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2023.05.29 17:43 Ceristimo Does anyone have experience with converting clip-ons to superbike style handlebars?

I own a ‘94 Honda CBR600 F2 (PC25) and while I love the bike to bits, the riding position isn’t great for long and slow rides. Once you get at or above 60mph everything is great, but prolonged riding at lower speeds gets uncomfortable after a while. I did some research and there are conversion kits available to convert the current clip-ons to ‘normal’ handlebars. Has anyone here done a conversion like that before? It seems like some cables need to be rerouted, the brake line needs to be extended (included in the kit) and modifications need to be done to the windscreen. I was gonna order a tinted replacement windscreen (15 bucks from China) to modify so I don’t have to cut up the original.
It doesn’t sound too bad but was wondering if there are any real cons to this before I pull the trigger and order the kit.
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2023.05.29 17:42 Over_Berry_4247 Link

Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift?
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2023.05.29 17:42 vvlto HELP: Trying to find incredible as always Salem's catchy sound

For example, In The Arms of Rain remix, from 2:19 to 2:27, what kind of "button" sound is that? They use it all the time, it's so simple, but it's so Salem, bro. The song is on Spotify btw thank u
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2023.05.29 17:42 AikaBANG We experience many hard times in our lives and we try to save ourselves

But In this situations, there are people who hug us and remind us that we have to reach the end of the road and not end it here, and they hold our hands and run with us to the end of the road.On this road, three people hugged me and grabbed my hands with their warm hands. My mom, and two boys. And without whom I would have been lost on that road. Sometimes i just wanna grab a map and take their hands too (even tho my hands are not as warm as them), So they will not get lost
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2023.05.29 17:42 awkrawrz Have any wrinkle brains sent a letter to the judge with DD and requesting a sharecount?

Has anyone written to the judge to demand a full share recall/count before anything gets finalized with DD, data, screenshots, etc to back up the request in a logical way?
If I was in better health and mental state for this, I'd probably take the time to do this even though my brain is very smooth. But right now, I'm not so I'm hoping there is a wrinkle brain out there who has put together this type of multipage document to request it in a professional manner. I think it's a reasonable request to the judge and with the right data to back it up I don't see why the judge wouldn't deem it in shareholders best interest to do.
There is so much DD on high volume days where the entire float was traded 2-3x over when there is data clearly showing the sell volume is not high enough for this to be the case, dark pool volume unlike many other stocks, FTDs and the threshold securities list, indications of naked shorting that us normal shareholders cant see, options on APE when first released, FTX shitcoins that further diluted the shares, etc).
Maybe we could use the comments on this post with links to original DD that could be put together formally to be delivered to the judge by a wrinkle brain with a formal request for a sharecount.
Maybe also with an online petition formally requesting the judge to require a share recall/sharecount as part of the Settlement?
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2023.05.29 17:42 MechanicStriking4787 I(30f) blocked my Indian bf(32m), did I do the right thing?

I'm a Filipino and I met him in a dating site. I'm separated and have 2 kids, he is divorced and have 1. We clicked and fell in love with each other. At least that's what I think. But there's just one problem that we always have. He is so workaholic. We haven't met each other, so we communicate by chats and calls. His office work is 9hours but messages and calls from work starts at 6am and ends at 10pm, one time it ended at 12am (we were talking in a call and he excuses himself). I couldn't wrap my mind that work could be that way. I'm always waiting for him to respond to my messages, he usually chats back but not that fast, and mostly just the typical "okay" and "yes". When it comes to calls, I needed to wait for him in the evening. Evening means 10:30 his time, 1am my time. But since he worked all day, he is usually sleepy when we talk.
I asked him if there's a problem between us. He said "no, we are good. I love you and I wanna be with you forever". But my instinct was telling me there is. Because before, we can talk almost all night, and he eagerly responds to my chats in day. But now, he wants to end our calls early and rarely chats back even when he already seen my chat. Yesterday, I asked him to give us a specific time, just for us. So that I know how much time I will wait, and would not be disappointed. Anytime he wants, that no one will disturb us. He said 9pm. I asked him if he is sure, he said yes. I asked, 9 to what time? He said "until I get sleepy". So I said, is 3hours okay? He agreed. So the agreement of our bebetime is 9pm-12am his time, 11:30pm-2:30am my time. He promised that I will have that time everyday except Saturdays.
So yesterday, Sunday, I waited. He knew I am waiting coz I said it to him. He said "I will call you soon" sent at 8:10pm. Waited, waited. 9pm came, and he just seen my earlier message. Still waited. 9:30 came and I can't help it so I chatted good night. He seen it but didn't respond. That's when I realized that he always do this to me. He often say things like "tonight, all my time are yours" or "we will talk whole night" or "this Saturday and Sunday are only for you" but they were never true. I always ended up hurt. I waited until 10:30pm and when he still didn't respond, chatted him goodbye messages then blocked him on all my social media accounts.
Now I'm still hurting and forcing myself not to unblock him. I really love him. But my mind is telling me there's someone else. AITA for blocking him without letting him say his reasons?
TLDR: bf is too workaholic and no time for me so I said goodbye and blocked him without waiting for his replies.
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2023.05.29 17:42 lulcomputer New account only link for link

Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift?
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2023.05.29 17:41 HD_ERR0R My job pays 2.5 times more when you work holidays. So weird that suddenly more people want to work.

The pay is $32 an hour. (Starts 70%)
You get paid $80/hr on holidays.
Tons of people are suddenly volunteering to work. Even the less desired shifts.
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2023.05.29 17:41 Srw2725 Comments on Loni’s cuckoo med beds post 🫠

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2023.05.29 17:41 Lanayru7 Incarnon stat-stick

So, yesterday I was playing Khora with the "classic" Cronus stat-stick, not doing so well because you gotta charge that combo meter to do some real damage and I tend to forget about that. Going through my arsenal I remembered that I had the Ceramic Dagger, which got it's Incarnon Genesis version not so long ago. If you remember or have it yourself, you can see that it has an "Interesting" evolution where if you get kills with your Primary Gun, you get permanent combo count. See where i'm going? Basically I tried building it for a stat-stick, charging that combo, hitting a Permanent X7 combo meter and even tho the stat-stick build was incompleted (one mod was lvl 1 due capacity and I had no riven) I could pretty much 2-3 shot anything, 1 shot once I had the augment mod of Khora charged. I DO NOT know if there was already a mechanic like this before, but i'm just leaving this here in case you guys wanna try it yourselves and/or make suggestions/corrections.
Stat-stick/Ceramic Dagger build was:
-Primed Pressure Point (Max)
- Sacrificial Steel (Max)
-Blood Rush (Max)
-Gladatior Might (Max)
-Organ Shatter (Max)
-Primed Fever Strike (Max)
-Shocking Touch (Lvl 1 due CURRENT capacity for MY Ceramic Dagger, not problem of the build itself)
-Dind't have any for the last slot. Could go for a riven or choose other yourself
PD: I think the Ack & Brunt Incarnon Genesis had an evolution where you can freeze the combo meter by switching to another weapon so there's the posibility for a permanent X12 tho I haven't tried it.
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2023.05.29 17:41 AminalMinimum I think Kendall drowned in the pool last season.

This entire season was great, but the pace and tone were pretty obviously different from the seasons preceding it. This season felt like a fever dream in ways, and I was wondering why that was. And why the heck was Kendall so obsessed with water, and why did everyone seem to speak so differently this season?
I think Kendall drowned last season and he is in hell. This season was him getting everything he had ever wanted, living his perfect dream…and having it all snatched away at the last second. Kendall killing it at the Living+ presentation with everyone revering him at the end? His dream. Killing it at the funeral while Roman choked it away so that superhero Ken can step up and save the day? His dream. Little did we know it was always going to be taken away from him, this is his torture.
Death was a huge theme this season, and always seemed to be around Ken, even in the last episode Shiv and Rome joke with Ken saying what if they just murder him, while Ken is laying on the plank in the water. I thought it was weird how Ken seemed to find himself in/around water throughout the season, at the end the Living+ episode he is swimming at the beach, in the last episode he swims in Barbados and at the end he is overlooking the river with Colin the grim reaper standing behind him.
He was not a good person, everyone has been wondering how killing someone would come back to haunt him. Personally I think this was it, the first 3 seasons show Kendall’s selfish and sinful personality and season 4 is his punishment, with Roman finally telling him “This is nothing, we’re bullshit” and Kendall realizing it. The last clue I would bring up is the closing score, if you hadn’t heard it yet go listen to it…that’s all I’ll say.
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2023.05.29 17:41 CubanDataNerd Looking for handyman

