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Hugs And Pups Posse Encouraging and Empowering (HAPPEE) is an NPO in the Research Triangle of NC that sends teams of two adults, one dog, and a sign saying "Hugs & Pups" to UNC Chapel Hill's campus several times a week; in Spring 2022, it was Sun, Mon, & Thurs. We offer students pup playtime and/or parental hugs; 1 team is always near the Pit during a HAPPEE stroll. We use Glympse to track the strolling pups. We also paint & leave rocks on campus, chalk walks, and host DOGGO Bingo each semester.

2023.03.30 07:27 LurkingAccountOnly Why I am an awful person who deserves nothing good, and everyone's previous reassurance here is invalid (DO NOT DO THIS THIS TIME)

Do not provide support, I will reject it. Mods, please remove all restrictions on negative comments solely for this post.
So, I made a previous post here explaining why I suck for retroactive reasons, but I'm going to explain why everyone's reassurance there is completely invalid, since it's blatantly obvious I'm still a piece of crap today. I carefully (and probably secretly self-servingly) omitted all my current shitty behaviour in the last post:
At the end of the day it boils down to the fact that I had to forcibly "learn" not to be a complete piece of shit in EVERY. SINGLE. AREA. A decent person would not have to do this. They'd at least have had some areas where they didn't fucking suck out of the gate. They wouldn't have been deeply hated in every single environment until they forcibly started performing the motions of basic fucking decency.
And regardless, I still did it in the past, and still created piles of consequences for other people which many still deal with today. In some cases it's absurdly serious - like my Mom still has mental and neurological health problems downstream of dealing with me as a kid (although she doesn't admit it), including LITERALLY HAVING STRESS-INDUCED MS AND LOSING PART OF HER VISION (she blames other things, but I've pieced the reason together - it's impossible to hide).
And I'm not looking for reassurance here, so DO NOT provide it, I WILL ignore it. I'm just shouting into the wind. Western society has become way more socially tolerant and understanding, so nothing kind anyone says to me can ever be trusted, since the impulse is now towards reassurance (which is awesome for humanity, but it leads to the mistaken notion that I deserve support too. 100% false, please don't).
And don't try to pull "you probably have undiagnosed level 1 autism," because 1. most level 1 autistic people didn't cause this level of hell for everyone around them (my son is, so I also see this first-hand); 2. It would've been detected at least once; and 3. I inexplicably seem to be well-liked now, which isn't common with level 1 autistics. And #3 doesn't mean jack-shit. Many secretly just like my wife. Others are just extra-kind people who tolerate my crap (my friends are all odd albeit lovely people). Still others are fooled by the constant acts of false kindness, memorized social skills, weird sense of humour (mostly just memorized social skills mixed with sharp edges I allow to peek through if I suspect it'll amuse people), and fake "competence." e.g. a friend once told me I'm "both the kindest and most annoying person they know, which makes [me] one of the most likable [to them]." That says it all. The "kindest" part is a lying facade I've convinced myself of to the point of feeling the associated emotions, so that part can be rejected, leaving just "most annoying" - i.e. the actual reality peeking through. **So don't reassure me. I've heard it all from the few people I've told this to (including from a therapist for 10 years), I WILL reject it, because you will be wrong. If any of it were valid, I would not have been told the opposite in eight separate environments, nor would I have destroyed my family's health with my behaviour. There's only one explanation for that.
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2023.03.30 07:23 StepwiseUndrape574 Gta 5 modded account: Modded outfits, modded cars, 16trillion in the bank, everything unlocked. FULL ACCESS link in bio

Gta 5 modded account: Modded outfits, modded cars, 16trillion in the bank, everything unlocked. FULL ACCESS link in bio submitted by StepwiseUndrape574 to gta5moneydrops_ [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:11 SnooPeanuts4590 Scam?

I’m fairly positive this is a scam, but wanted to see if anyone else has received something like this and what the scam is? Received this message today from a brand new account as of March 2023 (red flag #1. I censored out the names just in case it’s not a scam as to not doxx the guest)…
“Hello there, My name is ***** and I came across your Home. Would like to inquire please about maybe utilizing it for a Boudoir shoot. Would not need more then a few hours tops. Do not plan on staying the night or using services. Just would like to utilize the bedroom and bathroom for a clean shoot. The lovely lady is doing this for me as to build up my portfolio. In turn she will be getting edited pictures from me to do this. My brand is building and its called ****** Photography. Obviously I am the one inquiring and responsible to put the rental in my name for the few hours. So I am kindly inquiring. :)
Thinking this would be either on a Fri, Sat or Sunday.
Thank you for reading. *******”
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2023.03.30 07:03 ThrowRAsdfsdsdfs [Advice] Should I be worried, after paying more than $10k in lease for rent?

For context It is in the city in NYC.
I found a apartment for rent in NYC. Saw the apartment and gave the broker's fees to broker between annual 12-15%. Signed the lease, wired the money to Owner and Broker. Security Deposit + First Month's rent + Broker's fees which ended up being more than $10k.
Now here comes the sketchy part: I met landlord after signing the lease and he told me that I would be currently staying as a guest! Since it is a condo/op so board takes 30-60 days for someone to get approved. So until then I would be staying as a guest, and whenever someone asks you so tell them that you are staying as his guest, but then after 1-2 months board would approve you. And so right now he told me don't contact the in-building super and instead tell him and he will do it for me until I don't get approved through board member, which would take 1-2 months.
Should I be worried anyhow?
Rent is around $3300.
Landlord said he would get it cleaned and now after the lease has been signed, it is not that clean.
Few things are still dirty, I don't want to sound like spoiled but few things are dirty to the point which I don't even want to touch it barehand. I was under the impression that at least in $3,300 he would get it cleaned. Is this common in NYC?
Also it's a studio but all utilities are included. It is in Midtown East near central park.
Should I be worried? or should I stay and ask him to get it cleaned few things.
But on the side note, landlord seems to be very responsive and getting things done. He even gave someone else's number who can contact the in-building super because he is going to be away for few days.
What do I do?
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2023.03.30 07:00 Clearblueskymind Let's help each other by having a conversation about our experience with post exertional malaise.

  1. What is your experience of post-exertional malaise (PEM)?
  2. What are some of your common triggers of PEM?
  3. How long does PEM normally last for you?
  4. What are some of the ways you manage PEM?
At the moment, I need to go lie down. I'm exhausted. Getting the shingles vaccine two days ago has made me sick and is also my most recent trigger. Most of my triggers are from unexpected circumstances. Like breaking a tooth and needing to go to the dentist, being in the dental chair for about 3 hours, and stressing out while relaxing as best as I could. another example is having an unexpected flood in my home from a broken water pipe. Even with help, I had to overexert myself. Without surprise problems, then my most consistent trigger is just my own overdoing it, like saying fuck it and going to the beach, or a nearby botanical garden and then grocery shopping on my way home. Sometimes, I know I'm overdoing it but I have learned a feel for what Ican get away with. But when I'm living, by choice too close to being triggered and then something unexpected happens, boom. So, when I live less close to my limits, I have more buffer room for the unexpected. So, it's mostly when life causes me to push past my envelope of limitations or I voluntarily push past my limitations that PEM kicks in. PEM normally last very long for me, but depending on the trigger. After going to the dentist it lasted 2 months, the broken water pipe than added another month to my recovery. And of course when I'm in a flare I'm more inclined to be less disciplined too and that feeds the PEM. My best coping mechanism is practicing calm abiding meditation whether in a flare or not, because the calmer I am, regardless of what happens, the less spoons are lost. The challenge for me is in smoothing out the hills and valleys. Okay, that's my answer to the above 4 questions. Anybody want to take a whack at them. This thread is for sharing what works so we can do more of that. and sharing what doesn't work so we can do less of that. Overtime, mastering our PEM avoidance strategies helps us to avoid PEM. That's been my experience. I'm sure without calm abiding practice that the three rapid fire dental appointments and broken water pipe would have been much more triggering of much worse PEM. I believe managing my PEM through behavior modification, such as knowing the limits of my available spoons, and staying within that acceptable range is most important. And that training my mind to relax as much as possible, no matter what is going on, has been my best strategy.
How about you?. Let's learn from each other, eh?.
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2023.03.30 06:58 epicfail48 Advice on cutting torch choice for general fabrication

Using the shop torches at work has gotten rather... painful, owing in part to working with a bunch of monkeys who dont understand that maybe they shouldnt drop-kit acetylene rigs across the shop, or even how to use the tools. Somehow it was decided to run # 4tips on every torch with no other options, despite the fact that 99% of what we cut is 1/2" or less, mostly 1/4". Shockingly, not a lot of clean cuts and we go through bottles way quicker than youd think
So im looking into getting my own personal torch that might stay functional for longer than 3 seconds at a time. Originally i was thinking of having an old Airco torch i have rebuilt, but someone on another forum talked me out of that by letting me know that a supplier local to me participated in Victors trade-in program. Stopped in, talked to the guys there, and narrowed my options down to a ST1000FC for $180 with the trade, or a 315FC body with a cutting head for $120. Ive been leaning towards the ST1000, since id only be using it for cutting and i like the ergonomics of the lever on the underside more, but i cant shake the feeling that the 315fc might be better since i could swap out cutting heads as the job demands, or in the event of damage
Anybody care to break my deadlock here? Bit more background on use, this would be for general fabrication cutting up to bout 1 1/2" thick. Ive got no intention of ever gas welding with this, so thats not a concern. Heating is a possibility, but i can always get nozzle adaptors for the ST1000 to run rosebuds, not really a victory in either direction on that. I dont mind the price difference if it gets me a good tool, but im still new enough to not know what i dont know in order to make up my mind
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2023.03.30 06:57 JAMESJOHN-32 Top BEST BABY BATH TUB

TOP Best Baby Bath Tub

Bathing your baby is an essential part of their daily routine, and it can be a fun bonding experience between you and your little one. However, choosing the right baby bathtub can be overwhelming with so many options on the market. This article will explore the best baby bathtubs to help make bath time safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for you and your baby.

following 8 best baby bath tub.

1. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub is a versatile option that can be used from infancy through toddlerhood. It features a comfortable mesh sling that cradles your newborn and keeps them secure during bath time.
[caption id="attachment_72" align="aligncenter" width="300"]📷 Best Baby Bath Tub[/caption]
As your baby grows, you can remove the sling and use the tub's backrest and non-slip surface to keep them safe and secure. The tub also includes a built-in hook for easy storage and drying.
However, as the tub is more significant than most, drying and storage will take up space.

2. Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub

The Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub is designed to grow with your baby, offering three support stages. The first stage is a mesh sling that cradles your newborn, the second stage features a reclining position for infants, and the third stage offers a seated position for toddlers. The tub is also compact and easy to store, making it perfect for families with limited space. Not all homes have a traditional bathtub.
[caption id="attachment_75" align="aligncenter" width="300"]📷 Best Baby Bath Tub[/caption]
That’s where this product comes in. It’s a rigid one-piece bathtub, ideal for placing in a shower. Using the base of your battery for a bathtub might have its challenges, as the shower size can restrict your movement. That’s why the contours built into this tub are ideal.
Once your little one can sit unaided, you can switch them so they sit on the other side of the bathtub, so the side provides a backrest.

3. Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

The Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub is a compact, comfortable option for newborns. The tub's unique design allows your baby to sit upright, which can be helpful for infants who don't like lying down during bath time. The tub also includes a built-in temperature gauge that changes color to indicate whether the water is too hot or cold.
Just make sure you have plenty of air to blow it up or get yourself a pump to avoid the lightheadedness of all that exhaling.
[caption id="attachment_76" align="aligncenter" width="300"]📷 Best Baby Bath Tub[/caption]
The inflatable duck has a textured, non-slip surface. This will help stop your little one from testing your powers of grip.
This tub will also last a long time, as it is suitable for children up to two years old. But it doesn’t need to end there. You could use it for water play in the backyard when the weather is good. Some clever people have even filled it with ice and used it as a beverage cooler after the kids have outgrown it — how innovative is that?
There’s a drain plug for easy emptying and a suction pad for hanging it to dry.

4. Primo Euro Bath

The Primo Euro Bath is a spacious and versatile option that can be used from birth up to 24 months. Its unique shape and design provide plenty of room for your baby to splash and play, and its non-slip surface helps keep your little one safe during bath time.
[caption id="attachment_77" align="aligncenter" width="300"]📷 Best Baby Bath Tub[/caption]
The Euro Bath also features two built-in compartments for soap and toys, making it easy to keep everything within reach.

5. First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub is a versatile option from birth to toddlerhood. Its contoured design provides support and comfort for your baby,
[caption id="attachment_73" align="aligncenter" width="300"]📷 Best Baby Bath Tub[/caption]
and the mesh sling cradles your newborn to keep them secure during bath time. The tub also includes a built-in temperature gauge and a drain plug for easy cleanup.

6. Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling

The Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub is a stylish and functional option that can be used from birth to toddlerhood. Its mesh sling cradles your newborn; as your baby grows, you can adjust the sling to a reclining or seated position. The tub also includes a non-slip surface and a built-in drain plug for easy cleanup. Sling-style tubs are excellent for newborns.
[caption id="attachment_78" align="aligncenter" width="300"]📷 Best Baby Bath Tub[/caption]
They look the same as many baby bathtubs but have a specially designed hammock to hold your baby during their bath—the cushioned mesh sling in this offering from Skip Hop clips onto four points of the tub.
Once your baby is about three or four months old, you can detach two hooks to convert the sling into a seat. This means more fun for your baby, but maybe more mess for you, as this tub won’t fit in most sinks.

7. Blooming Bath Lotus

The Blooming Bath Lotus is a unique and comfortable option for newborns. Its soft, plush petals provide a cozy and comfortable place for your baby to rest during bath time, and its compact design makes it easy to store. The Blooming Bath Lotus also fits in most sinks, making it an excellent option for families who need more space for a traditional baby bathtub—looking for comfort for your baby and versatility for sink bathing?
[caption id="attachment_79" align="aligncenter" width="300"]📷 Best Baby Bath Tub[/caption]
The Lotus tub has them both. It has four overlapping petals to form a comfortable, contoured base for your baby.
And fussy babies love being surrounded by moveable petals.
Moms find it easy to use too. The soft outer fabric is foam-filled, making it supportive and cozy.

8. Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

The Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub is a versatile option that can be used from birth to toddlerhood.
[caption id="attachment_80" align="aligncenter" width="300"]📷 Best Baby Bath Tub[/caption]
Its raised platform elevates your baby to a comfortable height.


In conclusion, baby bath tubs are useful tools for parents to safely and comfortably bathe their infants. There are various types of baby bath tubs available on the market, including traditional plastic tubs, foldable tubs, and inflatable tubs. When choosing a baby bath tub, parents should consider factors such as size, stability, and ease of cleaning. It is also important to supervise infants during bath time and ensure that the water temperature is safe for their delicate skin. With proper care and attention, a baby bath tub can be a valuable addition to a parent's baby care routine.
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2023.03.30 06:57 Skate-Rat Help with a bsod fix.

Friends computer blue screening a couple times a day due to “PFN_LIST_CORRUPT”, ”MEMORY_MANAGEMENT”
Specs: -intel i5 11400 -2x8gb OLOY Blade 3200mhz ram -rtx 3060 -intel 1200mhz ssd 512gb -Gigabyte b560
Initially I though it would be a RAM issue, so I had him run all the usual tests, and they all came back clean for no hardware issues. Went through it with him and made sure EVERY driver is up to date; still bsod’s. I had him run it in safe mode for a day while I was checking some recourses online, and itdidn’t crash which I’d assume means it’s not a hardware issue. I checked his minidump files, and the bug code was for “virtual memory” “1 bit”. This is about where my knowledge of pcs thins, so I looked up some fixes. The only options we hadn’t tried require outside update downloads for his ssd, and some extensive scans in BIOS that aren’t actually a fix. I’m not comfortable doing these for him as they said it could cause issues if done incorrectly. Is there anything I could be missing, before we try these options?
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2023.03.30 06:55 oliteach Top Hotel in Valle de Bravo: A Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation for Your Stay

Top Hotel in Valle de Bravo: A Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation for Your Stay
Valle de Bravo is a beautiful town located in the State of Mexico, just a few hours from Mexico City. This charming town is a popular tourist destination and has many things to offer visitors, including beautiful landscapes, a picturesque town center, and a wide variety of outdoor activities. If you are planning a trip to Valle de Bravo, choosing the right hotel is key to enjoying a comfortable and memorable stay. In this article, we will guide you through the top hotels in Valle de Bravo and help you choose the perfect one for your stay.


1. Location, Location, Location

When choosing a hotel in Valle de Bravo, location is everything. The town has two main areas where hotels are located: the town center and the lake area. If you prefer to be close to the town's main attractions, such as restaurants, shops, and galleries, then staying in the town center is your best option. On the other hand, if you prefer to be surrounded by nature and enjoy water activities, then the lake area is the place to be.

2. Budget-Friendly Options

Valle de Bravo has many budget-friendly hotels that offer comfortable rooms and great service. Some of the best options in this category include Hotel Casa Abierta, Hotel Mesón de Leyendas, and Hotel El Rebozo. These hotels offer excellent value for money and are perfect for those looking to save some cash without sacrificing comfort.


3. Luxury Hotels

For those looking for a more luxurious experience, Valle de Bravo also offers a wide range of high-end hotels. These hotels offer top-notch amenities such as spa services, gourmet restaurants, and stunning views of the lake. Some of the best options in this category include Hotel Rodavento, Hotel Avandaro Golf & Spa Resort, and Hotel La Casa Rodavento.

4. Boutique Hotels

If you're looking for a more unique and personalized experience, boutique hotels are an excellent option. These hotels offer a more intimate and cozy atmosphere, often with stylish decor and personalized service. Some of the best options in this category include Casa Valle, Hotel La Casa de los Patios, and Hotel Las Pinas Avandaro.

5. Eco-Friendly Hotels

Valle de Bravo is known for its commitment to sustainable tourism, and there are several eco-friendly hotels in the area. These hotels are designed to have minimal impact on the environment while still providing a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Some of the best options in this category include Hotel Canto de Aves, Hotel San Gaspar, and Hotel Hacienda Cantalagua.

6. Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you're planning to travel with your furry friend, Valle de Bravo has several pet-friendly hotels to choose from. These hotels offer amenities such as pet beds, food bowls, and pet-sitting services, so you can rest assured that your pet will be well taken care of. Some of the best options in this category include Hotel Los Arcos, Hotel Posada Familiar Maria Elena, and Hotel Vista Hermosa.

7. Family-Friendly Hotels

Valle de Bravo is a great destination for families, and there are many hotels in the area that cater to families with children. These hotels offer amenities such as children's play areas, family rooms, and activities for kids. Some of the best options in this category include Hotel San Francisco, Hotel Piedra Blanca, and Hotel Rancho San Jorge.

8. Activities and Amenities

When choosing a hotel in Valle de Bravo, it's important to consider the activities and amenities that are available. Some hotels offer a wide range of activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, and hiking

9. Reviews and Ratings

Before booking a hotel in Valle de Bravo, it's always a good idea to read reviews and ratings from previous guests. Websites such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and Expedia offer a wealth of information on hotels in the area, including photos, reviews, and ratings. Pay attention to what guests say about the rooms, cleanliness, service, and location, and use this information to make an informed decision.


10. Booking Tips

When booking a hotel in Valle de Bravo, there are a few tips that can help you get the best deal. First, book early to ensure availability, especially during peak season. Second, check for discounts and promotions, such as package deals or special rates for longer stays. Finally, consider booking directly with the hotel instead of using a third-party website, as this can often result in better rates and more personalized service.

11. Safety and Health Measures

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many hotels in Valle de Bravo have implemented safety and health measures to ensure the safety of guests and staff. When choosing a hotel, look for information on their safety protocols, such as enhanced cleaning procedures, social distancing measures, and mask requirements. Consider choosing a hotel that has received certification from organizations such as Safe Travels or the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) for added peace of mind.

