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2023.05.29 17:38 hazelcoffee25 Solo parenting rant

Medspouse is working this weekend so I will be home alone with 2 littles. A friend (who is not a medspouse) said her husband has to work on Monday and asked if we could hang out since she will be home with 2 kids. He rarely works on the weekend so she said she needs to get out with the kids. Of course I said yes because this is routine for us. Well it turns out, her husband’s job decided to give him the day off instead.
So she wait until 10:30am this morning to let me know they don’t feel like coming out and they just want to chill at home. She asks… did you partner end up getting the day off? Um no. That’s not how hospitals work. Doctors don’t randomly get days off that they’re scheduled for.
I’m just annoyed because she kept telling me they’re getting ready, they’re having a slow morning etc…so we were waiting and my kids were excited to hang out with their kids. Some people don’t get what regular solo parenting is really like. It’s like a once a year occurrence so it doesn’t mean anything. Ugh.
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2023.05.29 17:38 chickenpotpioneer Succession of genes and a case for Logan crossing out, not underlining

Sorry for the length.
The mark of a good finale is revealing a new piece of information that shines new light on the same story and reveals character motivations that were hidden beneath the surface the whole time. I think we got that with the finale last night. I think so much emphasis was placed on Logan's corporate Succession plan through this series that we didn't realize how important Logan's genetic "succession" weighed on his mind and colored the narrative between the lines.
First off, all the kids achieve complete self awareness here at the end. Kendall keeps firing off lines that cut so close to the truth it feels like the audience POV:
"Maybe that is why you're better adjusted and I'm just a fake business pyscho"
"I'm a specific cog that only fits in this one machine"
"If you don't let me do this I might be dead"
Roman reaches full self awareness too -- not only is he bullshit and was never a proper candidate, but Kendall probably wasn't either. And honestly, Logan was right about the three of them not being serious people. Logan may not have gave off "deep longing to be a grandpa" vibes, but I think Roman saw that it WAS a big deal and that is why he calls it out right at this crucial moment. The subtext is a lot to unpack. Logan, a "good old boy", has a bi-racial adopted granddaughter and a grandson born through invitro that doesn't share his genes. He puts his hands on Iverson. He has that odd "fake poison" dinner gag with him. Deep down, he closed the door on the thought of Kendall carrying on his genetic legacy. Another reason why Tom has so much good will and leverage in his eyes -- he is his key to protecting the "Roy" legacy.
I think there is a case to be made that Logan crossed out Ken's name when he fully threw his lot behind Tom. It even tracks with him adding "Greg?" at the same time as the cross-off, if you view his decisions through that lens, Greg being the only other player with blood relation to Logan. Also recall the background plot of Logan trying to eat foods that boosted his sperm count so he could make a baby with Kerri. This WAS important to Logan, it was just never made that explicit.
Shiv knew that by keeping the baby, she would effectively be delivering her father the "real" grandbaby he expected, and this is why her story is just as much a tragedy as Kendall's. She is confused about being a mother, yet at least she knows she has this new bargaining chip that will give her leverage with her father, the fantasy she mentions to Tom of "grandpa bouncing his grandchild on his knee", but he dies right before making that a reality.
It explains Logan's divorce lawyer advice to Tom as well -- Logan did not want them to split. He wanted them to stay together, and have his grandchild, and keep Tom around as his pain sponge. The irony is that Matsson has carved out his own "Loganesqe" corner of this world and will now keep the abusive cycle between Shiv and Tom alive in this next chapter without Logan around. It adds context to Kendall's feelings of intensely disappointing his father, and his own conflicted feelings about not genuinely feeling a love and connection for his kids, but trying to pretend he does. It all goes back to Logan's existential dread at not securing a proper Succession of his lineage. In the end, I think he gives up on it in a way at the beginning of S4 -- and that is when he waxes poetic to Colin about life and death, and pivots to his "rebuild ATN like pirates" mindset. If his idiot kids can't protect his legacy, he'll go down with ship himself.
This is the full context we needed to understand this warped sibling dynamic living in the shadow of their father. Logan would make jokes about Kendall's kids "not being serious grandchildren" when he wasn't around. Shiv knows this well and even tries to stop Roman from going there because it hits a nerve. In the end, Shiv can't give her brother the win, whether to spite him or protect her own future, we can't say for sure. But what is apparent is that she falls in line to accepts her place in the world her father would have preferred - carrying his grandchild and empowering Tom to keep the good family name alive. Kendall knows this, Roman knows this, they all know this. The air has been cleared.
Roman is free, Shiv is anything but free (by her own choosing), and Kendall is stuck being followed around by his father's best friend, paying him to hover over his shoulder as a testament that his father was in fact capable of genuine connections, just not with him. A constant reminder of his past sins and his father's disappointment - a hired grim reaper of grief and shame.
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2023.05.29 17:38 Willie_Howell No Fanatec Device found

