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2023.03.30 07:16 BandicootSome6068 What charts help with career relationships

Can astrology readings tell you about your career choices and your purpose in life. And if you are compatible with your partner or not
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2023.03.30 07:15 indreamsforevermore It hurts so much and it's also frustrating at the same time.

I fell in love with a polyamorous guy and I'm starting to think it's the worst thing I could have ever done. He's the only person I've ever wanted to spend my entire life with the one person I could be happy with and not need anybody else ever. But I will never be the only one. Plus this man's lack of communication is very frustrating. You will be speaking to him and no word of a lie he will give one, two, or mabye three words as a response.
Sometimes youll even get lucky and get a sentence. On top of that he takes quite a long time in between messages to respond even when he's free. I also feel like the only times he talks to me is when he's in the bathtub, when he goes with his fiance to her boyfriend's house, sometimes when he's at work on breaks or lunch, and sometimes on the bus going home. I also don't have his number and we don't video chat since i live 8 hours away.
Which leaves us to talking over Snapchat and not being able to have full long conversations. Plus when you do talk you will ask him things and he will often not know what to say. It's only when you question the fact that he doesn't know what to say that he will then give kind of an answer. But its very short like 1 sentence.
Also I will try often to tell him things that nobody else has ever said to him before that make him feel special. Very romantic things and this man again will not know what the hell to say. Or when you ask him has anyone ever said that to you before? He'll say his fiance has but not in those exact words she used different words.
Which is honest but at the same time it makes me feel like there's nothing I could say or do that she hasn't already said or done you know? So what's the point of someone getting into a poly relationship with him other than the sex? Which he and I do not do because I do not want sex whatsoever plus how far i live away.
He also told me that our emotional connection is so strong and amazing because of that (no sex) and in a different way then what he has with his fiance. But I'm not going to lie it really hurts knowing that I'll always be second in his life and that everything I say she's already said but differently.
So if he's trying to form a relationship with me how's it going to work with this little of communication. On top of that we were talking earlier while he was at work and he was barley saying anything. I wrote him this big massive 26 page write up about how I felt about him using Samsung Notes. Sent it to him via Snapchat he read it and said he had no words.
But he did send me a bitmoji of him kissing my cheek and that was it. He said sorry was at work and not having a good day. Then told me later on he'd give me a deeper response. Which I know he's not going to do because he always says he'll do things like message me later respond better later and never does.
So I just thought to myself okay I know it's not going to happen but not going to worry about it because I'm used to it by now. Then I responded with is there anything I can do to make it better sorry to hear. What's something your heart needs right now. I will go to the ends of the Earth and back to make your bad day the best is ever been.
Well this man then took 4 hours and 9 minutes to respond and all he had to say was awwww just hearing that helps. Now I don't know why but I literally read it as if he was patting me on the head telling me that. Like that's just the first thing my brain thought of when I read it out loud. I know it probably wasn't meant that way but it's as if he was talking to a kid and patting them on the head you know like aw thanks kiddo.
I mean I don't know how this man can be Poly with anyone when his communication is this poor. Not only that but when you try to talk to him about the whole poly thing and discuss stuff. He pretty much just says we'll see where things go or again he doesn't have an answer and doesn't know what the hell to say. And last but certainly not least he was talking about me his fiance her boyfriend and him all moving in together one day.
But then said If someone else ever comes along another female he would speak to both of us me and fiance about her joining the relationship. Now I haven't said yes to being in a relationship with him yet were taking things slow and everything I mentioned above lack of communication no phone number no video chats it makes it super hard. I mean you can't form a connection with somebody even though he said we did with this little to go off of.
Also if he's going to be bringing more people into this relationship on top of just me and his fiance if I decide to join. I can see things becoming a disaster because of how little he communicates with me. So what's it going to be like with a third woman in the mix plus he works a lot so there's that too. I just honestly don't think either of them him and his fiance knew what the they were getting into or really thought this through just my thoughts though.
Because the day before yesterday he had taken a mental health day off work and went with his fiance to her boyfriend's house. While they were there she gave him two Edibles because she takes them for medical reasons and he was higher than a kite when he was talking to me. He was upstairs she was downstairs and he was telling me I hope she's doing him (her bf).
Because he said something about her being afraid of losing her connection I think it was or closeness with her fiance my guy friend if that made sense. So what I'm taking from that is she's scared to get close to the boyfriend because of that just my interpretation though. Which I get but at the same time if you're so worried about that why bother doing this whole poly thing.
Unless you just make it about the sex so that you never have to worry about losing your strong connection with your partner. But again just my two cents. And the only thing I'm concerned with really is me and anybody else they try to bring into the relationship because I feel like we're going to get hurt. Especially if they're trying to hold on to their connection with each other to keep it strong and then not wanting to get to close to us because of it. But those are just my thoughts what are yours? Is this a good situation to get into?
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2023.03.30 07:15 multithreadedMo MAYTAG Dishwasher arms aren't spinning dishes aren't getting clean

