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2023.06.04 13:45 Agreeable_Lawyer_594 Never was the same after quit weed

Hello fellow smokers. Well as the title says, after stop smoking i think i’m not as happy as i used to be. It all starts at 2016 where i find the weed world and started smoking because it was the best thing. Never drank, always smoked. I was like, always high, and loved being high. Felt like the best thing. Years past, everything normal with classes, gaming and smoking, when i went to uni, got a room, met my current girlfriend and at jan 2022 started having anxiety and somo sleeping disorders. I’ve started panicking and smoke became so impossible. Everytime i smoked i felt so bad and anxious, so i thought, its time to leave. Now, after 1 year and almost 3 months, here i am, unhappy and can t be as happy as i used to be. I knew that i was kinda dumb and only cared about weed, but I WAS HAPPY! Right now im healthy, exercise, job, studying… but still i feel sad and lack of everything. Since the day i left weed never smoked it again because im scared of bad tripping and since i stopped been dealing with daily anxiety and no desires or willing to live… like i know im happy but its missing something! Has anyone felt something like this or close to it?
Ps:sorry for my english
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2023.06.04 13:44 xxxSexMan69xxx Romanian prison really breaks a man's brain

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2023.06.04 13:44 Sea_District9064 Dropping 2mg valium a week

Began using benzos/z drugs since November 2022. (3mg clonazepam daily for 3 months, then about 22.5mg-50mg zopiclone daily for two months, then 1-3mg of Xanax for the last two months). This is roughly 7 months of daily usage, so just over half a year. In may I was put on a diazepam taper by a doctor. When I saw him I was taking roughly 2.5mg Xanax per day; he switched me to 30mg diazepam. The transition was difficult, but I have since dropped to 28mg of diazepam with relative ease. The doctor recommends I drop by 2mg of diazepam every two weeks, however I’m considering dropping by 2mg every week. My question; is this too fast a rate to taper at? I just want these pills out my system and to have my brain and stomach back functioning, but I also have to hold down an 8-5 job daily. Many thanks
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2023.06.04 13:43 NoCommute New remote job at 1Password

1Password is hiring a Developer Intern - User Lifecycle & Growth - Fall 2023
NoCommute is a free daily newsletter with just-posted remote jobs. To get hundreds of jobs like this sent to your email 5x a week, subscribe here.
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2023.06.04 13:43 balajih67 Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Review

Cast: arulnithi, dushara vijayan, santosh prathap and others
Genre: Rural Political Action Drama
Synopsis: 2 friends are close despite being from different castes. The lower caste friend dies and the blame is put on the other friend who is from a higher caste. What really happened forms the rest of the story.
My take: a tried and tested formula of 2 friends, one dying and the other trying to find out and punish those who killed him.
Santosh pratap wants to uplift his caste people which the higher caste people dont want and kill him, the blame falls on moorkan played by arulnithi, who is his friend. Familial politics at the fore again.
The film sticks true to its guns and shows the caste politics situation pretty well. Both heroes performed well. Dushara in the frame as arulnithi’s lover does a decent job too.
While the first half is light hearted, film picks up post interval and ends with a good climax. Shows the reality of caste based politics and how wide it can reach.
Really thankful that such genres still exist and not every director wants to do urban based films. Rural action dramas still are so exciting to watch.
My rating 4/5.
Film released last week in Theaters.
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2023.06.04 13:42 Electronic_City6481 Tournament fishing organization

I’m fishing a small local summer series tournament for the second year and finding my organization could be a lot better. I’m a creature of habit, with most luck on soft plastics so I take one of everything. We switch styles, speed, and color til something sticks. No rocket science there. I also take everything else (lures) just in case but honestly my job is 90% finesse working docks while my partner is off the other side covering water. If we get some contenders in the box then we switch to covering more open water and weedlines
I’ve got a soft side box based on the 3600 size with my lures, my easiest top box has all of my terminal tackle, and I’ve been digging keeping a couple bass mafia money bags full of my plastics.
Last caveat 16’ boat which is my partners, so everything of mine is on deck, not stored
Looking for something for spent/changed out plastics without making that another money bag (which will never get sorted, I know me). And something to organize within the bags - keep senkos from flukes from craws etc. right now I have 2 bags - full size plastic and ned/finesse size.
What do you do? Any tips?
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2023.06.04 13:42 101100110110101 Constructing the Social Mission of every Type


