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Improv, one word at a time.

2016.12.16 02:25 Lil_Bits Words that start with t

Words that begin with the letter t.

2021.02.03 14:52 genegerbread uselessumlaut

Dedicated to pointing out umlauts that don’t change the pronunciation of a word when used with a certain letter.

2023.03.30 06:36 Koreanoir Finding a balance between satisfying story and enigmatic elements

A few months ago I completed a feature-length adaptation of a short story by a horror author who is fairly well known within the world of Lovecraftian weird fiction. I paid for an option on the story, and I have something of a working relationship with the author (I adapted another one of his stories, and we've communicated frequently about different ideas for scripts).
The story in question has been analyzed extensively in online forums, blogs, podcast episodes, etc. and I had no intention of using a film adaptation to definitively answer all the questions that provoked so much speculation. Having effectively lived within the story for the months it took to write the script, I’ve got clear answers to a lot of questions a viewer might have after the first time watching the film, but I have no intention of giving all the answers away and discarding the cryptic elements that have fascinated so many readers. Nothing in the script is arbitrary, and clues are sprinkled throughout. Some things are left a little more ambiguous, or maybe suggestive is the better word, where Explanation A and Explanation B might be equally plausible (and, from a certain angle, maybe Explanation C makes a bit of sense…) but you’re never going to get a definitive answer about it. Think Mulholland Drive, Donnie Darko, Eyes Wide Shut, etc. (I'm not comparing my script to any of those, just pointing out that it would likely fall into the category of movies that could initially frustrate a viewer, but reward repeat viewings).
I sent a draft of the script for an evaluation to The Black List. Here's an edited version of some of the feedback:
"_____" is a unique and intriguing horror story with a distinct worldview and a dreamlike atmosphere. While eventually we want a more definitive plot, the script creates such a singular nightmare that its surreal tone draws us in... We do want more answers, but what the script leaves us with is haunting and memorable in its own context.
As fascinating as this script is as a philosophical portrait, the story itself is underwhelming and flat. There is a general lack of direction or driving motor that makes the pacing drag out and the plot often feel nonexistent. This tone may be better suited to the literary source material than a cinematic feature, because the cerebral, somewhat detached approach can seem endless and repetitive. The lack of details and clarity can be frustrating... The ultimate takeaway is hard to discern. It's as if the story is keeping something from us, and we have lingering questions.
"___" is a one-of-a-kind cerebral horror story that grabs our attention and doesn't let go. The script engages cerebrally and viscerally. Fans of [original author] would be drawn... Right now it can be hard to grasp the overall takeaway. Still, it's a compelling script overall, and it leaves a strong impression. The movie would be worth talking about. "
I'm not going to contest that I could do more add some momentum to the story, and I've been working on restructuring a few scenes to make their connections more direct. I've also been trying to increase the sense of urgency and momentum. That said, much of the criticism reflects my actual intentions for the script. Many of the scenes aren't supposed to have a clear purpose until the whole story is consumed and processed. There's a central plot point on which much of the action pivots that is not revealed until literally the last line of dialogue, or what would probably be the last ten seconds of screen time. The main character does drift through certain nightmarish scenes that don't obviously connect until some secrets are revealed later, sometimes through blink-and-you'll-miss-it lines of dialogue. And again, there are other secrets which aren't fully revealed, but suggested - very deliberately, since that's part of the original story's enduring appeal.
So while I'm not dismissing the criticisms, and acknowlege that there's room for improvement, I guess my question is whether or not this seems like a serious issue, or something that's simply going to require a more open-minded audience. I know that has an air of "These philistines can't recognize my unique genius!" and I'm very conscious of not wanting to come across that way. So I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's had struggles with more unconventional or "difficult" material that doesn't necessarily tick all the boxes from screenwriting class. I guess I'm stuck between making adjustments to satisfy a hypothetical everyman audience and keeping the integrity of my original vision, and the author's.
Thanks in advance.

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2023.03.30 06:36 sankalp_pateriya Narcolepsy/ Sleep Paralysis/ Early Onset Parkinson's?

