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2012.11.01 16:32 JMaboard Gentlemanboners but now in gif form!

Gentleman Boners Gifs is a true gentleman's club. This is an oasis like no other! Only the finest eye candy of the classiest nature can be found here. Elegant, graceful, timeless female celebrities are one click away. Be gone with you and your slutty, trashy, & whorish succubi! For they are not welcome here. Do not bother posting if you can not tell the difference between beauty and seduction. This club is for the best of the best.

2017.01.08 20:28 A place for the girls you can't take home to Mom ... God love 'em.

This is a place to post HIGH QUALITY pics of attractive women most people would consider "trashy." (Note: Trashy doesn't mean gross, so no outright disgusting pics, please). Think tats, piercings, slutty outfits or lingerie, that dress that's just a LITTLE too short... think stripper in a wedding dress, slutty librarian, or the girl who wears a cocktail dress to a friend's wedding. Like the title says: This is for the girls you'd never take home to Mom.

2023.06.09 22:32 emmdani FED UP. post removed from dogfree so here I am.

a lot swearing coming up bc I’m fucking tired of this shit
I’m fucking tired of my boyfriends dog. It’s to the point where I can’t even TRY to like him anymore. He always finds a fucking way to chew up all my favorite things bro I can’t. I’m literally crying rn. I have these kitty ears from an old costume (tmi but my bf likes for me to wear them for him) and I just came home to find them all fucking chewed up in his bed. He’s chewed up some of my favorite shirts, he chewed up a hair clip that was my favorite bc my hair is really thick and it was one of the only ones I’d found that could hold it up. He fucking broke one of my only FAVORITE mugs with his stupid uncontrollable tail wagging. Chewed up my laptop charger, some of my favorite pens, some of my favorite underwear. The list could literally just go on and on and I’m so fucking fed up. I just needed to vent idk what to do. He chews up my bfs clothes and socks and he seems to not have a problem with it all like how??? He chews up his socks and then ends up constipated for a week and then the next he ends up with runny shit. This past week I had to clean up liquid shit when I came home from work. And when I tell my bf “I bet it’s bc of all ur clothes he eats” and my bf is like “yeah duh” like okay then fucking do something ab it??? You don’t wanna be worrying ab his poop habits or clean up shit after work then fucking do SOMETHING. All he ever does is go “No sir 😡” and there the dog is just looking at him with his stupid puppy dog eyed face and tail wagging and doesn’t understand a single word he just thinks my bf is telling him some sweet shit. It annoys the crap out of me. Every single time I start to grow a soft spot for this dog he fucking finds a way to make it all go back down to 0 and I just add another thing to my list of resentment towards him. I love my boyfriend so much and HE is the only reason why I try with this goddamn dog. He wonders why I have some animosity towards A DOG. Like let me show you a list of reasons, yeah? Rant over. I have a headache now. Best believe boyfriend and I are gonna have a talk when he gets home from work. Thanks for reading of you made it this far. 🙃
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2023.06.09 22:30 Axleblade33 Overrated? Why ?

Hello people , I don't understand why do people hate attack on Titan so much and call it overrated, I am new to anime world , it's been 2 years , i have seen a few good animes , and for me attack on Titan has the best plot , the twists , the foreshadowing , everything is so good , it's like a masterpiece , yet people call it overrated or boring , it kinda hurts and it's funny at the same time
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2023.06.09 22:30 Flying_Snails_today Steven Universe vs Invincible analysis Cosmic Clash