Howdy, have a potentially very simple job(maybe). We bought our home recently and garden has a water fixture. We found the plug that was buried from fixture to underneath deck for power. We’d like to get the water fixture going again assuming it even works, so looking for assistance in: checking if it works, and running a power chord to it from patio deck.
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2023.05.29 17:41 constants_changing Things I Want To Do Today.

  1. Finish work
  2. Review my budget/finances
  3. Exercise
  4. Finish this episode of big brother
  5. Either watch that Jewish Matchmaking show my mom got hooked on that's on Netflix (she now wants to hire a matchmaker for me, ugh lmao. I think she's kidding), or watch a movie. I feel like watching Hair. It's fun, and I guess with it being Memorial Day it feels a bit fitting at least to me.
  6. Foot spa
  7. Work on my mushroom puzzle. The pieces are so well made, I'm having fun putting this one together.
That's it. Or maybe I'll just sleep after work, idk lol.
Okay, I'm only allowing myself to make 1 more post here and then I have to delete everything and go back to Joplin.
Oh, music. I've been listening to Incubus during work for some reason lately lol. I've always liked Are You In. Reminds me of beach days in Florida.
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2023.05.29 17:41 Embarrassed_Data_255 embarrassed myself by lying

Please reddit I need someones advice because I can not talk to anyone about this and i am stupid and lied to one of the staff members I work with that I have kissed someone before when they asked and being too embarrassed that I never have (23Y) i quickly said yes and tried to change the subject. I feel like it was very obvious that it was a lie now I am really embarrassed if this conversation gets brought up again in front of people and many of them know I lied. i just want to fix this. i want to look for a new job so i can quit and save myself the embarrassment of lying about something like this especially if my friends find out they would make so much fun of me. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!
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2023.05.29 17:41 StillaCentristin2021 Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments

Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's Interior Ministry on Monday issued an arrest warrant for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham following his comments related to the fighting in Ukraine.
In an edited video of his meeting on Friday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that was released by Zelenskyy's office, Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, noted that “the Russians are dying” and described the U.S. military assistance to the country as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”
While Graham appeared to have made the remarks in different parts of the conversation, the short video by Ukraine's presidential office put them next to each other, causing outrage in Russia.
Russian President Vladiir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented Sunday by saying that “it's hard to imagine a greater shame for the country than having such senators.”
The Investigative Committee, the country's top criminal investigation agency, has moved to open a criminal inquiry against Graham, and the Interior Ministry followed up by issuing a warrant for his arrest as indicated Monday by its official record of wanted criminal suspects.
More at the link at the top of this post...
Apparently, Putin isn't very understanding now that a trump political supporter has turned on him.
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2023.05.29 17:41 TopDogSuppsSpokane Daily Questions Thread - April 24

Daily Questions Thread - April 24
Welcome to the /pnwbodybuilding Daily Questions Thread - Our daily thread to ask your questions! Post your questions here related to your diet and nutrition or your training routine and exercises. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer. Don’t forget to upvote your favorite answers!
(Please note: This is not a place for general small talk, chit-chat, jokes, memes, or shitposting. It is for /pnwbodybuilding questions related to bodybuilding, powerlifting, nutrition, and fitness only and only those that are serious.)
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2023.05.29 17:41 SpikySpaceman Best way to virtualize a file server or NAS in HCI environment?

