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2011.12.16 19:27 mkr Barrow County, Georgia

A subreddit for residents of Barrow County, Georgia to share new developments and talk about things.

2014.03.14 06:31 billiegoad Because anonymous advice is still better than going it alone in family court.

Welcome to Divorce_Men. This is a sub where we can discuss the legal, financial and social issues men face in divorce. We are not necessarily lawyers; one of the first pieces of advice you will receive is to **consult with your attorney**.

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2023.03.30 06:49 Revolutionary-Pass41 What does "news play into" mean in this context?

So begins a years-long spat which will upend American politics. Having received a respite from Trumpian storm and stress, American media are returning to their previous patterns of coverage (see chart). Mr Trump will, in all likelihood, fight to be president while his lawyers try to defuse a criminal trial—rather like Israel’s prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is busy defanging his country’s supreme court now that he is back in power. The news plays into Mr Trump’s fearmongering about the deep state, which he has recommitted to destroying once he is back in the White House in January 2025. Grandees in the Republican Party have rallied to the president’s defence, including would-be rivals for the party’s presidential nomination in 2024, whose task has just become more complicated.

I believe "the news" refers to Netanyahu defanging Israel's supreme court. Trump seems to, according to this article, promote the conspiracy theory of "deep state". What does "play into" mean?
Also, does "president" refer to Trump? Or Biden?
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2023.03.30 06:48 KateBetsOnSports Residential Lease w/ purchase option

4.5 years ago I started renting a home in Michigan. I found it on CL as a rent to own lease w/option to purchase. It’s also a triple net bondable lease; and being as young and naive I was, I blindly signed the contract with a company named Orange REO in Florida. In the original lease with original property owners; there was a provision or clause (idk the difference lol) that stated I’m tenant is responsible for maintenance, taxes, and insurance. The title/deed was sold to a company called Nationwide community Revitalization in California December 2020 and Orange REO told me after the sale, I had no idea they were selling the title. I then received an email from the new company with a new lease and I just assumed, like a dumbass, I “had” to sign this new lease with said company to remain in my house, so I electronically signed the current lease in December 2020. This lease also read similarly as far as being responsible for maintenance, taxes, insurance… but they increased my rent from $350 to $550/mo and changed the duration of my lease from 25 years to 5 years. This lease also states I waive my right to a jury trial. The lease is not in the name of the company (NCR); instead it says “5555 2nd Street Michigan Trust” as the Lessor and myself as the Lessee. I also paid a deposit of $3,500 for the option to purchase, which exceeds 1.5 my rent. Unfortunately, I lost my job in 2021 after signing this lease and my husband is a special needs teacher that earns not nearly as much as he should and also pays child support… I don’t receive child support, either, so the math on our budget just did not work at that time… I immediately applied for the CERA app for rent assistance. They agreed to accept the cera payment and to fill out their portion of the application and submitted it… they ended up getting impatient and filed for eviction as we had to jump through many a hoops to get approved for rental assistance as community action agency repeatedly denied them because they said my lease is actually a land contract; despite not saying land contract ANYWHERE, instead it says “residential lease w/ option to purchase triple net bondable lease”…. I got served an eviction and luckily the day before the sheriff was going to remove me from the property, I was able to gather enough money to cover what I needed to for rent and finally the CERA app was processed. I got another CERA payment in December of 2022 and it just expired February 1st. I was not able to pay rent so they filed for another eviction, this time to terminate my tenancy due to habitually late rent payments (when they were well aware I was waiting for the cera app to process) and also states “breach of contract- failed to maintain property” because I missed a housing inspection that is required in city ordinance for non owner occupied rentals; an inspection every other year. When I moved in there were 20 or so blight violations and I’ve been fined many times because I’ve not completely all repairs, such as painting trim and outside of house (chipping paint) the list is down to 5 blight violations and the inspectors are always very understanding and waive a lot of fines so long as I keep making an effort; it’s only when they stepped into the picture and started handling these communications with the city; from California, that I started getting fined heavily… and missing the appointment for inspection in January, I assume, is what they initially planned to end my tenancy. I have legal aid attorney that has not helped much as he’s the only attorney handling landlord tenant cases currently and legal aid. I went to the pre trial last week and the hearing is April 6th. They have a lawyer representing them in Michigan and one of the asset managers from NCR will be zooming in as well. My original defense was that the eviction, lease, and even the title is in the name of a trust, not an actual landlord. They agreed when they signed the CERA app agreement that they wouldn’t not evict me for at least one month after the last payment was paid by the cera app, which was February 1st. They filed February 14th, so not a month… also they lied to me when they got the first check from cera that I had to pay their legal fees of $550 before they could deposit accept the rental assistance check. So I paid the $550. They also signed on the cera app that they would waive any legal fees that exceed $150. So that sucked. I have a beautiful blended family, 3 amazing kids, a pitbull , 3 cats and lots of cool cichlids lol… so to be threatened with eviction/ homelessness not just once but twice while waiting for my cera app to process…. I ended up admitting myself because I had suicidal ideations; I felt hopeless and defeated when I woke up everyday knowing I was on the brink of losing everything that I’ve worked so hard for… I did the repairs myself even…. To save money. My husband has a bad back and couldn’t help much… so I felt just so scared. I’m in intense therapy now thankfully, but seems every system has failed myself and my family in the midsts of a pandemic and all around hard times being below poverty line. I feel this company is predatory and I’m scared, again. April 6th is coming and although my husband and kids are home for spring break, I’m building my defense all day everyday so the 9 of us don’t lose our family home 😭 I know I left tons of information out but I’m hoping maybe someone has some advice here 🙏 I have not returned to work due to ptsd and the evictions have truly made me spiral. There’s a company called vision properties that the legal aid lawyer told me is getting sued currently in Detroit and they sound a lot like the company that owns my houses title now. I appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
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2023.03.30 06:48 KingBravo1412 CMV: Both men and women bare responsibility for the state of relationships in America.

