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2023.06.04 16:32 Young_Assumption2000 Day 45, second time grower

Day 45, second time grower
Second time grower. I've got one Fastbuds C4 on the left and one Fastbuds blackberry on the right. Both in 3 gallon pots with a mix of special mix soild, coco and perlite. I'm keeping my lights on 24 hours as that manages the temperature and humidity so much better with my limited set up.
I'm feeding half a gallon to each plant every other day, using general hydroponics trio. Adding 2ml cal mag, 2ml micro, 1ml grow and 3ml bloom to a gallon of water. Should I at this point start to up the nutes for the bigger plant on the left as its in mid flower or am I feeding enough
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2023.06.04 16:31 girlwithaseptum Little Ranting/ Advice Needed

Okay so I met this guy on a dating app like about a week ago and we’ve been texting. From the start, we’ve established that we want each other. I noticed that whenever we texted, I was the one that would ask him questions and he would just answer them. I know that this should be a flag that says “Um.. he’s not interested” but at the time it was only the first day so I wanted to give him a chance. After the third day, I just gave up trying to bring up any conversations because he still didn’t do the same. After a whole day of not talking, he finally asked me a question. It is also important to mention: over the course of the week, I would text him and the reply time has gotten longer and longer (from ~20-40 mins to ~3-4 hours). I asked him if he wanted to go to the movies (I know, bad idea for a first “date” but I really want to see this movie) and it took him 13 hours to reply back. I asked him at night and he responded the next day so I just want to give him the benefit of the doubt. He agreed and asked me when. I replied to him 3 hours later and it took him till 12 am to finally reply to me. He said he was working and that sure, the time thatI picked works for him.
This guy is my type, but over text, he makes me feel like I am needy and too talkative. I also don’t think he’s making me feel like this intentionally either. I don’t really know him yet so my plan was to meet with him in person and see if his vibe was right. Now I feel like I’m forcing him to go with me but if I ask him if I was, I’m afraid he’ll think I’m being weird. I don’t know but I just need some advice to go about this situation because this would be my first date ever. Thanks.
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2023.06.04 16:31 New-Grapefruit6926 I don’t enjoy anything anymore and the uneasy feeling inside of me keeps growing [TW: mentioning suicide]

Hi i don’t use reddit often so I literally have no idea how this works but i’d just like to vent here as it seems like i dont have many other options. I’m an 18 y/o girl, average in looks, introverted, in college, and barely have friends. I live in europe and was born here but I dont think that relates to any of what i’m going through. I basically have this constant feeling in me that feels so wrong, and so empty. (Ive had this for the last 5 years and its getting noticeably worse this year) I’ve tried, and still keep trying all kinds of things to get rid of things (such as drawing, going on walks or runs, working out, reading, playing video games, learning to play guitar etc) but absolutely nothing seems to work. I have no passion or joy for anything. It’s like longing for something makes me feel more than actually owning what I’ve been longing for. Now i may sound like a spoiled brat who’s just unhappy but i live in a lower class family which means that i’m also not the richest. I’m genuinely so so grateful for everything that i have and own, i have a healthy body that i’m happy with, i have nice parents who truly care for me. I almost have no friends but I’ve gotten used to it, i do many things alone. I only have one friend who i met through the internet and she lives 3 hours away. We don’t get to hangout too often. And i dont think she’s aware that shes my only friend. Ive lost all of my friends in the past. Wether it was because of some dumb drama thing or that we just parted ways as we got older. The problem is that i dont care, i used to. But I genuinely dont care about anything anymore. All i can think about is death. I also never had a boyfriend, due to me being a good girl and obeying everything that my religion and parents taught me. I never stepped out of that bubble until now. I still never held hands or anything but i recently did get my heart broken by some guy on the internet who i never even met. I thought he was perfect but i was blinded by delusions. This is the closest thing I’ve had with a guy. I wish i had a normal social life. I wonder how i’m ever gonna find a partner. Anyways lmao, now u may suggest me to get mental help but I’ve been to 3 different therapists in the past and NONE of them seemed to help. I’m now on a waiting list for a more professional therapist. Which is gonna take months. I just don’t ever feel real, i never feel present or in the moment. Food is no longer appealing, i’m forcing myself to eat everyday so i dont have to endure the feeling of starvation. I feel like i’m reliving the same day over and over again. Its like there is something huge missing. I dont know what it is and im sick of trying to figure it out. I’m tired of being miserable. I’m tired of not being understood and not being able to make connections with people. Nobody that ive talked to irl understands this feeling. It makes me feel so alone. Everything feels so wrong. I wish it would end. It feels like ive given up already. I feel like a fucking walking corpse. I also get extremely suicidal once i start PMS’ing before my period starts. It makes everyone concerned. And i might actually attempt it soon. My parents are aware of it. And they’re trying their best to help. I’m not trying to seem edgy or seek attention or validation from all this. I just have alot of nihilistic thoughts. Nothing in life makes sense. I feel like i might be too aware of everything. But at the same time, i have no idea whats happening. I’m not entirely here
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2023.06.04 16:31 morrowwm Usefulness of simple air transfer from area to area in house.