I opened up my Maytag Dishwasher, it's about 9 years old, and saw that during a running cycle the arms are spraying but they aren't rotating. There are items in the arms that I cleaned out several times with tooth picks, but those items didn't really seem like substantial blockages.
I'm not in a great position to purchase a new unit, I'd rather try to fix this one at the moment
Any ideas on what I should be doing to fix this?
Thank you!
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2023.03.30 07:14 moixcom44 How do i approach this. 9 game parlay. I already hit 6 out of 9. The last 3 games are for tomorrow (3 baseball games). Cashout is offered at $143. Total payout if all hits is $935. Is this hedgeable? How?

How do i approach this. 9 game parlay. I already hit 6 out of 9. The last 3 games are for tomorrow (3 baseball games). Cashout is offered at $143. Total payout if all hits is $935. Is this hedgeable? How? submitted by moixcom44 to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:14 AnonGrow- Harassment/threatening property damage

I tried to help this lady out and change her alternator. She posted in a local Facebook group .The bolt stripped, took a couple days. Started the 22nd. The 25th it was freezing rain and snow, I told her at 9 am that I couldn’t come out that day(25th). She ignored it and told me that it was her girls birthday the 26th and she was trying to have it done by then. Then said “oh, I didn’t realize how much snow was out there” after a half hour of me not replying. Nevr once said it was a problem or that I had to be out there or finish it by the 26th.
I replied saying sorry I can’t make it out today around an hour after she sent the “oh” trxt. I said I’ll be out tomorrow(26th) morning. She ignored me all day until 9pm and then threatened to call the police and said it wasn’t going to be worked on tomorrow (26th, her girls birthday.) I replied at midnight when I got off work (phone was in the car being used as a hotspot) saying “I assume you filed a police report? I’m still willing to finish it tomorrow, I told you I’d be out there tomorrow”(26th).
She replied at noon the 26th saying fuck youu dumb fucks and went on another rant, saying it should’ve been done. I replied 20 minutes later saying I can come out an put everything together or finish cutting off the bolt. She ignored me until 6pm and blew up that we didn’t come out when she stated yesterday we couldn’t since it was her girls bday. She said “don’t think you’re coming here.” I replied stating I told you yesterday give me a time to come out or tell me to fuck off and file the report, I assume this is you telling me to fuck off, I won’t be back out there.
I got 10+ more messages and 10+ calls that I ignored since then telling me I need to be out there or the cops will be called, I need to find someone who can finish the job, I need to have it towed to a shop then she threatened to bust up my car on two separate occasions and threatened that she would find me.
She called my friends phone over twenty times a few nights ago from different numbers. He answered the first call and they were screaming at him. He hung up after threatening cps (I really don’t like this but I couldn’t stop him.) She used another account to message me AND MY GIRLFRIEND and I explained the situation like I just wrote out and told her I wouldn’t be back out. serve me the papers.
In my mind, I tried on multiple occasions to make it right. She told me she didn’t want me out there, I took that at face value. Then she constantly ranted about me needing to come fix it, bring someone who can, or tow it to a shop that can.
She now knows where I live. (Complex not the apt #) Tonight I got a call from her right as I got home and then after I went and walked around the parking lot looking at the cars to see if they were there. I got another call after I went inside. I’m going out every half an hour to make sure they aren’t fucking up my car.
I really don’t know what to do. She told me not to come out there, and I didn’t, and then she got pissed that I didn’t. I replied to her multiple times trying to make things right. She ignored me for hours, and then got pissed at me.
!!!! Now she’s saying we lost a bunch of bolts. She saying the bolt for the tie rod end or control arm is missing and it’s hanging off the wheel. We never touched that. She’s also saying we broke multiple parts. We didn’t break anything apart from stripping the nut on the pulley tensioner.
The 20th she posted in the same Facebook group asking for somebody to tow her car to a shop for her. The 22nd I went and picked her up from the motel and drove her to her car at the shop. We then drove with a jump pack underneath the hood to her motel. The shop should have records of what was wrong with the car no?
As soon as she threatened the cops, I knew no matter what I did if I went and touched that car again, she was going to blame me for every single problem down the line. That is why I told her to file a police report or take me to court , after she threatened the cops.
Any insight? She’s called me three times since midnight. Tuesday she messaged me on another account and message my girlfriend. I replied, explaining the situation again telling her I’m not coming back out there. You told me not to, take me to court and serve me papers I am not responding anymore.
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2023.03.30 07:13 spookywookyy [For Sale] Mamamoo (Kpop) ticket at Kia Forum, Jun 4