I am restricting this to the United State as I am not familiar with the state of relationships in other countries and cultures.
First, let me start by stating the obvious. The culture surrounding dating/marriage in America is in a horrible state of affairs. 50% of all marriages end in divorce (most of them nasty). 80% of custody battles favor the mother. Rampant hook-up and cheating culture. Prospects are dismal at best and catastrophic at worst. Where does the fault lie? The hard-core leftist will say that it is entire the fault of the men. The alt-right will tell you it's all because of women. Of course, like many things, I don't believe the answer is as black and white as that. I think that the left and the right are both right and wrong. Hopefully, I will be able the orchestrate my thoughts on this coherently. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to address the faults of men and women separately. I will start with the women.
Women, you have been put in a unique position in that in the modern world you no longer need a man to provide anything for you. You now have the ability to get anything and everything you want and need. Because of this you have a powerful advantage in that you only have to choose a man based on what you want. You have the right to be selective in your dating life, and you should be. However, because of this you have since reduced the man to just another pass-time. You have stripped him down and laid him bare in the courtroom of judgement, simply for the handicap of being a man. Yet, you have also determined that your womanhood alone grants you the role of judge, jury, AND executioner, figuratively speaking. You demand to be treated as a queen, yet many of you do not exhibit behavior that would warrant you being treated as such. Many of you demonstrate behavior that could be described as trashy. Casual sex, disrespectfulness (not just to your man but anyone), spitfulness, and destruction of reputation (this is something women are exceptionally effective at, especially against other women). Then you turn around and ask why it is that you end up with deadbeats and players. Trash begets trash. And in the few instances when you do find a good, loyal, and responsible man, you will belittle and berate him for being "weak and boring". You have exacerbated the player and hook-up culture among men by denouncing the "traditional man", and by choosing to partake in it yourself. You have made it clear that you don't need men but you have also, perhaps inadvertently, perpetuated the notion that you don't want them either. You have removed almost every incentive there was to want a long term relationship. You are more likely to end up on the better end of divorce lawsuits, and FAR more likely to end up on the better end of custody battles. You have put men on eggshells, wondering, worrying that anything they say or do may be misconstrued into something that will make you go beserk, and, in doing so, have hurt yourselves as much as men.
Men, unfortunately, you were the first to be wrong. There has always been a culture of promiscuity among men, albeit relatively small in recent centuries, and rather than address and denounce these men you said nothing. Women were not wrong when they said men acted like pigs. Then, you sat back and watched as radical feminist ideology permeated all aspect of the culture. Now, in an effort to combat this, many of you have tried to swing the pendulum back by assuming this "alpha male" mentality, and, sadly, have adopted people like Adrew Tate and his ilk as your role models. Men who will tell you not to respect women, be promiscuous, don't prioritize your children, don't adopt any kind of responsibility. Please, don't, for your own sake if not for theirs. For those of you rejected that mentality, many of you have allowed yourselves to become castrated by women who will say they want a more sensitive man. Don't fall for that either. You have sat down, shut up, and made yourselves believe that this is just how it is. Stand up, for God's sake. Be strong, be competitive, be organized, be structured, be loyal, be firm but gentle when necessary, be just, be respectful, be respectable, and most of all be wise.
In order to repair the damage both sides must acknowledge how they have contributed to the situation. I don't expect the issues to be resolved soon; quite the contrary.
I'm sure many of you disagree, passionately so I imagine. Let me hear it.
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2023.03.30 06:47 OkSecretary8385 AITA for telling my stepdad that he looks like humpty dumpty after he fell off the wall?

FYI this was a long time ago, but I still get shit for it from my mom even though THEYRE FUCKING DIVORCED. So i need opinions… At the time I was around 16(F) and my stepdad was very ab*sive towards my mom and I. Well, one day after therapy my stepdad looked at my grades and saw that i was failing AP Calc. He lost his shit and CANCELLED MY THERAPY FOR THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR ( I was only in quarter one out of 4). I lost it and told him “No wonder people hate you, you look like humpty dumpty after he fell off the wall, fucking idiot”. The week after i got my therapy back. AITA?
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2023.03.30 06:46 PatientModBot Teen-age fentanyl deaths in a Texas county

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2023.03.30 06:45 jookco #Breaking : 13-Year-Old Boy Passes Away After Being Struck by Car in Cumberland County Near REI and Best Buy.. ...

