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2023.03.30 06:07 Elliott1970 Nature's Hand

In paeonic meter, I will try, To spin a tale and catch your eye, With rhythm strong and steady beat, A poem for you, both kind and sweet.
The world is vast, it's hard to see, The beauty that surrounds us free, But in each moment, we can find, A spark of joy, to ease the mind.
The sun, it rises in the east, And paints the sky with golden feast, The birds they sing, their melodies, A symphony of nature's ease.
The trees they sway, in gentle breeze, Their leaves, they rustle, like the seas, And in their shade, we find a nest, A moment to be truly blessed.
So let us pause and take a breath, And cherish life, with every step, For in this world, so wide and grand, We'll find our peace, with nature's hand.
© Elliott R Palmer
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2023.03.30 06:06 Pope-Francisco Origin of the holiday MaggusDayus

In the empire of Uvort, magic is used for a variety of purposes. Art, rituals, warfare, & medicine. Magic itself is restricted for the Nobels & religious servants, as they are considered the only ones “worthy” enough to wield it.
In Uvort, there are several orphanages who take in babies & teach the children to perform rituals & make potions, strictly meant to aid the medical needs of nobles. They wouldn’t object, they were taught o worship Nobles as highly as their gods. It was their duty to serve a Noble, even if it costed their own life. If you did not follow these instructions, you were not a Blue Robe Mage.
In one orphanage, there was a girl named Maggie Day, her last name comes from the South Day Church. She was a very dedicated young girl. She loved the feeling of helping out the nobles & using magic. But she also fell behind her peers, only being able to remember a fraction of the spells, earning teasing from her siblings & hard schooling from her teachers. At some point, a Nobel, Sir Draco, came to Sour Day when Maggie was 15. He went around the church to pick out his personal Blue Robe Mages. As he walked around, he noticed Maggie’s radiating dedication despite her low skill level, he knew he needed her.
Later on, Maggie & couple of her sisters were chosen to aid Sir Draco & his family. Maggie was excited to work for Sir Draco, driving her to work hard & please her new master. In the end, Maggie’s life was simple & pleasant from them on, but there was something bugging her. She often found it strange how the servants never got the same got any treatments. They worked just as hard if not harder then the mages, even helping the mages out, yet we’re never allowed to be healed by magic. If the mages are allowed to do this onto themselves & other mages, why can’t the servants be given that privilege? This puzzled Maggie.
One day, a servant skinned their leg & was venerable to infection. Despite this, they were not given treatment. It was only when Maggie stepped up & went to help the servant. She treated the servants wounds & prevented an infection. The servant was extremely grateful, but Sir Draco didn’t show the same attitude. He talked with Maggie & told her to never to do it again. She asked him why, he responded saying servants weren’t worthy, gods & the earths gifts shouldn’t be wasted upon trash. Maggie objected saying they weren’t trash, but Draco stood firm & demanded she never do it again with a thunderous roar. She crumpled & went with his demands.
Later on, Maggie would try to convince herself what she did was wrong, but seeing how grateful the servants were showed how good of a deed it was. She couldn’t hold it in & decided to secretly help out the servants. Unlike normal rituals requiring days of prep & expensive ingredients, Maggie would settle for cheap substitutes & do quick rituals. Over time, she managed to improve these rituals & make them far quicker, taking only a minute to execute with 2 minutes of prep. It was because of this that she managed to get away with treating the servants. But, she would eventually be found out, leading to her being punished by whips & casted into Thunder Tomb prison, where she would be reformed to serve only the nobles. But Maggie wouldn’t budge, despite the torture she believed what she did was right. She believed the servants deserved as much respect as nobles.
At some point, a coup was formed against the Uvort empire. The rebels leading the coup aimed for Thunder Tomb & freed prisoners who were captured for reveling against authority, including Maggie. Maggie’s wounds were treated by the rebels, but she after gaining enough strength she treated herself. Soon after this, she was asked to join the rebels. At first hated the idea of fighting against nobles, but remembered how horrible they treat servants, especially the people they imprisoned. She agreed to join, as long as they didn’t stoop down to barbarians. It was then that Maggie Day became the rebels first Blue Robe Mage. She helped to treat wounds of the injured & teach others how to use magic. She also learned how to improvise with the recourses she had, just as she did with Sir Draco’s servants. Eventually, she managed to make quick & cheap, yet effective rituals to heal soldiers & people. And, it was easy to learn, a far greater quantity of people easily could learn these rituals with enough practice, plus there were only a few to memorize, leading to quick mastery with only one thing to focus on. Maggie was proof of this, she was the fastest healer & her results were extremely effective despite the speed of the ritual. These healers & Maggie far outclassed the traditional Blue Robe Mages on the empires side who were still struggling to shorten their medical rituals & retain similar effectiveness, along with having to spend lots of money on expensive ingredients.
Eventually, the rebels won. A new partial Democratic Republic government was formed by the rebels, leading to greater civil rights to servants. And, Maggie Day was renowned as the Blue Saint, known for her innovation in medical rituals & god like skills. Maggie Day founded the Blue Day church, a church that would teach anyone of any social class how to perform medical rituals & assists all they could support. Maggie Day felt proud of herself, knowing she made a great impact & proved a great help to others. Eventually, she died at the age of 56, a pretty good life span during her time. She was greatly remembered for her warm personality, peaceful attitude, & skills. She even has a holiday named after her called MaggusDayus, a holiday where one helps out their community & celebrate with magic fire works.
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2023.03.30 06:06 Flat-Living513 Why is Well Fargo so difficult to deal with for increasing credit limit

