Glazed ham jamie oliver

Loaded Baked Potato with butter, shredded cheese and nacho cheese, bacon bits, diced ham, olives, sausage,sour cream, chives. Delish!

2023.03.25 01:29 Embarrassed_Angle_59 Loaded Baked Potato with butter, shredded cheese and nacho cheese, bacon bits, diced ham, olives, sausage,sour cream, chives. Delish!

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2023.03.24 23:50 DonutOutlander Who Let Bill Do the Autopsy?

I move up ranks. This a good job. I good job. I look at this man now. He is man. Under ana…anas….ananas……sleep. I get template. Then I write. Boss trust me. I write you now.
NAME: Ridge boy. Samuel. Samuel Ridgeback. Yes.
AGE: I dunno
SEX: business
STATUS: not awake but not dead. I no kill you now. I write. Small letters on small keyboard. Small for me.
APPEARANCE: he has one arm and a head, he is ugly and scary, I no like.
AILMENTS: strawberry
CRIMINAL?: he is scary
BOSS TO RECIEVE?: boss know what to do, he teach me word. He best friend, we friend.
EXTRA NOTES: This is Oliver. Your boss. Bill kept asking to do an examination on Donut, so I just let him. Handed him his file, which I haven’t even read yet, and let him go ham. After skimming through this report, he shall be permanently relieved of any reporting jobs with immediate effect. Now, get back to work!
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2023.03.24 22:27 Justhereforlawschool Regarding Nate Being a Horrible Person

With season 3 gearing up, there is a lot of discourse on this subreddit and elsewhere about whether or not Nate can be redeemed. While I see what people are saying abut the early hints and foreshadowing of his true nature, I think we are characterizing it all wrong...
To me, Nate is no more horrible than any other person whose been introduced in this show. I believe Nate is just meant to show the limitations of the "Ted Lasso Way."
Season 1
Season 1 is a feel-good show about how being genuinely nice and caring towards others does wonders for people's own self-esteem and growth. We see this method work on Roy, Rebecca, Higgins, Sam, Jamie, etc. It motivated everyone to be like Ted. After the first season, we all believed in BELIEVE.
Season 2
However, Season 2 is meant to dismantle that idea and show the limitations of such an approach. This is shown most prominently through the introduction of Doctor Sharon and her relationship with Ted when the audience is able to see the pain and sadness behind's Ted's outwardly positive persona. Unlike others, Dr. Sharon never tried to embody Ted's attitude. Instead, she resisted his optimism in order to help him better understand and heal from his trauma. It worked because Ted is someone else who needed more than just a smile to work through his problems. While positivity and support are fantastic resources, they can't always a substitute for therapy.
Interestingly enough, Nate is one of the few characters that we don't really see interact with Dr. Sharon. But based on his actions and his tumultuous relationship with his own father, Nate needs therapy just as much as Ted or anyone else. Recall from season 2 that Ted says he was too hard on his own father and resents his father abandoning him and his mother. Much like Nate, Ted resented his father and developed the BELIEVE mentality to cope with it. In doing so, Ted became a great and talented coach. In this way, he became the father he never had. Doctor Sharon was needed to help Ted grieve the loss of his father in a way that BELIEVING never could.
However, Nate's father is still alive and involved in his life and is the reason behind much of his insecurities. Nate was never able to move on because his father's abuse and dissatisfaction is a constant reminder of Nate's own shortcomings. While Jamie is a great and talented footballer that just needed to believe in himself and get over his abusive father's dissatisfaction, Nate struggles with wondering whether he is great or talented at all. Thus, the second he proves to have an adequate football strategy on one occasion, he clings to this as his sense of worth as the Wonder Kid, despite really having no experience in coaching. It was clear from the start that Jamie was great at football, but to me, we have yet to say Nate be great at much of anything.
Season 3 and Conclusion
Essentially, Nate was never a horrible person, he just needs to realize that he special regardless of his power or position over others. He is someone who is deeply hurting and when Ted's cheerful mentality was no longer enough, he seeks out power in order to make himself feel important. When that didn't work, Nate blamed Ted and everyone at AFC Richmond, and took the West Ham job to make himself feel important.
To me, Nate is no more of a dick than Jamie was in the first season. As the audience, we are just more sensitive to Ted being attacked than anyone else. Rebecca essentially gave Higgins the same treatment in season 1, but we weren't as attached to Higgins as we were to Ted.
From what the show has given us so far...
Rebecca needed the Ted Lasso way. She tried to sabotage the club because she didn't believe in herself to be a good owner.
Jamie needed Ted Lasso, but moreover, needed love. Jamie needed to see he was loved and supported not because he was a great footballer, but because people supported him.
Ted needed therapy. He needed someone to resist is happy-go-lucky mentality so he himself could come to terms with his father's suicide.
Nate... Nate needs to find his own greatness and find his own worth separate from his father, Rupert, or Ted for that matter. I hope season 3 gives us a Nathan Shelley that knows he is Nate the Great, not the Wonder Kid who wonders whether he is good enough.
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2023.03.24 22:11 Amazing_Sundae_2024 Hammin' it up

Ham usually goes on sale around Easter. I'm single so I don't ever buy those big giant hams so I rarely get to have it, but I was in the store and saw packs of "slices and pieces" of ham for $2.98/lb. . (If you have a Costco membership I think that's their normal price for ham but we don't have those here). I found the smallest pack so $4.98 for 1.6 pounds. I picked out the "scrappiest" small pieces and am now making ham and split pea soup. I took a couple of the best slices and made some honey mustard glaze and wrapped it in foil and am roasting it in the oven for baked ham which I'll serve with a baked sweet potato and a green vegetable. There were some thin slices which I will make sandwiches with, and then I will dice up the rest and put it in scrambled eggs. I did all this with 1/2 of the pack--the other half is in the freezer for when I'm craving some ham again. Anyway, these are the kind of tips I like to read (rather than "eat beans and rice") so I hope it was useful to someone. Speaking of beans, I will probably cook some pinto beans with some of the leftover ham and serve with cornbread next time.
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