Info about me: Male, age 26, weight 79KG, height 5ft 5in
My conditions and medicines that I take:
Hypothyroidism, taking Thyroxine 75mcg on weekdays and 85mcg on weekends
Hypertension, taking Cilnidipine 20 twice daily
High Cholesterol, taking Atorvastatin 20 once every night
I'm having on-and-off symptoms of Parkinson's for over a year now coupled with severe episodes of sleep paralysis and now I just feel like sleeping all of the time with elevated Parkinson's symptoms! Will see a doctor soon, but I was wondering If anybody could give any insight on this it would be very helpful! Thank you!
For over a year I'm experiencing these symptoms but never went to a doc because I thought I was overthinking too much.
Either I'm sleeping too much or too little. Sometimes I have trouble identifying things or objects, I would look at an object for five minutes but I wouldn't be able to identify the color of that object. I would get severe sleep paralysis at night after which I couldn't sleep for the whole night. I am forgetting things and stuff. Also having twitching at the left side of my head temple which is also annoying. When I go for a walk I just feel like I would fall asleep any time so I'm even scared to go out for a walk! I also suffer from slurred speech since birth. Also unable to focus on what's in front of me, like I wouldn't be able to figure out what's going on in front of me!
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2023.03.30 06:35 Karensp1119 Getting a job with a felony

I’m in Florida, I have a felony for dealing in stolen property. My offense is from March 2018 but conviction/sentencing wasn’t until Oct. 2021 due to Covid pushing back court dates and my public defender trying to get me a plea deal.
I’m on probation until Oct. 2024. After Hurricane Ian hit I lost my home and job and had to move to a town in the middle of no where because it’s the only rental I could find that would approve me with a felony and my fiance was offered a construction job here.
I can not find anywhere here that will hire me. Got hired at dollar general, then got an adverse letter, went through interviews at places and was sure I’d get hired then didn’t because of my background.
Does anyone have advice? Im looking at work from home jobs now and most won’t hire me because of this. Im getting so depressed and hate relying on my fiance to provide everything financially for us and our daughter. I made a mistake 4 1/2 yrs ago when I was an addict. I’ve been clean and sober since 2018 and just want to help provide for my family.
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2023.03.30 06:35 TheDiabeticGM Just read Edgedancer

First off. Wow. Its soooo good to be back on Roshar. It was TORTURE tearing myself away from these books to follow the pub order after I finished Words of Radiance. For as much as I loved Era 2 (minus The Lost Metal) and Secret History.... Its so good guys. I still hold Mistborn Era 1 as my personal favorite.... The story there is just so tight, so well paced, it's got everything I want and it contains the best secrets and the most compact lore. But man. I really thought nothing could live up to that and yet, by the time I was done with book two of Stormlight. I KNEW that I had a second favorite series of all time, lol. Anyways, can't wait to get to Oathbringer.
Now, as for Edgedancer.... What in the f*** is a Sleepless?!? I WAS NOT expecting that to happen. If it's explained in any of the published material just tell me to RAFO but man, that horror monster came out of nowhere. It sort of reminded me of one of the like evil, demon Spren Dalinar was fighting in the Purelake in one of his visions. Are they related to that or do they have nothing to do with Spren? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they were from another world they are so weird. My mind went to Taldain for some reason even though I am yet to read White Sand.
Szeth. Oh, man. And he has Nightblood. I am so excited to see where he goes. So curious to see what powers he has now. What is that after image all about?
I found it curious that when Lift swore the second oath in this book that it wasn't like a big explosion of power or anything super crazy like when she committed an act of Regrowth at the beginning or each time Kaladin did so. Also, what's up with her name? It sounds like a chosen name or a nickname not a given one.
And what is up with her gift from the Night Mother? It seems like the Old Magic is a real monkeys paw sort of situation. I got what I assume is a big reveal from Oathbringer spoiled for me about the basic principal of what happened to Dalinar and his wife so..... Idk. That just makes me all the more curious! I know pretty much only Taravangians curse, I only know Lift and Dalinar supposed boons. I wanna know more!
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2023.03.30 06:35 Historical_Glove_998 I spent $15 on a 1 g nug of Shango - Lemom Lemon Shiv

I spent $15 on a 1 g nug of Shango - Lemom Lemon Shiv
The prices are insane for this flower but I had to try it because it is my favorite terpene combo and I was not disappointed! It was a cure on. This is perfect! It's still so fresh. Smell and taste are five out of five and. The highest perfect so far with a heavy cerebral head high and pulsating tingles throughout the body! Might be worth 101 for a quarter lol
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2023.03.30 06:34 HugeWorth6029 My stepfather destroyed the whole relationship with me, my mom and brother and now is asking for forgiveness.

