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2023.06.04 13:20 AmbitionFluffy1546 I hate my new job, should I follow my dream career

Me 28 F am struggling with my new job after only two weeks,
So I will be honest and say I have several jobs in the last thew years due to the fact I have been moving around lot and because I get burnt out very easily if not challenged in my profession.
I recently moved to a new town and got a new office job in feb 2022 although I did enjoy the job at times, the company was clearly struggling and I was moved into a different department which I was extremely bored in, I basically had finished my work by 11am and just sat around doing nothing for the rest of the day, this was okay the one day I was aloud to wfh but the rest of the week I just sat around bored.
I tried to move back but to my original position but they had no room for me.
Due to this I stupidly quit this job without thinking and to the panic that I’d have no incoming finances I took the first job that I got offered.
I have now started this job and absolutely hate it, it’s basically a call centre that books in repairs tenants, but it has such a back log and basically no trades men that everyone I speak to is so angry about having to wait.
I have been scream at and cursed out so many times already that I generally get anxious when the phone rings.
I probably should have assumed the verbal abuse but they never mentioned in the interview or training how badly the back log was, there is people who have been waiting for repairs to be done since before covid.
So I really love fitness and nutrition I used to work as a receptionist in a hotel gym which was my favourite job, but I didn’t like the city I lived so I had to change careers I also wanted a job that was less shift work because it was really hard seeing friends and family when I worked weekends.
I nearly missed out on seeing my nan before she passed because of this.
But now I am thinking of completing an instructor or PT course and going to work in a commercial gym. (The course I’m looking at are around £1000 and I would carry on working whilst doing the course)
I mention this to my my friends and family but I think they want me to carry on this job and give it more of a chance.
But I’m generally really struggling already and I’ve already cried after work hours and feel really stressed out.
I feel like if I knew would be working towards a more sustainable and enjoyable career would make it easier to carry on working whilst I studied.
Please can I have some advice is this the right choice or should I listen to friends and family?
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2023.06.04 13:20 cheappanel Contrast Between Free Endlessly openings Played in Gambling club

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The web-based video space have become extremely famous these days which are much the same as the opening which are customary or exemplary seen in many land club. The main distinction of video opening is that it utilizes the video visual and the five reels, when contrasted with the past spaces where it utilizes just three reels yet succeeding at space give a similar delight. There are many free video spaces which are made available in the site and after empowers you to open up the gaming machine and one can play in full screen rendition or situs rtp tertinggi it is workable for you to change the window to the size you want and do the playing. Of late, the makers of the video openings have made a few drives to advance the video space games which depend on some subject. Such video free openings game need the permit of the film firm or require the assent from a superstar in light of the fact that the space might be founded on the big name or in view of specific characters found in a film.
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2023.06.04 13:19 Wonderful_Cry_8401 Bad experience or just not the right path?

I got my first job in tech sales and I am more burn out than when I owned a small business
I am just needing guidance. I was running a small business making pretty good money for such small experience right after college.
I was going doing it while waiting on a green card process to get a job in the USA.
I had such a great expectation of working in tech and in the USA.
I’ve always been very entrepreneurial or at least always worked by myself into find ways to have money (coming from a very small and poor country)
And now that I have access to the largest market (USA) I feel very unmotivated to work a “normal” job. I don’t have patience for office policy and honestly I believe in providing good work = good results.
In corporate (my experience) seems like results doesn’t matter if you put your time into being “cool” with the boss or managers or VP.
I am going through a bad experience or I just won’t ever be motivative in corporate?
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2023.06.04 13:19 saintsweatshirt [RF] A Man of Some Renown

The Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, fifth class, is the highest rank a Ukrainian foreign national can achieve. Its newest inductee is back home in Florida and has been in the shower so long he’s lost track of time. His feel for the present moment will return in about thirty seconds when the hot water runs out. His hair has been both shampooed and conditioned. His body throughly soaped. It’s the shower’s warm solitude he cannot leave. There is plenty to do today; an interview at a radio station at eleven, lunch with his sponsor, an early dinner at his mom’s pastor’s. All of them want to know more about his experience overseas, they want to know how the war is progressing, they want to hear how he went from Highland Hills High School to war hero. What they don’t want to hear, what David does not want to hear, is how cold his new found notoriety makes him feel. Before can explore his melancholy any further, the hot water goes. The steam rising above the shower clears as a lukewarm solution rinses the remaining soap and warmth off David’s body. He remembers taking similarly cold showers in Ukraine, and how happy he was to have them. It’s shocking how clean a man can get with a half full bucket of water and a couple of towels.
“Ah look at Abie! Clean enough for a Russian bitch.” says Bone in his thick provincial accent. Words David can’t remember Bone actually saying or they only sound like something he would say. Sitting around waiting for mechanics, waiting on orders, waiting on food, waiting on the Russians to start shooting, David didn’t know war could be so boring. The only thing Bone said he liked more than killing Russians was fucking them. The rest of the guys in the platoon knew Bone was probably lying, but he was their instructor, and they were the international volunteers, so he was never questioned. He was the only person in their platoon who spoke Russian and Ukrainian and English. One guy, this kid from Belgium, called Bone a cunt after failing to pull the pen on a grenade during a training exercise, and Bone gave it to him.
“What is this? You do not have to pull pens in Belgium? Or do you like to give your enemies the grenade so they can throw it back?” said Bone. He then effeminately ran around the kid saying, “Here Mr. German. Take my grenade. They are loud and I am afraid.” Bone comes back to his real voice. “Killing Russians is no different than driving a truck. It is your job. Don’t think. Don’t be like this Belgian. Pull the pin. Kill Russians.” The Belgian kid said something to Bone but no one knew what it was because no one spoke French. This didn’t stop Bone from hitting him in the face so hard it broke his nose. The kid quit later that day, and Bone got written up which David told him is like a kid being put in timeout during a house invasion.
“What is this time out?” Bone asked.
The water is cold so David gets out. In the kitchen his mother goes over the day’s itinerary again, just to be thorough she adds.
“Do you know where you are going David? No, sorry. Do you know where you are going Abie?” she asks as David grabs a breakfast banana.
“Yes ma’am.”
“You know parking can be difficult downtown. Be sure to take quarters for the meter.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“And be sure to be yourself. I hope they are nice to you. You know how the media likes to spin things these days. I don’t think they are too liberal but don’t let them put words in your mouth. If they ask you something you don’t want to answer, you just say ‘No comment'. You just tell your story. You are a hero. And then you’ll meet with Fred, and then dinner at Pastor's. Be there at four. If it’s ok with you I’m going to bring the medal. Pastor will want to see it. He’s a big fan of Zelensky.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Ok. Enough doting. That’s all you’re getting out to me today. Are you excited? Isn’t this exciting? News Radio 950 is doing a story about you. They want to hear about their local war hero…and that’s you. Give me a hug and get going before you are late.”
“Yes ma’am.”
In his car, David listens to Domination by Pantera at full volume. The heavy riffs, screaming and terrifying drums raise his spirit. Bone used to play it all the time. David hasn’t prepared anything for save his memory of his time in Ukraine. Perhaps Bone is giving an interview somewhere? You didn’t do anything wrong, he tells himself as he opens the station’s door. Inside he finds an attractive, young woman named Sara who has been emailing him for the past several weeks.
“Nice to officially meet. Right this way.”
David does his best not to stare at her as she leads him through corridor of offices and hallways.
“She looks nice. Go into an office with her.” says Bone.
“We’ve all been looking forward to having a more in-depth conversation with you. Our programming producer, who is also named David, will be asking you most of the questions. But I begged him to let me ask some too, so you might say I will also be interviewing you. I hope that’s ok?”
Sara’s blonde hair folds into a neat part on the left side of her head. David pictures her styling it in her bathroom, in a bathrobe. It’s been a while since he has smelled perfume. He found a bottle in an abandoned apartment in Zaporizhzhia and kept it. It had some Chinese lettering he couldn’t read, but it smelt nice. Some of the guys teased him when they found it saying he was going to attract Russian because he smelt like an Asian. Sara’s perfume smells expensive and French. She introduces him to David the producer and the three of them find three seats on the end of a conference room table. Sara sits on the same side as David. After introductions, David starts the interview by saying even though he is not sure exactly when the piece will air, he is certain it will before the end of the month. He then adds something about how David is a hero for doing what he did.
“So tell us how you found yourself in Ukraine?”
“Well it was pretty easy really. I went online and volunteered for the IVB, that was the name of my unit, the International Volunteer Brigade. I don’t think I talked to a real person until I booked my flight to Poland. It was mostly just forms I was filling out online. So yeah it was pretty easy. So I landed in Krakow and my recruiter picked me up. I stayed in a hotel for a few days while we waited on a couple more guys to show up. One was from Spain, another from Portugal. The Portuguese guy never showed, or if he did he didn’t come with us. I guess he could have volunteered with another outfit. I guess that’s the thing about the war I didn’t really expect. We were always just kinda losing people. And I don’t mean they were killed, although a lot of them were. I mean guys would just be with you one minute and gone the next. And then you’d find them a week later and I go, ‘Where have you been?’ ‘Oh I’ve been in Dnipro’ or ‘Oh I got picked up by the Regs.’ It was crazy. The only place where that didn’t happen was the front.”
“Who do you mean by ‘the Regs?’” asks David.
“The regular army. The Ukrainians. The good guys we were there to help. Sometimes they would be short a man so they’d just nab one of the volunteers. That was a bad gig. The Ukrainians wanted their most motivated guys fighting in the worst places. I only had to do it a couple of times, but…it was not something I did and wanted to do again. ”
David rubs his hand over his arm. He can’t smell the hot blonde anymore, only trench dirt and gun oil. The soil of Donetsk had a deep brown color to it he always enjoyed. Even with snipers supposedly in the area, digging was one of his favorite jobs. The earth smelled vibrant, full of worms and nitrogen and reminded him of his granddad, coming in from a day of field work, his jeans and boots caked in a rich layer of his land.
“So tell us what is it like being a hometown celebrity?” asks Sara. “You’re from here so people already know you, but what’s it like now? I mean now, gosh, everyone i know has been talking about this kid from Highland who won a medal from Zelensky. Did you get to bring it by the way? You were on the national news. It was NBC, but still…”
A bouquet of scents and questions. David looks across the room and sees Bone sitting with a heavy slouch in a chair at the other end of the conference table. He looks rough; still alive but not by much. He sits holding his side, his chin on his chest.
“It’s neat I guess. I walk down the street and people call my name. I take lots of pictures with people. Everyone is really nice. I felt like I was kinda a wallflower before.It’s something I think lots of people think about experiencing. I know I did, I just never thought it would be for this.”
“What did you want to be when you were a boy?” asks Sara.
“I don’t know. The normal stuff; doctor, fireman, my Dad was in sales, so not that. I think about it a lot. I think mostly I just wanted to be good. I didn’t like getting into trouble.”
“Oh my gosh, I was the exact same.” says Sara. Then durning her boss she adds “David, I don’t know if you knew this about me and this David, but we actually went to Highland High at the same time. I was a senior when you would have been a freshman, but I swear I remember you. I thought you were cute.”
“Don’t be trying to steal my assistant Dave. Can I call you Dave?”
“David’s fine.”
Bone perks up and tells them to call him Abie
“Ok so let’s get back on track. You’re over there, you’re fighting Russians, you’re helping the Ukrainians, can you tell us, what was that like?”
“What is war like?”
“Yeah the war, but you’re doing a good thing. You volunteered to help an oppressed people, to fight against tyranny, something I think our listeners think our government should have done a long time ago. But while our President sits on his ass, you bravely go do the thing that needs be done. God it must have been exhilarating, but I don’t know, I don’t want to put words in your mouth.”
Bone lays his head back on the desk and says something David can’t quite make out but thinks he knows what his commander is saying.
“What?” asks David.
“It’s a Ukrainian word I learned while over there. It means purpose, but more than just doing a job, it’s your calling. It’s a word the priests with the beards use a lot. Everyday I knew exactly what was expected of me and what I could expect from everyone around me. I had clarity for the first time in my life. I felt like I could see for miles in every direction, like sitting on the roof watching all the cars going by.”
Bone stands up out of his chair and walks out of the office.
“Even when I was scared I knew that was to be expected. And when I was tired, I knew that too was to be expected. And when I was hungry, and wet, and cold, and angry enough to kill. I knew that too was to be expected because war is a cauldron. Everything gets boiled into a singularity. It’s terrifying but also pretty damn motivating. What sucks is that I can already feel everything starting to get cloudy again.”
Leaning his belly against the table, David leans in to ask his next question as if he does not want to be heard.
“Did you, you know…and this will be off the record…did you kill anyone else?”
Sara places her empty hand on the table, an offering for David to hold should his answer prove too much. But David knows the answer is not too much for his has thought of little else.
“Nope. Just the one.”
After another few minutes of hearing how brave he has been, how proud his family must be and how grateful the station is to have him come in, the interview is over. The producer shakes David’s hand and Sara walks him out. She mentions that friends of her’s are going to a new bar in the Depot and suggests David should come too. He says he can come but it will be late because he has dinner plans. “That’s ok. I’ll be there pretty late.” ————————— Only a few blocks from the radio station, David pulls into a Waffle House parking lot. There is condensation on the windows of the building and cigarette butts near the door. Nothing here breathes well, David notes. Inside he finds his old sponsor sitting at booth by himself. David sees Fred before Fred sees him and for a moment considers leaving. However, he sees Bone sits in the corner of the restaurant, smiling and looking to flirt with a chubby waitress with grown sons. “How the hell are you Abie?” says Fred. No turning back now. “Sober for today.” “Me too.” The pair order eggs, toast and bacon. The cook makes each of them a waffle on the house after recognizing David. He finishes his plate before Fred can finish a piece of toast. Meals happen quick on the battlefield and David can’t seem to slow himself down long to enjoy his food. Bone is no longer in the corner. David sees him moving around the room; following an old lady into the restroom. He comes out with a grotesque look on his face. “That little woman took the biggest shit I’ve ever seen! Abie, come and look at it. It won’t flush. Call in a drone strike. We are going to have to pull back!” “So” says Fred, “Mr. War Hero, how are you really? You’ve got recognition, a war recommendation, you’re doing interviews, you still got your sobriety. Life seems to be going well, but…” “How I am really?” When he was in NA Fred could always sniff out if he was high. As his sponsor that was his job, but David never liked it. I know you say you’re fine, but how are your really. Effective, but crude. Fred taps his finger to the tip of his nose. Bingo kid. David looks around the room for Bone but doesn’t find him. “I’m good man. Things are going well. Everyone always asks me how I’m doing, but I’m really fine. I honestly don’t feel much different than when I left. Same shit different day you know? Girls come up to me now, so that’s different I guess. So…yeah…things are good. Still sober. No real temptation to go back down that road. Been working the Steps since I got back. Doing the work. I didn’t even think about getting high when I was over there. I’m serious. Not once. I’ve got a therapist that I’m seeing. She’s really smart. And I get to see her for free. It’s part of some rehabilitation program from the federal government. I’m moving out of my Mom’s soon. I found an apartment through the church she goes to. There is a guy there who owns a bunch of places and he hooked me up with a really nice place for really cheap. He gave us a really good deal on it. The same guy said I could come work for him too when I felt I was ready. He has a real estate business and said he is always looking for new realtors. With my story, he told me, he thinks I could to really well.” Bone sits in the booth next to Fred. His face his clean, empty. Without blinking, moving or saying anything he stares at David; human mirror he is unsure is alive or dead, in a Waffle House in Florida or an expensive dirty tank in Ukraine. “But then I think, do I really wanna use my story to sell real estate? Some douchebag buys an apartment I’m selling him because I killed a Russian general. That’s not why I went over there. And who would even ask me to that? They don’t know what it was like. They make it seem like going over there was no big deal, that killing generals is something that happens all the time, or that the war is going well. Really man, I got so lucky with that shot. I’ve had trained snipers tell me they probably couldn’t hit a target at that range. But I did. I did that and I know I could never do it again. Even if I could, I don’t know if I’d want to. I didn’t know that guy. I mean I now know a bunch of stuff about him, but it’s only what I’ve been told. They told me that he supported Putin from the beginning and that a lot of the war planning was his idea. Ok. If you say so Bone. But I looked this guy up, he has a wikipedia page, and a wife, and kids, probably grandkids. I don’t know if his family is proud of him or not, but I know they will never see him again. And then just the charade of it all. So I got to meet the Ukrainian War Minister, Zelensky’s right hand man. Still not worth it. There’s just nothing noble or romantic about it. It’s all just a cold, black hole that runs on death and killing and for some reason you have to look at it…at least I do. I suppose I thought at some point I would see something. Never did though.” Bone breaks his stare and cracks a smile. “And for who, for what Fred? What is going to happen when all of this is over other than the same thing that happens after every war. A cabal of erudite assholes are going to meet in an overly secure room in the Netherlands and draw a new line in between Ukraine and Russia which is exactly what those same assholes did seventy years ago, and seventy years before that, and in seventy years we’ll do the same thing all over again. Wash, rinse and repeat. That line makes about as much sense as the first day of Spring. Sure, there is an official first day of Spring, March 20th or whatever, but we all know that there was some really warm days before the 20th and there is going to be some real cold days afterwards. But the 20th is the official day. It doesn’t make Spring happen. It just kinda helps sense out of a blurry situation. It wasn’t two days after getting there I realized the whole thing is so complicated. Half the regs were guys who had either lived in Russia at some point, gone to school there mostly, or had family living there. It felt like trying to break up a fight at a family reunion, only everyone is holding ARs as they argue about whether or not the 20th is the first day of Spring. The conflict goes back so far you can’t make out the start. And the profiteering my god, that’s what really gets me. Just like that asshole who wants to use the war to sell real estate, all the arms manufacturers who are pouring guns and bullets and tanks into Ukraine, propping this war machine so they can win another government contract. It’s sick. The people running those companies have the first available seat in hell. And Putin too. He started this whole mess. First him, then a nice row of CEOs and shareholders, that’s who I want to in hell. And there is never talk of any alternative. None. Not even a whisper. Just two sides trying to exhaust the other for a better seat at the bargaining table.” Bone gets up to leave, but not before stretching his back, revealing a large, dark red stain in his uniform, just above his waist line. “So here I am in all my hometown glory.” says David, “The renown Prince of the Order of the Ukrainian Shit-Show.” There is a wet spot on David’s pants which he is not sure how it got there. He looks at Bone who is already out the door and running down the street. It’s ok, David thinks to himself, I know where he is going. ———————————————— At the 7-11 next to Waffle House David buys two tall boys and two shots of Jack. He pours the whiskey into the cans and kills the second one as he pulls into Pastor’s driveway where several Mercedes, Teslas and BMWs are parked. David clears his throat, spits into the bushes and unwraps a stick of gum. He enters the house after two hard knocks. “Oh I think that is him.” David hears his mom say after shutting the large, dark front door. She comes around the corner of the corridor to tell him he is late and to take his shoes off. “But my socks don’t match.” “Well take those off too! Pastor just put down new carpet.” “Ah well, since there is new carpet involved. Let’s not walk on the new carpet.” The rest of the dinner party comes around the corridor in their socks. Each of them personally thanks David for coming and for his service. The men shake his hand. The women all give him hugs. By the end of introductions David has met two bankers, two retirees, and handful of housewives, as well as two more pastors and their wives. Bone is the last to shake his hand. He tells Abie he smells like old lady perfume. Elenor, Pastor’s wife, takes David’s arm, sliding her’s underneath his, leading him into their recently renovated kitchen. The rest of the group follows. “Well dinner is almost ready. As we wait, why don’t you tell us about Ukraine.” “Leave him alone Ellie,” says Pastor, “maybe he’s tired of talking about it.” “I don’t mind.” says Abie. “I don’t mind telling people about blowing some Russian guy’s head off.” “David Absalom!” “It’s ok Mom. Yeah so I saw this column of tanks approaching our trench, which ran parallel to this road running west outta Horlivka. I don’t think they knew it was there, or if they did know, they sure as shit didn’t know we were in it, which was weird because we’d been trading fire with them all day. We were all scared shitless. It was only me and Jizzy and Bone. Right Bone? Oh yeah, it wasn’t Jizz it was that kid from Croatia. The one who fucking just ran off one day. I don’t remember his name. Anyways, Bone tells us to all be real still, play like we are dead. So this entire tank column passes by us. Takes for fucking ever. Couldn’t have been more than an hour, but it felt like ten. Finally it starts to let up you know, the last tank passes. So Bone takes the radio and tries to find a spot to call it in. As he is doing that I see the last tank, which was what Bone, about four hundred yards from us? Anyway, he comes to a stop, and out pops the unluckiest son of bitch in the whole war. The General gets out to take a piss, I take aim, figuring I’ll just scare him. And yeah. Bam. Headshot. He didn’t feel a thing; killed him with his dick in his hand. Speaking of which…if you will excuse me.” “The bathroom is back down the hallway, first door on your left.” says Pastor. “Is it a full bath?” ask Abie. “Three-quarter.” “Close enough.” No one looks him in the eye, no one except Bone and Pastor. The bathroom has been redone in the same tile as the kitchen. David takes off his clothes, turns the steel knob in the shower to red, sits one floor and waits for the water to get warm.
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2023.06.04 13:12 talkativeintrovert13 Normal day desk jobs, do ppl want to read that?

