Groupon los angeles laser hair removal

laser hair removal consultation tomorrow!

2023.03.30 06:55 hellmouthx laser hair removal consultation tomorrow!

i was in remission for a while before my dad passed a few months ago. I believe stress brought it back full force. I had a huge flare that had to get injected at three separate points with steroids the other day. i tried to get laser hair removal covered by insurance but they refused… but i’m having a consultation anyway. I originally was only going to get laser in my bikini area because that’s where my flares are typically, but tonight i discovered a painless pea sized lump in my armpit! it’s spreading? ugh. i’m a stage 1 or 2, so i’m hoping the laser hair removal will reduce or eliminate my flares. also, any tips on armpit flares? i washed with hibiclens and sprayed glycolic acid on it.
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2023.03.30 06:34 Ezra_is_a_dumb_boy Every season 1 - 19 contestant and semi-finalist

A little messy as the placements are random, except if their state was shown 3 times so bear with me. I'm gonna give some fun facts about the semifinalist bc they aren't as well known.
every antm contestant and semifinalist (1 - 19)
cycle 1: Christina from Little Falls, Minnesota Heather from Galloway, Ohio Ebony M. from Cumberland, Maryland Nicole C. from Chapel Hills, North Carolina Lenora from Greenwich Village, New York Elyse from Albuquerque, New Mexico Shannon from Franklin, Ohio Jakai from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robin from Memphis, Tennessee Jessica from Tucson, Arizona Noelle from Reno, Nevada Kesse from North Little Rock, Arkansas Toiya from Atlanta, Georgia Ebony H. from The Bronx, New York Katie from Glenview, Illinois Tessa from Chicago, Illinois Adrienne from Joliet, Illinois Giselle from Corona, California Nicole P. from Murrieta, California Erin from Pasadena, California Natalie from Riverside, California April from San Diego, California Shawna from Los Angeles, California Justine from Huntington Beach, California Corey (unknown)
Corey, Toiya, and Jessica were semi-finalist that weren't shown to make it seem like there was 20 girls. There might have been more based on the bulletin board they used but it's hard to tell.
cycle 2: Camille from Mamaroneck, New York Anna from LaGrange, Georgia Mercedes from Valencia, California Nargis from Mohegan Lake, New York Sara from Seattle, Washington April from Miami Beach, Florida Shandi from Kansas City, Missouri Bethany from Houston, Texas Xiomara from Morganville, New Jersey Jenascia from Burien, Washington Heather from Moreno Valley, California Yoanna from Jacksonville, Florida Catie from Willmar, Minnesota Rebecca from Minneapolis, Minnesota Christina from Little Falls, Minnesota
Most semifinalist are unknown for cycle 2. The only known ones were girls who went back to audition (Christina, Rebecca and Nargis). Christina was our first returning semi finalist.
cycle 3: Mary from Portland, Oregon Cassie from Norman, Oklahoma Natalie from Walla Walla, Washington Brianna from Plainfield, Illinois Toccara from Dayton, Ohio Jennipher F. from Pocatello, Idaho Amanda from Henderson, North Carolina Sarah D. from Baltimore, Maryland Kristina from Bristol, Rhode Island Magdalena from Worchester, Massachusetts Josie from Fayetteville, North Carolina Vicky from Washington D.C Laura/Kristi from St. Louis, Missouri Julie from Kent, Washington Chrissy from Colchester, Connecticut Ann from Erie, Pennslyvania Leah D. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Nicole from Minot, North Dakota Tiffany from Miami, Florida Amy from Ocala, Florida Roxanne from Dania, Florida Eva from Westmont, California Norelle from Newport Beach, California Sarah from Capistrano, California Vanessa from San Francisco, California Diana from Los Angeles, California Rachael from New York, New York/Huntsville, Alabama Yaya from Harlem, New York Nargis from Mohegan Lake, New York Kelle from Lenox Hill, New York Kimberly from Huntington Station, New York Lea Q. from Queens, New York Brit from Manhattan, New York Jennifer W (unknown)
Sarah (Martin Luther King according to Tiffany) from Capistrano was suppose to make top 20, but due to unknown reasons couldn't continue. Amanda joined the top 20 after Sarah left. The "I don't know, I can't take the pressure of it!" girl is Natalie from Walla Walla.
cycle 4: Mary from Portland, Oregon Tatiana from Maui, Hawaii Lindsey from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Estela from The Bronx, New York Lacy from Las Vegas, Nevada Michelle from Terre Haute, Indiana Kahlen from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Jessika from Houston, Texas Alexandria from Ft Collins, Colorado Lacey from Atlanta, Georgia Noelle from Reno, Nevada Brandy from Houston, Texas Leslie from New York, New York Naima from Detroit, Michigan Sarah from Baltimore, Maryland Rebecca from Minneapolis, Minnesota Tiffany from Miami, Florida Christina from Tallahassee, Florida Brittany from Tallahassee, Florida Rachel from Tampa, Florida Melissa from Tampa, Florida Mollie-Sue from Tampa, Florida Brita from La Cañada Flintridge, California Jennifer from Richmond, California Lluvy from Modesto, California Alexia from Studio City, California Keenyah from Compton, California Jen from Santa Monica, California Ebony (unknown)
Rachel became a famous chef and Leslie is a famous comedian. Both were semifinalist.
cycle 5: Ashley from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Adriana from San Juan, Puerto Rico Stacie from Grayson, Oklahoma Diane from Orlando, Florida Nicole from Grand Folks, North Dakota Cassandra from Houston, Texas April from Las Vegas, Nevada Jayla from Tucson Arizona Latricia from Trenton, New Jersey Sarah from Boonville, Missouri Jasmine from Flagstaff, Arizona Nik from Atlanta, Georgia Coryn from Minneapolis, Minnesota Kyle from Dexter, Michigan Kim from Yorkville, New York Susanna from Carthage, New York Bre from Harlem, New York Melissa from Syracuse, New York Ebony from Sylmar, California Lisa from Los Angeles, California Krystle from Long Beach, California Whitney from Fairfield, California Regina from San Matteo, California Jessica from Templeton, California
Susanna had a very good model career!
cycle 6: Andrea from Geneva, Ohio Wendy from New Orleans, Louisiana Katherine from Brevard, North Carolina Furonda from Stuttgart, Arkansas Angela from Houma, Louisiana Alejandra/Leslie from Higley, Arizona Kari from Brookings, South Dakota Joanie from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Danielle from Little Rock, Arkansas Dani from Spring, Texas Nnenna from Houston, Texas Brooke from Corpus Christi, Texas Yvonne from Surfside, Florida Gina from Odessa, Florida Mollie Sue from Tampa, Florida Leah from Boca Raton, Florida Jade from New York, New York Claudia from Manhattan, New York Tanika from Buffalo, New York Alexius from Manhattan, New York Shkita/Kita from Watts, California Rebecca from Palo Cedro, California Dracula from Shadow Hills, California Cheran from Venture, California Sara from Davis, California
Alexius, like Sarah, was a original top 20 girl but also dropped out for unknown reasons. It's also unknown who took her place.
cycle 7: Jaslene from Humboldt Park, Illinois Evita from Gloucester, Virginia Christian from Columbia, South Carolina Ginger from Derby, Kansas CariDee from Fargo, North Dakota LeAngela from Columbus, Ohio Anchal from Homestead, Florida Cyndel from Wichita, Kansas Irina from Miami, Florida Monique from Chicago, Illinois Brooke from Keller, Texas Jaeda from Parkersburg, Iowa Ebonee from Paulding County, Georgia Melrose from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan Eugena from Columbia, South Carolina Megg from Los Angeles, California A.J from Sacramento, California Megan from San Francisco, California Amanda and Michelle from Anaheim, California Becky from Sierra Village, California Brittany from San Rafael, California Jaimie from Riverside, California Andree (unknown)
As we all know, there was a girl from Humboldt Park who claimed we would come back next season. She did, and ended up winning!
cycle 8: Melissa from The Bronx, New York Anna from Lancaster, Pennsylvania Chelsea from Richmond, Virginia Sarah from Lake Zurich, Illinois Dionne from Montgomery, Alabama Kathleen from Brooklyn, New York Jael from Detroit, Michigan Megan from Seattle, Washington Renee from Maui, Hawaii Diana from Garfield, New Jersey Cassandra from Seattle, Washington Samantha from Pinson, Alabama Jaslene from Humboldt Park, Illinois Whitney from West Palm Beach, Florida Micheline from Atlanta, Georgia Natalie from Atlanta, Georgia Brittany from Savannah, Georgia Gelecia/Gigi from Atlanta, Georgia Bethany from Alice, Texas Farrah from Houston, Texas Heather from Deer Park, Texas Felicia from Houston, Texas Natasha from Dallas, Texas Jessica from Inglewood, California Lauren from Pasadena, California Aly from West Hollywood, California Hannah (unknown) Erin (unknown)
Most of the known semifinalist were all from California (Aly, Lauran and Jessica), Texas (Heather, Farrah and Bethany) or Georgia (Gigi, Natalie and Micheline). The only semifinalist not from those states were Megan, Melissa, Anna and Chelsea.
cycle 9: Victoria from New Haven, Connecticut Spontaniouse from Montgomery, Alabama Chantal from Austin, Texas Christie from Lewisville, North Carolina Jenna from Flint, Michigan Kimberly from Ocala, Florida Heather from Valparaiso, Indiana Ambreal from Dallas, Texas Marvita from Anchorage, Alaska Janet from Bainbridge, Georgia Lisa from Jersey City, New Jersey Jenah from Farmington, Connecticut Bianca from Queens, New York Jessica from Brooklyn, New York Sylvia from New Hyde Park, New York Tara from Chicago, Illinois Ebony from Roseland, Illinois Jess from Chicago, Illinois Sarah from Heath, Massachusetts Jennifer from Walpole, Massachusetts Mila from Boston, Massachusetts Juliana from Lancaster, Massachusetts Saleisha from Madera, California Sabrina from Cerritos, California Allene from Fresno, California Sara/Eleatrice from Sacramento, California
A lot of J names. Out of everyone from cycle 9, 7 have J names.