I would like to deploy a virtualized file serveNAS within my HCI cluster (Proxmox + ceph) so I can share raw video files between several machines (Linux + Windows + Mac) for video editing. What would be the best way to do this? My first thought was to virtualize TrueNAS as straightforward way to create the network shares, but after a little digging, I noticed that they don't recommend doing that with virtual hard disks for production (see Ideally, I would like to be able to use virtual disks to take full advantage of my HCI architecture.
Should I just keep it simple and create a Windows or Linux VM as my file server and create shares from the OS? Or are there other NAS-like packages out there that were created with virtualization in mind?
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2023.05.29 17:41 Clean-Ad-6035 TENU NEW USER ONLY

Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift?
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2023.05.29 17:41 Scan_This_Barco-de Aaronson has relegation release clause in Leeds contract, Tyler Adams expected to depart as well

Article is paywalled, so some main points:
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2023.05.29 17:41 LaPandy Season 8 and the show has finally picked up for me again. Now I know the reason why.

I didn't realise just how irritating Mike had been as a character until he was gone. The show took a complete nosedive for me with the whole Mike in prison storyline (Season 6) and then it kept getting worse with every storyline for him.
It annoyed me so much how he had such a holier than thou attitude despite breaking his word every second he got. With the clinic and Oliver especially.
I also felt like every time Harvey tried to help Mike out, that Mike was ungrateful or found the help wasn't good enough. It was getting tedious to watch him throw that help back in Harvey's face again and again.
I'm glad he's gone now and that the show is putting more focus into characters I care about like Louis. I also enjoy the new characters like Sam a lot.
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2023.05.29 17:41 eroverton Noisy cat is driving me nuts

Hi, I'm not sure what to do about this cat. He's a sweet boy that I've had about a year and a half - so he's about 2 years old now. Problem is, he will not let me move without beginning to meow incessantly. ESPECIALLY if I go anywhere near the kitchen.
He's a healthy boy, neutered, vaxd, playful, affectionate, obsessed with birds. But I work from home so I'm here most of the day in my "office" spot at the table. Anytime I stand up to go anywhere, he starts meowing and runs ahead of me to wherever he thinks I'm headed. Okay, fine.
But the kitchen. From the moment it's evident that I'm going into the kitchen he meows and meows and meows and yowls and carries on like mad. He has food. I have dry kibble which he likes available all day, and I feed wet in the evening. Before, he would only act like this when I was preparing his can food in the evening time, which was annoying enough but I likened it to an infant screaming for a bottle even though he can see that it's coming.
But now he will not let me be in the kitchen at all without the incessant meowing and yowling. He's perfectly fine the rest of the time. He's not hungry, he has food there. He gets treats sometimes. He has water. But now it's his habit to yell the whole time I'm in the kitchen no matter what I'm doing or how long I'm there, and it's frankly making me want to yeet him out of the house just to get some quiet and it's driving my family crazy too. Does anyone have any advice on how to get him to shut the hell up and let me live?
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2023.05.29 17:41 jhpratt2 $nwbo-Pakistan

