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Evil spirits are tormenting me and wont leave ever NEED HELP ASAP

2023.03.30 20:47 ApartParamedic4575 Evil spirits are tormenting me and wont leave ever NEED HELP ASAP

TLDR: Spiritual warfare on steriods
I genuinely need advice here from real spiritual Christians. Not carnal Christians that just say "derp see a mental health professional".
I've been tormented by a demonic attachment for ages now and I'm really tired. I saw a mental health professional and I'm diagnosed "schizophrenic" and major depression disorder but i know its a demon tormenting me and its very strong and stubborn.
I frequently get nightmares and sex in my dreams, eating in my dreams, dreams of my family making fun of me, but they have black eyes. My bed shakes every night and i literally feel it touch me and enter my body which comes in a form of muscle spasms, it manifested in church and i literally started laughing at the pastor for absolutely no reason and i felt my eyebrows start to forcefully go downwards at him during a preaching. My heart started racing. I also literally started convulsing one night during bible verses being read to me as i find peace for it when i sleep. But my peace has been taken away. During prayer one night i started laughing demonically.
Im scared to sleep every day due to these attacks and it has progressed to even worse where im being touched all over my body. It touches me primarly near my genitals and butt but it also pokes my face and i can literally feel it poke me like a finger when someone pokes you its cold and itches and i know for a fact that its real cause it only happens in my room.
I started blessing my room as the attacks primarily happen in my room aka my place of solitude, silence and peace. But ive since lost my peace and im always in a state of sleep deprivation. I work security where i regularly have 12 hour shifts and its causing me great pain and caused me to become addicted to energy drinks to stay awake. I also get nasty intrusive blasphemous thoughts on the regular, random words coming into my mind like "satan" or it twists worship songs to sing about satan.
Ive gotten to the point im about to quit my job and give up even tho im 60k deep in debt and im forced to pay my bills or i may get sued and my wages garnished and my car and other stuff repo'd
My luck has also decreased, alot of bad things have been happening and my energy has been drained like something is sucking the life force out of me daily.
ive reached out to pastors primarly David Diga Hernandez on youtube who is very anointed and has a deep connection to God and his sermons prove it and his prayers, hes also a deliverance minister like pastor vlad. David prayed for me recently. I've stopped going to church afraid of another manifestation. Im completely alone and isolated from other believers.
I've rebuked this thing in the name of Jesus Christ many times and quoted luke 10:19. And it still refuses to leave. So clearly i have no authority over this thing. Like God is allowing it to happen, God has been silent ever since but i still feel the holy spirit when i talk to the lord but its nothing but silence and empty prayers.
I believe this to be a sex demon or spirit spouse which is biblical opened by my former addiction to masturbation, lust and pornography, fornication and soul ties which ive quit and renounced. But ever since then ive been attacked heavily and it all happened last year around june. Ive been dealing with this ever since. I also used to heavily talk to spirits with divination which this is very real. My mother is also a witch who i disowned sadly due to her demonic nature.
I do confess i struggle with drug addiction primarily nicotine which has complete hold over me and my life ive tried to quit but i end up digging through trashcans to find my vape which i threw away due to withdrawl torment.
Ive fasted, ive prayed very powerful deliverance prayers for Jesus to intervene but to no prevail. This thing attacks me even in the presence of the lord which i feel during bible verses.
So its obvious God is letting this happen and ultimately its destroying my faith in the lord as i feel completely abandoned. Ive never felt such awful spiritual warfare in my life, ive done all i can, prayed, and all that to no prevail.
Its leading me to want to off myself even though i dont want to at all and i still wont but my brain tells me its the only way to escape the pain of this torment but i fear hell and going to hell due to that but it feels like i am in hell completely thats how bad it is. So i feel trapped in this endless cycle of depression, demonic torment, intrusive thoughts, addiction, lack of peace, nightmares ever night and much more. These attacks started happening right when my ex left me for 6 months and i gave my heart to jesus christ our lord.
Maybe i blasphemied the holy spirit on accident and God completely cut his connection to me cause thats what it feels like.
No matter what deliverance ive seeked has no prevail it has not helped, neither has prayer or getting into Gods word, nor exercising my authority.
This has to be some sort of Job situation cause it certainly feels like it or evil spirits sent by God to test and discipline me for living in sin due to addiction and struggling with lust.
Or this could be a season of spiritual warfare and God is testing my faith to see how strong i am in him and this will soon pass but its been around seemingly over a year and it has not stopped and wont leave and im tired and weary and i cannot stand it anymore
1 Samuel 16:14
Ive reached the end of my rope honestly, and will leave the faith very soon.

I KNOW FOR A FACT THIS IS NOT MENTAL ILLNESS BUT EVIL SPIRITS AND DEMONS. SO DONT TELL ME SEEK HELP CAUSE IVE ALREADY BEEN IN TREATMENT FOR 15 YEARS. Doped up the HIGHEST dosage of medications and been through therapy multiple times, and locked in a institution for attempted suicide.

i need help asap. Cause they wont even go away in the name of Jesus.
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2023.03.30 20:45 itsemiloveyou Trip Report: 13 days with 5 adults and 2 kids in Niigata, Shizuoka, Suzuka and Tokyo