WTS 1x ticket to the Mamamoo concert at Kia Forum, Los Angeles at face value ($280). Lower bowl is sold out on TM!
My friends and I got tickets together and ended up with 1 extra single ticket.
✨ Sec 125, Row 9, Seat 5 ✨
Paypal G&S but buyer has to cover the transaction fees!
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2023.03.30 07:13 thatrabbitgirl Conservatives have me convinced they are okay with pedophiles as long as women do it.

I find it interesting how many women, like IDK, Brittany Spears, can dance around talking about sex in their songs and people hardly bat an eye. Yet suddenly a man does a Britney Spears impersonation and lip syncs to her music and everyone flips out.
Oh sure, when I was a kid, one of my older sisters did talk to me privately about how my liking of the spice girls might be in appropriate for my age because of their sex appeal (and at 9 years old, I had no idea what she was talking about) but at no point did she ever refer to any of them as groomers. That said, she was literally THE only one who ever talked to me about it. Everyone else saw no problem with a 9 year old girl looking at women in sexy outfits singing along to "If you want to my lover"
Also never heard of Dolly Parton being called a groomer and she also reads to kids in libraries. I don't think anyone could argue her outfits aren't sexy.
These anti-lgbt nut jobs have me half way convinced they are okay with pedophiles as long as it's women doing it. I mean, they claim that they always speak out against sexual abuse towards children right? So why is it only sexual abuse when men do it? Why are they also largely silent on drag kings?
(For clarity drag queens are usually men, not trans women. I understand that trans women are women but drag performance is about women impersonation, not being a woman. Which is why I am referring to them as men in my rant)
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2023.03.30 07:13 Kiming4 switchable?

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2023.03.30 07:13 JohnWSmith I challenged ChatGPT-4 to chart out a new season.

