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2023.05.29 17:08 testiclekid How should I use Silvery Barbs?

We played yesterday the first session of a new campaign.
Party of 4 and level 4: - Halfling Arcane Trickster with Lucky - Goliath Ancestral Guardian with GWM - Aasimar Oathbreaker with Heavy Armor Master - Me, Shadar Kai, Scribe Order.
So I have one strong control spell and here's my 2nd level spells. Warning, not all of them are super must pick spells:
Now, I play another character with silvery barbs in another campaign, but that character is vastly different from this one.
In that campaign, monsters do big attacks and that's why it is so important do damage prevention against critical attacks becuase otherwise my friend takes 25-30 damage.
In this campaign however we have the Barbarian with rage that reduces alot the Wounds taken. Paladin also had a way of damage reduction in a way so it isn't so necessary to make it reroll that many attacks.
Now I do have web and Vortex Warp, meaning I can make the enemy reroll the save against those two spells, but so far (first session at least) it hasn't come up the necessity to do so). I also wanna spare some uses for critical attacks because I wanna save my allies.
The advantage from Silvery Barbs has been good for criti fishing for the Paladin (she did 40 damage with a one handed attack). Meanwhile I also used the familiar to give the Barbarian advantage to not let him activate Reckless.
My tactic has been casting web and then Toll the Dead spam. Next session I wanna experiment with Mind Sliver.
Am I playing well tactically? I don't wanna waste Silvery Barbs on normal attacks, I wanna save it for specific cases because it is so strong.
What other spells combo well and should I have picked up Suggestion for the combo?
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2023.05.29 17:08 chickentea Friend wants to stop drinking in 5 years

This past weekend I had a close friend open up to me that he was going to quit drinking when he hits 40.
He's been a heavy drinker since high school and now only drinks extremely heavy on weekends till he's completely incoherent. It's a lifestyle I've accepted for him since forever but it seems to be catching up to him in his 30s. He says he enjoys the feeling but I'm not sure if he does it for other reasons like dealing with trauma. His older brother passed away from addiction in his highschool years and he's heavily addicted to videogames. So much so that he hasn't had any form of a romantic relationship in over a decade.
He's expanded on why he wants to quit as he gets panic attacks and anxiety on his hangovers. Number of years ago when he went to the doctor he was told he had a fatty liver.
I straight up told him 5 years isn't good enough as he should start planning to do something now / this year. It would makes things worse during that time. In a perfect world he would drink in moderation but he states that having a few drinks is worse than having no drinks at all. I was told I know nothing about alcoholism and addictions and this is the path he'll take.
I want to be a supportive friend and offer help but I don't want to overstep. He has to want it. But I'm sad to see him wither away on missing opportunities in life in his career, travelling, relationships, self confidence, etc.
Wondering what's the best step to go forward with him. I won't ever cut him out of my life as he's a childhood friend. Is it best I give him the tough love/honest take or should I have a more passive softer approach?
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2023.05.29 17:08 ZaunAura The problem with evil?

