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17 Subtle Differences Between "Old Money" And "New Money" That Are Actually Very, Very Intriguing

2023.05.29 18:16 autobuzzfeedbot 17 Subtle Differences Between "Old Money" And "New Money" That Are Actually Very, Very Intriguing

  1. SCREAMS NEW MONEY: "New money buys a big house in a nice neighborhood. Old money, you'll never even glimpse the house because it's so far back on their land."
  2. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "I have a friend who worked at a law firm with many wealthy clients. She said old money tells what service they want and then asks for a bill, writes a check, and happily pays any extra fees as long as they get the service they want to the extent they want."
  3. SCREAMS NEW MONEY: "Look at the car they drive. If they drive something like a Porsche or one of those hideous BMW X series cars, they're nouveau riche or they've pushed their credit rating out as far as it'll go."
  4. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "Only people with 'old' money (i.e., comfortable with wealth) will drive a Mercedes station wagon or BMW wagon. They aren't driving the car for status or conspicuousness; they want the space, but it has to be a luxury car nonetheless."
  5. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "I work at a marina. If a guy walks in who looks like a scruffy, homeless man who's been pulled backward through a charity shop, I know he is going to have a 20+ meter boat and be minted. I also tend to find they are some of the easiest going customers; they rarely complain and tend to be really understanding about mistakes."
  6. SCREAMS NEW MONEY: "On the other hand, as soon as someone starts telling me how much they pay to keep their boat here or start demanding my name to make a complaint, I know I'm dealing with new money."
  7. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "I’m a cleaner; old money gives a Christmas tip and buys me a gift. New money does neither."
  8. SCREAMS NEW MONEY: "The new money people I know are consistently awful to their hired help."
  9. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "The way they speak to people who are serving them. Old money will be apologetic and treat them like family."
  10. SCREAMS NEW MONEY: "It's the way they carry themselves. New rich will try and prove they own a place. Strut around, show off, and put others down to show how important they are."
  11. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "I went to school with a lot of old money families (a private girls' academy). ... One of my classmates had a summer home where she took some friends, using her father's company jet. This was not seen as an unusual thing to most of them. It was simply a 'company perk.'"
  12. SCREAMS NEW MONEY: "In the UK, a lot of new money families went to random private schools or state schools rather than the Etons, Harrows, etc."
  13. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "They tend to genuinely not give a toss what you think of them. And they tell you outrageous stories as though they were discussing the price of fish."
  14. SCREAMS NEW MONEY: "Bragging. I have a coworker who comes from a wealthy-ish family, but I get the impression that her family hasn't always been wealthy. She brags all the time about the things that she buys that are 'designer.'"
  15. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "I have another coworker who is from a very wealthy family. I have never once heard her brag about anything. She talks with excitement about things, but she never sounds like she's bragging. She sounds appreciative of what she has."
  16. SCREAMS NEW MONEY: "Wearing branded accessories, like a Gucci belt or Chanel jewelry with the prominent 'CCs.'"
  17. WHISPERS OLD MONEY: "The clothing. My dad's family is old money, and they all wear the same LL Bean gear they've been wearing since the '00s. Plus, lots of high-quality fabrics they bought once decades ago and have never needed to replace, like wool cable knits and heavyweight corduroy pants."
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2023.05.29 18:15 Economy_Wedding_8889 Wife's sister committed a major driving offense. Will our insurance go up?

My wife's sister borrowed our car today to drive to work. On the way she failed to stop for a school bus which was stopped with lights flashing. She was on the opposite side of the road and there were no kids getting on on her side (no houses on her side either) but she definitely should have stopped. The bus driver honked at her as she went by.
I'm super pissed off and she's feeling like shit, as she should. I heard that school buses in Ontario have cameras now and the license plate would have been captured. Completely expect to get a ticket in the mail and will take it as a lesson learnt to be careful lending our car out.
My question though is since neither my wife or I were driving, will we also get demerit points and insurance increases? Don't think there is a way for them to establish who was driving?
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2023.05.29 18:15 SuicidalDocThrowAway There's a reason that I'm really good at talking to psych patients

