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Epic Games is hiring Principal Language Fuzzing Engineer US Cary, NC [Unreal]

2023.04.01 11:51 EchoJobs Epic Games is hiring Principal Language Fuzzing Engineer US Cary, NC [Unreal]

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2023.04.01 11:31 EchoJobs Epic Games is hiring Senior QA Engineer US Cary, NC [Unreal Python Unity JavaScript]

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2023.04.01 11:10 Kuja_Core Gay Asian boy who didn't even know that high schoolers could publish research does alright!

Intended Major(s): Political Science, International Affairs (depending on school), maybe double major with Econ
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
Details are edited to avoid doxxing lmfao:
  1. Secretariat for largest Model UN Conference in my state. Ran conferences' outreach (researched contacts/wrote emails), supervised registration process for 600+ attendees, managed PR and hotel rooming.
  2. President of my school's Model UN Club. Trained 50+ club members with weekly public speaking/debate lessons, oversaw members' conference attendance/logistics & club advertising/fundraisers.
  3. Committee Director for 3 local Model UN Conferences. Oversaw 3 member dais team, spearheaded research into committees' topic, revised background guide research paper, lead debate on conference day.
  4. President of local organization's Teen Board. Created board subcommittees to improve efficiency. Relay teen feedback to staff, run community bonding/service events, train new volunteers.
  5. Internship at local law firm. Schedule consultations, contact old clients/close cases, assemble exhibit binders for trials, file case documents, act as receptionist.
  6. Member of cultural organization. Volunteered at multi-cultural festivals (ran culture/game booths), created programming (videos, presentations, etc) to educate others about [my ethnicity's] culture.
  7. Camp Counselor for special-needs kids. Organized arts/sports related activities for special needs campers aged 10-13, provide one-on-one guidance with them.
  8. Pianist for 10 years. earned Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music Grade 8 Piano Performance Exam Distinction score (highest possible score).
  9. Violinist. Been playing for 7 years, auditioned into and entered local youth symphony's top group in freshman year - present day, also a violinist in high school's top orchestral group.
  10. Boba Barista (job!!). Worked like 8 hrs a week.
Awards/Honors (also edited to prevent doxxing)
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Presidential Volunteer Service Award Gold (Teen, 2020) Bronze (Young Adult, 2021 & 2022)
  2. Nationwide Music Competition- 2nd Prize Winner, Piano (state-level)
  3. All-State Symphonic Orchestra participant (11th and 12th grade)
  4. Best Position Paper from local MUN conference
Letters of Recommendation
I waived my rights via FERPA so I’m just guessing here.
English Teacher (7/10): Had her for both junior and senior year, had a pretty good relationship with her in class and always did my work- nothing extraordinary. She's a good writer though, so I trust her letter!
Bio Teacher (6/10): TBH only really chose her because I thought you needed one STEM and one humanities rec for every school. She definitely saw my academic side (I pestered her a lot about my Bio IA...) but beyond that I'm not sure...
Counselor (7/10): Didn't really know counselor too well, but I filled out her worksheet pretty thoroughly. She also asked for some of my other teachers to give her insight, so I had my IB Music and my orchestra director give her more info about me from a different point of view. She has lots of experience writing letters so I'm sure she was able to put together a good letter from all of the info she got from me and other teachers.
Georgetown (6/10): my first interview, it was in-person and in the interviewer's office. Needless to say, I was terrified and spent 5 minutes in my parent's car just doing last-minute rehearsing before actually getting out. It went OK- it was decent for a first interview, but I think I rambled a bit too much about my academic self and didn't really get into my personality/hobbies and what really made me, me. Interviewer's interests didn't really line up with mine beyond academics so thats what we naturally focused about. It was a solid hour, but very chill in the end (I shouldn't have been that stressed lol).
Princeton (7/10): Was much more prepared for this interview. It was virtual, and lasted like 40 minutes. She asked me a few questions- I think I was definitely able to express and articulate myself a lot better compared to my Georgetown one, but I'm afraid I was thrown a bit off guard about the "Why Princeton/major" question she asked me and so my answer for that wasn't as perfect. Otherwise, I spent the last like 10-15 minutes asking her about Princeton stuff. It was a standard interview.
Columbia/Sciences Po Dual Degree Program (9/10): this interview was definitely my best interview by far because I was hella stressed for it, so I researched as much as I could about it- I really demonstrated my interest in Asian politics through specific examples, and I was well-articulated about why I wanted to attend not one, but two prestigious schools in the span of 4 years (and like, why France specifically). The Sciences Po admissions officer was having some connectivity issues but besides that it was a very solid interview.
Franklin and Marshall (9/10): It was with a current, international student, and we basically bonded over wanting new experiences in college and like this idea of college in general. He said that I was one of his favorite interviewees so that was nice?? Got to ask him a lot about the school and I was very passionate in my answers, much more chill than Georgetown/Princeton ones (tbh those top-schools kinda psyched me out...)
Wesleyan (7/10): I can't really remember what went down in this one tbh. At this point senioritis was kicking in and everything was mostly a blur LMFAO.
My CommonApp essay was... probably not the best. Topic was kind of basic, and the writing was meh. Unfortunately, I didn't really have time to edit it, because I got super busy with MUN things in the fall + senioritis hit early... so I really tried to perfect my supps. It was still a solid essay overall and I liked it, but I wish I started brainstorming about it earlier so I could've found a more niche idea/used some of the ideas I had in my supps for this main essay. Definitely should've done my dream school applications (ie, Georgetown) last instead of first since I naturally got so much better over time. Don't underestimate how your writing ability can skyrocket in the span of 5 months!!
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
This whole journey has definitely been a process. I came into the college app process thinking I had a solid chance at schools like Georgetown, Boston U, and Northeastern, with UPenn as a hard reach. I ended up not even applying to UPenn and getting rejected from Georgetown, BU, and NEU, but got some amazing acceptances that came really out of the blue (still reeling over WashU.... like I applied on a whim???).
I do really regret applying to all of the OOS public schools that I did- especially the UCs- since I can't afford OOS tuition, but I think overall my list was rather balanced. Seeing all of those reaches reject me stung (Georgetown sent me on an emotional rollercoaster and my heart dropped when I found out that BU had a 10% acceptance rate this year) but all it takes is one reach for there to be success! I'm most likely going to end up committing to Columbia/Science Po (top school in France AND in US??? Hell yeah!), but all in all I'm so glad that this process is finally over <3 going to take a long fucking nap.
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2023.04.01 09:41 EchoJobs Epic Games is hiring Sr AI Gameplay Engineer US Cary, NC [Unreal]