Write an episode by episode breakdown of a sequel season to Twin Peaks: The Return.
Title: Twin Peaks: The Awakening
Episode 1: The Shattered Timeline Agent Dale Cooper wakes up in the town of Twin Peaks, disoriented and confused about the timeline he now inhabits. With Laura Palmer alive and some familiar faces gone, Cooper starts to unravel the mysteries of this new reality. Meanwhile, a new entity appears in the Black Lodge, introducing itself as "The Weaver."
Episode 2: The Gathering Storm Sheriff Truman receives a cryptic message from Deputy Hawk, who has been investigating strange occurrences in the woods. Cooper and Truman begin to explore these anomalies and discover a hidden room filled with records of alternate timelines. An ominous storm brews over Twin Peaks.
Episode 3: The Lighthouse Cooper finds a mysterious lighthouse that projects visions of different timelines. He encounters a woman who claims to be an ally in his quest. Meanwhile, Audrey Horne starts to regain her memories, realizing that her world may not be as it seems.
Episode 4: The Weaver’s Web The Weaver starts to manipulate events in Twin Peaks, pitting friends against each other and causing chaos. Cooper and the mysterious woman, now revealed to be a Lodge spirit named Lumen, try to counteract The Weaver's influence. Audrey investigates her father's secret dealings with otherworldly forces.
Episode 5: The Rift The storm intensifies, revealing a rift in the fabric of reality. Cooper and Lumen enter the rift, finding themselves in a dream-like world inhabited by spirits and echoes of the past. They discover that The Weaver is attempting to collapse all timelines into one.
Episode 6: The Gathering Residents of Twin Peaks, including familiar faces like Shelly, Bobby, and James, start experiencing vivid dreams and inexplicable events connected to the town's history. Realizing they all play a part in the unfolding drama, they band together to support Cooper and Lumen. The Log Lady returns with a cryptic message about the imminent convergence of timelines.
Episode 7: The Broken Circle Cooper and Lumen uncover a secret council of Lodge spirits that have been monitoring the timelines for centuries. They learn that The Weaver was once a member but was banished for attempting to control all realities. Meanwhile, Audrey confronts her father, Benjamin Horne, and forces him to reveal his involvement with The Weaver.
Episode 8: The Dance of Shadows As the timelines start to collapse, the town of Twin Peaks is plunged into darkness. Residents must confront manifestations of their darkest fears and desires. Cooper and Lumen discover that The Weaver's power comes from a mysterious artifact hidden deep in the woods.
Episode 9: The Heart of the Forest Cooper, Lumen, and the Twin Peaks residents embark on a perilous journey to locate the artifact and stop The Weaver's plan. They encounter various spirits, both friend and foe, as they navigate the shifting landscape of the woods. Meanwhile, in the Black Lodge, The Weaver prepares for the final confrontation.
Episode 10: The Awakening In a climactic battle, Cooper, Lumen, and the townspeople confront The Weaver and destroy the artifact, halting the collapse of the timelines. As the rift closes, the spirits of the Lodge, including the benevolent Lumen, must depart. With Twin Peaks saved, Cooper is left to ponder the consequences of his actions and the true nature of reality. The town begins to heal, and the residents slowly return to their normal lives, forever changed by the events they experienced.
Episode 11: The Echoes of Time The shattered timelines leave residual effects on Twin Peaks, causing unexpected reunions and revelations. Cooper helps residents grapple with their new realities, while Audrey uses her newfound knowledge to make amends for her family's past actions. The spirits of the Lodge watch from afar, ensuring the balance between worlds is maintained.
Episode 12: The Farewell As Twin Peaks returns to a semblance of normalcy, Cooper decides it's time to move on and continue his journey as an FBI agent. In a heartfelt farewell, he shares wisdom and memories with his friends and loved ones. The final scene sees Cooper leaving Twin Peaks, driving away with a bittersweet smile, ready to face whatever new mysteries await him.
In "Twin Peaks: The Awakening," the characters face the consequences of their actions and the nature of their existence, ultimately finding redemption and a renewed sense of purpose. The series explores the concepts of alternate timelines, the interconnectedness of all things, and the struggle between order and chaos in a surreal and hauntingly beautiful narrative.
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2023.03.30 07:13 Barikjik if you're here. thank you very much. i offered 4 LLs for his Budai. Countered with 2 less LLs.

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2023.03.30 07:12 porker5512 I'll never be happy

I'm a 22 year old gay man who still lives with his family (I can't afford to move out) and my family is extremely homophobic, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister and my dad told us if he ever finds out any of us are gay he will disown us, and I'm gay. My brothers all have girlfriends/wives and my parents are always asking me when I'm gonna find a girlfriend, they even tried to set me up with girls before in the past (last year they tried setting me up with their friends daughter) and of course I had to cancel last minute. When I was 18 I told my parents I was going on a date with a girl and they were so proud of me but I actually went to go hook up with a guy from Grindr and had sex with him and honestly it was the highlight of my life, It was my first and only sexual experience with a man. When I was a kid I was extremely effeminate while my brothers were very masculine and liked playing rough, I used to play with dolls with my sister, I was never like the other boys and my parents noticed that from a very young age and as a result my dad would call me the F word, would hit me, and when I was 9 he started giving me rewards for acting masculine and doing boy things which I never wanted to do. As a kid I was into dancing and fashion (I still am, but secretly). One time when I was 14 I was home alone and I tried on some of my sisters makeup and I loved it, I felt great, I felt happy. By the time I was 16 I adopted a more "masculine" personality which I still have right now, my parents no longer suspect anything, they 100% think I'm straight at this point and they just think I "grew out of it". I'm deeply closeted and for this reason I see no point in living, I'll never be happy, I'll always be miserable. I can't keep living like this, I cry everyday because I know I will have to live a lie for the rest of my life, so the only thing I could do is kill myself, it's the only solution.
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2023.03.30 07:12 Various_Difficulty58 I’ve had this Problem with GOAT for over a month now, I ordered a pair of dunks which was processing like normal up until it was sent back to the sender which placed my shoes into GOAT STORAGE. I’ve tried to ship it back to my address but it would say the exact thing “ Sent back to sender (1/2)