cycle 10: Amis from Bartlesville, Oklahoma Marguerite from Cincinnati, Ohio Kristen from Portage, Michigan Aimee from Spanaway, Washington Shalynda from Washington D.C Allison from Waunakee, Wisconsin Shaya from Country Club Hills, Illinois Tiffany from Portland, Oregon Marvita from Anchorage, Alaska Anya from Honolulu, Hawaii Dominque from Columbus, Ohio Jenna from Boston, Massachusetts Kimberly from Worchester, Massachusetts Fatima from Boston, Massachusetts Whitney from Atlantic Beach, Florida Jennifer from Orlando, Florida Sonja from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Stacy-Ann from Miami, Florida Claire from Oahu, Hawaii/Brooklyn, New York Lauren from Brooklyn, New York Erica from Manhattan, New York Katarzyna from Roslyn, New York Atalya from Brooklyn, New York Camilla from Long Beach, California Tonya from San Diego, California Petra from Valley Glen, California
Camilla from Bad Girls Club was a top 20 semi finalist for this cycle. You can see here when Tyra is picking the final cast and during Shaya and Fatima's fight.
cycle 11: Lio from Minneapolis, Minnesota Lindsey from Clinton, Mississippi Isis from Prince George's County, Maryland Sharaun from Chicago, Illinois Joslyn from Lucky, Louisiana Renée from Inglewood, Tennessee McKey from Lake Forest, Illinois Susan from Canton, Michigan Brittany R. from Henderson, Nevada Alexandria from Vicksburg, Mississippi Shanna from Miami, Florida Lauren from Charlottesville, Virginia Elina from Seattle, Washington Clark from Pawleys Island, South Carolina Hannah from Fairbanks, Alaska Nikeysha from The Bronx, New York Sheena from Harlem, New York Brittany H. from New York, New York Kacey from Palmdale, California Samantha from Woodland Hills, California Veronique from Riverside, California Marjorie from San Francisco, California Stephanie (unknown) Olivia (unknown) Olivia (two Olivia's, both unknown)
There was actually Brittany's this cycle. The 4th Brittany is Brittany Hall! She's a NYC Model that has beautiful dark skin and long, wavy hair.
cycle 12: Adiamond from Denver, Colorado Kathryn from Farmland, Indiana Teyona from Woodstown, New Jersey Sandra from Rockville, Maryland Anna Lisa from Scottsdale, Arizona Aminat from Union, New Jersey Fo from Albuquerque, New Mexico Tahlia from Phoenix, Arizona Monique from Telluride, Colorado Kortnie from Houston, Texas Angelea from Buffalo, New York London from Arlington, Texas Celia from Cynthiana, Kentucky Allison from New Orleans, Louisiana Asha from Atlanta, Georgia Bianca from Albuquerque, New Mexico Jessica from Bradenton, Florida Isabella from Barboursville, Virginia Alex from Tampa, Florida Nijah from Rancho Cucamonga, California Tatiana from Lakewood, California Natalie from Palos Verdes, California Lauren (unknown) Kelly (unknown)
London and Isabella's real names are Lauren and Kelly. They went by nicknames because there was another pair named Lauren and Kelly, and they just kept the nicknames.
cycle 13: Amanda from New Orleans, Louisiana Nicole from Louisville, Colorado Bianca from Columbia, South Carolina Kara from Fort Wayne, Indiana Rae from Minneapolis, Minnesota Raven from Knoxville, Tennessee Courtney from Plantation, Florida Tyrie from Indianapolis, Indiana Jennifer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Erin from Spring Grove, Illinois Simone from Hagerstown, Maryland Xixi from Wexford, Pennsylvania Ashley from Chicago, Illinois Laura from Stanford, Kentucky Germaine from Woodhaven, New York Lulu from Brooklyn, New York Voila from The Bronx, New York Melanie from Brooklyn, New York Minolta from Queens, New York Stacey from Utica, New York Lisa from Queens, New York Alison from Santa Rosa, California Brittany from Livermore, California Ciara from Riverside, California Rachel from Woodland, California Amber from Oceanside, California Sundai from Bakersfield, California
A power ranger auditioned for the role. She's one of the more well-known semifinalist, but Ciara was a power ranger in the late 2000s - early 2010s.
cycle 14: Hallie from Memphis, Tennessee Krista from Pine Bluff, Arkansas Rogi from Washington D.C Naduah from San Diego, California Jessica from Conway, Arkansas Anslee from Dracula, Georgia Ravyn from Washington D.C Tatianna from Ewa Beach, Hawaii Jeanna from Chicago, Illinois Raina from Minnetonka, Minnesota Anastasia from Chicago, Illinois Danielle from Greenville, South Carolina Justine from Syracuse, New York Alasia from Marietta, Georgia Gabrielle from St. Louis, Missouri Martha from Charlotte, Tennessee Angelea from Buffalo, New York Brittany from College Park, Maryland Simone from Lenexa, Kansas Honor from Santa Monica, California Jessie from Warren, Michigan Nida from East Bernard, Texas Julianna from Austin, Texas Alexandra from Kerrville, Texas Aimee from Houston, Texas Madelynne from Houston, Texas Tuesday from Houston, Texas Ren from Dallas, Texas Brenda from Houston, Texas
Texas was done dirty this season. Many of the semi finalist (Tuesday, Madelynne, Aimee, Julianna and Nida) are all from Texas (Brittany also lived there for a while) and for some reason, Ren was casted? The reason why is because they wanted someone to create drama and all the top 20 remaining girls were nice (except one) so they brought Ren.
Hallie was a top 20 girl, and she was bratty and spoiled. So why wasn't she casted? Both her and production found out that she was pregnant so she couldn't continue.
cycle 15: Tyrie from Indianapolis, Indiana Justine from Indianapolis, Indiana De'Yana from Detroit, Michigan Chelsey from Boise, Idaho Jane from Baltimore, Maryland Jessica from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Esther from Boston, Massachusetts Lauren from Brettwood, Tennessee Vanessa/Violet from Lakeville, Minnesota Emily C. from Ona, West Virginia Toya from Beaufort, South Carolina Christina from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Kendal from Northport, Alabama Emily H. from Barboursville, West Virginia Terra from Arlington, Texas Anna from Dallas, Texas Lyzbeth/Liz from Arlington, Texas Christin/Chris from Arlington, Texas Laura from New York, New York Anamaria from Queens, New York Sara from Tarrytown, New York Alexia/Lexie from Geneva, Illinois Nitasha from Chicago, Illinois Jillian from Chicago, Illinois Kayla from Rockford, Illinois Jordan from Chicago, Illinois Kacey from Palmdale, California Emi from Pismo Beach, California Rylee from Orange County, California Sara B. from Menifee, California Shelby from Beverly Hills, California Rhianna from San Diego, California Mindy from Murrieta, California Anna (unknown) Jen (unknown)
Jen is an unknown Asian girl who just randomly slipped away from production and ran away during auditions.
cycle 16: Laree from Atlanta, Georgia Breanna from Blaine, Minnesota Elizabeth from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Molly from Olathe, Kansas Annabelle from Manhattan, New York Sierra from Park City, Utah Kari from Steamboat Springs, Colorado Taneisha from Anniston, Alabama Brittani from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania Tiffany from Hattiesburg, Mississippi Molly O. from Charleston, South Carolina Ondrei from Muskegon, Michigan Kasia from Wheaton, Illinois Yashure from East Saint Louis, Illinois Monique from Hebron, Illinois Alexandria from Huntington Beach, California Dalya from Corona, California Vee from Sacramento, California Dominique from Houston, Texas Jaclyn from Belton, Texas Rune from Edinburg, Texas Hannah from Houston, Texas Mikaela from Boca Raton, Florida Deidrian from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Nicole from Orlando, Florida Angelia from Pembroke Pines, Florida the unnamed stripper from Mobile, Alabama
The fake out girls were not actresses, they were real people. This is more well known now but maybe you didn't know.
cycle 17: Seymone from Augusta, Georgia Allison from Houston, Texas Isis from Prince George's County, Maryland Mariah from Pendleton, Oregon Kyle from Magnolia, Texas Laura K. from Stanford, Kentucky Eboni from Seattle, Washington Kayla from Rockford, Illinois Dominique from Columbus, Ohio Molly from Olathe, Kansas Shannon from Franklin, Ohio AzMarie from San Fernando Valley, California Alexandria from Newport Beach, California Lisa from Los Angeles, California Angelea from Buffalo, New York Laura L. from Scotia, New York Sheena from Harlem, New York Candace from Brooklyn, New York Bre from Harlem, New York Camille from The Bronx, New York Bianca from Queens, New York
Before season 17 was an Allstars season, it was just a regular season. Some of the 32 girls included Candace, Laura L, AzMarie, Eboni, Kyle, Mariah, Seymone and Molly (a season 16 fake-out girl). Production changed it last minute and everyone last minute accept Molly went on cycle 18. This was confirmed by Molly and AzMarie
cycle 18: Amelia from Port Talbot, Wales Laura from Scotia, New York Eboni from Seattle, Washington Candace from Brooklyn, New York Mariah from Pendleton, Oregon Kyle from Magnolia, Texas AzMarie from San Fernando Valley, California Seymone from Augusta, Georgia Ashley from Armadale, Scotland Alisha from South London, England Jasmia from London, England Sophie from Oxford, England Catherine from Folkestone, England Louise from London, England Annaliese from London, England
There was another American girl that was a semifinalist on cycle 17 and moved to 18. She dropped out, however, before production started. They had to cut a UK girl out to make it more equal and that was Amelia.
cycle 19: Latrishe from Washington D.C Ivory from Whittier, California Nastasia from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Jamie from Gahanna, Ohio Lauren from Ann Arbor, Michigan Deedra from from Portland, Oregon Jessie from Speedway, Indiana Victoriana from San Diego, California Brittany from Gilbert, Arizona Savanna from East Lansing, Michigan Kiara from Las Vegas, Nevada Allyssa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Kaci from Moon Township, Pennsylvania Christin from Cook County, Illinois Destiny from Columbus, Ohio Yvonne from Minneapolis, Minnesota Kristin from Jacksonville, Florida Leila from Farmington, Massachusetts Sara from Seattle, Washington Maria from Las Cruces, New Mexico Victoria from Colquitt, Georgia Darian from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Laura from Cambridge, New York Caroline from Awendaw, South Carolina Amber from Sachse, Texas Jasmine from Fort Worth, Texas Briana from Southlake, Texas Andie from San Antonio, Texas Sasha from Dallas, Texas Delaney from Dallas, Texas
These are the hometowns of all the college girls instead of their college cities. Like season 14, Texas was done dirty.
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2023.03.30 05:31 Radiant_Housing_3104 Tattoos for a Lion