Genesis: Back thousands of years ago a gem named Rose Quartz was made on Earth! You see these space aliens called gems were killing the planet to make more of them and Rose wasn’t with that so she lead a rebellion called the Crystal Gems to take on the diamonds who were the leader of the gems. She ended up shattering Pink Diamond but yellow, blue and white diamond retaliated by leavening a blast that covered all of the planet affecting every gem turning them into monsters! Only Rose and some of her closest allies remained but she soon settled down with a human named Greg and gave up her body to make a son. Steven Universe.
Snail: Steven may look like the small chubby kid who gets bullied in school but he’s anything but! This kid saves the day with the Crystal Gems!
Genesis: Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl! And Steven started off weak and powerless be became stronger from his adventures with the gems even unlocking some of his mom’s abilities!
Snail: Such as his mothers shield able to block an attack from three diamonds that covered the entire planet!
Genesis: He can make bubbles to teleport small objects away or shield himself. He can also use them as makeshift boxing gloves to fight with!
Genesis then made some magical boxing gloves she used to knockout Snail
Genesis: Like that!
One Angry Snail getting up later
Snail: So mad at you I just can’t… Whatever Steven has control over his personal gravity being able to slow his falling and jump insane heights! He also scales to Garnet who was able to punch a damn mountain in half! That’s badass! But with all of this in mind Steven was treated like a child by his fellow gems. And while he was he wasn’t treated like a member of the team.
Genesis: Yeah like when your mom needs to take you to the movies with her friends on girls night since your dads not around and she doesn’t want you home alone
Snail: That’s not oddly specific or anything.
Genesis: What?!
Snail: Steven would gain the respect he so desperately wanted through many of his missions with the Gems! He is stronger then Lapis who lifted all the ocean on Earth at once! That’s roughly 352,670,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water! That’s like an entire planet man!
Genesis: Almost as much as your mo-
Snail then slapped her in the face
Genesis: Yeah I deserve that…
Snail: Steven has dodged laser from near point blank, he can survive the g force of light speed travel, he even lifted a giant injector!
Genesis: This injector had enough poison in it to wipe out all life on Earth! And it was already a giant metal space ship thing! And Steven was able to lift it for a short time when his powers were fading!
Snail: So Steven after trail and trail fight after fight manage to save the universe by redeeming the diamonds!
Genesis: Bad writing aside Steven always had shows looming over his head the biggest one his mother
Genesis: Turns out Rose was actually Pink Diamond and she was a lier who manipulated all her friends and even had them trapped for thousands of years!
Snail: Fuckin parents… yeah Rose was a shitty person and even years after her death Steven was stuck with people thinking he was his mom.
Genesis: Combine that with years of mental trauma from getting almost killed repeatedly and you have Steven go into a breakdown. Or his pink state
Snail: While pink Steven can move faster than his light dodging friends the crystal gems. He moved so fast that time moves at a near standstill for him! His powers also go into overdrive with him getting stronger, the power to straight up fly, screams loud enough to crack buildings, and new hexagon versions of his bubbles that are way stronger and more destructive! But he’s way more unhinged he’s losing control in this form to the point where he killed a gem.
Genesis: After bringing her back to life Steven felt like a monster and he spiraled into self hate creating monster Steven.
Snail: He lost all control but with the love of his friends and family Steven was able to calm down.
Genesis: While Steven struggled over learned to be a gem his greatest feat was being human.

Mayo_Enjoyer:every world needs a invincible hero except this one isn't invincible,meet Mark grayson the son of Nolan grayson who's more commonly known as omni man. Mark is a viltrumite like his father, viltrumites are a human like alien race who decided to kill off most of their population just to leave the strongest ones and they then started to conquer planets from the inside, Nolan was send to conquer earth he decided to play along as a hero, and after some hand holding with his pet I mean wife a baby was born because holding hands makes babies, and that baby was Mark grayson.
Mayo_Enjoyer:when Mark first discovered his powers he was lost but luckily for him his father was there to help him learn his powers and then mark started doing hero stuff, he fought against criminals, fought against a alien invasion, got his ass kicked by battle beast which I don't blame him for because battle beast is like the second if not the strongest character in the entire series, saved people got the girl and did some hero stuff until that day, one day mark found out that his dad is actually a alien conquer breed to kill and enslave other planets so he got his ass kicked so hard it became a meme maybe mark should think more often, anyways I'm not going to spoil the comics so to the abilities and feats we go.
Mayo_Enjoyer:Mark's viltrumite origin grants him several abilities such as super strength, super speed, flight, enchanted lung capacity, a ability which makes him stronger every time he gets beaten into a pulp, longevity, a enchanted healing factor, mark got all the basic powers now time for his feats, hurth thragg the strongest viltrumite who upscales from every viltrumite in the series, tanked hits from thragg while sun dipping in a fight with him on the sun, threw a trash can to London, played baseball over the globe, traveled from planet to planet, temporary outspeed teleportation, was unfazed by a nuke, killed thragg's kids, was able to fight while sun dipping, took a beating from battle beast and survived, was able to force dinosaurus to transform back, defeated conquest, defeated thragg who was able to defeat battle beast. That's all impressive feats of mark Grayson and now it's time for him to show that he's invincible
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2023.06.09 22:30 Definition_Novel Worst commenter ever yet on a post I made. Read description.

Worst commenter ever yet on a post I made. Read description.
So….as you all know I do archive material on Soviet veterans. I asked a Russian subreddit for help with known archive sites, as Russians are good with archiving Soviet veteran photos. For context that is related a few sentences later, I have a partially Jewish parent. This BalticState user commented disrespectfully about Soviet veterans of the 16th Lithuanian Rifle Division (also the division with the most Jewish enlistment in the entire USSR, which is also an important detail for later), and tried to give me an anti Soviet veteran, Lithuanian government made “source” for research. I called him out on it. Mentioned what collaborators did to Jews, Poles, and others and that the fact most Balts didn’t like the USSR will never justify collaborators. Then, out of nowhere, this other self professed Jewish guy (also a frequent BalticStates user and self professed “Jewish nationalist”) basically tells me that I’m wrong condemning fash Balts because “Soviet deportations” and “USSR=Antisemitism/Nazis” Imagine being Jewish and defending Baltic nationalists who would have killed your entire family tree if they could, and they still wish they could, and a Jewish person is defending them just to “own the commies” at that. I literally can’t believe what I saw.
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2023.06.09 22:29 kargan314 Am I doing too much?

