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2023.04.01 11:11 themarketersbdone The best way to take a tour of Sydney Harbor

The best way to take a tour of Sydney Harbor
Sydney Limousine Serivices
Sydney Harbor is one of the most iconic landmarks in Australia, and there are many different ways to experience its beauty. As someone who loves to travel and explore new places, I have had the opportunity to visit Sydney Harbor and take tours using different modes of transportation. In this post, I'd like to share my thoughts on the best way to tour Sydney Harbor.
One of the most popular ways to tour Sydney Harbor is by taking a harbor cruise. These cruises offer a variety of options, from simple sightseeing tours to luxurious dinner cruises, and everything in between. While on a cruise, you can sit back and enjoy the stunning views of the harbor while listening to informative commentary. This is a great option for people who want a relaxing and hassle-free way to see the sights.
If you're looking for a more adventurous option, I highly recommend the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb. This climb takes you to the top of the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the harbor and the city. It's a thrilling experience that is not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely worth it if you're up for the challenge. By the way if you want to take stress free journey in Sydney You can use Sydney Limousine Serivices
For those who want to see the harbor on a budget, taking a ferry ride is a great option. You can choose from a variety of ferry routes that will take you around the harbor and offer great views of the city skyline. This is a more affordable option compared to a harbor cruise or the bridge climb, but it's still a great way to see the sights.
Finally, if you want a more active and immersive experience, renting a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard is a great option. This allows you to explore the harbor at your own pace, and you can get up close to some of the smaller islands and coves that you might not be able to see on a tour boat. This is a great way to get some exercise and see the sights at the same time.
In conclusion, there is no one "best" way to tour Sydney Harbor. It all depends on your budget, interests, and preferences. Whether you choose a harbor cruise, the bridge climb, a ferry ride, or a paddleboard rental, you'll be treated to stunning views of one of Australia's most iconic landmarks.
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2023.04.01 07:38 Many-Mycologist9948 Car and kayak rental

Hey everyone. Im planning a trip to yosemite for next spring with my girlfriend early.
Question 1: car rentals, we are coming from the east coast and planning on flying into San Francisco or Napa. Ive seen links that offer car rentals near the airport that tourists take into the park. Was hoping to see if anyone has had luck with one rental service versus others
Question 2: I was hoping to rent kayaks for a day but am seeing conflicting information online. Some links claim that you cannot rent directly within the park, but can rent just outside or bring your own. Any advice with this is greatly appreciated
Thanks all in advance!
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2023.04.01 06:20 OctaviaPhoenix Needing a hand.. anything would help!

Hello wonderful people.
I hate that I have to make a post like this but I am so close to loosing everything that I don’t know what else to do.
In December of 2022 I started having chronic kidney stones and renal papillary necrosis which leaves me in crippling pain most of the time. Because of this I have not been able to work hardly at all. My partner has been working as much as she can though she does not make a lot.
In February of this year my landlord moved his son and his sons girlfriend into my apartment because they were kicked out of their previous place due to a domestic police report being filed.
on Monday of this week the sons girlfriend got aggressive with myself and my partner. She threatens not only is but our pets as well. She harassed us for hours and it resulted us in called the police because we did not feel safe.
Tuesday she did the same thing and the police were called again.
Because of this we have been told that we are going to be evicted. My landlord attempted to tell us we had to be out today, however I said that was illegal and we needed a minimum of 15 days to move.
We currently do not have the money to apply for the apartments that have open units.
Anything will help at this point. We have reached out to rental assistance but they won’t be able to help until we have a lease in hand.
If you are willing to help please send me a pm and I can give you my details. If you can’t no worries! Everyone is struggling!
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2023.04.01 06:01 agtjennys First time in Hawaii. How is uber/lyft in Honolulu/Oahu and Big Island?

