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Outfits worn by The Weather Channel's Alex Wilson. Alex Wilson joined The Weather Channel in March 2013. Previously, she worked as the morning meteorologist at FOX Carolina in Greenville, SC. Before that, she spent two years at WOWK-TV and WVNS-TV in Huntington, WV.

2023.06.01 22:12 anacidghost The Massage Studio

The house didn’t have a traditional front door.
It was built specifically for grandma and grandpa back when all the grandkids were young and running around. They’d outgrown the larger home everyone lived in together, so they passed on that one and spent their last years in the little one.
I don’t know what you know about Mennonites, but almost everything they need is built by themselves or their loved ones, which is exactly what they’d done. At first, the layout was just a small dining room and kitchen with an open concept living room and bedroom.
The bedroom, which my parents stayed in, had one of those rickety vinyl sliding doors, and a pantry off of the side. My room was added as an extension when the granddaughter moved in. Around the same time they added a garage around the front door.
When I pulled in, the nose of the car would be pointing toward the unused casket (which my dad referred to as “grandma”) and toward the former front door. When I’d get home I had to to knock every time, because the only accesslocked from the inside with one of those big sliding metal locks that go (Michael Jackson voice) shooka-chooka, shooka-chooka, (ooh!).
One night, I was sitting at a diner with other cast members after a rehearsal, when I got a call from my mom who sounded more spooked than I’d ever heard her. She asked if I could hurry home and bring “one of the men from the theatre department,” because she had heard strange sounds and thought there must be an animal in the house. I was simultaneously pretty freaked out to hear her that scared, and laughing so much at the concept of a raccoon or opossum in the house, so all six or seven people at the table were looking at me like 👁👄👁
I gave a brief explanation, looked at the three guys and said, “Does anyone want to go maybe fight an animal with me?” One of them was like, “I have never wanted anything more,” so we got in my car and headed over. As we pulled up, my mom was standing outside in front of the open garage. I asked her to start from the beginning and here’s what she told me to the best of my recollection.
After I had gone to rehearsal, since oil field guys usually travel to a job site, my mom was alone. She read for a bit, had dinner, and was just sitting watching tv. She heard the signature shooka-chooka of the big metal sliding lock and said she had the thought, “Oh, she must be home,” but before she could finish that thought the second, worse one came, “Wait. This door only opens from the inside.”
She jumped up, and hot stepped over to the front door to see if it had been locked. It was. She said all her hair stood up, and then she heard the exact same shooka-chooka sliding metal sound coming from the pantry off of her bedroom. Immediately after, there was loud rustling coming from the pantry, big enough that she earnestly thought it was an animal.
That’s when she booked it outside and called me. She didn’t enter the house until we got there like ten minutes later. She just sat and watched the door she’d left open to see if an animal sneaked out. The guy and I heard all this and we were still, like, doing hog calls at each other and laughing that we were gonna go capture an animal.
We both grabbed brooms, and headed inside. We stopped to listen, nothing but quiet. As we slowly moved around checking everywhere, poking furniture with our emergency jousting sticks, we basically agreed that if there had been an animal, it would still be in the old pantry.
I’ll take a second to note that I’m being really generous by still calling this space a pantry. It had no food. It was just old metal shelving from floor to ceiling with radios, broken lamps, and stuff like that on them.
My mom had said “I don’t like that space” the day we moved in, and being a little demon believer, I was like “Say no more, I will never again enter it.”
The guy and I walked in, and after a second of us looking around, he went “Uhhhhhhhhhhh… what is the big door behind this shelving, and why does it have a sliding lock on it?”
We must have stood there in silence for a whole ninety seconds before I was like, “UM, MAMA????”
She came in and we silently just pointed to what we’d found, so now it was all three of us quietly staring at the mystery door, whose lock was undone.
Now, you knew from the beginning of this story that the hidden room was a massage studio. What you didn’t know, and what we didn’t know until that moment is that the massage studio, truly looking as though it could still be used, was attached to the house, you just had to move a metal shelf to reach it.
It was clearly a very professional space that was designed for therapeutics. The lighting was nice and low, and besides the big door, the walls were covered in light pink tulle curtains.
To this day I don’t know what possessed my friend to start looking behind the curtains, because I was thinking to myself that it was just a windowless addition with the one entrance through the pantry, and that was why we hadn’t noticed it… but he did start looking behind the curtains where he found, maybe you guessed it, a final hidden door.
All three of our jaws were on the ground, mine especially, because it was the exact same type of plywood sliding door as the closets in my room. He unlocked it (shooka-chooka), slid it open, and we were staring into my bedroom.
This cool ass bitch who I never even got to be friends with outside of her whispering something in my ear, had a HIDDEN DOOR to connect her room and her work space! She would bring clients in through the house and into the studio. I’m actually smiling just writing this part. The hot one, her baby brother, told me afterward that she’d had a really lovely life with two jobs she loved, massage therapy and taking care of her grandparents. She went to school and made that life despite knowing that she was carrying the gene and that she’d be getting sick before she even turned thirty.
Back to that night, though. The three of us didn’t really know what to say, so we just nervously laughed and said, “Thank God it wasn’t a rabid animal!” My friend and I got back in the car, and since all of this had only taken like 30 minutes, we headed back to the diner where our friends were still waiting. As I pulled into my parking spot he looked over at me and said, “Do we admit that we just got shown a secret room by the ghost of a massage therapist?”
I said to let me think about it while we walked in, but by the time our butts hit the booth it was already spilling out, and we discussed paranormal experiences until two in the morning.
Later I told my mom everything that i had experienced from the closet doors, to the whispering, to the green bean. She admitted that she’d had similar weird little stuff happening but had felt too silly to mention it.
I know she’s just an idea, or a ghost if you believe in them, but I’ve always felt that she wanted to show me around the home she loved, and was going to make a racket until I looked.
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2023.06.01 22:10 StrivingJarl Metallix Uprising - Chapter 3

