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Gabby Petito, 22, was found deceased in Wyoming on September 19th 2021. She was reported missing on September 11th after Brian Laundrie returned home from a road trip without her. This community is a True Crime subreddit dedicated to the ongoing investigation of her death. The FBI has set up a national hotline to receive tips: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

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2023.06.01 21:23 Prestigious-Pizza985 Too many owners?

Looking g at picking up a used 2021 tundra from a dealer, truck has 46k on it, a clean carfax, but I would be the 4th owner. Yall find that to be a bit excessive or should I grab it up. They are wanting 39k.
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2023.06.01 21:23 FPSXpert Hi! My neighborhood is missing a section of sidewalk over a levee. There are restaurants / paved trails on one side & housing on the other. The only link is a busy road that you can't walk/bike on. I filed a sidewalk request with the City of Houston, but was denied. What steps would you take next?

As the title says, what would be your next steps to appeal or find an alternate solution? It's an annoyingly sad state of affairs that if I want to go to the restaurants or hike and bike trails a mile or less away, that we are expected to have to drive or uber there and have no other options.
I still have a scan of the denial, said letter includes description of "there is a portion with existing sidewalks from [redacted] to [redacted]", but there is no actual sidewalk there going over and no link between the two sections further back on either side for a couple hundred feet other than the driving lanes reserved for cars/trucks only. Said letter also describes "steep drop offs along the side of road were identified" which I can kind of understand but am also annoyed about when TxDOT had no problem building non-steep grades over the area for cars and trucks.
I'm going to presume there isn't a whole lot that can be done personally other than continuing to take my bike through the mud along the side and maybe start taking some garden cutters to trim any low hanging branches myself on that section by the road, but I really wish it didn't have to be this way. It's even more annoying when said area is in City of Houston jurisdiction so I'm not sure if contacting Harris County instead would help :/
This is sort of a rant at our lack of non-car infrastructure but also a bit of a plea. What would you do next if you were in this situation?
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2023.06.01 21:22 Seikskogh 600h on Switch. Bought it on PS5 as well just to get this trophy.

600h on Switch. Bought it on PS5 as well just to get this trophy.
Started playing this game in 2021 and played it a lot on my Nintendo. Did not play much last year but saw it on sale on PSN recently so bought it on PS5 as well, took me 59h for the platinum. I might be done with this game now... Looking forward to the sequel.
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2023.06.01 21:21 Aditbajaj Which car to go for? Mercedes a200, audi a4, 220i m sport pro?

Hi, planning on buying my first luxury car, Options are- A200 2023- very pretty, launched this month and feature rich but the engine with 163 hp makes me think I won't really be able to push it A4- depreciates alot but engine is better 220i m sport pro 2023- only issue is the model getting outdated or updated due to its old touch interface from 2021 bmw models All these cars cost around 63k usd with taxes here :/ Have the option of a c class'22, 1500kms driven but is it really worth the jump over the a class? (Would have to extend upto 70k for the c class, which is quite overbudget ngl)
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2023.06.01 21:21 Mobile-Performer9113 Losing my sanity (HLF & LLF)

My gf (LLF) and I (HLF) have been together for 4 years. around the 1 year mark, physical intimacy started to dwindle. Now we have sex about every 3-4 months.
In the beginning our sex was frequent and kinky (both dominant and submissive), but that ended soon. She's had her last orgasm in her teenage years, now we're in our mid twenties - she says any genital stimulation hurts her and she's therefore scared of sex. Even masturbation doesn't get her off and hurts even more. As soon she is overstimulated, she won't touch me and only wants to cuddle. (touching me first doesn't seem an option, I already suggested) She doesn't recall any SA, but she associates sex with shame.
Another thing is that she often cried during or after intimacy, which understandably made me unable to dominate her at some point. However, she's blaming me "that Ive shown her bdsm and now have taken it away from her". I told her, that I will gladly be dominant again as soon as I notice she's able to enjoy the whole act altogether.
We've been to couples counseling, shes been told some exercises that might possibly help with her issues. She has tried them once and said they don't work. We've tried breathing techniques and light touching. I was really patient the whole time. I even offered to pay for her to go to the counselor alone so that she could more openly discuss the orgasm issue. She hasn't scheduled a meeting yet, even though she is ensuring me over and over, that she wants to work on it.
At the same time she's telling me I should shut up about the sexless relationship thing, because it puts her under pressure. She knows how much I am struggling with it, especially with my very high libido, which gets worse during my ovulation. I feel so guilty for wanting intimacy at this point. Before I met her, sex was this magical thing for me, the only thing that could get me out of my busy head. Now it's only shameful.
Please help.
(sorry for the mistakes, English isn't my first language)
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2023.06.01 21:21 some12345thing Happy new song eve, everyone! Fingers crossed we’ll all be walking down the Road to Joy tomorrow or at least chilling in the shade of an Olive Tree!

