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This subreddit is dedicated to all things curly and the Curly Girl Method. Here, we celebrate and embrace our natural curls, discuss hair care techniques and products, and offer support and advice to one another. The Curly Girl Method, developed by Lorraine Massey, is a hair care approach that emphasizes the use of sulfate-free and silicone-free products, as well as avoiding heat styling tools. This method can result in healthier, bouncier, and more defined curls.

2019.04.07 16:11 Movie Cliches

This is a list of the most annoying and common logic flaws and stereotypes found in movies. Comments, additions and suggestions welcome!

2023.04.01 13:09 CryptographerDry248 19M [chat] looking for anyone anywhere!

I’m a 19M from the United States but I’m currently living in South Korea and I’m the hunt for a long lasting friendship! Here is some stuff about me.
I’m really big into video games such as minecraft, warthunder and much more
My music taste is all over the place ranging from country to classical it all depends on how my day is going. I do enjoy reading but I haven’t been as constant with it as I used to be, but when I do it’s mostly motivational stuff or about history.
I’m a big fan of hiking and occasionally fishing, I love hiking through the woods and up hills to find the best view as well as hidden gems that Mother Nature hides in the wilderness.
I always have some type of stupid meme that I’m willing send, I will always try to raise your spirts and I hope you’ll do the same for me. After all life can be hard sometimes.
I’m also not looking for anything romantic just friends that’s all so if you’re still interested let me know and we’ll let our friendship blossom into something awesome!
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2023.04.01 13:07 Giselle_Kikky Rules to sleep at my house

Hello it seems that my mother accepted you and i to have a sleepover at their house. Mine is relatively easy so dont worry. If you follow the rules found on this piece of paper you will be safe (Atleast i think so)
Rule 1: Be here before 7pm. Because after 7pm is when they are the most active. If you end up not being here before 7 call me dont just disappear.
Rule 2: Dont go to my parents room. In under any circumstances you should never go there. If you do it then it wont be long before they will get you
Rule 3: Me and my siblings are all named after greek gods and goddesses you should introduce yourself with a fake greek god/goddesses name it will intimedate the things. If you dont then refer to rule 4a and 4b
Rule 4a: Kill yourself.
Rule 4b: You will say your kidding and introduce yourself with the fake name name. If your fail to do so refer to rule 4a.
Rule 5a: My oldest brothers Castor and Cadmus are twins both are 20. If start talking to you. Curse them and walk away. Cursing them and not walking away will result in a fate worse than death.
Rule 5b: If my brothers are casually talking with my dad run and hide. My brothers has different father than the rest of my siblings. Thus they despise eachother.
Rule 5c: If one of my brothers call you to talk feel free to do whatever you want to do. Reject their offer or accept. They dont care. Its the real them
Rule 6: We have a dance studio and workout room inside the house. They are on the 2nd floor. Also there is only one bedroom there that happens to be mine. So if you cant find a workout room or dance studio on the 2nd floor. Leave immedietly before you have time.
Rule 7a: I have an infant sister Alecto. Do not say her name boyish. Although she is an infant be afraid of her. The things are very fond of her.
Rule 7b: Dont go to inside the nursery. Especially if Alecto is inside. The things are very protective of her.
Rule 8: My dad is from Germany. So he speaks German from time to time ignore it. Even if you know German he is from Bavaria you wont understand his accent. Put on your earmuff
Rule 9a: We have a cat, a dog and rabbits. But the rabbit is always inside the backyard. We never let them in. However if you see rabbits inside the house. Pray that my dog or my cat is near. If you fail to do so refer to rule 4a.
Rule 9b: Dont go to the backyard. The rabbits and the things dont like people.
Rule 10: We have a mealplan stuck up on the frigde for the day. If the food is anything other whats on the mealplan. Dont eat it. Give it to my dog. He knows what to do.
Rule 11a: Before going to sleep, you should have an earmuff and sleep mask its crucial for survival. If you dont have it refer to rule 4a.
Rule 11b: Be up before 9a.m
Rule 11c: Be asleep before 12p.m. If you arent then refer to rule 4a.
Rule 11d: Say "I shall be protected by whoever wants to protect me" my dog likes having things to do especially during the night.
Rule 12: Your parents should pick you up at exactly at 11:00. Not 10:59 not 11:01 just 11:00. And always have track of time.
Ok i think you read all the rules. I hope we will have a fun time! Bye see you tommorow
As i read this paper left by my classmate Athena. I wondered if she was crazy. I mean i had heard some crazy stuff about her. About how people went missing after having sleepovers with her or her brothers being prisoners who escaped i didnt believe any of them. They were just crazy. I decided to go what could happen. I didnt had to convince my parents. They quickly accepted. Odd. But whatever.
As they dropped me off at her place. It was 6:36. One rule followed. As she opened the door her house looked super nice. The furniture, decor. Everything just screamed expensive there were animal heads everywhere and fur carpets. I dont understand why people dont like her. I introduced myself as Hera. Again one rule followed. I saw both Cadmus and Castor walk towards me. I said "Fuck you two" and quickly walked away. One rule followed. It was dinnertime. And i looked at their fridge an lo-and-behold there was the mealplanner. It was lasagna for dinner. I dont have any problem. They served me steak. I gave it to the dog. Again one rule followed. She dragged me to see her sister Alecto. I didnt say anything about her name and left. One rule followed. I put in my earmuff and my sleep mask. And as i said "I shall be protected by anyone who wants to protect" her dog came at me. It was a mastiff too big to be inside but he was protecting me i dont care. One rule followed. But the day after. My head was hurting super bad i wanted to cry. When i woke up it was almost 11 a.m."Shoot i must've overslept". My parents were here to pick me up as Ms.Gorey (Athena''s mother) said i excitedly hurried to the front door. When i saw my parents car outside. I almost cried. After i got inside my parents asked what time did i wake up at. I told them "I dont know". They once again asked me when did i wake up.
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2023.04.01 13:07 RyanzRetroReviewz The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex - 1939 Film Review - RyanzRetroReviewz