None of my software Fanalab, Fanatec control panel has never detected my CSW wheel after software installation. I can get the wheel and pedals to work under windows game controller panel. This is so frustrating. Also if I turn the computer off I have to install the drivers again to get Windows game panel to recognise the wheel and pedals. I'm on Windows 11.
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2023.05.29 17:38 65jasdfb0432890weiku Help please I literally have no idea what to do

Hi, I’m feeling really angry and desperate lately and I’m just trying posting in this subreddit even though I have no affiliation with it so far.
Basically I’m a 30 year old guy, I’m handsome, I look young for my age, I’m intelligent, I’m very in shape, very active, have hobbies I love.
I was popular in college, but it’s been really hard for me to move forward since then. I literally haven’t had a relationship or done more than kiss someone once on a first date in about 6 years.
It’s been almost impossible for me to meet women. I don’t drink except on special occasions, and I rarely do anything else to become intoxicated (maybe a few times a a year), which severely limits places I can meet people.
I am really serious about music, boxing, meditation, and lifting weights, and these things along with my job pretty much take up all my time. Unfortunately, these are not very good hobbies to meet people, but I won’t change them. I love what I do, and I’m super passionate about my life choices.
The one time I went out to bars in the last several years was once on my birthday. I was definitely flirted with a lot then, but I just can’t go back to that lifestyle. I think I damaged my body when I used to drink in college, and I really hate how I can be when I’m under the influence.
Obviously I’m in the gym all the time, so part of me wants to try and talk to women at the gym. But every single thing online says absolutely not to do that. I totally get why. It’s not a place people go necessarily to get hit on. I know how serious I am about working out and so I don’t want to upset someone else or start a relationship off with a sense of disrespect.
Recently I took my parents out to a nice restaurant and the waitress was really cute and was totally flirting with me and smiling at me a lot. I really wanted to ask her out or something, but I know this is also not ok. It’s taking advantage of a power dynamic that service workers have to uphold as part of their jobs, and I wouldn’t want the start of a relationship to be due in part to something insidious like that.
I generally dislike dating apps because while I do get dates, they never feel “right”. It’s a lot of ghosting and it feels like because I’m just one of many options, I have to do exceptionally better than anyone else to retain a woman’s attention for more than one night. I’m just a normal, empathetic and emphatic guy. I don’t have pizazz.
It’s getting to the point where I’m afraid my desperation is starting to show to everyone, and it’s sending me further and further down the spiral of being alone for the rest of my life.
So I guess the question is what the fuck do I do? How do I have a relationship before it’s too late?
I also go on hikes and walks a lot, and recently started occasionally going to coffee shops for breakfast (not too often, it’s expensive). So far this hasn’t led to any interactions, although one woman I found very attractive hiking with her family checked me out pretty hard once.
As you can tell, I’m really trying to be optimistic, but I’m kind of grasping at straws here. Maybe I’m not actually attractive, and I’m overestimating? Maybe my personality is a huge turnoff. I really don’t know what to think anymore.
Please help me.
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2023.05.29 17:37 itsjustmeyaboijesus How do I fix a corrupted/damaged SD card for a Nintendo DS?

I just turned on my old Nintendo DS for the first time in like 10 years. The Nintendo itself works perfectly, but the SD card doesn't. When I open its programme it opens a menu with all the games it had, so it's not completely damaged/corrupted, but after a few seconds it freezes. Blowing on it or its port and turning the Nintendo off and on again doesn't work. When I manage to click on a game before it crashes, the screen freezes with this error message
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2023.05.29 17:37 WonderfulEdge6413 adb commande to switch to 3dof / switch off tracking

Hey, I'm trying to find the adb command to switch the headset to 3dof mode, e.g. turning tracking off.
Does anyone know how to do this?
I've been exploring the logcat, and found about
GuardianSetConfigParam, CONFIG_PARM_3DOF_MODE, VrGuardianService
GuardianSDKServer::GuardianSetConfigParam: 10
_id:863 name:CONFIG_PARM_3DOF_MODE value:ON
But I'm not sure these are the parameters to change, and anyway I cannot find the right way to change each one of them.
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2023.05.29 17:37 CentLib I really do not understand socialism, can some socialists answer my questions?