I see posts like this are an ever present question of DDLC.
What’s the problem with Monika (or even Sayori for that matter) being evil? I see all these reactionary posts (most memes but still) where a straw man is made out usually as "Monika is evil", when the whole situation that she’s in is A LOT more complex than that. What’s with this temptation/tendency to reduce Monika to being evil? And plus, what’s wrong with that notion of an evil character? Good stories are, by and large, tales of good and evil, and ddlc is a story. So by that truth alone, it should be evident for evil to present SOMEWHERE in the story…right? Otherwise, where would the story be? Or what would it even be? Are people just upset at the idea of an antagonist being cute? Does the irony bother them, or something like that? Whatever the “evil” is in DDLC, it’s there. And the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and neither is ddlc…and that is what makes ddlc so good, because it reflects that about reality.
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2023.05.29 17:08 quintessentialoreo What Should I (22F) Do Regarding My ADHD Boyfriend’s (25M) Anger Issues?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for two months. During these two months, I have noticed that he has a tendency to raise his voice when frustrated. So far, it hasn’t been directed towards me whatsoever (until yesterday at least). For more context, he has severe ADHD and takes his prescribed adderall maybe once or twice a week versus daily. He only takes it when “he wants to focus.” I normally don’t see his angry behavior when he’s on his medication for the day, but when he isn’t, he has terrible fits of rage.
It started as him being more and more comfortable displaying his road rage over time. And I don’t mean getting annoyed and a curse word here and there, I mean yelling at the top of his lungs, flipping people off, cutting people off, tailgating, speeding, and other lowkey dangerous driving behaviors that scare me. I have mentioned how I feel about this to him, and he just brushes it aside as his “normal” behavior and doesn’t see a point in changing it. He also has a big truck, which in my opinion can be extra intimidating to the car drivers that he’s directing his angry behavior towards.
Next would be his video games. I love video games, I play my Xbox and PC daily. My family is full of huge gamers and I’ve probably been playing ever since I was a small child. He plays his Xbox and whenever his friends don’t do exactly what he wants them to, he’ll mute his mic and lose his shit. Or if he loses he’ll get pissed and throw his controller at the ground and start yelling. I understand the frustration from losing, but I have never yelled for that loud and long and slammed things because of it. It’s not just video games either, he’s kind of a sore loser. We played a couple games of beer pong and when he won the first match, he made it clear to rub it in my face. I was like, “Well, whoever wins the next match will be the beer pong god.” I won the next match and he lost his shit at me for jumping excitedly and saying that I’m the god, like we agreed, in front of his friends because it embarrassed him. He kept insisting we do “best out of 3” on the way home and tried gaslighting me, saying that we never agreed on the second match being the god match. I dropped it because he started raising his voice at me. I said we could do a third match next time, and he responded, “cool” with an attitude.
Yesterday, I was trying to set up a double date with my best friend and her boyfriend. They wanted to go to lunch, so I suggested that me and my boyfriend longboard the canyon trail before going to lunch with them. I asked my best friend if she wanted to come longboarding, she said yes, but she wanted to wait and see if her boyfriend would come. Now, my best friend’s boyfriend’s family wanted to host the lunch so I was like, okay cool. His family is super nice and it’s a Sunday, why not. My boyfriend was taking a nap so I woke him up and said that if we wanted to get to lunch on time, that we should go longboarding now (it’s like a 30 min trail). He’s rubbing his eyes while we go outside, and the bright sunny day had become cloudy and gloomy. He checked the weather app and it was supposed to rain. I was super disappointed as we walked back inside.
He took a pot pie out of the freezer and started opening the box. Confused, I asked if he didn’t want to go to lunch anymore. He said that he didn’t know what the plan was. I gently reminded him that I mentioned it when he woke up, but since he forgot, that we were going to lunch with my best friend’s boyfriend’s family. He asked which canyon we were going to (Utah has multiple). I said I don’t know because her boyfriend was lagging on telling us the full details and I was waiting to know too. He starts getting frustrated and saying well, I didn’t know what the plan is so I don’t know why you’re getting mad at me. I was still talking calm at this point, but I was sad and defeated over not longboarding. I said that I don’t know either, that I’m not mad, and that I’m telling him what I know. I said that because I don’t know, if he wants he can call my best friend’s boyfriend and ask (because I doubt he’d tell me when he’s lagging on his own gf, and because the guys are much closer friends). This infuriates him and he starts yelling and cussing and throws down the pot pie. I tell him, “Don’t yell at me.” And soon as he starts spouting off curse words I say, “Don’t cuss at me.” He storms off into the room and slams the door. I leave to go to my best friend’s.
We start a text conversation in which he says that I had an attitude when I said he should call his friend. I told him that I didn’t have an attitude at him, that I was talking with a defeated tone because I really wanted to longboard. He said this over text, “You dont see me giving you attitude when I’m depressed or something I try to make you feel better still. Cause you know something? I’m depressed/ mad/ sad all the fucking time but still give you that smile and positive attitude cause you didn’t cause any of it. But seems like that’s hard for you.” The text conversation included a lot of back and forth, but the gist of my statement was that I wasn’t trying to direct any negative emotion towards him, that I’m sorry it came across that way even though it wasn’t my intention, that I can’t instantly get over things and that my emotions are valid (he always tells me to get over things instantly and to cope like he does). One of my last messages was, “But I’m done talking about this. Never yell at me again. Or start cussing at me. You can do that around your family, but my standards are higher than that. I expect more out of my partners.” He left me on read for almost the entire day until I asked whether he was apologetic or not. His final message was, “I’m sorry for yelling.” Then he came home and pretended like nothing happened.
TL;DR: My boyfriend blew up at me because he thought my disappointment in not being able to longboard was me being upset with him. Even after explaining that I was upset at the situation and not him, he lost his shit by raising his voice at me and slammed his food down. I said a hard boundary, but he doesn’t seem genuinely apologetic. Any advice on how to move forward?
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2023.05.29 17:07 HighlyKohai My (M20) Lesbian friend (F18) cheated on her GF (F20) with me and she thinks it’s ok