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2023.03.30 06:44 Bj_fromohio432 Friend in need (Massachusetts)

So, to update my recent post here, I’ll start with a bit of a synopsis. My friend I served with in the Ohio National guard moved back home to Massachusetts. Specifically, Uxbridge. He bought a house there using money he saved from working two jobs, plus money from being activated to go to DC back in 2021. He, his wife, and their two kids moved there. Plus, her child she had with someone else whom he has took care of since he was six. Now, she wants a divorce, but hasn’t filled any legal paperwork, whatsoever. She made him leave his house and is now telling him that she will take the house, the kids, the car, the truck, the motorcycle, and his dog. She’s demanding that he can’t take money from his paycheck without her consent because it’s marital property and she’s been recently spending a lot on her credit card, demanding that he posts it off. Throughout their entire relationship she has basically not worked at all until recently. She makes, I believe 2-300 a week with a paper route she started. Which she refuses to use towards their bills or get credit card. Just last week he returned home to get some of his belongings. They got into a verbal confrontation and she called the police claiming he was harassing her. There was no arrest and there was no violence in the confrontation, however, the police told him he had to leave and couldn’t come back without permission. I recently had contacted her through text asking her to leave if she wanted to, but not to be so petty as to take everything from my buddy who paid for everything they have. After a brief back and forth conversation she told me not to contact her again or otherwise she’d contact law enforcement on me because I’m now harassing her and that since I messaged her it wouldn’t look good for my friend. I’m not sure if my conversation with her has any bearing at all,( i live in Ohio) but I did not contact her again. My buddy is attempting to get a lawyer by doesn’t know where to being with this whole thing. If anyone has any advice to share then I would greatly appreciate it. I just want to help my friend in his time of need and active who knows what he should do would be a great help. I hope that anything I did purely on my own doesn’t affect anything legally between them. I don’t bribe it will because I did do in my own accord and was not instructed in anyway to do so. I honestly was just upset that my friend had been abandoned and left homeless by his own wife, so I foolishly allowed myself to confront her about it. Sorr, I know it’s all a lot to take in, but again I’d appreciate any and so advice anyone had that could help. Thank you for your time!
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2023.03.30 06:42 TapwaterSafety Is tap water safe to drink in Carrollton, KY?

Is tap water safe to drink in Carrollton, KY?
Carrollton, KY, is a small town located in Carroll County, Kentucky, United States. The town was founded in 1792 and named after Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Check our tap water safety report in the city.
Carrollton, KY
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2023.03.30 06:41 Scyllascum What should I do in a relationship where I want to start anew while (28F) my SO (30M) is in jail?

So I’ve been with my (28F) SO (30M) for almost three years now. He has ASPD and I also struggle with depression and ADHD, and possibly some other issues where I’m still awaiting medical re-evaluation from a psychiatrist, but the next appointment I’ll be able to see them is on September lol. I’ve been struggling really bad mentally and physically, and the fact that my SO has been in county for over a year and is most likely getting transferred to prison within the next month or two makes this even more difficult. From what I’ve been told, he’ll most likely be in prison for another year or two, if he’s lucky. This is my first time ever having to deal with this type of thing, and his first time going to prison, although he’s been in county for other things in the past. He and I were never the romantic type and before he got caught up we were both homeless and dealing with a lot of shit. We are also addicts, although we’ve both been clean from our DOC since he’s been arrested, which has been already a little over a year.
It’s basically starting fresh, since we were both deep into our addiction during the majority of our time together before he got arrested. Now that we’re both clean, it’s been very hard to articulate my feelings and communicate properly with him, which is the same for him. We’re both introverted, and have a hard time communicating our love for each other. I just want to know if there’s any suggestions from you guys where we can talk about things that ‘normal’ people do in a relationship. Him being in county makes it even harder since all I can do is wait for his calls or send him letters. I genuinely want to write more to him but can never actually say what I want to and it comes off awkward and forced. My overwhelming anxiety also exacerbate this issue.
Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on what to write to him? Or if anything else, what would you recommend to do if you started a ‘new’ relationship? What do you ask? What is considered a ‘normal’ relationship? What do you do? It’s almost like we’re starting our relationship anew ever since our sobriety and I just want to keep him entertained so he won’t have to be stuck with his thoughts while he’s in there by himself alone. I would kindly appreciate it, and no judgment please. Thank you.
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2023.03.30 06:41 Lucipurrrrrrr How do I find out if my Grandma's power of attorney is stealing her money?

Hello. My grandma was put into a nursing home last year and short time later of being there she is now in memory care, and she is not all there.
At the time of my grandma making her will she put her ex husband daughter as power of attorney. We will call her Kay.
I live in California and she lives on the east coast, Kay came out when we had to move grandma into a home and helped out, after Kay went back home is has been very difficult to keep in contact with her.
I have been trying for a year to get documents from her like the advanced health care directive, which I know I am responsible for.
Long story short kay as power of attorney has access to Grandma's money, which she has a large settlement from an accident. The money is suppose to be used to take care of my grandma but I'm afraid Kay is being shady and possibly taking money.
Is there any way for me to find out if Kay is being untrustworthy. Do I need to get a lawyer or is there another way about this.
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2023.03.30 06:40 Suspicious_Report_90 Untitled

Here I am sitting in a dark room opening my laptop preparing myself to a watch a video I recorded from our home, I wasn't ready for it I knew something was not right ever since she began working for that guy, I inhale deeply a let out a huge sigh and pointed the cursor to the video file and watched.

