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Last of the Defenders - Ch 30

2023.03.30 06:02 PutridBite Last of the Defenders - Ch 30

Welcome new readers. Please start with chapter one
Allah leaned against one of the tables, purring softly. Li was beside her swiftly, gripping her shoulder reassuringly.
“But we’re not gonna let that happen,” the human promised. “And you’re going to help.”
“I knew they were evil,” Allah started to say but stopped. She bit her lip, tail flicking up a cloud of dust in the long disused room. The lights flickered again and the U’knock clawed at the glow stick on the table beside her, holding it before her, eager to have something stable to hold onto.
Li patted her shoulder again and turned to the table with the helmets. She lifted one to Allah’s head, pursed her lips and set it down. She picked up another, nodding in satisfaction, and began taking it apart. “I’m sure they think the same thing about humans,” she said.
“Who would care what they think?” Allah tried to keep the bile from her voice.
“PsyOps,” Li answered, as if the strange word should explain everything. When Allah only lowered her ear in confusion she said “‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither, you will fail in every battle’.” The human smiled. “The swarmers consider us a meddling subspecies that steals the resources that are rightfully theirs. We keep getting in their way, preventing ‘progress’ and forming unnatural alliances with other, lesser, organisms.”
“You sound like you have spoken to them.”
Li nodded. She removed two panels from the top of the helmet. “I’ve spoken to millions of them,” she admitted, then said softly, “I was probably the last voice most of them ever heard.”
She lifted the helmet and adjusted it to fit atop Allah’s head. “These millions,” the U’knock asked, “are all dead?”
The Defender nodded. “Very much so,” Li’s tone was light but the human face was a stone mask in the green light. The overheads flickered like lightning, casting her in hard brightness before the green gloom returned to paint dark shadows under her eyes and mouth. It made her look more predatory; a hunter hiding in tall grass, bent to pounce.
Li removed more sections from the helmet, the odd thing sliding down around Allah’s ears.
“I would like to know how to kill that many.”
A different kind of shadow crossed the human’s face, a sadness that cracked through the hardness.
Li turned to the panels she had removed, taking a pair of tiny buttons out. She held one up and turned Allah’s head, trying to fit the button in the U’knock’s ear.
“Let's hope you don’t have to find out,” Li said, trying a different button from a different helmet. “It was a pretty expensive day for me.
“And I’m still paying the tab.”
Li patted Allah’s shoulder again. The U’knock turned to look at her.
“Looks like that fits,” the human forced a grin. She handed Allah another button. “How's it feel?”
“Strange,” Allah admitted. She shook her head and felt the button wiggle inside her ear. “What is this?”
“Virtual Reality Education Helmet,” Li grinned again but the smile did not reach her eyes. “Welcome to Primary School.”
Allah tapped the thing on her head with a claw. It was stiff, but not hard like bronze. And it held an odor--several--of something cheesy and vinegary and a little moldy all at once.
“Careful,” Li cautioned. “Plastic that old can get pretty brittle.”
The U’knock wondered why humans would use something so obviously inferior if they could make things with the new metal. Then she considered her mother’s Com’Cha and retracted her claw from the gift. Even if a warrior offered a replacement made entirely of new metal, the old bronze weapon held a special place in her life.
Perhaps these helmets held such prestige for Li’s people?
“This will teach me to fight?” she asked, trying to muster the proper amount of reverence for the object.
“No,” Li shook her head, “I’ll take on that job. And Jung, too. This,” she tapped the helmet on Allah’s head, “will teach you basic commands and instructions for ground equipment and the extravehicular combat suit. You remember the mess hall? How hard it was just to get hot water from Demeter?” Allah nodded, perking and flattening her ears, “That's because you weren’t ‘thinking’ the right words. We’ll start you out with English because Demeter uses that by default. Once you have basic commands memorized, we’ll move to general tactics, strategy, and combat.”
“You used this,” Allah touched the helmet. It was cool, hard, alien in her head, “as a child?”
Li chuckled. “No,” she admitted. “V-REHs are intended to acclimate xenoforms--species other than human--to our ways. From farmer to front line fighter, there’s a training program for just about any job.
“That's also why the helmets are so modular,” she gestured to the discarded pieces. “They can accommodate almost any ‘head’ shaped configuration; kitty cat ears, literal four eyes. In some cases, like the Shoo, they can accommodate a species with no head at all.
“I gotta get back to work,” Li left the mess where it lay and strode toward the door. “Demeter, offload basic command lessons one through thirty to a microcore at the Romeo-02 terminal.
“Can we trust Demeter to provide proper instructions?” Allah asked. Fears from last night--particularly one about melting brains--crossed her thoughts as they strode down the hall.