I've just started my first job out of uni, been doing it 6 months and made a good impression. I've been promoted, made good connections with colleagues, etc.
I'm someone who's pretty introverted, anxious, but also try to be nice and sometimes funny. So now that I'm gaining confidence in the job I'm doing more, but I don't know if I'm over doing it.
It's a small business. About 100 employees, and it's a very light hearted, everyones jokes around environment in person. But is it too much? Should i be more professional?
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2023.06.09 22:29 Negative-Lunch1025 Not sure if someone has already posted this but is why really in the wrong?

Is Miguel really in the wrong for stopping miles from saving his dad, there’s a way around that like making his dad quit before he becomes police chief (also kinda funny how all this started with a bagel)
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2023.06.09 22:27 partisanbeach Dos and don'ts for an assignment given as part of a job interview?

I'm interviewing for a scientific advisor position at a company and after my initial interview I need to write a couple pages proposing a particular strategy. If they like it they'll move me to the next stage in the interview process.
I have so many details, ideas, and references that will not fit in the page limit so I was considering including all this in an optional additional document. I'll submit the assignment itself as a standalone doc that shows I can follow instructions etc. and just include this as an optional pdf. Is this acceptable? Is it desirable? Is it risky? How much of my personality can I allow to come through in the additional doc? Can I include just one really funny and relevant meme? Please stop me before I eff this up.
I really want this job. This assignment is actually making me come alive and think in the ways I like to think and I really want that to come through in my work. But I don't want to over enthusiastically shoot myself in the foot. Please advise!
General dos and don'ts for assignments like these also very much welcome!

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2023.06.09 22:27 Dili8opk The Secret Memorial Day Party,Penelope Kay,Team Skeet,video link in the first pinned comment

Penelope wants to throw a Memorial Day party with a marine theme, after all, her stepdad is a Marine himself! However, there is one small issue, her stepbro, Conor. He is more of a loner and hates parties, so she is going to need to make a good deal if she wants to convince him to let her throw a party. A blowjob later, Conor yearns for a second round, so he tells Penelope that she has a reputation for giving sloppy blowjobs, a statement that she quickly proves wrong. In the end, Penelope is enjoying this as much as Conor, so she convinces him to go further, luring him with her sexy marine costume."
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2023.06.09 22:25 how_tf_duz_this_wrk 31 [M4F] [M4MF] San Jose

31 yo Half black, half white doctor planning on going out in SJ for the first time since moving here. Gonna be in the downtown area and was hoping some freaky SJ redditors would be out and about. 6’8” and in decent shape. Always in search of fun sexy friends. Into hanging out, seeing if there’s a vibe, and if so going with it. D&D free, discreet, chill & funny guy. Happy to shared pics with whoever is interested!!
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2023.06.09 22:25 RubinoPaul Literally 1984

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2023.06.09 22:25 MattGreg28 Just Finished Season 1

I finally finished watching Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels for the first time. Since Ahsoka is coming out in August, this is the perfect time for me to start preparing for it. I loved the family dynamic of the Ghost crew. Seeing Ezra's journey is a great one and seeing Kanan teach him is equally enjoyable. I also love the romance between him and Hera. Zeb and Chopper are really funny and Sabine is someone whose story I can't wait to get into, especially after The Mandalorian gave me more reasons to love Mandalore and the fact that she is returning for Ahsoka. The fact that they brought back Billy Dee Williams for Lando is awesome! I can't wait to see Ahsoka and Vader become important parts of this show in Season 2, which I will start soon.
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2023.06.09 22:24 Burning_Vixen I cant stand my parents.