Maybe I read the wrong books, but the MCs rarely have normal day jobs in an office. And if they do they're temps, or bookkeeper who are in danger when they find something shady in the books. Or start something with their boss. And the men have top positions on a board or Head honchos in big corporate companies.
And i get it, 9-5 is boring, do readers really want to read about a normal day at work when they do it themselves?
I mean, my sister makes really good money at her desk-job, but she says herself it's boring
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2023.06.04 13:11 Blackm1996 Was I tricked

So, after over a year of unemployment, I got an interview for a senior software developer position. The interview took place with the manageCEO of a small company that has 15 employees. During the interview, the manager asked me about my salary expectations. I mentioned that due to needing to rent a new place, I would like to start at a minimum of $1200 per month, which would cover my rent and other expenses. The manager proposed starting at $1000 per month and adding $200 for each completed project. I agreed to this arrangement.
The interview lasted only 15 minutes, and it ended with the manager telling me, "Let me consider it and I will reply shortly." I thanked him and left the building. As I reached the front of the building, I heard him shouting from above that I was accepted and could start the next day. The job required me to work from 8 AM to 5:30 PM.
I showed up the next day and was given simple tasks to work on. The manager informed me that we would sign a contract when he returned from his business trip. I worked at the company for 2-3 weeks, performing tasks that were more suitable for a junior developer. Then, the manager called me to his office to sign the contract.
He began by stating that he normally wouldn't pay more than $800 for new employees. However, he mentioned that the secretary had mistakenly printed $1000 on the contract, but he was willing to honor that amount because "he believed in me." I looked at the contract, and my title was listed as "Junior Software Developer," with a monthly salary of $1000 and a $50 raise after each project completion. I didn't say anything because the contract stated that it was valid for one month only (it said, "This offer is valid for a period of 1 month from its date"). I assumed that I could negotiate better terms once I proved myself.
Another detail I didn't realize at the time was that the contract was dated one month before I started. The following day, I asked the secretary about this, and she explained that there was a mistake in my social security application, which caused me to be registered one month earlier. Therefore, she had to make the contract effective from that earlier date. I mentioned the one-month period specified in the contract, and she clarified that the period referred to the time before I signed it. In other words, the contract would become ineffective after one month if I didn't sign it.
So now, I find myself with a contract that has no time limit, a salary and job title different from what I applied for, and I am performing the work of a junior developer. Additionally, the schedule is quite long, and I have a commute time of 1 hour and 20 minutes both in the morning and evening.
Do you think I was tricked? What should I do in this situation?
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2023.06.04 13:10 Accomplished_Might84 I’m trying curable out – and I’ll provide updates on how it helps. Also, read disclaimer

