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Get your lawn mower racing advice here.

2023.03.21 11:53 Acid_Bath_95 Hi all, I’m fucked.

I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and chronic depression when I was 15, but I’ve been struggling with anxiety and Panic attacks since I was 9! Now, (f 27) I reached the low bottom of my life and there is nothing more I can do to make things better. I have a shitty job, an awful boss who hates me and I did not complete my graduation because I didn’t finish the TCC (conclusion of the course thesis). I lost many years in an amazing graduation (one of the best Universities of my Country) but I have no strength to finish this circle and I’ve been panicking with the idea of loosing those years but, by the other hand, I have not a single motivation to conclude this. Therefore, I can not move to a better job. I can not afford better things. I have an amazing boyfriend who supports me. He got a job in Europe and I moved with him for this new country that I hate. I hate the weather, I hate the rain, I hate the fact that there is no sun at all. And it only made my depression to get worse and worse. Even my boyfriend, who’s always been so supportive, is now getting tired of my bullshit. He thinks that he is the only one that is actually worried about my graduation- but I’ve been having panic attacks for years because of this. And I CANT talk to him about it because it makes me sick to my stomach. I feel ashamed that I let it happen to me. I feel ashamed that I date a guy who is intelligent and has everything figured out in his life. He has a great job, great feedbacks, receives a great salary. And I should be growing with him - but I have the impression that I’m just holding him back. For example: if I had completed my graduation I would have a better job by now, and we could have a better life. I think it’s a matter of time until he snaps out of this bullshit that I dragged him into. I feel paralyzed. I feel disgusted by myself. I feel ashamed and I can’t even cry. I’m on medication (for years) that works because I haven’t tried to kill myself (even though it seems the more logical thing to do) but maybe those medication also stops me from getting any emotions (?). I have no will to conclude my stuff, I haven’t felt happiness in MONTHS. I miss my family so much, but I’m a lazy piece of shit who doesn’t even CALL them because I’m afraid it will make me suffer more. I’ve tried therapy but it didn’t help. My therapist just told me things that I already now - like: “you should finish your graduation”. Yes, of course, but HOW? How do I swallow all this shame of being the last one in my class to finish? How do I find the strength to develop a thesis? How? I’m just feeling worse and having nightmares every single day. And my boyfriend is mad at me because I received an email from my university saying that I can loose my graduation. I completely understand his anger. I’m angry at myself too.
Sorry for this. And English is not my first language. If you have any advice or story to share, feel free. Thank you.
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2023.03.21 11:53 TheCurserHasntMoved Accidentally Adopted Part 4: CH 7 Hammerfall

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Log: 6000001.0.16, Personal, Captain Yormdrill