Where to begin?
This feels so self indulgent.
Whatever. I just got home from a 12 hour shift. I'm 10mg of melatonin and 5 fingers of Bulleit deep and I still can't sleep. Maybe this will be more cathartic than yet another call to the veteran's crisis line.
I'm a physician in their first year out of medical school. I've been very vocal about my interest in getting into psychiatry since the end of my first year of med school. During my first year, I'd asked to speak to an advisor and about a week later I was sitting across from one. In my second year onward whenever I asked to speak to one I got an incessant run around. What'd changed? I'd finally listened to that nagging little voice in the back of my head telling me I'd never be happy with my life the way it was, and transitioned from one gender to another.
One of the shocks my medical education afforded me was just how fucked up I am. I know that if my colleagues had a patient who spent as much time stewing on suicidal ideation as I do it would earn them the ignominious honor of being dubbed "that patient".
Anyhow, I've been seriously considering killing myself for 14 months now.
The first time I saw the inside of a psych unit was about half a decade before medical school. The second time was a couple of months ago. I tried and failed twice to get into a psych residency - the last leg of training to become a psychiatrist. You see, when I first got diagnosed (Bipolar Disorder) I had a psychiatrist who was god awful. Turned me off of the concept of relying on these jokers for help. Made me go non compliant with my meds. Of course, I decompensated. So I went crawling back to a different clinic to get a new psychiatrist to give me my meds - I thought I'd get them and fuck off really quickly because I didn't want to waste each other's time with the apparently boring minutiae of my life. And shrink #2 didn't let me. He made me sit down and tell him everything. I owe that doctor so much, he really and truly cared. He wasn't perfect, not at all, but he made such a difference. And the discrepancy between these two docs pissed me off. It was sheer luck that resulted in me getting mental health care that actually made me feel better. It shouldn't be that way.
And now, hundreds of thousands of dollars and about 8 years later, all that motivation and five dollars is worth a cup of coffee. With the stigma around mental illness shifting (not lifting, mind you, but shifting) a lot of neurotypicals realized that psychiatry is a cushy gig. Which in turn drives up applications and in turn makes it more competitive.
I've spent the last year working in a prelim medical year, a short contract which gives me extra education while still affording me the flexibility to reapply. And I killed it, I'm a great medical doctor. This in the face of me having great, salient research and recommendations from a former program director and psychiatric service directors. I guess hiring a trans person is just a bridge too far. I went from one of the best medical schools in the country to a throw away program, all because I had the personal integrity to be true to myself.
I keep putting myself back together, piece by piece, so that I have the strength for a third run at the wall, hoping I scale it this time. But I just feel like there are pieces of me missing. I don't know if I have the strength for a third go. I don't know if another failure means I crash even harder. Medical training means I know precisely how to kill myself - I made a therapist intern cry when I told them my suicide plan.
I had a patient tonight who had some really bad recurrent health issues crop up and throw their life for a loop. I asked them how their mood was - I get the impression they haven't been asked that all that often. An entire life destroyed by illness, and over 2 years not one of us asked how it effected them emotionally. They started crying. And I had to chuck it over to social work because "that's not my job"
And I want it to be. The fact that it isn't kills me.
One more month of this. Then I get to do (pro bono) research. A medical provider shortage and here I am, about to be unemployed. Wonderful.
I don't know if this helped. Putting the bourbon down now for some chamomile tea. Make another attempt to get some sleep.
I have another round in about 10 hours.
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2023.05.29 18:15 burntoutcashier I don't know how to handle the constant anxiety anymore

I'm 21, I've had anxiety for... forever. I can't remember the last time I was able to relax and not worry or feel anxious. I've never been to a professional for this, and I'm not asking for a diagnosis either. I really just want to vent about it. As I've gotten older, it's only gotten worse. When I was in school, that was the main cause of anxiety for me. I'd miss a day here and there because of it, I'd lie to my parents because anything like that was never taken seriously. I can't do that anymore, I have to go to work, I can't just miss a day or two every month because my anxiety is affecting me so badly.
It's like I wake up and I'm immediately anxious. It takes me forever to actually fall asleep, it takes me forever to wake up and get up because I'm so tired. I work later in the day, so the earliest I go in is around 2 PM. When I'm getting ready for work, driving to work, waiting in my car until I actually go in, I am trembling the entire time. My heart is pounding, I'm having trouble with keeping myself from breathing so hard, and it affects my stomach. I don't want to get too into it, there are just days where I am so anxious for whatever fucking reason and it affects my stomach, so I can't even leave the bathroom. I can't even eat before work most of the time. I can't eat before work, I can't eat while at work, God forbid I do, my stomach will immediately get upset. It's not like I'm allergic to these foods either, it's stuff I eat all the time and have no issue, but when I'm anxious? It's like I cannot handle consuming anything other than water.
I have this constant worry that I've done something wrong, I'm about to be fired, I'm about to lose my job, or something else is going to happen when I'm close to getting fired. I'll walk in ready for the manager to take me into an office somewhere to let me know I've been terminated, even though I know I've done nothing wrong. It's not just at work, it happens basically everywhere I go.
Going to get gas? I'm terrified my car is going to suddenly fall apart, all my cards will decline, I'll do something wrong and won't be able to get out of the situation I'm in and I'll embarrass myself. Or going to get groceries, I do anything to avoid going to the actual grocery store. I'll do pickups, instacart (even though it's expensive and I really can't afford to get my groceries that way), and when I do go in, I'm scared I'll do something stupid, my cards will decline (even though I've checked my balance five million times before going in), or something else will happen and I won't be able to get out of the situation, I'll have to ask for help and I will be embarrassed.
I can't afford to see a doctor about this, and I'm scared of doing that anyways because I'm scared it won't be taken seriously, or I'll be put on medication that will negatively affect me or make my issues worse. I feel like I'm running on fumes, I am constantly exhausted, but I'm too wired and anxious to relax and not feel like I'm in danger or that everything is a threat. I haven't even told my partner about how much worse it's gotten lately because I'm too scared to, I'm scared it won't be taken seriously.
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2023.05.29 18:15 Economy_Wedding_8889 Wife's sister committed a major driving offense. Will our insurance go up?