It’s pretty incredible how much more we have learned and heard since Four Kinds of Horses came out almost a month ago. We now have live recordings of so many new songs.
I am really hoping our song tomorrow is either Road to Joy or Olive Tree. They’re the two with the best energy and fun about them so far and I think something energetic and fun makes sense after the dark, moody vibe of Four Kinds of Horses.
So rev up your VPNs to get a listen to the new track when it hits in New Zealand. I’ll be up at 5am tomorrow to listen and my first stop will be this subreddit where I predict our main man u/carlosgabrx will have posted YouTube and Spotify links and a link to the art work (which, if it is Road to Joy, was apparently done by none other than the incredible Chinese artist Ai Wei-Wei).
I’m so hyped! See you all on the other side :)
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2023.06.01 21:21 __queenofdenial__ Every time I think I hit bottom it gets worse

This is a bit of a rant, I'm sorry. The best TLDR I can come up with is I'm asking for stories or assurances that hope is not lost. That survival is possible.
I thought the home payments were happening for my mother's house, now I'm learning that my sister received a foreclosure notice weeks, probably months, ago and I don't think we can sell it. Definitely not before the auction date I was unaware of. Have calls to make in between all of my other desperate calls. My mother passing away has already cost my entire savings so I can't even get a penny back now.
On those same lines, my hours which were limited already (voluntarily to deal with some of my mother's things) got suddenly slashed at work and I'm now sitting in a home with no electricity that I need to move from this weekend. Added insult is that my hours were bolstered by heavy scheduling this weekend so now I'm hot, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Oh and I can't get approved to live anywhere because my last two months pay don't paint a good picture of my typical finances. I'm trying to figure out how to get my very old, probably molding car mobile so I can stay in it when I can't find a couch. At least my dogs are with a friend of the family now so they don't overheat without ac.
I hate asking for help. I absolutely despise it 9/10 times in fact. Writing this even feels selfish but I fear I need it off my chest before I blow up at a customer tonight at work. This is such a tough time that I feel sure is going to cause my health issues to flair up making work even more difficult than normal. Please tell me things have a chance of getting better. I'm in need of hope and it's the one thing I'm capable of asking for without feeling needy.
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2023.06.01 21:21 Sea_Marketing9541 [For Sale] First Press Soundgarden / Slipknot / Pearl Jam, Obscure Metal Records, Childish Gambino, Sematary, The Cure, Spelling, Babymetal, J Dilla, George Clanton, Primus, Kanye, Beatles, etc (60+ records)