I have the BILT Mastercard and it’s been little over 10 months and they’ve still not increased my credit limit. I have good credit history and all that jazz nothing bad or degrading. I have dealt with them on the phone twice and all they say is wait for the final decision to come by mail.
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2023.03.30 06:06 Medium_Ad9215 How to deal with "too early" feelings?

I (27m) have been in and out of the dating game since I was 20ish. Been using dating apps since I was 21 since I'm not one to really to go to bars or social events with the intent on tryna pick someone up, moreso just to enjoy said event. I met this girl on Hinge about last weekish. Started talking slow, then she gave me her number, and we've been texting everyday, as well as dispersed phone calls (most recent was today, kinda just shot the shit, ranted to each other about some stuff that was going on), I've been in several relationships, and I'm generally secure as a person, but this is the first time where I have really strong feelings towards this girl before even meeting her in person. I already asked her out, and though she's been busy last weekend and will be busy this upcoming weekend, I'm going to ask her again for next weekend probably sometime Sunday just to give her plenty of time.
It's hard for me to describe, but it's gotten to where I smile every time I see a fucking text from this girl, and whenever she calls me I fumble my fucking phone. I actually see something genuinely meaningful with her as cheesy and quick as that may sound. She's got a lotta traits I really like, and even though she deals with some mental and emotional issues, I still don't really mind, even though I've dated and broken shit off with a couple exes due to severe mental/emotional instability or flat out told girls during the initial dating process that I just don't have the energy to engage with someone like that. I really, genuinely like her. I don't even care about fucking sex with this girl which is completely uncharacteristic of me as a person considering I have severe hormonal issues, but moreso just being physically intimate (cuddling, kissing, etc etc).
I do understand very, very well that it is very early in the timeline of things, and I know that, maybe in a week she may even ghost my ass, or if we do go out, there may be zero compatibility, but jesus christ dude, this has been something that has been making me really happy/destroyed my nerves. I just want to get some outside opinions, ask if anyone has been in this situation before, and if so, how did you deal with the feelings department?
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2023.03.30 06:06 54Yeeter I’m having Libido/Dick problems

