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Here for the PC Community

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Patches Emporium - Elden Ring Trading. A place for you, my dear tarnished, to help your fellows as they seek to become the elden lord. Make & grant requests for items, gear, runes, etc.

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/Elden ring ps4,ps5,Xbox one,Xbox serie x,PC. Community di Elden Ring. Per gli italiani che non sanno dove andare

2023.05.29 17:36 Laexar Soy feliz ❤️

Soy feliz ❤️
Jamás me imaginé que hagan un manga del Elden Ring... Recién llegó, a ver qué tal es...
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2023.05.29 17:33 Laexar No me lo esperaba....

No me lo esperaba....
No es el lugar ideal para traer esto... Pero no puedo creer que hayan sacado un manga de Elden Ring.. Ni bien lo ví en preventa, pa casita jajaja.
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2023.05.29 17:30 Hochunkulus Is this the highest possible health you can get in Elden ring?

Is this the highest possible health you can get in Elden ring?
If anyone wants to know, it’s max vigor, +2 crimson medallion, morgotts great rune, the one flask item, and +2 red trees favor.
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2023.05.29 17:26 AutonomouSound Consistent problems with Hisense as computer monitor

Hello All,
I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I initially bought this TV because I installed a few in businesses and was impressed by the 4k @ 120hz specs.
Problem 1) When walking away from the computer for a few minutes I will turn the monitor off. When I turn it back on there is occasionally no image. The computer is awake, and broadcasting a signal, but the tv wont display it. I've double checked all the settings, pc is "never turn off monitor, no screen saver etc" The only thing that forces the monitor to pick up the signal again is forcing the computer to sleep, and then restarting. This is probably causing damage to my hard drives.
Problem 2) When turning the monitor on, and the computer is already on, the screen occasionally glitches back and forth like the signal is messed up. I have to Ctrl+winkey+shift+B to reboot the graphics card driver to get the screen to stop glitching. RTX 3080ti
My computer is 1 year old, and never had problems with the previous 65" 4k samsung tv I used as a monitor. I only switched cause I wanted an inexpensive 120hz.
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2023.05.29 17:20 SiliconeraOfficial Elden Ring Gag Manga Perfectly Captures the Vibe

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2023.05.29 17:15 Either_Imagination_9 Going back to DS1 after playing all the other games is so jarring.

This was my first FromSoft game and I still love it even with all the things I’m about to say
It really makes you remember that this game is over ten years old. When I started playing it, I immediately tried to do all the things that the other games let you do. I just finished Elden Ring so my reflexes were adjusted to that game. The movement is so much slower here, the rolling is nowhere near as fast as the rest, and the jumping attack is completely unusable during regular combat. In fact the attacking in general has way more windup to it than the other games. From Bloodborne onward it’s not too long, in here it takes a good 1.5 seconds for the attack windup to animate.
This might be an unpopular take but I think the connected world actually works against this games favor. In every other game, you can teleport between checkpoints straight out of the gate. But in this game you don’t get that until halfway through. So if there was something I wanted to do in a place I’d already been to I had to walk all the way back to it whereas in all the other games, I could just teleport there and save time. Connected world is cool on first play, but in subsequent I think it hurts the experience.
I still love this game for the record. Just wanted to talk a bit what the experience is like going back.
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2023.05.29 17:13 ozera202 I have not played this game nearly in 10 years, i barely remember it …. Let’s go !!!

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2023.05.29 17:10 Complete-Hunter8342 RDR2 Won't launch

Hey guys, I have a problem with launching the game. I have it through Epic Games on PC. After starting the game, it open's up Rockstar launcher, but then types "exiting" and returns me back to Epic Games. I already tried reinstalling Rockstar launcher, the game itself, updating my GPU drivers, restarting my PC, scanning for corrupted PC files. Does someone have an idea why it does this and how to fix? Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.29 17:08 Hadadezer Lord of the Rings As Souls/EldenRing Bossfights

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2023.05.29 17:07 DryEgg8319 Wallet Security