So from my understanding, while socialism has many meanings and tendencies, they're united in the sense they all support the means of production being owned socially either by the workers directly or through other collective institutions like municipalities, communes or a state. I'm actually sympathetic to expanding worker ownership through maybe tax incentives for employee ownership or even government subsidies to cooperatives which seems fair considering the huge amount of subsidies we grant large private enterprise.
But I really don't understand how socialism would work. Why would anyone invest in a business like a worker coop if they had no say over the running of the enterprise? Why would worker coops hire more people if those new employees would immediately dilute the equity ownership of the other workers? How would these enterprises grow without any funding from equity markets?
For the more state oriented socialists how would you decide what activities to invest in? Wouldn't we all be worse off without any private or foreign investment? If all investment decisions and most if not all employment is employment by government then doesn't that give government a huge amount of influence over my life. If we're all government employees and all economic decisions are made by local or national government then what's to stop them from freezing the bank accounts of political dissidents? It's not like I could switch banks if they're all owned by the government. If goods aren't produced via supply and demand then how do you know what needs to be produced?
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2023.05.29 17:37 theuselessmatt People who have a negative opinion on the finale, feel free to reply here

I think the ending was near-perfect, I saw someone mentioning how the structure of the show will mean that there is no way Armstrong can create a "perfect" ending or even something positive/happy. And yeah, while many people expected something tragic like it has always been, their version of the tragic ending may not have been what happened. So I'd like to hear what you thought about it, and your opinions on why you may not agree with how the show decided to end things

For the number one boy, I feel like it was the best for him. What will happen or may happen
- Suicide. This is what people argued. And in the end, okay, but how is that something bad for the show? or for the character. Kendall killing himself, is it something new?
- Redemption. Him not being like Logan. This is the best possible way for him to redeem himself. If he decides to kill himself, none of us could have known if he could change or not, up to interpretation, as everything ahead is. ANYTHING he would do from now will be better than turning into his father. And that's why I feel that no matter how sad he ended up to be, its still miles better than taking over.
For Roman, I feel like one coherent theme throughout season 4, was Roman's development. We all knew him to be gullible, to be narcissistic, misogynistic, everything. We knew how he desperately craved for Logan's approval. The ending was his acceptance that Logan did not want him to take over, just as much as he didn't want the other two to take over. Ken said it the best, Roman DOES NOT want to lead, he just can't say it. But from episode 3 to episode 10, he slowly begins to accept everything. We see grief throughout these episodes, be it pure anger in going against Shiv to get the media to show Mencken wins, to the funeral breakdown.
I feel like one important moment was the dinner video. All three of them saw, that in the end, Logan loved the son who had no intention to take over. And he loved his work-family, and considered it his real family.
When it comes to Shiv's character, people have pointed out that she did everything because she couldn't handle Ken winning. I partly agree. All 3 of them were raised to compete and fight and betray each other, and it ended like that. She didn't care about the killing, she just wanted to bring it up. Was it an ad hominem? Both yes and no. Both of them did show that they accepted Ken and didn't hold any negative view of him due to that incident. But I think Shiv brought it up because of Ken's reaction. He messed up. And I think Shiv's decision was made the moment she got out of the room, it just got reinforced after that.

These are just my thoughts about the finale, I loved it. Now comes the post-show blues.
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2023.05.29 17:37 Orphandestroyer98 Handle with Care 6