So to start off I’m 19(M) and I have been having problems getting horny and hard this past week. There’s a lot of things that I think may be the cause. Usually I’m super horny at least 4-5 times a week. Well since the last time me and my girlfriend 18(F) had sex I have had a hard time being interested sexually. We’ve had sex a couple times before and it’s great. Out of those times I’ve only ever finished half of them. I always wear her out before I ever get close to cumming unless I take the condom off (Which is dangerous and scares the shit out of me after post nut clarity hits). The last time we fucked for like 45 minutes to an hour and she had came multiple times and became sore. So she said she didn’t wanna do it anymore. I was fine because I was sweating a lot and not really feeling much. I feel bad for not cumming for her. Since then I haven’t been horny at all.
I have some theories as to what’s causing my inability to get horny or hard; 1.I’ve been super stressed out lately 2.The week before the last time we had sex I didn’t workout like I usually do 3. In the past couple weeks I’ve started eating much more junk food 4. A little while back I was taking zinc to help produce testosterone but I stopped 5. After we had sex for so long and so intense without me cumming, maybe subconsciously or psychologically my brain is saying “sex ain’t all that”
For a little more detail we did fool around a bit this past weekend and yes I was hard and a little horny. But the main problem is that if I see a picture of her boobs or her naked or something I don’t get hard. And also yea that happens sometimes but I also haven’t had ANY sexual thoughts in general. Maybe I’m getting used to having sex and doing stuff on weekends so my body is just putting it on pause. I don’t know. I’ve been eating fruits that can help with libido, taking cold showers again, working out, and eating better. Hopefully those will fix it. Thank you for reading and for any help you can give me, I REALLY need it. I’m super confused and worried.
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2023.03.30 06:06 WegianWarrior Patent time: The shavette system of Edward Weck

Between 1908 and 1914, Edward Weck was granted four patents which, when taken together, creates a full on shaving system centred around a shavette – a shavette system if you want. Interestingly enough, this was around the same time as another shaving system was patented. And much like Clark’s system, Weck’s shavette system contained a razor, a blade, and a way to package the blades. Weck also came up with a stiffener, to make the blade stiffer.
The Razor
The first patent covers a razor and a blade.1 Much like Gillette’s original patent, the core of Weck’s idea was to provide a razor where you would replace the blade. In the words of the patent:
The object of this invention is to provide an article of this class with a removable blade so that whenevera blade becomes dull, it may be removed and a new one substituted therefor.
Patent drawing from US patent 929,058
The razor looks – to my eye at least – very much like a traditional straight razor. Where you would expect to find the blade and tang, however, there is a folded sheet metal holder that the blade would get inserted into.
The blade in the original patent looks very much like an elongated GEM blade – a hardened core with a sheet metal backing wrapped around the non-edge side.
All in all a pretty solid patent by itself. But it seems that Weck wanted2 more.
The Blade
An obvious item to improve on a razor with replaceable blades is the blades. Most traditional knife blades are laminated.3 This means that you’ll have a hard and brittle core that will take a sharp edge. Surrounding the brittle core you’ll have softer steel – unable to take a good edge, but much more resilient to breakage.
Patent drawing for US patent 929,059
Weck’s improved blade that would go with the shavette system is made up of three parts. A blade strip made of hard steel with a ground edge. A folded mild steel reinforcement that extended all the way to the bevel. And a thicker and heavier mild steel reinforcement that extended less than halfway up the side.
Weck claimed there were several benefits of this multipart construction. Mainly that the blade would be more rigid while retaining a flexible edge. If there were more benefits than these two, he forgot to put it in the patent.
The Stiffener
Two years after Weck got his patents for the razor and improved blade, he got a patent for a stiffener for razors. The purpose of such a thing seems a little mysterious to me, so let us see what the patent text has to say:
The object of my invention is to provide a wafer blade razor, with a suitable stiffener which will so stiffen the blade so that it can be used advantageously under severe conditions of service.
So it seems like Weck though that the blades for his razor were not stiff enough for shaving a heavy beard. A folded over sheet metal piece was his solution.
Patent drawing from US patent 996,382
The patent for the stiffener goes into quite a bit of details of the razor and blade too, but it is broadly the same as his original shavette patent. The stiffener is described as being made of sheet metal, with one side almost touching the cutting edge, and the other being shorter. It had a number of recesses along the back. These, the patent claims, gives the stiffener a more neat appearance.4
The Safety-Razor-Blade Holder
Once you have a shavette system using replaceable blades, you need a way to store and distribute said blades. While a wrapping like the one Kaufman patented would work,5 Weck patented a different solution a few years after the other patents. As an added bonus, Weck’s holder was reusable.
Patent drawing from US patent 1,183,054
The holder consists of a cylinder, in which there is a number of slots. The slots are shaped so that the reinforcing backing of the blade rides on shoulders, so the edge will not touch the bottom of the slot.
On one end of the cylinder is a rotating lid, which can be turned to expose one slot at a time. When the slot is exposed, a blade can be extracted. Or inserted, if so desired.
Thoughts on the shavette system
In all fairness, I don’t actually know if Edward Weck actually saw these four patents as a system, or as a series of improvements of his original idea. But then again, I don’t know if Gillette saw his idea of a thin, replaceable blade and a holder for it as a shaving system either.
All told I think the four patents would have served as the basis for a viable ecosystem. All the elements are in place; a razor that looks the part, sensible blades, and a blade holder for distributing and storing the blades. The blade stiffener is an added bonus for those who have steel wool stubble.
According to Waits’ Compendium, Weck mananged to get his razor manufactured under the tradename of Sextoblade.6 Again according to Waits, the tradename was renewed in 1930. this implies that the razor and blades were successful enough to survive for at least two decades. Waits’ Compendium also have pictures7 of what looks very much like the patented stiffener.
It is unusual for me to write about a patent that actually resulted in a manufactured razor. But it is nice to see that not all patented razors disappears without a trace.
You can read the full patents for the shavette, the improved blade, the stiffener, and the safety-razor-blade holder at Google Patents.