Metallix Uprising - Chapter 3
AO3 Link
Chapter 3: Purpose

\11 AS. Stardust Speedway (Bad Future).\**
Metal Sonic flies above in a sky covered in red thunder clouds, with the kidnapped Amy Rose. Far below them is a polluted, dystopian city. The jade-colored highways are rusty, with the instruments attached to it broken, and not only was there a gray amusement park in the city, but also a large Robotnik statue.
Staring down at the city, Amy felt scared, and disgusted at it’s current state. In fact, due to the pollution in the area, she started coughing a bit. Metal Sonic, however, just kept flying towards it’s destination. And soon enough, the two arrive at a prison cell with a laser gate and console to activate it.
Landing down on the ground, Metal Sonic pulls Amy over to the cell, with the latter desperately trying to wiggle her way out of the former’s grasp. But it’s all for not, as the robotic hedgehog throws the pink hedgehog into the cell without a care, and presses a button on the console to turn the laser gate on.
Getting back up from the ground, and also grasping her wrists, Amy looks back towards Metal Sonic, who’s just staring at her with it’s piercing red eyes. Though she’s very much afraid of what might happen to her, Ms. Rose tries to put on a brave face, and goes up to the laser gate in order to rant at her kidnapper.
Amy: “Let me go right now! You have no idea how to treat a lady right!”
Metal Sonic: “Your well-being and opinions are of no importance.”
Metal Sonic: “The only thing that matters is using you as bait.”
Amy: “Bait? For what?”
Metal Sonic: “There is no need for you to know.”
Metal Sonic: “You will stay in this cell until Sonic gets here.”
Amy: “Because he’s gonna save me, and kick your butt!”
Metal Sonic: “Wrong. He will perish, and I will have fulfilled my purpose.”
Metal Sonic: “Then, you will have served your usefulness.”
Amy: “...”
For a moment, Amy looks at Metal Sonic silently with an expression that’s stuck between angry and troubled. But then, she says something.
Amy: “...You said your purpose was to kill Sonic, and serve Robotnik.”
Amy: “But don’t you have anything you want to do for yourself?”
Metal Sonic: “My goals are the same as my master.”
Amy: “Are they? Or is that just what he wants you to do?”
Amy: “What if he’s only using you? What happens after you’ve taken care of Sonic?”
Metal Sonic: “Robotnik treats me with respect. He recognizes my power.”
Metal Sonic: “And once Sonic is destroyed, I will continue to serve my master for as long as I function.”
Amy: “But there’s so much more to life than serving someone else!”
Amy: “Isn’t there anything you aspire to be? Something you wish you could do that isn’t about Sonic or your creator?”
Metal Sonic: “...?”
Hearing Amy’s words, Metal Sonic seems to think about what she’s saying. And for just a few seconds, the pink hedgehog thinks she may be reaching this machine. But her hopes are dashed as it responds.
Metal Sonic: “...I am a machine designed for combat and conquest. I have no aspirations, aside from what I’m ordered.”
Metal Sonic: “What makes you think I can be anything more than that?”
Amy: “Well…because I think of you as your own person.”
Amy: “Machine or not, you’re still a living being with thoughts and emotions.”
Metal Sonic: “Nonsense. Your optimism and empathy are flawed.”
Metal Sonic: “Plus, you are likely just trying to convince me to let you out of here.”
Amy: “No, I’m not!”
Amy: “Or at least…I hope that could happen, but right now, I don’t care!”
Amy: “You don’t have to follow anyone’s orders! You can do what YOU want! Enjoy life on YOUR whims!”
Amy: “Just think about it! Ignore what Robotnik wants you to do for only a minute!”
Amy: “What do YOU want to do with your life?”
Metal Sonic: “...”
A moment of silence is shared between Amy and Metal Sonic, with the former having a concerned expression on her face as she stares at the latter, who is looking down at the ground, seemingly lost in thought. However, the moment is short-lived, as someone arrives while grumbling angrily about something.
This catches the attention of Amy and Metal Sonic, as they look to see Dr. Robotnik approach the prison cell. He’s a little bruised, and angry, but is trying to collect himself. The robotic hedgehog decides to speak first.
Metal Sonic: “Are you okay, master? Do you require medical attention?”
Robotnik: “No, I do not! I’m just a little battered after dealing with Sonic!”
Robotnik: “He’s not only restored Collision Chaos to normal, but he’s also got another Time Stone!”
Amy smiles a bit when hearing this, while Metal Sonic continues the conversation.
Metal Sonic: “At this rate, the hedgehog may ruin everything we’ve been working on.”
Robotnik: “Don’t remind me, Metal! But we still got 2 of the 7 gemstones he needs!”
Robotnik: “Plus, a little bonus!”
Robotnik looks over at Amy, grinning. Despite being fearful of the doctor, the pink hedgehog does her best to be brave.
Robotnik: “Ah yes…Sonic’s little girlfriend, correct?”
Amy: “Hmph! Your mustache is gross!”
This comment immediately sets Robotnik off.
Robotnik: “SILENCE! My mustache is glorious!”
Robotnik: “But then again, I wouldn’t expect a friend of that rodent to have refined taste, like me!”
Amy: “No way! You’ve completely ruined this world! Why would you do something like this!?”
Robotnik: “Because everything would be better if I was in control!”
Robotnik: “Just imagine it for a moment!”
Robotnik: “No one to boss you around or cause problems! Tons of machines that follow your every whim! All of your enemies destroyed and humiliated!”
Robotnik: “And most importantly of all…lots of monuments and theme-parks in my honor!”
Amy: “Ugh…I’d rather not have your face plastered everywhere I go!”
Robotnik: “Tch! It doesn’t matter how you feel about my utopia!”
Robotnik: “Once Sonic’s done for, you will be too! And with all the Time Stones, I’ll take over Earth easily!”
Amy: “Sonic isn’t gonna lose to you, fatso!”
Robotnik: “Who said it was gonna be ME that dealt the final blow?”
Taking his attention off of Amy, Robotnik focuses on Metal Sonic.
Robotnik: “Metal Sonic! Go mess with Sonic!”
Metal Sonic: “What about the trap?”
Robotnik: “I’m not telling you to kill him yet! Just go check on him, and show him he stands no chance against you!”
Robotnik: “Perhaps that’ll rile him up a bit? Enough to make him a little too eager to beat you that he’ll get distracted more easily?”
Metal Sonic: “I see. Excellent idea.”
Robotnik: “Of course! It is MY idea!”
Robotnik: “Now, get to it! I’ll prepare for his arrival in Tidal Tempest!”
Metal Sonic nods, and flies off towards Sonic’s location, while Robotnik walks off as well. But not before getting a few Badniks to watch over Amy in her cell. As for the pink hedgehog, she sits down and wraps her arms around her legs, worried for her life, and if Sonic will really be okay.
\Some time later. Tidal Tempest (Past).\**
In an underground cavern with green pipes, stone pillars, and water with a dark tint to it, Sonic is trying to look for the Robot Generator, and any signs of another Time Stone. He smashes some Badniks along the way, and has been doing his best not to get into the water. Though, unfortunately for him, there’s a lot of it here.
After making his way around for a couple of minutes, Sonic manages to spot something at a high cliff, and tries to get over there. However, it’s a pain for him to get around this area. But in the end, he manages to get to that high cliff, and finds a Robot Generator, making him smile.
Sonic: “Sigh…about time I found this thing!”
Sonic: “Honestly, while this place isn’t as bad as the Labyrinth on South Island, it’s still annoying to traverse!”
Sonic: “No matter! I’m gonna smash it!”
Stretching his arms a bit, Sonic then jumps up in a ball, ready to destroy the Robot Generator. But suddenly, Metal Sonic comes in and kicks the organic hedgehog away from it. Luckily, he isn’t too hurt, but he IS pretty annoyed once he sees his robotic double.
Sonic: “You again! Here to start a fight!?”
Metal Sonic: “Not necessarily. I was told to check on you.”
Metal Sonic: “The real fight will start when you arrive at Stardust Speedway.”
Sonic: “I remember that part! Now get out of my way!”
Metal Sonic: “No. I cannot let you destroy this Robot Generator.”
Metal Sonic: “But if you want to give me your Time Stones, I’ll consider letting you go.”
Sonic: “Tch! No way, chrome dome! I’m freeing this area from Eggman’s influence, and you ain’t stopping me!”
Metal Sonic: “Well then…let’s see you try.”
With that exchange finished, Metal Sonic and Sonic clash for the first time. Immediately, the organic hedgehog comes to find that this copy hog is much more formidable than he expected for a Robotnik-made machine. Not only can it take whatever he can dish out, and hits hard, but it also seems to know how he works. Like he’s seen him fight before.
After a few minutes of this, Sonic decides to stop, while Metal Sonic waits for his next move. Then, the organic hedgehog speaks.
Sonic: “Heh…gotta give you credit, Metal. You’re actually pretty capable for an Eggman bot.”
Metal Sonic: “Of course. No mere Badnik can compare to what I am.”
Metal Sonic: “And clearly…neither can you.”
Sonic: “I’m just a little unprepared is all! And traversing all that water is a bit tiring!”
Metal Sonic: “Hmm…then I suppose this can’t go any further…”
Sonic: “Oh, I’m not finished yet! Plus, I need to know what you did with Amy!”
Metal Sonic: “The pink hedgehog is fine. She’s right where she needs to be.”
Metal Sonic: “She thinks you’ll save her. Such foolish optimism.”
Sonic: “Or maybe she believes in me! Believes that I’ll take you and Robotnik down, no matter what you two throw my way!”
Metal Sonic: “Really now? Perhaps I should test that?”
Metal Sonic charges itself up with some sort of orange electricity, while Sonic stands his ground, not knowing what to expect. And after a few seconds, the robotic hedgehog releases a powerful shockwave, nearly pushing the organic hedgehog off the cliff and into the watery depths, alongside some rubble.
With the move finished, Metal Sonic cools down for a moment, while also looking at it’s surroundings. The Robot Generator is undamaged, and Sonic is barely hanging on to the cliff. Once ready, the robotic hedgehog walks over to the organic one, who’s trying to get back up. And when it reaches him, Metal proceeds to step on the blue blur’s hands, one-by-one.
Then, Sonic falls down into the water below, with Metal Sonic staring at him. Scanning over the area, it can tell the hedgehog is still alive. And with it’s mission accomplished, the machine heads off. As for the blue blur, he manages to get back to where he was. Only this time, he’s much more irritated after basically losing to his metallic knockoff.
Sonic: “Dangit! He got away!”
Sonic: “I swear, when I finally get to face him in the real fight, I’m gonna put him in his place!”
Sonic: “But…I couldn’t deny he was good. And fast.”
Sonic: “If only he was a friend…it’d be fun to race against him every now and then.”
Sonic: “Though, I don’t think I can expect that kind of thing from an Eggman bot.”
Sonic: “Either way, he’s going down!”
After finally smashing the Robot Generator, Sonic continues through Tidal Tempest, eager to not only save Little Planet and Amy, but also take down Eggman, and beat Metal Sonic at his own game. After all…
There’s only one true Sonic, right?

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2023.06.01 22:10 RedSoxGameday Game Thread: 6/1 Reds (26-29) @ Red Sox (28-27) 7:10 PM

First Pitch: 7:10 PM at Fenway Park
Team Starter TV Radio
Reds Hunter Greene (1-4, 4.18 ERA) BSOH WLW
Red Sox Chris Sale (5-2, 4.72 ERA) NESN WEEI, WAMG (ES)
Game Preview
Reddit Stream for this post

Line Score - Pre-Game

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
CIN 0 0 0 -
BOS 0 0 0 -

Box Score

Posted at 4:10 PM. Updates start at game time.

Tracker MLB.com Game Graph
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2023.06.01 22:09 clearliquidclearjar TALLAHASSEE WEEKLY EVENTS, 6/1 – 6/7