“I’ll do a quick file check to make sure but,” Li looked over her shoulder. She chuckled at Allah’s expression: ears flat, lips pushed out and constantly glancing upward to try to “see” the thing on her head. “V-REHs can’t hurt you. Maybe trick you into walking into a wall, but that won’t be an issue; the basic lessons are designed to be used while seated.
Do you need to poop or anything before you start? You could be in there for a while.
Allah nodded, eliciting another trip to another room similar to the showers aboard Star dancer, filled with more tiny rooms. This one was cream colored, and inside each room was a tiny cream colored throne with a bowl in the seat.
Li stood outside, giving instructions on the throne’s--the bidet toilet’s--use. Then it was back to the room of warriors--the security station, Li corrected--and Allah’s first lesson.
“Touch the V-REH,” Li lifted her hands to her own head, pressing her palms to her temples, “here. It’ll run through a self adjustment process and I’ll link it to your nanites. That should speed things up a lot.”
“Will it hurt?” Allah asked, “as much as last time?”
“This shouldn’t hurt at all,” Li said with a grin, “so if it does either take it off immediately or ask me to. It might be disorienting at first though so get comfy.”
Allah returned to the corner and settled on the hard floor, sitting cross legged. As she did, Li returned to and began tapping on the face of the monitor. A soft click sounded and a tiny shiny stone flickered in the faltering lights. Allah had still not touched the V-REH when Li moved the stone to another hole, pressed on her keyboard with her fingers and nodded in satisfaction. She turned in the tiny throne and regarded Allah quizzically.
“I can’t initiate a session for you,” Li said by way of explanation. “It’s designed to be voluntary, so nothing can. I can disengage you but that's about it.” She stood, walked the short distance to Allah’s corner and held out the stone to the U’knock. “The V-REH will need to calibrate with you, then recognise it needs this,” Li pressed the stone into Allah’s paw.
“I’ll be right here if you need anything,” the human pointed to the monitor, turned and strode to the throne.
Allah looked at the tiny stone. In the flickering lights, she had thought it was white. Up close, however, it looked more of a pale green. She carefully picked it up to inspect. As she did, it moved away from the light of the glowing stick beside her and captured the myriad hues projected by Li’s monitor. The stone shifted in color again, a dizzying burst of different colors packed so close together they appeared white again.
Why was she hesitating? Allah had pledged to help defend her planet, had stood before the quorum of Umati’clam and professed it as fact. Now, she dithered. Li had returned to her work, finger beating a rhythm like raindrops on the surface of the table. Allah felt alone, ignored. And part of her realized that she was. Li had good reason to--she was working to save Allah’s people--and to grow upset because her friend so easily turned to the task was beyond petty.
“What if I don’t?” Allah asked aloud.
Li’s fingers stopped suddenly, then the human placed her hands in her lap. She did not turn to look at Allah, but sat with the stone mask again and stared at the monitor.
“It's your choice, Allah,” she said slowly, “and it’s not one I can make for you. If you’re asking ‘Will I throw you out on the street?’ or ‘Will we stop looking for your father?’ the answer to both is no. I took you in last night, frankly, because you had the lowest chance of survival of those around me. Those that,” Li sighed, pulling on the thin cored that held her hair in a tail. “Those that had a chance.”
She shook her head, combing her fingers through the long, thick black hair. “I know you’re worried that you won’t be much help. And you’d rather be out there,” she gestured to the screen, wiggling her fingers. The glyphs disappeared to be replaced by images from seven times two plus two drones patrolling the city and the surrounding wasteland. “Looking for him right now.”
“That’s not what I--”
“And I know you’re scared,” Li interrupted. “And angry. You’ve got good reason to be. This…won’t be much fun when the shooting starts.” She did turn now, the sad smile that would not reach her eyes painting her lips. “But you were right,” she said. “I do need a friend. I’d like that friend to still be you in the morning.”
The human shrugged her shoulders. “I'm sorry to put that on you. I don't want to add to your burdens.” And Li turned back to the monitor and began tapping again.
Allah did not know what to say. She sat in the corner, watching Li return to work. Allah had felt alone, afraid. And angry, yes. But what must Li be feeling right now? Her own people had abandoned her quest. She stood in defiance of the bullies and defenders now.
This planet's protector.
“When I finish with this machine,” Allah asked, “we will pop the corn and speak of mates?”
The corner of Li’s mouth rose. “And watch Journey To The West while I paint your claws.”
Allah nodded. This was a burden she could, would, must happily bear. To stand beside Li, no matter the cost. Not out of honor, nor pride. Not even to save her people.
She would do this because her friend asked her to.
The U’knock raised her paws to either side of the helmet, pressing gently.
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2023.03.30 05:57 tzinc Kwesi making a mistake with Kirk (he really is out of his depth as a GM)

