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2023.05.28 19:16 BroMandi [Costco Wholesale] LG 32" Class 4K UHD FreeSync Monitor - $249.99 [Deal Price: $249.99]

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2023.05.28 06:55 123mitchg Looking for a gaming laptop

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US: $1700-$1900. Been looking at Costco and Sam’s Club as well.
•Are you open to refurbs/used? Potentially if the value is great.
• How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life? Will be a gaming laptop for moderate-heavy duty, so performance is very important. Will spend most of its time on a desk with an external monitor and constant power connection, so battery life and build quality are not vital but should still be C-level quality. Form factor is not very important but a decent-sized screen is preferable (16” or more).
• How important is weight and thinness to you? Not very, but I don’t want a brick either.
• Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put NA. 16” or more.
• Gaming/CAD/video editing: moderate to heavy gaming. Recreational CAD but nothing serious. No plans for any real video editing.
• If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? Madden 23 (and 24 when it comes out), Skyrim Special Edition with moderate mods, Halo MCC and Infinite, the new Forza game when it comes out. Also occasionally NBA 2k and GTA V. Medium or better graphical settings and 60+ FPS.
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Touchscreen and fingerprint reader is a plus but absolutely not a necessity. 1.5 tB of internal storage is desirable as well but can be supplemented with an external drive.
• Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. Again, also looking at Costco and Sam’s, prices should be somewhat lower there. Willing to sacrifice some performance to save a couple hundred bucks, but would like it to still be capable of running new games in 3-4 years at the same settings as above.
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2023.05.27 21:55 BnL_Nexus LG C2 Open Box question: 42 inch in almost new condition and optional Best Buy warranty or 48 inch with 3550 hours and included total 5 year Costco-Allstate warranty

Hi team,
I bought an Open Box LG C2 42 inch from Best Buy last week. It looks like excellent condition with the plastic film on the screen and an unopen accessories bag (screws, battery, remote). It was produced March this year. I guess someone has a change of heart and it may not has much hours, if any, at all. I do not buy the Best Buy warranty yet.

Yesterday I saw a demo unit, 48 inch, in Costco for around $90 more than the 42 . It is at lower price because they no longer have New. It is the very last unit at this club. The staff was kind enough to show me it has 3550 hours. I guess it is manufactured roughly a year ago, 05/2022, to accumulate that much hours. Staff told me it should still carries Costco 2 years on warranty plus additional 3 years after that with Allstate protection plan for a total 5 years protection free of charge. Costco website only says Allstate covers Screen Failure. I do not know if that include Burn-in or not.

What are your take on this. I tried 48 inch C2 before. It is a little big if I leave it on table stand because the stand's footprint push the TV closer to my eyes when I use it as a monitor. I do have a TV wall mount, but I have to learn how to drill and mount it correctly.

What is your take on this. Will you consider a 3550+ hours TV for $90 more? I do not know what to expect from such a long hours TV.
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2023.05.27 21:52 BnL_Nexus Open Box LG C2: 42 inch or a demo 48 inch unit with 3550 hours and $90 more, which one should I choose and should I be aware of any issues?

Hi team,
I bought an Open Box LG C2 42 inch from Best Buy last week fro around $670 after tax. It looks great condition with the plastic film on the screen and an unopen accessories bag (screws, battery, remote). It is produced somewhere March this year. I guess someone has a change of heart and it may not has much hours, if any, at all. I do not buy the Best Buy warranty yet.

Yesterday I saw a demo unit, 48 inch, in Costco for around $760 after tax, $90 more than the 42 . It is at lower price because they no longer have New. It is the very last unit at this club. The staff was kind enough to show me it has 3550 hours. I guess it is manufactured roughly a year ago, 05/2022, to accumulate that much hours. Staff told me it should still carries Costco 2 years on warranty plus additional 3 years after that with Allstate protection plan for a total 5 years protection free of charge. Costco website only says Allstate covers Screen Failure. I do not know if that include Burn-in or not.

What are your take on this. I tried 48 inch C2 before. It is a little big if I leave it on table stand because the stand's footprint push the TV closer to my eyes when I use it as a monitor. I do have a TV wall mount, but I have to learn how to drill and mount it correctly.

What is your take on this. Will you consider a 3550+ hours TV for $90 more? I do not know what to expect from such a long hours TV.
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2023.05.27 18:26 discreditcampaign917 May 27, 2023 Update


Over the past year and a half, following my complaint to the EEOC, I have continuously been subjected to harassment and retaliation by my former employer. The situation escalated when I came across an audiotape revealing the company's VP of Finance discussing financial fraud. I have attached my EEOC complaint and rebuttal to provide you with a better understanding of this situation. The company has embarked on a campaign of retaliation and attempts to cover up the truth. Recently, I discovered that my phone was under surveillance by private investigators hired by my previous employer, Socure Inc. As mentioned earlier, this harassment began at my local YMCA, where multiple individuals were instructed to participate in a planned campaign targeting me. Socure extended their actions beyond the YMCA by continuously tracking my cellphone's location wherever I went. Initially, I suspected I was being followed, but I later realized that my phone had been compromised. My messages and calls were being monitored, and even my home internet seemed to be tapped into. Furthermore, I have reason to believe that my bank transactions were being monitored as well. I am being targeted because I disclosed illegal activities involving the VP of Finance, which he was afraid to share. I’m one hundred percent certain that Socure hacked into my cellphone to eavesdrop on all conversations. Any and all things that I discuss with my wife would later be discussed amongst gym goers, at multiple Mosque, and random places I often visit. I have attached my EEOC compliant for further assessment of this situation.

The following individuals, whom I suspect were compensated, were involved in collecting information about me and fabricating false allegations:
* Sonia Atherly, the Director of the YMCA
* Stephin Roberts, a YMCA member who became a friend
* Ade A. (last name unknown), a YMCA member who became a friend
* Andre Nelson, a friend from Downtown YMCA Brooklyn whom I haven't spoken to in two years
* Austin Hill, a YMCA member who accompanied Andre Nelson
* Ethan, a YMCA member (last name unknown)
* Torell Taylor, a YMCA member
* Multiple neighbors: units 5A, 5F, and 2X PHE
* Serdar Cam, former neighbor and new neighbor at 322 Gates Ave
* Trevor (last name unknown), a YMCA member
* Justin (last name unknown), a YMCA member
* An unidentified female YMCA member who unexpectedly appeared at a restaurant where my wife and I were in Puerto Rico
* Gavin Tseng, a former friend who orchestrated a scheme involving real estate and a startup concept

Retaliations took place at the following locations:
* Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA: 1121 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216
* Brooklyn Mosque Khalifa: 120 Madison St, Brooklyn, NY
* Islamic Mission of America/Dawood Mosque: 143 State St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
* Airport Travels: JFK AirTrain
* Puerto Rico Vacation: Hilton Hotel
* Trip to Milwaukee: Airbnb rental at 1028 East Juneau Avenue, Unit 416, Milwaukee, WI 53202
* Supermarket in Brooklyn: 1420 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216
* Multiple Banking Institutions: Chase at 1380 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216 & TD Bank at 957 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216
* Multiple NYC Train Platforms: Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets station & 125th Street Station
* Apartment Building: 322 Gates Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Types of framing and allegations being built against me:
* Resume fraud
* Real estate fraud
* Influencing people to file lawsuits
* Influencing neighbors to complain
* False restaurant reporting
* False robbery attempt
* And more...

Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA Director, Sonia Atherly - Staged Office Phone Video Recording:
Sonia Atherly, the director of the Bedstuy YMCA, participated in a retaliatory campaign. On September 29, 2022, she requested a meeting with me in her office. During our conversation, she pulled out her phone and began recording from her work monitor, alleging that a masked individual had entered the gym. She even asked me to view the video footage. While I complied, her phone continued recording, capturing my voice in the process. This action appears to be an attempt to counter the accusations made by the VP of Finance regarding fraudulent activities and manipulate my voice recordings to paint a negative picture of my behavior. In response to my concerns, the YMCA director provided the following reply: "Hi Lou. I believe that it was on Tuesday, and I was actually taking photos, so no, your voice would not have been captured in any way. To be clear, we do not record conversations at the Y in any way, shape, or form unless we have signed event waivers. I hope this clarifies the matter for you." On September 30, 2022, Sonia orchestrated an incident where the same individual showed up at the front desk as I was leaving, hoping to provoke a response from me and involve me in their investigation. For months, non-members of the YMCA were allowed to come into the facility and harass me while surveillance cameras were purposely turned off to destroy any possible evidence.

Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA Program Coordinator, Jeff (Damian Best):
Upon my arrival at the basketball gym, Jeff, the program coordinator, and a parent with her child were already present. After requesting Jeff to wait a few more minutes, the parent engaged in a heated argument with him, demanding to know why her child couldn't participate since no one else was there. I reassured her that while I didn't mind, Jeff was responsible for setting the rules. She eventually left the gym in an angry state. Their intention was to have me report the incident to management and portray me as someone who constantly complains. On October 4, 2022, I sent an email to myself for record-keeping purposes.

Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA Member, Ade (last name starting with "A"):
On Saturday, October 8, 2022, Ade and I agreed to meet for a late lunch at "The Green Place" in Brooklyn. I noticed that he kept referencing financial figures related to specific people he worked with. I suspect he has also been recruited to participate in Socure's retaliation against me. Their goal is to capture recordings of me to use them against me, claiming that I habitually record people. Ade also expressed dissatisfaction with the YMCA's adult open gym times during Saturday's basketball hours. He mentioned having discussed it with the front desk. On October 9, 2022, Ade sent me a screenshot of the YMCA's response to his request. It's important to note that I never made any complaints. As someone who lives near the YMCA and often wakes up early, I told him, "I don't want to play." Once again, Socure is attempting to build a case portraying me as someone who incessantly complains and records people to divert attention from their own misconduct. Multiple members were instructed to complain to me so that my name can be implicated. I believe that individuals are being compensated to assist them. In early May 2023, both Ade and Stephin Roberts repeatedly interrupted my workout in an attempt to initiate a conversation with me.

Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA member, Stephin Roberts - Staged information gathering:
Stephin Roberts, a fellow YMCA member, unexpectedly called me after we crossed paths at the gym, which was an unusual occurrence. We exchanged brief greetings, and I proceeded with my workout. I suspect that his intention in calling me was to record our conversation and use it against me, falsely claiming that I frequently record people, which is entirely untrue. Given that my cellphone was being tracked, it seemed that whenever I left my home, I would coincidentally encounter Mr. Roberts. He had been instructed to fabricate a false DUI incident to elicit personal information from me regarding a case on my record that had been expunged. During our conversation, I shared a past experience of mine involving a car accident I had when I was younger while dating someone, as well as my advice on expungement, recounting a personal incident that happened to me. At the time, I thought Mr. Roberts was a genuine person with good intentions. I believe Socure will be attempting to coordinate and get me arrested for theft or burglary based on the previous expunged records, trying to paint a negative image of who I am. I believe Stephin Roberts has been recording me as a tactic instructed by Socure's private investigator.

Friend from Downtown YMCA Brooklyn whom I haven't spoken with in two years, Andre Nelson at Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA:
I haven't had any communication with Andre Nelson for more than two years. However, he unexpectedly appeared at the gym I regularly attend on a Wednesday evening, despite it not being in close proximity to his residence. Subsequently, Mr. Nelson started frequenting the gym with his friend Austin Hill. Together, they began coordinating with YMCA members, informing them about my situation with Socure. Within one week, one of Austin Hill's Facebook friends reached out to me, mentioning a potential collaboration with someone they knew, namely Austin Hill. As I stated, I've never met Mr. Hill nor had any connection with people he knew outside of Mr. Nelson. When I encountered Mr. Hill during the following open gym session, he acted as though nothing had transpired, and I played along. Additionally, Austin requested certain documents from me for his business, but I never fulfilled his request. To confirm my suspicions that Austin was attempting to set me up, I orchestrated an event by telling him, "Yeah, man, girls don't care if you have a ring on. They will approach you. Come to this bar tonight." Upon my arrival at the bar a few minutes later, a woman wearing a wedding band tried to get my attention. However, I sensed that it was a staged occurrence. When Andre Nelson and Austin Hill arrived, they infiltrated the group of members, instructing them to provoke me during the basketball game while secretly recording my reactions. At one point, a member named Justin threw a water bottle, and the situation escalated.

Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA member, Trevor - Staged information gathering:
Trevor started asking and mentioning multiple work-related questions. On October 7, 2023, he mentioned having a quarterly review and asked for suggestions. Within weeks later, Trevor asked me if I knew any lawyers as he was dealing with a housemaid who was suing him. This same situation happened with more than two other members (Stephin Roberts, Kadeem Kirsten) in which they asked me attorney-related questions. I believe he was instructed to record our conversations.
Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA member, Torrell Taylor:
As previously mentioned, I believe that the YMCA's Director is monitoring my interactions with other gym members in order to collaborate with them. Their objective is to falsely claim that "Lou is influencing people to document incidents," all with the intention of tarnishing my reputation. Additionally, Socure allegedly requested Torrell to open a restaurant in downtown Brooklyn as part of their scheme to build a case against me. YMCA member Justin repeatedly approached me, informing me that Torrell had opened a restaurant with poor-quality food and suggested I visit. Upon receiving this information from Torrell himself, I decided to pay the restaurant a visit. However, Torrell was not present during my first visit. I attempted a second visit, only to discover that the restaurant was closed. When I texted Torrell to inquire about the closure, he responded that there had been an issue with the owner's licensing. It is apparent to me that this was a staged event orchestrated by Socure to fabricate a case against me by falsely claiming that I reported violations against Torrell's restaurant. As mentioned earlier, I strongly believe that my phone was being tracked, and it is possible that a separate line was used to make false reports under my information.
Furthermore, my emails were also subjected to hacking.

Wireless Earbuds Planned at the Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA open gym by Kadeem Kirsten - early 2022:
To ensure my privacy and personal space during the YMCA open gym sessions, I started choosing a spot away from others. I made sure to thoroughly clean the area where I sat, removing any bottles, wipes, or other items. After finishing my workout, I briefly went to the bathroom, and upon my return, I noticed a wireless earbud near the window close to my chair. I suspect that Khadim Kirsten intentionally placed the earbud there as he kept watching me closely. Mr. Kirsten also asked me for legal advice as well as a UX Designer, the same exact topic that Gavin Tseng asked me. Mr. Kirsten is one of those new members who never came to the YMCA. Upon rejecting Socure's settlement offer in January 2023, that's when all of these new members started coming to open basketball nights.

Mosque Khalifa on Bedford Ave: Sept 2, 2022, at 120 Madison St, Brooklyn, NY, United States, New York:
During the service at Mosque Khalifa on Bedford Ave, the preacher persistently addressed a specific topic related to my case. He made references to "a brother within this community, one of our own, who made a recording" in an apparent attempt to divert attention to the tape I had recorded. Following my complaint to the EEOC through email, the recording was promptly deleted on the same day, which I later submitted to the EEOC. I started attending Islamic Mission of America/Dawood Mosque at 143 State St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, and immediately, I was followed by an individual who repeatedly tried to have a conversation with me. I was also followed to a Mosque in Harlem, NY.

T-Mobile Visit Tracking / Unauthorized new number added at 574 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217:
Concerned about the security of my internet connection with Verizon, I visited T-Mobile to add a new line specifically for internet access. To my surprise, shortly after arriving at the store, a male approached the same register I was standing at and started asking questions. A few days after leaving the store, I discovered that a new phone line had been added to my T-Mobile account without my knowledge or consent. I promptly contacted T-Mobile customer service to inquire about the data usage associated with that particular number, but unfortunately, I did not receive the requested information. I believe Socure hacked my home network, such as my laptop, tablet, Television and home camera. For the past year and a half, Socure has managed to view all of my browsing history. I believe they kept contacting lawyers that I reached out to after every visit I made on their website to avoid me from being represented. In additional, after noticing that my email accounts were hacked, I wrote a statement indicating that my emails were hacked in which I got notarized at TD Bank.

Grocery Shopping Brooklyn:
During my visit to the local supermarket, I noticed several individuals following me closely, paying particular attention to the food items I was selecting and the card I used for payment. I believe I was being followed long before I started to notice.
* May 8, 2023, at 1420 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216
* May 1, 2023, at 1420 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Online Job Targeting:
I have been repeatedly targeted for specific jobs and companies, which I believe are staged by Socure, just as they did by involving me in a company backed by their investors to stage multiple events against me while interfering with my employment. I was lured into Plural, formerly known as Civic Eagle, where multiple African American candidates who did not qualify were being hired without my knowledge. All whom I’ve never spoke with. I suspect that Socure somehow gained access to my T-Mobile account and requested my entire call history to monitor my communications. Furthermore, I believe that when I sought legal counsel after receiving the EEOC's authorization to file a lawsuit, Socure clandestinely intervened in my calls to every law firm I contacted.

Puerto Rico Vacation on Dec 23, 2022:
Upon our arrival at our room in Puerto Rico, we noticed a black male who entered a room adjacent to ours shortly after us. However, after a couple of days, we did not see him again.
During a visit to a restaurant in Puerto Rico, I recognized the hostess as the same woman I had encountered multiple times at the YMCA. She had her head covered with a white scarf. As I was seated facing the entrance, she deliberately made eye contact with me, seemingly aware that I recognized her. After finishing lunch, this same woman followed us to the waterfront and watched us closely.

Neighbor Tracking Movement at 322 Gates Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216:
Every time I left my building, I noticed a consistent pattern where the neighbor from 5F would coincidentally head towards the elevator, wait in the lobby, and enter the building exactly at the same time. This behavior raised suspicions and led me to believe that individuals from 5A were strategically positioned next door, potentially tapping our walls to eavesdrop on our conversations. The neighbor in 5A, whom I knew through the YMCA, repeatedly complained about the building while urging me to submit a work order. I also suspect that Socure assisted one of my former neighbors, Serdar Cam, in moving into the building after they discovered my text messages about potentially moving there. Immediately after moving in, Serdar started complaining as well. I believe Socure was involved in placing a previous female tenant in the building, who also complained to me on multiple occasions about the building.

Uber License Training:
Once again, Socure monitored the location of my phone and deployed individuals to the classroom where I was attending classes in Long Island City in early March 2023. After completing the classes, I became too afraid of potentially facing false rider allegations.

New Open Gym Invitation by Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA member Ethan, Andre Nelson was present on March 2, 2023, at 300 Adelphi, Brooklyn, NY 11205:
Ethan, a fellow YMCA member, invited me to join him at a nearby gym. To my surprise, Andre Nelson was also in attendance. While playing on the court, I noticed one of the players guarding me had a conspicuous microphone attached to them, and an Asian woman diligently captured footage from different angles with a video camera. I believe they were recording my voice and actions on the court. Additionally, it seems that after complaining about what happened at the YMCA, members are being instructed to engage me outside the YMCA to diffuse the situation. This incident further raised my suspicion that our apartment might be under surveillance, as I had previously mentioned Andre Nelson's presence at the open gym to my wife. Moreover, during the open run, I noticed the unexpected presence of multiple YMCA members from the Downtown Brooklyn location, whom I hadn't encountered in the past four years. I firmly believe that Andre Nelson orchestrated their participation and that they were strategically placed as collaborators by Socure.

