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2023.03.26 14:35 Dom12636 Daily news, part two cartel shoots and kills 3 victims for talking to the feds

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2023.03.26 14:33 powertripp82 Danhausen is the subject of today’s edition of ‘The Daily’, The New York Times’ news magazine podcast

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2023.03.26 14:30 saasfin Daily News

Daily News Snaps from Trading View
Daily News (
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2023.03.26 14:11 NoContextVent We are trapped and I have been backed into a corner

Hey people of reddit, I hope everyone has had a wonderful day/night! So I(21) am not really good at getting my thoughts on paper while still making sense, so please bear with me!
I have known my SO (20) since she was born, we were great childhood friends and did everything together whenever we could. Skip a few school years due to our parents moving to different sides of the city, while we stayed in touch as best as we could. We started to stop talking im guessing because "out of sight out of mind " but eventually our parents had a little get together decided to share a house and then moved in with us. It was great apart from my rapist sibling who sexually assaulted my SO from the age of 6 until she was 12, and myself from 5-10, we never spoke about what he was doing to us, we didn't know that we were both being assaulted. While that was happening my MIL was using my mother to look after her while she went off being an escort and doing drugs, and not even using that money to look after her child and somehow always being behind or skipping a month's rent (using my mum to pay more than her share). After a while my mum gave up and told her to move out, then my MIL decided to distance herself from us because my mum "abandoned her in a time of need" (lived together for over 1.6 years)
And again we stopped talking until I went to the same school as her(I moved nearby).
So when we finally realised that we had very strong feelings for each other, and decided to start seeing each other when we were 18 and 19, we decided since we already knew pretty much everything about each other's life (or so we thought) I decided to stay at her house (closer to my work) and help with her relationship with her mother as they were arguing and fighting a lot. Over the last 2 years things have gone from AMAZING to depression.
In my mind it is mainly because of her mum, when we started dating (MIL had way too many pets, we constantly stressed how bad this living situation is but she said 'at least cats don't stab you in the back!?' Like what the fuck?!) So her house always smells of shit and piss because she barely cleaned up after them and was embarrassed about it.. saying that it's never like this and she's going to get on top of it and keep it clean, well that lasted about 2 months until she gave up on cleaning and herself. MIL started drinking more and going back into party drugs slowly leaving more and more responsibility on us, and just when we thought things were getting better she "sheltered" fucking 3 pregnant stray cats when she already had 5 cats and other pets, to help with her motherly urge to protect and nurture things. In the long run her motivation to clean, look after kittens, and work was just too much for her and found comfort in a partner. Since finding this amazing person she has slowly left that motherly urge to protect, love and care for her daughter and pets to revert back into her highschooler self leaving us with all the responsibility and stress, no money, no help and no sympathy or empathy for us at all. Because as she lives ten blocks away from her own house (us) with her new partner she pretends that everything is fine and still has the nerve to pretend that nothing happened and invite us to dinner at his house because we can no longer use our kitchen because of the animals over running it.
So I believe that it is wired into her brain that she can do whatever she wants and if you don't like it, it's your fault and you have no right being mad at her cause her life was a lot worse. (She's gone through her own past traumas).
What's even worse is because of all this my partner is too anxious and depressed to get a job so we are trapped here until she starts to feel better, and also that her mum is the only family my SO has so my partner is really wanting to keep her friendship with her mum..(and that is completely understandable) but she has mentioned to her mum multiple times that we are not happy and really need help, but it never arrives so that's why I had a bit of a snap and wrote quite an emotional message for her.. and here it is....
Sorry for all the backstory let's hope this makes sense now. This was a message that I was very close to pressing send I just thought it might add some insight on how our life is going!😁
Hey _____
This is going to be shocking, arrogant and just straight up rude but i have had it, i am sick of playing pretend about our life being all happy and shit. I really dont know how to say it apart from this....
Just first these are my thoughts and a little of my partners she defends you to the ends of the earth but the truth is in my eyes you really do not deserve it.
How can a 40yr old woman treat her kid and myself like we are house maids for a irresponsible pet owner that has abandoned ship to go live with a great person so her life doesn't feel as shitty..
I dont want to say this but what makes you think that you can just give up on your responsibilities as a parent and animal owner leave us day in and day out to clean after stray animals you brought into the house on top of YOUR original pets (5) which is too many to begin with..
Making your daughter and myself either clean a whole house daily to avoid the smell of shit and piss(WHICH WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY OR WILLPOWER TO DO EVERYDAY!) And when we do clean it takes 12hours to get back to how it was or sit in the matchbox of a room and try to not to go crazy while listening to constant animal noises and the house falling apart
Just how do you stay there 10 blocks away doing coke and drinking alcohol like you are 18.. with no responsibility
Instead of being a adult and fixing your problems you decided to shift them onto kids with no money and if this continues no fucking future
How do you expect us to be happy ____ please I really want to know what you have been telling yourself to help you sleep at night because if you thinks this is ok... YOU NEED FUCKING THERAPY AND A LOT OF IT
How can we live and learn to love life if we are trapped in this fucking hell hole of house
Which I can say is doing absolute wonders for your daughters and my relationship
I really dont know why I posted this maybe so she sees this, maybe because I really need advice on how to keep our relationships because as you can hopefully tell by the "message" I am about to go ballistic and need another view on this😅
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2023.03.26 14:07 RustedLegacy Alleged UDA boss kicked out of terror group and ordered from his home by masked men

