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2023.05.29 16:46 Walter_F90 31/M/Netherlands - Looking for some good chats

Hello there Reddit,
For the most part I am just your average guy. I work in engineering, at a company that builds manufacturing equipment for the semiconductor industry (aka machines to make computer chips). I'm a natural introvert but my job and life sometimes force me to become an extrovert so I like meeting new people from time to time. I have a very wide range of interests and I'm not a bad conversationalist. As for my values I am a weird mix between old-school and hedonism. I guess that is what happens when you grow up a Christian and are then cast into the world at 18 to figure it out by yourself.
As far as my interests go: I'm interested in travel, fitness, hiking, camping, guitars, cars, history, philosophy, gaming (PC), reading, movies, whisky, stonedoom rock, would've probably been a gun nut if I was American.
I'd prefer it if you were close to my age and time zone, although that is not strictly necessary. I just find that it makes for more better chats on average. It can be a short term thing if you just want to chat for an hour or an afternoon or if you're looking for something a bit more regular. I usually prefer to text chat although we may also voice chat if we get along well. I mostly use Discord.
If anything about this post sounds good to you then send me a message or chat.
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2023.05.29 16:45 __hap 19f home all day today, anyone wanna talk? [chat]

so my old account got banned 2 a weeks ago. i have zero idea why, and i’ve appealed it and emailed reddit and all but i’ve gotten nothing back. kinda accepted that i won’t get it back now so i decided to make a new account and try again
i’m 19 and just about to be done with classes, only have a few days left. i play a lot of fifa ultimate team but also some rocket league and rainbow 6. i also surf sometimes and go out w friends and school and all that basic stuff.
i’m open to chatting with anyone i’d prefer if you make your first chat something more than “hey” or “hey how are you”. idk its just super repetitive and kinda just makes me not even wanna respond bc i’ve had chats like that billion times.
everyone is welcome i’ll respond to every chat whenever i can!!
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2023.05.29 16:41 Opening-Sky9108 University Funds

Hey everyone!
I'm entering first year at Queens this fall, and after calculating my income and expenses, I'm expected to have about 25k surplus at the end of first year. Each year following I'll have about 4k as surplus.
I was wondering what the best course of action is with saving this money? I was considering using it for medical school after the 4 years are up, but given that's a relatively short period for investments, I'd be willing to leave the money in for longer.
Additionally, I'm also willing to split up the money and put it in different spots if that's better?
My parents have also discussed purchasing a house in kingston using the 25k as down-payment. The idea is I'd live there with roommates who'd be paying rent (to cover mortgage costs and stuff). My parents are worried about how much extra they'd have to contribute. Furthermore, would it even be approved in my name given I have no income (my mom's also not working at the moment, it's just my dad at 66k). This would also mean the $8000 I have set aside currently for annual rent would contribute to the house as well.
Another idea was since our mortgage renewal is coming up this December, we put the 25k into our current house's mortgage, and my parents would give me the money back with then some extra (the extra depends on how much they can take out during the next mortgage renewal). My only worry with this is that our current house's mortgage will increase astronomically (we live in Scarborough).
However, even with all these options I liked will have a couple thousand from working part-time to invest, and I'm not sure how to do it or what to do? I've heard of GICs, TFSAs, and stocks, but I don't know where to start or what's better to invest in?
I also know how to play it safe with stocks, and how to read the market. My parents are first gen immigrants and have no idea about any of this stuff, so I really have no one to guide me which makes me even more anxious.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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2023.05.29 16:40 TH0316 No idea how to obtain a consultation with Ann Sluzky, looking for any info on FFS in Armenia

I’ve gone through the wiki, I’ve tried to follow her private Instagram, I’ve reached out to people with no reply so far. I’ve read every post on Reddit, watched every YouTube video on her work and I’m really determined to go to Armenia and get FFS.
My trouble is I literally have no idea where to start and if anyone can answer these questions I’d love to know:
How do you get a consultation?
Do I need a CT scan prior to the consultation?
How do you pay for it logistically? Do I need a bag full of US dollars before I travel (from UK)?
Can I stay anywhere in Yerevan and how many people do I need with me, if any? How are the hotels?
What medication is provided for aftercare as I know I’ll likely be in the hotel?
Did you have anything go wrong with the surgery or travel plans?
Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.05.29 16:38 arclightmagus The Apartment (Part 22)