New Gym Invites
After fully understanding that I knew about all of the plans in place at the YMCA, with the help of the YMCA Director, Sonia Atherly, multiple members were told to invite me to other gyms to built a campaign of “ this is Lou everywhere he goes”. Over six plus individuals were asked to invite me to new open gyms and men’s league to play in. This is all to avoid further problems at the gym.

Real Estate / Startup Venture Inquiry by Gavin Tseng:
Due to ongoing targeting, I decided to distance myself from everyone for months. However, my friend Gavin Tseng, whom I knew while living in Downtown Brooklyn, repeatedly invited me to his upstate home and wanted me to see properties he was interested in purchasing. It was quite unusual that Mr. Tseng would frequently text me, asking about my availability on specific days. I suspect that Mr. Tseng was recording our conversations during the trips and multiple phone calls, where he sought my help with UX Designing for his apartment rental car service. I believe Socure conducted research on my past work history, including my involvement in a Delegate campaign in Maryland for a real estate professional. I suspect that Socure fabricated false accusations against this individual and used my information to create misleading claims, leveraging my network and devices.

Subways / Stores Staged Evidence Building:
Regardless of the subway station I find myself in, I consistently experience being followed by random individuals who are instructed to approach me closely while holding their cellphones up to my face and posing questions. On multiple occasions, I recall three females approaching me seeking guidance regarding subway directions, and I willingly offered my assistance. However, I have recently become aware that individuals, including camera operators, have been capturing these interactions on film as part of what appears to be a deliberate campaign to discredit me.

March 28, 2023 - Travel to Milwaukee:
While traveling to Milwaukee for a getaway from my wife after several disputes, I noticed that I was being followed at the airport. The surveillance continued throughout my stay at the Airbnb located at 1028 East Juneau Avenue, Unit 416, Milwaukee, WI 53202, from March 28, 2023, to April 11, 2023. I also experienced being followed at the Hertz car rental at 804 Vel R. Phillips Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203, on April 6, 2023, and at the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlet at 11211 120th Ave, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158, on the same day.

April 12, 2023 - Returning back from Milwaukee:
Immediately after arriving back in New York City from my two-week vacation, at around 3:45 pm ET, just two minutes after landing, I received a text message from a YMCA member whom I hadn't communicated with in over three weeks. The message mentioned something along the lines of "See you tonight," which I promptly deleted. This unmistakable occurrence served as a clear indication that my phone was under surveillance and being tracked.

April 21, 2023 & May 7, 2023 - Vitamin Shoppe at 12 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217:
As I entered the Vitamin Shoppe in Downtown Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave, I noticed that I was being followed. While at the checkout counter, an African American gentleman positioned himself next to me, seemingly eavesdropping on my account information and the items I was purchasing. I strongly suspect that a similar incident occurred during my previous visit on April 21, 2023, although I was not actively observing at that time.

On May 6, 2023, between 11:30 am - 12:45 pm - JFK AirTrain:
Once again, I became aware that my phone was being tracked. I accompanied my wife to the airport as she was departing for Milwaukee. Upon arriving at the station, an assertive African American woman in her late 30s hurriedly approached us, despite the presence of multiple station operators. She aggressively stopped us and began asking for directions. Sensing something amiss, I promptly distanced myself from the situation while my wife attempted to assist her with the directions.

Friday, May 11, 2023 at Costco Eyewear at 517 E 117th St, New York, NY 10035: While I was sharing my information, a woman in her late 50s approached the counter and closely observed my personal details. I have come to believe that Socure has someone at Chase informing them of my location whenever I use my Chase bank card. The day before, I made purchases with my Chase card at Costco.

Friday, May 11, 2023 at Costco at 517 E 117th St, New York, NY 10035: While conversing with a product representative at Costco, a young female employee in her late teens or early twenties approached with an older Senegalese gentleman in his late 60s. The gentleman sought assistance with a product due to his limited English proficiency. As he showed me his phone up close, I noticed someone recording our interaction from a distance. Once again, I felt as though I was being followed. It seems that a private investigator was aware of my recent purchase of fish oil at Vitamin Shoppe on May 7, 2023, as well as my pursuit of becoming a personal trainer. They orchestrated the scenario with the gentleman asking me specific questions about fish oil. It's worth noting that the material I was studying for personal training explicitly states that trainers should not recommend any medication to individuals.

Saturday, May 13, 2023, at Hoyt Station in Brooklyn: Once more, I found myself being followed into the train station. While I was waiting there, a woman approached me once again, seeking directions. Without hesitation, I gestured towards someone else nearby and firmly replied, "No, ask her." Interestingly, there was a man across the platform holding two cameras, capturing the entire interaction between us. Following the unsuccessful attempt, the woman conversed with the man briefly before they both boarded the train.
Saturday, May 13, 2023, at Bedford and Quincy in Brooklyn: As I neared my apartment building, I noticed two cameramen once again attempting to record me. Sensing their presence and their intention to cross the street, I quickly changed course and crossed over to the other side, putting some distance between us.

Saturday, May 13, 2023 - TD Bank at 957 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216: While I was withdrawing cash from the ATM, a white male in his late 20s, accompanied by a dog, was recording me from outside. I also believe Socure did some digging into all of my transactions at my local banks, such as Chase and TD Bank.

Saturday, May 13, 2023 - Credit Card information altered: When I logged into my Discover Credit Card account, I observed that my information had been modified.

Monday, May 14, 2023 - Best Buy Brooklyn at 625 Atlantic Ave Ste A7, Brooklyn, NY 11217: Upon reaching the printing department at 12:14 pm ET, I was harassed by an African American woman in her late 60s. I ignored her and left through the opposite side, but she continued to follow me and tried to engage in a conversation.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023, at Target 517 E 117th St Suite 201, New York, NY 10035, at 10:46 am ET: Upon realizing that I was aware of the cover-up occurring, where individuals were tailing me and inquiring with their phones in hand, Socure strategically positioned an African gentleman near the entrance of the targeted bathroom. They had been closely observing my actions. Remarkably, this man was dressed identically to me during the incident that unfolded on Friday, May 11, 2023

While waiting in line, I believe a Senegalese couple were instructed to chat about illegal activities intentionally while I was behind them and they absurdly moved to another line.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - Cohen’s Fashion Optical at 86 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027: While retrieving my reading glasses from Costco, I discovered that the prescription was stronger than what was indicated in the eye examination. The lenses ended up negatively impacting my vision. I requested to review the physician's notes from the exam, but despite waiting for over 30 minutes, they were unable to provide any documentation as the physician was acting very strange. Instead, they gave me evasive responses, leading me to ultimately leave without a resolution.

