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2023.06.04 15:22 FboO0 [DEFIMONS MMORPG] - Pokemon and Stardew Valley look-alike mmorpg

[DEFIMONS MMORPG] - Pokemon and Stardew Valley look-alike mmorpg
Defimons is a massively multiplayer online virtual world, inspired from popular games such as Stardew Valley, Pokemon and more. Here you can battle monsters, craft items, complete quests, design apartments and so much more, as you explore a vast, open-ended and player created world.
Playable on PC, Android or iOS via browser
Note: The game is in alpha, below are the invite codes to log in to the game
Play the game:

The game content is briefly as follows:
  • The game is free to play and does not require players to purchase anything to play the game.
  • There are multiple adventure types to which a player can send their monsters, each with different levels of risk, requirements and rewards.
  • Minigames, Quests, Farming and Fishing
  • Unique monsters
  • Engaging Turn-Based Battles
  • An Ever Expanding World

NOTE: Since the game is in alpha, it is not possible to log in without an invite code and your twitter account.

For those who want an invite code to enter the game and have a twitter account, here are the invite codes I have:
  • ep-apan-lm
  • pi-cmuc-ae
  • um-mplc-lr
  • cp-alhp-ih
  • ea-piuh-ae
  • ua-arua-an
  • au-rucp-ca
  • na-eeli-la

Go to
Chooses a Sequence login.
Verify account.
Choose an in-game username.
Input Twitter username without the "@".
Send the generated tweet.
Then go back and tell the system that sent the tweet.
Wait for approval. ( Note: If your application for approval was rejected, you can go to discord and ask for help)
Enjoy the alpha.

Does the game involve blockchain or NFTs?

This game is a hybrid, i.e. players have the freedom to play the game without interacting with NFTs or blockchain, and they can choose to convert their in-game items into NFTs at any point. The gameplay remains same with or without the blockchain. Blockchain is used in the game to improve the trading experience and allow for better open game economy design. Also, allowing players to buy/sell/trade the monsters/items they catch in the game at any moment.

What blockchain does this game use?

The game is cross-chain, but the main game world will be present on MON subnet. This is an eco friendly blockchain, allowing players to interact with NFTs without harming the environment. The MON subnet uses $MON (in-game currency) for gas fees. Players not interacting with the blockchain, will not have to pay any gas fees.
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2023.06.04 15:22 twarner120 Help design my bedroom for a clueless decorator

Hi everyone!
I've just moved into a new apartment that was a relative upgrade compared to the cramped and run down studios I had been renting out over my past handful of years in my city. And given the state of my previous apartments, I've never really felt the desire to decorate beyond whatever assorted furniture I had collected- until I moved into what feels to me like an apartment with a lot more to offer in making this a comfortable living space. The problem is I have ZERO idea what I'm doing when it comes to decor!
I would really love some help in choosing color schemes, as well as ideas on how I could utilize the space in interesting ways.
Here's some of the relevant info (I can also get measurements if anyone would like to offer help where that is relevant info):
-I prefer darker shades like navy blue or burgundy when it comes to color selection. I don't particularly like bright color accents, though I suppose I don't mind a bold contrast of color
-I cant put nails in the walls for wall decoration (though im considering command strips or something similar), so I would very much appreciate advice on how to fill the vertical space of the room and keep the walls from feeling empty
-One thing I have decided on is that I want to replace the black dresser with a wider two column dressed to put up against the wall with the TV (probably swapping that wooden shelf currently housing the TV to the space where the dresser is now), and then put down an area rug in the open floor space at the foot of the bed, and buy a set of comfortable chairs to make a space to seat guests in my room aside from my shared roommate spaces.
-Much of the wooden furniture is non-negotiable. Enough of it was hand-made as a gift that I won't be striking brown wooden furniture from my color scheme. (Basically any of the black furniture could be swapped out though)
Please help! Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.04 15:22 IdeaDeco 24 Copywriting Questions To Create Outstanding Content

24 Copywriting Questions To Create Outstanding Content
To make a long story short, a professional copywriting questionnaire provides a structured framework for gathering information. It ensures that important aspects are not overlooked and helps the copywriter stay organized throughout the writing process. It serves as a reference point and can be revisited whenever necessary.
A copywriting questionnaire helps the copywriter gain a clear understanding of the client’s objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes. It enables them to align their writing with the client’s specific goals and expectations.
It’s the ultimate tool to help you collect all the necessary information about the product, service, or topic that the copywriter needs to write about. It ensures that the copy is accurate, well-informed, and effectively communicates the key messages.