Alleged South East Antrim UDA chief Adrian Price has been kicked out of the terror gang and ordered out of his home. The crime gang purge was sanctioned by the SEA leadership in Carrick and follows increasing tensions within the UDA.
Price was once a close and trusted associate of SEA Brigadier Gary Fisher but well placed sources say the pair had drifted apart with Fisher furious Price had refused to toe the line.
He was one of a number of people whose homes were targeted by masked men armed with crow bars and baseball bats.
Price is believed to have been at home when a mob crashed through the door of his Cedar Drive home in Newtownards.
He is not believed to have been physically assaulted but is said to have been left ``shaken’’ by the incident on Thursday evening.
Tensions in the loyalist estate are said to have been high in recent weeks with Price’s mob blamed for a number of incidents in which residents had been intimidate and extorted.
The area is predominantly controlled by the rival UVF raising concerns over a possible feud but it is understood Fisher made his move after Price failed to get back in line.
Ironically Price was a staunch Fisher ally during a damaging year long feud in 2016 in Carrick which ended with the murder of former UDA commander Geordie Gilmore.
The hit came after a lengthy feud with Fisher’s SEA unit.
PSNI Detective Sergeant Westbury said that eight masked men had attacked a property in the Cedar Drive area, using crowbars and hammers to smash doors and windows.
“The resident who was present at the time was uninjured, however has been left badly shaken by the attack,” he said.
A number of vehicles were also damaged.
There is no suggestion the UVF were involved, it was purely an internal’’ matter although well placed sources say the UVF would have beenaware’’ it was going to happen.
That was to ensure they would not intervene as it was wholly a UDA issue.
Police maintained a heavy presence in the area amid fears Price may retaliate, but sources say it is unlikely.
In graffiti that appeared in the area the attacks were claimed by North Down UFF.
SEA’s power base centres on the Ratchoole estate on the edge of north Belfast and ion Carrick, but a faction set up in Newtownards and Bangor.
Price has been named in court as occupying a “command position” in South East Antrim UDA in Newtownards.
Price was one of five convicted in relation to the murder of Colin Horner in Bangor in May 2017.
Horner had been close to the Gilmore faction during the Carrick feud and had taken to social media to condemn attacks carried out by SEA.
It was enough to have him sentenced to death and he was shot in front of his infant son as he got out of his car at Bloomfield Shopping centre in Bangor.
Four men confessed to murder and were sentenced to terms of 15 and 16 years. Price was convicted of withholding information and walked free after being handed a suspended sentence.
Price and his gang have now been expelled and warned they can no longer rely on the organisation for protection.
Detective Sergeant Westbury said: “I would appeal to anyone who may have witnessed this incident or who may have CCTV or other footage that could assist with inquiries to get in touch.”
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2023.03.26 14:01 allChickensFearRice ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news