May 18, 2023 - Chase Bank at 1380 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216 @ 12 PM ET: Around 12 PM ET on May 18, 2023, at Chase Bank on Fulton Ave in Brooklyn, I experienced another incident I believe involves Socure. An individual was sent to tail me, and it began at TD Bank where this person approached the teller in an ostentatious manner, loudly expressing their intentions. I suspect this encounter was being recorded in an attempt to frame a robbery on me. It seems that Socure is continuously monitoring my activities, possibly as a diversion from the fact that their former CFO was untrustworthy. Regardless of where I go, I am constantly being followed, with new tactics being devised every time I step outside my home.
I’m writing to put a stop to this targeting and ongoing harassment.
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2023.05.27 18:10 bjos144 Best credit card for spending a bunch of money on electronics in the next 3-4 months?

BUY $5Kish ELECTRONICS OVER A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. Introductory offers, cash back, warrantees. Dont care about travel.
I never hold a balance, I want free money for spending on my business which is work from home. I want extended warrantees. I will almost certainly choose cash back over anything else, but I'm open if the deal is just too crazy. Once I make these payments I'm happy to throw the card in the trash if it will not be good long term. I've never had AMEX. I dont like the idea of an annual fee but I can be talked into it if the reasons are really good. I need a fancy new desktop with all the fixens (3090, stupidly fast processor, insane amounts of ram, pretty lights etc.). ipad and iphone 14 maxed out specs on the iphone.. Maybe a new monitor ( replace my 49 inch ultrawide monstrosity bit maybe on this one)
Thanks so much for your advice!
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2023.05.26 20:53 BalakayOnReddit Is this worth it, and is this a good PC?

Is this a good deal?
For several years I’ve been wanting to build a PC. Now that I have the finances to do so, i am looking into starting the process. However, a friend of mine sent me this PC on sale at Costco last night for $1099. I am just curious, as someone who’s always played on console, is this a good deal? I was looking to spend about $2000-$2500 to build my own, however this is significantly cheaper and i could use the rest of that money to buy a new monitor and/or keyboard and mouse if need be. I have copied the link to the PC in here. Generally speaking, i am just looking to play the games i already play (Skyrim, fallout, mount & blade bannerlord) just highly modded; as well as other games only PC has to offer. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.26 20:05 BalakayOnReddit Is this a good deal?

For several years I’ve been wanting to build a PC. Now that I have the finances to do so, i am looking into starting the process. However, a friend of mine sent me this PC on sale at Costco last night for $1099. I am just curious, as someone who’s always played on console, is this a good deal? I was looking to spend about $2000-$2500 to build my own, however this is significantly cheaper and i could use the rest of that money to buy a new monitor and/or keyboard and mouse if need be. I have copied the link to the PC in here. Generally speaking, i am just looking to play the games i already play (Skyrim, fallout, mount & blade bannerlord) just highly modded; as well as other games only PC has to offer. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.26 18:21 rainman_104 Help teaching my teen financial literacy

My son is a 14 year old who makes a ton of money refereeing hockey ($50 a game). At one point in his account was over $3000. He refs about 60 games a year really which sounds like a lot, but he can do 3 games in a day and over a weekend tournament he can knock out 9-10 games.

Recently he made a AAA team that's going to cost me $13,500 for the year ( I've been saving up for it in my TFSA because I knew it was coming ). I asked him to start paying for his own sticks with his ref money. It's the only incidental I have a problem with because he wants a $400 stick to use, and I figure if he pays for it he's much less likely to smash it on a crossbar ( and I have seen kids do that, and it's such a dick move to your parents to do that )
I discovered that his account was completely drained and wasn't able to pay for his own stick. We looked at his account and he literally ate all his money in vending machines and cafeteria spend, along with some amazon purchases that I'm less pissed about.

We've tried to show him how stupid it is buying a $4 aloe water from a vending machine when you can get them for 50c a bottle from costco or whatever. He didn't learn. He's even screamed at me "It's MY MONEY!!!!" despite the fact that I'm the idiot who's been driving him around no cost to him.

My wife thinks that he learned a valuable lesson about spending all his money and he has agreed with her to monitor his account once a week to ensure he's on track and not spending like a fool.

What are some strategies I could use to work with him rather than fight him. I want to help teach him good habits, but I'm scared he hasn't really learned his lesson here.
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2023.05.26 01:14 SireDolph College student looking to build a PC over the summer. Below $1800!

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
* I will use it for a mixture of gaming and productivity as I am a college student majoring in IT. I want to be able to play Control, Borderlands 3, Dishonoreds, Fallout 4, The Division. I have a plethora of games I can't play or run digustingly.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
* My maximum budget is 1800 but I would prefer to go lower.
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
* I plan on building it within the month.
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
* I already have a set-up connected to my dell XPS. So I have every peripheral I just need the PC.
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
* I live in the US but there is no reasonable Microcenter nearby.
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
* I have a razer mouse, keyboard and pad I bought in a bundle from Costco. I have a MSI 165 hertz monitor.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
* I would be open to overclocking down the line but I need something functioning now.
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
* I need storage but I can always get more down the line.
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
* I don't need any eccentric colors. Black is fine. We can do away with RGB.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
* I need to run Virtual Machine so whatever version of windows is required.
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2023.05.25 09:52 joshsplosh Gaming Desktop

Hello all
I’m looking for a good quality medium spec gaming/tv watching build that will be “future-proof” for the next 3-5 years. My research has led me here and to the following pcs
I haven’t bought a desktop in nearly 15 years and I’m feeling a bit intimidated
Are these good deals? Which is the best value?
  1. $1,100
  2. $1,530
  3. $1,350
  4. $1,300
  5. $1,700
  6. $1,300
For a monitor I’m planning to use either: $300
  1. LG UltraGear QHD 27-Inch Gaming Monitor 27GL83A-B - IPS 1ms (GtG), with HDR 10 Compatibility, NVIDIA G-SYNC, and AMD FreeSync, 144Hz OR
  2. ASUS TUF Gaming 27" 2K HDR Monitor (VG27AQ1A) - QHD (2560 x 1440), IPS, 170Hz (Supports 144Hz), 1ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Speaker, G-SYNC Compatible
PS: I’m looking something prebuilt with a warranty. Not a build it yourself.
Thank you
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2023.05.25 06:29 Redbaron1701 Read before commenting or posting