This is going to sound like the casual 'teen rebellious phase' that almost every person in my life thinks I'm going through, but it isn't the case.
My father suffers from depression, my mother I'm not so sure but throughout my life I have been known as the 'wierd child' to family members. They don't explicitly say this but I know they think that there is something off-putting with my tone and behaviour.
When it comes to jokes, I can't understand when someone is being sarcastic or serious, so most times in a sarcastic situation I become serious which causes fights, and other times in serious situations I become sarcastic which yet again causes fights.
One time, me and my Dad were watching a show together and I got on my phone for only. 3. Minutes. This was while the show was on pause for my dad and mom to decide what to have for dinner. My dad turned to me and said in a serious tone "If you not going to watch this, then I'll just go upstairs and watch it myself." to which I got upset with since I was indeed watching it and said "Well then, go upstairs and watch it yourself then." we got into an argument and I just said "You know what, fine, I'll just go upstairs myself." and he replied with something along the lines of "Go then, go to your (swear) room." and I said yeah sure. He got angry with that with my mom giving me a look of discust as my dad shouted at me to get back down. For the next 20 seconds, he screamed and berated me for speaking back to him and for getting worked up over a harmless joke and that he would take my phone away if I ever tried a stunt like this, honestly I couldn't hear what he was saying over the aching noise and the spit flying in my face. After going to my room, my mom came in and started ranting how I was a difficult child and that I should respect them because they were my parents and I was just a child. That I shouldn't take all my anger out on them, which I found funny since they both shout at me when they're angry when I hadn't done a single thing to them.
There are a lot of other situations, where I felt invalidated to my own opinion but had to respect theirs, where I tried to justify myself but got shut down and where I got called names like 'crybaby' 'freak' and other mean things like that. Even after all of this, they somehow still manage to make me trust them again, whether it would be bribery, or gaslighting me into thinking I was the one in the wrong. And I hate it. I hate how I believe their words and actions when it's only to make themselves feel and look better. I hate having to overthink myself to make sure I stay on the right page with them. I just want them to understand for ONCE where I'm coming from, and not to belittle me into thinking I was wrong and I meant something else. I just want them to understand me, but I guess they won't and perhaps neither will I. So yeah, thats it.
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2023.06.09 22:23 Bosnian_Lion It's a funny trip without good grip , i had no excuse 'cause this little boy was nearest for help to choose

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2023.06.09 22:23 Spiritual_Finger_28 Who told her that?

Who told her that?
Somebody lied to her. I've never seen that girl say one thing that was even remotely funny
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2023.06.09 22:23 Puzzleheaded_Code600 Should i tell his wife?

So I met this super hot guy online, who was in my city for work from another state. The man could easily be a GQ model, highly educated, funny & a true gentleman. We had two dates and we hit it off immediately, it was so romantic and magical. I hate texting & phone calls (didn’t want the magic to fade) so we decided to circle back once he come back in town. something in my spirit was telling me this is too good to be truebeside I started seeing someone else & blocked him. Four months later & fresh out of yet another breakup we reconnected and he is coming in few weeks. Last night I started to investigate this nagging feeling & sure enough, the man literally got married six months before we met 🤦🏽‍♀️ Now I'm sitting here deciding if I should tell his new bride, a beautiful church-going woman. Nothing sexual aside from deep kissing happened. I am torn in one hand nothing happened yet he was online looking to cheat. But six months after ur wedding, omg that revelation could be a painful one. Ladies, if this were ur man would you like to know?
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2023.06.09 22:21 Enough_Donkey1774 41 [M4F] #Ohio/ Midwest- 6’2” Smart, funny, charming, and genuine. Looking for me?

Online/ anywhere is fine too:)
Dominant in the Also needing a connection outside of the bedroom too. Looking for something more long term. Are you her?
Kinks (negotiable, obviously): - Anal - Rough Sex - Lingerie/ heels/ outfits - Ropes/ cuffs - CNC/ role play - Face/ throat fucking - obedient and submissive women - Rimming and face riding -Age gaps
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2023.06.09 22:20 lokypower We keep Transmog and Field of Hatred Costumes for new seasons?

Any official info about that already?
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2023.06.09 22:20 Va5syl [PC/Xbox 360] [2000-2018] I need help with finding a game from a photo of an obscured monitor

Platform(s): PC and/or Xbox 360 Genre: Probably a shooter of some kind Estimated year of release: Between 2010 and 2018 Graphics/art style: Realistic Notable characters: ?? Notable gameplay mechanics: ?? Other details: Photo with an obscured monitor Only readable words from the photo are in Polish. In rough translation they mean: Mission: Road It could be Road; Way; Path or something like that. If you have any experience with localized games you probably know that the translation team often takes a lot of creative liberties. It's probably a loading screen, pause menu, or some other kind of menu. A little background on the photo: My parents bought me a giant bag of plain wafers (as you've probably noticed), I took a photo and send it to my friend because i thought it was funny. Couple a years later he send me back the photo, for sh*t and giggles, and we're both confused what game is on my screen in the background. He sends me the photo every now and then and I still can't find the game. Please help me I don't want to loose my sleep over this photo ever again.
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2023.06.09 22:18 Psychological-Gas183 Kind of a funny glitch coinciding with first flight.