Just got back from a 13 day trip to Japan with my family (husband, son (6), daughter (4), mother, father and grandmother). This was not our first trip to Japan; my son has now been 3 times and my parents have also both visited previously. My husband and I met in Japan and lived there for 4 years, so we speak/read Japanese pretty well. My grandmother is Japanese, so part of the trip was really to see family more than sight see. Also, given we were traveling with young children and an elderly person, we were slowed down a lot and didn't accomplish as many things as I planned.
Day 1 - We arrived in Narita late Sunday afternoon and it was a mess. Despite having all the Visit Japan Web QR codes and vaccination status ready, we lined up at immigration for 2+ hours. Most people seemed to have also done QR codes, so that didn’t seem to be the issue. Part of it could have been the immigration agents clocking off at exactly 6, so there were less people to process the line. Thankfully we had decided to stay near the airport at the Narita Tobu Hotel and did not have to rush to catch any trains that evening. There is a convenient shuttle that takes you to the hotel from the airport. The hotel is dated, but it was fine for 1 night.
Day 2 – Went back to the airport to pick up our pocket Wifi that I forgot to pick up the night before. We used Sakura Mobile and picked up at the JAL ABC Counter. There was some confusion about the pick up since I should have picked it up on Sunday night, but it worked out in the end. We also used JAL ABC to send some luggage forward to a relative’s house. Be sure to know the phone number of the delivery address otherwise they will not forward your luggage. We picked up and activated our JR passes (7-day) at the airport station and took the NEX to Tokyo, then took the Joetsu Shinkansen towards Niigata City. We stopped at Echigo-Yuzawa station to have lunch, see the snow and dip our feet in the ashiyu (footbath) outside the station. We had my daughter’s first encounter with an Eastern style toilet and let’s just say that unlocked a new potty fear. There is a shopping and restaurant area right outside the station with lots of space for you to store your luggage while you eat. After lunch we hopped back on the shinkansen to Tsubame-Sanjou station and checked into a Toyoko Inn. It was a newer building and we were able to book 3 double bed rooms for all of us that were very spacious.
Day 3 – The boys and I taxied to the Tsubame City Industrial Materials Museum. On the way, the taxi driver started taking us the wrong way, so when my husband asked about it, we found out that he was mistakenly taking us to a (way cooler) knife making experience. Unfortunately, we did not have reservations for this, so we just turned around and headed back to the museum. I wanted to visit this museum because they have a workshop where you can hammer a coppetin cup or dish and also colooxidize a titanium spoon (thrilling, I know) but it was super fun and we have some unique souvenirs. Then off to Niigata station via shinkansen (thanks, JR pass!) to have lunch and then go to the Niigata City Aquarium. The museum specializes in aquatic creatures in the Sea of Japan and was really fun - we even got to see the dolphin show! After walking across the street to see the beach and see the Sea of Japan, we headed back towards the city center via the Niigata City Loop bus. It was teeny tiny and absolutely packed with people. We got off at Pier Bandai to go shopping and eat, but the restaurant buidling was closed on Tuesdays. We failed to wave down a taxi so my poor 90 year old grandmother had to walk back to the station. We had dinner at a family friendly izakaya, did sake tastings at the ponshukan in the station and then headed back to our hotel.
Day 4 – The taxi driver from the previous morning told us about a local store that sells cheap merchandise including local knives, so we split up into knife buyers and McDonald’s eaters. We learned from our taxi mistake and had the hotel call us a taxi then arranged with the taxi driver to have someone pick us up at the clearance shop to take us back to the station. The store, Stockbusters, was awesome and we were able to pick up 5 locally made knives for cheap because they were a previous year’s make. For reference, we used to buy 1 knife for around $300 and at Stockbusters, we bought 5 for around $250.
We met my husband and kids at Tokyo station to take the Tokkaido Shinkansen to Shizuoka city. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of the train to see Mt. Fuji, but fortunately it wasn’t out anyway due to cloudy and rainy weather. We visited the family grave site and had dinner at a delicious tendon and unagi restaurant on Shichikencho. I cannot explain how much I love Shizuoka city. I am biased because we lived there and my family is from there, but it is a cute and mildly bustling little city that has a lot of character. We stayed at a newer hotel, Birupaku that we picked because we thought it was near my parents/grandmother’s hotel (Nakajimaya, very old and do not recommend but they always stay there) but that was actually the reception area and we ended up walking up Hontori about 5 minutes. The Birupaku hotel room was HUGE. It had a large open layout with a putting green and also 2 sleeping areas. The bathroom was amazing as it had a wetroom with bathtub, sink area, shower room and toilet room…4 separate rooms! My daughter unlocked potty fear #2 when the toilet lid automatically opened when she approached.
Day 5 – In the morning we walked around Sunpu Park and visited Momijiya Garden. The cherry blossoms were just starting to bloom. We split up again later as I wanted to meet a friend for a playdate, but my parents/grandmother and auntie went to Nihon Daira to see Mt. Fuji. My aunt had the genius idea to take the free Nihon Daira Hotel shuttle bus there and back, so they saved money on a taxi. We met a friend at West Coast Brewing Company, a local brewery that has 21+ beers to choose from, and I recommend it if you are in Shizuoka. Their food also looked good.
Day 6 – My husband, kids and I headed for Suzuka Circuit while my parents/gm went to visit family. My son is obsessed with race cars and plays Gran Turismo, so I made this a priority. Unfortunately, our planning of how to get there got mixed up, so instead of ending up at the station that has a bus or taxi to get to the circuit, we ended up at one that was closer, but no transportation and had to walk over a mile, up and downhill with our bags and complaining children to the hotel. 0/10, do not recommend. We were able to check into the hotel and leave our bags to be delivered to the room later, so we went to the amusement park, the main reason for the trip as there was no race on that day. We had great time and even saw some hobby drivers racing around the track. Suzuka Circuit Hotel looks very old fashioned from the outside, but they have renovated the inside very tastefully. We stayed in a two-story room with a loft area for the kids to sleep. They thought this was just the coolest, and honestly, it pretty much was.
Day 7 – Checked out of the hotel and taxied to the tiny station again to backtrack back to Tokyo via local trains and shinkansen. We stopped in Nagoya to have lunch and it was one of the busiest stations we experienced on the trip. Checked into Mimaru Apartment Hotel Tokyo Station East. We booked adjoining rooms with 2 rooms on each side. This made the last leg of the trip very relaxed because we could always have our privacy away from my parents/gm/kids. Mimaru also has kitchens with kettles and rice cooker so we did eat a few meals at “home”. With childcare taken care of, my husband and I set off for a night in Shibuya.
Day 8 – My dad is an avid horse race fan, so we made a trip to Nakayama Race Course in Funabashi. The venue is absolutely huge and there were so many people there even though it was only a G2 race. We were able to have English racing forms printed for us at the information desk and made a few bets, but we didn’t win much. There is a children’s play area, but you need reservations and I forgot about that unfortunately. We walked to the race course on the way in, but after exploring the venue, we realized we could have walked from the station via underground tunnel so that was how we returned. We spent the afternoon and evening with family.
Day 9 – Spent the day in:
- Akihabara to buy Tomica cars for my son at TamTam)
- Ueno for snacks, lunch and shopping at AmeYoko
- Asakusa to shop for souvenirs, but there were way too many people so instead took temple and cherry blossom pictures
- Sky Tree but the walk up line was 90 minute wait, so we just took more pictures. Definitely buy tickets in advance!
Day 10 – Went to Yokohama and planned to do the Cup Ramen Museum, but bad planning led us to miss out. Try to go in the morning because there may be no availability in the afternoon. We did walk around Aka Renga Soko (should have saved that for the afternoon) and rode the Cosmo Clock 21 ferris wheel. My parents/gm/kids had sushi for dinner in Tsukiji while my husband and I struggled to find anything to eat on our date night because everything on the Yaesu exit side of Tokyo station seemed to be closed (it was a holiday).
Day 11 – Went to Odaiba to keep the kids entertained. We visited the Unko Museum, which was a lot of fun for the kids. We also played at Little Planet Digital Park, an immersive play experience that my kids absolutely adored.
Day12 – This was a rainy day, so although we had high hopes of taking the kids to Shibuya for sightseeing, we ended up just taking a picture with Hachiko, eating kaitenzushi, playing at a game center and then heading back early. In the evening we went to TeamLab Planets which was also a fun experience for the kids, but I kind of thought that it was really getting worn out and sometimes felt kind of dirty.
Day 13 – Our departure day, so we just did hanami at the nearby park and then headed to the airport. Dropped off the Sakura Mobile pocket wifi in the provided envelope at an airport post box and said goodbye to Japan…for now!
Other info:
Mask wearing became optional on day 2 of our trip, and although 95% of Japanese people wore masks, most tourists did not. We also chose not to wear masks in the end and we did not face any negative reactions.
Definitely use the JR Pass online reservation system for the shinkansen! The unreserved cars on the way to Niigata were very packed and it would have been nice to have sat together. We utilized the reservation function for all other shinkansen trips.
After our JR Pass expired, we used Suica/Toica since were staying in the Tokyo Metro area. Our Suica/Toica cards from 10 years ago still worked, something we were initially unsure about. We bought tickets for our 6 year old because there weren’t many JR Offices that would issue children’s Suica and we got too lazy.
Google Maps was awesome for getting around, we had no problems using this instead of other Japanese transportation apps.
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2023.03.30 20:44 SunflowerWrites [FxM] Dark Modern Fantasy Literate Opener & Details of Plenty!