First Part 21
Let’s see…. Ah yes, I was telling my…uh.. Well the neighborhood witch that she’d likely created a kind of magical dam in an extraplanar region and so she’d have to do something about it.
Or at least that was my guess. Now we just had to figure out both the hard part and the easy part.
The easy part would be switching off the portal. The problem was going to be A) knowing how long to leave it switched off and B) being able to reconnect.
Unlike modern electronics, the magical community is rather… slow about adopting certain technologies and patterns and so the concept of pairing (like most of us know about with bluetooth and wifi) was… not exactly foreign, but definitely something that didn’t come as a natural progression.
So not only would the portal have to be reconfigured at the ‘sending’ end (thank Terra for what are effective 2-way wormholes - suck it SG1), said portal would have to have something to home in on. And given that Miss Skuld had never actually turned the portal off since she activated it, that made things extra problematic.
But I was being paid in very expensive herbs, so it was on me to figure it out.
As I said, first it needed switched off so it could be re-runed, which would take a few hours at a minimum and would require a bit of research to determine the right runes to create a means of ‘pairing’.
Then those same new ‘pair’ runes would have to be added to this far side. This would help, but again, both would have to be offline and whomever was on the ‘inside’ would be stuck there until the portal was re-established. And guess who the lucky winner on that one was?
Yeah, really…
But again, that’s how being a consultant works. Dirty jobs and at the mercy of clients who need your help, but given the circumstances, short of calling a few wizards who were better with runes, it was not going to be an easy solution regardless.
“How certain are you about my portal being the issue?” Miss Skuld asked as we looked at the arch that formed this side of the portal.
“Sufficiently based on what you’ve told me that I’d find it very hard to believe that it wouldn’t impact something,” I replied, sipping on a cider she’d thoughtfully provided from her garden’s fermenters.
“And that’s a tried and true technique is it?” she asked, rather more cheerfully than the harsh school mistress facade she normally wore.
“Oh yes. Turn it off and on again is practically the very first step. If you can replicate a problem after you’ve done that, that’s when you know you have a real problem,” I smiled slightly.
“Except we already know that it’s a problem or have you forgotten my poor golems?” she seemed slightly hurt.
“That’s not what I meant. But in short, it is a best standard practice at deliberately taking steps to fully reset a system from a base state or as close as you can get to it.”
She considered this and nodded.
“I’ll need to close my shop for the day then. I’ll have to get some spellcasting ingredients and a tracer in case this doesn’t work as simple as turning it off and on again,” her face already returning to the grey, neutral stone that was her normal.
“I’ll need to get some provisions and some camping equipment in case this takes longer than we expect,” I concurred with breaking for the day. “Do you know if there’s a good cross-planar communicator?”
“In theory, yes. But they are research institute issue only and they are exorbitantly expensive to operate, let alone borrow,” she said, matter-of-factly.
“How expensive are we talking?” I decided to ask before realizing it.
“Three 25 gram essentia crystals grade 8 or better per minute,” she said without even a pause.
I swallowed heavily. That was the equivalent of my fee of saffron every 10 minutes. I could afford some luxuries and some back-ups, but nothing of that magnitude.
“Then I guess I’ll just have to do without and we’ll have to be adequately certain of the pairing runes,” I said, shrugging, trying to not imagine being lost in the extraplanar realm for an indefinite future.
“I’ll see if I can provide a means of making it auto apply. I don’t know how good your runes are and I’d hate to make this any harder than necessary in trying to guess between your runes and my own,” she said, in the tones of one who is already certain that your penmanship is not up to standard.
Being fair, she was absolutely correct.
I knew some about runes, but only enough to get into trouble. A bit like being able to read a bit of code, but not enough to actually fix it and more likely to just make a mess of it and/or break it.
I finished the cider and set the wooden mug back onto the table where we had been sitting, pondering a solution.
We rose as one and walked to the portal. I looked at it as closely as I could without my eyes watering. It seemed to be fairly standard, but was clearly formed by some very special vines which had the runes engraved on them. Certainly nothing I’d want to have to try and recreate.
She appeared to think for a moment at the edge of the portal and turned around, looking out at the garden.
I turned with her, in case there was something my senses had missed.
Seeing nothing, I turned to see what direction she was looking in. In doing so, I saw her raise her hands to full extent and a strange kind of warping seem to emanate from her fingertips.
You know that heat waves on the road, making you see water at a distance? It was the same kind of strange bending of air and light, except up-close.
Of course, being around a djinn who can leak fire from their fingertips when adequately upset, I was not overly concerned, but I knew better than to say anything until Miss Skuld was doing whatever it was she was doing.
It took about 30 seconds, but the bending light faded and nothing appeared to have changed.
“May I inquire as to what you just did?” I asked as we turned back to the portal together.
“My golems will now protect you if it becomes necessary and they will respond, to a degree, if you command them,” she said.
“Protect me from what?” I prompted.
“From if you’re wrong,” she said and we stepped through the portal.