  1. Which would be improved in the second patent.
  2. And wanted it bad enough to pay for more patents.
  3. Other ways of achieving the same is damasking the blade., or pattern welding it like the Norse did with swords.
  4. And prevent the stiffener from being too rigid.
  5. But was already patented by Kaufman, and I assume Weck wasn’t interested in paying royalties.
  6. Trademark filed in July 1908, about a year before he was granted the patent for the razor.
  7. On page 306 of the PDF v1.21
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2023.03.30 06:06 FazeWeelchair if anvone needs someone i’m here for you (18M) also able to VC and play games with anyone (I’m on playstation) [friendship]

a little background on me is that I was born with a disability which put me in a wheelchair, it's always been hard for me to find friends irl so I came here! Some of my favorite things to do are play video games and meet new people.
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2023.03.30 06:05 tomnookswhor3 Who is your ROTY?

i’m a thunder fan so i feel like i’m biased so i want to hear what everyone else is feeling
personally i came into the season expecting it from paolo he was my #1 guy and didn’t even like the pick of jalen williams- but jdub is just extremely consistent and efficient and does it all especially since the new year he’s been going off every night with or without shai, home or away, all odds against him or not, been absolutely incredible for us and is absolutely a huge part of why we are where we are and not at the bottom of the league fighting for wemby
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2023.03.30 06:05 Great_Barnacle_8092 Anyone else feels everything is SO tedious and repetitive during luteal? chores, work, etc..

13 days before period and already feel the dip. I'm bloated, tired, just feel like a lazy fat person that can barely get anything done and just sits on the couch. Can't even get myself to feed the dogs. I feel I have NO control of my cravings/appetite. I'm not even working right now and I'm extra hard on myself on the days I can't get anything done. I feel my boyfriend has been avoiding me and not showing me any kind of love, he swears it's all in my head. I can't even get myself to shower. I hate doing chores cuz they're SO damn repetitive (I usually don't mind them). The perfect word to describe how I feel is everything just seems so bland, boring and repetitive and which makes me have no motivation to get anything done.
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2023.03.30 06:05 Moses_the_Frog I don’t understand the ordering of words in sentences