Lots of New Inventory, figured i’d post again
All of these are up for the cheapest price on Discogs (for their condition, sometimes by considerable amounts) and are CHEAPER here than I have them there. Feel free to try and price match me with any legit sellers I am flexible and truly believe these are all great deals. Happy to work out bundle deals on 3+ depending on the purchase amount.
Shipping is $6 to the US, No matter the size of the order! International DM for rate. If you want more specifics on what pressing it is and what not here is the link to my Discogs.
The Acacia Strain - 'C' (7' Single, Limited, White w/ Olive Green Splatter) NM/NM - $28
Agnostic Front - United Blood (7' EP, 2009 Reissue, Clear) NM/NM - $15
Archspire - Bleed the Future (Original Cassette) NM/NM - $28
Arkaik - Nemethia (LP, Blue and Gold Swirl) NM/NM - $42
Asobi Seksu - Fluorescence (LP, Limited Pink) NM/VG+ - $10
Babymetal - Metal Resistance - The One- (Limited ED Boxset with CD and Bluray) VG+/VG+ - $35
Bauhaus - Burning from the Inside (LP, Blue, Reissue) VG+/VG+ - $17
Beatles - Yesterday and Today (1983 Reissue) G+/VG - $12
Beatles - Revolver (1983 Reissue, IN SHRINK) VG+/NM - $25
Childish Gambino - Because The Internet (Pink Target Exclusive) NM/VG+ - $35
Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love! (Blue Walmart Exclusive) NM/VG+ - $18
Courtney Bartnett - Things Take Time (LP, Blue) NM/VG+ - $12
The Cure - Faith (RSD Limited Numbered Gray vinyl) NM/NM - $80
Dance With The Dead - Loved to Death (LP, Clear, Repress) NM/NM - $55
David Gilmour - David Gilmour (LP, Promo, OG) G+/VG+ - $10
DIIV - Oshin (LP, Purple, Limited Reissue) NM/VG+ - $32
Dyscarnate - With all their might (LP, Bronze) VG+/VG+ - $18
Echo & The Bunnymen - Bedbugs and Ballyhoo (12' Maxi, OG) VG+/VG+ - $5
Enslaved - Heimdal (LP, limited Black white marble, sealed) - M/M $30
Fit for an Autopsy - Oh what the future holds (LP, Blue Green Swirl with Pink Black Splatter, Sealed) M/M - $15
Fit for an Autopsy - Hellbound (LP, Limited, Bronze) - $30
Genghis Tron - Board up the House (LP, One etched Side, original) VG/VG+ - $18
George Clanton - Slide (LP, 2nd Press, Black with Blue Swirl) VG+/VG+ - $28
Gloom Influx - Twilight (Limited, Purple) NM/NM - $30
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - L.A.M.F (Lost 77' Mixes) (LP, Reissue, Limited Edition, Pink and black) NM/NM - $35
Hour of Penance - Paradogma (LP, Yellow) NM/NM - $32
J Dilla - Donuts (2x12, 2016 10th anniversary edition) VG+/VG+ - $37
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band - Plastic Ono Band (2021 Reissue) VG+/VG+ - $20
Kanye West - The College Dropout (Most recent reissue) NM/VG+ - $15
Kraut - An Adjustment to Society (Red Reissue) G+/G+ - $10
Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Black Gatefold) NM/VG+ - $15
1985 Walt Disneys Fantasia - (2xLP, Gatefold) VG+/VG+ - $8
Michael Jackson - Got to be There (Original with hype sticker) G+/VG+ - $8
MICROCHIP TERROR - Illegal Experiments (LP, White red splatter) - $30
Modern Baseball - You’re Gonna Miss it All (Yellow) NM/NM - $20
Nails - You Will Never Be One of Us (Green Casette) VG+/VG+ - $10
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine (180gm reissue) NM/VG+ - $18
NOFX - Pods and Gods (7’ EP Orange) NM/VG - $5
Pearl Jam Christmas 1998 (7’ promo) VG/VG+ - $25
Pearl Jam - Someday at Christmas (7’) VG+/VG+ -$8
Pearl Jam 2002 Annual Vinyl Single (7’ Promo) -$4
Pearl Jam - Christmas 1999 (7) G+/VG+ -$10
Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese (LP, Reissue, 200G) VG+/VG - $28
Rings of Saturn - Gidim (Cassette, Purple, sealed) M/M - $28
Rush - Hemispheres (LP, Original, PRC) VG+/VG+ - $18
Rush 2112 (LP, early reissue, gatefold) VG (lower end)/VG+ - $9
Scour - Black (10’ Marbled) M/NM - $23
Sematary Grave Man - Butcher House (CD) NM/VG+ - $80
Sick of it All - Death to Tyrants (LP, tricolored, limited 2014 reissue) VG+/VG+ - $21
Sick of it All - Last Act of Defiance (LP, limited, clear +CD) NM/VG+ - $18
Slipknot - Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses (2xlp, black, rare first press) NM/VG - $120 ($120 UNDER MEDIAN)
Soundgarden - Superunkown (Original US Clear) NM/VG - $225
Spelling - The Turning Wheel (2LP Green /300) - NM/VG+ - $50
Steely Dan - Greatest Hits (Canadian Yellow 70’s pressing) VG/G+ - $15
Sylvester - Someone Like You (original 12', keith harring art) NM/NM - $16
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Runaway Girls (7’ Blue) VG+/VG - $15
Weather Report - Heavy Weather (Music on Vinyl Reissue, 180g) NM/NM - $22
Within Destruction - Deathwish (LP, Red) VG+/VG+ - $35
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2023.06.01 21:20 PIMO-POMO I don't think my bf (29M) is attracted to me (27F)