I’ve had this Problem with GOAT for over a month now, I ordered a pair of dunks which was processing like normal up until it was sent back to the sender which placed my shoes into GOAT STORAGE. I’ve tried to ship it back to my address but it would say the exact thing “ Sent back to sender (1/2) submitted by Various_Difficulty58 to Goatapp [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:12 DecentLurker96 [Wild PR] Making 42 saves in the win over Colorado, goaltender Filip Gustavsson is now 9-1-4 with a 1.65 GAA and a .947 SV% in his last 14 starts. For the season, Gustavsson is now 20-9-5 with a 2.01 GAA and a .933 SV%, ranking second in the NHL in both categories.

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2023.03.30 07:11 ImaginationSea3679 Peaceful Alternatives! The Experiment Chapter 5

A recent development has improved my mood, and I might be able to get a few extra posts out in the next few days.
This is going to be a short one, though I have dim plans for the next chapter or two.
Anyway, I hope you are doing well.
Security Footage Update:
Security Footage of short periods in time for the next four days after [July 9] were removed by a higher ranking member of the crew of the Reaver. Review of the footage shows more meals being provided to the human by the venlil cabin boy under the captain’s orders.
Feeding Report 173-2
Date [standardized human time] July 13, 2136
Subject’s “Feed” Species: Sivkit
“Feed” Age: Young Adolescent
Notes: “Feed” was once again retrieved by the Assistants, as the pirates continued to refuse to cooperate. After sufficient threats, however, the pirates reluctantly agreed to aid the Assistants in finding a suitable location to collect the “Feed” and in bringing the “Feed” back to the Reaver. “Feed” had sustained heavy injuries. Doctor Ka hypothesized that a smaller specimen would be easier for the Subject to kill and consume.
Feeding Process: “Feed” is placed into the cell and Subject once again undergoes visible distress, albeit a less strong reaction than last time. “Feed” has been injured in such a way that they are unable to move, allowing the Subject to approach. Subject studies the “Feed’s” injuries. Subject then attempts to staunch the “Feed’s” bleeding and otherwise make efforts to prevent the “Feed” from dying. This behavior is believed to be due to stressed out prey being less appetizing.
The Subject was unsuccessful in its efforts and the “Feed” died after 37 minutes. Subject refused to consume the body and distanced itself from it. Subject eventually fell asleep without touching the corpse. Doctor Ka did not have the “Feed” retrieved.
After the subject awoke, it continued to ignore the carcass. After approximately 8 whole hours of continued inactivity from the subject in regards to the “Feed”, Doctor Ka had the "Feed" removed from the cell. The "Feed's" blood covered the front of the Subject from its attempts to heal, and the subject itself was described as "rabid-looking" and "bloodthirsty."
Additional Notes:
The subject’s behavior frustrates me greatly. It seems to not want to eat directly off of a carcass. I will have to collect more feed for it soon to keep up with its picky demands. - Doctor Ka
Examination shows signs of the subject having eaten, yet we have yet to see it eat anything. I believe that whatever sympathy the pirates have for the subject is driving them to interfere with the experiments. - Assistant Mardo
Emergency Audio Report to the Captain of the Reaver, composed by Private Botyay
There is something very troubling that I must report. The Strangers have forbidden me and my comrades from speaking about this, but… THEY ARE KIDNAPPING AND TORTURING-
The report is cut off by the sound of a gunshot. Report was rescinded before it could be received by the captain.
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2023.03.30 07:10 fhsxfgxfdgaza Where Can I Watch Malum Online for Free streaming At Home?

