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Google Home/Nest Speakers and Displays

2016.05.18 05:09 sameerb Google Home/Nest Speakers and Displays

A User community for smart speakers and displays from Google Home/Nest and their related products that use Google Assistant. Share information, tips, bugs, new features, requests.

2009.04.16 14:52 ohashi Norway

A subreddit for anything related to Norway! Both English and Norwegian are permitted languages on this subreddit. About to ask a question? Please check the wiki http://www.reddit.com/Norway/wiki/index

2012.01.29 05:54 stick and pokes!

The do-it-yourself, machine-free tattoo community dedicated to educating and participating in the art of stick’n’poke tattoos. They may not be good looking, but they are also not well done. And that’s fine.

2023.06.04 11:50 shilohcyrus7 PURE BEAUTY SPELL https://www.spellswork7.com/full-moon-pure-beauty-spell.html Spell to look powerfully attractive. Spell of personal beautification. Take control, be bold, vibrant and most of all, Be Beautiful.

PURE BEAUTY SPELL https://www.spellswork7.com/full-moon-pure-beauty-spell.html Spell to look powerfully attractive. Spell of personal beautification. Take control, be bold, vibrant and most of all, Be Beautiful. submitted by shilohcyrus7 to spells_esoteric [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jim Crimella – ShineOn Masterclass (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Jim Crimella – ShineOn Masterclass (Genkicourses.site)

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Foundation: Step-by-Step Video Training A proven process followed by thousands! Build your online business up from nothing with our step-by-step system that covers every single thing you need to do. Side Hustle: Step-by-Step Video Training A business that could potentially change your life? Now the foundation is in place, grow your new business from those early sales into a consistent stream of revenue. Whether you’re looking for a little extra each month or something to replace the 9-to-5, this phase is crucial to hitting your goals. The Machine: Step-by-Step Video Training Forge an eCom empire! This last phase of video training will show you how seasoned eCom veterans have taken their business to 7 or even 8-figure levels. The skills needed to do this are VERY different from earlier stages, so you’ll discover what they are and master them to take your business as far as you want.


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at Genkicourses.site 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 11:50 AutoModerator FANFIC FOCUS: Childhood friends AU

Find the current Daily Discussion* May Prompt Challenge Review Bingo Trope Bingo

*It seems like this link doesn't work on all platforms. One of the mods will usually come by and add a link to the current DD in the comments.
Welcome to our new Fanfic Focus series.
This series will give us a chance to have a deeper dive into various genres, tropes and AUs (alternative universes). It will be an opportunity for those who already read and write in this area of fanfiction to discuss what they like, aspects that don't work for them, and also for those who are interested to learn a bit more about it. Of course, everyone is encouraged to share their recs for fics that showcase these categories of fics!
Each post will have a new topic to discuss and share, which will be a mix of genres, tropes and AUs. A new topic will be posted on Tuesdays and Sundays.
Please enter this discussion with an open mind. If you do not like the theme, trope or AU that is being discussed, then this post is not for you. You don't need to let us know that the topic isn't for you - please wait for another topic that you're interested in to participate if this is the case. This series is to bring together people who like to read and write this theme, and those who want to discuss it, are interested in learning more about it, or wanting some recs to test out or dive into.
The Discussion:
You are welcome to approach the discussion in any way you see fit, which can include any of the following aspects:
The Rules:
Trial Information:
This series was designed to provide a further avenue for those who like to share recs and discuss tropes in more detail to do so. We're hoping to get a feel for how this will run over the next month or so, and whether we need to tweak the frequency or format of the posts.
Please feel free to message the mod team if you have feedback on the trial, things you'd like to see more of in the discussion, such as prompts or more specific questions being posed by the mods.
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2023.06.04 11:49 Dependent_Platform97 تقسيط لاب توب بدون فوائد

أفضل وأجدد أنواع تقسيط لاب توب بدون فوائد: لاب توب اتش بي 250 G8 بمعالج إنتل كور i3-1005G1 4 جيجا و1 تيرا وإنتل UHD وشاشة 15.6 بوصة HDMacBook Pro - شريحة M1Pro مقاس 16 بوصة مزودة بوحدة معالجة مركزية 10 أنوية ووحدة معالجة الرسومات 16 نواة وتخزين 512 جيجابايت
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2023.06.04 11:49 hockri_J Is this a good training plan to target for moving from teaching physics to security?