My wife's sister borrowed our car today to drive to work. On the way she failed to stop for a school bus which was stopped with lights flashing. She was on the opposite side of the road and there were no kids getting on on her side (no houses on her side either) but she definitely should have stopped. The bus driver honked at her as she went by.
I'm super pissed off and she's feeling like shit, as she should. I heard that school buses in Ontario have cameras now and the license plate would have been captured. Completely expect to get a ticket in the mail and will take it as a lesson learnt to be careful lending our car out.
My question though is since neither my wife or I were driving, will we also get demerit points and insurance increases? Don't think there is a way for them to establish who was driving?
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2023.05.29 18:14 Economy_Wedding_8889 Wife's sister committed a major driving offense. Will our insurance go up?

My wife's sister borrowed our car today to drive to work. On the way she failed to stop for a school bus which was stopped with lights flashing. She was on the opposite side of the road and there were no kids getting on on her side (no houses on her side either) but she definitely should have stopped. The bus driver honked at her as she went by.
I'm super pissed off and she's feeling like shit, as she should. I heard that school buses in Ontario have cameras now and the license plate would have been captured. Completely expect to get a ticket in the mail and will take it as a lesson learnt to be careful lending our car out.
My question though is since neither my wife or I were driving, will we also get demerit points and insurance increases? Don't think there is a way for them to establish who was driving?
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2023.05.29 18:08 CommonSink First time citation help

This a little bit of a copy and paste from my original post I made today, but I wanted to post on here just in case anyone in this area has had any experiences in court.
(22 M, College Student)
Today (on Memorial Day) I got a citation on my way to work at Soin Medical Center. I am out of state and live in Nebraska and I am in Ohio because I'm doing an internship at Soin. I've been driving consistently for about 2 years and have never been pulled over for any reason until today. I was driving on highway 35 and that's when the officer got me. I was going to take exit 42 to get onto i 675 to get to Soin.
The officer got me at 74 in a 55 with radar. He told me that I didn't have to go to court and that I could go to this website, but I asked him what if I wanted to do traffic school and he said then I would need to show up to court.
My question is, should I show up to court and ask the judge to hopefully give me some mercy like traffic school? Or will I unfortunately need to take the hit on this ticket and take the points on my license? Honestly, what should I do?
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2023.05.29 18:07 MurkyLife1232 [POSTGRAD ADVICE]

Hi, I’m a recent graduate from college, I majored in Biochemistry with a minor in Mathematics. I’ve been looking for jobs in the field because I don’t think the med school route is a commitment I can make at this time and I want to explore my options. I’ve been looking in the New York/Boston area for some entry level jobs (lab technician, research associate, etc.) but most are requiring certain levels of certification that I don’t have at the moment. I am really looking for outsourcing opinions or some guidance on the route some of you all have taken because I feel like I’m shooting in the dark. I have done a multitude of undergraduate research mostly in the realm of analytical chemistry (using HPLC, mass spectrometry, etc.) Money isn’t really a driving factor, but I’m looking for a position where I can work and become more confident in my in lab abilities. Math is a strong suit of mine so somewhere I can utilize that ability in data analysis and/or interpretation.
All in all, any recommendations you may have will be greatly appreciated in helping me on this journey. I just don’t want to commit to something I’m not confident about. I do want to eventually go back to school to pursue my PhD, just not at the moment.
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2023.05.29 18:03 pyrmale Executive Protection training experience?

Anyone take any type of executive protection training? I'm looking into taking a EP driving course as a way to get into EP work.
Please let me know your opinion if you've attended a school or course.
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2023.05.29 18:01 lissakristine Standing up for myself and possibly dodging a bullet in the process

Apologies in advance for not using the correct flair. I wasn't sure which one to pick.