3… 2.. 1.
OPENER below.

The ouija board sat in the center of the coffee table, the letters and numbers written in black ink on a wooden surface. The flickering light from the candles cast an eerie glow on the room, making the shadows dance along the poster littered walls.
Tessa sat with Bridget and Amelia, her fingers lightly resting on the wooden planchette. They had all heard the stories about the dangers of playing with an ouija board, but they had laughed them off, thinking it was just superstition.
As they began to ask questions, the planchette moved slowly, almost imperceptibly. At first, they thought it was just their imaginations, but the movements became more pronounced. The entity they were speaking to did not identify itself, and with each passing answer, the girls became increasingly frightened.
Bridget was the first to notice that the temperature in the room had dropped. She looked around, seeing tiny droplets of condensation forming on the windows. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through the room, extinguishing the candles and leaving them in complete darkness.
Suddenly, Tessa felt a hand grab her wrist, squeezing it tightly. She let out a scream, realizing that it wasn't Amelia's or Bridget's hand. She tugged, trying to break free. For a brief moment, the entity and her locked eyes, reflecting the same type of consuming darkness. The moment was fleeting, but it left Tessa expelling the air from her lungs.
At that moment, something happened, and he released her only to use each hand to grab Bridget and Amelia. He tightened his grip, sending shooting pain up their arms.
Frantically, the girls tried to break the connection, but he was too strong. They were trapped, helpless to escape his grasp. Then the lights cut off. Silence filled the room.
Breaking through the silence, Bridget starts to cry, "Run..." That was all Tessa needed to hear to pull herself from the ground and head to the only direction she thought to escape.
Tessa stumbled through the night, finding her way out of the dorm building, tears streaming down her face as she tried to understand what had just happened.
Every breath felt like fire in her lungs as she ran outside into the darkness. She could hear the wind howling through the trees and the sound of her own ragged breathing.
Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder and spun around in terror. But it was only a security guard, one of the ones who worked at the dorms. He looked concerned as he saw her tears and asked her what was wrong.
Tessa tried to but couldn't explain.
" I... I just got spooked when all the lights cut off... I.." she fumbled with her words, but eventually, she formulated enough of a sentence to justify her demeanor.
The security guard looked at her skeptically, but something in Tessa's eyes must have convinced him. He asked her if she needed to be walked to her car, the direction she was heading before she was stopped.
Tessa waited anxiously, her heart pounding in her chest. It took all but a split second before she shook her head.
"No, I think..erm-- I'll be fine," she concluded, solidifying her fib with a confident smirk.
As Tessa pushed forward off her heels, her thoughts drifted to that dorm room. What had happened to Bridget and Amelia? Had they run too?
Tessa returned to her hotel room after just a 1-mile walk from the campus. That long mile left her head spinning in every direction until she was ultimately hollow.
It was midnight by the time she reached her single room's threshold. There was no time wasted. Tessa kicked off her shoes and flung herself on the bed. Her eyes close tightly shut, neglecting to even use a once of strength to cover herself. She welcomes the darkness as she drifts to sleep.

ABOUT TESSA ( My Character)
Tessa, formally known as Theresa Louise Logan, was a nineteen-year-old, bright, and promising talent at Julliard, dazzling her professors. However, the pressure of being a student proved too much for her. That and also, Georgina Logan, Mother, and the self-proclaimed manager, was pulling Tessa too thin.
Juilliard was a full-time commitment. Tessa knew this. However, Georgina had other plans. She had commercials and modeling on the weekend. The occasional private dance performances are usually requested by New York's top 3%--not quite making it to the top 1. Instead, they pretend. The performances always made her feel cheap, but if Georgina asked...Tessa delivered.
This road eventually led to her dropping out. Though still determined to pursue her passion, she landed a spot at the Northern Pacific Dance Company in Dover, New Hampshire. For a moment, Tessa found a renewed sense of purpose, but her stage mother followed closely behind, dimming any hope that once flickered in her eyes.
Tessa resembled her mother. She was a thin, petite girl with a delicate face framed by soft strands of honey-blonde hair and brown eyes that probably used to sparkle. Now they were filled with a mix of unyielding sorrow and vulnerability. }

Hey there! I'm Sunflower, a nickname I was given, and it has become an alias.
I am a 31F // EST US // Married with a Family NOT looking for boyfriends.
I have had a decade's worth of experience role-playing. I have been on hiatus, I got pretty sick there for a minute, but I have returned. As you (hopefully) read in my opener, I would consider myself an "Literatate"... I try putting thought and detail into every scene.
All of my characters are usually broken girls that have the potential to be some dark goddess. What does that even mean? In romance novel terms, I would teeter on the edge of Sub/Brat with a heavy amount of sass and sarcasm. They are typically far from sane and have flexible morals. They are flawed and beautifully addicting.
As for what I am looking for, I would prefer my partner to be able to mostly match me in literacy. I will always prefer quality over quantity.
I was thinking of a cat/mouse, romantic, slow-burn, modern fantasy with a "Dark Alpha Male" type for this particular plot idea! My character would be human and your character we can discuss! If you hate my idea, I am always open to other ideas.
I favor plot over adult scenes, but you can expect some NSFW scenes, especially for this particular idea. The mix would be about 80/20 in favor of the plot.
My requirements are:
-Must be 25+ (Sorry) -Must write in 3rd/Past Tense -Must not be a creep -Open to communicate -Discord preferred but not a hard limit. -Please bring ideas or at least contribute -Can write a solid 3-4 paragraphs considering. -Lastly, Be Kind. :)
I can typically type a well-thought-out post like this 3x per week-- I do have a demanding job. We can also play in discord if you would like, but I prefer to chat on Reddit before hand and discuss your thoughts and see if we are a good mix.
Anywho, you can send me a chat message if you fit the criteria and are interested in potentially being partners!
Sorry for the lengthy prompt, but I do hope you enjoy it! Also, give me some time to answer because I am typically in and out throughout the day. Also, anxiety.
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2023.03.30 20:44 pinkchicken1734 I dont know what is wrong with my cars stereo but it’s really giving me the vibe that it wants to possess a 15 year old boy and make him kill his sister who is also possessed by a woman who used to be obsessed with me🤔

I dont know what is wrong with my cars stereo but it’s really giving me the vibe that it wants to possess a 15 year old boy and make him kill his sister who is also possessed by a woman who used to be obsessed with me🤔 submitted by pinkchicken1734 to Jujutsufolk [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 20:44 TreeLeaves0 The guest room

