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Luxury & Exotic Car Rental in Miami

2014.10.20 10:25 carrentalmiami Luxury & Exotic Car Rental in Miami

Exotic Car Rental Miami Agency providing exotic car, Economic cars, convertibles and luxury cars rentals in South Beach Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Key West, Boca Raton, Orlando and Tampa. For more details Call 305-418-0727or visit us at

2023.06.04 13:15 matthewloren All appliances and A/C running on 120 instead of 240

I just moved into a "luxury" rental apartment, and all my appliances and A/C unit are running on 120 volts instead of the necessary 240. Obviously, nothing is working correctly or at all. The management refuses to move me to another apartment, so I am wondering if this is a fixable issue?
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2023.06.04 13:13 ishaan8909 Looking to buy a car for my parents (advice needed)

Hey guys!
I stay in India for 6 months, and I am looking for a car for my parents to use for the other 6 months.
I do minimal driving in and around the city when I am home, I am looking for a car that has a lot of safety cause my parents will probably take the car out of the city 1-2 times a year.
I would love some luxurious features, but not adamant on it.
I initially booked the urban hyryder (top model) for them but I have not heard on any progress over the last 4 months and it looks like the waiting period is going to be extended.
My dad has been insisting on getting a car in the 10-15 lakhs range, he drives an alto at the moment and I would really like to help him get a switch asap!
Apologies if this is not even info, any help would be appreciated!
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2023.06.04 13:05 Omnamahshivaya777 Sardinia - Dolomites help

I’m planning a trip with my family to Sardinia and the Dolomites in the middle of August/September We are probably renting a car (if anyone knows a good cheap rental company that would be awesome Where’s the best airport to fly into in Sardinia We will probably be there over a week maybe even 2 weeks. Would love to see some beautiful beaches, not too crowded maybe go on some hikes. I know the island is full of beautiful beaches. But if you were there 1 week where would you recommend? And let’s say we didn’t rent a car where would the best plebe to post up be to see a couple of beautiful beaches and just chill for a week or 2 Also what’s the best way to get to the Dolomites area from there. And if anyone has a great spot to post up in Dolomites area that would be great. Would probably be there 1 week. Not sure if we need a car. Just want to hike a couple of days and see nature Thanks so much
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2023.06.04 13:02 Top_Wonder6145 Car rentals

Firstly, DONT EVER USE DOLLAR CAR RENTAL! I’m not sure when the last time some of y’all rented a car but it’s been years for me. Normally I drive everywhere but I chose to fly to my home state for graduation of a family member. I made sure to do everything ahead of time. Making sure I didn’t miss nothing! First off let me say everyone doesn’t own a major credit card so if that’s the issue it needs to be in writing, not I have to click through ten screens to find out I’m being penalized for not having one, and also why place a hold of a large amount of money just to tell me I need a credit check?! I’m working on my credit so I know it’s not the most outstanding but it’s almost 640, when I told the young man at the desk what range I was in, he told me,” Sweet heart don’t waste your time! It’s not worth it and you need at least a 660 or higher, and they are very difficult.” I said Omg what!?! So I would be without a car, and he wasn’t sure if it was a hard or soft pull, he’d just started a week ago and I’m like they don’t tell y’all that?! Well I booked through Expedia, it’s just a whole mess honestly. I have to dispute with my bank at this point because several managers from the rental car place said oh that’s not our fault, have better credit and a credit card. But yet Enterprise doesn’t run credit but they also gave me the run around of if I didn’t live within 50 miles of the car rental place I couldn’t rent if I used a debit card, which is straight cash! But if I had a credit card I could, I’m like wtf!? I’m doing my best to work on my credit and this makes me feel crummy, I was grateful for a friend to pick me up, but I’m sick of it and out of $200 since they finally reimbursed me for the daily car insurance I got on the car. I also was able to make it home with my friends dad letting me use her old car for a fraction of the cost of renting. I’m tired of adulting, 🫣😞
Side note:
No the rental car company didn’t present a credit screen to even explain nothing and that you’d get no car if you don’t qualify so I could have properly canceled and went with someone else, the airport enterprise told me if I was driving within two states that are close in name which is considered “local” I couldn’t rent, even if I used a credit card. It’s over my head at this point with all the loop holes and mess.
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2023.06.04 13:01 J_l2703 Am I the only one who wants more sedans / luxury cars in the game?