I just started learning Brazilian portuguese but I’m having a hard time writing things out because I’m not sure how sentences are structured in this language. If I translate a sentence from English to Portuguese directly with no adjustments of the ordering of the words, many of my friends tell me that they understand what I’m trying to say but it just doesn’t make sense or doesn’t sound right. Can someone teach me how the sentences are structured? English is not my first language either so I definitely understand that ordering of my words can make you sound very different.
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2023.03.30 06:05 shesontwt recently overdosed

this isn't really even about the overdose, yes i tu but i was so high it didn't bother me at the moment, but thinking about it afterwards since i've recovered has really disturbed me & i've just avoided absolutely anything that could even mention tu. my body is still recovering and i'm having a hard time eating large quantities so i don't want anything else to decrease my appetite. but i was on my phone & somebody i follow posted this video of someone gagging themselves and i only saw 1 second of it & not even the entire screen but now i'm feeling really disturbed and disgusted and upset, i did block them.. i was just about to paint & now i feel like shutting down, i feel paranoid. ugh i can't believe how people are so okay with watching others tu. i'm starting to feel really sick and anxious :(
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2023.03.30 06:05 akimon01 The loot rng in wo long is unfun.

Let me preface this by saying that I love the game and its combat, and have played through ng+ and grinded out most grace sets and tried several builds. This took a fair bit of time (even with stone soldier farm, max luck, etc.) because some of the loot rng in this game is straight up unnecessary.
1) Please, for the love of god, let us switch our martial arts, and let us rebind them. Have you ever got a perfect 5* weapon with the grace you're after, only to be let down by the martial arts? Im not gonna sugarcoat it, this is fucking frustrating. Its so unnecessary to restrict weapon complexity through rng.
2) Why are there fixed embedments? Fixed embedments are usually better number-wise than their non-fixed counterparts. So you would think that they are meant to be a lucky bonus, something extra about your new piece of loot. BUT NO - they often ruin the item because the fixed embedment doesn't fit whatever build you're going for. What is meant to be a lucky bonus, turns out to be a fucking slap in the face.
For anyone who's into optimizing their builds, here's something to be aware of:
3) Did you know that buff/debuff embedments of the same type - e.g. [Power Drop on Martial Art] vs. [Power Drop on Fatal Strike] - have different strengths and durations? I haven't tested everything, but from what I gather, these are generally the three tiers, ordered from worst to best:
If you are looking to minmax your build, I hope the rng gods have blessed you with [Power Gain on Crit Blow], because it's much better than the other tiers. Please, Team Ninja, be a bit more transparent on the buffs with the same name. You could for example just rename the embedments: [Power Drop Lv. 1 on Martial Art].
TL, DR: Let us switch martial arts. Get rid of fixed embedments. Be more transparent on what buffs of the same name even do.
I love this game, and I haven't played Nioh/2 so I can't say if these quirks are standard for Team Ninja. But the actual combat won't be affected at all if RNG elements 1) and 2) are removed. I'm excited to see the changes in the DLC, so until then.
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2023.03.30 06:05 cestlavie88 166 days, health update, blood work, don’t give up!