A few years ago I was traveling the country and needed a place to stay for a few nights. My sister was due to give birth that week and I was driving down to see her. I looked up a few places on my phone that weren’t expensive because at the time I was a college student and didn’t necessarily have cash to just throw around. I looked at about five different places but there was one that really caught my eye.
The one that I found looked cute and cozy and the room shown on the website was absolutely beautiful. In fact it was so beautiful with the price of only $25 a night. I sent the owner a next message using the number the site had given me. The owner replied almost seconds after my text had sent. The room was all mine.
I drove to the address and immediately frowned. It looked nothing like the picture the website had showed. It didn’t matter though. It was late at night and my eyes felt droopy. I knocked on the door and it swung open immediately. I was met face to face with a women who looked to be in her late 40s. She greeted me with a smile and practically pulled me into the house.
She offered me a cup of tea and some home made banana bread as she gestured to the seat in front of her. I thanked her but declined. I was half asleep already and was in desperate need of a soft pillow and blanket.
I asked her where the guest room was but she quickly shook her head. “Tea and bread first. I made it just for you.,” she said smiling a bit too big. I know how weird and creepy it sounds, but at the time I didn’t care. I’d do anything to get some sleep.
I took a bite of bread and a sip of tea before asking where the room was again. She shook her head again once more. I was getting a bit frustrated but she seemed kind, so I shoved my anger down inside. “Eat and drink all of it please. Is it not good?,” she asked with a sad tone in her voice. It kinda made me feel bad. I did as she asked and then, finally, was shown the room. The room was dark and I could barely see anything. A loud noice rung in my head and the door shut behind me.
I don’t remember anything else. My memory stops there. I must have fell asleep or something because I woke up in the guest bed the next morning. I went to thank the owner of the house before leaving but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I got in my car and left.
I opened my phone to find 20 missed calls and 46 messages. I opened my phone confused as to why I had so many. I wasn’t a popular person. Most of the messages were from my mom and sister.
All of the messages consisted of questions and yelling. I looked at the message history and found something so unsettling it made me dizzy and on the verge of passing out.
Pictures of me asleep with someone, no, something, next to me. It had a stretched out arm around me. It’s long sharp nails had me in a tight hold. In the very last photo the creature had its mouth wide open, as if ready to swallow me whole.
It’s been years now and still nobody has noticed. Nobody has noticed that their daughter and sister and friend is dead inside my stomach.
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2023.03.30 20:43 Waste-Swordfish473 It's beyond me how narcissists can misuse the emotions of other people without having these same emotions themselves. How can they know what we will feel? Or don't they know?

I fear this is one of those mysteries a non-narcissist will never truly understand. I was thinking about something my nmother did when I went VLC a few years ago. She was trying to force me back into full contact, and one day she turned up unannounced for "reconciliation".
Her idea of mending our relationship was blaming and insulting me, and it didn't have the effect she probably had hoped for. I was angry and rejected her, so she decided to go.
When she went to her car to leave, she all of a sudden started to cry, or it looked to me as if she would. And she started whining: "Yes, alright, go ahead everybody, just blame me for everything. It's always my fault. You are all baiting me, your father, your brother, you. I'm always on the receiving end." And she managed to look so very miserable. Which of course made me feel guilty. My poor mother, I made her cry!
Nowadays I am sure those were false tears. She knew exactly how to eventually turn her visit into a success. She played the victim, pretending we all abused her, when in fact she's the one who's ruined our family.
What I simply can't understand is how she does it. She maltreats me because I am capable of empathy, of guilt, of compassion. She knows how to use these emotions against me. But she herself doesn't feel like that. She can't feel any of this. So how does she know what normal people are feeling? Any idea?
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2023.03.30 20:41 Relative_Raspberry62 My best friend is hanging out with my ex and the girl he left me for.

I (27F) have been friends with my best friend (we will call her Lisa) since high school. To give you some context, we became friends after we discovered the guy we were dating was playing both of us. We kicked him to the curb and became friends. In retrospect, I can see how our friendship was a lot more like a trauma bond than anything, because that relationship we were in with that man was tumultuous, abusive, and very emotionally/mentally draining. But it wasn’t just the unique experience that we could relate to each other on, we were also so much alike. To this day, she is the only person that could complete my sentences. We literally think the same thoughts, say the exact same things out loud at the same time. I’ve never felt closer or more comfortable around any other friend than Lisa. We often joked that we were soulmates brought together by our ex.
Fast forward. I got another boyfriend (we can call him Kane). We all live in a small town, so everyone knows literally everyone from high school. One day Kane told me he was going on a trip to NY to visit family, which I thought nothing of because he’d gone on a family trip earlier in our relationship. Well, it turns out that was his way of sneaking out of our relationship. He kissed me goodbye, said he’d be back “on Monday”, but never came back.
I found out that he’d actually left me for another girl (we will call her Jess) by seeing a photo of them together on social media. I tried confronting him to which he just yelled at me and completely flipped a switch on me, as if we weren’t just fine the week prior. I tried to (politely) reach out to Jess for answers, to which she replied “all you need to know is that he is in NY with me and he isn’t coming back”. With this event, I lost all of our mutual friends which I guess we’re more his friends than anything. And all the people I used to hang out with started gravitating towards Jess because eventually, they both came back from NY to live here.
The shock of all of this hurt me deeply and sent me into a spiraling depression that lasted for 3 years. I lost my job because I had no strength to work, and then of course that led to me losing my car, and then my apartment. I ended up couch surfing and staying wherever I could in that time.
Now I’m certainly not saying my life going downhill was my exes fault or his new girlfriends. But it was the straw that broke the camels back. I think my ex abandoning me and then making me feel like I was crazy really flipped a switch in my brain and triggered some deep insecurities.
Fast forward again, me and Lisa became super close during this time, where we were only friends from a distance before all of this. We had so much fun. In fact the entire year of 2019, although horrible for my life stability, was beyond fun with Lisa. I would say we had the most fun that we ever had EVERRRRR during that time. I truly think that era of my life saved me in many ways even though it was hard.
So Kane and I started dating 2016. He left in 2018. I found out in 2020 that Lisa and Kane had sex at some point years back, and I was finally finding out. This was an obvious blow to me considering this was my best friend in the world, and my ex had already done enough to hurt me. This was just too much for me.
They both had conflicting stories pertaining to WHEN this happened. Lisa stated that it happened sometime before I started dating Kane. Kane says this happened in the middle of our relationship while we were on a break. (Which we were at one point, for like 2 months)
I still don’t know the exact truth.
Time passed, I distanced myself, and Lisa was always apologetic and understanding of what I needed from that point on.
My life got better. I’m now very stable, in a loving relationship with someone new, have a good job, and just overall in a much better place in life. I even became closer friends with Lisa again, and judge me…. But I missed my friend deeply despite everything.
Fast forward to present day. I’m noticing that Lisa is hanging around Jess a lot. She also supports Kanes events (this is an artsy community with many open mic nights, networking events, and parties). She doesn’t tell me when she goes, but I’ll see pictures online and see her in the background, or hear her voice in videos.
Her new boyfriend who she is extremely happy with just so happens to be good friends with them, so it’s looking like her life would be much easier without having to dodge them to appease me, and I certainly wouldn’t force anyone to avoid places or people just for the sake of my happiness. But I’m still hurt by this.
This past weekend I invited her to a get together at my house, but she said she couldn’t come because her boyfriend made surprise plans for her. I looked at a mutual friends IG story and saw Lisa sitting on a couch at another get together. And wouldn’t you know it- Jess was standing right next to her. I can’t help but feel really bitter and jaded about this. I’ve thought about saying something, but just not sure what to say or do. The reality is that this is a complex and nuanced situation, but I’m not sure if I am willing to feel these emotions every time I see that she is hanging around these people on social media.
On the other hand, if I cut Lisa off, I would be cutting off my only close friend in the world.
Advice welcome.
TLDR: My best friend of almost a decade is hanging out with my ex who hurt me deeply and the girl he left me for.
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2023.03.30 20:40 ogreatgames Nascar 06 Total Team Control: Extreme Car Racing - PS2 Game