The Private lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939)

The private lives of Elizabeth and Essex is a 1939 historical romance drama movie starring Erol Flynn (still riding high on his success from his most memorable of roles in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" just a few years earlier), Bette Davis (who wasn't all that fond of sharing top billing with Flynn, a glorified stuntman in her eyes), and Olivia de Havelland (fresh from the set of her most memorable work in "Gone with the Wind", and making this her fifth out of nine movies sharing co-starring credits with Flynn). Directed by master movie maker Micheal Curtiz (already known for his works on "Captain Blood" and "Angels with Dirty Faces", and later to be known for his larger than life movies such as "Casablanca" and "White Christmas"), stretching his legs with the new technicolor process of filming, and reuniting him yet again with his usual cast of star studded actors\actresses, to whom he had each given their big breaks on screen.
We start this movie off on a large and lavish note, with trumpets and fanfare welcoming home Robert Devereux the Earl of Essex (Flynn) from his victories at war with Spain. But the celebritory mood is cut short when Queen Elizabeth I (Davis), scorns and berates the Earl of Essex for his wreckless sinking of a Spanish treasure galleon, other than the capture of it. Essex then resigns himself from the Queen's service and retires back to his lands. Over the next chunk of the movie, we're taken into life at Elizabeth's court, and quickly come to learn that the Earl of Essex and the Queen are both secretly in love with each other, though none can come to submit themselves to the other publicly. We're introduced to the Lords of Elizabeth's privy council; Lord Raleigh (Vincent Price), Lord Burghley (Henry Stephenson), Sir Robert Cecil (Henry Daniell) and Sir Francis Bacon (Donald Crisp), who all plot and vie to replace Essex as favorite to the Queen. We also come to meet one of the Queen's ladies in waiting, Lady Penelope Gray (de Havilland), who also has a deep secret love for Essex, and will do anything to sour the relationship between the two. A high point of these scenes has Lady Penelope signing a ballad of an old maiden wishing she was still young and fair, which sends the Queen into an extreme fit of rage, breaking all the mirrors in her chamber (a truly great scene on Bette Davis' part).
A messenger soon comes stumbling in from Ireland telling the Queen of their losses to the native forces. This causes Elizabeth to send out a new force to Ireland, as well as giving her a reason to call in Essex and make him master of the city's defences, should they face and invasion. But the Lord's of the privy council all too easily goad the Earl of Essex into volunteering to lead the attack force to Ireland himself, with the Queen's own objection's meaning naught to him.
This then leads us to the bog land battlegrounds of the good old "Emerald Isle" (Ireland for those of you who don't know), smack dab in the middle of the "Nine Years War" (1593-1603), where Essex's men have now been suffering heavy losses due to lack of reinforcements and supplies from the Crown, and only scant letters of reply from the Queen; none of them directly addressing the situation at hand. Essex is furious.
Back in England, Elizabeth is also furious, apparently having being given little to no word from Essex on the situation in Ireland. We now learn that her conniving Lord's and jealous Lady in waiting have all been aiding each other in the omission of certain letters to and from the Queen, in order to ruin the Earl of Essex in her eyes.
Meanwhile in Ireland, Essex finally surrenders to the leader of the rebel Irish army, Hugh O'Neill (Alan Hale, Sr.), when the last of their supply camp is burned out. This, on top of a now angry letter from Elizabeth demanding that he "surrender" himself to the court for treason, sends the Earl into a state of rage. He soon leads his army back to England and storms the court of the Queen, but Elizabeth easily tricks him into standing down his army then having has him arrested and sent to the Tower of London, to Essex's shock and dismay. Lady Pennelope then tearfully admits her crimes to her Queen in hopes of saving the Earl of Essex's life, though this is to no avail.
The final scene of the movie has the two lovers face to face one last time, with Elizabeth begging Essex yet again for his public submission, to which he boldly denies, then marches head held high straight to the executioners block, bringing to us one final look at Queen Elizabeth I, as we pan out and bring up the end credits to this tale (a final scene in which we actually see Flynn on the chopping block was apparently cut after early test previews).
To sum it all up in so many words, "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex" is a fantastically crafted piece of retro cinema, packed full of great quality acting from both our leads and supporting cast, amazingly epic scale sets and costuming effects, elevated by the grand quality symphony score laid down by Eric Wolfgang Korngold, and shot beautifully by Cinematograher Sol Polito, with this being one of the earliest full length live actions movies ever released in color on the big screen. All this is rounded together by director Michael Curtiz, further cementing and solidifying his name in the annals of Hollywood forevermore, hopefully.
And that's all she wrote folks.
Thanks for reading.
Ryan D. Hurley
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2023.04.01 13:06 IveSeenAliens 26 [M4F] London/UK/Anywhere - Any genuine connection, relationship/friendship

To be upfront, looking for dating and friends. Just lemme know what you're looking for if you message😊
Hey there, I'm a pretty chill person looking for new friends and maybe a new relationship. I've spent a lot of time solo and figured adding some people into different parts of my life now would be a great decision. Also, I'm pansexual.
I'm a black cis guy working as a teacher in London. I'm really tall, so prior warning if you wanted to hang out in person and I wear glasses. I dress in comfortable clothes exclusively, I want to spend my waking hours bathed in the luxury of a soft hoodie and warm shorts.
I like to pretend I'm a creative type. To that end, I make the occasional YouTube video, play instruments (currently the ukulele), and I write. A big part of my life right now is streaming and working on videos. It's how I spend most weekends. I also work on games, currently making a visual novel from scratch, and I like to cook. Oh, and I'm learning Korean for fun and to read some books I'd like to read.
I currently live alone, and I'm generally a solo person, which I think is what's shaped my humour. It's a combo of Sailor J, Ludwig Ahgren, and just pure absurdism, I once laughed at a picture of grass because my friend edited the photo funny and yelled grass when he showed me. I'm not sure what else to write, but hopefully, this has given you a pretty good overview of me.
As for you, I just ask that you're chill, willing to genuinely learn about someone else, and talk about yourself and make fun of me as I would you. Also, if you're interested, send a message, and we can swap photos if you'd like. No hard feelings if you're not interested after that :), just hate putting my pics directly online
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2023.04.01 13:06 lukasamd Make work visible - best method to do that?