I'm currently looking for a new job as MB is pregnant and will be taking at least a year off when the baby comes. On Friday, I had a last-minute phone interview for a position.
9 am to 3 pm Monday-Friday caring for a 15-month-old. The family also has an 11-year-old, but he'll be in school during those hours [we did not discuss the plans for when he's home. At 11, however, it's not a huge concern of mine since at the age of 11, I was already babysitting other kids].
The family currently has a "sitter" who is leaving to start her full-time career. This sitter takes the toddler out of the house at around 9 am, and they stay out until close to 1 pm (eating lunch and snacks on the go). Typically, they spend all day out at parks or at the Zoo (I'm assuming they have a pass, though the SITTER may have the pass, and the kid gets in for free because she's under 2. It wouldn't surprise me if NF isn't paying for the zoo). While this is fine on nice days, it seems like a LOT to keep a toddler out of the house and entertained for 4-5 hours a day when the weather is poor.
The first red flag occurred when it was revealed that I don't drive my NKs. They're 2 and 4, and when I started the job in 2022, things were still a bit more restricted than they are today. (We had Covid my second week of work). There's been no need to drive my NKs anywhere. There's plenty to do within walking distance when the weather is nice, and the kids are also content to play at home or in their backyard. Potential MB (PMB) sounded almost offended at the idea that I don't drive the kids. [Looking back, I wonder if she suspects it's because there's a reason in my driving history.]
Then, it came up that the family only owns one car, so I'd have to use my vehicle to drive NK around. Unfortunately, I've gotten conflicting information about what my car insurance will cover regarding using my vehicle for work, so I prefer NOT to use my car to transport kids. (At this time, I'm not really in a position to change insurance companies). This is typically something that scares employers away. Most of them don't even ask about insurance coverage, but I bring it up because I will only drive kids around if I have the proper coverage. I can only afford to pay out of pocket if I significantly increase my rates (which are already too low).
But the family seemed to agree to discuss paying for the insurance coverage. That's when I learned that NK takes a nap at 2:45 pm after a bath. (Parents alternate WFH days, so I'd be free to go after NK is asleep). I have no problem giving kids baths, but it's not something I've done often because most families I've worked for don't do baths during the day, and most parents, in my experience, opt to skip a PM bath if it's a babysitter night. My concern is the late naptime. In my experience, the only time I've had a kid with a nap that late was when they were still on two naps (say a 10am nap and a 2:30-3pm nap). I wonder if she's dropped that morning nap and is down to 1 nap now, but that second nap wasn't adjusted to accommodate. Now, it's possible that she just sleeps in later and that schedule works, but I feel it's more likely that they want to push that nap out later because it's more convenient/cheaper to have a sitter from 9-3, and have baby nap for those last 2 hours of the work day than it is to have someone from 9-5 because baby is napping from 1-3.
So, I was already hesitant on the job when the subject of pay came up. PMB seemed confused about the idea of paying on the books and gave the line that she'd "look into it" which often leads to no response or agreeing to give a 1099. When I told her my rates started at $25/hour (I have over 20 years of childcare experience and live in a HCOL area and $25/hour at 40 hours isn't enough to afford an apartment around here, so my rates are already low), she was confused. Apparently, she saw $15-17 an hour on my Sittercity profile. She tried to talk me into lowering my rates, but I was firm that $25/hour was as low as I'd go.
Despite all this, we agreed to schedule an in-person interview. She wanted to do it Sunday, but I do not work Sundays and was very firm on it, despite her constantly trying to negotiate a different time. [I am busy until close to 5pm most Sundays with church activities, and then I need the evening, so I don't have much room to negotiate. I am available other days, but not Sunday].
So, we agreed to meet today at 2pm. This was at 7pm on Friday. It is now almost 12pm on Monday and I haven't heard from her about an address. I'm starting to suspect that she decided NOT to go with me when there are people out there who are willing to accept $15/hour cash.
And given the job description and the fact that she uses the word "sitter" (which I've noticed is code for "I undervalue and underpay my employees), I'm not too heartbroken about it.
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2023.05.29 18:01 kilawnaa Tips/advice for Class 5 road test this Friday?

Hey all,
I hope you are all well!
This Friday I have my class 5 road test. I am pretty confident, but I was looking for any additional tips/advice for my road test in Vernon?
Shoulder checks, turn signals, observing intersections, etc, I have zero issues with and feel very confident. The only things I would say I’m not very confident on is parallel parking (mainly just because of the people behind me waiting) and school zones. I know to watch for my speed and will stay a tad bit under the limit on my test, but I know some of the school zones here in Vernon aren’t very well labeled sometimes. Though, my test is at 3:30 so hopefully people will be driving slow by schools anyway because they will be out around this time!
I did do driving lessons (If I remember it was 12 or 13 total, one each month with my L) and I feel I am a very confident driver.
Just looking to see if anyone has any general tips/advice! Cheers
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2023.05.29 17:59 Separate_Clerk_1776 People call my friend group a cult and I think it’s hilarious

