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H-1B non-immigrant visa holders in the United States. Either you are still in limbo or stuck in the endless wait or just received what we all wish for, the elusive Greencard, this reddit space is for you.

2023.05.05 01:50 Sonic6996 h1bfraud

This sub is a medium for people who are frustrated with consulting companies filing multiple applications, faking resumes, payrolls and job offers taking undue advantage of the lottery system. Feel free to drop names of suspicious consultancies you know and we will all work together to get USCIS to take action against these fraudulent consultancies.

2016.06.16 21:53 Shinies, but in real life!

The term "shiny" originates from Pokémon. It is a term used to describe a pokémon that is a completely different color from all others in their species. We have taken that idea and expanded it to include objects, plants, food, and people! All color morphs are accepted providing they are atypical from the norm of that species, breed, or type.

2023.05.29 12:05 fivassistant 5.29 Jobs with USA visa sponsorship

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  1. [Entry Level] Quality Engineer H1B Visa sponsorship Irvine, CA https:// goo .su/ X7Ul3QB
  2. Nursery Worker H-2 Visa sponsorship $10.00 per hour Woodbridge, VA [email protected] .com
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  9. LPC Lead Data Analytics D & A Visa sponsorship Whippany, NJ https:// goo .su/ mX1Zz
  10. Crew Boss H-2 Visa sponsorshi $25.95 per hour Waverly, MO [email protected] .com
  11. Senior Product Design Manager Visa sponsorship Brooklyn Heights, NY https:// goo .su/ CfsD
  12. Stable Attendant H-2 Visa sponsorship $16.55 per hour Cream Ridge, NJ [email protected] .com
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  14. Ag Equipment Operator H-2 Visa sponsorship $17.54 per hour Bell City, MO [email protected] .com
  15. Engineering Manager Visa sponsorship Brooklyn Heights, NY https:// goo .su/ 1ShGie
  16. Labor Camp Cook H-2 Visa sponsorship $19.54 per hour Middlefield, CT [email protected] .com
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2023.05.15 12:12 fivassistant 5.15 Jobs with USA visa sponsorship

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  1. [Korean Bilingual] Administrative Assistant H1B Visa sponsorship Plano, TX https:// goo .su/ 7rQbi
  2. Field Worker H-2 Visa sponsorship $18.65 per hour Cherry Valley, CA [email protected] .com
  3. Senior Software Engineer H1B Visa sponsorship Remote https:// goo .su/ mPz5Sie
  4. Truck Driver H-2 Visa sponsorship $27.59 per hour Stewart, MN [email protected] .com
  5. Marketing Manager H1B Visa sponsorship New York, NY https:// goo .su/ cLDyB
  6. Raspberry Harvester H-2 Visa sponsorship $18.65 per hour Watsonville, CA [email protected] .net
  7. Document Specialist Visa sponsorship Chicago, IL https:// goo .su/ RmrZGuh
  8. Calvan Drivers H-2 Visa sponsorship $18.65 per hour Salinas, CA [email protected] .com
  9. Support Specialist Visa sponsorship Greer, SC https:// goo .su/ 7nYDKBJ
  10. Ag Equipment Operator H-2 Visa sponsorship $15.68 per hour Brockton, MT [email protected] .com
  11. Integration Architect Visa sponsorship Norwell, MA https:// goo .su/ G19G
  12. Beekeeper H-2 Visa sponsorship $17.33 per hour Stanley, ND [email protected] .com
  13. RN Nurse Visa sponsorship Washington, DC https:// goo .su/ SUqu
  14. Orchard Worker H-2 Visa sponsorship $14.91 per hour Cross Junction, VA [email protected] .com
  15. Senior Staff Engineer, Product Visa sponsorship Torrance, CA https:// goo. su/ 5k3Ss
  16. Graders and Sorters H-2 Visa sponsorship $17.34 per hour Long Prairie, MN [email protected] .com
  17. Senior CloudOps Automation Engineer Visa sponsorship Irving, TX https:// goo .su/ 5srIZo
  18. Farm Digester Construction Laborer H-2 Visa sponsorship $26.03 per hour Villard, MN [email protected] .com
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2023.05.14 02:21 Lower_Ambassador3002 Screenshots for reporting (5/13)