We said our goodbyes from there and I left through the front, deciding to hail a rideshare to the local sporting goods store that had a grocery next door.
I thought hard about her last statement.
I couldn’t deny that she was right. I was effectively toying with magic concepts that didn’t have to follow my simple baseline logic. And if there was some malicious force at play, it was someone either targeting her or potentially targeting me by proxy.
Alternately, there was also the strong risk that in doing this, I could be stuck in her garden for days, week, or even months if we couldn’t manage to do this right. At a minimum, someone of equivalent or better extraplanar skills would have to find me, create a portal to me (even a one-time portal would be problematic), have a homing signal to get us back to the right plane, and then portal us back. Such a specialist would be worth a lot more than me, but seeing as this was her garden and not lightly created, I didn’t suspect that she’d be looking to maroon me in extraplanar space.
The rideshare was nice and quiet, which is always a benefit, and I wandered through the camping section of the sporting good store.
For an outing like this, where good weather was a guarantee and I could probably get by with very simple items, the biggest challenge was going to be cooking and keeping anything cool.
I hadn’t asked whether it would be ok for me to have a small fire or not or if there was a means of refrigeration. I decided that the simplest answer would be no on both, at least for anything other than a root cellar or some equivalent (since she did have to keep the fermenters somewhere).
And while essentia or similar powered ‘field equipment’ existed, that got expensive and was usually reserved for teams of wizards on expeditions.
So MREs, dried/freeze-dried foods, and self-heating chemical packs were going to be my friends in this. Imperfect, but without having a better idea on what I was looking at, it was better than surviving on purely fruit and veg (which I know some people manage to do, but I’m not them).
Water wasn’t going to be a problem and given the cider, neither was alcohol if I did end up there for days on end.
Power could be a problem for entertainment, so I grabbed a small solar panel with USB charging and included battery.
I decided on a camping hammock with straps instead of bolts and grabbed a few other odds and ends for hygiene. I thought the clerk was going to swallow their eyes at seeing my fully stocked cart and when I declined any bags, but they dutifully checked me out and I pushed the cart outside and around the corner, just enough to be out of line of sight of anyone except in the immediate before I started loading it all in my bag.
Yes, that’s right dear readers, I have a Mary Poppins/Dr. Who ‘bigger on the inside’/D&D ‘bag of holding’ backpack. And I love it. It’s the first and best thing I invested in when I kicked off my fully independent consulting. Anything that goes in is stacked according to some kind of internal warehousing and if you go looking for something, the enchantment on the bag listens and will lift up whatever it is that you’re asking for. I have a hard time believing that I’ve never had anything like it before or what I would do without it.
Once I finished up at the sporting goods, I decided to skip the grocery, since most of what I could come up with was items that either needed freezing/refrigeration or needed some kind of intense heat source. Since I would likely be lacking both, I would simply do without.
Caffeine was going to be a ‘problem’ but I had some cold beverage instant caffeine type flavored water mix that I could get by on, so that was sound enough for me to press forward on.
Another ride-share to the corner nearest the apartment and into the apartment I went, vanishing from the world outside and realizing that I hadn’t gotten the herbs I’d gone to Miss Skuld’s to get in the first place.
Oh well, my pasta with meatballs and marinara sauce would just have to do without.
That is, until Lucy and Warren found out about my plan for the next day and possibly longer if things didn’t go right. But I’ll get to that later.
For now, it’s a beautiful day and I intend to spend it doing as little as possible.
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2023.05.29 16:38 danielj1632 What would happen to my debts if I died by suicide?