Memory transcript subject: Lani, Venlil Gardner Date: [standardized human time] October 27th, 2136
Next paw was when Chris would be able to go to school, we have all his supplies so as a treat me and him went on a walk through town. I was passing by Marlik’s place so went inside and greeted him.
“Good paw Marlik how are you?” Marlik turned in my direction as he was tending his plants and when he saw Chris his wool puffed up. “WHY IS THAT PREDATOR NEAR YOU?!” Marlik was panicking he dropped his water fan on the ground. “Look Marlik its fine this is just my new son” I tried to calm Marlik down and his wool only slightly went down. “Look Lani I know we’re wonderful friends but what were you thinking bring him in here” Marlik then turned to Chris and Chris just stared silently with his hands in his hoodie pockets. “Look Marlik how about you and me talk at the table while Chris just takes a look at your garden” there was brief silence.
“Fine but if that predator ruins any of my plants we’re gonna have a problem” I could hear the slight anger in his voice so we headed to the table while Chris walked into the garden marveling at its beauty.
“So you mind exposing to me why you adopted a human?” I turned away from Chris and towards Marlik. “I just felt awful for them and hearing about Chris’s case I just knew I had to take him in” Marlik then grabbed a cup and filled it with juice and took a sip. “What does your daughter think of this Lani I mean seriously don’t you think this will affect her in school?” Marlik took a big sip from his juice. “Look Marlik my daughter hopes that it will be fine I’m just worried about the other kids you know” “look Lani it’s just that you need to be careful alright, also what was so special about Chris’s situation that you chose him?” I got a bit nervous when he asked “apparently he has something called autism” Marlik was now curious when he heard this. He tilted his head “what is autism?” He took another sip of his juice. “Is a genetic thing that makes it so he’s better at problem solving but it also affects his social skills as he has trouble with that” Marlik then looked at me “so it’s kinda like Predators disease?” When I heard this I got angry. “IT IS NOTHING LIKE PREDATORS DISEASE ALRIGHT,ITS JUST HIS BRAIN!” Marlik went back a bit with his wool puffed up a bit “Look Lani just calm down I don’t mean to insult him its just that it sounds similar” I leaned over the table “well maybe you shouldn’t go around assuming things like that, I mean you say that to a full grown human who knows what will happen” when I finished saying that Chris walked into the room. “Hey you guys done talking or? Me and Marlik then turned to Chris. “Oh yeah we we’re just finishing” Chris then turned to Marlik “hey you have a wonderful garden just one question” Marlik then stared at Chris.
“And what would that be?” Chris then pointed to a statue in the garden of Venlil with wings. “Where did you buy a statue like that, I mean it looks somewhat familiar to me but I just don’t know why” Marlik than looked at the statue and then back at Chris “I bought it at a antique store in town” “okay cool hey Lani can we go now?” I looked over to Chris “yeah sure come on”
We then left Marlik’s house and started walking around the town again when Chris stopped and was staring at a building. “Hey Chris you alright?” Chris then turned to me “they actually have a vegan Mc Donald’s?, come on we have to get something to eat” Chris then grabbed me by the hand and we walked towards the restaurant and inside. We then order a couple fries, some apple and a soda. “So Lani how do you like the fries?” I turned towards Chris “they are delicious I mean I can’t believe these are made of plants and they sell them so cheap” me and Chris then talked for a bit as we walked back home.
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2023.05.29 17:37 chongjunxiang3002 [Doom post ahead] Re: Depreciation of Ringgit

This thread is not about whose fault for ringgit depreciation right now.
A currency flow is a complicated manner that no government nor central bank dare to play with, so all can they do is small adjustment on OPR. Any big change will be a daring bet, a jackpot or a tsunami for entire economy system, so we won't likely see them pegging the currency again (that may hurt exporting industry), nor further increase interest rate (that make borrowing harder).
There was a reason why ringgit leave currency union of Brunei and Singapore in 1975, as that was the time country many attempt to adjust themselves from agricultural base economy to heavy industry export economy, so the free market do the job. The pegging of 1998 was performing to storm through the crisis that we did fine/not fine. You can all laugh 3:1 or very soon 10:1, but that is how free market work, and we are in disadvantage position.
However, they might be a point of no return for currency depreciation. Once a undeterminable threshold is crossed, there will be no more investor believe in ringgit. And soon it will be just downfall like waterfall. After the event horizon, the currency can only go down, there is no more measure that can resuscitation (even harsh market manipulation can only turns thing worse).
Might as well just become Hungary forint in 1946, or your favourite laughing stock, Zimbabwe.
Just like Sri Lankan rupee depreciation of 2022, that slow boiling water just turning into steam jet once a trigger is push (4 Mac, 1LKR-0.0049USD vs 1LKR-0.0028USD, 6 May)

Now, place a risk free bet here, are we crossing the event horizon already?

Additional discussion down in comment:
  1. Should we stocking up assets instead of currency? Gold anyone?
  2. Are we going to see 1SGD=RM5 or RM10 before 2030? I am asking this for my future, all my talented family members are now work at Singapore and somewhere else, leaving me the sole loser with poor skill set still staying here, with a certain foolish hope. Long $ROPE or believe in Falling Devil might be comforting choice for me if this is the case.
Let's discuss.
Also read on:
View Poll
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2023.05.29 17:37 Jomskylark D-I College Championships - Monday Discussion

Predict, Discuss and Follow the D-I College Championships

Use this discussion thread to talk about matchups, share predictions, find stream info, react to results and more. You can also chat live in our discord channel.
Monday consists of the two championship games.
Previous discussion threads: Pre-TournamentBold PredictionsFridaySaturdaySunday
Monday's Livestreaming Schedule
Date Local Time UTC Time Div Matchup Watch
Mon 5/29 1:30pm ET 5:30pm UTC Men UNC vs UMass (Final) ESPNU
Mon 5/29 4:00pm ET 8:00pm UTC Women UNC vs Colorado (Final) ESPNU
For a more detailed schedule, please click here.
Broadcast Notes
  • Click here to read a comprehensive guide on watching ultimate on ESPN!
  • The two finals will be on ESPNU, which can be viewed on cable TV, various digital TV providers like Youtube TV or Sling, or on bootleg sites. ESPN+ does NOT offer access to ESPNU.
  • There is now an international streaming option for those outside the US. It costs $12 and includes the semis and finals. For those in the US who are eyeing this as a method to watch both the semis and finals, it's unclear how rigid the geo-fence is, and if it can be bypassed with a VPN like Hola
Tournament Resources:
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2023.05.29 17:37 Past-River-351 Anyone tried solo adventuring using ChatGPT?