  1. You sign him (my other posts explain why you sign him this post is not about Kirk's worth) to a 3 year extension BEFORE Carr and Jones deal. He gets less than those deals. He is better than both those guys.
  2. Okay so you didn't do 1. (biggest mistake). But you DO sign him when he offers a discount less than Jones so he is now going to NOT make you pay for mistake #1. You got a second chance jump on this opportunity and sign him. Nope second biggest mistake: #2.
  3. If you are so football-dumb to not realize his worth fine BUT YOU DO NOT LET HIM PLAY OUT HIS LAST YEAR AS A LAME DUCK. You trade him! (Kirk would never ask for a trade but I am sure he would approve a trade when it is clear he is a lame duck here.)
  4. Nope mistake #3 Vikings say they will play out the year with Kirk. That is football-dumb asf. If he has another great year and the odds of that are very good given his career especially with the Vikings (he is a Pro Bowl top 10 QB in his prime never gets hurt has JJ TJ etc) guess what he will not do he will NOT offer you a hometown discount AGAIN - you had your chance. ---This time he will demand market value i.e., more than Jones, Carr and let's see what Lamar (same playoff record worse stats) finally gets. At that point if the Vikes don't have a legit NFL QB to replace him (I don't mean Trey Lance or Zach Wilson types) and aren't going to be able to get Caleb or May in the draft... this team is screwed it is wasting the best years of JJ TJ Darrisaw ONeil etc... so then they will end up paying Market Value for Kirk or they will lose Kirk to a team that pays a Higher Market Value then the Vikings can. RIDICULOUS STRATEGY.
I hope you can understand how dumb this is... it is as dumb as the strategy Kwesi used in the draft last year when we had a high draft pick and a great S fell to us and he not only didn't take him nor Jameson but let DET get Jameson and went with a not so great S (before he got hurt). It doesn't take 3 years to judge drafts anymore a team like KC loads the team up with starters/part time starters in the draft twice either one of their last 2 drafts is better than 7 years of our drafts we have guys (who can't even beat backups before they got hurt.)
I think Kwesi has no clue as to how to run an NFL team properly. He is lucky he is with the Vikings because the Wilfs let Spielman blow drafts for 6 years before they finally canned him. The Wilfs are slow to react.
PS Maybe this is why KOC is suddenly trying to make us a running team lol because he knows there is no way we will be getting a QB equivalent to Kirk after this season.
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2023.03.30 05:55 DevidovskiTheThird JFC, Enough Already 🙄

JFC, Enough Already 🙄
Like, good lord man. I get that a lot of people aren't a fan of the Unbound soundtrack but, talk about beating a dead horse.
Personally, I like most of the songs - altho yes, they can feel misplaced in a NFS game. And I get that not everyone likes the songs and that's fine.
BUT GOOD GOD, I've actually lost count of how many of these "old game music better" videos I've seen pop up and it's getting out of hand, I'd say. To me, it's on the same obnoxious level as the people who obsessively praise MW 2005 and compare every future release to that game like their life depended on it.
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2023.03.30 05:54 snopuppy I'm sorry if this doesn't fit, but I don't know where else to say it; The "git gud" comments need to stop.

Like anyone, I have, many a time, gotten pretty frustrated at a video game. Whether is a particularly hard section, a boss with cheap mechanics, or it's just not a good fit for the player. For whatever reason, it is completely natural and valid to get frustrated at a roadblock you've been pounding your head on for hours at a time. And when you do feel frustrated, a lot of the time, you just want to get it out, and who are the absolute worst people to vent to? People who can't relate to the issue. They have never played games, don't know the mechanics, don't understand how you could even get frustrated over a "silly little game". So no one is going to call up their mom or dad or siblings to vent like they would if, say, your car broke down. So, we go to where gamers congregate like Reddit, Steam, or IGN Forums. The internet is literally the only place some people have to get out what they need to get out.
Now if you've been in the internet forum biz for any amount of time, you've seen these threads "Such and such is so bullshit..." "This so and so is so cheap!" "I HATE THIS BOSS!" and I would gamble a bet that you've seen the replies to these people just trying to ease the pressure currently rising to a boiling point, and it's anything but encouraging or comforting. "Git gud scrub" "YourMom69 can beat that boss with his flaccid penis." "I beat that part with my butt cheeks on the bongo controller... scrub."
They may be frustrated, but they're not idiots. I'm sure people are fully aware that someone in the world can beat the game blindfolded with their toes. You know what? I'm not that guy (or girl)! I'm some 30-something schmoe who picked up the game 2 hours ago. Telling me it is possible is akin to outright saying that the poster sucks and they should "git gud". You're not helping anyone with the "I've beaten the game one hundred and fifty three thousand times and never had that problem" bullshit reply. All you're doing is the verbal equivalent of sucking your own dick and pretending like the poster is somehow stupid because they can't suck theirs.
It's literally impossible to vent frustration about video games unless you have a group of friends who don't need to weeney wag in front of eachother. So... it should probably stop. Getting frustrated is normal. Wanting to vent is normal. Finding an outlet online is normal. So people need to stop acting like they're somehow superior because they have already beaten the game. Not only is that not the point, no one asked you a damn thing, but is that the kind of thing you would want to hear if you were just looking to let off a little steam? No. So why is it so rampant?
Just let people vent and don't belittle them for feeling completely normal human emotions. No one cares about you right now, so don't post about how uber awesome you are at the game, and next time, when you're frustrated, I'll extend the same courtesy. It's possibly the most toxic bullshit response to someone looking to just vent their frustration.
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2023.03.30 05:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022