I read some old posts that there are barely any drivers and some people wait an hour or so for their uber.
I want to avoid car rentals as I don't want the hassle of looking for parking/driving in an unfamiliar be travelling with my elderly parents and we will be booking some day tours in between (so no car needed) but we don't want to be rushed in visiting some areas like Pearl Harbor.
Will likely be visiting between these two islands between 1 week or so. How do most tourists get around?
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2023.04.01 04:25 UnsureSnake Transportation and Parking Questions

Hey everyone!
I’ll be visiting NJ and NY for a day or two and found that Jersey City might be the best spot for me. I was thinking either staying in Hoboken or closer to downtown and heard that the PATH is probably the best option in heading into Manhattan. I’ve been looking at a few hotels near the Hoboken and Exchange stations and was wondering how transportation will work as I’ve only previously stayed in Brooklyn with an MTA card (back in 2018)
Also, if I were to get a rental is parking fairly easy to find? I don’t mind paying but want something safe (as well as possibly allows in and out) while I’m there.
Let me know if you have any other housing suggestions in the area as well!
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2023.04.01 01:36 theRightThink Estimated tax payments question for SCorp shareholders with different incomes

Hi All, new business owner here with a question…
I started a business in April 2022, it is an LLC taxed as S Corp. It has 2 members, myself and my business partner, 50 50 even split. Im trying to figure out the right way to make quarterly estimated tax payments, using the safe harbor method as to avoid any penalties later on. As I understand it, that means we would need to pay 100% of last years tax liability in quarterly installments. Here’s where things become complicated..
As an SCorp we each reported our shares of profits as well as our W2 earnings in our 2022 tax preparations. We have different situations however, I am married filing jointly while he filed single. I had additional income from investments and rental properties as well as my wife’s smallish income, and so my 2022 tax liability (1040 line 24) was about 3 times as much as his. I ended up owing, while he pretty much broke even.
Our first year in business we had a ton of write offs, startup costs, equipment purchases etc and so we on paper our profits were relatively low. I expect our 2023 tax liability to be much higher than 2022.
Would my partner and I pay estimated tax payments individually based on our 2022 tax liabilities? Or combine them and pay them directly out of business funds?
Also, do I need to factor in somehow the fact that our business was operating only during the last 9 months of 2022?
Yes, I do have a CPA and will be meeting with her next week to discuss this, however I would like to have a better understanding of this before meeting with her. I was unsuccessful in finding any answers on IRS.gov
Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.01 01:04 MarcusKestrel Sand and Steel- Chapter 1