Tattoos for a Lion
Miss Fritz finally catching on. Nat has no tattoos and is "so terrified". She also offered to cut her hair, saying "it grows back. It's just hair. Who cares?" Immediately went back on that just to say "it's just a tattoo. I can get it laser removed. Who cares?"
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2023.03.30 05:12 LabiaMinoraLover 35 [M4F] #LosAngeles Romantic, cute blue eyes seeks sweet, smart, pretty woman who has "outies"💋, a fuller flower🌸, larger pretty petals🌷, butterfly wings🦋, longer labia minora ❤️

I seek one woman I like to make smile, loudly, who is my pleasure to please and make so happy that we will want to be exclusive. I'm patient to gain trust, to build a connection by communicating and seeing if there is potential attraction. I'm open to begin as platonic friends, hanging out, dating, growing to be lovers, even LTR, whatever we desire. I like spontaneity, creating chemistry highs with teasing to pleasing, almost anytime, anywhere, once we are sure of our attraction. I like sharing affections, cuddles to kisses, to earn my turn, to prove myself, giving massages to multiples and more. Offering this munch loving makes me seek someone special, perhaps a shy inexperienced woman curious to explore the best feelings possible or a woman with an insatiable libido, yearning for one man to keep her full/filled.
For us to pursue things, I want attraction for more than just lust, to feel butterflies looking in each other's eyes, loving simply holding hands and spending quality time together. I like anticipating, feeling a non-stop romantic hunger, a primal passion in my belly that brings out the lover-giver in me (tho I love receiving too). For me, a spark starts with pretty eyes and smile, combined with personality, poise, voice tone, and even an accent. The eye shapes I prefer can be described as upturned, almond or cat-eyes (and any color). I like skin tones from white to dark olive tan skin. I like natural curves, in the right places on a thin to thick-voluptuous hourglass shape, natural bigger lips on your mouth and on your kitty (my username checks out-ies ;)
I prefer longer labia, thicker, fleshy, meaty minora, because they're sextra arousing to see, admire, kiss, lick, nibble, suck on, play with, feel wrapping around, and spread with tongue or D during kitty lip n clit worship. Sometimes lovely longer lady-lips may be hidden by puffy labia majora, while some are "outies" protruding, some can dangle, spread like butterfly wings, like a fuller flower with big pretty petals blooming with nectar. You probably know if you're blessed with lips bigger than average. Speaking of which, I'm above average down below and cut. I also prefer labia that are darker pink to tan brown, as well as those colors of nipples and fuller areolas because they make me hungriest to kiss, suckle, breast-nipple worship, including dry or wet ANR, ABF. I can be open-minded in bed, with sexy roleplay, foreplay, edging, sweet gentle pillow princess, face-riding/queening, Gspot to cervix massage, to rougher play, both sub and dom dynamics, giving and receiving multiple Os, breaking pleasure records, within shorter and longer sexy sessions. I can get into erotica, writing, talking aloud, discussing fantasies, learning your kinks. I often get ideas to give my lover more and better pleasures including designs for toys/furniture, ways to keep her happily cumming and cuddling. This site has interesting info, useful to see diversity of women's labia, and many are the larger range I prefer. (NSFW)
I'm cute, fit, fun/ny, 5'11", hygienic, healthy, white with blue eyes, brown hair, soft beard (for now), single with no kids. I enjoy reading, documentaries, podcasts, comedy, cooking, nature, hiking, exercising, science, arts. Keeping healthy is a passion of mine, including a whole-plant food diet, yet I may be open to 420/drinks during loving. While playing together, I like to listen to/make DJ mixes with styles including chillout, chillwave, deephouse, indiedance, nudisco, dubtechno, dreampop, downtempo, synthwave, ambient and open to other music. What are some of your favorite music genres/bands/songs? (No one ever answers this question :)
If you relate to what I wrote, we can use the Reddit live DM/PM to decide if we want to verify with voice, pics/live video, etc. I may be open to distance, but prefer Los Angeles losangeles LA L.A. SoCal, Ca
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2023.03.30 04:28 IceWarm1980 Speed(1994-2023)(Downtown Los Angeles/Venice)

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2023.03.30 02:52 SnowySaturn7 Will it be obvious to other people if I get laser hair removal? And for how long?

I've seen people saying that laser hair removal can make your face turn red and swell up for a bit afterwards, but I wasn't sure how long that lasts, and how noticeable it is? I'm not planning on coming out at work for a while longer, I'm still pre-HRT, and I'm worried if I get laser hair removal that people will notice and ask questions. I had a denial beard for several years before my egg cracked, and I can't think of any believable explanation for going from long-term beard to permanent hair removal, other than the truth. Normally I go 4 days in a row every week without being in the office, so if I need to stay hidden from people for longer I'd need to plan ahead for that.
I also have a coworker who used to date a trans woman, and was with her during most of the beginning of her transition, so while I haven't actually met her ex and don't know for sure what she's had done, there's at least a chance that my coworker has seen what laser hair removal looks like up close. If she knew I was trans she wouldn't call attention to it, but currently she doesn't know.
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2023.03.30 02:33 Francis_Star Se curó 👍

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2023.03.30 02:26 jellybeanzz11 How can I safely get laser hair removal?

I'm AMAB of mixed skin, I really need some help finding good places to get laser hair removal. I've heard a lot of places on Groupon aren't safe for people of my skin color and I'm really scared of getting burned.
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2023.03.30 01:29 umbraforest places for women to get a masculine haircut (fade/buzz) in LA?

Hello to those in the Los Angeles region,
I am a young queer woman, and I would like to get my hair cut in a masculine way. Most of my head was buzzed, except for the long piece of hair on the top and front of my hair. Last time, I went to a hairstylist, and she even gave me a cool heart design on my head. I loved that and am thinking about getting another design. But when I went to book an appt, it said she didn't do electric buzzer haircuts. So where do I go to get my hair cut?? I am lowkey terrified of men and would like to be in a relatively safe space. I also would not like to be hatecrimed for being a queer POC.
Butch ladies and nonbinary folk, do you know any place where I can get my hair cut? Please send help.
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2023.03.30 00:05 whitejaguar [H] Steam gifts, collectors games and removed games [W] TF2 keys, Tether, Bulk offers

Have - Steam gifts (ROW, unrestricted, if you can't see the game in my inventory, it is still available, so add me for the trade)
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Agricultural Simulator 2011: Extended Edition 2 keys Gift
Amnesia Memories 3 keys Gift
Arena Wars 2 1 TOD Ticket Gift
Back to the Future The Game 25 keys removed game subID 6970 Gift
Barbie Dreamhouse Party 400 keys removed game Gift
Battle Los Angeles offers removed game subID 11488 Gift
Borderless Gaming 5 keys Gift
Broken Age 2 keys Gift
Call of Duty World at War 25 keys Gift
Castle of Illusion 3 keys Gift
Circuits 2 keys Gift
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Crusader Kings II Collection 5 keys subID 26483 Gift
Deadpool + Merc with a Map Pack DLC 500 keys removed game 28777 + 29453 Gift
Deathgarden BLOODHARVEST 4 keys Gift
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Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition 2 keys Gift
DiRT 2 100 keys removed game subID 14293 Gift
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Droplitz (Holiday Sale 2011 Gift) offers removed game subID 12638 Gift
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F1 2011 offers removed game subID 11620 Gift
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2023.03.29 23:08 Cassie-Role Alexandrite Laser vs Electrolysis for GRS Hair Removal

I was planning to get electrolysis, but I would have to drive over 4 hours to reach a place that does it and its way more expensive. Is electrolysis actually worth the extra drive time and cost? I'm getting peritoneal pull-through so most of the canal won't even lined with my skin anyway.
I know electrolysis is better than most types of laser but alexandrite seems like it might be the exception and there's a place near me that does it. Could someone who went with laser please share there experiences and let me know if it caused any complications for them?
This article is the reason I think alexandrite might be better or at least equal to electrolysis:
However, more recent studies specific to genital GAS support the use of LHR over electrolysis in this setting. A follow-up study of 232 patients who had undergone electrolysis before genital GAS found that those who underwent preoperative genital electrolysis did not report a reduction in postoperative vaginal hair complications compared to those who were not treated (3). On the other hand, a recent case report of long-pulsed alexandrite LHR on scrotal skin prior to genital GAS demonstrated no intra-vaginal hair growth at 15 months following vaginoplasty (27). Several case reports have also described the use of LHR for removal of urethral hair following hypospadias and stricture repair with minimal side effects and satisfactory outcomes up to 1 year following LHR (29-33).