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2023.03.26 14:00 AutoModerator VeChain Daily Discussion - March 26, 2023

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VeChainThor connects blockchain technology to the real world by providing robust infrastructure combined with IOT integration, cloud technology and in-house developed NFC/QR technologies. The launch of VeChain ToolChain, VeChain's off-the-shelf blockchain platform, has allowed the protocol to rapidly accelerate adoption by leveraging the client networks of key channel partners such as DNV and PwC, through white labelled applications of the technology and innovative products such as PwC's 'AirTrace', and DNV's 'MyStory, Tag.Trace.Trust, MyCare and more
In the now-live PoA2.0 upgrade, VeChainThor becomes the first blockchain to combine the power of Byzantine Fault Tolerance with Nakamoto Consensus, eliminating the weaknesses of the two most common blockchain consensus types while harnessing their strengths - VeChainThor will be fast, scalable and secure while offering instant finality - a first in the space and an important factor for real world adoption. VeChainThor is undergoing a re-brand with a focus on delivering sustainability and carbon management-focused tools and services, enabling digital transformation for the economy and the environment.
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2023.03.26 13:59 BooksInBrooks Blocking and Astroturfing

Recently I noticed that I'm blocked by two prolific posters in sanfrancisco
One of those posters daily posts dozens of news articles from and in sanfrancisco and bayarea.
The other user posts more infrequently, but will make several "feel good" posts in quick succession of photos documenting "chill" BART trips or photos to demonstrate the city is not dysfunctional or crime-ridden, in sanfrancisco and oakland
Blocking is interesting, because by blocking a user, not only will you not see their posts and comments, but they won't see yours. Posts are hidden entirely, comments are empty and appear (in my reddit app) to be by deleted accounts.
It's a useful tool to control the conversation: be the first to post a news article about something controversial (drugs, crime, homelessness), and then block any users who don't share your opinions.
When you next post about that, the people you blocked will never see your post and won't be able to comment in it. As a result, you can get a highly visible post where all the comments agree with you, and few contrary comments are made.
Of course you then block any contrary commenters not already blocked, so the comments on your next post are even more purified and free of disagreement.
And when you make a comment, no matter how unfair or unfactual, you'll know that no one you have blocked will be able to see it to refute it.
The first poster I mentioned is close to getting a monopoly on news posts, because they post quickly and often (and the mods remove duplicates, especially about controversial topics).
The second just seems to dislike any disagreement that things are peachy-keen on BART and in San Francisco and Oakland.
So over time, the subs look like one ideology predominates in controversial and feel-good posts, because dissenters never see and can't participate in those posts.
Pretty clever, no?
You can see if you're blocked. Just sort by new, look at the list of posts, then log out and refresh the list. Any posts you now see and didn't see before, were posted by someone blocking you.
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2023.03.26 13:44 LowElectrical9168 UC Berkeley student alleges sexual assault by former Cal football assistant coach

I read this article from the Daily Californian and came away so confused. The reporter has zero evidence that the coach was fired in connection with the allegations the students made to the police, who did not pursue charges, and to the court, which denied her a restraining order after hearing all her evidence.
There is a curious sentence saying that the reporter asked UC Berkeley’s Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination, or OPHD "for clarification on its process as well as whether it had any information it could provide on the case." And that they got no response.
Why wouldn't they file a public records request for the Title IX case that allegedly happened? Some records part of that case can be produced if an allegation is substantiated.
I'm not saying I believe this man did not do what the woman claims,,,, but why not wait until you have the crucial piece of info before writing this? Without knowing anything about what happened in Title IX there is only evidence that the allegation is untrue.
The reporter does not seem to have tried to contact the coach, the alleged victim or her lawyer.
I was just shocked by the low-quality work here and the absolute violation of journalism ethics.
There is a note at the end that it's a developing story. You only do that for breaking news, which this is not,. The reporter does not even know when the coach left !
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2023.03.26 13:24 -llull- Hot Take: The Loser Update is Good, Actually

Edit: People are so mad because they were under the illusion their enjoyment of the game matters. What matters is if you pay or fill the matchmaking queue for paying customers. Are y'all barely understanding this? Don't take it out on me lol "They hated him because he spoke the truth." You get the game you pay for (and I stopped paying long ago).

