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2012.01.13 04:52 Glitch in the Matrix

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News and local updates for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in San Diego County and it's cities. Hoping that this subreddit will be helpful in sharing localized information in surrounding affected areas. Let's do our best to stay safe and informed! Testing in San Diego started on 2/27/20 by a private lab. San Diego decided not to wait for the CDC's faulty and time-consuming tests. Please share this sub with someone you know, and join the Chat Room.

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This subreddit was created for women and girls to request tips and share discoveries to aid others in daily life. A survival guide of "life pro-tips" for the everyday female. Post away!

2023.03.21 11:37 cyberCOCKk Sent in the "Sambo visa" and forgot to include pictures

I know, silly, but I need to know if my partner can upload the pdf files with our pictures/tickets/chats when he fills in his questionnaire, or if I need to wait to get a case officer who I'd need to talk to about this.
I foolishly missed the part where you can upload any files you deem necessary at the end, despite preparing this whole time for it. I reached out to MV and got an email saying to send it in physically, despite me asking if my partner will have the same field of optional/additional files (the same one I skipped). I think I wasn't too clear in my message... I sent the application through the website, is my only option to add documents/files really through mailing it? Physically?
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2023.03.21 11:37 kruckshanks How can my friend have a breakthrough?

Me and my friend tried dmt for the first time tonight, him for the first time and me for the third (previous two not being breakthroughs). He went first and took four rather short inhales, but still experienced a trip, however not a break through (the waiting room)
It was my turn after and I completely broke through, with about 6-7 deep inhales and holding of breath.
After, we spoke about our experiences and he decided to try again (30m later) to really try and experience a break through. This time he took 7-8 deep inhales (didn’t hold the smoke in), but reached ‘the tunnel’. We then walked around and he wanted to try one more time, this time taking 7-8 inhales yet again, but holding it in this time, and barley experienced any sort of effect whatsoever.
My question is, for next time, how can he experience a break through similarly to me?
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2023.03.21 11:36 alexglass69 Why is no one planning?

The rapid development of AI has the potential to do more for mankind than maybe any other technological discovery. It's ability to examine data and design complex systems based on that data will change how we exist on this planet. But how will it change?
That depends on us.
AI has the ability to relieve us of the bigger part of labor. With what it can accomplish, we could legitimately flip our weeks to working two days and being off for five, or some variant of that. That's one way it could go.
The other way is that the 1% keeps the best new tech for themselves, deepens globalization and tightens it's grip on the world.
If this scenario plays out, then the same psychopaths that have wrecked our society and planet, will be allowed to continue, stronger than ever with fancy and powerful new toys. And it's all our faults.
Because we ALLOW it. We allow people with zero empathy, compassion, morals or any sense of social responsibility to shape the fabric of our society. These people have shown us over and over that their only interest is money and power.
We, in the United States, and I really feel like the whole world, need, DESPERATELY, to stop the machinery of global capitalism and bring the collective power of the masses to bear on those who would seek to continue their exploitive ways.
I feel like this is our challenge as humans, to save ourselves and our planet. Our ideas on how to govern are very old and are upheld by people with no interest in changing it and why would they? It works great for them and the Oligarchs.
There ARE solutions to issues like healthcare, poverty , addiction, education and pretty much every other aspect of society. They almost never get looked at, much less enacted because those running the show aren't really interested in actually governing.
This is the red pill or blue pill for humanity. We can sit idly by and hope something or someone intervenes or we can claim the power given to us at birth to shape and create our world.
The time has come. If we, in the US, could pull together, the world would rally behind us. They're warming up for what could be. The time has come. The 1% are doing their best to destroy OUR planet and they're not going to stop until someone stops them. Who's going to do it? It's time to stop waiting for others. Democracy is an interactive system and here's the thing...we make their game work. We make the system go. WE CAN DAMN WELL MAKE IT STOP TOO!
Time to make our voices heard.
November 5th, 2023 - General strike and boycott.
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2023.03.21 11:35 Personal-Ad696 I(33f) slapped my boyfriends (38m) leg the other night and been dealing with absolute hell since

Sorry if it’s a bit long I’m trying to summarize the events as they happened. Sunday night, we were laying in bed together watching tv.
I felt hungry so I made us fries as a snack. I took my plate away and his sauce before he was done, kind of a habit just tidying up after things.
I was already back and soon he said “you took my sauce away?” I offered to get it back, he said don’t bother and that’s why he tells me to stop doing this because he wanted it and it wasn’t there. He then said the fries would have been better with sauce. And some other dumb comment asking me if I plan on taking his fries before he’s done
When he was done - I took his plate and he asked for a popsicle, despite me feeling like he was being a little mean I brought back a popsicle and said, be nicer to me.
From there he proceeded to tell me how I don’t know how to take a joke and that’s not his problem that I’m slow. I said it was mean and he said “I don’t care what you think”. We bickered a little back and forth. I was trying to explain that I didn’t feel he was joking because he wasn’t smiling or anything. He wouldn’t let me speak and started to laugh at me.
He started to act like I wasn’t making sense and telling me I’m using the wrong words/ make no sense. Laughing at me.
I told him to stop and leave me alone, still just laughing at me. I backhand swatted his leg (we are basically lying side by side in bed but it definitely was out of frustration). “Did you just hit me?” He immediately left the room.
We live together and often times when we fight, it’s text or no resolution because when I try to talk he makes fun of me or basically makes me out to be crazy. Ask me if I take my antidepressants etc.
I know it was wrong. I do feel bad. But what feels worse is that now - because I’m the “bad guy” we don’t have to talk about his behaviour at all. And that’s all now irrelevant. If I try to bring it up, I will get shut down.
Today he’s home from work and tried to suck up to me. He brought it up, even said that it wasn’t even a real hit and I said I didn’t like how he was treating me/laughing at me which ended in him yelling at me and calling me an r-word. Telling me I’m lying and making up the timeline. In his eyes, I just snapped. But honestly it’s been 2 years, I know how closely I need to keep track of what I say.
I said “you called me stupid” basically summarizing his behaviour and while arguing that’s all he could say, was “I never called you stupid” while ignoring everything else I said and telling me I have an anger problem and make shit up.
I had sent him a text after the arguing stopped which said “If you are not willing to speak to me and have an adult conversation about my feelings and not call me retarded I think we should break up. “
He replied:
“Don't fuckin text me shit You think you act like an adult Fuckin joke Get lost” “I think we should break up too” “For real this time”
I just said okay. I disengaged from the conversation and never told him to go, asked him to go, argued or said anything foul beyond that. He moved his stuff out of the room. Made one attempt to hug me. I said I didn’t want a hug and he goes “well, I tried. Don’t come crying to me when you change your mind”.
He ends up going out and getting drunk. While I stayed home crying most of the night.
I don’t know if I should be trying harder at this point and just looking for some input on this behaviour. I’m disgusted how we speak to eachother when we are angry but I’m shocked he would rather break up than simply not be nasty.
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2023.03.21 11:34 delisho1989 Situationship