Kjell and Crispus glittered in the hard light of early spring as they waited on the dock to board a trading ship. Kjell had bought a full knee-length coat of fine chain mail and a spear to go with his new sword. Crispus had decided on a lighter coat that came only to his elbows and mid-thighs. Both men had also procured round wooden shields, with an iron boss in the center. Kjell had decorated his with a red wolf’s head on a black background. Crispus had his Clef symbol painted in white over blue.
Vasil had her new swords and daggers, only Oniga was armed more or less as she had been when they arrived. Her one change was that after some discussion with Master Gnatic, she had allowed a ring of lead to be fitted around her applewood cudgel and screwed into place, converting the long club into a de-facto mace.
Vasil was a bit leery of traveling on a merchant vessel again. She had much more to lose this time, and there was no guarantee that a second pirate crew would welcome her little company. She thought that the group of them might do more to keep another pirate vessel from closing, if they were spotted. Vasil had brought thirty arrows this time, and Kjell had a spear, but mostly they hoped their vessel wouldn’t be attacked by pirates.
If nothing else, they could be confident that the Storsjuduret would not threaten them. Jarvik had tried to convince the group to remain with him for another summer of raiding and piracy. He had told Vasil that women were supposed to be bad luck at sea, but he had never experienced such good luck as the summer when he took her and Oniga aboard.
Vasil had declined on behalf of the whole group, and Jarvik had accepted their departure without hard feelings. After his success the previous year he had no difficulty in filling his rowing benches again. As a mark of the Sverij captain’s favor, he had given Vasil and each of her companions a heavy open-ended bracelet made of twisted silver bar stock and marked with the name of the Storsjuduret in runes.
Kjell had proudly put the jewelry on his left wrist, and Oniga and Crispus had copied him. Kjell had later confided to Vasil that a gifted arm ring was a mark of favor in the Sverij warrior culture. While Kjell still considered himself a merchant, he enjoyed being accepted by the fighters his people revered.
Vasil had found the bracelet too big to fit comfortably on her wrist, but had noted that Jarvik, who wore several arm rings, had two stacked on each wrist and one more above each elbow. Those arm bracelets had been joined by new rings made of gold since the last summer. Vasil found that her new jewelry fit fairly well on her left arm over her armor. Added to the silver chain around her neck, and the gold ring on her left middle finger, Vasil could display enough wealth to look quite formidable when she chose.
Vasil regarded her companions. Crispus and Kjell were well-armed and armored in metal, Vasil and Oniga were each wearing armor of leather and iron. Additionally, Vasil was carrying a bow and covered in blades, while Oniga’s club and red hair marked her as one of the feared Onepiede, a barbarian tribe of such savagery it had been repulsed by the world’s most powerful empire only with great difficulty.
The arm rings declared the group to be warriors amongst the Sverij, and the staggering value of their blades would not be apparent with the weapons in their sheaths. They looked like successful warriors, and not like wealthy merchants, though that was what the quartet aspired to be. The point was too look like the group would be too much trouble to attack for the risk to be worth the potential reward.
Vasil hoped it would work, they had a lot of ground to cover.
The group had plowed most of their profits from the sale of their furs into buying weapons and some jewels, all purchased from the Ossetian dwarves. They had then spent the winter in Svastjar.
Crispus had defrayed their costs by singing in several inns, which had been happy to offer him room and board, and discounted rates for the others. Crispus had been enormously popular as he used his growing command of Sverij to translate his favorite Samnatian ballads and sing them for new audiences. Translating the songs had seemed an intimidating task to Vasil, but Crispus had clearly enjoyed the challenge, and had frequently asked her to offer him synonyms as he constructed rhymes in Sverij.
Vasil and Oniga had agreed that learning the songs along with Crispus had enormously increased their proficiency in Sverij. The three of them all still spoke with an accent, but had acquired a good command of the language before spring arrived.
The ability to communicate fluently had helped with the task of selling their dwarf-wrought goods, including the two extra swords they had commissioned specifically as merchandise. Vasil and Oniga had provided the steel for those two blades and had also paid to have them completed in Svastjar. The two wootz blades had been finished with fancy hilts of brass and silver, then placed in similarly showy scabbards, after which Kjell had helped to close a transaction with two separate princes in Svastjar. Vasil and Oniga had each received a bit more than one hundred gold coins in mixed currency. Vasil had chortled over a pile of glittering coins that included Samnatian nomismas, Ghazna dinars, and dwarven fathus, which were square, but had the same weight as both nomisma and dinars. It seemed the Sverij did not bother to mint their own coins.
The other swords and axes had brought more modest profits, but by mid-winter the group had added a nice margin to the fantastic pile of money they had made in their trip to the dwarfhame. By early spring they had turned those profits into yet more furs, which they had taken to the dwarf mine and sold. As Kjell had warned, their percentage of profit was significantly lower in the spring that it had been with winter closing in to end trade for the year, but they did still profit.