I haven't seen this much vitriol since the Level 14 announcement! Take a deep breath. Resist, for a moment, the urge to smash your finger on that downvote click. I do offer some critiques to the update, as well.
You're probably thinking, "Supercell is objectively nerfing rewards and introducing changes that ruin my fun. How is this good?!"
First, ask yourself two questions.
  1. What kind of gamer are you?
  2. What kind of game is Clash Royale?
To answer #1, I recommend taking a quiz to see which Bartle player type for gamification you are. You're likely a "Killer" (<1%) or "Achiever" (~10%), although "Socializers" account for ~80% of gamers overall.
For #2, CR is a game that caters to "Killer" and "Achiever" types. In other words, most people play for competition or progression. This is backed up by the ~1-2% of players that reach Ultimate Champion.
In general, "Socializers" may play but are unlikely to find the gameplay rewarding and even less likely to spend regularly as casual players. This game is not for "Socializers" and never has been. There is no meaningful social component in the game. It is not a priority given how half-baked the "social" features like Clans, Clan Wars, "Community" events, and managing friends are. If you enjoy it nevertheless, awesome!


If you are among the 1% of players who play CR for competitive reasons, this update and the existing options are great whether you are new/veteran or F2P/Pass Holder. Here's why:
If you want to play competitively, you do not have to max your credit card and max out your cards. Play free tournaments and the challenges. This is the fastest route to improving your skills and earning the gold / cards to max your decks.


Unfortunately, the points above apply to a fraction of the player base. If you play for progression, the great news is that you have a long road ahead of you. Progression by its very nature is a grind, a lovely decorated Skinner box. It's not always this transparent or discouraging, but that is why you ("Achievers") play -- and why you pay.
The Loser update makes perfect sense, from a business point-of-view, for providing "Achievers" with a fulfilling experience. Why aren't you satisfied? Shouldn't you be? If you're truly a casual player, why does this update matter to you at all? The game is either fun or it isn't. The mechanics of the game have not changed.

Dark Patterns

Dr. Celia Hodent, a former UX Director for Fornite, identifies the following "dark" patterns:
SC slightly misses the mark for some players with this update because it's leaning hard into these dark patterns. They are ethically debatable. The SC team has to ask itself, are they trying to make monetization compelling or the game?
Consider asking that question to yourself. Is the game compelling or just its monetization? Was this ever not the case?
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2023.03.26 13:18 Black_Londoner Blood to stain the steps of St Paul's Cathedral in protest at Harry's Afghanistan kill count.