TLDR: close group of professional friends, not sure if people are haters or our behavior is genuinely too much
I’m in grad school and so are a whole group of my friends. Before matriculating though, a bunch of us went through a program that kinda preps first generation students for the rigors of academia. It was a hellish experience tbh and involved some of the most traumatic collective experiences most of us have had in academia (like straight up, there were deaths in nearly all of our lives/families/friend groups that we couldn’t attend to, someone almost died because of academic demands, there were sexual assault attempts, systemic violence). And because of that, combined with our determination to get through it all anyway, a big group of us trauma bonded and stayed friends when we all went our separate ways. We talk almost every day and have become actual friends.
Earlier this year, there was a leadership conference with an election for membership on the board of a particular professional organization and it was the first time we all got together as a group. It was a hard time for us because we had to gather in the same place and see many of the same people that traumatized us, but we also had an election to run. It ended up being highly contentious, so we decided early that the best thing to do would be to openly support eachother and eachother’s friends (or rather, highly respected but enjoyable colleagues) and other people who seemed amenable to our style of doing things (specifically: no dirty tricks, running from a place of community, support, and good clean positivity) and campaigning as a large group. Other people did try to be kinda underhanded about it, which only strengthened the bond between us, our new members in our group and our supporters.
We won, of course. We are all super qualified, charismatic, hard working people who know how to rally support.
The rest of the conference, we just had fun while also networking, attending events and trying to work through some complicated feelings. But because our group was big and we were at all the good parties and we almost always traveled with someone else from our group, and because very influential people in our field like us, people started getting weird about it. People were jealous that there was no room at our table because high profile academics were sitting with us. We were more outgoing than everyone else and people from our schools were jealous that we weren’t spending more time with them. One night after a very draining day, we decided to all have a moment alone to decompress at our favorite bar and it’s a cool bar so of course we took snaps. We have tried to be inclusive and make a lot of friends and meet everyone, but that seems to only worsen the jealousy when we’re successful.
One of the influential people we’re all close with told us that people were starting to refer to us as a cult, and months after, that reputation has stuck. People talk about how we all talk every day, how we hype each other up on socials and networking sites, how we all party together when we’re in the same cities and often end up collaborating. The fact that we are also all highly motivated and successful people who get asked to do elite things (which means we travel a lot and get to do cool things together) hasn’t helped. To their credit, I will admit we are maybe too comfortable with each other: we try each other’s drinks and food, I let people nap in my bed if i’m not there or drive my car or shower in my hotel room (I always get my own room).
To be honest, this is all super funny to me because we’re just chill people who want to do good in our field and happen to like each other but the fact that it’s spreading beyond our immediate circle has me wondering if it’s actually not funny. Like, is it really that dickish to be bonded to people you work with? Or is this just high school behavior and it comes with the territory?
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2023.05.29 17:58 Echo_Reality HP Envy x360 Blue Screen and Failing to Locate Hardrive.

This is so frustrating. I got this laptop on March 13 after my previous laptop had a hinge snap and the screen fold in on itself. I’ve had this laptop for only three months or so but recently I’ve been having this issue, where it’ll blue screen, crash, and then fail to locate the hard drive. I ran a couple tests in the BIOS menu, and it can never locate the hard drive. I unplug it, and let it sit and the the laptop comes back to life.
This only happens when it’s plugged into the charger. When it’s plugged in, the machine gets really hot so I’m wondering if it’s the excess heat causing the issue. If charging my laptop causes the hard drive to fail I don’t know what I’m going to do when the school year hits.
Since the laptop was bought in March, is taking it in the best solution at this point?
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2023.05.29 17:53 WillieRayPR Traffic Court Experience in Alachua County?

TL:DR - Got a speeding ticket on one of 301's speed traps, mostly clean driving record (1 prior speeding ticket 7 years ago), never dealt with Alachua County courts. Basically, if I drive down there, plead no contest and pay the fine, can I avoid the conviction, driving school and points?
Long version - I got ticketed today along one of the speed traps on 301 on my way back home to Jax. One of those zones before entering a small town where it rapidly goes 65>55>45. Based on analyzing the dashcam footage frame by frame, I calculated that I was doing 68 when I passed the officer in a 45 zone (forgot to shut off the cruise control and was driving as if it was still a 65 zone). However, the officer was driving in the opposite direction when he turned his lights on, and during the encounter the officer told me I was going "about 72 or 73, lets call it 75 [verbatim]". The citation had the additional infraction of "passing on the right" which was impossible because I was in the left lane with another car on my right going the same speed. Based on the encounter I feel like the officer does not have evidence of the infraction other than a visual estimation. At the time I was adamant on fighting the ticket, but upon review of the dash cam footage and doing some math using the road lines, I don't think I would get the ticket thrown out as the footage would still convict me of speeding, just at a lower speed than what the officer had on the ticket. The fine assessed was for <9mph over, so I'm gonna cut my losses and pay the ticket. I just don't want the conviction and the points on my record.
This is the second time I've ever been pulled over in my 20 years of driving, so my record is pretty clean; the first one was 7 years ago in Jax (also for speeding, no contest, reduced fine and no points or driving school). I don't wanna pay the fine outright because that's an automatic conviction and points. I am not sure if I can plead no contest here and expect the same result as before now that I have a prior citation for the same infraction on record. I am also unsure if I can plead not guilty and have the ticket thrown out based on the above mistakes on the ticket.
Any suggestions on the best course of action here? I'm mostly leaning toward showing up for court, pleading no contest and trying to pay the fine without points or school. But a small part of me wants to fight the ticket because I think the officer does not have the documented proof to back up the ticket.
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2023.05.29 17:48 Novice3076 Visiting n stuff