12. Cultural and Historical Significance

Valle de Bravo is a town rich in culture and history, and some hotels in the area offer a unique opportunity to experience this heritage firsthand. Consider staying in a hotel that has historical significance, such as the Hotel El Santuario, which was once a Franciscan monastery, or the Hotel La Casa de la Casona, which is housed in a historic building from the 18th century.

13. Local Recommendations

When in Valle de Bravo, be sure to ask the hotel staff for recommendations on local attractions, restaurants, and activities. The staff at your hotel will likely have insider knowledge on the best places to go and things to do in the area, and can help you plan an unforgettable trip.

14. Weather Considerations

Valle de Bravo has a temperate climate year-round, with warm summers and mild winters. However, temperatures can vary depending on the time of year and the location of your hotel. Be sure to check the weather forecast before your trip, and pack accordingly. If you're planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, consider choosing a hotel with amenities such as air conditioning, heating, or a fireplace to ensure your comfort.

15. Conclusion

Choosing the right hotel in Valle de Bravo can make all the difference in your trip. Whether you're looking for budget-friendly options or high-end luxury, there's a hotel in Valle de Bravo that's perfect for your needs. Consider your budget, interests, and preferences, and use the tips in this article to find the perfect hotel for your stay.


  1. What is the best time to visit Valle de Bravo?
  • The best time to visit Valle de Bravo is during the dry season, from November to April, when the weather is mild and pleasant.
  1. Are there any eco-friendly hotels in Valle de Bravo?
  • Yes, Valle de Bravo has several eco-friendly hotels that are committed to sustainable tourism, such as Hotel Canto de Aves, Hotel San Gaspar, and Hotel Hacienda Cantalagua.
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2023.03.30 06:55 Adam-best Useful Portable Handheld Steam Iron

UPGRATED VERSION – Dual steamer and Iron. Produces a powerful and consistent steam. 2 in 1 for Flat hot and Hanging hot. Safer structure design to minimize leaking water. More sufficiently, and bursts strong hot steam swiftly, without water sputtering.

QUICK & POWERFUL – Ceramic soleplate, heating up just 50s, prevents clothes from damaged. Powerful and stable steam to remove heavy wrinkle, odors and degerming.The steam is continuous and powerful, which can penetrate the clothes deeply and quickly.
SUITABLE FOR MOST FABRICS – One handheld fabric steamer to make shirts, suits, down clothes, night dress, wedding dress, pants crease free.

MULTIFUNCTION – Strong steam can be used in many ways-Cleaning dust. Pillow high temperature clean, sofa clean etc.
BEST EXPERIENCE – We also provide 100 ML Measuring Cup. Perfect for travel and home use.


Directly hanging your clothes on the hanger, putting them flat on ironing board or even on the table. (you need to add the water in the tank(100ML) not more than the max line or it will leak or spoil when you ironing).
Secondly, adjust the temperature dial to the max, then the working light turned red. After the working light turned off, you can adjust the temperature to what you want, there has three settings, so them you can press the steamer button, and begin working.
Finally, just add water and turn on, waiting for 50 sec, you can start ironing your clothes.



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2023.03.30 06:52 Cristiansofake Can i put 250+ daphnia in my heavily planted 60g ? Or should i culture some?

want to order daphnia but only see a 250 daphnia option as the lowest they will sell for. I was wondering will it be a lot to throw my tank or will my fish eat them fast? I have a 60g community tank, 3 angel fish,11 chili rasboras, 7 gobys ( 5 bumblebee gobys & 2 sicyopus goby ), 5 otos and 1 puffer, 1 hill stream loach & 1 guppy.
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2023.03.30 06:51 ThrowRAhehehehe my (24F) boyfriend (30M) has a severe injury and I have been thinking about leaving him...

my (24F) boyfriend (30M) has a severe injury and I have been thinking about leaving him...
my boyfriend has a chronic disc injury which prevents him from doing almost anything at this point but at the beginning of our relationship, he was able to work, go out, and we could have sex. we get along really well, and we are in tune with almost everything.
but 2 months into the relationship, he was reinjured and it's progressively gotten worse to the point I am his full time carer. I cook, clean, I feed him when he's particularly weak, I support him. don't get me wrong I absolutely love him and care for him so I am happy to help him I'm his time of need but he was told recently that rehab will take around 1.5-2 years. I don't know if I can do this for another 2 yrs. he has become increasingly less patient and angers quickly when he struggles with pain or an incident happens which sets his back pain off. i take the comments he makes to heart (which are usually an insult or two amd him questioning the way I've cared for him).
he runs his business on the side for our income because I can't work due to having to help him dress and undress, go to the toilet etc. throughout the day. we had to move in with his parents in another state to help with the financial burden. he has reassured me that he will make money to support us (since for the last 1.5 yrs it's mainly been me working full time).
for the last month or so I've beginning to think about what life would be life if I was single and could have freedom in what I do. I've thought about moving in with my brothers who I haven't seen in over 6 months and going out with friends. I have even questioned if I even want to get married at all just so I could have complete freedom. i feel extremely guilty just at the thought of it, because I love him and I do want to help him get better. but I am so worn out, I am so tired and have my own health issues I haven't been able to address. I don't know what I would regret more, not living life how I want or leaving the person I care about?
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2023.03.30 06:51 throwaway130017 Parents, what do your days look like?

I’m not sure if this is an appropriate topic for this sub, but as someone on a fitness journey who is thinking of adding a baby to the mix in the near future, I’m curious what the days of those with young ones looks like? I already find myself with so little spare time and am concerned that I’d either not give my kid as much attention as I’d like, or I’d majorly be sacrificing my own self. Obviously, I understand there is some level of self sacrifice with children, but how do you squeeze in your workouts and what does that look like for you?
Right now, I do two lower body/core days, 2 upper body days, 1 day of yoga/core. On top of that, I walk 15-17k steps per day (6.5-7.5 miles). I also wfh full time and do the majority of the cooking/cleaning. My days feel jam packed as I’m typing this while finally getting ready for bed at nearly 1am.
Walking is pretty spread out for me. I walk my dog 1.25 miles in the morning and after dinner. I do a 3 mile block right after work on my own. The rest is either from cleaning and/or general movement throughout the day. I’m hoping once I get to maintenance, I’d only have to aim for 10k steps, but keep working on strength training.
Thanks in advance for any insight!
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2023.03.30 06:49 Oh_Hamburger [US-NY] [H] Game Boy, Game Gear, Dreamcast, PS1/2 games Game Boy, N64 Consoles N64 Manuals, Nintendo Posters, Misc Gaming-Related Items [W] PayPal, Venmo

Hi everyone,
I found a forgotten lot of games at my parents house when I went to visit. I thought I had sold all my games and systems in the past, but I was very wrong. Previously I sold my N64, NES, etc. games on eBay, but all the best ones were literally bought by Lukie Games. I'd rather list here than sell it to resellers.
Since I’ve got no confirmed transactions here, I’d be happy to do PayPal G&S to build community confidence. I’d eventually prefer to move away from it to other methods like F&F, Venmo etc. once it's felt I'm more established.
Nearly all of the games are in excellent condition and many come CIB. A number of the loose games (Game Boy) also have instruction manuals that are in excellent condition, which are noted in the table below. Most of the items should have pics in the links below, please let me know if I'm missing anything (Warning, photo dumps!):
I'm very happy to take more pictures for anyone who would like; please let me know whatever you need and I'll be glad to provide. I have twin 10mo old girls and one of them requires extra special attention, so I may need more time than the average person to get you them :) Apologies in advance!

All prices are shipped. Combining games would take some $ off the total. Open to offers for most listed, some are more firm than others.