And tbh they’re not bad contenders for the game either, imagine the s63 and s65 sedans in the game, or rolls royces such as phantoms and ghosts. Or even sedan versions of existing cars cuz imo the C63 sedan versions look so much better than the coupe. And for the audis too, the rs4 avant is great but I’d love a sedan s4 or a4, same with the rs6, nice saloon but in terms of looks the sedan is so much better
And others like the Audi s8, bmw 750i/760i etc. and with these types of cars you can even race just luxury super sedans to compare who’s best
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2023.06.04 12:56 Manali_Tour_43 Himachal tour package

Himachal tour package Book your tour +919318000094 call or whatsapp [email protected] Package Inclusions: • By car From Chandigarh to Shimla Manali Dharmshala dollhouse Chandigarh to Delhi • 11 Nights Accommodation in Deluxe room • 2 night Shimla hotel • 3 night Manali hotel • 2 night Dharmshala hotel • 2 night Dalhousie hotel • 2 night Chandigarh • Pick up & Drop from Chandigarh railway station or Bus stand • Welcome drink on arrival • 11 Breakfasts & 11 Dinners • One Half day Local Sightseeing in Manali By car • One Full day sightseeing of Rohtang / Snow Point by car • On way en-route cover Kullu Manikaran to Shimla • One Full day sightseeing in Shimla by Kufri • All sightseeing & transfer of Shimla & Manali by Individual car • All Taxes are included like Service tax, Parking Tax, Luxury Tax , Driver allowance, etc














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2023.06.04 12:53 peliccancars12 Quick Minicab Transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6


When it comes to seamless travel experiences, choosing the right transportation option is crucial. Whether you're a frequent traveler or planning a vacation, efficient airport transfers can make your journey hassle-free. If you're looking for a reliable and swift minicab transfer fromStansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6, Peliccan Cars is here to meet your needs. In this blog post, we will discuss why Peliccan Cars is the ideal choice for a quick and convenient transfer between these two major airports.
Punctuality and Reliability:
Peliccan Cars takes pride in its punctuality and reliability. When you book a minicab transfer with Peliccan Cars, you can rest assured that your driver will be waiting for you at Stansted Airport CM24, ready to assist you with your luggage and take you to Gatwick Airport RH6 promptly. By relying on Peliccan Cars, you can avoid the stress and uncertainty of public transportation or the inconvenience of searching for a taxi at the last minute.
Professional and Courteous Drivers:
The team of experienced drivers at Peliccan Cars is committed to providing exceptional service to every customer. They are not only skilled in navigating the roads efficiently but also trained to offer professional and courteous assistance throughout your journey. You can expect a comfortable and pleasant ride as you travel from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6, making your transfer a seamless and enjoyable experience.
Wide Range of Vehicle Options:
Peliccan Cars understands that different travelers have different needs. Whether you're traveling solo or with a group, Peliccan Cars offers a diverse fleet of vehicles to accommodate your requirements. From spacious sedans to minivans, you can choose the vehicle that suits your party size and luggage capacity. This flexibility ensures that you have a comfortable and convenient transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6.
Advanced Booking and Tracking:
Planning ahead is essential for a stress-free trip. Peliccan Cars allows you to book your minicab transfer in advance, giving you peace of mind knowing that your transportation is arranged before you even arrive at Stansted Airport CM24. Additionally, the company utilizes advanced tracking systems, allowing you to monitor the location of your assigned vehicle and stay updated on its estimated arrival time. This feature further enhances your travel experience, ensuring that you are well-informed throughout the journey.
Competitive Prices:
Peliccan Cars understands the importance of affordability without compromising quality. The company offers competitive prices for its minicab transfers from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. By choosing Peliccan Cars, you can enjoy a cost-effective option without sacrificing comfort and reliability.
When it comes to quick minicab transfers from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6, Peliccan Cars stands out as a reputable and dependable service provider. With their punctuality, professional drivers, diverse vehicle options, advanced booking, and tracking systems, and competitive prices, Peliccan Cars ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey for every traveler. Next time you need to travel between these airports, consider Peliccan Cars for an efficient and hassle-free transfer experience.

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2023.06.04 12:51 dreams-delivered 31 [M4F] #Michigan Tall/fit, intelligent, successful man with integrity seeks partner for traditional relationship