Nascar 06 Total Team Control: Extreme Car Racing - PS2 Game

![video](3t496q001k491 " Experience a massive customization feature that allows the players to build their dream team. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #racing #action --
Nascar 06 Total Team Control for Sony PlayStation 2. Create your driver, team, and vehicle attributes. Leave commands using the all-new squad-based racing feature, such as Block, Hold Position, and Pit Now. Play in more than 20 extraordinary tracks that will challenge your racing skills. The game feels more lively because of its realistic commentary and car physics. Hear the cheers of the crowds while boosting your way to the top! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.30 20:38 k1race Help needed on auto settings

When I purchased our MYP, I remember programming each iPhone to the car and when approaching the car, it would recognize either cell phone and automatically adjust the seat, steering, mirrors and control positions. Now for some reason, it does unlock when opening but you have to physically sit and tap the drivers name on the screen in order for it to recognize and make all the adjustments. Seems everything is correct. Any help on getting it back on the correct programming so that it recognizes the iPhone being used?
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2023.03.30 20:38 sgtpnkks any good keyed power sources in the trunk for backup camera

i've got all the wiring run from my head unit back but i'm in between just powering the camera off the reverse light or having it always on when the car is on so i could view the camera at any time while the radio is on and just use the reverse light as a trigger wire
are there any easy to access keyed sources towards the trunk or would i have to run wiring from a keyed source up front?
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2023.03.30 20:37 anon15123 PA system in Colorado

I recently got a PA system to put in my car. Is it legal to use it if I only use it on highways and main roads, not in neighborhoods and don't say anything to imitate being a cop? I live in Jefferson county of Colorado
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2023.03.30 20:37 ncsustudent3 Getting RE License/Avoiding Buyer's Agent

My wife and I are looking to buy within the year. I've thought about getting a RE license as I'd like to get into investment properties and for personal purchases (FT engineer currently). I buy/sell cars on the side so I'm familiar with negotiating and working with people.
Math is based on a 400k listed home that is worth such.
Regarding having a buyers agent (specifically regarding the financial side), would it not make sense:
  1. Go ahead and get RE license (NC, $200-$300 for online classes & exam + cheapest bare-bones broker - no need for MLS/NAR membership. Not worried about factoring in time) and then keep the 2.5-3% commission on any personal RE deals (~12k in commission, $500 for broker, roll into DP/closing to lower basis & not pay income tax) TC: 400k + .5k (RE license) + .5k (broker fee) - 12k (buyer RE commission) = 389k
  2. Buy without an agent and be self/unrepresented. Not rely on dual-agency. Make lower offer, 388k, but state only 3% commission which would go to the seller's agent. Use attorney to draft up paperwork (1k). I realize seller & agent have prearranged contract which includes contingencies for buyer without an agent (4,5,6% to sellers agent). Everything is negotiable. TC: 388k + 1k = 389k
  3. Use seller's agent (dual-agency) to advantage. Submit low-ball offer (380k) knowing seller's agent will push to get 6% cut (23K). TC: 380k
Please pick apart my ideas! Don't get caught up on .5%'s, $500, or extra time/effort. More concerned about the feasibility of any/all. Big-picture: I don't see the need for a buyer's agent and would like to bypass such. Either by becoming own or through specifying in offer.
I have no real estate experience currently aside from anecdotes from friends/family. However, I've seen all 3 of these discussed heavily online (with individuals claiming success with each) and would like input before I pursue any one in particular.
Thank you for any input!
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2023.03.30 20:36 TightTac05 Is there any shop on island that does a proper BMW alignment?

Is there any shop on island that does a proper BMW alignment?
I am not sure about other models, but the e39/e46 variety require weights in the vehicle for a proper alignment. This is detailed in the BMW TIS / Service Manual and when I spoke with the Service Manager at BMW he told me that weights aren't used or required for any alignment they do.
Every shop I have called doesn't use weights. I had an apt at one and after I left the car they called me saying their machine detailed the weight requirements but they didn't have them so couldn't do the alignment.
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2023.03.30 20:36 EthanMS8 21st Birthday Pickups

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2023.03.30 20:36 FourEyesGooner 2023 mazda 3 turbo GT

Hi all, I am looking at getting myself some snow tires before next winter season. Am I able to use 16 inch tires rather than the 18inch my car has come with? I will get a cheaper pair of rims to put the winter tires on.
Thank you!
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2023.03.30 20:35 honeybee2601 First car recommendations

Hi there, my budget is 6K-8K. I like to buy an automatic car which has the lowest maintenance costs. I like to use this car to go on road trips once months and use the regularly to go to work, shopping etc.
Additionally info: I’m based in Auckland and I plan to move to Melbourne next year end.
What is the best thing to do in this situation? Also, what’s the best place to buy car for my price range? (Trade me, dealers, fb groups?) and what are the things I should look for when buying so I don’t get scammed? I’m new to this so appreciate all the responses. Cheers!
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2023.03.30 20:35 SomeSortOfBird Get a credit card. Invest my cash. Buy/build a house. 5 years.

Goal: I'd like to be paying a mortgage I can afford by the end of 2028.
I've been putting in the leg work to get my income on an upwards trajectory, my retirement accounts on the right track, and my savings invested somewhere I can take advantage of the current economic climate. I'm 31, and I make 62k a year, with decent potential to be making closer to 90 within the next 10 years in my industry.
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2023.03.30 20:34 ___Dreadnought___ Super Cruise not working FYI

Hey, I have a 22 EUV with super cruise and I noticed last week it kept saying unavailable. The issue was I had turned off my bolt hotspot. Even though I no longer have data with on star, the car requires to use my cell data to download maps for super cruise. I do have it on my home wifi however apparently the maps are only done via cell data. Just a FYI, on star was no help and took the dealership to figure it out. After that change it’s working normally again.
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2023.03.30 20:34 honeybee2601 First car recommendations

Hi there, my budget is 6K-8K. I like to buy an automatic car which has the lowest maintenance costs. I like to use this car to go on road trips once months and use the regularly to go to work, shopping etc.
Additionally info: I’m based in Auckland and I plan to move to Melbourne next year end.
What is the best thing to do in this situation? Also, what’s the best place to buy car for my price range? (Trade me, dealers, fb groups?) and what are the things I should look for when buying so I don’t get scammed? I’m new to this so appreciate all the responses. Cheers!
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2023.03.30 20:34 honeybee2601 First car recommendations

Hi there, my budget is 6K-8K. I like to buy an automatic car which has the lowest maintenance costs. I like to use this car to go on road trips once months and use the regularly to go to work, shopping etc.
Additionally info: I’m based in Auckland and I plan to move to Melbourne next year end.
What is the best thing to do in this situation? Also, what’s the best place to buy car for my price range? (Trade me, dealers, fb groups?) and what are the things I should look for when buying so I don’t get scammed? I’m new to this so appreciate all the responses. Cheers!
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2023.03.30 20:32 Bulky_Insect648 The situation

Hi guy's, I guess this is what is going on with me.
  1. Psychotic break that got me diagnosed with Schizotypal, PTSD, and bipolar.-13 day stay at the good ol mental hospital.
  2. I wrote a story trying to explain how my psychotic break started. It is unfinished bc it brings me back. So at this point in time I have left it alone.
  3. At this point I believe I am being given messages by god in an attempt to save my soul from the devil. I understand this could be delusional ideas of reference and I understand I have a long way to go before I can identify what is real and what is not.
  4. You are not suffering alone, there is a light at the end of our tunnel for sure. I think if one person here can find a way then we all can. Happiness is attainable and I will relentlessly pursue it.
  5. I know how wild the below story is. But as you know it was real af to me.