Good Day,
So I am technically from Chandigarh but haven’t spent much time here. I did most of my schooling in Himachal and then settled abroad. I am visiting India for like 20 days and wondering if you guys can help me out.
  1. What are the best spots to eat, especially places for Dosa, momo, spring rolls, golagappa and anything to do with mangoes? Any other food that I must try? I am a vegetarian, by the way.
  2. What other things should I do? I like watching standup comedy and ballroom dancing.
  3. What is the best mode of transport? Ridesharing? I am not comfortable with driving in India. The best I can do is drive an activa. Another thing, is there a driving school that can teach me how to drive a manual car on short notice? I only know automatic, lol!
  4. How is the dating scene in Chandigarh? I am 28 years old and had some girlfriends in the past. However, I need to find a desi like nothing major but need a partner who understands n shares my taste in music, movies, n food. I don’t want an arranged marriage that I know my parents would be pushing on me soon. I have about 2-3 yrs to figure things out. Would online dating work? What apps do you guys use, and any offline events on the go?
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2023.05.29 17:47 Tallgirlwhois180 Which driving school in Kelowna would you recommend to learn Manual Car driving and for someone who already has their license but needs refresher lessons?

I already have my drivers license which I got at the age of 19 (25 now) but haven’t driven since. Reason being I was a broke college student with no need for a car in a city such as Vancouver with decent enough transport.
Since living in Kelowna, I know I will definitely need a car as the public transport here is awful when wanting to do things such as grocery shopping, and I realized I’m in a good spot to purchase a car now.
With car shopping I realized a majority of cars within my price range are manual, which sucks as I only know automatic, so I feel learning manual would be a big benefit for me and would prefer to spend a bit more money to learn manual driving instead of buying an automatic.
Another reason being why I want lessons again is because well, driving in Kelowna seems to terrify me, and I don’t think it’s safe for someone like me to learn manual car driving from a friend with huge 4x4 trucks on every lane ready to potentially collide with me. I don’t think Kelowna drivers are the most patient lol
I already know road signs and such, just the whole driving thing is something I need to get back into.
Any recommendations is very much appreciated!
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2023.05.29 17:46 Researcher_1999 The "white Bronco" - was this actually Eric Jackson's Blazer?

A lot of people wonder why police asked people if they knew anyone who drove a white Bronco. The reason has been lost to time, it seems. But, here is the background.
Early on, someone saw a white Bronco follow an ambulance out of the school's parking lot and told police they thought the Bronco was full of weapons in the back. The ambulance was headed to Swedish Medical, so they stationed armed guards outside of the hospital near the ambulance bay just in case.
The reason someone thought the Bronco had weapons in the back isn't entirely clear, but it was probably because a TCM associated with the first name of Eric (LNU) was known to drive a white Bronco. When Chris Morris didn't have a car, he regularly drove him to bowling and he also was the guy who usually drove the TCM around when they hung out.
Patrick McDuffee lists this person as someone who helped transport weapons for the shooting, but later acknowledges this was just a feeling and not based on fact. He probably heard the rumor and knew who drove the Bronco.
It wasn't Eric Dutro, he drove a '93 blue Ford Tempo and he had a warrant out for his arrest and was hiding out at his girlfriend's house in Arvada, so I doubt he would have gone there that day. I don't know about Eric Ault, though, he was expelled in January 1998.
Eric Jackson drove a white Blazer with blue trim. It's very possible that people confused the model of his car. Blazer, Bronco, in the 90s they looked similar.
It seems like whoever saw that car follow the ambulance out knew Jackson's association with the TCM and assumed the worst and reported their concerns to police. They just had the wrong model.
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2023.05.29 17:35 JacksonvilleModTeam Housing/Moving Megathread

Looking for information about apartments or neighborhoods? Moving to or visiting Jacksonville and looking for information? This is where you ask!
Help us help you. Please include the following information with your question:
  1. Budget.
  2. Number of Bedrooms
  3. Pets and type
  4. Areas you are considering
  5. General area your work is at
  6. School requirements
Visiting/moving question. (what to do/where to eat?):
  1. What area of the city are you staying in?
  2. How far are you willing to drive?
  3. How old are you? (No sense suggesting bars if you are 17)
  4. What do you like/dislike? (No sense suggesting the beach if you hate the outdoors)
  5. What time frame will you be here?
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2023.05.29 17:34 CommonSink First time citation advice