Good morning/afternoon folks, If you’ve been on this subReddit in the last few months, you’ve probably seen a post from me. Please feel free to take this down as if it’s not allowed mods. I’ve come to appointment journey where I believe that my RSI is a combination of physical components, and most likely either TMI or central sensitization syndrome(basically, the brain is over reacting to harmless stimuli in creating pain where they’re normally isn’t pain). I just bought the Curable app and figured it may not be a bad idea to update y’all on if it helps me. I am going to provide a brief update in two weeks, and then at the month mark for a few months or so hopefully this information can give y’all a better idea of if you’d like to try this.
Please see a medical doctor in relation to your specific situation as I am not one. don’t just consider my testimonial in figuring out what may be occurring with you. Going to a medical professional and ruling other options out should always be your first step in your RSI journey. It is certainly possible that there are physical components to your pain that a stranger on the Internet would be unable to see. For example, I have muscle instability in my back that I know, for a fact, has contributed to my pain. As I’ve done physical therapy, I’ve opened up my thoracic outlet more and my hands haven’t hurt as much. Please see a medical professional, first, and rule out other causes to your pain such as an auto immune disease, a previous injury, thoracic outlet syndrome, or ehlers-danlos syndrome.
As someone who’s taken a statistics class, I feel obligated to mention that the sample size here is n=1, and simply put there should be more data (typically, a minimum sample size required is n=30 for a normal distribution to apply) considered before drawing conclusions. Even then, there could be other variables, impacting that sample set that cause for an inaccurate conclusion to be drawn. I wouldn’t consider just my testimony in figuring out if TMI or central sensitization syndrome, is that work for you. But hey, it could be helpful to see if somebody with a similar situation to you improved using this tool.
BACKGROUND: Im a structural engineer that got an RSI partially from work, and partially from just using my hands excessively outside of work. I’ve had this since December 2022 and I’ve made good progress so far, but still have difficulty performing my job duties and performing other basic tasks, such as cooking for myself or driving long distances. I got an MRI that showed that I do have inflammation in my dorsal component of my hand, which helped me to get an RSI diagnosis from my orthopedist. What I found to help so far, was minimizing exposure to the aggravating activity, eating enough and sleeping enough, taking breaks, heat and ice packs, doing physical therapy and increasing the amount of cardio I do, voice to text software at work, as well as a change in duties to minimize exposure to aggravating programs, and NSAIDs did help a little bit. I would say the biggest thing that helped me was not making the issue worse. For example, I stop stretching my hands for 45 minutes a day and saw improvement.
So in this journey I figured out that I for a fact have physical component to this, as I lied down for an extra five hours a day for 2-3 months after work to stop my hands from hurting. It did help as I was resting them, but it also caused a lot of other issues too and I wouldn’t recommend it. This caused atrophy in my back, neck, and hands and I have been in physical therapy since the start of April to deal with that. I have gone from barely being able to do a 1 pound weight with my back to a 3 pound weight. Originally her to sleep, but for a while, I didn’t, and now my next acting up so it’s a bit harder.
With that being said, I think there’s certainly a mental component to it for me to also. Most folks on Hannibal recommend a holistic treatment to a RSI, as simply inputting one change is typically not enough for recovery. I’ve got a plan for the physical component, and now I’m try and curable to help me with the mental component as a person, I can be a perfectionist, an anxious, and I’ve been terrified to use my hands for months and scared to use my hands and do my job. As you could assume, it’s a vital importance for me to be able to maintain my job and make a living for myself. I’ve had a lot of major life changes, such move out of my parents place and a getting new apartment, this injury, and trying to date after my first relationship ended and it shit show a few years ago. If you’ve read John Sarno‘s book, I match the description of somebody he describes as a typical patient quite well. Also, I’ve noticed if I am relaxed or enjoying the company of others my hands wont hurt as much. Hence why I’m trying curable in addition to the physical therapy.
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2023.06.04 13:08 nicklez999 Here to rant about not receiving SSN card

My wife got her EAD over a month ago and still didn’t get her soc card so she went to the SSA office and apparently there was a mismatch in her paperwork because the USCIS agent didn’t put her alien number in any of the receipts so now we won’t have her soc for another 90 days. She has a really really good job lined up that’s suppose to start June 26th and now she is going to lose that all because the USCIS agent messed up her documents. ugh. So frustrating.
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2023.06.04 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 4th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 4th
1970 - "The Love You Save" by The Jackson Five enters the Billboard Soul Singles chart where it will peak at #1 and remain there for 6 weeks
1984 - Michael is on the cover of US magazine
1990 - Thousands of Michael Jackson fans pour onto the grounds of St John's Hospital and Health Center in Santa Monica, Los Angeles to support Michael who was admitted last night suffering from severe chest pains.
Doctors today ran a battery of tests to find out what ails him.
“He’s undergoing several important tests today,” said Jackson spokesman Bob Jones. “I don’t think it was a heart attack. He just experienced some discomfort. He had been feeling bad the past two or three days.”
2009 - Michael attended rehearsals and goes to Dr Klein’s in Beverly Hills
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 23
Katherine was at court with Austin Brown.
Paul Gongaware Testimony
AEG cross
He was asked about Michael's final two rehearsals at Staples Center. Gongaware couldn't recall details about the first one. He said he wasn't particularly attentive about Jackson's health & appearance. This was the 1st rehearsal after Jackson missed one 4 days earlier. Gongaware said Michael rehearsed on June 23rd. "He was fine," Gongaware described, saying his understanding was that Michael was okay. Gongaware said he wasn't being specifically attentive on the 23rd because he didn't think there was a problem with Michael. Michael rehearsed on Jun 24th. Gongaware watched "Thriller" in its entirety, it was the 1st time they were using costume. He said Michael seemed fine.