First I want to appologise for my bad writing skills, I never wrote something like that before but I really need to get this off my chest.
So my (m16) stepfather just destroyed the beautifull 3 years relationship with us by cheating on my mom with a employee of his company. We built a whole new life together, I dont even know why he would ruin everythinglike that... We were all just so happy... well, at least me, my mom and brother I guess. Me and stepfather were very close to each other, we talked a lot, had a lot of fun together and even played video games together. I even liked him more than my own dad. This whole thing broke my moms heart in a million pieces, she did everything for him. When she found out he cheated on her, she was completely devastated, a mix of rage and sadness. And she was crying, sobbing as I was just standing there... Watching this whole thing knowing that I couldnt do anything about it. Eventually she lost her head even and started trowing and breaking stuff furiously like a psychotic person. It took me a few seconds so my brain could tell reather if that was actually happening or not, cuz this couldnt be true, I thought. And unfortunately, it was, and I was the one that had to hold her so she wouldnt hurt anyone or even herself while i tried to calm her down. I've never seen her act like that, shes not the type of person that would do this. It was unreal, I was so confused, lost, scared, desperate... Seeing her like this just didnt feel real at all... lt just felt wrong... As I was trying to calm her down I eventually managed to do so, she calmed down and came back to normal, still crying a lot. She suffered from a really horrorible depression in the past and im afraid that it can come back even worse, since she still has anxiety issues. We had to move out to start a new life from 0, so we (me, brother and mom) packed our stuff up and the housekeeper let us stay in her house temporarily thankfully.
Next day (today), at 23:40 my stepfather sent me an appology text...
I cant just forgive him you know... I feel just as betrayed as my mother does, he ruined our lives like if it was nothing. I just left him on seen but I may not even reply to his message at all, I guess...?
So thats it... Thanks for reading and feel free to ask/tell me anything.
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2023.03.30 06:33 A_Lightswitch Rant: I cannot stay focused, nor can I bring myself to review what I have already done.

For context, I have been out of school for a year now, and I have unmedicated ADHD.
For the past few weeks, I have been doing UWhirl reviews. I would do the corresponding amount for each section (59 for CP,BB,PS, and 53 for CARS), and I would get through all of them. But that's the extent of my review. I struggle so much with trying to look over what I have already done. I know that this is probably where a lot of my issues come from. If I had the drive to keep going and review what I had already done, then I know I might do better. But genuinely and truly I feel like I cannot. With how my job is, I'm lucky if I'm at home by 6:30, and eating dinner, spending time with family, talking to my gf and friends, that takes me straight to 9pm. Assuming I want to be in bed and asleep by 11, it doesn't leave much time to study. I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday off, and half a day on Thursday, but even then, I have so much going on that its hard to sit and try to study for 3+ hours. I've calculated it and since January, I have only studied for about 36% of my planned days.
Another major struggle is not having my mind wander to whatever else its thinking about. Typically, there will be a word in a passage that will get me thinking about something and then bam I've lost 5+ minutes. On my most recent practice exam, it was extremely common for me to have gotten through 15 questions in 50% of the time. I don't know if it's just me, or if it's the blue print exams, but I am struggling so hard with reading the passages and remaining focused. No matter how close my test conditions are to the real thing, I just cannot focus on the passages for long enough.
I took the real exam in May 2022 and scored a 505 (126/126/125/128). I really studied for it in 3 weeks with a practice exam every other day, but my study and test conditions were less than ideal (taking 10+ hours to finish the exam, texting + calling in the middle of it). But I wasn't working, all I had to focus on was gf and exam. I also attribute a lot of that success to having just graduated, so my mind was still in school mode, and I remembered more content than I do now.
My next exam is 5/12 and my BP scores keep coming down. 505->503->501->496. Its really stressing me out because each time I take one of these practices, it feels harder and harder to focus on wtf is even stated in the passage. My friend says that it all comes with practice, so I should just remain steadfast in my review, but I can barely bring myself to review anything after a 10 hour shift at work multiple times a week.
I am extremely desperate, anytime I've reached out, people have told me "just keep trying" and while it is good advice, it's very hard for me to even get out of bed for my job. I do have MDD, GAD, and ADHD, all of which I am working through, but every psych I see will not help me with my ADHD because I'm "too smart and too driven" to actually have ADHD (even though I've had an official clinical diagnosis for over a year).
So thats where I'm at. Mcat, if you have any advice as I'm trying to find a psych that believes my conditions on how to pick myself up and really get working, I'd love to hear it. Feel free to ask any questions that may guage my sitch better. Thanks for reading this far, and may you all be blessed with 528s :)
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2023.03.30 06:33 Last-Of-My-Kind A few Beta Pokemon Return as new Evolutions:

A few Beta Pokemon Return as new Evolutions:
Additional Notes:
The original names of the beta pokemon are in quotes. I tried to come up with interesting and fun names for their reintroduced counterparts and make them truly unique pokemon without bein OP or broken like what usually shows up on Theorymon Thursday. Their BST are based on their in-game counterparts.
  • Mirrorrim's name is a Palindrone. Like it's namesake, conceptually its a mirror (Animon original evolved from Ditto using a Metal Coat). I gave it a learnset based on copying and mirroring the opponent. Yes, it DOES have Sketch, however it only learns Sketch ONCE and only once. It won't be broken (Although I'm sure fun use could come out of it). The BST is a play on Ditto's as all of its stats are all base 48 and Mirrorrim's are base 84 (a mirror image). The new ability Doppelganger is Imposter but it always activates when facing a new opponent. This is certainly a double edge sword.
  • Turbonch gets its name from the words Turban and Conch. The BST is based on its counterpart Cloyster. Due to the hard/rough appearance (and nature of shells), I gave it the Rock typing in addition to Water. This also helps to check it given the 4x weakness to Grass. Moveset has many moves added. Can be a good hazards mon. Abilities given include Strong Jaw for obvious reasons, and a new ability I made called Venomous. Many pokedex entries talk about the poisonous nature of "shellder" on the Slow family line. So I wanted to do something that related to this. I felt 20% or 1/5 chance for a bad poison status was fair and not too much to roo small , especially since ALL attack moves used by it will have that chanxe.
  • Tangantula's name is derived from the words Tangle and Tarantula. I didn't add too many new moves as it will learn everything it counterpart Tangrowth will. But I added a few to round of the addition typing of Poison; which I gave to it to make it distinct from Tangrowth and had some fun with the concept by making it evolve using the Poison Stone, which was cut from the game, just as Jaranra was. The new ability Ensnaring Vines lowers the speed of all grounded pokemon by 1 stage except for the user. It affects partner pokemon for balance ( or benefit). BST is based on Tangrowth.
  • Lastly Diurnowl derives its name from the words Diurnal (opposite of nocturnal) and Owl. With that said, it evolves from HootHoot using the Dawn stone. BST is once again based on its counterpart Noctowl. I gave it Psychic Typing since GameFreak should have done that with Noctowl in the first place. And I added in some Psychic type moves to the movepool. Lastly, the new ability is Esper Force (couldn't think of a better name) but it is essential Trick Room upon switch in. And it remains as long as Diurnal is on the field. This could be dangerous (especially late game), however, with so many weakness, it can be taken out pretty fast. Plus, it can be countered or removed by use of Trick Room snd othe means that affect TR.
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2023.03.30 06:33 maallyn Are there any stores here in Bellingham that sell five finger type barefoot shoes

I am thinking of switching to the five finger barefoot type shooes for my skipping around and dancing as well as doing my power walks. I don't run, though.
Many of you have seen my dancing, but if you haven't you can go to and look at the first video. It shows me dancing and Batterby field. What I want to know if this type of dancing would be okay/better in barefoot type shoes. I am currently using my cycling shoes (with no cleats, though).
I tried REI, but they knew nothing in the Bellingham store and they don't carry these shoes at all.
Is there any place here who know what they are doing with barefoot type shoes?
Thank you
Mark Allyn
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2023.03.30 06:32 openheart2023 Is it reasonable to ask my mum to talk to a therapist and pass on my number to them before we talk again?