While the social mission of a sociotype is a theoretical construct defined in Model G, it can also be framed inside Model A. In both models the social mission describes the interaction of the same two functions with only the terminology differing.
For example, the ILE's social mission describes the interaction of Ne (I) and Te (P).
This interaction is not symmetric, meaning, the social mission of LIE is different from ILE's, despite both being a combination of two identical information elements. This difference becomes even larger when we account for signs of functions. Due to the upper used plus "+" indicating commutativity, which does not hold, a social mission will be written down the following way:
ILE: +I >> -P LIE: +P >> -I
This accounts for the contained elements, function signs, and asymmetry of the relation.


Every sociotype has its own social mission. In contrast to the literal meaning of a mission, the term does not imply that a sociotype somehow feels a strong urge to "right the wrongs" in the area of its social mission. It also does not define a limited area of expertise.
Instead, the social mission of a type describes his place in the Socion from a large psychological distance. Mapping this ideal theoretical construct into reality, the social mission defines a persons most natural approach towards everything. Different social missions will cause different amounts of friction in different scenarios. For example, it can be expected that the natural approach of LII will cause more friction in the situation of a firefighter than the natural approach of SLE.
If there is too much friction, meaning, the approach does not work, the type has to leave the comfort of its social mission. While this happens constantly in daily life, a continuous enforcement of such deviation from one's natural approach will be received as stressful.
However, when it comes to most sub-systems of society, like the job market, for example, almost every position will have less fixed demands. Oftentimes this leeway will be large enough for a person to even alter its direction. Imagine how a restaurant being owned by either ESE, LIE, EII, or any other type will evolve differently over time.
The social mission of a type has to be abstract enough to not lock it into a specific area of expertise. Ideal areas for any type do exist, but it is unlikely for the majority of people to even prefer their ideal areas. Picking a job, for example, is a multi-causal decision, most of it is not conscious. Some SEE might be intelligent and managed to be very good throughout STEM subjects in school, earning a certain reputation he or she wants to keep. This SEE may end up as a professor at university, but the approach will be different from his/her LII colleague. SEE will be more likely to end up in a representative position, managing power and resources as the faculty head, on the flipside neglecting teaching and research. LII, on the other hand, will be more likely to focus his/her devotion on things more typically associated with work as a professor.
Therefore, the social mission describes not necessarily what a real person likes doing, but in what way it prefers doing the things, whenever possible. Other people may notice these differences in approach that become even more apparent when comparing two individuals inside the same macroscopic structure, like with the upper university example. This level of abstraction has to be taken into account when defining the social missions.

Listing of the social missions

The following describes all social mission in a compact one-liner. The construction of these sentences follows a specific algorithm that is explained in the next chapter.
Alpha ILE: +I >> -P Constant leaps for opportunities are periodically fueled by effective realization. SEI: -S >> +R Constant flow towards balance periodically cascades into soothing of relations. ESE: +E >> -F Constant drive for enthusiasm is periodically fueled by authoritarian influence. LII: -L >> +T Constant steps of deconstruction periodically cascade into experimental reassemblance.
Beta EIE: -E >> +I Constant drive for dramatization periodically cascades into bold originality. LSI: +L >> -S Constant steps of construction are periodically fueled by smoothing out the process. SLE: -F >> +P Constant leaps for domination periodically cascade into maximization of results. IEI: +T >> -R Constant flow of envisioning is periodically fueled by interpersonal guidance.
Gamma: SEE: +F >> -E Constant leaps for cooperation are periodically fueled by lulling social gestures. ILI: -T >> +L Constant flow of extrapolating periodically cascades into adapting the current structure. LIE: +P >> -I Constant drive for investment is periodically fueled by reinventions of the product. ESI: -R >> +S Constant steps of judgement periodically cascade into refinement of the personal space.
Delta: LSE: -P >> +F Constant drive for efficiency periodically cascades into protection of own influence. EII: +R >> -T Constant steps of compromising are periodically fueled by sophisticated understanding. IEE: -I >> +E Constant leaps of reframing periodically cascades into extravagant, emotional upheavals. SLI: +S >> -L Constant flow of convenience is periodically fueled by an evaluation of the situation.