24 Copywriting Questions To Create Outstanding Content

Structure & Preparation Build Conversions

To make a long story short, a professional copywriting questionnaire provides a structured framework for gathering information. It ensures that important aspects are not overlooked and helps the copywriter stay organized throughout the writing process. It serves as a reference point and can be revisited whenever necessary.

Use this copywriting questionnaire to get better results:
  1. What is the objective or goal of the copy?
  2. Who is the target audience or customer for this copy?
  3. What is the product or service’s unique selling proposition or key message?
  4. What problem does the product or service solve for the customer?
  5. What are the main features and benefits of the product or service?
  6. Are there any specific keywords or phrases that need to be included in the copy for SEO purposes?
  7. What tone or style should the copy have (e.g., formal, casual, informative, persuasive)?
  8. What is the desired length of the copy (e.g., word count, character count)?
  9. Are there any specific formatting or layout requirements for the copy (e.g., bullet points, headings, subheadings)?
  10. Are there any legal or regulatory guidelines that need to be followed when writing the copy?
  11. Is there any existing branding or marketing material that should be referenced or incorporated into the copy?
  12. Are there any competitors or similar products or services that should be taken into consideration when writing the copy?
  13. What is the desired call to action (CTA) for the copy?
  14. What is the timeline or deadline for completing the copy?
  15. Is there a specific budget or cost constraint for the copy?
  16. What channels or mediums will the copy be used in (e.g., website, social media, print advertisement)?
  17. Are there any specific design or visual elements that need to be considered when writing the copy?
  18. What is the current perception or image of the brand or company, and how should the copy align with that?
  19. Are there any specific testimonials or customer stories that should be included in the copy?
  20. Is there any data or research that should be referenced or included in the copy to support claims or statements?
  21. Are there any specific objections or concerns that customers may have about the product or service, and how should the copy address them?
  22. What are the main competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and how can the copy differentiate the product or service?
  23. Are there any cultural or regional considerations that should be taken into account when writing the copy?
  24. Is there any additional information or context that would be helpful for writing the copy?
When it comes to copywriting, every single detail plays a crucial role in capturing the reader’s attention and encouraging them to engage with your message. Compelling copywriting can make the difference between someone clicking on your ad, opening your email, reading your article, or simply scrolling past it.
Effective copywriting requires practice, creativity, and a deep understanding of your audience. Use these copywriting tips as a foundation to craft compelling and persuasive copy that delivers results.

10 Copywriting Tips for Better Results
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2023.06.04 15:22 tinamou-mist Earpiece plays piercingly loud when held to my ear, can't adjust the volume

So I've had these two problems since ever
First one: sometimes when I want to listen to a voice message, I'll tap play and then bring the phone to my ear, and it plays the message at a ridiculously loud volume, which is to say at speaker volume. It hurts like hell and I have to move it away as fast as I can, in anger and annoyance. All of this while the screen has gone black, so the phone does acknowledge it's been held against my ear.
I already have tinnitus so this is no fun at all. It hurts and it always startles and annoys me. Has anyone had this experience too?
Another problem I often experience when on a phone call is that I can't adjust the volume of the earpiece at all. I'll press the volume buttons and I'll see the volume bar move up or down on the screen, but the actual volume remains absolutely unchanged.
These two issues are really grinding my gears now. Is it time for a phone upgrade? Is there a solution?
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2023.06.04 15:22 Last-avica More Tokens for you people to place sly insults on, enjoy.

More Tokens for you people to place sly insults on, enjoy.
Roll20 Tokens
Here is a bunch of [OC] character tokens I have created for my Rime of the frostmaiden game, yes they are ai art, no, I do not know who to credit, yes they are all attractive people , but ai does not let you make average or ugly people very easily. So please AI haters be gentle with your comments. Some honourable mentions (black sword cultists, suparra, Markham, Shane, reghed clan.
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2023.06.04 15:22 Stefan474 How long can you play fully focused?