Hey guys I wanted to write a post to talk about wallet security and hopefully educate people on the importance of protecting your Private Keys.
The most common wallets used for ETH and BSC are Trust wallet and Metamask. Trust wallet is a mobile application with no PC version and Metamask is a chrome browser extension. Both wallets have a ton of utility in that you can add multiple networks (RPCs) and multiple tokens by including the contract address. These wallets are also interchangeable meaning that you can import your keys from trust wallet into metamask and use it just like your trust wallet. The same is true for importing your metamask keys to trust wallet.
When you create a new wallet regardless of the wallet type, you are given private keys that are randomly generated words in the amount of 12 or 24 words. Some wallets do have more. These private keys are your only security for your wallet. These private keys should NEVER be given to anyone. NOBODY holding a legitimate role or title in any project will EVER ask you for your private keys. If anyone asks you for your private keys, that person is attempting to steal your money. There is no customer service or admin that needs your private keys. I literally don’t know any other way to say it NEVER give ANYONE your keys.
Now lets talk about your Compromised wallet. A compromised wallet is one that you own and you gave out your private keys to or you connected to a phishing link and the malicious link stole your keys and accepted your crypto that you gave it permission to. Crypto can be filled with scams so it is very important that you only connect your wallet to official trusted links. However back on topic, once your wallet is compromised. Say bye bye and create a new one. Nobody can help you. Your done, its like hitting the restart button on your favorite game but all your weapons and power ups are gone, just like your crypto.
Common scams- the almighty airdrop sure there are some opportunities to get free tokens from legit projects but they are few and when they do provide them it is from a legit source and not some twitter bozoo that created their account 1 minute ago with zero followers. The customer service link with space to fill out your complaint and also your private keys info, we covered this. The suspicious link from some random person claiming to be admin. The duple ganger on twitter that pretends to be an influencer and follows you. Soon as you follow back you get a message, hey bud hows your trade going… block. The new crypto project that just launched and you got a custom invite because your special even though you just got into crypto yesterday. Be very very careful on socials especially TG and Discord, as soon as you ask a question you will be blitzed with customer support scams.
Although I try to throw a little humor in here, there is nothing funny about losing your money. You are an investor, you keep all your profits and do with them as you please (After taxes of course). Do not blame anyone else for YOUR decisions. Take ownership of your choices.
Thank you for reading and please be careful. Not your keys not your crypto
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2023.05.29 17:07 bicuriousseagull Cleaned out computer with compressed air, won’t boot properly now.

Spent two hours cleaning the pc out of dust. Was working fine before, my mistake of taking off the cpu fan to blow out dust. Put it back together including ram sticks. Either boots up and shuts off. Or boots then says it needs to be repaired. Sometimes it boots properly but then after a while it either glitches or says “pc ran into a problem and needs to be restarted” really depressed right now. I just wanted to clean it out.
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2023.05.29 17:01 PurpleSolitudes Best Internet Monitoring Software

Best Internet Monitoring Software
SentryPC is a powerful internet monitoring software that allows parents, employers and individuals to monitor and control computer and internet usage. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, SentryPC has become the preferred choice for those who need to keep an eye on computer and internet activity.

In this review, we will take a closer look at what makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software and why it has become so popular among users.



The first thing that sets SentryPC apart from other internet monitoring software is its comprehensive set of features. Whether you are a parent looking to protect your children from online predators or an employer concerned about productivity, SentryPC has everything you need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.

Free Demo Account Available

Some of the key features of SentryPC include:

  • Keystroke Logging: SentryPC captures all keystrokes typed on the monitored computer, including passwords and chat conversations.
  • Website Monitoring: SentryPC tracks all websites visited by the user, allowing parents and employers to see which sites their children or employees are accessing.
  • Application Monitoring: SentryPC records all applications used on the computer, including the duration of use, providing insight into how time is being spent.
  • Social Media Monitoring: SentryPC monitors social media activity, such as Facebook posts and Twitter messages, giving parents and employers insight into online behavior.
  • Screenshots: SentryPC captures screenshots of the monitored computer, allowing parents and employers to see exactly what the user is doing.
  • Remote Control: SentryPC allows parents and employers to remotely shut down or restart the monitored computer, lock the keyboard and mouse, and even log the user out of their account.
  • Alerts: SentryPC sends real-time alerts when specific keywords are typed or certain actions are taken, such as attempting to access blocked websites.
  • Reports: SentryPC generates detailed reports on computer and internet activity, making it easy for parents and employers to identify trends and patterns over time.