They had originally planned to keep their earnings in cash. Kjell wanted to be able to travel swiftly to the city of the spice merchants, and he had been warned that those men would accept nothing but silver and gold for their wares. Vasil and the others had been shocked to tally up their total profits and realize that the amount of gold they had to transport would be better measured by the pound than by the coin. It was too much to carry safely, they couldn’t reasonably secrete about their persons, and if placed in a strong box, it would draw unwanted attention.
Instead Kjell had engaged in another bout of negotiation.
When he returned to the inn that the companions were sharing Kjell placed a small bronze and iron box on the table of the private room they had reserved for their supper. The container was small enough to fit on Vasil’s two palms upturned, but was quite heavy, indicating that its walls were thick. Vasil examined the cask and found that it had no keyhole, and the hinges were recessed, which would make them difficult to attack with a chisel and impossible to cut with a file.
The piecework on the top of the lid could be moved, so Vasil looked at Kjell and said, “It’s a puzzle box.”
Kjell nodded, “A nested puzzle box.”
Vasil glanced at Oniga who raised her eyebrows to indicate that she didn’t know the term either.
“More boxes fit inside this one?”
Kjell grinned, “After a manner of speaking.” The trader then shifted the pieces on the top of the box through a complicated set of movements, and was rewarded with a distinct click, after which the top of the box popped open.
Kjell lifted the lid and showed a small space inside the coffer. It was only about three inches high by four inches wide and another three inches deep. The walls of the miniature chest were nearly an inch thick.
Vasil blinked, “It’ll protect what we put in there I guess, but it won’t hold much.”
Kjell nodded, “That is where the nesting comes in.”
Vasil peered closely at the walls, she didn’t see any lines to indicate that inner trays could be lifted out. “It only has one lid as far as I can see.”
Kjell’s grin looked like it would split his face as he pressed the lid shut again, while holding a portion of the lid to one side. The lid made a distinctly different click as it closed, then Kjell moved the puzzle pieces through a different sequence and was rewarded with a double click. He opened the lid again. This time, as the lid rose, it pulled up four semi-circular rings which stood up above the sides of the coffer, in the center of each side of the box. Kjell pulled the rings, which allowed him to extend the inner walls of the little chest up six inches, at which time the next layer of the walls was pulled up the same distance, then the next set and then a fourth, fifth, and sixth set, so that the little box extended up a rather odd looking three feet, creating a rectangular bronze and iron column that tapered toward the top.
Kjell then pulled the small half-rings directly to the sides. There was another set of clicks and the sides of the box slid over the lower portions and locked into place creating smooth walls. Vasil squinted at the box, what Kjell had just done couldn’t be physically possible, but she couldn’t see any flaw in the sides of the now regular column of metal.
Kjell then carefully tugged the rings outward again, and the box appeared to stretch. The front and back appeared to unroll somehow, allowing the box to get wider. Kjell then performed a similar pull on the front and back rings, stretching the box again, so that it was now about the size of one of the sea-chests that served as rowing benches on the Storsjuduret.
Still grinning as broadly as Crispus at an ovation, Kjell reached down into the rather large box and pulled out a sack, which he handed to Oniga with apparent effort. Oniga took the offered burden, and looked a question at Kjell.
“Is this a sandbag?”
Kjell’s grin looked ridiculous, “A fifty-pound sandbag.”
Oniga frowned, “There is no way this was in that box.”
“Exactly.” Kjell agreed, then gestured to indicate that Oniga should hand the sandbag to Vasil, who received the heavy sack and agreed that it must weigh about fifty pounds.
Vasil considered the sandbag. “So where was it?”
Kjell shrugged, “I didn’t understand the explanation. Somewhere else, a void exactly the size of that chest.” He indicated the expanded puzzle box on the table. “It doesn’t add to the weight of the box, because it isn’t in the box, so we should be able to move a significant amount of money in it on our way to the spice port, and a significant value in spices in it on the way back.”
Kjell considered the box for a moment. “I wish we could afford to buy one for each of us, but the nested puzzle boxes are quite rare specimens of dwarf-work, and if we were able to find and purchase a second example I fear we wouldn’t have the funds needed to buy spices when we reach our destination.”
Kjell clapped his hands together, “Now, let me show you the trick to opening it, and then to opening it again.”
Once Vasil learned the procedure she appreciated the box as a fantastic smuggler’s tool. The sequence to open the box the first time was fairly complex, and would reveal the contents of the mundane container. The group agreed that they would keep a valuable jewel in that space, since any tax assessor would be certain that such an elaborate box must contain some treasure. The majority of their money would go in the alternate space.
No one could facet stones more finely than a dwarven gem cutter, so the group resolved to turn an impressive pile of their coins into glittering jewels. That money had purchased two small pouches of brilliant rubies and sapphires, which had been placed into the box. The remaining several pounds of their gold was placed into the box’s larger hidden compartment, and then it was folded back up again.