To understand the upper construction four influences have to be discussed: - Dynamic of leading and creative function (Model G) - Information elements contained in the social mission - Negativist/Positivist dichotomy of the sociotype - Temperament of the sociotype
The upper one-liners aim to portrait the entanglement of these concepts in a densely compressed form.
Dynamic of leading and creative function (Model G)
The lead function is seen as selfish in Model G. It leads the stack insofar as it distributes energy as it sees fit. The creative function in Model G (demonstrative in Model A) is the next function in the hierarchy of energy distribution. Instead of the leading function, which is seen as stable, the creative is unstable.
The analogy I prefer to mentally visualize the relative difference between these function is that of light sources: - The leading function is always on, like the primary light source of the stack, shining in every direction. It is part of every reflection and the shadows it causes are of a diffuse nature. This makes it impossible to identify it concretely without any object of comparison. There is no internal contrast. - The creative function is not always on. It's light is also more of a cone with a set direction. Due to it shining so bright, while also changing its activation repeatedly, it is easy to identify even without any object of comparison. However, due to it feeling natural in its use while also being unvalued, an emphasis on it is untypical for the subject itself.
In the upper one-liners this dynamic is expressed by the structure: constant - periodically
Information elements contained in the social mission
This one is self-explanatory. The only thing to discuss is what definitions of information elements are used. Due to a differentiation in function signs (next subsection) the definitions from SHS are used in the upper one-liners.
It is important to mention that these definitions are primarily based on their appearance in the leading position. This induces a certain leeway in the description of the element in the creative function.
You can also see it like this: Only the leading function shows unfiltered in its participation. The creative function is already led by the leading function, meaning, somewhat dependent on its cause. That's why -I will show differently in the leading position in IEE's stack than in the creative position in LIE's stack. The formal definition fits to IEE, while with LIE its leading +P has to be taken into account.
That's why the upper one-liners contain the formal definition of the particular element only in the first part of the sentence, after "constant"; the second part, after "periodically", deals with the creative whose definition is slightly nudged to the leading influence.
Negativist/Positivist dichotomy of the sociotype
The difference between a social mission that connects functions from (+) to (-) and the reverse, from (-) to (+) should show somewhat in the one-liners. The difference between a negative and a positive sign shows primarily in the area of competence.
Every information element defines its own are of competence. This area can then be split once more into two different parts. One part accounts for the area from nothing to anything, the other from anything to something.
For example, E defines the area of expression and emotional influence. -E then represents competence in the area of non-emotion that is transformed into a more emotional situation. This is how EIE's archetype theatrically dramatizes, leads to action, wants attention, etc.
Instead, +E represents competence in the area of already existent emotion that is enhanced, guided, or specified into emotions better suiting the situation. This is how ESE's archetype directs the emotional atmosphere in a situation where a certain emotional influence is already expected.
A function with a plus sign can be seen as more deliberately crafty, specialist, ordered and to the point. Conversely, a minus sign makes the function more broad, general, experimental and diffuse. (+) is busy maximizing the already existent; (-) is busy filling the apparent void.
Combining this with the selfishness of the leading function gives Positivists and Negativist each a specific characteristic:
Positivists leading function will expend most of the available energy to blow up what is already there, leaving a vacuum behind. This vacuum (void) is then filled periodically with the influence of the creative function which has a minus sign, therefore, being equipped to precisely do this task. The creative therefore periodically fuels the efforts of the lead.
Negativist leading function will expend most of the available energy to fill the void, building up pressure, for it does not know how to handle the already existent. Directing this would be the area of competence of the plus signed equivalent. So this built up pressure by the lead periodically cascades into the directing influence of the creative, like a bucked repeatedly overflowing.
Temperament of the sociotype
Temperament plays a big part in the social mission. My theory does not account for subtypes, so far, so the upper one-liners rely on the temperament associated to the base type.
The mapping is more or less self-explanatory, especially if you follow the convention of SHS.
/ Rational Irrational
Extraverted drive leaps
Introverted steps flow
in correspondence to
/ Rational Irrational
Extraverted linear-assertive flexible-maneuvering
Introverted balanced-stable receptive-adaptive
This also matches the static/dynamic dichotomy, as drive and flow symbolically are continuous, while leaps and steps are discrete.
With this in mind, I view those upper one-liners like zip-files. They contain the theory in a compressed form, that may be unzipped and used in the expanded form when reasoning about each type. This means understanding the process how they came to be is more important to me than to concentrate on the specific end results.
When it comes to the precise wording, I am not that confident with all the types. As always, this is a constant work in progress and what I'm showing here is just my newest prototype. I hope this enriched your perception of typology somewhat, be it even in decisive disagreement. Tell me what you think and thank you for reading!
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2023.06.04 13:41 warlock_fj 29 [M4F] Sydney Anywhere Online - Looking for Maybe YOU !