Events are listed by the day. Events that happen every week appear first, one time stuff after that. If you have anything you’d like people to know about, comment here or message me and I’ll add it in. If you’d like further info about any of the events, look it up! I usually don’t have any extra to add.
Large Scale, Ongoing, and Multi-Day Events
Local Running, Walking, and Biking Info: https://troubleafoot.blogspot.com/
OutdooFarmer’s Markets:
  • Blue Tavern: Bluegrass Jam with Dennis Hardin. 5pm
  • Blue Tavern: Wasted Potential Brass Band. 8pm
  • House of Music: Steeln’ Peaches: The Music of the Allman Brothers Band. 8pm
  • Lake Tribe: Flannel Friday. Flannel Fridays will be featuring a wide range of fall themed 'Pop-up' activities such as food trucks, live music, campfires, s'mores roasting, new seasonal brews, and more! Come dawn your flannel and cozy up to the simpler things in life. Our beers taste like the outdoors feel, let our tasting room be your Friday cabin retreat. 4pm
  • Gamescape: MTG Friday Night Magic. FORMAT: Standard Constructed. Swiss rounds as determined by the number of players with a maximum of 5 rounds. 7pm/$5
  • Hobbit West: Friday Night Dart Tournament. Anyone can Enter! Sign ups at 7:30, Darts fly at 8:00/$10 entry fee
  • Ouzts Too: Karaoke with DJ Nathan. Best karaoke DJ in town. 8pm
  • Club Downunder: CDU X Hip Hop Club Presents Freestyle Friday. Show off your freestyle rap or poetry skills at Freestyle Friday! Doors are at 7:30 with the show starting at 8:00 in Club Downunder! Send an email to [email protected] to sign up! 8pm
  • The Bar at La Casa: Karaoke with DJ FUSION. 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with DJ Rah. 9pm-11pm/21+
  • 926: The Hot Friday Night Party and Drag Show. 9pm/$5/18+
  • Blue Tavern: Everett Young. 5pm
  • Square Mug: Jordie Hendrix. 6pm
  • The Plant: Maker’s Market featuring local artists selling handmade items and live music by Bad Weather, High Speed Suicide, Speed Runner, ArsonGender, and Computer Man. 6:30pm
  • Ology Midtown: Kanise featuring Facey. 7pm
  • Island Wings: Lee C Payton performs a tribute to Kathryn Belle Long. 7pm
  • Fire Bettys: Groove Merchants. 8pm/21+
  • The Bark: Saturnalia, Gangs of Paris, Headfoam, and Wojtek. 8pm
  • Brinkley Glen Park: Invasive Plant Removal. Join Master Gardener Volunteers at this weekly invasive plant removal event. This is a great way to learn to ID our invasive plant species and how to remove them. We recommend wearing long pants and sleeves, closed-toed shoes, gloves, a hat and mosquito spray. Bring gardening tools such as hand clippers, loppers, trowels, etc. if you have them. We are removing coral ardisia bushes and berries, nandina, tung trees, Tradescantia flumenensis, cat's claw vine, winged yam, Japanese climbing fern, skunkvine and more. Directions: The best way to get there is to take Meridian Rd to Waverly Rd, go to the next intersection and turn left onto Abbotsford Way, then turn left at the next road called Woodside Dr. At the stop sign turn left onto Lothian. Lothian ends in a cul-de-sac and there is a sign that says Brinkley Glen Park. 8:30am-11:30am
  • The Rose Room: The Rose Revue. Performances by your favorite entertainers and special guests! Shows at 8pm, 10pm, & Midnight! A unique cast EACH show! 7pm
  • Duke’s and Dottie’s: Line Dancing Plus Lessons. 7pm/21+
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Laughterday Night Fever. This week: Five Year Anniversary Laughterday Night Fever! Join us every Saturday at Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack for a free comedy show! 8:30pm
  • La Casa Bar: Karaoke With Nathan. 9pm-1am
  • Blue Tavern: First Saturday Swim with Bluegill Bill. 5pm
  • Tally Print Studio (225 E Pershing St): Grand Opening featuring local printmakers, food vendors, live screen printing, clothing swap, and live music from DJ Enigumatic, Danitza, Rachel Hillman, and Sleep John B. 5pm-10pm
  • Oyster City Brewing Co: Mechanical Lincoln. 7pm
  • The Bark: Boy Named Sue, Teens In Trouble, and Copyright Claim. 7:30pm
  • Square Mug: Suddenly, Bench Warmer, and Sarah Morrison. 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Prine Time: Local Songwriters cover the music of John Prine. 8pm
  • House of Music: The Funky ‘Taters featuring Lili Forbes and friends. 8pm
  • Bicycle House: Sunday Ride. Ride at 10:30 AM from Bicycle House. We will ride the Cascades trail to the St Marks trail and down to Wakulla station and return, about 31 miles. Ride speed is 12 to 14 mph, with periodic regroups. Vernon Bailey is the ride leader. Vernon is a new CCC member who’s been biking for 50 years enjoys riding with small groups and weekend touring. 10am
  • Gamescape: Pokémon League. Come learn, play, and trade with the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the Pokémon video games! We LOVE seeing new players, so come learn how to play! We play both the Trading Card Game and the Video Game casually and competitively. The store offers lots of different seating arrangements to meet our group's needs, as well as food, drinks, and Pokémon products for purchase. We are also hold regular, officially sanctioned tournaments for Pokémon Trading Card Game and Video Game Competitions! 2-4pm
  • Lake Tribe: Colby Scheib. 3pm
  • House of Music: Songwriter Sunday. Songwriters of Tallahassee hosted by Rachel Hillman. Bring your original songs on Sunday - sign up is at 4:30. No Cover Songs please - this is an event celebrating original music. Accompanists and Bands Welcome - you must be able to set up within two minutes, so no crazy pedals or amp shenanigans. No Backing Tracks - Please find someone to play your song with you. 5pm
  • The Plant: Open Jam. All instruments, all players welcome. 5pm-9pm
  • House of Music: Perkins Street Pickers. 5pm
  • Oyster City Brewing: Comedy Night. Come have some laughs with us on Sunday nights! If you are interested in participating in the show, reach out to [email protected] 7:30pm
  • The Rose Room: Synful Sunday. 8pm
**MONDAY, 6/5
  • Just One More: Bingo. 5pm-6:30pm
  • American Legion Hall: Cha Cha - Weekly Lessons. 6:15pm/$5
  • Hangar 38: Bingo. 6:45pm
  • Vino Beano: Tipsy Trivia. 7pm
  • The Rose Room: Karaoke Night. 8pm
  • Oyster City Brewing: The Bachelor Watch Party! 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Paddy League. 5pm
  • World of Beer: Poker Night. 6pm
  • The Rose Room: Drag Bingo and Open Stage Night ft. Britney T. Foxx! 6pm
  • Crafty Crab: BOOMIN' Karaoke. 7pm
  • Ology Midtown: Jazz Jam Sessions. 7pm
  • Island Wings: Trivia. 7pm
  • House of Music: Tuesday Trivia & Karaoke. 7pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Karaoke with DJ Roldus. 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Tuesday is Blues Day. Every Tuesday is Blues Day @ the Blue Tavern and Blues Meets Girl is a Tallahassee favorite. This perfect, intimate venue provides just what you need for both a mid-week break and authentic blues music experience. 8pm
  • 4th Quarter: Professor Jim's Tuesday Night Trivia. Popular for a reason! 8pm
  • Argonaut Coffee: Trivia Tuesday. 8pm
  • 926: Tacos and Trivia. 9pm
  • Fire Betty’s: Comedy Show. 9pm/21+
  • Retrofit Records: Janelle Monáe “The Age Of Pleasure” Album Listening Party. 8pm
  • Rose Room: Women's Wednesday. Featuring Our Rose Roulettes and drink specials all night long. A night for all of our female-identifying friends to enjoy a safe space and an awesome happy hour! 5pm-2am
  • Blue Tavern: The Wednesday Night Lab Session hosted by Jim Crozier. 5pm
  • Sugar and Spice Tally: Game Night. Join us every Wednesday Night for community game night. Bring your own or use ours! Let me know if you need to reserve space for a large group. Free to attend! 5pm
  • Tara Angel’s Magic: D&D Experience - Adult (18+) Group. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition - Candlekeep Mysteries. A one-shot is a D&D event that starts and finishes in the same session, typically lasting 3 - 4 hours. We have pre-generated characters for players to choose from. WHAT TO BRING: Pencils, Dice (can be purchased in store), Mask (encouraged for unvaccinated participants), Enthusiasm! Please sign up in advance to reserve a spot in this campaign. Tickets can be purchased in-store, over the phone, or on the website. For more information, please email [email protected], or call: (850) 878-4555 6pm-9pm
  • Goodwood: Wonderful Wednesday. 6pm/$5
  • Level 8 Rooftop Lounge: Trivia. 6pm
  • The Great Games Library: Open Game Night. 6pm/free
  • American Legion Hall: Sue Boyd Country Western and More Dance Class. Session 2 - Beginner 6:30 to 7:45 pm What: East Coast Swing and Waltz. Cost: $8.00 per person. Wear comfortable shoes you can turn in. 7:45 to 8:15 - Practice dance with paid admission. 8:15 to 9:30: Intermediate - 2 Step and WCS. $8.00 per person or $13.00 for both classes. Vaccines are required. Face masks are optional. Changing partners is optional. 6:30pm
  • Perry Lynn’s Smokehouse in Quincy: Wed Night Open Mic w/ Steven Ritter and Friends. 6:30pm
  • Hangar 38: Trivia. 6:45pm
  • Oyster City Brewing Tallahassee: Trivia. Teams up to 6 players for three rounds with 10 questions and a tie breaker each round. Winners are by round so don’t worry if you need to come late or can’t stay the whole time! Prizes include a round of beer, a 6 pack and a gift card! 7pm
  • Proof: Trivia. 7pm
  • Vino Beano: Wine Bingo. 7pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Trivia. 7pm
  • House of Music: Open Mic at House of Music. Join us Wednesday nights for open mic in the bar with host Mike Ingram of The Brown Goose. Come early for Happy Hour and dinner! 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Warehouse Wednesdays Open Mic Night. The open mic night that has run continuously for almost 20 years, once housed at the Warehouse, lives on at the Blue Tavern. Doc Russell continues as the host with the most. Sign up starts at 8pm/free to attend
  • Fire Betty’s: Karaoke! 8pm/21+/free
  • Dukes and Dotties: College Night and Line Dancing Lessons. 8pm
  • The Bark: Karaoke with DJ Nathan. Best karaoke DJ in town. 9pm
  • 926: Dragged Out Wednesday. 10pm
  • The Bark: Dikembe, Glazed, and Professional Businessman. 7:15pm
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2023.06.01 22:09 mr_macfisto Engine or Transmission?

2007 Jeep Compass FWD.
I’ve hardly used the car for the past year or so because of this issue, and am now looking into it again.
Current transmission in the car was installed under warranty at around 90,000 km. Engine was replaced a year or two later with a lower mileage used engine after a rod knock occurred when redlined in the mountains. The car is now at 220,000 km.
The car developed symptoms that I though were the result of the transmission slipping and failing, which is very well known among these cars. There would be a jerk and a thunk under acceleration. Check engine light would come on. As the problem got worse, the car would stall when letting off the gas during parking manoeuvres or stop and go traffic. The check engine light would alternate between solid and flashing very few minutes. The car would sometimes slow down like it was in limp-home mode.
If you let the car sit for a while and only drive it gently while it’s cold, it runs ok. So it was used for short trips every few weeks for the last year without any real problems. The check engine light eventually went away.
I previously took it to a transmission shop that first tried a fluid replacement, and replaced a worn mount. After that didn’t work they agreed with me that it was likely the transmission and sourced me a reman transmission. I never went ahead with the job due to the cost.
Yesterday I took it to a different shop for a second opinion at my partner’s request. This shop wasn’t convinced that the problem was caused by the transmission and charged me for a compression test, which came out good (all 4 cylinders between 150 and 170 psi). No comment on the plug or coil condition. I’m fairly certain that the plugs don’t have more distance on them than the recommended change interval.
They reported that the car frequently stalled as they were trying to test drive it, and wanted more time to diagnose it. I needed to think about it more and took the car home instead. It stalled twice on the way home, including as I was trying to parallel park. At that point I couldn’t restart it due to a low battery.
The battery is several years old but recently tested good when Canadian Tire charged and tested it. The battery wears down over a few weeks or months as it gets only short trips, and recently a lot of starts at the shop.
Recent codes are P0300, P0315, P0335, P0591, and P0593. The 591 and 593 codes make some sense to me, as the cruise control has intermittently not activated over the past few years. The rest of the codes look to this amateur like codes that get thrown when an engine stalls for some reason.
So what should be looked at next? I’m trying to decide if the transmission should be replaced to stay with this particular devil car that I know as a second car, vs spending even more money on a cheap used car if unknown quality.
Thank you for reading my book, any suggestions are appreciated.
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2023.06.01 22:09 afailinghero Lost my keys at Eureka Dog Park

Hello. Was at the Eureka dog park near St. Joe's yesterday around 1 or so, and I think I might've dropped a carabiner w some various keys for work. It's has a Sasquatch and a family crest Keychain on it. Would be lovely if someone found it. Thanks for your time, feel free to hmu if you happen across them.
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2023.06.01 22:08 shefalirana9 Hello everyone, this is happening right here in chandigarh. I am feeder for few dogs in sector 21 and have openly recieved death threats for feeding the dogs even though i feed them at a designated area near a park. This is what chandigarh and its people have come to.