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2023.03.30 05:48 waltei Ranking Dragon Ball Games By Cutscene Quality

Played through most of the games and dragon ball content. Some of the games have a lot of unique content in them but I don't feel like replaying them and playing 1000 fights so I've been watching the cutscene movies on youtube. Here is the viewing experience graded.
Dragon Ball Fighterz: Solid A. Unique dialogue and story. The dialogue is 10/10 and I enjoyed the character interactions immensely like Cell talking to Adult Gohan. Run time is 6 hours.
Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2: Solid A. Same level of quality and I think both are excellent. There are enough twists to keep the game engaging and the animated cutscenes and even some of the CGI ones are really nice. I enjoyed Trunks being the center of the story and the way the storylines are altered are really interesting. The DLC cutscenes in xenoverse 2 are of exceptional quality visually so highly recommend those as well. Run time of each game movie about 3 hours each.
Ultimate Tenkaichi: Solid A. It's a visual spectacle and the animated cutscenes are 10/10. The hero mode cutscenes are a short 1 hour unique movie and the rehashing of the main story is solidly done. Lots of reused dialogue from Raging Blast 1 but this is a superior viewing experience IMO. Run time is about 3 hours.
Kakarot: A. This might be a skip for you if you already watched dragon ball z a bunch of times. But compared to some of the older games this is clearly the highest quality retelling of DBZ. The CGI cutscenes range from okay to some of the best dragon ball content in the history of the series. Run time is several hours long.
Shin Budokai 1 and 2: B+. Shin Budokai 1 is mostly text with static character art but an expanded retelling of Fusion Reborn and it's actually a fun ride. The sequel has a decent amout of voiced dialogue at the start of each chapter with a unique story about trunks timeline during the buu saga. There aren't any videos that just have the story dialogue so I have to fast forward battles which is unfortunate but the movies would be about 2 hours of story each.
Revenge of King Piccolo: B+. A retelling of Dragon Ball from the red ribbon up to the piccolo arc. It's truncated into an hour and a half of cutscenes but basically all of it has really good character art, cutscenes that visually hold up, and excellent pacing. In some ways, this is a great alternate experience of dragon ball outside of the anime and manga. Highly recommend to watch for original dragon ball fans. A little more cutscenes and less voiced text boxes would bump this to a solid A.
Dragon Ball Fusions: B+. Unique story focused on the small characters in DBZ like Goten, Trunks, Pan (she is actually likable in this game) and some original characters. If you like seeing Vegeta and Goku act as masters and tons of cool fusions and unique story, then this is a good watch
Extreme Butoden: B. Text based and the main story is an easy skip but the adventure mode is a unique story that is a fun ride.
Burst Limit: B. Short (1 hour) and to the point retelling of DBZ up to the cell saga. Visually the graphics probably held up the best out of any of dragon ball games not available on modern hardware.
Budokai 3: B-. Kinda generic retelling of DBZ but it has style with tons of voice boxes and the pacing of the character arcs and the voice acting has a lot of passion behind it. Could be lower but for some reason the style just resonates with me. Run time is 4 hours.
Raging Blast 1: B-. Kinda generic with some decently good graphics EXCEPT for the what if scenes. Watch them as they are some of the greatest content in a DBZ game and the dialogue is supremely good. No cutscene movie on youtube that just compiles the cutscenes so you have to fast forward battles but the cutscenes run about 2-3 hours long.
Legacy of Goku 2+3: B-. Great Bruce Falconer music and dialogue straight from the show. It's a fun nostalgia watch and guilty pleasure imo.
Budokai 1: Really nice for the time. But there are so many better ways to watch the main story of DBZ up to the Cell Saga (Buu not included) that it hasn't aged for viewing today as well. Run time is an hour.
Infinite World: Comparable to Budokai 1 but only 20 minutes of the most important cutscenes from DBZ and a tiny bit from GT.
Tenkaichi Tag Team: Supremely impressive amount of voice acting and story for the PSP gives this game bonus points. A couple of interesting what-if scenarios but otherwise it's a bunch of chibis and mid-battle dialogue for the most part with some screenshots from the anime here and there.
Budokai Tenkaichi 2: Mostly just static characters with dialogue. Lots of text too. 20 minutes of really basic 3D cutscenes. There are some interesting what if storylines sprinkled in which make it interesting which is all I would recommend. Otherwise you can skip the rest. Run time is 5 hours of low production.
Budokai Tenkaichi 3: It's mostly just dialogue playing in the background of battles. Great game that covers Dragon Ball up to GT but it's super scattered and no real cutscenes. There is a short what if section of unique dialogue but it's kinda meh. Run time is 4 hours of low production.
Supersonic Warriors 1+2: Text based and mostly repetitive but with some semi-interesting what-if storylines. Good for the time and original hardware but a bit dry today.
Nonexistent/Generic Dialogue: Battle of Z, Raging Blast 2, Budokai 2, Budokai Tenkaichi 1, Legacy of Goku 1
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2023.03.30 05:46 ticktach my grandma might be a xenophobic karen and i need proof