Lets call the friend S and the gf D, Me and S knew each other for 6 months, S got with her gf D 3 months ago, before their relationship I had a big crush on S and I confessed cause she was a bisexual girl at first, she didn’t have the same feelings but I’m so stubborn I told her I’ll keep trying with her and she accepted, she challenged me to make her fall in love with me and I accepted, I managed to make her fall for me but her ego was too big to let her tell me so I was in the shadows, I stopped trying cause of lots of things happened with me I didn’t have time even for my friends and family and I guess my feelings faded away thanks to life being so hard, I guess she thought I gave up and then D came to her life and she fell for D, anyway now that life is peaceful I started focusing on my friends and family, S and D their relationship was great I never got any complaints, to S I was nothing but a safe place I guess or that’s what she said, we have so much fun together it’s like we’re not even friends, we flirt A LOT, few days ago we were texting like usual, usually things get sexual for a really short time like one text we laugh an thats’s it, but this time she was different, she kept being sexual even though I kept acting dumb and trying to change the subject but nothing worked, I played along I thought she’s being funny or whatever, I got turned on cause I had a crush in the past to be honest and she’s insanely hot, after a short time we went all out, after that we acted like nothing happened and we kept texting like usual but I feel weird, I talked to her about it but she said it’s ok cause I’m a man and it doesn’t affect her and her gf.
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2023.05.29 17:07 king_voldy Margin requirements Canada

Hi everyone,
Quick question for E-mini S&P margin requirements. I'm on IB's site and I see this chart: Intraday initial: 8790.63 Intraday maintenance: 7991.48 Overnight initial: 12558.04 Overnight maintenance: 11416.40
Does this mean I need that much cash in my account per contract?
Can someone give me a brief explanation on these? Thanks guys!
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2023.05.29 17:07 DoodleTheGreat24 34F seeking another nerd for the end of the world

How are you? I hope you’re doing well.
I’m a Star Wars, BOOKS, video games, all around nerd.
I’m a horror junkie, also.
Reading is the love of my life, Star Wars being my religion, and I would love to buddy read a book with you!
I’m also in the market for just a good pal, even if you’re not a book lover. Texting buddies are always welcome.
I’m not really sure what to write to sell myself at the moment, but I hope you’ll give me a shot anyway.
Have a good day!
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2023.05.29 17:07 btnreddit Taylor Swift's music sounds like it's supposed to be in some kind of Disney movie/series for kids

So my favourite artist is Billie Eilish, and I even like a song by Justin Bieber (Holy), I adore "7 things" from Miley Cyrus and "he's got something special" by Hannah Montana (both songs are iconic in my opinion) and I generally love pop music so I'm not coming from a place of "I listen to Pink Floyd hence I'm more intellectual than you" (although I do like Pink Floyd)
But Taylor Swift... I truly don't get it.
Her songs although well produced they still sound flat in my opinion. They sound like they are supposed to be played in iCarly or some kid show.
Her voice has loads of effects in her new music or at the very least her voice definitely doesn't stand out to me as interesting. Again, it lacks depths
I'm not going to comment on the lyrics because I have no time for that
I do like some of her songs, in the sense they are catchy although I'd never play them, but some others like "you belong with me" , I mean it has 2B views on YouTube. What???
There's other artists who make much better pop music and are not as popular
Why is she so famous?
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2023.05.29 17:07 the-most-handsome Email Easy is now public. Do you think we can make revenue?