I'm project manager and work on many projects, organize also three teams (they have team leads). I know the biggest problem is hidden and unclear work - everything can be planned and work smoothly if situation is clear and we know how many work in progress we have (to avoid too much in the same time).
I have problem with selecting method to visualize that, even just for me, for my personal big picture thinking. Checked a lot of tools (jira, roadmaps, whimsical, onenote, different kanbans etc) but looks like it does not work fine for me. I'm minimalist and prefer to have everything on the computer, but maybe it will be better to buy even simple magnetic board / pin board and use old school sticky notes and "real kanban". It will allow me to make just quick look and know what is in progress
I know it's a bit general, but am also very interested, how do you deal with such issue? Of course avoiding too much WiP is the most important item, but still need to visualize.
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2023.04.01 13:06 zephell Overland Track, TAS (Winter - End of July)

Current base weight: 7.5kg
Given this is winter and my partner is joining I am optimising more for safety and comfort over going as light as possible. The last time I did the Overland was a few years ago in late March or April and it snowed most days, but my total pack weight was still only around 7kg including food. I have done 3-4 day fastpacks using an 18L running bag before, and this isn't going to be one of them.
Location/temp range/specific trip description:
Overland Track, TAS (82km)
July 24th (leave transport) - 28th (arrive Cynthia Bay)
Average min temperature: 2c, but given it is winter will plan for temps to hit -5c to -8c
Average max temperature: 9c
Budget: N/A, but mainly looking for validation.
Non-negotiable Items: Garmin InReach Mini, Forerunner 955, X Therm, SWD Big Haul
Solo or with another person?: Group of 3
Additional Information / Questions:
Lighterpack notes:
Red Star Items, still to purchase, Open to change
Green Star Items, Purchased, still to arrive, should be before July.
Yellow Start Items, multiple options I already own. Not a high priority.
Lighterpack Link:

Appreciate in advance any answers you may have to the above questions! Have a great weekend everyone.
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2023.04.01 13:06 divisionByInfinity What's Computer Science like at Duke?

Context: I was admitted to Trinity as part of the Class of 2027. I have the option of doing an undergraduate degree in CS at either USC or Duke.
I have some questions about Computer Science at Duke, and I request current CS majors at Duke to share their viewpoints. These are questions about the quality of the CS department. I hope someone doesn't just tell me that you can get a good tech job by just grinding LeetCode. I'm already decent at that type of problem-solving and am just really trying to understand whether CS at Duke is strong.
  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the CS department?
  2. How big do CS classes tend to be?
  3. What are your opinions on CS professors? (Friendly, just ok, don't teach well, the best you've ever seen...)
  4. If you had to convince someone to commit to Duke for CS, what would you say? (Pros?)
  5. If you had to tell someone why they shouldn't come for CS at Duke, what would you say? (Cons?)
  6. Is Duke well-known among tech recruiters?
  7. Do any quant firms hire from Duke?
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2023.04.01 13:05 Quamyyyy Insects

I often dream about insects, last night i was dreaming that I’m in a ruined house ( i was invited ) i seen two old men playing chess i tried to discover the room and i seen many insects living there and a really big grasshopper after i stared at it, it went into a hole and at this point i was feeling very disgusted and said I’m not going to sleep here I have suicidal thoughts often and i think when i said i don’t want to sleep here it means i don’t want to live and the reason must be the insects that I’m dreaming about but i don’t know what they stand for
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2023.04.01 13:05 maxweber1 Help needed in finding a gravel bike for summer 23

My current ride is a specialized mtb which has been great, but i've learned that the size is too big for me. I'm also leaning more on road riding and light gravel (50/50) so i've been looking to get in to gravel biking. After riding the oversized mtb its very important for me that my next bike wont feel too streched out.
Here are my options:
  1. Canyon grail 7 al / grail 7 al etap (these are currently out of stock and canyon says they will be back in stock in july-oct which is kinda bummer because I would likely miss the riding season.
  2. Cannondale topstone 1 (testrode this in size L and M and almost pulled the trigger on this, but it didn't feel perfect, I felt it was hard to place my hands on the dropbars. Maybe this is just something that I haven't been used to since I come from mtb/maybe a shorter stem would do the trick? Also what worries me is that people in some posts were saying the geometry in topstone is pretty long and superman like?
  3. What im currently thinking of is Canyon grail cf sl 7. This would be in stock in June and would be with carbon frame, but the hover bar feels a bit scary since it cant be adjusted if it doesnt feel perfect. help needed to decide/comments are more than welcome. My main criteria is to have a gravel bike for light graveling/road riding and dont fancy a bikebacking/heavy gravel sort of bike (for example canyon grizl).