So, October 14th 2022 I walked away from drinking. I am the proud owner of not 1 but 2 DUII’s (probably deserve 50 DUIIs), a brief stay in county jail, countless brutal screaming matches with my husband, I’ve thrown and broken things, and done lots of damage to my relationships. My husband is also an alcoholic and quit the same time.
I’m a high functioning alcoholic. I own my own business I founded back in 2017. Partied the whole way up. It’s funny how as long as you’re working and making good money how people act like you don’t have a problem. The whole corporate, real estate, financial industries absolutely bask in celebrating functional alcoholism. Corporate retreat? DRINKS! Promotion? DRINKS! Closed a huge deal? Signed a new client? Established a new business partnership…? DRRRRRIIIIIINNNKKKKKSSS! Lol. Drinking is always the answer.
I learned how to drink rubbing elbows with my higher ups. When I got my first DUII ten years ago my former mentor said “who cares, welcome to the club”. This from a man who used to run Marriott.
Anyway, regardless. Alcohol is my demon. It nearly dismantled my marriage. In fact I’m still walking through an extremely difficult part of my marriage because of something awful that happened while my husband and I were at our lowest. Not on my end but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t play a part. And it’s been part of the catalyst that ended mine and my husbands drinking career. So in a way I’m grateful.
We drank a LOT. 5 nights a week at least. Sometimes starting at 1 or 2. Sometimes even earlier and finishing by 5… passing out. I drank heavily for 7 years. I was a beer woman. IPAs like a stereotypical Oregon hipster. Then I moved onto whiskey for a season. Always Jameson. Then that got too syrupy to me so I finished with grey goose. Sometimes I’d mix grey goose with white claw. Road sodas and that.
Got used to living in a permanent state of either hungover or inebriation. Only taking breaks when I was so bloated drinking didn’t sound good. So I HAD to take a break. I thought it was normal to sleep like shit. Maybe copping 4-5 hours a night. No REM sleep ever. Sex with my husband was sloppy drunk BS. Often I’d end up puking. Hanging my head in my toilet like “yep…this is normal, just gotta puke so I can rally”. Pass out. Wake up gagging. Coughing and gagging while I choked down the first 4 cigarettes. Just so I could repeat it all again. I’ve gained 100 lbs too. Eating like shit and drinking too much. Skipping meals so I didn’t ruin my buzz just so I could ferociously yogi bear my kitchen at 3am looking for ramen. I can’t believe how long I lived like that.
LOL, and the ANXIETY. Through the roof. Could hardly go grocery shopping without a buzz unless it was 6am. I was convinced I had agoraphobia. And extreme anxiety. Nah. Turns out when you’re in active addiction and HEAVY denial you just miss that you’re not really mentally ill. You’re just a junkie for booze. Which I was. That and gambling and cigarettes. Those three were my gods.
Anyway. Flash forward to December last year. I had already quit drinking in October but I’m December I got RSV and it turned into pneumonia. So on December 7th I peaced out cigarettes for good.
Started working out in January. Every day.
Now I sleep 8-9.5 hours a night. Sometimes I don’t even wake up to go to the bathroom. Just glorious on my belly mouth open fan on comfortable EPIC snooze fests every night. I take vitamins every day. I mediate. I sit sauna. I read. I paint. I play music. My brain is awake. I’m back. The woman I thought died long ago, she’s in there. My thirst for adventure is insatiable.
I used to go backpacking and hiking a lot. I used to love to be in the forest. I fought fires structural and wildland. I never thought I’d hike again because I’d gained so much weight and I smoked so much I couldn’t breathe. I’m hiking 5 miles almost every day. When I can’t I jump on my treadmill. I’m feasting on life. I used to feast on slow suicide.
Finally bucked up and went to the doctor this month. The pain in my side came back. The pain I convinced myself was pancreatic cancer and liver failure…. And definitely liver cancer all at the same time. It was back and it made no sense because I quit drinking already. I should be healed. So I said “fuck it” and made my appt. Got an all my blood work done. Got a pap (cause you know I also was certain I had cervical cancer bc I was a heavy smoker). Got an ultra sound and x rays on my side.
My liver enzymes are normal. My blood work is flawless. My side hurts because I have a gallbladder polyp that is exacerbated by fatty foods. My cholesterol is good. Blood pressure is good. My pap and all that was good.
I remember drinking thinking fuck it, I’ve probably already done all the damage. I haven’t. It’s worth quitting and living. Not thinking like that anymore. Now I am caring for my body! Now I am getting healthy and coming back to life. I’m not suffering from anxiety anymore. My body is healing and every day I get stronger. My marriage. God. My marriage is growing in ways I never imagined. I’m falling in love with a man I am just getting to know.
It’s been a crazy ride. I’m almost to six months. Please hang in there!!!! I love you!
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2023.03.30 06:05 htowner13 Why so expensive? I also got a vibrant vie pack I used it is cheaper and also for sclerals

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2023.03.30 06:05 Lazy-Ad113 Bugs Can't Talk