I blocked my mum in January. This was after a disaster of a Christmas. Which was after a disaster of a summer, the first time I decided to spend a week with her after 10 years of short visits one or two times a year. This 10 year period started when I ran away as a 16 year old to get away from the constant drinking, yelling or ignoring my existence at home. No physical abuse. Just every single chance was taken for her to put me down, especially when I was a vulnerable child and came to her for help. It hurt me so deeply, needing a mother's love and being told instead that I'm ruining her life with stupid problems.
Anyway I blocked her. I don't get her messages but she gets mine. As long as she didn't block me back. I wouldn't mind if she did. I held back nearly all details of my personal life for those 10 years because she used any vulnerability against me every chance she got. Before I blocked her I sent her texts explaining exactly how I felt about her, all the abuse I'd gone through after I ran away due to believing I actually deserved to be beat up because she told me that. I told her she won't ever see myself or her grand child again unless she can get mental help and prove to me somehow that she has changed her ways. Is this unreasonable?
Sometimes I miss her so much I can't stop crying. I get so angry and sad. Then I remember that I've never successfully had a conversation about feelings or love with her without her turning it into yelling or insults. And I don't miss her anymore. But I still feel bad for her. I texted her a couple nights ago asking her to give my number to the therapist she is seeing (she's probably not seeing one) so I can give them perspective on the situation so they can better focus on what she needs to do. I don't know if any of this is appropriate. I don't know if she answers cause she is blocked. I can't stand to see any words from her anymore. Should I just leave her alone forever? Or am I being too harsh? I don't know if this is reasonable at all. I have a sliver of hope but I can only stand to communicate about her if it's through an impartial third party like a doctor.
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2023.03.30 06:31 MerlinandArthurp Some of you take the label INTJ too seriously

I'm an INTJ and I can't help but notice the pretentiousness apparent in this sub. Being an INTJ is just an archetype and doesn't actually speak to your personal traits or interests. We share a common base personality but there is room for differences. Being an INTJ doesn't make you "intelligent" and certainly doesn't make you above others. I dont have many friends myself, but I can't help but wonder if the reason some of you don't is because of you're insufferable.
On top of this, trying to navigate real-world relationships with what is in essence a glorified BuzzFeed quiz is, for lack of a better word, just plain stupid. Believe it or not, your INTJ friend/S.O./parent may not be distant with you for reasons that the mbti can explain.
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2023.03.30 06:31 Dangerous_Teaching62 Why do people say sewer slide instead of suicide?

It wasn't until today that I noticed this. A ton of different people on Instagram started using sewer slide. Genuinely made it hard to not laugh at serious things.
Personally, I have a close enough relationship with this to where I'd be the one these content warnings are usually for.
But I can't help and feel like it's slightly ableist. It's turning suicide into a flat out bad word. It's like when people say depre$$ion. It makes it silly but also adds more stigma imo.
And I refuse to call myself a sewer slide survivor.
Well... Unirinically at least.
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2023.03.30 06:31 Matigarcia99 LOSING HOPE IN DUOLINGO

I've been getting so annoyed lately at this app, i feel like it could be SO good for learning with the structure and resources it has, but makes me desperate how bad the aproach to learning feels to me right now.
I'm at unit 30 in both French and Portuguese and i'm losing all motivation.
How can it be that still in most exercises i have to write the answers in my native language instead of the one i'm learning?
How can it be that i keep getting exercises where i just have to complete the missing word in a sentence? Where is the challenge?
I don't want more exercises to select bubbles with words, why can't i choose to type always with the keyboard?
The worse part is that those are all easy to fix, why doesn't Duolingo let you customize your training plan, giving you only the type of exercises you feel are working?
I would love to get more of this exercises:
Having to translate sentences from native to the language i'm learning.
Having listenings and needing to write out what was said.
Having listenings and needing to answer about the situtation played in the audio.
And not to mention that all this refers to the PC version, which is the best alterative. I've used the mobile app a couple of times and it is literally a kids game.
Im not trying to hate on the app, i'm just being critic because it just annoys me so much how good it could be, i hope it can be improved in the future and i hope im not the only one feeling this way :(
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2023.03.30 06:31 loves2color Anyone else trying to puzzle out the lyrics to the new leaked P5X songs?