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2023.04.18 04:15 NuThrow194 Graduating senior advice (long post)

Reflections of a graduating senior, tips, tricks, hacks.
Hi, I’m a 4th year graduating senior who feels compelled to share my experience at Northeastern with this subreddit. I’ve been a lurker for most of my time here, with an occasional contribution. I hope to be able to help lowerclassmen and potential applicants who wish for more clarity over the northeastern experience. I’ll include numbers where possible cos why not.
This will be a splurge, that’s why I like writing on Reddit, sorry.
I’m 22F international student with English as a second language. I came to America in search of a vigorous education system, and to be amongst peers who were more driven and more ambitious than those who surrounded me in my high school back home. My major is business (not finance, but won’t share concentrations to stay anon). After 4 years, I’m graduating with a 4.0 GPA, and moving to a new East Coast state to pursue a role with a start salary of $87k ++ . I'm not pretending to be good at this, but this is the stuff that I didn't know when I started.

I applied to 9 US colleges, accepted to a better school and here. NU gave me a >$90k+ scholarship, so I made the choice to come here. This meant that I was an honors student and was placed in East Village Dorms (nicer, and have AC)(likely more fun to not be in EV)
You should join clubs. Just join clubs that interest you, show up to a few meetings, and then filter out the ones you don’t like. Personally, I joined 5-6 at the start and then whittled it down to three. You want it to be bearable, so you’re fine with showing up every week. Even if you don’t show up every week, you want your face to be known by the E-board and the members. Northeastern has such a plethora of clubs that there’s bound to be something for you. If you don’t have a community, this is where you’ll be able to find one. You’ve got to get yourself in the top clubs for your major, no question.
Why have your face known?
A little known fact is how easy it is to work your way up toward leadership in a club at NU. Remember that e-board is reelected every semester, or at the least, every year. So if you start early, you’re bound to get somewhere. In two distinct clubs, I quickly found myself on the E-Board or in senior positions. There are countless examples of people that have done it, and you should too. Start early. I just want to stress that if you show up, give a shit (this is the crucial part, don’t just feed on the clubs), and be willing then you’re gonna get somewhere and that puts you above the rest.
What do clubs do?
IMO, above everything, clubs are resume gold in your early career. They show you care, and once you start applying and getting positions then it shows dedication, commitment, and promotion (in level of roles) by somebody other than yourself. In other words, some other group of people has decided that you should lead them in some capacity - gold.
I don’t mean to take the personal and social components out of clubs - of course, it’s important. That said, for me, that’s not why I went as I had my social circle already. This was an academic/career endeavor for me.
I’ll put this under clubs. You should join a sorority/frat if you think it’s right for you. Stay true to yourself above all, find your community, and enjoy the parties/drinking.
The pre-professional up-tight nature of NU can be choking at times. Everyone’s in the race, GPAs are so much more real because of coop, and workload is heavy. At times, you need to remind yourself to loosen up. Go get fucked up. Go smoke weed, go have fun, try random shit. There’s always someone doing less than you, just like there’s always someone doing more than you. Just stay ahead of the crowd and you’ll be ok.
Northeastern’s workload can be heavy. Maybe your biggest battle will be learning how to manage this intensity - all while keeping a sane mind. At all costs, you should resist the urge to get on adderall and anti-deps - I’m sure this will be a controversial statement, but whatever. Ultimately, if you legitimately need it then you’ll know deep down, but I wouldn’t lie to yourself.
If you’re not exercising every single day, getting your 10k steps in, getting enough social time, and taking proper breaks then you’re not in a position to judge whether you need either of those imo. Northeastern will probably push you to the brink, as it did with me, but you can do it. That all said, I do strongly believe in therapy. Northeastern provides it for free, or go with better help, or get your own.
I found great success in working a 6 day work week. If you make saturday your off-day, then you can drink Thursday, scrape by on Friday, drink on Friday night, be hungover and chill all day Saturday, maybe drink Saturday night, and then work your ass off on Sunday to get ahead on the week. If you wake up at a reasonable time, work like a corporate until 6 or 7, then you can nearly have most week nights to hang with friends.
I mentioned GPA earlier, but just want to touch on that. Yes, sure, it matters. My theory is it matters to the extent that coops are likely to filter based on GPA before they read your resume, and then it’s your resume that counts. Stay above a 3.6 (for business) and you’ll be fine. For me, what’s fascinating about GPA is that it’s not against some standardised metric, it’s purely how well you perform relative to your class. You simply have to be better than the majority of your class in most assignments and you’ll get A’s. It's usually a case of just working harder than everyone else - especially given that you can’t control how intelligent you are. Finally, if you graduate w/ latin honors, then GPA doesn’t matter. That all said, ultimately, GPA and mental health is balance so strike it right.
Class hacks:
Go to every class - I could count on one hand the number of individual classes I’ve missed at northeastern (I don’t mean to big myself but to say it’s possible). By making it not an option, it will benefit you enormously. It’s still worth showing face with a hangover even if you don’t talk. (Contradiction) Participate in every class - unfortunately, intro or extroverted, you need to participate and make your face known. Consider that most every class has at least 10% devoted to participation, and therefore this is usually the difference between an A or an A-. All you have to do is listen and answer questions, you’re barely judged on how well you talk/argue. Northeastern’s bar is honestly pretty low if we’re being realistic.