The tactic Greggory had proposed Is not a new one, but...
We met the reinforcing squadrons before the local day broke. I could see by the way they strode from their shuttle with weapons in their upper hands and a sidearm in their dominant lower hands that these were fighting men. I can hardly imagine using only two arms to stabilize my rifle, let alone using my free hand to fire a pistol. Gregory simply raised an eyebrow, as if he was wondering how effective the technique could be.
The officers began to introduce themselves, but Greggory interrupted them saying, "I don't intend to embarrass myself getting your names wrong," he pointed to each of them in turn, "I'll call you Red Leader, you Blue Leader, and you Green Leader. Your squads are Red, Blue, and Green squads respectively. You can call me Sneaky and our squad Sneaky squad."
Blue Leader seemed to rankle, "And who are you to give orders?"
"I asked for veterans," Greggory began flatly, "what are you a veteran of?"
"Four boarding actions, repelling."
"I am a veteran of a planetary resistance to the Consumptives, a planetary assault landing, thirty-two combat drops, three boarding actions, and four repelling actions. I have either been in training or combat since I was ten years old. When you ask who I am to give orders, here's the answer: I'm the one man on this planet who could take out every last one of those gangers without them ever seeing me once. I'm the one man on this planet who has taken part in destabilizing a superior enemy force. I am the one man on this planet who knows what the void he's talking about. I'm voiding Sneaky, the one from the memes, and I'm here to teach this part of the galaxy what happens if you touch my family. Fall in, marine, and shut up until you have something less stupid to say."
So calm was his tirade, that it unsettled Blue Leader, who simply shifted his feet while Green Leader asked, "Are you some kind of sniper?" Which Gregory answered by nodding, so he followed up, "With a plasma caster?"
"It wouldn't be my first choice. Low projectile velocity, very obvious when firing, low penetration. I can do the work, though."
"We do not have many snipers outside the anti-pirate fleets, and this force is add-hoc. We could probably get you a magnetic accelerator, though. Our Master at Arms keeps a very well-stocked armory."
"Please, see what you can arrange, but I don't want to wait around for it. Like I said, I can do the work."
Red Leader interjected, "This is well, we also wish to get the work done. It is clear that you have the most relevant experience, yours is the command."
"Wonderful. Okay, what are your squad compositions? What, if any specialists do you have?"
Red Leader began, "My squad is comprised of all former anti-piracy marines. We don't have any planetary experience, but this city is not too different from the stations we've boarded. I can command it either as an assault force, flank support, or fire support unit."
Green Leader followed, "My men have repelled multiple boarding actions, and we don't have experience fighting in such open areas. However, we have a high degree of accuracy, since our ship drills regularly." I felt a little chagrinned at that, as so few of us passed Greggory's test to join his rescue mission due to how lax I was and am with firearms training.
Blue Leader grudgingly followed, "We're mainly a salvage outfit. We have some cutting and demolitions equipment, and the know-how to use it. Otherwise, we've fended off multiple scorched scavenger attacks."
"Did any of you bring sustained fire weapons?"
Blue Leader answered, "One of my small teams has a mining laser that can be used as a crew served weapon."
"Each of my fire teams has a rapid fire magnetic accelerator. On rapid fire, they can sustain a five second stream before reloading the ferrous block," Red Leader said.
"The laser beam lasts around ten seconds."
"My squad has only the carbines," Green Leader said.
"Link to my visor, with our assets, I believe we can convince most of the hostiles to surrender or flee before assaulting the building. Let's get one thing clear now, we do not shoot if they surrender. We do not back the criminals into a corner."
I was crouched beneath a window sill on the third floor of a building overlooking a narrow street. Greggory was right, our limited activities had encouraged bolder patrols, this one was fourty men and a ground vehicle with what looked like a heavily modified industrial cutting laser mounted in the back. They would not have stood a chance against Sneaky Squad. I rose up slowly, and lined up my opening shot on the gunner in the vehicle. Gregory signaled the start by taking the head off of the Tourounti who was very obviously shouting orders. Her abdomen walked her headless torso along for a few more paces before it collapsed in a chitinous heap. I put the gunner out of our misery and idly wondered if the ganger leader was related to a certain defense barrister.
I had not been the only one to choose a target, and the lucky few gangers who had tossed down their weapons were allowed to live. Allowed to see more of us, and carry the same message of how to survive back to their fellows along with the reminder that they can't count on being so lucky twice. Next time they might be the opening target.
I find myself disturbed by just how much carnage the gangers are willing to absorb. We want their leaders, not them. Perhaps they fear their leaders more than us? I feel this will not remain the case.
After the battle, he instructed Red and Green squads to circle around to the opposite side of the ganger headquarters and ambush a ganger patrol that was likely to be in the area, while Blue squad came with us to ambush a larger patrol force. This one perhaps sixty men. They panicked the moment Gregory took the leg off of one of the two team leaders. They fired wildly all about them, screamed curses, prayers, and calls to their mothers or fathers to come save them. The lower accuracy of our teammates lead to a larger number of wounded, and we let the five survivors drag them away. Then, it was time to do it again.
By the fifth ambush, they began to surrender before half of them were either dead or wounded. They were relieved of their weapons, and sent away with the same message, and the reminder that some always die before the surrender.
We were preparing our tenth ambush of a very large force, it looked to be over a hundred, but we saw they had one of their number in bonds, and were carrying their weapons by the barrels, with either the stocks or grips up toward the sky.
I recognized one of the lieutenants.
"Lay down your arms," Greggory announced with the help of some speakers placed for the purpose. They did so, "Now march forward until I say stop. Stop. Place your hands on your heads and kneel. Except the four of you holding that void sucker. Good, now wait there."
Greg ordered Blue squad to cover us, and we came out into the open to receive our prisoner.
"He wants to know why we're doing this," Quindrum translated.
"Because you touched my family. You get to help teach a lesson," Greggory said before whipping the top of his foot into the side of the officer's knee, sending him sprawling to the ground, "and the lesson is to never do that. The rest of you, walk forward slowly. If I see you with weapons, you won't see me. You'll just die."
The massive surrender was a balm to my soul. I had begun to fear that annihilation was the only option.
"Instruct the shuttle that his cell is to have no mattress or blankets. He is to be fed bread and water until time can be made for his judgement," Gregory ordered while the retreating gangers were still in earshot.
It was unfortunate that the other team did not have such an event. Their four ambushes had gone much the same way as our previous ones.

Dear Diary,

Things are starting to look a little better. Mom says that the gangers on the planet have started surrendering instead of fighting, so that's good. On top of that, the Justiciar is here, and will be able to start holding trials tomorrow. She is an impressive ship, The Light of Justice in the Darkness seems to sort of glide through space. It's a bit intimidating to be so close to her, and with a hundred Magistrates and their retinues aboard... I think that instead of finding a penal ship to send someone to, they'll have to commission one and give her a fitting difficult mission.
Yoiv has been going around telling everyone that he knew that Sneaky would rescue him from the very start, so he wasn't afraid at all. I caught him crying in Greg's berth though. If he wasn't afraid before, he is now. The ship's other littles are all convinced that it's all better now, but Yoiv has his own fears. His own worry. My job isn't over.

Mission Log: 6. Date: 1/6/5. Name: Gregory George

Mission: Planetary rescue
Mission objectives:
Rescue Linus from unknown hostiles connected to a shady lawyer
--Linus located on planet
--Shuttle company name determined: Shuttle by Green
---Gang identified
---Gang headquarters identified
---Likely information vector identified
----Information vector obtained
----Large number of gangers in hiding
----Linus has escaped
-----Linus secured
-----Linus has rescued other kidnap victims
-----Exfiltrate Linus and other kidnap victims
------Linus and hostages rescued.
Objective complete
Eliminate or neutralize all hostiles
--One hostile neutralized nonlethally
---One hostile eliminated
----Six hostiles eliminated
----One potential hostile neutralized
-----Eight hostiles eliminated
-----Nine hostiles neutralized
-----Three potential hostiles neutralized
-----Fifty three hostiles eliminated
-----Eight hostiles neutralized
------Fifty eight hostiles eliminated
------Nine hostiles neutralized
-------Two hundred twenty-four hostiles eliminated
-------Two hundred fifteen hostiles neutralized
-------One lieutenant captured
Teach the criminal elements a lesson
--One example provided
---One demonstration provided
-----Three demonstrations provided
-----Nine examples provided
------Five demonstrations provided
------Eight examples provided
------Two demonstrations proveded
------Nine examples provided
------Two messengers sent
-------Thirteen demonstrations provided
-------Fifty-five examples provided
-------Twenty four messengers sent
-------One responsible party acquired
Mission parameters:
Minimize collateral casualties
Minimize collateral property damage
Evade detection by station security
Minimize station damage
Protect allies
Potential Action Plan:
Confer with reinforcements and assess capabilities
Continue eliminating patrols
Eliminate targets of opportunity
Designate surrender procedure
Observations irrelevant to mission:
Bleivuses have pretty okay combat skills. Reinforcements are good brothers.