System/Games/Items Notes Price
Game Cube
Animal Crossing + AC Memory Card CIB 90
Harvest Moon - Another Wonderful Life CIB 40
Luigi’s Mansion CIB 70
Mario Power Tennis CIB 40
Metroid Prime CIB 45
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door CIB 125
Starfox Adventures Game & Box, No Manual it seems, but other inserts there 35
Super Mario Sunshine CIB 50
The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker CIB 75
The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers (Players’ Choice) Game & Box, No Manual 10
Centipede Complete 15
Crazy Taxi Complete 30
House of the Dead 2 w/ Gun Gun is in great condition but untested 75
Hydro Thunder Complete 40
NBA2k Complete 10
NFL2k Complete 10
NHL2k Complete 10
Ready 2 Rumble Complete 25
Resident Evil: Code Veronica Complete 55
Sonic Adventure Complete 60
Sonic Adventure 2 Complete 120
Soul Calibur Complete 40
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Complete 25
Trick Style Complete 20
Game Boy
Bomberman GB + Clear Protective Game Case + Manual 25
Game & Watch Gallery + Manual 15
Game Boy Color Atomic Purple Tested & Working 90
Game Boy Color Carrying Case Official 1990's 30
Gameboy Camera (Green) Tested & Working 50
Game Boy (Original) Tested working, but left side of the screen does not display completely (streaks down the left side, about 1cm thick) and the contrast is very light overall. Also missing back plate. Likely repairable? 40
Gameboy Pocket Clear 'color'. Turns on, games play, but the screen is very, very dark. Good condition otherwise; likely repairable? 40
Gameboy Printer Tested & Working (+ Link Cable & Half a roll) 125
Ghostbusters II Cart only 50
Hyper Lode Runner Cart only 15
James Bond 007 Manual Only 8
Marble Madness Cart Only 15
Mario Golf + Manual 35
Pokemon Blue + Clear Protective Game Case + Pokemon Blue Manual 80
Pokemon Gold (Japanese) + Clear Protective Game Case + Pokemon Gold Japanese Manual 60
Pokemon Pinball Manual Only 10
Pokemon Red + Clear Protective Game Case + Pokemon Red Manual 90
Pokemon Yellow + Clear Protective Game Case 60
Tetris Cart only 20
Wario Land II + Clear Protective Game Case + Manual 50
Worms Armageddon Manual Only 15
WWF King of the Ring + Manual 15
WWF Warzone Cart only 10
PlayStation 1
Area 51 Manual + Case Only 10
Final Fantasy VIII CIB 30
Final Fantasy VIII Missing Disc 4 - Unsure how to price 20? Make an Offer
GamePro Ultimate Video Game Code Book Vol 3 Good Condition 10
Gauntlet Legends CIB 25
Gran Turismo 2 CIB 20
Grind Session CIB 15
Knockout Kings 2000 CIB 15
NBA Jam Extreme Damaged/Destroyed Jewel Case 12
NBA Live 98 Loose 8
NBA Live 99 / Triple Play Combo CIB 10
Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit Porsche Unleashed Back, Hot Pursuit Front/Manual, though. 10
Sony Playstation Console Booklet Insert Included with console I believe? 8
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater CIB 20
WCW NWO Thunder CIB 15
PlayStation 2
Dark Cloud 2 CIB 35
Dragon Quest VIII - Journey of the Cursed King CIB + FF Demo disc 30
FIFA soccer 2002 Game & Case only 10
Fight Night 2004 CIB 8
Final Fantasy X CIB 10
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec (Greatest Hits) CIB 10
Gran Turismo 4 CIB 15
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas CIB + map 25
Grand Theft Auto Vice City CIB + map 20
Kingdom Hearts (Greatest Hits) CIB 12
Kingdom Hearts 2 CIB 14
Madden 2005 CIB 8
MLB The Show 06 Game & Case only 8
Mortal Kombat Deception CIB 20
MVP baseball 2004 CIB 10
NBA Ballers CIB 12
NCAA Football 2004 CIB 10
Need For Speed Underground CIB 20
NFL 2k3 CIB 8
Rampage Total Destruction CIB 15
Spider-Man 2 CIB 25
SRS Street Racing Syndicate Box & Manual Only, No Game 8
The Godfather The Game CIB + NYC Map 20
The Simpsons Road Rage (Greatest Hits) CIB 25
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (Greatest Hits) CIB 15
Game Gear
Arch Rivals Cart only 10
Castle of Illusion Cart only 35
Columns Cart only 8
Dragon Crystal Cart only 25
NBA Action Cart only 5
Pac-Man Cart only 10
Popils Cart only 25
RBI Baseball 94 Cart only 8
Revenge of Drancon Cart only 20
Shinobi Cart only 25
Slider Cart only 12
Sonic Chaos Cart only 15
The Majors Pro Baseball Cart only 5
Woody Pop Cart only 15
Nintendo 64
Console NUS-001 - All hookups, Tested working, but no controller 80
Rumble Pak Cleaned, but untested 15
Memory Card Untested, white out used on the front. Comes with case. 15
Nintendo DS
Silver Handheld Console Tested & Working, includes stylus & Charger 75
My Spanish Coach CIB 8
Misc (Booklets, Posters, Manuals, etc.) All in very good to excellent condition.
Acclaim Game Boy Poster No idea how to price these posters but they seem to be around this online 25
Age of Empires 2 + Expansion Booklet (Combo) 10
Age of Empires Booklet 10
Clayfight 63 1/3 Instruction Booklet 15
Diablo 2 Official Strategy Guide 15
Gameboy Insert Poster Unsure how to price; showcases Gameboy games it seems. Not sure I've ever opened it all the way. 20
007 Goldeneye 64 Instruction Booklet 15
Half Life Game of the Year Edition (PC) Manual 5
Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run 10
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Instruction Booklet 25
Mario Brothers Movie Soundtrack CD CIB 50
Mortal Kombat Trilogy 64 Instruction Booklet 20
NBA Hangtime N64 Instruction Booklet 10
NCAA Road to the Final Four User Manual Reads like an NCAA rule book lol 10
Nintendo Power Pokemon Wall Calendar Unused, not even sure I've ever unfolded it. Great condition. 40
Official Nintendo 64 Mario Mouse Pad Not sure how I got this; officially licensed from the mid-late 90's - has some small punctures in it, but mostly just needs a good wipe-down 30
Pokemon Snap - Snap Station Stickers Still in the wrapping. 20
Pokemon Trading Card Game Rules 1999 10
San Fransisco Rush Extreme Racing 64 Manual 20
SEGA Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog Manual 15
Skyrim Canvas Map Unused, also not sure if I've ever opened this 25
SNES Game Insert Posters 2x - Again not sure how to price these 25 each
South Park 64 Official Insert Poster Great condition, never opened 25
South Park Chef Aid Soundtrack 15
[REMOVED] Starfox 64 Strategy Guide [REMOVED] can't find strategy guide now, will relist once found 20
Super High Impact Instruction Manual 10
Super Mario 64 Instruction Booklet 15
Super Mario All Stars Instruction Booklet 10
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey Instruction Booklet 10
WCW NWO World Tour Poster 20
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? PC-CD Rom Booklet 10
Wrestlemania 2000 Instruction Booklet 15
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2023.03.30 06:45 djbigggs AC drain line questions

Hi all,
I am told my AC unit has 2 drain lines, pic here: https://imgur.com/a/q1HUrZw
Told me that one on the left is the primary and the one on the right is the secondary.
  1. When AC is on, air blows out of both pvc lines. Is that normal?
  2. When AC is on, it smells somewhat bad a bit like vinegar. The air coming out of the pvc lines smells the same. If I want to clean out the drain lines, should I just pour watebleach in both left and right pvc drain lines?
  3. I looked at the evaporator coils and they look clean. Don't think the smell is due to the evaporator coils, but is it still worth it to clean them?
Appreciate any help, thanks!
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2023.03.30 06:35 vixiara Has nobody else mentioned the horror that is the Luggyfish entry from Ruined King?

Has nobody else mentioned the horror that is the Luggyfish entry from Ruined King? submitted by vixiara to loreofleague [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:35 Karensp1119 Getting a job with a felony

I’m in Florida, I have a felony for dealing in stolen property. My offense is from March 2018 but conviction/sentencing wasn’t until Oct. 2021 due to Covid pushing back court dates and my public defender trying to get me a plea deal.
I’m on probation until Oct. 2024. After Hurricane Ian hit I lost my home and job and had to move to a town in the middle of no where because it’s the only rental I could find that would approve me with a felony and my fiance was offered a construction job here.
I can not find anywhere here that will hire me. Got hired at dollar general, then got an adverse letter, went through interviews at places and was sure I’d get hired then didn’t because of my background.
Does anyone have advice? Im looking at work from home jobs now and most won’t hire me because of this. Im getting so depressed and hate relying on my fiance to provide everything financially for us and our daughter. I made a mistake 4 1/2 yrs ago when I was an addict. I’ve been clean and sober since 2018 and just want to help provide for my family.
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2023.03.30 06:34 Gerninho Advice on used Marin Hawk Hill

Im looking to buy a used Marin Hawk Hill fully and would like to hear some advice on the bike and deal.
It’s priced at 900€ asking price and apparently in good condition with a big service done recently.
This is my first fully so I’m not too knowledgeable, I mainly want to hit local trails with it as I have my gravel bike for everything else.
It’s a size M with me being 1,80m in height.
Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/USRmy5K/
Happy for any thoughts, thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 06:34 Ezra_is_a_dumb_boy Every season 1 - 19 contestant and semi-finalist