So I’ve been in this situationship with this guy for about 4 months now and I’ve discovered while he is having some “alone time” he is sending pics/videos to other guys and then once finished, he starts messaging me again saying he misses me and can’t wait to see me again, do I let this slide while in this position or raise it and look like a stalker? I have asked the question multiple times in the past if he does this and he swears black and blue he doesn’t, but it’s pretty obvious that he is
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2023.03.21 11:34 Sanraishop What are the main challenges faced by rural healthcare in India?

Rural healthcare in India faces a range of challenges that can make it difficult for people living in rural areas to access quality healthcare. Some of the main challenges include:
However, Sanrai, an Indian medical device company, has introduced oxygen concentrators that can be used to provide medical oxygen in areas with limited access to oxygen cylinders. These portable and affordable devices can be used in rural healthcare facilities to treat patients with respiratory problems, providing a reliable source of oxygen without the need for a centralized oxygen supply system. This can be particularly useful in remote areas where the transportation of oxygen cylinders is difficult.
The use of Sanrai's oxygen concentrators in rural healthcare facilities could significantly improve access to medical oxygen and help save lives, especially during times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.
Addressing these challenges will require investment in rural healthcare infrastructure, training and recruitment of healthcare professionals, and increased awareness about the importance of healthcare in rural communities.
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2023.03.21 11:33 GULFELECTRONICS A Convenient and Efficient Way to Stay Hydrated

The Electric Water Cooler:
When it comes to staying hydrated, having access to fresh, cool water is essential. For many people, an electric water cooler is the perfect solution. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using an electric water cooler, as well as the different types of electric water coolers available on the market.
What is an Electric Water Cooler?
An electric water cooler is a device that uses electricity to cool and dispense water. Unlike traditional water coolers, which rely on ice to keep the water cool, electric water coolers have built-in refrigeration systems that keep the water at a consistent temperature. This means that users can enjoy cool water at any time, without having to worry about running out of ice or waiting for it to melt.
Benefits of Using an Electric Water Cooler
There are many benefits to using an electric water cooler, including:
  1. Convenience: With an electric water cooler, users can access cool water at any time, without having to worry about restocking ice or waiting for it to melt.
  2. Efficiency: Electric water coolers are designed to be energy-efficient, which means they use less electricity than traditional refrigerators.
  3. Hygiene: Electric water coolers are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, which can be a concern with traditional water coolers.
  4. Customization: Many electric water coolers allow users to adjust the temperature of the water, so they can enjoy it at their preferred temperature.
Types of Electric Water Coolers
There are several types of electric water coolers available on the market, including:
  1. Countertop water coolers: These compact water coolers are designed to sit on a countertop or table, making them ideal for small offices or homes.
  2. Freestanding water coolers: These larger water coolers are designed to stand on the floor and typically have a larger water capacity than countertop models.
  3. Bottom-loading water coolers: These water coolers have a water tank located at the bottom of the unit, which makes them easy to refill without having to lift heavy water jugs.
  4. Top-loading water coolers: These water coolers have a water tank located at the top of the unit and typically require users to lift heavy water jugs to refill them.
An electric water cooler is a convenient and efficient way to stay hydrated, whether at home or in the office. With a range of models available on the market, users can choose the type of water cooler that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether looking for a compact countertop model or a larger freestanding unit, an electric water cooler is a great way to ensure fresh, cool water is always on hand.
View Poll
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2023.03.21 11:33 Ville_V_Kokko Halfway through, and finally here (Less Bittersweet webcomic blog)

This is from the blog for my DDLC webcomic Less Bittersweet.
I got the idea for this comic some time after first playing Doki Doki Literature Club! in the summer of 2021. Later that same year, I drew the first comic sketch for a part of it because that part just wanted to come out so badly.
That scene was what we are about to see next: the beginning of chapter 4. That's how forward I've been looking to it. And like I said in the comments for the last strip of chapter 3, now I'm finally there.
It's been most of a year now, and we're only just past halfway in the story. Well, it would be foolishly impatient for me to wish this to go faster, since I'm enjoying doing it all the way through.
Unfortunately, we're all going to have to wait for some time for the beginning of chapter 4. (Spoilers: It will be called "Day 4".) First off, I'll be pretty tied for most of two weeks with work in the Finnish Parliamentary elections and their advance voting - though I'll try to get a little bit of work done on the comic even during that time.
Secondly, there is just so much work that needs to be done before I can even start drawing the chapter normally. There are a bunch of things I have to have ready, that I can't make in a hurry, because we're going to be seeing all kinds of things this time that we haven't seen before in the comic. Besides, I'm only now getting ready filling out the blanks in the script, not to mention the thumbnails for the comic - and this is going to be the longest chapter so far, and perhaps overall unless the finale beats it in that respect.
So... this could take several weeks. I'll try to keep the break as short as possible. Either way, though, it's going to be totally worth the wait.
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2023.03.21 11:33 FAYGOLMAO Mother wants to move catfish scammer into the house we co-own and cohabitate and I think it's a huge safety risk.