Dear Logary,

I am afraid SNeakY will get hurt.
I am afraid DaDDy will get hurt.
I want them to come home right now.
TRanTRaN says that he is making sure no other kids are left behind.
SneAKy and DADDy are heroes, but I still want them home.
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2023.03.21 11:52 lissandrafootjob Skin ideas for every champ - S

Hello everyone!
We have finally arrived to the longest post of this series. Boy, did this take forever...
Let's just get into it I say, shall we?
I like her a lot, but even if I didn't, she's just a damn good material for skin ideas. I mean I don't remember when was the last time I came up with so many for a single champion.
BilgewateCaptain: Tattoos? Check. Gun and sword? Check. Eye patch? Check. Certified pirate material.
Battle Queen: Undeniably is one.
Crime City: Having a gun is already more than enough. Would also just love to see her in Renata's outfit.
DragonslayeBeast HunteZombie Slayer: I believe she got both the bravery and the skill for all of these jobs. Especially good weapon combination for ZS, probably I'd make the sword into a machete.
Vandal/Road Warrior: Just put some leather and spikes on her gear, maybe a motorcycle on the recall. That'd be bad as hell. In a good way.
Odyssey/Dreadnova: Galactic bounty hunter.
Tomb Raider: I have a feeling she'd love the thrill of dodging a hundred deadly traps to get some shiny treasure.
Vigilante/Supervillain: Honestly she could both be a hero or villain. Her acrobatics, weapons and general coolness already make this fitting. Something like a female deadpool perhaps.
Cyber Pop: Straight outta Edgerunners, a female cyborg supersoldier. I'd make half her body metal, which would also work very nicely with her half eye.
Project: At some point she needs a project skin, she's just too good of a fit. Kinda similar to CP, but visually the two are distinguishable so I'd keep both.
Pentakill: I'm not sure if she needs an instrument to be in Pentakill or not, I just thought the aesthetics fit her nicely, plus her name is basically a synonym for Pentakill.
Sejuhoney: Riding a giant adorable bee.
Catjuani: Riding a giant adorable kitty.
Elderwood: Riding a giant - not necessarily adorable but more fantasy based forest creature.
High Noon: Riding a bull.
Buccaneer: Like Tristana's skin, but her cannon would bee a bit bigger. Actually, a lot bigger.
Broken Covenant: Similarly to the design of her base cannon, but with lots of stained glass.
Odyssey: Give Karma a giant laser cannon and it's done.
Pulsfire: Out of all, this is porbably the skin that would make the most out of her extraordinary firearm. Basically combine Pulsfire Riven's sword with Caitlyn's gun and make it even bigger and even techier.
Academy: She has the schoolgirl vibes, she might be part of a music clique or club.
Cafe Cuties: She has the vibes and the outfit also matches.
Crystal Rose: Something elegant but still light and pretty.
Goldenthroat: A DnD/Rift Quest skin, she is a perfect fit for a bard archytype, since their core theme is music and performing. Couldn't think of a better name rn.
Battle Wolf: He's more wolf than Sylas is, so he has a rightful place here. It's not like he doesn't belong here at all.
Battle Academia: Jayce type of pretty boy vibes is what I imagine.
El Lobo: If anyone, this man is a flawless fit for the Luchador skin line. Like that ultimate is a wrestler move already.
Super: A standard superstrength-punchy hero, works I reckon.
Cyber Pop: Remember Jax? No, not six-eyed Jax, the other Jax from Mortal Kombat. Thaaat Jax. Hell yeah.
Devil: I'm not the first to come up with this idea, but it's truly not a bad one.
Omen of the Dark: You could do so many things with his mask here, but a basic plague doctor outfit would work perfectly fine too.
Blood Moon: He's an assassin so I don't need further reasons.
Surprise Party: He's a literal clown, I mean-
Fright Night: This is frankly less of a skin and more of a chance to redesign the character so it actually lives up to the "Demon Jester" title. Give me the Pennywise.
While looking for skins for this guy, I realised that he may have a simple-a$$ design, but unlike Garen, it's in a good way, because he literally works with almost any freaking skin line lmao. Well at least that's what I felt like. And here I thought I got a lot for Samira haha. This is probably the new record with 14 skin ideas.
Debonair: So Shen being an older male character who is a master with duty etc. gives me the feeling of respectfulness, politeness, elegance etc. so I think he fits the vibe of Debonair pretty well, not to mention that he would get to be in one skin group with Zed, which is nice. Besides, it couldn't hurt to bring forward that 'daddy' energy he has hidden inside. Not too much, just tastefully. All his skins go for the cool ninja fantasy, it's high time for a different approach. (But please don't make him younger like Yi, eugh.)
Chef: Not sure what cuisine to go for, I simply imagined him in a chef's hat crossing his arms holding two big knifes - his swords - to chop something up.
Gatekeeper: Based on his connection to the spirit realm, I thought this would be a fitting skin that does something similar.
Balance Dragon: He has some things in common with Lee - who has Storm Dragon - and in general I find this a great fit.
Battle Professor: Like Grave's skin. Again, being an older master character, he has no issue filling a teacheprofessor role.
Full Metal: Since he doesn't have a fully robotic skin yet, I chose one for him. Like Pantheon or Jayce, just with different weapons.
Weightless Sword: The Immortal Journey group, I find no reason why he wouldn't work here.
Warden: Full silver armor, like Karma but male. The name already describes Shen well.
Odyssey: Just to have a space skin too, let's add this to the list as well. In this universe I think of him kinda like Heimdall, only instead of teleporting you anywhere, he teleports anywhere where you are, to save you. Shen fits Heimdall's character and thus the skin line perfectly imo.
Project: Needs not much explanation, he isn't a bad pick here either.