Putnam: "Was he engaged?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Putnam: "Any physical issues?"
Gongaware: "No, I didn't see any, He did a good rehearsal"
On June 25th, Gongaware got a call from Randy saying he had a call from DiLeo asking him to go to Michael's house because something was going on. As Randy got to Michael's house, an ambulance was leaving and Randy followed it to the hospital. Gongaware said. "I didn't know what was going on"
"At that point I was apprehensive because I didn't know what was happening." Gongaware said he didn't hear anything for a while, so he called Randy to see what was going on and he said Michael had died. "I was in shock," Gongaware recalled. "The artist was gone, he just passed away. How did this happen?!". Gongaware said he no idea what caused Michael to die, never contemplated the idea of Michael Jackson dying. Gongaware talked very matter-of-factly about the day Jackson died. Gongaware said he questioned how it happened. "I called Kenny right away and told him. He was at Staples Center," Gongaware recalled. "The atmosphere at Staples was very somber."
After Michael's passing, Gongaware said they had to shut down production. He was then involved in Jackson's memorial service.
As to why This Is It was happening in London, Gongaware explained it was Michael's best market. "We didn't know how strong it would be." Putnam asked Gongaware if AEG considered a tour in the US. "No, he had all those child allegations flying, it was the wrong thing to do" he said.
Gongaware: "He didn't tour very often, I don't think he liked it very much. There were lots of things he would rather be doing". Michael never did "meet and greet, according to Gongaware
The exec said Michael came out with the phrase "This Is It" because this was the last tour he was going to do.
Michael only agreed to 50 shows, but Gongaware said AEG Live was interested in more
Gongaware said the Dangerous tour lost money due to cancellations. He said he thought HIStory nearly broke even. Gongaware worked on Dangerous, HIStory" and one Jacksons tour back in the 80s. Michael's primary concern was not making money off his shows, Gongaware said. His primary concern was with the art, the performance
"This Is It was supposed to be spectacular", Gongaware said. He would be doing 8-10 shows a month, so about 3 a week.
Gongaware said he never saw Michael take drugs. Aside from drug use in 93, Gongaware said he didn't have any other knowledge of his using drugs. "He was lively, engaged, he seemed happy," Gongaware said about Michael
Putnam asked Gongaware about the day he thought Jackson was impaired after an appointment with Dr. Arnold Klein. The questions prompted a sidebar. He said Jackson "wasn't quite the same" but didn't testify about Jackson's demeanor in detail. He was told Michael was at Dr. Klein's office. Gongaware said he was not familiar with the doctors who treated Michael. Putnam announced be had no more questions at this time
Jackson redirect
In response to Panish questions, Gongaware said This Is It was only the second tour that AEG Live would promote and produce
Panish asked if the exec was concerned about Michael.
"I certainly wanted him to do well".
Panish: "Were you concerned about his children and his family, sir?"
Gongaware: "I was concerned about him"
Panish: "How about his family and children, sir?"
Gongaware: "I supposed. I was focused on Michael"
Brian Panish asked Gongaware a couple different ways if he was concerned about Jackson's mother & children. Gongaware looked up toward the celiling and then said he'd thought about it and he was concerned about Jackson's mom & children
"I believe he was a good father," Gongaware said about Michael Jackson.
Panish: "Did you know he was a great son to his mother?"
Gongaware: "I believe he was"
Panish asked if Gongaware ever called Katherine Jackson to express his condolences. The executive said no. Gongaware said he also didn't think that he sent Katherine Jackson or Jackson's children a condolence card.
Panish: "After Michael died, did you ever send a card to his mother?"
Gongaware: 'I don't think so"
Panish: "Did you ever call her to express your condolences?"
Gongaware: "No"
Panish asked Gongaware several questions about the executive changing elements of his deposition testimony. "I believe I testified truthfully," Gongaware said. "I don't believe I changed my testimony substantially."
Panish then started pointing out what he said were inconsistencies in Gongaware's testimony
This led to questions about whether Gongaware was mistaken when he wrote in an email that AEG was paying Conrad Murray's salary. Gongaware said he didn't necessarily think he was mistaken. He also said he didn't remember writing the email. As to the email Gongaware wrote that AEG, not Michael paid Dr. Murray. Panish asked again if Gongaware recalled writing this email. He said no. Gongaware said he spent 2 days with his lawyers preparing for his deposition, one-two hours discussing the email about AEG paying Dr. Murray. Panish pointed out several answers Gongaware gave on his deposition and the changes he asked to make to the transcript after meeting with attorneys. Panish said Gongaware changed his testimony several times as a result of meeting with AEG's attorneys. Panish said Gongaware also changed his testimony again while on the stand and under oath. Panish tried to impeach Gongaware, which is a legal way to call into question the witness' credibility.
Later in the case, the judge will instruct the jurors that if they think a person lied, they may disconsider part of all of his testimony. As to the email about AEG paying Dr. Murray, Panish pointed out that Gongaware changed his answers several times throughout his testimony. One time he said the email was shorthanded, normal course of business and didn't really think it was a mistake. Yesterday, Gongaware answered the same question saying he was mistaken when he said AEG was paying Dr. Murray. Gongaware explained he thinks he said the same thing but different ways. Gongaware was also asked about a key email he wrote that has come up several other times during the trial. Talking about Murray, he wrote:
We want to remind him that it is AEG, not Michael who is paying his salary. We want him to understand what is expected of him

Panish: "Do you have any idea why you might have written that AEG is paying his salary?"
Gongaware: "No. I mean, I was mistaken there. We weren't going to pay his salary. We would have advanced the money on Michael's instructions"
Panish then asked Gongaware about Lou Ferrigno and whether he was an employee of AEG Live. Gongaware said no, reiterating his previous testimony that he made a deal with Ferrigno. He said Ferrigno would have been an independent contractor. Panish asked whether Ferrigno had a contract with AEG Live. Gongaware said he didn't know. Panish asked Gongaware if he hired Lou Ferrigno to be Michael's trainer. "I made a deal for Michael," Gongaware said. Ferrigno was an independent contractor, Gongaware said he didn't know whether Ferrigno was submitting bills to his office.
Panish: "So you stiffed Lou Ferrigno, you didn't pay the Incredible Hulk?"(Everyone in the courtroom laughed out loud)
Gongaware: "I don't know how he would get paid, if he would submit bills or not"
Panish said Gongaware testified yesterday that he was not concerned with Michael because he was working out with a trainer. Today Gongaware testified Michael was going to work out with Lou Ferrigno. Gongaware said he didn't know whether Ferrigno had an independent contract agreement or not and if he got paid. Panish inquired about AEG only paying people with fully executed contract. Gongaware said he didn't know the status of Ferrigno's contract. "I don't know specifically when Mr. Jackson saw trainers, but I believe he was seeing trainers," Gongaware explained.
Panish: "He was seeing Lou Ferrigno to be in the next Incredible Hulk?"
Gongaware: "I don't think so"
Panish said Gongaware testified he was not concerned about Michael because he was working out with Lou Ferrigno. He said he didn't say that.
"When he was sick on June 19, I didn't know what was happening," Gongaware explained. "After that, Michael was great."
Panish asked whether he ever received Conrad Murray's contract. Gongaware, when shown an email from June 16, 2009, that included Murray's contract, said he didn't generally read contracts. "Dr Murray wasn't supposed to get paid. If Michael would've signed the deal, Dr Murray would've been paid for his work in London," Gongaware said .
Panish: "You didn't have time to ready budgets, you didn't have time to read contracts, right?"
Gongaware: "I didn't read budgets early on"
Panish asked if Gongaware had any document to prove that Dr. Murray was told that anyone else, but AEG, was paying him. Gongaware didn't recall.
Panish: "Did you have anything in writing saying it was Michael, not AEG, paying Dr. Murray?"
Gongaware: "I don't know"
Gongaware said he believed Dr. Murray signed one version of the contract, but doesn't know whether the one showed to him was it. Gongaware said he knew of no document that said his company's payments to Conrad Murray were actually part of a loan to Michael. Gongaware, on the stand for the sixth day, said he didn't know what Murray assumed about who was paying him.
The jury was shown an email from Timm Wooley, the AEG accountant on Jackson's This Is It concert series sent Murray June 6, 2009:
"I am sorry for the long delay in getting this to you, but I hope that, with your input and comments, we can dispose of the agreement quickly and arrange for payment of the May & June fee installment"
Gongaware testified that although he made the deal with Murray, and that the contract was emailed to him in 2009, his court appearance was the first time he had seen it. Gongaware repeated his contention as he has throughout his testimony, that "He was working for Michael Jackson. He wasn't working for us" The contract shown to the jury said it was between AEG Live and Murray. The contract also said Murray was to "Perform the Services reasonably requested by Producers" (AEG). Trell testified earlier that this was one of several mistakes in a draft that would have been cleaned up in the final version
Panish: "You expected Dr Murray, just like Ferrigno, to get paid for services provided to AEG right sir?"
Gongaware: "He wasn't working for AEG"
Gongaware said he was tasked to make the deal, determine compensation for Dr. Murray.
Panish: "If he was Michael's personal doctor, why hire him?"
Gongaware: "I think he wanted to set up the payment. I was told to negotiate his compensation"
Panish asked Gongaware about his contention that Jackson was always able to perform and nail shows when necessary Gongaware repeated he believed when lights went on, Michael was always there. Panish pointed out Michael canceled several shows on the Dangerous tour. The lawyer cited several shows over Jackson's career that he missed: Bangkok, South America and the need to move a couple in Mexico City.
Panish then asked Gongaware about Dr. Stuart Finkelstein, who the lawyer kept referring to as Gongaware's friend of 25 years. Finkelstein, a possible witness in the trial, was on the last leg of the Dangerous tour before it was canceled. Gongaware said Dr. Finkelstein is now a drug addiction specialist. "There were two occasions where he (Dr. Finkelstein) told me he treated Michael, but never talked about Demerol or injections," Gongaware said. "I believe he's mistaken," Gongaware said if Dr. Finkelstein gave deposition to the contrary.
Panish: "Did Dr. Finkelstein tell you he put MJ on a 24 hour morphine drip?"
Gongaware: "No"
Gongaware denied that Finkelstein told him that he thought Jackson was suffering from a prescription drug addiction. He also denied that Finkelstein told him that another doctor on the Dangerous tour was giving Jackson Demerol shots. Dr. Forecast, from London, was Michael's doctor treating the artist during Dangerous tour
Gongaware said he was never alarmed about Jackson's health and said he saw him as being well
Panish: "Is safety paramount to AEG live?"
Gongaware: "Safety should always be expected"
Gongaware said he didn't know if there was a person in charge of safety at rehearsals