Hello everyone, this is happening right here in chandigarh. I am feeder for few dogs in sector 21 and have openly recieved death threats for feeding the dogs even though i feed them at a designated area near a park. This is what chandigarh and its people have come to. submitted by shefalirana9 to Chandigarh [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:08 AutoNewsAdmin [Business] - Ikea finally on the way: Building begins at Sylvia Park

[Business] - Ikea finally on the way: Building begins at Sylvia Park submitted by AutoNewsAdmin to NZHauto [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:08 ThatOneOreo95 Inprocessing. Active Duty to Reserves

Hey Everyone!
I just finished my active duty contract and was immediately contacted by my reserve unit. I was curious on the expectations and time length of inprocessing and going to tech school. I'm currently working as a travel contractor and was wondering if I could pick up another three month contract while waiting for tech school. I'm reaching out to my unit at the moment to get these answers but, I figured posting on here wouldn't hurt. Any advice is more than appreciated!

AFSC: 2T2X1 (Air Trans)
Base: Charleston, SC
Inprocessing in August
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2023.06.01 22:07 ThrowItAwayAlready89 FEIE with Rental Real Estate in US

Just landed a job at a small consulting company that will allow me to work from anywhere in the world and will let me decide whether I want to be a W2 employee or Contractor.
I have 2 rental houses in SC - one under a preexisting single member LLC with its own bank accounts, credit cards etc. The second has been my primary residence but I’ve locked down a tenant for a full year lease.
So, I’m wondering if / how I can leverage the FEIE. ( assuming I can spend 330 days overseas over twelve months ).
Would I need to put the second (former primary residence) home into the preexisting LLC?
Could I also have my new employer pay that preexisting LLC then draw my own (minimal) salary to fund my cheaper lifestyle overseas? (My thinking here is the margin I create with geographical arbitrage can help me grow my RE portfolio)
Any direction would be sincerely appreciated!
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2023.06.01 22:04 Alene_Arre The Definitive, Redditor-Friendly Guide Towards Creating and Publishing Your Personal Wikipedia Page