Warning ⚠: Fairly long post ahead
Hello fellow Australians looking for love! I'm a 29 year old man with no kids and a stable career in finance. I am ready to start dating as I'd like to find someone to share my life with but am freshly reminded of how much I hate dating apps, so thought I'd give this a try !
I can be funny, witty, smart, charming and chivalrous. Am not athletic or a regular gym person but I am slim and fit.
I can weave words and turn them into the most delicious word salad you've ever tasted. I can say words that can motivate and empower you. I can hold the most serious conversation and discuss the universe with you or I can clown around if that makes you happy to keep the mood light.
For fun I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, putting together puzzles, listening to music, upgrading or repairing my electronic devices, reading, going to the movies or just watching Netflix! I am a big 'ol fan of spreadsheets so let me know if we can geek out together over the best way to analyze data with them!
DEAL BREAKERS* I'm a nerd that loves efficiencies so let me hit you with the dealbreakers I need first so I don't waste your time: - You are Strictly over 25 (that’s the lowest I’ll consider although my preferred range is 28-38) - single (not interested in helping someone cheat) - looking for a long term relationship - non-smoker - employed full time in a stable career - not "extra" religious - good communication skills (I prefer consistent, good communication both when getting to know someone and once in a relationship, feeling like you're getting ghosted constantly is a roller coaster I don't enjoy riding lol) - willing to endure a long distance communications (text and / or voice or video) while I work on relocating closer to you
All of these are not to knock anyone in a different situation, but just to find someone that's in a similar phase of life as me.
Things I'm also looking for: a woman that's kind, smart, takes initiative, wants a healthy relationship, takes care of herself, has the time to build a relationship, and seeks an equal partner in life's adventures.
If you've made it this far, thank you for spending your time and effort, I hope the spelling, grammar and vocabulary has been upto par ! If you think we might be a good fit, shoot me a message *perhaps with a simple face pic - maybe the one you submitted on your job/ licence application? * so I know you took the time to you read all the way to the end, and I'll reply (as soon as possible) with one ! I look forward to receiving your Thoughtful and inquisitive responses. I would love to get to know you before actually meeting up in person!
If any of the above appeals to you or you wish to make enquiries , please send me a Reddit Chat (Preferred) or Direct Message (I also understand the problems with chat for many users) and inquire further.
Thank you once again for taking the time to read this.
Since most people have trouble writing an introduction or wondering what's more than hello, here's a sample of what I expect - you can add more if you want:
"Hello 👋 there, I am Elizabeth, 30 years old, from Newcastle, Australia. I found your post interesting and hope to get to know you better."
Yours truly... Neel
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2023.06.04 13:41 Vedemin PLEASE READ: New mod, rule revision (super short)

Hi, I'll keep this brief.
We have a new moderator, u/Wyoming-Wind, who I hope will be an excellent caretaker here. His job here is minimal as the subreddit hopes to be as mod-free as possible.
If you believe him or any future moderator might be overusing their power, please contact me directly ( u/Vedemin ).