I was right she was having an affair, my world came crashing down as I watched her fucking that guy in our house in our own bed the worse part is she was enjoying every second of it everytime that asshole rammed her inside out I can her expresion being elated, I've never seen her expression like that before everytime I do it with her she just looks bored, she was drowning in pleasure moaning like there was no tomorrow.

I hated it, my anger kept rising as continued watching, to the point that I could only see red, why has she done something like this? have I not been a good husband? everything she asked for I always gave to her, everytime she wants a time with me I spend it with her, why? why? WHY!?

Was it my fault?

It wasn't like this there were times when both of us would be happy with each others company, I met my wife Shoko when were still in college, I confess to her the first day of school because I was mesmerized by her beauty, I thought she would reject me but to my surprised she said yes, I was so happy that I felt I floating in cloud 9 and shouted in joy.

Ever since then we've been together after graduation I took job and started working hard a year later I proposed to her and showed her a ring, a ring that I worked hard for her, with tears in her eyes she accepted my proposal and we got married the next year, It was the happiest moment of our lives, I thought it would last forever, I thought we'd be together forever but fate itself has something in store for me.

3 years in our marriage Shoko decided she wanted to work, then and there I shouldn't have agreed, but I wasn't the type of person who is controlling, we weren't poor we also wasn't rich, we live a perfectly balanced normal life, I can easily provide for the both use but she wanted to help somehow so without hesitation I agreed.

She began working a couple of months later, but as the days goes I noticed she started to become more and more distant and cold and before I knew she began to come how late at night, when she was still a housewife she would cook for both of us her cooking was delicious and it was the many reasons I wanted to go home early so I can taste her homemade cooking, but nowadays I just eat microwave meals.

From time to time she do have off days but it seems she's still focus on working and can't stop messaging on her phone, I've invited her to go eat sometimes and flat out rejects me telling me I should just eat by myself, her personality started to change she became more and more detest towards me and she wouldn't allow me touch her anymore everytime ask to the deed with her she just tell me to use my hand and the way she looks at me is like looking someone who jsut failed in life.

Her love for me is gone, but still I didn't lose hope that maybe one day she'll open up to me again and our love with each other would be rekindled, but I think I was just hoping for nothing.

One day I came home only to see an unfamiliar shoes in the hallway pretty sure it wasn't mine, as I walk in I saw Shoko talking to guy she introduced me to him, his name was Mr.Akizaki Shoko's boss guy was good looking, I mean I'm not gonna lie I was good looking too, but this guy could be an actor just disguising as a business man on how good looking he is.

Everytime Shoko talks about him I could see the spark on her eyes as if she was talking to someone she's been in love with for a very long time, I know because she used to look at me like that, her and Mr. Akizaki seems like very close friend, but I noticed something for a guy who's all about business he's clothing seems to be in disorder and my wife also look the same and they both out of breath.

I soon realize something was off after her boss left I asked her what was going on and she told me nothing happened, she scoffed at me and told me that she was just being hospitable to her boss and she can't believe I'm being suspecious about her and asked me "What's the matter with you?" I asked her the same thing but she just told me she doesn't want to argue anymore and went to take a bath and went to sleep.

I knew something was going on and I'm not going to wait for it much longer the next day my off day and while she was working I bought several suvaillance equipment, cameras, recorders, nanny cams the whole shebang and started putting them in discreet locations after everything was ready I waited.

And here I am watching them cheating behind my back recorded everything I couldn't help it and just started crying not of sorrow but of anger and resentment, I was so angry I was ready to march and scream at her but I didn't, I stopped myself and calmed down and called a good friend of mine to talk about it and have a drink.

At the bar:

"She did what!?"

my friend screamed when he heard the story, Keisuke Nato is good friend of my mind, no he's a like brother to me, we've been togther since middle school and always there when I needed some company to drink with.

"So what are you gonna do?"

"I don't know...I-I just don't know" as I drink the whole glass of whiskey to drown my sorrow

"Well you have the recordings, why not hire a lawyer? sue them both for damages squeeze them dry you know"

"It's just that easy those 2 can easily pay me from the money they're worked for, no I want them to taste karma, I want them to feel something to the point they won't be doing that shit until they die" I poured another whiskey to my glass

"Hmmm...so what are you planning"


At this point I have no idea what to do, as continued drinking something caught my attention I saw a guy in black, he looks like one of those hitman guys in the movie, he had suitcase with him and then started to call someone and said "Job's done" and then lightbulb.

"I have an idea"

"Oh really?" Keisuke questioned

"Yeah I teach those 2 a lesson they would never forget, I lesson about fear"

"And how in the world would you achieved that?"