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2023.04.01 07:59 National_Hornet_5658 Asia: China, one of the world's four ancient civilizations

China is a multi-ethnic country with Chinese civilization as its source and Chinese culture as its foundation, and Han Chinese as its main ethnic group.

After the Xinhai Revolution in the early 20th century, the monarchy was withdrawn from the stage of history and a republican system of government was established. In 1949, the People's Congress system of government was established in mainland China.

China has a vast territory and many ethnic groups. During the pre-Qin period, the Huaxia people flourished in the Central Plains, and during the Han Dynasty, the Han people took shape through cultural intermingling, laying the foundation of the main ethnic group in China. Later, through intermingling with neighboring ethnic groups, a unified multi-ethnic country was gradually formed, and the population also continued to rise, with China's population exceeding 100 million during the Song Dynasty, 400 million during the Qing Dynasty, and 1.3 billion by 2005.

China's culture is long-standing, profound and colorful, and it is the cultural sovereign of the East Asian cultural circle, occupying an important position in the world cultural system, with its own characteristics in humanities and economy due to the differences in geographical location and natural conditions. Traditional cultural art forms include poetry, opera, calligraphy, and Chinese painting, while the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Chongyang Festival are important traditional Chinese festivals.

Asia: China, one of the world's four ancient civilizations

The word "China" was first used in the inscription of the bronze "He Zun" in the early Western Zhou Dynasty, which reads, "Yu its residence in China, since its inception", China", "Zhongxia", "Zhonghua", "Zhongyuan", "Zhuxia", " The term "Huaxia" was first used as a synonym for "China", "Zhonghua", "Zhongxia", "Zhongyuan", "Zhuxia", "Zhuhua", "Shenzhou", "Kyushu", and "Hainai".

The term "Huaxia" was first used in the Zhou Dynasty in "Shang Shu - Zhou Shu - Wucheng", "Huaxia and barbarians are not without rate". The Book of the Book says: "Coronation and costumes are called Hua, and the great country is called Xia. The shangshu justice" note: "coronation clothing Huazhang said Hua, the great state said Xia". "Hua", refers to the magnificent, prosperous; also said in ancient times Hua, Xia homophonic, this one word. "Zuo Zhuan" said: "China has the etiquette of the great, so called Xia; have the beauty of the dress chapter, called Hua." Hua refers to the Chinese costume, and Xia refers to the great country that performs the Zhou rituals, so China has the reputation of being a state of etiquette and a country of clothes.

And the Chinese word "China", the earliest refers to the Western Zhou Jinggi area, after the evolution of the Yellow River basin in the middle and lower reaches of the Central Plains, outside China is called the four barbarians, the so-called "Son of Heaven has the way, guard in the four barbarians. China is living in the middle of heaven and earth said China, the four barbarians is living in the heaven and earth of the remote. Han Dynasty began to build barbarian Qiu, and make the Chinese cultural circle formally formed, the North and South Dynasties built four barbarians, the Ming Dynasty, the four barbarians, divided into eight museums, said: Tartar, Women Zhen, Xifan, Xitian, Hui Hui, Baiyi, Gaochang, Myanmar. Since the Opium War in modern times, the situation of China as the cultural patriarch of East Asia has been gradually broken.

In 1949, the People's Republic of China was founded and set its capital in Beijing. on October 1, 1949, the Founding Ceremony was held in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, and Mao Zedong, Chairman of the Central People's Government, proclaimed: the People's Republic of China was officially established.
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2023.04.01 06:40 EchoJobs Epic Games is hiring Senior QA Engineer US Cary, NC [Python Unreal]

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2023.04.01 05:22 sharkissu >>> MASSIVE SHOP <<< (BEGINNER FRIENDLY, budget: 100-33k, over 120 items)

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME IN YOUR MESSAGE // meet me at ice cream shop //
last updated 12:48am est 4/1/2023
🍥 : on hold (for four days)
🦷 : **to be bought** (status will be removed if buyer doesnt respond in two days)
🍙 : looking for items too
user: sharknii (i have joins on), just send a req
drop a comment of what you want. ill respond w if i have it or not
hair acc
face acc
ear acc
neck/shoulder acc
torso acc
arms acc
back acc
legs acc

let me know when youre available within the next two days, if you would like it on hold, please let me know when youll be available after those four days
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2023.04.01 04:13 prashild Type R on Sport

Type R on Sport
This thing sounds insane. Not even kidding..
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2023.04.01 04:11 englandjr75 Billy mf strings/Red Daisy Fest 3/3 3/4 Docs 100th

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2023.04.01 00:04 Astero23 Cary 1 BR/1 BA for rent - lovely & good amenities!

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2023.03.31 23:03 g4m3f33d Fortnite Lantern Festival: How to Complete All Challenges

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