hello, i never post on reddit, but im afraid my grandma might be on a viral karen meltdown video and im not sure how to find it. ive seen the video first hand a couple times but shrugged it off until now. i dont remember much from the video but ill do my best to describe it.
i know it takes place in california because she makes a comment about it in some form, and i know, even though we live in michigan, that she travels there in the summers, shes actually coming back here like tomorrow
she also makes a comment about being able to call her family and they would beat the camerawomen up 🤷
shes also 65, has short, white hair and, if i remember correctly, is wearing a sun hat and a … possibly teal long dress?
if you can help at all thank you, and again i never post on reddit so for all i know this could be the wrong server to post this in
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2023.03.30 05:25 strawberrycow-wow update to my previous posts:

don’t worry this is censored!
i’m not sure how reddit works i usually just use it to comment/scroll around on/ look random stuff up.
i previously made a post about how my mom and i had contracted the sb. i had been doing okay until about 10 minutes ago. i’m soooo n it’s starting to cause me some panic. i was doing so much better at handling my anxiety but i’m just really n* and i’m worried i’ll have to face my fear by looking at it right in the eyes.
i’m trembling and getting really shakey. my stomach sounds like it’s digesting food from earlier (slight stomach rumbling) so i’m praying after that stops the n* will go away. i’m beginning to freak out guys any support would be nice. i really thought i was beating this without v* but now i’m not so sure.
on a scale of 1 behind fine and 10 being HELPPPPP im at a 6
i hope you all are having a good evening :)
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2023.03.30 05:25 sloppier-manxx My cousin’s expedition through JoJo- Golden Wind

My cousin’s expedition continues now we enter part 5 Golden Wind - he uses the localized stand names because he watches the anime on netflix.
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2023.03.30 05:22 MrJackGoff Feeling Exhausted

For anyone who’s through the toughest parts of their cancer experience, do you ever just look back and feel devastatingly exhausted, like you were dead on the outside and now you’re dead on the inside? I literally started to learn how to drive just months before people realized my benign brain tumor became malignant and did some stupid things. I’ve been beating myself up a lot about that the last few weeks. I took mushrooms in an attempt to cope and create new connections in my brain before losing half of it, but the stuff I got was laced and they gave me Narcan. No one told me weed was bad for my tumor and my use of it, combined with alcohol, caused this mess in the first place. I get lost thinking about all this and the countless hospital visits, only to realize I somehow got my associate’s degree in that time. I know deep down that good things are headed my way, but as the title says, I feel exhausted. I have to be just about the luckiest, unluckiest person in America. Anyone would have thought I’d be a vegetable right now, yet here I am. I look back at the last few years, substance use, doing some stupid things while driving, long walks and runs through the night, even straight out of radiation and surgery, and so many other aspects that make me question how I even still have a heartbeat. I guess I just struggle to accept luck, at least given in the horrible situation I’ve found myself in. I want to feel in control, like I don’t need anything to fall back on because I’ll actually be a normal person and not need it.
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2023.03.30 05:21 Difficult-Ad-2964 This guy

This guy
How to beat this guy can someone give me some pointers
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2023.03.30 05:20 trixiebabe6225 A letter for him.