Backstory: I have lived with my parents most of my adult life. I had a relationship and moved out with my partner for a few years at one point but it didn’t work out and I moved back. In 2020 my mother, father, and myself moved a long ways to be near my dads oldest daughter (my half sister) who had health issues. We weren’t there for a year before he ended up passing from Covid. My mother sold that house and we moved towards where we have family. We bought this house together and both of us are on the deed. I pay half and she pays half. She is retired now and on social security and I am on SSDI. My mother has Bipolar Disorder. It has been a significant part of my life dealing with her disorder from an early age. Nearly 8 years ago I was also diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. We’ve had our issues interacting but we care about each other. We try to support each other and help each other as we can.

8 months ago my mom went onto a dating website to meet someone and she did. She met a man who we will call Tim. Tim is rich. His income is way higher than what’s normal around here. So he says. I doubt this because I don’t believe Tim is really Tim. They had a date planned shortly after they started talking. Tim bailed on it and left the country ( we are Americans) to go to Europe. He told my mom that his money was tied up in a banking issue and he needed her to help him. He had his coworker send her a $20,000 check. Her part of this was to cash it and send it to him. My sister (different one from before) and I were very alarmed because to us this reeked of a scam. So we notified the bank that we thought she was being scammed. The bank sent the check to their fraud department to check into before allowing any funds to clear. And it came back as a bad check and they terminated business with her, not allowing her to use them anymore. I had been wary, thinking he was a catfish prior the check and my mother had agreed that the second it looked like a scam she would stop talking to him. However, once this happened she said that it wasn't Tim that sent it, it was his coworker, and so she continued to pursue a relationship with Tim and it was fine because she didn't like that bank anyways.

Tim has been a source of stress for me. When she first talked about him I was excited for my mother to find a way to pursue a relationship. But I genuinely believe she has gotten in with a scammer. He told her shortly after they started talking that he showed his dying mother a picture of her and she told him that he had her blessing and then died. Given the other circumstances this seems to me like emotional manipulation. My mother has made a habit of watching soccer because Tim likes it. She has been looking up houses, looking for the perfect one for Tim, herself, and looking for a basement for me to live in.

Current situation: She came to me Sunday evening and told me that she asked Tim to move in with us because Tim is coming back to the US soon and he doesn't have anywhere to go. I was very alarmed. She still has not met him, nor facetimed with him. She has no confirmation that this person is who he says he is. Yet she has asked him to move in with us, given him our address, and I don't even know what else. I will admit I got very upset. I told her that she is not being safe on the internet and she needs to be very careful because she has no idea who she's really talking to. She keeps telling me that she's chosen Tim and she's very loyal so she's going to keep talking to him. She argued that I met someone online and so she should be able to as well. That's the relationship I mentioned earlier. When I was 21 years old I took a plane 1500 miles to meet a guy that I had never met before. This person stayed in my life for years but they turned out to be a terrible person and abusive drug addict that actively sabotaged my life and my mental health to the point of emptying my bipolar medication capsules of their contents. This is not a good part of my life and I made very stupid decisions that put me in danger many times. As my mom and I were arguing she even brought that up, saying that yeah my ex was toxic and abusive but she should be allowed to make her own mistakes. She started talking badly about my dad and said she never should have stayed with him all those years. She started yelling how she doesn't want to die alone. I completely understand that, I really do. I told her we can find her someone who is local, that she can meet, go on dates with, and pursue a loving relationship with that can prove they are who they say they are. She says no, she's too loyal to Tim.

Since that we have not spoken. She stays in her room, not even allowing her dogs to go out of her room, and I stay in my areas. It's 5 am as I'm writing this and at 1 pm we have someplace we have to go together. I just genuinely don't know how to proceed. My sister says that Tim isn't real and don't expect him to ever actually show up. I understand that and I seriously doubt that someone is going to be coming here. However, I need to figure out how to proceed from here. This is as much my space as hers and she is actively inviting absolute strangers here and giving them our address. This is a huge safety issue. My mom has been a victim to MLMs and scams and identity theft in the past and she refuses to listen to me. In the case that someone actually shows up to our door, I do not feel safe or comfortable being here. Call me selfish but I am not okay with the decisions she's making about my safety. It feels like a trust violation. I am very hurt by this.

My mother has had some health scares in that a doctor told her she could possibly get blood cancer some day. She has been feeling dizzy lately so she went to the doctor and they told her that she has anemia and referred her to a hematologist oncologist. This is quite a scary situation. She’s scared and I’m scared for her. I believe this fear is fueling her to make a very unwise decision.

What I've been thinking so far is that maybe I need to find a new living situation. So I've been looking into apartments. The amount I could feasibly put towards rent is about $500 less than what apartments cost. I've tried being very lenient with what I'm looking for. I'm looking in all the cheapest towns I can, looking for places with the bare basics, looking for anything that could work and I'm just not having much success. I don't know what to do.

So yeah, I'd greatly appreciate advice, if there's any questions I'll do my best to answer them. If you've made it this far I really appreciate you reading. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

TLDR: Mother is having crisis and wants to move a scammer into our house that we co own. I do not feel comfortable or safe with her decision making and need help navigating the situation.
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2023.03.21 11:31 the_enderbro I did not expect this from my first yoga class!

Today I went to my first yoga class since moving to nyc 4 years ago. I realized during the class that I haven’t felt safe or comfortable around people in many many years. Probably 10 years. It was hard to keep back the tears. For the first time in so long I felt that I was around people who didn’t want anything from me, who If anything -actually wanted to help me, help guide me to myself. It’s a gift so great I cannot even put it into words. I thanked the instructor and cried all the way home. And i am already noticing that I am being kinder, more gentle and slow with myself. I can’t wait to go to class again tomorrow. Thank you yoga and thank you to all the caring and compassionate teachers 🙏
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2023.03.21 11:30 Sol_ai Ticking Time Bombs