Shen Hai Scrolls: I could say I chose this purely for the pun, but honestly I could also see this actually work.
Spirit Blossom: Not because it's a popular skin line, but because Shen does in fact fit here flawlessly. SB has eastern aesthetics and he is a a ninja from Ionia. No wonder it works.
Ruined/Sentinel: Both sound equally interesting to me, eg. what if Viego gained access to the Spirit Realm? If I was him, I'd definitely try to choose useful people to corrupt and in this sense, Shen sounds like a damn useful one.
Officer: Just a little fun skin a the end, I could easily imagine Shen as a cop, with the swords being a normal (L shaped, well sort of) and an extandable baton, and at the ultimate he comes at the aid of an ally, aka, a law abiding citizen and arrests the enemies for attempted murder.
Justicar: White dragon with golden eyes, horns and talons. Light effects for abilities.
Elderwood/Old God: Some kinda forest dragon. Leaves for scales, brances for horns.
Dark Star: Saw this concept already somewhere, but I also thought it'd be pretty cool. What I really like about this is that it would make Shyvana be on one level with A'sol, the fight of the two cosmic dragons, hell yeah.
Broken Covenant: Imagine a dragon version of BC Cho. Could be awesome as hell.
Hextech: She could have some kind of special interaction with the hextech drake, like a dance or something, that would be so fun.
Lunar Guardian: I'd aim for a look like that of Malphite and Kha'zix. Yellow, brown and cloudy effects.
Emberwing: The DnD/Rift Quest skin line cannot be complete without a dragon BBEG.
Dawn-/Nightbringer: Can't explain it in too much detail, but it'd surely have epic vfx.
Worldbreaker: A gigantic dragon could surely fill this title. I'd definitely try to go for something that I suggested with A'sol, when I mentioned Quetzalcoatle, so a feathered dragon in this case.
Arcanist: He'd use some kind of spell potion.
Monster Tamer: He'd have a pokémon-like monster attached to his back that breathes toxic gases.
Guardian of the Sands: A big broken hourglass and the trail is sand.
Botanist: Some kind of poisonous plant in a big glass jar.
Execusion(er): Just put a black mask on him and he already looks like an executioner.
Marauder: Kinda like alistar but with a different helmet.
Fright Night: Probably too similar to the executioner, but you could do a couple of things with this guy to make him even more horroristic, since he already has a good base for it.
Beast Hunter: He got the body and the weapon to be one.
Gentleman: Like with Cho, just for the fun.
Zombie: I mean technically he already is one, so just make him and his spell effects green, and change his axe for a yellow sign that says "Warning! Zombie outbreak"
Pirate: Throwing the ship's steering wheel.
Broken Covenant: I'd go for the warrior nun vibe like with MF, and ephasise the cross pattern on her weapon plus add some stained glass to it.
Fright Night/Zombie Slayer: The core idea here, is a buzz saw, either skin could be good for it.
Pool Party/Ocean Song: Same thing as with Qiyana, pool floaty.
Blackfrost: Natural pick.
Broken Covenant: Some similar to Cho level monstrous look.
Hextech: Not much to say.
Infernal: Fire scorpion.
Lunar Guardian: Something like Kha'zix.
Kaiju/Worldbreaker: Giant scorpion.
Prehistoric: I'm sure it can work somhow.
Toy: His features could easily be made into toy parts.
Arcana: Idk, just felt like it's aesthetic enough for her.
Cafe Cuties: She matches the vibe plus you could do a couple of things with her instrument like use it as a counter and put muffins on it or idk. Maybe that's stupid, just a thought.
Cosmic Symphony: I think it could work and she could have some really epic vfx.
Porcelain: Very nice and subtle, matches Sona. Also, would love to see her with a more dark blue hair like Lux.
SilentChord: Same idea as Sera's Goldenthroat.
Heartseeker: Just a good match.
Crystal Rose: Same.
Lunar Empress: Same.
SolaLunar Eclipse: She already has both Dawn- and Nightbringer, but her cosmic theme makes this fit her well too.
Cosmic Savior: Similar, but really just cosmic and not sun/moon themed.
Elderwood: Leans more into her fanatsy appearance and further emphasises it.
Pure Phoenix: Like Graceful Phoenix Sera, I thought it's a good fit. Besides a p's tear heals, doesn't it? Or is that only a thing in HP?
Order of the Lotus: Haven't used this skin line before so why not, but it's matches anyways, it's a bit like Spirit Blossom.
Ambulance: The best and funniest skin she could have, this is kinda her meme already, well, other than banana. Ambulance outfit, siren light and sound effect when she runs towards a low health ally.
Headmaster: Same as with Shen, an older character so he fits the role perfectly. I imagine a magical school that he leads and his ravens are owls instead. Think of it as if Lucius Malfoy was the headmaster of Hogwarts, with his personal owls.
Crime City Nightmare: The usual maffia boss thing, which suits him very well.
Elderwood: Would concentrate more on the birds and attach a forest theme through them.
Dreadnova: Dictator of a space nation.
Guardian of the Sands: I think he would work in a shuriman/desert outfit and the golden chains fit that region too.
Hextech: He doesn't have a techy robotic skin yet besides Project so I chose this.
Infernal: Flaming chains.
Marauder: A more rough, armored look. Might add some spikes to the chains.
Ruined: Lore-wise I think it would be an interesting combo, because he's a key figure in Demacia.
Pirate: Her balls are cannon balls.
Battle Boss: She easily fits this final arcade boss vibe.
Arcanist: A more mage look, something like Ziggs, who's bombs' design also work for her.
Beendra: The balls are cute round bees.
Cafe Cuties: She may not be the same kinda cutie as the others, but you can make the balls into teapots are some kinda sweets even.
Infernal: Fireballs.
Coven: Probably the best fit for her.
Dark Star: Although this one's close too, cause you can make the balls into black holes.
Fright Night: Eyeballs.
Space Groove: A more colourful, fun skin. Could just make her balls some of those bright orange jelly orbs.
Sugar Rush: Ice cream or just cherries, anything that's round and sweet.