Currently, NWBO's Sawston plant is the only visible global hub for DC VAX L manufacturing and distribution (MHRA MIA approval 3/20/23) . For $400 , FED EX ( ships anywhere globally within the required timeframes.A SAGE ( 5/26/23 scientific publication demonstrates intent by Pakistani neurosurgeons to treat and cure their GBM patients. Looks like the DC VAX L JAMA paper and LIAU- Bosch presentations since 10/26/22 have created global awareness that DCVAX L will be is a major global cell based biotech therapy, addressing GBM , and all solid tumors(
With 50% of LIAU-SPORE-UCLA combo patents living 10 years, DC VAX L has turned SOC's GBM treatment from a terminal (16.5) months disease into a chronic treatable malignancy .
Dr. Greg Zivic:
"This treatment can turn a Glioblastoma into a chronic treatable disease even after recurrence of the tumor . "
Monday, May 29, 2023 9:13:34 AM
Post# 596739 of 596755 4 Pakistani neurosurgeons endorsing the JAMA Liau dc vax l phase 3 study. Will the RA in Pakistan facilitate their patients' resected GBM tumors and lysate being sent to Sawston , with syringes of dc vax l sent back to Pakistan?
IMO,BB's consultant is a "legend ", as alleged.Therefore, I recommend reading every on of his posts, word for word.
Bright Boy Brian F Egolf Sr M: Bright Boy
Re: ae kusterer post# 593171
Sunday, May 14, 2023 2:22:21 PM
Post# 593185 of 593185 I am definitely not a biotech expert and what I've learned about Northwest and DCVax-l was shared with me by one of the legends in the biotech world !!! My biggest takeaway is this:
From 2018 forward, it became apparent that DCVax-L was a breakthrough, technological process for the treatment of nGBM and rGBM, but its true potential was only known by a "handful" of experts, and as such, the understanding of the broader market implications was a relative unknown. Early on, several of the comments that I heard from BP were," The GBM market is really not that big!" and " Personalized, Immunotherapy vaccines are not really in our 'Wheelhouse'. We sell compounds/pills!!" On and on! The comments didn't mean that BP wasn't paying attention! Quite the contrary, BP was watching like a hawk as results from Dr. Liau and the UCLA trials began to leak into the medical community suggesting a broader application of DCVax-L on a "stand alone" basis and in combination with CI's for all large tumor cancers ( mentioned in the latest 10Q for future trials), thus dramatically expanding market potentials!!! But the "Big Moment" occurred in late October of last year when the STADIUM LIGHTS turned on, shining bright lights on the latest nGBM/rGBM ,Dr. Liau trial data suggesting 50%to 65% OS for 8 years with emphasis on rGBM !!! That was the point in time when BP and the entire biotech world realized that GBM/rGBM would be treated and managed as a CHRONIC DISEASE!!! with unlimited PROMISE and HOPE for patients and unlimited marketing potential to finance existing vaccine production and the continuing development for improved treatments for all diseases!!!!!
So that's what I learned and that's my story and I'm stickin to it!!!!
Cheers especially to all the Mom's and to everyone !!!
Joseph H.Pratt:
Bright Boy Re: None Saturday, March 18, 2023 12:38:55 PM Post# of 596750 Go People, People, People !!!!
The light switch just turned on for me !!! I'm not a doctor or scientist or a STEM concentration "rock star", but if I read something over and over again several times and look carefully at the pictures SOMETIMES, NOT ALL THE TIME, a major mental breakthrough occurs and I believe that I've discovered something very profound!!
In this case, I believe the main message from the slide deck is that DCVax-L, either by itself or in combination with CI's has turned the whole thing around for treating nGBM/rGBM from having to kill the tumor to a "management process" !! It looks like now with this new information, that GBM patients can receive vaccinations as needed with "Zero" side effects and live a long and happy life !!! A comment from a medical expert that DOES KNOW !!!:
Dr. Greg Zivic:
This treatment can turn a Glioblastoma into a chronic treatable disease even after recurrence of the tumor.
So help me out here. Does the above reasoning seem logical based on the slides all of us have just reviewed?? If it does or is, then little Team Northwest has just changed the healthcare landscape forever in the way that we treat disease!!!!!
Am I way off base or are all of onto to something that is fabulous beyond belief???
Bright Boy Re: thermopost# 591947 Tuesday, May 09, 2023 8:41:30 PM Post# of 596749 Go The UK is determined to be the world carrousel for use of immunotherapy vaccines to treat cancers and all forms of disease!!! From my friends in the UK, my use of the word "determined" grossly understates the effort behind the "Grand Plan"!!
So far, the MHRA has not only accepted and approved the MIA application (manufacturing license), but voluntarily offered the expansion to a GLOBAL MANUFACTURING" license allowing for the import of live cells and the export of vaccines to the far corners of the earth!!! People!!! That is huge!!!!! BUT as always 99.99% of the retail investors don't understand the significance of that license or anything else about the process and look to the screen to validate the importance/value of the license, where they are greeted by Citadel and Virtu and the rest of the gang that manipulate the price to new lows, confirming that, in spite of everything they just read from the greatest medical minds in the universe, is a bunch of crap!!!!