I am around 177-178 cm tall, inseam 79,8 and arm lenght around 55 cm. This puts me in size S in canyon.
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2023.04.01 13:05 hodenmaik Glimpse of Tomorrow Deck Idea

Looking for suggetions.
Today i tried a deck idea. - Cascading into Glimpse of Tomorrow with the usual suspects (Shardless Agent, Violent Outburst, Ardent Plea) - Hitting Cards with Glimpse to recast Cascade or Glimpse of Tomorrow (Spell Queller, Goblin Dark-Dwellers, Capricious Hellraiser) - Repeating ETB triggers with Oblivion Ring and Detention Sphere - Win with hasty 1/1s generated by Chancellor of the Forge
I was very suprised how consistent this works. Spellqueller, Oblivion Ring and Detention Sphere are great vs hate cards like Chalice of the Void. Endurance isn't a big issue, because a lot of time i repeatedly cast stuff from the stack.
Its a ton of fun, because it creates a minigame how you resolve the stack to create more ETB trigger and casting new cascade spell / Glimpse. Or you even plan ahead what to put under Ring/Sphere for the next Glimpse.
Maybe you guys have a suggetion what cards to put in the deck. I tried scute swarm to create more permanents to go of faster, but without haste, its kinda not worth it.
Halo Forager from March of the Machines could work in this deck i guess Copying spells isn't an option, because this deck needs to be able to repeat cascade triggers
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2023.04.01 13:05 TBone-red-Steak Casual or competition

I'm not arguing about rotations being good or bad, I'm just curious. This is a question specifically for unhappy players with the argument "I can't play my favourite card anymore".
Do you play for competition or for fun ? Because it seems to me like "I can't play my favourite card anymore" isn't the greatest argument against rotations since you can in fact still play your favourite card, it's just not a competitive card anymore. Which I think is better than being nerfed to the ground since you can still play for fun and play for the win at the same time, you just won't see your number go up anymore.
Would you have protested the same if there was a big nerf instead? Or maybe protested more 🤔 ?
Or maybe you had a particular reason to play non competitive decks in a competitive forma. If that the case please tell me I'm curious about players mentality.
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2023.04.01 13:04 yuncangjiuzhuang Wine is a global pandemic, literary and artistic female wine drinkers tell you why

Wine is a global pandemic, literary and artistic female wine drinkers tell you why
In Yingying's mind, wine is her favorite choice. With the advancement of culture and economic strength, wine has gradually become a popular trend not only in China, but even in the whole world. More and more people are deeply immersed in the charm of wine and cannot extricate themselves. The spread of wine has become a cultural phenomenon.
Wine-related knowledge has developed into an independent and complete cultural system. Yuncang Winery thoroughly masters it, and implements and popularizes a rich and attractive wine culture through the promotion of the main brand LEESON red wine. What is so good about the main wines of Yuncang Winery? What is behind the global pandemic of wine? Let Yingying, a literary female drinker, tell you.
When you open the Internet, have you noticed that all kinds of fruit wines are becoming popular under various names? Lychee wine, strawberry wine, kiwi fruit wine, plum wine, bayberry wine and so on. However, they are still unable to shake the status of wine as a representative of fruit wine in all wines.
Human beings have thousands of years of winemaking history, and the part of wine involved is no less than grain wine. The most widely used food crops in the world for winemaking are starch-based, mainly potatoes, corn, barley, japonica rice, indica rice, soybeans and corn, etc. In ancient times when living materials were not abundant, there was no surplus food for wine making after filling the stomach. Therefore, grapes, which do not take on the main task of satisfying hunger, have become the main raw materials for winemaking and began to surpass other fruits.
Theoretically speaking, any fruit containing fructose and glucose can be used to make fruit wine, but countless wine making history in human history have proved that the most suitable fruit for wine making is grapes. This is determined by the geography of grapes and wine, the characteristics of their own planting and growth, history, culture, religion, etc.
The main brand of Yuncang winery, LEESON red wine, has become the designated wine for the global supermodel competition, and at the same time, it has once again made the wine category stand on the top of the world's fashion! I believe that anyone who loves wine will be intoxicated by its mellow and rich flavor. The aroma that lingers on the tip of the nose, even the color is full of eyes, super beautiful!
If you also like wine, Yingying looks forward to communicating with you.
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2023.04.01 13:04 False-State6969 21 [F4M] Texas/USA/Online - coffee, tattoos, nintendo, punk rock, pokemon, anime

Looking for discord friends and someone to talk to and just see where t goes!
Been playing too much Pokémon scarlet and online Mario Kart Wii lately, hoping to talk to some cool people instead to (only slightly) curb my addiction lmao. I could talk endlessly about talk music, especially pop punk, hardcore, metalcore (recently been addicted to knocked loose, counterparts, loathe, knuckle puck, foreign hands, title fight, etc). Also an avid coffee fan, I’m a barista! I love tattoos/piercings (7 tattoos, 9 piercings all on my ears and a nose hoop), anime, Nintendo, Pokémon, lotr, traveling, books, science, I like a lot of topics :p we can move to discord if we click! Lmk how old you are and where you’re from! Selfies appreciated, I have one on my page <3 Won’t reply to just hey! 21-35 only please
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2023.04.01 13:04 RyanzRetroReviewz The Vikings - 1958- RyanzRetroReviewz