I'm 24, not married, have no kids. I have tens of thousands in debt and I barely make enough money to survive. I don't have skills, college credit, a degree, family to help, money for trade school, the ability to borrow any more money.. I feel entirely out of options. I'll spend the rest of my life just making interest payments and treading water.
I have private and federal student loans, I have medical debt, some in collections, personal loan debt, other collections.. It's ruined my life and all I do is work to pay debt.
If I died, I understand the debt doesn't disappear. By my understanding someone would try to auction off my stuff to raise money to pay it off, but unequivocally I have nowhere near enough to sell to even cover a fraction of it. At that point, the rest is just a loss?
Debt collectors would try to come for everyone around me and I would feel bad because I know what the spam and harassment from them is like, but if I write that under NO circumstances is anyone to take on any of my debt for me, ignore the collectors, send a cease and desist if necessary. But DO NOT take this debt.
If everyone knows that, then that's the only way to get rid of this debt basically right? If the death seems intentional, does that change things?
The debt, especially student loans, can't be discharged through bankruptcy, leaving the United States, it seems like the only option is suicide, and tell everyone the debt died with me
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2023.05.29 16:34 kingmagnon I don't know where to go from here

I've been in this reddit for a while but I'm posting here for help for the first time because I don't know where else to go.
I'm a homeless vet who is at 40% disability. I have lost most of my hearing in my left ear and my mind is all types of fucked up. I get by pretty well, all things considered, but it's so difficult for me to maintain a job because something is wrong with me. It's probably anxiety, PTSD or some other shit that I can't quite put my finger on. I haven't gone back for a higher rating because I feel guilty with the 40% that I already have. I was in the desert for OIF and OEF but I never got shot at or saw direct combat. I still have nightmares and I'm constantly on edge about everything. There have been many suicide attempts but I even half-assed those.
I've been at 40% for the last 8 years and I don't have much medical history because I avoid the doctor. I only got that much because my wife helped me out before she left me. Everything about the process is so confusing and draining to me. I feel like a waste of a human.
Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?
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2023.05.29 16:33 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 20 Jobs in ME Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
UnitedHealth Group Care Manager-RN Bangor
UnitedHealth Group RN Bangor
UnitedHealth Group Manager, Clinical Supply Chain Bangor
UnitedHealth Group Financial Counselor - Remote in Brewer, ME Brewer
UnitedHealth Group Senior Patient Care Coordinator - Ellsworth, ME Brewer
UnitedHealth Group Peer Advocate Ellsworth
UnitedHealth Group Health Advocate Ellsworth
UnitedHealth Group Per Diem Patient Access Representative (Maine Coast Hospital) - Ellsworth, ME Ellsworth
UnitedHealth Group Care Manager-RN Orono
UnitedHealth Group Manager, Clinical Supply Chain Orono
UnitedHealth Group Patient Access Manager - Northern Light Mayo Hospital - Dover Foxcroft, ME Portland
UnitedHealth Group Care Manager RN- Per Diem Presque Isle
UnitedHealth Group RN Manager - Inpatient Care Management Presque Isle Maine $5,000 Sign on Bonus Presque Isle
UnitedHealth Group Patient Access Manager - Northern Light Mayo Hospital - Dover Foxcroft, ME South Portland
UnitedHealth Group Patient Access Manager - Northern Light Mayo Hospital - Dover Foxcroft, ME Westbrook
KMA Human Resources Consulting Registered Nurse Bangor
Jaykay Medical Staffing CNA Per Diem QUICK START$28/HR. Caribou
KMA Human Resources Consulting Registered Nurse-RN Portland
Jobot Family Nurse Practitioner Rumford
Medical Edge Recruitment Registered Nurse Westbrook
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in me. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 16:33 PaintMePanda med students buying property vs renting

I am wondering whether anyone decided to (or decided not to) buy property when starting med school using their LOC and can tell me a bit about their thought-process. I'm not as knowledgeable re: finances or buying real estate so this might be a dumb question but I also have heard of other med students doing this so thought I would post to learn more about this.
I have some money saved up that I could use for down payment and I understand that it be hard for me to be approved for a mortgage since I would not have income but I'm wondering if that is possible with any banks/specific circumstances. If not, I'm guessing I would have to get parents to co-sign on the mortgage.
If all that is possible, would this be a good financial decision? I'll probably rent out a room in the place as well and my contribution to my mortgage each month would be the same cost of rent that I would be paying. My thought is that at least this way I would be gaining equity By the time I finish medical school I would be around 29 years old and thought this would be good to have if I start residency in the same city or either resell/continue renting it out. Again, I'm not sure whether these reasons are good but its just what I was thinking. Another reasoning for wanting to do this is just wanting more control with where I live especially as I get older.
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2023.05.29 16:26 shadowslayer-4 Trusts are penny wise and pound foolish. FPR is cheaper in the long run