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2023.06.04 11:49 LayerWilling4732 Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile(Официальный)V2.5.14706147 https://www.playmods.net/game/call-of-duty%C2%AE-warzone%E2%84%A2-mobile/cc.com.activision.callofduty.warzone

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile(Официальный)V2.5.14706147 https://www.playmods.net/game/call-of-duty%C2%AE-warzone%E2%84%A2-mobile/cc.com.activision.callofduty.warzone
Ссылка в закрепе
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2023.06.04 11:48 donnacross123 ‘Fake bailiffs’ from private security companies carry out illegal evictions

I doubt any of these landlords will ever get arrestes or pay a fine but one can always hope.
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2023.06.04 11:48 dominateglobally Do your emails sent from Zoho Mail get delivered into the spam folder?

I recently came across this comment that says “your mail 9 times out of 10 ends up in spam when send to anyone from your Zoho account, even when you use your own domain, so I really wouldn't recommend them.”
I’m looking at migrating to Zoho Mail and wanna see if anyone has this experience and what the consensus is. Is email deliverability great on Zoho Mail?
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2023.06.04 11:48 Keller2323 Special Episode 10 of the Chronicles of Curious Characters

Hello Fellow Luxembourg Redditors! I posted before only once about the podcast but since we just released our 10th episode (with a special guest , a fellow Redditor :) ) , I would like to share it with you: EP10 Chris – Languages and Cultural Diversity of Luxembourg
I started The Chronicles of Curious Characters to talk and interview people about their life and their passions. I always believed everyone has a interesting story to share with other or share hehis opinions.
Quite a few podcasts discontinue after a few episodes, therefore I'm particularly happy that we made to episode 10 and we have next few episodes already lined up.
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2023.06.04 11:48 Relative_Sir_4868 Anyone still looking for housing during summer intern in Seattle?

I have a 1b1b that’s available right away! It is located by University of Washington and 5 minute walk from the link station that basically takes you to Amazon, or any other tech companies! It’s cheaper around $1864/mo with furniture, WiFi, trash/recycling fee included! DM me if your interested!
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2023.06.04 11:48 Necessary_Wonder2714 ACM

Here at ACM, we offer a range of races that can actually count towards your future at ACM. We aim to run 'seasons' and 'track day' events where drivers can gain their experience and hours on the track which count towards their future here. Season events are the focus here, where drivers start their career in a baseline series, making their way up season by season through the rankings to reach GT3s. This is done in order to mirror reality where drivers will climb up from the ranks of karts and ginettas to eventually reach gt3.
For the vision of ACM, we would like to have it where we run monthly season events where drivers that perform the best, stay the best, permenantly. The better you perform, the more options are available to you in your 'career'. In the future we would like to offer a team system, where GT3 drivers have the choice to sign to a league's team, where they will be offered support based on the dedication of the league. This could include anything from strategy to setups
The first season is here! You can sign up at any point. https://www.thesimgrid.com/championships/3819
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2023.06.04 11:48 User15151515161 [QUESTION] Update on the gift for my son (electric guitar)

After reading your comments, I've decided to increase the budget and take him to choose his guitar on his birthday. I didn't realize guitars could cost so much, but I want to support my son, so the final budget now is $1000, which is the most I can give him. Regarding the amplifier, I have a "Boss Katana Mini." Let me know what you think about it. As I mentioned before, I'm very ignorant and inexperienced in this area, so your comments will be really helpful to me. Now that I've increased the budget, I'd like to continue hearing your suggestions for guitars and equipment, especially to keep learning about all of this.
About us: My son was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I'm a legal American citizen, born in Mount Vernon, WA, but I grew up in Mexico, I was adopted by a Mexican couple with dual nationality. Currently, we live in Querétaro, Mexico, as we have some matters to resolve regarding my late wife. My son is really down, his mother passed away a few months ago, and he's far away from his friends. That's why I want to get him a special gift.
Here's the original post: https://www.reddit.com/Guitacomments/13xbmpc/question_i_need_help_choosing_the_right_gift_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1
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2023.06.04 11:47 donnacross123 ‘Fake bailiffs’ from private security companies carry out illegal evictions

Honestly this made my stomach hurt, imagine homeless with 5 children during winter.
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2023.06.04 11:47 Acceptable-Fold-5432 I thought it was gone, but I present to you presently: versace 9/11

They tried to remove it. They thought we would forget. This is why it's so important to protect the internet archive so that culturally important artifacts are not lost.
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2023.06.04 11:47 amirahscock The comments beneath this video make me cringe. AMA

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2023.06.04 11:47 osikalk "Google street view" app helps in investigating infidelity in some cases.