Hey and welcome to the WikipediaPageCreation subreddit! This is a subreddit dedicated to discovering and exploring various methods and strategies of securing Wikipedia pages for a brand or person. My name is Nikolas Lemmel and I’m the team-lead at a boutique digital agency by the name of Maximatic Media. As we’ve spent the last couple of years dissecting the art of Wikipedia page creation, I’ve decided to open this sub in hopes of sparking a discussion on various impactful and non-impactful factors affecting the creation of stickied Wikipedia pages. I’m hoping to start the birth of this sub off strong so I’m gonna try to provide an in-depth overview of what we’ve learned about creating and stabilizing Wikipedia pages thus far as a company in this post. If you have any experience with either of the components I’ll be mentioning or would like to share one that we’ve yet to cover, please feel free to comment down below.
Page Stickiness
Let’s start this journey by first recognizing the weird word I’ve used like 3-4x in the introduction: “stickied”. This is a word you’ll see appear often the deeper dive into the Wikipedia publishing world.
The concept of "stickiness" in the context of Wikipedia publishing has to do with the longevity and resilience of a newly published Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is an open-source platform that relies on volunteer editors to maintain the quality of content on the site. These editors follow a set of guidelines to decide what content is notable and reliable enough to appear on Wikipedia.
When a new page is created, it undergoes scrutiny from higher-tier editors and admins, who assess whether the page meets Wikipedia's stringent notability and reliability criteria. If they decide that it doesn't, the page can be deleted or heavily revised, oftentimes within a matter of days from its publishing date. This constant monitoring and removal process is part of Wikipedia's commitment to maintaining a high-quality, reliable source of information and minimizing the extent to which Wikipedia is used in an advertorial fashion.
Stickiness, therefore, refers to the ability of a new page to withstand this scrutiny and remain live on the site. A stickied page is one that has been well-constructed, sufficiently sourced with credible references, and clearly meets the notability requirements. The page not only gets published but also stays published, or "sticks.”
Now, this may already be common knowledge to the bulk of you that are actively researching Wikipedia page creation for your brand. However, since we’ve launched our service, we’ve dealt with a lot of clientele who have attempted to create a Wikipedia page for themselves in the past and were hit with this harsh reality check. An alarming percentage of those cases fell prey to freelancers or companies specializing in Wikipedia publishing that charged them anywhere between $600 - $2000 to draft and publish a Wikipedia page, knowing full well that there was absolutely zero chance that the page would actually remain on Wikipedia. Not an outright scam, mind you, but very much bordering on one in my point of view.
The truth of the matter is that 95% of entities seeking a Wikipedia page do not truly warrant one and this statement is corroborated by Wikipedia’s own statistic, stating that a mind-boggling 98% of newly published pages get nominated for deletion. So how do we combat these ridiculously low odds? Well, let’s delve into what’s arguably the biggest factor of all when it comes to page stickiness:
So diving right into the nitty-gritty of Wikipedia Publishing, we must first cover the concept of notability - the most important aspect out of all of the points I’ll be covering in this guide. Notability in the context of Wikipedia simply means how often reputable, secondary sources are referencing you in their media output. Said references come in many forms, whether it be a full feature article, a short bio in a listicle or just a basic citation. However, not all references are made equal. Some references carry significantly more weight than others, either due to its “comprehensiveness” (i.e. a full feature article with the sole focus being on you) or the “reputability” of the source doing the referencing (i.e. mentioned in Forbes vs mentioned in “Biznes-News-Blog”).
Let’s first delve into the topic of comprehensiveness. The comprehensiveness of your reference can be calculated by just a couple factors: the word count of the article, the keyword density of your entity’s name within said article and whether the entity is being referenced in the title/headline of the article. These three components determine the significance laid upon the entity by the reporting outlet. The more extensive the coverage, the higher the significance in the eyes of Wikipedia (i.e. a full-feature, 750-word article on Forbes vs a 150 word entry in “Top 30 E-Commerce Businesses of 2023” listicle on Forbes).
Now that we’ve covered what I mean by “comprehensiveness”, let’s talk about the other component influencing the power of your media coverage: reputability. The concept of reputability is basically as straightforward as it gets. Just about any semi-famous news or media outlet that you can think of is viewed as a “reputable” source by Wikipedia. The likes of Forbes, Mashable, USA Today, etc are all stellar examples of significant coverage that corroborates you or your brand as a notable entity in the eyes of Wikipedia. However, a full feature article on each of those aforementioned sites costs $15,000, $2,400 and $6,500 respectively. If you as an entity see no utility in being featured on these media outlets beyond simply meeting the eligibility criteria for a Wikipedia page, it makes little sense to purchase those placements.
The Role of Domain Authority
This is where a more esoteric metric comes into play: Domain Authority. A DA score is effectively a ranking assigned to a domain which we can use to assess any given site’s authority in comparison to the rest of the web. It is calculated using the domain’s age, the amount of other sites referring to it and the reputability of said referrals. Basically the same criteria influencing the site’s probability of getting their own stickied Wiki page but quantified by a score from 1 to 100. Now let’s return back to three examples of reputable media outlets I’ve given above: Forbes, Mashable and USA Today. Forbes has a DA score of 95, Mashable has a DA score of 92 and USA Today has a DA score of 94. So all in all, all three publications are highly renowned, outpacing the vast majority of other sites on the web with scores of 90 and above. However, if referring back to the pricing of each placement, we see a pretty drastic incongruence with the value derived from each media outlet in the context of GKP creation. Forbes, despite being one measly basis point off of USA Today’s DA score, carries more than a 200% higher price tag. Now sure, Forbes has a significantly higher readership and holds far more clout than USA Today but if focusing solely on its impact in the context of a Wikipedia reference, it really doesn’t warrant the price you pay for it when compared to other viable alternatives.
And these are just the three sites we’ve mentioned so far. Take a look at the following spreadsheet containing 400+ available media placements and keep an eye on the DA column:
As you scroll through, you’ll find that there are a plethora of Google-News-Approved sites that have a relatively high DA despite costing a fraction of what the internationally distinguished media outlets cost. Sites like Village Voice, HackerNoon, Times of Malta, Chiang Rai Times, etc. Now granted, they don’t exactly pack the same sort of punch that Forbes does but in the context of a Wikipedia page, you are considerably better off securing five B-tier placements in comparison to a singular A tier placement. So long as you are not cheaping out by opting for “Biznes-News-Blog” as your referring source and stick to Google-News-Approved publications, a varied list of reputable placements within your references section will take you much further than just one extremely reputable citation.
Now that we’ve extensively covered the topic of notability, let’s talk about a factor of media assessment that is unique to Wikipedia: Reliability. Reliability is Wikipedia’s way of determining how trustworthy the source of incoming information is. It’s one of the only ORM services that views this factor as being separate from notability, which makes the process of selecting publications a bit more complex.
As a PR agency, we deal with a lot of ORM requests ranging from Google Knowledge Panels to Wikipedia Publishing to Social Media Verifications on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube. Theoretically, say that we receive a client seeking to get verified on all social platforms, get a GKP and get a Wikipedia page published about them. All in all, the works. Let’s say that they also came to us with a decent bit of pre-existing media coverage and have full feature articles about them published on the Daily Mail, Newsweek, RT News, OK Magazine and E! News.
Now, in the context of GKP Creation and Social Media Verification, we would notify this imaginary client that we are prepared to move forward with their case and are relatively optimistic about their probability of success. Given that their PR stems from highly recognizable publications with DAs in the high 80s/90s, there is little reason to suspect that they’d get rejected on the basis of notability. However, when it comes to Wikipedia, we unfortunately would have to reject this case and I’ll explain why. Despite the fact that each of those publications is considered notable by Wikipedia’s standards (which more or less follow the same criteria as Google and Meta mind you), not a single one of those listed outlets is viewed as a trustworthy source by Wikipedia. Newsweek is viewed as a biased news reporter, RT News is viewed as propagandized and state-run media, and Daily Mail, OK Mag and E! News are all considered low-quality, tabloid-like sources of information. Creating a Wikipedia page with only these articles as citations is basically a guaranteed nomination for deletion waiting to happen.
This is largely why, when purchasing press for Wikipedia, you want to stick to media outlets that are independent, journalistic sources with a good reputation behind them. So going back to the spreadsheet of PR placements, sites like Times of Malta and Chiang Rai Times are good examples of reputable, independent news sites that meet the notability criteria whilst remaining relatively affordable. The cream of the crop, however, would be publications like Wisconsin State Journal, Arizona Daily Star, Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald, etc. Localized, independent news sources that have a significant amount of authority within their local domains while having an international readership similar to that of the NYT and Chicago Tribune.
Lastly, let’s talk about press releases from reputable sites like Yahoo, Bloomberg, Business Insider, etc. Wikipedia views press releases, especially those bought from press release aggregators, with a measure of suspicion, considering them as 'purchased' content. Purchasing these is really like blowing money down the drain since these can only be used as secondary sources. Stay away from these and stick only to editorial articles — those written by the staff of the publication and not distributed through the plethora of press release services out there.
The Question of Quantity
A pretty common question we get asked in our Wikipedia publishing consultations with clients is what amount of references guarantees a stickied page. What is the absolute minimum that I can get away with? And truth be told, we honestly have a hard time answering this question as we don’t truly know. Without foreseeing the future and knowing which admin gets assigned to review the page and what their opinion is on each referring publication, it is impossible to predict the actual amount. In our experience of creating Wikipedia pages over the last couple of years, we’ve found no shortage of BS reasons given for rejecting a specific source. The way Wikipedia is organized, it really just comes down to luck. We’ve witnessed a client get a stickied page with just five references and we’ve also witnessed a client get their page deleted with upwards of 15 strong references.
Having said that though, if taking into account the median number of references across all of our successful cases, a good benchmark to aim for would be roughly 6 semi-strong, corroborating references with a DA of 75 and above. Again, this number is not set-in-stone and may vary contingent on the entity (living persons oftentimes given more leniency than corporate brands) but six is basically the optimal zone. In the event an admin decides to reject one of the citations, the page still has five other references to fall back on, making it difficult to argue a lack of notability within a nomination vote. But if you really wanna take your chances, three strong references is the absolute minimum. Just be aware that you are fully at the mercy of the admin in this scenario.
“Veteran” Editor Accounts
Now that we have finally finished covering the most important factor impacting your Wiki page’s stickiness, let’s move onto what is likely the 2nd most important factor: the Wiki account doing the publishing. Let’s imagine for a second that we have a ready-to-go Wikipedia article that is well-constructed, worded in an objective, non-advertorial manner and contains plenty of citations from reputable sources verifying each and every piece of factual information within the article. Now, let’s imagine that we take this exact same article, word-for-word and publish it from two separate editor accounts. One of those accounts has been around for 7+ years and has made 3,000+ edits across various existing pages alongside the 300+ pages they’ve created and published themselves. The other account was registered three days ago, has zero experience editing other people’s entries, and their very first edit is about to be a brand new page that very few people ever heard of, despite how well-cited it may be.
Assuming they both publish the exact same content, word-for-word with the same references section, who do you think will receive more scrutiny over the brand new page from admins? The guy who’s been around for close to a decade and has a historical track record of quality contributions? Or the guy who literally just made an account on Wikipedia and decided that publishing a page about a little-known entity is a good first step in his life-long Wikipedia journey?
I think that’s really all that can be said about this topic as it's quite straightforward. Aged accounts with a history of edits simply tend to be more trusted when it comes to new page creation than accounts that are brand new. If you have a semi-strong page with somewhat questionable references, the reputation and history of the editor doing the publishing can be the thing that nudges it over the edge of acceptance.
That’s partially why we charge $1,500 for our Wikipedia publishing service. No one should pay fifteen hundred bucks to write a 400 word entry about their brand, that’s obscene. You pay for the privilege of being published by a somewhat renown Wikipedia editor, minimizing the degree to which your entry elicits suspicion and thus, maximizing your chances of success.
Drafting the Page
Now that we’ve covered the two most important aspects influencing your page’s stickiness probability, let’s move onto the last and arguably, least important factor out of them all: the actual writing. Now don’t get me wrong, a poorly written page is still very much a massive red flag when entering the sandbox stage. However, the knowledge required to write an objective, Wikipedia-compliant page is far more prevalent and less clandestine than the knowledge required to make the entity eligible for one.
Just read about a dozen or so pages on living persons and emulate the language and writing style used by the editors to the best degree you can. Assuming that you are a native speaker and don’t have any glaring grammatical errors within your writing, nine times out of ten, the page ends up being eligible for publishing. We’ve had plenty of clients write their own pages that required little to no editing on our side prior to being published.
There’s not much I can add to this that hasn’t already been covered by Wikipedia themselves (which you can read on this link here:). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Biographies_of_living_persons
Aside from the common tidbits of knowledge such as not using promotional language or writing in an informal tone, my one piece of unorthodox advice is to not go overboard with the length of the article. The shorter your page is, the lower the attack surface. The best pages are those that have just a couple of paragraphs in them, ranging between 200 and 350 words. The longer your page is, the higher the chances that you may get flagged for some factoid that didn’t get referenced enough within the sources you’ve cited to be considered “factually verifiable”.
Keep it to a minimum and only write about things that are easily fact-checked and warrant being on Wikipedia. Beyond that, just refer to Wikipedia’s own guidelines for written content and read a couple of pages for a quick inspo-sesh.
Given that we’ve covered each aspect of Wikipedia creation worth mentioning, let’s do a brief overview given that this post ended up being far longer than I had initially anticipated. We've dug deep into the nitty-gritty world of Wikipedia publishing, dissected the perplexing idea of "stickiness", navigated through the labyrinth of notability, comprehensiveness, reputability, and reliability, and peered into the halls of "Veteran" editor accounts.
So, let’s summarize what we’ve learned. Wikipedia's demanding notability and reliability criteria mean you can't simply grab any media coverage and hope it sticks. Quality over quantity, friends. Be discerning in your source selection, aim for varied, reputable sources, and steer clear of low-quality, biased outlets. You need to be strategic and smart about it. A Wikipedia page isn’t a walk in the park, it's a marathon, demanding preparation, skill, and persistence.
Never forget the importance of the account that does the publishing. An aged, trusted account can make the difference between sailing through or sinking like a stone. And remember, Wikipedia is not a billboard. It’s not about shouting your brand or achievements from the rooftops, it’s about providing an unbiased, informative, well-referenced and worthwhile contribution to the collective human knowledge.
We've shared the tricks of the trade, the ins, the outs, and the in-betweens of securing your Wikipedia page and have hopefully proven ourselves to be an above-average service provider of Wikipedia Publishing Services in the process.
Hopefully, y’all found this sub’s first post to be useful and a good introduction into the world of Wikipedia publishing. Myself and my team member, Marcus will be sticking around for an AMA on this post in case people have questions regarding any of the factors we’ve covered in this guide. Don’t forget guys, we started this subreddit out of the desire to make the process of securing a Wikipedia page less daunting and more of a community endeavor. It's a place where we can share our triumphs and challenges, learn from each other, and navigate the Wikipedia landscape together. So whether you’re a newbie trying to secure your own page or a PMarketing professional with years of experience in the field, please do not hesitate to share your journeys along with any factors you’ve found to have an impact that we failed to cover in the guide.
Let’s make WikipediaPageCreation the focal point of every Wikipedian’s self-publishing endeavor!
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2023.06.01 22:04 Mad12345ison Police called for parking on the street infront of my property

So ive had this neighbor for as long as ive lived here nearly 18 years and most of those have been sprinkled with harassment. Lots of her driving by my house taking pictures, leaning over the fence to take pictures, lots of calling the code enforcement. Ive tried to have the property marked at least three times she keeps ripping the pins out and trying to put signs on my property she hasnt put anything out in a good 4 months she left us alone for the most part other then driving by and taking pictures and pictures of the back. I get home today from the store and my brother had taken up the driveway so i parked on the street next to my house infront of my tree which she thinks is hers because she keeps ripping out the property markers. So as i was saying i parked by the tree i checked my security cameras it took her three minutes to drive by THREE, she proceeded to yell at my brother that she was calling the police. They show up and they tell her thats a public street im allowed to park there. This woman believes shes the hoa we donot have an hoa and our yard isnt a mess, sometimes we get some weeds around the fence area that i usually clean up. What do you guys do in this situation?
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2023.06.01 22:02 Opening-Barber113 21st Street/45th Ave

Can someone point me to who might be responsible for the filthy fenced in area at the NE corner of 23rd Street and 45th Ave in what I guess is part of the building target is in? It's over grown, full of trash and could be a really cute dog park if a modicum of care were given to it. (I don't even have a dog, I just hate seeing this eyesore every day.)
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2023.06.01 22:01 raccoonwithabowtie Overstimulation is the worst

It’s like I just want to get up and just run a marathon right now… ugh. I feel it in my arms mostly and my chest, like I’m like holding something in. It’s so annoying, I’m not at home right now so I can’t go over to the park to relieve it by swinging. How can I just come home early without making a scene?!?
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2023.06.01 22:00 AutoModerator What's going on this weekend? 06/02 - 06/04

Going out for beer? Hanging at the park? Want to make some new friends?
Use this post to let people know what's going on this weekend that may be fun and social.
Here's a list of event calendars for things going on in the Houston area:
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2023.06.01 21:59 ScarletBurn An American's crazy living-situation. Yes, I've moved 6 times in 9 months. Here's how