Second thing, rules have been revised and AutoMod has been implemented. Basically a new important, simple rule - no politics here, go discuss them elsewhere. Please report political posts/comments that slip the AutoMod to the moderator, we don't discriminate any political side, they are both not allowed here ;)

Last thing: if something doesn't work, just message me directly.
That is all, have fun and take care!
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2023.06.04 13:39 blastfromthe1 Thoughts on job offer in Hangzhou?

I’ve been teaching ESL for over ten years now. I have a degree and TEFL certificate. I previously taught in China and the job was a breeze and students were great. Planning on coming back. Here are the details :
22k + free accommodation. Public school position so I’d have around 3 lessons a day max (same as my previous job and confirmed by another teacher). No office hours.
Summer and winter Holiday I get 6k, but if I do two weeks of camp I get full pay
For me it seems like a very fair offer. The workload will be extremely light, and no office hours. Plus free accommodation which was costing me around 7k a month last time I was in China.
I’m considering telling a few of the recruiters I’ve been working with about this offer and seeing if they can do something better. But the woman I’ve been talking to now is great and I’ve also talked to other teacher but working for the company and it sounds like they are legit. My previous position was also was a similar company teaching at public schools so I know how everything works.
This will just be for a year to save up money before I move back to America
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2023.06.04 13:39 GaryGiesel 50-odd Falsehoods about F1

Gave myself a little challenge to come up with a bit of a list of some of the common misconceptions that people have about F1, and I managed to pretty quickly come up with 50… The tone is very firmly tongue-in-cheek (and some of the falsehoods aren’t 100% false…) but hopefully there’s something in here that will make people think a bit.
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2023.06.04 13:39 dinzshh Wisdom

Women's are no more drugs they are like us only. Respect 🙏
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2023.06.04 13:37 dkaushik354 30M having dizziness, Anxiety, fatigue, hand tremors etc.

Hi all, Hope everyone is fine. I am having dizziness, imbalance issue , fatigue for more than a month now. I am not sure where it came from but it nows stays almost all day. The only time I feel normal is when I wake up till 1 HR and during late night around after 10 PM. My Medical history: I used to drink and smoke a lot in second half of 2022. I had first panic attack on 8th Dec 2022. After that again on 25th Dec. Since then I went to every kind of doctor - cardiologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist ( had sever nausea and vomiting issue) etc. Then I went to pyschatrist and he suggested there is chemical imbalance in my brain caused by alcohol and smoking. So he prescribed me paroxitine. I took that for 2 months, felt normal but then again started to feel anxious with additional symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, imbalance and swaying, hand tremors and shaking, leg weakness, back of head pain etc. My vitamin b12 was low so neurologist prescribed me some medicines and vitamin supplements. I thought my problem is due to vitamin b12 deficiency but now it is well in between normal level , still i don't feel well. My every test result is normal, even my brain MRI is normal. I don't understand what has happened to me as no one can diagnose my problem. This is affecting my quality of life . I can't work, can't concentrate, always confused or brain fogged, can't do any physical activity due to imbalance. Atleast a diagnosis would help. This is going on for months now even after medication. Any advice or insight will help. Thanks guys.
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2023.06.04 13:37 Ziame Need help troubleshooting, possible GPU issue?

Hello, PCMR! I ran into a limit of my PC knowledge, and I was hoping someone here would be able to help.
The situation is as follows: recently, about a couple months ago I upgraded to a new laptop, specs: i7-12700H, RTX 3080 Ti, 32 Gb RAM, SSD, Windows 11. In some cases, it's been a huge upgrade, with higher, smoother framerates and more eye candy than before. However, I have been experiencing constant crashes in some of the games, some of which were very surprising and never happened on an old laptop. I had crashes in Stellaris, No Mans Sky, Bannerlord, World of Warplanes, to name a few - all those games are on different engines and their system requirements are far below the laptop specs. I have contacted tech support for some of these games, to ensure it is not a game problem, and their advice did not help much, if at all. The crashes are mostly straight to desktop, with occasional error messages regarding GPU, or a blackscreen, sometimes even freezing the whole system.
What I have done to fix the issue, in no particular order:
Frankly, I'm out of ideas what else can be done, maybe someone here can help me figure it out or see a problem I don't see?
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2023.06.04 13:36 thegoat4278 I (M22) have no idea what to do with this Girl (F22)