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2023.03.29 22:46 RingoCross99 The Adventure Games (Section 1 of 4)

The Adventure Games (Section 1 of 4)
Have a blast!
The Adventure Games
By Ringo Cross
Chapter 1: Insight
I stepped into my apartment, placed my back to the door and sighed in relief. Thank God I was home. I hadn’t been for the past few days. I was at the hospital watching over my sister with our parents. Just when we were starting to get our hopes up. Just when we thought she was going to make a full recovery, she took a turn for the worse.
It all felt more like a curse than an affliction. My sister went from a healthy, happy-go-lucky teenager, to a fever-stricken soul, stranded somewhere between the land of the living and nonliving. She had a sudden case of sleeping beauty syndrome. The doctors didn’t know for sure, but they suspected the strange bite on her neck was the culprit. Two neat puncture wounds rationalized away as an animal bite. We all knew what it really was, it’s just that no one wanted to be the one who was crazy enough to say it.
It was like her body was slowly wasting away. Was she becoming undone, or perhaps something else altogether? Eh... Who knows. I did know one thing for sure, it was all too grim and preposterous a reality for my parents to accept. No matter what the doctors tried or how hard mom and dad prayed for her deliverance, she just kept getting worse while acting stranger.
It was like she had been pulled from the world, and we had all been pulled right along with her, into a strange new world that made no sense. Her doctors told us that at the rate she was deteriorating, she didn’t have much time left. God. I wish this was the part where I told you, “I became a superhero and saved her life.” Maybe in my own roundabout way, I did become something of her savior.
The truth is, what happened to her, I... I never saw it coming. Did vampires really exist? I couldn’t tell you how much or how long this question had tortured my mind. I was going to do some serious digging and get to the bottom of this. Because if there was any way to save her; to stop her from fading, I swore to find it.
My phone began to ring. It was my parents. They were at the hospital, keeping vigil at her bedside. I shook my head while thinking about how much of a toll her sudden illness had taken upon them. They were both so virtues and upright. Their faith in God had really been shaken. I turned my phone on silent mode. I-I didn’t want to talk to them. I needed time to grieve on my own.
I wanted a beer. No, I needed a beer. Something cold and inebriating to free my mind from the pain of watching my little sister slip away. I’m surprised I made it this long without dipping into my reserves, I thought to myself as I reached into the fridge and grabbed a cold one.
I just sat there at my kitchen table. Reliving as many memories of us together as I could. There were so many. I... I adored her more than life itself. She could do no wrong. Her smile... it... it haunts me. My God, I never knew pain like this. I had never followed my parents down the “righteous path.” I always considered myself a person of logic and reason. Simply believing in a higher power wasn’t enough for me, neither had it ever been enough to ease the void of loneliness within me.
But after this, how could I not believe in God? How could I explain away my grief? All I wanted was for this to all make sense. Maybe it was her time? Even if it was, why like this? Why so tragic and bitter? There were just too many reasons why I stopped believing. Crazy thing was, right now, I desperately wanted to believe. I wanted to close my eyes, clasp my hands together, and pray for a miracle. I tried but couldn’t bring myself to do so, no matter how strong the desire. There was no God, and a crisis wasn’t my chance to retreat.
I had seen the dark side of faith. The way my parents justified what happen to my baby sister by saying, “God has a plan” made me sick to my core. Just thinking about it made me nauseous. My faith had been stretched to the breaking point a long time ago. This was just the sad culmination of a collision between faith and obstinacy. The explosion went off like a bomb in my head. The pain was truly limitless... I just hoped her death didn’t turn me into a serial killer. I smirked at my own inane, insane thought before downing my beer.
I grabbed another beer to drown my sorrows in. Just then, there was a sudden knock at the door. The slight but unmistakable tapping surprised the crap out of me. So much so, I almost spilled my beer. I figured it was my ex. She had planned on stopping by a bit later to return my key and to pick up the last of her things.
When I looked through the peephole, I saw two people standing there in black suits. The sight threw me off and made me briefly sick to my stomach. Little did I know, I should have followed my gut instinct, but instead, I foolishly opened the door.
“Hello, Mr. Graham. My name’s Agent Adams. This is my partner, Agent Harris.”
Before I could process what was happening, Agent Harris extended her hand and said, “Pleasure.”
“Um... You too, I think? I guess? Hope I’m not in any trouble?” I told her.
“You’re not,” she smirked.
“Who are you guys again?”
“We work for the government,” she said.
“The FBI?” I asked.
“Ugh. Everyone says that. I guess it is the suits,” Agent Adams grumbled. He shook his head in annoyance before adding, “We work for the Department of Homeland Security. DPI for short. It’s the paranormal division.”
“Who again?” I asked him.
“Eh. The Department of Paranormal Investigations,” he clarified with something of an attitude.
“Huh. Never heard of it,” I spoke.
“Can we come in, Mr. Graham?” he asked.
I thought about it for a moment. I didn’t like this Agent Adams guy. He gave off a bad vibe. My first mind was to tell them to kick rocks, but I decided against being so brash and rash just in case they had a warrant. I wasn’t thinking straight. My sister’s woes weighed too mightily on my spirit. Before letting them pass, I did ask to see some identification. I’m not that stupid. Had to be sure they weren’t pulling my leg.
Agent Adams flashed his badge with a slight grumble. Agent Harris had no problem letting me see hers. She was at least pleasant, I thought while examining her government ID. I also wondered why someone so young and attractive had been stuck with someone so old and unattractive. I bet she hated her partner, I thought to myself with a smirk, as I let them pass through the door.
Agent Adams took a seat at my kitchen table without me offering. His partner looked at him a bit perplexed before waiting until I said, “It’s ok. You can have a seat.”
“Thank you,” she replied.
“So, what brings two DPI agents to my home? You sure I haven’t done anything illegal?”
“Hmm... Maybe there is something you’d like to confess, Mr. Graham,” Agent Adams spoke.
“I don’t know. Maybe I have an old parking ticket or something minor like that.”
“We don’t handle citations,” he replied.
“Sorry. Dumb question.”
“Apology rejected,” he uttered.
“Uh-hm. Forgive my partner he can be a bit—"
Agent Adams brought his hand to his chin. His abrupt gesture caused his partner to pause mid-sentence and look over at him. The two exchanged glances. He paused for a moment more before saying, “That’s a nice brand of beer. I haven’t had a cold one in a while.”
“Would you like one? I have plenty.”
“Really?” I asked.
“You offered. I accepted.”
“Uh, what about you, Miss Harris?”
“It’s Agent Harris. And no.” She looked over at her partner with a raised eyebrow, “Can you not drink on the job? It’s unprofessional.”
“Fine,” he grumbled before reaching into the inner pocket of his suit coat to retrieve his vape pen.
“Are you sure? Like I said I have plenty.”
“I’m sure. I am the senior agent after all. Probably should set a better example and all,” with a wink he added, “If you survive, I’ll come back and take you up on that offer, Mr. Graham.”
“How do you know he’ll even want to participate?” his partner asked. I could hear the annoyance in her tone. She groaned before telling me, “Sorry about that.”
Agent Adams let out a heavy cloud of steam. He studied me a fair bit longer than I was comfort with. Especially someone like him, whose eyes were grey enough to sting. He took another hit from his vape pen. This time blowing the steam in my direction. His wrinkled face blocked out by the heavy cloud as he said, “Oh, he’ll join, alright. He’s not in any position to refuse.”
“That’s pretentious,” she grumbled.
“Hah. It’s the truth.”
“What the hell is this about?”
“Your sister, Mr. Graham,” he said.
“What about her?” I asked.
“We know what happened.”
“Um. Okay? Creepy.”
“Uh, what my partner is trying to say is that we might be able to help. I reviewed her chart. I think I know what the problem is,” Agent Harris explained.
“What can a couple of government agents do that a team of doctors haven’t already tried?” I asked.
“Your sister. She was bitten by a vampire, Mr. Graham,” Agent Adams stated. He paused for a moment to study my reaction before adding, “You seem like a clever guy. I’m sure you already suspected as much.”
“So, they do exist,” I mumbled to myself.
“Yes. The vampire who attacked your sister was probably desperate. He broke what are a set of well-established rules called Blood Codes.”
“Really? Vampires have rules?”
“There’s always rules, Mr. Graham.”
“Whatever. And where is this freak? I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on him.”
“He’s already been dealt with.”
“By you guys?”
“By his overseer.”
“Good. I hope his death was slow and painful.”
“It was. Their methods are very draconian.”
“Then what do you need from me?” I asked.
“What about you? Would you kill to save your sister?”
“I would if I had to,” I affirmed without hesitation or reservation. I suppose I only spoke so confidently and assuredly because I thought it was a hypothetical. I mean this was the government after all. They would never ask me to do anything crazy, right? But then again, I would’ve told you you were crazy if you would have told me vampires were a real thing before my sister was attacked by one. Still, his question was odd. And the more I thought about it, the more it disturbed me.
Agent Harris chimed in, “Um, Mr. Graham, I’m sorry. I don’t know why my partner said that. You shouldn’t have to kill anyone. For you, it’s probably more a matter of participation than annihilation. If we did require you to do such a thing, rest assure, we’d provide you with all the materials necessary to succeed. Before you ask, we’re on your side, Mr. Graham. We want you to see your sister once the games have concluded.”
“The games?” I asked.
“Yes. If you enter our game, we’ll save your sister’s life. No questions asked,” she replied.
“What kind of game?”
“The Adventure Games.”
“The what games?”
“Adventure Games,” she smirked.
“What’s the catch?”
“Well, the games could be dang—”
Agent Adams quickly butted in before Agent Harris could reveal the truth. “There’s no catch, Mr. Graham. None whatsoever. Don’t listen to my partner. She can be a bit too detail orientated.”
“The devil is always in the details,” I muttered.
“But not a cure for your sister,” he coldly replied.
“Hey. What is that supposed to mean?”
“What do you think? Do you want to waste time going over the fine print, or do you want to step up to the plate and save your sister?”
I thought about it for a moment. “Eh. How do I know I can trust you to keep your word? I mean the government isn’t exactly super trustworthy.”
“Know what, I like you, Mr. Graham. Tell you what I’ll do. Humph. If you agree, we’ll transfer your sister to our facility, right away. That way she can get a jumpstart on her treatment program before you even set foot in the games,” he checked his wristwatch and added, “We can get her there by midnight. Let’s see... hmm... typical turnaround for blood sickness is what? Maybe a few hours if we play our cards right?”
“Six to eighteen hours is more accurate,” Agent Harris clarified to her partner’s chagrin.
“Close enough,” he grumbled.
Agent Harris ignored him. Turning her attention back to me, she said, “I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?”
“Give me the good news.”
“Ok. Based on her chart, it looks like her affliction has progressed beyond normal blood sickness. Once we administer the antidote, she should be fine, but there’s always a chance she won’t make it. I’m sure our techs back at the lab will make the process as painless as possible for your sister. This is what I can do for you if you decide to join the project. I promise we’ll have her call you before you leave for the games.”
“Great. Where do I sign?” I asked.