I realized I was beaten when my mom gave me my 2nd dose of drugged food.

*Note*-Last chapter-The man behind the curtain is revealed. It is me. (alternate story and endings for each Cartel, Illuminati(west coast and east coast)-One side is evil, the other good(wutang)., CIA, Then the best one imo-The church
vs the devil.

What a way to start the new year lol. It was on Jan 1st that all of this spiraled out of control. It all started when I was working at amazon in clay NY. I woke up one day and saw a shit ton of cops. I was growing at the time, an illegal amount of cannabis that would have landed me a felony. So knowing this I shit my pants and ran down the stairs to see what was happening. Am I getting raided or is it just some regular molly whopping bullshit going on outside? We installed a large number of security cameras due to the molly whopper problem. Anything that wasn't tied down would come up missing, not after the cameras lol. I get my coffee as two cops knock on my door. I answer and 
they let me know that a crime was committed by some kids and that they would like the videos if my camera caught it. I thought to myself, some big deal at all. SURE I said as I ran upstairs to get my laptop while trying to keep my tents out of view. I return and both I and the two cops sit in the kitchen until I can get the videos emailed to them. They leave and I think that is the end of that. WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(insert the fact that you bought weapons, signs and didn't sleep hardly at all) 
I go to amazon about a week later and find out that the people that committed the crime in front of my house work with me. Aren't I the lucky one? Malachi(one of the assailants) was kind enough to come to the conveyor belt and leaned over and let me know that it was him and his friends. And that both he and his friends that committed the crime will be coming back to get my grow(how the hell do they know about my grow I think?). I mean mugged him and we both continued about our day. Due to me having headphones in it took me a while to put together exactly what he said. But when I did put it together, I immediately started taking all the necessary precautions to prevent a home invasion,. Such as securing all entrances and placing weapons all around the house. Identifying all routes in and out and covering them with cameras and traps if needed. Not my first rodeo(ptsd like a mfa from the first). This time was different though due to me at the time living with my sick parents. I planned on defense only and coached them on what to do in the worse case.
(RAW DATA ELABORATE on the amazon story-For example all of the people you identified and all of the tatoos that they shared. A large orginazation was identified but at the time I did not know they were after me. Later I found out they
were using the night staff at amazon warehouses to distribute their products around the globe. In 30 mins or less lol.)

With my home secured my mind was at ease. On my next scheduled day at amazon, I learned that my manager Caroline was working with/for Malachi. I learned this by her repeatedly placing me next to Malachi and Mike(Malachi's friend). This continued for about two weeks and I saw exactly who was playing for the Malachi's team. It turned out to be a large number of people. I identified they were a group by the matching tattoos they displayed. They had people working as janitors, and in every station and position in amazon. I am talking all the way from janitors to the managers. At least a good 10+ at amazon working to make my life hell there. One time while next to Malachi and Mike at the beginning of this. I lost my temper, pretty badly. I have a mental health issue with my anger(just learned), which caused me to say a bunch of stuff in retaliation to Malachi. This caused Malachi 
to make a phone call while shaking his head in sadness. That phone call was to someone important. Because ever since Malachi made that call my life changed for the worse. Like way worse.

After both myself and Malachi were done talking shit to each other. He(malachi) let me know how much power he could get on short notice. I woke up to smoke my normal morning joint and saw Angel(from amazon), Mike, and Malachi walking around my house(in the street). Later that day I would say about ten to 15 cars made an appearance to let me know they meant business. I just sat there and smoked my joints and cataloged all of his personnel. I knew at that point I was in over my head and made a mistake in feeding into Malachi's anger. I called everyone I knew, which was two whole people(lol) and told them to stand down and not do anything to Malachi if they saw him. I also tried my best to de-escalate to the best of my ability while working at amazon. That however just seemed to make them madder. One night Caroline came up to me and asked me to go work next to people who were trying to kill me, which at that point was normal. Once I realized this I had a realization that this was wrong and should be addressed. I was experiencing retaliation for reporting a crime and it was being perpetuated by my employer(I was thinking in my head Lawsuit lol). Then Angel started going ham on me. I let my management know that they needed to do something(they did nothing). Then I let Angel know the only reason they were mad was the video I gave to the cops, and that I was not a threat to him. I also reiterated to him that he had to touch me for me to be able to defend myself. I left that 
day and made a report to the amazon ethics board on what had happened there. I quit and called the cop I gave the video to for advice and to let him know I was prepared if it goes further. I let him know I would fight to the death for the safety of my mother and father. Which was now in danger due to Malachi and the organization he is with. He agreed with me and told me to protect my family.

I was out of work for a couple of weeks and everything seemed to simmer down. All the cars and people that were patrolling daily seemed to stop. During my off time I was able to do a bunch of research on Malachi, Angel and Mike and I learned that they were tied to a local car dealership in fulton. I researched the car dealership and found out that they were from the Bronx and were affiliated with the Cartel. I found this out through facebook and instagram. Malachi was kind enough to throw up gang signs in his instagram posts that I was able to check on google. I battened down the hatched as much as I could. But I knew that my family was now in grave danger due to me losing my temper. They are good people and I had no intention of letting them pay the cost for my action. So I came up with an Idea. I would enter into the legal weed business by going to a multistate operator for a job. Through different research I learned that heavy cartel money has flowed into these multistate cannabis businesses. I was hopeful that I could find an ear from the cartel by applying for a job at my local out of state cannabis company called Acerage holdings. It didn't take me that much time and I landed a job for a company called acerage holdings which grows medical weed. On my first week there a co-worker named Isaiah was talking about my ethics report that I made to amazon to another employee. Lucky me, I believe I found the ear I was looking for. It turned out that he was part of Malachi's group. I worked with a small number of people at acerage holdings and I am positive that most people working there were very aware of who I was and who Malachi was. And that I was not well-liked at all, meaning malachi's influence reached there as well.I stayed to myself to the highest extent possible and just soaked up the comments like a sponge with no responses from me at all. My intent was to gather as much intel as I possibly could and identify an opportunity for a line of communication with the leadership of the Cartel. This would be hard to do. The business that I was working for was designed as part of their legal operations(It didn’t take much google to figure that out). 

I would go into work everyday at Acerage and people would be openly talking about my situation. One guy was joking around while we were harvesting some weed that I should put in the wood chipper. I saw he had a bunch of tattoos so I figured what are the chances he has a similar tatoo. I moved over to work with him and to my surprise he has the same tattoo as Angel. I engage in conversation and maintain my cover to gather data and identify a line of communication so I could plead my case. A worker named Tony came into our area that day and he was loose enough to say don’t trust the security because they are the cartel. I think to myself, welp that guy ain't a cartel but security seems to be my point of access to the top. Later that day I was oddly issued my badge which seemed rather thick. Me being my paranoid self began to read all of the literature that i was given when I first got the job. In fine print I read that the company has the right but not the duty to monitor your phone or other device to make sure intellectual property is not stolen. That day I immediately started talking about how the FBI got a guy at my last job for the same thing. And that I planned on using their practices for a business that I wanted to start. Needless to say I believe they would be listening on my phone for more crumbs to try to start a case.