I just did and I've been quite blown away. See how it went: Me: Let's play a solo adventure using ICRP rules and Warp Shell setting where you are a GM and I'm a 1st level character. You start the adventure, ask me what I want to do and I will tell you what I do. Include some skill checks and fights.
ChatGPT: Absolutely, I'd love to be your game master for a solo adventure using the ICRP rules and the Warp Shell setting. Let's get started.
The universe is a swirling maelstrom of timeless energies and chaotic dimensions. Among this multiverse, vast entities known as Warp Shells travel, each one a world unto itself. You are a Warp Shell denizen, venturing out into the multiverse, helping where you can, exploring, discovering, surviving.
You are currently stationed on the Jumbled Cosmos, an ever-shifting Warp Shell renowned for its chaotic landscapes and mind-bending physics. Your mission is to explore a recent anomaly detected on the edge of the Shell. An ancient relic, a monolithic pillar of dark metal, has just materialized from the warp.
You are an Idris, a humanoid species capable of manipulating the core energies of the universe, with an affinity for understanding and utilizing ancient technologies. You've recently been assigned as a Novice Technician (1st level), a fresh recruit in the Warp Shell fleet.
You find yourself standing before the pillar, its imposing height reaching toward the star-speckled sky. Your companion, a hovering drone named Nix, is with you, ready to assist in any way it can.
Scenario: The monolith in front of you is made from an unknown, possibly ancient, technology. There's a control panel of sorts with strange glyphs on the side of the structure.
What do you want to do?
(You can try to decipher the glyphs, physically investigate the monolith, ask Nix to scan it, or try something else).
Me: I send Nix to examine the monolithChatGPT
ChatGPT: "Affirmative," Nix chirps, its lights flickering as it eagerly obeys your command. It hovers closer to the monolith, sensors flaring as it begins to scan the strange structure.
Let's make a skill check here, using Nix's scanning ability.
Nix's scanning ability is considered to be fairly competent (let's say equivalent to your own Intelligence).
Since you're not under any particular pressure or threat, we'll set the difficulty for this scan at Moderate (10).
[Rolling d20: 15]
With a roll of 15, Nix's scanning is successful. The drone begins to feed back data on the monolith, translating the complex information into something more understandable.
"The material is an amalgamation of warp metals," Nix reports, its voice coming through the link in your helmet. "Unregistered alloy...possibly dating back to pre-Cosmic Era. Glyphs are of an unknown language, not found in current databases. Attempting further analysis..."
As Nix continues to scan, there's a low rumble and the glyphs on the monolith start to glow a soft blue. Suddenly, a panel on the monolith slides open, revealing a darkened interior. It appears you have activated something.
What do you want to do next?
Me: Next time I want to roll dice for Nix and myself for skill checks and tests.ChatGPT
ChatGPT: Apologies for the oversight. Going forward, I'll prompt you to roll for these checks.
So, faced with the open panel and darkened interior, what would you like to do? You could try to peer inside, use your Idris abilities to sense any danger, send Nix in first, or take another course of action.
Me: Can i go inside?
ChatGPT: Absolutely, you can attempt to venture inside the monolith.
Given the dark interior, it might be a bit hard to see. Would you like to use any equipment or abilities to help navigate or illuminate the interior, or do you want to go in without any assistance?
Also, as you step towards the opening, make a Perception check (or equivalent if using different terminologies in your rule set). The difficulty will be Moderate (10) as you try to discern any immediate threats or issues.
Please roll a d20.
Me: 3
ChatGPT: With a roll of 3, unfortunately, your Perception check fails. The darkness inside the monolith is more impenetrable than you anticipated. As you strain your eyes, trying to make out what's in the shadows, you miss a sudden movement from the corner of your eye.
Suddenly, a shadowy figure lunges out from the darkness! It appears you've triggered the monolith's guardian. The creature is humanoid in shape, but composed of shifting, dark energy. Its form flickers and ripples, an eerie sight to behold.
Combat is initiated.
As it lunges towards you, roll a d20 for initiative. The creature's Initiative bonus is +2. Let's see who acts first.
Me: 10
ChatGPT: With your roll of 10, your total is 10 (assuming you don't have an initiative bonus). The creature rolled a 13, so with its +2 bonus, its total is 15.
The creature acts first. It lunges at you with a tendril of dark energy, trying to strike you.
Roll a d20 for your Armor Class (AC). Let's say your AC is 15 (due to your basic armor and natural dexterity). The creature has an attack bonus of +4.
[Rolling for the creature: 14 + 4 = 18]
The creature's attack hits, and it deals 1d6 damage. Let's see how much damage you take.
[Rolling for damage: 5]
You take 5 points of damage as the dark energy burns into you. Now it's your turn. What do you want to do? You can try to attack the creature, use a special ability, attempt to retreat, or something else. .
At this point I guess it's time to actually create my character, I started without anything, I just wanted to try this. As I said, I've been kind of blown away by this...
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2023.05.29 17:36 Sleep-Asparagus-9303 I came out to my best friend. I think she's always been into me, but I don't reciprocate.