So I just purchased my first mod plane (the JC3 that you can get on Xbox) and when I went to fly it I just hurriedly set a small field near my actual home as a departure and hit fly. Immediately upon getting in the plane it started moving very quickly backwards. Add to that, I've been getting an odd throttle chop glitch and it actually took off and rolled over under idle power.
Obviously I was like "wtf, no reverse on this little guy lol". Restarted game twice and same thing. So I was beginning to think the plane code was jacked and I'd just wasted money. Tried all the usual things and nothing but then I realized that even holding full brake and stopped, the wind noise was insane. So I back out and realize that for some reason the live weather was showing 184 KNOT WINDS, straight headwind. I looked outside IRL of course and did not see any desert hurricanes or tornadoes and turned live weather off and all was well. Odd glitch, wonder how it happened.
TLDR: Funny coincidence of circumstances and glitches made me think a pro modder accidently programmed their plane to fly backward. Promptly realized it was Microsoft, Microsofting.
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2023.06.09 22:17 Throwmeawaydearing6 Young me is the reason i hate myself and the way other people think of me. (and other stuff)

When i was young i was extroverted and energetic always said stuff talked a lot, and while im less energetic for some reason (probably stress) i still talked a lot, i liked sharing. but people (family relatives) told me "Do you ever shut up?" and i felt offended and when i brought it up they just said it was a joke. I shared a lot of interests with some other family relatives and some of them just didn't seem interessed or just could care less, as i was showing a family relative a interest of mine they texted my mother saying "(My name) torturing with his stuff, help!" I felt slightly offended and my mother said "Escape" And they both said "oh it was a joke" but sometimes stuff can hurt me, since i'm a bit depressed but they don't know (atleast i think) i still used to be funny and energetic around my family relatives till recently. So everyone now just thinks i don't like to study, i only like games and i don't do any other type of activity in my life and just stays at home but i play sports and go bowling usually but noo, im just a guy who stays home all day doing nothing and who is a burden to his parents. My parents, i both love them much, and they support me but i think them constantly arguing and sometimes just not understanding me is a bit increasing my depression. I don't even have friends, None, except family and i get bullied/made fun of at school and now i have to move to a new school beacuse im moving, it's like it's gonna be new all over again it's gonna be terribile. Today, my parents had a hang out planned with their friends, they also asked me if i wanted to come, i chose to stay beacuse i didn't want to do anything social, my mom was getting ready till she came into my room and there i am, with my face to the pillow and she asked me if i was crying, she said she would stay if that made me feel better. i lied to her, i said "Don't worry i'm fine." And she went out and i felt even worse. and then a few minutes later she came back. asking me this time, if i was really okay and i heard it, she was tearing up a bit. i said i wouldn't cry and that i'll be fine and she went out. I shortly after cried again. Is there anything i can do to be a better son, a better guy with a social life and to feel better?
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2023.06.09 22:17 Ubetterdream Amazing fiancé, terrible in laws

Dear reader,
I am coming to you today for advice as I currently don’t know how to move forward in my situation. My fiancée is the most wonderful kind hearted man I have ever known. He is brilliant, funny, and my favorite face of any face in this world.
His parents however are some of the most selfish and rudest people I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. Since the beginning they have made unkind comments about me, have been rude to me, have walked right by me without even acknowledging me, and have made comments suggesting that I wasn’t good enough for their 31 year old so because I was previously married and have 2 children.
I have attempted several times to look past this and continue to offer curtesy and kindness to them only to be disrespected in a new way each time. I would never ask my fiancé to go low or no contact with them but I have asked him to limit details he shares about me and my children to them. Mostly because they have completely destroyed my trust at this point.
Despite all of this I have waned to plan a beautiful wedding with their feelings in mind because after all they are going to be part of my family. Anytime I attempt to give them updates or opportunities to be involved they act completely uninterested. It did hurt my feelings but I got over it and figured that they just aren’t as interested at this time because it’s 2 years out and there have been some other major events happen in the family.
Recently my fiancé was out visiting them and the topic of name change had come up. Fiancée let them know that we planned to change our name together but hadn’t landed on a name yet. One name we did like was Larsen because the name has significant meaning to me and we both like how our names sound with it. Although we like this name we have not decided on it. But we want to have our own last name apart from our birth given names for several reasons, the most important that we are forming a new family and my children will probably change their names to this as well.
Fiancés parents were extremely offended and told him that it was a slap in the face to his passed away grandfather. They made comments about the inheritance. They said they felt betrayed and made my fiancé feel awful. They treated him terribly over a personal choice were making to honor the family we are creating.
For me this is the final straw. I hate these people. I don’t want to be part of a family with them. I hate the way they made him feel and the way they treated him. It’s also concerns me that if this is how they could treat him how will they treat me and my children in the future.
I told my fiancée that I needed time to think and that I wasn’t sure I wanted to get married or be together anymore. I love him and I do see my life with him. But I can not see a long term future with in laws that constantly over step boundaries, make passive aggressive remarks, and constantly disrespect me.
Is there a way to make this work or should I pull out now before it’s too late?
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2023.06.09 22:15 IamtootiredtocareRN IDK I just need a chance to rant. I know I'm a large saggy booty. Just let me rant.