Get to know your professors. This one is so crucial. Ask about their research, ask about their kids, just get to know them so that they like you and know your name. Trust me, your grades will get better and you’re securing those participation points at the same time. You should also regularly check in about your progress. This shows you give a shit, and ensures there’s no grade surprises near the end.
Never miss an assignment - easy way to fuck your grade. Just don’t do it. If you do, and you have an amazing rapport with your prof, then it might slide. But this should never happen, plan ahead.
Advanced writing, async, online - is a good one to take, frees your schedule.
A 3 or a 5/week class is a waste of time as you gotta travel there and back each time.
If early on credit-wise: consider switching major to CS-AI (this should be very obvious as to why), avoid Tax/Accountancy, think carefully about finance (avoid?). These jobs will be wiped out.
I believe you have chatGPT and therefore should use it. Never copy anything in, just learn, regurgitate. Make it your line editor, your essay critic, outline-maker, presentation maker, study helper, code writer, summariser, hell even your boyfriend. Never copy anything in because the administration hasn’t caught up and are scared (I’ve heard this is a never-ending pressing conversation for them) - but in the meantime, cheating punishment still exists. & failing a class isn’t worth it $$$$.
International Students:
At all costs, avoid trusting OGS. They are a problematic office who does not have your best interests at heart. They should be viewed as a transactional resource and you should not rely on them. Your visa journey is your own, and you really have to step up to the plate here unfortunately. Start early - the mess that is OGS functions so slowly that it is crucial that you figure out what you need from them early. You can expect 10-20 day turn arounds at times. If you email them, don’t expect a reply, you need to go in.
Note: the fellow-student people that work at their new “advising” 5 minute meeting things are lovely, they just want to help. But they are crippled by a bureaucratic mess. You will notice that none of these advisors will share their name with you - that’s because OGS refuses to let them, at the risk that they wrongly advise. If you have a question that is important, go and speak to a proper advisor. And again, all love to the people at the front desk, but I’m sorry about where you work. I and many others have had many issues.
Tax - as a non-resident alien on an F1 visa, our tax situation is a little different. But you should really be using a tax professional rather than Sprintax that the school provides. Additionally, once you graduate and finish Post-OPT -> H1B you have a lot of things to get in order, so go to a tax professional who specializes in expat tax relative to your country. This cost $$$ but you gotta.
For international students - go for big-companies during coop. You want to get tight with a team in a big company who has the resources to sponsor your visa when you graduate. Startups won’t do it, most companies won’t do it. So prioritize this.
On balance, I do believe that having the big names on your resume is the key to working up the coop chain. Whatever your industry might be, you should shoot for the big ones. There is a v big difference between first and third coops.
That all said, this should be a chance for you to figure out what you like and don’t like. Find what you love, and then run with it. I had tough times with first few jobs and it got me to where I am today (genuinely enjoying my day-to-day). Network when you don’t need it, and you will find it so much easier. Especially do it on coop. Also when you have a good networking call, ask for advice, then go do that advice if it’s not stupid. And then come back to them saying you did it, and you appreciate them. The rest will fall into a positive spiral - that’s how, imo, you build a mentorship base.
You should do 3 coops, no matter what northeastern says. There’s never another opportunity to job hop so freely.
If you’re nearly done, I would delay post-grad job search until the macro climate chills out by taking another coop or spreading out classes or taking a +1 masters.
I chose most of my professors using this method: Check ratemyprofessor for your first filtering, notably looking at the comments. Make sure you check relevancy to the actual course you’ll be taking. Then reference the trace rankings and make sure they’re above dept. average. From here, choose the timings that work best for you based on your requirements and schedule conflicts. During registration, it’s pointless to make multiple plans. Have one plan, and then have a noted backup class for each planned class in the event it’s full. I found this to work best.
In general, better ranked professors are more fair in grading, give more reasonable homework, and allow you to immerse better into the course - all of which are helpful in getting As. Referencing your own professor in a paper is sure way to smiling graders (iygm). A student who participates extensively also tends to have smiling graders (again, iygm). You are literally making their job so much easier, so they will make yours easier. Seems like a fair trade to me.
My suspicion is that NU recently ran an algorithm over the scheduling system to tighten up resource/classroom utilisation. So no friday class is seemingly a mystery nowadays. You should just accept this. Because if you don’t, you’re likely to take less preferred professors and enjoy worse grades…
I cared too much about GPA, so avoided the honors classes as it was less likely I could be better than the mean consistently (scaled grading systems make this so). You can still graduate with latin honors, even if you don’t complete honors requirements… I think that’s good enough.
* How to win at college (that’s where most of this came from).