This is from the Sky News (UK) Website
"Human blood is set to "drench" one of the UK's most famous landmarks in a protest over Prince Harry's controversial remarks about the number of people he killed in Afghanistan.
Russian artist Andrei Molodkin says he will project a sculpture featuring blood donated by Afghans on to St Paul's Cathedral in the coming days, along with footage of the Duke of Sussex.
It comes after Harry faced criticism for revealing in his memoir that he killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving in Afghanistan, writing that it was "not a number that fills me with satisfaction, but nor does it embarrass me".
The prince also admitted that he did not think of those he killed as "people", but instead as "chess pieces" that had been taken off the board.
Molodkin told Sky News that Harry's remarks had made him "very, very angry" and the idea of his project "is to drench St Paul's Cathedral in the blood of Afghani people".
"They read they are just 'chess figures'... for some prince hunting by helicopter," he said. "It looked like a safari situation.
"How he told it, for him it's like a computer game."
The artwork contains blood donated by Afghans, says Andrei Molodkin
The sculpture is called Royal Blood Blood 'pumped' into royal coat of arms
Molodkin said four Afghans in Calais had already given blood for the sculpture and another five Afghans in the UK will donate when the stunt is carried out before the end of March.
The artist said about 1,250ml of blood will be used for the artwork after being taken from donors by a registered nurse, kept in a fridge and then "pumped" into the sculpture of the royal coat of arms.
Explaining how the project will work, he said: "Blood will go in the royal coat of arms, it will circulate in there.
"It will be projected... on to the cathedral - so all the cathedral will be in the blood of Afghani people."
Moldokin said a video featuring Prince Harry will also be projected on to the cathedral.
Artist will try to take blood from inside cathedral
Molodkin said he will attempt to take the Afghans' blood inside the cathedral - where Harry's parents, King Charles and Diana, were married - but he has not approached St Paul's to seek permission.
"I think in the church, you can give the blood," he said.
"It's a cathedral - it's for everyone. Everyone can come there and pray. Donating blood, it's kind of a way of praying."
Sky News approached St Paul's Cathedral for comment but did not receive a response.
Molodkin, who used to serve in the Soviet Union's army, said he explained to all the Afghan donors why they were giving blood.
Asked how they felt about Harry's remarks, he replied: "I think they are very angry."
He added: "Even in the army, you're scared to participate in the shooting of others… you're very stressed about. But he thinks it's a video game."
Afghan on Harry: 'We should get compensation'
Molodkin, who now lives in the south of France, hit the headlines last year after he produced a sculpture featuring an image of Vladimir Putin that was filled with blood donated by Ukrainian fighters.
"Now I can't go back to Russia," he told Sky News.
He believes he would face jail for his artwork if he returns to his home country under its current laws.
"I can't go there while [Putin] still has power but I truly believe it's not possible to continue like this," he added.
"People who kill so many people and start a blood war like this… and try to brainwash… can't stay longer."
THE CONTROVERSIAL ARTIST WHO USES BLOOD AND OIL TO MAKE HIS POINT To coincide with the World Cup in Qatar last December, Andrei Molodkin unveiled a replica of the World Cup trophy that slowly filled with crude oil. It had a symbolic price of $150m – a figure that matched the amount of money allegedly spent on bribes and kickbacks to FIFA officials Last August, Molodkin presented a sculpture of the White House that reportedly contained the radioactive blood of Nagasaki-born men to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs In May last year, Molodkin showcased a glass portrait of Vladimir Putin which was filled with the blood of Ukrainian soldiers. An image of the artwork was said to have been live-streamed near Moscow's Red Square as Mr Putin oversaw Russia's Victory Day parade Back in 2013, Molodkin opened an exhibition called Catholic Blood that featured an installation where he pumped blood donated solely by Catholics around his replica of the Rose Window at Westminster Abbey, which he saw as a Protestant symbol Artist Andrei Molodkin Image: Andrei Molodkin says he has been creating artwork containing human blood for more than a decade Molodkin said he has "worked with human blood for 15 years" and the sculptures he creates "represent the symbol of power", adding: "Then the people who are abused by this power, I ask them to donate blood for this".
Read more: Biggest revelations from Harry's memoir Taliban bans women from universities
Harry's comments in his book prompted criticism from senior military figures, with Admiral Lord West - the former head of the Royal Navy - reportedly calling the prince "very stupid" and warning he had increased the risk of threat against the Invictus Games.
Taliban officials called for Harry to be put on trial, with a senior leader in the group saying the militants he killed were "not chess pieces, they were humans".
Click to subscribe to the Sky News Daily wherever you get your podcasts
In response to the criticism, Harry told Late Show host Stephen Colbert it was a "dangerous lie" to say he had "somehow boasted" about the number of people he killed in Afghanistan.
The duke carried out two tours in Afghanistan during his time in the military, including one tour between 2012 and 2013 when he served as an Apache attack helicopter co-pilot gunner"
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2023.03.26 13:12 CutLip95 What are your go-to sources for daily Bengals news, trades, talk etc… ?

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2023.03.26 13:00 AutoModerator Community recommendations mega-thread!

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There are areas of Reddit I don’t frequent; there are areas of Reddit I won’t frequent; there are areas of Reddit that no doubt I am blissfully unaware of and am happy to remain that way. But I am still subscribed to well over a thousand subs on all kinds of topics and still find new ones daily.
The true beauty of Reddit is that your Reddit experience can be completely and absolutely dictated by you. The pure amount of information available on Reddit is staggering, and it’s just a matter - like in all of life - of being able to sort through that information to see what’s useful and what isn’t.