Panish: "In your opinion, this is a baseless, shakedown lawsuit?"
Gongaware: "I don't understand the merit in it"
Panish: "You answered interrogatories in this case blaming everything on Mrs. Jackson?"
Gongaware: "I don't recall"
Panish: "Did you sign anything in this case saying that Mrs. Jackson was trying to extort money from AEG?"
Gongaware: "I don't recall"
Regarding whether Jackson's children suffered a loss after their father's death, Gongaware said:
"I believe they suffered a great loss"
Gongaware agreed that the best recollection of what happened in 2009 is the emails, but said he remembers from his head too.
"He was always amazing," Gongaware said about Michael.
Gongaware: "I thought he was great"
Panish: "Despite Bugzee saying he was deteriorating in front of his eyes?"
Gongaware: "My eyes told me differently"
Gongaware said the demand for tickets to Michael's memorial service was huge, comparable to the demand for the This Is It tour. Gongaware said the amount of people still in line to buy tickets for This Is It could've sold out 100 shows. (ABC7)

Panish: "Do you remember what you said Elvis died of?"
Gongaware: "Heart ailment"
But Panish recalled Gongaware giving a different answer earlier on, saying he believed it was prescription drugs
Gongaware was asked about extending the This Is It tour. He was shown emails from promoters wanting Michael concerts in India, Australia. Gongaware said he would have liked the "This Is It" tour to continue, but they only had agreement for 50 shows. On 3/18/09 -- asking about MJ going to India for the show, Phillips responded:
"Thanks, Thomas. Michael will definitely be heading your way"
Gongaware said he thinks they were making plans in case Michael said ok, let's go. Email on 3/17/09 from Phillips:
"We have a 4 year plan that includes Australia, however, we have to finish London first.
Gongaware, who didn't like Australian's promoter, responded:
"Over my dead body. But let's see what he says before I p**s on his parade."

Panish: "Did you ever see Michael under the influence of prescription medication in June 2009?"
Gongaware: "When he came back from Dr. Klein's office"
Panish: "Did you investigate?"
Gongaware: "No, he was coming from his doctor, I didn't think there was a need"

Panish: "Your goal was to have as many shows as possible?"
Gongaware: "I would've liked that"
Panish: "The more shows you had, the more money AEG would've gotten, right?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish asked Gongaware if he had talked to Phillips since he'd been on the witness stand. He said he hadn't discussed the case. Panish then asked if Phillips was aware Gongaware said he was content with AEG Live being #2 concert promoter behind Live Nation. Gongaware said he's expressed his opinion that AEG Live doesn't need to be the #1 promoter
AEG recross
Marvin Putnam, in re-direct, asked Gongaware if he tried to give his best testimony possible in deposition. Gongaware said "Yes"
He asked Gongaware why he never sent a condolence card to Jackson's family. "I'm not good with cards", he said. He said the memorial service was how he wanted to honor the singer. Gongaware said he spent a lot of time thinking about Jackson after his death "What I did, I tried to put the memorial show together," Gongaware said. "I think it was the best thing for me to do, commemorate his life."
Memorial was at the Staples Center with 15,000 people, live fed to Nokia Theater with 5,000 people. Gongaware said he worked directly with Randy Jackson on the memorial. It cost over a million dollars, AEG and Michael's estate bore the cost. "I'm glad I did what I did," Gongaware said, adding memorial was shown to millions of people interested in Michael around the world
Putnam tried to rebut all the claims that Gongaware changed his testimony. Gongaware said he feels he hasn't changed his answers
Putnam also showed jury Gongaware's police statement. Panish had said his comment to police was different from testimony. Panish keyed in on whether Gongaware testified that it was five weeks or two weeks between his first two conversations with Conrad Murray. The police statement said Gongaware told detectives a few weeks separated the calls regarding Murray and the contract
Another document that defense attorney Marvin Putnam showed Gongaware was Lou Ferrigno's contract. Ferrigno's three-page contract designated him as an independent contractor. It was signed by AEG accounting exec Julie Hollander. Putnam showed an independent contract agreement with Ferrigno fully executed. Julie Hollander signed on behalf of AEG effective April 27, 2009
Putnam finished his examination of Gongaware by showing him Conrad Murray's contract. Putnam questioned Gongaware about Dr. Murray's contract. The exec said Michael had to sign it in order for it to be valid. Putnam showed Gongaware language in the agreement that said Michael Jackson had to sign the agreement for it to be a valid contract. Putnam also keyed in on language that said Murray was being engaged "on behalf and at the expense of Michael Jackson"
Jackson redirect
Then it was Panish's turn again. He said there isn't a date on the contract showing when Julie Hollander signed Ferrigno's agreement. Panish questioned Gongaware about whether Ferrigno's contract may have been signed after Jackson's death. Gongaware said he didn't think he sent any contracts to Julie Hollander after Jackson's death. Panish pointed out that Hollander was signing contracts after Michaelhad died. He asked to see the original contract.
Panish: "Lou Ferrigno was retained by AEG, right?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish asked Gongaware whether he thought it would have been better for him if he had reviewed documents and e-mails before testifying. "I relied on the advice of my attorney," he said. "All this legal stuff, I don't understand it," he said. Gongaware said he expected his lawyers would act on his best interest and that he testified truthfully and factually in his deposition. Panish asked if Gongaware expected to be believed now when he wouldn't recall his answers in deposition. Defendant objected, judge sustained
Panish also repeatedly referred to the number of AEG Live defense lawyers in the courtroom. He was later admonished to stop mentioning them. Putnam had noted that Katherine Jackson's side was being represented by four law firms. Panish said he didn't care if Putnam brought it up
With that Paul Gongaware was excused, subject to recall if needed.
Randy Phillips Testimony
Phillips said he met with six attorneys to prep for testimony between 6-8 times over the last two weeks, probably for about 30 hours. Phillips said he went through a bunch of emails, probably 30, from the period in question. He also read his deposition.
Randy Phillips, the chief executive officer of AEG Live, disclosed that his lawyers advised company executives not to review old e-mails before testifying. "They felt it would be better if I went in without preparation," he said, referring to his lawyers. (AEG Live lawyer Marvin Putman said outside of court that the volume of documents they would have needed to review was massive, making it impossible for them to prepare. )
Panish asked Phillips whether he was eager to tell his side of the story. "I believe you called me as a witness, so I'm here," Phillips said flatly
Phillips attended two years of law school, but didn't graduate.