It's coming for me. Every single consequence of everything I've done and everything I've failed to do over the past couple of years. The ticking time bombs.
I thought I was being smart. I left school 2 years ago to pursue a career in tech. It worked. I got jobs. Had a small start-up. Escaped my country's dogmatic views on education, I thought. I left all of those opportunities within 6 months because, "It wasn't the kind of programming I wanted to do". You burn a lot of bridges that way.
Decided to continue my education this year through the advise of my family. Promised to be better, more consistent. Things came up, I fell behind about a week's worth of material. I haven't showed up to school in a month (I was thinking of a fake covid scare as an excuse). This is a symptom of my shitty attitude. I can't handle catching up. I hate it when I'm behind. I'd rather throw it all away than look like I'm struggling. I set off another time bomb.
I haven't left my room in 2 weeks. I'm so afraid of making the wrong decision, I can't move. I don't want to go to school. I don't want to tell my parents that I hate my degree. I spend everyday reading, taking online courses and building my own game engine. I exhaust myself this way so I have an excuse to not work on the things I need to do. So I can feel like I've done something at the end of the day. So I don't have to look at the time bombs.
I want an escape. A dream job or some opportunity that can do away with all of the mistakes and self sabotage I've done over the past couple of years. Something abroad, was what I was thinking. I'm not the type to make excuses for my mistakes. I'm the type to find something I can do so "impressive" that I can say all of my shitty decisions didn't matter.
I got accepted to take advance college courses when I was 13. Had a shitty start up at 19. Got my first tech job at that age too. My peers graduate this year, I'm 22. A good 2-3 years away before finishing a probably useless degree. I've run out of excuses for being behind. I'm just behind now.
Though I am interviewing for jobs this week because I'm so fucking insecure about my midterms I have to cope with it by feeling like I'm "ahead" this way again.
On a tangent, I'm reading Dune. It's calming.
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2023.03.21 11:30 Millstone99 [SF] GEO - A Space Elevator Story - Conclusion

See part one here. Links to other parts of the story begin there.
“Terry.” “Terry.” “You fucked up, Terry.” Pulling his eyes away from the pool of blood forming under Clarence’s body, Terry, who was still sitting on the floor, the gun clutched in his hands, finally looked at Devon’s face on the monitor. “Mr. Champlain. I didn’t hear you call.” “I didn’t call. I didn’t need to. I was just doing that as a courtesy before. The line’s been open the entire time. You should have known that. You know I’ve always been paranoid as fuck.” “I see.” Terry’s eyes returned to Clarence, or what was left of him. “There’s still a way we can work this out, Terry.” His formerly trusty companion slowly shook his head. “No. There’s not.” “What the fuck, Terry?” There was no hiding Devon’s anger now. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing? How many lives you’re going to destroy?” Terry turned back to the display, a look of disbelief on his face. “Of course I do, Mr. Champlain. Why else do you think I’d do it?” “But Terry, surely there must be something—” Terry raised his gun and pointed it at the monitor. “Goodbye, Mr. Champlain.” “Terry, wait!”
Devon stared at his phone’s blank screen as he spun slowly in place above the king-size bed in the middle of his luxury suite. A moment later, someone knocked on his door. “It’s open.” The door slid to the slide, revealing Darla’s haggard face. She gripped both sides of his doorframe and propelled herself into his room, stopping herself by pressing her hand against the oversized window, which offered a pristine view of Earth and the space beyond, her handprint marring the otherwise perfectly clear glass. She studied Devon’s face. “You don’t look so good.” He glanced up at her. “To be honest, neither do you.” “Asshole.” “Bitch.” He reached up to the ceiling and spun himself, so he could look out the window. A moment later, she drifted over to join him. “I guess we deserve this, huh?” she said, her voice soft as she stared out into space. Devon shook his head slowly, his eyes on the stars. “No, no one deserves this.”
* * *
Author's note: This story started as a screenplay called TransJack. It was going to be a futuristic take on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, where the beanstalk was a space elevator that led to a wealthy orbital community, and Jack was a lowly space elevator operator who had accepted some disfiguring bio-modifications (hence the “trans” part of his name) in order to do his job. Jack’s position makes him a target for terrorists, who want to use his access to the elevator to sabotage the elite orbital world. Jack is torn, because as much as he resents his overlords, he’s fallen in love with the daughter of one of them, who he gets to know during her frequent trips up and down the elevator. One thing leads to another, including a terrible betrayal, and Jack finally finds himself in a situation where he feels he has no choice but to sever the cable that tethers the space elevator to Earth’s equator, sending the elevator, the terrorist leader, and his lover spinning off into space. I thought it was a good story, but when I saw the film Elysium, I knew the project was dead. That film had too many of the same elements, from the elite who live in orbit to the criminal element that wants to access the space habitat to the bio-modifications that protagonist Max Da Costa, played by Matt Damon, must accept to pull off the job. However, even though that approach seemed unlikely to sell, I was still fascinated by the concept of space elevators, so I tried to think of another way to approach the story. Inspiration struck at an unlikely time—as it often does. I was teaching a class on screenwriting when I pitched a what-if scenario about a space elevator being hijacked on its maiden voyage with a number of VIPs trapped inside, with the terrorists threatening to sever the cable unless their demands were met. I liked the idea, so from there it was just a question of who does it and why. For reasons best known only to my subconscious mind, I chose to approach the writing of this story similar to how I might write a high-concept/low-budget film with minimal locations and characters. I also attempted to use a spartan writing style reminiscent of Andy Weir’s excellent novel, The Martian. Of course, Arthur C. Clarke was also a major inspiration for this book, not only because of Fountains of Paradise but also because he was the author who originally ignited my love for science-fiction. I can only hope that this story is a fitting tribute to him, Andy Weir, Frank Herbert, Edgar Rice Burroughs, H. G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, and the many other sci-fi authors who inspired me over the years. Hopefully it will inspire others as well.
Thanks to everyone who has read this story! If you'd like a hard copy of GEO, it is available on Amazon. And if you enjoyed this story, please take two minutes to review and rate it on Amazon and Goodreads!
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2023.03.21 11:30 madelyn5291 PC version Stuck on Launcher