By the link https://www.reddit.com/AdulteryHate/comments/13z4lyf/google_streetview_outs_cheating_woman / you can find a post in which the redditor confirmed (albeit indirectly) the infidelity of his partner using the Google street view application. This gives us another possible investigative tool but only if the right house is on the street which is included in Street view. RESTRICTIONS: For privacy reasons, automatic blurring of people's faces and vehicle numbers is used. It sometimes degrades the image quality, as it blurs many other objects by mistake.
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2023.06.04 11:47 Matthewcardier SBS Online

I'm wondering if anyone else is having trouble downloading from SBSOnline in Australia? I usually use Aimersoft's iTube, but that stopped working a few week ago, so I went back to youtubedl and that's not working either. I'm not that great with commands but I suspect that SBS have upgraded their security, so it may be no longer doable. I've included the verbose log from my last attempt. Thanks, Matt
c:\>"C:\Users\User\Videos\My Videos\yt-dlp.exe" -v --cookies C:\Users\User\Downloads\Cookies.txt https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/watch/2018368067659\[debug\] Command-line config: ['-v', '--cookies', 'C:\\Users\\User\\Downloads\\Cookies.txt', 'https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/watch/2018368067659'\]\[debug\] Encodings: locale cp1252, fs utf-8, pref cp1252, out utf-8, error utf-8, screen utf-8[debug] yt-dlp version [email protected] [392389b7d] (win_exe)[debug] Python 3.8.10 (CPython AMD64 64bit) - Windows-10-10.0.19045-SP0 (OpenSSL 1.1.1k 25 Mar 2021)[debug] exe versions: ffmpeg 2021-01-27-git-149bfc2445-full_build-www.gyan.dev, ffprobe 2021-01-27-git-149bfc2445-full_build-www.gyan.dev\[debug\] Optional libraries: Cryptodome-3.17, brotli-1.0.9, certifi-2022.12.07, mutagen-1.46.0, sqlite3-2.6.0, websockets-10.4[debug] Proxy map: {}[debug] Loaded 1786 extractors[SBS] Extracting URL: https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/watch/2018368067659\[SBS\] 2018368067659: Downloading JSON metadata[ThePlatform] Extracting URL: http://link.theplatform.com/s/Bgtm9B/hUpZOzpDMrQA?feed=Video%20-%20Single&mbr=true&manifest=m3u&ord=2443892&policy=11929623&dfptag=sz%3D530x298%26iu%3D%2F4117%2Fvideo.drama.sbs.com.au%2Fsec30avoddramahtmlweb%26ciu\_szs%26impl%3Ds%26gdfp\_req%3D1%26env%3Dvp%26output%3Dxml\_vast2%26unviewed\_position\_start%3D1%26url%3Dwww.sbs.com.au%26description\_url%3DSBS%26cust\_params%3Dtype%253Dpreroll%26ad\_rule%3D0%26cmsid%3D531%26nofb%3D1%26url%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.sbs.com.au%252Fondemand%252Fvideo%252Fsingle%252F2018368067659%26description\_url%3DSBS%26correlator%3D--ORD--%26vid%3D2018368067659&dfpmidtag=sz%3D530x298%26iu%3D%2F4117%2Fvideo.drama.sbs.com.au%2Fsec30avoddramahtmlweb%26ciu\_szs%26impl%3Ds%26gdfp\_req%3D1%26env%3Dvp%26output%3Dxml\_vast2%26unviewed\_position\_start%3D1%26url%3Dwww.sbs.com.au%26description\_url%3DSBS%26cust\_params%3Dtype%253Dmidroll%26ad\_rule%3D0%26cmsid%3D531%26nofb%3D1%26url%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.sbs.com.au%252Fondemand%252Fvideo%252Fsingle%252F2018368067659%26description\_url%3DSBS%26correlator%3D--ORD--%26vid%3D2018368067659#\_\_youtubedl\_smuggle=%7B%22force\_smil\_url%22%3A+true%7D\[ThePlatform\] hUpZOzpDMrQA: Downloading SMIL data[ThePlatform] hUpZOzpDMrQA: Downloading m3u8 informationWARNING: [ThePlatform] Failed to download m3u8 information: HTTP Error 404: Not Found[ThePlatform] hUpZOzpDMrQA: Downloading JSON metadataERROR: [ThePlatform] hUpZOzpDMrQA: No video formats found!; please report this issue on https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/issues?q= , filling out the appropriate issue template. Confirm you are on the latest version using yt-dlp -UTraceback (most recent call last): File "yt_dlp\YoutubeDL.py", line 1518, in wrapper File "yt_dlp\YoutubeDL.py", line 1615, in __extract_info File "yt_dlp\YoutubeDL.py", line 1727, in process_ie_result File "yt_dlp\YoutubeDL.py", line 1674, in process_ie_result File "yt_dlp\YoutubeDL.py", line 2615, in process_video_result File "yt_dlp\YoutubeDL.py", line 1046, in raise_no_formatsyt_dlp.utils.ExtractorError: [ThePlatform] hUpZOzpDMrQA: No video formats found!; please report this issue on https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/issues?q= , filling out the appropriate issue template. Confirm you are on the latest version using yt-dlp -U
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2023.06.04 11:46 Introvert_5 SSD Buying Suggestion