The Vikings - 1958

The Vikings is a 1958 epic semi historical/romance movie directed by Richard Fleischer (the son of the great american animatoinnovator and early cartoon producer Max Fleischer, responsible for the creations of Popeye the Sailor man, Betty Boop and many more), who after having spent years in the B movie industry, was now riding high on the success of his Walt Disney produced 1954 adaption of the classic Jules Verne novel "20,000 leagues under the sea" (also starring Kirk Douglas) when he decided to take on the helms of this larger scale and more adult orieneted epic full of love, lust and bloodshed all set in the Viking Age of England and Scandinavia.
With the starring role of this picture going to the mammoth of acting that was Kirk Douglas (although before the more well known "Spartacus" from 1961, this is after he had played the part of Perseus in the 1956 "Ulysseus" movie, so he was already on top), fresh off his hot streak with his new sidekick of a director from "20,000" (Douglas personally hired Fleishcer for this, being that it was his own production company behind the financing). He is non-casually joined by the all time (and/or old time) Hollywood couple Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (progenitors of the now Scream Queen of old, not to mention still world class beauty, Jamie-Lee Curtis) making this their fifth out of eleven movies together, as well as a big old bowl of Ernest Borgnine dumped on top, having already solidified himself on the big screen as both a well known character actor and a main star. Now, when a movie can boast about having such a combination of high quality talent as this, you know it's bound to be great (although, there are exceptions).
The prologue title sequence of this movie alone is worth note, giving us the audience the pleasure of hearing the stern but soothing (if that makes any sense) voice of the great Orson Welles as he explains to us the whos, whats, whens, and why's of the Norse-Viking expansions and invasions into the British Isles, as well as the political landscape of England itself at this time in history. This is done as we're shown a bunch of spectacuclar tapestry/parchment paper drawings of Vikings battling against Englishmen, complete with a more than perfectly passionate orchestral theme that invokes the thought of the King Arthur tales of yore, all coming together to add a real sense of authenticity to this epic that we've yet to even see begin...which it does with a bang.
Or the swipe of a sword to be more exact, as the Viking leader Ragnar (Borgnine) and his band of warriors fall down upon the camp of the English King Edwin of Northumbria. The two leaders enter into a private duel in the King's tent, with Ragnar slaying his foe and further forcing himself down upon the deadman's wife, Queen Enid, ultimately and unknowingly impregnanting her before disappearing back into the Northlands. Knowing that the child is that of Ragnar's, but will still be seen as a threat to the new King Aella (Frank Thring), Enid gives birth to the child whom she names Eric, in secret and finally sends him away to Italy with her most confident of priests, placing the hilt stone of the King's rightful sword on a rope around his next to later one day be indentified as true heir to the throne of Northumbria.
Years later at the court of King Aella, we come to meet princess Morgana of Wales (Janet Leigh), as her Father pledges her to Aella as a token of alliance between their two kingdoms. King Echbert of Wessex (James Donald) is then brought up on charges of aiding the Vikings in their raids on England's kingdom's in order to protect his own lands, and is thrown into the dungeons to die. We learn that the charges are true when Echbert escapes from Northumbria and finds refuge with the Viking leader Ragnar aboard his longship. The vikings travel back to Scandinavia with Echbert and his promises to continue providing them with coastline and river maps for further raid and plunder.
The incredbily wide shot scenes of the long ships coming into port in the fords of Norway are truly spectacular (clearly being filmed on location), elevated by the realistic built sets that make up the Viking and village (not to mention the ships themselves), as well as the dozens of costumes and hairstyles worn by the extras that are showcased throughout (and a really awesome Viking horn blower welcoming the warriors back home each time, echoing the fantastic sounding orchestral theme of the movie yet again). Also, we now get some of that real over the top barbarian type behaviour being portrayed by Ainar (Douglas), son of Rangar, as we, the mostly uneducated in history average film-goer, would expect out of any and all vikings on screen (it is pretty awesome though); complete with beer guzzling, barell smashing, deranged angry tones, and wishes for barrels of blood to guzzle down instead of that of beer.
Ainar hates all Englishmen, but agrees to his Father and Chieftain's demands to keep after Echbert and see that he wants for nothing. One day while breaking in their hunting hawks, Ainar starts up a confrontation with a slave named Eric (Tony Curtis), the unknowing son of Ragnar, subsequent half brother of Ainar, and true King of Northumbria, who had been abducted from his ship en-route to Italy all those years ago. Eric then sicks his own hawk that he's recently found onto his oppressor, leaving Ainar with only one good eye, and himself now with a guaranteed death sentence.
At the feasting hall however, a volva woman steps in against Ragnar's judgement of death, claiming that the gods do not wish for Eric to die by any man's hand, to which Ragnar outsmarts and has Eric taken instead to a rock pool off the coast at high tide to await an eventual death from drowning. Echbert though finds the stone from around Eric's neck and, realizing who he is, goes down to the rock pool to save him and claim him as his own slave in order to keep him safe from Ainar. We also get some more awesome over the top barbarian type behavior, now complete with ass smacking, random kissing orgies, more beer guzzling and axes being thrown at a Viking's wife's hair braids to judge whether she's been faithful or not (this movie's about as toxic male chauvinist as it gets, but still... really awesome).
Echbert eventually finishes his maps for the Vikings, as well giving them the idea to abduct and ransom Princess Morgana before her marriage to Aella, with Ainar carrying out the task and giving us a pretty decent battle at sea in the process. Ainar though, now falls madly in love with Morgana and wishes to claim her as his own. When back at the hall once again, we get even more over the top barbarian behavior, beer guzzling, rape jokes, etc, etc, (what do you want from them?, they're Vikings), all this before Ragnar finally concedes to his son's wants and needs, allowing him to claim Morgana as his own. But when Ainar tries to force himself upon her, Eric appears from behind and knocks him out, bringing Morgana to escape with him on a boat to England.
A really-rad boat chase scene ensues through the fog filled fjords, culminating in the collision of both Ragnar and Ainar's boats into one another, sending half of the Vikings to their deaths. All but Ragnar that is, who's saved and pulled onto Eric's boat, heading straight for the King of Northumbria. Ainar swears revenge against Eric, while the two escapees fall madly in love en-route to England.
At the court of King Aella, Eric hands over Ragnar then asks that Morgana be relieved of her pledge of marriage, to which she agrees with. The King demands that she take more time to reflect with her priest, then forces Eric to try to take part in the execution of Ragnar by pushing him into a rabid wolf pit. Eric refuses by cutting Ragnar's bonds and giving him a sword, so that he may die a warrior's death and be aloud to enter Valhalla, giving us an extremely climactic ending of Ernest Borgnine's character in this tale as he raises his arms and voice to summon Odin the All-Father, before jumping to his death in the wolf pit, sword in hand and smile on his face (man Vikings were badass!).
Eric has his hand chopped off as punishment and is set adrift into the sea, but not before the priest and Morgana find the King's "pummel[stone" amongst Eric's belongings, coming to the realization that he is the true heir of Northumbria. Morgana then runs in the room just in time to see Eric's amputation, letting out a horrific scream at the sight of it (she wasn't called America's first "Scream Queen" for nothing folks. So this is where Jamie-Lee gets it from eh).
Back in Scandinavia, Ainar is now King of the Vikings, but can't seem to raise an army to retrieve Morgana, until Eric comes back and tells them of Ragnar's death. The two (still unknowing) half brothers now team up to defeat the tyrant King Aella, to both gain revenge for Ragnar and to rescue Morgana, leading the "Great Heathen Army" across the sea to England (in the year of our lord 865 for those of you history buffs).
Between the ships leaving of Scandinavia, and the army's landing and setting up of their assault on Northumbria, you really come to ask yourself as to why film-goers are NEVER treated to such a large scale production as this anymore (well, at least not since The Lord of The Rings as I recall). The amount of extras, costume pieces and props required for this must have been incredible, but all completely necessary in the creation of a full on believable historic setting such as this.
So the Vikings land and lay siege unto Aella's stronghold, battering rams, catapults, axes, spears, swords, the works (not to mention Kirk Douglas scaling the Castle's front door using only axes for leverage. Again, you just don't see stuff like this anymore). Ainar cuts his way through to Morgana's room, but upon realizing that she loves Eric, and that Eric is also a son of Ragnar, he takes her to confront his half brother and fight for their prize.
Eric meets Ainar at the top of the castle and the two enter into an extremely well coordinated battle of the blades, until Ainar breaks Eric's sword that is. But Eric seizes a moment of hesitation that befalls Ainar, and stabs his half brother in the gut with the broken down blade of his sword. Ainar then drops his sword, but Eric picks it up and gives it back to him, again allowing for a true Viking death. He uses the last of his strength in a final roar to summon up Odin, then Ainar is no more. Eric and Morgana embrace each other with love bringing us to the end of this movie, but not before treating the audience to an authentic Viking cremation funeral for Ainar, in which he is cast off to see in a ship and flaming arrows sent flying to the mass. We watch the ship and Ainar's body burn as the credits to "The Vikings" comes up once more, leading us into the ending credits with more authentic looking parchment scroll drawings of the Vikings battling against Englishmen, and finally coming together as one (accompanied again by the awe inspiring orchestral themes of yore every step of the way).
To sum it all up, "The Vikings" (1958) is literally THE - BEST Viking movie that's ever been made. Full of high quality A-list stars (to which I'd say is one of both Kirk's and Tony's coolest characters ever portrayed on screen), and a great group of secondary character actors like James Donald, Frank Thring, Eileen Way and many more. The story is well put together by screenwriters Calder Willingham and Dale Wiserman (based on a novel by Edison Marshall), with the underlying theme being the coming together of two peoples, as well as giving us a pretty cool backstory for a very real and historic time in Northwestern Europe. The wide scale shots and surrounding sceneries caught by DP Jack Cardiff are truly amazing, joined by epic scale (and pretty damn authentic) sets-props-hairstyles and makeups, very well coordinated swordfights and stunts, and lets not foget the awe inspiring orchestral theme of yore laid down by composer Mario Nascimbene and conductor Franco Ferrara. All this is brought together perfectly by director Max Fleischer in what was definitely the largest scale movie of his career. I would recommend this movie not only to fans of retro cinema, but to anyone who loves epic scale warrior movies, as well as to general ancient world history buffs.
And that's all she wrote folks.
Thanks for reading.
Ryan D. Hurley
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2023.04.01 13:03 ErenYeager6127 My top 5 strongest second gen fighters