My bf (29m) and I (27F) have been together for almost 2 years. Our relationship has really grown a lot since the beginning, and I feel that we both feel even more secure and in love as time goes on. I know he loves me...I don't doubt that. However, our sexual compatibility has for the last year. I am understanding and can rationalize that a lot of the reason it got thrown off course was because I worked 2 jobs last year and only had one day off a week. I would start at 7:30 am and finish at 8 pm. So clearly, we didn't have much time for intimacy, nor did I have much of a drive. My bf also commutes every day to work and sits in upwards of 2 hours of traffic there and back some days. So that is a factor as well. Fast forward to now... I am now working a normal mon-fri 9-5 schedule. His is still the same schedule. During the week we obviously don't have much energy or time for intimacy. But it rarely happens on the weekends either. My boyfriend suffers from anxiety and health related OCD...this is what he attributes to his lack of sex drive. He also recently went completely sober from alcohol and marijuana. I can understand and sympathize with these factors. I know mental health impacts sex drive. The last couple nights I have been moody because we haven't had sex in weeks. I honestly don't remember exactly how long it's been. Maybe over a month. This past weekend we started, but I felt off mentally...and to be honest it's because for almost the last year, sex is always the same. I get on top, and that's it. There was a tiny bit of foreplay and then we started. I wasn't mentally into it because I want to feel desired by him. He doesn't do anything to really show me he is into me and desires me. It feels like it's a chore and obligation he is fulfilling because I need it. Not because he wants it. We ended up just finishing each other off in other ways and stopped having sex about 2 minutes in. The last couple days I have been really agitated because I am not getting my needs met, intimacy wise or physically wise. I crave connection with him so badly in that way. Last night, I ended up crying and upset because we had planned to be intimate and I told him I needed him to initiate and show me he desires me. I waited...and nothing. He got really frustrated, mostly at his self. He started googling "why am I not horny, why do I have no sex drive, ect" Side note: due to his health ocd, he is constantly using google to diagnose himself. So, he's googling away and tossed and turned ALL night because he feels guilty about not taking care of me. My thought is, "why can't you even attempt and just TRY?" He doesn't even attempt to initiate intimacy and go from there. This morning I looked at his recent webpage searches. Idk why I even did it, I really wish I hadn't... The most recent page was "why am I not attracted to my gf." The search before that was "why am I not sexually attracted to my gf"...When I say that seeing this completely destroyed any semblance of self-esteem I had, made me think back to every look he's given me, the fact that he keeps his eyes closed during sex, the lack of compliments from him, the fact that I know him and his ex-wife used to have sex sometimes 2 times a day, and I can't even get it once a month....everything just came crashing down on me. Comments he had made regarding his best friend being in a relationship with a girl he isn't attracted to sexually but who he supposedly loves and how my bf "understands" (he said he understands bc of an ex he had). I know I am far from perfect. I've had a baby which changed my body a lot. I deal with feeling insecure already and I have lost 30 pounds already prior to getting with my current bf. I have about 30 more pounds I would like to drop, and I am actively working on it. But I am by no means obese. I just need to tighten and tone up. My bf immediately noticed my shift in my mood this morning after I saw, and I couldn't keep myself from sobbing. I wouldn't tell him what was wrong, but he figured it out in about 1 minute. He said he was just clicking through the google suggestion bars after he had typed in "why am I not horny" and it led him to that. My argument is, why would you even click on that option if you didn't feel that way deep down? and open an article about it in the first place? He is a brutally honest person and tends to hurt my feelings with his honesty at times, his argument is that he would tell me if he felt that way. He said it is 100% him and his mental and has nothing to do with me. He said he doesn't even jack off or watch porn or have a desire for anything sexual at all. I can't help but feel that he just knows it would destroy me to hear him say he isn't attracted to me, he does care about my feelings. Or maybe he isn't being fully honest with himself. I know love and attraction are seperate sometimes...but I don't know what to do. It is still fresh obviously, but I don't know how to get the thought that he doesn't find me attractive out of my mind now. I already felt that at times, but convinced myself I was just projecting my own insecurities onto him. Now I feel that it was the other way around. I could feel that he didn't like what he sees. I never dealt with this with my ex-husband, he always made me feel confident and desired and liked what he saw-even at my heaviest. I don't even want to change in front of him, I don't want him to touch me now, I don't know if this can be fixed. I guess I just need guidance. I don't want to throw away all the good we DO have because of this. But I also know this will be in the back of my mind for a long time, if not forever. Especially if things don't change in our sex life. But now my guard is majorly up, and I don't see it coming down anytime soon. I'm in my head more than ever before. Because at least before this, I could convince myself that it was just my own insecurities and fears...before they were confirmed to be true. Idk what advice I'm looking for tbh, maybe if anyone has been in a similar situation and come out of it for the better...I have never felt so worthless and insecure. Do you think he is being honest to me and himself?
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2023.06.01 21:20 lseraehwcaism 4% Rule would work 95.2% of the time based on inflation and S&P 500 data from 1914 to 2018

The only time where the 4% rule would have resulted in a negative balance would be during the following monthly time periods:
The only other times where your balance would result in a lower balance than when you retired would be during the following monthly time periods:
All other times would result in a greater balance.
See below for my assumptions:
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2023.06.01 21:19 LuciferianInk On the 5th of September...