Hello everyone I am new to Reddit and this is my first post so if I do any mistake please ignore it.
I am looking for a new SSD.I am comparing the Samsung Evo 870 500 GB and Transcend 230s 512 GB atm
These two seem to be the only option for my budget, and as I have no need for any larger (only light browsing, downloading and watching movies). I am looking for a drive that would last me for quite some time.It would be both a boot and "main" ssd. Also, no NVME/M2 -slot so SATA is only option.
Now here's the problem I have heard allot of bad things about the Samsung Evo 870 failing so I am skeptical about buying it as I would probably be buying it from daraz aur Pakistan mein warranty waghera claim karna bohot mushkil ha agar yeh fail ho jati ha.
Also about the Transcend 230s I'm skeptical about buying it as it's not a well known brand. And I fear that I may get something that may be lower in quality and might die quickly. And the transcend software isn't as good as Samsung's Magician. Also feature wise the Transcend one is inferior to the Samsung. But on the other hand I also am skeptical of buying the evo because of it's failing problem.
So what do you guys suggest which one should I go with and why?
Please do answer me as it would mean allot.
Btw FYI I would be buying the drives from Daraz
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2023.06.04 11:46 Dependent_Platform97 شراء لاب توب بالتقسيط بدون فوائد

أفضل أسعار شراء لاب توب بالتقسيط بدون فوائد:
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2023.06.04 11:46 IbukisGuitar Velhos da minha família com a mania de estorvar e mandar bitaites