Hi all,
In march I started talking to this girl (F22) that I worked with previously at my summer position. Things started to move fast around that time after I saw her at the bar and we flirted all night after she broke up with her boyfriend in the previous December.
We would mainly text as I am still finishing my up my final term in school. We would text constantly throughout the day and she would admit to liking me and we would flirt lots and ft lots at night when I was not working.
Things were going great until we decided to hangout and go to a social together with some mutual friends and she ignored me all night. I stayed at her place and we were in separate rooms and refused to talk to me in the morning.
I am still in university so I went back to the city (3 hours away) and sent her a text which she didn’t reply to for 2 days and the conversation was super dry and she would take hours to respond. After a a few days of the I told her that “we were just talking to talk and that it probably wouldn’t be going anywhere until I was done school” it took her 2 days to respond to that but we agreed to be friends and she said “I would rather have you as a friend than not at all”.
About a month later she texts me randomly out of the blue and we start talking again like nothing changed for about two weeks after she learned that I came from school (I didn’t tell anyone). She made it a big deal that I didn’t tell her and was mad that I didn’t plan on seeing her. I agreed to see her and planned to hangout with her 1 on 1 but then she said we had to go see her life long friend so we did (she always said I had to meet her friend and sister before we started dating so I think this was a test). Again the conversation kept flowing so I went with it and then she quit responding.
A month later she does the same thing but now she keeps calling me her husband and keeps telling me that we are going to get married one day. I really do like this girl genuinely and the only reason I told her that we can’t keep talking is the distance and it is not fair to her that I am 3 hours away and doing my work term so I have no time to go back and see her. But she always acts so hot and cold towards me. What should I do? Should I wait till I’m my work term and go back home and talk to her or should I just give up and move on?
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2023.06.04 13:36 Forward-Parsley8968 What can I do? Me 30M and wife 29F. I feel like I've lived enough.

I know many are in my situation or have written the same thing before. I'm married for a good 6 years and was in a relationship for 4 years before marriage. I have a beautiful 3 years old child. I'm an extremely introvert person, I literally don't have any friends. I enjoy being alone, I was like this since I was a little boy. My family abondoned me long time ago. They don't want to talk with me. I am facing verbal and physical abuse from my wife, living with it and now it feels like this is normal and I deserve this. My wife uses terrible and sharp words to belittle me that has completely destroyed me from inside. She uses my weakness like no link with my family, no friends as a weapon to constantly torture me. I know why she does this, because I have no friends and family to look for support and help or even to share what's happening with me, and she knows this very well. I have multiple scars from her bites, broken head when got hit by flower vase. She helped me financially and emotionally when my parents completely abandoned me. Now, she uses this and says you were on the road, you were nothing, I made you, I supported you. Now, I have a good job, I have given her back more than what she did for me. I am greatful to her but saying the same thing again and again don't just feel right. I don't know what to do. I just don't feel like going back home after work. I go there to see my child. I have no love, no respect left for my wife anymore. My mind is completely fucked now, I'm depressed. I feel like cutting off every thing, take a flight and go somewhere where she will never find me. But I can't do that because I will not see my child again. I cry while I'm alone in the car, I shout and scream. I'm having very bad idea of giving up living but I want to live and be happy. I want to get back my old life. It's so difficult to live like this. I have noone to share what I'm going through, so I wrote here.
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2023.06.04 13:36 TechnologyBig8361 Redditor Fights Back (from AskReddit)