I’m cautious and a little confused about P5X in general but more Lyn is always good. I currently want to shoot these songs up directly into my veins, but now I’m quickly encountering the problem that I can’t sing along because I have no idea what most of the words are. (I am used to having to look up the lyrics for Persona songs, but this time some of it may also be due to unfinished audio mixing.)
There’s a few lines that are very clear, and a few others where I think I have some idea what they might be getting at, but some I just can’t tell. And it seems like this is all so new that nobody else on the Internet has any idea either, so I figured I’d see if anyone else has some ideas, or at least wants to join me in obsessively listening to the videos trying to figure out what that one line is.
We already have some official lyrics for Last Strike (which is the only one I’m NOT listening to on repeat, rip—it’s just not as punchy), but nothing for the other two. Here are the really scattered parts I’ve been able to make out and I’m sorry in advance if some of this is really confusing to read:
Wake Up Your Hero
Shadow Loop
That‘s all I got for now. Suggestions are welcome if you heard something I didn’t.
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2023.03.30 06:30 SnooRegrets4878 The Blessed Man - March 29, 2023

“And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” (Psalm 1:3)
The first Psalm constitutes a contrast between the godly individual who delights in God’s law and the ungodly person who is destined for destruction. “Blessed” literally means “happy,” and the habits of such a happy one are described as not only avoiding the thought patterns and lifestyle of the ungodly (v. 1), but also delighting in and obeying the Word of God (v. 2). Our text describes four results of being blessed or happy in the biblical sense.
First, “he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,” with the implication being to dwell in a secure, bountiful state. The verb “plant” actually means “transplanted,” now firmly rooted and provided for, no longer vulnerable, tentative, and undernourished.
Second, he “bringeth forth his fruit in his season.” One does not so nourish a tree without any purpose. Here, following the analogy, the godly individual, nourished and protected by his Maker, can likewise expect to accomplish a purpose—in this case to bear spiritual, eternal fruit.
Third, “his leaf also shall not wither.” Eternal life is the present possession of all who have been “transplanted” by the Lord. Such a one can expect to faithfully bring forth precious fruit in each season of his life.
Fourth, “whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” Success in each endeavor undertaken by one whose delight is the Lord can be expected, such success defined by that which brings spiritual maturity, and eternal fruit, and prosperity, as He defines prosperity.
“For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish” (v. 6). JDM
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2023.03.30 06:30 Iwentgaytwice Tomorrow's the day.

I travelled late last night from Seattle to San Francisco to have a double incision top surgery with free nipple grafts with Dr.Mosser at Saint Francis hospital on the 30th or tomorrow. I have been pretty cool about everything up until about the last hour or so. I know I'm making the right decision but I'm worried about the pain and recovery. I work in healthcare so I KNOW it'll be okay but it's still there - I'm away from coworkers, friends and family. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.30 06:30 VNTBLKATK [TOMT] [word] a possibly French phrase or word ive heard

I've heard it used in conversation its something like
Leplaun or aplaun, L'plaun, leplon etc
Eg "meandering about with casual leplon"
"He was doing this thing with casual leplon"
Etc, I can't find the word or saying anywhere but I know I've heard it before
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2023.03.30 06:29 Expensive_Pay_7123 bars pt2

Dph seems to make all my straight thoughts go away deep insider seen a spider now I need some penis cider I'm so spun fuck My mom girls will never make me cum no grandkids can't break this greatness that I get from dicks holy shit drugs are strong I've been straight for this whole song it wore off I love thongs my girls pussys super strong your a rookie I do bong you eat cookies I chow on pussy hair I'm a bear I've eaten girls underwear I've had sex in a lake and I'll bet you'll think it's fake that she loved it said I'm great let me set the record straight I'm the record I am straight I only hate sex it's not great I love friends and my pal Jim I spend every day with him we eat drugs and yell at girls that dude owns my whole ass word Kate has sex with Jim sometimes it makes me yell at him and cry Kate don't play she hates drugs she can wait for us to thugs it's just fate we move like slugs if you've read this far I love you jim
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2023.03.30 06:29 throwaway_account_xa I want to end my period permanently due to my health circumstances, but others don’t want me to