Agent Adams put away his vape pen. “You don’t sign. You signing something doesn’t matter. We’re dealing with information above top secret, Mr. Graham.”
“Whatever,” I shrugged.
“There is one other thing,” Agent Harris said.
“The bad news, right?”
“Right,” she nodded.
Agent Harris looked over at her partner. She was careful not to reveal anything more until he nodded his head in approval. Some of the info they had already revealed was pushing the line above top secret into ‘black protocol’ territory, or what agents at DPI called “above top secret classification.”
Agent Adams nodded before quickly returning his attention back to vaping, retrieving the addictive device almost faster than he had put it away.
Agent Harris cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, Mr. Graham. Your sister’s illness has progressed too far. We can save her, but she won’t be human anymore. She’ll be a vampire. The transformation is irreversible I’m afraid.”
“Really? A vampire?”
“That is correct.”
“Jesus. I need a smoke,” I said as I jumped from my chair and grabbed the pack of smokes sitting on my kitchen counter. I lit one up and began pacing back and forth like a madman. With a bit of reluctance, I turned to Agent Harris and grumbled, “How fast can we get this done?”
“Now, if you agree.”
“That fast, huh?”
“Yes. We already have a team standing by. One phone call from us and they’ll began the extraction.”
“I already told you, I’m in.”
When I reaffirmed my commitment, Agent Adams looked over at his partner with a smug “I told you so” expression. He stood and extended his hand for me to shake. “Good choice, Mr. Graham. You’re a real champ.”
I shook his hand while glaring into his eyes. “You guys better not be trying to pull a fast one.”
“We wouldn’t. You’re not that important,” he smirked before blowing a cloud of steam into my face. “Goodbye, Mr. Graham. I’m sure I won’t be seeing you around,” he sarcastically added before heading for the door.
I shook Agent Harris’ hand. She removed her shades and told me, “Good luck, Mr. Graham.”
“What do I do next?”
“Pack light and wait.”
“Really? That’s it?”
“Yeah. We’ll be back in a couple of hours to take you to prescreening.”
“Sounds fair.”
“Good to hear.”
“So, what are these ‘Adventure Games’ anyway?”
She placed her shades back on. Her expression distant and cold. “Sit tight. We have to make a few arrangements and finish up some paperwork on our end before I can reveal any information. I’m sure the paperwork will get approved by the time we come back for you. Once this happens, I’ll explain everything you need to know.”
I just stood there dumbfounded by the moment. I could hear Agent Harris discussing Agent Adams’ conduct as they let themselves out and began making their way down the hall. Apparently, Agent Harris was disappointed that he had asked me for a beer. She pointed out that this was an obvious workplace violation, and how he could be terminated for his conduct. He found her chiding amusing and told her he had no intentions on drinking on the job. When he made this claim, she was incredulous and asked what possessed him to even ask in the first place.
I could barely hear them at this point since they were standing by the elevator. But I believe his response was something on the lines of, “I wanted to read his reaction. If he handled himself wisely, I knew we wouldn’t have a problem recruiting him for the games.”
“And if he reacted poorly?” she asked.
“Well then, your little behavioral profile would have been wrong, and we would’ve had a head start on finding his replacement,” he told her.
I closed the door in disgust. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, or if they could even be trusted. I knew it too. That cliché feeling had reached all the way down to my gut. My conscience... the good angel on my shoulder was telling me to run.
With a heavy heart, I chose to ignore the voice. My sister’s life hung in the balance. Sometimes in life you had to take risks. My choice to go along with these agents and their dubious claims wasn’t a tough or noble act. It was one wrought from desperation. What were my options? Not joining meant my sister would waste away until it was too late. Phew. This was a lot of pressure. My back was against the wall literally and figuratively.
I let out a long sigh and mustered the courage to begin packing. I hadn’t gotten much sleep either. Hopefully the car ride to wherever we were going would be a long one, and I could get some much-needed rest, I thought to myself as I shoved way too many things into my bag.
Tears escaped from my eyes. I had to stay the course. I had to hear her voice. I finally broke down and prayed to God, asking him to look over me. I still didn’t believe. I don’t know why I did it. I guess out of hope or necessity. My sister meant the world to me, and my parents, I don’t know what they would do if she perished.
Chapter 2: Foresight
The following day was a blur. I was taken to a massive facility that stood in the middle of nowhere. It was on the outskirts of the outskirts. The place was so far removed, they didn’t even bother with a blindfold. There was no elaborate story of denial, or even the whole “we cannot confirm or deny” troupe.
Nope. This was a secret facility where the government housed and did God knows who or what to who or what. From what I gathered, they performed strange experiments on poor sods, such as myself, who had foolishly signed their lives away. I gulped and told myself to shut up. If you think negative things, then you get negative results.
A group of oddly dressed soldiers called “acolytes” escorted me from the transport van to the staging area. I was able to check in with my sister, just like the agents promised. She was doing much better. The thought put a smile on my face and was all the motivation I needed. Now all I needed to do was win, so I could see her again.
Knock on wood, but if something were to happen to me, I didn’t really care. All that mattered was that little sis had finally turned the corner. I swear on my soul. This was more than I could have ever hoped for.
After answering an uncomfortable amount of questions and going through a battery of physical and mental tests, I was given the greenlight by the staff to join the event. This all happened at approximately 1400 hours the next day. I was taken away from the annoying, prodding techs in lab coats. I wouldn’t have mind leaving them behind, along with their invasive procedures if it wasn’t for the soldiers who escorted me to the staging area. They were cold and mechanical. They roughly shooed me to a section of the facility called Bunker 17, as if they were putting a dog back inside its kennel. We arrived at this damnable place, via elevator, twenty floors down.
To my surprise, there were already several people waiting when I arrived. They were all kind of just lingering about not doing much of anything. In front of us stood a pair of massive concrete doors that looked like the entrance to a mini fortress. We were all wearing these odd name tags. The moment made me sick to my stomach. The gazes of suspicion, intrigue, and indifference made me briefly curl up like a shrinking violet.
Hmm... No one told me I would be joined by others. I shrugged and figured as much. I was about to introduce myself when one of the soldiers radioed Command and informed them that we were ready to enter. Command radioed back and told them to give the signal. One of the acolyte soldiers gave a thumbs up, which I imagine they saw on the camera, right above the door.
When he did this an alarm sounded, red strobes flashed all arounds us, and the doors began to slowly creep open. The noise only added to the confusion and bewilderment. I took a step back, sure that the roof was going to collapse with every inch the doors gained. The whole thing was about as unnerving and uninviting as it could get. It looked more like a giant mouth slowly feasting upon the light, warning us to turn back, than an entrance.
We stepped inside only to be greeted by another set of massive doors. These were steel instead of concrete and looked like they could have been placed on the entrance to an impenetrable castle way up in the mountains. I looked back when the concrete doors begin to close. Only when they had fully shut, and we were devoured by the darkness, did the steel doors begin to open their mouth. The inner doors creaked and cranked, making the loudest, most-angriest sound imaginable. The process was excruciating and played on my mind almost as much as it played on my ears.
There was a great deal of radio chatter. The soldiers thrust us through the entrance. When we had all crossed the red line, one of them radioed Command, and the doors began to slowly close behind us. Fight or flight kicked in. I thought about making a run for it, but I could tell that that was bad idea by the way the soldiers were positioned behind the door with their weapons drawn.
I swear I could feel their laser sights more than I could see them in the piercing darkness. There was nothing like a big gun to chop through any language or mental barrier. It was louder and harder than any bull in any China shop would ever be.
I sighed when the doors finally closed behind us. My first thought was, what the hell had I gotten myself into? Followed quickly by, I can’t believe I let myself be talked into this. Before any of us could gather our bearings, the lights began to turn on. Once my eyes had adjusted to the blinding whiteness, I stood around like everyone else, amazed and surprised by the sight in front of me. It was funny in a sense. I was relieved by familiarity as it was the last thing on my mind.
It looked like a well-kept emergency shelter. The floors sparkled as if they had been waxed in preparation for our arrival. The kitchen and dayroom took up the bulk of the space. Before I could really sink my teeth into some good ole fashioned exploration, a voice could be heard over the loudspeaker. The prerecording was that of a woman, who sounded a bit robotic and automated, as if it had been altered to sound as friendly as possible. Which made it even more odd and creepy:
“Greetings, contestants! Welcome to the Adventure Games! These are the inaugural games, making this the very first event of its kind! So, consider yourselves lucky! The games have been lowered in difficulty by our wonderful technicians by approximately fifteen percent in honor of you being the very first souls to be taken.
I’m sure you’re all confused and have a lot of questions. Should I explain? Of course, I should explain! Well, here goes nothing! There are seven of you in total. You have all been locked inside of one of our many, many, many underground shelters! Bunker 17 to be precise. Which is part of the Northeastern Hemisphere Underground Network Systems, or N-HUN for short. That’s right! Your bunker is part of a much wider, global network that is maintained and operated by the New World Government Order or NWGO and members of the New Faith Alliance or NFA.
There are six levels of access in total. To gain access to the lower levels you need a “Marc” card. Which is short for Mark of Identifying numbers. Sorry average humans, only vampires and human personnel critical to the mission are given one. Don’t feel too bad, only high-ranking members of the NFA have access to the lower levels. And only super important people have access to the final level. Take my word for it, I’ve been down to level six and it’s definitely not a place you ever want to be.
I would tell you all about the many wonders, crazy contraptions, odd attractions, and foul creatures we keep below, but then I’d have to release the laughing gas... Just kidding... It’s actually sarin gas!
You have all been locked inside of Bunker 17. We stocked the place with plenty of provisions, so you won’t have to worry about starving to death for a very long time if anything terrible was to happen while you were away like, I don’t know, nuclear holocaust.
The recreational room is also state of the art. All the amenities you need are here. We made sure to provide our contestants with everything imaginable so all you’ll have to worry about is staying alive!
If you were to survive the games, which I highly doubt, then we will do as promised and grant you your wish, via taxpayer expense. There’s nothing the Illuminati loves more than wasting hard stolen taxpayer money on frivolous expenditures like elaborate “stress tests” on bunker sociology to see who’ll break.