Ease of Use

Another key factor that makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are not technically savvy, you can easily install and use SentryPC to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
The software is easy to download and install, and once installed, it runs quietly in the background, capturing data without interfering with computer performance. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly access reports, alerts and other monitoring tools.
SentryPC also offers a mobile app, which allows parents and employers to monitor computer and internet activity on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides real-time access to all monitoring features.

Free Demo Account Available

Customer Support

SentryPC is committed to providing excellent customer support. Their team of support technicians is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance with installation and troubleshooting.
In addition to email and phone support, SentryPC also offers live chat support, allowing users to get answers to their questions in real-time. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base, which includes articles, tutorials, and videos to help users get the most out of the software.


SentryPC offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of different users. The plans range from $59.95 per year for a single license to $995 for 100 licenses.
The basic plan provides all the essential monitoring features, while the premium plan includes advanced features such as webcam capture and audio recording. Users can also customize their plans by adding additional licenses or upgrading to the premium plan at any time.


Overall, SentryPC is the best internet monitoring software on the market today. Its comprehensive set of features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it an ideal choice for parents, employers, and individuals who need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
With SentryPC, users can rest assured that they have the tools they need to keep their children safe online, enhance productivity in the workplace, and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Free Demo Account Available

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2023.05.29 17:00 Dash_Jones Just beat Elden Ring.... considering playing Dark Souls 3... Is it harder or easier than ER? I seen someone say the bosses are easier in DS3. General world harder in ER

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2023.05.29 16:59 Spoonhoorse Fan Fiction based on a theory I have heard / seen a few times!

Fan Fiction based on a theory I have heard / seen a few times!
Here is a short script I wrote called Plight of the Albinauric.
I had a blast writing this and I hope some of you enjoy reading this as well.
I tried to keep it very Souls / Elden Ring like.

credit for the image goes to https://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-30/ds3-yoel-of-londor.html
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2023.05.29 16:58 ashenquill elden ring (parody) by matthew shezmen

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2023.05.29 16:48 PrimalGojiraFan69 Arzuros (Monster Hunter) Vs. Rune Bear (Elden Ring)

The battle is in a thick forest.
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2023.05.29 16:46 Few_Yogurtcloset2565 SciCosmic and EldenRingBoss were responsible for banning the homosexual atheist incels Michaeldsuarez and HellsAtrium from Wikipedia

SciCosmic and EldenRingBoss were responsible for banning repressed homosexual atheist incels Michaeldsuarez and HellsAtrium from Wikipedia.
Scicosmic continues to laugh over this fact while HellsAtrium and Michaeldsuarez cry like babies over their bans.
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2023.05.29 16:44 Few_Yogurtcloset2565 SciCosmic and EldenRingBoss were responsible for banning repressed homosexual atheist incels Michaeldsuarez and HellsAtrium from Wikipedia

SciCosmic and EldenRingBoss were responsible for banning repressed homosexual atheist incels Michaeldsuarez and HellsAtrium from Wikipedia
Scicosmic continues to laugh over this fact while HellsAtrium and Michaeldsuarez cry like babies over their bans.
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2023.05.29 16:43 DietrichVanMeier 23 M Europe - History and Literature Enthusiast