I am a bisexual/cis female, newly realized and out of the closet. I recently came out to my best friend, who also identifies as bi/cis. The thing is, I think she has been sexually attracted to me for years (she has given hints that I have ignored by feigning naivete). I am not attracted to her sexually at all. I think of her like a sister, and the thought of sex with her just feels icky and wrong. What makes this even more complicated is that her and her cis/straight boyfriend are also poly/open, and lately her boyfriend has been acting more interested in me. I am afraid they are going to eventually want me to be their third. The problem is, I could see myself being sexually attracted to him if it went that direction, but I could not see myself ever being sexually attracted to her. It's not that she's not attractive, it's that she really just feels like kin to me, and I cannot turn that off no matter how hard I try. I am not sure what to do. Any advice would be appreciated, but please be kind. I am a baby bi and I have zero experience with these types of issues.
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2023.05.29 17:36 Gutterman_X World Movies A-Z: Dominican Republic to Egypt

This year as a challenge I have set myself that task of watching a film set in every country, in order to expand the context and languages of my movie watching in 2023. And also to have a bit of fun!
My main goal is to stick as close to alphabetical as possible, with the ideal film being set in, produced by, or at the very least primarily filmed in this country. I will be watching bad movies, great movies and everything in between with a aim to keep it diverse in genre and budget. I will give my thoughts on the movies I watch each week to catalogue this theatrical trip around the world.
Feel free to recommend any films from countries I have not yet watched or tell me what you have thought about a film if you happen to have seen it.
Dominican Republic - Jean Gentil: A drama of relieving quality after a long search for a film that featured this country (Aurora Dominicana on Vimeo was an amazing resource). A Haitian academic living across the border finds himself out of work and deeply depressed. Struggling with his religion, he pleads God to fix him, to let him have something of his own. It is deeply melancholic and drags you through his self imposed hopelessness despite receiving help and compassion from others. Loved that this film showed so much of the DR and even had a dramatic fly over shot of Haiti. 8/10
East Timor - The Barefoot Dream: I'll be honest I settled pretty quickly for this one. I stumbled on a movie set here and didn't go much further. A Korean movie set in East Timor, our neighbour to the North, about a constantly failing Korean entrepreneur who settles in this impoverished country with the aim to sell sports equipment. A "true story" that is basically just a classic sports movie with the same arc as any other but with the added benefit of ticking a country off my list. Sorry Timor Leste. 4/10
Ecuador - 24 Hours of Pleasure: A comedy of errors with the horniness turned up to 10. However this is not sexy and not really funny either. Shot in Quinto in the 60s it's interesting how "American" Latin America was back then. The whole film had a what if a poor country was doing it's best impression of the United States. If I can find another film this might be an interesting country to see how much has changed. Or perhaps I'll visit. Anyway movie is like a 4/10.
Egypt - Cairo Station: An Arabic thrillefilm noir about a crippled mentally unwell man that slowly builds a hatred for his fellow train station workers due to his unrequited love for a local woman and the general dismissal by his peers. Editing in swings from amateurish all the way back to masterful. This could possibly be due to technical limitations of the 50s but is sometimes jarring. The director also stars as the main character and puts in a great performance, really making you feel for, but simultaneously repulsed by,this 1950s poverty stricken incel. 7/10
Short list as I'm currently in the process of buying my first home. Turns out there is a bit too it. I'm also quickly running out of year. Coming up on the halfway point and not keeping pace with the films. I'm still have fun however and hope to hear from anyone that's read this far. Thanks
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2023.05.29 17:36 dingleberrydorkus How do you estimate playtime?

It seems nearly universal that the box’s playtime estimate is way less than a game’s actual playtime, I assume because those estimates are based on plays with only experienced players and don’t include setup/tear down and teaching time. But it would be so helpful to be able to more accurately estimate total playtime, including setup and teach, and accounting for slower turns from first-time players. Has anyone figured out a semi reliable way to do this? I hate playing games that end up taking longer than people have time for because it kills the vibes, and I feel especially bad when I’m the one who picked it not realizing how long it would go.
(Of course, often those players who complain about game length are the same people who slow the game down with terrible AP, but that’s a problem for another day…).
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2023.05.29 17:36 Single-Bottle4522 BWBA Continuation: Thomas goes to America predictions.