Usefulness of simple air transfer from area to area in house.
We just had a record breaking hot day June 1st in maritime Canada. I am wondering about the practicality of using the resulting energy profiles.
The chart below shows four temperature profiles: in the attic, outside, main floor and in the basement crawlspace. Our house is about 20 years old, and has decent insulation, but nothing special.
Would it accomplish anything if I blew the air from the crawlspace up to the main floor? I'm guessing there isn't enough heat energy in air to make this worthwhile.
Another thought: new construction should require piping under the slab of the foundation. This would encourage geo-thermal heat pump installation. Our crawlspace temperature went up only about two degrees, 12 hours after the blowtorch was on the attic.
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2023.06.04 16:31 seasonofmovingboxes What is dating an Italian man like? Is being blunt and interested up from a cultural norm?

Seeking advice from either A. Italian men themselves, or b. The people who have dated them.
32F. I’ve only ever dated American guys. Met a guy on an app the other day. 33, he is was raised in Italy, moved here 8-9 years ago, got married apparently after a few weeks of dating someone so they could be together here, things rapidly (according to him) proved they were very young and they grew into very different people, now he’s legally separated for 2 years, they living across the country from each other since the filing (that’s a separate can of worms).
He replies right back to messages, and we actually have conversations. This has gone on for only a couple days, and wanted to have a phone call. I’m shocked bc this is not the norm with my dating app experiences.
I’m used to men taking hours if not days to reply, if at all, on the apps, and either A. Wanting to meet up immediately with zero context or rapport built, or it just never happens at all. They NEVER ask for my number to call me and have a chat.
He also asked why I’m on here, and gave me a very thorough and candid answer of why he’s on here. I’m not use to that, either. Usually there’s a lot of beat around the bush/mixed messages. So I’m leery to even believe him when he’s like “I got on hinge to hopefully find my person to get old with. I got married once, and we didn’t work out for each other even though we really wanted to. But I want to get old with someone, and share life with them. Physical and mental health are really important to me, and communicating and working on things together as a team when things are bad.” Like yeah, okay man.
I’m trying to figure out if he’s just super friendly, or if this is a scam because he’s just hopeful in getting me sleep with him.
Anyone who has dated an Italian guy please tell me all you know as the typical norms. I realize stereotypes are just that, but give me some clue here.
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2023.06.04 16:31 Rise_Crafty Can someone help me understand silent running?

So I understand that your ship's visibility to sensors is dependent on heat, and silent running essentially bottles your heat emissions to reduce that signature, but, what are the thresholds?
I have been running passenger missions between sothis and ceos, which have illegal passengers. I stay in silent running as much as possible, as I've now been scanned and attacked at sirius, as well as the stations. This last run, I was coming into the station, with all of my missions completed. Approached in silent running, popped a heat sink just to be sure. My approach was a little bit off, but I was at 22% heat, in silent running, when it says "ship scan detected", I get a bounty, and immediately attacked and destroyed.
Now I'll respawn in my bus, with no fuel scoop, 15 jumps away, and wait an hour for a more capable ship to be shipped there. It's the 4th or 5th time it's happened, and I just don't understand what the hell I'm doing wrong.
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2023.06.04 16:31 Snoo-14044 My baby hates me