Hi. I'm looking to talk to new people, maybe make a friend
They are:
History, especially the 19th-20th century but with more broad and general knowedge in other time periods. I'm not an expert or anything but I am pretty passionate about it and tend to read/listen about one event or the other on a pretty regular basis.
Literature, especially old novels. I recently read Demian (my all time favourite book), Day of the Oprichnik, Heart of Darkness, the Perfume and Little Prince. Currently started reading Blood Meridian. Some of my other favourite works would include: "The Picture of Dorian Gray", "Faust part I" (need to get to part II) and "No Longer Human". I also like to write short stories and book reviews. I'd also really like to read the same book with someone and discuss it. For reference my next book will probably be Oliver Twist
Languages. I know three, with one being a bit rusty. I'm currently working to scrape off the rust and then when I'm finished with that will begin to learn a fourth language. It's fun to go through different works in multiple languages. For example, I read the aforementioned Faust part I in all three.
Games. I recently played Cyberpunk 2077. Now that the dust has settled and the bugs mostly removed...It's not that bad! The main questline at least, Fallout 76 (Very average, I'm dissapointed with what they made the "RPG" system) and will try out Deus Ex Manking Divided again ( Got inspired since it's somewhat similar to Cyberpunk). I was waiting to play Elden Ring but it ended being too stressful for me. Go here and get beaten up go there and get beaten up, repeat...Besides that I'm a big fan of Paradox strategy games...like EU IV and HoI IV (also thinking of making my own project for HoI IV). I am definitely looking forward to try out Victoria III, after they add more content to it. I also got Modern Warfare 2, since the first MW had great multiplayer gameplay.
Anime and Manga. In recent times my interest has waned but I still watch the occasional series here and there. Like Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Which I found to be rather mediocre) and the very good new season of Bleach. Some other favourites include: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Death Note, Fate;Zero, Psycho Pass , Higurashi (season 2 is a bit weak but the first one is a masterpiece of horror), Code Geass, Attack on Titan and others. My favourite Manga is Berserk...I hope it gets a good ending..the first couple of new chapters were...a bit rough but the new author seems to have got his footing.
Anyway, that should be enough information to give you a good picture... Before I go, I would like to ask for you to include the title of the last book you read in your reply. A small request, I feel. I'll be ignoring those that don't.
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2023.05.29 16:43 retrofl0w PC suddenly stopped reading portable hard drives

So yesterday, out of nowhere, my Windows 10 PC stopped reading my portable hard drive (a 4TB Toshiba drive) for seemingly no reason. I restarted my computer and it was recognized again, but the same thing happened again twice throughout the day--unfortunately, after the third time, even a restart wasn't fixing the issue.
I tried plugging the HDD into my laptop and it worked fine, which makes me think it has something to do with my computer, especially because I tried plugging in another HDD drive (that also works on my laptop) and that doesn't work either. I don't think it's the USB ports because other devices are able to be read fine, it's just the hard drives.
Here's what I've tried that hasn't worked:
  1. Uninstalling drivers in Device Manager
  2. Locating the drive through Disk Management (it doesn't show up at all)
  3. Toshiba Storage Diagnostic Tool
  4. Switching USB ports
I'm at a loss at what else I can possibly do, and I need these files on this PC for work, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.29 16:32 Mikigames0009good Looking for a 2D game artist

Hello, fellow game artist!
I need a a 2D game artist for an Elden Ring-like 2D adventure game for the 2023 Adventure game jam on Itch.io. I need some player art for running, idle, sword swinging, jumping, sliding animations and more with all the bosses, monsters and npcs. Thank you if you give me your contact on Discord.
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2023.05.29 16:30 ThudOldDoorhinge as a neophyte From fan, Im super happy I played sekiro.

To start, this is the first From game I've officially beaten and the 3rd one I've attempted to conquer. I started with Dark Souls, but bailed after I beat the first boss...I could tell the game was a bit too intense for me at the time (pretty soon after release). My second go was on elden ring... my save got corrupted about 200 hours in, which to this day keeps me from starting a new game (pain).
In spite of these setbacks and the games notorious difficulty, I decided to give Sekiro a go since it seemed like a fun blend of parry focused gameplay like in For Honor and other fighting games I enjoy, and the souls-like formula I came to appreciate in elden ring. I definitely got stuck a few times, but I never felt like I was in a situation I couldn't overcome.
A common concern I hear from people like me, who got their first taste of a souls like from elden ring and are thinking about trying another offering in the FromSoftware catalogue, is that there isnt a way to farm up and make yourself more powerful if you end up getting stuck at a boss. While at times it may seem that the damage you're doing isnt worth the effort, you gotta remember that the game rewards consistency. Yes, you may bang your head against certain enemies for a while, but repetition is the master of all skill, and the more you practice the better you will get.
People who are familiar with fighting games will get a lot of enjoyment out of this gameplay. There is a lot of overlap in practice, trading, timing, and aggressive back and forth fighting games and sekiro both encourage.
Just figured I'd share.
Are there any other newer Sekiro players with similar thoughts?
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