Send me a message and I’ll reply with my picture.
A short biography - Hi, I'm B - I currently live in Southeast Michigan after living in New York City for about a decade - 31, 6'2", 220lbs, fit former D1 athlete - Ivy League educated - Exceptionally successful career
What I'm looking for I want to make a mutual commitment with a woman to a traditional relationship. Generally, I take pride in being a leader, provider, and protector and looking for a woman who is gentle, nurturing, and enthusiastic. My life goals - that I'd want to share with my partner - include becoming financially independent earlier in life, having multiple children, providing them with an excellent relationship with both of their parents, and owning a second home in a warm place :)
My personality - I am confident, decisive, and described by my friends and colleagues as a well-respected leader. However, I am also a good listener, gentle, and kind. - Well-organized: My home is clean, I cook and do laundry for myself, and I'm usually the one organizing the group trips with my friends - Community-oriented: volunteer, mentor, with a wide circle of both close friends and acquaintances locally - Relationships - romantic and friendships - are extremely important to me. I protect the people I'm close with and take pride in helping them. I'm grateful they have and continue to do the same for me. - In my free time, I like playing pool, taking my boat out on Cass Lake with my friends, collecting fine wines, traveling and exploring other cultures, going to the gym and staying in shape, getting out in nature by hiking and skiing, road trips in my sports car, and cooking
My commitments to you in our relationship - You will always have a roof over your head, food in your refrigerator, and be protected from harm. We will live a comfortable and, on occasion, even a luxurious lifestyle. - When we disagree, I will do so lovingly and with respect. Your point of view will always be taken into consideration. - I will always make decisions that are in the best interest of our family as a whole. - I will stay healthy and in shape. - I will always be honest, faithful, and act with integrity towards you. I will always express thanks and appreciation for your contribution to our family, which I see as no less important than mine. - Our relationship will lead to marriage. I will plan nice, thoughtful dates (and vacations) for us to nurture our relationship before marriage and throughout. You will never be expected to pay for these dates.
My expectations from you in our relationship - Nurturing the family - being a wife and mother - is your primary focus. I will never ask you to work, but won't stop you if you need the outlet, as long as our family remains your top priority. That said, I’m very supportive of your interests and hobbies - let’s go to that concert/show/travel/store! It’s important to me to be your friend as well as your partner. - We will have children together, and raise them in a loving, respectful, and emotionally sensitive environment. - When I make strategic decisions about our family, you will provide your perspective if you have one, but also support those decisions once I make them. - You are comfortable with submitting sexually - for my part, I will always show you through my commitments, words, and actions that I am worth submitting to. - If you are unhappy, or if you feel I am not living up to my commitments or what you need from me, you will express those feelings to me so we can work it out. - You will take pride in your appearance.
If you're interested in discussing more, send me a message.
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2023.06.04 12:41 ToeKneeSon303 So I saw this 3 days ago, but didn’t have the money. I’m not a huge fan of time traveling but to buy things from the Nook Store seems innocent.

So I saw this 3 days ago, but didn’t have the money. I’m not a huge fan of time traveling but to buy things from the Nook Store seems innocent.
Can I go back and get it from that day? Don’t wanna test it bc I don’t wanna break the streak. Also online it says nothing about it
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2023.06.04 12:40 pijiuman 9 hour car rental on layover - What to see?

I have 2 layovers after landing at Keflavik airport on my trip. First layover, will be going to Blue Lagoon. The second layover, next month, I have a car rental. Plane arrives at 1am. Plane departs later same afternoon at 3pm. I figure I have about 9 hours from picking up the car to when I need to return it. Maybe 10. I want the see the best natural scenery I can in this time. Where should I go? What route should I take? Also, where to eat? At first I was thinking of sticking to Reykjanes peninsula. Perhaps I have time to travel a bit further though. Traveling with wife and 2 kids (9&11). Thanks!
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2023.06.04 12:39 TRIX0809 Need a rental car

Im looking for a car to rent in Portsmouth I don’t have a U.K. driving license but I have a Qatari one am I allowed to drive? If yes where can I rent a small car such as fiat & etc..
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2023.06.04 12:31 LaticusLad Time Marches Ever Onward