"Do you still have "those" guns?" I asked

"Yeah it's still there"

"Give them to me even the bullets"

"Whoa! you're not planning to shoot them right? I mean those things aren't even real they're just replicas it can't be chambered with real bullets those guns are specifically made to fire blank ones, those are prop guns"

"Exactly" I exclaimed "Listen this is my plan..."

I told Keisuke everything and I could see a wicked smile forming from his face and then we both started laughing like maniacal villains people where looking at use weirdly but I just don't give a shit, cause my perfect revenge is about to begin.

I waited for the day my wife would go on those company retreat, after several days she told me that her company is going out of town to a well know hot spring.

"I won't be home the next week, so don't even trying calling me while I'm there I'll be relaxing with some friends, I don't need you to call me every minute"

"Whatever" I just responed coldly to her

Days later she then left, I called Keisuke and brough the guns to my home.

"So where are we making these secret room of yours?"

My plan is to make a secret room where I can hang those guns and make it look like a room of a hitman, I remember out closet has these empty space that covered up and decided to use it.

For a couple of ours both me Keisuke started working ripping walls, nailing woods, painting etc, a few days later our job was done and the room looks glorious like it came out from a movie set or something.

"Whew dude this looks legit" Keisuke added

"I know"

"So did it work?"

"Oh yeah, she's suspecious of me"

Before all of this to make sure that my "Hitman" persona looks legit I purposely left some vague and cryptic cluse around the house, to make it look like I've been sloppy one of those was a briefcase full of pictures of wanted men, mugshots, wanted posters, some traget pics etc, I love the look of bewilderment look on her face when she first saw it.

I've also asked Keisuke to send me some letters through mail, Shoko has a habit in retrieving mails, she hands me some of those letters Keisuke made in black enveloped and I could see a curious looked on her face

Left some "bloodied" clothes in the washer which she obviously saw but refuse to elaborate on it and now she's been looking at me wary.

Also I acted like I recieved anonymous call from someone in the middle of the night, but it was Keisuke I asked him to call me in a specific time of the night were Shoko was still awake, I'm pretty sure she heard me talk like "Considered it done" or "You won't be worrying about that man anymore Mr made-up-name here" couldn't help but laugh from time to time and I'm sure she's starting to wonder what is happening cause it's bothering her.

A few months later I was preparing to go to work actually I'm on leave but Shoko doesn't know and then asked her a favor

"Shoko a friend of mine will come here to pick something up I don't have time can you kindly give it to him, its a black gym bag upstairs in the closet"

"Yeah sure I'll give it him" she replied

I can see the look of anxiousness on her face, it's working, I said my goodbyes and left and went to the bar me and Keisuke would go frquently and looked at the surveillance camera at home as both of us started drinking enjoying something that's about to unfold.

I could see Shoko pacing back and forth mumbling to herself about me changing and being so shady, a few moments later she heard a knock on the door, she opened it and lo behold a bald man wearing a black suit and shades was at the door, I could hear Shoko shriek when she saw the man standing in front of the door.

"Where did you find that guy again" I asked Keisuke

"Oh Manza he's good friend mine, we work togther in construction before a real gentle giant but has a very intimidating aura"

"Oh does he know the plan?"

"Don't worry I laid it out for him"

Shoko's POV:
What the hell!? who's this bald guy? is this Shinji's friend? I didn't know he has such friend!?

"Uhmmm...c-can I help you?"

"I'm to pick up something from your husband"

"Oh right the bag uhmm wait one moment"

I hurridly went to the bed room to fetch Shinji's bag, what is going on here, first those briefcases with mugshot of criminals and other people with targets on them and then those black envelopes and then those bloodied clothes in the washer, what is Shinji involved to? is there something he hasn't told me? I need to hurry and give the bag so he can leave, where is it?

Shinji's POV

Shoko entered the bedroom and started to frantically looking for the bag as she reach for the closet I execute a command on my laptop to slight make the door of the secret room open and sure enough I can see Shoko peeking and the look on her face was priceless, both me and Keisuke are having a blast like kids watching at a funny home video.

Shoko's POV

What the hell is this!? I didn't know there was a secret room inside our closet, what is happening here? I don't have time to investigate it, I grabbed the bag and went down stairs and handed it over to the bald man, before he can grab it for unknow reasons the content of the bag fell to the floor and I saw several bundle of cash in all 10,000 Yen, I was shocked to see a huge amount of money like that, the bald man shook his head and started picking up the money and looked at me and said.

"If I were I'd keep my mouth shut if you don't want any trouble"

All I could do is nod after, several minutes he said his goodbyes and left, I was shaken up, did my husband always have friends like that? but I'm more curious about that secret room in the closet, I decided to see what's on the other side.

Shinji's POV

"Looks like my skills in making props is still useful heh" Keisuke responded after seeing the whole cash of fake money spilling out

Keisuke once work in the entertainment business as Production Designer, he made a lot of stuff the look real but fake, I'm glad to have a friend like him with that kind of skills, because of that my charades will be undoubtedly believable.