A little messy as the placements are random, except if their state was shown 3 times so bear with me. I'm gonna give some fun facts about the semifinalist bc they aren't as well known.
every antm contestant and semifinalist (1 - 19)
cycle 1: Christina from Little Falls, Minnesota Heather from Galloway, Ohio Ebony M. from Cumberland, Maryland Nicole C. from Chapel Hills, North Carolina Lenora from Greenwich Village, New York Elyse from Albuquerque, New Mexico Shannon from Franklin, Ohio Jakai from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robin from Memphis, Tennessee Jessica from Tucson, Arizona Noelle from Reno, Nevada Kesse from North Little Rock, Arkansas Toiya from Atlanta, Georgia Ebony H. from The Bronx, New York Katie from Glenview, Illinois Tessa from Chicago, Illinois Adrienne from Joliet, Illinois Giselle from Corona, California Nicole P. from Murrieta, California Erin from Pasadena, California Natalie from Riverside, California April from San Diego, California Shawna from Los Angeles, California Justine from Huntington Beach, California Corey (unknown)
Corey, Toiya, and Jessica were semi-finalist that weren't shown to make it seem like there was 20 girls. There might have been more based on the bulletin board they used but it's hard to tell.
cycle 2: Camille from Mamaroneck, New York Anna from LaGrange, Georgia Mercedes from Valencia, California Nargis from Mohegan Lake, New York Sara from Seattle, Washington April from Miami Beach, Florida Shandi from Kansas City, Missouri Bethany from Houston, Texas Xiomara from Morganville, New Jersey Jenascia from Burien, Washington Heather from Moreno Valley, California Yoanna from Jacksonville, Florida Catie from Willmar, Minnesota Rebecca from Minneapolis, Minnesota Christina from Little Falls, Minnesota
Most semifinalist are unknown for cycle 2. The only known ones were girls who went back to audition (Christina, Rebecca and Nargis). Christina was our first returning semi finalist.
cycle 3: Mary from Portland, Oregon Cassie from Norman, Oklahoma Natalie from Walla Walla, Washington Brianna from Plainfield, Illinois Toccara from Dayton, Ohio Jennipher F. from Pocatello, Idaho Amanda from Henderson, North Carolina Sarah D. from Baltimore, Maryland Kristina from Bristol, Rhode Island Magdalena from Worchester, Massachusetts Josie from Fayetteville, North Carolina Vicky from Washington D.C Laura/Kristi from St. Louis, Missouri Julie from Kent, Washington Chrissy from Colchester, Connecticut Ann from Erie, Pennslyvania Leah D. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Nicole from Minot, North Dakota Tiffany from Miami, Florida Amy from Ocala, Florida Roxanne from Dania, Florida Eva from Westmont, California Norelle from Newport Beach, California Sarah from Capistrano, California Vanessa from San Francisco, California Diana from Los Angeles, California Rachael from New York, New York/Huntsville, Alabama Yaya from Harlem, New York Nargis from Mohegan Lake, New York Kelle from Lenox Hill, New York Kimberly from Huntington Station, New York Lea Q. from Queens, New York Brit from Manhattan, New York Jennifer W (unknown)
Sarah (Martin Luther King according to Tiffany) from Capistrano was suppose to make top 20, but due to unknown reasons couldn't continue. Amanda joined the top 20 after Sarah left. The "I don't know, I can't take the pressure of it!" girl is Natalie from Walla Walla.
cycle 4: Mary from Portland, Oregon Tatiana from Maui, Hawaii Lindsey from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Estela from The Bronx, New York Lacy from Las Vegas, Nevada Michelle from Terre Haute, Indiana Kahlen from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Jessika from Houston, Texas Alexandria from Ft Collins, Colorado Lacey from Atlanta, Georgia Noelle from Reno, Nevada Brandy from Houston, Texas Leslie from New York, New York Naima from Detroit, Michigan Sarah from Baltimore, Maryland Rebecca from Minneapolis, Minnesota Tiffany from Miami, Florida Christina from Tallahassee, Florida Brittany from Tallahassee, Florida Rachel from Tampa, Florida Melissa from Tampa, Florida Mollie-Sue from Tampa, Florida Brita from La Cañada Flintridge, California Jennifer from Richmond, California Lluvy from Modesto, California Alexia from Studio City, California Keenyah from Compton, California Jen from Santa Monica, California Ebony (unknown)
Rachel became a famous chef and Leslie is a famous comedian. Both were semifinalist.
cycle 5: Ashley from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Adriana from San Juan, Puerto Rico Stacie from Grayson, Oklahoma Diane from Orlando, Florida Nicole from Grand Folks, North Dakota Cassandra from Houston, Texas April from Las Vegas, Nevada Jayla from Tucson Arizona Latricia from Trenton, New Jersey Sarah from Boonville, Missouri Jasmine from Flagstaff, Arizona Nik from Atlanta, Georgia Coryn from Minneapolis, Minnesota Kyle from Dexter, Michigan Kim from Yorkville, New York Susanna from Carthage, New York Bre from Harlem, New York Melissa from Syracuse, New York Ebony from Sylmar, California Lisa from Los Angeles, California Krystle from Long Beach, California Whitney from Fairfield, California Regina from San Matteo, California Jessica from Templeton, California
Susanna had a very good model career!
cycle 6: Andrea from Geneva, Ohio Wendy from New Orleans, Louisiana Katherine from Brevard, North Carolina Furonda from Stuttgart, Arkansas Angela from Houma, Louisiana Alejandra/Leslie from Higley, Arizona Kari from Brookings, South Dakota Joanie from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Danielle from Little Rock, Arkansas Dani from Spring, Texas Nnenna from Houston, Texas Brooke from Corpus Christi, Texas Yvonne from Surfside, Florida Gina from Odessa, Florida Mollie Sue from Tampa, Florida Leah from Boca Raton, Florida Jade from New York, New York Claudia from Manhattan, New York Tanika from Buffalo, New York Alexius from Manhattan, New York Shkita/Kita from Watts, California Rebecca from Palo Cedro, California Dracula from Shadow Hills, California Cheran from Venture, California Sara from Davis, California
Alexius, like Sarah, was a original top 20 girl but also dropped out for unknown reasons. It's also unknown who took her place.
cycle 7: Jaslene from Humboldt Park, Illinois Evita from Gloucester, Virginia Christian from Columbia, South Carolina Ginger from Derby, Kansas CariDee from Fargo, North Dakota LeAngela from Columbus, Ohio Anchal from Homestead, Florida Cyndel from Wichita, Kansas Irina from Miami, Florida Monique from Chicago, Illinois Brooke from Keller, Texas Jaeda from Parkersburg, Iowa Ebonee from Paulding County, Georgia Melrose from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan Eugena from Columbia, South Carolina Megg from Los Angeles, California A.J from Sacramento, California Megan from San Francisco, California Amanda and Michelle from Anaheim, California Becky from Sierra Village, California Brittany from San Rafael, California Jaimie from Riverside, California Andree (unknown)
As we all know, there was a girl from Humboldt Park who claimed we would come back next season. She did, and ended up winning!
cycle 8: Melissa from The Bronx, New York Anna from Lancaster, Pennsylvania Chelsea from Richmond, Virginia Sarah from Lake Zurich, Illinois Dionne from Montgomery, Alabama Kathleen from Brooklyn, New York Jael from Detroit, Michigan Megan from Seattle, Washington Renee from Maui, Hawaii Diana from Garfield, New Jersey Cassandra from Seattle, Washington Samantha from Pinson, Alabama Jaslene from Humboldt Park, Illinois Whitney from West Palm Beach, Florida Micheline from Atlanta, Georgia Natalie from Atlanta, Georgia Brittany from Savannah, Georgia Gelecia/Gigi from Atlanta, Georgia Bethany from Alice, Texas Farrah from Houston, Texas Heather from Deer Park, Texas Felicia from Houston, Texas Natasha from Dallas, Texas Jessica from Inglewood, California Lauren from Pasadena, California Aly from West Hollywood, California Hannah (unknown) Erin (unknown)
Most of the known semifinalist were all from California (Aly, Lauran and Jessica), Texas (Heather, Farrah and Bethany) or Georgia (Gigi, Natalie and Micheline). The only semifinalist not from those states were Megan, Melissa, Anna and Chelsea.
cycle 9: Victoria from New Haven, Connecticut Spontaniouse from Montgomery, Alabama Chantal from Austin, Texas Christie from Lewisville, North Carolina Jenna from Flint, Michigan Kimberly from Ocala, Florida Heather from Valparaiso, Indiana Ambreal from Dallas, Texas Marvita from Anchorage, Alaska Janet from Bainbridge, Georgia Lisa from Jersey City, New Jersey Jenah from Farmington, Connecticut Bianca from Queens, New York Jessica from Brooklyn, New York Sylvia from New Hyde Park, New York Tara from Chicago, Illinois Ebony from Roseland, Illinois Jess from Chicago, Illinois Sarah from Heath, Massachusetts Jennifer from Walpole, Massachusetts Mila from Boston, Massachusetts Juliana from Lancaster, Massachusetts Saleisha from Madera, California Sabrina from Cerritos, California Allene from Fresno, California Sara/Eleatrice from Sacramento, California
A lot of J names. Out of everyone from cycle 9, 7 have J names.
cycle 10: Amis from Bartlesville, Oklahoma Marguerite from Cincinnati, Ohio Kristen from Portage, Michigan Aimee from Spanaway, Washington Shalynda from Washington D.C Allison from Waunakee, Wisconsin Shaya from Country Club Hills, Illinois Tiffany from Portland, Oregon Marvita from Anchorage, Alaska Anya from Honolulu, Hawaii Dominque from Columbus, Ohio Jenna from Boston, Massachusetts Kimberly from Worchester, Massachusetts Fatima from Boston, Massachusetts Whitney from Atlantic Beach, Florida Jennifer from Orlando, Florida Sonja from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Stacy-Ann from Miami, Florida Claire from Oahu, Hawaii/Brooklyn, New York Lauren from Brooklyn, New York Erica from Manhattan, New York Katarzyna from Roslyn, New York Atalya from Brooklyn, New York Camilla from Long Beach, California Tonya from San Diego, California Petra from Valley Glen, California
Camilla from Bad Girls Club was a top 20 semi finalist for this cycle. You can see here when Tyra is picking the final cast and during Shaya and Fatima's fight.
cycle 11: Lio from Minneapolis, Minnesota Lindsey from Clinton, Mississippi Isis from Prince George's County, Maryland Sharaun from Chicago, Illinois Joslyn from Lucky, Louisiana Renée from Inglewood, Tennessee McKey from Lake Forest, Illinois Susan from Canton, Michigan Brittany R. from Henderson, Nevada Alexandria from Vicksburg, Mississippi Shanna from Miami, Florida Lauren from Charlottesville, Virginia Elina from Seattle, Washington Clark from Pawleys Island, South Carolina Hannah from Fairbanks, Alaska Nikeysha from The Bronx, New York Sheena from Harlem, New York Brittany H. from New York, New York Kacey from Palmdale, California Samantha from Woodland Hills, California Veronique from Riverside, California Marjorie from San Francisco, California Stephanie (unknown) Olivia (unknown) Olivia (two Olivia's, both unknown)
There was actually Brittany's this cycle. The 4th Brittany is Brittany Hall! She's a NYC Model that has beautiful dark skin and long, wavy hair.
cycle 12: Adiamond from Denver, Colorado Kathryn from Farmland, Indiana Teyona from Woodstown, New Jersey Sandra from Rockville, Maryland Anna Lisa from Scottsdale, Arizona Aminat from Union, New Jersey Fo from Albuquerque, New Mexico Tahlia from Phoenix, Arizona Monique from Telluride, Colorado Kortnie from Houston, Texas Angelea from Buffalo, New York London from Arlington, Texas Celia from Cynthiana, Kentucky Allison from New Orleans, Louisiana Asha from Atlanta, Georgia Bianca from Albuquerque, New Mexico Jessica from Bradenton, Florida Isabella from Barboursville, Virginia Alex from Tampa, Florida Nijah from Rancho Cucamonga, California Tatiana from Lakewood, California Natalie from Palos Verdes, California Lauren (unknown) Kelly (unknown)
London and Isabella's real names are Lauren and Kelly. They went by nicknames because there was another pair named Lauren and Kelly, and they just kept the nicknames.
cycle 13: Amanda from New Orleans, Louisiana Nicole from Louisville, Colorado Bianca from Columbia, South Carolina Kara from Fort Wayne, Indiana Rae from Minneapolis, Minnesota Raven from Knoxville, Tennessee Courtney from Plantation, Florida Tyrie from Indianapolis, Indiana Jennifer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Erin from Spring Grove, Illinois Simone from Hagerstown, Maryland Xixi from Wexford, Pennsylvania Ashley from Chicago, Illinois Laura from Stanford, Kentucky Germaine from Woodhaven, New York Lulu from Brooklyn, New York Voila from The Bronx, New York Melanie from Brooklyn, New York Minolta from Queens, New York Stacey from Utica, New York Lisa from Queens, New York Alison from Santa Rosa, California Brittany from Livermore, California Ciara from Riverside, California Rachel from Woodland, California Amber from Oceanside, California Sundai from Bakersfield, California
A power ranger auditioned for the role. She's one of the more well-known semifinalist, but Ciara was a power ranger in the late 2000s - early 2010s.
cycle 14: Hallie from Memphis, Tennessee Krista from Pine Bluff, Arkansas Rogi from Washington D.C Naduah from San Diego, California Jessica from Conway, Arkansas Anslee from Dracula, Georgia Ravyn from Washington D.C Tatianna from Ewa Beach, Hawaii Jeanna from Chicago, Illinois Raina from Minnetonka, Minnesota Anastasia from Chicago, Illinois Danielle from Greenville, South Carolina Justine from Syracuse, New York Alasia from Marietta, Georgia Gabrielle from St. Louis, Missouri Martha from Charlotte, Tennessee Angelea from Buffalo, New York Brittany from College Park, Maryland Simone from Lenexa, Kansas Honor from Santa Monica, California Jessie from Warren, Michigan Nida from East Bernard, Texas Julianna from Austin, Texas Alexandra from Kerrville, Texas Aimee from Houston, Texas Madelynne from Houston, Texas Tuesday from Houston, Texas Ren from Dallas, Texas Brenda from Houston, Texas
Texas was done dirty this season. Many of the semi finalist (Tuesday, Madelynne, Aimee, Julianna and Nida) are all from Texas (Brittany also lived there for a while) and for some reason, Ren was casted? The reason why is because they wanted someone to create drama and all the top 20 remaining girls were nice (except one) so they brought Ren.
Hallie was a top 20 girl, and she was bratty and spoiled. So why wasn't she casted? Both her and production found out that she was pregnant so she couldn't continue.
cycle 15: Tyrie from Indianapolis, Indiana Justine from Indianapolis, Indiana De'Yana from Detroit, Michigan Chelsey from Boise, Idaho Jane from Baltimore, Maryland Jessica from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Esther from Boston, Massachusetts Lauren from Brettwood, Tennessee Vanessa/Violet from Lakeville, Minnesota Emily C. from Ona, West Virginia Toya from Beaufort, South Carolina Christina from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Kendal from Northport, Alabama Emily H. from Barboursville, West Virginia Terra from Arlington, Texas Anna from Dallas, Texas Lyzbeth/Liz from Arlington, Texas Christin/Chris from Arlington, Texas Laura from New York, New York Anamaria from Queens, New York Sara from Tarrytown, New York Alexia/Lexie from Geneva, Illinois Nitasha from Chicago, Illinois Jillian from Chicago, Illinois Kayla from Rockford, Illinois Jordan from Chicago, Illinois Kacey from Palmdale, California Emi from Pismo Beach, California Rylee from Orange County, California Sara B. from Menifee, California Shelby from Beverly Hills, California Rhianna from San Diego, California Mindy from Murrieta, California Anna (unknown) Jen (unknown)
Jen is an unknown Asian girl who just randomly slipped away from production and ran away during auditions.
cycle 16: Laree from Atlanta, Georgia Breanna from Blaine, Minnesota Elizabeth from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Molly from Olathe, Kansas Annabelle from Manhattan, New York Sierra from Park City, Utah Kari from Steamboat Springs, Colorado Taneisha from Anniston, Alabama Brittani from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania Tiffany from Hattiesburg, Mississippi Molly O. from Charleston, South Carolina Ondrei from Muskegon, Michigan Kasia from Wheaton, Illinois Yashure from East Saint Louis, Illinois Monique from Hebron, Illinois Alexandria from Huntington Beach, California Dalya from Corona, California Vee from Sacramento, California Dominique from Houston, Texas Jaclyn from Belton, Texas Rune from Edinburg, Texas Hannah from Houston, Texas Mikaela from Boca Raton, Florida Deidrian from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Nicole from Orlando, Florida Angelia from Pembroke Pines, Florida the unnamed stripper from Mobile, Alabama
The fake out girls were not actresses, they were real people. This is more well known now but maybe you didn't know.
cycle 17: Seymone from Augusta, Georgia Allison from Houston, Texas Isis from Prince George's County, Maryland Mariah from Pendleton, Oregon Kyle from Magnolia, Texas Laura K. from Stanford, Kentucky Eboni from Seattle, Washington Kayla from Rockford, Illinois Dominique from Columbus, Ohio Molly from Olathe, Kansas Shannon from Franklin, Ohio AzMarie from San Fernando Valley, California Alexandria from Newport Beach, California Lisa from Los Angeles, California Angelea from Buffalo, New York Laura L. from Scotia, New York Sheena from Harlem, New York Candace from Brooklyn, New York Bre from Harlem, New York Camille from The Bronx, New York Bianca from Queens, New York
Before season 17 was an Allstars season, it was just a regular season. Some of the 32 girls included Candace, Laura L, AzMarie, Eboni, Kyle, Mariah, Seymone and Molly (a season 16 fake-out girl). Production changed it last minute and everyone last minute accept Molly went on cycle 18. This was confirmed by Molly and AzMarie
cycle 18: Amelia from Port Talbot, Wales Laura from Scotia, New York Eboni from Seattle, Washington Candace from Brooklyn, New York Mariah from Pendleton, Oregon Kyle from Magnolia, Texas AzMarie from San Fernando Valley, California Seymone from Augusta, Georgia Ashley from Armadale, Scotland Alisha from South London, England Jasmia from London, England Sophie from Oxford, England Catherine from Folkestone, England Louise from London, England Annaliese from London, England
There was another American girl that was a semifinalist on cycle 17 and moved to 18. She dropped out, however, before production started. They had to cut a UK girl out to make it more equal and that was Amelia.
cycle 19: Latrishe from Washington D.C Ivory from Whittier, California Nastasia from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Jamie from Gahanna, Ohio Lauren from Ann Arbor, Michigan Deedra from from Portland, Oregon Jessie from Speedway, Indiana Victoriana from San Diego, California Brittany from Gilbert, Arizona Savanna from East Lansing, Michigan Kiara from Las Vegas, Nevada Allyssa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Kaci from Moon Township, Pennsylvania Christin from Cook County, Illinois Destiny from Columbus, Ohio Yvonne from Minneapolis, Minnesota Kristin from Jacksonville, Florida Leila from Farmington, Massachusetts Sara from Seattle, Washington Maria from Las Cruces, New Mexico Victoria from Colquitt, Georgia Darian from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Laura from Cambridge, New York Caroline from Awendaw, South Carolina Amber from Sachse, Texas Jasmine from Fort Worth, Texas Briana from Southlake, Texas Andie from San Antonio, Texas Sasha from Dallas, Texas Delaney from Dallas, Texas
These are the hometowns of all the college girls instead of their college cities. Like season 14, Texas was done dirty.
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2023.03.30 06:32 _Triple_ [STORE] 900+ KNIVES/GLOVES/SKINS, 50.000$+ INVENTORY. M9 Fade, M4 Poseidon, Kara Gamma, BFK Freehand, BFK Bright Water, Spec Gloves Kimono, Nomad Fade, M9 Doppler, Skeleton, BFK B.Steel, AWP Fade, Stiletto Fade, S.Gloves Slingshot, BFK Ultra, Kara Damas, Bayo Lore, Bayo Gamma, Flip Fade & A Lot More