(Sentences or phrases bordered with bracket [ ] symbols indicate inner monologue!)Thank you u/SpacePaladin15 for creating this wonderful universe!
The Marching of Time
Memory transcription subject: James Willik, Human historian
Date [standardized human time]: July 13, 2165
In my life, I’ve learned the depths to which tyrants will go to keep their power. After the war against the Federation, almost everyone had. For centuries, the Federation had lied, manipulated, stolen, murdered, done anything no matter the moral cost, to keep its citizens in its grasp, to stay in control. But they made one fatal mistake, one misstep that would loosen their hold on their slaves just long enough for someone to step in and challenge them. That mistake was angering Mankind.
When the dust had settled and the bullets had stopped flying, the UN found treasure troves of stolen knowledge all across the home-systems of the founders of the Federation, the Kolshians and Farsul. Endless libraries of atrocities done and culture stolen, of memories erased and lives destroyed. So much irreversible damage done just to keep their people locked in mental chains.
This is why early in life I decided to become a historian. I wanted to uncover and reintroduce the cultures, ideas, and truths that the Federation had wanted to burn to ash. At the age of 19, I was accepted into the then newly opened Meiers Institute of Knowledge. MIK was named after the former leader of the UN, a man who was described as compassionate and caring by nearly everyone who met him, said to be a hero. The MIK was built to let those ideas blossom forth, by providing unrestricted knowledge and education to anyone that wanted it.
During my time at MIK, because of the instruction and guidance provided by my teachers, my distrust of non-humans slowly faded. I made friends and learned things I would remember for the rest of my days. Several years later I reluctantly left the college that had become my home with a doctorate in history.
I’m now 31 years old, and several days ago I received a message from the UN Office of the Historian, stating that I and several others had been invited to the new capitol building on Aafa for a special job offering.
As I wake, I notice how cold I feel.[Had I left the window open last night?] I think to myself. I rub my eyes and grab for my blanket, only managing to grab a handful of cloth from my shirt. I open my eyes to properly aim for the blanket this time only to witness an empty room.
No… That isn’t the correct way to describe it…This isn’t an empty room, this is the lack of a room. All around me is nothing but darkness.
I try to lift myself off my bed only to realize there is nothing beneath me. I’m the only matter that I can see in this void.
[What the fuck. What the fuck!?]
I begin panicking as my brain fully switches on, only now am I fully awake and aware of my situation. I flail my limbs around, trying to turn myself around to no avail as I float through the emptiness. I try to take in a breath only to inhale nothing. Vivid memories of nearly drowning at a vacation by the beach fill my mind. The space in my brain is packed full of questions by now.
[Wha- what the hell is happening? Where’s the air? How am I alive? Is this a dream?]
I begin calming down, wildly flailing my arms and legs is going to do nothing for me. A glow begins illuminating the backside of my arms, heating them like warm sunlight. I try to turn around, somehow managing to do so this time.
Light sears itself into my very soul as I stare forward at the object before me. I am seated at the edge of a star, its radiance beaming itself onto me as if it is some divine judge weighing the sins of my heart. Tendrils of superheated plasma ripple around it, like arms through water, effortlessly keeping the orb afloat.
A thunderous whisper echoes through the twisting and winding corridors of my mind. Paradoxically seeming both deafening and silent simultaneously. It is in a language I have never heard before and yet I understand the message all the same.
“Find us. We await.”
For the second time today, I wake up. This time I am in my warm bed in my home on Venlil Prime. The memory of the star does not fade away, as the imagery in my dreams usually do.
I stretch and drag my legs off the side of the bed, acclimating my eyes to the ever-present twilight of the Venlil homeworld. I grab a picture frame holding an old photo of me and my parents off my bedside table. Their smiles warming me slightly. I hug the picture-frame into my chest. It’s been 3 years but I still miss them every day. “I wish you were still here, so much. I hope I made you proud.”
I perform my daily routine and get myself tidy before putting on my clothes. Today is the day that the UN is sending a ship to pick me up. I've gotta look my best if I’m gonna be meeting such important people. I walk through the main hallway of my house, glancing at the art adorning the walls as I pass by. Ever since the knowledge that the Federation has been performing cultural genocide for centuries became public, the market for historians and other professions tasked with discovering the past sky-rocketed. Despite the high pay though, my house was relatively small. A bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and some various utility and storage rooms was all I needed. I didn’t need a fancy living-space, that wasn’t what made me happy. What made me happy was the work I was doing for the people of the Coalition. Bringing back art and stories from ancient times, reintroducing species to a past and culture that they could be proud of. THAT was what fueled me.
I looked at my holopad and realized I only had 15 minutes before my ship arrived at the spaceport. I hurriedly filled a reusable cup with coffee and rushed out the door, no time for breakfast. I hopped in my car, buckled my seatbelt, turned my key, and backed out of the driveway onto the street, speeding down the road as fast as the anti-grav engine in my car would allow me. There is no way I’m missing an opportunity like this.
As I drove, the spaceport came into view. It towered above all the buildings surrounding it, making them seem miniscule in comparison. Ships swarmed around the structure like bees around a hive, loading and unloading cargo and passengers alike.
5 minutes.
I drew into a parking space in the underground garage. Removing my key and deactivating my vehicle. I slammed the door shut perhaps a little too hard and locked the doors with my keyfob as I sprinted towards the elevators to the top of the port. It took the lift around 50 seconds to travel nearly 300 stories into the sky. I bolted out of the barely opened doors, startling a Venlil couple and nearly knocking over an older looking man wearing a suit. I blurted out an apology and quickly said I was late before dashing off, the man looking more confused than annoyed.
I took a quick look at my holopad. 2 minutes. As I ran, I glanced at the signage on the walls. 587 588 589 560! I made my way into the hangar, straightening out my tie as I walked through the doors. I tried to hide how out of breath I was, these suits were not made for running. The ship was sleek and quite large, undoubtedly suited for luxury purposes, the UN did not spare any expense for its guests it seemed.
I walked up the boarding ramp and as the airlock opened, a man stood there to greet me. He was an older gentleman, slightly taller than me. He smiled and outstretched his hand. “Hello, I take it that you’re James! The ship is ready for you to depart. My name is Harold and I’ll be your attendant for the flight. ”He spoke enthusiastically with a southern drawl. I grasped the man’s hand and shook it. “I hope I didn’t take too long to arrive.” “Don’t worry son, you’re fine. It’ll take a couple days to reach Aafa so make yourself comfortable, down the hall behind me is the bar, lounge, and eating area, and further down are the sleeping quarters with accompanying bathrooms. ”Before I could respond, Harold spoke again. “There’ll be another passenger onboard, allow me to take you to them.”
The man stepped aside and followed as I walked down the hall to the lounge. The room was quite large, filled with expensive looking furniture and art. To my right was a small dining table and beyond that a kitchen. I looked to my left and felt my heart skip a beat as I locked eyes with a small Venlil with speckled white wool and orange eyes. She stared back, looking equally shocked.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________This is my first time posting on here, any advice on story-presentation or formatting is welcome!
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2023.06.04 12:30 APC2_19 Short analysis and Bull Case for UP (Union Pacific)