"Hey! look your wife's entering the room again looks the cat got curious"

"You know what to do"

"Don't worry I'm ready" he then pull out a phone and dialed a number

Shoko's POV

God what the hell is this!? when did Shinji- guns!? this room looks like an office, there are some pictures of men on the wall, some maps, I don't even want to know what's inside those safes, is Shinji a hired killer or something!? oh god if he is one then- these guns look real, videos of people being torured? did he do all of these? oh no no no no, this must be a prank...right it's just a prank I think he's just trying to scare me. heh

oh no did he find out I was having an affair? shit...

wait a journal.


Oh my god I can't believe this Shinji's a hitman!? when!? the journal detailed everything in how he killed his victims.

huh? what's this? it's about me

"October 7th

My wife has become cold and distant towards me, ever since she began working day by day I'm starting lose her, did I do something wrong? I was good husband provided her with everything she ever wanted, I never missed anything during special occasions and I did my best everything to make her happy, is she having an affair? is she cheating on me? I hid this 2nd life of mine from her because I want her to live normally but it she is cheating behind my back then I have no choice but to show her the real me...."

Oh no, what have I done? I don't want to die yet, I should just apologized and tell him the-

*You recieved one new message*

What!-oh it's just a voicemail, that scared me.

"Mr.Hayabusa I just want to thank you for getting rid of those men thanks to you business is booming, I already transfered some money in your account and a little bonus for making them suffer, I like the screams they make when you tortured have you seen the videos? I've sent them to you, anways thansk again and oh about your wife..."

About me!?

"If you think your wife is cheating on you I have a man ready to investigate her and follow her, just give me a call when you're interested, I'm sure we can quickly discover dirt on her and then you can punish her whenever you like"

No no no no no no! is this a dream this isn't happening is my husband really a hitman? has he killed people!? am I going to die!? I need to go out of here!

Shinji's POV

After Shoko entered the secret room I hurridly went home Keisuke told me she's in a state of panic and went down stairs after exiting the secret room, It seems my plan is working she can't tell the lie from the truth and that's fine by me all I had to do is just keep this charade up.

As enter the house I saw Shoko in front of the door, I can see the paranoia settling in and she suddenly hug me tight

"I love you! I love you! I love you!"

"Shoko what's the problem? you look tense as if you've seen a ghost"

"N-Nothing I just miss this can I hold you a bit longer"

"Of course" what a gullible bitch
And just like that Shoko did a 180 and became a loving wife again, I didn't know it would work like this I knew she had weak mind as she's easily get's persuaded, all I did was plant lies on her head and her weak mind accepted it without a hinch.

6 Months later....

Keisuke and I decide to met up and started drinking talked how our day was and how was everything

"So...how's life? how's Shoko doing?" he asked me

"You have no idea ever since that day she's been loyal as dog to me, everything I ask her to do she does it without any hesitation, she hasn't figured it out that all of it was just an elaborate lie to keep her in check"

"What about that Akizaki dude what happened to him?"

"Oh him, Shoko ended her relationship with him the day she left that company, I could hear her that night when she told her she's ending everything with him, erased his information from her phone and blocked him in every social media, but not before I copied everything from her phone just to be sure.

Shoko quit her job a week a later and has become a housewife again but she has become more paranoid than before.

I hired PI to investigate that Akizaki asshole and a month later the PI gave me a lot of receipt that I used to kicked that jerk out of his position by sending those to his bosses, what's worse Shoko wasn't the only one that fucker has been fucking, it seems he's been in bed with other co-workers and some his bosses wives, last I heard that guy is already in prison paying compensation with every money he earned."

"damn karma's a bitch"


"What about you? aren't you gonna divorced Shoko?"

"Not yet, I'm still using her as I see fit, she's a great onahole you know"

"Oh god don't tell me that"

"Don't worry as soon as I'm bored with her, I'm gonna sue her for everything but for now I'll just enjoy what little time I have with her"


*cling the sound of glass toasting"

The End
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2023.03.30 06:39 viking-ship Blackouts turned into divorce