A Reddit submission:
# On the 5th of September... On the 5th of September, 2024, a man in his 70s was arrested by the police for allegedly assaulting his wife and child. On the 6th of September 2024, a woman named "Amber" is accused in a police report of having sex with an underage girl. On October 5, 2020, an American citizen named "Kendrick" is found dead on a road in California. On November 1st, 2020, a woman who is believed to have been a witness to a sexual assault against a young woman in a bar in New York City is arrested for the crime.
See also List of serial killers in 2019
Category:2019 in New York (state) 2019 *2018
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2023.06.01 21:18 CalculatorOctavius There is a lot of GTA V inspiration in this show

I’ve seen a lot of direct references and indirect inspiration. I just got to the part where he is on the dirt bike being chased by the dirt bike boys and there is a whole extended part where the camera is behind him with a third person perspective, and he is literally wearing a suit that Trevor can wear in the game, and he is on a road in LA that is depicted in the game and then gets on the highway and that whole part looks a lot like GTA V
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2023.06.01 21:18 Bed444 Got ghosted after a month

My friend introduced me (27F) to this guy (27M) who apparently had a crush on me since he last saw me at our mutual friends party like two years ago. I never noticed him that day but my friend told me that he would occasionally ask about me. 2 years later, my friend invites me to that guys sister’s party and me and him talk for a bit and he basically tells me about himself and that he’s looking for something serious. So he gets my number and proceeds to text me everyday, things like good morning, goodnight, how are you, and essentially sharing his day with me and asking about mine. I didn’t mind but I started to get weirded out because we had been texting for about three weeks and he still had not asked me out yet, I feel like we are old enough to text briefly and meet after not just continue texting. Week two of us texting he invited me hiking with our mutual friend but then he mentioned how it was our friends idea to invite me and not his. That day he mentioned he liked baseball games and would like to take me to one. Well he never followed up on that and I even texted him to say I would really like to go to a game with him. He never followed up. As we approached a month of texting I starting feeling a bit fed up with basically being pen pals and I told my friend that quality time was very important to me and that I can’t get to know someone via texting. I guess my friend told him because after that he stopped reaching out and so did I because honestly I feel like I gave him enough time to at least schedule a date in the near future. I’ve been single for almost three years and I was really looking forward to pursuing something with this guy because we had a lot in common but now I’m just disappointed that I got ghosted with basically no explanation and feel like my requirements were too much for him.
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2023.06.01 21:18 Competitive_Radish64 I am going to attend Shankra for the first time this year.

As previously mentioned, this year will be the first time I'm going to attend Shankra. But I can't find the time schedule for the buses online. Do they drive by a specific schedule and if yes, where could I find it, and if no, do they drive like on a regular base the first 2 days?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 21:18 xXDyllPickleXx CE Credit Transfer for BYU

Last school year, I took the CE 1010 English, HTHS 1001, and HTHS 1020 classes through Weber State University, and I am in the process of receiving my transcript from Weber. Do you guys know if these credits will transfer over to BYU? I got an A in each of the courses, so I'm just wondering if I should put a first year English class on my schedule if there's a possibility I won't need to take it.
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I will help with your programming tasks. I can develop web, desktop, and mobile applications to fulfill your requirements.
I will create a Python program to scrap data from any website you wish in formats such as CSV, Excel, JSON, Pandas Dataframe, and SQL.
I will automate boring tasks such as daily computing routines and scheduling/sending emails.
I will develop simple discord, twitter, and telegram bots.
My rate starts at $50 per project.
Examples of Projects I've Completed: 1. A telegram bot that makes new members complete a captcha verification. 2. A telegram bot that gets real time wallet transactions. 3. A program that parsed incoming job applicant emails from LinkedIn, extracted details, and sent them to an API. 4. A program that scraped information and price history of all the games on 5. A program that fetched tweets matching specific keywords.
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2023.06.01 21:17 Bugz_Momma Why does PA tar and chip roads instead of re-paving?