I’m 18, and I was recently confirmed to be absolutely infertile with no chance of having a kid on my own without medical help. This is due to a genetic mutation I’ve been dealing with for most of my life (basically my body skipped the “young female” hormonal stage and I went straight from being a prepubescent kid to (hormonally) a postmenopausal old woman)
I will admit that my parents cried at the appointment when the obgyn told us, but I honestly don’t feel that bad. I’m a lesbian, and I’ve been sure of that since middle school (I’m in college now). I never want to have biological kids, and I know now that even if I wanted to through a surrogate or something, it most likely wouldn’t work.
This is not something I’m hung up on. If anything, it works out better for me because now my parents won’t be nagging me for grandchildren. I’m not out to them yet, and because of that, I think they think I should be more shaken by this news.
I’m not. It’s not like in the future I’ll be with a guy and want to have a kid with him. Also, pregnancy is something that has killed a lot of women in my family. We’re POC, so that’s not helping anything, but just naturally it doesn’t seem to work out. I would’ve had 5 siblings instead of just 1 if all my mom’s pregnancies worked out. It got so bad that one of the pregnancies even needed chemo to get rid of it.
I don’t want that, but my parents seem to think I do, they say I’ll grow out of not wanting kids.
Since I have no use for my uterus. I now want to get rid of my period permanently. I can’t even have a period without synthetic hormones, since my ovaries are pretty much nonfunctional on their own.
I’ll still have to take the hormones, because being postmenopausal is apparently not good for my bones and heart. I’ve asked a couple friends what they think about this, and the reaction has been mixed. Some people say to go ahead, and others say, in the words of one of my closest friends, “there’s probably a good reason we have periods, and it’s probably not smart to get rid of it when you’re this young.”
It would be near impossible for me to get a hysterectomy in the near future (because of my age and although it’s not a law, most of the hospitals in my area would require me to have written consent from my imaginary husband because Texas).
I don’t think I’m being rash, because honestly, I’ve been mulling this over ever since I figured out I didn’t want to be with a guy or have kids with anyone. It’s just that now I have an actual reason to do it. I’m infertile. That’s it. IVF probably wouldn’t work on me, and it’s too expensive anyways.
This may be considered a sour grapes situation, but I don’t care. I have no use for my period anymore, so I don’t want to have it. I didn’t have it for three years, and besides the hot flashes and weird skin stuff that came with being postmenopausal, it was great.
When I get my own insurance, getting rid of my period (hopefully forever) is the first thing I want to do. Even though it’s something I feel strongly about, the reactions from my friends, and the potential reaction from my parents, has me second guessing myself.
I know this is a major, and irreversible, decision. I have a few years to think about it, but I just want to know that I’m not crazy for thinking like this. So much of a woman’s life still revolves around having kids, and now that I have a valid medical reason, I want out of that and everything that comes with it, hopefully permanently.
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2023.03.30 06:29 mialg The Top 8 Male Impotence Myths

The Top 8 Male Impotence Myths
Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: "There are two things, science, and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance". Those words still ring true today.
Many of the myths and legends about impotence, borne out of ignorance thousands of years ago, still influence our sexual culture. Primitive cultures believed that male virility was intricately interwoven with power, wealth, and domination.
So it's not surprising that beliefs persist in several cultures that to lack virility, or worse still, to be impotent, is to lack the very essence of life. Manhood and the "ability to perform" are inextricably linked, so impotence is viewed as a "lack of manhood".
Even though the twentieth century brought about radical changes in gender roles, on ethnic, economic, social, and cultural levels, sexuality and impotence are still shrouded in mystery, secrecy, and a good deal of confusion.

Myth #1 - "Real men" don't experience impotence

ALL men over the age of 30 experience impotence as least once in their lifetime. It's estimated that over 150 million men worldwide have impotence; in fact, reports suggest this figure could be as high as 300 million or more. Estimating the numbers is difficult because less than 2 men in 10 seek treatment for impotence problems.
Impotence (or erectile dysfunction) is defined as the inability to produce and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Impotence is not considered to include a lack of libido, inability to ejaculate or achieve orgasm, a lack of strength, or the loss of "manhood".

Myth #2 - Impotence is "all in the mind"

Less than 20% of impotence cases have a primarily psychological cause. The majority of men with impotence have underlying physical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or prostate cancer. Stress, anxiety, and loss of self-esteem are often secondary psychological factors that occur if the impotence remains undiagnosed and untreated.

Myth #3 - Impotence is a natural part of growing old

Although it's evident that the chances of experiencing impotence increase with age, this is largely due to the increased risk of having an underlying physical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. To compound this factor, several medications prescribed for these conditions can cause impotence.