Fortunately for the cancer patients and shareholders of Northwest, the MHRA does not include in their decision making process the current SP of NWBO or the opinion of the "gutter filth" that manage those companies or any other companies that participate in the ordered destruction of small biotechs that are engaged in the development of immunotherapy vaccines!! So, it's on to the filing of the MAA (marketing license), the approval and the decisions that will guarantee swift treatment deliveries to patients!!
So Griffin and Cifu and Fuerstein and the rest can lie all they want , but the GREAT UNITED KINGDOM will not be denied the ultimate crown of being the WORLD CENTER for CANCER TREATMENT !!!!!
Bright Boy Re: hoffmann6383post# 578889 Tuesday, March 21, 2023 1:55:12 PM Post# of 596749 Go People, People, People!!! It's your friendly "hillbilly" here with some more great news!! Don't know if I can "one up" my earlier post about the "Dog eating the license", but I'll try. So here we go!!
I don't think everyone realizes how dynamic and important the manufacturing license really is so I'll take a shot at giving you my take on it. First of all, the marketing approval (MAA) and the government subsidy approval(NICE) are pretty much in the bag before the manufacturing team gets the "green light" to proceed. The MAA and NICE teams talk to the MIA team and say," This stuff looks really cool and we wanted to let you know before you run off and do a lot of work on something that we won't approve when you're finished!!" Okay! So that's the first part.
Now for the second part and this is the part that involves a lot of money so read very carefully!!! The MIA license allows for global export of the vaccines and global import of immune cells/tumor resected material. Anyone in the entire world that is diagnosed with GBM can NOW ship their tumor samples to Northwest/Advent/Sawston to have their personal vaccine made and stored, all to be shipped back to the patient/doctor on a prescribed injection schedule. The beauty of this process is that patients everywhere can NOW receive their vaccine on a compassionate care basis. No more waiting!! No more opportunities for the "dark forces" to delay or deny suffering cancer patients their desperately needed treatments !!!
People, as of yesterday, Northwest is now IN BUSINESS !!!! AND that opens the door for institutional investors and an uplist to the New York or Nasdaq exchanges!!!!
All of the above is as good as that first sip of ice cold buttermilk on a hot summer day!!!! AND for those unfortunate shorts and haters it adds a whole new description to the letters FTD and I'll let you guess what that might be!!!
Bright Boy Re: None Tuesday, March 21, 2023 9:05:54 PM Post# of 596749 Go The MIA allows for "International Immune Cell Imports" and "International Vaccine Exports" !!! That is big news and a big, big market and should access every cancer patient in need!!!!
ae kusterer
Re: None
Monday, May 29, 2023 9:13:34 AM
Post# 596739 of 596755 4 Pakistani neurosurgeons endorsing the JAMA Liau dc vax l phase 3 study. Will the RA in Pakistan facilitate their patients' resected GBM tumors and lysate being sent to Sawston , with syringes of dc vax l sent back to Pakistan?
Abstract Objective: To define the landscape of treatment patterns and current epidemiological data regarding gliomas in Pakistan.
Methods: As part of the Pakistan Brain Tumour Epidemiology Study (PBTES), data were collected from 32 neurosurgical centres across the country. Our retrospective study looked at patients who underwent surgical procedures for gliomas in 2019 in neurosurgical centres. The data was collated and analysed using STATA version 15.
Results: A total of 781 patients with gliomas were identified 479(61.8%) in public sector hospitals, 302(39.1%) in the private sector). The most common histopathological subtypes were glioblastoma 262 (33.5%), followed by astrocytoma 147(18.8%) and oligodendroglioma 93(11.9%). Gender distribution was skewed towards men 508(65%). Private institution hospitals performed surgical biopsies as the first surgical procedure 75(23%) more often than public hospitals 38(9%). Chemotherapy was given to 115(29.8%) patients, and there was no data regarding 467(53%) of patients. Similarly, only 202(43.9%) patients received radiation therapy, and there was no data for 469(60%) of patients. For high-grade gliomas specifically, only 95(31.8%) patients with HGG have a record of receiving radiation therapy, and only 57(18.9%) had a record of being started on chemotherapy.
DCvax: A promising advancement in oncology for the treatment of glioblastoma Areeba Fareed [email protected], Samia Rohail, […], and Abdul Moiz Khan all authors and affiliations All Articles