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2023.05.29 16:24 Lucky-Influence638 residency in opthalmology in netherlands

Hello all! I am a greek medical doctor and I am looking for doing my residency in Netherlands in Opthalmology. I graduated three years ago from medical school. I would like any information available on who to. I don't speak the language but I think that this can be managed by moving in the country, still don't have the details. Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.29 16:23 half_blood1 AITA for wanting the ring budget to stay?

My (26F) and my partner (29M) are about to get engaged.
Originally, he wanted to spend $10k on a ring, and was sending me links from luxury jewellers. After me talking to him about it, and I told him, that I appreciated it, though I would be super happy with 8k max
After a few weeks of shopping together in the $8k budget, and me finding a few favourites, he said he doesn't want to spend 8k anymore, and showed me a series of 1k-3k rings. I'm not sure why, but I felt really upset by this and tried to explain that its upsetting that he originally wanted to spend 10k on me but now only 1-3k.
He said we could use the money on stocks, or a holiday, and I could buy another ring later when hes earning more money, but I explained that I am traditional and that this would be the one ring for me and the only thing I would actively ask for him to buy for me, and I'm ok with 5k. He said I was being unreasonable, but eventually relented and said the budget was 5k. He also said that I "might ask him to buy things in the future, so that isn't true". I decided to stay under budget and choose a 4k ring. He has been dismissive every time the ring is talked about, e.g. Me: "isn't the ring pretty?" Him: "As long as you're happy".
For context, we are both very old school traditional, and openly discuss our wages, and talk about what we want to spend money on. Generally though, he is an impulse shopper, whereas I tend to save more. He has spent thousands on holidays, gifts for others. He is in the medical field set to make 80k this year, but has a guaranteed increase of $15k-20k/year. I work as well, and currently earn 80k too, and have my own savings. In all honesty, I would have paid half of it myself if it meant I could have something nice.
I am grateful that he is buying me a ring at all, of course, and have told him how sweet he is and that im appreciative.
But, AITA for wanting the budget to stay at 5k?
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2023.05.29 16:23 plantdoctah Desperate! Very burnt out but have a board exam in less than two weeks. Need recs for mental fatigue!

Any recs would be great. Feeling SO burnt out and mentally foggy but I need to be peaking right now. In medical school and this is the biggest exam of my career so far and can’t afford to not pass it.
Things to consider: 1) I take vyvanse for ADHD. —So I need to avoid supplements with Vitamin C/ citrus since that causes premature metabolizing. — I’ve tried L-tyrosine and although it helps that day, the next day I’ve gotten super cranky and more foggy. So might be a bit of an overload with vyvanse. — glutathione used to feel like it helped me a ton but lately I actually feel like it cancels out the effects of vyvanse.
2) I’m a woman and have PMDD (essentially second half of month my female hormones fluctuate a ton.) def can cause brain fog, but what I’m currently experiencing is probably pure burn out exacerbated by being a week away from my period. I mention this in case anyone has recs for this specifically
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2023.05.29 16:23 AnnieQueenOfThe Free Dental Care-June 10th-Spread the Word

Free Dental Care-June 10th-Spread the Word
Pictures of the Flyers attached. I am not affiliated and am merely passing on the message of this community resource
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2023.05.29 16:20 Novel-Storage7592 Staph epid. + Candida albicans in ear