Hi guys,
I am excited to announce that Emaileasy.io is now public, it is a SAAS product that we have recently built, check how it can be used through this video.
It helps a person / a startup create emails with beautiful UIs, quickly.
Let me know: 1- What do you think about the landing page? 2- What do you think about the marketing efforts done? Including your opinion on the video I created. 3- Do you think what the product does is clear enough? 4- Do you think this product is actually useful / helpful / worth the investment from someone / a startup that sends emails regularly?
Note: It works best on desktop devices. Note2: Thank you in advance for your efforts answering my questions.
![video](4zl4x4djut2b1 "Intro video with my voice")
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2023.05.29 17:07 FBH03 BSC GEM you need to watch NOW: $BRAYAN Liquidity Locked for 77 years Contract Rennounced low mkt cap 1000X potential

Introducing $BRAYAN
El Brayan is the most famous hispanic MEME, not invented one or cartoon character. IT IS A REAL MEME.
El Brayan is the poor guetto gang guy that make all pleb (and not pleb) girls fell inlove by his fuc…Style and rudness, or that is what he thinks. Sometimes El Brayan's is a bad boy, a gangster can rob your cellphone or can hurt you with his knife. Be carefull about El Brayans on the streets.
The origin of this meme comes from two esencial issues, one is the insecurity of the latinamerica street where sometimes people get robbed and the other side is by culture, being BRAYAN a kind of bad traduction of Bryan, meaning that plebs trend to use spanglish (spanish-english) fusion names.
This amazing community will show the world how El Brayan do it.
Join our starting community and let's make $BRAYAN to conquer the world!
TELEGRAM GLOBAL: @ elbrayanglobal
TELEGRAM SPANISH: @ elbrayanesp
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/elbrayanbsc
WEBSITE: https://www.brayan.info/
-NO TEAM ALLOCATION or Tax rewards
-Contract: 0x297b0beaCf4E507647Ecc3158b53219Df76c8888
Total Supply 333T
10% future Cex Listings
90% Initial LP
-Taxes 4/4:
1% Liquidity Pool
3% Marketing
LP locked for 77 year.
Early moonshot, can drop a little money to get super huge profits in near future. LET´S GO!!
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2023.05.29 17:07 herequeerfulloffaer I don’t think I can form habits. Like at all. And I don’t think I ever have.

So I realized while talking to a friend that a habit is supposed to be something you do without thinking about it and… I don’t think I’ve ever formed a habit in my life.
I think about everything I do that isn’t 100% involuntary like breathing. I’ve never brushed my teeth consistently. I’ve never even had a routine around getting dressed or something as basic as going to the bathroom. It didn’t become as clear until COVID, when I didn’t have the adrenaline rush of needing to leave the house to make me do things.
I’ve had to consciously uncoupled things that I’d grouped together because I had to think of all of these things independently. People kept telling me to group habits together, but that would just mean that I’d have to think about washing my face whenever I brushed my teeth (and would often mean I wouldn’t do either).
Is this an ADHD thing? Is this an autism thing? I’m very confused but it makes a lot more sense now as to why people can just… function all the time. If I didn’t have to actively work to do basic self-care tasks, I’d have so much more energy and brain power to do other things. It’s really annoying, but it’s something I’ve never been able to do as far back as I remember (to like 7 years old — before that it would mostly be my parents telling me what to do and supervising me).
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2023.05.29 17:07 lollkizuu High Voltage

So, I started to listen to High Voltage a lot lately, and these lines made me curious and overthink it, these lines:
"And like the rock and rap, "You know what I mean People act like, you know "--Wow, that's a new invention--" That shit's ain't new We're constantly evolving It is constantly changing..."
"There's a lot of change Everybody's always tryna put labels on it It ain't no label for this shit They always gotta try to put a label on it Try to create something, so they can water it down"
Does this have to do something with Linkin Park being labeled as Nu Metal very often? Or Is It just me?
Linkin Park never wanted to be labeled as Nu Metal, so do these lines in 'High Voltage' mean that?
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2023.05.29 17:06 davidgheo How to test drop zone component?