Edit1: Down for healthy discussion in comments -
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2023.03.21 18:34 TiredTwinkleToes Dropbox Approval Times-India-H1B

Have the approval turnaround times for H1B renewals in India improved this month? Dropboxes done in Feb were pretty delayed (15-20 business days vs. 3-7 business days like it used to be historically). Please share your timelines from recent experiences if any. The telegram & visa grader website doesn't always reflect normal scenarios...
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2023.01.26 07:09 Late-Set-4361 Looking for review Software Merchant Inc Company - Wayne PA

During my current OPT, I came across this company based on its marketing materials (YouTube videos, emails, and LinkedIn), and am looking for advice.
Based on initial analysis, it looks like a very small company with 10 employees that started around 2018, but they are saying it is a 20-year-old company.
Based on the report on the H1B grader website, the H1B approval rate is 25% or less.
Please provide more information if anyone has any suggestions.
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2022.11.25 12:23 ramyaramya CIS Technologies INC H1B Data in H1B Grader

CIS Technologies INC is a top software development company that offers H1B Data in H1B Grader. This online grades an H1B petition against the requirements specified by the USCIS. It is a great resource for employers and attorneys who want to make sure their petitions are complete and error-free.
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2022.10.31 03:15 PlateArmour After OPT, what avenues do I have for continued employment?

My company has stated that they'd like for me to continue my work with them, and one of the upper management/executives has been informed about my visa issue by my manager and his manager, and I was told he said 'Not a problem.' However, my STEM OPT runs out in about a year, and I know that H1B has the lottery (I am Asian, but not Indian or Chinese). It's been driving me crazy as to his seemingly surefire belief about the visa not being an issue, and I am wondering what he has in mind. Some googling indicates to me it's probably not an EB-3, and H1B...I'm not sure he should be so confident if that's the case.
So, I'd like to ask what ideas you guys might have about what ideas he has?
Edit: I looked up the company on H1B grader, and they seem to have a pretty successful record of sponsoring H1Bs?
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2021.09.30 19:49 Over_Budget_4121 Leave postdoc?