Hello all!
I thought I would take a moment to address the users as there seems to be a lot of new ones. We've had an influx of about 1500 new subscribers in the last 30 days, which is absolutely crazy for our sub.
It seems a fair amount of these are, well, assholes. I'm not sure how else to say it. I've banned a lot of accounts for everything from death threats to unprompted vicious insults. The past few days have brought the top upvoted post (friggin chicken, always), and a tremendous amount of discussion.
So, for you newcomers, what's the deal with foodsafety, and what is it here for?
This is a subreddit dedicated to answering any questions regarding food safety. Whether it's questioning an expired package of cheese, or whether hairnets are really required for Costco audits. I'll admit that a majority of what we see is questions regarding the safety of a specific food item.
Does this seem like a bunch of overly anxious people asking questions that may seem obvious to you? It can look like that from the outside, but let me give you some examples of what people are dealing with when they come here. These are taken from real posts:
-A person recently had food poisoning and now has crippling anxiety whenever they get a stomach ache. They came here asking for tips to keep their kitchen clean and what resources they could read.
-A parent was concerned about their child after they ate some expired candy. We were able to explain the difference between shelf stable foods, best by, consume by, etc. We saved them a multi hour drive to a hospital and a world of worry.
-Someones elderly father insisted on doing the cooking when everyone visited, but had some very unsafe behavior that had made the family sick before. We gave them suggestions on how to talk to their father and help them adjust the unsafe behavior.
Consider this a warning:
We will be aggressively monitoring posts and comments. Insults, threats, trolling, and just generally being an ass over numerous comments will result in a ban. You can disagree with someone, you can't call them a piss baby. Please decide if your comment is helpful before posting. Please decide if your joke is funny before replying.
If your idea of a good time is to go into depression subs and call everyone crybabies, this is not the sub for you.
If you have a question about something you ate or bought, or something someone may try to feed you, glad you've found us.
Please feel free to ask questions here in the comments, we'll try to answer.
Thank you all.
The Mods of foodsafety
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2023.05.24 20:33 Soundfires MSI 27" FHD IPS Nvidia G-Sync Gaming Monitor Optix G273 $129.99 online & in-warehouse

MSI 27
$70 manufacturer's savings is valid 5/24/23 through 6/11/23. While supplies last. Limit 4 per member
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2023.05.24 08:34 BroMandi [Costco Wholesale] Costco: MSI 27" FHD IPS Nvidia G-Sync Gaming Monitor Optix G273 $149.99 + FREE Shipping [Deal: $149.99, Actual: $199.99]

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2023.05.23 08:05 jennamay22 Buy TCL R646 now or wait to see if TCL Q7 lives up to its specs?

UPDATE: Bought the 55in R646 from BB, only option was ship to home so here’s hoping it arrives intact 😬 Thanks to everyone for being kind in the comments and offering additional advice!
Is there anything out there for information regarding the Q7 that points to it being leaps and bounds better then the R646?
I’m leaning strongly towards the R646 (not R635) as I hate the Roku interface with a passion. We’re worried that if we wait til the Q7 is out, the R646 will be fully out of stock and we won’t have it as a fallback. In Canada it looks like the R646 is pretty hard to find (only at Best Buy right now).
I know there isn’t much info out yet about how the Q7 lives up to the specs, but if you were in a similar position.. would you wait?
Keep in mind, in the last 12hrs we’ve gone from settling for the 55in Hisense U8H U78H to 55in Sony X75k to 65in LG Nanocell75 and finally landing on the 55in TCL R646. All from reading on tcltvs and this sub, it’s been a long day to say the least.
Edit: our previous tv was the LG UJ6200, primarily used for watching tv & movies and as a monitor for a Pc tower. Often on for 12+hrs a day with various content, lots of night watching in a dark room, approx 8ft away, usually with bluetooth headphones. We were originally trying to stay with TVs that Costco sells for the warranty but they don’t carry TCL.
Edit: fixed a typo, Canadian model hisense are U68H, U78H and U88H and I missed the 7 in the model number.
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2023.05.21 02:01 mabdelghany Costco needs better QC on its vendors for order

I am not talking about the website experience. We all know that it is inconsistent at best but I digress.
My main issue is the quality control that Costco does with its vendors for orders from Let me give you two experiences:
  1. 6 months ago, I bought the Xbox One X bundle from That's the normal Xbox plus an extra controller. The extra controller box was torn as if it was previously owned by a monkey and it was clear that this controller is not a new one. It was most likely a return by a previous owner. That's an issue because I am paying for a new item, I should get a new item, not a returned one.
  2. 2 days ago, I bought an LG monitor from First off, it arrived in its original packaging showing that it is a monitor. The UPS guy dropped it off on my front door, rang the bell and left. I was like whatever. My first red flag, I saw those iron nails on one corner of the box. Odd! I have never seen these on any new items. Whatever. I open the monitor and I see some cables in plastic packaging that has been sealed with a paper tape and others using what looks like a scotch tape (that you see in Target). I was like odd but whatever. I turn it on and I was like what is this?! The image quality if beyond bad and there is a massive bleeding across the entire screen (not just the corners). To the point that when I put in a Youtube video, the bleeding on its side is so distracting. Putting two and two together, this was most likely another return by a previous Costco (or may be non-Costco) member and the vendor is shipping these out as if they are new!
I really hope that if someone from Costco sees this post, that they need to do something about their vendors! I am already super hesitant placing another order from because it is like a lottery at this point!

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2023.05.19 00:57 sylfire MSI G271 near unusable at high refresh rates

MSI G271 near unusable at high refresh rates
TL;DR - is this salvageable? Research says no, willing to buy new monitor altogether. Cannot recommend MSI.
I bought this monitor from my local Costco for about $200 about a year and a half ago, and I started having this issue where the monitor would lost a lot of visual space. It started as a small black band, barely perceptible, but it has since grown to this (when at 144 Hz). If I lower the refresh rate to 120, it still has this issue, but only up to the Taskbar. The thing is, a week ago, it was a small black line at 120 Hz.... and has grown. So eventually, the 120 Hz screen will look like this.
If I set it to 60hz then I don't have this problem, but then why did I splurge $200 for 144hz when I can only use 60? I looked into this for ages and the common response was either the graphics card or the monitor, and other reviews of this thing point to it being the monitor, with no options aside from replacing the panel (which I really don't feel like doing just to have this issue happen again).
For the monitor experts out there, is there some secret thing I don't know about that causes this issue? Or am I going to just need to suck it up and buy a new monitor (AGAIN)?
If I need a new one, I'd appreciate some recommendations for one. I don't think I'm going to buy any MSI monitors after this, as they appear to have issues with their panels in general. My partner's Msi Laptop has some bizarre screen tearing issues that can't seem to be fixed no matter what we try, so I'm willing to just stick to what I know. The other monitor I'm using is an Acer H236HL that has basically been perfect for the last 8 years, so I'd probably be willing to just get a new Acer one, but I'm still interested to hear what you guys think.
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2023.05.18 00:46 iamKintaro Costco prebuilt?