Union Pacific is a stock I have been following for a while, and I plan on adding to my position, since I see a good upside potential (over the long term) and moderate risk, which I can evaluate better than most future developments in other sectors (tech, luxury, cars, oil...)
  1. The American economy will keep growing over the long term, (Buffet, "never bet against America"), since its fundamentals are incredibly solid (capital availability, population growth, stability and confiedence, skilled workforce, lots of value added industries, reserve currency status...)
  2. Increased Trade with Mexico and the re-industralisation of the US will cause an increased volume of goods and raw materials to be transported among the North American continent. I see no reason why the amount of good transported by rail (chemicals, cars, raw materials, fertilizer, coal and renewables materials...) should decrease in the future, and may even substitute some of the trade that currently takes place by shipping (shorter supply chains).
  3. Railroad companies have high profit margins (25-30%) and relatively law operating expenses, making them quite resilient to inflation (which may even allow them to increase their margins by charging higher price
  4. Distruptive innovation and new entries are unlikely because building other rail tracks next to UP's would be expensive and would not be profitable for other companies. I also don't beilieve that any new technology (drones, self driving trucks, hyperloops or whatever...) are going to be cost competitive over rail in the foreseable future.
Based on these assumptions, the business should grow based on favourable circumstances, without a need for strong investment and huge capital expenditures, which leaves lots of cash available for dividends and buybacks.
  1. The price-earning ratio for the company is around 18, which is in line with S&P 500. Thus, if current conditions persist I can expect a long term return of AT LEAST 5% (compounded), which is roughly the amount shareholders receive annualy (dividend plus buybacks).
  2. The amount of dividends has increased steadely year on year ( ),
while the numbers of outstanding shares is falling down (
  1. The company is becoming more and more efficent. I believe that operating expenses (employees paychecks and especially fuel costs (which accounted for 3.5bln last year) will decrease in the future, or at least grow at a slower rate than inflation, making the company even more profitable.
  1. DEBT: The management seems to be really gready, and ahs been taking on more and more debt to increase dividends and buybacks. While I believe interest payments are manageble (1.2bln last year, likely to increase in the future...) , and this gamble is likely to payoff, this is a risk to be considered.
  2. LOSS OF MARKET SHARE: The management seems more focused on buybacks rather than re-investing into the business, and is losing market share to its only real competitor (BNSF, hold by Berkshire Hataway). While the trend is slow, and I didn't find data on the recent developments (, is up to 2019) I find this to be the biggest risk faced by the company. I also have a position in Berkshire (B shares, the one for the plebs), which should mitigate this specific risk.
  3. UNIONS AND BAD PRESS: not a huge risk IMO, salaries expenses are low, and train incidents seems to be unconsequential for the company, it could lead to problems or higher cost in the future.
I believe Union Pacific is a company that will give me good returns over the long term, and that is now fairly priced. I see a lot of things going for them, and the problems they face (loss of competitiveness/ falling market share/ rising debt) don't seem that serious. I would like to hear other opinions, things I am missing, and your take on the company.
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2023.06.04 12:19 Salt_Lengthiness508 Middle Room at M Vertica KL City Residences, Kuala Lumpur