I am genuinely curious. Does it save money? It certainly doesn’t prevent potholes. I live in Pennsylvania right near the Maryland line and their roads are always amazing. No potholes, no tar and chip, always cleared quickly when it snows. Not busting on PennDOT. Just genuinely curious why they go that route. They put tar in chips down on the road near me yesterday and it just made me think of how much I hate it. The roads are so unsafe for a couple days until all the loose ships get thrown off and the targets everywhere. Just wondering if anyone can explain the reasoning.
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2023.06.01 21:17 BasicSith2 [RF] Journey to the Treetop

Where memories fade, love's essence ignites.
A car crash into a pine tree shatters the facade of a once seemingly blissful marriage. Jack's desperate attempts to bring down the tree with a chainsaw leave his wife, Hazel, wondering what has become of their bond. Is he still the same man she fell in love with three decades ago? As Hazel battles her fears, "Journey to the Treetop" invites readers on an emotional ride through the tumultuous landscape of a mind affected by memory loss.
CABIN ROAD is the gateway to paradise.
But why does this feel like a path to hell?
I smash into a tall pine tree that stands in the middle of the otherwise straight gravel road. I've gone around it hundreds of times before. But now, my fingers are firmly gripped on the steering wheel, disregarding all my commands. Have I become paralyzed?
A potato is wobbling on the dashboard, having obviously leaped out of the potato crates in the back seat. Jack gets out and strides to the front bumper. His lips press into a thin line as he appraises the destruction and cost of fixing it. Nothing should hold him back from swearing. But he maintains his composure, anger simmering just beneath the surface.
The memory of thirty years of marriage fills my mind. I question whether this man has drugged me. A fleeting thought that he might have crashed the car surfaces, but it seems too much of a stretch. I take a deep breath and try to clear my head.In the rear-view mirror, Jack gets an axe from the trunk. He comes and gazes at me from my window, his eyes looking heavy and weary—like two precious pearls inside their oyster-like shells. I straighten and open the window:
“Thank goodness it wasn't worse.”
“I'll chop it down.”
“That’s a pretty big tree, Jack.”
Jack blinks several times.
“I do have a chainsaw...”
“Yes.” I wonder what stories this tree has witnessed during its lifetime. Will we see the marks of our journey on its rings? There’s always something that gets squeezed in tighter, begging to be unraveled.
“I'll drive you to the cabin and grab the chainsaw,” Jack says. “Prepare some coffee while I'm gone.”
Our short passage to the cabin around the bend is like shifting through the fog of memory. I'm in the kitchen. My fingers clench around the coffee tin can and spoon. Bewilderment engulfs my brain. I spot Jack with his saw. He slips around the corner, the curve of his bottom visible through his tight work trousers. I feel anxious about the crash. Did I deliberately hit the tree?
The measuring spoon slips from my hand. It drops onto the floor along with the tin can. I clean up the mess. Could someone drive into a tree on purpose? Accidents do happen after all. It's fascinating to see him take on this role of being so chivalrous. Far away from his academic duties.
As the chainsaw outside whines, I scroll through social media on my phone. People arguing about something or other makes me tired. I pick up a copy of Science magazine from the coffee table and scan through an article titled “Quantum Communication Across Interstellar Space,” authored by Jack. As usual, the details go right over my head. I like to amuse myself with the idea that it speaks about communicating with individuals who have passed away.
Billy's message pops up. He asks for money for a fishing trip with his buddies somewhere in Lapland. I am more than happy to support him since he’s enlisting in the army soon in July. My big boy.
I tell him about the car crash, and he gives me advice about a car repair store. Jack comes back earlier than expected. He plops into his seat, sweat beading on his forehead and the smell of resin emanating from him. He seems disappointed.I pour coffee to the brim.
“Did the saw get stuck?”
Jack shakes his head and adds sugar to his mug.
“It got shattered under the tree. I stumbled...”
Silence descends slowly, like dust.
“My helmet cracked.”
“Do you want me to buy new parts when I go to the store?”
“No need.”
“But there's pruning and cutting to do first.”
Jack takes a bite out of a cinnamon bun.
“I can sharpen the axe.”
“Ask the neighbors for help, that's what they're for. You can also mow the lawn while I'm away.”
“The grass is already short— it'll die off.”
“You don't want ticks taking over! Think about your mother's joint pain. She would roll in her grave if—”
“Yes!” My answer is like a flyswatter, leaving no room for further discussion or quantum physics.
Jack is busy chewing on the bun. His regular coffee breaks, which have become part of his daily routine in his sixties, have honed impressive jowls.
We enjoy our coffee and stare at the lake. Calm as a mirror. I have a feeling Jack will soon suggest fishing. As I gather my things to leave, I call to him:
“Don't hurt yourself. Should I bring more buns?”
“I was thinking of skipping the sugar and wheat...”
I simply smile in reply.
“Can you refuel the car?” Jack asks.
I'm already off. The door slams shut in the middle of his sentence, but Jack knows better than to expect a response.
I jump into the driver's seat and immediately notice forgotten potato baskets in the back seat, but my mind drifts away before I can do anything about it. As I pass by our old well, I remember that we need to discuss connecting the cabin to a new water source. No matter what it costs, it needs to be done. Why should I agree to be responsible for our running water anymore?
I collide with something hard. Airbags abruptly inflate around me, disorienting me as my vision blurs. Struggling to escape from the tangled mess of seatbelts and inflatable bags, it feels like I'm an old person trying to climb out of a bouncy castle.
My gaze rests on the scene before me, but my thoughts can't understand it. I have plowed into a tree stump. The tree stretches over the ditch. Nearby the chainsaw lies crushed. The cutting chain is nowhere to be found.
I get back in the car. Should I phone Jack for an urgent call? Inhaling slowly helps me stay calm. Why didn’t he mention the tree stump?
Someone taps on my window.
I jump and my neck stiffens up. I reach for the window switch.
“I should have told you about...” Jack says.
“The stump?”
“Didn't you see the tree on the ground?”
“I'm sorry. I was daydreaming.”
“Great galaxy, Hazel! You're burning through our last savings as if money grew on trees!”