I have this Vue3 component and I'm trying to test if the dropped files are emitted, but it does not work.
And this is the Cypress test:
it.only('emits the uploaded file', () => { const onUpdateFile = cy.spy().as('onUpdateFile'); cy.mount(() => (  )); cy.get(inputSelector).selectFile({ contents: imagePath, fileName: imageName }, {force: true}) .then($input => { const input = $input as JQuery; const image = input.prop('files')[0]; cy.get('@onUpdateFile').should('be.calledOnceWithExactly', image); }); }); 
I know that in my test I'm trying to get the files from the input, but the emit happens in the drop event handler, which is on the label.
What solution do I have to make the component testable? Setting the events on the input would break my layout and styles, making it harder to hide the input (it must be hidden because the dropzone must contain another elements (text and icon)) and style it according to specifications.

Just to mention, that is not the full component, but I have removed the the unrelated code.
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2023.05.29 17:06 RhubarbWestern2129 I don’t know how to navigate sexual relationships and it’s messing with my head.

I (20F) am sexting this guy I know from university. He’s nice and really knows what to say to me, but the whole situation is starting to mess with my head a little. We started talking more after I broke up with my long term boyfriend, we found out that we’re both really attracted to each other in that way so started sexting a lot since I’m in my hometown for the summer and he’s back in our university town.
I haven’t slept with him yet, and I think I really want to, but there’s so much nagging doubt in the back of my mind. I’ve never really done casual sex before, given that I’ve only ever slept with my ex who I lost my virginity to. I think I’m honestly pretty insecure about the whole thing — he knows i’m less experienced but honestly I’m having so much performance anxiety about when I do eventually see him again because I know we’re going to fuck. I think a lot of it stems from my low self-esteem about my body, but I think I’m also playing with my own feelings a little? I sorta have this thing where I can’t be intimate with people unless I know them or trust them, and I’m starting to think about if I really trust myself or this guy in that capacity, but I feel like I can’t vocalise that without being a stupid prick-tease. I don’t think this guy has any romantic investment in me, which is probably for the best because I don’t want a relationship right now either but it sorta feels weird? I also randomly started missing my ex a lot, even though I broke up with him because he treated me like dirt. I cant tell if the idea of sex without love is making me miss him, if I’m just lonely, if I actually do miss him or if mercury is just in gatorade or some shit like that.
I just don’t know what to do about it all, I don’t know whether to just get out of my own head (I wish I could) or ghost him (I don’t really wanna do that shit it’s cruel) or what. Fuck he’s even sending me filthy shit rn and I’m literally sad as fuck posting on reddit. I can’t even take myself seriously. Why am I like this. Why does it seem so easy for other people to know boundaries and just be intimate with others? Or is everybody just really good at pretending to know what they’re doing?
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2023.05.29 17:06 kim_jong_was_ill What’s the next step for our proposed 2024 raise (or lack thereof)

Now that the text of the preliminary bill is out, it’s unclear what the next steps are for the proposed raise. I know the bill needs to first pass both the house and senate. Assuming it does, with domestic spending essentially stationary for two years, where does that leave the proposed ~~raise ~~cost of living adjustment?
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2023.05.29 17:06 doingallthatican What is EU Permanent Residency?