Looking to buy a prebuilt at Costco since I live all the way out in Hawaii and I’m assuming trying to build my own and shipping costs it might be cheaper. This is an option from Costco for $1499. I’m not knowledgable enough to know if this stuff is good or not for the price. Any info would help! Thank you!
Processor & Memory:
13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-13700F (16-Core) Processor 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
1TB Solid State Drive 2TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive No Optical Drive
Operating System:
Microsoft® Windows 11 Home Communications:
Intel® Wi-Fi 6 Gig+ Bluetooth® 5.2 1 x RJ45 (2.5GbE) Ethernet LAN
Graphics & Video:
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 Graphics, 12GB Monitor Not Included
7.1 HD Realtek AL897 Audio Keyboard:
MSI Gaming Keyboard + Mouse Ports & Slots:
1x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C (Front) 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A (Front) 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C (Rear) 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A (Rear) 4x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A (Rear) 2x USB 2.0 (Rear) 1x HDMI-Out (2.1) 3x Display Port out (1.4a) 1x Mic-In 1x Headphone-Out
Power Supply:
650W, 80+ Gold Additional Information:
Dimensions: 8.46" x 16.93" x 17.72"
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2023.05.17 03:36 Sweet_Musician4586 Can a prenatal (materna) cause this issue?

Is it possible that when I started taking the prenatal materna it made my b12 low? 2 to 3 months after I started materna (I didnt take any multi before) and d3 + k2 as well as a crappy costco probiotic. I suddenly got horrible physical symptoms immediately after getting bloodwork done. I was told over and over it was anxiety and have tried to figure out the cause. I'm getting tested for b12 and ferritin tomorrow.i took a medication called topiramate which can cause issues with b12 but stopped it 10 months earlier and stopped when I developed t2 diabetes. I guess my theory is my b12 could have been kind of crap and then the prenatal made things worse due to the folic acid? My generic testing says I have compound heterozygous mthfr mutation if that means anything. The other abnormal test result is that my ldl is suddenly high. I do a low carb diet so this could be the cause but I did it for 10 months and it was fine.
My symptoms were at first VERY bad headache within a few minutes of blood work over the next few days very horrible tinnitus, sometimes double vision or very blurry vision, light sensitivity, back of head buzzing above neck like I bit down on an electric toothbrush, spiderwebbing tingles on the back of my head and on my upper back, very tight neck and shoulder pain, nausea, stomach pain, a few months later I had a few instances where I'd get a racing heart, once it started when I bent over to move something, now I get a lot of pain in my toes and fingers, my hands and feet also fall asleep very fast. In the past I got vertigo as well as dizzy feeling upon standing. My mouth has hurt before like felt sore but no sores. I never experienced anything like this before. OH I also get really cold hands and feet and my finger tips wrinkle like I've been in the water.
To clarify this is not related to the diabetes. My a1c is 5.2, I take no meds, and I have no diabetic neuropathy my blood vessels in my eyes are very healthy and i took action immediately at diagnosis the previous month I was on meds that lowered my blood sugar but were not for diabetes so I was only an uncontrolled diabetic for about a month. I've worn a holter monitoring done an ecg and had lots of bloodwork done.
My symptoms have subsided over time but seem to flare up during my period and at times ovulation. I tried taking a methylated prenatal by thorne but it made the ringing and weird head fog come back strong. I've been trying to get pregnant since last april.
I dont have fatigue.
I know I'm jumping the gun as my blood work is tomorrow but this mystery has gone on almost a year and I'm wondering if I am deficient if it's possible the materna could have been the issue in theory?
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2023.05.16 21:14 Dryst999 Acer Nitro 34" - Costco Edition - Am I Missing Something?

I'm in the market for a UW monitor for mostly office work on my macbook pro and to hook up my steam deck to for occasional light gaming. I found the listing below for Costco and it looks like a steal for the price. Am I missing something or is this a great monitor at this price point or should I go for the RTINGS recommended Dell S3422DWG instead for $100 more?
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2023.05.16 13:16 yaypal Sharing my tips to prevent paralysis and help with task initiation!