Boa tarde a todos. Espero que estejam a ter um bom fim de semana. Eu não estou a ter porque tenho de levar com uns velhos que não têm senso comum. Este post é sobre uma situação que tenho andado a viver à algum tempo e que preciso de desabafar. Peço desculpa mas é um post muito longo. Quem quiser perder uns minutos a ler, que leia. Quem não quiser, um bom resto de sábado.
Contexto: Eu (M24) vivo numa terrinha numa rua onde vivem apenas familiares meus: 2 avós (80 anos), 2 tios avós (65 anos), padrinho (60 anos), mãe (55 anos) e irmã (21 anos). Fui para Lisboa fazer faculdade entre 2016 e 2021, trabalhei lá em 2022 e voltei no final de 2022. Vivo numa casa mal construída e inacabada que ficou diferente do projeto e não está legal. Os meus pais deixaram andar durante 30 anos para não gastar mais dinheiro e para não se andarem a cansar com isto. Divorciaram-se em 2020 e no início deste ano finalizaram a partilha de bens ficando a casa para a minha mãe.
A situação frustrante com que eu estou a lidar agora é sobre todo o trabalho manual que costumava ser feito pelo meu pai (horta, rachar madeira, amanhar o terreno atrás da casa e tratar dos animais) e pelas obras na casa a serem feitas para legalizar a casa.
É muito trabalho físico por fazer. Felizmente, os meus avós decidiram ajudar um pouco na horta durante o dia enquanto estamos nos nossos empregos. O meu tio avô e um irmão de vez em quando fazem umas bricolas no armazém da lenha e no curral. O meu padrinho e um primo (ambos pedreiros) vão avançando as obras nos tempos livres. Ficou combinado aqui em casa que nós os 3 (ela, eu e a minha irmã) íamos fazer um esforço em conjunto para tratar da horta e dos animais, amanhar o terreno, podar e arrancar árvores e cavar o terreno para fazer os buracos para passar a tubagem para não nos cobrarem isso.
Isto seria o ideal, só que a minha irmã (sendo mulher e a mais nova) é tratada e referida como a princesinha da casa. Ninguém a pode importunar nem exigir nada dela a não ser que lhe apeteça fazer algo. Trabalha 36 horas semanais, não faz uma única tarefa doméstica e depois tranca-se no quarto o dia todo. A minha mãe (40 horas semanais) apesar de ter vivido 30 anos aqui na terrinha (viveu em França nos primeiros 25 anos) nunca tinha pegado numa enxada na vida e é muito fraca e desajeitada. Para além de que é a menina dos olhos dos meus avós e dos meus tios avós. Ela acaba o que ficou por fazer na horta pelos meus avós (geralmente regar e muito raramente cavar um pouco).
Quem é que sobra? O u/IbukisGuitar, que é homem e o filho mais velho, o que equivale a escravo de serviço. Portanto, cavar terrenos, tratar de animais, rachar lenha, etc. tudo o que envolve grande esforço físico caiu para cima de mim. O facto de trabalhar 50 horas semanais é irrelevante... Como é que poderia ficar pior? Eu sou um jovem a viver numa rua de velhos. Eles têm o direito em cascar e cagar em mim nas suas rants sobre os jovens de hoje e sobre o antigamente enquanto que eu tenho de comer e calar porque estou dependente deles.
E nisto eu finalmente chego ao que foi referido no título. Por alguma razão, os meus avós, tios avós, mãe e padrinho têm um fascínio enorme em ver-me trabalhar. Acho que é o mesmo fenômeno tuga de ficar a olhar para acidentes de carros ou incêndios. Eles parecem ter um fetiche qualquer em irem ter comigo enquanto eu trabalho para ficarem a olhar para mim, mandar bitaites, chatear-me a cabeça com comentários ou rants e fisicamente meterem-se no caminho da minha tarefa ou colarem-se nos meus calcanhares o que me interrompe e é perigoso.
Sabem o que é que eu gosto mesmo quando passo um fim de semana a cavar, todos estafado, com as costas, braços e mãos todas rebentadas com ninguém a ajudar-me? Um gajo vir ter comigo, meter as mãos nos bolsos e ficar a dizer "Pois é... aqui tem muito trabalho para fazer... tem mesmo muito trabalho para fazer..." ou então "Ah pois é! Custa, não custa? Olha, paciência...". Epá, adoro! Ajuda-me imenso.
Já me aconteceu o meu padrinho vir a acelerar a fundo para chegar a casa, ver-me a trabalhar, mandar uma travagem a fundo e fazer marcha a trás só para ficar ali uns 20 minutos a mandar bitaites.