I recently wanted to get back into Elden Ring, but am running into an issue on Steam. Everytime I launch the game the EasyAntiCheat initializing launcher starts after a while the text switches to waiting for game. Eventually it disappears and the game never launches and errors out.
I have reinstalled at least a dozen times completely deleting the Elden Ring folder each time, verified the integrity of the files via steam, disabled overlay, disabled windows firewall. Turned off my networking. I've tried pretty much everything I could easily find online.
Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions to get the game to run? Thanks for any help.
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2023.03.21 11:29 dangrankeyi Breakdown of Midnight Museum EP 5

Breakdown of Midnight Museum EP 5
Midnight Museum is a show that viewers need to pay attention to when watching. There is a lot of information planted at different places. And the fun of watching this series is that you get to figure out what's there.
Here I'm trying to break down Episode 5 and make a recap for everyone, so that we can discuss and perhaps try to gather what we can find.
Here are the previous ones:
Obviously, if you want to watch the episode first, then go watch it. But if you want to read a recap first, or if you have watched it and want to dig deeper into it, then have fun reading.
In the first scene, a woman named Ing (played by Fah) cooks some kind of fish soup. She narrates that "every woman dreams of being the picture of perfection. But perfection comes with a cost."
The camera zooms out and we see that in order for her to make a perfect soup, she makes a disturbing mess of the whole kitchen. Nice foreshadowing!
Her husband Kong removes a picture of him and his ex wife Budsaba and replaces it with a new picture of him, his current wife, and his teen daughter Bee (played by Tu), who doesn't look too happy in the picture. Bee happens to see her dad replacing the picture and is angry. She stomps away, despite Ing's attempt to gently ask her to come eat a meal.
At one point, we see that Bee's hand is shaking.
At the museum, Dome is confined in a small room with no window, following his request in the previous episode to be locked up. June brings him food but he doesn't eat.
Katha and Triphob leave for an auction and they will have to be away for a few days (so the auction locks up the participants in the venue?). Katha plans to acquire a certain item from the auction which he thinks can help Dome (ie. purifying him from the Extraterrestrial Rock power).
Ing and her hubby live in a building full of gossipy housewives, who try to get to know but at the same time make rude remarks about the old times when Kong was with his then-wife Budsara who is Bee's mother. We learn that Budsara jumped off the building to kill herself.
Ing looks at the picture of Kong and Budsara in the storage room. It turns out Budsara is standing there, watching Ing with a partly bloody face.
At a yoga class, probably also in the same building, Ing hears the gossipy housewives make remarks about her. They imply that Ing snatched Kong away from his old wife. One of them even say her husband won't be interested in a "lowlife" of a woman who tries to get into a high society.
A charismatic woman appears and introduces herself as Nisa. She also helps Ing retort to the gossipy women, or perhaps instigates Ing to act more aggressive, depending on how you read it.
Nisa seems to know the right things to say and out of the blue invites Ing to her apartment, which Ing apparently agrees.
Katha and Triphob arrive at the auction place. Katha again chews that gum. This is a fancy place which gives out tarot cards to participants. Katha gets "The Hermit" card, which is just a piece of paper that can somehow be used as a credit card during the auction as well as to unlock doors.
The auction is several days long. Katha is only interested in the last item of the last day. So he decides to just sit out in his room doing nothing (what a productive way to spend your time, Katha). Triphob is interested in a pearl-embedded egg called "The Faberge Egg" but Katha doesn't care much about it.
Like two strangers who met on a dating app, Nisa quickly takes Ing to her apartment after their first encounter. Nisa makes Ing a very suspicious soup, which she sprinkles something on it.
Nisa keeps talking about women and how they are driven by envy. She talks about how the husbands of the gossipy housewives cheat on them or fool around with each other! I have to say Pimdao, the actress who plays Nisa, is really good. She is so charismatic.
"I live above everyone. The higher it is, the more I can see. I can even see someone who jumps off the top floor," Nisa says.
Nisa also knows a lot about Ing's situation, including the fact that the existence of Bee as her stepdaughter prevents Ing from achieving the perfect life.
Nisa even knows Kong and Ing haven't had sex for a long time. Ing reasonably gets uncomfortable, but unreasonably eats Nisa's soup when told to. Ing apparently cannot stop eating that soup before she realizes that there is something in the soup.
Nisa shows her the "charmed salt" which can help Ing get whatever she wants. Nisa talks about how women can exert power and control through indirect means, like food.
The salt works wonder. After eating Ing's soup, Kong says he loves her and begin to make out with her at the dinner table, which Bee sees from her bedroom.
Bee is trying to play a piano but she can't. She's in a place that is perhaps a piano classroom, or maybe some common area in the building. Another mysterious woman named Ratchanee (played by Mook) appears and says she knows Bee has Musician's Dystonia disorder.
Bee asks if Ratchanee knows how to treat it, so she makes it go away in just a snap of fingers. Bee is overwhelmed that she can play piano again.
Ratchanee offers to teach Bee piano, and gives her a card, which has an image of an upward crescent moon and something that looks like a flower on it. It's the same symbol that we have seen many times in characters and places related to the "cult" but this time we can see it much clearer.
Ratchanee says if Bee believes her, everyone will pay attention to her once again.
Ing sees that the storage room's door is open, so she enters. A woman suddenly grabs her from behind with a piece of clothes but then disappears. Bee walks in and Ing asks if that was her. Bee sees her mother picture on the floor and goes apeshit.
She blames Ing for forcing her mother to commit suicide and throws insults at her, which can either be "slut" or "bitch" depending on whether you are watching this episode or the preview clip. But the word can probably more accurately translated as a "low life of a woman" which again suggests that Ing isn't fit to be part of the high society in this building.
Kong sees this and orders Bee to apologize to Ing. She yells and he slaps her, escalating the situation quickly. Bee pulls her hair and screams like a mad girl and runs into her room. Kong consoles Ing and they end up making out on Bee's bedroom door, while Bee listens and cries from the other side.
Bee decides to call Patchanee to tell her that she is "ready".