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2023.03.26 12:57 AppointmentLeft1966 How to reach 5D at will?

I have had a brief period of time where I would get 5D stuff happen. The longest bout was about a week. My emotions were up and down that week and old traumas were coming through. I went euphoric at times and peaceful. Seeing upsetting things on the news would upset me like when I saw a man having a breakdown who was being interviewed.
I was getting things like phantom sexual sensations, phantom wisdom tooth removal, visions of the past I appeared to be seeing as a consciousness rather than a physical being. A beautiful scene I went into while laying down where there were all beautiful glittery colours and white background. I saw what I believe to be my higher self and his. While I was in this space there was no sense of time or any existence just the two of us. He said something like “it’s done now” and they both walked off into some clouds.
I also saw in my minds eye a scene of him on his computer just staring at a sunrise banner which I happened to see an hour later which I didn’t even know existed on a particular channel. That week I was watching the news more than usual so I don’t know if that was picked up. I am aware he may not know anything about it but there are a few things that suggest it’s possible. From what I can tell he watches TV on his computer and therefore could have probably paused at the banner. If he knows of it, it isn’t something he would have brought up. When we have talked it’s been on the topic of what I emailed about like an interest he has I wanted to see what he typed up.
I also had third eye visions where he was walking in slow motion into a rainbow coloured portal (running actually) holding the hands of two children. Has anyone else had slow motion portal visions? Then I had phantom touches on my shoulder and smelt his cologne while I was laying down and his overall energy as I remember it.
In my case I have just accepted I can’t stop thinking of him nor can I force myself to. I want to work on my own 5D experiences and want to achieve it off my own accord rather than it randomly happening. I haven’t seen him in Years and online communication has been very limited and there are other barriers. Anyone have any tips to achieve my own 5D experience besides meditation? I’m after straightforward tips and would like to know how others achieved this and maintained it in their daily lives. I don’t want ego things running through my mind anymore like experiencing anger towards anyone I don’t like and vice versa. I don’t want to think of people I don’t like. I don’t want to watch all the repetitive stuff on the news. I don’t want to go round in circles about petty things like “oh why did that person block me” “why was that said” “why does that person act like that” or any judging of others. Any tips?
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2023.03.26 12:33 AveTheGarlic try me

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2023.03.26 12:33 AveTheGarlic try me

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2023.03.26 12:12 42points DOGECOIN DAILY DISCUSSION

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Welcome to todays Daily Discussion post. YOU ARE DOGECOIN!
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2023.03.26 12:03 Ka3kizoo 34 year-old shot and killed,another wounded in E178st,few blocks near 800 Hood

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2023.03.26 12:01 AnimeMod Anime Questions, Recommendations, and Discussion - March 26, 2023

Anime Questions, Recommendations, and Discussion - March 26, 2023
This is a daily megathread for general chatter about anime. Have questions or need recommendations? Here to show off your merch? Want to talk about what you just watched?
This is the place!
All spoilers must be tagged. Use [anime name] to indicate the anime you're talking about before the spoiler tag, e.g. [Attack on Titan] This is a popular anime.
Prefer Discord? Check out our server:


Don't know what to start next? Check our wiki first!
Not sure how to ask for a recommendation? Fill this out, or simply use it as a guideline, and other users will find it much easier to recommend you an anime!
I'm looking for: A certain genre? Something specific like characters traveling to another world?
Shows I've already seen that are similar: You can include a link to a list on another site if you have one, e.g. MyAnimeList or AniList.


Other Threads

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2023.03.26 12:00 AutoModerator Daily News Feed March 26, 2023

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2023.03.26 11:55 Rinczmia Daily Questions Megathread (03/26)

Hello Heirs! This is the Daily Questions Megathread.
You are welcome to use the daily thread to ask general or personalized questions instead of creating a new thread.
Please ask all your beginner questions here as well. Help each other out and don't forget to thank/upvote fellow heirs!

Useful Link(s):

Other Megathreads
Weekly Gacha & Rant Megathread
Weekly Friend & Guild Recruitment Megathread
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