I noticed that I get burned out mentally relatively quickly playing a lot of a fighting game in a row. Specially Street Fighter cause I can't really flowchart and have to constantly adapt. It's kind of weird for me cause I've been playing competitive games for like 15 years now, and I can play high intensity stuff like Quake duels or League for at least a few hours before I get burned out, but with SF6 it's like 45-60 minutes of ranked and then I gotta do casuals.
What are your experiences with this? Does it change with more experience in SF (I only got like total 130~ hours across V and VI)
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2023.06.04 15:22 Melty-Snowman 35m where the points don't matter and everything is made up

Where's my fellow introverts at?
Could use some long term daily chats to help make the days go faster and less boring/lonely. I've always had a hard time making friends all my life. Having awkward social skills and lack of a brain filter will do that top of other issues. Sometimes I'm not super chatty and my answers can be short or concise and that off puts some people because they think I don't care or am uninterested which isn't true. I'm tired of being ghosted. Shit sucks everytime.
A little about me, I work in shitty retail. Can barely afford to breath most days. Working retail has made me pretty pessimistic and negative to the world when you get treated like shit daily. I like watching tv whether streaming, wrestling or basketball. I play video games occasionally, have a Nintendo switch and would love some new friends there, enjoy going on walks weather permitting and enjoy going to thrift stores.
If you've read this long please message me. I do have discord because reddit chat sucks. Looking forward to hearing from you?
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2023.06.04 15:21 maxomixx [M27] My morning routine when growing up was NOT normal/okay right? This was abuse right?

[M27] My morning routine when growing up was NOT normal/okay right? This was abuse right?
Hey there, M27 here.
I try to understand/accept that my childhood was anything but normal. Still, I doubt my thoughts every day, thinking I only make that trauma up, that everything was actually normal (and it's me who is just weird).
So today I watched on YouTube people's morning routines who go to school to understand how others live. and I was stunned, that all these people seemed so "independent", they had their own morning basically and they took care of themselves.
Once, I shared MY morning routine when growing up (until 18 years old) with a therapist and he explained me that it was not normal. Today, I decided to make a graphic to illustrate to myself how strange my morning routine was (until I was 18 years old). Below is my morning routine (which was there since I can remember and was still exactly like this when I was 18 years old).
From my perspective:
6:15 - 6:45 my dad lays next to me into my bed spooning and cuddling me for 30min
6:45 - 6:50 my mum brings me a piece of bread into my bed and I eat half-asleep (nearly suffocating sometimes)
6:50 - 6:58 my mum lays into my bed and cuddles with me while we watch kids TV
6:58 - 7:08 I go to the bathroom (holding a stuffed animal in front of my dick to cover my morning wood, no joke)
7:08 - 7:20 done in the bathroom, going to the living room and laying onto an armchair where my dad already lays in and we cuddle more while watching TV (we always watched TV programs intended for 5 year olds, even when I was 18)
7:20 - 7:30 my dad drives me to school

This was NOT normal right? Could you maybe share your morning routine during school time, so I can get some perspective on what "normal" actually is?
Much love and I wish everyone the very best.
my morning until I was 18 year old (compared to my mum's and dad's one)
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2023.06.04 15:21 Parking-Pipe-3227 Cash app question 🤸🤹🏌️

So can anyone tell me the most a single person can have in the bank while receiving food stamps? I thought it was around 2k. However my last and most important question would be, do they look at my cash app like they would a bank? What if I am constantly withdrawaling money and not building it up? Does it really matter ? Thanks
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2023.06.04 15:21 aspertame_blood 16 years married and sex keeps getting better