Vasil and her friends also held on to a significant handful of coins in both gold and silver, but in a quantity that could reasonably be kept on their person at all times. Now they stood on the dock and waited for permission to board the merchant vessel that would carry them south toward Kobuleti, the port that would be their entry into the Ghazna Empire. Vasil thought that the group of them looked quite imposing, she hoped that any bandits or pirates who saw them would agree.
The trip to Kobuleti was pleasantly uneventful. Vasil and her companions had been watched the whole time by the crew. The downside of looking imposing turned out to be that it provoked suspicion that the four of them might try to overpower the crew and seize the ship, or that they might possibly be working with pirates who would swoop down on the vessel during its transit. As a result the captain made them agree not to wear swords or armor on deck except when they were in port. Vasil thought that he might relax that prohibition if they were attacked by sea-raiders, but given that he obviously suspected them of being in league with pirates, he might not want them armed even then.
Vasil had to admit that neither was an unreasonable suspicion, Jarvik and his fellows had been very hard on merchant shipping of late. Vasil’s time as part of Jarvik’s crew had also given her the knowledge and abilities to determine that she probably could seize the merchant vessel if her companions helped her. She was certain that the four of them could easily arm themselves at night and take control of the vessel. After their summer at sea the quartet would know enough about ships now to be able to direct a couple of the merchant sailors to take the ship to Svastjar, where they could sell it, and the surviving crew.
The idea was mildly amusing, and made Vasil feel powerful in a way she hadn’t really experienced since she left Adrianople and lost Niko’s backing, but Vasil had other plans. Even if she had wanted to seize the round-bellied ship, Vasil was sure that neither Crispus nor Oniga would agree to help with such a scheme. She wasn’t as sure about Kjell, but thought he probably wouldn’t be enthusiastic either. It didn’t matter, as the vessel was not threatened by pirates at any point during the short five-day voyage and Vasil didn’t even raise the possibility of trying to hijack the ship with her companions.
Kobuleti seemed to be a fairly standard port. The main fortifications were of stone, rather than the wood that walled Svastjar. The walls were obviously quite old, and were not in particularly good repair. Vasil supposed that the city hadn’t been threatened recently. The harbor looked like a harbor, functionally it did not differ much from the one that served Svastjar or the three that performed the same functions for Adrianople. The people were generally dressed differently than Vasil would have expected either in her home city or the Sverij capital, though she had seen a few people in the colorful and heavily embroidered robes that seemed to mark the wealthy of Kobuleti in each of those cities.
The strangest thing about Kobuleti was how Vasil left it. On its face there was nothing odd about her transportation, Vasil rode a horse. What made it exotic to her was that she had never ridden a horse before, and had never really thought about what it would take to do so. She had ridden in a carriage a couple of times in Adrianople, but mostly she had walked anywhere she needed to go in the city. During her last couple of years there that hadn’t generally been very far from the Squint’s dozen to sixteen blocks of territory.
Since leaving Adrianople Vasil had spent a lot of time on ships. In a way that was much more exotic than riding a horse, especially once she had become responsible to help direct the ship, instead of merely being a passenger.
Vasil had seen people on horses before. There were horse races as well as chariot races in Adrianople’s hippodrome, though she hadn’t been a regular spectator at either sort of event. Vasil knew that rich people got around outside the city by riding horses, and some of them even rode the animals inside the city, though the crowding supposedly made it at least somewhat difficult to do so.
Vasil had never really considered that their plan would require her to learn to ride a horse, but now found herself having to add another new skill to her repertoire. She didn’t like it much.
Crispus was not a skilled horseman, but he had at least sat on one of the animals a few times before. Kjell said he wasn’t much of a rider either, but claimed that it wasn’t really difficult. Oniga was frankly thrilled to be introduced to the horses. She liked animals of all types, and wasn’t apparently dissuaded a bit by the size of the beasts. Oniga had made friends with her horse within a few minutes, petting the animal and talking to it. Oniga’s enthusiasm appeared to be rewarded as the beast seemed to reciprocate her affection.
Vasil was not as quick to trust her horse, which appeared equally dubious about her. Vasil wasn’t afraid of the creature, just aware that her horse was much larger and stronger than she was. Vasil was skeptical that a piece of iron in the animal’s mouth would stop the thing from doing what it wanted to if there was a disagreement.
Still, Vasil grimily buckled down to learn the details of how to get the horse saddled, and bridled, and how to put the bit into its mouth. The saddling was a chore, since Vasil had a difficult time even seeing over the back of the smallest of the horses. She got it done though, and the horse didn’t seem to go to any effort to make it difficult, which was reassuring. After that Vasil climbed into the saddle and got some very basic instruction from Crispus to kick the horse in the ribs with her heels to make it start walking, and to do that some more to get it to speed up.