Jack is being truly authentic with me. I stare back at him like some big-eyed exotic species from Madagascar that I can't identify in all this chaos. Jack opens the door and starts to put the cushion back in its place. We turn on the engine, giving the accelerator a test ride.
“Let's go to a repair shop. I'm sure our insurance will cover this,” Jack suggests. “We can say that we had an accident with a reindeer.”
“You're supposed to report it to the police or game warden if you hit an animal,” I reply.
Jack pauses for a moment. He then reverses and drives forward again, but when he looks into the rear-view mirror, he slams on the brakes.
“I have a better plan.”
He retrieves an orange towing strap from the trunk, a burst of determination on his face. He connects the stump and the tow hook.
“Get ready. We’re going to take a quantum leap here.”
We buckle our seat belts with a single click as we prepare for the inevitable disaster. We had already made so many mistakes together, starting with raising our children—though sometimes failing was just part of parenting.
Jack revs up the engine. A sudden lurch forward, then Jack howls in pain as the stump smashes through the rear window, clambering through the seats and lodging itself onto the gearbox, trapping Jack's hand. He veers off toward the ditch. The Milky Way spins around us, potatoes fly in the air and suddenly, all is quiet. We find ourselves upside down—surrounded by earthy potatoes and broken glass.
I try to break the silence:
“I just remembered: Billy's friend can repair cars at the vocational school much cheaper.”
Jack looks so pale, his face almost white. I guess he’s contemplating the next step.
Through the cracked windshield, I see the chainsaw chain lying in the ditch. How did it come to be rusting away? Maybe everything will go back to normal if we sit here and wait.
It feels almost as if we are flying in outer space, my nerves slowly calming down. But then a sudden stillness strikes that is anything but soothing.
“Jack, I’m feeling a bit dizzy…”
No answer.
I snap open my eyes and the scene in front of me has changed drastically. It’s like I’ve been sucked into some kind of surreal void.
I hear a tapping noise on the window. An apology and then a loud thud; a huge rock has been hurled through the glass. A stench of strong aftershave ferments around me. A burly arm reaches across to release the seatbelt. An elderly man growls something crude, nothing like Jack's usual scout-like words.
My eyes close as I'm being cradled away, and visions of Jack's mathematics and symbols flicker around in my mind. Is the soul truly free when there is no force of gravity to pull us down?
I don't know who my savior is, but I can sense his worry as his face reddens. He is in military garb.
I come to as I feel my head thudding against the rubble. Instantly, I yearn to run away, contemplating that perhaps this experience is only a dream, and I'm back in the cabin chamber, tucked securely underneath a cosy blanket. A blanket that grants me the power to perform heroic acts like disappearing in a puff of smoke.
“Are you okay?” he speaks in a familiar voice.
Fingers brush over my clothes, picking out pieces of glass. My pocket contains an odd bulge—a potato? Suddenly, everything clicks: an aged Billy, wearing a major's rank insignia. How could he have achieved that rank so fast?
“Son, what are you doing on this tree ring?”
Billy peers at me from across the way, accompanied by a mysterious female figure. “We came to check on how you're doing,” Billy says. “Do you remember what happened?”
I raise my head and look around. There's nobody in the driver's seat of the car.
“Where is Jack?” I manage.
Billy furrows his brows like a detective would when weighing evidence. An image of the classic TV show Columbo flashes through my mind—he could lull suspects into a false sense of security before dropping the hammer of his sharp intellect on their inconsistencies. But I'm not hiding anything here. Though why are modern shows so bad? That's another mystery entirely.
“Mom, what were you doing out here? The road is an absolute disaster zone, with the car smashed up in the ditch.”
My thoughts swim haphazardly as Billy reads something from my expression, then casts his eyes towards his new girlfriend for assistance.
I try to get up but it hurts too much. Instead, I reach into my pocket and feel a sandy-sharp potato there. Maybe I can still wash it off.
“I’m fine,” I reply. “I need to get back to plowing the field... baking buns for Jack... buying a chainsaw...”
The darkness returns and I feel my body shiver. I'm in the car, traveling down bumps I've known for quite some time. Soon, I’m settled inside the cabin's living room on the couch. The coffee maker is gurgling in the corner of the room. Billy is on a call with a doctor about how to deal with grief and coping alone; it seems someone had died while cutting down a tree last year. He gets furious and threatens to take away the keys from the person he's talking to. It might be a good idea; many people have too many keys that they don't use anyway.
My head is spinning with thoughts about Jack's absence. Where did he go?Someone runs water over potatoes while a pot clatters on the stovetop. My temper rises as I wait for Jack's return. I won't stay here by myself without an explanation from him. I call out for Jack until there's no sound left but my coughing voice.
I crave sausage soup, and I know I must go to the store. As I try to move forward, I am wading through tar. They guide me to the coffee table. According to Jack, time runs faster the more hunched your back becomes. Let it be and let us sit here, motionless, gazing at the tips of our shoes. Surely, time has slowed down in this moment.
Billy reaches out and takes my hand. A handsome, greying gentleman. His girlfriend also places her hand on top of the pile. Her name is Ewa. A beautiful name, something familiar about her.
But did I hear her calling me mother?
In the yard, a squirrel hops with a cone in its mouth. It freezes and stares at me. I avert my gaze. My hands suddenly look wrinkled. I summon the inner strength that I've been striving to find for an eternity:
“Do we have to leave now?”
Billy exchanges glances with Ewa and then looks outside.
“You don't have to walk this path alone, Mother.”
We finish our coffee without saying another word. The wind sweeps across the lake. A pair of swans take flight, and a duet of gentle honks echo across the water. A shivering cold envelops me. Billy and Ewa take me to the car. The potatoes can wait.
The sun blazes brightly above us as we travel the cabin road; shapeless clouds dot the horizon and suddenly I sense a presence—as if someone is waving to me.
I surrender.
I believe I will be warmly welcomed.
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2023.06.01 21:16 AutoModerator Here’s Where to Watch ‘UFC 289’ (Free) Live Streaming on Reddit