Bee finds happiness in playing piano, but Ratchanee snaps her fingers and Bee's hands are shaking again. Ratchanee says if Bee wants to play piano again she will have to do what she says, which is to swallow her pride and eat the soup that Ing makes.
Later, Bee eats the soup and becomes addicted to it, just like Kong. Their relationship improves instantly. Now it looks like the three are a lovely family.
Bee plays the piano beautifully while Ratchanee smiles, and a number of young people appear. They stand there and watch her playing.
Nisa hands Ing a bag of charmed salt, right at the building's entrance where everyone can see. The gossipy housewives of course see this, and they approach Nisa to ask for the "secret tips" that she gave to Ing.
At the auction, Triphob informs Katha that "The Hierophant" has been buying all the auctioned items and will likely get the item Katha has an eye on, but Katha is unwavering, saying he will get what he wants.
In a bar, a confident Katha approaches The Hierophant, which turns out to be the lady inside the cult building, whom the two cultist boys in the Extraterrestrial Rock episode talked about. Katha tries to ask her what she wants, but she only says it's a "personal reason".
She teases, saying she might let Katha get the item he wants if he tells her which one it is. As Katha doesn't give a direct answer, she says she will take what he wants the most as hers. And she calls Katha "Mr. Museum Owner" apparently knowing who he is.
Back in his room, Katha looks at his phone. He apparently can see Dome from a CCTV.
Katha, in a spectacular suit, arrives at the auction room. The Hierophant is already there, wearing an even more spectacular outfit.
Katha tries to get the Faberge Egg that Triphob wants, but eventually accepts defeat as The Hierophant keep making higher bets.
Katha is very agitated and begins to make crazy bets to acquire a few other items, despite Triphob's protests.
Eventually, the MC introduces the last item, which is a jewelry made of salt crystal belonging to an Onmyoji from the Heian period in Japan, which has the power to absorb dark power.
Katha and The Hierophant make totally insane bets to get this. Triphob gives a warning, saying Dome has much influence on Katha "perhaps because he looks like your younger brother".
Many are disappointed to hear this "younger brother" remark, but I will remind you that Triphob is likely much younger than Katha and he probably wasn't born yet when Katha and the person who looked like Dome met, including that encounter in 1820. He only knows what he was told.
Triphob says Katha should not get too attached "because the world we live in is dangerous" and Dome will have to face these dangers too.
"If you lost him**, too,** I hope you wont' do anything stupid," says Triphob.
Note that he used the word ไปอีกคนนึง, which is translated as "too" here. But it means Katha had already lost another person before this.
But Triphob tells Katha to bet 3 billion USD for the item. I'm not sure if the writers are aware of how high that amount is. GMMTV could probably buy SM Entertainment plus a few other smaller K-Pop companies with that budget.
The Hierophant lets Katha acquire that item. She disappears but leaves him a "gift" which looks the Bible. The bookmark is on the Book of Revelation chapter, and we hear her voice saying:
"I am the singer of praises of the Lord. I am waiting, for the Lord shall sow wonders in heavens and earth, as blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, the moon into blood, and the stars into rubble raining down upon earth, before the returning of the Lord, which shall be the great and horrifying day of the Lord."
She also leaves The Hierophant card. On its back, she wrote:
"I have got what I wanted. As for this, I give you. If there is something else I want in the future, I will come to take it from you."
Ing cooks some fish, but there is no more charmed salt. Kong and Bee are upset that the food tastes differently. They become insane, and Ing leaves to go to Nisa to get the salt.
At Nisa's apartment, many housewives are already there knocking the door to try to get the salt as well. Suddenly the door opens, and there is a bag of salt inside. The mad housewives rush in and fight each other to get the salt. Ing is horrified and decides to leave.
When Ing comes back to her apartment, Nisa is there. Kong has blood and tears on his face and he is tied to a chair. Nisa is slicing his cheek and grills it, putting salt on it. She invites Ing to try some human meat, which she says is delicious.
Ing grabs a knife. Nisa shares the secret recipe for the charmed salt, which is made from tears "of the person who is in the worst pain of their life".
"To make someone happy, it costs someone else's tears," she says.
Nisa asks Ing whose tears it should be. She tells Ing to grab the knife tightly and uses it on someone she wants to disappear. This Nisa actress is really good.
Meanwhile, Ratchanee is in the storage room with Bee, who has blood on her mouth. Bee has eaten her father's flesh.
Bee throws insults at Ing, who decides to end the matter right here and right now.
The two women stab each other, but then it turns out it's Kong that they have stabbed. But that doesn't end the fight. They blame each other for taking away their perfect life.
Bee gets on top of Ing and stabs her in the stomach, becoming the winner. She touches Ing's tears and licks it from her hand.
Bee also and says this weird and somewhat cheesy line: "it always tastes so sweet on the victor's tongue."
Bee leaves the apartment and goes up to the rooftop. A number of young people follow her. They all have blood on their mouths.
Meanwhile, Ing lies on the floor dying, while Nisa talks about the duties of a good woman.
Bee arrives at the rooftop and smiles at her dead mother who stands there. She and the other young people eventually levitate and go up the sky.
At the cult building, they appear. Nisa and Ratchanee are there too and they turn into transparent thingy that eventually merge into the woman with the upward crescent moon tattoo, which is The Hierophant.
The black mummy is there. And one of the women says the time for resurrection is about to come.
At the museum, Katha puts the jewelry on Dome on his ankle. Is it really an anklet or Katha just decides to make it one?
But then, he fires Dome from his museum job and sternly tells Dome to go back to his world. The sad Dome gives the museum card back to Triphob who says Dome can never see this museum again, while June says she will find a way to visit him.
Dome is back at the apartment, and meet a strange-looking boy (played by Nanon) who now lives next door, probably in the same apartment that the landlady was cleaning blood earlier.
The boy goes into his room. There is an incomplete female mannequin on the table. He opens his back and pulls out a mannequin arm from it. He kisses and caresses the mannequin parts lovingly.
The camera zooms out and we see that there is another incomplete female mannequin in the corner of his room.
That's all. Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.21 11:29 Wise_Rutabaga_5809 If you have a junk drawer-