Just wanted to share here since I don’t talk much about sex IRL. My husband (44) and I (F48) met when he was 25 and I was 29. I was in a LTR with an older guy with whom I had a lot of physical chemistry and I inelegantly transitioned from one relationship to the other (0/0 do not recommend). I was physically attracted to my now husband but at that time he was very inhibited in the bedroom. We were having sex, and he learned pretty quickly how to touch me, but the overall experience wasn’t even close to what I wanted. We had to use lots of lube.
It took us a LONG time (seriously, like 8 years) to find our groove. It was when HE finally let go of his inhibitions that things improved immensely. I remember the day that he “unlocked”. I started crying afterwards bc I was so happy for him (and us.)
In the beginning, he didn’t make any noise during sex. He never wanted to talk about it outside the bedroom. He wasn’t comfortable touching himself in front of me. Now… he ravages me like I want to be ravaged and he does and says whatever feels good to HIM in the moment. He’s only gotten better looking with age which is a nice bonus.
Our daughter was with family this weekend so we had 2 nights alone. We took the opportunity to have some loud, dirty sex and it was AWESOME. 😍
I hope my story is reassuring to someone else. There is hope!! If your partner is inhibited, give them lots of positive reinforcement in and out of bed. Also, the right strain of cannabis can help loosen you up and get your head in the moment if you want to have sex but you feel too stressed or distracted by life.
Take it from an old married lady- physical intimacy (sexual or not) feeds marriage. Keep touching each other.
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2023.06.04 15:21 StingingNarwhal Fitbit Pay

I just purchased a Fitbit Charge 5, and was trying to set up Fitbit Pay. The first thing needed was to add a card, so I entered info for my USAA Visa. This failed to work, as it seems that USAA and Fitbit don't support that.
Are there others who have tried this and figured out a way to get it to work? Does USAA have to enable this so that Fitbit users can use their USAA card for payments?
This seems like such a common thing that I'm frankly surprised that it's not already done, yet here we are.
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2023.06.04 15:21 Mmolina109 Orders still processing

Does anyone else still have their orders still in processing, my bank statement still shows the payment pending and the confirmed app still shows all my orders IN PROCESSING except for the pirate blacks show PROCESSED. Extra context my raffle results took all of 12-14 hours to go through. I’ve called adidas support and they said nothing to be done at the moment said it’s just what happens when the volume of orders is so high.
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2023.06.04 15:21 Truth-Investigator Notice: Powerful, Potential Threat to Psychic Development

According to u/adaptiveTension, there is a powerful danger overshadowing any sort of spiritual/psychic development process. This threat is out of proportion to our ability to handle it. Some people are victim to it and some are not, but all are affected in the collective. That threat is of course, cavity fillings. The technology to handle cavities is completely underdeveloped and remains the single greatest spiritual obstacle just out of reach for handling appropriately.
The reason why cavity fillings hinder spiritual and psychic development is that they block energy within the tooth. This is also a newly understood phenomenon and little is known besides speculation. Speculation is that the surface of the tooth does not pick up on signals from the tooth it connects to leading to problems. Furthermore, the filling irritates the cells of the tooth leading to tension spreading throughout the body in a chain reaction. Finally, spiritual energy appears to be blocked and cut off with the filling blocking off the surface of the tooth.
We know these speculations to have credibility due to u/adaptiveTension’s experience with their body becoming less restricted and less tense when having their cavity fillings removed permanently. They also experienced psychic development and spiritual awakening after removal.
I got this information from adaptiveTensionTheory and there are more resources there.
I’ll leave you with this: what do you believe the greatest threat to psychic development is? If you have cavity fillings, do you remember any body or spiritual problems starting once you had them placed in? Is the “Dental Dilemma” the greatest problem we face currently as a society in terms of mental acuity, physical health, and spiritual ability? And if so, how could such a problem go unnoticed for so long?
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2023.06.04 15:21 Melty-Snowman 35m introverted awkward individual seeking same

Where's my fellow introverts at?
Could use some long term daily chats to help make the days go faster and less boring/lonely. I've always had a hard time making friends all my life. Having awkward social skills and lack of a brain filter will do that top of other issues. Sometimes I'm not super chatty and my answers can be short or concise and that off puts some people because they think I don't care or am uninterested which isn't true. I'm tired of being ghosted. Shit sucks everytime.
A little about me, I work in shitty retail. Can barely afford to breath most days. Working retail has made me pretty pessimistic and negative to the world when you get treated like shit daily. I like watching tv whether streaming, wrestling or basketball. I play video games occasionally, have a Nintendo switch and would love some new friends there, enjoy going on walks weather permitting and enjoy going to thrift stores.
If you've read this long please message me. I do have discord because reddit chat sucks. Looking forward to hearing from you?
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2023.06.04 15:21 devanz7rl 2s main (C2) struggling to play 3s (D3). Any advice in terms of mentality?