Height: 5’7” Weight: 216 lbs Age: 34 Sex: F Takes Vyvanse, Wellbutrin daily
I’ve had a persistent ear infection for a while that started while I had COVID. I just got over pneumonia so I made sure to get paxlovid. No pain, no drainage that I can tell, just some itching and discomfort in the ear. Ear exam revealed a bunch of white stuff.
Urgent care was pretty careless and pumped stuff out of my ear then sent me home with an antibiotic, and when that didn’t fully work, they gave me anti fungal drops. I am home from school for the summer so I went to see my regular doctor, who on my insistence did an actual ear culture to see what’s going on in there.
Culture came back with rare colonies of staphylococcus epidermis and rare colonies of Candida albicans.
My doctor’s office is closed today for the holiday and I am supposed to travel tomorrow at 4am. I made the mistake of reading medical journals and saw stuff about mortality rates for these comorbid strains and am now freaking the fuck out. My mom is diabetic also and I share a shower with her.
What do I do now? Should I disinfect the whole house? Should I cancel my trip to make sure I can get whatever treatment they tell me to take? Am I in actual mortal danger?
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2023.05.29 16:18 Noskyofficial [HIRING] 15 Jobs in Houston Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
USPI Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Houston
USPI CFO Houston
USPI CFO TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital Houston
Imagine Pediatrics Bilingual Pediatric Registered Nurse (RN) Houston
Imagine Pediatrics Registered Nurse Houston
Cenikor Foundtion Senior Director of Nursing & Medical (RN required) Houston
Archetype Permanent Solutions NICU Registered Nurse Houston
Oncology Consultants Registered Nurse (RN) Memorial City Houston
TotalMed, Inc. Travel Nurse Houston
Rêve Preparatory Charter School School Nurse Houston
Arch Staffing & Consulting Case Management Nurse Houston
Fresenius Medical Care North America Registered Nurse Houston
Archetype Permanent Solutions Operating Room Nurse Houston
WalkerHealthcare Medical Surgical/Telemetry Nurse Houston
Archetype Permanent Solutions Registered Nurses for Operating Room Services Houston
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in houston. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 16:10 Sunshine_Whiskey123 Low HCG, but US shows a heartbeat......

Hello, I am new to Reddit and hope this is the place for this information. I just need some support for my current situation. I about a little over 6 weeks pregnant, but my OB is concerned for my low HCG levels and a missed miscarriage. For background: This is my first pregnancy and I am SUPER excited. I am about 6 weeks along and I have had 3 blood tests for HCG already and they have all been "low". My OB was concerned for a missed miscarriage, so I had to get an ultrasound. The 6 week ultra sound showed a normal sized fetus with a heartbeat. Now my OB wants another ultrasound this week. I don't know what emotions to feel. I am excited that there is still a heartbeat, but my OB keeps telling me that I should be concerned about my HCG levels not doubling and tripling like they should. She isn't negative about the situation, but is just being straightforward and honest and I respect that. I have not had any cramping or bleeding. The only pregnancy symptom I have are tender breasts and constipation. I am not looking for medical advice, just want to know if anyone else has been can relate. I haven't told many friends and family because it is so early in my pregnancy. But I just feel like I am going through this alone because I don't personally know anyone who this has happened to before. I feel like my heart is being pulled in a new direction every day. Any sort of insight, support, or your personal story is much appreciated. I can take any honest reality to my situation. Thanks everyone in advance!
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2023.05.29 16:06 Coriolanus5 What to do about the idea of not getting loved in return?