I know I do think BWBA wasn’t all too that great, I would’ve been very interested to see Thomas traveling around The United States of America had the show continued but I have many predictions on how that will be executed had Thomas never got the axe to make way for ugh…. All Engines Go.
So it could first start within Season 26, it might could switch around with Thomas working in San Francisco just like in the BWBA movie to working in the Grand Canyon with Beau. He is likely also going to visit New York City, it’s a possible guarantee.
Also of course Sam will get reintroduced into an episode for the first time, but since Thomas doesn’t seem to know him unlike in the Short from 2015, it’ll simply be his first time really getting to know about him besides his brief cameo.
Natalie, that diesel shunteswitcher from the movie, will appear of course.
Dustin is likely but also unlikely to appear that is if the crew productions remembers him but he has an official render on his WR set as rumored so it’s a 50/50 chance that is if get a snow based episode.
Oh and course let’s not forget Vinnie, he would definitely appear no questions asked perhaps as an antagonist and an episode about Vinnie trying to warrant revenge on Thomas after The Great Railway Show Fiasco but of course, near the end of the episode knowing a Thomas episode, gets his well deserved comeuppance by crashing again, then he is told off by his controller (if he/she ever appears; most likely going to be a she due to show’s push of gender diversity during the time) punished and vows to get his revenge on Thomas again someday. Or it could end with an ending similar to Apology Impossible but with Vinnie ‘unwillingly’ apologizing for his actions and with that, all is forgiven, everyone’s happy, the end!
For the episodes, there’s definitely going to be a Fourth of July centered episode with a few callback references to Thomas, James & The Fireworks Display from Season 8. There might could be a Thanksgiving episode where it’s just typically Thomas (or some other character) learning about the value of being thankful for his friends. Typical Thomas episode.
Another big prediction I have which might could either be a special similar to The Royal Engine or just a regular special episode is Thomas meeting The President of The United States. However considering we have very little clue as to what year the show takes place in (it’s presumed the 60’s) I have no idea which President will be introduced.
(Even though it would break a lot of the years continuity but It WOULD’VE been funny as hell to imagine that Thomas has canonically met Donald Trump or Joe Biden, or hell even Barack Obama)
For the new characters, though they won’t be exactly special in character, we could simply get a regular Baldwin 4-6-2 who is likely going be a female character, and a diesel character whose going to be based on the EMD E8 diesels. We may could also get a caboose character (Not the one from AEG) but the caboose could be like an American Toad or something.
Though it’s a likely or not so likely possibility, we could get characters who are based on real life engines such as Daylight 4479, Norfolk 611, and of course 4014 Big Boy since it was restored in 2019, it could be a similar case scenario to how Flying Scotsman was reintroduced during the same year the real life one was restored. It’s very possible for the Big Boy to show up!
I can imagine a lot of recolors of the American based designed characters of the show such as Rosie, Porter, Connor, Philip including nobody characters such as Carlos, Gustavo, & Noor Jehan.
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2023.05.29 17:36 ILoveP4ndas My Pseudosquilla Ciliata, Ned

My Pseudosquilla Ciliata, Ned
She likes to climb the magnet and swim off. She will watch TV and me play games and TV from there, too.
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2023.05.29 17:36 Hiei80 The Daily Dogelon - Monday, May 29th, 2023

The Daily Dogelon - Monday, May 29th, 2023
Up and at 'em, Martians! 🚀🚀🚀
Who's in the mood to ride some waves? 🌊
We hope you brought sunscreen, this Daily Dogelon is spicy! 📰

Roll up those sleeves.

🔁 It bears repeating:

Lest we forget.

Turns out the Dogelon Indie Devs serve in more ways than we thought! 👀
Illuminating the community where darkness might envelop. 🌑
It's easy to succumb to FUD, even when tide seems to be turning. 💫
But don't fall for it. You're dealing with a well-informed and educated bunch! 👨‍🏫
Step into the light and be assured: $ELON is making all the right moves. The rest is timing. ⏳

👁️ Just picture it...

New feasts for your eyes, every day!

You guessed it, it's another appreciation post for our Warriors! ⚔️
When you put in as much work as they do, you become more than a Martian. 👨‍🚀
You may be well aware of their daily space and longevity news roundup... 🙋‍♂️
However, their Twitter recently kicked off a new segment! ✨
Pretty much every day you can expect to find brand new Dogelon iconography. Purely epic. ✊

👇 Now, let's take this puppy to the stars:

✔️ CoinMarketCap - Vote Up
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✔️ Coinsniper - Add to watchlist
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✔️ LiveCoinWatch - Heart
✔️ Follow official Twitter
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✔️ Follow Dogelon Mars Instagram

At long last, it's...