Here's options for downloading or watching 'Malum (2023)' streaming the full Movie online for free on 123 Movies & Reddit including where to watch Malum (2023) Movie at home. Is Malum (2023) 2023 available to stream? Is watching Malum (2023) on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service. Details on how you can watch Malum (2023) for free throughout the year are described below.


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2023.03.30 07:10 DeliciousPassenger99 Happy Anniversary!

Life as we know is not what we ever expected or thought would or could be. Some believe what they see never knowing the hardships and struggles that come along with marriage a life long commitment most people never succeed. A lifetime of ups and downs and on the brinks of separation with divorce some people in the ear saying , do it. Evil comes in all shapes and forms buyers beware.
Smiles and laughter mostly smoke and mirrors in all reality tears of sadness compromise,mostly one sided and love hanging from a string that was always almost broken but, GOD always had a plan for us, past, present and future something I’ll always remember.
Two lovers were always what he was. One, who was kind and giving the other was always competing for he was always the best never understanding the mess he was making or the pain he was causing himself and those who truly loved and cared for him.
Always trying to keep going to make him see she was never the threat. Her only concern was how to make him see her for all she ever had was love and eyes for only he.
As time passed and life happened. Bumps grew worse and more often than ever before. They worked hard and made it through never knowing what was to come next might be the last or to much for them to bare.
Promises were made and promises were broken but never fulfilled by malice. Only by addiction and miscommunication. Terrified by judgement or lack of empathy for the other. Never did they remember a vow they once made, through sickness and health.
These are the trials and tribulations of a marriage that has stood the test of time. Most people never know or see the true meanings behind the marriage that has lasted as long as the.
The pains and sufferings masked by smiles, always a frown turned upside down but in the end Always remember this my love is never permanent and As this too shall pass.
Little steps little cry’s A newborn baby is a blessing in disguise. New parents are what we were. A promise to protect them from harm and danger. Only to be the one who will do the most damage never understanding what the consequences of their behavior. We have never done or been parents and we made mistakes big and small. To my children whom I love greatly, forgive me for my mistakes and actions for I suffer in silence everyday. I love you all and one day I hope you all will understand my story and learn to appreciate all that you have. In the end I gave it my all for you were my heart and soul always and forever My beautiful children, Ma is sorry.
Fighting and arguing with silent abuse towards each other will pave the path for their own selfish behavior. Learned from their own parents and cycles of abuse with neglect that was never intentionally done by the ones who promised to protect their little ones.
Grief and trauma is lead to therapy for I couldn’t help Covid-19s plans to change and rock our worlds to the core, never will we be the same as before.
A struggle meant to destroy the love that we all shared. We helped one another to find the love we had. Almost lost each other in the process of healing and grieving such loss and despair.
Never have we claimed to be a perfect picture, of happily endings like a fairy tale. Only in books and movies that is all only fantasy and wishful thinking.
Every day I struggle with my mental health and sobriety never knowing , will today be the day I relapse and get lost again, fighting for my life all alone to be sober again?
23 years might seem like a walk in the park. Happy days with good memories. Vacations and holidays filled with joy and laughter. Never forget the struggles that we had to overcome to get where we are today. A life filled with ups and downs, good and bad times.
Learning experiences that almost destroyed us. But we were able to learn from them and in the end we made it out the best experience. This life has made me stronger and the best person I’ve ever imagined.
I’d do it all over again with you my friend, lover My husband.
Happy anniversary Your wife 22 years
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2023.03.30 07:10 GODNiller I (20M) Don't have a "dream job."

Since I was young, I've never dreamed about being a X,Y,Z. I think one of the reasons for that is the fact that I hated school. Although I got great grades and I actually love learning, I hated the fact of having classes from 9am-5pm, which a lot of times would be boring and lead me to feeling that I was wasting time there. And then, I would reach home not having the time and the energy to do the things I liked. I always thought that the system of education (at least in my country) is organized in a way to prepare us to a job (obviously about the hours spent there and the way we spent the time, not about the issues to our health that can appear).
For me, life is about having great experiences and being free, independent, so you can do whatever you wanna do and live the way you wanna live.
Of course, that is not easy to achieve and, for that, you will need a good amount of money in order to be comfortable enough to not depend on a salary. With that in mind, by the time I was 18, I decided to take a degree in Economics (an area that I have some interest in) so that could eventually boost my possible earnings. Now, with less than 4 months to conclude it, I doubt if it was the smartest decision: Although I've never had a job, from reading people's stories on this sub and knowing real cases, it scares me what a job (in general) can do to our health and obviously, although I do not want to work on a 9-5 job for the rest of my life, i will have to earn money from it if I want to achieve my dream. Preferably, wouldn't like to spend the next years of my life doing something I absolutely hate.
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2023.03.30 07:09 kib84 [Request] Did anyone save the songs from the Throwback Thursday playlist from 3/9/2023? I just realized it was a “new”Thursday and I forgot to save last weeks songs on a new playlist so I would have them. I really enjoyed last week, so I’m hoping someone on here can help.

