎤
  3. My gender is not up for debate by others. Periodt.☝🏾
  4. I am allowed to tell family, coworker’s, and incessant strangers to get over there, homophobia and transphobia. 🖕🏾
  5. “I want to see past my nose“.
  6. Sometimes bravery is “I will try again tomorrow”.
  7. My body is not wrong or bad for being triggered and having a hard time letting it go.
  8. No active resistance to transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, panphobia, or queer phobia is too small. All resistance is revolutionary 🏳️‍⚧️
  9. It is not my fault that I have internalized my experience of oppression(s).
  10. I can be proud of my healing process, even if it starts and stops. 🫶🏾
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2023.06.04 15:32 Dolley89 Sick Doe

Unfortunately, I think I know the obvious answer but reaching out to this lovely community to verify.
This morning my 4 year old TAMUK doe is lethargic, nasal discharge and slow/shallow breathing (potentially even difficultly breathing). Hutch is very ventilated and has fans. We had a big storm last night but they are sheltered under the patio roof. I would say her body condition is poor - originally I thought this last pregnancy was just harder on her. Her 6 kits will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and are not showing any signs of illness (very active, eating and drinking). My doe has been a great mom for many seasons, I was planning to retire her and my buck after this litter and keep some of her daughters for my new breeders then buy a new buck.
My questions: - Is this reasonably treatable or a cull situation? My culls are usually processed for my pups food, I’m assuming not this time with an unknown illness (better safe than sorry). - Anything preventive I should do for her kits?
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2023.06.04 15:32 SenseiWyn Rating gacha games I've played

Let's start from bottom to top
Arterygear: probably the worst gacha I've played in my time as a gacha gamer the story is not inticing while the charcaters feel less interesting than cardboard would be more interesting(F)
Alchemy stars: do I even need to explain in my opinion it's one of the worst gacha out there it doesn't really do anything enticing some people might like it which is fair(D)
Summonrs wars: The first gacha I ever played when I was 6 it holds a special place in my heart but I had to give it D tier cause of updates the game has made probably would have been High C if not for thought updates(D)
Epic seven: A really good for its time but I feel like it has fallen from grace in my eyes used to play it for 2+ years but over time it became kind of dead to me (C)
Aether gazer: Newest gacha that came out played it on Cn till 1.8 feel a generic action rpg that does nothing better than its predecessors the combat is good but that's where my praise ends the charcaters feel lifeless and they stay lifeless for the entire time the pacing of the story is all over the place and there is nothing really drawing me to the game (C)
Tower of fantasy: The game has improved but not by a lot the story from what I've read is not interesting and there aren't really any themes/dynamics/parallels between the cast so it gets a (C)
Genshin impact: probably the gacha is was expecting the most out of and disappointed me the most I'm not gonna focus on the combat that's not the main focus but the story feels like I'm watching a Disney story and not in a good way it has the same problem with tower of fantasy and aether gazer the story is bland and the charcaters only like have one personality trait they could have really written some impressive characters but they didn't ex. (We could have had a side story of her and the dynamic between and her family and how she is trying to move away from and that we see she gets ridiculed by some of the citizens and how she shows them how she is not like her family) that would have been a really good development for a charcater in the game but they are all one dimensional the only exception is maybe xiao and nahida(C)
Blue archive : I really like this gacha but everything else is just better in its genre I can see someone say this game is B-A tier really good (C)
Dbz legends: a Really good PvP gacha game that spinkles a little story in there which I like I enjoy the dynamic and parallels with shallot and his brother and the rest of the dbz cast(B)
Black clover mobile: feels like a breath of fresh in the genre waited on this game for years and it did not disappoint the only reason it is b tier is cause I can read chinese and my translator friend is on vacation so whn hlobal come out I'll give a more in depth review but for now(B)
Limbus company: Really enjoyed the story of the charcaters I like the uniqueness of how they present the story and charcaters fell like really people which I actually like and location is also very unique (B)
Path to nowhere: One of the most unique storys I've ever read I really like the concept of using criminals as the actual charcaters and the eldtrich horror theme of the story really pulls me in the voice acting is also very good (A)
Honkai star rail: The second best large mihoyo project that lives up to the hype for me where do I begin the story the characters the themes/dynamics/parallels it's all there I haven't felt like this playing a new game in a long time the game play is really fun even though it's not my main cup of tea it's very interesting probably the best gacha release in the year 1 I cant see anything topping this(S)
FGO: The first of the big 3 expansive lore well writing charcaters good gameplay it has it all one og the best gacha of this generation but from what you will see going forward in the big 3 and the best they all had a weak start so I take points of
Arknights: second of the big 3 same as Fgo but it is a little better the first gacha to get me emotional as I actually what started me studying literature one of the best cast of charcaters I've ever seen in media and amazing development to bout
Hi3: the best in the big 3 this is the only gacha (I can see that is interchangeable with the best gacha title) amazing combat well writing story godly charcaters one of the few gacha I can see competing with AAA studios the only reason It's not number on for me is because the best gacha just beats it in a few categories
Pgr: The best gacha game in my opinion Godly combat some of the best wrtten charcaters in fiction in charcaters the story I have tied with Hi3 third but where pgr beats it is in its charcters it was very some of the charcaters I have ever read and the fact that we are just getting started in global just solidified my view that pgr as the best gacha game
(I can't really go in depth on these reviews I would love to make a video explaining everything but don't got the time)
Arterygear:2.2 Alchemy stars:2.5 Summons wars:2.7 Epic seven:3.1 Aether gazer: 3.8 Tower of fantasy:4.3 Genhsin impact:4.5 Dbz legends:4.8 Black clover mobile:5.2 Limbus company:6.7 Path to nowhere:8.8 Honkai star rail: 9 FGO:9.2 ARKNIGHTS:9.4 HI3:9.5 PGR:9.7
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2023.06.04 15:32 Mediocre-Strategy783 Question about special exams