So, I live in Germany and here there are two types of permanent residence permits: the Daueraufenthalt-EU (EU Permanent Residency) and the Niederlassungserlaubnis (Germany-Only Permanent Residency). However, it’s hard for me to understand exactly what the difference is between the two. The official German website says that the D-EU gives you easier entry to getting a residence permit in participating EU countries.
My question, though, is what exactly is different? Let's say I want to move to Greece for a bit and use my Daueraufenthalt-EU for that - from what I read, the process is pretty much the same as going to Greece without permanent residency, I still have to apply for a work permit. But then what is the point of the D-EU, or what does it change exactly? Does it give an entitlement to a work permit and then the rest is a formality? I can't find any clarification about this and how it works in practice.
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2023.05.29 17:06 SunsetChaser247 We did it! Finally married!

Thanks to everyone here for your support throughout this process! We got married yesterday in the pouring rain (literally ALL day) when our ceremony and cocktail hour were supposed to be outside in a beautiful garden. Everything had to be moved inside, which was a real bummer - and photos pre-ceremony were SUPER chaotic with our friends and family hiding from the rain and consistently not in the spot they were supposed to be lol. Highly recommend giving your timelines to your bridal party (we did not do that, but relying on our coordinatovendors in the chaos was difficult). We only got a couple of outdoor photos even with clear umbrellas because of how much it was pouring and had to do most of our pictures under a porch. We are considering going back to the venue for a photo shoot sometime this year, maybe for our anniversary so we can get some pictures outside in the beautiful venue. Has anyone does this?
Despite all of this - we had a really fun time and so did our guests! Our ceremony was more intimate with everyone inside. Everyone told us how much fun they had at the reception, and our dance floor was packed the whole time! I barely slept the night before and usually do terrible with no sleep, but the adrenaline got me through and I truthfully didn’t feel tired until we laid down in bed!
I was so panicked about this weekend, and although the day started off rough and stressful, we had a great time still and are married at the end of the day! Hoping to reassure others in the same boat. Things WILL go wrong (prepare yourself for that), but you will still have a beautiful and fun wedding no matter what. ❤️
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2023.05.29 17:06 FruityFroggit Am I perioriented or varioriented?

I am neptunic and orchidsexual. Here are the wiki pages for those who don't know what those are: https://asexuals.fandom.com/wiki/Orchidsexual https://sexuality.fandom.com/wiki/Neptunic
I thought that meant that I'm varioriented, but then I checked the definition of variorientation again and saw that it's talking about "split attraction" and not "split identities". Since I'm orchidsexual and do feel sexual attraction and romantic attraction, does that make me perioriented? Or am I varioriented since I don't feel sexual in the same way I feel romantic attraction?
Also, is variorientation just about romantic attraction and sexual attraction, or can it also be about tertiary attraction? If it is also about tertiary attraction, than I already know I'm varioriented since I'm omnisapphic-aesthetic.
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2023.05.29 17:05 evil_moooojojojo AITC for not being a good hostess?

Frens!!!! The indignity!!
So last week, my stupid brudder Cyril die. He get sick, not smell right. Momma cry a lot and take him to pokey place and come back with no Cyril. Is sad. We sad. Sure he stupid boy, but he my fren. Noone else to annoy by pouncing and snuggling next to.
For two whole days I good girl. Bestest girl. Not leave momma's lap. Lots of cuddles. Then I get bored and I figure if no one else to pounce, then I pounce momma. I hide and when momma walk close I fly in air, leap right at her tummy. Big pounce! It glorious, frens. Momma laugh and laugh at me. But she say I need playmate.
Dis ridiculous. No need playmate. Only need momma and for her to feed me and give me treats and snuggles and tell me I pretty and smart. But does momma listen? Oh no. The other day she bring in an intruder! I hiss. She hiss. Momma tell me no, be nice to new sister. Sister?!??? No!!
Momma tell me I a brat. She tell me stop being a bitch to Madeline, she my sister. She say we going to be best frens (nope! Evil intruder usurping my momma! Not fren!). She tell me I TC for stressing supposed sister out. She tell me I need to be good hostess and make her feel welcome? What? No. She not welcome. She not steal my momma! When she go in room to spend time with this Madeline, she tell me no, not let me come in. Not let me chase her and show her I boss in this house.
So frens, is momma right? AITC? I did like chasing my brudder, and new supposed sister is close to my age, so she might play with me. Or am I right and evil.intruder need to go and stop taking my momma?
(Mom note -- oh Lord. This may be a big mistake. Haha. I think they're too much alike (both spicy little voids at times and sweet little lovebugs at others). They're going to alternate being enemies and besties and good lord the havoc they will wreak. What have I gotten myself into? Haha.)
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2023.05.29 17:05 sauna_apartment Carless: Escarpment Trail, the Catskills NY