Contents Declaration of conflicting interests Funding ORCID iDs Footnotes References PDF / ePub More Dear Editor, Glioblastoma is a malignant neoplasm of the central nervous system that arises from glial cells, primarily astrocyctes and is characterized by poorly differentiated, fusiform, round or pleomorphic astrocyctic cells with marked nuclear atypical and brisk mitotic activity.1 Despite advances in early diagnosis and comprehensive treatments, there is nearly 100% recurrence rate and dismal patient survival.2 According to researchers, more than 13,000 Americans are diagnosed with Glioblastoma annually, causing significant morbidity and mortality. There has been no cure for Glioblastoma so far.3 Treatment options often include surgical removal of the tumor followed by concomitant radiation and adjuvant temozolomide TMZ chemotherapy which has been the standard of care for glioblastoma since decades, but exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation is a well-known exogenous risk factor for glioblastoma. The inability to cross the BBB is the major obstacle in achieving remission after surgical resection followed by chemotherapy and radiation.4 As a result, glioblastoma typically recurs within six to 8 months and the survival rate is generally less than 5%.2 Despite the development of novel, complex, multidisciplinary, and targeted therapies the outcome for patients remains almost universally lethal.5 Therefore, the need for effective treatment is undeniable. For this reason, it has been a priority area in cancer research. Recently, US biotech company Northwest Biotherapeutics has developed a brain cancer vaccine, called DCVax, which is designed to help patients' immune system to target their tumors that may prolong their life by months or, in some cases, years.5 Thus, opening a door for the development of innovative therapy for targeting glioblastoma. The vaccine is created for each patient individually by isolating dendritic cells, from their blood which is then primed with biomarkers from a sample of the patient’s tumor.6 Dendritic cells present tumor antigens to the immune system, prime T cells, and mobilize antitumor responses.6 To evaluate the safety of the vaccine and its impact on survival time in patients with Glioblastoma, a phase 3 randomized control trial was conducted.7 In this trial, 348 patients newly diagnosed with Glioblastoma were tested at King’s College Hospital and other centers around the world for 8 years.7 Patients had surgery to remove their tumors as much as possible, followed by radiation and chemotherapy as the standard treatment for Glioblastoma.7 Among these patients, two out of three were treated with the vaccine, DCVax-L, with the remaining one-third receiving a placebo.7 The astonishing result of the trial has shown that newly diagnosed patients who received the vaccine survived for 19.3 months compared to 16.5 months for those who received a placebo.8 Overall 13% of all trial participants treated with DCVax lived more than 5 years after diagnosis compared with 5.7% in the comparison group who did so.8 Moreover, this is the first time in 17 years that such a significant result has been achieved in a Phase 3 trial of a systemic treatment for newly diagnosed Glioblastoma, and it’s the first treatment in 27 years for patients with GBM recurrence.9 Thus, this development represents a major step forward in our efforts to combat this devastating disease. Based on the findings of the trials evaluating the drug’s efficacy, it has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients, especially for the elderly and those unable to have surgery. A global clinical trial has concluded that the DCVax is the world’s first vaccine to treat deadly cancerous brain tumors that could help patients to live for years.9 This breakthrough could benefit 2500 people a year in the UK being diagnosed with Glioblastoma.9 It has also been shown that this therapy can be used to treat cancers other than Glioblastoma.9 However, due to high recurrence rate and lethal outcomes, the treatment of gliblastoma has seen significant transformation, switching from an aggressive surgical strategy to a more cautious one. The endorsement of the vaccine is a commendable achievement, and it demonstrates the unwavering commitment of researchers and healthcare professionals to discovering effective treatments for such lethal disease. Furthermore, vaccine may enhance the quality of life of a patient and provides a new hope for patients and their families Thus, it is crucial that we continue to support research into Glioblastoma and the development of novel treatments so that we can envision a future where this disease is eradicated. Declaration of conflicting interests The author(s) declared no potential conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. Funding The author(s) received no financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. ORCID iDs Areeba Fareed Samia Rohail Alishba Adnan Abdul Moiz Khan Footnotes Author’s noteNot commissioned, externally peer reviewed. ContributorshipAreeba Fareed and Samia Rohail wrote the draft. Alishba Adnan and Abdul Moiz Khan proofread it. All authors reviewed and edited the manuscript and approved the final version of the manuscript. Data availabilityNo new dataset generated. References 1. 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