Panish: "Who's higher up than you at AEG Live?"
Phillips: "No one at AEG Live"
Panish: "You are the top dog, so to speak?"
Phillips: "Yes"
Phillips reports to an executive committee who would then report to Tim Leiweke. Phillips said he doesn't know why Leiweke left the company. Phil Anschutz now belongs to the executive committee.
Panish at one point asked the executive whether he was familiar with the music industry. "Familiar with the music industry? I was working in it," Phillips replied.
Phillips said he agreed with statements attributed to him and defense attorney Marvin S. Putnam that the case was a shakedown.
Panish: "Do you think this is an extortion, shakedown lawsuit?"
Phillips: "Yes or no answer? Yes"
Panish: "Did you sign a document under the penalty of perjury saying Mrs. Jackson aided and abetted Joe Jackson to extort money from AEG?"
Phillips: "It's possible, I don't remember. I wish you wouldn't keep calling it a baseless shakedown lawsuit"
Panish: "You believe this case is an extortion, correct?"
Phillips: "Yes"

Panish: "You told Mr. Ortega that AEG checked everyone out, including Dr. Murray?"
Phillips: "I wrote in an email to Kenny Ortega that I thought Dr. Murray had been checked out. I still do, to some extent"
Panish: "You said he was a great doctor?"
Phillips: "Because that's what I was told"
Panish: "Did you write an email that AEG checked everyone out?"
Phillips: "Yes, I did"
Panish: "That was not true"
Phillips: "In retrospect, not 100%.It's what I knew at the time"

Panish: "Isn't it true you said AEG live doesn't lose money, sir?"
Phillips: "Among other things I said"
Panish showed Phillips a Forbes article where he said AEG is about making money, since they are a business.
Phillips: "Live Nation is the largest concert promoter in the world"
Panish: "Do you like being number 2?"
Phillips: "Love it! I'd rather be a successful number 2"
Panish: "You don't want to be number one?"
Phillips: "Not if it means losing money"
Phillips said Mr. Anschutz told him he's happy being a number 2
Panish asked if it was true Phillips wanted to meet with Michael to tour in 2007. Phillips answered it was the opposite, they asked for a meeting.
Jackson lawyer Brian Panish, who has been previously told by the judge not to argue with witnesses, quickly tangled with Phillips. "Please don't argue with me because then I will argue back and get in trouble," Panish told Phillips at one point. "Then that's an incentive for me," Phillips joked (everyone laughed)

Panish: "Did you learn Colony Capital purchase note on Neverland?"
Phillips: "Yes"
Panish: "Is Barrack one of principals on Colony Capital?"
Phillips: "Yes"
On 6/13/08, Phillips sent an email to Colony Capital with a summation of plans for Michael for four years:
I caution you that Michael is not fast and a total perfectionist (needs to be controlled as much as possible)
Phillips said he was referring to Michael's spending

Panish: "Neverland was his beloved home, right sir?"
Phillips: "Hard to answer, because of the things Michael told me"
When the executive appeared to crack a smile, Panish asked if he thought the proceedings were funny.
Phillips:"No, I think it's tragic"
Panish: "Do you think any of this is funny, sir?"
Phillips: "No, I think it's tragic"
Tohme Tohme was a business associate with Colony Capital, who was also working with Michael. Panish asked if Phillips thought there was a conflict of interest with Tohme working for Colony and Michael. He said "No"
Court Transcript
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2023.06.04 12:59 Hardy_28 Needed clarification.

My dad is currently 58, and is working in a govt insurance company(Think of LIC, new india, United india) as a Development officer. I have been a General candidate everywhere till now. I read somewhere recently that if your parents non-salary income is below 8LPA, then you are eligible for OBC. My dad never tried to think about it as he always believed having Govt job nullifies any sort of reservation. His income is comfortable above 8LPA. So once he retires in 2 years, can i get an OBC-NCL certificate done?
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2023.06.04 12:59 TerriblyAmazing How to get hired with no experience?

I desperately need a second job and I believe being a server would be the best way for me to start earning some cash. However, I’ve worked a corporate office job for the past decade. My only restaurant experience was working at subway when I was 16… so not even as a server. (When working I prefer to stay busy and task oriented, which is why I find serving appealing. I did work retail for 3 years before getting an office job and I enjoyed the physical aspect but the pay was awful.)
There’s a local restaurant down the road from me that is hiring. What can I write in the experience section of the application that would set me apart and help to at least get me an interview?
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2023.06.04 12:51 DerekA12 Question about “incomplete” graduate program

Hi all, I’ve been accepted into a master’s program which would begin Fall 2023 but I’m having serious doubts and leaning towards not attending. The plan was always to complete this degree and go forward with my law school plans, but now I think I’m just going to find a job until then. I know that a lot of applications ask about incomplete degrees, so I was wondering if this would count as one of them considering I haven’t actually started. If I were to hide this would they have any way to verify it? Additionally, if I were to have to list this, would this look bad to admissions officers?
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2023.06.04 12:51 Ibubs The start of my FIRE journey

Hi everyone!
I'm starting my FIRE journey. I'll give you guys some background information. I have some crypto (BTC, eth, Matic) and have 400 euro's in my bolero account.
I want to be financially independent when I'm older. Right now I'm 24 years old. I do a fysical job that I can't do till I'm 65.
What is the best way to start my journey? Do I wait till I have some more cash flow and invest in some dividend stocks/ETF's or do I invest now in stocks/ETFs without dividends?
An interesting ETF I saw was this: Scottish Mortgage Investment Fund (ISIN: GB00BLDYK618)
Can u guys give some more insights?
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2023.06.04 12:50 Sephronar B1533 - Cornwall Bill - Final Division

B1533 - Cornwall Bill - Final Division

Due to this bill being too long to fit in a post, the Bill as amended can be found here.
This Bill was written by His Grace the Right Honourable Sir Sephronar KG KCT GBE LVO PC MP MSP FRS, the 1st Duke of Hampshire, 1st Marquess of St Ives, 1st Earl of St Erth, 1st Baron of Truro as a Private Members Bill.
Opening Speech:
Mr Deputy Speaker,
Members of this esteemed House, the Devolution of powers to the proud people of Cornwall has been a great ambition of mine for many years now - devolution of services, of fiscal autonomy, and of a proper democratic voice. I initially drafted this Bill in 2015, taking quite a different form then - albeit with similar aims. So I am pleased today to reintroduce this Bill to this House. I have worked hard to get this right for weeks, and we hope that we can rely on this House’s support to help it become law.
But first, please humour me in allowing me to give you a brief lesson in Cornish history - The area now known as Cornwall was first inhabited in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. It continued to be occupied by Neolithic and then by Bronze-Age people. The first written account of Cornwall comes from the 1st-century BC Sicilian Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, supposedly quoting or paraphrasing the 4th-century BCE geographer Pytheas, who had sailed to Britain:
The inhabitants of that part of Britain called Belerion (or Land's End) from their intercourse with foreign merchants, are civilised in their manner of life. They prepare the tin, working very carefully the earth in which it is produced ... Here then the merchants buy the tin from the natives and carry it over to Gaul, and after travelling overland for about thirty days, they finally bring their loads on horses to the mouth of the Rhône. From the Roman occupation until the 4th Century CE, to the split from Wessex in 577 AD - we have always had a proud sense of national identity. The name appears in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 891 as On Corn walum. In the Domesday Book it was referred to as Cornualia and in c. 1198 as Cornwal. Other names for the county include a latinisation of the name as Cornubia (first appears in a mid-9th-century deed purporting to be a copy of one dating from c. 705), and as Cornugallia in 1086. The 1508 Charter implicitly recognised Cornwall's ancient elected Stannary Parliament and accepted its right to veto English law that was prejudicial to the interests of the tin-mining Cornish people - who comprised much of the local population at the time - and to their heirs and successors in perpetuity. By including this veto in the 1508 Charter, the English monarchy was, in effect, guaranteeing a substantial degree of control over Cornish affairs to the Stannary Parliament. Indeed, in 1977, the British government acknowledged that recognition of the Stannary Parliament and its right of veto has never been withdrawn. Cornwall County Council commissioned a Mori poll in 2003 which showed 55% of Cornish people in favour of a democratically elected, fully devolved regional assembly for Cornwall. The people want this to happen, and we are elected to represent the people - who are we to deny them their freedom? Malta, with only 400,000 people, is an independent state within the EU. Why not Cornwall?
My point is that Cornwall has never simply just been a ‘part of England’, our Celtic nature has always stood strong and prevails to this day - although I understand that our biggest hurdle now is convincing many of you who rather see us remain under the overlordship of England. However I implore you to reconsider this position, and give us the freedom to decide our own destiny - as we do with Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Allied with this economic impoverishment has been the centralisation and transfer out of Cornwall of decision-making institutions and government offices – together with the skilled jobs they entail – to various undemocratic and faceless south-west England regional quangos, which are run by unelected, unaccountable London appointees. Westminster's frequent concern for poverty and under-development in the north-east of England is not replicated when it comes to the relative lack of state resources earmarked to tackle deprivation in Cornwall. Successive London governments have shown little respect for distant Cornwall, or its people, identity, history or culture. It is a far away place about which they know little and about which they seem to care even less. How else can the decades and centuries of neglect be explained?
Please, give us a chance to decide our own fates.
His Grace the Most Honourable Sir Sephronar KG KCT GBE LVO PC MP MSP FRS, the 1st Duke of Hampshire, 1st Marquess of St Ives, 1st Earl of St Erth, 1st Baron of Truro.
With special thanks to KarlYonedaStan and miraiwae who assisted with researching and drafting this Bill before they became members of the Quadrumvirate, as well as SpectacularSalad for their check and support particularly with Schedule Two
Lords may vote either Content, Not Content or Present to the Bill.
This Division ends on the 6th of June at 10PM GMT.
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2023.06.04 12:50 Classicfezza512 The Reimagined First Order—Resistance War