And we're finally done with S. I knew this was gonna take a load of time, but it took even more than I expected. Anyways, bye.
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2023.03.21 11:52 SiggeSaggelol Arthur’s Dad And Son?

I remember a few weeks ago I came across a house near Valentine (I think) And there was some people getting attacked by some gang, I shot the gang and one of the people who was getting shot at said something like: “Thank you, Son” and then I wanted to antagonize him (I’m a low honor player) And it said “Dad” And another person said “Son”? Does that mean that Arthur has a father and a son? The son looked nothing like the kid you rescued from the chelonians which I believe was Arthur’s son or something.
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2023.03.21 11:51 FrigidVeil Beck brewing and breaking away from over-optimization

I have a problem lately and I'm wondering if any of you feel the same way. I'm a brewer at heart: I love making new decks work and tinkering with them until they click. But I also love those decks being as powerful as they can be. Sometimes those two things butt heads, and lately it's getting me discouraged in a way that I don't really know how to get around. The problem is the genericness of good commanders and trying to stop my own want for over optimization. A quick example:
I was just brewing a [[Saryth]] deck. Not generally a very strong commander, but it was built around a pretty strange (and I think underplayed) combo. I was quite happy with it, and Saryth was actually pulling weight across multiple axes by providing a backup to part of the combo, protection for the combo, and doing neat things like turning [[ram through]] into terminates with mana dorks to get around creature-based stax that monogreen would otherwise have. Then the problem hit. The combo makes infinite mana.
Suddenly I realize, all the brewing was pretty much pointless if I wanted the deck to be as powerful as it could be, because I knew that if I simply ran thrasios he would be an outlet in the command zone, provide protection with countermagic from blue, and allowed me to simply run better removal. Now he can be paired with tymna because I'm running dorks. Suddenly I have draw and outlet in the command zone and I dont need a backup because i can run black tutors. And the logic continues: the combo I was playing was underplayed in my mind, but that was because it could be used in low colour decks. Now I have four colours and access to objectively more powerful combos and boom, suddenly my interesting brew has become yet another 4-colour partner pile.
I hate this. Not to say I hate people playing these decks or playing partners themselves, but I hate what they do to brewing. This is almost certainly just a mentality problem: I could play that monogreen deck. It could do fine. But it always nags at me that I could just be playing a thrasios pile that's objectively better.
Have you guys had this problem before? How do you deal with it?
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2023.03.21 11:50 Large_McHuge I want to use Strike but the weekly deposit limit is $1000. I need to drop some cashish into btc quickly at low fees. Which exchange can do this?

As the title says I am moving money to btc and I want to get it done quickly. Coinbase fees seem high. Strike fees are low but $1k weekly limit is a problem.
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2023.03.21 11:50 khadmon Told my partner of four months, secretly hoping they would leave

Just needing to vent. We were laying in bed and I got this anxiety thinking well they eventually going to leave anyways so let me just tell them now. I told them and they thanked me and said does not change how they feel about me. I was relieved but at the same time I was thinking just save me the pain now and leave. Later in the night I also asked if I was physically what they were attracted to and they said yes. I brought this up since we have sex once or twice a week when we see each other which is usually 4 to 5 days every month and half. They stated their libido just fluctuates from high to low were as my is a constant high. They flipped the script and asked if I was attracted to them physically or if I am just trying to have a lot of sex and then leave, I stated that thought is in my head but I also know that is just an automatic thought and that I care more about him than just sex. I am worried I am testing and pushing these things onto him to make him leave cause I feel like I will never have a healthy relationship and I hate this. I really do want to take this one day at a time and not sabotage.
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2023.03.21 11:48 RedEagle_MGN For those who are struggling to build a game dev team, here are some things I've learned

I built a game dev team that's flourishing and I started on INAT but the challenge was immense.
It's really common for people starting a game project to struggle to get the help they feel they need to make the game a reality. They are often stuck between a rock and a hard place -- not having the funds to pay people up front and not having all the skills needed to make a game solo.
I've been there, but more than ever I found my way out, and I thought I would reach back and see if I can help some others. I built a team starting on INAT here that has grown to 35+ daily active developers with every talent needed to make a solid title. We meet every single day in three different time zones and the team dynamic is extremely positive. 75% of people on the team have a degree in their field.
This article was written for inat but I thought I would share here.

1. Don't take no for an answer

There's going to be a lot of people who push you down, and many of them are just trying to avoid this industry being taken over by “idea people.” However, if you have leadership talent and no coding skills, this industry actually needs you and it is possible.

2. It's going to take hard work

If you're not bringing any skills to the table, you probably shouldn't be doing this. However, if you're a natural-born leader and if you're ready to put in hard work every single day and be really humble about the advice you get from other people, you do have the opportunity to make it happen nonetheless.

3. Humility is important

Knowing that you need mentorship is critical to your success. You don't want to make all the mistakes the hard way. There have been people that have been down this road and who can make your life a lot easier, and you can find people like that on this sub.
This whole industry is surprisingly generous, but nobody likes somebody with a big ego who can't take any advice.

4. Be positive about your worst people

About 80% of the people who join these sorts of Reddits would like to have the feeling of making games without putting in the real tough, long, enduring work. They constantly join new projects because they love the feeling of joining new things, but they don't have what it takes to finish.
You're probably going to start by begging kids that are barely out of high school to help you out. Be grateful for what you get. If you're not bringing money to the table honestly, you shouldn't expect anything.
I was able to slowly raise the average age and capability of my team by cherishing those who I got at the low level. I knew they were going to quit in 3 weeks, and so I wrote standard operating procedure documents which made it so that once they dropped the ball, I could find somebody else to pick it up, and it wouldn't be a big deal.