I've been meaning to do this for awhile as I've found the info regarding backpacking without a car in the NYC area lacking, half-baked, or in practice, untrue. The thread in the sidebar is excellent, but AT focused. I'll see a post that say take this bus service to a certain town and taxi to the trailhead, but what it may not say is that there is no service to call a taxi on arrival or that line only runs on weekdays that direction. Not to say I won't be repeating common knowledge as I definitely will, but hopefully you'll find something in my logistics useful for planning your own ventures sans car.
A little bit about me: I am a lightweight backpacker (slowly working on dropping my last few ounces) living in Queens, NY. I generally love the public (and private) transit in NYC metro area, although it always could be improved and there are aspects that are deeply frustrating, large and small. In addition to not having a car, I also work a 9-5 job; this and future trail reports will reflect that I often only have a weekend to enact my plans.
The Escarpment Trail
Buy a ticket on the Trailways bus line from Port Authority to Windham, NY. On Saturdays, there is a bus that departs at 8am. That is the one you want. The Trailways' stations are in the bottom of Port Authority, terminals 28-34. Double check your bus is correct with the attendant as the what is on the directory and what terminal they're actually leaving from may be at odds. When boarding, tell the driver that you want the Escarpment Trailhead Parking lot, which is slightly before Windham; in between Windham, East Windham, and Hensonville; after Cairo; on route 23. If you pass Smitty's Nursery & Landscape on the left you've gone too far. I didn't know you could ask the driver to drop you off at a non-designated stop, but he said it was okay as long as its on route. I'm assuming this is a driver by driver thing, but as long as you're not an ass about it, I bet they'll say yes. However, I did not know this perk until a woman request to be let off before Windham, and I got off with her and proceeded to backtrack to the trailhead on route 23. If you have to walk the shoulder, maybe you can hitch a ride, but you'd be luckier than me.
Make sure you have water. At the trailhead there is a stream. There is no water after that until 0.4 miles past Dutcher Notch, which is ~12 miles away.
Starting from the first sign off 23, the trail is very well marked (until North South Campground), simply follow the blue markers. A commenter on Alltrails writes:
If you can get Wyndham and BlackHead out of the way on the first day the second day is pretty smooth after the initial climb out of the notch. Amazing view after amazing view.
Views translate to ascents. Climbing Blackhead was confirmed steep and arduous after already hiking 9 miles. But this is the hardest climb during the trip, so once summited, it's all smooth sailing. Day 1 clocked about 11 miles (excluding walk to the trailhead).
I camped somewhere on the backside of Arizona Mountain overlooking the valley. It was gorgeous, but unexpectedly buggy for no water nearby and a slight breeze. If you're hiking this in two days one night as I was, you need to get to around the Notch. In the notch, there is an intersection between the Escarpment trail (straight), the Colgate Lake Trail (right), and the Dutcher Notch Trail (left). A short ways down the Dutcher Notch Trail there is a spring (a pipe in the rock) where you can filter water. This is the last place to filter water before North Lake.
Not much to report for the first half of the day; the Catskills are beautiful. There is a very cool plane wreckage. The Escarpment trail gives views to the NorthEast, and often times you can see the Green Mountains, the Whites, and the Berkshires, depending on the clarity. Eventually you'll reach North Point on North Mountain. Here, you'll start to encounter day hikers staying at NorthSouth Campground. I was fairly alone for most of the path; some families at the start, a few day hikers going to Windham High Peak, but very few backpackers. Which imo is preferable; I like the solitude. The frequency of day hikers increased the closer you get to the campground, but most of them were heading out as I was heading in, and only one had a bluetooth speaker.
Reaching North Lake, you are a jungle person breaching civilization. People are grilling and getting stuff out of their SUVs, while you smell and swim in your skivvies. Or at least, that's what I did. After a nice dip, find the blue markers at the back of the campground. There is no more markings for the Escarpment Trail although you're still on it. The signs will say to Catskill Mountain House Site and to Boulder Rock. Stay on the blue markers.
Eventually you'll come to Kaaterskill Falls. I only went to the lookout not the base, as I was unsure how much more walking I'd have to do and I was anxious about the time (around 2pm, the bus back was 5:55pm.) Also Kaaterskill Falls was overrun by tourists, which are different than day hikers. I can't complain as Kaaterskill Falls has been a tourist attraction since the mid 1800s, but after two days in the peaceful woods, I wasn't keen about been around all the activity.
Instead of finishing the Escarpment Trail at Schutt Rd. Parking Lot, take the Kaaterskill Rail Trail to the Haines Falls Train Station. Its about a 1.5 miles of pathway that brings you back to route 23A. At 23A, take a right and walk along the shoulder for about 2 miles into the town of Tannersville, NY. On 23A, stop at the Twilight General Store for an optional ice cream, however the key stop is Bear & Fox Provisions in Tannersville. Great selection of beer and cider, one of which the proprietor brews from apple trees from the side of the road.
Catch the 5:55pm Trailways bus from outside the pharmacy (5980 Main St.), which after a brief stop in Kingston, returns to Port Authority. I would recommend buying both ticket ahead of time as I had varying degrees of mediocre service the whole trip. Day 2 clocked about ~14 miles (including walking to Tannersville)
The Escarpment is great trail for the experiences hiker. Like other Catskill hikes, it's as beautiful as difficult. It's very possible to do it in a weekend, but a slower paced individual or group may want to do it in three days, two nights which may affect bus times and accessibility. Enjoy a carless excursion and remember to bring an eye mask and ear plugs for the bus ride.
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2023.05.29 17:05 Financial_Corner6220 When I (Almost) Made it Out..