Forgive me, I am going to rant and scream into the void while I deal with my guilt and frustration. I don't care if this gets taken down, burned or deleted. I NEED TO RANT AND SHOUT. I know I am a bootyhole for exploding. But her behavior lately made me lash out and I am not proud of it. I just need to get this out and I want her to see just how ducked up she is.
No she will never find this because 1. She hates reddit cuz it's all "Fake". 2. She doesn't like social media drama posts or readings - whatever people who read reddit drammas are called. Redditoperas!
This is the only Reddit thing I like and have ever joint or posted to.
Alright. Deep breath.
I Susan (29F) have a cousin Georgette (27F all names are changed) and I absolutely love her, she is practically my little sister, we grew up together and we literally live in the same area (I can walk to her apartment complex by walking through a shared public park) and we interact with eachother constantly. And she emotionally Dumps on me. CONSTNTLY.
She is the female embodiment of lost potential, entitled and lazy spoilt brat. She is smart but so very dumb and lazy. Now mind you she wasn't always like this. In fact when we were in highschool she was the complete opposite. Hardworking, determined, popular with people. It feels as if she peaked did a 180 and then came crashing down the second she turned 21 and had to deal with the real adult world.
This saturday while we were doing our usual dinner and fun night with our friend group which includes my husband Dansen (30M), my cousins Georgette and her older bother Jerry (32M), and two other dudes Kramer (30M) and Elliot (30M) (6 in total).
We all grew up together, went to the same schools and such and funny enough we all still live in the same neighborhood/area but in different appartment complexes and townhomes. That night we were at my Townhome. The men in our group were watching Seinfeld (this is important) and eating pizza, while Georgette and I got into the conversation of her weekly woes. She was complaining loudly and kept interrupting everytime I tried to speak.
Now mind you I am not a patient person, however with Georgette I usually bottle my opinions on her woes and keep my mouth shut, because 1. I don't want to offend her and 2. She is family. I'm not her mom to be telling her what to do, I know.
Despite the rant coming up, she is family, we've been through thick and thin, and I know I'm an arse for blowing up at her and ranting about her life. But something about this week, the stress, her attitude and I-don't-know-what-else-made-me-blow-up. Maybe I was overstimulated because it was loud and I was tired, maybe I just needed to unload on something, I don't know but this is what happened.
In the middle of Goergette complaining about how people look down on her, "the poor nerd" and "The little guy", her parents, her relationships, I snapped. It felt like a tea kettle building up steam until it shouts. So of course I shouted "Will you just Shut up?! I don't want to hear you complaining about your life right now, literally all the problems in your life are your own damn fault! You are just an incompetent loser of a child who thinks the world owes her something because "reasons!" First of all - "
I basically pointed out, complaint by complaint in a rant on how everything is her own fault. Forgive the paragraph of word vomit. The points here are her complaints and my thoughts on the matter, the things in parenthesis are things that I shouted in the middle of my ranting. Yes it was recorded. No I'm not sharing. I'm just writing what I said and screaming into a void.
  1. She is sad and lonely because she's single after a 2 year relationship and she misses her ex, terribly. (First of all, that is YOUR fault. GIRL you literally broke up with your boyfriend because YOU, yes, YOU wanted to save face. Becase YOU are so insecure you thought his own sister was a random girl who was trying to "steal" him away from you. That "Oh he likes that ugly girl who is prettier than me, look at the way he hugs her" and "who does he think he is" and that he "looks down on me cuz I'm short and brown". He doesn't by the way, he was willing to stay with you despite all your faults, he genuinly liked you and you dumped him because you cant stand being wrong, but noooooo "he's so booooring. commitment is so boooring, i can't do anything wah wah. You kept being weird with your sister!" and now all of a sudden 2 weeks after breaking up, now that hes gone he's suuuuddenly the "lOvE oF mY LiFe" and the "oNe tHaT gOt aWay! I mEssEd Up sO bAd!! WAH!" baby girl, whose fault is that? You left him! That was your own Damn Fault!! Who the hell wants to date a girl let alone be in a relationship with someone that dumb?)
  2. How no men will date her and how all men are trash. ( No one wants you because you are trash! Your attitude is trash! Your personality is trash! Men can't handle me because "I'm a 10", girl you aint a 10. You are an arrogant insecure egotistical maniac who thinks shes a 10 when in reality you're a 3 at best - You literally complain that no one wants you when you literally lie and shoot yourself in the foot. "It's because I'm a nerd!" No, it's because you are an ass, "If they don't like me at my best" is bull crap. They should love me for me, is bull crap, you are all the reasons why no one wants you and you always give way less than the other persons best. You are never at your best, your best is the worst possible thing. You complain to your partner "I'm extroverted I need attention and sunlight" but then when they want to take you out you whine that you wanna stay home and order take out. What the hell is your idea of a good time? Eating nachos in your underwear while watching Bridgerton? Whining about how other people are fake for posting their vacations on facebook? You want people to see that you are "successful" online but then bitch when people know that you are a actually a shut in with bad money. You tell people you are a teacher with a princeton diploma to impress them and then whenthat bites you in the ass, you are too embarrased to admit you are an in debt college dr out part time worker influencer wannabe who still lives with her Mommy and Daddy. So then you start blame to make yourself feel better. You feel entitled to everything because you blame everything. Blame, blame, blame. I can start a whole communist party parade with all the red flags you have. It's not like your the problem, it's not like you make your own problems, you are absolutely perfect and fine just the way you are! The world owes you something because you are Georgette Middlename NolastName. The perfect princess! You're not. You're just a spoilt brat who gets a scott free ride because your parents are too afraid to admit they are failures who didn't raise you right. You don't deserve the amount of praise people give you.)
  3. How she can't lose weight even though she is "trying". No she is not trying, she weighs 375lbs and is gaining more weight. (Whos god damn fault is thaAAAAAAAAAT?? Not that there is anything wrong with being plus sized or overweight - Shit who am I to talk, I'm plus sized. Although my BMI - Which has been proven to be BS by the way says I'm "obese" I still make an effort to be healthy! I dont care if people think I'm fat, I like my size and my body. So does my husband. At least I'm not pretending to lose weight and be healthy while shoving a chocolate cake shake in my mouth! There is a huge difference between being body positive or health concious vs someone constantly saying "I'm going to acheive this goal" without actually taking any steps to acheive that goal and making the situation worse. It's like an alcoholic saying "I'm trying to quit drinking" while they are downing tequila shots. No - Girl you aint trying. Not even close. You've been paying for an LA Fitness gym membership for over a year and you never go because you are too tired, you want to play games or do a make up totorial that you never going to post. Working out makes you sweaty and uncomfortable and doesn't " actually help you lose weight, it's all in the food". COME ON. You don't even try to eat healthy because healthy food tastes yucky and you only like good tasting things like Burgerking. Really? You pay for a food subcription that you dont eat because it's too salty, too spicy or it doesn't taste good and then buy fastfood and then complain that you don't lose weight and how your stomach hurts? GEE I wonder WHY?! YOu have Gastrointeritis and you're eating BURGERKING???)
  4. How she complains she has a dead end job and how she almost got fired for sleeping at her desk and how her boss is a jerk for daring to ask her to do her job ( Well DUH, IT'S YOUR JOB! How have you not been fired yet? Your Boss caught you sleeping on the JOB! It's bad enough you dont even do it well, you say it's dead end because you are too lazy to do anything else or put in an effort. You didn't even get that job yourself dude, I got you that job as a favor to your Mom. "Oh Susie, please get a spot at your job she needs it!" Sheesh! You didn't even have to do an interview, how does that even work? It's insane that I moved on and you've been doing the same Job stupid job for 5 freaking years. You went to college and flunked out because "I want to be an entrepreneur influencer" or whatever but havent done anything productive in ALL that time. You work as a Printer and mailroom lady at a public school PART TIME. It is NOT that hard! you literally spend hours on your phone and watch netflix all day! YOU GET PAID TO SIT ON YOUR BUTT! AND YOU'RE COMPLAINING?! What is wrong with you? You literally get the summer off and you call in sick for the stupidest reasons! You literally have time to get platnum on overwatch but cant take classes or get a certificate to get a better job because it's too hard, you're tire and you have no time? Really? Maybe if you didn't play Leage until 3 in the god damn morning you wouldn't be so tired all day and appreciate how spoiled, privalaged and ungreatful you are! I would kill to have the amount of support and time you have!).
  5. How she doesn't have money. ( YOU complain that you dont have the money to do any fun stuff, fix your car and pay "rent" which you never pay because NEWSFLASH you live with your mom. BUT you spend 300 dollars to do your NAILS and you're broke? You are constantly buying 50 dollar "brand name " make up and clothes for your failing influencer streams and posts, "I'm soooooo broke!!!" You buy 20 dollar character skins on Overwatch for characters you dont even play. You spend 250 a week on take out and because even though you know how to cook and pay for a food subcription, all that food tastes yucky or you don't want to use your moms kitchen cuz she complains when you dont clean up. And you have the audacity to complain? To ask me to buy you stuff and spot you? Like seriously? Aren't you "saving" to move out? You contstantly tell us and brag about how you're moving out and going to be a successful small business owner, but then you spend a bajillion on stupid shit. I know you're getting that money from somewhere and you are in debt. But hot cock on a rock, you are financially and literally irresponsible and you can't see it because either you are an idiot or you know it and think it will just go away. It wont.)
  6. How the button on her shorts broke and how dumb it is that she spent so much money on a "BRAND" name item only for the button to break because it is cheaply made. (BRUH YOU BOUGHT IT OFF SHEIN!!! That crap aint Chanel! That stuff isn't Gucci or some other stupid bougee brand! No wonder it sucks and comes apart after two washes! The only reason you bought it is because some rando told you to buy it on TikTok and "iT wAs A DeAl!!" You get that crap a size too small and then are surprised when the seams rip! Gee! I wonder why miss "I'm working out!" )