5. Culture is everything

A few years ago, a comprehensive study was put together to correlate factors with a game's success and failure.
Here is what they found:
Vision and culture made the most difference out of any factor they studied. It matters more than production methodology, extra work hours, and all other factors.
If you're going to build a team, you need to set the standard. Think about the impact you want to have in the world and focus your team on that. Don't allow serious deviation from your culture, and double down on your culture.
I had great success by focusing very heavily on a people-first culture. It also has zero tolerance for anything less than professional behavior.

6. No sacred cows

People who violate your culture and who are complaining and putting other people down need to be removed before they cause issues. The best way to deal with this is to have such a culture that you don't attract the people in the first place.
However, if you have to deal with these kinds of people, have the procedures already set in place, so it doesn't seem like it's arbitrary or personal.

7. A big idea, a small footprint

Great games are not great because they are 3D or AAA or any of that. However, if you pitch some very small scale game which you know is realistic, you're also going to get a lot less people that are interested.
This forced me to scope up my ideas very significantly, but I regret that mistake. What you must do is think about a massive-impact idea that does not require much effort.
This is extremely difficult.

8. Live events are the lifeblood of your community

Getting together on a regular basis is essential to help people get out of the mentality that somebody else is going to make this game. Meeting on a regular basis and working together live is critical to your success. Do this regularly.
Every Monday, I have a live event where we all come together, and we delegate tasks to everybody on the team. If we didn't have that live event, nobody would actually step up to take those tough leadership roles that we need to elect people to every single week. However, people feel the burden of responsibility when they're together live that somebody's got to do it, and it's probably got to be them.

9. Let birds fly

When people leave your team to join other projects, rather than being sad about it, encourage them and celebrate it, and they'll remember you and they'll help you out in the future. Don't hold on to people, you're not doing them a service that way.

10. Age is everything

I have recruited more than a thousand people to the team in order to focus in on those who make a difference. The correlation with age and success is incredible, if you get people 30+ you are building a proper team.

11. Don’t promise money

You need to get in touch with a lawyer and set up an agreement right away because you don't want to sort this out afterward. That said, I personally lean away from making any promises of compensation because in my experience the game's business is incredibly hits-driven and you never know which one makes it and which one doesn't.
It's tough to motivate people to cross the entire Mount Everest of making a game purely on money. I've decided to avoid it but your best to set up a basic revenue split agreement if you need it.
Make a legal agreement but don’t make sky-high promises.


Get mentorship, work hard, build a positive-focused community and don’t speak about money.
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2023.03.21 11:48 JustBoatTrash Fund Managers’ Biggest Fear Is Now a Systemic Credit Crunch
A systemic credit event has replaced stubborn inflation as the key risk to markets for increasingly pessimistic investors, according to Bank of America Corp.’s latest global survey of fund managers.
The most likely source of a credit event is US shadow banking, followed by US corporate debt and developed-market real estate, according to the poll, which canvassed 212 fund managers with $548 billion under management. A credit event was chosen by 31% of participants as the biggest threat.
The polling took place from March 10-March 16, while money managers were witnessing the collapse of US lenders Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank and monitoring the turmoil at Credit Suisse Group AG before its historic takeover by UBS Group AG. The S&P 500 has been mostly resilient, falling less than 1% this month, with investors anticipating the Federal Reserve’s efforts to support liquidity to be enough to avoid a crisis.
But strategists are growing concerned, with Morgan Stanley’s Michael Wilson saying the risk of a credit crunch is increasing materially. The S&P 500 might find a floor at 3,800 but investors should sell into any rallies if the benchmark reaches 4,100 to 4,200, BofA’s Michael Hartnett wrote in the note on Tuesday. The S&P 500 closed Monday at about 3,952.
Moreover, the poll showed investor sentiment is “close to levels of pessimism seen at lows of past 20 years,” wrote Hartnett, who was correctly bearish through last year, warning that recession fears would fuel a stock exodus. Fund manager survey positioning and sentiment is “the only key measures in ‘capitulation’ territory so far.”
On top of the credit risks, investors are growing concerned about the economy. The likelihood of a recession is rising again for the first time since November, with BofA’s survey showing a net 42% of participants expecting a slowdown over the next 12 months. Meanwhile, expectations for stagflation have remained above 80% for 10 months in a row. In the survey’s history, “investors have never held such strong conviction about the economic outlook,” Hartnett wrote.
Investors see an additional 75 basis points of Federal Reserve hikes in this cycle with rates peaking at 5.25%-5.5%. Almost a quarter expect the European Central Bank to lift its deposit rate by an additional 50 basis points
The rotation out of US equities into Europe accelerated this month, with fund managers the most overweight on Europe relative to the US since October 2017
Most crowded trades are long European equities, long the dollar and long China equities
Participants are now net underweight banks, with contagion risks across US regional banks driving investors out of the sector at the fastest pace since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
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2023.03.21 11:47 circemaybe08 Sometimes I wonder, do ANY international students get into need-aware colleges with aid???

Even though they are need aware for international students, I used to think that meant there's a very very low number of people at least who get aid, but I'm starting to think that number is non existent, I've been denied from colleges from so many need aware ones for aid, after being told I have an "ivy-level application" 🤧
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2023.03.21 11:46 negativetube 💰 Lens prices going up! 📈 💸

I have been looking at buying some m43 lenses recently and it seems that the prices of lenses have gone up substantially, particularly from Olympus.
A lens that I saw being sold for £350 last year is now being sold for £700. This is doubling of the price. Is this just a matter of high stock levels vs. low stock levels or have prices actually doubled?

On the flip side, sometimes I see new lenses that are sold for a very cheap price which doesn't make sense because similar lenses of the same brand, quality, build complexity, and lens elements are being sold for 3-4 times that price. Is this because a focal length is not popular or there is an alternative option which makes a good lens obsolete?