Go through it. You’re going to find some really important documents you destroyed your room looking for. Some fabulous jewelry you forgot you owned. Your old work badge reminding you you’re a hottie. Birthday cards. “I own toe rings??? Nice!” And a lot more.
A lot of times I quickly shove things in this drawer and over time I just forgot that they exist, “hey I wonder what happened to that one thing I had” or driving myself crazy looking literally everywhere else BUT 😭😂
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2023.03.21 11:29 Timekos tolerance

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2023.03.21 11:29 Lark_vi_Britannia I finally cleaned my room after two months of putting it off

I have been on LOA for the past two months and kept telling myself that I needed to clean up my room the entire time. I finally go back to work tomorrow and that gave me the motivation to actually get up and do it... at 4AM. I'm exhausted.
It took about an hour of prep work and an hour of actually doing it, but I finally got it all done. I just hope I didn't wake my girlfriend up.
I'm gonna go celebrate at IHOP!! I just hope I don't shit myself there again.
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2023.03.21 11:29 GlobalBetaETF Unique Pieces of Tetrault’s Acrylic Paintings

You can also buy bird paintings for sale which is going on. If you are wildlife and animal or bird’s lover then its best time to get more interesting and unique fine art paintings for your home, living room, kitchen, garden and kid’s room that you can use it for décor and also to show your inner soul.
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2023.03.21 11:28 TouringCarSeries VTCS Silverstone - Race 1

VTCS Silverstone - Race 1
The Virtual Touring Car Series kicked off its inaugural season at the iconic Silverstone National Layout. 16 cars lined up on the grid, and it proved to be an exciting and intense competition, with plenty of wheel-to-wheel action and drama.
Qualifying was led by Michael Hollingworth, who set the fastest lap time of 1:01.056, earning a championship point, followed by Lorenzo Oro, Patrik Thomsen, Berker Sezen, and David Ward. However, qualifying pace didn't necessarily predict the race results, as the drivers had to navigate the chaotic and unpredictable nature of touring car racing.
In Race 1, Patrik Thomsen emerged as the winner, setting the fastest lap of the race, with David Ward and James Egan coming in second and third, respectively. Jakub Ochmanski and Tobias Kantert rounded out the top five. However, the race was not without incidents, with Berker Sezen and Michael Hollingworth receiving three-place penalties for causing collisions.
Visit for more information on the series and to join.
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2023.03.21 11:26 thespuzz Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro review: Lightweight laptop lifted by ecosystem benefits

The Galaxy Book3 Pro, 14-inch model, is an entry-level laptop in Samsung’s 2023 range of premium laptops. Unlike its elder siblings, the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, there is no two-in-one utility, touchscreen, support for digital inking, and dedicated graphics. Yet, it makes a good thin-and-lightweight laptop with Samsung ecosystem advantage. Moreover, it is among the first few laptops in the country powered by 13th Gen Intel Core processors – Core i7-1360P (review unit).
The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro is a premium laptop made of aluminum. Compared to the predecessor, there is marginal gain in terms of weight and dimensions, but the overall form factor is still slender (11.3mm thick) and lightweight (1.17kg). That said, the Galaxy Book3 Pro is among the lightest and thinnest laptops in the 14-inch laptops category. The slightly bigger form factor helps in moderating the thermals besides making space for a well spaced-out keyboard, large glass trackpad, and a tall aspect ratio screen.
Display and audio
The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro sports a 14-inch 3K (2880 x 1800) AMOLED screen of 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. The screen is stretched in a tall 16:10 aspect ratio, which provides extra vertical space for more content to appear on the screen – compared to the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. The screen has a 120 per cent DCI-P3 colour gamut, which essentially makes it fit for jobs that require colour accuracy. Besides, the screen is VESA HDR 500 certified and supports high dynamic range. The 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, 120 per cent DCI-P3 colour coverage, VESA HDR 500 certification, and support for HDR are pro-grade features aimed at creators and professionals. These also make for superior multimedia and gaming experience.
One must give it to Samsung to pay attention to details here. Take for example the rounded corners on the screen. Microsoft introduced a rounded windows interface with the Windows 11 operating system. While most other laptops continue with screens with pointed corners that look unnatural, the screen on the Galaxy Book3 Pro is a perfect fit for Windows 11.
Complementing the screen is audio performance. The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro has an AKG-tuned quad-speaker system powered by Dolby Atmos – 2 x 5W woofers and 2 x 2W tweeters. A pair of woofer and tweeter is available on the right and left side of the chassis, facing downward, for stereo set-up. The audio output is loud, balanced, and detailed. The Dolby Atmos’ signature multi-dimensional soundstage is apparent in supported content.
Also Read : Top 5 stories of the week: Generative AI dominates the news again
The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro is based on Microsoft Windows 11 operating system. It comes with a free lifetime subscription of Microsoft Office 2021, which includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Besides, the Galaxy Book3 Pro has the Samsung apps built-in for connected ecosystem experience. It is the ecosystem experience that gives the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro an edge over others.
Take for example the multi-control feature.
It lets you connect, control, and manage supported devices, including Galaxy smartphones (based on OneUI 5.1) and tablets (based on OneUI 4.1), through laptop keyboard and trackpad. Besides, it enables cross device copy and paste function and files drag-and-drop utility.
Likewise, there is a second-screen feature that lets the Galaxy tablet owners use their big screen devices as second screen wirelessly connected with the laptop. The list of supported tablets, however, does not include all models. Supported models: Galaxy Tab S7, S7+ and S7 FE with One UI 3.1 or higher, and S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra.
My personal favourite is the Your Phone app from Microsoft. Though the app supports Android smartphones, it has extra features enabled for Samsung Galaxy smartphones – thanks to the tie-up between the two technology majors. Through the app, you can wirelessly control and access most phone-related features directly from the laptop. Besides, the app shows the history of the last three websites accessed on the smartphone using the Samsung Internet app. The app also enables the phone’s wireless hotspot option in the laptop’s Wi-Fi setting for quick access. Important to note, the laptop and smartphone are required to connect with the same Wi-Fi network for full function coverage. You can enable connectivity through mobile data, but some functions such as app access and screen mirroring are disabled on metered connection. Moreover, not all features are available with all Samsung smartphones. The above features are tested with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Plus.
The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro is powered by 13th Gen Intel Core processor – Core i7-1360P – paired with integrated Iris Xe graphics, 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, and 1TB SSD. This is top-notch hardware for a thin-and-light category laptop and so is the performance.
The Galaxy Book3 Pro boots in no time and it is ready to go with full zest soon after – with minimal initial wait time for the processes to start in the background. The laptop does not hit performance ceiling and keeps calm and cool with routine tasks such as web browsing, video conferencing, data transfers, writing and editing word documents, etc. The performance with regard to routine workload is likewise even on battery power. However, performance with regard to power-intensive workloads such as multimedia editing, video encoding, compressing multiple files in zip, etc. is best experienced with the laptop on charging.
The Galaxy Book3 Pro is capable of handling processor-and-graphic heavy workloads, but the lack of discrete graphics influences the experience. For example, seeking in and out on the 4K video timeline in a video editing software is not smooth, exporting edited 4K videos takes time, and graphic-intensive gaming titles are best played at low and medium graphic settings and frame rates.
Battery, charging, and ports
The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro has a 63Wh battery, which is good for a day of mixed usage. Charging time is quick with the supplied 65W USB-C charger. As for the ports, there is 2 x Thunderbolt 4, 1 x USB type-A, 1 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x microSD slot, and 1 x headphone-mic combo port.
The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro is a premium laptop in a thin-and-lightweight category with a matching price – Rs 155,990 (review unit – 14-inch screen, 13th Gen Core i7-1360P, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD). The laptop impresses with its slender design, lightweight body, premium construction, colour accurate screen, balanced audio, and swift performance. On top, there is the Samsung ecosystem advantage. It is a no-brainer for people with supported Samsung Galaxy devices such as smartphones and tablets. For others, it makes a compelling buy to experience premium and Samsung ecosystem benefits.
Read More The
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2023.03.21 11:26 Soul_Repair Moment of honesty with myself