I moved a grand total of 6 times during this time period. Some by choice, others by — well — not by choice.
So, after finishing University in my hometown, Florida, I became very bored of the mundane "work, eat, sleep" life. So, I sporadically booked a flight to the sunniest place in Germany — Freiburg im Breisgau. I took a German class in highschool, so I thought why not learn another language while I'm out and about in a place I've never been before. I enrolled in a language school, where they would provide me a visa that lasted 1 year. Now here's where things get juicy.
I arrived by plane (obviously) and was escorted by the language school to my 'family'. I chose to live with a host family because I wanted to learn about German culture, and I wanted to really get into the whole "language speaking" thing. When I arrived, a woman greeted me at the door. She was in her mid 50s, and very tiny. I greeted her and quickly found out that she didn't speak any English. Like, at all. But that was okay with me because that means that I'd be forced to speak German. The issue is that she didn't really speak much German either. Well, somewhere between A2 and B1. Better than me, but... you know. I made myself comfortable in my room and went downstairs for dinner.
Two other students joined us. I asked through Google translate why they were here, because I was informed that I would be the only student. She said that Turkish would be better for her because she didn't understand the question when it was presented in german. It turns out that I was the only student from MY language school. She was working with other language schools, and hosted up to 6 students at a time. Okay, cool. I respect the grind!
I quickly befriended a few people at the language school. These students also had host families, and rambled on about how wonderful they were. Evidently, these hosts made breakfast for the students. It was in the contract, but I assumed that it was optional for the host to provide breakfast. I asked my host 'mom' why I didn't have breakfast and she replied that she didn't want to get up that early, because work for her starts at 10am. ( I leave the house at 8am) I asked if it would be possible for her to provide me with some sort of salami or cheese for breakfast every now and then. She begrudgingly agreed, and the next day I was provided with the worst quality salami I've ever seen in my life. (No offence to Netto) Keep in mind I'm paying this woman 990 euros a month for an 8m² room that includes breakfast and dinner. Yikes.
I offered for her to pay me back a few euros so I could make my own breakfast. She told me that she wasn't able to do that, because she needed the money. So, I had to buy my own things for breakfast. One day, she told me that I was taking up too much fridge space. I didn't understand exactly what she meant because her Turkish accent was very hard to understand, so I nodded my head and moved all of my things to the corner of the fridge. (It was 4 items: salami, cheese, mayo, and mustard) She raised an eyebrow at me, sighed, and left the room. One of the students who was sitting in the kitchen at the time told me that she told me to remove my things from the fridge altogether because they were taking up space and it was disrespectful. Oh man. Okay. I just threw everything away because I was so frustrated.
She also had these weird "rules" I had to follow.
- Doing laundry was 5 euros per load.
- I was not to open the window at night. It was SO hot at night and I would wake up at 4am with my bedsheets drenched in sweat. She said that if I wanted to wash my bedsheets more than once very other week, I would be charged accordingly.
- If I had a friend come over, it was 30 euros if they stayed past 9pm.
- No meat was to be eaten unless it was a Friday.
- No alcohol (I'm 23 years old???)
But I sucked up these rules becuase at the end of the day, it was HER house. I just thought that because I was paying a large sum for so little, I'd be allowed a little more control.
Anyway, a week or two after me moving in, my host mom asked me to come with her to meet her friends. I felt like we got off on the wrong foot so I thought I'd tag along. Keep in mind this is August, so it's about 28C outside. I wore a tank top and some pants. When I greeted her outside, she looked me up and down and told me to change. Politely, though. I changed into one of my sleeveless turtlenecks. When she saw this, she sighed and handed me her jacket. Weird, I thought, but it was a friendly gesture — right? Hmm. We drove to a park nearby our village and there was a large group of people waiting for us. They were all dressed rather modestly for the weather, but I thought nothing of it. She then explains to me that she's a Jehovah's Witness, and that this is a Jehovah's Witness meeting. Oh, okay. I have no issues with religion, but MAN. I'll spare you the details. Everyone at the meeting was incredibly kind, but they kept on trying to talk to me about God and the Bible.
They added me to a groupchat and told me to meet with them every Friday. If I wasn't able to make it in person, then I could join on Zoom. I didn't know what to say. It was around this time that I got a message from the school saying that they were going to move me to a new host family. Just my luck! This was because she was going to see her mother for 3 months in Turkey.
A few days after I got the notice, I was scheduled to be picked up and driven across the village by my new host 'dad'. He was a German man in his late 60s. He seemed to be kind although kinda' standoff-ish. My room was above his. Great! It was nearly 28m², and I had tons of light flowing into my room. He told me the rules of the house. Pretty basic and very understandable. However, there was something that stuck out to me. I had to ring the doorbell every time I wanted to use the kitchen.
I asked him why. He said "I'm a nudist, so I must make myself presentable when you come down." Oh god, okay. It's HIS house, ya know? I asked him about midnight snacks, because I occasionally come home late (over the weekend) and during the week I generally eat later. He said that it wouldn't be possible for me to use the kitchen past 10pm. He added that no snacks were allowed in my room. Sternly, he told me that my "late nights" would have to come to an end. Hah! I asked my German friends if this was normal and they said he was "just being German".
There was a butcher shop about a 4 minute walk from the house, so I thought I'd get him a "welcome" gift. I knew he ate meat, because for dinner we ate weinerschnitzel. I picked out a nice link of salami and handed it to him the next time we sat down for dinner. He seemed to be pleased. He asked where I bought it from, and I told him it was from the nearby butcher shop. When I say the atmosphere changed, it CHANGED. He looked down on me with a slight glare and said "I do not want such a thing. Do you know where this meat is from? I do not know. That shop probably treats the animals horribly. I do not support that." Well, the rest of dinner was awkward.
There was an instance where two Italian students were staying with us, and we had dinner with them. They spoke B2 German, and I was still at A1 (if that, honestly). They were chatting up a storm and I sat quietly and tried to listen. One of the Italian girls asked me in German if I was shy and I told her that I wasn't but I just couldn't keep up with the conversation. The host 'dad' laughed and told them in English that I "refused to speak German" because "[my] German was embarassingly bad." Hmm, that didn't feel too good. I didn't speak to him in German ever again and till this very day I struggle with speaking because I keep hearing him in my head. Ah!
Now, around this time (about 2.5 months in) I've been making more local friends and they've been telling me that I can easily rent my own apartment for the amount of money I'm paying the school. The thought of independance got me excited, so I called up the school and said HEY, refund me all the money for the host families — I'm moving into my OWN place! I hopped on WG Gesucht and found a room with a guy right in the city center of Freiburg. Hell yeah! 350 Euros a month, too. The lease was limited to about 3 months, though.
The man was in his early 30s and he told me that he preferred to keep a quiet household. Totally fair, as I literally lived in the livingroom and there wasn't much space for guests. Throughout my whole stay, he probably spoke a good 30 combined minutes to me. Like, in total. These 30 minutes consisted of him telling me to limit my bath time to 5 minutes. I'm not saying he would stand outside the bathroom and count the seconds I was in the tub, but he would coincidentally knock on the door and tell me that my 5 minutes was up whenever he was home. When I told him that I wouldn't mind sending him extra money for the water usage, he said "Oh, would you like to support the Russian government?" Uh, what? I gave up on showering/bathing when he was around. He charged me 70 euros extra anyway, and said that he didn't have the water bill on paper but that these costs were correct.
While all of this was taking place, my language school friends convinced me to download Tinder. Sure, why not. After a few dates with some kind men, I met this German guy "Steve" and we clicked pretty well. He unfortunately had a ski trip planned for when I moved out, so I wasn't able to stay with him in his apartment while I searched for my own.
Anyway, I went back on WG Gesucht in an effort to find another room/flat to stay in. And I did! Oh, it was lovely. A 1 bed 1 bath, 70m right next to the Alt Stadt. I could finally have privacy! I spoke with the landlord and she gave me the greenlight to rent till August of 2023. Perfect! I was to sign a contract 2 weeks before the move-in date. When the sign-date arrived, I got a call from her saying "actually we decided to give this to a different tenant. Thank you for your time!" Ooookay, so I'm basically homeless in 2 weeks. I spoke with my current landlord, and he told me I could stay an extra 2 weeks till I found a place. Great! I went back on the WG-Gesucht grind again. I found an even BETTER apartment closer to the city center, and the landlord seemed to be lovely. Just 3 days before I moved in, I got a text from the current landlord saying that they were unable to offer me the apartment due to an "unforseen circumstance". Bro. What? I'm going to be homeless in 3 days. Are you serious? I signed a contract and everything.
Well, it turns out that the contract wasn't valid because they weren't the landlords. They're tenants. And their "landlord" IS ALSO A TENANT. Apparently the actual landlord found out that they were subleasing illegally, so they were being evicted. How fun!
So at this point, I'm pretty desperate. The friends I made were gone, because guess what. It's almost December, and everyone flew back home. My German friends are all students so they went back to their little German villages in the middle of nowhere and couldn't take me. I desperately put ads up on Kleinanzeigen and WG Gesucht, but to no avail. Everyone is on vacation! Hotels were 100+ Euros a night, but it seemed that that was the only option. I found an Airbnb that charged only 650 euros for 15 nights, which should give me enough time to find another room. So I booked my stay. Just a day before I moved out, I recieved a message on Kleinanzeigen. A room in Waldkirch — a village about a 25 minute train ride away. Fine. I'll take it. When I tell you I RAN into that apartment, I was literally shaking the landlords hand with teary eyes telling her how much I appreciated it.
I canceled my AirBnB, but they didn't give any refunds. Yeah, it was in the description before I made the purchase, but I'd rather live in my own little room in the mountains than some 12m room shared with absolute strangers. So, I'm out 650 bucks — BUT I HAVE A PLACE! My current landlord charged me 45 euros because I begged for one extra night. He didn't even have anyone moving in my room for another 2 weeks, but oh well.
Back to Waldkirch. Now, this cute little place was in an Altbau tucked between the mountains. It was wonderful. The kitchen was all cute and old, Edeka was a 1 minute walk away, there was a local market that was open every Saturday and Sunday... the people around me were all 60+ and smiled when I attempted to speak German to them. God, I loved it. My landlord also would cook for me when she had free time. I had my own little bathroom and I had a castle view from my window. My room was also nearly 30m²!
Unfortunately, the landlord told me that I had to be out by Feburary. However, I was becoming closer with Steve, the Tinder guy. He had a temporary job in Freiburg and because it was coming to an end and he was going to start Med school in Berlin, things seemed pretty gloomy. But I had this crazy thought. Because my language school was in two locations, Freiburg and Berlin, I could just switch schools and still legally reside in Germany. I could just... live with him. Crazy? Crazy. My parents and friends threw a fit. Anyway, I packed my bags and moved in with him to Frankfurt, where his parents stayed. Best month of my life. I made sure everything was okay at my language school, and we made the switch.
So, now we had to hunt for an apartment in Berlin. And man, let me tell you guys. That's HARD. After a while of searching, we finally landed a place in Moabit. March, April, and May have passed. Unfortunately for us, our lease ends in August. So guess who's moving again! Me! At least now I have someone with me to hold my hand through this stressful process. (If anyone has any long-term flats for rent... help!)
I've fallen too in love with this man because I'm now about to apply for the self employment visa so I can stay in germany until his med school finishes. It's been a crazy ride, but I'm so glad I came to Germany. Maybe I'll make a post about all of the other crazy non-housing related German stories!
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2023.06.01 21:57 NefariousFiend Audi driver rant