UFC 289: Nunes vs. Aldana is an upcoming mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that will take place on June 10, 2023, at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[1]
UFC 289 is the seventh PPV event from UFC in the year 2023. The event is scheduled for June 10, 2023, at Rogers Center in Vancouver, Canada. It will be headlined by a women’s bantamweight title fight between Amanda Nunes and Irene Aldana.
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2023.06.01 21:16 InNerdOfChange What should I be looking for in a used car??

For the longest time my wife and I only had 1 car and it worked for us. I work from home so no daily commute and she takes the car and on days I need it I plan my day around taking her to work getting my stuff done or one of using Uber.
We had our first child a few months back and I think we will need it. It won’t be used often but for the days when he gets sick at daycare or schedules change and I have to pick him up. I don’t love it, but I think it’s a need right now.
I really don’t care what the car is. It needs to be reliable, and in good shape, and more practicals that fancy. Maybe CarPlay and blind spot detection but that’s about it for flashy. What should I be looking at??
My first thoughts from other posts were Honda Fit. Seems cheaper than Prius and seems like s good car, but open to others opinions.
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I will help with your programming tasks. I can develop web, desktop, and mobile applications to fulfill your requirements.
I will create a Python program to scrap data from any website you wish in formats such as CSV, Excel, JSON, Pandas Dataframe, and SQL.
I will automate boring tasks such as daily computing routines and scheduling/sending emails.
I will develop simple discord, twitter, and telegram bots.
My rate starts at $50 per project.
Examples of Projects I've Completed: 1. A telegram bot that makes new members complete a captcha verification. 2. A telegram bot that gets real time wallet transactions. 3. A program that parsed incoming job applicant emails from LinkedIn, extracted details, and sent them to an API. 4. A program that scraped information and price history of all the games on 5. A program that fetched tweets matching specific keywords.
I can be contacted via DM, discord - NekoGal#9171, telegram - FriskyKatty
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