Dear T,
I hope this letter finds you well. I have been meaning to write to you for some time now to express my feelings, which I have been keeping inside for far too long.
As you know, we have been working together for over a year now, and during this time, I have grown to admire you deeply. I value your beliefs and your unwavering motivation to be successful. Your passion for science and your desire to make a difference in the world is truly inspiring.
Your intelligence, combined with your dedication to your work, is something I have come to admire and respect deeply. Your drive and commitment to your research is contagious, and I find myself constantly motivated by your example. I am in awe of the way you approach complex problems with ease and your unrelenting desire to find answers.
But it's not just your work ethic that I admire, it's also your character. Your kindness and support have been a source of comfort to me, especially during recent challenging times. Your genuine care for others and willingness to lend a helping hand is truly a rare and wonderful quality.
I know this may come as a surprise, but I have also developed feelings for you that go beyond just admiration. I know that we work together and any action would cause complications, but I could not keep my feelings to myself any longer. I have to tell you how I feel.
Your mere gaze makes my heart skip a thousand beats. Your beautiful blueish grey eyes make my knees weak, and your infectious smile warms my heart. I know that I should not feel this way, given our circumstances, but I can no longer deny this ache in my chest whenever I am around you. I've never felt this type of way for anyone... not even him. I know I desperately look for excuses to see you. Come in early, or even when I don't have anything to do... just so I can find reasons to talk to you, even if there should be none. I'm sorry.
I'll be leaving here soon. I may never see you again. The thought alone breaks my heart. Everything in my head tells me the distance will be good, as if I can give myself a chance to properly move on from whatever burn this passion ignites. But I had to take the risk and share my heart with you. I need to let this out. This ache in my chest has been festering for over a year now, and I think it's time to tell you how I really feel... sadly, just as I also say good bye. For what it's worth, I hope you can appreciate that someone out there truly admires and appreciates you for everything you are. Take care, T. I'll miss you.
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2023.03.30 05:16 pingal1ty disappointed with Tower of treachery

its been just couple days of being released, got all achievements, past the map with full books, beat it in Legend and Cataclysm, this last difficulty was first try with a group of random people, then beat it with 200% twitch on Legend.
The fact you are able to brew health and utility potions at the start of the map makes it feel like if you were playing Recruit difficulty again.
The enemies floating when you kill them remember me to the IT movie, nothing new to be honest.
in Twitch mode bosses spawn outside the map and sometimes you even miss them.
The crypt at the end is not even needed, compared to trail of treachery the map is a joke
Feels like this was made for casual players and gave nothing for hardcore players, hell even cataclysm felt relatively easy.
The map lacks more Elite enemies during events to make it more challenging, for example the part in which you destroy some totems to change gravity back to normal, there's literally only basic infantry rats mixed with some clan rats, no SVs or anything that makes it challenging. Also after destroying each totem a fixed special will spawn, always the same one and at the exact same place, so its very predictable.
Last event compared to trail of treachery which had to be cheesed by most groups by using the crypt is a joke in comparison, the only thing you really need to pay attention is the undead line moving in a 360 pattern, so basically whole team fights in middle area while following this line and its really easy, things doesn't get complicated and are totally predictable.
Collectibles (Skulls) are only 10, if we compare to other maps that has collectibles aswell then you need to grab twice as many to complete the achievement, felt too easy to be honest.
The speedrun achievement which is discussably the hardest one can be cheesed in different ways that I'm not going to explain or detail here, everybody can use google to find it easy.
Lastly the map felt too short in comparison to any other map in the game, feels like the developer didn't had time to implement all ideas and they just released what was ready, or either they really think the map is cool like it is, however compared to any other map in the game, the amount of time that is required to complete a map is way higher than this one.
And the list of complains would go further and further if I had to describe each section of the map individually but I feel lazy right now to properly do it, althought people can get their own conclusions.
If anyone interested, a VOD (its bit pixelated I don't know why, I guess have to play with my settings) 200% twitch in this map showing also how chaos spawn can't be killed because outside the map.
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2023.03.30 05:14 Hellstorm5674 How safe is the Fells Point area?

I'm hitting up the Fells Point Tavern this Saturday at 9pm, I'm using the Harbor East parking garage to park. It's paid, but it beats street parking for sure. How safe is it? I'll be going alone so I want to gauge the audiences here first.
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2023.03.30 05:10 Toughboy12 How many throws can a disc take? The disc golf equivalent of "how many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop"!