O maior filho da puta aqui é o meu tio avô que é o gajo mais anti-jovens daqui. Ele adora vir comentar que os jovens não sabem o que é trabalho duro, que só querem trabalhar sentados no computador e que nunca pegaram numa enxada na vida e eu ali numa vala que eu abri que me dá pelos joelhos e a segurar numa enxada como quem diz "Foda-se pá... estou emocionado". Ele e a minha tia são os que comentam menos mas os mais irritantes porque têm um complexo qualquer comigo por eu ter ido a faculdade e tratam-me como se eu fosse um arrogante. Pior é que eles ainda se queixam de tudo o que há por fazer e de tudo o que está mal feito como se a culpa fosse minha. Não fui eu que fez merda atrás de merda durante a construção da casa e depois ignorou durante 30 anos, eu nem sequer estava ainda nos colhões do meu pai. "Ah e tal, este jardim está uma miséria. Isto cresceu tudo bravo. Porque é que não meteste mão nisto antes? Pois! Agora dá-te mais trabalho". Epá, não sei, eu passei os últimos 6-7 anos a 150 km de distancia daqui. Ainda tentei fazer jardinagem por teletrabalho mas não tinha notas suficientes no Farm Ville.
O mais frequente é o meu avô que gosta muito de vir dizer que há muito trabalho por fazer. Chateia bastante mas até tenho pena dele porque sei que ele só quer companhia e ninguém lhe dá atenção.
No que toca a estorvar, hoje a minha mãe e os meus avós estavam com uma bruta vontade de levar com a enxada no fucinho. Hoje calhou-me cavar á volta de uma figueira de 30 anos rodeada de um monte de plantas que têm molhos e molhos densos de raizes filamentosas. Aquilo era como tentar cavar uma rede. A enxada e o picareto estavam sempre a ficar emaranhados e presos nas raizes. Para fazer a situação pior a terra ou era barro ou era entulho. Como podem ver, é bastante duro e frustrante cavar aquela merda. Nisto chega o meu avô, mete-se na beira do buraco e, com o peso dele, fica a empurrar a terra de volta para o buraco. Eu continuo a cavar. Nisto ele decide entrar dentro do buraco enquanto eu cavava e eu quase que lhe corto um pé. Vou para mandar outro golpe noutro sítio e ele baixa-se para olhar as raizes mais de perto. Quase que lhe abria a cabeça. Vou para cavar noutro sítio e ele aponta onde é que eu devia cavar. Quase que lhe cortava a mão. Ele lá decidiu sair do buraco e disse que ia buscar o trator para arrancar o resto do tronco da figueira. Eu disse que não valia a pena porque a figueira estava ainda muito enterrada, que ele só a partir o tronco a meio e não ia arrancar. Ele disse que ia ia (Spoiler: Não foi não foi. Partiu o tronco a meio e a terra nem se mexeu). Nisto a minha avó vai-se meter a 20 cm do lado oposto da figueira enquanto o meu avô puxava. Após dizer para ela sair dali e ser ignorado tive de a ir lá arrastá-la para trás. Segundos depois o tronco parte e a parte rasgada passa onde a cabeça dela estava. Eles lá aprenderam a lição deles e afastaram-se. Nisto aparece a minha mãe, que achou uma boa ideia ajoelhar-se ao meu lado e apanhar bocados de entulho assim que eu os desenterrava sem esperar para ver se eu parava de cavar. Fartei-me de avisá-la que ela ia levar com a enxada na mão ou na cabeça. Ela lá se levantou e deu um passo atrás. Pronto, seguro. Vou para cavar e ela baixa-se para tirar mais um bocado de entulho. Levou com a enxada na mão. Felizmente estava a subir a enxada e não a descê-la. Foi só um dedo inchado em vez de uma mão partida. Ela começou-se a queixar e a culpar-me a dizer que era muito bruto e violento. Eu passei-me e disse para eles saírem da frente e que eu estava farto de os avisar. Ela ficou zangada comigo e sacou do comentário do costume "Estás muito mal criado desde que foste para Lisboa. Não te devia ter deixado ir para a faculdade". Pronto... agora tenho de levar com o mau feitio passivo-agressivo dela nos próximos tempos mas ao menos ela saiu da frente.
Os velhos daqui por alguma razão adoram aproximar-se de mim lentamente e em silencio para verem o trabalho mais de perto. Gostam imenso de ver a cabeça da machadinha e da enxada passar a centímetros deles. Não sei se é pela adrenalina ou se estão fartos de viver.
Já é mau passar o fim de semana a rebentar o couro, pior ainda, de borla. É mau fazê-lo para corrigir os erros de outros e que podiam ter sido facilmente evitados e minimizados. Agora... ter de fazer isto enquanto sou obrigado a levar com bitaites de toda a gente e ainda de ter atenção a imbecis suicidas..? Epá! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!
Pronto. Já desabafei. Boa tarde a todos e bom resto de fim de semana.
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Get Best Pandit Ji For Shani Dosh Astrologer
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