"i've gone over all the options, and that's the one that makes the most sense to me
you see, it's one of the three
  1. you didn't know what you were doing, but that doesn't work because i told you. so it leads me to
  2. you knew what you were doing, intentionally or not, but you did nothing to fix it. and there could be only one rational reason why you wouldn't, which is
  3. you didn't feel bad about. you knew what you were doing because i told you, but nothing changed because you didn't care enough, or maybe part of you enjoyed it, but i still won't allow myself to really believe that.
that was the problem.
you realized you weren't going to change, and you should have felt bad enough about hurting me to let me go.
but you didn't.
so here we are."
this is my conclusion. we were both wrong. and i'm sorry i was in denial about that. i always thought there was only was person to blame. i am so happy i left, but relentlessly haunted by how i thought i screwed up. my experience at school would be flipped upside down if we remained forever attached. and i wouldn't change my experience for a second. i have met people who are my family. i am so thankful for my months of grieving and reflecting. i am so versatile at communicating and know anger is temporary. i do so well at communicating my feelings immediately and softly and have not be angry with someone for more than ten minutes since you. i am so proud of what i have grown into and could not have done that without you. i don't wish we were still together, but i wish we parted ways happily. i wish i could visit our past selves, telling them no matter how much we loved each other if we were ever going to grow, we needed to leave. to have a relationship with as much love but not as much hurt, it needed to end. i am so happy to that you're happy with someone else, and i pray you two treat each other well. that she communicates with you softly and you treat her with the same respect.
"maybe you weren't an awful person, maybe you were just seventeen"
forever and always, sometimes and never.
P.S i used to hate tattoos, but i now have a butterfly tattoo to remind myself of this exact lesson. i hope i helped you as much as you helped me and you don't see me as a horrid person. here is to growing.
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2023.03.30 06:05 SparklingBeige ABANDONMENT ISSUES ARE SO REAL.

hi guys, I wrote a little while ago about my partner blindsided ghosting me, God I was so so so miserable i can't even tell. I used to cry my eyes out, wake up till 3 am and even have had a low-grade fever because of stress. Eventually, I decided to send a breakup text and got a response from them, leading to a conversation where they explained that we had different values and that they "couldn't keep doing this". We ended up breaking up, but it has actually been peaceful since then. I can function my daily life. I can enjoy other things in my life. I am actually so shocked to see how different I feel now after breaking up versus how I felt before. It's interesting how gaining clarity and perspective can bring ease to a situation.
I realized that my fear wasn't necessarily rejection which is also why I can keep reaching out to people. My fear rather was of being abandoned by someone I love. When my partner ghosted me, it activated this subconscious fear. But a breakup doesn't activate me. ( If you're no longer a loved one you can't abandon me. Is it something like that LOL? ). Some people with attachment issues like mine may equate rejection with abandonment. Some mourn the loss of relationship and that's why it is hard but since we only dated for a short time, I'm able to move on relatively easily.
In conclusion, I've learned that a perceived abandonment from a loved one is more painful for me than an actual rejection. It's fascinating to see how the attachment issues can affect us and how REAL these issues are.
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2023.03.30 06:05 PotatoSwag2318 When healthy, we should not go a single competitive minute without 1 of Bron, AD, or DLo on the floor

To maximize our team’s strengths, we should always stagger our best players. I don’t know why this seems to be such a hard concept for our team to grasp. Frankly, staggering is so important that even if we had 2 of the above 3 available, we should still stagger them similarly.
On another note, our team’s goal should be to avoid Bron and AD playing more than 36 minutes a game until the playoffs. I think this is achievable with a healthy DLo but just another priority I believe we should emphasize.
Not to pile on Ham, but we really need to optimize our minutes played.
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2023.03.30 06:04 Professional-Way-752 My visa request got rejected after traveling my entire country just to get a chance

Im living what a lot of people have live but i still feel a sad My mother went to USA a couple of years ago to get a job, she found that job and now she Is living happily, but in all this years she have been missing me so she work very hard to cover the procedure so i could have a chance of seeing her, she cant leave USA because of some migration protocol (She went legally but still), i had to travel 3 different states so i could get the verification and date, she was very happy to and very excited for me because It was finally happening what she was wishing for years since she left México (Yes, i live in México), so i grabbed the best elegant clothes i had, and went full in, even tho my mother was very excited, I told her to keep her expectations low because chances still were very low And yeah, saldy I failed, im not upset but a little sad, i really wanted to see my mother after a this couple of years, sadly im gonna still wait (Parenthesis: Im not writing this so you hate the country or people doing their work, i completely understand the situation of my country and why i was probably was declined so please be respectful Also im not very good speaking english so sorry if somethings doesnt sound right)
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2023.03.30 06:04 brownsthrowaway95 Jesus

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2023.03.30 06:04 Kal22794 Ranking System Question