Here are some ground rules to set
  1. Only the strongest forms of characters will be considered in this list (eg- Ultra instinct Daniel and not base version Daniel)
  2. The strength of the characters will only be counted to what we have seen until chapter 442 and not potential to be stronger in the future or else Jake Kim would be an easy number 1.
Keep in mind this is going to be a long post which will need to be updated after zack's, vasco's and Jay's strength will be seen at our fullest extent.
Let's begin
  1. Original Daniel Park
We always knew of him to be a fat kid who got bullied and mistreated by others his entire life. However after losing weight by systema training by the war hero Alexander Sophia and formal fighting training by the shiro oni Yamazaki Gun Park the disciple of Tom Lee the fighting genius of Charles Choi himself, he is bloomed into becoming a monster in his own right. Firstly he has the ability to copy fighting moves by just a glance which is so hax that it basically renders any talent or mastery the opponent has for a certain fighting style useless. Till now only 5 people have been shown to have this ability first he original Daniel himself, then perfect body Daniel, then Johan Seong, then Jinyoung Park and lastly the unnamed person who defeated the world Muay Thai champion Brekdak using this ability. Now lets talk about feats, in his first fight, one of the workers strongest fighters Xiaolung admitted that Daniel is now a monster and he defeated Xiaolung very easily, remember this guy is so strong that Jake himself had to go all out to defeat him, he was also able to fight Yoosung who was judged at the Level of a first generation King by eugene, the smartest guy in the series and was aknowledged by gun to be a worthy opponent. Moreover he is a different beast in ultra instinct, he is able to go toe to toe with one of the stronger first generaion kings going all out and could potentiality be stronger than him which is a very big feat as no one in the second gen has subdued even the weaker first generation kings by themselves.
  1. Perfect body Daniel Park
He is the person who has the most perfect body for fighting according to the medical genius of Charles Choi, Jinyoung Park. He also possesses the copying ability but according to me his ability of copying is actualy the best compared to all as his body has mastered all the fighting styles so he can sub-consciously improve those moves. Moreover his fighting prowess has been aknowledged by gun himself as all his moves are perfect. However since he has not honed his body himself and all of it is given to him he can't use it to its full extent leading to his base form fighting ability to not be very impressive comparing to the 4 crews so ya'll must be thinking, 'why is he even number 2?' Well it's because of a form only he and his other body can attain- ultra instinct. This form of his is so good that it made mortal enemies Jake Kim and Samuel Seo fight together to defeat him because they know how dangerous he is, he is the man who made SAMUEL SEO feel fear, the reason why it's crazy is because the reason Samuel didn't get aknowledged by gun even though he defeated all the 4 major crew heads is because he is too vicious, someone like him felt fear due to the mere presence of this man, he is so good that he made Charles Choi's fighting genius Tom Lee's student Goo who is on the same level as gun and stronger than all first generation kings go all out with his best weapon to defeat him, he is so good that when ge regained consciousness from fighting gun, he was in a favorable position and he actually broke gun's arm which is something no crew head has even come close to achieving.
  1. Johan Seong
He is also one of the users who weild the copying ability and is regarded as one of the strongest fighters by many people in the entire series including the white tiger job center, he has gone toe to toe with Tom Lee, and is acknowledged by gun to be strongest crew head, infact he is so strong that he makes an entire crew God Dog by himself which is part of the 4 major crews. The fact that he makes an entire crew by himself is just astounding. Next in terms of feats, his strength is also aknowledged by gun and goo too, moreover in the 4 crew heads free for all, even though he lost first, gun and goo themselves stated that in 3 years (right now) johan will surpass all the crew heads. Moreover in the 4 crew heads meetup 3 years later with the strongest executives of workers and Eli Jang after training from Tom Lee , he was told to be the strongest in the room. Moreover in his rage form which his not even his strongest form he one shotted vasco and another guy on vasco's level. However his strongest form is when he copies perfect body ultra instinct Daniel, the beast mentioned above. With that he can copy him for a short time, but he is so strong that in that limited time he manged to defeat Yoosung, Eugene's twin brother who was rated to be in the level of or even stronger than a first gen king. Moreover Johan has the ability to improve during the fight due to copying the opponents moves, also he has now learnt cqc the most dangerous move of senior manager kim which is even feared by Tom Lee.
  1. Yoosung The person we were just talking about, keep in mind this is going to be a much shorter deception Than the others since he hasn't fought all that much compared to the others. He is an extremely powerful and swift person despite his small body, his physical attributes have also been aknowledged by Tom Lee himself and even gun. And as also told above, he is judged to be on the level of or better than a first gen king.
  2. Sinu Han
    Lastly, here we are at the end of the list which took 5 rereads of the last 140 chapters or so and 2 weeks of procrastination.
Let's begin, Sinu Han or the god of combat, or the protector of big deal street or the boy of promise. He is a man of many titles. He is one of only 3 people who have the ability of attacking so fast that their opponent can't even see their attacks. To be honest, if this were a list of strongest base form then he will be in the top 3 but since he does not have any other forms like a crazed form where the persons heart feels warm or an ultra instinct form, he is not higher on this list. He is so strong that gun acknowledged him to be the strongest crew head in gangseo, keep in mind that back then sinu wasn't at his strongest form. Currently he is so strong that he surpasses first generation kings which was said by I think Seokdu Wang or Taesoo Ma, I don't remmeber properly. He has fought many people in workers second affiliate to surpass all levels and reach this stage. When he is angry, he managed to defeat all big deal executives and workers executives with ease. So far only Jake has been able to see his attacks that is also all because of his no genes. Right now also, he alone is able to take on both Eli Jang and Warren Chae both at their strongest.
Characters who barely missed the list- Eli Jang and Warren Chae
Characters too strong for the list- Doo Lee and Yenna
Suggestions are appreciated
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2023.04.01 13:03 SteamPunkG0rilla Mercanary/Monster hunters guild Tournament