All of you came here for a reason. One of you however asked to be here so you could murder everyone else who came here for a reason! Hooray for having zero conscience, our super mysterious serial killer contestant! How do you stop this maniac from murdering you? Why the answer is simple. Figure out which one of you is the murdering maniac and you win! That’s right, the game is officially over, and you can go home and enjoy whatever foolish thing you wished for. Hope it was worth it!
How might you rid yourselves of this psychopath, you ask? Please direct your attention to our voting room. Inside is a small stall, no bigger than an outhouse. At the end of each day, you will go inside, one by one, and vote on who you think the killer is. If the majority votes correctly then the game is over. If there is a tie or lower, then the games continue. Oh, and just to make things fair, the killer will always vote for themselves. This will continue until enough of you vote correctly or everyone besides the killer is D.E.A.D.
♫ Do-do-do dodo! ♫
Congratz subject number 4, Roger J. Pierson III. You have been assigned the master bedroom! Which means you are responsible for reading the daily tasks! What daily tasks you might wonder? Why they’re clues to help you solve the killer-mystery, so pay close attention!
How does it work? Each day Roger will receive a card from HQ, using our spiffy pneumatic system, with direct access to the master bedroom. Our technicians, who helped created this wonderful kill box, call these messages ‘Vital Tasks’. Gather in one place and read them carefully, but only if you’re interested in surviving.
Good luck everyone! Oh, and be sure to have fun while playing. There is a small suggestion box located in the recreational room, next to the TV. All suggestions are anonymous and will help us to not only create a better experience, but even more enjoyable deaths! Salutations! Enjoy your stay at our super-secret underground facility! Thank you for your participation in the Adventure Games! And remember, no matter what happens, you are a valued guest at Bunker 17!”
When the strange announcement ended, everyone just kind of looked around in confusion. It was one of those moments when you question reality. There were seven of us in total. Everyone was wearing a name tag. Each name was more of a twisted moniker than our actual name. I looked down at my own and saw the word “Hero.” I found this odd for a few reasons. The first being I wasn’t a hero. I was your average guy at best. The second, more chilling reason was I did not remember putting this stupid thing on. How it got there was a mystery. I suppose in the thick of the chaos, one of the lab technicians must’ve slapped it on before they rushed me out.
The guy next to me, whose name tag read “Follower,” began to spaz. I tried to calm him, but it didn’t work. He made a break for it, running all the way back to the entrance. “Let me out! I didn’t sign up for this!” he cried and screamed while pounding on the steel slab.
There was a tall, bulky guy, wearing a tank top that barely fit. His name tag read “Bully” and was glued to his chest. He flexed his peck muscles and laughed very loudly and rudely at the young guy. He looked over at me and then everyone else while wildly yelling, “Come on guys! They’re obviously trying to scare us. The lady over the intercom wasn’t even trying to hide how obvious it was with all those corny jokes. What is this supposed to be? Fallout: New Vegas?!” He hooted and chuckled.
“This is stupid,” the woman next to me said. I looked over and saw that her name tag read: “Narcissist.”
“Screw it,” the Follower said after seeing that he was making a fool out of himself by crying and wailing not only in vain but to the amusement of others.
“I want to go home,” a girl sniveled. I glanced over and saw that her name tag read, “Teenager.”
Bully’s laughter pulled me away from the shock of seeing a teenager in a place like this. I cringed when he hollered out “Guys! It’s not real!” as if he wasn’t making yet another useless PSA.
There was this guy leaning against the wall. He watched with folded arms as the Follower finally gave up the goose. I could have sworn he was just standing right next to me, but I could be wrong. His name tag read “the Rationalizer.” He looked over at us and asked, in a very matter-of-fact tone, “So. What do we do now?”
“Let’s go get the message like the lady said over the intercom,” I told everyone with a shrug.
“Good idea,” the Rationalizer said. I think he was being sarcastic when he said it, but who knows. A guy like that was difficult to read.
The seven of us traveled through the kitchen and recreational area. Then we made our way down the narrow hall, towards our rooms. There were two names assigned to each one, except for the master bedroom. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw that the Rationalizer was assigned to the same room as me. Seeing my discomfort, he gave me a pat on the back before opening the door to our room.
I peeked inside and saw a very clean but very bare bones living space. There were a few accommodations, just nothing like home. Let’s see, there was a bunkbed on one side, two lockers, and a large dresser on the other. The floor was just as cold, polished, and uninviting as the kitchen and hall. Turns out, the only thing they bothered to make warm and cozy was the recreational room. Oh, and the master bedroom, hate to forget that.
I poked my head in Roger’s room. If I hadn’t mentioned it by now, his name tag read: “the Lover.” He damn near kissed the floor when he saw how magnificent his stay would be. His reaction rubbed pretty much all of us the wrong way. The Narcissist’s in particular. When she saw her room, and realized she had to share with the Teenager, she hyperventilated. Unlike the Lover’s eccentrics, her selfishly induced panic attack put a smile on my face.
“Huh. Looks like they got at least one of our name tags spot-on,” the Rationalizer said while observing her antics and thinking the same thing I was thinking.
Bully nearly buckled over he laughed so hard. Seeing this and that he shared a room with this meathead, the Follower began laughing right along with him. I don’t even think he knew why he was laughing. He saw Bully doing it and just followed along. I shook my head. I did chuckle a bit under my breath. The whole thing was ridiculous, I thought to myself as I turned my attention back to the Lover. There was something about him that was different. I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.
Was there a faster way to draw suspicion than being called out by name and given something. Not only was it something, but it happened to be the one spacious, well decorated, most comfortable room out of the whole lot. Silk pillows, satin sheets, and a handwoven quilt that was draped over the bottom of a lavish, four-post bed. The posts were shaped into gargoyles. Even his dresser was handcrafted, the wallpaper elegant, and the red carpet fit for royalty. I could go on and on, but I didn’t want my intrigue to turn into outrage. Not yet at least. This all could be a prank like Bully suggested.
Eh. I know I keep harping on the subject, but it was hella unfair. What could I do? Even if I wanted to take it there, what were my options? Try to take the room from him by force? Yeah. That’s smart. That way everyone would think I was the killer for sure.
I had never even thought about killing someone in my whole life. Ok... you got me. The vampire who nearly killed my sister was the only creature. Hearing Agent Adams tell me he had been cruelly dispatched by his masters was sweet music to my ears. My only regret was that I wasn’t there to witness him suffer. If I was, I would have begged the monster behind the mask to prolong his pain for as long as vampirically possible.
“Hey, pal! Hurry up! I’m starving,” Bully shouted, snapping my mind out of its downward spiral of dark, borderline psychotic thought.
“I’m grabbing the card now!” the Lover shouted back before seizing the plastic capsule that was ejected from a long, pneumatic tube system. He removed the card from the red envelope and read what it said:
Task 1. Introduce yourself to the others. State all critical information such as name, age, and reason you’re here. This is very important: reveal if you are human or not. Do not lie unless you are the killer. You may remove your name tag afterwards.”
After he read the card, we all glanced around at one another, wondering if this was indeed someone’s idea of a sick joke. Or perhaps this was a dream we would all wake up from very soon? I prayed for the ladder but feared and respected the former. My thoughts loud and sweeping amidst the awkward silence that had overtaken us.
Bully rubbed his stomach. “I’m hungry. You guys can keep standing around looking stupid if you want. I’m off to see what’s in the fridge.”
“Um. Gross,” the Narcissist stated before she checked the pockets of her stylish plaid topcoat. She gasped in exasperation before yelping in dismay, “OMG. But how? How did they even know?”
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“They must’ve taken it!” she cried.
“Taken what?” I asked.
She looked over at me with an expression that told me everything I needed to know. Then she groaned out the most unimaginative words imaginable, “God. I thought I smuggled my backup phone. I put it in my pocket, it should be here. Screw it. Guess I’ll just die of boredom.”
“Or you could reconnect with your other senses,” the Rationalizer said. He folded his arms and stared at the Narcissist hungrily. If she wasn’t so preoccupied with being preoccupied by nothing, she would have noticed his lecherous gawk.
“Whatever. I hate my life,” she sighed.
“What’s a ‘backup’ phone?” I asked.
“Old people, dude,” the Follower blurted before chuckling to himself at my expense.
“I’m not old. I just never heard of a backup phone,” I explained, my tone a bit defensive.
“My bad, bro. Don’t get mad.”
“I’m not getting mad.”
“Hey. Whatever you say, bro.”
“It’s your other phone just in case your non other phone dies. Tch. Duh. I have followers, you know,” she replied all hot and haughtily.
“Come on guys,” I said before making my way towards the kitchen. Bully was already there, rummaging through the cupboards like a man on a mission.
When he saw us, he looked back and said, “I’m starving, haven’t eaten since breakfast!”
“How are we looking? Plenty of good stuff?” I asked as I made my approach.
“Bingo!” he hooted and rooted, ignoring me like a butthole over a loaf of bread. He made some weird comment about how he couldn’t believe they had sprouted grain bread. And how sprouted grain bread was savage. And how sprouted grain bread aided in muscle recovery. And how sprouted grain bread blah blah blah; all bodybuilding nonsense no one else understood. I understood how rude he was, however. He practically commandeered the counter and began making himself half a dozen sandwiches with the ham that he had snagged from the fridge.
“How are we looking?” I asked again.
“Dude, we’re freaking loaded!”
I opened the large pantry and saw four shelves filled with cans. “Wow. Yeah, you’re right.”
The one guy, who had the master bedroom, the Lover, I believe his name tag was; he cleared his throat and said, “Ok. So, who’s going to go first?”
“First in what?” the Follower asked.
“Introducing themselves,” he hissed.
“Tch. I’m not wasting my time,” the Follower laughed. To be honest, he seemed like a nice kid, but his laugh was maddening. This high pitch chortle followed by a guttural snort or two. Ugh. Just thinking about it made my skin crawl.
“I think you should go first,” I told Bully.
“Oh, yeah? Why’s that?” he asked.
“Because you’re a big oaf.”
Everyone at the table laughed, including the Follower. He stood from his seat, still snorting, and said, “Dude! You have a mountain of sandwiches! You could have at least asked if anyone else wanted one.”
Bully laughed before and after taking a chunk out of his first sandwich. “Whatever. I worked hard to get these muscles. Judging by your appearance, I don’t think you’ve ever seen an honest day’s work at the gym.”
“Ouch,” the Follower nervously chuckled. He slinked back down in his seat and tried to hide as we all laughed at the poor guy’s expense.
Bully looked over at me as if he saw something he didn’t like. Before I could ask if he had a staring problem, he said, “What about you? You seem pretty straightlaced. Maybe you should go first.”
I looked around and saw everyone’s eyes fall on me after he had pretty much thrown me under the bus. I threw my hands up in defeat and told them, “Fine. It’s not like I have anything to hide; I’ll go first.”
The Lover gestured for me to take the metaphorical stage and said, “The floor is yours.”
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2023.03.29 22:04 sleighballsRing Laser hair removal