One day in high school art class a kid waited until the teacher went to the mens room across the hall, and came over to the table where I was painting and sprayed me in the face with oven cleaner.
I was Mister Goody Two Shoes. I never did anything wrong. (At least, not that anybody knew about.) It was the last semester of my senior year and for 12 years I'd been a good boy. But I'd had it.
I closed my eyes when he sprayed, and quickly grabbed some nearby paper towels and wiped my face off. I then walked around the table to the guy, who was laughing so hard he didn't even see me coming... and then I threw him across the room.
As the rest of the class got out of my way in terror, furniture flying as they scrambled to get away from me, I walked over to the kid, laying crumpled on the floor, put my boot on his neck, and made him beg for his life. I then calmly returned to my table and resumed painting.
The teacher came in to find me painting quietly, the kid laying on the floor trying to pick himself up, and the rest of the class cowering in the corner in terror. He asked what happened, and they told him what I did. He looked at me in surprise, and I said "now would I do a thing like that?" He thought about it for a minute and decided that no, I wouldn't, and told the rest of the class to stop horsing around and get back to their paintings.
Word got around the school that day that I had "lost it" in class and to keep away from me.
On the bus home, a kid decided he was going to test that, planted himself in the seat behind me, and started flicking my ear rather painfully with his finger. So I turned around and hit him in the face as hard as I could with my calculus book. Being a bully he had no tolerance for pain or expectation of retaliation and started bawling to the bus driver about what I'd done. The driver had seen everything... but explained to the kid that he hadn't seen anything. The kid hadn't bothered to notice that the driver was my best friend's father. The kid then started shouting about how he was going to report this to the bus company and get the driver fired. The kid also hadn't bothered to learn who the driver was, or that he actually owned the bus company. The kid got written up for misbehaving on the bus and got kicked off the buses for a week.
Nobody ever hit me in school again.
And I have never hit anyone who didn't attack me first.
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2023.06.04 13:36 Former_Perspective99 Just a vent

Hey guys. I am a guy who’s turning 19 soon. I will be entering college shortly.
Thing is, I have a shit ton of problems. For starters, I have 0 friends as of right now, no one whom I can turn to or text in a moments notice if anything were to happen, apart from my parents. Back in school, I used to eat lunch all by myself and usually hanged around doing useless shit on my phone so I wouldn’t be exposed or shamed by others for being the outcast. I have not attended any parties whatsoever, no events or anything like that, no concerts, never even been out with friends till this day. I really yearn the social presence that others seamlessly receive on a daily basis.
While I have made some friends back in high school, these were primarily superficial relationships which I earned only because I used to make a fool out of myself back then, mostly unwillingly, due to my sluggishness and my awkward nature. These people did not really care about me or my feelings and used me to entertain them. My pathetic self was unable to realise this back then. I recall having been physically bullied back then, a “friend” once even told me that the entire group was merely pretending to be nice to me so as to not hurt my feelings, but apart from that they thought that I was a very annoying person.
I have had crushes on multiple girls but being the coward that I am I have never been able to make a move, let alone initiate conversations with any of them. The last time I texted a girl (and pretty much the only time really) was about 4 years ago now. It ended horribly because she was merely showing me some form of platonic human decency which I misinterpreted as a “sign”, being the loser that I am. I couldn’t help but confess to her that I had a crush on her. It ended on a really awful note. I haven’t talked to girls since then.
I have had several more crushes/infatuations with girls after that but those were all one sided as I never mustered the courage to approach any of them. Heck, at this point my self esteem was so diminished and I did not even like my own skin.
Fast forward to now, I really want to change my situation. But it seems really impossible given the difficult nature of situations that I am in. My parents are having issues at home and I seriously need to consider getting a job soon to support them financially as we are pretty broke. Even in college, I would most likely be enrolling in a course full of dudes (STEM). I don’t think I have any luck here on out.
I really want to change this but meh, it seems impossible. Instead of having self pity for myself, I kinda figured that I should accept the fact that I won’t be getting women in a long time, if ever. I have decided that I should only focus on my career and help myself and my family as it’s pretty much the only reason I can think of that warrants my very existence.
Sorry for making this post and wasting your time.
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2023.06.04 13:36 poshunicorn314 HOW DO I GET OUT OF MY HEAD??