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. I am writing to ask for advice about how to play 3s, in particular in terms of mentality. I am a 2s main, ranked C2 in 2s, with over 1500 hours on Steam, but I am only D3 in 3s.
I am not a very mechanical player, but I still do well in 2s, because I have strong game sense, and I have found a balance (a method, a mentality etc) which helps me hold my own in this mode.
In 3s, however, I'm at a loss. I have tried so many methods/mentalities. I have tried basic rotation (1st man, 2nd man, 3rd/last man), being more defensive, being even goalkeeper, being more aggressive, being as disruptive as possible to opponents (bumps, demos, boost grabs etc), being slow and trying to read the play, being fast and booming everything.
I have tried so many things, but I cannot seem to get my head around this mode. Teammates make so many positioning and decision-making mistakes (touching a ball when they shouldn't, going for boost when they shouldn't, challenging when they shouldn't etc), it's hard not to get annoyed.
Also, my play feels very 'jumpy'. Because I cannot rely on teammates, I am constantly having to react to things I could never possibly anticipate, even with my game sense and reading skills, and so when I go for a play, because I don't have time to position myself properly, I end up making mistakes that I wouldn't usually make. Also, people just don't know how to defend. 90% of the time, when I'm in goal, our opponents don't score. The moment I leave the goal, we concede.
I'm starting to sound arrogant here. I am not that good of a player. But I'm not that bad either. And it's very frustrating to lose games when you're doing everything right, or at least not making any (significant) mistakes, and then your teammate does something utterly stupid and blows it all away. It tilts me, and as a result, I also end up making mistakes with decision-making too… which is literally the only thing I am usually good at.
I feel like playing 3s is making me a worse player. I'd rather play 1s, which I hate, but at least I know it will make me a better player. However, I also hate the idea of giving up on 3s. It's what Rocket League is all about. It doesn't feel right.
In short… TLDR: I'm a 2s main (C2) struggling to play 3s (D3). I am not very mechanical, I'm more of a game sense player. What would you recommend in terms of mentality to help me do better in 3s, or at least enjoy it more?
P.S. I am mostly talking about solo-queuing here. It's different with permanent teammates, but I can't always play with them, so I solo-queue most of the time. Please advise accordingly.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your help.
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2023.06.04 15:21 jambone1337 I made a series of less than 30 seconds videos covering PIVOT TABLES Hacks. Your only reference to become a BEAST and shine at the office with Pivot Tables

Here it is fam :
If you have idea of what I could add, hit me up

Piggy Bank
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2023.06.04 15:21 Such_Set_2451 I desperately need help with my new puppy

Hi everyone, I desperately need help training my puppy or else my family is going to get rid of her. My dog is a seven month old boxer mix and the main behavior issue with her is that she hates the crate. She would poop everywhere and the crate would have to be washed every time she was in it along with her. Things started getting better when we started leaving her out of the crate and she was doing fine. But, soon enough she started ripping up our brand new couch.
Now, my family wants to get rid of her. I love this dog so much. She is so loving and she’ll cuddle right up with you anytime you ask her to. I have no idea what to do and I think my family is only making it worse by treating her like an alien monster. I’ve found that she responds better to positive reinforcement and they only give her attention when she does something wrong. How can I train this dog and weed out all these negative behaviors?
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2023.06.04 15:21 ForgetMe3455 p

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2023.06.04 15:21 SerendipityJays Dangerous Curves Ahead: An asymmetrical drafting experiment!

Dangerous Curves Ahead: An asymmetrical drafting experiment!
So happy with this outcome! I wanted to use some cotton print fabric from the stash. I liked that dark part with silver flecks that’s a narrow strip at the selvage edge of the ombré print. To spread out that part of the print, I figured the selvage edge could be angled across my body starting at the shoulder, across the front of the neck a bit like a cheongsam, but also not quite that shape.
This meant adjusting my basic block from a 4 dart block (per side) to a bias cut panel with a princess seam on one side. I have never done this before, and never seen a tutorial for quite this manoeuvre 😬 I knew the theory that a princess ram could ‘eat the darts’, so I swung the shoulder dart into the side seam, and combined with the other two, then tried to edge around the bust point circle!
I watched The Closet Historian’s YouTube princess seam adjustment vids about a million times to get the idea, then went straight for it (no toils!).
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end! Little bit wrinkly, but nicely masked by the pattern elements 😁
Details: self drafted block adapted from PatternLab Printable using Aldrich’s Metric Pattern Cutting + Full Bust Adjustment from Sew Busty blog and dart manipulation from The Closet Historian YouTube. All freak-outs custom made and mostly solved with a lot of pressing. Button at back neck. Sleeve caps drafted around dinner plates like the noob I still am - but I found the right sized plate this time 😹
Previous description of block:
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2023.06.04 15:20 Sonamagaful Humans. Always humans