I spend every waking second with my 4 month old baby. I do the nighttime wake ups, with her all morning and afternoon until my husband comes home to take her for an hour while I cook. I love her so so much and love spending time with her. She will smile and coo at me.
But when my in-laws come over she is a different baby. She looks at them with such loving eyes, babbles up a storm, smiles the whole time and even laughs! She has never laughed with me and I'm in no way a passive parent. I take her on walks, talk to her all day, make animal sounds, sing, dance, always do new activities with her and when she's napping, I research and think of new things for us to do together.
My baby doesn't care at all when I leave the house and definitely doesn't care when I come back. She won't even look at me. When my in-laws come in, she immediately looks at them and smiles, will stop crying and smile at them.
I don't calm my baby down, I can't make her laugh. There's nothing I can do that anyone else in the world can't. I feel so helpless and hopeless that I messed up somewhere along the line and just don't have a connection with my little one.
I feel so selfish staying home with her and keeping her to myself when clearly she's so much happier with other people and should probably just be in daycare.
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2023.06.04 16:30 loveorleavekpop Please help me find these Tollywood movies I saw a very long time ago.

1.) I think it's kind of popular bcoz where I live only the populaunpopular tollywood movies are shown (whether a box office Hit or not). My mind has stored the ML as the actor Suriya and the FL as Kajal aggarwal or Samantha. But i am not so sure about this casting.
There is a fair ML. He wears glasses and is tall. The FL upon seeing him says to her friends that he isnt her type and she prefers talk dusky men or smthing like that (or maybe he was dusky and she said that she prefers fair men. I am sorry i watched it when i was 14). There is some weird other world or parallel world and supernatural mysteries. Like i dont know much about what it is supposed to be but in one of the scenes the ML is standing in the middle of huge stairs with a lot of people passing by and gets some weird sense of realization as if he found out something about the other world. I am really sorry i can only remember this much. I was once very close to finding a movie like it after going thru the movies done by the aforementioned actors but I lost the name again(😭).
2.) It has Motta Rajendran (or an actor who resembles him too much) in the cast. I tried to search thru his list of movies but it is way tooo long.The movie has this monster who lives in a cave in the jungle. They never truly fully show him during the first hour of the movie. The ML and FL are going to get married/are in love and one of them is from this village near the jungle. Half of the movie has ppl being attacked by the monster when they try to cross the jungle. The fl and ml tried that too. Midway thru the movie the villagers decide to kill the monster. I also remember the movie being longer than 3 hours.
Thats it. I am really sorry for such vague infos. But thats all i could remember.
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2023.06.04 16:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Alex King & Carlos Romero – Viral Funds Academy (Genkicourses.com)

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2023.06.04 16:30 PlanetFruitSalad Map to Gatekeeper s Hut not popping and rant about the Nameless God

So yeah:
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2023.06.04 16:30 Ghockey11 What in the actual f*ck subaru (bit ranty)

Mom's 2017 forester. 89k miles. Went to put new front cv axles in because one of them was clicking. From what i saw online it should have been a pretty simple job. So, a day before i started, i hosed every bolt that i would need to take off in PB blaster, and the next day, started on it. First thing i did was try and get the ball joint pinch bolt out. Tried by hand. Then battery impact. Then last resorted to my dad's industrial ingersoll-rand impact. Still wouldnt budge. Tried heating it as much as i felt was safe to keep the ball joint from exploding. Nope. Cranked the air compressor to 180 psi. Snapped the bolt right off with the impact. Went and got a new bolt from subaru dealer. Tried getting snapped bolt out with easy outs. Nope. So i figured, ok, i'll deal woth that later, lets just get the axle changed. Went to pull the ball joint out of the knuckle. Finally went after 3 hours of prying and 5lb sledge to the control arm. Then, finally, i tried to pull yhe axle out of the hub. Stuck as hell. Tried deadblow smacks, 5lb sledge, 10lb sledge, duckfoot puller which i broke trying to get this axle to budge. No luck. Pb blaster'd it for the whole day and most of the night, got up the next morning, went and bought yet another hub puller. Broke that one too. I still dont understand what these engineers are doing, why did they make the pinch bolt so easily salt-accessible and not cad-plated. Why are the tolerances in the axle splines so damn tight that they can rust and microweld together so that nothing, not even a puller at its breaking point being absolutely smashed with a 10lb sledge can move it?? I like these cars, but god damn do i hate working on them. Ended up just buying a whole new knuckle and hub/bearing.
TL/DR subaru engineers big stupid
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2023.06.04 16:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (Top Quality)