Is this just supply and demand or are there other factors which is impacting this such as devaluation of currencies? newly introduced trade tariffs? decline of camera/lens sales? decline of m43? decline of Olympus? lack of new Sigma m43 lenses?

What are people's thoughts on this? have you experienced the same? do you typically hold out for prices to come down to a more reasonable level or do you just bite the bullet and buy lenses at a higher price?
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2023.03.21 11:46 imagine777 Blood test results

I know this has been discussed before, but I thought I would get a current reading from the mind hive. I had my first TSH blood work since RAI and my TSH is .11 and Free T4 is 1.5 (which you would expect it to be high since my TSH is hyper). Not sure if they did the Tg and TgAB, but this test was more to see how they need to adjust my meds now that RAI is done. I had a TT in October, RAI in February.
What is your TSH kept at? I am finally starting to feel halfway decent with the exception of a random heart flutter (but I have a valve issue that has caused that for the past 30 years so I cannot tell if it is that or the low TSH).
This post is more out of curiosity, and not posting because I can concerned.
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2023.03.21 11:46 JohnSmith--- Does the Intel Arc A770 support Freesync/VRR/Adaptive Sync on Linux under Wayland? Some other questions as well

So I'm looking into buying the Intel Arc A770. My current GPU is actually a used RTX 3060 Ti, which I upgraded from a GTX 1070, but since my RTX 3060 Ti is broken (GPU artifacting from time to time on both Windows and Linux, plus some other problems), I feel like the A770 would be a good upgrade from the 1070. I've also been using Arch Linux and Wayland since 2017. Although I never gamed on Linux, the games that I do play either have native Linux support, or run excellent with Proton when I check protondb. A770 is also on sale where I live. I do all my non-gaming related stuff on Linux. I mostly player older games, DX8, DX9, DX10, DX11. Rarely DX12 titles. I play those on PS5.
I'm also looking into buying the Asus ROG Strix XG249CM 240 Hz monitor which has Freesync Premium and is also certified by NVIDIA as G-Sync compatible. It has one DisplayPort 1.2 and one HDMI 2.0 port. Currently I play older Call of Duty games on Windows, on my 144 Hz G-Sync compatible monitor, and cap my FPS at 141 with Vsync enabled, as recommended by blurbusters. This gives me a tear-free experience and I also get the benefits of low latency since Vsync never kicks in.
If I was to get Asus XG249CM, and use it on Linux under Wayland, can I have the same experience? Does Freesync work on Linux under Wayland? I want to play older Call of Duty titles on Linux under Wayland, with Freesync (or VRR, or Adaptive-Sync whichever is the correct term) so I get no visual tears, and also cap my FPS at 236 and enable Vsync so I get low latency. Is this possible?
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2023.03.21 11:43 ThrowRApeanutb My (23F) BF (24M) of 2.5 years wants me to get off my antidepressants. ADVICE PLZ!?

Hi everyone,
I’m new to this but I need some advice. I take antidepressants for multiple reasons. Most importantly, they make me happier, less irritable, and help me gain needed weight. However they also greatly decrease my libido. I’m almost never in the mood to do anything. This is ok with me, because I’m still young and not married so I don’t need it. I do have a boyfriend though. I am 23F and my bf is 23M. We have been together for 2.5 years.
I can recall back to the time where I was first diagnosed with my mental illness and my doctor said I needed to go on antidepressants. The first thing my bf said was “just so you know those decrease s€x-drive so make sure you really want to get on them.” This was a little suspicious to me but I quickly forgot about it.
Things were normal until about 5 months later…usually when they start kicking in. I just started to become less interested in things like being touched and making out and everything in that category. Every time I would say no, my bf would clearly become sad or “bummed” as he would say and tell me he thinks I don’t like him anymore. I explained that I just have a low-drive and it’s due to my medication but it’s paying off because I am healing! He didn’t seem to really acknowledge that.
It’s been a year and a half now. A couple weeks ago my boyfriend told me he thinks I should stop taking them. (We have not even made out for a few weeks. I’m not going to do it if I don’t feel like it, but I still like him in that way.) I asked him why, and he said it’s because he wants me to know what real joy feels like. I was seriously taken aback. I have had my whole life experiencing joy. I told him that I most certainly feel joy, it’s not fake just because I’m on antidepressants. Then he said, well I also don’t think you should be building a reliance on them. I told him that I need them. They are medically prescribed to me. It’s not for recreation! They are saving my life! And he said, well I’ve just read a lot of studies about how harmful they can be.
This happened a few weeks ago, but it has been seriously bothering me. I feel like he wants me to get off them because of my low libido and was just trying to come up with some lame excuse he thought I would believe. I honestly am feeling a little used. These pills have done so much for my recovery. He should’ve at least been honest about the reason why…he couldn’t even cite the so-called “sources” he read.
What are your thoughts about this? Advice please??
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2023.03.21 11:43 Deep_Education1527 Neck Tight? Other symptoms? Help!!

Hi there!
For the past week my neck along to my collarbone has been very tight and feels rock hard. It also feels like I'm swallowing over something in my throat! In general, it also feels like as if there was something hard laying on my entire neck and collarbone. I've also noticed that I'm really itchy all over or on the neck at times, headache on one side, tiny amount of dizziness, slightly disoriented, hard to breathe when the neck gets too tight, a spot near the collarbone that hurts a bit. I don't think there's any lumps, but my neck feels different on the right side than the left (like a rock). I've also noticed symptoms similar to visual snow since last 2 months.
When my neck gets too tight it is almost feels similar to when you are trying to hold back tears.
To note, I did have a throat infection 2 months ago and felt the same with some symptoms, but not as bad!!! Though, the doctors weren't sure what it was. I've had blood tests prior (just low ferritin levels) and they were fine and eye tests that were fine.
I'm really worried there is something wrong and I've had doctors turn me away because they want to write it off as anxiety. They said it can't be an infection and unless they physically notice breathlessness then they won't look further. This cannot be anxiety!!!!
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2023.03.21 11:41 InternationalRoad248 Third miscarriage?