So um before my last game 5 win i was plat more we won and the game put me at plat 5 so why did i de rank is my question
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2023.03.30 06:04 Nova_Draconovich I 23f and not sure I can trust my boyfriend 25m

So for context I 23F am dating my bf 25M of 2 years and throughout our relationship he has been my best friend and confidant. Recently I found out that my boyfriend shared one of my deepest secrets with his sister 23 F and he wasn't going to tell me . The secret was that I was previously married and though it may not seem like a big deal to most people, not only was it my biggest regret but I was so ashamed and as the relationship was so abusive the only people who knew were my family and him. My bf's family is generally accepting but a few people on his mothers side are very judgmental and I didn't want it to ruin our relationship. We talked about it he accepted me and my wishes and he promised the information wouldn't be spread. Well Recently I have bonded very closely with his stepmother and sister and trusted them enough to share more details of my history. I told his stepmother and sister separately but what caught me off guard was his sister said she knew, which I thought was odd but didn't confront her at the time. Fast forward a few days and I finally ask my boyfriend if he told her and after a pause he admits to doing it months ago. When I asked him why he said he didn't know why and that he did it one day whilst picking her up from work. That struck me as odd because those car rides were only about 20 minutes and now I'm paranoid of all the other things he's been saying about me . We've had issues in the past of him telling white lies and hiding things and though small the dishonesty is really starting to get to me , not to mention he says things like "That was months ago " to make it seem like less of a big deal. I don't know what to do we have a 1 year old together and despite everything I want to spend my life with him but I'm afraid the lies won't stop . I really feel like I lost my best friend because I'm afraid to tell him anything now .
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2023.03.30 06:03 Any-Direction-492 My friend hesitated when I asked her what if I was LGBTQ+

I (18f) have known my best friend (17f) since middle school. We were pretty much the same ppl. Similar interests. Similar backgrounds. Similar personalities. Even our names were similar to the point where our teacher sometimes mixed us up. In gr 8, she moved to a different country. She was going to return by the end of gr 9, but that plan was messed up due to COVID-19. She said that she'd return tho eventually tho at this time, she's still in the other country. She did come to our country a few times, however. During this time, I kept in touch with her.
Today, I was texting venting to her, and while I won't go into too many details about it as it will get me identified, at some point, she brought up LGBTQ+. She reminded me that our religion (Islam) has certain views about that and while I am free to do wtv I please, she just thought that she should remind me. Remember that part where I said we had similar backgrounds? yea we have the same religion and we both grew up with homo- / transphobic views. I was lgbtq-phobic myself for a while but I eventually unlearned the views.
I finished venting then I couldnt help but think about this. I asked her would she unfriend me if I associated with queer ppl and / or was queer myself. She said that it would leave her feeling conflicted because on one hand, we're not supposed to associate with any queer ppl because of our religion. But at the same time, she cares about me so much and it would destroy her. In the end, she just said "I- it's hard, okay?" It hurt me a little because while she didnt give me a straight (no pun intended) answer, the fact that she said it was complicated says it all.
She even once told me that she might be bi-curious last summer when she came to visit for a bit (granted, she said that she wouldnt act on it but she sometimes wonders if she would be bi if she wasnt religious). She also once asked if being considered ace was "haram" (a sin). Also, what she doesnt know is most of our friend group from middle school (which I still close to and she considers herself to be friends with) later turned out to be queer. I myself might be bi-curious.
Idk what to do. Aside from her homophobia, she is a genuinely kind-hearted girl who would put others before herself. For the time being, I have sorta separated her from our LGBTQ+ friend group since they arent as close to her as they are to me and vice versa. It especially helps since shes been out of town for a long time and thus ppl from both sides are kept in the dark.
Also, ik some of you would be suggesting that I should just cut her off but it's easier said than done. You see, because of our friendship, both of our Moms are very well acquainted with each other. They even admitted to us that they would love to be friends with each other. So, if I / she were to cut her / me off because of her views, this would reach her mother, which would reach to my mom, and because im still financially dependent on my parents, it wouldnt be very safe for me to do so.
Srry for this long post, any advice would be helpful. Ty
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