Hi guys, curious to know how many people have done it before? How effective was it for you/where?
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2023.03.29 21:52 Zealousideal_Age_390 Removed mole

A few weeks ago, I had a small, slightly elevated mole (?) (not sure if that term is the correct one) on the lower left side of my scalp removed. My barber used to often nick it with the hair clipper, much to my annoyance. I decided to have it removed. I booked an appointment with a doctor. The doctor gave it a quick look and had me lie down on the exam table. He lasered it off in a minute or two. It has healed nicely since. The problem, however, is that whereas I had thought the said doctor was a certified dermatologist, he was, in fact, simply a plastic surgeon. While I was on the exam table, I asked him if I should be worried about the mole and whether it displays any sinister characteristics. He said that it did not. But shouldn’t the mole have been tested first prior to being removed? What if, some years along the line, it becomes cancerous? How is it possible, now, to know of any such changes, having been superficially removed? What, in your opinion, should I do now? Should I consult a dermatologist?
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2023.03.29 21:51 Illustrious-Cup8370 Vent: So I recently realized I am trans

Im transgender, I’ve been questioning my identity for the past few months and talking about it in therapy. Today in my session I admitted that I am trans, and I felt so much weight lift from my chest. This is who I am, who I want to be, how I want to spend my future. But now I’m home and I’m so depressed, I can’t leave my house because the thought of putting on boy clothes is making me wanna jump out of my skin. So I feel trapped here like I can’t leave or interact with the outside world because I don’t want to be perceived as a male. Its so exhausting, I have no one to talk to besides my therapist and I only see her once a week. I cut off most my “friends” a while ago because they were jerks and homophobes. Whatever friends I still have left wouldn’t understand and would just look at me weird, although I could be wrong its just I’m not prepared to face that kind of rejection right now. This is what I want, I want to be a girl, I want to wear makeup, to dress like a girl, go on hrt, get laser hair removal on my face, I feel ready I’m so tired of pretending to be a boy and I wanna just start everything now. my parents will be back home in 4 days and they’re super transphobic and I just can’t do it anymore. I’m gonna have to stop shaving my legs, and stop dressing feminine at home, and put up with all their bigoted shit. Im not ok right now, i just wanna live my truth, I’ve finally admitted it to myself now I want to show the world. I haven’t been happy or comfortable in my body since I was like 10, all of this depression, self hatred, unhappiness while looking in the mirror, being uncomfortable around others, being extremely uncomfortable pursuing relationships, feeling derealized all the time like my life wasn’t real, I never understood why, but now I do. Why is it so looked down upon to be trans, why can’t we just express ourselves and not be fucking demonized for doing it. Like if one of my neighbors sees me with makeup on their gonna tell my parents because everyone on this street is a fucking socialite, and their mostly conservative pricks. I don’t have any food in the house so I’ll probably just go hungry, id rather do that than dress up like a boy. What am I gonna do when my parents come back, they already know somethings up because the last time they saw me I was obviously very depressed, which was because I was in the middle of questioning my gender and couldn’t express any of these things bc they we’re always home. I’ve been caught cross dressing or things along those lines a few times growing up and from their reactions, you’d think I murdered someone. Im sick of this I just wanna be myself. I wanna give the little kid a hug that just wanted to dance around in their sisters clothes because it made them feel pretty, instead that kid got brutally screamed at and treated like a freak. I just wanna tell my younger self that its ok and that you don’t have to feel like a monster every time you express your femininity. My parents really fucked me up, especially my dad, he is disgusting and made horrible perverted comments about women to me all throughout my life, and expected me to do the same. He’s also mentions trans woman as if they are some kind of monstrosity, its fucking sickening. He punched me in the face when I was 14 trying to antagonize him for being a drunk asshole to my mom and sister. Now he wonders why we’re not close and I never wanna spend time with him, and gets all sad about it, it makes me feel like the shitty one. Don’t get me wrong he’s had his moments of kindness too and he really tries sometimes, I also grew up very privileged and didn’t have to worry about money thanks to him. But he doesn’t even try to understand my interests and wants to talk about typical father son manly things. I need to move out but I don’t wanna wait till then to start presenting as a woman, I want to do it now, I’m ready to do it now. I think I need my sister now more than ever, she is coming home from college in two weeks or so and I wanna come out to her. I really hope she’s accepting, I just need one family member to see me you know, like really see me. I think I’ve left enough clues over the years for her to know something is up, so I don’t think it will be a total shock but idk. Im just tired and sick of this feeling, I’ve finally identified what is wrong, but I feel trapped. Like ill never be able to break free from this curse of being a boy. I just wanna go out into society and run my errands, but as a woman, is that really so much to ask.
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2023.03.29 21:14 InterestingSand3339 Please help me decide which method to use

Hey, I've been looking into a way of having less hair down there, but I'm quite bad with pain. So far I've seen that most go for shaving, but it's just not cutting it for me (doesn't last long), so I'm left with waxing, epilating or laser removal. I'm currently thinking of going for the laser removal, but I heard it's almost as painful as waxing and epilating, is it true? (I've tried epilating before and I couldn't stand the pain)
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2023.03.29 20:20 Traditional-Bear-493 Paddy Murphy - The Journey To The Center Of The First W - Chapter VII, The Final Chapter - “Winner”

Commentator: Ladies and Gentleman, we are back here… Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium, one of the oldest arenas in town here in Los Angeles, California.... back live with Shining Light League action here in FANTASY BOOKING ELITE!
Back here in the ring, right in the action where we left you, Calcote Miller, the world class, working class Gentlemen, continuing to beat away at the ribs of Murphy in the corner, a series of loud, wicked CHEST CHOPS to Murphy! Calcote grabs the wrist and sends him border to border with the Irish whip with great force…
Follows him in but meets the point of Paddy’s elbow right in the jaw! Calcote stumbles down as Paddy sits himself onto the top rope… high risk could mean high reward here in the Shining Light League as Murphy takes to the sky!!! CROSSBODY!!!!
Miller…. Rolling through!!!! Hoists Murphy up and around looking for that Working Man’s Slam!
Sensei… head in hands, leaning on the apron as Calcote begins to run for the slam…… but Paddy wriggles down and into a DDT position, Miller pushes him back off and throws a vicious line… ducked by Murphy who spins around and meets him in the centre with a dropkick!! Paddy is firing back up and this crowd in Los Angeles is right behind him!!!
Paddy… in the corner… sizes up his opponent as..
On the screen down the entranceway…. Kalamity watching on from his locker room! Paddy has noticed Kalamity watching his match, following their bust up and demise last week in the Punish and Crush tournament!
Commentator: Paddy, eyes WIDE OPEN, realising his chance is here and now… to prove to Kalamity… to prove to everybody here in the FBE… that he is not just a joker, he is not the bottom of the pack… he is here TO STAY!
Charges towards Miller in the corner who pushes his forearm up and sends Paddy flying onto the apron but Paddy lands on his feet and gets his balance on the apron…
Miller with a punch, but Murphy blocks, strike of his own… BLOCKED! A HUGE SLAP to the chest of Murphy by Calcote !!! Paddy falls to a knees on the apron as the tide continues to turn in this bout!
Calcote… smashes his fists into the canvas and let’s out a roar! He hits the opposite ropes and charges in…
Paddy flips himself over the top rope and meets him in the middle with a buckshot lariat!!!!
The referee and audience in unison: ONE……............TWO….........