Hello, (22 M, College Student)
Today (on Memorial Day) I got a citation on my way to work in Ohio. I am out of state and live in Nebraska and I am in Ohio because I'm doing an internship at a hospital. I've been driving consistently for about 2 years and have never been pulled over for any reason until today. I was driving on highway 35 taking the exit 42 to get onto i 675 to get to Soin Medical Center.
The officer got me at 74 in a 55 with radar. He told me that I didn't have to go to court and that I could go to this website, but I asked him what if I wanted to do traffic school and he said then I would need to show up to court.
My question is, should I show up to court and ask the judge to hopefully give me some mercy? Or will I unfortunately need to take the hit on this ticket and take the points on my license? Honestly, what should I do? This especially hurts because both of my parents have impeccable driving records and haven't had a ticket in years.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.05.29 17:34 That1TrainsGuy Writing About Race in the Context of Lackadaisy - How To Do It?

Warning: Long post ahead. TL;DR Race is complicated and I don't know how to approach it in-universe.
Hey y'all,
So, I am in a bit of a pickle. I am currently round about 80k words deep into a very lengthy fanfiction writing process. I've more or less been writing this fic in various iterations since I was in freshman year high school, and I am in my mid-20s now, so that should give you some idea of how long ago that has been.
Anyway, because I would prefer to say as little as possible about the specific plot of the fic, I will just say that it is set in an alternate universe where the plot of Lackadaisy takes place in the year 1960. Or, well, it takes place in 1956, and the story itself takes place round about four years after what would be the "present moment" in the continuity of the comic. Everyone is four years older, basically, and the plot has shifted. It relies heavily on fanon as a result - the backgrounds of many of the characters have changed, such as many of the men being veterans of the Second World War or the Korean War. Their family histories have changed. The supporting cast and some members of the main cast are entirely original characters. The personalities of the core characters remain the same, but it is very much an "alternate universe" type deal, is my point.
Now, I am faced with a problem. In this setting, the Daisy Crew is involved in smuggling marijuana. That is their current racket, following Mitzi's exit from Atlas' old racket of selling stolen cars.
The story is set in Missouri. In 1960.
This has left me with a very big problem: race. Is there any sane, sensitive, and non-ridiculously-offensive way of talking about race in a world populated by cats? Because, and I think it is fair to say, it is absolutely impossible to separate the criminalisation of marijuana in the United States from its associated racial backdrop, and it is equally impossible to separate the context of Missouri of all US states from the American Civil Rights Movement, especially in the period between 1959 and 1965.
On the one hand, I want to avoid using civil rights and the plight of African Americans as a mere piece of set dressing, something which is when it is convenient and is not when it is no longer relevant. I also want to avoid discussing it in an insensitive manner, wherein the characters are inadvertent caricatures of themselves or of stereotypes of the time and place they exist in. On the other hand, I am not someone who is qualified to discuss race - I am a white Balkan lady in her mid-20s. I am as far from American as you can get, let alone a person of colour.
My initial approach was to not talk about it. I discussed this with persons of colour within my own circle and they all agreed, to not talk about it was a sensible option. The fanfic is, after all, a love story, and it is a love story between two very much white-coded characters. And whilst I dislike the idea that everything around it is filler, it is not the focus of the story. It does not play a central role.
On the other hand - Serafine and Nicodeme do make an appearance, and on top of that, they and other characters are identified overtly by their ethnicities multiple times. The World War 2 veterancy of many of the men means that many of them saw the horrors of the Holocaust. Mordecai is and remains Jewish. At least one of the original characters has been in a concentration camp. This is never touched upon directly, but is hinted in dialogue as something these people have lived and experienced and have daily experiences of. Ironically, because I am Jewish from my grandmother's side, and I have lost family members in the Holocaust, I know how to tackle that topic.
Point being: I cannot avoid it. I do not think I can feasibly avoid speaking about it when racial segregation played that much of a role in American society at that point in time. And boy, oh boy, did Tracy not make it easy on me. Here is what she said when she was asked about this by a reader, specifically in the context of Serafime and Nicodeme:
"Serafine and Nico are largely a reflection of my impressions of an interest in New Orleans and its rich, magnetic amalgam of cultures. That encompasses a variety of languages, ethnicities and races, as do those two characters, but they aren’t intended as an anchor point for introducing racism as a theme into the comic.
Racism was indeed prevalent in the 20’s (and, well, for the whole of American history, really), but Lackadaisy won’t touch on it very much. If I had intended it to, I probably would have either made the characters human, or else might have employed some visual device as metaphor for differences of race or nationality the way comics like Maus or Blacksad have done.
My general glossing over of the issue of racism isn’t an attempt to candy-coat or dispense false impressions, though. For any snapshot of history there’s a world’s worth of zeitgeist, culture, politics, societal attitudes, religious influences, trends and fashions, social progress and setbacks, new technologies, wars and conflicts to consider and, realistically, for any given story, you have to pick which things among all of that will carry much plot-weight and which things won’t."
And that is all fine and dandy, and as we all know, in the context of the webcomic, it works. However, when it comes to writing about the drug trade in the 1960s, which was innately and directly linked to race, racial prejudice, and racial profiling, to "gloss over" race becomes really quite impossible. And I thought about pivoting their specialisation to something else, like back to cars. I mean, believe me, I love cars - the setting is almost entirely an excuse for me to fawn over 1950s Buicks and Chevrolets and so on - but it would make for an insanely one-note setting because the demand for such is small. This is, in fact, the in-universe justification for Mitzi moving away from that and towards narcotics. Gambling is legal in Missouri. Pivoting to prostitution would make me and everyone else in the fic seem monstrous. And it is very hard to talk about smuggling guns in an era where you could mail-order 20 tommy guns from a Men's Health back page.
I could go by appearance, but Serafine and Nicodeme, who are very much black-coded, both have white fur. I tried this. Believe me, I did. And guess what? Anything I wrote sounded so insanely, mind-bogglingly racist that it almost felt like I'd pulled it straight from the imagination of William Luther Pierce.
At this point, I could simply shitcan it. Move on. Say this was a misstep. Make an 80s AU where Ivy's a programmer and Mitzi is the nascent CEO of some Compaq wannabe company and have Viktor drive U-Hauls full of stolen IBM chips at speed. But I also think that, after having written and re-written and re-started this work across over a decade of my life, I would like to not do that, please and thank you.
So, in brief, what would you say? Is there a way to do this without sounding like an insane racist? And if you read this far, thank you kindly for doing so. We are all united in the world of Lackadaisy brain rot.
Ninja edit: It goes without saying that I also intend to send an ask or IM or an e-mail or carrier pigeon to Tracy herself to inquire about this. If nothing else, I want to know her research method when she was doing stuff for the webcomic originally.
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2023.05.29 17:28 hrdcore1337 Beach Date