A while I'd watched the video from the Templin Institute about the revamped First Order and New Republic, as well as their extensive worldbuilding behind it. Link: However, while it's a good take, I do feel that they are still constrained by the requirements to follow the general plot of the Sequel Trilogy. Hence I would like to have a more radical reimagining of the whole situation.
They are mainly scattered across the galaxy, but united by their extremist ideology. Their modus operandi is summarised by one single word: Fear. Fearmongering through the Holonet to spread their course is arguably how they got insanely strong, preying on the people (particularly those in the impoverished outer rim populace, xenophobes as well as people nostalgic to the Empire) through propaganda, media. I drew inspirations through modern Neo-Nazis, Terrorists (like ISIS and Taliban) and even cults like AUM Shinrikyo.
Military wise, many of the higher commanders were ex-Imperial Military personnel as well as Intelligence officers, even COMPNOR Officers too. They knew with their lack of resources, they can still wage a different form of war that wasn't through direct military attacks, but through infiltration, terrorist assaults (for example: a suicide bombing on Coruscant), assassination of key New Republic officials, etc. All on the goal to sow chaos and bring instability to the New Republic and preparing their downfall so they can take over. They also had a network of proxies for their job, which combined with their scattered nature makes them hard to single out.
This time, they won't have stormtroopers, but they also had a lot of ex-Imperial equipment such as firearms, explosives lying around as well as stuff like starfighters and ships. However, they just used their limited resources to wage the most fear among the populace, which will be spread even further through the Holonet.
Their leader was well, a mysterious force user who was said to be once part of Palpatine's Dark Side Inner Circle (I was inspired by figures like Cronal and Kadann from Legends, as well as some bit of Sate Pestage). He had a unique group of Force-wielding assassins known as the "Knights of Ren". They are actively hunting for force users to be integrated into their cult-like group. Inspirations could be also taken from the Legends Empire Reborn as well as the Dark Empire.
The New Republic was aware of the Forst Order spreading dissent. While having a relatively strong and established military, calling a military action and bomb the hell out of First Order strongholds in planets like Jakku will portray them in an authoritarian light, so they decided to adapt to fighting those insurgents with a special counter-insurgency group led by the person who had the best knowledge of these shady fields. The Resistance were provided with ample resources, such as V-Wing Airspeeders (for CAS and COIN) and multi-role X-Wings, but also having access to a modified Mon Calamari Battlecruiser, Raddus as their flagship as well as Intelligence-gathering servers around the Galaxy, including the New Republic Intelligence HQ on Coruscant. Their challenges were to fight a warfare that was unique to their situation while continuing to uphold freedom, democracy and peace.
The whole nature of the battle would be similar to the Global War on Terror against factions like ISIS and Taliban. Interestingly, I would also include some unlikely allies for the Resistance, such as the Imperial Remnant and the Empire of the Hand. There is also some political intrigue within it as some New Republic senators and Imperial Remnant Moffs backed the First Order indirectly for their own gains.
I would like any opinion on the premise, as well as how the new characters, such as Rey, Finn, Poe and Rose coupd be revamped to fit in such a premise. (particularly the latter trio as they are squandered to hell)
P.S. I didn't mention Luke Skywalker. He's busy with his New Jedi Order. But feel free to churn out ideas for it.
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2023.06.04 12:49 Nearby-Sherbert-6429 I was happy 1 month ago

One month ago,I was living at home, I don't need to take care of buy vegetables and thinking about what would be in dinner. I am in worst flat and bound to live in crappy place for 1 year I bought it because this is the only place I can afford. I eat shitty food though I have a cook, because he never show up and my other flat mates are ok with this. I literally tired of party my flatmate do it everyday 24*7 drinking smoking and they bring their gf to flat which make me uncomfortable to get out of my room. I don't have bike and cabs and auto are too expensive. Flatmates are very kind person they always invite me and also pay on behalf on me sometimes. But I don't have money to spend on them I have lot of responsibilities I need to pay for my younger sisters education I have to pay parents medicine bills and I need to buy home for my parents we are living in shit hole 1 bhk rental since I was born. Sometimes, I cry for not having good childhood and not having money. Now I have money , nothing changed my 70% salary goes to my mother, leaving me to survive on 30% which is 10k for everything, rent is about 6k and remaining goes to food and travel which is not much I mostly walk or get bus pass my office is 3km away so I mostly walk . My parents are my inspiration to live and battle and never give up. But now I feel sad since I am away from my mom and dad. I miss my mom I talk with them everyday but it doesn't feel what I use to feel when I talked with my mom inperson when I come home and don't find my mom I feel shit. I m planning to change my job soon but I think I can't becoz of bond I can't pay them.
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2023.06.04 12:49 Outrageous-Sound7589 PSA: anyone applying for DSP

Be honest with your work capacity (within the last two years), including hobby income/commissions/cash jobs.
It does not mean you won’t be approved if you have worked, however if you omit this information in your application questions and subsequent JCA it will work against you.
Centrelink can and will request bank statements from any period of time.
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2023.06.04 12:45 Thrivehaze The Cure’s Robert Smith Continues His New Part-Time Job as Ticket-Price Enforcement Officer

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2023.06.04 12:44 ShadesOfRomeo How do I earn money by selling a simple photo?

How do I earn money by selling a simple photo?
Sell your Selfies online and get cash for it.
To earn money by selling a simple photo, you can consider the following steps:
  1. Determine the market: Research and identify potential markets for your photo. This could include stock photography websites, local businesses, online publications, or even individuals seeking personalized artwork.
  2. Set a fair price: Consider factors such as the quality of your photo, its uniqueness, and the demand for similar images in the market. Look at pricing models on stock photography websites or consider the time and effort you invested in capturing the photo to determine a reasonable price.
  3. Choose a platform: Decide where you want to sell your photo. You can opt for stock photography websites like Shutterstock, Droll Pics app, Adobe Stock, or Getty Images, which provide a platform to sell your images to a wide audience. Alternatively, you can explore local art markets, and photography communities, or create your own website to showcase and sell your work.
  4. Prepare your photo: Ensure your photo meets the technical specifications required by the platform or market you choose. This typically includes file format, resolution, and any necessary post-processing to enhance the image's appeal.
  5. Protect your photo: Consider watermarking your photo or using copyright information in the metadata to protect it from unauthorized use. This can help deter potential copyright infringements.
  6. Submit your photo: Upload your photo to the chosen platform or present it to potential buyers through your selected channels. Provide relevant information such as the subject, location, and any unique aspects of the photo that may attract buyers.
  7. Promote your work: Share your photo on social media platforms, your personal website, or through other marketing channels to increase its visibility. Utilize appropriate hashtags, engage with photography communities, and reach out to potential clients who might be interested in your work.
  8. Understand licensing options: Determine the licensing options you want to offer for your photo. This can include options such as royalty-free licenses, rights-managed licenses, or even exclusive licenses. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions associated with each licensing option to protect your rights and optimize your earnings.
Remember, selling photos online can be competitive, so it may take time and persistence to start earning a significant income. Continually improve your photography skills, study market trends, and adapt to buyer preferences to increase your chances of success.
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2023.06.04 12:44 Sea_Cheetah_9493 Man loses his job because his Virgin Media Internet is slow

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