⚜️ The Daily Dogelon Gallery ⚜️

Before and after.

Praise be!

How can you resist a collection of such legends?

Start preparing those orders, won't be long now.

WATCH OUT FOR SCAMS and verify with our legit channels:
Follow our official accounts 📱 for all the latest updates and announcements along with breaking news 🚨 for #DOGELON!

We're going to need a bigger boat. 🛥️
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2023.05.29 17:36 RVAIsTheGreatest Who do you think is the better player currently, and who do you think has the higher upside: Ricky Council vs Terquavion Smith

I'm asking this question because although I'm a Terq believer, and I also like Council, I feel like the way people view Terq is lower than how I view him. I think he's deserving of the first round even with some of his ineffiencies but seems like that's not gonna happen. Council and Terq are mocked around the same area in the draft now.
It's a two part question. Who do you all think is the better player right now, and who do you think is the more projectable/higher upside player down the line?
Council to me is both better now and has more upside than he gets credit for. His shooting form needs to be corrected; he gets no elevation, all arms, too stiff. It's his biggest weakness as a prospect, but he is a very good free throw shooter and has a decent floater so he's not devoid of touch. He's a super dynamic slasher. His ability to adjust in the air, his ability to finish through contact, hangtime, above the rim ability, quickness and burst. For his issues from 3, he has a smooth pull up game. He has a lot of shake as a handler. He can make plays out of the PnR for himself and for teammates. He is a very talented offensive player.
Terquavion get panned for decision making but he's a better playmaker with more vision than he gets credit for and while he may not be a primary initiator in the NBA he will be a guy who can make plays for others off his own offense and he should be able to run the PnR successfully and initiate in a pinch. He remains one of the very best players in this draft at being able to generate his own offense and he remains a very talented shotmaker.
I like both of them a lot and think both are being a bit hard done by; I think Terq has a bit of the edge and is especially a bit low for where I'd take him, but do you all agree? Both seem ticketed to be 6th men scorers in the league. Who do you think will become the better one and who do you think is the most ready to contribute now?
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2023.05.29 17:36 Own-Scientist-7525 Some days are impossible with undiagnosed autism.

I've always known something was off about how i interacted with others. Though it's only been recently that people close to me tell me that they think i'm autistic. Usually, i feel fine talking to one or two people is no problem for me. Though i miss social cues and get overly emotional sometimes. As a guy i usually supress my feelings but as of recently they've been getting harder to hide from people. I've been going through a very unfortunate period in my life where i kept losing people close to me. My dad died, My girlfriend left me and i lost my best friend in a car crash. I turned to drinking to cope with these problems but it's no longer working. So i am turning to people on this forum to seek some form release form these problems. It's getting harder to ignore stuff like this. i want to feel like a person for once in my life though i just don't really care anymore. i've tried therapy but the therapy industry is pretty much booked out months in advance where i am. This is the first time that i've been able to say what i'm feeling. I feel pretty Helpless...
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2023.05.29 17:36 Nirahealthy01 African Lean Belly Review- TO MELT AWAY 1LB OF FAT EVERY 48 HOURS!
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Ingredients of African Lean Belly
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2023.05.29 17:36 PennywiseLbro AITA for being mad at my mum for cancelling my shein order that i paid for

i just was scrolling reddit AITA and i saw my mum made a post on this and it made me sound like a little brat. let me just start off by saying the money was not hers to tell me what to spend it on.
basically if u didn’t see my mums story it was basically she didn’t let her daughter buy her online shopping because she didn’t support the business. she also said her daughter lazes around, but that’s not true. i do chores, and i babysit my little sister often, and i don’t get paid for either.
i asked my mum if i can order my shein order and she said no because it she didn’t think i had the money. she mentioned in her story however, that apparently she said it supports child labour. most brands do.
not to butter my own bread, but i am very fortunate to have very generous and rich grandparents. i went around to there house that afternoon, and they asked me how i had been, so i was telling them about how i had a small argument with my mum because i wasn’t allowed to order my shein, and they gave me $250.
i didn’t ask for this but they did it out of pure generosity. i went home and my mum was out, so i asked my dad if i was allowed to place my order, and pay him for it. he said yes so i ordered it. i DO infact have an email so i placed my order under MY email, but i left my phone on the bench, and my mum came home and saw my phone, and she knows my password, so she unlocked my phone and cancelled my order. i was very mad at this considering i had paid for it.
who is in the wrong??
submitted by PennywiseLbro to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]