I am really sry if this might be too long. And also as it may not be fitting to this Reddit but I need religious advice, not some random "Hollywood love" advice I would certainly get if I ask basically anyone else.
Hi. I am a 20 year old male medical student in an eastern (Muslim) country. In the past year I have came into acquaintance of a female colleague. Same year. Christian ofc. As one would say in the casual sense: I have been having "feelings" for her for several months now.
We all go to the same church and "Sunday" church meeting. I would rather not fool myself and deny that seeing here there isn't the main reason I even go. The thing is I am very poorly religious. She however is VERY religious.
She scores A+ in every exam. I get A then F then A them F again (don't ask me how.). She is a much better student than myself. That particular point is very special to me because I am (or was) nothing but a top student. My only skill and worth in life was studying and nothing else. In other conditions I would envy her to death, just like the other 30-40 colleagues who also score A+ every exam. I hate myself for saying that.
She is physically fit. I am quite obese. I have started a secret slow diet just for her sake but it would be like 2 years for it to bear fruit. I went for a hardcore diet twice and fell very sick each time.
She is outgoing and very friendly yet not submissive in opinions and discussions (the perfect discussion partner. I tested her by making up confrontatious debates with her to see how she reacts. She is always polite but never backing down under peer pressure). I am very shy, almost autistic but not really. I even stutter when I talk to my professors or in public.
She even writes competition-level poetry! My only hobby is medicore level chess. I continuously ponder. Maybe she has flaws that I am blinded by? NOPE. She is somehow perfect at all my flaws. Each and every one. The only thing I have is that my parents are upper middle class, and her's are relatively poor. I am not a Buffon to claim that as anything.
In every Sunday meeting I can't help but see how do most of the other boys look at her. I am not the only one. At least half of them understand how perfect she is. And I dare say all of them want to propose to her as much as I do. (This is a neat conservative eastern thing. There is no girlfriend/boyfriend (whether holy or not). Only engagement then marriage.)
With everything considered. Often I convince myself that I actually have a chance of being accepted by her. But why? I know a friend who actively seeks to talk to her, and he is the opposite of me. The two would make a perfect pair. Not to mention the many I won't know about. A female christian doctor (you can't ask for a higher social status than that) is very rare to find by itself, let alone with all her other merits. Every worthy suitor in a hundred miles range and beyond would love to propose to her.
All in all I can't help but feel horrified and perhaps even enraged with the idea of being refused. It's almost insane. I never wanted anything so desperately in all my life as being accepted by her. I can't even study because of this torment.
As I am poorly religious. Every night I get this dreaded idea of that God would "save" her from me as I am in perhaps under a mountain of mortal sin and accordingly not worthy of the daughter of God. Have you ever seen someone try to repent just because of a girl? I tried. And I believe this doesn't make it a true repentence because I know deep down it's for her not for God. No wonder I always fail.
Oh and my parents don't know. I am too ashamed to admit to them that their hard working medical student son is into "love or whatever nonsense is that". If my father would be disappointed after all this I might as well jump off a cliff. I really shouldn't have allowed myself to love from the start.
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2023.05.29 16:05 snowstormnight1243 Decision between UIUC CE or U of T Engineering Science

Hi guys, I am a grade 12 student who is current making decision about which university to go to. I have two option, UIUC CE and University of Toronto(U of T) Engineering Science. For future, I want to work in field related with microchsips, maybe in compnaies like Nvidia, AMD, IBM or may go to graduate school that has similar rank with UIUC, like UCB. For now, I have no prior experiences about microchips(no reserach experiences, never take the course in this area). Below is the pros and cons about each school from my current POV.

U of T pro: The program admitted me is the best in school, that means I almost have access to all the resource in school. It also gives me a chance to go on other programs like machine intelligence. However, I am not sure with my coding skill and interest in other areas, so not sure if I can do well in it.

U of T con: The program is very diffculty with average around a B, GPA of 3.0. That would probably be danger for someone who is applying for any graduate school, especially US ones. U of T is also not really good in microchips, but I don't know how much it is worse than UIUC(This is my major concern). I don't know if I will be in a disadvantage if I choose U of T.

UIUC pro: UIUC is great in field relates to microships. It has stronger professor in the field, which means I may be able to have more connections and better experiences in microchip field. It als have more times as it has a lighter courseload. I may have 2 to 4 hours free time per day where in U of T I may have only 3 to 5 hours on weekend.

UIUC con: It is public school with so many people. Althought there are resoruces, I don't know if I can even get the resource with no prior experience in microchips. The tution is also higher by 160k CAD at least. The geo location is not good as U of T, so not sure about the job chances.

If you guys see a similar post in UIUC reddit, it is because I sent a post there as well.
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2023.05.29 16:03 Glittering-Muffin745 Feeling so alone!

Finding myself unable to manage my friendships effectively. Could just be because family is town, but I feel far away from everyone. I’m always analyzing if I’m enjoying a situation and unable to practice mindfulness. I never reach out to make plans because I never know what’s worth it or my fear is just overpowering.
Always trying to keep my head up, but I feel like my 20’s will not be what I’m seeing my friends turn out to be. Had hopes to go to continue my schooling and such. I just feel so scared sometimes. My able bodied living experience ended when I turned 15. Mental health piece has been overpowering, many near miss attempts and hospitalizations. It’s so hard to be gentle with myself about all of it. I’m worried my income is no longer going to be sustainable.
I feel like I’m making myself lonelier. The summer is the yuckiest for me, but it’s when I want to do the most. I just turned 21 and really started to feel disconnected from what my peers get up to, jealously.
So much will and want, so little way. I don’t know what steps to take next.
I’m starting a new mental health medication alongside my current rx. I have been on a lot of medications since I was in elementary school and still get nervous to try a new class of medication. This is one of the only medications I haven’t been prescribed for my condition so I’m feeling worried.
Do you all tend to get the most abysmal combination of side effects from medications as well? Or perhaps perceived intensity?
I hope you are all hanging in there❤️❤️
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2023.05.29 16:03 august042005 just got out of high school but idk ano kunin ko for college