Myth #4 - There is no "cure" for impotence

Although medical science hasn't come up with a permanent "cure" for impotence, several very effective therapies are available. Oral medications such as Viagra have revolutionized the treatment of impotence, however, impotence pills don't work for everyone. Other safe and effective treatments include vacuum pumps, injections, and penile implants.
Once the impotence is effectively treated, most men go on to lead active, satisfying sex lives.
Suggested Read: Revitalize Your Sex Life with This Highly Effective Erectile Dysfunction Supplement
Red Boost is a premium erectile dysfunction supplement that has proven to be highly effective in enhancing sexual performance. The supplement is made up of powerful ingredients that have been clinically tested to boost blood flow, increase libido and improve overall sexual function.
Red Boost is safe, natural, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for men who want to experience harder, longer-lasting erections. If you're looking for a high-quality ED supplement that delivers, then Red Boost is worth considering.
"If anyone consumes this supplement for six months, the effect of this capsule can impact for two years"
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Myth #5 - Impotence is a man's problem

Both partners in a relationship can experience problems when impotence goes untreated. Often failure to communicate and denial of the problem leads to depression, anxiety, and lack of self-esteem for both partners. A tendency to avoid sexual contact can often leave the partner feeling unloved, unattractive, and unwanted.

Myth #6 - Impotence is too embarrassing to discuss with anyone

Several men find it very difficult to discuss any problems they may be experiencing, particularly impotence. Impotence can often be the symptom of an underlying medical condition and won't simply "go away" if it remains untreated.
Once the condition is diagnosed, suitable treatment can begin immediately and the problem can usually be alleviated.

Myth #7 - Men should know all about sex

The consensus is that men instinctively know how to have sex. But clinical studies confirm that impotence can result from a lack of knowledge and ignorance about the "mechanics" of sex.
A common misconception is that sex is a simple and straightforward process for men. Not true. Many men find it difficult to discuss the subject, and asking questions would reveal their ignorance and lack of knowledge and possibly threaten their masculinity. Media images of the virile male in action only serve to further alienate those men who don't understand "the basics".
Talking to a specialist counselor or therapist will quickly clear up any misconceptions and help overcome problems due to a lack of knowledge.

Myth #8 - Men always want sex

The myth that men are always "ready, willing, and able" is simply not true. The commonly held misconception of the "dominant male" has been proven to damage the sexual, physical, and psychological well-being of several men.
A recent Swedish study on sexuality and marriage carried out on 286 couples of varying ages found that men who perceived themselves to be the "dominant male" were more likely to experience temporary impotence if sex was requested by their partner when they weren't in the mood.
Healthy relationships should be about equal partnerships, good communication, and respect for the feelings of both individuals. It's not uncommon for one partner to want more frequent sexual activity, and sexual desires can fluctuate between partners at various times. Discussing these issues reasonably and rationally so that each partner understands the needs of the other helps maintain a happy and healthy sexual relationship.
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2023.03.30 06:29 decayingfoundations I just told my mother everything I’ve ever wanted to say to her.

I didnt mean to. I don’t remember how the conversation steered in that direction. When I (21F) was around 12, my parents got a divorce and my father moved away. He was always (and still is) in my life, but he moved, and eventually took my brother (23M) with him because there was a private art school in the town he was moving to.
My mom’s (59F) drinking got really bad during this time. Like, a box of wine a night bad (1 box = 4 bottles). During these nights, she’d find anything to start a fight with me, and we’d have a free for all well into the night. The next morning, she would deny everything she said. When I was about 15, my dad offered for me to go to the same art school as my brother and move away, but I couldn’t do it. I had to drive my mother home from bars almost every night, and I didn’t want to risk her driving drunk (which she had zero qualms with doing so.) I fought with my mother nearly every single night for over five years.
I live on my own now. College graduate. I made it out of that tiny speed trap town. I don’t drink (mostly because I’m a terrible lightweight.) I talk to my mother every day on the phone. This is the best out relationship has ever been. For whatever reason, our conversation took a turn tonight and I blurted out that I always wished that she’d stop drinking when I was a kid. She pushed further - I told her how I was scared of her, how I would try to separate her from her “drunk-self,” because I couldn’t bear to call the woman screaming at me, standing over me while she had me pinned to the floor my mother. She tried to spin it around and say how she never got any credit for putting my brother and I through college (she holds a fairly lucrative job and paid our tuition because she wanted us to have a college education, which I am incredibly grateful for) and I told her I’d live in debt for the rest of my life if it meant I had a better relationship with her growing up. She tried to deny everything, ending the conversation with “I am sorry that you remember your upbringing so different from what I remember.”
I’m never going to get through to her. I know this. I will never get those years back. I feel awful for even mentioning it. I’m so scared I just screwed up the first good, real relationship I’ve ever had with her. And I won’t know until the morning.
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