Hi, i Will start saying i probably don't have DID, i dont know. I Hope i am not offending anybody...but i felt like this community could maybe help me to understand what happened to me. (Even If this is a pretty short resume). Thank u ALL for your time and support....
When i was around 19 i started to date who would be my husband. I did used marijuana at the time. I remember one night we went to a bar, and then when we got home we started a fight. I don't remember what It was about but i felt like It wasnt me at all. Like i was watching this other person fighting with him, this person wanted him to feel guilty about something. It was odd. We married 4 years after we started dating, and It wasnt a smart move, since the relationship was problematic. We divorced after he claimed i cheated on him with an old friend of mine. I thought he was crazy because, aside our problems within the relationship, i did wanted to love him so badly, because he is such a Nice Guy. He didn't satisfied me sexually, but i thought since he was so good, and such a dear friend i wasnt going to get any better and i prefered things being like this. But i never cheated on him. He Said a Lot of times when we were fighting, i simply got out of the house and sometimes just appeared in the morning, saying i needed a walk after everything. I have no memories of that whatsoever.I Just remember going to sleep. I stopped smoking marijuana or doing any substance abuse. After the divorce, i spend the night in a friend home, and she Said she had to stay the night at work. She has a Guy roommate. I remember i Said good night to him and went to sleep at her bed. He was sleeping at the other bedroom. I cried till sleep, because i was really depressed by the breakup at the time. I woke up the next day with my genitals hurting, even my ass. I went home thinking, its hurting like i had rough sex all night long. But It was just a feeling. Later, my friend Said that the neighbour told her i had sex all night with this Guy, and he heard everything, and i was really enjoying. And asking him to do things to me. I started to ask myself if this things my ex Said could be true. I actually had proof short time later that i did went out after our fights. I started to fear myself. Like i didn't know what i was capable to do anymore, like ALL my thoughts that i wasnt really happy with him were controling my body. I never had other episodes of that, not that i am awere of. But sometimes people Tell me little things like "hey whats the name of that dude, you know the one who was always talking to you at the class". And i couldnt remember this person whatsoever, or that i talked to someone in that class at all. I went to a time where i thought i was going mad. But now i am happy with myself, but always wondering...what happened? Its scary. Like idk what some...part of me is capable to do. I dont have moments like idk how i get in somewhere or something like that. I Just sleep. Or i simply remember the time as something and then i have the prove that It wasnt. What was going on with me.......? 😭😭😭
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2023.03.30 06:39 endlessnihil Dire need of community support

admin approved post
Hello! I am posting this on behalf of my husband, as he no longer has any social media really. My husband is an amazing father and an incredible human being. He is the most kind, gentle and loving person I have ever met in my life, and extremely humble. My husband is a hard working man, he is very loyal and will do anything to protect his children - including swallowing his pride to ask for help.
For nearly three months, we worked hard with Restorative Justice through Bigstone Cree Nation, to have the judge reject them and their help in these custody issues that have gone on for much too long and has had too much ignored or enabled. Unfortunately they do not have the funding to help my husband retain a lawyer either.
It pains us to ask for support from our friends, families and community members, but we are in dire need of urgent help from our people. We have exhausted all other options and we are not willing to give up fighting for his children, and we have put all of our incomes towards surviving and keeping up with what the judicial systems deemed in the children's best interests, and we are not in a realistic financial position to secure another high interest loan, or make enough money in this short amount of time to succeed with what needs to happen next for his children, after spending so much of our income previously on a lawyer.
It is so hard to put this vulnerable time of our lives out there for public view, scrutiny and perception, and if you're engagement is only sharing the link/post to your social media pages, groups to help accumulate traffic to the GoFundMe campaign, we appreciate that too. We appreciate any and all help. It is also really difficult to explain what's happened without trauma dumping the abuses he and his children have endured the last two years.
Every child matters, and it takes a village to raise children, and at this time we call upon our relations, friends, acquaintences and communities to help us raise these children by protecting them from falling through the cracks of the judicial system, law enforcement and child family services and becoming victims themselves of the school to prison pipeline statistic.
I will not be engaging in any name calling of the other parent, or go into specifics of traumatic events, however Kyle's truth is his truth and it is very hard to share that truth without speaking in greater detail what's happened and continued to happen.
He has written a very concise letter on his GoFundMe page, and I encourage everyone to visit and read it for a better understanding, and while we have an immense amount of documentation, we will not be including it in the campaign, as it would violate FOIP.
Thank you for reading and making it this far. <3 Much love.
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2023.03.30 06:38 cotf21131120 Tortillas

I currently live in a college town that doesn't have a decent tortilla in the entire county. Ive been thinking about opening a tortilla store. There's a sizeable latin population and roughly 5 main Mexican restaurants(their tortillas are also subpar). Does anyone have experience in similar markets? I'm torn between leasing and outright buying the equipment. I'm guessing bakeries would have a similar customer base.
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2023.03.30 06:35 octoelephant22 37 [F4M] Looking for a guy who has the balls to commit - Philippines/Anywhere

Done with the cowards who only want the benefits without the obligations of a relationship.
About me: 5ft, Chubby/Thicc/borderline overweight (but because of medical condition I’m 5 months into living a healthier lifestyle, definitely working on lowering down my BMI to normal range—- I can’t seem to lose the stubborn 3kgs to get there!), educated, working professional (manager at a known and respectable organization), and more comfortable chatting in English. I have a creative side, and a hunger for learning new things. I’ve worked in different industries and have a rich life experience because of this. Have definitely met and worked with people who has inspired me to be better at what I do and ultimately be a better version of myself. And since I’m looking for someone to date seriously/long term/marry, you should also know from the start that I never plan to have kids.
About you: At least 38 years old (up to 10 years older), hygienic, clean, non-smoker and DDF, respectful of boundaries, and single. When I say single I meant no messy ongoing or relationship history: no current fubu/fwb, no girlfriend, no promises of commitment to anyone, no crazy exes I should worry about, not going through divorce/annulment/separation, no kids and definitely do not want kids as well. I have been with a divorced guy with kids and I realized I will never be his priority and it’s not like I can tell him to not prioritize his children. I’ve also kind of went out with a separated guy with kids and he won’t commit beyond just being friends with benefits, and I’m just done with that kind of set up. I want someone I can call mine because I’ll be his.
Please be a decent, honest human being. I absolutely have no tolerance when it comes to any form of cheating.
I’m not looking for celebrity/model type looks, but someone presentable, easy on the eyes, and dresses up nicely. Also not looking for a simple guy— please be interesting, living a life to share with me, can contribute and keep the conversation going. +points if you’re passionate about something and/or an authority in your field.
I’m not looking for someone to finance me, I’m aware of this thought about Filipino women seeking partners outside of the Philippines. I’ve just started on a new career path and I like it, and I haven’t been this hopeful in a long time. So no, I’m not looking for a meal ticket, but a partner who would get me and choose to be with me for the rest of his life. That said, it would be convenient if you’re living in the Philippines or frequently travels here. I know this may be a long shot, but the local r4r is hopeless, as well as the usual dating sites.
Bonus: check my profile to see some of my hobbies—- cooking, baking, and arts!
Do message me with an intro if you find this interesting. 👌🏼
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2023.03.30 06:35 tonnie_taller Immigration Tripled in Top U.S. Counties Even as Many of Them Lost Population