Everything in my inventory is up for trade. The most valuable items are listed here, the rest you can find in My Inventory

Feel free to Add Me or even better send a Trade Offer. Open for any suggestions: upgrades, downgrades / knives, gloves, skins / stickers, patterns, floats.

All Buyouts are listed in cash value.


★ Butterfly Knife Freehand FN #1, B/O: $1867

★ Butterfly Knife Bright Water MW, B/O: $1098

★ Butterfly Knife Blue Steel BS, B/O: $907

★ Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet FT, B/O: $789

★ Butterfly Knife Stained FT, B/O: $695

★ Bayonet Tiger Tooth MW #1, B/O: $888

★ Bayonet Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $727

★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 2) FN, B/O: $608

★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $521

★ Bayonet Rust Coat BS, B/O: $253

★ Bayonet Night FT, B/O: $251

★ StatTrak™ Bayonet Lore MW, B/O: $751

★ Karambit Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $1343

★ Karambit Damascus Steel FT, B/O: $774

★ Karambit Rust Coat BS, B/O: $537

★ Karambit Boreal Forest FT, B/O: $488

★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN, B/O: $1523

★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN, B/O: $1523

★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $1008

★ M9 Bayonet Blue Steel FT, B/O: $534

★ M9 Bayonet Rust Coat BS, B/O: $449

★ Flip Knife Fade FN, B/O: $703

★ Flip Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) MW, B/O: $509

★ Flip Knife Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $406

★ Flip Knife Freehand FT, B/O: $228

★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife Bright Water FN, B/O: $332