The opening riff to Captain Kelly's Kitchen at long last, bellows out of the speakers as the bell rings!!!
Paddy’s eye bulge as he rolls up out of the pin and pushes the hair back that’s stuck to his forehead! Sensei… leans back and raises both arms in victory on the outside as he comes up the stairs and through the ropes to greet Murphy!!!!
Sensei goes for the samurai handshake but Paddy pulls him in for a hug before the master raises the students hand in victory, FINALLY!
Paddy climbs the turnbuckles and raises both of his arms into the air, and points to the sky!
Sensei begins to leave the ring but Paddy stands still, looking at Miller and offers the handshake… Miller accepts as the two competitors show their respect to one another! Calcote rolls out the ring holding his neck as Paddy then asks the ring announcer who is now standing back in the ring for the microphone!
The announcer reluctantly passes it over as Murphy taps it twice and addresses those watching live and at home!
Paddy: Hard work, pays off! Hard work, pays off! HARD WORK. PAYS OFF! When you go face to face with the World Class WORKING Class Gentlemen, and you come out the other side with your hand raised in victory. THAT*, is when you* KNOW, hard work PAYS OFF! Look, I know, I know I’m on a time limit here and I know I can’t be out here too long before Inferno drags me arse backstage and tells me to shut me trap but I have something to say really quick, to all of you, and to one man in particular.
This.............. this means the world to me *pointing at the canvas*, but this, this, *pointing at the fans in attendance* this, this win right here, \panting*, is a foundation for what needs to follow.* Michael, I know you got Sensei’s challenge for an exhibition, and I know you have agreed, but I know you only agreed if one thing in particular happened here tonight.....
I AM NOT A JOKER!!!! Y’know, When we first agreed to team……. I didn’t think anything of it, All I wanted was to get my first victory and would agree to anything the Sensei suggested….. but now I know that I can not let my own recklessness ruin something with such potential.
Michael, the difference between me and you is* *pauses* .........when you meet adversity, when we both lost in the Punish and Crush*, you left me and Sensei stranded and marched to the back…. when you meet adversity..... you hide, and you put the blame on others!*
When I meet adversity, when my backs against the wall... when I have to put the chips down...... I PUT MY FISTS BACK UP AND SAY LETS FUCKIN' HAVE IT!!!!!!
I DON’T HIDE.......
If Sensei is right, and us two FINALLY Pummelling each other, and SMACKING each other left and right is what is needed, TO GET YOU BACK ON SIDE*, then that is what I will do. You supposedly told management that you wouldn’t come out on Firestorm and face me until I was on the scoreboard with a victory, until my journey to secure me first victory in the FBE was complete… well Michael….*
Here I fuckin’ am cowboy!
Let’s. HAVE. IT. OUT!!!!
ILL SEE YER SCOTTISH, MARS BAR SCRANNING ARSE ON FRIDAY NIGHT!...... and when I do, I will put you on 'yer arse and bring all of these people, all of these fuckin' beautiful bastards what they wanna see most......



Murphy drops the microphone and raises his arms once again before the Sensei pats him on the shoulders and they head to the back.

The Journey to that first W is over for the World’s Most Wanted. The Center has been found. The victory dance has been fulfilled. But while one journey ends, another one, a much, much bigger one…….. begins…
- END -
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2023.03.29 19:59 llvqxbwwxg 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif qrboirfawpqa1...
My excitement and anticipation had built up, so I one moved of my hands to her front, rubbing her breasts, while the other hand rubbed her clit. She began to squirm with pleasure, and I could feel my lap getting wetter as her pussy began to run. Her movements were stimulating my cock and, as she screamed with ecstasy, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I shot load after load of hot sticky cum into her soaking wet cunt. As she and I came, our juices mixed and dripped back into my lap.
All doubt finally gone from her mind, she pressed the tip of his member hard into her opening until it started to slide in. Barely an inch of it had her gasping; this was a lot thicker than her vibrator. It was probably going to stretch her a little wider than she was used to, and definitely sink a lot deeper.
Jade was the first to make any movement; pivoting in her seat, she spoke very softly to Tommy.
"I was really afraid you were going to jump me on the couch out there, Phil" says Meghan. "Luckily you passed the test!"
“But I want to hear you beg,” I breathed, putting more weight on her and effectively pinning her to my bed. My hands slid underneath her and quickly found her pert little tits.
“Why is that such a big deal?”
She didn't say a word but merely just pointed her finger behind me.
“Oh thank you Mr. Price. I really enjoyed it here” Yvette said.
“Oh shit, Billy,” Becky exclaimed, “You killed him!” she screamed.
The third time was the best yet.
We began kissing and soon her top was off and I was kissing down her neck, licking her skin on the way to her beautiful tits. I kissed and sucked on each nipple enjoying this treat and the company with an amazing girl. Next thing, we are both stark naked, rolling around on top of the covers kissing and playing hands rubbing, fingers searching. She went down and started sucking my already hard cock.
After enjoying my climax for a few minutes, I pulled up my panties and went back to my bedroom, falling blissfully asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
“Thank you Uncle Jim . . . that was the best!” I whispered.
“Gonna hit up the pool today?” I made a gesture with my fork at her dress and she looked down, embarrassed and flattered.
Me and my buddies were coming back to my place from school, my parents are gone for the weekend on a business trip so we're planning to take this chance go through the city, but we needed some extra cash that I had stored in my room. My name is Billy, me and my buddies are juniors and I'm about 5'5''slim nerd kid and my friends Grant and Kyle are basically what you'd expect my friends to be. We made a stash of cash for days like this, and we hid it at my place for a special reason... a reason we all got a great sight of once we walked into my backyard.
The only silver linings to this were the fact that the nail had been taken from Colleen and was now in possession of the BSC, and that it had not made her a Host, so her mind would not be contaminated like Jason’s. But to be treated so horribly, to suffer so much at the hands of three of her classmates… he couldn’t imagine Colleen ever being able to trust anyone ever again. It would have been bad enough if she had been gang-raped by three men, as horrible as it sounded, it was almost expected in men. But there was supposed to be some kind of protection and understanding between women, some sort of unity that would prevent them from selling each other out to such a fate. Or least, that’s what Jason had hoped, that there was some kind of sisterhood that girls had that would protect them from sexual assault. If it was the girls on her sports team that had done it, would Colleen ever be able to place trust in anyone ever again, man or woman? He just had to wait for her to heal and for the influence of the Black Stigmata to fully leave him.
var pager = {"objects":["

READER<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2006-05-28 22:30:49<\/div>\n
How was he unattractive exactly: he just wasn’t that good looking. He was about 5'11, 165lbs, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, light tan, and a fair sized 8 inch cock? The beginning was too long and the sex too short. Editing your writing more critically will help.<\/div>\n

READER<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2006-05-28 00:54:20<\/div>\n
come on get on with it<\/div>\n

READER<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2006-05-27 22:41:15<\/div>\n
At no time did you ever let us know that Melissa even had a mom. I thought she was a MILF. I should have known, there are so many 38d highschool girls out there. She went from disgusted to living room blowjob in about three minutes? you need to flesh it out a little. keep trying<\/div>\n

READER<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2006-05-27 19:49:50<\/div>\n
it wus like....a 30 second read..waaaayyyy too short<\/div>\n

READER<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2006-05-27 13:45:35<\/div>\n
It was fairly well written, but come on, only the very last part focused on the sex.<\/div>\n
The ride to school was fun. We were better than ever. We did our usual teasing with added flirtation now. There was no awkwardness though. I was feeling much better although the bruising was still quite evident.
In April of 1959; I was a high school senior less than 2 months from graduation. I had a job on the second shift at the local textile mill and had just recently purchased a newer car to replace my old clunker. My new one was a red '55 Chevy in excellent condition. Head turned when I drove down the street. The car is how I wound up dating Deborah Ann Page (our minister's daughter). She was attracted to the car a lot more than she was to me. But I didn't mind too much. Deborah really loved that car and since I was on the approved list of people she could date; I was able to take her out. She really liked the captain of the football team, I knew, but her parents didn't allow her to date jocks. Deborah was also a senior who had planned to go to a large university several hundred miles away in the fall. I pretty much knew that would spell the end of our relationship but I savored it while it lasted. Deborah was a tall girl with legs up to you know where with long blonde hair that had a little curl on the end. Holding hands, kisses on the lips and hugging her had been the extent of my physical contact with her up to now. But I could fantasize of a whole lot more than that.
“How the hell do you know that?” I demanded; my quiet tone replaced with one quite a bit louder. “Who told you that?”
They both grabbed each other and squeezed as hard as they possibly could as they both reached their respective climaxes. The walls of Alex’s pussy clenched and held Justin’s cock like a vise, milking him of everything he had. Alex lost her breath and went limp while at the same time Justin collapsed on her. The two of them laid there for a few moments before either one of them spoke.
“What is ‘bonkers’?”
"Am I a mess?" I ask him, referring to my face.
Izial considered this for a moment, sitting back up. “Yes, I noticed,” He shuffled backward a bit and rubbed his large grey head against her opening, coating it in her lubrication. Jasmine bit her lip, unsure if she was excited or worried that he might take her innocence anyway. “I shall claim you later, however...” He grinned mischievously, lifting both of her legs into the air with one hand. His eyes wandered downward, evaluating her ass. “This has already been taken, and so I will enter you here.”
“Well, it would mean a lot to me.” Phil said, with a hint of pleading in his voice.
First of all I would like to introduced myself . My name is Michael Scott Cline and these are my sex story’s. All together I have about five different sex parter in my life and unfortunately for me many of them were basically a one night stand. Other than my current wife Ashley. She turn out to be my fifth and final sexual partner.
She tugged on my arm signaling me that she wanted to reward my words with a kiss and I obliged. I gave her a kiss that I aimed to addle her mind with. I worked my tongue and rhythm to please her, then worked my way downward. I planted my lips against everything below her mouth, her cheek, her chin, her neck and shoulder line. All the while she caressed my back, digging her nails in a bit.
This didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the girls. The group he had been watching had also been watching him, and right now they all had their eyes on what was going on in Zane’s car, and they all followed as he drove out of the lot with Chloe. In his rear view mirror he could see them all watching.
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