I had one miscarriage in 2021 at 5 weeks and 6 days The second one was in november 2022, at barely 5 weeks And now today I’m 5 weeks 4 days and yesterday I had brown spotting and I think my cervix was open. My hcg levels yesterday was 1460 and looking at the norm it’s still too low I have doctors appointment tomorrow, but I’m thinking to doing another blood test today. I know that in 20 hours probably nothing will be different with the hcg But my heart is broken and I am scared. My heart goes to everyone who’s experiencing this fear, it’s soul breaking
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2023.03.21 11:41 veryfaroverpar Are bmw's entitled?

I am a local delivery driver in dfw, and I've come to fear bmw's. They always cut me off and slow down, or they cut me off on the way to cut 2 lanes to take an exit. I have collision mitigation, so every rime a mf cuts me off, my engine brakes engage, and my load drops. Rn I'm kinda feeling fuck Beemers, go buy an f250 with that money, and at least I won't call you a douchebag. BMW is more douchebag than those low end fog lights on a big stupid-ass f250
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2023.03.21 11:41 tumanstar Why can’t you send messages in response when an Alarm is triggered?

Why can’t you send messages in response when an Alarm is triggered?
When creating algorithms, developers proceed from the purpose of each tool. The Alarm function is for emergencies, it was made for the most difficult and non-standard situations, when help is really needed and when someone’s life may depend on this help. That’s why only the most important and necessary features are available in this tool, in order to exclude unnecessary operations, save time and battery power.
When an Alarm is triggered by someone, they can be in a situation where they have no time, low battery and unstable service. At the same time, they may be very anxious. In this situation, the most important thing is to trigger the Alarm. The system automatically initiates algorithms and does everything possible to collect telemetry, obtain the necessary data about the situation and notify the widest possible range of other people and special services. The system reaches many people, it all depends on how many connections a person has in their circles.
For example, if a person has 20 relations in the first circle, the total number in all circles can exceed 1000. A third of these relations probably agrees to receive calls, which means the Alarm signal can reach 200–300 people. Several dozens of people accept the request, and the person who triggered the Alarm will receive notifications when someone does so. These notifications also indicate who accepted the call and their distance to the signal source.
What would happen if several dozens of people started talking, asking questions and giving advice? That's right. They wouldn't be providing actual help, instead, they would just be engaged in a big conversation, and the device’s battery usage would be much higher. Furthermore, if the connection is not stable, these messages will come in batches, that is, messages will clog the communication channel, preventing the telemetry packets from passing through.
If you are a true friend and have the opportunity to help, don’t try to be clever! You have the coordinates, the movement track and battery percentage. Go ahead and save them! If you are not able to help, then there is nothing to talk about. You can forward the information to someone who can!
Our advice: help first, talk later!
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2023.03.21 11:41 throaway287 Diamond color scale confusion

Why are colored diamonds more expensive than white diamonds, but white diamonds with a lower color grading cheaper? At what point does a diamond go from being “low quality” because of poor color to a “fancy” colored diamond? I’m not sure why, but it really just does t make sense to me
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2023.03.21 11:40 BernardJOrtcutt /r/askphilosophy Open Discussion Thread March 21, 2023

Welcome to this week's Open Discussion Thread. This thread is a place for posts/comments which are related to philosophy but wouldn't necessarily meet our posting rules. For example, these threads are great places for:
This thread is not a completely open discussion! Any posts not relating to philosophy will be removed. Please keep comments related to philosophy, and expect low-effort comments to be removed. All of our normal commenting rules are still in place for these threads.
Previous Open Discussion Threads can be found here or at the Wiki archive here.
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2023.03.21 11:39 grad_student_15543 Publishing non-deep learning papers in CS/Robotics/AI

TL;DR: Is this actually possible?
I'm stuck. I'm unsure how to publish in a field dominated by deep learning application papers. However, in its applications, work built on deep learning tends to lack mathematical rigor, evaluations seem to only include performance, no-one seems to understand what they are learning (are they generalizing, memorizing, overfitting, etc.), and for some reason many papers gets published without any actual theory component to them. The epistemological value of much of the research seems tenuous at best (outside of the theoretical work in deep learning itself) [1].
It is becoming increasingly difficult to publish while not using deep learning. It appears that the community doesn't value work that isn't deep learning, or that the bar is really high for theoretical work, but really low for deep learning.
The trouble is that I'm working in a space where deep learning isn't really applicable (small sample sizes, where we want high frequency, high fidelity behavior with theoretical guarantees). When I get feedback from my professors and committee they see the value, and they get excited about the work.
However, publishing has been difficult, and my papers are frequently rejected with vague and unhelpful feedback. Does anybody have good advice on how to get such work published? If so, how have you successfully done so in fields dominated by deep learning?
[1]: I struggle to see the value in systems that demonstrate "good" behavior, but tell you nothing about the problem. If you develop a vision system that is marginally better than the state of the art, but cannot explain why, or cannot demonstrate performance benefits in an exhaustive way, then what value does this provide? At best you have told us that a signal exists, which we already knew, but aren't certain that the model actually captured. In terms of generating knowledge (i.e. epistemological value), what knowledge was actually generated? In addition, what is novel about applying these methods? It seems to me that using a universal function approximator to approximate a function lacks novelty, and without verifiability, any formal knowledge or intuition. To my mind, this is a theoretical dead end, and I do not understand why it is so valued.
I accept that my views are controversial.
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2023.03.21 11:38 ashaambulance12 Ensure Air Ambulance Service with 24x7 hours bed-2-bed service ASHA

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