  7. How her Instagram/TikTok and Twitch have barely any views and her Influencer life style is not working out. (BRUH you don't post anything of value, it's a saturated market and when you do post, you don't make an effort to edit or even post or stream at a time that people are willing to watch you. you play obscure games that no one knows about or games that are overplayed by better streamers and influencers. You do make up tutorials, without actually knowing or researching explaining what you are doing or putting on your face. No wonder no one watches you. You obviously arent even trying. You are not going to go viral or make it up there if you are not willing to actually try to do something of value. People are not going to just watch you because you are a girl and have tits.)
  8. Her parents being unsupportive. (Your Parents aren't supportive? HOW? you're 27 and living with your parents. Those two idiots love the absolute shit out of you and you don't even know it. You get free housing. They paid for your college and they paid for your car. You don't even pay utilities. They pay for your phone. How are they not supporting you? They even brag about how "our princess is an influencer" and act so proud when you can't keep any followers, keep a man, pass a class or get a decent job. How are they not supporting you?)
  9. How she is the victim in life and she is so unlucky. This was the last complaint that made me snap and start this whole tirade. ( You are all the things that are wrong with you and you cause all the problems in your life. You are the girl who peaked in highschool and just thought the rest of the world would cater to you. I don't know how, but your ass is going to be handed to you one day and I'm not going to be there to help you. You have no one to blame but yourself. You are extremely lucky and you don't even know it. I'm sorry for yelling at you and saying all this shit but I am so tired of listening to you complain and act as if nothing in your life has ever been your fault. You are the problem. And I don't think I can handle being around you right now.)
Now before I continue, let me just say. I have nothing against Jason Alexander. Hes a great actor who is severely underrated but I absolutely hate his character from that show. From the whining to the tantrums and relationship problems. I despise George Constanza.
And Georgette is exactly like him and HOLY ITALIAN CANOLI. I can only take so much. In mannerisms, attitude, and sircumstance. She is the female George. Maybe that's why I blew up like that. Who knows. Anyway....
Then it happened.
This entire ordeal felt like watching a car crash -you know how everything will end up, but you cant do anything but watch as the disaster happens and either cringe or look in awe.
At the end of my rant, when the room is quiet and all you can hear is the TV and the sitcom laughter, my Cousin, Georgettes older brother Jerry -bless his stupid heart- suddenly started laughing and said that I was right about it all, Georgette created her own problems and always had an excuse FOR EVERYTHING, of course, we all start arguing. She gives more excuses. We argue some more. There is name calling. And we start taking sides, in the middle of our arguing Georgette screams, Loud and says... "NO NO! Its not my fault! I'm the victem here!! You're just being mean!! ... I'm getting upset!! AHHH!!!" while flailing her arms and stomping her feet like a toddler. And of course there was a pause.
In that second the mentioned character from the show, which was still playing on the TV, shouted loudly "George is getting upset!! AHHHHH!!!" que the bass playing.
Everyone lost it.
The boys of course all started laughing, I started laughing. Georgette not amused starts shouting how it's not funny. "I'm the victem here!" Starts crying and tells us all to "Go to hell." Then runs out the door, fumbles, trips, gets up and shuffles way towards the park and to her Parents apartment gesticulating and yelling the entire way.
I feel bad, but at the same time it feels good to have let all that out.
Even now I feel releif writing this out. I don't care. I'm so done with this life.
Her mom, Estelle, of couse called me and I let everything out on her too - In the end she got quiet and just hung up.
I feel like Quagmire at the end of his "why I don't like you Brian" speech. I said my peace. I know I'm an ass and I think I'm ok with not dealing with my cousin any more.
I don't think I've even cared about her.
I don't think I even want to see her right now. Or ever.
I love her. But do I actually love her or is it because she's always been here and shes family? Have I always been carrying this? I don't know. Maybe I want people to know how I really feel and am hoping this reaches her in some way as a cathartic fuck you. I don't know. I'll talk to a therapist about that on Monday.
Babydoll, if you see this. Get your Shit Together. I'm done. I don't regret doing this. I hope you get better and succeed. I really do. But I Love you and I hate you. I hate that you do nothing to improve yourself and I hate that I'm your Emotional Support Animal. I'm not responsible for you. And it's not my fault that you feel shitty. We may be family, but that doesn't give you the right to make me feel shitty and for your to invide my home with your constant complaining. I'm not a sith. I can't live with negativity and darkness for all my life. You need to be better. And I hope one day we both can be better. But for now. Good Bye.
I'm Done.
If you've made it this far or if this still exists by the time anyone gets to this paragraph, congratulations for letting me scream into the reddit void for 300 hours.
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