New census data reveals where people are moving to — and from. And it reveals one exception to current trends: Manhattan.. U.S.
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2023.03.30 06:35 tonnie_taller Florida inmate allegedly offered fellow inmates $50,000 to kill her family in attempted murder-for-hire plot

An inmate in Florida is facing new charges for allegedly planning the murder of her family after she was put in prison for threatening to kill her co-workers, officials said. Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez said Tureygua Inaru, 29, allegedly told two fellow inmates at the Osceola County Department of Corrections in Kissimmee, Florida, that … Continue reading Florida inmate allegedly offered fellow inmates $50,000 to kill her family in attempted murder-for-hire plot
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2023.03.30 06:35 papafaraway So I tell my lawn guy about PA, now he needs advice

When people hear my story, they think I might have good suggestions on lawyers, etc. I don’t, but I figure one of you might. Can anyone here suggest a good attorney in Los Angeles to help him fight Child Protective Services from taking his 15 year old and giving custody to the mom? If not, I think we will see one more PA situation form. The best I know to do is ask you.
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2023.03.30 06:35 hope4real Why do you want me to get married when your married life is this bad?

I am 23F living in south asian country. My parents, especially mother talks all the time about married life. They say they won't force me to get married before I want to but constantly talk about getting married and the pros of getting married. Or, at least what they think is good about getting married. But they fight almost every single day. They are not happy at all with each other and mom has made it clear she regrets having me (I am their first child).
Dad is the type of person who should have not married, let alone have children. He is very individualistic and thinks us as a burden and makes it very clear that he thinks us as a burden. Mom has very shitty parents herself and it feels like she alone is in a competition to show she is better parent than her parents and ignore what she should actually be doing. For example her parents didn't even do the basic minimum for her and a little bit more than basic minimum for her brother. So, now she does basic minimum for me and a bit too much to brother. She makes a point to let everyone know how good she is.
Both of them have very fixed idea about how they want things and are never ready to compromise for each other. Mom always says how every single male is same as our dad and it is female who always has to compromise and sacrifice for a little bit of happiness. Dad constantly talks about how unhappy he is, how depressed he is, how difficult his life is (he only does things he wants to).
I have grown up seeing so many bad relationships that I really really don't want to get married. Even if I find someone I like, I don't want to have children. I have also talked to my parents about them getting divorced. Both of them get really angry with me when I talk about these stuff. They try to make it look like I am some evil creature that has come to destroy their perfect life.
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2023.03.30 06:34 scan2006 Multiple People Killed In Trigg County Helicopter Crashes

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2023.03.30 06:34 Impressive_Ad3771 Wrongful termination, defamation, and retaliation

Hi everyone, I am posting here cause I don't really know what to do and I feel like my time is running short.
I was wrongfully fired from my job after being harassed. The harassers made a sign with some unkind things about me, included some sexual comments about things I 'enjoyed', as well as a picture of me from 10 years ago from a very old facebook I don't even have access to anymore. They made some signs with the sexual comments and some without, one without those comments were taped to the table I sat at on the front facing out and on the inside of the shield facing me. They were posted on first shift and my coworkers on 1st and 2nd left them up. When I took them down, I was understandably upset and had to go outside and called a friend to calm down.
I threw the ones on my desk away but there were others laying on a table, the ones with the sexual comments. I ended up taking them to my HR and the supervisor of the other people, cause they worked for a different company. 1 of the people that did it took responsibility but claimed that months prior to this I had threatened him, which was a complete lie. The worse thing I have ever said to him was I called him a dumbass, but my coworkers who are closer to that other company, one even trains them cause he worked that position before he came to work at our company threw me under the bus. I have evidence that the date this person claimed I threatened them one of the 'witnesses' was on vacation. My HR said, "well maybe he got the date wrong' and fired me.
So far I haven't been able to find a lawyer for this and I don't know what to do. I am basically blackballed from the industry that I have been working in for 5+ years unless I want to travel out of state.
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