Manga or comics where the main theme is that "humans are the true evil" or "humanity fuck yea" have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They feel too on the nose but at the same time are pretty interesting. Does anyone know any good manga recommendations that fit these categories? Either about a human who sides with monsters against the evil and corrupt humans, or a out humans who are oppressed by monsters and are secretly strong?
I don't have any examples of the latter, but Tsukimichi: Moonlit fantasy is a good example of the former.
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2023.06.04 15:20 MaraPoemana 9 Páginas web donde ver Kdramas y Cdramas Gratis

He pensado que sería una buena idea reunir aquí un directorio con los enlaces a páginas web donde ver series asiáticas gratis con subtítulos en español. Seguro que la mayoría los conocéis pero siempre le puede servir a las personas que comiencen en este mundillo de los doramas.
Si conocéis algún lugar más podéis dejarlo en los comentarios para que lo añada y así tengamos un lugar al que recurrir si nuestro dorama favorito deja de estar disponible donde siempre solemos verlo.
¡Vamos allá!

Rakuten VIKI:

La web por antonomasia. Viki comenzó como un lugar altruista donde los fans de las series asiáticas las subtitulaban gratuitamente para compartir sus series favoritas y para aprender idiomas. Ahora mismo esto ya no es así y tiene una opción gratuita (solo necesita registrarse) y otra de pago, para ver sin anuncios y tener accesos a los dramas nuevos.
No voy a mentir, Viki era mejor de lo que es pero sigue siendo un referente. Es el que más utilizo porque además permite añadir comentarios durante el visionado y puedes ver lo que otras personas pensaron cuando vieron los dramas. Hace que sea mucho más interactivo.
✔ Se puede ver desde el PC
✔ Dispone de app para smartphone y también para SmartTv. Si utilizáis Chrome podéis añadir la extensión Ublock Origin y así no tendréis anuncios.
✔ Se puede buscar por temáticas (histórico, comedia, romance) y países (China, Corea, Taiwan...)
✔ Tiene los dramas más conocidos y siempre trae novedades. Hay muchas opciones gratuitas.
❌ Con el tiempo han incluido muchos dramas solo de pago y también han aumentado mucho el número de anuncios.


La verdad es que la acabo de descubrir. Es una web gratuita con multitud de kdrama y cdramas ¡y muchos están doblados al español latino! Está genial para quien no quiera o pueda leer subtítulos. Todo es gratis por lo que yo he visto, incluye anuncios. Es intuitiva y creo que la usaré mucho más, especialmente cuando el drama que quiera ver no esté disponible en Viki.
He encontrado muchas otras webs que no se pueden ver desde España sin un VPN así que está nos viene genial para las que estamos al otro lado del charco.
✔ Se pueden filtrar por temáticas
✔Todo el contenido es gratuito
✔ Series y películas tanto coreanas como chinas
✔ Incluye contenido doblado al español
❌ La app del móvil no funciona bien, es mejor verla desde la página web


Otro clásico. Esta es una web no del todo legal que reúne muchos kdramas y también algunos cdramas (pero su contenido principal es coreano). Son series con subtítulos en español y hay mucha variedad. En mi caso no me gusta tanto usarla porque si no tienes Ublock instalado tiene bastante publicidad y pop ups.
✔Dispone de una gran variedad de kdramas
✔Todo el contenido es gratuito
✔Puedes buscar por temática (pero no siempre están bien etiquetados)
❌No tiene un App oficial
❌Mucha publicidad si no se usa un bloqueador de anuncios en el navegador Ublock
❌Poco contenido de series chinas
❌A veces tardan bastante en subir los nuevos capítulos de las series en emisión
❌No puedes contactar para avisar de enlaces caídos