★ Falchion Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN, B/O: $292

★ Falchion Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $264

★ Falchion Knife Marble Fade FN, B/O: $258

★ Falchion Knife Bright Water MW, B/O: $133

★ Stiletto Knife Fade FN, B/O: $822

★ Stiletto Knife Slaughter FN, B/O: $569

★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $530

★ Stiletto Knife Crimson Web FT, B/O: $396

★ StatTrak™ Stiletto Knife Scorched FT, B/O: $172

★ Gut Knife Doppler (Sapphire) MW #1, B/O: $830

★ Gut Knife Fade FN, B/O: $204

★ Gut Knife Tiger Tooth FN, B/O: $138

★ Gut Knife Bright Water MW, B/O: $104

★ Gut Knife Freehand FT, B/O: $92

★ Gut Knife Urban Masked FT, B/O: $82

★ StatTrak™ Gut Knife Rust Coat BS, B/O: $93

★ Shadow Daggers Fade FN, B/O: $258

★ Shadow Daggers Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $165

★ Shadow Daggers Blue Steel FT, B/O: $82

★ Shadow Daggers Bright Water FT, B/O: $82

★ Shadow Daggers Blue Steel WW, B/O: $80

★ Shadow Daggers Rust Coat BS, B/O: $74

★ StatTrak™ Shadow Daggers Marble Fade FN, B/O: $186

★ Classic Knife Slaughter MW, B/O: $311

★ StatTrak™ Classic Knife Stained BS, B/O: $163

★ Talon Knife Slaughter MW, B/O: $605

★ Talon Knife Scorched MW, B/O: $290

★ Ursus Knife Marble Fade FN, B/O: $405

★ Ursus Knife Night Stripe MW, B/O: $162

★ Paracord Knife Stained WW, B/O: $125

★ Paracord Knife Forest DDPAT FT, B/O: $97

★ Paracord Knife Safari Mesh FT, B/O: $96

★ Navaja Knife Safari Mesh FT, B/O: $71

★ Navaja Knife Scorched WW, B/O: $71

★ Nomad Knife Fade FN, B/O: $1015

★ Skeleton Knife, B/O: $909

★ Bowie Knife Boreal Forest MW, B/O: $106

★ Survival Knife Forest DDPAT FT, B/O: $97


★ Driver Gloves Crimson Weave FT, B/O: $335

★ Driver Gloves King Snake BS, B/O: $270

★ Driver Gloves Lunar Weave WW, B/O: $113

★ Driver Gloves Overtake WW, B/O: $88

★ Driver Gloves Overtake BS, B/O: $67

★ Moto Gloves Transport MW, B/O: $171

★ Moto Gloves Polygon BS, B/O: $137

★ Moto Gloves Transport WW, B/O: $71

★ Moto Gloves 3rd Commando Company BS, B/O: $62

★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono WW, B/O: $1027

★ Specialist Gloves Tiger Strike FT, B/O: $654

★ Specialist Gloves Mogul FT, B/O: $295

★ Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander FT, B/O: $277

★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Web FT, B/O: $275

★ Sport Gloves Slingshot FT, B/O: $796

★ Sport Gloves Amphibious BS #2, B/O: $699

★ Sport Gloves Omega FT, B/O: $656

★ Broken Fang Gloves Unhinged BS, B/O: $60


AK-47 Case Hardened BS, B/O: $130

AK-47 Bloodsport MW, B/O: $79

AK-47 Fuel Injector BS, B/O: $76

AK-47 Fuel Injector BS, B/O: $76

AK-47 Bloodsport FT, B/O: $70

AK-47 Neon Rider MW, B/O: $60

AWP Fade FN, B/O: $864


AWP Containment Breach FT, B/O: $69

AWP Containment Breach FT, B/O: $69

AWP Wildfire FT, B/O: $59

AWP Chromatic Aberration FN, B/O: $59

StatTrak™ AWP Hyper Beast FT, B/O: $65

StatTrak™ AWP Hyper Beast FT, B/O: $65

Desert Eagle Blaze FN, B/O: $565

Desert Eagle Blaze FN, B/O: $565

Desert Eagle Printstream FN, B/O: $155

Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption FN, B/O: $58

M4A1-S Icarus Fell FN, B/O: $414

M4A1-S Printstream MW, B/O: $204

M4A1-S Printstream MW, B/O: $204

M4A4 Poseidon FN, B/O: $1402

M4A4 The Emperor FN, B/O: $152

M4A4 Asiimov WW, B/O: $97

USP-S Kill Confirmed MW, B/O: $65

USP-S Printstream FT, B/O: $69

StatTrak™ USP-S Kill Confirmed FT, B/O: $123

StatTrak™ USP-S Neo-Noir FN, B/O: $106

AUG Flame Jörmungandr FN, B/O: $218

P2000 Ocean Foam FN, B/O: $139

Souvenir SSG 08 Death Strike MW, B/O: $81

CZ75-Auto Emerald Quartz MW, B/O: $61

Trade Offer Link - Steam Profile Link - My Inventory

Knives - Bowie Knife, Butterfly Knife, Falchion Knife, Flip Knife, Gut Knife, Huntsman Knife, M9 Bayonet, Bayonet, Karambit, Shadow Daggers, Stiletto Knife, Ursus Knife, Navaja Knife, Talon Knife, Classic Knife, Paracord Knife, Survival Knife, Nomad Knife, Skeleton Knife, Patterns - Gamma Doppler, Doppler (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Black Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald), Crimson Web, Lore, Fade, Ultraviolet, Night, Marble Fade (Fire & Ice, Fake FI), Case Hardened (Blue Gem), Autotronic, Slaughter, Black Laminate, Tiger Tooth, Boreal Forest, Scorched, Blue Steel, Vanilla, Damascus Steel, Forest DDPAT, Urban Masked, Freehand, Stained, Bright Water, Safari Mesh, Rust Coat, Gloves - Bloodhound Gloves (Charred, Snakebite, Guerrilla, Bronzed), Driver Gloves (Snow Leopard, King Snake, Crimson Weave, Imperial Plaid, Black Tie, Lunar Weave, Diamondback, Rezan the Red, Overtake, Queen Jaguar, Convoy, Racing Green), Hand Wraps (Cobalt Skulls, CAUTION!, Overprint, Slaughter, Leather, Giraffe, Badlands, Spruce DDPAT, Arboreal, Constrictor, Desert Shamagh, Duct Tape), Moto Gloves (Spearmint, POW!, Cool Mint, Smoke Out, Finish Line, Polygon, Blood Pressure, Turtle, Boom!, Eclipse, 3rd Commando Company, Transport), Specialist Gloves (Crimson Kimono, Tiger Strike, Emerald Web, Field Agent, Marble Fade, Fade, Foundation, Lt. Commander, Crimson Web, Mogul, Forest DDPAT, Buckshot), Sport Gloves (Pandora's Box, Superconductor, Hedge Maze, Vice, Amphibious, Slingshot, Omega, Arid, Big Game, Nocts, Scarlet Shamagh, Bronze Morph), Hydra Gloves (Case Hardened, Emerald, Rattler, Mangrove), Broken Fang Gloves (Jade, Yellow-banded, Unhinged, Needle Point), Pistols - P2000 (Wicked Sick, Ocean Foam, Fire Element, Amber Fade, Corticera, Chainmail, Imperial Dragon, Obsidian, Scorpion, Handgun, Acid Etched), USP-S (Printstream, Kill Confirmed, Whiteout, Road Rash, Owergrowth, The Traitor, Neo-Noir, Dark Water, Orion, Blueprint, Stainless, Caiman, Serum, Monster Mashup, Royal Blue, Ancient Visions, Cortex, Orange Anolis, Ticket To Hell, Black Lotus, Cyrex, Check Engine, Guardian, Purple DDPAT, Torque, Blood Tiger, Flashback, Business Class, Pathfinder, Para Green), Lead Conduit, Glock-18 (Umbral Rabbit, Fade, Candy Apple, Bullet Queen, Synth Leaf, Neo-Noir, Nuclear Garden, Dragon Tatto, Reactor, Pink DDPAT, Twilight Galaxy, Sand Dune, Groundwater, Blue Fissure, Snack Attack, Water Elemental, Brass, Wasteland Rebel, Vogue, Franklin, Royal Legion, Gamma Doppler, Weasel, Steel Disruption, Ironwork, Grinder, High Beam, Moonrise, Oxide Blaze, Bunsen Burner, Clear Polymer, Bunsen Burner, Night), P250 (Re.built, Nuclear Threat, Modern Hunter, Splash, Whiteout, Vino Primo, Mehndi, Asiimov, Visions, Undertow, Cartel, See Ya Later, Gunsmoke, Splash, Digital Architect, Muertos, Red Rock, Bengal Tiger, Crimson Kimono, Wingshot, Metallic DDPAT, Hive, Dark Filigree, Mint Kimono), Five-Seven (Neon Kimono, Berries And Cherries, Fall Hazard, Crimson Blossom, Hyper Beast, Nitro, Fairy Tale, Case Hardened, Copper Galaxy, Angry Mob, Monkey Business, Fowl Play, Anodized Gunmetal, Hot Shot, Retrobution, Boost Protocol), CZ75-Auto (Chalice, Crimson Web, Emerald Quartz, The Fuschia is Now, Nitro, Xiangliu, Yellow Jacket, Victoria, Poison Dart, Syndicate, Eco, Hexane, Pole, Tigris), Tec-9 (Rebel, Terrace, Nuclear Threat, Hades, Rust Leaf, Decimator, Blast From, Orange Murano, Toxic, Fuel Injector, Remote Control, Bamboo Forest, Isaac, Avalanche, Brother, Re-Entry, Blue Titanium, Bamboozle), R8 Revolver (Banana Cannon, Fade, Blaze, Crimson Web, Liama Cannon, Crazy 8, Reboot, Canal Spray, Night, Amber Fade), Desert Eagle (Blaze, Hand Cannon, Fennec Fox, Sunset Storm, Emerald Jörmungandr, Pilot, Hypnotic, Golden Koi, Printstream, Cobalt Disruption, Code Red, Ocean Drive, Midnight Storm, Kumicho Dragon, Crimson Web, Heirloom, Night Heist, Mecha Industries, Night, Conspiracy, Trigger Discipline, Naga, Directive, Light Rail), Dual Berettas (Flora Carnivora, Duelist, Cobra Strike, Black Limba, Emerald, Hemoglobin, Twin Turbo, Marina, Melondrama, Pyre, Retribution, Briar, Dezastre, Royal Consorts, Urban Shock, Dualing Dragons, Panther, Balance), Rifles - Galil (Aqua Terrace, Winter Forest, Chatterbox, Sugar Rush, Pheonix Blacklight, CAUTION!, Orange DDPAT, Cerberus, Dusk Ruins, Eco, Chromatic Aberration, Stone Cold, Tuxedo, Sandstorm, Shattered, Urban Rubble, Rocket Pop, Kami, Crimson Tsunami, Connexion), SCAR-20 (Fragments, Brass, Cyrex, Palm, Splash Jam, Cardiac, Emerald, Crimson