Hey All,
My part is due for a tournament from their guild and i'm looking for ideas and inspiration. Some context: The party is lvl 14 and they are part of a very prominent mercenary guild. This tournament is the big happening of the year in this city. However I'm a bit low on how to give this tournament its shape. My initial idea is that there are 3 big monsters to be hunted and its a giant free-for-all where every party can choose their target and whichever party gets the biggest kill the quickest wins. Beyond that however I have no clue how to make it interesting. Some help and advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.04.01 13:03 dangtinden01 easiest way to save the video

easiest way to save the video
The easiest way to save the video is to copy the link and paste it on our homepage. TikTok, in addition to music, is a social network for watching and creating short videos. The official app lets you save both your videos and those of your friends, but the sad news is that every saved video will have a watermark. provides you an easy way to download videos from TikTok. Save a video and see how it works, download TikTok mp3 with now! What is is an amazing TikTok downloader available online, helping download tik tok mp3 & videos quickly with no watermark and 100% for free, download tiktok mp3 right now! With an user-friendly interface, it requires no further installation of any further software or applications. Besides, users won’t be charged or restricted their access & download in any cases. commits that the TikTok watermark will be totally eliminated from the downloaded videos after downloading without degrading the quality of the original videos.
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Contact us Please contact us if you have any question: Website: Address: 4762 Deer Ridge Drive, Lyndhurst, New Jersey(NJ), 07071 Phone: 908-902-6340 - Email: [email protected] Author: Alinea Sentosa
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2023.04.01 13:03 AutoModerator [Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

[Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System
Download course here:
[Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

Who it’s for

Greatest Hits Content is best for you if you run a client-based business that sells a high ticket service, coaching, or consulting offer for $500 or more. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:
  • Getting clients without needing to do manual cold email outreach
  • Acquiring a handful of clients who pay premium prices on a recurring basis
  • Working with clients who have more money than time
  • Executing a content strategy that works to acquire high ticket clients vs SEO traffic
  • Turning leads into clients so you never have to worry about losing one big client
  • Living month-to-month with unstable cashflow

What it helps you achieve

Greatest Hits Content will help you achieve the following in 30-90 days:
  • Build recurring revenue by adding 5-10 high paying, recurring clients to your business
  • Find the right content topics to attract larger clients who want your help
  • Position you as a “market of one” so clients can only get what you sell from you
  • Grow an audience you own and can contact anytime you need a new client
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  • Run small budget ads to your content to add new prospects to your email list daily
  • Get off the content creation hamster wheel by doing all of the above with 1-5 pieces of content (aka 1-5 “greatest hits”)

How it works

Greatest Hits Content is broken down into seven parts (with templates, email swipes, and examples you can model). Every part has an over-the-shoulder video training that is 30-90 minutes in length.