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2023.06.04 16:30 CatsInnaTrenchcoat Are they just doing fraud now? (Rant, technical issues)

Premium member since April. Paying through google pay. I do have a valid credit card and billing address on audible as well, however.

Yesterday, I purchased 3 credits, because it said i wasnt due for credits until june 22. Felt like I hadn't received any for a long time, but assumed I was just impatient.
I bought a couple books. Tried one for a few minutes (less than 10mins) but realized there was no way I could tolerate the narrators voice for hours on end, so i went to return the title. It said i cant return titles because i need to update my payment options.
So i go to payment options, deleting all old cards and only leaving the one I actually use. That didnt help. So i re-added the same card (valid till 2025, everythings good there) and that didnt help.

I went to my Profile tab on the app (android) and it said to contact support due to "problems with my account"
So I did. The reply I got told me to update my payment, along with some condescending stuff about how they'd help me figure out how to do that. Obviously that has *nothing* to do with the issues im facing. But they emailed me from a donotreply email, so i have to send a separate support message.

This time they reply that my account is in delinquency, that I didnt pay for May (google pay and my credit card statement disagrees) and they tell me to contact google pay instead. So I did.
Google tells me that all payments went through fine, and send me an email to forward to audible, with the transaction numbers and all. (Of course i cant *forward*, only copy paste it on a third support request) and at this point I realize why I was "impatient" with credits. I checked, and they didnt issue any for May, despite charging me and despite me not losing any other perks (I added the monthly free book to my library just fine, i dont think non-paying members can do that?) and being able to purchase and use credits without issue (except returning lol)
Obviously I would not have bought credits if they had issued the ones I'm entitled to, so they owe me for 2 of the 3 credits I bought, as far as I'm concerned.

I googled this and searched reddit but find nobody facing the same issue. I'm still waiting on Audible's reply. I don't know what to do. If they continue to claim non payment, and dont refund me the credits i bought, well, thats dangerously close to fraud. I think I might end up having to dispute all audible charges for services not rendered and I'll take it up with my province's consumer protection office. This is just completely ridiculous. How can they possibly not see the payments came through, and that all my payment methods are valid? When i JUST paid for credits with the same method? Like stop sending me emails that have nothing to do with the issue and start fixing YOUR end's problem. Ffs.
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2023.06.04 16:30 pasteldreams96 Overnights

Hey all! I recently got an offer to do multiple overnights for a family during the fall. We are in Atlanta,Ga. The family has 3 kids (8,6,3). Would it be best to charge my hourly rate of $27 then a flat rate for sleeping hours? If so what would the flat rate be?
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2023.06.04 16:29 IllustriousExcuse233 Starbucks refused to go offline on DoorDash …

Context: I received an order for Starbucks that’s located on a college campus. They are one of the few Starbucks in the area that are on DoorDash, so I go there for orders regularly. I get onto campus and I see a police car blocking the street up ahead, with cones and lights on. Go another way, path is blocked again. Go a third way, which is the last accessible way, and it’s blocked. All by police cars, cones, and a sign that says “special event”. I call DoorDash, explain there’s the situation and that there’s no way for me to get it. They cancel the order and I get half pay. I call that Starbucks and tell them what is going on. The woman says that there’s a 5K race. Okay, makes sense. I tell her that they probably should go and turn off accepting orders until the events done, because no dasher can access their shop. She agreed and apologized. I got 3 more orders in a row for Starbucks. I declined each one, confirming that it was indeed the Starbucks on campus. Got a shop and deliver order, completed that, and immediately got another Starbucks order. I went to decline it and it accepted it. So I get on call with support, explain all of the above. Support calls Starbucks and Starbucks says they can fulfill the order, which is why they’re still open. But “it’s probably best to cancel this one”. Seriously? So would Starbucks rather deal with all of those phone calls and order cancels then turn it off for a few hours? Or enable to customer pickup only? For those on campus today? Idk. It’s just frustrating. The whole morning was filled with 15-20 minute waits. I needed to vent to some of you who would understand.
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2023.06.04 16:28 geicodwight Questions regarding time off.