Okay, time to come out of the closet for a minute at least because my situation with wife is killing me.
My perspective on things: - she had visual hallucinations because of alcohol and I was scared for her and for myself - I got her to detox place - after that she went to rehab - checked out after 3 months saying this program is bullshit, went drinking straight away - she restricted my AlAnon meetings, so like a cockroach I do that when she isn't looking (while at work or on toilet) - I worked at my job and hers to sponsor her in the meantime, keeping her place warm - I told her that I won't have kids with her if she won't rehab - I told her she can go to vacation by herself because I don't want the stress of taking care of her drunk ass - I bend backwards to be the best but still got heat because of her POV - I kinda wish she drinks again (10th day of her current sober stint) so that she just be sleeping when I come home
Her perspective and my comments in brackets: - I locked her in detox against her will (it's hard to tell if she had one, she was seeing things that weren't there, almost drank herself to death; even so she wasn't "locked", she was just too weak) - She lost her job because she couldn't work because she was locked in detox (I worked instead of her and we had agreement with her boss that they will welcome her back when she is good. I even didn't say anything about alcohol, lied that she had anorexia) - She lost her job because I didn't secure that spot (well, her boss kinda knew about her drinking because she FUCKING SAW A PISS DRUNK GIRL SLURRING WORDS, yes she worked remotely, but not all people are stupid) - I am not to trust anymore and she doesn't want to have kids with me because I can do anything she can't expect (well, I agree about the kids part, but for different reasons) - I am selfish, can't see her struggle, can't do anything right, always against her even when I say she can do whatever the fuck she wants (I told her I am codependant, as ill as she is, can help with AlAnon, but noooo, we won't have that shit in our house) - I ask her to cook or clean the house but how dare I to even think about it. She won't go applying to new jobs because I blew her previous job and now it's my responsibility to provide (I agree that her boss fucked me in some ways about seat-warming thing, but I also understand boss' position) - she has no mood for snuggles or sex or kisses, nothing at all because she is sad she doesn't have a job, she doesn't have a husband she can trust, everyone is an enemy (so hard to live that way, I can't even imagine)
So now I am insulted on a daily basis because am no-good husband who locked her in detox against her will and played God for some time and she refuses to work on our relationship.
I always thought that we need to work like two miners, who mine towards each other. Well, we do, but she is on a level higher than I am. And so we can never meet no matter how long we mine.
I have dug the dirt with my teeth, I was crawling with my eyebrows to get our family out of this mess. But the fact is I can't. I am tired to think of a plan right now and right now my plan is to wait for vacation at the end of April to think what to do.
I was blind and stupid enough to be gaslit into the state I am in right now, I tried to help, I tried to bargain, I tried to scratch and claw through every obstacle. I failed. But not because I am a failure, but because I was uneducated, because I took everything and put it on my shoulders alone but wasn't ready.
I gave myself time till the wnd of April as deadline. If things won't change – I am out. This deadline will help me to endure – it's easier if you see the end or result.
Sorry for long post. And if you say that I am a fool for not doing it sooner – maybe you are right. But whatever you say won't be as hurtful as her words when she is sober.
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2023.03.21 11:26 anakor [Story] Black stuff (7)

Hi Ents,
Story time for you. My parents weren't pro 420, in fact since they gave up cigarettes when I was a little one they became very anti smoking.
My dad would always tell me about the moment he quit cold turkey. He was in a pub back when you could smoke inside and nature called - while standing at the urinal he hocked out a lump of black stuff he swears was a piece of lung. Disgusted he quit that day.
Why am I telling you this? Well I had been 420ing some new fire, snacking and playing some video games when I had my own call to nature. Went to the toilet and got a little throat tickle and hacked up a chunk of black stuff into the toilet bowl.
I panicked. Got that creeping paranoia rising up in me - rare for an experienced ent such as myself. I didn't know what to do. I needed to calm down, head back to my room and think things through.
That's where I saw the empty packet of double choc Oreos I has inhaled a few minutes earlier and already forgotten. No wonder my phlegm was black - my mouth and throat were coated in Oreo.
Phew. Toke on, fam.
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