I’m a first year student that’s planning to take some level 2 subjects next semester. I read that I have to finish 4 level 1 subjects before I can enroll for level 2 subjects.I have to apply for a special exam for a subject and I saw in the key dates that they’d he held very close to the start of semester 2 and I’m assuming the results would be released during semester 2. Can I still take the level 2 subjects even if the results of the special exam is unreleased or do I have to change my entire plan?
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2023.06.04 15:32 linkenski [TotK] Open Air is here to stay. What problems do you think their next game should solve?

TotK is a worthy iteration of BotW that for the most part is the same kind of experience but better tuned and with more variation of content, both in the open world part and in the primary dungeons and bosses, and even with the Depth and the Skies adding a sense of change that the game alternates between. But I think there are some things systemically that bother me, that I hope Nintendo will reconsider before they lock down these conventions too hard.
Let's go forward with the assumption that this format is going to stay intact. It's no use complaining it sucks and asking for a top-down Zelda or asking for an Ocarina of Time game when they're obviously not going to make that for the next big Zelda. So I'm asking, based on how you can move forward from BotW using its foundations, what needs to change or improve?
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2023.06.04 15:31 kskbd Night sweats and fevers for five months

35 yo female, 5'7", 72kg, white, with current complaint of fevers and night sweats, fatigue. History significant for follicular thyroid cancer, asplenia, and left lower lobectomy. Medications include levothyroxine, venlafaxine, and OCP. Started on prophylactic azithromycin a month ago for asplenia. Currently in UK, but US citizen. Sorry in advance for the long post!
To give a little background, I was diagnosed with angioinvasive follicular thyroid cancer at age 22, followed with RAI. Had spots glow on scan on my left lung and spleen. Always had intermittent left sided pain that radiated to right shoulder, but previous doc dismissed it as a pulled muscle with no workup. Due to my symptoms and inconclusive biopsy of both lung and spleen, it was decided to remove my spleen with concerns of metastasis. No malignancy, concluded that it was xanthogranulomatous tissue. About a year and half later, started coughing up frank blood. Scans revealed the lung mass had doubled in size. It was decided to remove this as well. Same conclusion: xanthogranulomatous tissue. No fungus or bacteria were grown. Saw rheum, but they did no workup, just detailed history. Did not think it was autoimmune.
13 years pass in good health. At the end of 2022, I started having back to back to back URTIs that were quite debilitating and took forever to recover from. This sent off alarm bells in my head as I'm not usually sick. Even with COVID the year prior, I recovered quite quickly. Then started having fevers (highest being 38.4c) and night sweats (3/7 nights of the week). Initially went to endocrinologist and my thyroglobulin was fine, had a neck USS which was NAD. Also had CT CAP which was NAD aside from some liver abnormalities which are going to be investigated by hepatology in July. LFTs were normal and have remained normal this entire time.
At this time, my bloods showed elevated fibrinogen, low APTT, CRP of 15, lymphocytes 4, high total protein, high globulins, normal albumin, platelets 500. This was enough for the GP to refer me to haematology. Haematologist took one look at my CT CAP and said it was probably just viral and discharged me. GP wasn't impressed. Ordered more tests which revealed the following: ESR of 52, ANA positive (1:320) homogenous pattern, positive Ro60 on ENA screen, IgG and IgA both high, IgM normal, CRP has continue to increase and is now 26. All other previous test results were more or less the same. Ferritin is 131 with normal iron studies, normal b12, normal folic acid.
My GP is very lost and has referred me to rheumatology (which I understand) and has asked oncology if a PET scan would be worthwhile. I have no other significant symptoms but do feel like shit most days, just generally unwell. No rash, no joint pain. Lost about 2 kgs in the last couple months wihtout trying. Appetite comes and goes. I'm a nurse and am trying to not be that annoying patient but I have a bad gut feeling and wondered if anyone could offer any suggestions. I feel like it's just going to take running into the right person with the right previous experience and knowledge to figure out what is going on. Any advice is welcome and happy to answer any other questions! :) Thanks!
As an aside: I wonder why they haven't done a blood film or SPEP?
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2023.06.04 15:31 MikAtNitee Why can’t my friend and I trip on shrooms?