I feel like I’m living in a constant state of anxious thoughts and overthinking that I make out every situation to be much more complicated than it actually is, and thus makes my life harder than it needs to be.
I’m having a hard time elaborating on this. But I notice I do this a lot, where I look back on it and think “wow, I made that a lot more difficult than it needed to be” or “it really wasn’t that deep”. It’s also embarrassing sometimes because it makes me seem heavily emotionally invested in something I really shouldn’t be, or that I’m incapable, when really my anxious mind is twisting the situation and is driving me to do things that are irrational.
This pertains to literally everything. Romantic relationships(!), friendships, making friends, school assignments, family relationships, my job, meeting new people, attending clubs, talking to my professors(!), communication, literally everything
This happens most often with school assignments (most likely because they occur more frequently than anything else in my life) where I absolutely NEED to do a fantastic job that stands out from everyone else, or else it’s like the world is going to end. This leads to me stressing out and spending so much more time on assignments than I should. Because of the insane pressure I put on myself for no reason, I sometimes end up just not turning in assignments, which often leads to greater consequences.
I know I’m making things harder than they need to be, how do I stop doing this? Any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated, as I don’t even know where this is coming from, so I really don’t know how solve this problem. How do I just /do/?
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2023.06.04 13:35 juanderlust77 DOT physical

Employer scheduled drug test and physical separately. Used quick fix for the drug test, but do I need it for the physical urine test also? Everything i've read says the physical urine test doesn't test for drugs, but I just wanted to get some confirmation on that? TIA
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2023.06.04 13:35 Particular-Let1424 Immigrant moving to the US

Throwaway account….
I’ve been offered job in the US (Outside of Philadelphia) with salary of $242k and potential bonus of between $0-$92k a year. As someone coming from Eastern Europe this sounds like a crazy amount of money but knowing the US is also crazy expensive I don’t know if it’s a good deal or not.
So questions:
Apologies for grammar and spelling mistakes.
Thanks, any suggestions helpful.
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2023.06.04 13:35 Jebedia80 Home Insurance Inspection Potential Impacts

Hello all. So last year my wife and I bought an old home in the country in Quebec. The house was built around 1860, with some additions over the years. We, unfortunately (stupidly), decided to skip the home inspection as we knew of many larger issues already, and there were other offers. Our agent somewhat leads us in that direction, but the onus is on us... The house was in one family since the 1860s, and the last owner lived there all his life and was an absolutist DIYer (we've discovered)... Anyways, we have found lots more issues than expected. Mostly work done not to code. Small list: Flat roof with a walkout and no railing, no railing on wrap around porch 2" over max height, 2 of 3 fireplaces not to code, sump drains into main house drain, not enough gutters, roofing not done correctly, old electrical (some, not all but very messy). The list is very long...
Anyway when we called our insurance company they insured us. They didn't ask for any inspection report in advance but have finally sent someone out to check primarily the fire place situation (I imagine they told us they would but my wife did the call so I can't be 100% on that, not relevant I guess anyways). The inspector did a quite thorough inspection and listed a huge list of issues...
We have not received the response from the company yet, but we are expecting the worst...
My question is, what is the worst? What can they do, and do we have any rights? We are planning on fixing many of the issues in time, but we have probably hundreds of thousands in upgrading to do and obviously can't do everything in a short period of time... My wife and I have good jobs but are not rich, and with the rates, I don't want to go into debt. I don't think we misrepresented ourselves on the application, it's just all these issues were not known to us (no inspection), we did know of some code stuff but thought it's an old house were not thinking of the coverage impacts at all and when built was probably the norm (my kids can stick their heads between the stair railing kind of stuff). Anyways, I, in particular, am freaking out that they will drop us or give us a ridiculously long and unreasonable list of repairs and steep rate hike. If we get dropped, we will have a black mark on our record I've read. Should we just try to find another company right away? Would it just be the same situation again... I'm not looking for sympathy, just some ideas of our options and potential avenues.
Thank you for reading.
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