A mí esta web ahora no me gusta tanto como antes porque hay que tener cuidado. Sale publicidad agresiva, puede tener virus y además, cuando lo pones en el buscador hay muchas opciones y no es sencillo encontrar la original.
✔Se puede filtrar por temáticas y países
✔Todo el contenido es gratuito
❌No tiene tanta variedad de series como tras webs, especialmente de dramas chinos (Sí que tiene pero no todos, por ejemplo, clásicos como Ming Lan no están)
❌Muchos pop ups y anuncios maliciosos
❌No sale la opción original en el buscador y puedes acabar en una web duplicada/no original
❌No tiene App


Está es similar a DoramasMP4 pero me gusta más porque tiene más cantidad de cdramas, sus pros y contras son bastante similares.
✔Se puede filtrar por temática y país
✔Más cantidad de kdramas y cdramas
✔Todo el contenido es gratuito
❌Necesita un bloqueador de anuncios porque si no tiene muchas ventanas emergentes
❌No tiene app


Esta página la conozco desde hace poco y no la utilizo porque desde la web (yo casi siempre veo en pc) solo permite ver unos pocos capítulos gratis y luego es necesario descargar la App.
❌Solo se puede utilizar como app
❌Tiene más kdramas que cdramas, no dispone de tanta variedad como otras webs.


En está página se pueden ver series chinas gratis también pero no es una de las más completas son sub español. Muchos de los dramas son de pago pero hay algunos gratis.
❌No es muy intuitiva
❌Muchos dramas son de pago


❌ Solo si eres de Latinoamérica. En España no está disponible así que no la conozco y no puedo hablar de ella.

Youtube. Solo para series Chinas

En Youtube hay canales que suben de forma gratuita y con subtítulos muchas series chinas ¡completas! Y además, muchas de ellas están de forma legal.
✔Muy fácil acceso
✔Series completas y muchas veces legales
❌Los subtítulos a veces no son tan buenos
Os dejo aquí algunos canales que conozco, seguro que hay más. Para ver los dramas que tiene cada canal entrar en LISTAS DE REPRODUCCIÓN.
Aquí está por ejemplo, Joy of Life. También tiene algunos doblados al español latino ¡está muy bien!
Aquí está The story of Yanxi Palace y algunos más. No tiene muchas opciones pero es algo.
Están dramas como Love like the galaxy, Court Lady o Royal Feast.
Aquí hay cdramas como The rebel Princess o Princess Agent.
Se pueden ver bastante series, una de ellas es La espada y el brocado.
Lo malo es que no están muy ordenadas las Listas de reproducción, algunas son recopilaciones de cilps pero también hay series completas.
En otras ocasiones vienen son subtítulos automáticos en inglés pero podemos ponerlos en español en la traducción automática. Debemos ir a configuración en el vídeo en concreto, Este método no es el mejor, vale, pero se entiende y a veces resulta que ese drama que tantas ganas tenemos de ver solo está disponible de este modo o tal vez solo prefiramos usar Youtube.
  1. Activar subtítulos
  2. Ir a configuración
  3. Pinchar en Subtítulos
  4. Pinchar en Traducir automáticamente y elegir "español"
Os dejo este tutorial de youtube por si lo comprendéis mejor así.
Aquí algunos canales en los que podemos ver series traduciendo los subtítulos de forma automática.
Aquí se puede ver The story of Ming Lan.
Aquí se puede ver Royal Nirvana.

¡Eso es todo! Creo que es una recopilación bastante completa. Por favor, comentadme si os ha resultado útil o si queréis añadir algo más. Si os ha gustado agradecería que os uniéises a la comunidad y publicaseis también post sobre vuestras opiniones, recomendaciones, etc.
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2023.06.04 15:20 Minute-Enthusiasm-15 Pelvic Rest

I have been placed on pelvic rest/ bed rest for the 3rd time in my pregnancy and I’m only 18 weeks. We are going to FMM on Tuesday but I have a feeling it will last till the end of the pregnancy. I keep developing SCH. I am a floor nurse, I’ve worked developed a bleed placed on bed rest released back to work, working 2 days a week developed another one back on bed rest, worked one day that week developed another. Does anyone have any good bed rest activity recommendations? I’m sick of TV and reading and the urge to nest is so strong and I can’t.
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