Middle Room at M Vertica KL City Residences, Kuala Lumpur
Virtual 601163816078
Room Detail:
Comfortable Fully Furnished Room For Rent ✨ FREE WIFI
ROOM: ✅ Room With Aircond ✅ Complete Bedding Set ✅ Chair ✅ Table ✅ Wardrobe ✅ Personal Fridge ✅ Smart Meter (Room electricity in individual room (whole room) is measured based on smart meter)
COMMON AREA ✅ Water Heater ✅ Washing Machine & Dryer ✅ Microwave & Induction Cooker ✅ Water Dispenser ✅ Main Door Smart Lock
Rental included 🔴 Fully furnished 🔴 FREE High Speed internet WIFI 🔴 Common Area Cleaning Service
📍 Perfect Location 📍 ➡️ Sunway Velocity Mall ➡️ Brand News Luxury Condo ➡️ Walking distance to MRT ➡️ 5-Stars Condo with gorgeous swimming pool, gym, cinema & other facilites
Amenities: ➡️ 5 Minutes Walking Distance to LRT/MRT MALURI ➡️ 5 Minutes Walking Distance to AEON MALURI ➡️ 2 Minutes to SUNWAY VELOCITY MALL ➡️ 5 Minutes to IKEA & MyTownKL ➡️ 8 Minutes to ZOUK TREC ➡️ 10 Minutes to Pavillion ➡️ 15 Minutes to KLCC
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2023.06.04 11:40 peliccancars12 Quick Minicab Transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6 with Peliccan Cars


When it comes to traveling between airports, convenience and efficiency are key. Whether you're a busy business traveler or a leisure tourist, a smooth airport transfer can make all the difference in starting or ending your journey on a positive note. Peliccan Cars understands this need for hassle-free transportation, and they specialize in providing quick and reliable minicab transfers from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of choosing Peliccan Cars for your airport transfer needs.
Prompt and Reliable Service
Peliccan Cars prides itself on its prompt and reliable service. They understand the importance of being on time, especially when catching a connecting flight or arriving at a destination. With their well-maintained fleet of vehicles and professional drivers, you can rest assured that your minicab transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6 will be executed seamlessly.
Experienced and Professional Drivers
The drivers at Peliccan Cars are not only experienced but also professional and courteous. They undergo rigorous training to ensure they provide the highest level of service to their customers. Their extensive knowledge of the local area, combined with their commitment to customer satisfaction, allows them to navigate traffic efficiently and choose the best routes for a quick and smooth journey.
Comfortable and Well-Equipped Vehicles
Traveling between airports can be tiring, but Peliccan Cars aims to make it as comfortable as possible. Their vehicles are well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a pleasant journey. From spacious seating to air conditioning and Wi-Fi, Peliccan Cars prioritizes your comfort and convenience throughout the transfer.
Competitive and Transparent Pricing
Peliccan Cars believes in providing affordable services without compromising on quality. They offer competitive pricing for their minicab transfers from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. Moreover, their pricing is transparent, so you won't encounter any hidden fees or surprises. With Peliccan Cars, you can enjoy a cost-effective airport transfer without compromising on the quality of service.
24/7 Availability and Easy Booking
Whether your flight lands in the early morning or late at night, Peliccan Cars is available 24/7 to cater to your airport transfer needs. Their convenient booking system allows you to make reservations easily and efficiently. You can book your minicab transfer online or by calling their dedicated customer service helpline. Peliccan Cars ensures that your travel plans are accommodated seamlessly, regardless of the time of day.
When it comes to airport transfers, Peliccan Cars is the go-to choice for a quick and reliable minicab transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. With their prompt service, experienced drivers, comfortable vehicles, transparent pricing, and 24/7 availability, Peliccan Cars ensures a hassle-free journey, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travel experience. Next time you need a seamless airport transfer, choose Peliccan Cars for a convenient and stress-free journey.
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2023.06.04 11:30 aayafit Herzliya Marina is a prestigious luxury residential complex located in Herzliya Pituach, Israel. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it is considered one of the most exclusive marinas in Israel. The complex comprises luxury apartments +972-54-4421444