If she pulled the reins on one side or the other the horse did actually turn as directed, and it stopped when she pulled evenly on both reins, as she had been promised. Overall the experience of riding turned out all right for the first day, though she was amazed at the amount of physical effort it took for her to ride the horse. Vasil wondered if there was really any energy savings from riding as opposed to walking, or any speed advantage, since they walked the horses nearly all day.
Kjell and Crispus briefly had the whole group try a trot a couple of times, which Vasil found incredibly bouncy and unpleasant, and then rein up to a canter, which was smoother, but alarmingly fast. Kjell looked at Vasil’s face during the canter and announced that they wouldn’t try a gallop until the next day, or possibly the day after.
Vasil tried not to show how relieved that made her feel.
They rode most of the day and stopped for the night at an inn. Vasil found that she had a wide band of sore muscles in her torso, and her thighs had a jelly-like feeling that indicated she’d worked her legs hard too. Vasil suspected that if she hadn’t spent much of the previous summer rowing, and then spent the winter training rigorously with her swords, that she would have been too sore to sleep that night. Instead she was tired enough to drop off minutes after she reached her rented pallet.
The next couple of days were spent in the town of Tiflis while Kjell sought an audience with the noble who administered the settlement. The title for the ruler of the town was Bey, and Vasil did not have any real desire to pay court on the man.
Instead Vasil and Oniga got out every day to practice riding for at least an hour or two, with Crispus as their only slightly more experienced instructor. On the third evening Kjell brought back the welcome news that the Bey had provided them with a letter of introduction that they could present to the Khan of Absheron.
This was critical, because foreigners could not legally travel within the Ghazna Empire unless they had a written passport. The Khan could provide a passport as far as Karaj if he cared to, and Kjell believed that a letter from the Bey would assist in that effort.
The bad news was that Kjell had learned from other merchants in Tiflis that no travelers had arrived from Absheron so far this spring. It was still early, but the lack of travelers was making the local tradesmen nervous. It concerned Vasil too.
“What do you think the problem is?” she asked Kjell.
He spread his hands, “We have no way of knowing. The road could be out, but in this region bandits are a more likely explanation.”
Oniga pursed her lips, then asked, “Wouldn’t bandits be better for us? We could probably detour around a washed out road, since we’re not going to have any wagons, but if it was buried under a rockslide we’d be stuck. Bandits might look at us and decide we aren’t worth it. That’s what we were trying for, isn’t it?”
Kjell nodded, “That is what we are hoping for, with our obvious weapons and armor, and lack of anything expensive-looking to guard. Of course a large enough band of thieves might decide to overwhelm us just to steal our chain mail, but the only defense against that would be to travel with an army, which isn’t really an option.”
Vasil chewed on her lower lip for a second, then said, “Well you’re the professional. What do you think we should do?”
Kjell rubbed his hands together. “As I see it we have two basic choices. Attempt the pass, or go back to Kobuleti, take a ship to Trebizond, and cross into the Ghazna Empire from there. Going to Trebizond will take extra time and money, and we don’t know for sure that there is any real problem with the pass.” He paused, “I suppose we could spend a few more days in town and see if any more information comes down to us from the mountains. I hate to waste time and money sitting in one place, but it might be our best option. We cannot make an informed decision until we know what is going on.”
Vasil looked at Oniga and Crispus and saw the same indecision on their faces that she felt. She sighed, “What are the possible outcomes? It we try the pass and it’s blocked we’ll have to come back and go to Trebizond, which will cost at least as much time as waiting for more information. If we try the pass and there are bandits, then they’ll either ignore us or attack us. If they ignore us we get through like we wanted to. If they attack us they’ll probably kill or enslave us, since they won’t attack unless they’re pretty sure they can win. If we sit here, maybe we can get more information about whether we should go up the mountain or go back to Kobuleti. Does that sound right to everyone?”
Kjell, Oniga, and Crispus all nodded.
“Okay, then I vote we head up the mountain. As I see it, the closer we get to the pass the better chance we’ll have of talking to someone who can tell us if there is a problem up there. That’ll probably be just as quick as waiting here, and it probably won’t cost us any more. If there’s a problem we come back, if there isn’t a problem then we’re closer to our goal. What do you think?”
Oniga nodded, “I think it’s a good plan.”
Crispus agreed with Oniga, which wasn’t much of a surprise, and with the other three in favor of heading up the pass Kjell quickly agreed as well. Vasil got the impression that he was happy to have someone willing to choose one course of action over the others, just so that they could move on.
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2023.03.31 21:26 Ok-Frame4625 25M - Looking to VC On Discord Or Message