I woke the next day and began to plead my case while in my truck alone. I apologized and claimed responsibility for my actions. And that I would accept any punishment as long as it was me and only me. I clocked into work that morning and oddly enough my coworkers that I had befriended seemed very sad. Almost like something was going to happen to me. I armed myself with trim scissors and was ready for the worst knowing that my message had most likely reached its mark. I was scared and happy at the same time. I was afraid because I thought I was about to die but I was happy because I thought I had brokered the safety of my family successfully. Stressfully I finished my day and luckily nothing happened. So I went home.

To relieve stress I started to work on some different hobbies. One of those hobbies was music. I got to the point where I had two songs written (rough copies), and I was sampling tracks and beats to put my lyrics to. While doing this, I realized that I got hacked. There were two recurring options that kept popping up on my youtube. Two live streams with people rapping, one was the west coast rap channel and one was the east coast rap channel. I had my headset with a mic and I was putting
my lyrics to their beats when they answered me and started conversing with me. They told me they wanted my music and that I had to make a choice. I told them I was not ready to make a choice and I kept switching between the two while listening to their music and then them listening to my music(it was dope af-they were freestyling a lot-me not so much but what I did do was dope af). Then I garnered attention from both sides with a proposal. I explained how darkness and corruption have taken over and now evil sits atop the societal pyramid controlling everything and everyone. I explained how words have power, especially through music to change negative energy to positive. A good example of this is
waking up in a horrible mood and then putting on a good song and magically your mood changes from negative to positive. I proposed to use that to address issues that plague communities across the U.S. My proposal was to use 300 artists,150 from one side and 150 from the other. My song would be used as the prime example(leaders lead by example). 1 person comes up with lyrics and each of the 300 make those lyrics their own(own beats/cadence) and release a song on the same day. So with one song 300 versions will be thrown out in the local dialect to address the issue simultaneously all across the U.S. Long story short it would have a great chance of changing the current negative state of the world into a positive one. By delivering a hot beef injection of positivity into this negative landscape we have found ourselves in. Everyone agreed with me and I ended the night by DJing a few songs and then calling it a night. Before I go people from both sides start making me offers to join their side and that they would pay me and this and that. I thought this was a dream but here these dudes were offering me whatever I wanted to hop on their side. I told them no offense but That I had to think about it. I understood I was a great talent and that I did not want to make a bad deal. I thought I would sleep it over and then let everyone know my choice after work the following day. So I called it a night.

The next day I went to work and it was a holiday so we would only be working until 11am that
day.My boss Shmalex(name changed to protect identity lol). Told me to come talk to him after we were done with work that day. I immediately put it together that not only did I gain the attention of the Cartel but I was under close watch from the FBI due to me recently buying weapons and talking about my hustling openly. I told him ok and continued with my coworker Rob to complete our task that day which consisted of picking leaves off plants. While On break I was talking with Rob after my cigarette and he was showing me his fishing gear and trying to plan a fishing trip later on. I agreed that it would be fun and then we went back into work. About an hour after we got back into work Rob dipped out to make a call. He came back in and then about ten mins later Cody came in and told us we were done for the day and that we could leave. While I was cleaning up, the robber walked up behind me and whispered I’m sorry. I didn’t even say anything because I thought he was joking. Spoiler alert he was not joking.

I left work that day and I was super pumped knowing that I would soon be able to solve all my money problems by choosing which side to sign with. On the ride home I kept thinking how I got in the situation that I did and why I started making music. And then it hit me, Malachi, the same person who had put me in this dangerous situation was the reason why I was about to be successful and safe most of all. I thought that both sides had my back and were upset with the Cartel coming into the U.S. and just claiming territory like that. So I was no longer concerned for either My or my family's safety anymore, which was like ten tons being lifted off of my shoulders. On the ride home I started rapping and loudly yelling that I loved this shit and would take care of everyone with money. Especially Malachi and his family as a token of friendship and a hope for forgiveness.

I get home and I see that my parents have bought pizza. I think dope af and grab some and head upstairs. So I finally made my choice to join West coast records to be in the nice weather. I let both sides know that I planned to go to the west coast and told each that I would only go if I could collaborate with both sides. Notbe limited. I told them to show up at 8 am the next morning with two million in a bag. I was communicating with them verbally through the computer and with notes written on notebooks that I was showing my mirror. They told me they had me on watch from that location, and confirmed it by giving me details that only a camera in the mirror would capture. I went to bed that night with the idea that I was going to change the world. I was able to talk to both sides and luckily they were with me in changing things for the better. I went to bed oddly knowing that I just made a work-together truce between the crips and bloods. Good night's rest would be an understatement. I slept like a fucking baby. However, I woke up mad af boy lol.

8 am comes and goes and no one shows up lol. At this point I am unsure if I got hacked by Malachi, actually am about to start the 300, or am being trolled by the govt.... so many possibilities at this point lmao. So I don't go to the computer until the afternoon. Then things kinda get pretty crazy, but not as crazy as it will get..... I hop on the computer and hop on the west coast live stream. They start rapping about how they are going to torture me and kill my family and friends(someone on there said they were in jail and mad af at me). I see an Eminem video pop up on the screen and click on it. It is Eminem and he is rapping live about me and he kept giving me the shhhhh with the finger thing when I went to talk. He was saying that he was going to lock me up and not let me out and a whole bunch of shit. I closed my computer and just went and laid down and thought about the situation that I found myself in. I knew they had cameras on me in my house and in my truck(they told me how much gas I had!). I just laid there and thought about the situation, 1. Am I 2. Am I hacked....yes 3. How do I save my family? idk yet 4. Am I beat beyond belief? yes. The criminal organization that Malachi was with(some cartel) was using amazon prime to deliver their product across the U.S., they knew I knew this and I know they wanted me dead so that is the opponent I was planning against it. Now looking back it could have been the FBI(I am loose so could have been watched), Cartel-the most likely, West or east coast rappers... so fucked lol. So I planned to wait it out to protect my family and engage if needed. This meant I always had to have weapons on to carry that plan out(pain in the ass(prison pocket)). 