Hey everyone!
We've all heard the classic question of "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?" But have you ever wondered - how many throws can a disc actually take in disc golf? We all know that discs can get beat up pretty quickly, especially if you're playing on a course with a lot of trees or other obstacles. So, I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion and see if we can come up with some answers.
So, let's get into it - how many throws do you think a disc is good for? How many tree hits can it handle before it starts to lose its stability? And what about really hard throws - can a disc handle those without getting damaged?
I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences. Have you ever had a disc that lasted for hundreds of throws, or one that broke after just a few? Let's share our stories and see if we can come up with some general guidelines for how long a disc should last.
And to tie it back to the Tootsie Pop question - just like the famous candy, the number of throws a disc can handle may be a mystery, but together we can try to solve it! Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to hearing your responses!
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2023.03.30 05:10 jessithedreamer 7 Helpful Tips for Hiking in Winter With Dogs

7 Helpful Tips for Hiking in Winter With Dogs
I used to assume hiking was from Spring to Fall. When Winter would hit, my hiking boots and tent would go away and my winter toys would come out. Not only did I not think hiking in the Winter would not be great for myself, but I was thinking of my dog, Bella. I figured her little paws and body couldn’t handle long hikes in the Winter.
However, this past year I learned years ago that I was way off. Not only can myself and my pup hike in the Winter, but we can thrive and enjoy it as well. However, there are some additional precautions and preparations that you should account for when hiking in the winter. Not only for yourself and other human friends, but for your fur babies as well. The biggest thing to remember too is that your dog can’t tell you what they need. YOU need to be the one taking care of them and making sure they are safe, healthy, and happy out on the trails!
Tips for Hiking in the Winter
  1. Stay nourished and hydrated. You don’t think of needing to drink as much water in the Winter vs Summer, but you actually need more. You burn more calories and use more energy doing physical activities outside in the Winter.
  2. Pay extra attention to trail maps. Snow can hide the trails and trail markers many times.
  3. Bring a warm drink in a thermos. There are many insulated cups out there that will keep your drink warm for hours. This will help heat your body up when cold.
  4. Wear layers. Have multiple layers on that you can add or take off, to keep your body at a safe and comfortable temperature.
  5. Wear gloves and hats. Keeping your extremities and head warm are super important in keeping your body temperature controlled.
  6. Hit the trails earlier and hike with the Sun. Since it gets dark so much earlier in the Winter, it is important to try and beat the dark. It is also important to try and hike in the Sun as much as you can, obviously keeping you much warmer!
  7. Choose the right gear for the right trail. Some trails in the Winter require good boots. However, some trails will require (at least highly recommend) either micro spikes, snowshoes, or ice trekkers.
  8. Make sure someone knows where you are going. This is a good idea for any time of year. However, in the Winter when there are more dangers, less people, and added precautions, it is especially important for someone to know where you are. (It is even safer to go with someone else, but as a solo hiker I can’t give that as an actual tip lol)
  9. Use other clothing materials besides cotton. Cotton takes much longer to dry, which leaves you wet and cold for significantly longer. This is NOT ideal in the Winter. Synthetic and wool layers dry much faster!
  10. Wear goggles or sunglasses. This is essential to protect your eyes from the sun, wind, and sun reflecting off the snow. (Some of the worst sun burns I’ve ever had were while snowboarding or hiking in the snow.)
Additional Tips for Hiking in Winter with Dogs
Besides hiking with my own dog (and cat) in the winter, I actually hike dogs full time for work. This means I have hiked (in Colorado) over 60 different dogs in the winter. I have seen dogs of different breeds, fur styles, sizes, temperaments, physical abilities, and much more!
1. Protect their paws. Depending on the length of the hike, the terrain involved, and the weather you are hiking through, will determine what you should use to protect their paws. Many times dog booties are highly recommended. Other times you can use different types of wax for their pads and paws.
2. Mushers Secret for Snowballs. This is not an issue with every breed, but for the ones it does effect it makes it very uncomfortable for them! You usually see this with doodles, and other dogs with curly or long fur. When they hike through snow they will get HUGE snowballs made in their fur. There are other homemade paw wax recipes you can make, and I’m sure there are other brands of premade ones. We use Mushers at work, so I am recommending it because I know it works well!
3. Bring extra water for your pups. Same with humans, our dogs need to be kept extra hydrated while hiking in the winter. They won’t feel hot, so they won’t feel the need to drink as much as their body is requiring. The snow is NOT enough to hydrate them! Bring extra water and also make sure it doesn’t freeze. This is actually an issue people run into in the Winter is having their drinking water freeze while out there.
4. Know your dog. There are breeds that their body is more suited for being outside in the Winter, and there are breeds that are not as capable. Know what your dog is capable of before bringing them on an outdoor adventure that is too much for them. Start small. Start with shorter, warmer hikes before taking on long, freezing hikes.
5. Recognize the signs when your dog is too cold. Some indications that your dog is too cold is constantly wanting to stop, shivering , picking up their paws, whining, laying down, and so much more! This goes along again with knowing your dog and what their personal signs are.
6. Be extra careful of your terrain. In the Winter you can come across frozen lakes or rivers covered with snow, avalanches ready to happen, and so many other dangerous situations! Once again, your dog doesn’t know these dangers. YOU have to be aware enough for the both of you.
7. Get them a jacket. Jackets for your dog are not only ADORABLE, but they are extremely useful in keeping them warm outside in the winter. Think about how many layers you have on, and compare that to your dog being in their bare skin.
I hope these tips are helpful. Enjoy the Winter with your dogs, you both deserve to stay happy and moving!
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2023.03.30 05:09 Traditional_Plum9085 Leveling up ps4