Is sick and care time the same?
How much vacation and sick time does an employee get per year?
From what I was told 77.50 hours per year of vacation for employees less then five years.
Is sick time the same? And does care time included in that.
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2023.06.04 16:28 MichaelKayz10 Myron played 4D chess with Aba and Preach. He cosplayed as a character played by Dave Chappelle that wore the KKK attire which Aba and Preach had publicly endorsed and defended just to expose their hypocrisy 💀

Myron played 4D chess with Aba and Preach. He cosplayed as a character played by Dave Chappelle that wore the KKK attire which Aba and Preach had publicly endorsed and defended just to expose their hypocrisy 💀 submitted by MichaelKayz10 to Destiny [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 16:28 Valuable-Account-362 balance premium que

went from 2.8k to 2.2k and i still face 5k elo players with 15k hours.... literally DOUBLE my elo and 10x my hours
the last 13 games i´m the lowest elo player in the lobby, and get 3 russians without any knowledge of english...
how am i supposed to win games like this after a 20 games loosing streak ?
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2023.06.04 16:28 YZOXQ interested in food play, need some help

So I was wondering is there any consequence to fucking a. McChicken?
I have a good friend who wants/ enjoys watching me. Masturbate and one of the many things that we wanted to try was food fucking I guess. They suggested a McChicken which I happily obliged. I need to know is there any type of things that I should look out for when fucking this McChicken?
They're going to order it with a lot of mayonnaise So that should help. Serious answer is only please, this is a time sensitive question as the McDonald's is opening pretty soon and will probably have our order within half an hour.
Please and thank you!
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2023.06.04 16:28 Huge_Independence904 WIBTA for filing a complain against a doctor because of his attitude

For context I have some chronic health issues and recently have experiences a shockingly fast decline in health and chose to go to my gp to discuss this. I am in the UK so there services are all on the NHS and I can't really chose to switch hospital or GP and mainly deal with the doctor i have been given and so far it has gone well. However, a few days ago me (17F), and my mother went to the doctor and noticed right from the start he was a bit dismissive, having his back to me a lot even when he wasn't on his computer or anything. I started describing my symptoms and he immediately jumped to 'it's anxiety making them worse' and proceeded to not type up the rest of my symptoms for the rest of the time. Which even if it was anxiety would require serious help due to how bad the symptoms were. As the meeting continued I began explaining one of my episodes, for example being paralysed for 30 minutes after a flight due to the change in altitude, he said 'did you try walking around in the plane' which me and my mother felt was quite shocking considering the fact I was describing an episode where I was literally paralysed after a 1 hour flight. Thought the appointment he made a lot more comments around this line and when it came to the end of the appointment was very reluctant to send me back to the doctor who gave me my original diagnosis even with a note on the original diagnosis saying if what I described occurred I had to go back urgently. He also proceeded to laugh and joke about me going to A&E if the symptoms I described were 'real' and when my mum replied we could go tmr he looked at me and said 'with her like that' in a rude tone clearly insinuating he did not believe me. Would I be wrong for writing a complain about this considering I now need to wait months to access help while experiencing a decline in my symptoms so severe I will no longer be able to attend school full time or study for any of my exams which are vital for university meaning my entire future could be at risk? (I have decided I might go abroad for help but can't until at least the summer).
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2023.06.04 16:28 xXxBluESkiTtlExXx Budding home inspector here, would love some advice on getting started