I was days away from being initiated into my dream sorority. Suddenly, our line was dropped due to hazing allegations! As a graduating senior, I was devastated because I did not know what this meant for me (still don’t). I have graduated now and we are still being ‘investigated.’ Does anyone have any advice on what this could mean for the seniors who graduated out? Will we be starting over, despite being so close to being initiated? If so, any advice on attempting at grad chapter despite what happened at the undergrad level?
Thank you.
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2023.05.29 17:05 RoughRoider Gainesville Housing Subleasing

Hi everyone. I'm a student at UF about to graduate, and I have to return home immediately after graduation. Despite this, my lease does not expire until July 31st, meaning I'd have to pay for rent for when I don't need the apartment. The place I'm offering to sublease has a spacious living room (330+sqft), a kitchen with a stove, fridge, filtered faucet, pantry, and microwave as well as tons of cabinets. A laundry room with both a washer and a dryer. The room in question for subleasing has a shared bathroom in the hallway, but the roommate who is supposed to use it is hardly ever present and has nothing inside the bathroom as is. Speaking of roommates, as stated one of them is not there most of the time, and when he is he keeps to his room. The other roommate does the same and is chill, he only cooks and then goes back to his room or leaves the apartment. The bedroom in question has a desk with chair, nightstand, cabinets, closet with two levels for hooks, and a twin bed, the room itself is 140+sqft. The apartment also has a balcony, and the complex has a pool, gym, pool table, ping pong table, dog park, and is right next to Butler Plaza, a shopping center. A bus stop is right in front of the complex as well. Moreover, it costs on $485 monthly, though with utilities it ends up being about 540, but still a great deal. The name of the place is Gainesville Blvd, formerly the Niche, my name is Amaury Quintero, and you can reach me at 786-804-3696. Please let me know ASAP and I can fill you in on any questions you have!
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