hii! im 17 / f, newly graduated stem student from davao. I’m unsure or idk what course to take. on the other hand though, i’d also want a job that'll force me to go out of the house. reason is, i somehow noticed that when i’m inside the house, i can’t do anything. even my schoolworks. i just lay in bed for the rest of the day and feel unmotivated. and that’s the reason why i mostly stay at cafes, and i do that just to finish schoolworks.
so basically, my ideal job outlook would be that i can get out of the house but also not just get into some office and stare at a computer all day.
I also read about choosing careers by acknowledging your strengths and weakness. so i’ll just list my strengths or skills, weaknesses and things im passionate. (i did a survey to my friends and family for this so hopefully it’ll help!)(i know some things below scream ART SCHOOL but plss dont say art school. anything but art school 😭)
things i’m passionate about. 1. digital art 2. films 3. societal issues 4. organizing 5. writing 6. exploring new places 7. making storyboards 8. reading
strengths. 1. hands on 2. detail-oriented 3. generous 4. tranquil 5. humble 6. diplomatic 7. gets things done very well and passes on time 8. helpful 9. works better behind the scenes 10. super independent person
weaknesses. 1. oral communication/bad at networking 2. physics and maths 3. lazy 4. takes serious stuff lightly 5. procrastinates 6. always unsure 7. low self-confidence 8. relies on other people too much 9. always late 10. bad at the kitchen (can only cook rice, can’t cook very well)
top college courses i have in mind : industrial engineering, architecture, civil engineering, nursing, computer science, entrepreneurship, information technology, medical biology, economics, communication
family background : my family has had nurses and engineers. my dad’s an engineer and is basically a contractor. my mom’s a housewife and helps my dad with his employees, accounting and bank stuff. we also have a farm from my dad’s which he owns now, and my mom’s side have businesses at the livestock market. the family is financially doing well but we’re not fancy and rich RICH. and so, overall, we’re stem inclined branched out to random businesses.
career goals : either have a fast food franchise like mcdonalds or something similar OR become a landlord. have my own lot then build an apartment i can rent out to people. all this before i turn 50. (seems unreachable but as they say, dream big and do well!)
lifestyle goals : i don’t dream of having my own family. but i want to be able to afford a lifestyle where i can stand on my own two feet, not rely on my parents, and be able to travel because we never travelled when i was a kid since my parents are busy people. also the given, being able to spoil myself and my parents.
any thoughts on what career i should consider taking?
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2023.05.29 16:03 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 15 Jobs in Phoenix Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Pizza Hut Shift Leader Phoenix
Wood, Patel, & Associates Immediate Openings Survey Project Manager Phoenix Phoenix
Wood, Patel, & Associates Immediate Openings Civil Project Manager Land Development Phoenix Phoenix
Greenstaff Medical USA Home Health Nurse Phoenix
Rubicon Staffing-Arizona Registered Nurse Phoenix
Helping Handz Counseling Services-OTC Duel PHMNP/FNP-C Phoenix
Unitek Learning Content Expert - Part Time Contract - Medical Surgical - RN License Required Phoenix
It's A Secret Med Spa Nurse Injector Phoenix
United Surgical Partners International, Inc PreOp/PACU Endoscopy RN FT or PT Desert Ridge Outpatient Surgery Center Phoenix
Abrazo Health Registered Nurse for Abrazo Heart Institute Phoenix
Compassus Hospice Registered Nurse Case Manager Phoenix
Abrazo Health CARDIAC RN's Abrazo Scottsdale Hospital Phoenix
GQR Healthcare Registered Nurse (RN) $10-$20k Sign-On Progressive Care Unit Phoenix
United Surgical Partners International, Inc RN Clinical Manager FT Urology ASC Phoenix-Downtown Phoenix
American Family Medicine Phoenix Family Nurse Practitioner Phoenix
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in phoenix. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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