Hello! I've been craving some daily voice calls lately as I haven't had anything like that in a long time. I'm ideally seeking to chat over Discord, so it's a given that you also have an account. I'm looking for anyone interesting and fun. Talk to me like you know me already! Here are some fun facts about me:
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2023.03.31 21:26 Ok-Frame4625 [25/M] VC On Discord or Text

Hello! I've been craving some daily voice calls lately as I haven't had anything like that in a long time. I'm ideally seeking to chat over Discord, so it's a given that you also have an account. I'm looking for anyone interesting and fun. Talk to me like you know me already! Here are some fun facts about me:
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2023.03.31 21:25 Ok-Frame4625 [25/M] [Chat] VC On Discord or Text

Hello! I've been craving some daily voice calls lately as I haven't had anything like that in a long time. I'm ideally seeking to chat over Discord, so it's a given that you also have an account. I'm looking for anyone interesting and fun. Talk to me like you know me already! Here are some fun facts about me:
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2023.03.31 20:36 Magikmike714 Own fleet rentals? NJ?

Does anyone rent out cars for UbeLyft? I’ve heard about owning rental fleets for rideshare drivers being a thing, but the only rentals I’m familiar with are the Hertz rentals that can only be done through Uber.
Does anyone actually own a fleet or know anyone who does and could tell me about it? Also, if it is legit…can it be done in NJ?
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2023.03.31 18:15 Sloppyjoemess Mothers Day Road Trip up Route 1

I’m taking my mom on a multi day road trip through southern Connecticut up to Boston, and I’d like to find out about some fun or scenic things to do that are under the radar. We’re both from NJ and have spent very little time in CT, so we’re excited to see the coast and the harbor cities!
What are some scenic places to see, fun things to do, and can’t miss opportunities in mid-May?
She’s really interested in early American history, architectural salvage and antique markets, and she’s a big fan of walking through gardens and old estates.
My only experience in Connecticut has been with the Mystic aquarium, and Frank Pepe’s pizza, so I’m eager to hear with the locals have to say!
Thanks all :)
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2023.03.31 14:41 Ok_Good_3942 Avalon Vacation Rentals by Owner & Vacation Homes

Avalonis a stunning vacation destination with something for everyone. Explore the historic Catalina Island Casino, swim and sunbathe on the beautiful beaches, or enjoy hiking and camping in the rugged wilderness. Come experience the beauty and adventure of Avalon!
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2023.03.31 13:45 imchasingentropy NJs wealth inequality continues to get worse. Why should we be surprised when our governor is a banker?

First, some articles:
Our state continues to be one of leaders in wealth inequality in the country. Amazingly, Murphy setting up a task force to ask why has done nothing to slow the problem down. New Jersey's poor still are burdened with most of the taxes in this state, and why should we be surprised? Our governor was a former Goldman Sachs lifer, who used his connections to get into politics.
Honestly, can anyone name a single thing that Murphy has done to slow down big business? We have a rental/mortgage crisis in the state he doesn't address. He doesn't address the growing problem of warehouses taking all developable space. He held guide the marijuana legalization into a market that only rich people can enter.
It's sad that people think Murphy is the opposite to Drsantis, when they are both clearly after the same end goal: expansion of the wealthy class and lip service to voters. It's just the lips have different flavors of lip gloss on.
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2023.03.31 12:03 remote-enthusiast I've collected 100 remote jobs from various job boards

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2023.03.31 11:32 beingof-chaos Upper Peninsula road trip

Hello!!! Hope everyone is doing well. I’m looking for some input on a road trip I’ve always wanted to do. I’m tentatively planning on this in late SeptembeOctober of 2023, which I’m curious about how the weather will be up there. My boyfriend and I are avid backpackers and are looking to do a hybrid road trip/backing adventure with a good friend of mine in the UP Michigan. So far all I have on my list is island royale and pictured rocks but I know there’s plenty of gems to explore. Bonus points for places we can potentially kayak to and camp at. Tbh I don’t know really much abt the area at all which is why I’m posting here!! Looking for advice, suggestions and pointers/trails. Boyfriend and I are located in Alaska so moose and weather concerns aren’t a huge thing, we like the rugged out there hard to reach places!!! If anyone has literally any advice I’d love to hear it. Also not married to the timeline, if there’s a better time of year to approach it that’s an option too, we’d just push it back to whenever. This is just the soonest and most feasible we could fit in. Thank you all!!!!
Edit to add if there’s a better subreddit for this please point me in the direction. Grateful for the internet for this sorta thing lol
Edit again to say great places for hunting yooper stones is appreciated as well.
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