Background: I was diagnosed at 29 just over two years ago, started stimulants a year ago and reached proper dosage in January of this year. 20mg dexedrine, 80mg atomoxetine, 300mg lamotrigine. I have an incredible psychiatrist who affirms what I experience and explains the underlying neurology and social aspects of it, and that has helped me immensely in recognizing and accepting my limitations and triggers while giving me the confidence and drive to come up with solutions to some of those problems that I've realized I can somewhat control. If you're in a position in life where you're able to access and afford a psychiatrist or psychologist trained in ADHD/autistic neurodivergence I highly, highly recommend using that resource. That being said, here's some accessible things that I've discovered that greatly improve my quality of life, they may not all apply to you but hopefully they can help at least one person.
1) Give your brain something to munch on.
I think this is very much person dependent but for me I'm unable to work on things in silence. Like while typing this I decided to pause my Tears of the Kingdom emulation because the BGM was still playing on the pause screen, but now that I have this weird brain buzz and I need to turn it back on to stop that. In most situations I'll pop on a let's play video (either 2h+ VOD stream or a playlist of shorter ones so I don't have to think about finding more) that I'll have seen multiple times before so that there's something going on but it's not novel so it doesn't catch my attention or I feel like I'm missing something if I don't focus on that.
My mind and body is seeking as much stimulus as possible, so I give it that stimulus as unobtrusive background video/audio so it can focus on the foreground of whatever I actually want to do. This is something I was doing long before I was diagnosed but I didn't ever realize why I felt I needed it.
2) Prep for your needs.
For most people life revolves around sitting at a desk for whatever purpose, often paralysis happens because eventually you'll have to get up to go to the bathroom or get food and you're stuck unable to transition between those spaces. It's something that doesn't really come up as part of diagnosis but it's a real struggle because it's emotionally crushing to spend day after day getting nothing accomplished despite desperately wanting to because you can't decide on staying or going and it's all going on on a subconscious level.
The two big things that have solved this for me are bluetooth headphones which allow me to still get the stimulus I need from the first point when going to the bathroom or kitchen, and having grazing food at my desk. I cut up a large apple each morning and eat it over the course of a few hours and always have chocolate almonds and gummies although you can probably go with bare nuts or something else more healthy if you're concerned with your diet. Also a very large waterbottle so I don't have to keep refilling it, if you consume hot drinks get one of those desk mug warmers because god knows how many drinks you've let get cold because you get distracted/focused. When my current ones die I'm getting waterproof earbuds so I don't put off showers either. The more things you don't have to leave your desk for the less time you'll be stuck trying to unsuccessfully transition.
3) Take advantage of being able to eat the same thing every day.
Another person dependent one but it also applies to some folks with autism. If you're able to find one nutritionally balanced meal that's fast to prepare and that you can bulk buy for, lean into it and figure out how to maximize the potential because it's a positive thing to not need variety. Every day is Oatmeal Crisp and milk immediately when I get up and I take my dexedrine once I'm done eating, waterbottle and pill bottle next to me to prevent paralysis. When I take the cereal bowl to the sink I cut up the apple and bring it to my desk along with a carnation instant breakfast. Snack on grazing foods. Four or five times a week once I get Big Hungry I eat dried pasta with Costco brand frozen broccoli which is shockingly excellent quality and M&M frozen sirloin meatballs, while the pasta cooks I microwave the broccoli and then the meatballs and dump the cooked pasta in with a small splash of jarred alfredo sauce. The other times my mum will end up giving me some of whatever she's cooking or I have Kraft Dinner or something. All of that is super inexpensive but nutritionally balanced enough that I don't have to devote thought power to get extra vitamins in me or do any meal planning or prepping.
If you also can eat the same thing every day and want to do something like that yourself your priority should be finding a really good vegetable or two that can handle doing the bulk of the green that has to go in you and doesn't spoil quickly, seriously if you like broccoli get the giant Costco Nature's Touch bag it's $12 for like 20+ servings. Find a meat that's not too fatty that either comes frozen or you can cook yourself then freeze and a shelf-stable carb. Is it super healthy to eat the same thing every day? No, but as long as you get your basics in it's way healthier than not eating or eating chips/candy for a meal which are often the alternatives if meals are something you struggle handling. My psych fully approves this strategy btw if you need a professional's opinion but don't have one.
4) If you have an intrusive thought about a task, get up and do it.
Shit happens to me all the time, I'll forget to pay a bill or something while I'm lying in bed and then I'll be unable to fall asleep because I can't stop thinking about it and no amount of "I can do it in the morning" works. Don't worry about the time or anything else, if nothing physical is stopping you from doing what you're thinking about then go do it, obsessively thinking about it and telling yourself it's okay to not do it now isn't going to help and the relief from having it done will counteract the adrenaline rush and physical aspects of doing it.
5) Break an ongoing paralysis routine by physically moving to a new location.
Even just a different room in your house, or if you have the time go for a twenty minute walk for your brain to shake it out. Yeah exercise is good too but don't make that the reason because the goal being only exercise isn't particularly compelling. If you find walks too boring (I did for a long time) get a brain chew video, I also like Pikmin Bloom because you have to be moving to make progress so it's something to do on the walk but you won't get stuck on it back at home afterwards. Speaking of which-
6) Don't play endless/idle games.
I'm bad for ignoring this but I'm working on it. Don't download them at all, it's much harder to start then stop compared to never giving yourself the opportunity. Even short puzzle games are really bad because there's a tiny hit of dopamine that makes you want to do another level, unless you're having cognitive issues and your doctor recommends you do brain games stay away from it all.
In larger games stories with concrete endings are healthy because there's an end point but be mindful of collectathons and games with rounds/matches, it's not as bad as games with constant tasks minutes apart because the dopamine hits are farther away from each other which is less grabbing but watch yourself. If you play multiplayer ask your friends to help by setting a limit of matches or time you'll play together that day and ask they set a concrete start time if they can so you don't get paralyzed in a lobby waiting.
7) If an ADHD strategy doesn't work for you, discard it.
There are various reasons that specific strategies don't work for people, if something isn't working then don't stress about it or waste your time trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. Daily alarms don't work for me due to a sleep disorder, verbal and text reminders don't work for me because my brain deprioritizes it the second I look at something else, colour coding and sorting doesn't work for me because I get too invested in it.
Come up with other solutions to the problems you have. Because alarms don't work I load all of my tasks into one time period that I can't forget (before bed), so I do the dishes and pay my bills and take my meds all as a bedtime routine. For reminders I put a relevant object on top of something so I have to move that object and therefore will be more likely to do the thing, like I put the vacuum on my office chair or a note on my monitor screen or keyboard or the garbage bin in front of the front door. Beside it doesn't work because it becomes part of the environment that my brain ignores, it has to be in the way so I touch it.
Figure out if you respond to sight, hearing, or touch as the best way for you to remember and work with that. Don't regularly rely on another person's intervention as it's not fair to them but also it'll become more difficult for you to come up with a solution later on when they inevitably become unavailable. Try to have your strategies be automated by yourself, if that's not possible then manual by yourself, and outside intervention only be on special occasions.
Bonus) Learn to ignore and dissipate social stigma. Living in a world where nothing is designed for how your brain works is miserable, you're doing yourself a disservice to let other people's opinions make it worse for you. I think it's crucial to get your family and friends on board with understanding and accepting how your brain functions, family can be harder especially if you're dealing with over 50's who have a different mindset on mental health, but at least you can choose your friends.
If you don't have a discriminatory work/school environment I'd suggest being open about your ADHD as well, not just for the potential for you to gain accommodations that could make your life easier and improve productivity, it can help everybody. It's a disorder that's not threatening and so a wider conversation about mental health and acceptance of it in the long run may help people with more stigmatized disorders like bipolar.
Gen Z and younger are outspoken about many aspects of themselves and it should spread, as a millennial we've been improving with that over past generations but The Youths know what's up when it comes to acceptance of everybody being different and working with each other's strengths and weaknesses. We all suffer in a culture of silence, fight it.
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2023.05.16 05:53 DanburyHer Insurance prices are ridiculous

Insurance prices are ridiculous
Costco quoting $262/mo. Every other provider is above $200/mo. Clean record with no history of accidents/claims.
Forced to choose Tesla insurance - which monitors 24/7 - wish someone warned me about this…
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