Part 1: Greatest Hits Content Survey

TL;DR: How to find content topics using a unique survey method.
  • The three questions you need to ask to find the best content topics.
  • The survey template we used to get 104 responses.
  • How to analyze the survey results and prioritize what content to create first.
  • How to check if the topics from your survey have organic traffic potential.
  • How to run this survey on social media if you don’t have an email list.

Part 2: AIDA Article Template

TL;DR: How to create slam dunk content every time with a proven writing template.
  • How to write the headline, outline, and body of your blog posts to hook in the right readers.
  • The writing template we use (based on the exact same template we used to attract the Head of Product Marketing at Amazon with one blog post).
  • Introduction and body copy formulas for the five blog post formats we’ve found that work the best to attract big clients.
  • Live examples of how to write content that gets clients and ranks on Google.
  • One resource you can use to outsource your content for less than $0.18 per word, if you don’t want to write it.

Part 3: Three Jabs Strategy

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  • How to use “Utility Content Upgrades” to convert content-driven traffic into leads.
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Part 6: Viral Content Upgrades

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  • Four GOATs of email marketing who’ve driven millions of dollars from email. Here’s what I learnt from each of them to run 6-figure email campaigns.
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  • How to have a natural conversation with people over chat, so you can see if what you have to offer is a good fit for them, then bring them on as a client.
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2023.04.01 13:02 Crzwoow So i have i big question for you guys i have 3 LD5 accounts dragon knight light narsha and dark ryu all of them fresh accounts and I don’t know wich one to start playing what do you guys think about it wich one will be worth it best answer will get one of the other that I don’t play many thx !

So i have i big question for you guys i have 3 LD5 accounts dragon knight light narsha and dark ryu all of them fresh accounts and I don’t know wich one to start playing what do you guys think about it wich one will be worth it best answer will get one of the other that I don’t play many thx ! submitted by Crzwoow to summonerswar [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 13:02 chameleonflower My job made us stay open yesterday during a tornado

I work part time at a chain coffee shop (not the big green one). All of the employees are part time except for our GM. We’re located right in the middle of one of those dark red zones we saw in the storm maps yesterday for the severe weather. We knew the likelihood of a tornado hitting us (we are also in a midwestern US state that’s seen lots of tornados over the years). Yet our District Manager wouldn’t let us close the store. This is a guy who doesn’t even work at our location, he’s upper management and travels and oversees a bunch of our shops. He makes the call on whether or not we can close the store due to bad weather and he never lets us close. So two of my coworkers (I was off yesterday) had to sit in the bathrooms in the dark (no power) while a tornado went by. Our building flooded, power lines went down, businesses a couple of buildings down from had walls ripped off. There were cars flipped nearby. Right across the highway, a couple of large buildings were nearly shredded. I’m extremely thankful my coworkers are okay, I love the people I work with. I just HATE the upper management, especially our DM, who makes these hurtful decisions and doesn’t have any idea what it’s like to live with them.
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2023.04.01 13:01 AutoModerator [Megathread] Seasonal Discussion Thread. Also New Mods Announcement!

Hello Rainbow High Students!

Welcome to the RH Discussion thread! New threads will be created every three months, to make sure that everyone's questions can be answered. Previous threads will be archived.
The discussion threads are to prevent the feed from getting cluttered with frequently asked questions and, low effort content, such as asking which doll to buy, asking for face-up ideas, etc.
Don't be scared to ask questions or for advice! I promise that we have a wonderful and very kind community here that is willing to help you :)

Also, lets all give a Rainbow High welcome to our 5 new mods!

Please welcome u/RK8002077, u/squishythyriod, u/LianaLovesgaming, u/SynapseReaction, and u/jnt003 !
We thank all who applied and appreciate how many of you wanted to join the mod team. Many apologies for the delayed announcement. The new mods started about a month ago, but we wanted to announce them with the seasonal thread, and give them time to get used to their new modding duties.


How do I Clean my Doll's Hair?:
Before washing decide on the hairstyle you want for your doll. This sounds like a no-brainer, but there may be different things you need to do to prep for the hairstyle you want.
If you need help on how to do a hairstyle, search on popular sites such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, our subreddit, and many more! There are a variety of styles, methods, and content creators that can help you create the hairstyle you want.
Here are a few resources to get you started.
How do I Remove Staining / Extra Paint?
There are multiple solutions to remove staining or extra paint. First try washing with plain water with or without plain dish soap. For stubborn stains you can try brush cleaner (such as Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner), 100% Acetone, or Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cream.
How to remove stains from dolls face - Anni Mani Dolls (YouTube)
Please note that acetone and brush cleaners can melt the plastic of the body and eyes.
Whichever method you choose read or watch all instructions first before attempting. Be patient, work slowly, and be sure to wash the doll with plain soap and water when you are finished using any chemicals for paint and stain removal.
My Doll has a Factory Error. How Should I get a Replacement?
If you need to return your doll due to a factory error there are two options. Either return the doll to the original place you purchased it from, or by reaching out to MGA Entertainment directly. If you're in the USA or Canada you also have the option of submitting a warranty claim.
If you decide to submit a warranty claim, you can review a great FAQ by one of our members that can be found here: It's recommended that you read this post before making a warranty claim.
How do I Contact MGA?
Remember to change your region if you are not in USA or Canada.
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2023.04.01 13:01 Destroygirls Am I transphobic for disliking my feminine figure?

I’m 17 ftm with no surgeries and I’m not on t either, I have a pretty small frame so I don’t have very big boobs but I do what I can to hide them in order to look more masculine. I recently had a conversation with my boyfriend (17) where he called me transphobic, this started from him wanting to, for lack of better words grope me, I’ve told him this makes me uncomfortable because it just reminds me of my assigned gender, He said this makes me transphobic because someone’s body doesn’t determine their gender. Am I transphobic?
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