I hopped up from my bed and went downstairs to eat a fish dinner that my mom had picked up. They were hurting for money and I was helping them out financially for months before that. Suddenly it clicked. The night before they bought 4 pizzas. Then tonight they bought fish dinners,.....WAIT. Where did they get the money to order out twice in a week, so so out of the ordinary? I recognized this and went upstairs with the fish dinner trying to think why they would order out two days in a row. I hop on my computer and start to eat dinner. I start listening to a 90s hip-hop live track and the dude who said he was in jail starts talking. Lets me know it cost 100k to get my mom on his side and that the food I was eating was drugged, and when I go downstairs my mom will make a fake police report on me to get me to jail. I stop eating the fish and go downstairs and just try talking to my mom to disprove what I just heard. 
She looked at me and immediately started to make a scene. She told me to "calm down and go to sleep or she'll have to call someone". I deescalate, throw out the dinner and then head upstairs. My brain starts working overtime in attempting to solve the situation. My playlists keep changing on my laptop so I start clicking on the top choice every time it changes. I finally realized that another party was communicating with me that was different from the previous ones(Anonymous). They altered songs in the top choices to deliver a subliminal message. I can’t describe how the words would jump out at me but I was able to gather the message after playing about 5 songs. They wanted me to go to a mental facility for safety for both me and my family. I didn’t know why, but I had no options at that point so I had to trust them.
 It was my job to decode that message in the limited amount of time that I had. I spent about an hour listening and grabbing applicable information from the slightly changed songs. I felt myself at a loss trying to find the subliminal path laid out. A gospel live stream popped up on my laptop and there was a different group that wanted me to sing with them(The church). The song was hallelujah. About halfway through the song I had a religious epiphany. I blacked out for a couple of seconds, and came to singing the song hallelujah while holding my arms out toward my mirror in a hugging motion. The people in the gospel livestream were rejoicing loudly and I heard someone say it's him. I immediately knew they thought I was the second coming and I dropped to my knees to denounce that. 

I took my notebook and started writing in my notebook a message. It said me for my family. I looked at the shotgun on my floor for a brief moment. But that was not an option due to my upbringing and marine background. The path became clear when I mentally snapped. They had accepted my deal, me for my family. I briefly looked at my shotgun and then headed downstairs to tell
My parents that Ineeded to go to a mental hospital to meet anonymous. I went outside to wait and my mom went and made a phone call that took about ten minutes. I don't know who she was talking to but when she came out I knew we were good because the cops didn't show up. And then off we went, I played the part quite well on the ride I remember. I told my parents I loved them and then after listening to faded with a stranger one last time, I went in to accept my fate. I asked for one last cigarette and my dad gave me a half a one that tasted quite odd.

A lady came in once I was laying in the hospital bed to "take blood" and give me something to sleep. I thought this was the end but it was not. I woke up the next day and could have sworn my mom said the doctor wanted to see me. I told her I was still tired and rolled over and went back to bed. Then when I woke up they brought me into a room with a security guard posted up right near me. My mom told me they were going to move me to come after I eat. Then they moved me to omh. I checked in and now this is where things get crazy. However, the memories are still very blurry 

I was given a mask, and I swear it felt like I had my memory wiped about 5 minutes after putting it on. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I was under the impression that I would die (I was very surprised I woke up). I went into the mental hospital and I went through the check-in process for entering into inpatient(explain in detail the process of checking in). It was pretty demeaning to say the least. I thought I would make contact with the resistance or whoever gave me the subliminal messages to go to the mental hospital. But that did not happen. I thought to myself, Why would the security guard drug me if I am in a safe place? I immediately knew I was in grave danger and that I had to be on guard at all times. I was shown my room and I introduced myself to my roommate bob. (I would later come to find out that bob was a former marine). My head was really really messed up from the medication that they had given me. I chilled in my room for a while and finally went out to walk up and down the hallways to attempt to identify any possible way out. I needed that information later to break out if needed. I identified a weak link in the armor. It consisted of one door that would get me access to one side and a fence that once jumped would lead me to the running part. I started walking up and down the halls and I noticed a woman that was also doing the same thing. I couldn't help but overhear what she was saying. And to my surprise, she referenced the situation that I had found myself in. She sat down and I sat down next to her. She leaned in and told me that they were going to kill me and skin 
me alive. And she just started maniacally laughing. I knew I was in a facility run by the organization after me. I sat there and then it came to me. Don't feed into it gather as much intel as possible and plot your next chess move carefully. So I fucking laughed with her and we began to laugh together. I made small talk and then I went into the cafeteria to grab some water(which I usually drank a ton of). I grabbed a glass and I shit you not it was like it had corn syrup in it. It was water but THICK. I had no choice so I drank the liquid. It was my only source of water and at this point in my information gathering, I dared not bring up any intel that I was finding out about.

I saw a couple of people in the cafeteria and decided to make small talk. I met a female named Angel and another female named Haley. They seemed nice enough but I couldn't get it out of my head that something just seemed very very off about this place and the people that I was meeting. They told me about the groups they offer as therapy and told me I should make an appearance. I tried my best to remember but I could not for the life of me and ended up missing it and just roaming the halls. Nighttime was fast approaching so I ducked into a place that they had labeled the quiet room and I was lucky enough to meet a man named Scooba Steve. He introduced himself and made it a point to tell 
me that he was a man of god. I noted this and we continued to make some small talk which consisted of religion. I asked him to say some prayers for me that night and I left him there to read his bible. I later found out he was very devoted to and any bit of free time he had was devoted to reading the bible. They called for nighttime meds so I went to the counter to get mine. They gave me a sleeping pill and an antipsychotic and then to my surprise they gave me a nicotine lozenge. I was extremely happy about this due to fiending for some good ol' nicotine. I planned on staying up all night which I did. I needed to see exactly how many staff they had and if they were involved in this or if they were legit(spoiler alert, they were not).

In the hallways there were nooks where you could sit down and admire the artwork. I posted up in one of those nooks near my room and just kept an eye on everyone that night. Nothing happened, but i did notice that the security guard makes one pass a night. If I needed to get out I could easily use him as a plan b so I noted that in my playbook and in my spare time fashioned me a toothbrush shank. 
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2023.03.30 20:30 ThrowRALondon2525 My ex (28M) reached out to me (28F) about giving it another try

My (28F) ex (28M) that I had previously posted about (T) has reached out to me after 3 years about a month ago. Reposting because was having trouble responding to comments last time
It started with ‘I’m hoping this isn’t unwelcomed, but I hope you’re well and thriving. I’ve been rooting for you all along. How are you?’ After that, I feel like we’ve been touching base once a day with just general things and things we might find funny. We started following each other on IG after we started sending each other a bunch of reels. Finally, he asks if we can meet up to talk things out and ‘see what we might make if this mess’
I really don’t know what to do or how to prepare myself for a conversation like that. I missed him dearly since we broke up; and while I’ve dated, Ive just never really connected with anyone so intensely as I did with T
We broke up after my last post. He found out that I slept with someone while we were dating but before we were exclusive. He said he broke up with be not because of that, but how he said I perpetuated the lie
I have had some sense of what he’s been up to since then. He helped my father get into a drug trial (he works in biotech investing), so while we didn’t talk, he did have some contact with my family members. Thanks to LinkedIn, I know he got a massive promotion since we dated. He is now probably the youngest Partner at his fund and seems to have been enjoying life overall. His brothers are out of school and rehab and he no longer has to support them financially.
I am afraid that I’m anchoring my expectation of him based on who he used to be and not who he is now. Maybe I’m just reading into his social media (he didn’t have ig when we dated), but I would have never expected him to go on big lad ski holidays (he didn’t even ski when we were dating, grew up poor and didn’t know how), waste money on a super car or watches (he posted story about his Ferrari driving school, also didn’t have when we dated). Back when we dated I knew that he used to spend £2-4k per suit but never saw him to be as superficial as he seems to be now.
I guess to sum up my concern, do you guys think there’s any bit of the sweet, humble guy that I used to date under his new persona / appearance? Is he chasing me to get a last laugh?
TL;DR - my ex and I are thinking about giving it another go, but he seems vastly different than I remember him
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