Hey Reddit,
Background: Towards the end of the school year, I started to get opportunities to connect with one of my coworkers and this resulted in tons of laughter, a few great lunches, long car drives getting to talk and connect and I took a leap of faith of asking her out and she said yes.
My plan is to go to the beach and enjoy the sun and a good swim. I have intentions of playing some volleyball with her, bringing cold fruits and drinks to enjoy and play a “dating night” card game to connect with her and ask good questions while making it fun.
I guess my main two questions are: it is okay we aren’t texting much until the date this Friday? We haven’t had a lot of back and forth since then.
Also is the card game with questions a bit too much? I thought it would be a fun way to connect with her and show I’m not in it for just her gorgeous appearance (she’s literally Golden Hour walking around everyday okay).
Note: we’ve had hours of breaking the ice prior to the first official date.
Thanks and wish me luck
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2023.05.29 17:26 Dagoran New map is Paris Hiltons sex tape circa 2001.

I know people are hating about this and that and everyone has a right to complain etc, but i just came on after driving the kids to school and hopped on for a single match play. Forgot about the patch, swapped my new contracts around, checked Melk... and new thumbnail on the mission board? Ok... damnation no modifiers or anything is up. Hop in, 2 great vets and a gentle giant. Im always doing the scripture thing 1000% and taking screenshots and shit to send in to the steam guide. We find all 3, so peeking in every corner and all that.
Damn me is this map the best parts of Enclavom Baross and verm2 chaos wasted finale combined. Its an awesome map. The grandiose of 100 stories tall library with ramps going up and down and nooks and crannies... all gold and purple and shit. Very close quarters for the majority of the match. Ive been sick for 2 weeks with bronchitis and then stomach flue just last weekend and havent been on the pc much. First time having my desk back to standing, and bright and vibrant outside. Hop into this map and i thought my FoV was fucked from the patch. It was just slapping my eyes the whole run, and full mast all the way.
Also, the new Chaos Spawn, which fortunately spawned outsode of specials/horde for us so i could observe it a bit better, was faster and smaller than the other monsters which gave it a different feel from verm 2 version, and both of the current biggies. Looks beautiful as well.
I love the game. I love verm 2 and verm 1. I know people complain and i understand, and did my own complaining about lots of aspects of the game. I switched my steam review at the point my point of view became more positive(omnisiah patch and subsequent patch). I bought my first new pc in ages just before this game came out and it runs very well for me fortunately. God damn paintings every turn today. Was like going through one of those AI generated futurescape whatthefucks i see every day on reddit now.
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