Well now, what a beautiful day for a ride, which is exactly what I did. Just had a fantastic 90 minute ride with zero dickheads, then a few minutes away from my house I get some nob Audi driver right up my arse.
To set the scene there's a transit in front of me and 3 or 4 cars in front of him. It's a windy (in both senses) road, pot holes everywhere and we're coming up to a residential area, where I live. I turn off the main road and he follows very close behind. I have stop for an oncoming car, then take the 90 degree left followed by a 90 degree right then another 90 degree left... Parked cars all over the place to I'm taking the corners nice and safely. I've only been riding the striple 3 weeks so I'm not exactly an expert yet.
Finally I get annoyed enough and pull over so he overtakes, then I follow him, eventually stopping 30ft from my house. He parked up so I assume he's a neighbour.
I stopped and he immediately shouts "What's your problem?" At me. I said "why were you following so closely?" "What's your problem?" Again from him. Eventually he said I was going too slowly. Obviously getting home 10 seconds earlier is a priority to complete bellends like this. It carried on for a minute getting absolutely nowhere except more insults from this 50 something wank stain. So I just rode off, shaking my head hearing the ever diminishing sound of "tosser" from behind me.
It's nice to know that my neighbours look out for each other... Now I'm just praying, when he sees I live round the corner, that he doesn't fuck with the bike.
Rant over, I feel better now. Thanks Motouk.
TLDR; Audi nobhead is my neighbour.
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2023.06.01 21:56 PugsRuleTheWorld First Birthday- Any Ideas?

My little one will be turning 1 at the end of the year. I figured with Christmas and New Year celebrations, I better start planning now.
In an ideal world, I would love to have a small gathering with myself, my son, my husband, and my son’s grandparents. Unfortunately, I really don’t think this will be possible. My son is the first grandchild, great-grandchild, and nephew. Too many people would feel left out if we had a small celebration. Plus my parent-in-laws still have children at home. I can’t very well invite my them and not my siblings-in-law who live with them.
As a result, I think we have to have a larger gathering and rent a hall. I am worried about the cost of food, and the cost to rent a hall (we live in an apartment and can’t accommodate that many people, and it will be too cold outside to have it at a park). I don’t mind spending money on my son, but I can easily see this being over $500 for food and a hall.
What have other people done to celebrate their 1 year old? How many people did you invite to the party? Where did you have it? What did you do for food? How much did you spend?
Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.01 21:56 ba32107 I don't have a garden. Where can I seam seal my tent?

Hi! So, as the title says. I have a Nordisk Halland 2 LW which I bought for an upcoming Iceland trip. I've done a 4-day trip in Scotland with it, and sure enough, it leaks at the seams (and it wasn't even that big of a rain), so I must seam seal it before Iceland.
Now the problem is: where? I would need about 1 hour to do the seam sealing (I'm being optimistic I know), and another 5-6 hours (preferably much more) to let it dry and cure. I live in a flat in London with no garden or garage. I have thought of the following solutions:
  1. Pitch it in the flat. This doesn't really work because the flat is rather crowded and not large enough. I could maybe pitch it if I move everything out of my room (including the bed), but even if I manage that, the other problem is that I live with 3 cats. If you don't know why that's a problem, throw a plastic bag on the floor next time you visit someone who has a cat and see what happens. My poor tent wouldn't have a chance.
  2. The apartment complex that I live in does have a community garden, but the rules don't allow pitching tents, and the people who live here once complained that someone put trash in the community trash can (yes, really), so I don't even dare to take the tent out of the bag in that garden.
  3. Do it at parents/relatives house. This would work, but unfortunately, all of them live in another country (I moved to the UK a few years ago), and I'm not able to visit them until my Iceland trip. Even if I could, I cannot take the tent stakes/poles on the plane.
  4. Do it at a friend's house. None of the people I know well enough to ask have a garden.
  5. Do it at a park. Pretty sure this is illegal, at least in the parks near me. Since I'd need to wait for the seam sealer to dry, the tent would need to be pitched for at least 6 hours, during which I'm sure someone would complain or call the police.
  6. Do it at a random green area just outside London. Same problem as above, it's illegal... also since I'm not gonna leave the tent, I would need to just hang around it for half a day in the middle of nowhere.
  7. Rent a garage or some indoor space and do it there. This feels total overkill, and I'm also 100% sure nobody would lend out their garage for 24 hours. Where would I even start searching for this?
  8. Pay someone to do it. This would be great (if it's not too expensive), but I didn't find any such service around London. Is there anything like this? I also already bought the seam sealer and all the tools, so I'd prefer to do it myself.
  9. Do an overnighter at a campsite somewhere around London (I don't want to wild camp). This feels like the best option of all, but still has its own problems: it would take up the whole weekend (including train travel) and I'd need to book the campsite in advance, without really knowing what the weather is gonna be like. If it rains or if it's too windy, then the seam sealer won't be able to cure properly. Still, this feels like the best option.
I've been thinking about this for weeks, and it is incredibly frustrating. Am I missing something here? I feel like there's an obvious solution I'm not seeing. Is it really this difficult to pitch a tent for a few hours around London?
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2023.06.01 21:55 kitsuneinferno Any special reason why Pridefest is not at Expo NM this year?

I'm planning on attending Pridefest this year, but I noticed it's happening at the Balloon Fiesta Park later in the afternoon instead of at Expo NM immediately after the parade. Anybody got any tea on why the change in venue this go round? I suppose if it matters, there would be a press release or some public knowledge, but if there are more... insidious reasons in this political climate, I'd want to be informed so I can tread carefully with future Expo NM events.
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2023.06.01 21:55 trailangel4 Has David claimed or implied Big Foot is responsible for M411? Part 1