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2023.03.30 07:09 Useful-Ad-5868 Last Of Us Part 1 on ROG Zephyrus G15

So I have a peculiar issue on this game and I can’t find anyone with the same issue but basically no matter the graphics settings I only get 40-50fps but people with same hardware are getting 70-80+. Also in task manager my cpu is at around 70-80% usage and my gpu is at 7%???? If anyone has any insight regarding an issue like this any help would be appreciated. Edit the gpu is a 3070 mobile and cpu is ryzen 9 5900HS
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2023.03.30 07:09 seatgeekuser i’m high af and this dude had me dying

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2023.03.30 07:09 AdeptofAlliterations How to handle differing privileges?

If there are two children far apart in age, how do you handle the eldest having significantly more screen time, a later bedtime, etc.? My little sister gets to play 15-30 minutes of video games a day (she's seven and they make her hyper), but I don't have any restrictions. On weekends I might play for the whole day! (I'm 20, and I still help around the house and give her attention on those days.) Should I cut down to 30 mins as well, or just not play games where she can see? I feel like a hypocrite imposing different rules. I can't really scale back my bedtime to 8:30 or 9:00, for example.
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2023.03.30 07:09 Fossor-sFolly Paths, feeligs and patterns

Fuck, I have the biggest crush on you. It's terrible. And wonderful.
But it's been so long since I've tried to pursue anyone. I'm rusty. It's not that I don't care. But I feel like this is a dance and I'm stepping on your feet.
Last night you asked me if I wanted to watch more of your favorite show with you today. I really did want to watch it with you, but I had things to do during the day. Instead of pointing out we could watch it tomorrow night I just said no...
My mind goes to the hyperlogical sometimes. It's like this defense mechanism I used to make sense of my last relationship. And it was probably necessary then. But sometimes my mimd goes back to that. And I see day and night as 2 separate things.
Look, I'm terrified of dating. My heart often wants the craziest person in the room. And for once in my life, I don't have that crazy vibe from you.
Like you seem to like dark songs. Great! But when you send them to me, sometimes I fear you're trying to hint to me how you feel. And I'm just scared somehow I hurt you.
And look, none of this is your fault. It's just 3 years of my life have been spent in relationships with people who would change their personality at the drop of a hat to get whatever reaction from me they wanted. And I had to tip toe around them.
But you're wonderful and warm and stay that way. In the back of my head, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's pathetic. I hate this about myself. I want to tear this out of me. It's like a black mark I can't get rid of. Fuck me.
It's like the tension just rises the longer you're nice to me. And most of the time I feel like your just too good for me. And honestly, mostly I hope you do better than me. Or at least better than where I am at in life right now.
But I am desperate to rekindle that light you have in your soul within myself. And I want to chase after it and live beside it. I want to show it off to the world, and see the world become better because of it. And if anyone wants to put that light out, I want to stop them in their tracks.
But I'm afraid. Afraid I will misstep and be the one to put the light out.
My heart is just kinda vomiting up these feelings right now. It doesn't make the most logical sense. And I definitely can't tell you about my feelings yet. Your demisexual, you need more time to catch feelings. So it would be too much to explicitly tell you my feelings.
Maybe in 3 months. But even then we'd be in a distance relationship. Maybe it's just impractical and you are better off without me.
Maybe I'm just to hard on myself. Maybe there's just to much darkness within me.
But, the path back to the light is in pursuit of you. I don't think I can succeed. I think I was licked 9 years before I ever started. But dammit, I will get there one day!
And I hope that I can help you on your path through life in some way as well. Would you walk with me through life for a while? I would be grateful.
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