Howdy folks, as title says I could use some advice on how best to proceed in this field. Several months ago I completed the interNACHI pre-licensing course and passed their certification exam. I didn't feel quite confident enough to pass the NHIE at that point so I continued studying. Then life happened and I had to put that on hold. I have since resumed my studying, using the compucram NHIE course. Last week I spoke to a HI company here in town about getting on board with them. They would obviously have more in depth training and guaranteed work. However, they offer two inspections a day at $100/inspection. This seems quite low, and like a whole lot of work for not a lot of money. I'm coming into this field to get away from the 40 hour work week while still making a livable wage. As experienced inspectors, do you think it will be in my best interest to continue the course I'm on and delve out into the fray by my lonesome, or join with this company, suck it up for a bit to get my feet wet, and then delve out on my own?
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2023.06.04 16:28 ASTL-Token "Cycles on the Buyer's Side". What will happen to bitcoin next week.

In the first half of the week, we saw bitcoin fall to $26,505. Interest in risky assets disappeared after the release of Chinese statistics. The Chinese yuan fell to new six-month lows, which gave the US dollar additional momentum. China's official PMIs showed a faster-than-expected contraction in manufacturing activity and slower growth in services in May. In parallel, the crypto market was influenced by US statistics and debates on the US national debt ceiling. As a result, the House of Representatives and the US Senate voted in favor of a bill to raise the national debt ceiling, which stopped the sale of US stocks.
Buyers in the BTC/USDt pair again found support at $26,500. After it became known that a default was avoided, investors turned their attention to the May labor market report and the US Federal Reserve meeting. A strong Friday report spurred the growth of the dollar index. The number of jobs in the US economy in May increased by 339 thousand against the forecast of 180 thousand. The April figure was revised to 294 thousand from 253 thousand, as previously announced. The data for March was also revised up to 217,000 from 165,000, bringing the number of jobs for those two months to 93,000 higher than originally reported. Unemployment in the US rose to 3.7% in May compared to 3.4% in the previous month (the forecast was 3.5%). The average hourly wage in May increased by 0.3% compared to the previous month. In annual terms, the indicator rose by 4.3%. The market expected growth by 0.3% and 4.4% respectively. The labor force participation rate remained at 62.6% for the third month in a row. That is, the number of jobs in the US economy in May turned out to be higher than expected, but again, unemployment increased. There is a week left before the meeting of the US Federal Reserve (June 14), and statistics show mixed performance of the US economy.
US stocks closed higher on Friday after a labor market report showed job growth and modest wage growth in May. The data bolstered hopes that the Fed might miss a rate hike at its next meeting. According to CME Group, keeping the rate at 5.25% is 74%. It turns out that the market puts more into the forecast the preservation of the rate in June.
Weekly losses of bitcoin are about 3.5%. Buyer activity remains low. I noticed that bitcoin is being merged in pairs with altcoins. Against this background, ETH and LTC look much better.
The external background remains positive for the first cryptocurrency. The week has not yet closed, so the growth of quotations may continue on Sunday before the opening of markets. The OPEC+ meeting will take place on Sunday. If risky assets do not drop early on Monday morning, then all assets can be expected to continue to grow. The next week does not contain important macro statistics, and the dollar index may continue to correct to the level of 101.60 from the current level of 103.96. At the same time, the US default is delayed for a couple of years.
In general, the past week on the crypto market was ambiguous and caused some anxiety among investors. However, despite a slight decline in bitcoin, the external background remains positive, which may contribute to the continued growth of risky assets. Seasonal cycles are now on the side of the buyers and act as a tailwind for bitcoin and investing. However, investors are advised to take some time to think before making any investment. One of the legitimate forms of investment is, for example, the ASTL investment project, which allows investors to have the opportunity to directly invest fiat and cryptocurrency assets in a stable passive income that obviously exceeds inflationary expectations and is not subject to any sanctions, blocking and confiscation. The ASTL project is a simple and elegant solution for potential investors - an investment in the development of the real sector of a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies, with a fairly high APR (up to 14%) with payments in stablecoin (USDT) and the possibility of a full return on investment through the subsequent sale of accrued ASTL tokens on leading crypto exchanges . Details can be found at https://astl.world.
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