Web, Magna Carta, Stone Mosaico, Bloodsport, Enforcer), AWP (Duality, Gungnir, Dragon Lore, Prince, Medusa, Desert Hydra, Fade, Lightning Strike, Oni Taiji, Silk Tiger, Graphite, Chromatic Aberration, Asiimov, Snake Camo, Boom, Containment Breach, Wildfire, Redline, Electric Hive, Hyper Beast, Neo-Noir, Man-o'-war, Pink DDPAT, Corticera, Sun in Leo, Elite Build, Fever Dream, Atheris, Mortis, PAW, Exoskeleton, Worm God, POP AWP, Phobos, Acheron, Pit Viper, Capillary, Safari Mesh), AK-47 (Head Shot, Wild Lotus, Gold Arabesque, X-Ray, Fire Serpent, Hydroponic, Panthera Onca, Case Hardened, Vulcan, Jet Set, Fuel Injector, Bloodsport, Nightwish, First Class, Neon Rider, Asiimov, Red Laminate, Aquamarine Revenge, The Empress, Wasteland Rebel, Jaguar, Black Laminate, Leet Museo, Neon Revolution, Redline, Frontside Misty, Predator, Legion of Anubis, Point Disarray, Orbit Mk01, Blue Laminate, Green Laminate, Emerald Pinstripe, Cartel, Phantom Disruptor, Jungle Spray, Safety Net, Rat Rod, Baroque Purple, Slate, Elite Build, Uncharted, Safari Mesh), FAMAS (Sundown, Prime Conspiracy, Afterimage, Commemoration, Dark Water, Spitfire, Pulse, Eye of Athena, Meltdown, Rapid Eye Move, Roll Cage, Styx, Mecha Industrie, Djinn, ZX Spectron, Valence, Neural Net, Night Borre, Hexne), M4A4 (Temukau, Howl, Poseidon, Asiimov, Daybreak, Hellfire, Zirka, Red DDPAT, Radiation Hazard, Modern Hunter, The Emperor, The Coalition, Bullet Rain, Cyber Security, X-Ray, Dark Blossom, Buzz Kill, In Living Color, Neo-Noir, Desolate Space, 龍王 (Dragon King), Royal Paladin, The Battlestar, Global Offensive, Tooth Fairy, Desert-Strike, Griffin, Evil Daimyo, Spider Lily, Converter), M4A1-S (Emphorosaur-S, Welcome to the Jungle, Imminent Danger, Knight, Hot Rod, Icarus Fell, Blue Phosphor, Printstream, Master Piece, Dark Water, Golden Coil, Bright Water, Player Two, Atomic Alloy, Guardian, Chantico's Fire, Hyper Beast, Mecha Industries, Cyrex, Control Panel, Moss Quartz, Nightmare, Decimator, Leaded Glass, Basilisk, Blood Tiger, Briefing, Night Terror, Nitro, VariCamo, Flashback), SG 553 (Cyberforce, Hazard Pay, Bulldozer, Integrale, Dragon Tech, Ultraviolet, Colony IV, Hypnotic, Cyrex, Candy Apple, Barricade, Pulse), SSG 08 (Death Strike, Sea Calico, Blood in the Water, Orange Filigree, Dragonfire, Big Iron, Bloodshot, Detour, Turbo Peek, Red Stone), AUG (Akihabara Accept, Flame Jörmungandr, Hot Rod, Midnight Lily, Sand Storm, Carved Jade, Wings, Anodized Navy, Death by Puppy, Torque, Bengal Tiger, Chameleon, Fleet Flock, Random Access, Momentum, Syd Mead, Stymphalian, Arctic Wolf, Aristocrat, Navy Murano), G3SG1 (Chronos, Violet Murano, Flux, Demeter, Orange Kimono, The Executioner, Green Apple, Arctic Polar Camo, Contractor), SMGs - P90 (Neoqueen, Astral Jörmungandr, Run and Hide, Emerald Dragon, Cold Blooded, Death by Kitty, Baroque Red, Vent Rush, Blind Spot, Asiimov, Trigon, Sunset Lily, Death Grip, Leather, Nostalgia, Fallout Warning, Tiger Pit, Schermatic, Virus, Shapewood, Glacier Mesh, Shallow Grave, Chopper, Desert Warfare), MAC-10 (Sakkaku, Hot Snakes, Copper Borre, Red Filigree, Gold Brick, Graven, Case Hardened, Stalker, Amber Fade, Neon Rider, Tatter, Curse, Propaganda, Nuclear Garden, Disco Tech, Toybox, Heat, Indigo), UMP-45 (Wild Child, Fade, Blaze, Day Lily, Minotaur's Labyrinth, Crime Scene, Caramel, Bone Pile, Momentum, Primal Saber), MP7 (Teal Blossom, Fade, Nemesis, Whiteout, Asterion, Bloosport, Abyssal Apparition, Full Stop, Special Delivery, Neon Ply, Asterion, Ocean Foam, Powercore, Scorched, Impire), PP-Bizon (Modern Hunter, Rust Coat, Forest Leaves, Antique, High Roller, Blue Streak, Seabird, Judgement of Anubis, Bamboo Print, Embargo, Chemical Green, Coblat Halftone, Fuel Rod, Photic Zone, Irradiated Alert, Carbon Fiber), MP9 (Featherweight, Wild Lily, Pandora's Box, Stained Glass, Bulldozer, Dark Age, Hot Rod, Hypnotic, Hydra, Rose Iron, Music Box, Setting Sun, Food Chain, Airlock, Mount Fuji, Starlight Protector, Ruby Poison Dart, Deadly Poison), MP5-SD (Liquidation, Oxide Oasis, Phosphor, Nitro, Agent, Autumn Twilly), Shotguns, Machineguns - Sawed-Off (Kiss♥Love, First Class, Orange DDPAT, Rust Coat, The Kraken, Devourer, Mosaico, Wasteland Princess, Bamboo Shadow, Copper, Serenity, Limelight, Apocalypto), XM1014 (Frost Borre, Ancient Lore, Red Leather, Elegant Vines, Banana Leaf, Jungle, Urban Perforated, Grassland, Blaze Orange, Heaven Guard, VariCamo Blue, Entombed, XOXO, Seasons, Tranquility, Bone Machine, Incinegator, Teclu Burner, Black Tie, Zombie Offensive, Watchdog), Nova (Baroque Orange, Hyper Beast, Green Apple, Antique, Modern Hunter, Walnut, Forest Leaves, Graphite, Blaze Orange, Rising Skull, Tempest, Bloomstick, Interlock, Quick Sand, Moon in Libra, Clean Polymer, Red Quartz, Toy Soldier), MAG-7 (Insomnia, Cinqueda, Counter Terrace, Prism Terrace, Memento, Chainmail, Hazard, Justice, Bulldozer, Silver, Core Breach, Firestarter, Praetorian, Heat, Hard Water, Monster Call, BI83 Spectrum, SWAG-7), M249 (Humidor, Shipping Forecast, Blizzard Marbleized, Downtown, Jungle DDPAT, Nebula Crusader, Impact Drill, Emerald Poison Dart), Negev (Mjölnir, Anodized Navy, Palm, Power Loader, Bratatat, CaliCamo, Phoenix Stencil, Infrastructure, Boroque Sand), Wear - Factory New (FN), Minimal Wear (MW), Field-Tested (FT), Well-Worn (WW), Battle-Scarred (BS), Stickers Holo/Foil/Gold - Katowice 2014, Krakow 2017, Howling Dawn, Katowice 2015, Crown, London 2018, Cologne 2014, Boston 2018, Atlanta 2017, Cluj-Napoca 2015, DreamHack 2014, King on the Field, Harp of War, Winged Difuser, Cologne 2016, Cologne 2015, MLG Columbus 2016, Katowice 2019, Berlin 2019, RMR 2020, Stockholm 2021, Antwerp 2022, Swag Foil, Flammable foil, Others - Souvenirs, Agents, Pins, Passes, Gifts, Music Kits, Cases, Keys, Capsules, Packages, Patches

Some items on the list may no longer be available or are still locked, visit My Inventory for more details.

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2023.03.30 06:29 sirotan88 [Trip Report] 6 days in Tokyo, Hakuba & Osaka in mid-March to experience snow, onsen, and cherry blossoms

This is the second time visiting Japan with my boyfriend and our main goals were to eat good food and ski at Hakuba Valley. We saw cherry blossoms, experienced Japanese onsen, and traveled a lot with our JR rail pass!
Day 1 Tokyo:
Day 2 Tokyo to Hakuba Valley:
Day 3 Hakuba Valley:
Day 4 Hakuba Valley:
Day 5 Hakuba to Osaka:
Day 6 Osaka:
Some tips for future travelers:
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2023.03.30 06:28 TrainerSolid8519 5 Ways To Maintain Pixie Wigs

5 Ways To Maintain Pixie Wigs
pixie wig
Pixie wigs are a popular choice for women who want to sport a short, chic hairstyle without the commitment of cutting their hair. However, like any other wig, it requires proper maintenance to keep it looking fresh and new. Here are five ways to maintain your pixie wig:

1. Wash Your Wig When Required

Wigs must be washed when it is needed. Avoid daily washing of your pixie wig. To clean the wig, use a gentle shampoo free of paraben and sulfate in lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water or rubbing the wig too vigorously, as this can damage the fibers.

2. Use A Wig Conditioner.

After washing pixie wigs, use a good quality wig conditioner to keep the hair soft and manageable. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly with cold water.

3. Brush Your Wig

Brush your wig with a wide-toothed comb or a soft brush. Start from the ends and work up to the roots to avoid tangling. Avoid using regular brushes or combs, which can damage the wig fibers.

4. Store Your Wig Correctly.

Store it in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight when you're not wearing it. You can also use a wig stand to help maintain its shape.

5. Protect Your Wig From Heat.

Avoid using hair dryers, curling irons, and other styling appliances that generate a lot of heat on your prosthesis. If you must use heat, safeguard the wig fibers by using a heat-protectant spray.
Maintaining your pixie wig will help extend its lifespan and keep it looking its best. Following these simple tips, keep your wigs or hair pieces in good condition.
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