I'm fairly new to the game and I feel like I got lucky when I beat Margit the fell Omen. I just want to know how I can level up so I can progress through the game easier .
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2023.03.30 04:59 Full_Sundae 3 years of trying nofap and I still haven’t found freedom

Just relapsed again. I can’t tell you how many “streaks” I have had and they just end up right where I am now. I am so lost on how to beat this thing, i have tried everything and I cannot stop.
Life is always so much better when I’m on long streaks and even though I know that, it doesn’t come close to stopping me from relapsing over and over again. I just want to be free and live life outside of this, fuck!
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2023.03.30 04:52 SteveTheOrca How many Paraceratherium would it be needed in order to bring down a single Dreadnoughtus? (Real Life)

A few weeks ago I made a post asking which mammals could beat some dinosaurs species, and one of those prompts included these guys in particular, and I felt the necessity to make it its own post:
Paraceratherium was one of the biggest species of mammals that ever existed. A close relative of rhinos, this titan is estimated to have reached a shoulder height of almost 4.8 meters, and a length of 7.4 meters, with a weight ranging between 15 to 20 tonnes.
Dreadnoughtus, on the other hand, was one of the biggest sauropods that ever walked on Earth, with the prompt specifically talking about Dreadnoughtus schrani. This guy had a length of 26 meters from head to tail, a weight of 48-49 metric tons, with a shoulder height estimated to be 6 meters tall.
Although it's quite obvious who's the winner in a 1v1 fight (a single sauropod would probably kick away the hornless rhino), I asked myself instead how many Paracers would we require in order to bring down a single specimen of those long-necked guys?
Basing myself on the Prehistoric Planet depiction, ofc. Battle takes place in a field. The Paracers will actively try to bring down their rival, but they won't be bloodlusted. Killing him isn't necessary, it just needs to fall.
R1: The Dreadnoughtus is standing still.
R2: The Dreadnoughtus decides that he isn't taking this shit and he starts fighting back.
Bonus: Let's change species: How many of these guys would we need to bring down a single Triceratops?
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2023.03.30 04:51 DrunkSpartan15 Where am I at in the game?

I have the Mortal blade, I beat the Guardian Ape and got the flower, and I’m going to Mibu Village after some grinding. How far am I in the game? 1/3? 2/3?
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2023.03.30 04:51 Designer_Spend1603 Panic Attack or Meltdown?

I experienced one of the above but I’m unsure which it was, or if it was both. Before I start I must state that I do have depression and anxiety (now on meds) but I’m not diagnosed with Autism (I have an assessment next month). And I have asthma.
Okay so here’s the story: I was at school and it was before gym/PE, we were getting changed and I felt nauseous, I played it off but it kept…building. So I told the teacher and they sent me to the nurse. The nurse was busy and I had to wait 20-30 mins. All the while I was getting worse, my breathing was irregular, my heart was beating fast, my palms were sweaty and my stomach was in pain. By the time I saw the nurse I felt like I was about to pass away. The feeling of…doom surrounded me and I couldn’t breath. I was given my inhaler and told to calm down but nothing worked. My face swelled up and my vision was limited somewhat. I was put in a small room and I turned the lights off as it felt better. I was sent home. Around 2 hours later I made it home still in this intense state (due to various reasons and I had to take multiple trains). I was violently vomiting, took and shower, and was put to bed in a dark room by my mother. I soon felt calmer and slept for roughly 21 hours straight.
I still don’t know what this was or how/why it happened. Understandably so I fear it happening again and various doctors have told me different things about it. Any answers or questions y’all have I would be happy to answer. Thank you.
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2023.03.30 04:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022

Get the course here:
[Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022
Finding and Flipping Tax Delinquent Properties the RIGHTway
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