Herzliya Marina is a prestigious luxury residential complex located in Herzliya Pituach, Israel. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it is considered one of the most exclusive marinas in Israel. The complex comprises luxury apartments +972-54-4421444
Herzliya Marina is a prestigious luxury residential complex located in Herzliya Pituach, Israel. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it is considered one of the most exclusive marinas in Israel. The complex comprises luxury apartments, Garden apartments, and penthouses with stunning sea views and marina vistas. The properties range from 1 to 3 bedrooms and feature modern amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, and 24-hour security.
A.A Yafit Real Estate Agency is a professional luxury real estate company specializing in Herzliya Marina. It offers a wide selection of properties for sale and both long-term and short-term rentals in Herzliya Marina. The agency is committed to providing full-service assistance, including helping clients find ideal properties to rent or buy, mortgage and legal support, and property
A.A Yafit Luxury apartments Agent Eitan +972-54-4421444 WhatsApp Agent Yaron +972-52-6960066 WhatsApp

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2023.06.04 11:19 peliccancars12 Hassle-Free Airport Shuttle from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6 with Peliccan Cars


When it comes to traveling between airports, convenience and reliability are essential factors. If you're looking for a seamless and stress-free transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6, Peliccan Cars is here to meet your needs. With their exceptional airport shuttle service, you can enjoy a comfortable and efficient journey, ensuring you reach your destination on time.
Unparalleled Convenience
Peliccan Cars understands the importance of convenience for air travelers. They offer a dedicated airport shuttle service that operates between Stansted Airport CM24 and Gatwick Airport RH6. By choosing their service, you can skip the hassle of coordinating multiple modes of transportation or dealing with the uncertainties of public transport. Their skilled and professional drivers will ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey, allowing you to relax and focus on your travel plans.
Reliable and Punctual Transfers
Time is of the essence when it comes to catching a connecting flight or meeting important commitments. Peliccan Cars values punctuality and understands the significance of being on time. Their airport shuttle service is designed to minimize waiting time and deliver you to your destination promptly. Whether you're arriving at Stansted Airport CM24 or departing from Gatwick Airport RH6, Peliccan Cars ensures that their vehicles are ready and waiting for you, allowing you to make the most of your time.
Comfortable and Spacious Vehicles
Traveling between airports can often be tiring and uncomfortable, especially after a long flight. Peliccan Cars prioritizes your comfort throughout the journey. Their fleet of modern and well-maintained vehicles provides ample space for both passengers and luggage, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable transfer experience. You can rest assured that you'll have a comfortable ride, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate before your next flight.
Professional and Knowledgeable Drivers
The drivers at Peliccan Cars are highly skilled professionals who possess extensive knowledge of the local routes and traffic patterns. They undergo thorough background checks and are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Whether you have questions about the journey or need recommendations for local amenities, their drivers are more than happy to assist you. Their friendly and courteous approach ensures that your journey is not only safe and efficient but also enjoyable.
Affordable and Transparent Pricing
Peliccan Cars believes in offering transparent pricing to their customers. You can expect competitive rates for their airport shuttle service from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. They provide clear and detailed pricing information upfront, so you won't encounter any surprises or hidden charges. With Peliccan Cars, you receive excellent value for your money, without compromising on the quality of service.
When it comes to traveling between Stansted Airport CM24 and Gatwick Airport RH6, Peliccan Cars stands out as a reliable and convenient option. Their airport shuttle service ensures a seamless journey, allowing you to focus on your travel plans and reach your destination on time. With their comfortable vehicles, professional drivers, and transparent pricing, Peliccan Cars is the perfect choice for stress-free airport transfers. Book your shuttle service today and experience the convenience and reliability that Peliccan Cars has to offer.
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2023.06.04 11:00 TheDerpsLord Which do I pick

I can’t decide btwn a 2011 Lancer Evo 2018 is350f sport awd Gr86
I live in Colorado so most options are awd except the gr I have reasons for all of em
Evo Pros- easy 500whp, sort of a “flex” in Colorado, manual trans Cons - old used cars tend to break, interior is garbage, the 2011 is only a 5spd, gearboxes in egos are trash
2018 is 350 f sport Pros - Super luxurious interrior, reliable, practical, awd, very comfortable and quiet interior, sleek looking Cons- no manual trans, can’t tune easily
2024 gr86 Pros - love the looks of this car, wanted a 86 since the release of the frs, been my dream car as a kid, manual trans, pretty nice interior, rwd, an easy platform to build upon Cons- rwd ( I live in Colorado so snow would be a bitch), small/impractical, not slow but not fast, not much commodities in the interior, audio system is bad
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2023.06.04 10:43 Latter_Copy4399 Life manifested

I'm thankful for my s/o I'm thankful for all the finances and opportunities i have because my friend phoenix and my ex fiance have reconnected with me like our trip to Vegas and cars I'm thankful that we can all spend some of our time together be a larger family
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2023.06.04 10:41 peliccancars12 Convenient and Reliable Taxi Service from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6 with Peliccan Cars