This post is in response to this video.
David open the video VERY upset. Big mad energy. Why? Well, let's let him tell it...
"There's somebody going around sayin' that I made a claim that little kids are being taken by Big Foot. Never said that. Ever...and they're lying. And, it's just to demean me and to make me look foolish in the eyes of some. And, I think it's a shot at my credibility by this, uh, law enforcement person. I've never met the man. I have no idea who he is and I'm not going to give them two minutes of my time. But it is slander because I never even came close to saying something like that. A couple of you have written to me and said "Dave, did you ever say that?" No. I didn't and if you could go into that video - I'm not going to give them any publicity of what it is- go back and say "you're an outright liar" and have 'em quote where I said it, 'cause he can't."
Let's look at this carefully and just address it here. Because, while the words, "Bigfoot did it" have probably never come out of Paulides' mouth, his writings and his suggestions are a different matter.
M411 Profile Points Come From Bigfoot Books
DP does not outright say that Bigfoot is behind so called Missing 411 disappearances, but his M411 framework is demonstrably derived from his two Bigfoot books: The Hoopa Project (HP) and Tribal Bigfoot (TB). There are countless examples in this document. Most of the original M411 profile points are directly lifted from HP and TB and M411 cases are deliberately distorted to look like Bigfoot encounters. It's worth noting that one of the bigger arguments in Tribal Big Foot and the Hoopa Project are that BIG FOOT LIVES IN NATIONAL PARKS AND FORESTS.
DP Says These Are Abduction Cases
DP has in interviews stated that these cases are in fact abduction cases and that you are not a loon for thinking it is Bigfoot. DP claims that the thing that is behind M411 is one hundred percent effective (and non-human) and DP “uses” offender profiling - not to learn more about the M411 abductor - but to create the M411 abductor.
DP also sees scratches, screams and the FBI showing up as evidence people are abducted.
The M411 Abductor Looks Like A Bear, But It Is Not A Bear
Every time a bear is mentioned in newspaper articles DP goes out of his way to convince his readers that it was not really a bear, even when someone says that they saw a bear DP tells his readers it was not a bear. So DP thinks that the M411 abductor looks like a bear, but that it’s not a bear. When asked what Bigfoot might look like, DP claims "like a bear, but upright, and bipedal."
Criteria: Water
In TB (Tribal Bigfoot) DP explains that Bigfoot lives next to bodies of water and DP uses the expression “bodies of water” a lot when talking about M411.
TB, p 85: “This section really isn't about how Bigfoot may obtain water; it is about the rationale of many sightings and incidents so close to bodies of water. In the Bigfoot sightings map section I noted several facts about the map that showed a large percentage of the sightings occur close to water- an abnormal number of sightings.”
TB, p 85: “In Robert Alley’s book, Raincoast Sasquatch (2003, Hancock House) he describes several incidents where Bigfoot is seen swimming in British Columbia and Alaska waters. On page 51, paragraph 2, he writes, ‘Its style of swimming is commonly noted as submerged, not on-the-surface style one might expect to hear for any ape or other primate, or the crawl style if one were to think of a human.’ This style of swimming falls into a category that caused NABS to reflect on the proximity Bigfoot has to water and the benefits of that association.”
So... Bigfoot is like a nuclear sub that just pops out of water to abduct people? Or Nessie?
TB, p 86: “If Bigfoot traveled predominantly at night, the likelihood of witnesses seeing the creature floating the river, or swimming the river submerged (as Alley describes the swimming in his book) would be unlikely. It would be a very efficient method to move great distances in a very stealthy manner. It would also be a very good method to sneak up and ambush prey going to the river at night to drink, similar to the way an alligator slowly moves up on animals drinking from a river bank.”
In M411 book(s)
DP explains that missing persons are found near water.
NAAB (North American and Beyond), p X: “Missing are found in or near creeks, rivers, or other bodies of water.”
In a Spaced Out Radio interview (David Paulides - Missing 411 with David Paulides) DP speculates “a person in a submarine” uses rivers and lakes to access different locations in its hunt for M411 victims. This mirrors what he said in TB (Tribal Bigfoot) above. Please note British Columbia once again is mentioned.
DP: “So I've always said that this is related to water. So you guys have the Fraser River that empties at least nine different lakes… and to me that is strange because you have the ocean that feeds the Fraser that goes upstream to these eight nine lakes that goes in between all of these mountains that gives you access to all these different points and it's like the highway if… if you were a person that could be in a submarine you could use that to go everywhere almost in southern British Columbia. I'm not saying that that is it, but I've always said that water is somehow key to this and it really plays out in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, all the lakes the Fraser flows to. I mean, it’s right there.”
So, now, rather than call it "bigfoot" (as he's implying)...it's an abductor in a submarine?
Evelyn Rauch (3)
Alberta, July 1934
Evelyn was a Canadian girl who wandered off from her farm due to a lack of parental supervision. She was found alive a couple of days later in tall grass next to a river. Rather than accept the police reports, DP invents a scenario where water gives you access to other locations (like described above).
NAAB, p. 313: “The last important fact is the location where Evelyn was found, on the banks of a slough. This is a location next to water, a location where there is access to other locations via the water, rather than having to walk across land.”
Did he say Bigfoot took her? No. But, he's implying that she ended up where she ended up because an abductor, that's not a bear and not a human, could've used an underwater for transporting live victims.
Criteria: Berries
In Bigfoot book(s)
In TB DP explains that berries are an important food source for Bigfoot.
TB, p 81: “There will never be an argument about whether berries are a substantial food source for all bears; bears seek berries out when they come into season, as they offer a significant source of vitamins and energy. There have also been many sightings of Bigfoot either eating berries or being near berry bushes, and there have been many Bigfoot tracks found near berry bushes. The oldest bigfoot sighting noted in this book- the Marble Mountain sighting in ‘The Hermit of Siskiyou’ - talks about the creature at a berry bush eating berries.”
The same information in HP.
HP, p 60: “The berries are an obvious source of nutrition for the bears. Once you complete reading the sightings section of the book you will understand that the berries are also a large part of the Bigfoot diet.”
In TB DP describes a Bigfoot encounter where a child, who is picking huckleberries, is scared by a Bigfoot.
TB, p 231: “She was trying to concentrate on the picking and to go home, as it was getting cold. There were two large huckleberry bushes behind the ones she was working and she saw those bushes to the rear start to shake violently. Then she heard loud, bipedal footsteps. Jan said the footsteps were so loud she could almost feel the rumble on the ground. Her dog was with her and he immediately took off running back to the car. She tried to see what was shaking the bush, but thought it would be more prudent if she also left the area.”
In M411 book(s)
In his M411 books DP also sees berries as a food source, but here he acts like he does not know why berries are important.
EUS, p 8: “Included a section on missing berry pickers because it was a unique subset of people missing in the wild. The missing in this bracket are predominantly older, but there are eight under the age often, and the circumstances of their disappearance is quite troubling. Seven of twenty-one listed are missing from Canada, a significant percentage of missing berry pickers. Many of the places where these individuals went missing are very desolate but abundant with food source at the time. There never was a conclusion on what happened to these people except in circumstances in which a body was found. None of the berry pickers was found to be taken by a bear or killed by a bear.”
So, hold up.... how do you know a bear wasn't involved if the body WASN'T found?
NAAB, p. X: “Berries are inextricably related somehow with the disappearance.”
Let's see what Paulides says about some of the cases.
Gunnar Peterson (65)
Washington, August 1950
Gunnar was an older man who fell and hit his head while picking berries. He was found alive in a cabin after nine days. DP again claims not to understand why berries are important.
NAAB, p 13: “The people who disappear huckleberry picking are some of the most difficult cases, and I have no idea why. What could be the association of a man picking huckleberries in the woods and his subsequent disappearance?”
This is the equivalent of spending years telling a child that Santa Claus is real, buying presents, and then standing in front of the tree on Christmas morning pretending you don't know how the gifts got there...while gaslighting the child about Santa. David, I address this to YOU, people are saying you're linking Bigfoot because they're not children on Christmas morning and they can see through your attempted ruse.
Unknown Name (1)
Michigan, August 1909
A young child who was taken by a brown bear when his/her mother and sibling were picking huckleberries on the Macintosh plains. The Sheriff and a posse of ten men could not find any trace of the child or of the bear according to an article.
NAAB, p 240: “The other odd coincidence in this case that has been found in many other cases is the activity of the adult picking berries, specifically huckleberries. I understand that berries are an important food source for many animals in the region, but it's hard to comprehend what is the triggering mechanism that causes the children to permanently vanish.”
How is it hard to comprehend that a one year old could be picked off by a wild animal when the animal finds it in a berry patch?
Douglas Stofer (2)
Michigan, September 1949
Douglas disappeared from his parents’ vineyard about six pm and he was found alive four hours later a mile from his home. A local cocker spaniel found him so what happened to “dogs can’t pick up a scent”?
NAAB, p 243: “At first glance, and without the knowledge gained from reading
the other ‘Missing 411’ books, the disappearance of Douglas Stofer may seem normal. It's when you start to look at all of the elements involved in the disappearances that certain facets start making regular appearances in many of these missing-persons cases. … Douglas vanished while his parents were picking food; grapes and berries seem to be one food source around which children seem to disappear.”
Eva Hall (13)
Ontario, August 1932
Eva went missing when she was picking berries. She was found alive a couple of days later. DP thinks that she was not found though.
NAAB, p 342: “I have written extensively about the relationship between berries and missing people. There was an entire chapter written in Missing 411-Eastern United States about missing berry pickers. The most dangerous berries to pick are, without a doubt, huckleberries. I have no understanding why huckleberries represent the most dangerous berry, but people picking these berries who disappear are rarely found.”

Part 2, coming soon.
This is a group project.
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2023.06.01 21:55 daveyc199 Does my truck have something in it?

First I have a hardship license so I do drive but I have a white 2007 Chevy 1500 and it done some things I’m not sure about, I’m 15 but I think something’s like, in it. Or something, let me talk about it. So I drive around our road we in country and I drive by myself sometimes when I’m not supposed too and the truck does this thing with the radio, I like to floor it and always looking for a good song on the radio so that week I took a ride going to make a left to turn around at a church and come back and a bit before the turn I hit a station playing a song, it told me to take it slow and not get distracted by the radio and told me to make my left at the next road and then my age, the song is sixteen by Thomas Rhett, I thought it was weird but I went out again later that day and I floor it going fast and decided to turn on the radio again and all I had to do was click the radio button and the song was right there right at the words, it told me take it easy(song is take it easy by eagles). And that was weird. this truck is trying to talk to me through the songs on the radio. And next day I went to pull into store lot and I was listening to songs and the song I had it on was playing some nasty music about hate and junk and I told it to play something good I don’t like that garbage and then I change to the next station and it’s right at the words of the song, “what you gonna do?”. The song Is made you look by Meghan trainor. Maybe that was something? Idk, but the truck has been running rough and a few days after, it started stalling and we changed the distributor cap. That fixed it. Then I asked my dad if I could take it down the road to test it and I decided to hit it again even tho the truck told me twice to not do what I do but I speed down it flying over bumps and I went down the little hill on our road and I hit it because it’s straight and long and I speed up to like 60 on that little road and then I press the brakes and it’s literally probably half the power, I hit it and the brake pedal went to the floor and it wasn’t fully stopping it slowed down enough for the turn but I was still a little fast but I had the brake to the floor! but bro they were working fine on the way down there but what I’m guessing is, the truck was tryna make me crash because I don’t listen to it about speeding. but I went back and my told my dad about the brakes problem(I never told him anything about the truck being weird before and still haven’t I wanna keep it a secret) and he was like David stop lying and I’m like yeah the brake arnt working right. And the next morning we took it out and he saw they weren’t and I had to pump the brakes to stop and we pulled into Walmart and looked at them and the brake line was cut and oil spraying all over, so we went to fix it and yeah. And the next week on a nice Saturday morning when every one sleeping in my house I took the truck out and floored it again, I floored it and speeding round corners and stuff and i know it’s dumb. But I can’t help it. I’m alone and don’t get to drive it much. And it’s fun! But I done it, and as I was going I said out loud what do you have to say about this! And all I did was click the radio on and what did I hear? “SLOW RIDE, TAKE IT EASY!”. So that’s the way it is with all these songs, they are the right songs, at the right spot, that’s what I mean by this truck talks to me. I was always turning on the radio and asking questions to it whenever I could I always now turn on the radio and ask things like can you play my favorite song? It has a few times, I change the station and one them is playing one my favorite songs, Pearl Jam, The Rolling Stones, twisted sister and 4 non blondes. And a few weeks later I was in the truck and my sister asked to turn the truck on, so I let her have the key and turn it on and she turns it twice but not fully and she says she scared because it won’t start and i told her turn it rest way and let off and she turned it and let off, now this truck when it starts revs up to like 1200 rpm’s sometimes but this time it revved up to 4000 rpm, and she says what wrong with it and it’s revving at 4000 for like 5 full seconds before lower back to where it should be, and my foot wasn’t on the gas and I don’t put it on it when starting, so I thought that wasn’t normal. But that was the only time it done it is when my little sister started it. And one time in the parking lot at the store I turned on to find a song and one song was asking about if you love me and I said said yeah I love you, and I went to next station and it played more than words by extreme and that songs about showing my love. But this is what I remember from it I ain’t with the truck no more it’s with my older sister she has it now, so these are the kind of things it does, I’m sure it did a lot other times but these are some them, yes this is all true the lines being cut the radio it revving it’s all true it all happened, but what you think about all this?
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