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. I’d really appreciate it if someone could enlighten me to this question.
My friend and I have tried to trip 4 times now, but haven’t been able to even once. We’ve sourced the fruit from 4 different plugs, but it’s been a fail every time…
The most that we experience is very slight giggles during the supposed come up, then they just disappear around the 45-1hr mark and then we don’t experience anything.
We desperately want to have a shrooms experience, so this has been extremely disappointing to say the least. We’ve looked for answers online, and we saw a few comments saying that if you smoke too much weed it may leave you unable to trip on shrooms. But I’ve seen many more comments by people saying that they smoke like a chimney but are still able to trip.
Right now, I’m leaning more towards the we smoke too much explanation though because that’s the only thing we really have in common in terms of substances. I don’t drink, he hasn’t drank in a long time, and we don’t do any other drugs.
The last shrooms we got really looked amazing, we were sure that they’d work, but alas, it was another fail. Last time, we both took 3g and felt nothing except for brief giggles.
I talked to my friend at the smoke shop, and he said that we should’ve been gone off of 3g, as his dose is just 2g. He said that he also smokes a lot. He then told me to try specific strains like penis envy and golden teacher. Is this really just a case of weak strains where I am and we need to find stronger ones? Or is there something wrong with us?
Is there anyone else who’s experienced this? Any insights would be greatly appreciated, so thanks!
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2023.06.04 15:31 Prendly Hire me as your part time Structural Engineer (LF Side Jobs)

Hi. I'm a practicing Structural Engineer here in Luzon with a 4 years experience in the industry. . Due to over increasing price of daily necessities, I may need some extra jobs to survive.
I have experience in residential, commercial, and industrial structures for both concrete and steel.
Here are my services:
▪️Structural Analysis of Steel and Concrete Structures (This includes drawings and calculations - separate payment if I will sign)
▪️Drawing and Detailing Works both concrete and steel.
Send me a DM for more info. Thank you!
Note: I'm only a part time but I assure you that I will do my job properly.
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2023.06.04 15:31 Resident_Passion9673 how to get over my ex

we broke up last september but there have been times (about once a month since then) where we’ve texted eachother, he tried to be friends with me a couple times and after a few days of trying to be friends i cut it off and this one time out of nowhere where he said he wanted to spend time with me, and he was being really clingy with me and sexual and saying he liked me again and all this and then i found out he was texting me 4 days after he broke up with his ex and i confronted him about all this and why he’s doing this all the sudden and he said he thought it was “what i wanted” and there was no feeling behind it or anything and he said that he wasn’t trying to lead me on and he thought we could be good friends. so i stopped talking to him then (that all happened in january)
and since then we’ve had another 4-5 incidents where he tries to be friends with me or something but 3 days into it i cut it off. its all because i dont want to be friends because ive wanted to be with him again and it hurts to know hes moved on and talks to other girls while i still think about him everyday and have thought of our whole future together and everything. hes really the only person ive wanted and i feel like my type is so specific that there wont be another person like them. and even after all the stuff hes done to hurt me i still want to know that he has matured and changed.
the last time i talked to him was a few weeks ago and i told him how i felt and he told me he never knew i felt this way and he was sorry and he shouldve put my feelings into consideration. and that made me hopeful that it would work out again but then a few days later he flat out said he didnt want to talk to me anymore and that i really need to move on, this isnt the first time he’s said he never wanted to talk to me again but then texts me a month later.
but i feel like this is actually the last time and i seriously need to move on. i still think of him everyday and how our relationship would be if we were together, and it hurts knowing that i’ll probably never get to talk to him again. and i dont know how to stop those thoughts. maybe just wait for time to heal?
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2023.06.04 15:29 PlatanoSalesman Diablo 4 Possible Crash Fix

Hey folks, so I was experiencing frequent crashes in Diablo 4 and could not figure out why. After some time troubleshooting and doing this and that I think I managed to find the solution. In the [Options] menu under the [Graphics] tab there's an option called [Peripheral Lighting]. For some reason this setting is always turned on in games even though it's known to cause issues. Turn this off. Hopefully this helps someone.
TLDR: Pause menu, Graphics, Peripheral Lighting set to OFF.
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2023.06.04 15:27 kashlopezpro Knocking out this juicy promotion

Knocking out this juicy promotion submitted by kashlopezpro to InstacartShoppers [link] [comments]