When it comes to traveling between airports, it's crucial to have a reliable and hassle-free mode of transportation. Peliccan Cars, a leading taxi service provider, offers a seamless travel experience for passengers needing to get from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. With their commitment to punctuality, professional drivers, and exceptional customer service, Peliccan Cars is the ideal choice for your airport transfer needs.
Prompt and Punctual Service:
Peliccan Cars understands the importance of timely airport transfers. They prioritize punctuality, ensuring that their drivers arrive promptly to pick you up from Stansted Airport CM24. With their efficient scheduling system and experienced drivers, you can rest assured that you will reach Gatwick Airport RH6 in a timely manner, eliminating any unnecessary stress or anxiety associated with airport transfers.
Professional and Experienced Drivers:
Peliccan Cars takes pride in its team of professional and experienced drivers. All drivers undergo rigorous training and possess extensive knowledge of the routes between Stansted Airport CM24 and Gatwick Airport RH6. Their expertise allows them to navigate through traffic and take alternative routes if necessary, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. Additionally, the drivers are courteous and dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, making your travel experience comfortable and enjoyable.
Safety and Comfort: Passenger safety and comfort are of utmost importance to Peliccan Cars. Their fleet of well-maintained vehicles is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and relaxing journey. Each vehicle undergoes regular maintenance and safety checks to guarantee a safe and secure ride. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, Peliccan Cars has a range of vehicle options to accommodate your needs.
Competitive Pricing and Transparent Billing: Peliccan Cars aims to provide affordable airport transfer solutions without compromising on quality. They offer competitive pricing packages tailored to suit different budgets. The pricing structure is transparent, with no hidden costs or surprises. You can rely on Peliccan Cars for a reliable and cost-effective transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6.
24/7 Availability:
Peliccan Cars understands that travel plans can change at any time. That's why they provide a 24/7 service, ensuring that you have access to reliable transportation whenever you need it. Whether you have an early morning or late-night flight, Peliccan Cars is ready to accommodate your transfer requirements.
Easy Booking Process:
Booking a taxi with Peliccan Cars is quick and convenient. You can easily book your airport transfer online through their user-friendly website or by calling their dedicated customer service hotline. Their booking system allows you to specify your pick-up and drop-off locations, select the vehicle type, and even request additional services if needed.
Peliccan Cars offers a convenient, reliable, and customer-centric taxi service for travelers seeking transportation fromStansted Airport CM24 to Gatwick Airport RH6. With their commitment to punctuality, professional drivers, and dedication to passenger safety and comfort, Peliccan Cars ensures a stress-free and enjoyable journey. Next time you need an airport transfer, trust Peliccan Cars to provide a seamless travel experience.
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2023.06.04 10:22 PrajwalBabu Horrible Turo rental experience

My opinion of Turo took a turn for the worse when a false claim was raised against us. We had rented a terrible car in San Francisco that broke down due to battery and engine issues caused by poor maintenance from the host.
As the car had to be towed away, we had to end the trip. However, the host started harassing us, bombarding our phones with calls and insisting that we take the car back once it was repaired, extending the rental for an additional two weeks. We declined and opted for a different vehicle.
The next day, the host filed a claim alleging three scratches on the car's side door. We have clear pictures with metadata showing no damage when the car was towed.
To our surprise, the host labeled it as a collision in the claim report and charged us approximately $1,000. The three scratches seemed suspicious, as if they were intentionally made by the host to extract money. Furthermore, the host had already repaired the scratches without informing us and sent us the bill through Turo.
Who in their right mind charges $1,000 for minor scratches? It's absurd! We have evidence to refute the claim, but unfortunately, Turo's claims team has been incredibly unhelpful. They barely answer calls or respond to emails. The host hasn't even provided us with an estimate or shown any willingness to work towards resolving the dispute. It's evident that he doesn't want to cooperate because the scratches may have occurred during the towing process or while the car was in his possession.
While I initially liked their rental options, this fake claim and fraudulent behavior have completely changed my perspective. Does anyone have advice on how to handle this fake claim charges?

Turo #carrental

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2023.06.04 10:15 Bandittheone1 Long term(7 days) parking in Salzburg?

Heading to Germany and our rental car doesn’t have insurance for many countries including Germany. We’d like to park the car in Salzburg then take the train to Munich for possibly 7 days before returning to the car.
Is there any recommended location for this? I’m mostly concerned with it being towed / ticketed. It was suggested to just park in a residential area, but I’m not sure.
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