(Throwaway account because reasons)
Hi! I accepted a position as a postdoc earlier this year, but I'm starting to have second thoughts. I'm foreign, and I'm on a student's visa.
While I was doing my Ph.D. I would sometimes get frustrated due to my low income, I worked as a TA/RA, and grader to increase it and finally I was able to start saving money. I don't spend a lot of money out of the essential... my phone is an older model, but it's all paid up for, same with my car, which was not a brand new car when I got it either. I sometimes have dinner out *once* per week with friends or something back then, and overall didn't spend my money in a lot of places.
So what did I do after graduating with a Ph.D? Decided to pursue a career in academia! I went to a postdoc in a very expensive area of the country, although the salary is like 2.5 times my salary as a Ph.D. rent is almost three times as expensive, plus everything else being more expensive as well. I moved and spent literally all I had saved before they finally started paying me (I needed to move before starting, my PI was very insistent). I also married (she is foreign as well so she isn't eligible to work. She is looking into starting a M.S. so she will be able to work in 2-3 years), so even though our expenses outside of the essentials aren't a lot, I'm again sometimes frustrated a little about not earning more money. I say a little, because I don't *NEED* it right now... but I would like to settle down, have a house, have a long-term stable income (postdocs are not forever), and more importantly, I'm worried about my visa ,I want to stay here and not go back to my third world country... which I love, is very nice, and love to visit and see my family and friends but salaries suck over there (especially in my area).
I'm currently on OPT, and I can extend it a couple of extra years due to the being on a STEM area, but then again I would need sponsors to actually get an H1B eventually. So that's one thing that worries me a lot. Landing a job in academia is not easy, and last year didn't helped either.
Add up the fact that I'm not particularly enjoying my postdoc, since I feel I have zero direction, zero guidance, and depending on the project (working on several), Ph.D. students either like me or (I feel) dislike me, due to not being an expert in their particular area. I try to be nice, and understandable with them, like my old Ph.D. professor was (an extremely nice, and smart guy), and I feel over here they only care about how many papers they can publish. Many times I need to work on the weekends as well due to some deadlines, completely understandable and I expected that, but this all adds up to a single feeling: "I feel I'm still in a Ph.D" (although with less guidance).
In short: "I feel I'm still living with a Ph.D. salary, not particularly fond of my postdoc, and I'm worried about my visa"
Almost everyone from my Ph.D. friends who graduated either before or at the same time as myself went to the industry (top level), and I see them with their H1B or even the permanent residency, and a stable job. So I have started applying and I'm interviewing right now, I still haven't decided if I would accept an offer if I had one, but it's probably an 80-20... I really wanted to become a professor, I like teaching...
The goals of this post were:
1) Should I tell my PI anything about thinking to leave? I feel the answer is an obvious "NO", but I also would feel bad telling him "I signed an offer, I'll ask to start in ~1 month to give you some time to look for a replacement"
2) Others that have done the same, how bad is it? I assume my relationship with him would be burned but I feel my visa is waaaay more important.
3) If applicable: to those who have stayed in a postdoc and academia, how did solve your visa issues?
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2015.12.20 02:09 KonaldDuth Is Software Development in danger of becoming oversaturated?

Obviously, the only reason that any career pays well is because the demand is high with respect to the supply. Leaving aside the issue of outsourcing and H1B Visas (That's a whole other issue ...), do you think it's possible that software development, web development, etc., might become oversaturated due to the increased interest in it? I know so many non-developers who have decided recently to try to get into development, and I even hear that the local elementary school is teaching 3rd graders how to write JavaScript. It's quite possible that in 10-20 yrs most adults will know how to write code just like they know their multiplication tables -- in which case, we'd see lower salaries or higher barriers to entry (or both) in the development world.
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